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oy the kid





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T L M c o ntr i buto r s It’s beginning to feel a lot like, that time of the year as preparations start for the festive season. Christmas parties, home cleaning and present planning are at the forefront of our minds. We enjoy this time of the year a lot here at The Limerick Magazine but also know it is a very stressful time of the year which many people dread. So look after yourselves, your family and your neighbours, especially those who are alone in the run up to Christmas. Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas and we hope 2018 brings you everything you deserve- from all of us here at The Limerick Magazine . Merry Christmas, Michelle Costello


pA UL g e a ne y

Jes s i c a Lyon s

Rebecca Ega n

Ta r a Ma l o ne y

S a r a h Ta lt y

Lau ra M c N am ara

C hristin e Costello

A i s l i ng O’Co nno r

J a ne O 'Ha l l o r a n

H a ze l Rya n S he e ha n


Mich elle Costello

Sa ra h La f f erty 04

S an dra H on an

S i n ti ja Zorge

Ais l in g O 'C o nno r


Wh at’s on i n Li m eri ck fo r C h r is t ma s

Limerick really does come to life over Christmas,

Santa’s Post Box

once-a-year traditions such as ice-skating and seeing

to Santa this year. On the 9th and 10th of December,

between the beautiful lights along the streets, to the Panto, or going to the Christmas markets, there’s plenty of things on over the holidays.

The kids will be thrilled to hand deliver their letters

Santa’s Elves will bring his Post Box to Bedford Row so he can add their names to his list and check

it twice! Not only will the kids be able to send their

Christmas lists, but also enjoy carousel rides, music, street performances, and festive food stalls. Photo

booths will be there to help capture the memories with Rudolf and the Elves, and for those feeling charitable, the Elves will be collecting gifts for St Vincent De Paul.

Festive Musical Treats

As Buddy the Elf says, “The best way to bring Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear”. On

the 2nd & 3rd of December and again on the 9th and 10th , Festive Musical Treats will bring carol

singers, bands, and choirs out to entertain Christmas

shoppers. Make sure to stop by Thomas Street to

catch the musical event from a quirky caravan stage. It’s the best way to get into the Christmas spirit.





Festive Craft Fair

Craft fairs are the perfect spot to pick up gifts for loved ones this Christmas. On the 2nd and 3rd of December the Festive Craft Fair will transform

Bedford Row into a winter wonderland. Pick up gifts, for loved ones, or to treat yourself while enjoying

delicious seasonal treats. There’s also going to be all sorts of traditional carnival rides and a vintage carousel to make for a fun-filled day out. Limerick on Ice

The beloved ice-rink returns to Limerick for another

year of ice-skating fun from the 1st of December until the 7th of January. The family friendly venue is

a perfect day out, and the kids will be happy to see

Arty Arctic and his friends for a fun-filled experience. Family tickets are €50, and students can still join in on the fun with tickets costing €10 when a valid student ID is presented and from 7-8pm every night only. Cinderella – The Spar Panto

The panto is always a Christmas highlight, this

year the University Concert Hall will be hosting Cinderella. Tickets are from €18.50 and the star

studded cast features Dancing with the Stars finalist Dayl Cronin as Prince Charming. The show promises everyone’s favourite fairy tale packed with lots of laughs. Cinderella is running in UCH from the 18th of December until the 7th of January. Aladdin Panto

If Cinderella isn’t your favourite fairy tale, you can also catch Aladdin this year. The Limerick Panto Society will be back for its 6th year running to present the

story of Aladdin. The Limerick Panto Society will be

hosting the show from the 28th of December until the 7th of January. Aladdin will take the Lime Tree theatre on a magic carpet ride with family tickets (2 adults & 2 children) for €66.00. New Year’s Eve Extravaganza

End 2017 and the holiday season with a bang at the New Year’s Eve Extravaganza. The event will be

held at Clancy’s Strand at 8:30pm with the fireworks beginning at 9pm. There will also be musical entertainment to keep the crowd occupied. There’s

no better way to celebrate the end of another year, and the beginning of a new one than to watch the fireworks light up the sky.



Watch The Muppets Christmas Carol

Nothing quite sets the mood for Christmas like

watching Christmas movies. A Christmas Carol by

Charles Dickens is perhaps the most well-known

Christmas story, and has the most adaptions from the Muppets to All Dogs go to Heaven. While there’s nothing wrong with curling up on the couch with some

hot chocolate, seeing your favourite Christmas films on the big screen sometimes feels more satisfying. The

story of Scrooge and the three ghosts of Christmas is

a classic and this year the University Concert Hall will

be screening it on the 3rd of December at 3:00 pm for the whole family to enjoy. Tickets are €5 online and €6 / €7.50 at box office.

Have a Wonderful Night in Bunratty

Bunratty Castle and Folk Park is known for its Santa

Experience and Christmas village, as well as banquets

for the holiday. This year, Bunratty Castle and Folk Park brings “It’s a Wonderful Night”. The night will

feature classic Christmas songs, performed by the

Shannon Castle entertainers. The extravagant evening

will begin in a candle lit courtyard with mulled wine,

and then a 3-course dinner. “It’s a Wonderful Night” will be running in Bunratty Castle from December 1st until the 23rd. Meet Santa

Nothing makes the kids happier than getting to meet Santa before Christmas. Meet Santa events

also provide a great opportunity for family photos with St Nick himself. There’s usually several different Meet Santa events popping up the closer it gets to

Christmas, and he often visits schools. However, the Santa Experience in the Jetland Shopping Centre

looks promising, costing only €10 per child, and €3 for adults. Santa and his Elves will be meeting kids up

until the 23rd of December before he has to get back to the North Pole.

Breakfast with Santa

The wonderful dog friendly arts café Chez le Fab

will be hosting a Breakfast with Santa event every Saturday throughout the month of December. Fresh

pancakes, hot sausages and creamy hot chocolate will be served for a delicious fun filled morning with Santa

Claus. Children can get their photo taken with Santa and receive a selection box. This will be my first year bringing my kids to this particular event and I am

very much looking forward to it. Places are limited so bookings should be made to avoid disappointment.



The Coca Cola Truck Event

The Coca Cola truck will visit Limerick on Friday

December 1st at the Parkway Shopping Centre

between 2pm and 8pm. Children will have the opportunity to have their photo taken with the truck

and will enjoy a selection of fun filled festive activities, music, games and some free coke samples! This event is sure to entertain the whole family and suitable for all age groups.

Christmas lights drive

A popular Christmas tradition is to go on a drive and look at the Christmas lights and decorations in your surrounding area. Before exploring neighbouring estates, the Christmas lights in the city centre are worth a gander, as they seem to get better and

brighter every year. You might find some inspiration

on the drive for your own Christmas lights display at home or spark some friendly festive competition with neighbours to light up the estate. Stonehall Farm

This December Santa and his reindeer will visit Stonehall Farm. On arrival adults will be able to

enjoy tea, coffee, mulled wine and a mince pie while

the children can enjoy the play area, and a variety of birds and animals. Following their visit to see Santa

the children can collect their framed photograph and then proceed to meet Rudolph and enjoy more

play time! Bookings can be made online at www. This festive experience is top

of my list for family friendly activities this December! Article by: Aisling O’Connor & Jane O’Halloran

Photography by: Tarmo Tulit, Sean Curtin (True Media),






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This is one standard drink

This is one standard drink

Up to 11 standard drinks spread out over one week

This is one standard drink

Up to 17 standard drinks spread out over one week



R ay m o nd M u rp hy The video is “about turning up the dial, turning up the volume, on those cheesy syncretic attributes that male jazz singers have” according to the artist.

As for whether he has a favourite Comedy Music

Video so far, Ray said that normally when the videos are made he goes through a binge of self-satisfaction

and watches the videos a lot over a week or so before

they’re out of his system. “You go through a false landing, sometimes you expect the whole hysteria of it going viral or thousands of people liking the

video and there’s a little part of the brain that gets

disappointed when that’s not happening”, he admits. However, he re-watched the Declan Dallas video prior to the interview and said he got a laugh out of

it. “The Christmas video strangely enough didn’t get Limerick Musician, Raymond Murphy, spoke to

When he was younger he used to “mess around with

world of a fusion between comedy, drama, and music.

that lived in our towns”. Ray and a friend of his used

TLM over coffee recently about his venture into the And, his newest project in his Comedy Music Video series; Jazz Mattazz.

Ray delved into the world of Comedy Music Videos

a year and a half ago after putting together a spur of the moment video using props a friend of his, had

in his garage. The video took two days to make and was filmed around Kerry and Cork, and became his

Declan Dallas video. “I really enjoyed the process of getting dressed up, getting into character, letting the

ideas come out, and expressing the quirkiness and

zaniness of a life through a character and seeing that character develop” he said. Ray explained however that this style of performance was always something he enjoyed.

voice recorders, taking off accents and characters

to write short plays and 5-minute pieces, as well as having a phase of prank calling people as different characters. Ray recalls calling the army barracks, as

well as car manufacturers pretending he wanted to

trade an old car for a €100,000 BMW. However, he

caught the acting bug around a decade ago, “I had been working with Pat Shortt and helping him in and

out of his costumes, and a couple of times he’d ask me

to do stuff with him for RTE. The feedback was good

even though I hadn’t acted before it was something I really enjoyed and got a kick out of ”, he recalled.

Ray’s next comedy music video will be a parody of a jazz singer. “The concept really is based on the

jazz crooner or the jazz singer” he explained, “he’d be typical of the suave-ness and cheesiness of jazz singing”.

much attention, but there’s moments in that, even though its dark, I think are very funny”, he added.

The response to his videos have been positive, with people stopping the musician around town, when having a drink and at gigs to tell him they found his

videos funny. “Initially with the Bertie one there were

friends of mine telling me they were in stitches”, he said. “They’re your friends and that would be the first port of call for me and the most important one” he

continued. “It started going beyond that” he said, “people I’d know peripherally, acquaintances, and people I didn’t know would come up to me saying

they really liked the Declan Dallas one and found it

very funny, which I found encouraging” he continued. Ray set up a go fund me page in November to finance

Jazz Matazz which has gotten “steady support”. The musician believes that people underestimate the cost

of making videos with good production. “You can

make videos and get guys with not as much experience, who might be second or third year in college who are very talented but short on the experience.


Getting guys to work with you with a lot of experience and really good equipment, costs

money”, he explained. “I think in a way with the internet, the way it is, if people can have

something without paying for it they’ll have it” he said. The musician doesn’t think it’s fair when

people boast about getting a free download link

to a film when it cost €10 million to make. “This is a big production for me, it costs money, if they

think they can get an album for free, if they think

they’ll get a film for free they’ll get it for free. I suppose a lot of it is down to disposable income as well and the value people put on the arts”, he continued.

As for balancing his Comedy Music videos with

other projects, such as his band, Iron Mountain, Raymond said that he began making the videos

during a creative lull in his life. He explained

how the band self-released their debut album and then signed a 5-album contract with a niche

experimental metal label in Germany. However, getting signed was anti-climactic as they didn’t

realise how the industry worked. “The band kind

of ran out if steam and what people don’t realise

is that the band had been going for 5 or 6 years

to get that first album out there and everyone,

between family, jobs, tours with other projects,

It’s as simple as that, it takes time, and it

Raymond believes that Limerick has always

first album out with everyone’s schedules” he said.

the best mastering all these things take

and internationally in the arts. “It’s a pity

there wasn’t much going on for the band.

make money anymore, he explained.

When it comes to whether or not Raymond

of the arts like classical, like opera, and parts

said that there’s always a sense of there’s never

been funded well and had stable funding.

a very active underground arts scene that does

side of things, it’s left to fend for itself ”.

bands have been left to fend for themselves in

“In terms of Limerick there’s always been

anything of any quality in terms or writing, in

of the arts from acting to script writing,

production and every aspect of an album, if it’s

writers, musicians, poets”, he said.

college, everything else, it was tough getting that

takes having access to be best engineers,

The making of the videos was ideal at the time as

money” he added. Even the big acts don’t “Traditionally I think there’s been pockets

believes that the arts deserve more funding, he

of contemporary dance, that have always

enough. “My sense is that there has always been

When you go into the more contemporary

struggle”, he said. The musician believes that a barren environment. “If you’re to produce

a serious richness of talent in every strand

terms of arrangement or sound, in terms of

to directing, paint, sculpture, installations,

to be up there and compete with the best in the country it takes money.

punched above its weight both nationally

that’s not reflected in local government’s commitment because for a town that struggles to establish its identity, out of the

80s, 90s and early 2000s and the recession as

well following on for that, there has always been a very big weapon in the towns arsenal

of its artistic talent across all disciplines

that local council could have exploited a lot more to establish the identity of the town nationally and internationally.”, he said.

Raymond’s Comedy Music Videos can be found on his Youtube channel; Raymond Murphy.

Article by: Aisling O’Connor

Photography by: Shane Serrano


Chri st m a s G i g s

Rusangano Family Presented By Seoda Shows Thursday 21st December @ 9Pm

2017 has been a huge year for God Knows , MynameisjOhn and MuRli Bo.

Ryan Sheridan & Ronan Nolan

Russell Watson


Ryan Sheridan & Ronan Nolan are an energetic

The UK’s best-selling classical crossover artist of all

One of the most enthralling live acts in recent times,

Friday 8sh December @ 8Pm

acoustic duo from Dublin, Ireland. The two first played together in a four-piece band as a part of Sheridan’s

solo career. However, after playing numerous acoustic

sets together, it all started to make sense; they were meant to be an acoustic duo.


Friday 8th December @ 8Pm At Uch

time returns to the stage with his new show ‘Songs from The Heart’.

This show feature a stunning collection of well loved songs together with tracks from Russell’s new album ‘True Stories’.

Sunday 17th December @ 8Pm

HamsandwicH are well known for their

incendiary live performances which has put them right at the top of the live acts to see today.


The Rubberbandits

Wednesday 27Th December @ 7Pm Enough Said, Be There

Brad Pitt Light Orchestra

Friday 22nd December @ 8Pm At Dolans

Spending a lot of 2017 in the recording studio, The Brad Pitt Light Orchestra return to Dolans

These Charming Men

22nd ahead of releasing new material in 2018 as

Formed in 1995, These Charming Men are well

for the annual Christmas gig on Friday December

Thursday 28th December @ 9Pm In Dolans

well as unveiling a new show.

known as being the premier Smiths and Morrissey

Fronted by Limerick Blake siblings Ann,

tribute act around.

David and James with Aussie Jamie O'Neill &

These Charming Men have toured extensively from

a night of marvellous music & entertainment.

Morrissey at the Fuji Rock Festival after he pulled

Galwegian Tom Howley in tow, you can expect

Europe, to the USA and Japan, where they replaced

Offering their now, much loved, mixture of

out. Yes, they are that good.

Christmas cheer, humour, dark wit & soul soaring melodies The Brad Pitt Light Orchestra promise a night to remember.



T he at r e A nn B la ke The Morning After the Life Before The Morning After the Night Before is seeing more

George Heslin of Origin Theatre Company has

I have an amazing friend and co-actor, Lucia Smyth,

been imagined during its’ conception. If you haven’t

to showcase The Morning After the Life Before

to share the stage with. She plays everyone else in

mornings and touching more lives than could have heard of it by now… tell me, what rock do you live

under? The effervescent Ann Blake, playwright and actor of the multi-award winning production has a

hosted Gúna Nua productions before and is keen considering its success and its subject matter, which focuses on a changing Ireland.

very exciting year ahead. While December, for many, is

So, having already toured with it in Canada and

year and a time to start thinking of new ways to get

audience so much?

a time to ponder on the achievements of the previous on that brighter path, for Ann, it is time to reflect

on how to follow her bright path on its’ international journey for 2018 with the touring of The Morning

After the Life Before. Charming and chatty as ever, Ann shared some insight on the history and future of The Morning After the Life Before.

You’re travelling in the New Year with your play The Morning After the Life Before, where are you going?

The show, produced by Gúna Nua, is going to The

being so successful, what exactly struck with the There is a love of all things Irish in Canada, but

even then, it's a personal story that looks at a major

who is the most generous and remarkable person

my life while I just play myself (handy gig for me). Emotionally it really helped having her on board and she brings so much to the show. The creative team were also so helpful and brilliant in minding me in

the process too. My real-life partner, Jenny, is very supportive – she has a fan club in Canada now, people loved her character in the show.

national and global event. The audiences loved the

How have your friends and family reacted to the

It also deals with everyday struggles around family,

Considering I was writing about my family and some

humour and the honesty that the show plays with. friends and identity that most people can relate to regardless of their background. Pretty much every

Canadian audience was struck with the section that

looked at the #hometovote phenomenon and found it very beautiful and moving.

production and its delightful snowball growth?

difficult moments we had, I ran everything past them

and let them read the script. I gave them a veto if they

wanted anything removed but, thankfully, they didn't exercise it. My parents have come to see the show three times and would probably come to Canada if

they could. They are thrilled with its success, which

Wildside Festival in Montreal. We will be opening

What inspired The Morning After the Life Before?

largest Anglophone theatre in Montreal, which is

my partner and then living through the lead up

How was it received in Ireland at the time, and did

2015. The title of the play came from a text message

The show was originally a short play called Overnight

and closing the festival in The Centaur Theatre, the pretty amazing. We have also been invited to The First Irish Festival in New York directly afterwards which

we really hope to be able to accept, funding pending. The festival is run by Limerick man George Heslin and would be a wonderful platform for the show. How did that come about?

In June ‘17 we brought the show to The Montreal Fringe and won 'The Centaur Best English Language

Production'. That award included an invitation back to The Wildside Festival in January ’18 where the show is placed as the centrepiece of the festival.


The play looks at my own coming out story, meeting

campaign and referendum on Marriage Equality in my brother sent me the day after the vote: "How's the morning after the life before?" He's very smart.

Considering this is such a personal narrative, how has the journey been for you emotionally?

I think the toughest part was facing up to myself and my fears and writing it and then performing it for the

first time. I'd no idea what people would think of it. What amazed me was, while people were moved and found it emotional to watch, they mainly talked about how funny it was.

is really interesting – if you actually watch the show.

its’ reception change over time?

Minority Report and was used as a canvassing tool. At the end I got down on one knee and 'proposed'

to the audience asking if they would let me marry

Jenny. They even got to vote on the way out. It was performed in the lead up to the referendum and obviously the air was charged as we didn't know what

the result would be. It had a very emotional effect

on audiences. Since its development as a full-length

show that now includes the result of the referendum, Irish audiences have been so receptive.


I've spoken to all sorts of people afterwards, from those who had family members who struggled terribly

coming out in Ireland in the seventies, to teenagers

who are out and proud and were too young to even vote

in 2015 so their future was in our hands at the time. The reception has been steadily emotional, supportive

and thankfully, people have been entertained. I met

some Irish people in Canada and one girl thanked me for capturing the day that she said was her proudest day as an Irish citizen.

What is your ultimate dream for The Morning After the Life Before? Is there any particular fringe festival or country you wish to take it to now?

I'm looking forward to touring Ireland with the show but also bringing it...everywhere. Considering what

Australia has just gone through I would really love to bring it to any number of Fringe Festivals including

Melbourne, Adelaide etc. as well as going back to Canada as there is a huge network of fringes and

I only brought it to two in 2017. Closer to home I

think it really needs to go to Northern Ireland as they are in the crazy situation that Ireland and The UK has Marriage Equality but they don't because of the DUP veto.

It is an entertaining show but it is also a piece of

political theatre and I feel it can still have a powerful effect on people unsure of what they feel about Marriage Equality.

Are you working on any other production in 2018?

I am also a member of the band The Brad Pitt Light Orchestra and we are working on a theatrical cabaret show. It's all very hush – hush so I could tell you more but then I would have to kill you.

Well we couldn’t have that now! Before we part, is there anything else you wish to add about your journey and who you’ve shared it with?

It is a very special experience to be enjoying parallel

success with a friend like Joanne Ryan. Both our shows came out of the same theatre development

project, HatchLk in 2015, and now we are touring our work internationally and winning awards. It's very special considering we did an arts degree together in Mary I, quite a while ago, and have been close friends

ever since. It makes all this stuff that bit more special. Interview by: Rebecca Egan

Photography by: Ken Coleman



T he at r e Eg g si st ent i a li sm

Looking down the barrel of her final fertile years, one

Your play Eggsistentialism, has garnered quite the

From there I was supported through Fishamble’s

the “ifs, hows and crucially, the whys” of reproducing

those that have not heard of it, what is it all about?

dramaturge and director, Veronica Coburn and

modern woman goes on a comical quest to uncover her genes. Thinking outside the box in an effort to decide what to do with her own, eh, box, no stone is

left unturned in this journey of extremes. We chat to Joanne Ryan about her play Eggsistentialism which features a look at family, fertility experts, fortune

reaction around Ireland since its inception. For It’s about the journey I went on in my mid-30s to try

and figure out whether or not to have a child. It’s also

about my mother’s experience of getting pregnant in the ‘70s and Ireland’s reproductive health history.

tellers, philosophers, daytime radio and the dark

Amazing, a topic that is rarely in the spotlight.

to figure out if making a life for oneself should involve

I started developing the show in early 2015 while I

recesses of the internet – all are consulted as she tries making another.


Where did you find the time to write such a script?

was on a theatre development scheme, HatchLK in Limerick.

New Play Clinic to develop the script further with ultimately the work was completed the following year thanks to an Arts Council project award. All told, it

was close to 18 months from inception to premiere and I reassembled the creative team again 6 months

later to develop the script and the show further so it

actually took more than two years in total. I think a long development process allows you build in time to let drafts ‘sit’ which is important.


From Hatch Limerick ’15, to Edinburgh Fringe, you have spread your wings and gotten amazing

reactions. Please tell our readers about how you got on in Edinburgh and where you are next bound?

I had heard horror stories about Edinburgh Fringe before I went. I had images of myself staggering down

The Royal Mile in the 3rd week, swigging a bottle of gin-laced Berocca and gluing clumps of my hair

back on. Happily it never came to that. It’s hard work, absolutely, but also a lot of fun. There was a brilliant response to the show and in the last week won a Lustrum Award, a Best Storytelling Bouquet and The

Melbourne Fringe Tour Ready Award. It couldn’t have

gone much better really, and I still have all my hair. I was very lucky that the show was being presented

as part of Culture Ireland’s Edinburgh Showcase. I

couldn’t have brought the show over without their support. I was also lucky to have Health Point UK

as a sponsor because they sent a huge shipment of pregnancy tests and ovulation strips to Edinburgh for us to use as part of our marketing campaign which

helped to create a buzz around the show and made flyer-ing infinitely better craic.

After that, thanks to The Melbourne Fringe Award I’ll be taking the show to Melbourne in 2018 and

there has been a lot of interest from other Australian

venues and festivals so it’s looking like I might be there for a while! I’m also hoping to bring the show to

London in June and with some other exciting touring plans in the pipeline.

Having the chance to perform the show internationally

is a dream come true. Thanks to Culture Ireland, Limerick Arts Office, The Irish Embassy in Cyprus

and Cobalt Aero I’ve just got back from Cyprus

where I performed the show as part of Buffer Festival

of Performing Arts in Nicosia which was amazing. I was blown away by the response to the show there - they ran out of standing room and left the doors

open so people could watch from the street which was a first! I was really struck by all the commonalities between Ireland and Cyprus while I was there as well

and am hoping to collaborate with some Cypriot

theatre makers on a project in 2018. That’s another great thing about touring – you get to make so many new connections.



What kind of audience does your play attract?

That’s an interesting question because since I started performing and touring it I’ve been confounded by the

range. Although it’s a show about my generation, it’s

also about my mother and the Ireland and the world that she had me in and so the show has a much broader

appeal than I had originally anticipated which is lovely. In Edinburgh, the number of audience members in the 65+ age range increased steadily through the

run so they were obviously recommending it to their

elderly mates! I love hearing people in their 20s and 80s laughing at the same jokes.

From the varied reactions I can imagine you

invoked within your audiences, what has been the funniest reaction anyone has shared with you?

Certainly the most memorable reaction happened

after the very first performance of the show in

Edinburgh. I was thanking the audience for coming

when a woman in the crowd spoke out and told us all that she was an old friend of my godmothers. It

turned out that she had an unplanned pregnancy in Ireland herself in the ‘70s and was the reason that my mother had gone to the mother and baby home in

London where we lived in until I was two. I had never

known the reason why my mother had gone there and it was a very emotional moment for me, and for everyone who was there really, as we both explained

the connection and filled in the blanks of the show. I was balling, the audience was balling, the crew was balling and then we all had a big group hug before

I had to clear out so the next show could set up. It was a very special and unexpected epilogue to the performance and a pretty magical start to the run.

How profound…What other projects are upcoming or ongoing for you?

I am currently in the early throes of developing a brand

new play that has been commissioned by Belltable and Lime Tree Theatre and am busy writing, securing

funding, finding partners and assembling a creative team. It’s an exciting time of new beginnings. I’ll be

doing a work in progress performance of some of the script in January as part of First Fortnight Festival to try out some ideas.

Article by: Rebecca Egan

Photography by: Eoghan Lyons & Ken Coleman


Limerick has a population of 191,809 consisting of 95,815 males and 95,994 females.

Approximately 100,000 people live in the city and suburban areas

42% of Limerick’s population is under the age of 30

Figures from the Central Statistic Office show that while the population of Limerick grew by 3.4% (3,187 people) between 2006 and 2011, the number of people aged between 55 and 85 years increased by 13.4%

Furthermore, the average age of a person living in Limerick in 2006 was 35.6 years of age in 2006 compared to 36.5 years of age in 2011


D IY LK DIY LK is a Non-Profit collective of like-minded

people that have come together to develop a haven

for unique and creative music in Limerick City. DIY LK aim to bring local and international acts together

through organising gigs, concerts and social evenings

for musicians. Founder of DIY LK, Marty Ryan, chats to TLM about the inspiration behind DIY LK and their upcoming ‘FĂŠile na Carthanas’ concert in aid of Limerick Suicide Watch.

What inspired you to set up DIY LK?

I have a project called Anna's Anchor and I also run an

acoustic based night called Thomond Sessions which is centered around the same belief. It became apparent

that both myself and other local acts, Cruiser and Casavettes were doing very similar things, separately in Limerick City. We were all trying to achieve the

same goal in promoting a grass roots level music scene that is supportive and together. Once our paths were

crossed, we all decided to join our efforts and form DIY LK.

We all collectively have heard the stories of how the

Aspersion Music Collective grew and developed an amazing network of bands and people before our

time, which have all gone on to do fantastic things. We want to continue this legacy. Music is often seen as a commodity which can be used for self gain and profit. We really believe this majorly hinders the

growth of the art form itself, for that reason we all decided to make a real go of it.

Are there many other groups of its kind in other counties?

There certainly are, and that was the other reason for really trying to promote music of this kind and run

shows in this way because quite often, for mid level

bands, Limerick isn't included on the tour poster. I would get to play all of these towns around the

country and see first hand, what Limerick was truly lacking. Belfast probably has the best scene of this kind at the moment in the country and they have

reaped the rewards. Bands like And So I Watch You From Afar and Two Door Cinema Club have all had hugely successful careers off the back of creating

this kind of atmosphere and environment in Belfast. Dublin has different pockets of a music scene but

the Punk scene is alive and well and Galway also has something similar in Noise Promotions.

What were some of the main challenges in setting up DIY LK?

We've been very fortunate in that the skills that all the members have, all complemented each other and we

have been able to pool them all together. We have a number of people that can do sound, graphic design and handle bookings. This has been learnt through

years of experience of being in bands and having to find our way. The biggest challenge has been finding a venue to call home. No one venue is suitable for all gigs

and occasions and we have used 4 or 5 venues around

the city. It was uncertain in the early days where we could run noisier shows and then Pharmacia opened.

They have been very generous in supporting us so

far and letting us use their space. I feel like timing has been very much in our favour, there are a number

of bands that have come out of Music Generation, looking to get there first foot on the ladder of gigging & recording outside of that umbrella.


We have a platform built to cater for that and luckily

Limerick is booming right now as there are new pubs and venues opening constantly. We now have talented

bands looking to play, a venue to house it, and the knowledge and experience of how to do this in the

right manner where it's not all about profit and self worth, because that can destroy a bands' future.

Would you ever consider expanding DIY LK beyond event management?

It already is a much greater entity and has been since

day one. I keep going back to that word "community", but it's really true. Chris from Cruiser has recorded a lot of the bands I have mentioned so that they have

releases, we've all helped in doing PR for each other. Outside of the realm of music, I've met so many new

friends through being a part of this. We play Soccer, go to the pub, and table quizzes together, anything at

all really. While it's centered around the music, it is much greater than that and everyone is here for each other. Come out to a show, and you can find out first hand, just how welcoming an environment it is.

Do you feel DIY LK has been a successful venture?

It's been hugely successful. We've played a big part

in helping release a number of EPs, Singles and two albums from local bands, between helping them

record and organising their launch nights. We've had more than a show every month which was one of our

early goals. I've been fortunate enough to tour all around Europe this year and I haven't seen anything

come close to the level of talent and creativity that's

come out of Limerick since we started DIY LK. There

is a strong community here that has found itself and wants to push the limits of their creativity for the sake of their art form.


Everyone is here to support each other, and for that

reason alone, DIY LK has already achieved what it was intended to achieve.

What direction will DIY LK go in 2018?

The plan is to go in the exact same direction but

grow bigger and better. We want to encourage more

bands to form and start being a part of the shows and collective. We're going to keep building upon our

strong reputation and increase our visibility so that

everyone in the City knows exactly what DIY LK is. We've helped create a space where people are made feel welcome and that bands can grow, and we will always continue to do so. One of the main goals for

2018 is to put on a major touring act that the local bands can then support.

The attendance from the shows this year has been above and beyond what we could have expected and we're well on the road to achieving that.

Why did you choose Limerick Suicide Watch as your designated charity for FĂŠile na Carthanas?

Last year, both myself, Cruiser and Casavettes ran a number of events to raise money for LSW. It's a charity in which we all strongly believe in. Speaking

from a personal level, I see them out patrolling the

river every time I'm coming home late from a show. I've witnessed two people jumping into the river and

seen two bodies being recovered in my short life time. The suicide rate in Limerick is shockingly high and

we desperately want to help improve that situation. Having a big fundraiser night for them is a small part of our civic duty to help Limerick as a city.

With that in mind, we'd love for you to support our night on December 16th in the Kasbah featuring

Anna's Anchor (Full Band), Cruiser & Van Panther. Tickets can be got from for â‚Ź8 and all of the

proceeds will be donated to Limerick Suicide Watch. Article by: Christine Costello

Photography by: Steve Savage and Gerard James



fashion int e rv ie w Aoife Eu stace Doyl e

Aoife Eustace Doyle explains that she’s always loved fashion and art from a very young age. “I’ve always

loved messing around with fabric and draping

it around things”, she said. The Limerick native

designed her own communion dress when she at the tender age of eight years old. “My dad actually got it made for me”, she recalls, “I remember watching

the drawing come to life and thinking ‘this is so cool, I want to do this’, she continued. Luckily for Aoife she was afforded the opportunity to study fashion in college to pursue this dream.

One of Aoife’s favourite aspects of fashion and design

is the positivity it brings to those who wear her work. The designer likes the confidence clothing can bring

people and how clothing can be used as a means of self-expression. She explained that she loves how “clothes give you a chance to express and feel good about yourself ”. “I’d really love for women to feel confident and beautiful in my designs”.

Having finished college, Aoife is now working in costume and says that she loves it. The job seems fitting

for the designer seeing as her graduate collection was based on a film. She says that costume “really lends

itself to my design style and it just seemed like a very natural progression for me”.







Although careers in fashion and the arts have a stigma for being difficult and rare to find work in, Aoife believes that her course in Limerick School of Art and

Design provided her with versatile skills for a wide range of careers and employment. “I suppose that’s one of the good things about fashion at LSAD, it

gives you a lot of transferable skills so you have a lot of different options after college”, she said. The designer acknowledges that “finishing college and trying to plan your next step can be a bit overwhelming, it’s

really good to have that base skill set and that work ethic that you know you can take anywhere”.

Aoife was part of the Dublin Fashion Festival which is a great experience as it brings light to the activity and talent in the Irish fashion industry which is easy to overlook. “It’s really great to see that so much is

happening in the fashion industry in Ireland at the minute because we can tend to forget about it but we

have some great people here,” she said. The design Aoife submitted to the Young Designer of the Year competition was from her graduate collection. She

explains how this particular collection was inspired

by the 1951 film adaption of “A Streetcar Named Desire”.

“The contrast between the exaggerated masculinity and femininity of the two main characters in the film

is what first caught my interest and is something I

have endeavoured to bring through the collection”, she said. The final look from the graduate collection was what she submitted to the competition. “I had

incorporated an innovative approach to the cut, which draws on influences from 1940’s menswear and lingerie”, she explained. The design also “evokes the

sensation of too tight embraces and the idea of being trapped”. The design which was an elegant, light pink robe was a strong contender in the competition, with

Aoife describing it as the most feminine look in the

whole collection. Aoife hopes that the design “really evokes that 1940s old Hollywood glamour while still appealing to a modern woman”. Article by: Aisling O’Conner



t r av e l Berlin

The really cold winter in Berlin usually starts around

Here are some of the upcoming highlights for the

Auguste Rodin. Man and His Genius

terraces and beach bars, winter Christmas markets

€9.99 with Ryanair, there is no time better than now

Rodin’s death. A number of the artist’s key works

January and lasts literally forever. Summer roof

and shopping – and sightseeing and museums at any time of the year. Berlin is always well worth visiting –

start of 2018 and with flights from Shannon from to plan a visit to this wonderful German city.

and that’s a promise! After all, in Berlin, there’s always

1917. Revolution. Russia and Europe

or night – a sparkling array of events, highlights,

Revolution. The revolutionary events and the civil

so much to do, every day of the year, any time of day entertainment and culture. Berlin is 365/24. So, you don’t have make detailed plans for your trip.

The year 2017 is the 100th anniversary of the Russian war, lasting in Russia until 1922, led to a fundamental, systemic change that influenced the entire 20th century.

Deutsches Historisches Museum (German Historical Museum), 20 October 2017 - 15 April 2018


This year marks the 100th anniversary of Auguste such as The Thinker, The Age of Bronze, and Man and

His Thought are held by the Nationalgalerie. Rodin’s work is characterized by an unfinished quality and the depiction of fleeting mental states.

Old National Gallery, 17 November 2017 - 18 February 2018


Christmas Markets in Berlin

More than 60 Christmas markets for all tastes

begin welcoming guests starting in November with traditional gingerbread, mulled wine, and roasted chestnuts.

Various locations, from the end of November 2017 New Year’s Eve Party at Brandenburg Gate

Stage programme, party mile and spectacular midnight fireworks show.

Brandenburger Tor und Straße des 17. Juni, 31 December 2017

Ultraschall - Festival for New Music

It has always been the ambition of Ultraschall Berlin to invite the best performers of New Music.

Various locations in Berlin, 17 - 21 January 2018 The 68th Berlin International Film Festival – Berlinale

February in Berlin is all about film: international stars on the red carpet, enthusiastic fans from around

the world – and, above all, some great films. Around 400 films are shown at the Berlinale and tickets are

available for everyone, because the Berlinale is the world’s largest public film festival. For ten days, the festival features films that inspire, touch and let you discover new worlds.

Various locations in Berlin, 15 - 25 February 2018



Festtage 2018

The Festtage festival will be returning to its traditional location next year. Where it was brought into being in

1996 by Daniel Barenboim, in the Staatsoper Unter

den Linden in the centre of Berlin, it again finds its

place after a seven-year stint in the Schiller Theater. The extraordinary musical theatre works by two major 19th century composers will be performed in the fully renovated opera house: Verdi’s Falstaff and Wagner’s Parsifal, one a new production, the other restaged.

Staatsoper Unter den Linden, 24 March - 2 April 2018


Jazz is as present and innovative as never before. At the same time Berlin is more than ever the melting pot

of European music: Electronic, Classical, Indie and of course Jazz from the German capital are considered

top notch in Europe. It’s about time to merge all these styles and show the result onto the stages and into the

clubs. XJAZZ presents once more bands and projects that have a connection with Berlin.

Various locations, 9 - 13 May 2018,


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If you are happy, book your advertising space

Write copy with your customer in mind, keep your advert simple and to the point. Find a graphic designer that suits your style to design your artwork, give them clear instructions of what you want.




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Gar d e n Winter Plants

December brings a few things to look forward to in

Winter can be when a lot of scented plants bloom,

The species name chrysantha derives from the Greek

the opportunity to hibernate and the shorter days

superbly scented evergreen shrub with a petite habit,

with reference to the golden centre of the flowers.

the outdoors for hardy sorts, winter walks, the woods, and colder temperatures mean plant life is all but dormant now.

This is the time of year when bare

branches, stems and winter flowering garden plants

witch hazels, Magnolia, Sarcococca, or Winter Box, a

and one of my top ten plants, the strangely beautiful Edgeworthia chrysantha.

give a minimalistic but beautiful show – even some

The genus was named in honour of Michael

gracefully, grasses in particular, will catch the low

Victorian amateur botanist.

summer perennial plants will frost and desiccate

sun and glow gold in the early dusk. Interestingly,


Pakenham Edgeworth (1812–81), an Irish-born

xrus meaning golden and enteron meaning guts, Personally, I think they look like miniature hairy

bananas but aside from that, the flowers have a fresh citrus scent and the whole plant has an almost dreamlike, sculptural feel.


I think it rather crude to call Mr. Edgeworth an

That file mentions a conversation held between

They need an acidic loam based soil and consistent

is known to have had an interest in the family estate

George Charles Wallich, at a meeting of the Linnean

flower bud for the following year. ‘Jury’s Yellow’ is a

‘Amateur’ botanist, as some records do. Although he

of 1,659 acres in Edgeworthtown, County Longford, Ireland, at a young age he left for India in 1831 to join the Indian Civil Service of the British Colonial

regime. Edgeworth's post encompassed an area from Lahore to Madras. He travelled widely throughout India and the island of Ceylon, (present day Sri

himself, Edgeworth and biologists John Lubbock and

Society of London (18 April 1861) less than two years after the publication of Darwin's On the Origin

Daphne – This genus has had a revival, and there is

the letter.

Postill’, evergreen, small habit, citrus scented, to the

little of the content of this conversation is revealed in

Top 5 winter plants:

In 1850 he was made the Chief of Police of the

black and lime yellow. ‘Midwinter Fire’ has orange

English settlement Punjab. In addition to his interest in botany, he also wrote about Indian tongues and

culture, topography, and antiquities. But he wasn't

always in India; as a correspondence between himself,

Cornus – Plentiful tall woody stems in crimson, stems, and a smaller growth habit, but can be tricky to

establish. All Cornus like a moist, but fertile soil. Cut back hard in March.

and Charles Darwin to J.D. Hooker at Kew shows.

Narcissisus ‘Paperwhite’ – an indoor daffodil for

Charles Darwin's closest friend.

like Lillies.

Hooker was a founder of geographical botany, and

forcing during December, has a strong, clean scent

He was Director of the Royal Botanical Gardens,

Camellia – During late winter, the plant bursts into

William Jackson Hooker, and was awarded the

a medium sized pot, on the patio.

Kew, for twenty years, in succession to his father, highest honours of British science.

creamy buttermilk double bloom.

of Species (22 November 1859). Unfortunately, very

Lanka) where he explored the tea growing regions, collected plants and made notes, particularly on ferns.

watering during the summer when they are building

bloom. Young plants are best suited to being grown in

some choice. The sought after Daphne B. ‘Jacqueline architectural stems of D. mezereum with it’s black

flower buds it looks like a bunch of swordfish fins. The scent is a little too pungent for me, verging on the sweet, black cherry-ish sort of scale.

Magnolia – With almost all species flowering on bare stems in late winter, I cannot imagine a winter garden without a magnolia. As the trees mature, the trunks

take on a ghostly pale glow and smooth bark, and in

January burst into scented blooms. The cup shaped, purple tinged blooms of Magnolia soulangeana are a

welcome sight in a bare garden, and the delicate star shaped flowers of the stellate group which appear in

pale white to softest pink last extremely well as a cut bloom for indoors.

Article by: Tara Moloney



Ga r d e n an d C r af t WREATH ENCOUNTERS

It goes without saying that fresh wreaths are a little

obsession of mine. Nothing beats a winter afternoon gathering up twigs, moss and with Ireland's beautifully

clean air, lichens and using them to make something special for my front door. It’s now the most popular

To create extra large wreaths, you can buy a cheap

round plastic laundry basket, and cut off the top part – this is sturdy and when mossed and wired makes a statement sized wreath.

Metallic Lustre is a big fashion trend this winter,

part of my work and I really enjoy creating something

and you can incorporate some of this look into your

doors – Laid flat on a table and with added candles

'Goldcrest' - you might have a tub or container with

different each year. Wreaths are not just for front

and little more moss, you can create a table centerpiece for the Christmas Day feast too!

wreaths with painted foliages. Cupressus macrocarpa one of these in - it has a pleasing scent, and works well in bright colour schemes.

If you are using pine or fir branches, be prepared for

Prunus laurocerasus 'Rotundifolia' - Cherry Laurel,

you can work with them, if you do get sappy fingers,

is invaluable for dense and impenetrable hedging.

the sticky sap – moisturize first and wear gloves if peanut butter works a treat to remove it!

Base points – Three types of base to use, the fresh

noble fir wreath, the copper ring which you’ll need to cover with handfuls of moss and wire to create a base, and the floral foam ring, which is better suited to

wreaths where you use fresh flowers and soft foliage. If using fir, pine, or spruce branches, there is no need to use floral foam – the branches wont be able to suck

while not the most interesting of garden plants, it It also makes a sturdy filler and base evergreen for arrangements. Keeps its sheen for two or three weeks without moisture.

Ozothamnus rosmarinifolius 'Sussex Silver' - A cool green and white thin stemmed plant, similar in

structure to Rosemary, but less green - it's thin stems look great with a touch of pewter glaze.

moisture up from it, and you need a firm metal or

Ruscus species make a great base for metallic sheens;

uniform look.

Birch Stems - Great for adding the wild touch to

copper ring base to wire the branches to, to create a

I do like this coppery finish, very warm and inviting!

arrangements - The magic happens when opposing textures and forms mix and blend and ultimately enhance each other, like vinegar and oil.


Cut Eucalyptus species have the most amazing scent and they do dry fairly quickly, but in a manner I

would describe as elegant - even when fully dry the

scent of the eucalyptus lasts and I use it abundantly, even above fireplaces where the winter fires spread the scent around the room.

Pittosporum species make light and airy elegant filler in arrangements and there are many forms to choose from, those with larger leaves like Pittosporum tobira have been popping up in all the top florist's arrangements recently.

METHOD - Once you have your base ready, it’s really as simple as deciding on a theme, and using

small bunches of three stems of the same foliage to

cover the base. Use what florists call reel or annealed wire if working with sticky foliages.

Hold the stems together and make approximately 40

small bunches for a 12” wreath, then wire them to the base.

Cinnamon sticks and orange slices are a traditional favourite dressing, or sprigs of holly with berries.


Christmas Demonstrations with Tara Maloney from White Dove Nurseries


Tara will show you how to create stylish, lasting fresh mantle decorations for your home or business, plus

the mechanics you need to ensure your style lasts through the season! –

10% discount on the materials and fresh foliage you

need to create a stunning seasonal centerpiece at home. Demonstration €15 including refreshments.



Create your own stylish door wreath using fresh and locally sourced foliage and flowers. Workshop







Afternoon Workshop - 2pm -3.30pm THURSDAY 14TH DECEMBER –


Bring a harmonious look to your home this season by customising your existing decorations –

Demonstration €15 including refreshments. SUNDAY 17TH DECEMBER CHRISTMAS Foliage DÉCOR DEMO.

Learn the tips and techniques to create stylish seasonal decorations for your home, plus get a 10% discount on all seasonal materials and foliage.

Demonstration €15 including free refreshments. Article by: Tara Moloney

Photography by: White Dove Nursery



F ood & d r in k Eggnog We watch it being drank in holiday movies, we are kinda suspicious about it (what do you mean, eggs and rum). Yet, we have not ventured into making this tasty

delight part of our Irish Christmas traditions. Well this year that can change, we have a fabulous recipe below for all you eggnog virgins out there. It is bound to make your Christmas festive and bright. Ingredients

3 cups (700ml) whole milk

1 cup (240ml) heavy or double cream 3 cinnamon sticks

1 vanilla bean pod, split and seeds removed

1 teaspoon freshly grated nutmeg, plus more for garnish

5 eggs, separated

2/3 (130g) cup granulated sugar

3/4 cup (175ml) Bacardi Dark Rum, or bourbon Method

In a saucepan, combine milk, cream, cinnamon, vanilla bean, vanilla seeds, and nutmeg. Bring to the boil over

a medium heat. Once boiling, remove from the heat and allow to steep.

In a large bowl or stand mixer, beat egg yolks and sugar until combined and thick ribbons form when the whisk is lifted. Slowly whisk in the milk and

continue to mix until the mixture is combined and

smooth. Add bourbon or rum, and stir. Refrigerate overnight or for up to 3 days.

Before serving, beat the egg whites in a large bowl or

stand mixer until soft peaks form. Gently fold into eggnog until combined.

Serve and garnish with freshly grated nutmeg. Photography by: Tarmo Tulit



F ood & d r in k Roast turkey with chestnut stuffing Ingredients

2 pounds chestnuts 2 cups butter

2 cups minced onion

2 cups minced celery

10 cups dried bread crumbs 1 teaspoon dried thyme

1 teaspoon dried marjoram 1 teaspoon dried savoury

1 teaspoon dried rosemary

12 pounds whole turkey, neck and giblets removed

Salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste


Close skin with skewers or kitchen twine,

side of each chestnut. Simmer, covered with

a rack in a medium roasting pan.

1.With a sharp knife cut a cross on the flat water, in a saucepan for 5 minutes. Drain. While hot, remove the shells and inner

brown skins. Cover with fresh water. Boil

for 20 to 30 minutes until tender. Drain. Chop coarsely.

2. To prepare the stuffing, melt the butter in

a medium saucepan over medium heat. Stir

in onions and celery, and cook until tender. Thoroughly mix in bread crumbs and

chestnuts. Season with thyme, marjoram, savoury, and rosemary.

and tie drumsticks together. Place turkey on

5. Roast turkey 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 hours in the preheated oven, until internal temperature

of thigh reaches 180 degrees F (80 degrees

C) and stuffing reaches 165 degrees F (75 degrees C). A foil tent may be placed over

the turkey during the last half of roasting

time to avoid over browning. Remove from oven, place on platter, and allow the turkey to stand for 20 minutes before carving. 6.Carve and enjoy!

3. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C).

4.Wash turkey with cold water, and pat

dry. Rub salt and pepper into body cavities. Loosely spoon stuffing into body cavities.



F ood & d r in k Chocolate Caramel Apple Cake

This cake is derived from pure nostalgia. Throwbacks

The Chocolate Cake

Salted Caramel Sauce

in my world was whether or not I got a caramel apple.




180g unsalted butter, at room temperature and cut

100g cocoa powder

250ml double cream, at room temperature

to a more innocent time, where the biggest problem

The cake alone is a tried and tested keeper. A dark, dense multi-layer chocolate cake, filled with a sweet, nutty peanut butter frosting. The salted caramel

sauce, cuts through the sweetness of the cake and

frosting adding another layer of flavour. The soft, moist texture of the cake is enhanced by the smooth

peanut butter frosting, which in turn is enriched by

the gooey consistency of the caramel. This one takes a bit of time, but be patient. Your efforts will be worth

every second. This cake is perfect for the messy bakers

among us - it won’t slice cleanly and the caramel sauce will get everywhere! But licking your fingers, the spoon, the bowl, that’s the best part…

100g of good plain chocolate (TIP: Try at least 70%

500g granulated sugar

225g of caster sugar

into pieces

300g self-raising flour

1 tablespoon sea salt

1 teaspoons baking powder


50ml hot and strong coffee

high heat. Try not to stir it, just let it be and swirl the

125ml of buttermilk

Once all the sugar has melted stay by the pan and

1 teaspoon salt 2 eggs

In a medium saucepan, melt the sugar over medium-

125ml of vegetable oil

pan frequently.

1 teaspoons vanilla

watch your caramel; swirling the pan occasionally.


butter and whisk vigorously. It will bubble up but just

Line two 8 inch cake pans with parchment. Melt the

Remove the pan from the heat and slowly pour in


caramel is going to bubble up again, so be careful with

Dry mix all your dry ingredients together and slowly

Whisk until all the cream is incorporated and then

Add the buttermilk and the oil and mix.

minutes but make sure the caramel does not become

Pour between your prepared pans and bake for 35-30

dip the apples.

inserted into the middle comes out clear.

straws into the top of the apples.

Preheat your oven to 180C/350F/Gas Mark 4

keep whisking until all the butter has melted.

chocolate into the coffee and when melted add the

the cream while continuing to whisk vigorously. The

Cream the sugar and the eggs until light and fluffy.

over spilling. Just try to keep it on the heat.

add them to the sugar/egg combination.

whisk in the sea salt. Set the sauce aside to cool for 15

Finally, fold in the coffee/chocolate combination.

too stiff. If it stiffens too much you will not be able to

minutes until the top has a spring in it and a skewer

While the sauce cools, push the wooden sticks or

Allow to cool in the pans for about ten minutes, then remove and allow to cool completely on a wire rack.


As soon as the sugar turns amber in colour add your


Peanut Butter Frosting

Putting It All Together


When the cake has cooled, sandwich together the

440g of icing sugar


200g of smooth peanut butter


Beat the butter until pale and smooth.

Add in your peanut butter and beat again until smooth.

Sift in the icing sugar, a half at a time to avoid a dust storm, and beat until smooth.

Article by: Hazel Ryan Sheehan Photography by: Tarmo Tulit

layers and frost the entire cake with the peanut butter Pour about half the caramel over the top of the cake and allow it to fall down the sides in a molten mess.

Dip the apples into the remaining caramel and then

place them in the centre of cake. Pop the cake in to the fridge until firm, at least 30 minutes.

Allow the cake to sit 15 minutes at room temp before serving.



F ood & d r in k Christmas Dinner (one for the Vegetarian in the house) Method

1.Preheat the oven to 200C / 400F / Gas Mark 6. 2.Pour the oil onto a large baking tray and place in

the oven for two minutes. Now add the parsnips and

red onions onto the tray, mix to coat them fully in

the oil and return the baking tray to the oven. Roast for around thirty minutes until the parsnips have softened. If you have using uncooked chestnuts, you

should add them now too; if you are using pre-cooked

chestnuts then wait for twenty minutes before adding. 3.At the twenty minute mark, add the maple syrup, black pepper and rosemary to the roasting vegetables. Mix to coat evenly. If you are using pre-cooked chestnuts, add them too.

4.Unroll the sheet of puff pastry onto a clean baking

tray. Keeping the middle third intact, diagonally slice the outer thirds in 1-2cm thick strips. Remove the Recently my other half decided to follow a plant based

This Maple Parsnip & Chestnut Wellington makes

to the holidays as I want everyone happily fed at the


diet, needless to say this has me worried coming up Christmas table. Yes, we will be doing the traditional

the perfect centrepiece for any vegan Christmas

dinner with all of the trimmings but I’ve been racking

Serves 4

have himself happy and full with festive food that

•4 Parsnips

my brain and searching online for recipes that will

doesn’t include dead animals. The standout recipe is

making a Wellington which has plenty of variations if you look around online but I made my own tweaks

and it turned out to be a delicious feast that will be enjoyed Christmas day.

Ingredients •2 Red onions

•1/4 tsp Rosemary, dried •1 tbsp Almond milk

•2 tbsp Maple syrup, light

•1 Black pepper, Freshly ground •2 tbsp Olive oil

•200 g Chestnuts

•1 large sheet Ready rolled puff pastry


end strips from either sides - you can use these offcuts

to create decorations if you like, such as the little trees here!

5.Remove the roasted vegetables from the oven and

spread evenly along the centre third of the pastry. Starting at one end, wrap the strips of pastry from

alternating sides up and over the filling until the whole thing is wrapped - tuck in the pastry at either end to secure. Top with the cut out trees.

6.Brush the top with the milk and place in the oven. Bake for around twenty to twenty-five minutes or until the pastry is golden brown.

7.Remove from the oven and slice to serve.


He alt h and We l l b e i n g Start in December Believe it or not, December is one of the best months

December deals and offers

Enjoy the Christmas season but always make sure you

month with Christmas celebrations just around the

January members with the best of intentions,

partying and indulging more than usual. It is always

to start exercising. Yes, it can be a hectic and stressful

corner, but there is no better way to reduce stress and look great for the party season than exercising!

Firstly, most gyms and studios will be a lot less busy so great news if you are a beginner. Quiet periods give

instructors more time to show you around specialised workout equipment and allow them more time to

allocate to designing personalised programmes. Less people and more space can also help in making you

A high proportion of gym revenue is made from who sign up to lenghty contracts and then attend

irregularly. Now is the time when studios and gyms

better to do a small workout than nothing at all.

give away fantastic offers on classes and memberships.

Boost up your energy levels

an ideal month to get used to working out, think of it

energy and not feel motivated enough to continue

So keep an eye out for the perfect deal. December is

as getting a headstart on the new year. It takes 21 days

to form a habit, use this month as your month to fully establish a solid schedule that works for you. Stay focused and motivated

January to finally start your programme, start now!!

something different, keep it interesting and fresh for

Keep your workouts fun and change it up, do yourself.

In December most of us will experience a lack of our fitness journey. Exercise can end up being the last thing on your mind when the holiday season

hits, never mind setting goals and making exercise

and food regime plans. It will be very beneficial to

feel less conscious while your getting to grips with

unfamiliar exercises and surroundings. Don’t wait for

fit in a quick workout especially if you are going to be

your New Year goals for you to fit in a short workout. That will still boost your energy levels and keep your

immunity strong. You will feel happier and energised

throughout Christmas and more positive about continuing your fitness journey in 2018. Article by: Sintija Zorge

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W hy I said # M e T o o For me there was great solace in sharing the story, for taking part in #metoo. Not because my experience

only mattered because I shared my pain for the world to see, thus making it more real and valid, it simply meant I felt less alone in it.

However there were a great deal of people who didn't share this view.

Lindy West tweeted:

"I wish we didn't have to rip our pasts open & show

you everything & let you ogle our pain for you to believe us about predation and trauma."

The sad fact is, though, that sharing seems to be the

only way to make any headway in chipping away at the bedrock that allows people with any modicum

of power (physical and/or otherwise) to exploit the

vulnerabilities of those who have been raised to be silent and self-blaming. Victims are forced to either take on the system themselves or join together to raise

a tiny flag to create a larger flag aiming for change. Or

worse, we're only believed when someone else points it out. I have been quite open about the fact that I have had

More likely, you'll be questioned for how much you

this way because it is easier than writing the dreaded

and if it was indeed non-consensual at all. Or, most

Rose McGowan and other popular figures were

don't say anything at all. And who could blame you?

condemnation of the perpetrators. Author Roxane

had been marked and everyone knew about it. You

Sexual assault and harassment has no positive side

answer was in this case, especially when people of

1 out of every 33 men have been victims of attempted

after Alyssa Milano's trending hashtag to expose the

being silenced on social media.

who have experienced it themselves. A sisterhood

The next response was the #womenwhoroar hashtag

to connect to both survive and expose the systemic

(originally started by black activist Tarana Burke)

a sexual experience was non-consensual. I write it in

R word. At the time, my emotions were all over the

place: guilt, shame, anger, frustration, but most of all, it felt lonely and isolating. I felt like a freak, like I

can know the statistics (1 out of every six women and

or completed rape), but the experience itself does not make you feel like a kindred spirit.

resisted, what you had been drinking and/or wearing,

There was a large push to boycott Twitter after

likely of all, no one will ask anything because you

banned from the site for sharing their stories and

effect. I have seen the phrase "the #metoo sisterhood"

sheer numbers of women (and men and other genders)

Gay mused that silence wasn't what she thought the

colour like Jemele Hill were largely being ignored for

it may seem to be, but it's an invasive way to have

that then spawned the #metoo trending topic

structure that allows it to go on and on and on.

that surged the past few weeks. Whatever criticisms

we will ultimately hear about this conversation, it will make victims feel less alone.



The question is whether it will change the hearts and minds of those who still don't believe and defend

them.I have now seen the hashtag all across my own

Twitter feed and even into Facebook, where we all know is the most divisive place to share anything

Please don’t worry about it, you guys help people with worse problems than me.

other than recipes and baby pictures. There will be

ways to criticise this particular movement, and we should always be critical, especially when it comes to

issues of intersectionality. But most of all, let's strive

to keep our eyes on the ball when it comes to sexual assault, harassment, and exploitation. Let's continue

to call out perpetrators of violence. Even when they move to Europe to avoid charges, or some enjoy their films, or they live in the White House.

Calling ourselves out as victims with #metoo means that we need to start calling out the perpetrators with a "yes, you." Here's how writer Helen Rosner put it:

"In the words of one of my dearest friends: I don't

want to say 'me too.' I want to say 'yes, you.' Sexual harassment and assault didn't *happen* to me, it was

*done* to me. I resent having to affirmatively embrace

my victimhood when he's never been forced to

confront his villainy. I resent having to affirmatively embrace my victimhood when YOU have never been forced to confront YOUR villainy."

Believe victims of assault and intimidation. Believe

women. Believe all genders. Believe people of colour. Believe sex workers. Believe those who aren't a

"mother," "sister," or any other qualifier that makes

a person somehow more "worthy" of protection. Defend them when they are contradicted, blamed

for the crimes of others, and second guessed. Believe men when they share their stories. Do not let anyone

dismiss the issue as something other than what it is: a rampant epidemic with no end in sight.

We don’t just hear you, we listen.

Remember that there are countless other people who

have been victims of assault who won't post to the #metoo tag. It doesn't mean their story isn't real and important and it's absolutely okay not to talk about

your own. Self-care, y'all. Victims don't owe us their story. Some can't tell their story. Some aren't even around to tell it anymore.

Call us free any time, from any phone on 116 123 A registered charity

Article by: Rebelle Haze



opin ion Consent Consent is a heavy subject, and not just a simple black and white. Everyone knows the very basics of sexual

consent; we all know that having sex with someone

who says no is rape. However, life is never clear cut

and some incidents and circumstances can be difficult to make sense of. Given the numerable allegations

of sexual assault against Harvey Weinstein, and then

others after the story broke, and the #MeToo trend

raising awareness to sexual assault, now is a good time to discuss what consent actually is and clear up misconceptions.

I think a partial lack of understanding of consent stems for it rarely being mentioned in Sex Education. Given that the vast majority of primary schools are in the hands of the Catholic Church, for most people, “the talk” is riddled with religious bias and focuses almost

solely on procreation. There is no set standard of what we’re taught on the matter. I know some people

who never had the talk, others who were essentially

told that “when you’re a married couple and want

to make a baby…”, and a rare few who actually had comprehensive unbiased sexual education.

In my secondary school, we had the same nurse come

in every year, with the same PowerPoint presentation

and videos. She had around an hour and a half (two class periods) to get through everything, and promised

us so much, yet every year without fail made it to the exact same point in the presentation before her time

ran up and we had to leave. She always promised to get further next time and never did.

We had enough graphic images of STIs burned into

This isn’t going to stop sexual violence, but we need to

probably recite the script of the video about how all the

the stereotypical incident of women being ambushed

our skulls to put us off lunch every year and could

images we might see of private bits are photo shopped or the result of plastic surgery. The word consent was

understand that sexual assault for the most part isn’t by men at night.

never uttered once. In fact, anything valuable or new

Sexual assault is about power. Terry Crews, a 6 ft 3¼

simply educate themselves or continue uninformed.

assaulted. People’s gender, how they dress, if they are

information was never taught to us. Everyone had to

I believe it’s partially because of this, people make

it all the way to college and then out into the real world with inaccurate knowledge of the birds and the bees. I in no way am accusing schools of negligence; I

think many just assume the parents will cover it with

their kids. Meanwhile, the parents are assuming the school is going to teach it to their kids. The reality is no one wants to sit a teenager or child down to talk

about sex. I often wonder if we implemented a set standard and curriculum in all schools to be given by unbiased professionals would it make a difference. I

man weighing approximately 111 kg was sexually

promiscuous, or if they were drinking has little to no

relevance; it can happen to anyone. The argument that

people, usually women, shouldn’t go out, shouldn’t wear revealing clothing, should never walk home

alone is essentially useless; people have been and are

sexually assaulted at home, even by family members. It happens everywhere. Under that logic we all might

as well just cease to exist to prevent it. However, instead of blaming the victim for drinking or being alone, perhaps we should actually blame the only person responsible; the perpetrator.

believe people would be somewhat safer, but I’m not

No matter what, people always find a way to blame

violence all together.

assaulted. When the urge to say “yes but they shouldn’t

naïve enough to hope that it would eradicate sexual

Last year, the UL Student Union had to cancel the consent classes it tried to host after only 14 students signed up. It’s too late by the time students are in

college to teach them Sex Education or about consent, by that point a large amount of students are already

victims and suggest that they deserved or wanted to be

have done…”, comes people need to stop for a second

and realise that they are literally defending a sexual predator. How are we going to learn to understand

and value consent when people insist that somehow, no matter what, the victim was at fault?

sexually active, and a proportion of them will have

When a man is sexually assaulted the discourse is that

sadder, some will have had their consent violated. It

they’re weak. Men must be able to consent too, and

had some sort of pregnancy or STI scare, and even needs to be discussed from a young age so that when the time comes, people are educated.

“men can’t be raped”, “they always want it”, or that should be taken seriously. Everyone is entitled to be able to consent and have their consent valued. We

complain of double standards, but perpetuate them with these ideas.



Women, unfortunately, have taken precautions, we

can’t go out without being told to not to put our drink down, and we don’t let our friends go to the

bathroom alone. It’s an unfair reality, but failing to do

those things does not mean we deserve to be raped. The belief that someone is asking for it, is not only

offensive, but also idiotic. Asking for it implies asking to have sex, which would mean that consensual sex took place. There is no such thing as asking for it.

Consent is a clear, sober, and willing yes. It must be

ongoing. If someone asks to stop half way through, continuing regardless of that is sexual assault. Intentionally getting someone drunk or spiking

their drink to have sex with them is rape. Under the

influence of alcohol or drugs, you are not able to consent. Finding someone much drunker than you

are or passed out and deciding to sleep with them is

not “getting lucky”, it is taking advantage of someone unable to consent, and in turn, it is rape. Making

someone afraid to say no, also does not count as consent. Nor can consent ever be assumed, it doesn’t matter if you’re in a relationship, involved with one another, or even literally in bed with one another, no still means no.

Some people laugh when they’re uncomfortable, or

are too quiet to give a “strong no” but it’s still a no, when in doubt stop and ask again. Even if someone is

promiscuous, the attitude that “well what’s one more time to them” is disgusting, it suggests that because

they’ve “been around” that they deserve to be violated. It’s also important to bear in mind that sexual assault

is not always rape. The likes of groping, touching, and other sexual acts being done without consent is also a

massive violation and should be taken just as seriously. The discourse surrounding sexual assault and consent

is often grim. There’s a disturbing notion that some people “deserve to be raped”. Just because you don’t

like someone, or because they may not be a nice person, does not mean they deserve to be sexually assaulted. No one deserves to be sexually assaulted.

Despite all the different and complex situations, consent should be rather easy to understand. Just don’t have sex, or behave in a sexual away, with someone

who doesn’t want to. Take no for the valid answer that it is, and stop.

Article by: Aisling O’Connor



Star t up Spot lig h t Gym Go

The people behind Cyber Smarties – the safe social

“ was launched in November 2017 with

He explained how as potential gym goers, they

to behave online – have launched a new business

Gyms, Personal Trainers and Classes. As individuals,

type of gym they were, so they could get a feel for

network build for kids which teaches them how

endeavour; Gym Go. The new company seeks to help

users engage with gyms and personal trainers and pick one which best suits their needs.

the intention of building Irelands No.1 Website for each of us within the team were looking for gyms or personal trainers to suit different needs, prices and locations but could not find one place where everyone was listed”, said Diarmuid Hudner, the founder of both companies.

wanted to see what the gyms looked like and the what they were like and what they stood for before

going. “One of the team only wanted to do a specific

class and he also could not find anywhere he could compare one class against another or even to know what all the terms and types of fitness training stood

for. . As the company already has experience building behavioural technology and was awarded as the

SFA Best Emerging New Business 2017 for Cyber Smarties, the team was confident they knew what they were doing.



“We are specialists in behavioural technology,

We found that this same technology could be used

You can’t teach that hunger, it has to come naturally

teams in Ireland (HQ), Bangladesh, Ukraine, Nepal

going to the gym for the first time, can be very self-

people to help our own and stand up for each other”,

consumer mapping and digital marketing and have and Eygpt. Our ethos remains the same: We like to

help people live a happier, more fulfilled life using next generation smart technology”.

Mr Hudner believes that businesses often lose sight

for as people can be quite anxious about conscious and also their motivations for getting fit

can be very different” he explained. He believes that the company stemmed from a deep desire to help people change their lives for the better.

of the fact that they are dealing with human beings

He added that gyms and personal trainers have

“We are looking for different things from a gym

granted them access to a new platform to showcase

“who are as individual grains of sand on the beach”. because we are all unique in our desires and attitudes”, he said. He points out that the majority of people who

been very receptive to as the company has themselves.

go to a gym, quit after a month or so and believes

So far, has received positive feedback and

personal trainer for them.

trainers. “It's about everyone playing to their strengths

that this is because they did not find the right gym or

“ is about giving the power back to the individual in picking the gym, personal trainer or

class which suits them best by comparing what is

about staying in Limerick. “If you want to do business

with us, then come down to Limerick”, he said. Initially they had to travel to get clients, but now people come

to them. For the company the greatest lesson learned is that business, like life, goes in crests and troughs but you always have to be moving forward.

with a very creative team. “I would like in five years’

a fantastic service but they don’t know how to get that across to people.

people know how great or unique they are”, he said.

he continued. Furthermore, provides an

pressure to locate to Dublin but they were adamant

so for example you may have a brilliant gym who offer

want a gym that opens very early, or is women only or

motivate us to become the ideal version of ourselves”,

He explained how as a tech company there is a lot of

As for the future, Mr Hudner, would like to develop

So we work with our clients directly, advising them

perhaps needs a personal trainer who will push us and

he said.

formed strong relationships with gyms and personal

out there”, he explained. “We all live busy lives with different commitments so sometimes we might just

and there has always been a willingness from Limerick

that what they need to do with their listing to let “We can’t do what they do and they can’t do what we do so by working together, we get great results”, he

and test new ideas as they are an innovative company time, not just to have Cyber Smarties and

but multiple businesses all working successfully”, he

said. “Some people say you should stick to just one market area but I feel in today's world, with today's

unstable economy, you need to have multiple and varied revenue streams...staying still isn't an option and anyway...where would the fun be in that”.


Article by: Aisling O’Connor

people what makes them unique and the specific

With regards to support from the start-up community,

Sponsored by Workbench Bank of Ireland

ie, the team was lucky as they had learned a lot from

team well. “There is a pulse which has returned to

requirement to be a customer & no booking needed).

opportunity for gyms or personal trainers to tell

service they offer. When it came to building Gymgo. building Cyber Smarties, as its child safety features

are very complex. “We had developed a behavioural technology to predict individual and group behaviour

in response to their fears, anxiety levels and selfesteem.

Mr Hudner said that Limerick has always treated the

the city, a pride in ourselves and a hunger to make Limerick stand out in the country as a whole.

Hot-desking space for start-ups with free Wifi (no Event and meeting rooms space available. Check out upcoming events here:



B uild in g B r an d s Brand Tips for 2018 Over the course of 2017 we have brought you through

The average viewer is expected to watch 36 minutes of

They are four times more likely to get a comment

creative and activation. If you focus on a developing

19 minutes on a computer. While you may not have

much larger audiences. They also have more loyal

the key elements in building a strong brand; strategy, a strong brand strategy and communicate your brand with a brand identity that reflects your brand, you will

be able to tell the world who and what your brand is in how you activate your brand. If you spend time on these key areas this will ultimately drive your business

online video per day on a mobile device, as opposed to

the budget to invest in a videographer there are ways and means around this. Get snap happy with your

smartphone, practice recording content and avail of the many easy to use editing apps.

on a post than macro influencers who have much, followers and tend to post about more specific topics. Remember 90% of consumers trust recommendations from their peers with just 33% trusting ads. Who are your micro influencers?

growth. But now as the year draws to a close it’s time



to help you capitalise on the exciting opportunities

multiple platforms engagement is a given but this isn’t

your brand apart from others in 2018. Take your

to look ahead to 2018. We have identified five key tips that lie ahead.

1.Develop Strategic Framework

Firstly develop a strategic framework. Start at the

start and set out your brand objectives. Refer to the

results of your audit which we covered in last month’s

magazine. Get clarity on who you are as a company. Building a brand is not just about the customer or

client, it is about all your stakeholders. For your marketing efforts to pay off you need to understand the value of your brand and why it’s a differentiator. 2.Video

It’s easy to presume that with everyone connected on always the case. 2018 will see a focus on engagement,

and not just the ‘follower’ kind. Customers want a

more personalised and more meaningful experience from businesses. They want brands to understand them on a personal level. To truly engage with your customers and build brand loyalty listen to and engage

with your customers across the multiple channels that they communicate with you. Ensure that you reflect the brand’s personality in all that you say. Key to

tablets is expected to grow by 25% but will decline for the first time ever on desktop.

thinking of how you can revolutionise your brand. Do

this online but please don’t forgot the power of face to face interaction. Combine both. For example, create

an experiential event that embraces technology, the physical space and humans!

these are working for you. Time and time again we

and most of us are one of the millions of people

recorded video. Views of video content on phones and

think storytelling through experience and never stop

taking their feedback on board and taking action.

process. Show your customers that you’re listening by

in 2018, 79% of internet traffic will be video content. streams are viewed for three times longer than pre-

bring your brand to life. Think brand activations,

Come the New Year we will all be full of good

4.Micro influencers

Central to video content is live streaming. Live

brand experience to a level beyond the interior,

listening and engagement is what you learn from this

By 2018, an estimated 84% of communications will be visual. Key to this rise is video. It is expected that

Brand Experience will continue to be key to setting

We’ve all become familiar with the term influencers around the world who follow some of the most popular social media influencers. But 2018 will see the

micro influencer take center stage. Micro Influencers are those who have followers of between 1,000 and 100,000 followers.

intentions. But remember to analyse how each of

see companies invest in their brand but they don’t analyse what happens after. If you undergo a brand

review, invest in rebranding or develop your brand, then take the opportunity to constantly check in with what is working and what is not working. Know what

to keep doing and know what to change and most importantly know why you are doing it. Branding is fundamental to the growth of your business. After all your brand is your business. Article by: Sandra Horan



Tar m o T ulit Comme rci a l P h o t o g ra p h e r Client - Rachamankha Hotel, Chiang Mai, Thailand Architecture Architect










vernacular Chinese dwellings, a carefully orchestrated sequence of courtyards as a source of inspiration. The

architecture and landscape design of Rachamankha celebrates local Lanna historical heritage, climate

and traditional building practices of the Northern

Thai region. Southeast Asian architecture defines the character of the hotel, which is full of delightful

surprises, a studied composition of light and dark, open and closed outdoor spaces to achieve a true sense of place that expresses serenity and mystery. The Rooms

The interior of Rachamankha was conceived

according to an oriental concept of simplicity albeit with extraordinary attention to detail. Walls are made About The Hotel

The hotel’s distinctive architectural aesthetic is

with traditional lime plaster over handmade brick, the

founded in 1296, the 25-room and suite Rachamankha

Chinese dwellings, from which Northern Thai

Chiang Mai in 1296. The founder, Rooj Changtrakul,

by Thai architect Ong-ard Satrabhandhu in the

antique Chinese cabinets and area rugs to the

Situated in the heart of historic Chiang Mai old city is next to Wat Phra Singh, justifiably the city’s

most famous temple (cir. 1345). Rachamankha, is

the leading luxury boutique hotel in Chiang Mai, it does not reveal itself to the passerby, but excites curiosity and creates a receptive mood. Only after

passing through the hotel forecourt, the Zen-like simplicity and sophistication of the colonnaded

courtyards welcomes guests to the world of serenity and contentment.

inspired by the eleventh century B.C. vernacular

same technique used in temples since the founding of

architecture has its roots. Rachamankha was designed

supervises every detail of every room, from choosing

style of residential living to encourage a genuine

arrangement of flowers.

Mai. A leisure walk reveals hidden courtyards and

Our Aim

spaces are to be found on every turn. The Library at

our images, so the viewer can sense their stay at this

feel for the history and culture of Lanna Chiang

gardens where unexpected surprises and captivating

Our aim was to captivate the essence of the hotel in

Rachamankha exudes old world charm and character;

special property.

work on Thai history of art and architecture, design

Putting it all together

conversation and refreshments.The enchanting open-

We would love to hear from you, please get in touch!

pool where drinks and light snacks are served pool-


it houses over 2,000 books ranging from novels to

and culture. The library lounge is a relaxing place for air massage pavilion overlooks a tranquil 20-meter side throughout the day.


Have you a project you would like to talk to us about?





b usin e ss opin ion B e De c en t. D o n’t b e a D * c k . Don’t be a bully in the Workplace As I write this, I wonder how many people were

What is the reason behind its existence? Was

It also resulted in other leadership holders the

Not many, I hazard to guess. Why is bullying in the

‘70s or ‘90s as it is in the ‘10s? Maybe it is just my

patronizing manner was acceptable.

surprised that this opinion piece was worth writing. workplace such a normalised, unchallenged thing?

Perhaps it is challenged in your experience… but is it challenged enough? How is it still affecting so many

people? Why was this behavior allowed grow beyond

the school yard? This isn’t something we can blame

work-place bullying equally as prevalent in the ‘50s, coming of age and experience in such vast global and professional spheres. Yet, reflecting on the stories of

I don’t think that it was the individuals who conducted

policing, teaching, media, retail- you name it.

did they stop and think about how their behavior

others too, I know bullying is rampant in nursing,

upon teachers and parents alone. If you’re reading

Having worked in a wonderful school, with an

decentness from dickheadedness (am I allowed say

run bar that I felt fully comfortable, confident and

this, you’re adult enough to know right from wrong, that?!).

From the people I have been surrounded by growing

up, the majority have been affected by bullying. These are strong, wonderful people of all ages and

competent in, I ponder why in other schools, media

Many of the managers in this work environment were

companies and bars I have earned my pennies in left me feeling awkward, inadequate and incapable. Who gained from this?

biscuit-stealing-bullying, proper anxiety-building-

large international school with teacher numbers over

the most wonderful staff in my career already, and am thankful the positive energy from these delightful

experiences has outweighed that of negative

experiences, even though there are quantitatively more negative experiences.

to bullying in the workplace was when working in a

100 and student numbers over 1800. Of course bigger

establishments are harder to run and can be more


in Ireland, but if for some reason you do end up in

a leadership role and you have limited experiences, please, please, develop your skill of empathy. If you have experience, don’t let yourself forget what it is to

be a ground worker. Be understanding, be empathetic, be a good listener.

Offer support, and follow through on it;

the situation.

always understanding. Although I sympathised with

acceptable actions?

Now, as far as I am aware, this isn’t all too common

the entire staff were new, heightening the pressure of

The school; a British Curriculum school in the UAE,

or with the introduction of social media and progress to negative behaviours and apparently

lacking in experience in what they were managing.

Appropriate Behaviour at Work

The bullying came from top-down. The CEO/

technologies normalising certain attitudes which

learn to consider how their behaviour may affect others.

stressful. In my mind, this doesn’t excuse ignorance.

Is it society’s way of demonstrating struggle as it has

shifted from very conservative to liberal existence,

upset and annoyed the vast majority of staff ?

No matter your role in the workplace, people must

The toughest experience I have had personally, relating

bullying. I am blessed to have worked with some of

themselves in this way’s intention to behave as so, but

excellent media company and in a great little family

backgrounds, in a variety of working spheres, yet many have been victim to bullying. Not simply petty-

understanding that ruling by fear or in an arrogant,

Principal, while sometimes compassionate, was not the pressures he was under, the condescending tone

in which the staff as a whole body were chided on a regular basis by himself and his vice, led to a negative

atmosphere and a knee-jerk reaction of intolerance.

Say a friendly Hello to people;

Complete the expectations of your role; If you need help, ask; Be nice to everyone;

Apologise if you make a mistake;

Go out on a limb, karma will get you back;


Inappropriate Behaviour at Work

The position I was in, where I became a shadow of myself

Dirty looks or glowering;

but one I have accepted and moved on from. I am using

Ignoring or grunting a returning greeting to people; Not fulfilling the expectations of your role;

Delegating your work to everyone else until you have literally nothing to do even though you’re the responsible party with the bigger pay-cheque; Not being supportive;

Rude tone of voice, even when frustrated;

Don’t use your physicality to your advantage, especially against women if you are a man;

Don’t manipulate others or act as a puppeteer;

Not owning up to or apologising for your errors; For the victims, remember who you are. Be strong. Talk. Tell somebody how you feel, without being accusative.

I have always tried to see things from the other peoples’

as a result was unnecessary, one I wish never happened, my negative experiences in a way that I hope will help give others courage. I left my position, perhaps the most

daunting decision I had to make, the most labored decision I have ever made, and the decision truest to me, my needs

and my growth. Breaking my contract was liberating, but holding out until the time I did, for months in an awful work environment was empowering. It empowered me because I knew I was completing my responsibilities to

a high standard and in an efficient and assertive manner. This cannot be taken from me. I can never thank those who

helped and supported me through listening and distraction for those months enough. Surround yourself with positive vibes - it will all work out!

perspective; if not in the moment, then after. Trust me,

Above all, be decent. Don’t be a dick.

front of clients/customers and being demeaned, you either

Aware: 1800 80 48 48 Available Monday to Sunday from

I know it is not easy. When you are being shouted at in

envisage the ground swallowing you whole or some form of vicious attack on your oppressor. Neither can or should

happen. Talk to friends and family, toy about what decision

is best for you. You are number one. If you have to report,

Samaritans: +353 1 671 0071 10am to 10pm

Article by: Rebecca Egan

do. Use your union, go to Citizen’s Information and know your rights. Make informed and educated choices.






Poet ry fro m Sta nz a s You ask me what am I As if I'm a thing A creature

An alien not of this earth

All because you can't see past what society has taught you

All because the thought of someone not being defined by the tick of a box baffles you

All because you are what is considered to be normal, and I am not

And even when I tell you

You don't comply with my needs My basic human fucking needs

You can't show an ounce of human fucking decency because

“It's too complicated.” And

“I don't get it.”

You ask me for an alternative

As if I am an inconvenience to you But let me put it to you this way:

Would you ask another person for a different name

to call them, all because the first one was “too complicated”? No.

I will not be defined as a 1 or a 0

I will not be defined as one box or another on a stupid sheet of paper

I will not be defined by your definition of what is normal.

I am who I am and if you don't like that, you can honestly go fuck yourself.


Taylor Moloney is an 18 year old college student

from Limerick. They are currently studying acting in

The Lir, Dublin. They have a keen interest in poetry, theatre and film and hope to one day become a full

time theatre maker. Their writing is inspired by their

fears, daily struggles and personal events. One of their biggest inspirations is the poet Tyler Kent White.

Stanzas runs each month, and publishes books, CDs, and runs a festival each year! To see what's what, check out or see


TV December 2017

The Grand Tour

Black Mirror

Doctor Who

return for a second run of The Grand Tour on Amazon

strong rumours that we can expect the fourth season

save the universe for the final time in this Christmas

The inimitable trio of Clarkson, Hammond and May

Prime. Released in weekly instalments, we can expect

the usual hi-jinks as well as the real-life drama that unfolded when Richard Hammond suffered a serious

accident while filming in the Swiss Alps. This season will see the three men travel to Spain, Dubai, New

York and Mozambique and they'll be trying out cars such as the Bugatti Chiron, as well as motorbikes and a whole host of other vehicles. Check it out when it premieres on December 8th.

While Netflix is yet to announce a date, there are

of Black Mirror to drop in December. The brainchild of Charlie Brooker, the dystopian anthology series

will bring us more unnerving commentaries on

technology and human relationships. This season has an episode directed by Jodie Foster, while another

stars Fargo's Jesse Plemons. Black Mirror has proven to be one of the cleverest shows to grace our screens in recent years and it looks as though this new season will be upping the ante. This show, as always, is a must

Peter Capaldi is stepping into Doctor Who's shoes to special. Capaldi will be joined by David Bradley

("Harry Potter" series) who is reviving the role of the first Doctor, and together the two Time Lords are teaming up in a story set during World War One. This episode will also see Capaldi's Doctor regenerate into

the new Doctor, being played by Jodie Whittaker, so

it really is a can’t-miss episode. Tune into BBC One on Christmas Day for the time-jumping action.


The Crown

The Orville


Elizabeth II's reign is returning on 8 December.

treating us to a new show starting on FOX UK on

successful children's book about a little girl called Zoe

The Netflix show chronicling the early years of Queen Picking up where the first season ended, season two

covers the period between 1955 and 1964 in which

England fights an illegal war in Egypt and Prime

Minister Harold Macmillan resigns amidst scandal. Along with the usual cast, this season sees Michael

C. Hall ("Dexter") joining as U.S. President John F. Kennedy, and Jodi Balfour ("Quarry") as First Lady Jackie Kennedy. Princess Margaret will become

embroiled with photographer Lord Snowden, who

will be played by Downton Abbey's Matthew Goode. Peter Morgan has once again written this season,

The man behind Family Guy, Seth McFarlane, is 14 December. A sci-fi comedy drama, it is about the

adventures of the Orville which is part of Earth's

interstellar fleet. With challenges facing the crew

from both inside and outside the ship, McFarlane's signature satirical slant will surely add some giggles to

the cosmic travels. A second season has already been

commissioned so get settled in and enjoy the spacey madness.

Ratburger is the adaptation of David Walliams' and her pet rat Armitage. Zoe has to protect Armitage from her wicked stepmother and the evil Burt from

Burt's Burgers, who is keen to cook the rat into his burgers. Starring Walliams as the conniving Burt

and co-starring BAFTA-winning actress Sheridan Smith as the stepmother, this should provide plenty

of entertainment for all of the family as you digest the Christmas pudding. Check it out on Sky1. Article by: Sarah Lafferty

with Stephen Daldry also returning as director so expect the quality to remain royally exquisite.



L it e r at ur e B o o k Rev i ews

Books to read this month

You're Not That Great: (but neither is anyone else)

The Boy by Tami Hoag

Christmas presents or to start off your New Years

Released on December 5 Gale’s book teaches you

Tami Hoag keeps you guessing in her thriller released

a wide variety of books this December. From murder

life, taking everyday feelings like self-loathing, regret

Whether you’re looking to buy some books for

by Elan Gale

Resolution to read more, we’ve got you covered with

how to harness negativity and use it to improve your

thrillers to self-help books, there’s bound to be

and shame and making them work for you.

something for everyone!

December 5. Detective Nick Fourcade and his wife gets wrapped up in a case, where both P.J a 7-year-old

boy and his teenage babysitter are found murdered. The only prints at both crime scenes? P.J’s grieving mother’s fingerprints.

An Ex for Christmas by Lauren Layne

Now That You Mention It by Kristan Higgins

met her true love, she becomes obsessed with the idea

bestselling author Kristan Higgins of a woman who

When a psychic tells Kelly Byrne that she’s already of tracking him down before Christmas. Kelly starts

contacting old boyfriends to figure out which one is

the one. "She’s making a list—and checking it twice. But is there a nice guy among all her naughty exes?"


The number one New York Times bestselling author

A funny and bittersweet story from New York Times

returns to her hometown after a decade’s absence

hoping to reunite with her family, only to discover, opinions of her has changed since she’s been gone and that her homecoming is imagined. Hits bookshops December 26.


Pressure is a Privilege: Lessons I've Learned from

The Kidnapping of Edgardo Mortara by David

The Only Girl in the World: A Memoir by Maude

with Christine Brennan

The true story of the 1858 kidnapping of Edgardo,

This memoir recounts the horrific tale of a girl trapped

inquisitor in Bologna. It turns out Edgardo had been

Julien’s parents wanted to turn their daughter into the

held that no Christian child could be brought up in a

torturous drills, such as holding onto an electric fence

this kidnapping that would eventually lead to the end

a life without heat, adequate food and affection but

Steven Spielberg was set to make a movie based on

friends with animals and characters in novels she read

since the allegations the movies production has been

more than a decade she managed to escape. Published



a young Jewish boy, by a police posse and a Catholic

in an insane experiment of her parents. Maude

secretly baptised by a Catholic woman and the law

ultimate survivor and so put her through countless

Jewish household. David begins his investigation into

and sitting still in a rat infested cellar. Maude endured

of the church's governing power in Italy. Producer

she rose above her parent’s treatment and made

this book, but with Harvey Weinstein’s company and

in secret. She defied her parents inwardly until after

called into question. Still a thrilling read.

December 12.

How Not to Die Cookbook by Dr. Michael Greger

The Saboteur by Paul Kix

Waking Up in Winter: In Search of What Really

M.D., FACLM, the physician behind the New York

2012) who joined World War II after Germany

Internationally recognized coach and New York Times

Life and the Battle of the Sexes by Billie Jean King Battle of the Sexes, the movie based on the true story

of the 1973 tennis match between World number one Billie Jean King and ex-champ and serial hustler

Bobby Riggs, is released 24th November, starring

Emma Stone and Steve Carell. Pressure is a Privilege uses that match to illustrate what she learned in her early life that brought her to that event and the lessons that she learned from it.

This healthy cookbook comes from Michael Greger, Times bestselling book How Not to Die. Rooted in the latest nutritional science, these easy-to-follow

recipes will appeal to anyone looking to live a longer, healthier life. Published December 5, it is the perfect gift for anyone looking to eat healthier in the New Year.

The true story of Robert de La Rochefoucauld (1923bombed France, making his way to London where

he was convinced to join a new British organization, the Special Operations Executive, a highly secretive

group that was formed to train and equip foreign nationals in sabotage and guerrilla warfare. A page

turning thriller of a true World War II hero, all before he was 21. Coming to bookshops December 12.

Matters at Midlife by Cheryl Richardson

bestselling author Cheryl Richardson has helped countless people but when she struggled at midlife

she needed to put herself under the microscope and

in this book she shares what helped her at the time, through a series of intimate journal entries. It hits bookshops December 19. Article by: Sarah Talty



The B e ne f it s of R e a d i n g “Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, our

Perhaps if you’re reading a book set during a war or

Things like films and music allow our minds to take

inflicting injury, and remedying it.” These are the

to pick up a few facts and information along the way,

acting as a leisurely asset in our lives. The same applies

most inexhaustible source of magic. Capable of both words of J.K Rowling, spoken by Albus Dumbledore in the world of Harry Potter, and are ones I believe to hold a sensational level of truth.

prominent period of history for example, you’re sure

which is an interesting feat. It’s also good to get your

brain thinking and can contribute to improving things like concentration, coherence and your imagination.

Reading has been a past time that’s existed since

Health: Reading is something that we should include

required ability in this modern world. It has carried

vitamins each day. It has an abundance of health

the written word came to be. Being able to read is a us through our education, allowed us to learn, and literature has even played its part in bigger things such

as history and politics. Some people might consider reading to be boring and too time consuming to get

into, but there are so many benefits to reading. There’s no excuse not to read, even if it is flicking through a

newspaper or magazine, as well as scrolling through

some articles on your phone or laptop, it still counts. The availability of books is unending, from print to e-books, it’s easily accessible to always have a tale to

be told in your pocket, ready to open and indulge in. Stating that reading has a number of benefits might sound like empty words, but there is a hidden science

behind its power, and there are many important factors that reading can improve in your life.

Knowledge: According to studies, books open up your mind to 50 percent more words than modern

day television, and broadens your vocabulary. This is a really valuable to have in an academic setting, or a job where you’re required to do lots of writing and

speaking, as it heightens your intelligence. It’s also a handy asset to have in real life too, as developing

in our lives similar to how we involuntary take our

benefits. Not only does reading help to increase your

level of intelligence, it’s also extremely beneficial for

boosting brain power. Quite like exercising, reading actually gives your brain a good workout, even if

the book in your hand. As a young child who found it hard fitting in growing up, I could always rely on the

friends that existed in whatever book I was reading, even if it was only a hungry caterpillar. The mental

benefits of reading and allowing your mind to escape to a new world has been proven true scientifically, as Sussex University researchers showed that reading may reduce stress by as much as 68 percent.

Reading is also extremely beneficial in the long

up with some of the general things that keep us busy

you’re essentially giving yourself a mental workout. run, as it helps to make your mind sharper, which is

something needed with things like decline in memory and brain function, especially when you’re sick and as you get older. Reading also allows for emotional

development. Through reading about the thoughts and feelings of a character in a book, it allows for us to

understand what other people may be going through. It may also be valuable to note that while reading on screens through e-books and laptops is a great medium to get your hands on a book, it can be quite

harsh on your eyes so if the option for having a book

in print in your hand is available, try and take it. It’s always nice to experience flicking through a book in

the old traditional way too, and give yourself a break from technology.

choose to read is fiction, you might think that because

nothing better than sitting back and relaxing with a

the words alone are extremely valuable.

are almost transported to a new world that lives in

It’s a Fun Hobby: At the end of the day, we all need

An Escape from Reality: If you’re an enthusiast of

it isn’t factual then you may not learn something, but

to reading a good book, especially fiction, where you

you’re sitting back and relaxing with a good novel,

reading skills and learning new words leads to a high level of intelligence later in life. Even if the book you

a break from reality and provides a form of comfort,

something to do when we’re not working or caught

in life. As I’ve mentioned, reading is like a workout for our brain, which is something required by the body to keep healthy, but it also allows our brain to

relax and unwind, so two extremely beneficial things are happening all at once. Now that is really cool when you think about it. A happy ending in a book

can lift your spirits and brighten up your day, while an unhappy ending allows you to learn how to cope

when things don’t turn out exactly how you expected. The great thing is, there’s always an alternative option

in the world of literature to choose from no matter what mood you’re in; you can opt for something with

fiction, fact, a biographical story or picture book. Think about the impact that comic books have had in the world, children are exploring new worlds and being inspired every day, and you can too.

being a book worm like myself, you’ll know there’s

Reading is something that we as humans will always

book that brings you to another world. This in itself is

to the mind, what exercise is to the body.” So give it a

a form of escapism.

have. Joseph Addison has famously stated “reading is chance, you’ll never know until you try. Article by: Laura McNamara





Sat 2nd

Sun 10th

Fri 1st

-Breakfast with Santa @ Chez le Fab 9:30am

-The Countess’ Salon @ No.1 Pery Square Hotel and Spa 8pm

-Dietrich Blodau – A life of Observations @ the Hunt Museum

-Santa Visit @ Lough Gur 10am

-Josh Ritter & The Royal City Band @ Dolans Warehouse 8pm

-Stone: An Exhibition @ Friars Gate Theatre

-Festive Craft Fair @ Bedford Row 11am

-Whenyoung @ Upstairs at Dolans @ 9pm

-Christmas Sewing Class @ Chez le Fab 10:30am

-Story time with Rosin @ the Granary 11:30am

Mon 11th

Sun 3rd

-Santa’s Grotto @ Stonehall Wildlife Park

-Christmas with Judy Supperclub Special @ Upstairs at Dolans

-Fresh Mantle Decorations Demo @ The Milk Market 11am

Sun 3rd

Thurs 14th

-Christmas Door Décor & Fresh Wreaths @ The Milk Market

-Santa @ D & M Garden Centre 3pm

-Irish Chamber Orchestra – The Best of Christmas @ St Mary’s


Sat 9th

Cathedral 8pm

Mon 4th:

-Silver Moon @ the Belltable 2:30pm

Fri 15th

-Conversation Programme for People Living with Dementia @ the

Thurs 14th

-Declan O’Rourke @ Dolans Warehouse 8pm

Hunt Museum 2:30pm

-Little Miss Muffet’s Christmas Caper @ Friars Gate Theatre

-Fox Jaw @ Upstairs at Dolans 8pm

Tues 5th:

10am & 12pm

-The Alvin Purple Experience Christmas Party @ Kasbah Social

-Dylan Thomas: A Poet of Wales @ the Hunt Museum 1pm

-Bread Not Profits @ the Belltable 8pm

Club 9pm

-Raffle for Painting by Sheila Richardson @ the Hunt Museum

Sun 17th

Sat 16th


-Zorbing Santa @ Nevsail Water sports and Rock Climbing 3pm

-Aslan: Live at the Big Top @ 7:30pm

-The Limerick Soviet: An Illustrated Talk @ Kilmallock Library

Sun 17th



-Sunday Night Dancing with Mossies’ Country Road Show &

-On the Nail Literary Gathering @ Chez le Fab 8pm

Sat 2nd

Derek Ryan @ Fitzgerald Woodlands House Hotel 8:30pm

Wed 6th

-Festive Musical Treats @ Thomas Street 11am

Thurs 28th

-“Tiger Quest” in India and Birds in Canada @ Limerick Institute

-Black Tie Gala Masquerade Ball @ The Savoy 7pm

-Mick Flannery @ Dolans Warehouse 8pm

of Technology 7:45pm

-Limerick Choral Union @ University Concert Hall 8pm

Fri 28th

-Emma Langford @ Dolans Warehouse 8pm

-The Kilkennys @ Dolans Pub and Restaurant 8pm

-Brian Deedy @ Upstairs at Dolans 8pm

Sat 30th

-Paddy Hanna @ Kasbah Social Club 9pm

-The 4 of US @ Upstairs at Dolans 8pm

-Founder Friday Limerick – Monthly Startup Meetup with guest

Tues 5th

-Sharon Shannon & Mundy @ Dolans Warehouse 8pm

Shane Ryan, founder of FEED @ MotherMacs Bar 6-8pm

-The Divine Comedy @ University Concert Hall 8pm

Thur 7th

Wed 6th


-ABBA Forever @ Friars Gate Theatre 8pm

Fri 1st

with Hugh O’Donnell at BOI Workbench 6-9pm

Thurs 7th

-No Smoke Without Fire by Paddy Murray @ Friars Gate Theatre

Thur 14th

-Complete Beethoven Cycle: Programme 4 @ Limerick City


- Limerick Dot-Net/Azure Meetup at BOI Workbench 6-8.30pm

Gallery of Art 6pm

-John’s Query – A Different Kind of Storytelling within Dance @


-The Eskies @ Upstairs at Dolans 8pm

Dance Limerick 8pm

Fri 1st

-A Georgian Christmas @ The Georgian House 8pm

Thurs 7th

-Pre-Christmas Party Lunch & Racing @ Limerick Race Course

-Lankum (Formerly Lynched) @ Dolans Warehouse 8pm

-Limerick County Youth Theatre presents Beauty and the Beast @


-Eimear Quinn Chistmas Concert @ the Belltable 8pm

Friars Gate Theatre 7:30pm

-Red Christmas @ Thomond Park 6pm

Fri 8th

Wed 13th

Sat 9th

-Russell Watson @ University Concert Hall 8pm

-Romeo & Juliet Ballet @ Lime Tree Theatre 8pm

-Limerick Senior Hurlers Go Boxing @ South Court Hotel

-Ryan Sheridan & Ronan Nolan @ Upstairs at Dolans 8pm

Fri 15th


-King Kong Company @ Dolans Warehouse 9pm

-Scrooge @ the Lime Tree Theatre 8pm

-Munster vs Leicester Tigers @ Thomond Park 7:45pm

Sat 9th

Tues 26th

-University of Limerick Orchestra @ University Concert Hall 8pm


-Limerick Christmas Racing Festival @ Greenmouth Park

-Paddy Casey @ Upstairs at Dolans 8pm

Sat 2nd


-Roll With It @ Dolans Warehouse 8pm

-Munster’s Biggest Record & CD Fair @ the Milk Market 10am

-The Magic of Christmas @ St. Mary’s Cathedral 8pm

Sun 3rd


-Unkindness of Ravens/Dark Matter/ Zombie Picnic @ Kasbah

-Boutique Christmas Fair @ Rockarton Garden Centre 11am

Fri 1st

Social Club 9pm

-Ballylanders Christmas Market @ Ballylanders GAA Clubhouse

Business Fri 1st

-Startup Grind Limerick, Networking event with Fireside Chat

-Coca Cola Christmas Truck @ Parkway Shopping Centre @ 2pm


-Enchanted Christmas Carriage @ City Centre

-Rockhill/Bruree Christmas Fair @ Rockhill/Bruree Community Hall 12pm


F o l l o w u s o n l i n e f o r m o r e e v e n t l i s t i n g s w w w .t h e l i m e r i c k m a g a z i n e . c o m



02 & 03 DEC



09 & 10

12.00 PM – 6.00 PM




09 & 10

12.00 PM – 6.00 PM







Thomas Street in the centre of Limerick’s vibrant shopping district will be filled with festive cheer as carol singers, bands, musicians and choirs entertain Christmas shoppers and passers-by from the quirky caravan stage.

Join Santa’s elves in their busy workshops on Bedford Row for a feast of free, fun-filled activities. Boys and girls can post their letters into Santa’s Magic Post Box in plenty of time for Christmas Day!



14 - 17 DEC




21 - 24


8.30 PM






Christmas cheer is in the air at the Milk Market with a range of themed markets, crafts, gifts, sumptuous speciality foods, fashions and festive fun!

The skies of Limerick will transform into an explosion of colours during the spectacular New Year’s Eve Fireworks Extravaganza! There will be musical entertainment from 8.30pm followed by a fantastical fireworks display at 9pm! Viewing point at Clancy’s Strand.

Find lots more events on /christmasinlimerick

@XmasLimerick #ChristmasinLimerick


C losin g t im e 10 M i nu t es Wi t h . . . Santa Claus

Santa Claus is gearing up to take his annual flight

What’s your favourite Christmas carol?

Why do you leave presents in Christmas stockings?

sleigh packed with presents to deliver gifts to the children

Claus is coming to town”, because it’s true. I know

left under the Christmas tree, but I put little trinkets

around the world with his trusty team of reindeer and

of the world for Christmas. Before he goes, The Limerick Magazine reached out to have a chat about this coming Christmas and his story.

Hello Santa, how have the children of Limerick been this year?

The children from Limerick have been very good

Ho ho ho, I love all of them, but it has to be “Santa who has been good this year, and who has been bad. I check the list twice, and as I say every year, I know who is sleeping or awake. So it’s best for the kids to

be fast asleep when I arrive, and enjoy their presents in the morning. Besides, their parents could do with a full nights sleep.

this year, like they are every year. Of course, there are

How do the reindeer fly?

from Limerick have been very good. They deserve all

fly. They only fly on Christmas Eve so it’s the magic

always a few bad eggs, but for the most part the kids of their presents this year.

What’s your favourite thing about coming to Limerick?

Limerick is a very beautiful city, I love flying my sleigh

over the River Shannon and seeing all the Christmas

lights in the city. It really is a testament to the Christmas spirit. The families are also very generous

It’s the Christmas spirit and magic that makes them created by all the children in the world who believe in me, as well as the kind, giving spirit of Christmas

that allows such a miracle to happen. It’s probably for the best that it only happens once a year, otherwise

they would be causing havoc around my workshop, especially Rudolf as he’s the youngest and still a bit mischievous.

too so there’s always plenty of milk and cookies left

How do you deliver all the presents in one night?

very tired after flying all night so they love to take a

take advantage of the time zones. For example, when

out for me, and some carrots for the reindeer. They’re break for a few minutes and munch on some carrots.

A large part is the magic that goes into it, but I also

it’s 7pm in New York, it’s midnight in Limerick so I

come through the rest of Europe, then stop in Ireland, and have plenty of time to cross the Atlantic as it’s not as late in the States. By the time the kids are waking up Christmas morning here, it’s still Christmas Eve in some parts of the world.


I did it once and it caught on. The bigger presents are and sweets in the Stockings. Many years ago when I was mostly known as Saint Nicholas of Myra, in

Turkey, I always helped those less fortunate than me. I was a bishop at the time, and heard a sad story of a

widowed father with three daughters and no dowry to marry them off. At the time, a girl could not be

married unless her family had the money to pay for it. Their father was considering selling one of the girls to pay for the other two. I couldn’t let this happen so I

dropped three bags of gold coins down their chimney, which happened to land in their socks which were left over the fireplace to dry. After that, leaving the presents in a stocking on the fireplace became tradition. This story is also why I come down the chimney.

Where does the name Santa Claus come from?

I’m known by many names; Santa Claus, St Nick, Kris Kringle, Noel, Father Christmas. I like how I’m

called Daidi na Nollag as Gaeilge. Sometimes I can’t

even keep track of all of them, but Santa Claus seems

to be the most popular. My story spread throughout the world due to colonisation, and back in the 1600s

the Dutch introduced Sinterklass, which means St. Nicholas, to the colonies. The children who spoke

English said the name so quickly that it sounded

like Santy Claus. My name eventually became Santa Claus after years of mispronunciation!

That’s really interesting, Santa, but I’ll let you get back to making presents and getting ready for Christmas. It was lovely speaking to you.

Thank you. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

Article by: Aisling O’Connor






Profile for The Limerick Magazine

The Limerick Magazine - December 2017 #Issue26  

The Limerick Magazine - December 2017 #Issue26  


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