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I NTE RV I EW: Ros s Nagl e Tatto o Art i s t

It would seem everyone has a tattoo now, not just

When did you first know that you had an interest in

Over the last few years, you’ve made a name for

Grandparents. Today even doctors, nurses, lawyers

My first memory of an interest in tattoos was at 11

but all over the world, how does it feel to accomplish

your friends but your Mum, Dad, even maybe your and the postman have them. But what separates the

bad from the good, the good from the great, and the great from the outstanding? The only answer you need is: Ross Nagle. As one of the most highly sought after

tattooists not just in Ireland but the world, he isn’t about to slow down and works round the clock for his

clients. The owner of two exceptional tattoo studios in Limerick and Cork, Ross travels all over to tattoo not just fans of his work but world famous clients.


tattooing and how long have you been tattooing?

years of age would you believe! I remember drawing tattoos on my friends in school yard as much as I could. I was fascinated. But it was about 16 when I

knew I wanted to pursue getting into it full time. I was 19 by the time I started an apprenticeship, so I’m almost 17 years deep in tattooing for a living so far.

yourself in the tattooing world, not just in Ireland something so big?

I never set out to make a name for myself outside of Limerick. I love tattooing and push myself as much

as I can. I started to get invited to work conventions and shops around the world and for a few years didn't

know how to say no to invites, so I suppose my name just popped up everywhere. It did me and my shops a

lot of good and put us on the map. I’m very proud of what both me and my crew have accomplished.


Can you remember the first tattoo you ever did and on who?

I'll never forget it. It was a map of Ireland coloured in green white and gold with Éire running down centre

on an old friend, Brian Doran. I think it still looks good.

What has been one of your favourite people or tattoo design that you have tattooed this year?

I'm very lucky that I get to tattoo a lot of fun stuff on some great people 5-6 days a week, so it's very hard to

pick one specific tattoo. I've way too many favourites. Can you describe the main style of tattooing you do?

I try not to put myself in the bracket of one particular

style. I specialise in tattoos. Whatever people want and I just try and make them so they last a lifetime and don't look crisp in a couple of decades.

You run and own two tattoo shops here in Ireland, All Star Ink in Limerick and Love Hate Cork -

tell us a bit about the shops and the team you have working with you?

I opened Allstar eight years back. It's become a machine. We've made a very solid name for ourselves

where people travel from all over to get tattooed by us. I opened Love Hate almost two years back with Ami James from Miami. We're old friends, the partnership made a lot of sense and we decided on Cork as our

spot. We've an amazing crew of us all working toward

Do you think that you learn something new every

people I do.

I'm always learning. I'm very lucky to know some

You seem to work non-stop and the shops are always

Every time I'm around them we all bounce knowledge

attitudes towards tattoos, and the significance of

that is deeply rooted in traditional techniques that I

the same goal. I feel very lucky to work with the

day in your job?

of the biggest names in tattooing all over the world.

busy - do you think that has a lot to do with people’s

around and all learn from it. It's a fascinating craft


try to refine as time goes by.

been there and always something people want. In the

If you had never started tattooing where do you

we're busy is down to great customers that believe in

I'd probably be in prison or handing out flyers on

each year, it makes me very proud of what we push for.

tattooing doesn't exist. It's pretty frightening really.

It wasn't always busy. I think tattooing has always

last 5-10 years I’ve seen it explode. The only reason

think you’d be now?

what we do. It's great to see our customer base grow

a beach in Ibiza. I truly can't see a life where me

Any advice to people getting a tattoo for the first time?

Don't look to Pinterest for ideas. If you find the right

shop/artist and you have the right ideas, you can't lose. Don't get what David Beckham or any other famous

person has. It won't make you look like them! Just

be sure you love whatever you're getting and don't overthink it, or it'll never happen.

Article by: Olivia Chau

Photography by: Shane Serrano



Th e li merick magazine

Theatre Marketa Dowling, Belltable Programme Manager “The arts and theatre in particular have suffered badly since the downturn. We cannot change the past, but I believe that our actions affect our future.”

How did you start out in your career - was theatre something you always wanted to be involved with?

Not at all. I was a shy child, definitely not born for the stage. I started working in film in 1995. I worked on international feature films, photoshoots and

commercial shoots for ten years - always on the other

side of the camera, mostly in the Art Department. I also worked in Production or as a stand-by Art

Director. Relocating to Ireland in 2006 seemed a

good opportunity to shake things up a little. I still loved film, but after ten years in the business I felt I was not being challenged any more. I started looking at jobs with theatre companies, as I figured that my

skill set would be easily transferrable to the stage. I

have since worked with Dance Theatre of Ireland, The Performance Corporation, Fishamble: The New Play Company and Bigger Picture Projects.

Tell us a bit about your experience in theatre production and management?

During my six years with Fishamble: The New Play Company, I produced 1,011 performances of 17

theatre shows for 89,510 audiences. I have produced

works shown in the US, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Croatia, Finland, Iceland, Turkey, France, Germany, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic. I hold a BA in

Humanities, Diploma in Psychology, Diploma in Management Studies and Advanced Certificate in Management Practice, Audience Development.

What have been your proudest moments to date?

Every time an audience member came up to me after

I wish and hope that my experience and knowledge is

tweet or a Facebook message to say how much they

My vision for Belltable is for it to once again become

a performance, emailed the office or sent a card, a enjoyed the show. Every time I watched a first preview of a brand new play we produced, a play never seen by an audience before. Every time our production won

an award. When I first produced a play in New York. Theatre is, by its very nature, a collaborative discipline and I always felt proud for the whole team, from

director, to cast, designers, technical team and all those who help along the way. Naturally, the recent Olivier

award for Pat Kinevane and Fishamble for Silent, is

a thriving hub of artistic activity: to make it a venue to present and share artistic excellence, to nurture

talent, to support a community of emerging, midcareer and established artists. A venue where artists are welcomed and allowed to explore, interrogate and

develop their practice, and to be a vital component

of an integrated approach to artistic development in the city.

a huge validation not only for writer and actor Pat

What can you tell us about your work here so far

the production, but also for Irish theatre as a whole.

I have worked with Lime Tree Theatre in my previous

Kinevane, director Jim Culleton and the team behind

How do you feel about your role as Programme Manager at Belltable? What do you hope to bring?

I am honoured and privileged to have been appointed

Programme Manager of the new Belltable. It is

incredibly exciting to be part of this much-loved venue being relaunched in a partnership between the Lime Tree Theatre and Limerick City and County

Council, supported by the Arts Council and Mary Immaculate College. Having recently relocated to

Limerick, I sense a renewed enthusiasm for its arts scene and for the city itself. It is a dream opportunity

to assist in making the Belltable a powerhouse of vibrant work.


a valuable addition to Limerick’s creative renaissance.

with the team?

role as theatre producer, so I knew they were an

excellent team. Since I have come on board, they have been incredibly supportive, professional, kind and great craic.


What can the public expect in the months to come?

Over the next few months we are presenting a vibrant local, national and international programme of

work spanning film, spoken word and performance. On June 16th, The Northside Misfits present taLK, a piece workshopped and devised with

director Karen Fitzgibbon. A new capacity building

programme aimed at professional theatre artists,

Belltable:Connect, has also been recently announced. I am currently finalising the Autumn/Winter 2016 season and programming for Spring 2017.

What is your experience of the Limerick arts community?

I have been getting to know the Limerick arts

community since 2014, when we started coming here fairly regularly to see work and visit friends. It is no secret that the Limerick theatre sector has been badly

hit in the recent years; funding cuts and venue closures have put theatre into crisis. Unfortunately, this is not a Limerick-only issue. The arts and theatre in particular have suffered badly since the downturn. We cannot

change the past, but I believe that our actions affect our future. I sense that Limerick artists are very

supportive of each other, which is very important. In

fact, Limerick people in general are very caring and welcoming. People have gone out of their way to help

us since we moved into the city. I would like to see more civic pride and self-belief, both in the arts sector

and in Limerick’s citizens in general. Have you ever heard a Galwegian putting down Galway?

What are the key elements to a successful theatre

and arts hub? Have theatres needed to evolve and adapt?

Absolutely. Theatre, and the arts for that matter, are generally light on their feet and not afraid of change. In fact, they thrive on change. They are able

to react and adapt quickly to external circumstances. In a vibrant theatre landscape, there is room for all kinds of theatre and artistic processes. New ways of

working are always popping up, while traditional

ways of making theatre are cherished and honed. I

strongly believe that collaboration is key to success in our discipline.

Article by: Kayleigh Ziolo

Photography by: Emma McNamara



M e dia P r o f il e : E ogha n Lyons

You might recognise the name Eoghan Lyons from our very pages. We caught up with Eoghan to find out what life is like as a photographer, and why he decided to pursue photography after a very different way of life‌

Why did you initially decide to become a

What is it about photography that particularly

How would you describe your photography style?

I had been travelling for a while beforehand, making

As a job, I love the variety each week can throw at you.

Outside the studio, I'm an observer. I like to see

best results.

fresh, honest and candid way. My favourite thing to


money as a professional poker player. It might sound glamorous and exciting, but I got tired of the

financial instability and lifestyle. I've always have an

interests you?

Do you have a particular area of interest?

The unknown can be daunting, but it often yields the

things happen naturally and document them in a

photograph is people. Always people. In an age where

appreciation for photography. When I came back

everything seems to be photographed already, people

understand more of what makes a good photograph

On a professional level I focus mainly on weddings

studying it at college and it went from there. To begin

like working with animals, I’d love to do more pet

from traveling in 2009, I promised myself I would

will always add a unique and original spin on things.

and put this knowledge into practice. So I started

but I love to tackle different subjects. I also rather

with I never thought I'd pursue it as a career, but I


started getting interest from people and decided to

give it a go. From there came my first wedding, and here I am, poker is a distant memory!



Where do you draw your inspiration from?

I get most my inspiration from television and cinema. Photography has always been directly and

indirectly involved in cinema, and in this golden age of television, composition and cinematography is

improving no end, and pushing the bar day after day. It’s very exciting to see.

If you could photograph any person in the world – who would it be? Grace Jones

What advice would you give to people pursuing a career in photography?

If you have a passion for it, don’t ignore it and don’t let it die. It’s a competitive career but name a career

that isn’t – you can find what works for you; once you

have your niche you’ll always have a client base. Oh, and be prepared to spend many hours in front of a screen. Photography is great for getting out and about

in different locations with different people, but that’s

always followed by days of editing. There’s enjoyment in that too though.

What does a day off look like for you?

Aside from spending time with my girlfriend and friends, as I mentioned I’m an observer so if I’m not

working you can usually find me walking the streets of Limerick, or sitting and watching the world go

by and taking some shots. You can see some of my Limerick street photography on the website www.

Article by: Sophie Butler and Kayleigh Ziolo Photography by: Eoghan Lyons



Th e li me rick magazine Ultimate Festival Survival Guide 1. Don't forget your ticket... You might think that goes without saying, but amongst all the excitement you would be

surprised how many misfortunate souls you will encounter on the way in that have left theirs all the way back home.

2. Abandon your pride and bring a fanny pack... They may not be the chicest accessory but you'll have easy and safe access to all your

belongings, surprisingly they hold a lot and your hands will be completely free to make an absolute fool out of yourself busting out some super attractive drunken dance moves! 3. Don't even try to shower... I know I sound like a disgusting human but trust me, standing in a long queue early in the morning to beat the crowds after a night of heavy drinking only to use a cold shower

with terrible water pressure and to be screamed at by Emma from Louth to "GET THE

F**K OUT BECAUSE OTHER PEOPLE NEED TO USE IT" isn't worth it. Plus, roughing it without one for a few days is all part of that festival experience. Baby-wipes are your friends, people.

4. Choose a bigger tent than you think you'll need... Speaking from experience, as someone who thought a two-man tent would suffice for

two people at Electric Picnic last year, it certainly did not. When it comes to selecting tents, always go bigger.

5. Don't put a lock on your tent... While this may seem like a good idea at the time, it will only highlight to thieves that you have something worth stealing inside, and tents can easily be slashed. To be safe leave all valuables at home or keep them on your person at all times.



6. Don't camp near the portaloos or trees... This one's self-explanatory, unless you like the smell and musical tones of people relieving themselves.

7. Let go of your dreams of looking like a Coachella queen/king... Yes, you'll look fabulous in your photos but you'll also undoubtedly be very cold and

very uncomfortable. Realistically you'll also live in the same hoodie and old shoes

for the weekend. Save channeling your inner Vanessa Hudgens for another time and avoid the hassle of getting your tasseled kimono caught in a stranger’s watch as you're getting down to Maniac 2000.

8. Don't go mud surfing... You'll get your five minutes of fame in whatever tabloid newspaper that happens to witness the desperate event but is it really worth smelling worse than you already will and picking dried mud from every crevice of your body for the weekend? 9. Don't meticulously plan your weekend... Obviously if there's an act or band you'd sell your soul to see, make note of what time and stage they're playing at and go. But don't kill yourself trying to get to all the big ones, at the end of the day a festival is supposed to be a carefree environment. Relax

and try stumble upon an artist you've never heard of before that could become one of

your new favourites. Take this from someone who drunkenly wandered into Little Big Tent at last year's Electric Picnic and fell in love with Julio Bashmore. 10. Get to know your festival neighbours... You obviously share a common interest if you're all there. Don't be shy and get chatting to the people around you for a weekend you'll never forget. Article by: Orla Dallman

Photography by: Tarmo Tulit



Th e li me rick magazine Body and Soul Festival Location: Ballinlough Castle, Clonmellon, Co. Westmeath.

When is Body & Soul taking place? June 17th – 19th Name: Tom Lawlor Occupation: Head of Marketing & Sponsorship How did you first get involved with Body & Soul?

I've known Avril, the director of the festival, for a

number of years and we'd spoken as friends about my love of Body & Soul many times. I was coming home to Ireland after a stint abroad and the timing was perfect, so I joined the team.

What can we expect from this year’s festival?

A perfect mix of festival favourites and new possibilities. Our site is expanding and the woodlands

are shapeshifting but we're still the best place to indulge in decadence!

What makes your festival different from the rest?

I go back every time to the unique experience that people have when they come to B&S. It’s made up

of being in a stunning location with different realms

to explore with like-minded people and of course a

great and eclectic music, arts, spoken word, comedy, holistic and kids programmes. There is something for everyone, whether it’s the masquerade ball, the hot tubs, the ethical food providers, the art trails. It’s

really about all of those elements coming together. We always say it’s the little things that make a festival

great. To me they are as important as the bigger more visible elements. It’s the spirit of collaboration with our artists and performers that sets it apart from any other

festival in Ireland. That, along with the commitment

of an exceptional team who work tirelessly behind the scenes to make it the best it can be.


What can you tell us about your lineup so far? We nailed it!

What else does your festival offer outside of music?

Literally everything. From gas craic community

What advice would you give to first-time festival goers?

Pace yourself. Lose your mates for a while and make new ones.

games (including sock wrestling) to hot tubs under

How can we keep up to date with Body & Soul

about music. It's about igniting passion at Wonderlust,

Find us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

a canopy of stars, Body & Soul has never just been

forging metal at Greencrafts or sharing cocktails at Glasshouse. Come and see.

What is your favourite thing about working at a festival?

It's a very specific moment that happens a few hours after the first people walk through the gates - hearing the first huge, sustained applause for an act on the

main stage after days of listening to construction noise, silence or sound checks on site.


Article by: Sophie Butler

Photography by: Tarmo Tulit


5 acts to look out for at Body and Soul Festival 1. Santigold

One of 2016's headlining acts for Body and Soul Festival, Santigold, is one that should certainly not be missed. The American singer and producer sprung

to attention in 2008 with the release of her debut self-titled album, Santigold. Successfully merging a variety of musical styles, the album was critically and commercially well received. Having released her third studio album 99c in

February of this year, Santigold's electronic, Caribbean influenced musical style is not one to be missed at this year's Body and Soul. 2. Neon Indian

Also gracing the stage is American electronic band Neon Indian. The band's

highly regarded first album Psychic Chasms, featuring the playful song I

Should Have Taken Acid With You,landed Neon Indian a spot on Rolling

Stone's list of best bands in 2010.Frontman Alan Polomo's synth-pop style makes for dreamy listening in the relaxed atmosphere of a summer festival. 3. Gold Panda

Since his signing with independent American label Ghostly International

and release of his first studio album Lucky Shiner in 2010, Gold Panda's

star in the world of electronica music has been on the rise. His second album has a distinct influence from Gold Panda's travels, with track titles including

Brazil and My Father in Hong Kong 1961. Scheduled to release his third album Good Luck and Do Your Best later this month, I'm sure it will be some of Gold Panda's finest work yet which will undoubtedly be displayed at his set at Body and Soul. 4. Bitch Falcon

An Irish music festival simply wouldn't be complete without some of our

own home grown talent. Dublin rock band Bitch Falcon burst onto the scene in 2014 and have since been crafting their reputation as one of Ireland's

must-see live acts. Having release three singles in 2015 - Wolfstooth, Breed, and TMJ - the band received widespread acclaim and are now working on their first EP scheduled for release this month. No strangers to the Irish festival scene, in the past Bitch Falcon have graced the stages at Electric

Picnic, Knockanstockan, Kfest and are sure to give yet another energetic performance at Body and Soul 2016. 5. Rusangano Family

Local Limerick act Rusangano Family are a group certainly not to be missed

at Body and Soul. Comprised of God Knows, MuRli and mynameisjOhn, 2 MCs and 1 DJ from the West of Ireland, Rusangano's star is on the rise with high acclaim coming from The Irish Times and Irish music blogger Nialler9 as well as support slots for the likes of Snoop Dogg. Their thought provoking

and engaging lyrics along with energetic performances make this trio one to see.

Article by: Orla Dallman



arts Pr o file Emma Langford The Limerick Lady Festival 2016

Emma Langford is a singer songwriter who came to

lovely. It was also the kick I needed to really press

The idea was met with so much enthusiasm straight

Tug O’ War, about dealing with anxiety. She describes

in the sort of darker, more soulful direction that Tug

it happen, I couldn’t be more grateful.” The Limerick

national and international attention with her song

the surge of attention it garnered as a ‘kick up the

backside’ for her own writing and recording career, but it also sparked the desire for something more. On a mission to get more recognition for female singer

songwriters in the music industry, she has decided to set up a women’s music festival here in Limerick, The Limerick Lady, which takes place on 16th June at the Milk Market. Emma tells us how it all began, what

we can expect from the festival, and when we can hear more of her own music as she launches a new EP...

Those who are involved in the Limerick music scene will have long been familiar with Emma’s sultry

tones. She has been quietly doing the rounds on the local gigging circuit, and also lends her talents to community organisation Serve the City.

Emma was spurred to write Tug O’ War by both her

own experience and by conversations around mental

health awareness, conversations that have struck a particular chord with people in Limerick. She was

astounded by the reaction it gained. “There were so many lovely comments and I was amazed by how

many people related to it. I found myself talking and performing the song on Limerick Live95fm

and speaking to the national press as a result, it was

on with my writing. Musically I had been heading

O’ War embodied, so it was time to get serious about pursuing those ideas and turning it into a recording.”

An obstacle that many singer songwriters face when recording however, is funds. “I don’t think many people

realise just how much is involved in recording an EP when they first start. I just don’t have the technical

skillset to record myself, though it is something I am

working on, so I needed outside assistance, which is costly.” The idea of crowdfunding was put to Emma by her boyfriend Kennedy, though she says she was

initially reluctant to do it. “He basically said ‘look just go for it, you have people around you who have already

said they’re willing to support you in any way they can’, and he was right.” With the community rallying

around her music, and as someone who always looks to give something back, Emma realised there was

an opportunity to do something with the music and arts community - something that would give other

Lady Festival will take place on 16th June, celebrating

the vast diversity of female artists in the area of

performance art, and will coincide with the Milk

Market’s Urban Food Fest street food and craft beer event. “We’re extremely excited about the lineup – it

started out as a music festival but it has evolved into an arts festival as we have spoken word performers and dance. It will be MC’d on the night by local theatrical

and musical powerhouse Ann Blake, and we have some of the finest female singers, instrumentalists, dancers

and poets from home and abroad, including local

band Changing Trains, alt-pop duo Hvmmngbyrd, folk multi-instrumentalist Tracy Bruen, poets from Limerick writers group Stanzas, traditional ensemble

Marm_Mná, dancer and choreographer Rachel Sheil, and Tyrone-born and Limerick favourite Kathleen Turner.”

female singer songwriters a whole new opportunity to

What are the future plans for the festival? “I hope it

festival line ups were announced, a lot of people were

arts council this time around but they were supportive

showcase their own talents. “As the various summer

drawing attention to the lack of women on the bills – most of us probably saw the posters online with male

acts’ names blanked out. It’s a real problem that exists across the music industry, it’s still so male dominated

and I don’t think women are encouraged into it as

much as they should be. So I decided why not make a women’s music festival?


away and people willing to give their time to make

will grow. We were too late to get funding from the of the idea. We hope to make it an even bigger

annual festival expanding outward to more venues, involving even more artists in a variety of genres, with performances taking place across two days.”

Emma hasn’t allowed herself much time to rest after The Limerick Lady. She will be launching her EP on 18th June in Dolans.


What can she tell us about the recording? “It’s a six

intriguing in terms of subject matter. “I mostly wrote

It’s clear that Emma Langford is on the verge on very

in the back-end of nowhere with her collaborators

being open with their audience but still expecting love


song EP arranged, recorded and mixed in West Cork

Clint Fitzgerald and Karl Nesbitt.” On first listen, we really get a sense of a reflective, thoughtful soul behind a voice that can be compared to the likes of

Lisa Hannigan. Emma sings the blues, with a touch

of Latin and folk influence, a mixture of the music

she was brought up on and her travels through South America. Speaking about the tracks on the EP she

tells us The Seduction of Eve is “a song of heartbreak, but it also talks about the lessons learned from having your heart torn out of your chest - the song isn't

me lashing out at the chap in question, but simply acknowledging that I had to write it to work through

it about musicians standing up on a stage and not

and admiration – it’s about being two-faced, really.”

great things, and we can’t wait to see what she does

Goodbye Hawaii she says “takes a tongue-in-cheek

Article by: Kayleigh Ziolo

willing to take the bad with the good.” As you might

Clothes and location: Lucky Lane

look at the end of a relationship, when you're not

expect there’s a chilled, summery vibe to Goodbye

Photography by: Emily Gale

Hawaii, with a jaunty vocal that has shades of Regina Spektor as it starts. The very relatable All You Want is a declaration of independence – “it's all about doing your own thing in your time, regardless of pressures

based on your age.” Indeed, the wisdom and selfawareness is strong in this one.

how I was feeling.” Closed Book is particularly



I NTE RV I EW: L F|8 3 LF|83 has been fine tuning his craft for many years and has finally released a much anticipated

album, 'Folk Science'. This album is a quiet reflection of the type of music that would perfectly sum up a lazy Sunday. LF|83 aka Kevin Walsh chats the TLM about his history in the Limerick music scene, and why he'd never release an album on CD.

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you first got started into music?

As someone that remembers being stuck behind that pillar trying in vain to see what was happening on stage in the smokey High Stool Bar, I definitely

wouldn't say I'm new to the Limerick music scene. The first gig I went to in Limerick was The Hitchers in Dolans when I was 18, and Limerick music has been a big part of my life ever since. I started writing

What were your inspirations for each song?

The commitment and enthusiasm everyone showed

When you write instrumental music you are

thank all the lads enough: Robbie Costelloe that

basically trying to create a wordless narrative. I love instrumental music. I'd listen to Explosions In The

Sky and Four Tet and Jon Hopkins all day and often

do. You can get lost in instrumental music differently; it creeps up on you and draws you in. Folk Science is basically an interpretation of the world and I wanted

throughout the whole project was great and I can't did the sax, Jonathan Castillo who put down the

beautiful violin parts and my good friend Moley O' Suillebheain who I had a couple of sessions doing

badhran and organ with, all heroes to a man each and every one of them.

to make something that everyone could listen to and

The art work is really beautiful, who drew and

20 I wrote music with a good friend of mine, Danny

Who helped you create Folk Science?

My younger brother, Ian, did all the artwork and in

doing that as I did in four years studying music. I've

I had been writing predominantly on my own for a few

album as the songs. The reaction to the artwork has

back in the good old days of MySpace - which is still

to be a fully collaborative project, where I wrote the

music at around the time I left secondary school. I

taught myself how to play keyboards and when I was McDonagh. I probably learned as much from years been putting up new music online sporadically since there, weirdly. Old Internet. Is that a term yet? First album you bought? I used my confirmation money to buy what I thought

at the time to be a very swanky Bush hi-fi system

along with Alanis Morissette Jagged Little Pill on

tape and Blur The Universal on shiny compact disc. Before that I was an avid young taper - many an hour I would spend recording songs off Long Wave Radio Atlantic 252.

have their own interpretation of.

years and from the outset with this album I wanted it songs and had people add to them. I got Danny and Peter Mullins in on guitar, Richie McCormack of

ZhOra did bass and he also played the guitar lead on Folk Science, the title track of the album. He came down to Limerick to put bass down but we ended up

completely pulling the song apart and starting again.

designed it?

its own way it's become as important a part of the been great and rightly so. It's a comforting image which I like. Also, I have a major issue with the lack

of children climbing trees these days. I spent half my

childhood up trees and it did me no harm except for the times I fell out of them. So, this is my way of

addressing what I see as an important issue - Get Kids Climbing Trees Again.

Richie had the flu but wouldn't contemplate calling it

You have videos for each of the songs‌

from very nearly being binned to being what I think

I wanted the album to be an audio-visual experience.

than Richie being full-on committed to it - standing

dabbling in at a few years before that anyway and I

a day until we got the guitar part right. The song went

is the best song on the album, and for no other reason there with a big auld puffy flu head on him.

I did video editing as part of my degree and had been

just wanted to push myself on that side of things a bit. I used the animations of a very talented friend

of mine, Ben Whitney, for two of the videos. The first video Colombia is online now along with videos for Folk Science and Apart. Next up is the video for Slugger which I'm very excited about putting out.


The album was released as a USB key and can be downloaded from Bandcamp, what made you choose to go down this route?

I worked in the stock room in HMV for a few

Christmases and the last thing I wanted was an inventory of CDs in my bedroom. When I even think of a CD I think of being ear deep in 500 Ed

Sheeran CDs the day before Christmas Eve. I'd discussed it with Danny and the USB thing just made

sense. I came across a company called Flashbay that

do custom USBs, saw the wooden one and straight away I knew that was the one that would work. As for Bandcamp. I know it's widely used but it's the most underrated website online, in my opinion.

Would you ever release the album on vinyl or CD? I would rather release a VHS of me sitting in Arthurs

Quay Park humming the songs than release the album on CD. I just don't see the point. I'll get more USBs done up instead. Vinyls? Definitely. I love vinyl and I think the artwork deserves to be put on lovely 12". Any gigs coming up? I'm supporting Mmoths in the Kasbah on the 22nd

of July which I'm very looking forward to. Mmoths put on a great live show and I was happy to be asked back to support another of Ireland's top electronic

acts. Other than that, I would love to do a festival or two this summer and am hoping that will happen.

I've been writing music specifically for a live set the

last while and I'm looking forward to trying it out. There will be new songs that are a little more leaned

to the electronic side of things and remixes of tracks off the album. I've found it really interesting to see Jon

Hopkins go from his previous ambient kind of stuff to the heavier, more live based tracks on Immunity and that's a route I would like to go down myself. Article by: Olivia Chau


L imeri ck Bands Yo u N ee d to Hear There’s no question that Limerick is a city teeming with musical talent. We've compiled some of Limerick’s top

bands that you must listen to (if you haven’t already). All these and more can be found on the Limerick Music Spotify Playlist - just scan the code and listen.


Bleeding Heart Pigeons

Formed in 2011, Protobaby have toured all over

Experimental rock band Bleeding Heart Pigeons have

Ireland, UK, Netherlands and Poland with their

music. They have appeared at numerous festivals and earned themselves a place on the cover of Hot Press

Magazine. This band has built up quite an impressive

following, with their satisfying clash of synth and solid rock and years of touring and gigging all over

the world. Following the return of frontman Colm

McGuiness, we see Protobaby return to their original line-up and finally release a follow-up to their successful debut album, The Spark. Since its release in early 2016, Cosmic Heart has received phenomenal feedback from critics and fans alike.

recently graced us with their debut album, Is. Since their formation in 2008, Bleeding Heart Pigeons

have appeared on Other Voices, played at numerous

festivals and toured all around Ireland and the UK. The band’s innovative song-writing strays from the traditional formula, each song holding more artistic

range than most established artists can achieve in

an entire album. The edgy lyrics and clean finish of Is make it a strong contender for this year’s Choice

Music Awards and prove that this West Limerick trio have far to go yet. The album was released in stores on May 20th.

Slow Riot

Randolf and the Crokers

Next is three-piece post-punk ensemble Slow Riot,

Randolf and the Crokers are a Limerick folk band,

who have just released their acclaimed second EP, Trophy Wife. Slow Riot’s dark, brooding lyric and abrupt guitar riffs give them a similar sound to bands

like Joy Division and Interpol. The single Trophy Wife has received plenty of airplay on both national

stations such as Today FM, as well as BBC Radio. Slow Riot’s infectious hooks and peculiar lyrics pave

the way for a promising future for this Limerick band. They have recently earned a spot alongside Lisa

Hannigan and Wyvern Lingo at Dublin’s Interlude music festival this summer.

formed in late 2011. Their debut EP, Conversation

Amongst the Ruins was released in May 2015 and they have since been touring across Ireland

showcasing their music; the harmonious ballads and

upbeat harmonica solos, force your toe to tap along. The Lana Del Rey-esque sound is a step down from

the previous, fast-paced rock bands, for the casual

listener who prefers the more serene side of music. The band are set to appear at the Doolin Folk Festival this year alongside the Hothouse Flowers and Wallis Bird before releasing another single and video from

the EP. Sometime later this year Randolf and the Crokers hope to return to writing and recording

some new music - until then you can enjoy their Conversations EP and keep an ear out for anymore concert announcements near you.


Rusangano Family God Knows, MuRli and mynameisjOhn have come together to form one of Limerick’s most revolutionary and talented hip-hop groups to date. Their bassled backing tracks run smoothly alongside honest

lyrics touching on topics such as identity, belonging

and politics. Previous releases from the group have been highly acclaimed by The Irish Times, Nialler9 and Pitchfork, and earned them a support slot

with Snoop Dogg and Run the Jewels along with

numerous invitations to festivals. Rusangano Family’s debut album, Let the Dead Bury the Dead, speaks

of migrant struggles and explores the perspective of an African immigrant living in Ireland. This personal

input, along with Rusangano Family’s genius lyrics, make them one of Limerick’s most promising acts of 2016. Already their track Heathrow has received high praises internationally for the awareness it has raised of the immigrant experience.


Warsaw Radio

Fox Jaw


Although they are Brighton based, lead-singer Brian

Do You Want it All, released at the beginning of

Driving basslines, intricate lyrics and some addictive

McNamara hails from Limerick. Taking influence

from bands such as The Frames, The Waterboys and Tom Waits, Warsaw Radio’s debut EP Give it all to

Fear is nothing short of amazing. Their rich, easy

listening and story-telling style contributes to recent success throughout both UK and Ireland. Following Give it all to Fear’s release, Warsaw Radio have accompanied Irish Singer-Songwriter Mick Flannery on his UK tour and will soon be spending the summer

playing a few local gigs in England, starting with London in June.

Lead Singer McNamara does his best to capture the

raw, acoustic sound of live studio to accompany his emotional lyrics of love and infidelity. Their single

Give it all to Fear now has its own music video available to watch on YouTube.

the year, is one of the highly-anticipated tracks off Fox Jaw’s untitled September EP. If their previously

released album Ghost Parade is anything to go by, then this EP is definitely one for pre-ordering. Fox

Jaw’s music is rock and roll at its finest. Their exciting

sound successfully manages to maintain the same, familiar rock formula while also keeping to their own

original and unique style. Ghost Parade was groundbreaking in the Irish rock scene. This modern take on an ageing genre creates a somewhat apocalyptic

vibe. Fox Jaw have shared stages with artists such as Calvin Harris, Jape and Fight Like Apes. This month they are set to play a small acoustic gig in Limerick’s

Stormy Teacup Café as part of the café’s monthly Thomond Sessions.

guitar hooks, four piece rock band Tigwara are

set to be one of Ireland’s bands to watch in 2016. Following their highly-acclaimed, self-titled EP in

2016, Tigwara have taken Ireland by storm. With the official launch of their EP in May, this band have

their work set out for them with numerous local

gigs and concerts elsewhere in the country. Tigwara, meaning Free Man, speaks of the band’s full freedom

in both composition and musical experimentation. Recognised as one of Limerick’s more innovative bands, Tigwara’s multi-influence rock EP is definitely worth a listen.

Article by: Christine Costello Photography by: Tarmo Tulit



Fathe r’s Day G if t G uid e Mother’s Day may get more marketing hype, but Father’s Day is just as important. Whether you want to give a

small but simple present to leave a thoughtful mark, or go big with an extravagant surprise, this guide will help you to find the perfect gift for Father’s Day, whatever he is into...




Food and Drink

River Island - €20

Harvey Norman - €299

Eau De Toilette 125ml

Machine in Silver





Harvey Norman - €59.95


Keanes Jewellers - €219

Dotcomgiftshop - €4.95




Car Care

Debenhams - €18

Easons - €39.50

Harvey Norman - €199

Halfords - €35.99

Brown Leather Three Fold Wallet

FitBit Zip Activity Tracker

Clarins Men Starter Kit


Canon Powershot SX710HS

Philips AquaTouch Wet and Dry Electric

Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme Debenhams - €83

Armani Classic Brown Leather Watch

Nespresso Prodigio Connected Coffee Harvey Norman - €199.00

Fan-tasche-tic Mug

Argos - €85.99

Sport and Ireland: A History by Paul Rousse

Beats by Dre Solo2 Headphones

Autoglym Perfect Bodywork Gift Collection




Th e li merick magazine

Men's Fashion Bohemian Summer Here in Ireland, “summer” is a term used loosely

light pinks, bleached jeans, shorts and even bold floral

July where we get absolutely scorching weather,

myself ), are all coming into their own this month and

to describe those two weeks in mid-June and early

the barbeques come out, and it’s somewhat socially

acceptable to go around in just a pair of shorts and maybe a pair of flip-flops.

prints (for those of you with a little more flair than are set to carry right through this Irish Summer. A great place to look for inspiration would be the 70s Bohemian style.

Negotiating the time around these two weeks,

As a dude born in the 90s, obviously I can’t say that

for the most part, but the cool breeze will remind you

relevant today for all ages. The loose shirts, wider cut

however, can be tricky. The rain tends to stay away

that you’re not actually on a tropical island far away from the rain and mist.

This June, the colour palette is shying away from all

those dark earthy tones from the last few months,

and moving towards brighter pastel colours. Peaches,

I remember the 70s but the style is still extremely jeans, jackets, and brighter colours were reflections of

the music and the attitude at the time; similar to the

90s grunge styles we focused on in last month’s issue. The Bohemian look is perfect inspiration for those of

you thinking of heading to the festivals this summer. Let your inner 70s psychedelic thrive - whether you were there the first time or not.

Article and photography by: Kevin Bolger Clothing by: The Edge clothimg store, The Milk Market Limerick





THE LIMERICK MAGAZINE Women’s Fashion: Oxfam Vintage The vintage scene is truly starting to flourish in

Limerick with vintage fairs taking place on a monthly

basis and more boutiques are stocking vintage pieces. Buying vintage allows fashion fanatics to express

their own unique style and utilise recurring trends with one off pieces, which are treasure finds among the overloaded rails.

One location that you can now pick up these treasured vintage finds is Oxfam Limerick, located

on the top of William Street. Only having added a vintage section to the store in late April, Oxfam have had a continuous flow of one off vintage pieces in store which are guaranteed to impress. Many people

disregard charity shops as they see the clothing as unfashionable or dated. They could not be more

wrong. Vintage clothing has proved to last the test of time and people are willing to invest in time transcending pieces. All vintage items stocked in the

Limerick store are sourced from vintage sellers from around the world. Unlike most vintage shops, it wont

break the bank to invest in vintage from Oxfam, with prices starting as low as €5.

All the clothing styled in this look is available

from Oxfam Limerick’s store and is perfect for any

occasion. As trends re-occur so often, it is easy to merge these old once loved pieces into your personal

style, whether you are looking to dress them up or down.



The blouse styled here, could easily be transformed and worn with a pair of jeans and sleeveless blazer

for a more casual look. While this stunning oversized jacket could complete any outfit and keep you warm

through the winter months. This entire look costs only

€33, which is an amazing price not only for vintage clothes but also for any regular high-street store.

The Limerick store manager speaks of how all the pieces stocked are ‘genuine vintage’ which is hard to

find. You are guaranteed to discover something to

suit your personal taste among the rails in the vintage

section with silk shirts, Calvin Klein denims and stunning dresses on display.

Every item sold in Limerick helps raise vital funds

for Oxfam’s work worldwide. Oxfam Ireland uses the

funds generated by sales to provide life-saving support

to communities who are caught up in humanitarian crises. These crises vary annually and range from natural disasters such as the Nepal Earthquake of

2015 to man-made catastrophes such as the on going crises in Syria. Instead of passing out the shop, why

not pop in and have a look and see what Oxfam has in store for you. You can donate and do your bit for charity by simply shopping considerately.

Skirt: €5 Jacket: €12 Blouse: €6

Bag: €10 Jeans: €6 Silk Shirt: €10 Article by: Katie O'Brien Photography by: Laura McNamara



Th e l i merick magazine

Beauty Top Beauty Apps

Dining, dating or shopping - these areas seem to be pretty well covered on the app front but one area that seems to be lagging behind is beauty. Although there are some great beauty apps available the majority were targeted at

American audiences. However, that is finally starting to change - here is the TLM Top 4 to help with your make up routine, book a hair appointment, organise your lipsticks, and much more.



Tried and tested by Ireland’s top beauty bloggers,

Beautylish is designed to help you discover the

squeeze in beauty appointments on the go. This is

while also allowing users to shop the products.

Available on iOS and Android

this is the perfect app for busy women looking to

the best if not the only beauty app targeted directly

at the Irish market. WhatSalon is free to download and is geo-targeted to show you the best and most

popular salons that are closest to you. The app also

allows you to search by location and service. Bookings are available from within an hour, to a month of the

appointment. WhatSalon is extremely user friendly

and allows you to search by service, enabling you to find a salon in your area that offers exactly what you need. For instance, if you are away for a weekend and

Available on iOS and Android

newest beauty trends, learn essential makeup tips, Although designed initially for the American market, Beautylish delivers to a vast selection of countries

including Ireland. A bit apprehensive about ordering

from the US at first, we discovered that if duties and taxes are applicable Beautylish calculates them at the

checkout and collects the fees there and then. When you place your order Beautylish pays the fees directly

to customs on your behalf so no payment is required upon delivery, cutting out any nasty surprises.

need a blow dry and don’t know the area, simply log

The best feature of this app is the community.

a list of salons available. As you browse the salons in

countless products from, skincare to hair, fragrance

into WhatSalon, it picks your location and gives you the area, you pick the service you like and you will get

a list of the available times and pricing. You can also read reviews and browse imagery in order to help you

choose the best salon for you. Bookings can be made out of hours and all it requires is 10% of your final payment to confirm the booking.

Beautylish allows users to read real reviews of and nails. You can also watch videos with in depth tutorials through the app as well as trawling through

hundreds of images for makeup inspiration or ideas. All this content is user generated, guaranteeing honest opinions on products, and realistic tutorials that users can easily follow. Beautylish also includes discussion

forums where individuals can discuss products or ask advice.



Think Dirty

Available on iOS and Android The Think Dirty app is a quick and easy way to figure

Think Dirty features over 3000 brands, 350,000

Traincase also allows you to view other people’s make-

majority of your everyday products are already on the

recommend. You can also add products you want to

on the app you can upload the details easily. There is

The blacklist is probably the most unique feature of

‘bathroom shelf ’, which calculates the general toxicity

don’t like products unless we trawl through thousands

Think Dirty is the ideal app to help you shop cleaner

certain products don’t work for individuals and what

products and is used by over 3 million people so the

up looks and see what products they have used and

app. If there is an instance that you can’t find a product

try to a wish list or products you detest to a blacklist.

also a function that allows you to add products to your

the app as consumers rarely get to see why people

of your overall beauty regime.

of reviews. This blacklist feature is useful to see why

or brand through the app search engine and a list of

when it comes to your cosmetics.

they may use instead.



you have used into ‘Product Drawers’, which keeps

out the potentially toxic ingredients in your cosmetics

and personal care products. The app is designed to

simply scan the product barcode and give an easy-to-

understand breakdown of the product, its ingredients, and similar cleaner product suggestions. As the app is

targeted at the US market the barcode scanner doesn’t tend to work but you can still use the Think Dirty app to our advantage. Search your desired product

ingredients shows up just as quickly as scanning the

As people are becoming more aware of not only what

we put into our bodies but also what we put onto our

skin this is a trusty guide to have in your back pocket.

Available on iOS

Another handy feature of the app organises products your cosmetics organised by the type of product they are.

This app allows you to post a makeup look and then

catalogue and review the products you have used to create it, for future reference for yourself or for other users to see.

Article by: Katie O’Brien



ISSUE 13 €3.50


20 16


Featuring Johnny Marr Brian Cross AKA B+ Peter Joyce Jupe Travel - Bali - Summer Festivals Fashion - We are Islanders - Inglot Behind the Food - Texas Steakout - Silver Darlings


Avail able Nationwide In Print & Online



T he li me rick magazine

Make Up

Step 1

Prime the lips all over for longevity. Using MAC

Magenta lip pencil, line the natural shape of the lip. Using a lip brush blend that colour into the lip. Step 2

Using MAC Candy Yum Yum lipstick, fill out the rest of the lip, then rub lips together for blending. Step 3

Using MAC Nightmoth lip pencil to draw over the natural lip shape to make the lips look fuller (if you

have fuller lips already just go along the natural lip line). Blend inwards with a lip brush. Step 4

To really add drama use a black eyeliner pencil from

Urban Decay to the outer corners of the mouth, blending inwards using a lip brush. Step 5

Add some more lipstick into the centre of the lip and then rub the lips together again for more blending.

Ombré Lip Ombré meaning - A gradual blending of one colour hue to another using one or more colour.

The ombré look contours the mouth, the darker shade adds definition to the mouth and the soft tone of the pigment in the centre of the lips creates an illusion of fuller lips.

The look created here is a dramatic, but a more subtle Ombré lip can be achieved using the same technique with

lighter colours - as long as the shades being used are from the same colour family. A lip pencil and a lip brush are essential to recreate this look.

Step 6

Using MAC Vanilla pigment with a lip brush and pressing this onto the centre of the lips. Step 7

Finish with a clear lip gloss all over the lips with a lip brush for a glossy finish. If a matte look is desired

simply leave out the gloss, use a tissue and take away any excess product.

Article by: Mary Kiely

Photography by: Tarmo Tulit



Th e li merick magazine

Music The Limerick Connection: The Smiths It seems that almost every other band to come out

It wasn’t long after the bands formation that they

background. Everyone from The Beatles to The Stone

after bonding over their Irish heritage, The Smiths

of the North East of England comes from an Irish Roses to Oasis is descendants of Irish immigrants in

England. One of the most notable of these bands was

The Smiths. Having formed in Manchester in 1982, every single member of The Smiths were second

generation Irish musicians in England, with their

families hailing from all around the country. They’ve

never been shy to mention it either, constantly

bringing it up in interviews and incorporating it into their music. In 2004, former lead singer Morrissey even released a single titled Irish Blood, English

performed in Limerick for the first time. Two years played a gig in The Savoy Theatre while on tour with

their first compilation album, Hatful of Hollow.

November 16th 1984 saw fellow Mancunian band, James, open the show to a crowd who paid £6 for

their ticket. The crowd were treated to a now classic setlist including the likes of How Soon is Now?, This Charming Man, Nowhere Fast and William, It Was

Really Nothing. Three years later the band broke up, never performing in Limerick together again.

However, we weren’t left in the dark completely. On

native and former member of The Cranberries

to Limerick on his Oye Esteban Tour. Fifteen years

Olé Koretsky. The unexpected trio were set to perform

performed to a crowd of “forty-somethings” (his

postponed due to the deferral of the release of their

The set list featured three Smiths songs – Is It Really

are looking to keep the Limerick connection with The

That Somebody Loved Me, which he performed as

for Friday, September 16th and is set to kick off their

gig in Limerick can still be found online, not that we

Now to just get Mike Joyce and Johnny Marr to

November 28th 1999, lead singer Morrissey returned

Dolores O’Riordan, along with New York musician,

after his first performance in Limerick, Morrissey

in Dolans Warehouse on May 13th but the gig was

words not ours) in the University Concert Hall.

debut album, Science Agrees. For those of you who

So Strange?, Meat is Murder and Last Night I Dreamt

Smiths alive don’t worry, the gig has been rescheduled

his encore. A bootleg copy of Morrissey’s only ever

tour across Europe.

condone that sort of thing.

perform in Limerick again and we’ll be sorted.

we were learning about each other – we all had Irish

For many years it seemed like Morrissey would be

Check out our full interview with Johnny Marr in

him closer to members of other bands, like Mani from

Limerick after the band’s infamous breakup. That was


Rourke, announced that he would be forming a new

Article by: Sophie Butler

Heart, which criticised England’s historical treatment of Ireland.

In a 2016 interview with Johnny Marr in Fusion

Magazine, the guitarist claims that their Irish heritage is what initially really brought The Smiths together. “Without discussing it, the Irish connection

between all the band members was one of the main connections because that was just a coincidence. The

band didn’t know each other so I brought everybody

in and it just happened that we all came from Irish families. That gave us something in common when mums and dads.” The Irish connection even brought The Stone Roses, “his family lived minutes away from my family in the 1940s and 1950s. We didn’t know that until we got into our thirties. We’re practically related.”

the only member of The Smiths to ever perform in

until earlier this year when their former bassist, Andy

Fusion Magazine, on sale nationwide in all good

band called D.A.R.K with none other than Limerick



stu d ent Pro file Nessa Dinneen What college course are you studying?

The highlight was doing a Halloween themed show

I’m studying Digital Media Design and I am currently

for Heart FM where it was my job to put on a scary

in my third year.

costume, hide in a coffin and jump out at unsuspecting radio presenters! Sadly, this did not include Emma

Have you always been intent on studying Digital

Bunton but you can’t have it all.

Media Design?

No actually, it was a decision I came to only at the

What are you plans post college?

very beginning of sixth year, which incidentally

I don’t have any concrete plans yet but I do know that

worked out well for me because that fell around the

I want to be involved in videography. I’m thinking

same time the open days and taster courses were

television at the moment as following conversations

going on. I fell in love with UL quickly after that and

with people in the business over in London it comes

knew that this was where I was going to be spending

across as an enjoyable industry to work in.

the next four years of my life. That was before years of panicking over what I’ll do as a career, the pressure starting mounting early on in sixth year. I considered Accounting and Psychology for a good bit, both of which seem completely bizarre ideas to me now.

What’s your favourite thing about your course?

Do you find it hard to balance college work along with hosting your radio show on UL FM?

Not at all! If anything it’s a de-stresser. My sister and I are only on once a week. The show is called “Everything but the Kitchen Sink” is to indicate the

The fact that it is so broad, which is also one of my

fact that we talk about absolutely everything and

because you get to dabble in many different aspects

based on the week’s events and take it from there. We

design, product design, programming, audio, video –

so it think it works really nicely. We just have lots of

least favourite things. Digital Media Design is great

anything. Eimear and I come up with topics on air

of digital media interaction design, web design, app

bounce off of each other (knowing each other so well)

the list goes on! But the downside is when I graduate

fun on air and don’t take ourselves too seriously.

do. I’m not worried about this though because I know

How was your experience doing your work

I fear I won’t be qualified in what I actually want to if I love something, I’ll find out a way to do it!

placement at Capital FM in London?

What’s your favourite thing about UL?

and entertainment company called Global who parent

in Ireland and I love it for that. Sometimes I feel like

was probably one of the best experiences of my life.

students. I met my best friends here and I get to live

also got to work on scripts for feature shows, help out

thank. You’ll drag me out of here kicking in screaming

the studios work.

It was incredible! Capital FM is owned by a big media

The campus. UL is the only self-contained university

many other brands. My internship in Capital TV

I’m living in this little dream world created just for

Besides doing small everyday tasks for the channel, I

and be with them every single day and I have UL to

during shoots and interviews and I was taught how

in a year and a half, believe me.


I’ve also considered going into radio following my work placement at Global. To achieve this I feel I may

have to do a postgrad in broadcasting, or I might go abroad to get more experience to at least tick a few

countries off my bucket list! I don’t want to get tied down to one place as soon as I graduate so hopefully if I’m lucky I’ll get to do what I love and see the world! Article by: Orla Dallman


pa r enti ng Holiday Time ?

Rejoice parents, the summer holidays are almost

upon us, the chance for real quality time as a family. To create happy memories in a fun filled children’s resort, sunny days frolicking on the beach, exploring

natural wonders and teaching your wide eyed offspring the wonders of different cultures, languages

and traditions. Or so you might imagine. Do not fall for the travel agents glossy images of sweet smiling families playing in the sunshine. Family holiday issues

are nearly always exacerbated by hot weather, and that’s without even mentioning the ordeal of airport

security and the risk of dodgy stomachs. At least if one decides to holiday in Ireland you are guaranteed

minimal sunshine which will significantly mitigate the chance of heat induced tantrums.

To beach or not to beach? We all love the beach craic, but don’t expect to relax.

You will be constantly monitoring the children in case

In order to avoid this situation it is probably best to

with the jellyfish. There will be sand in every bodily

costs in other areas if needs be. If the worst comes

will be a chronic lack of sun loungers. With that in

enactment of the Home Alone movie and mistakenly

holiday. The forest is also an option too as you can

first place…

they attempt to drown each other/sting each other

explore other accommodation avenues and reduce

crevice for up to two months after you return. There

to the worst, one can always stage a convenient re-

mind, do not underestimate the brilliance of a city

forget to take the children along on holidays in the

accidentally lose track of the family during a nature walk and turn up a few hours later following your reprieve of peace and quiet.

Now that you have decided where to spend your

precious two weeks of annual leave, it is of paramount

importance to consider the accommodation. The thought of 14 days with toddlers and a husband in

an enclosed space such as a tent or caravan is enough

to compel the best of to pack an extra bottle of vodka

Article by: Jane Butler O’Halloran

or two.



T h e li merick magazine

Life 49 Little Things You Can Do To Make Yourself Happier Now

1. Read a whole chapter of that book you have been meaning to finish forever – no interruptions.

2. Spend five minutes soaking up the sunshine on your back.

3. Listen to an old favourite song that hasn’t been in your music rotation for months, maybe years.

4. Grab a coffee to go and sit on the grass in the nearest park.

5. Indulge in a daydream about achieving one of your wildest dreams.

6. Pick a vegetable you don’t recognize at the grocery store and make a meal with it for dinner.

7. Paint one of your old photo frames a new colour. 8. Freeze your favourite fruit to eat as an icy snack (grapes and bananas are the best).

9. Wash all of your favourite items of clothing so you are free to wear any of them.

10. Pick some local flowers and make a flower crown.

11. Offer to make dinner for a friend – ask them what their favourite dish is.

12. Get lost in a second-hand bookstore and keep an eye out for old notes hidden in the pages.

13. Wake up early enough to watch the sunrise. 14. Draw three random shapes or scribbles on a blank page – then try and make it into a coherent picture of something.

15. Have an afternoon nap guilt-free. 16. Eat a random platter of your favourite snacks for dinner – olives, brie and caramel popcorn, anyone?

17. Have a real conversation with the next person who serves you in a store.

18. Watch a TED talk on YouTube. 19. Change your phone screensaver to something that makes you smile.


20. Buy a small potted plant and give it a name. 21. Spend a morning taking photographs of your city – see what you’ve never noticed before.

22. Create a new cocktail with whatever you have at home.

23. Google how to say ‘thank you’ in five languages. 24. Tidy your desk. 25. Have a glass of ice water with lemon and mint leaves.

26. Write three things you are grateful for. 27. Watch a film that you have always pretended to have seen.

28. Text an old friend and invite them for a drink. 29. Write a positive review online – for a book, restaurant or bar.


30. Spend an extra five minutes in bed in the morning feeling the sheets on your skin and soaking up the comfortable-goodness.

43. Spend ages picking the ripest avocado to eat

31. Sign up to a free online course – there are thousands available.

32. Hand-make the next birthday card you need to give.

33. Melt down a chocolate block and add milk to create the best hot chocolate.

34. Try and do a cartwheel, no matter how bad you are at it.

35. Spend an hour playing with a free online DJ program, mixing up your favourite songs.

36. Write a to-do list and draw cartoons to illustrate each item.

with a little olive oil and sea salt. 37. Indulge in your favourite take-away food, like a big slice of pizza.

44. Sleep naked in fresh sheets.

38. Check out the very first posts by your favourite

45. Set one of your favourite dance songs as your

blogger – and see how much they’ve transformed.


39. Try a new yoga pose, either in a class or by

46. Use a piece of cardboard to create a fake business

watching a video.

card with your dream job title.

40. Share one of your life dreams with a friend.

47. Stretch as tall as you possibly can.

41. Rearrange your apartment using the principles

48. Research a holiday or plan a road trip.

of Feng Shui.

42. Record a short, silly video message and send

49. Smile at the next person walking past you on the street.

that instead of a text.



Th e li merick magazine

Travel Limerick Bucket List #1 Get West

Limerick City is an incredible living, breathing city.

However, the city sits upon a jewel that everyone

As part of our Limerick Bucket List Challenge,

the pickiest of shopaholics, restaurants for every taste,

No, we’re not talking about a bar here, but the River

opportunity to get out on the water and relieve some

The main streets are dotted with shops to suit even and many famous (and infamous) bars.

The city itself, with its hundreds of side streets, is easy to get lose track of time in.


passes at some point. Shannon itself.

The artery of Limerick City, the river Shannon is a

formidable force and a beautiful, often forgotten element of our city.

the folks over at Get West gave us an incredible stress.

Get West, featured on RTE’s Nationwide, offer a perspective of our city like you’ve never seen before.


Through their guided kayak tours, the team at Get West allow us to take a journey down river to see Limerick from a more laidback, more relaxed point of

view. Taking a tour on a gorgeous Thursday evening, we set off from the University of Limerick into the

City Centre. Although that sounds like a long way, Paul Austin and his guides ensured that the trip was as comfortable and as enjoyable as possible. Being on the river, you can explore a side of Limerick that you definitely don’t get to experience every day.

Winding our way along the banks, travelling under

this amazing opportunity. After taking the tour, our

This was the first time I’d been on any boat in the

making daring moves around a tiny waterfall, I soon

see the city the same way again once you come off

nervous about heading out. The level of care and

the river. Being out on the water connects you to

organising the trip took the pressure off and the fear

that everyone should experience - especially here

key word there because the water was still freezing,

garden, we have no excuse not to.

bridges (some that I didn’t even know existed) and

water in about 10 years, and I was definitely feeling

found myself forgetting about the world away from

attention to detail that Paul and his team put into

nature in ways you can’t explain, and it’s something

of falling in somewhat subsided. ‘Somewhat’ being the

in Limerick, with the river right outside our back

but the feeling of accomplishment afterwards made

A special thank you to the team over at Get West for

perspectives of the city were refreshed, - you'll never the water.

Contact for more information. Prices start from €10.

Article by: Kevin Bolger

Photography by: Tarmo Tulit

it worth it.



Th e li merick magazine


• 1/2 cup orange juice

• 1/2 cup sparkling water • 1/4 cup lime juice • Ice

• Coloured coarse sugar (for the rims of the glasses) • Lime for garnish (cut into wheels)

PREPARATION Place the strawberries, orange juice, sparkling water, lime juice and ice into a blender.

Blend on medium-high until it reaches a slushy consistency, add in ice as necessary.

Take a lime wheel, cut a small slit then wipe it around the rim of four glasses, creating moisture on the inside and outside.

Pour the coarse sugar onto a plate and roll the glasses in it, collecting the sugar onto the lime juice on the rim.

Pour the Strawberry Margarita into the glasses, garnish with a lime wheel and serve!

Photography by: Tarmo Tulit



The li merick magazin e

Food SIMPLE STRAWBERRY ICECREAM INGREDIENTS • 1 pound strawberries • 2 cups heavy cream • 1 cup whole milk • 2/3 cup sugar

DIRECTIONS 1. Wash and trim the strawberries, then cut into 1/4-

inch slices. Place half of the sliced strawberries in a food processor or blender and puree. Set aside both sliced and pureed strawberries.

2. Combine cream, milk, and sugar in a medium

saucepan over medium heat and cook, stirring, until

the sugar is completely dissolved. Remove from heat and pour mixture into a large bowl. Add the strawberry

puree and mix well. Cover with plastic wrap and chill in the refrigerator until completely cool.

3. While the cream mixture is chilling, dice the

remaining sliced strawberries into smaller pieces to

mix into the ice cream. Pour the cooled cream mixture into an ice cream maker and process according to the

manufacturer's instructions. Towards the end of the

process, stir in the diced strawberries. Transfer the ice cream to an airtight container and freeze for at least 2 more hours before serving.



Th e li merick magazine

Food BBQ: 11 Tips to Sizzle your Sausage Americans try to claim it, South Africa claims to be champion, Australians, Eastern Europe and many others all have their own claims, traditions and styles. Yes, it is that time of year again: time to run to B&Q stock up on charcoal and get to BBQing up a storm of crispy chicken, black sausages and semi raw burgers - Irish style. We’re kidding of course, but as most of us Irish don’t have much experience with sunny weather, we do lack a certain skill with the BBQ…

Barbecuing is all about cooking the meat low and slow or smoke roasting. By cooking meats at a temperature below

the norm and slowly bringing your meat up to the proper temperature, magic will start to happen. The smoke either

from your heat source or other combustible wood sources will lend its wafty, sultry flavours to your meat, and the indirect heat cooks the meat without robbing it of all the juices that would normally just end up in the bottom of

some pan. That leads us into the very topic of tasty BBQ recipes, sauces and all round tips that nearly everyone can do.

Tip 1

Don’t cheap out on meat. Go to your local butcher and buy decent sausages, burgers, pork, chicken, steak etc.

Tip 2

Wash everything after handling raw meat, and don’t reuse the plate that you used for uncooked meat. Tip 3

Have a spray bottle full of water nearby your grill in cause of flare-ups. Tip 4

Using charcoal briquettes for your grill’s heat? Then

Tip 5

Cooking chicken? If you intend to eat the skin, rub the outside with a little butter or oil and then lightly

season it. It’ll give the chicken a nice, crispy, savoury

skin. Not eating the skin? Don’t season the outside, as it can’t penetrate the skin. Tip 6

Although thick bands of fat may be undesirable, try

to pick a steak with thin specks and strands of fat in between the muscle tissue. At cooking time, these small bits of fat will melt (in a process called marbling) and make the meat juicier. Tip 7

light the coals about 30 minutes before to cooking.

A quick and easy way to grill large vegetables such

completely out before slapping the meat on the grill,

sprinkle on some seasoned salt, wrap securely in

If you’re using lighter fluid, make sure the fire is or else you’ll have the nasty fuel taste in your meat.

as potatoes and ears of corn: coat heavily in butter, aluminium foil, and throw it on the grill.

Tip 8

To reduce the amount of browning or blackening of meat, only apply barbecue or other tomato-based

sauces containing sugars during the last 10 or so minutes of grilling. Tip 9

Marinades tenderise meat in addition to giving them

some wild flavouring. If it all possible, marinade overnight; but if you can’t, try to give at least an hour of the meat soaking in the marinade sauce. Tip 10

Don’t add any salt until the meat is cooked to prevent

it from getting dry and tough, as the salt will draw away moisture. Tip 11

Tired of the same-old BBQ sauce? Test out some new sauces you might have never thought of using, such

as teriyaki, hot sauce, chipotle, Caribbean jerk-style sauce, and others.







T he li me rick magazine

Food Fruit on the Table Seasonal Recipes from The Green Apron Kitchen

Imagine sitting in the morning sunshine eating nectarine jam on warm croissants …

Theresa Storey of The Green Apron celebrates four

seasons of fruit with recipes from sweet favourites, like cherry pie and strawberry jam to savoury dishes such as sole Véronique and lamb and fig tagine. In her debut title Theresa also includes some surprises

in this wonderful edition of Fruit on the Table, such as blackberry whiskey, mojito marmalade, strawberry butter and pod pasties.

With over one hundred easy-to-follow delicious

recipes, and tips for growing, preserving and drying fruit, this beautiful book shows you how to bring fruit to all dining occasions, all year round.

She also teaches sustainable living and tries to keep

The Green Apron is an artisan preserve company

Much of the fruit and vegetables are organically

Ballingarry, Co. Limerick. They produce a range of

at Derryclough and in the walled vegetable garden of

mixes, butters, mustards and pickles using secret

Ballingarry. The family also take advantage of the


Their preserves have won 7 international Great Taste

a variety of wild jellys. These include wild crabapple

Photography by: Valerie O’Connor

also listed in the McKennas Guide and in Georgina

rowanberry jelly, elderberry jelly and rosehip jelly.

The rest of The Green Apron team consists of

Born in Detroit and raised in Co. Clare, Theresa

children - Alex, Bella and Athene, who all assist in

puts her botany degree to good use growing fruit and

parts - of tasting and jampot licking).

and woodland. She uses the fruit of her labour to

run by Theresa Storey, based on a small farm in

grown by at their award winning gardens and orchards

up with her three kids. This is her first book.

jams, marmalades, chutneys, ketchups, sauces, herb

Theresa’s parents 18th century castle at Glenwilliam,

Fruit on the Table is available in bookstores

family recipes.

wild fruit available in the local hedgerows to create

Awards and 9 Blas Na hEireann Awards. They were

jelly, damson jelly, bramble jelly, hawthorn jelly,

Campbells Guide.

Theresa’s husband Mike Cosgrave and their three

Storey now lives in rural Co. Limerick, where she

the gardening, producing and selling (also the best

vegetables and managing the family orchards, gardens make fabulous preserves for The Green Apron, which

has won many national and international food awards.



home DIY: Plant Terrarium Wanting to spruce up a room seems hard when you have little or no budget, however, it’s much easier than it seems if you begin to get crafty. Terrariums are a great neat and tidy way to bring gardening indoors or to decorate an outdoor seating area. One of the best parts about making these terrariums is

that you can use old glass jars, vases or fishbowls that would have otherwise

been thrown away. When choosing plants for your terrarium consider their

needs and plant accordingly. The majority of cacti and succulent plants survive all year round and need little or no maintenance, so they are the ideal houseplant for a busy household.


What you need: ◆ Cactus / Succulent plant ◆ Soil ◆ Glass Jar ◆ Pebbles ◆ Moss


Step one:

Step two:

Step three:

Add a layer of pebbles to the bottom of the jar; this

Next add a layer of moss on top of the pebbles. This

Add a layer of soil on top of the layer of moss.

layer of stones also prevents the roots of the plant

clogging the drainage the pebble provide. The moss

pack it too tightly. The soil layer should be double

it but doesn’t let the soil settle down between the

for the plant roots to be covered.

Step four:

Step five:


Next plant your cacti or succulents. In order to

Finally, if you feel your terrarium is lacking

For the maintenance of these plants keep in mind

your plants arranged so that they are aesthetically

your jar by decorating with extra moss or pebbles.

so only need to be watered every couple of weeks.

added at this time to tailor your jar to your personal

the soil enough time to absorb the water. Don’t be

is necessary in order to provide good drainage. This

from sitting in water, which would result in the plant being over watered, causing the plant to die.

create less of a mess plan out how you would like

pleasing. If you are using a bigger jar you can plant numerous cacti in the one container. Make a hole in

the soil layer to place the plants into and then firmly tap down the soil once the plants are in.

level stops any soil falling between the pebbles and

Potting soil can be used but it is advisable not to

acts as a filter allowing water to seep down through

the depth of the drainage layer and also deep enough


something, you can add some finishing touches to

that cacti and succulents don’t require much water,

Decorative ornaments or wood pieces can also be

Don’t overwater the plants and ensure you give


afraid to prune the plants as they grow and any extra clippings can be used to start new plants.

Article by: Katie O’Brien Photography by: Amie Heenan



Health & Wellbeing Here’s How Wei ghted Blankets Are Helping People with Anxiety

Stress, anxiety, and insomnia affect millions of people

One study, using the Grandin’s Hug Machine

Weighted blankets are perfect for anyone looking

variety of routes one can take, including the ever-

pressure, investigated the effects of deep pressure as


worldwide. To alleviate the symptoms, there are a

popular pharmaceutical pills. But it’s important not

to automatically rely on these synthetic options and look to more natural ways to deal with symptoms.

Anyone who suffers from the above disorders knows the word “simple” doesn’t quite fit with how they

device, which allows administration of lateral body a tool for alleviating anxiety related to autism. The researchers found “a significant reduction in tension

To weigh the blankets down, plastic poly pellets

children who received the deep pressure compared

throughout the blanket for even weight distribution.

and a marginally significant reduction in anxiety for with the children who did not.”

feel. In fact, it seems to be very much the opposite:

Of weighted blankets specifically, occupational

So, how can something as simple as sleeping with

“weighted blankets are one of our most powerful

a complex feeling that can barely be put into words. weighted blankets be a plausible solution to stress, anxiety, insomnia, and more?

therapist Karen Moore says in psychiatric care, tools for helping people who are anxious, upset, and possibly on the verge of losing control.”

Deep Pressure Touch Stimulation

One study, published in Occupational Therapy in

this type of therapy is similar to getting a massage.

blankets helped with anxiety, and another study

Called deep pressure touch stimulation, (or DPTS), Pressure is exerted over the body and provides both physical and psychological benefits. Deep touch pressure, according to Temple Grandin, Ph.D. “is the

to try out a non-drug therapy that is both safe and

Mental Health in 2008, showed that weighted published in Australasian Psychiatry in 2012 also confirmed this.

are typically used, being sewn into compartments The weight of the blanket serves as a deep touch

therapy, stimulating deep touch receptors all over your body that promote a more grounded and safe feeling to the individual.

How to Get and Use A Weighted Blanket

Though the weight of the blanket depends on your size and personal preference, the standard

weights for adults range from 15 to 30 pounds. It is

recommended to speak with a doctor or occupational therapist about using one if you are suffering from a

medical condition. It is also strongly advised not to use a weighted blanket should you be suffering from

a respiratory, circulatory, or temperature regulation

type of surface pressure that is exerted in most types

How Weighted Blankets Work

or swaddling.” In comparison to very light touching,

to your body to provide pressure that aids in relaxing

As for where you can buy them, there are many

swaddled — the weight and pressure work to comfort

with different weights, fabrics, colours, and sizes to

of firm touching, holding, stroking, petting of animals, which has been found to alert the nervous system, deep pressure proves to be relaxing and calming.

Weighted blankets have been traditionally used by

occupational therapists as a means to help children with sensory disorders, anxiety, stress, or issues related

to autism, and research continues to support this practice.


Weighted blankets are like warm hugs. They mould

the nervous system. Think of it like a baby being

and provide much-needed relief, encouraging the

production of serotonin in order to uplift your mood.

This same chemical naturally converts to melatonin,


websites you can purchase them from, providing you personalise your experience. You can even make your own as well!

which signals your body to rest and relax.

Article by: Alexa Erickson with Creative Evolution




Health & Wellbeing With health and fitness instructor Sintija Zorge Outdoor fitness training

When the weather is good don’t you just want to stay

outdoors as long as possible? We should try to always

feel that way no matter what the weather forecast is, due to benefits of the wild nature and outdoors.

Being outdoors increase your activity levels in your

body, making you burn more calories and fat. It requires more energy expenditure due to change of

temperature; even wind and surface that you walk

on creates a heavier resistance load for your body, meaning your body has to work harder than it would indoors.

Everyday activity

Naturally if the weather is nice and sunny we all feel more active and energised. We’re more likely to walk or cycle to work, providing us with enjoyable exercise

and making us feel proud and accomplished with every step or pedal.

Walking or cycling will help to improve your overall

cardiovascular fitness which is the ability of heart to

pump blood and oxygen for the working muscles, leading to stronger heart and healthier body.

Cardiovascular training is any exercise that raises your

heart rate – be it walking, cycling, swimming, running, HIIT, rowing, plyometric or other types of movement where you are using huge muscle groups. It increases

metabolism, helping you to stay at a healthy weight, helps to release more “happy” hormones to improve your mood, and will help your body to recover faster after a heavy weight training session.

Why is it so important to exercise outdoors?

Indoor air can contain up to twice as much pollution

than outdoors - go ahead and ask your gym manager when did they last changed air filters, I bet their facial expression will say it all!

Yes fitness canters can be a fantastic choice of exercise, but if you are doing a longer session of cardiovascular training I would always recommend outdoors just so you get to breathe more fresh air.

Training outdoors will also provide you with vitamin D which is important for body to activate and use calcium to improve immune system, strengthen bones and protect the body against cancers.

Outdoor training will improve body composition

leading to increased self-confidence and positive body

image, it will improve mental focus and performance, and it’s a way of socialising too. The daylight lifts your mood for better mental health, which is so important for whole wellbeing. Boot camps

There is huge variety of outdoor training that you can

do on your own or with others. All kinds of sports can

be played for free without least equipment needed. Also so many 5km/10km races coming up during summer season that you can join in.

Also there are many boot camps provided by professional trainers around the country. A boot camp is type of physical outdoor group training, usually one hour sessions, based on military training to build fitness and strength. It is very enjoyable and also very challenging!

Now that days are longer you can get a quick workout

in which will benefit you in the long run. Here is a sample workout that you can do anywhere.



Warm up: 10 min light jog. Pre-stretch 10 sec for each main muscle group. seconds each.

Main workout Exercise




Body weight

1 min x3

Squat jump

Body weight

1 min x3

Push up

Tricep dip Burpee

Leg raise

Power lunge

Body weight Body weight Body weight Body weight Body weight

1 min x3 1 min x3 1 min x3 1 min x3 1 min x3

Perform all exercises without break for 1 minute each. Take 1 to 2 min recovery rest. Depending on fitness level repeat up to 3 rounds.

Cool down and stretch main muscles for at least 45 seconds each.

Article by: Sintija Zorge



Discov e ri n g the Pas t With Sharon Slater of Lim erick’s Life

Joseph Patrick Carroll Naish, who was better known

in 1740, and they were landowners in the area. J

While in Limerick the couple also visited the

The son of a Limerick couple, he grew to become an

back to America with him.

in Foynes. Though the couple only lived a few miles

for an Academy Award. Naish was married to actress

Patrick Sarsfield Naish had arrived in New York at

they were both in New York, where they eventually

daughter, Elaine.

own father, John Carrol Naish (1841-1890).

as J Carrol Naish, was born in New York in 1896. American character actor who was nominated twice Gladys Heaney from 1929 to his death and had one

In 1957, Joseph and Gladys visited Limerick for the first time and stayed in Cruise’s Hotel.

The visit included a trip to the birthplace of his

father, Patrick Sarsfield Naish in Ballycullen House, Askeaton. The Naish family built Ballycullen House


Carrol retrieved a slate from the house, which he took

birthplace of J Carrol’s mother, Catherine Moran, apart in county Limerick they did not meet until

the age of nineteen in 1890, following the death of his

married and had eight children.

John Carrol Naish, the grandfather of J Carrol,

As a child J Carrol appeared in stage productions

and 1886. The office of Lord Chancellor of Ireland

vaudeville troupe of child performers. This troupe was

establishment of the Irish Free State in 1922. From

the Marx Brothers. He dropped out of school at 16 to

the Irish Parliament: the Chancellor was Speaker of

Corps during the First World War, and then travelled

acted as the Lord Chancellor of Ireland in 1885

for a number of years as a member of Gus Edwards'

was the highest judicial office in Ireland until the

the starting point for many famous names including

1721 to 1801 it was also the highest political office of

join the Navy, saw action with the US Army Signal

the Irish House of Lords.

the world in the Merchant Marines.


During this time he acquired a working knowledge of eight languages and many dialects.

Following the war, he performed as a singer and dancer in Paris, later taking his act to far-flung corners of the world. It was during these travels in

1926 that Naish found himself in California after the ship on which he planned to sail to China on had

mechanical troubles and he was left stranded. It was there that Naish's long film career began. His very

first appearance in a motion picture was that same year in the silent film, What Price Glory.

He often played villains and mad scientists from gangster movies in numerous Paramount pictures. He

was Batman’s first on screen arch-villain Dr. Daka in

the 1943 series of movies. Naish was also a supporting character in a number of horror films including Boris Karloff 's assistant in House of Frankenstein (1944).

From 1948 until 1953, Naish starred in the hit radio

comedy-drama Life with Luigi, playing an Italian immigrant named Luigi Basco, which surpassed Bob

Hope in the 1950 ratings. Luigi's popularity resulted in a CBS television series of the same name, with Naish reprising his role.

During the 1950s, Naish's career turned primarily to television. Here he earned the moniker "Hollywood's

one-man U.N." owing to his success in playing a

variety of ethnic characters: Southern European,

Eastern European, Latin American, Native American, Middle Eastern, South Asian, East Asian, Southeast Asian, Pacific Islander—even African American.

In 1956 he portrayed Charlie Chan in a thirty-nine

episode television series The New Adventures of

Charlie Chan. Twenty years earlier, Naish had played

an opposing role in Charlie Chan at the Circus as the villainous Gangor the snake charmer.

During his 40 year career, spanning silent movies

to colour, working on over 225 films and television

shows, he only ever played the role of an Irishman

He was famed in his time and worked with noted

directors like Fritz Lang, John Ford, and Anthony

Mann. He co-starred with Bogart, Edward G. Robinson, John Wayne and Ingrid Bergman.

Naish was twice nominated for an Academy Award

for Best Supporting Actor, the first for his role as Giuseppe in the movie Sahara (1943). The award on

the night went to Claude Rains for Casablanca and for his performance as Benny’s Hispanic father in

the movie A Medal for Benny (1945). He won the

Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in A Medal for Benny.

In 1971, he appeared in his final film role, Dracula

vs. Frankenstein, as a mad scientist descended from the original Dr Frankenstein. J Carrol Naish died of emphysema, three days after his 77th birthday, on 24

January 1973 at Scripps Memorial Hospital in La Jolla, California.

He is interred at Calvary Cemetery in East Los

Angeles, California. For his contributions to

television, he has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6145 Hollywood Boulevard.

Photography: J Carrol Naish, publicity headshot and scene from Dr. Renault's Secret (1942) Article by: Sharon Slater

once as General Philip Sheridan in the 1950 film Rio Grande.



bu s ine ss profile: Gillian Barry: Enterprise Development and Business Liaison Manager at LIT

Tell us about your background and how you came

What does being Enterprise Development and

This is the first time it will take place in Europe so

I live in Clare but I grew up in Limerick and went to

Supporting start-ups and the business community is

In April this year I also ran the ITLG Young

supports to new enterprise through the distinctive

help in the development of key skills needed to meet

spectrum of low to high risk and reward profiles. LIT

entrepreneurial economy. The students representing

with 2 community enterprise centres. We aim to roll

the world 50 years from now and coming up with new

involving numerous partnerships with relevant State

Live, Work, Play, Shop, Learn and Travel in 2066. The

We work with Enterprise Ireland on our programmes

from some of the world’s leading companies including

98 new start-up companies in 2015 and 57 on its

Scientist as well as Coder Dojo and many more ahead

to be where you are today.

college here, getting an honours degree in Business Computing from LIT in 1999 and continued to gain

professional qualifications in the software space and

as a certified project manager. I had the fortune to

work with a number of startups early in my career as a software engineer and business analyst, before joining

a fast growing technology and business consultancy

firm based in London where I eventually headed up their CRM division. Working for a fast growing

technology and business consultancy company meant I had the opportunity to work across many different

industry sectors. We assisted our clients with the technical expertise and knowledge that is not always

available in house. I was lucky to spend time with experienced founders, executives, leading consultants

Business Liaison Manager at LIT entail?

we are delighted to have it in Ireland and in Munster.

a key pillar of the LIT Vision 2020 plan. We offer

Innovators again in Shannon Airport, designed to

LIT Enterprise Ladder accommodating the full

the requirements of a competitive, innovative and

operates five core Enterprise Centres and works also

schools nationwide were set the tasks of imagining

out the LIT Enterprise Ladder across our campuses,

business ideas for then across six categories – how we

agencies and authorities as well as private enterprise.

event saw the students mentored by representatives

and also collaborate with UL Nexus. We supported

Dell, Intel, Analog, Johnson and Johnson, BT Young

incubation programmes like New Frontiers, LEAP

of submitting their pitch.

and TESS across the centres.

Why is it important to have networks like Start-up

and people at the cutting edge of technology which

Tell us about your involvement in Start-up Ireland

Ireland supporting new businesses?

things are done by industry leaders. When I came

I am a Director on the Board of Startup Ireland and

chunk of my time is spent connecting people. We live

by the Action Plan for Jobs nationally and saw more

therefore our network needs to be global and that is

more than 45 events in Limerick alone and a great

more than just LinkedIn and Twitter – you need to

from the city – this was a real community driven

people in your network together when the opportunity

City and County is that we partner and collaborate

or meeting for coffee instead of just sending an email.

helped me to develop valuable insights into how

back to Ireland, I had the opportunity to work with startups, so it was similar – I get to work on a wide

variety of projects and continue to have a chance to learn, innovate, motivate and share my experience

and hopefully add value to the start-ups we work with during those initial stages.

as Start-up Gathering Coordinator...

Networks are extremely important to startups. A huge

the successful Startup Gathering. This was supported

in a global marketplace now that is all connected so

than 18,000 people participate nationwide. We had

something we are continually developing. You need

event in LIT LSAD on Clare St with all the partners

build relationships, support each other and connect

event and if there is one great thing about Limerick

arises. Also, don’t underestimate picking up the phone

better than anyone. We are also delighted to have won the bid to host the Global Startup Nations Summit in

Ireland also which takes place in Cork in November.



What is the startup scene like in Limerick? What



Robert Kegan’s ‘Immunity to Change’ is another eye

It is inspirational. With a group of stakeholders who

Stress test your business idea, come to programmes

incredible view on building dynamic capabilities in

Startup Weekend and come to a Startup Grind – tap

their best which are important when trying to grow a

is also important to have mentors. On New Frontiers

colleagues all the time too. What has really inspired

Enterprise Ireland will also assign a Development

incredible to see someone with just an idea build a

makes you so passionate about it?

actively work together to support startups as well as the

existing entrepreneurs and companies in the region. There is real passion there. I think it is the case that

the community here want to help others – whether to see the light and fail fast and move on to the next

thing or be it that they need the support to build, innovate or fundraise – there are helping hands here. We are lucky to have the expansive R&D capabilities

at LIT and UL but also having Shannon international







opener. John Chambers, formerly of Cisco has an

run by LIT, LEO, the Chamber and UL and also try a

your company and enabling your employees to be

into the resources around you to help test your idea. It

company – I share some of his talks with friends and

for example, LIT will provide free mentoring and

me though is the entrepreneurs I work with – it’s

Advisor to the participants. It is incredible really, the

company and aim for world domination.

the willingness to help from the private sector too

LIT are hosting their annual New Frontiers Class

support for startups in Ireland is fantastic but it is also that makes all the difference.

of 2016 and LEAP class of 2016 Awards event on

to talent from UL, MIC, LIT and private colleges is

Who are your biggest business inspirations?

you wish to come and meet the founders. LIT will

for Engineering are global best in class examples of

so I’ve been exposed to so much and had my skull

Entrepreneurship Awards in LIT that week.

many inspirational people - thank you internet! More

Article by: Kayleigh Ziolo

airport here, great infrastructure and a place where people want to live and grow their companies. Access

critical. Groups like Limerick for IT and Limerick

how industry and academia can collaborate to help in the growth of key organisations and employers in the region. Our capability to collaborate as a stakeholder community to get the job done is second to none.

I’m just finishing an Executive MBA at the moment danced on (which was promised!) and I follow so than 15 years ago I read the 7 habits of highly effective

the 7th of June. Email if also host Enterprise Ireland (all-island) Student

Photography by: Paul Condron

people by Stephen Covey and it set me on a journey.



Th e li merick magazine The future of funding Crowdfunding has well and truly gone mainstream:

The downsides of crowdfunding for entrepreneurs?

developers who haven’t gone down or are considering

finance, what it does lack compared to traditional

Nowadays there are few start-ups or product the funding platform route. In fact, crowdfunding

is becoming a key part of the business plans of

small and medium enterprises across all kinds of industries. In 2015 crowdfunding campaigns in total reached around $34 billion globally. So how do both

fledging and established businesses use crowdfunding campaigns effectively?

Let’s start with established businesses. It could be perceived that they have a bigger challenge on their

hands. Many people who support crowdfunding campaigns like the idea of backing a fledging entrepreneur, the sort who might otherwise be rejected

by a stuffy old fashioned bank manager unable to spot a revolutionary creative idea. Established enterprises

may have to work a little harder to convince individual

While it can be a rapid way to attract attention and investors is access to expertise. Traditional investors can offer the mentorship and experience that

crowdfunders cannot. This vital extra component

of investor relationships for that reason means that while crowdfunding may be booming, it is unlikely

to fully replace angel investors as a funding source.

That’s probably not going to slow things down much, however. Many businesses that use crowdfunding

don’t rely solely on it for raising the full amount of

money they need. Crowdfunding has an added bonus of its own, as often business owners see it as an

opportunity for viral or word of mouth marketing too. A well thought out campaign can get people talking

and sharing, helping you boost your social media profile and online brand awareness.

funders they are deserving of the support. However,

Of course the rise of crowdfunding has meant an

in marketing, these campaigns generally stand a

campaign. Choosing the right platform is a much

with more established connections and experience good chance of success. It’s worth bearing in mind

for anyone thinking of starting a crowdfunding

campaign that a significant amount of pitching and

sourcing investors will have to take place long before

the campaign is even launched; strong foundations are necessary to help with word of mouth effect and to show the rest of the world that others really believe in the campaign.

That doesn’t mean the situation is hopeless for startups that may not have those established networks in

place. Social-savvy entrepreneurs can create a buzz pre-campaign in non-traditional ways through social channels and targeted media campaigns.


increase in the platforms available to host your more important part of the planning process than many people think. Take care to read the legal

stipulations of the platforms you are considering, as they can vary between each. Don’t just go for the biggest, most well-known - you also want to choose

a platform that is best suited to your type of business

or project area. Look at success rates for your industry, for campaign types e.g. product development, event

etc. Keep the following in mind when shaping your campaign:


Telling a story

Perks vs equity

Marketing plan

access to individual funders, therefore it’s important to

funders will ultimately be sold on what’s in it for

widespread word of mouth marketing, this won’t

funders with your brand story. Remember you are

funders. Perks or rewards are usually a key feature

part of that story too.

people also want to feel involved in a project, so you

The nature of crowdfunding allows businesses direct

There’s no such thing as a selfless good deed, and

let your guard down a little and open up to potential

them. Always be 100% clear on what you are offering

bringing funders on a journey, you are making them

on crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter, but

might want to consider equity crowdfunding too. Whether rewards or equity based you should have

clearly stated plans to keep all funders up to date on progress beyond the crowdfunding campaign via email or other communications.

While crowdfunding can offer the opportunity for happen unless you’ve a strong marketing plan in place

prior to launch. Have you sought the support of your network before launch? How will you communicate

the campaign to current clients? How will you spread the word on social media channels? Will you use direct mail as part of the process? What insights will

you offer people in your updates and blog posts tied

to the campaign? Make sure you have all this thought out before you launch.

Article by: Kayleigh Ziolo




The winners of the Network Ireland Limerick

The ten finalists, representing a broad range of

Speaking at the Awards ceremony, Louise Lawlor,

LEO Limerick and AIB, were announced at a special

fellow members at the glamorous awards ceremony.

delighted to have this opportunity to recognise and

Business Woman of the Year Awards, sponsored by awards evening at No.1 Pery Square.

Michelle Costello, Fusion Media won the Emerging Business Award. The Employee Award went to

Sandra Honan, The Pudding Brand Agency and

Valerie Murphy, of Valerie’s Breast Care won the SME Award.

The winners of each award category will now go on to

the national finals which will be announced at a Gala Ceremony in September in Cork.


businesses, were joined by their family, friends and

Also in attendance were the judges; Helen O’Donnell, Dolmen Catering, Judy Tighe, AIB and Bernie

Moloney, Limerick Enterprise Office, along with Deirdre Waldron, National President of Network Ireland.

The Awards night was opened by special guest speaker Chupi Sweetman-Pell, Founder and Creative Director of multi-award winning jewellery brand

Chupi. She shared her success story to date and gave support to the finalists.

President of Network Ireland Limerick said, “We are celebrate the excellence, professionalism, vision and

leadership of our members. Our network is growing rapidly and it’s fantastic to see such a wide variety

of businesses represented. I hope our winners and finalists really benefit from the recognition they are

receiving by being part of these awards. I would like to especially thank the support of our sponsors and judges who made this fantastic evening possible.” Photography by: Paul Mullins





Opinion: Tattooed People Problems Not everyone is comfortable discussing what their

tattoo means and they shouldn’t have to be. People have become bothered that I don’t regale them with a fabulous tale of triumph or sadness to accompany

my ink. If you have to ask what the significance is

I probably don’t know you well enough to tell you anyway…

3. Why do you have so many?

Why not? My tattoos are beautiful, I’m lucky enough to have found an incredibly talented artist whose

work I adore. People usually get tattoos to express themselves, though some people do it because they

want to look cool, and (hopefully less frequently) because they are drunk. A part of it is because it feels

incredible to sit in an artist's chair and turn your body into a beautiful canvas - you sit and suffer through the pain to come out with a piece of art that will last

forever, why wouldn’t you want to do it over and over? As the warmer weather starts to draw in the inevitable will happen, I will start to show some skin. I know for some it’s shocking, weather gets warmer and woman

wears clothing that makes her feel comfortable. The shocking part for me however is the number of

people that have opinions about my tattoos – some

fabulously complimentary, and some downright rude. Here are some questions that tattooed people like me are subjected to on a regular basis, often by complete strangers…

1. Did it hurt?

Well yes, it’s common knowledge that tattoos involve

some level of pain. Some tattoos will hurt more than others depending on size, location and well personal pain tolerance. After all it is an electrically

powered needle puncturing your skin and injecting

ink anything up to 3,000 times a minute - it’s gonna at least sting. My friend insightfully referred to it as

suffering for your art and I think that’s a fabulous way of looking at it.

2. What does it mean?

Not every tattoo needs to have a meaning. Some people love the art of tattoos, like bringing your

favourite painting with you everywhere you go. But

some tattoos are deeply personal to the individual that owns them.


4. You know they’re permanent right?

You mean these won’t come off in the shower? Dude! What am I going to do now?

Yes I was actually asked this once. If we’re being pedantic, they aren’t technically permanent as you can

get laser treatment or cover ups, so it’s not the end of the world. If you are worried about the permanency element you probably shouldn’t be getting inked.

5. You’re mad/mental/crazy! What are you like?

I have long since passed the age where I can purchase

and consume cigarettes and alcohol. I am entrusted

to vote on important issues that impact our entire

country and some decisions that have European significance. I am entrusted to drive a tonne of steel at speeds of up to 120km per hour on our motorways. I can legally own and operate a firearm.


I can do all of these things with very little being asked

will never cease.

I understand that tattooed people are interesting

that impacts nobody but me, and my mental stability

but all is well.

curious and I’ve answered many questions about all of

about my mental health. Yet I get a tattoo, a decision is questioned. Let’s let that one sink in.

Thank you for the concern for my employment status

10. Can I touch it?

7. What are you gonna do when you have kids?

Erm, no? 9 times out of 10 this question is asked

I would think.

open wound. Would you rub your germy hand over

8. What are you going to do when you’re 60?

pretty please do not touch when the ink is new.

general population suddenly became very concerned

11. What does your mom say?

though, I’ll have enough sh*t to be getting on with by

that she raised a determined, strong woman who is

may have waning eyesight or hearing, or other health

first tattoo on the condition that I went to an artist

60 year-old thing. My tattoos will be the least of my

properly, I carried the picture around with me, I was

when my boobs are in my shoes, god knows they don’t

so that if it was all too painful it would be a lesson

Try not to drop or lose them, a bit like everyone else

I was never scared of 60 until I got tattooed and the

when your ink is still healing. A new tattoo is an someone else’s scabby hand? I didn’t think so. So

to look at but we’re not in a zoo. I know people are my tattoos, but I shouldn’t have to deal with gawking and incredulity. I’ve been rejected on dates because the individual in question couldn’t see a future with

someone who was tattooed (chill out dude it was just

a coffee), I’ve been told I have desecrated my body, told I was disgusting, someone even said I could never be pretty because of my tattoos – and my tattoos couldn’t be more feminine!

about what would happen to me at that age. Seriously

My wonderful Mother wholeheartedly acknowledges

Tattooed individuals choose not to look like everyone

the time I get to 60. Yes I will look quite different, I

going to do what she pleases. My Mother paid for my

incredible people I know have tattoos; just think of

concerns, but I’ll still just be rocking around doing my

that she knew about, I researched what I wanted

worries. In fact they’ll be the prettiest thing about me

over 18 and that it was a reasonable size/location

have far to travel.

learned. She’s a smart lady my mom, she is no more or

9. You’ll never get a job!

less proud of me than if I had no tattoos.

Wrong - I have more than a job, I have a career. I work

12. Do you want to see mine?

influential. It’s also charity work. I’m a tattooed fiend

mine show me yours, unless you’re Tom Hardy…

hard in a profession that is challenging, creative and

I’m generally not interested in a game of show you

else but we are still people. Some of the most all of the people you are cutting out of your life by not giving them a shot. And finally, please do not judge all tattooed people by what you see on My Tattoo

Hell and other such reality programmes. Those

people should have had a dose of common sense or a chat with my mother before getting inked. Failing

that their tattooist should not be let anywhere near a needle again.

Love and tattoos, Rebelle

doing something beneficial to society, the wonders



Literature Author Interview: Siobhán MacDonald Twisted River

Siobhan MacDonald has burst onto the literary

It had a beautiful location at Clancy Strand, great

On another occasion, while on a business trip to Long

tale filled with tension and pulsating twists. Having

but there were also areas suffering from neglect and

transport back to JFK for my flight home and had

scene with her debut novel, Twisted River, a gripping

studied in Galway and pursuing a successful career as a writer in the technology industry, as well as

working in Scotland, France & Ireland, Siobhan’s

latest endeavour in the world of suspense and thriller writing has been remarkable. Twisted River follows the stories of two families in a crisis and the events of

a house swap gone wrong, and is guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat.

How does it feel to have your first book published?

It’s wonderful of course. In a strange way too, I also feel like it’s been out in the world at large for quite some

time - probably because the story and the characters in Twisted River have been in my head for a couple of years now, from inception to publication.

Why did you choose Limerick to be the setting of Twisted River?

On Clancy Strand one crisp Saturday morning

I was mesmerised by the canoeists tackling the rushing waters of the Curragower Falls. The view

from the boardwalk up to the Clare hills and also

across the river to where the ancient and the modern collide was stunning. The premise for the novel had

already cemented itself in my head and I thought that Limerick had all the ingredients as the partner

location for the New York house-swap in the plot.

Georgian architecture for some of the other scenes, affected by recession. As the recession is a central

theme in Twisted River, all these ingredients were necessary for a moody backdrop. I felt Limerick was an ideal fit for the story and as my home city I was comfortable describing it.

Can you tell us about your real life experiences that the book is inspired by?

The notion of a house swap became a talking point when planning a family holiday to New York a number of years ago as a way of having an interesting

alternative to a regular package holiday. But the more

I thought about it, the more the suggestion was riddled with potential hazards.

I’ve had some bizarre experiences when travelling

which provided more inspiration for Twisted River. On one particular business trip, I returned to find the grounds of the English country house where I was staying swarming with police. The hotel manager accompanied me to my room in an annex on the

grounds, explaining the police presence was due to

the arrival of golfing celebrities. The local TV news

bulletin in my hotel room told a different story. When challenged, the police in the corridor outside my room confirmed that the couple stabbed in the murder/suicide on the news bulletin were in the room

right next door to mine. The violent events had taken place the previous night


Island in the US, I missed the company-arranged

to use the services of a freelance taxi driver. The car

that arrived wasn’t in great shape, and neither was its owner. When the driver learned that I was working as a technical writer his driving became even more

erratic. He threatened to abduct me so that I could write of his experience of US government conspiracies

to deny knowledge of US soldiers trapped on the border between Laos and Vietnam. He also alleged

there were efforts to poison him while on his way to

fight the drug war in South America. I managed to persuade him to get me as far as JFK whereupon I

made a swift exit and left him shouting and kicking at his car in rage.

Apart from your own real life experiences, were there any other elements that had a strong influence on this book?

Other influences came from the effects of recession

– particularly its effects on the dynamics of relationships. The social consequences of the growing divide between rich and poor are discussed in my

novel, so too is the on-going debate on how we look

after and educate children with learning disabilities. The scourge of bullying also features.


What was the most challenging thing about writing your first novel?

One of the greatest challenges was to create an opening tantalising enough to whet the reader’s appetite. From that point on the challenge was

deciding how much to reveal and when to reveal it, to

Twisted River Author: Siobhán MacDonald

maximise the surprise factor.

How did you first decide you wanted to get in to writing?

The process of becoming a writer happened over time. I can’t recall when telling stories and committing

stories to paper wasn’t part of my life. In my teenage

years I wrote poetry and scripted one-act plays that I and a friend performed in competitions. When I graduated I looked for a job that would allow me to write. I used to take annual leave to write short

stories. This provided an antidote to the constraints imposed by technical and business writing,

How did you find the transition from writing in the technology industry to writing a novel?

Happily for me, there is an overlap between the two types of writing. Because I write in the thriller genre

where the plotting has to be tight, I use some of

the approaches that are used in writing a technical manual too - such as writing outlines for each section so you can see how the plot will unfold over time. It’s

almost like having a road-map to ensure that all the angles are covered.

What interested you in writing a thriller in particular?

I’m fascinated by real-life mysteries and I think that my alter ego is probably a detective. I’m naturally

cautious and not particularly brave in the face of real danger, so writing suspense allows me to enjoy the

challenge and satisfaction of detective work along with all the adrenaline and thrills from the comfort of my desk. Suspense and mystery novels allow

readers to become armchair detectives too. I enjoy the challenge of creating a story to capture and sustain

a reader’s attention. Although it’s pretty difficult to

Can you tell us more about what’s next for you?

I’m at different stages on a number of writing projects

Article by: Laura McNamara

at the moment but where I go to from here is really

up to the readers. If they like what I have done and are

looking for more from me, I’d be only too delighted to oblige. I’d like to take the opportunity to thank the people of Limerick for their sustained encouragement

and kind support along the way. It means a lot to me. And if Twisted River can provide them with a few

hours of entertainment and escape along the way then I’ll be one happy writer.

compete in a world of touch-button entertainment offered by social media, and services such as Netflix.



Poetry from Stanzas Ortolan

By Nina O’Donovan So this is how it goes. Slow, it’s small body soaks. Sweet, strong

liquor to mask the taste. Eventually it's tiny loosened bones

will bend like grass stalks. (In the morning,

there will be nothing left to sing.)

Am I the bird

again, drunk-drowned and regretful?

Covered white; this way when the eye of god

burns hot, it cannot see me.

Nina O’Donovan is a poet from Co. Limerick. She is regularly involved with Stanzas Limerick as well as the

And when the morning

Queer City All the Same, as well as the Stanzas Anthology and monthly chapbooks.

turns to break

Stanzas’ June event takes place on the 17th and is themed “The Solstice”. Chapbooks are closed for June as they

turns, and your soft mouth the bones of me

they cannot hurt you. You're lucky;

I can hold it well.


Writer’s Society at Mary Immaculate College. Some of her work can be found in the upcoming anthology It’s A

will be launching a special Spoken Word Album on the night.

Stanzas are currently fundraising for their July ‘Weekend of Words’ Festival, check out Stanzas for info on how to help out.


L i mer ic k F i l m at Int er n at i o n a l F e s t i va l s Two Limerick short films have been doing the rounds at Film Festivals across the globe – picking up some esteemed awards along the way.

Lost and Found Lost and Found, a sweet film about love, loss and pets has had some great success stateside, as well as gaining recognition here at home at the Richard Harris Film Festival and Limerick Film Festival. Lost and Found received

a garland from the prestigious Newport Beach Film Festival, for ‘outstanding achievement in filmmaking in family

film’. Director Liam O’Neill said “NBFF is one of the biggest film festivals in the US with over 50,000 people attending screenings during the weeklong run of the fest. While the garland may have the director’s name on it, if

indeed Lost & Found is an 'outstanding achievement' it is largely because of the people who supported our film

at every level - a talented and dedicated cast and crew, as well as our supporters in the Limerick City of Culture, Carlow County Council ArtLinks, our friends at Indiegogo, Culture Ireland, Limerick Animal Welfare - the list goes on and on.” Lost and Found also received an honourable mention audience award from the Chicago International Film Festival. The Clockmaker’s Dream Another short that will have to make room on their posters for their collection of awards and recognitions is

Cashel Horgan’s The Clockmaker’s Dream. Also receiving an outstanding achievement award at Newport, The

Clockmaker’s Dream has recently gained the title of Best Visual Effects at Boston Sci Fi Film Festival. The film

also travelled to the prestigious Cannes festival last month after being chosen as a winning selection at Animaze le MIAFF Montreal International Animation Film Festival, and received third place for best short screenplay at the Los Angeles Film Festival.

The Clockmaker’s Dream wasn’t the only Limerick representation at Cannes this year however. Directors Steve Hall and Paddy Murphy screened at the Cannes Short Film Corner, with their films Safe and The Cheesebox. Safe

is a post-apocalyptic romance-drama, while The Cheese Box is a biopic of a Janesboro man during a dark time, played by Kevin Kiely Jr. The Cheese Box was produced by Isleboro Productions, Kiely Jr’s production company. Meanwhile, Mungret actor Nigel Mercier featured in Belfast-based film Mothers Milk and Cookies. It’s great to see Limerick filmmakers and actors continuing to make waves on the international stage.

Article by: Kayleigh Ziolo

Photography by: Ken Coleman



T he li merick magazine Television The Best of: Netflix Originals It’s safe to say that Netflix is a powerhouse of entertainment. Whether you want to kill some time with something

easy to watch, or decide to inform yourself of the most bizarre conspiracy theories in documentaries, the streaming site tends to all of your television and movie loving needs. One thing that can be definitely be admired about Netflix is its originality and ability to break barriers and reach new levels of quality entertainment. It’s not just any

streaming service that takes TV shows and movies and makes them available to watch for a reasonable price, it produces new and exciting projects that are original and usually always amusing. Every now and then we all need a good binge watch, so check out the best of Netflix’ original series to feast your eyes upon.

Orange is the New Black


series that people are familiar with, and probably one

edge of your seat. The first season received a number

the story of public relations executive Piper Chapman,

of Netflix’s best original drama series, particularly

months in prison after being convicted of a decade-

as Kyle Chandler, Ben Mendelsohn and Norbet Leo

girlfriend. She quite messily makes her way through

is an intense drama that uncovers the secrets and

crazy situations along the way. She adjusts to life

When the black sheep son, Danny Rayburn, returns

inmates, with unusual and unexpected situations

hotel, he threatens to expose the family of their dark

original series is based on the book of the same title. It

It documents the family coming to terms with their

television has had the pleasure of experiencing, with

being exposed along the way.

OITNB is arguably the most popular Netflix original

This is one thriller guaranteed to keep you on the

of the site’s most successful projects to date. It follows

of positive reviews and was considered as being one

a woman in her thirties who is sentenced to fifteen

for the outstanding performances from actors such

old crime of transferring money to her drug-dealing

Butz. If you haven’t already checked it out, Bloodline

the corrections system and deals with a number of

past of the contemporary American Rayburn family.

behind bars, making friends with the many eccentric

home to celebrate the 45th anniversary of his parents'

occurring with the people she meets. This Netflix

secrets, while pushing his relatives to breaking point.

has one of the most impressive casts that present-day

dark past, with new revelations and deceitful twists

each character's unique and gripping story making Orange is the New Black a modern classic in the world of television.


Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

The storyline for this sitcom is dark and twisted, but

executed in an extremely enjoyable way. After being

rescued from a cult that has held her captive for

the past 15 years, Kimmy Schmidt decides to move to New York to live a normal life and adjust to her newfound freedom. She makes friends with her new

roommate Titus, and works as a babysitter for the wife of a millionaire who has issues of her own. Even

though many obstacles are thrown her way, Kimmy

makes the best of her new life while having to adapt to the new world around her. This is no ordinary sitcom

with predictable clichés or stereotypical characters; it will have you crying with laughter one minute, and

crying with emotion from passionate scenes the next. While the show is by no means revolutionary, Kimmy, who is delightfully portrayed by Elli Kemper, is an

eternal optimist, finding the positives in everything despite her traumatic past and it is assured to make you smile.



Many will be familiar with the story of Daredevil, Marvel’s blind superhero. The story focuses on the life

of Matt Murdoch, who was blinded by an accident as a child, which as a result heightened his senses. The series follows his ventures in the Law world during

the day, and his time as a vigilante superhero at night. While Murdock's day job requires him to believe in

the criminal justice system and do his best to help his

clients with the help of his business partner Foggy, his

alter ego does not follow suit, leading him to take the law into his own hands to protect his Hell's Kitchen

neighbourhood and the surrounding communities. Netflix has done a superb job in producing this show, following the failure of the 2003 adaptation of the

story that flopped at the movies. The series very

much stays true to the comic book story, but strays

away from the predictable action packed superhero genre that people are growing tired of. It is delivered through genuinely talented actors, with a script that

delves deeper than the average nuances of superheroes.

Grace and Frankie

House of Cards

its debut, Grace and Frankie is filled with laughs

interesting and outstanding politically driven shows

Grace, a retired cosmetics specialist, and Frankie, an

director like David Fincher being the driving force,

relationship. Their husbands, Robert and Sol, are

Kevin Spacey stars as Francis Underwood, a ruthless

they have fallen in love with each other and are

equally conniving wife, played by Robin Wright, to

but to live together to support each other financially,

him. The show is by no means riddled with too

women having been rivals for the duration of their

but is motivated by captivating and deeply powerful

around every corner. The series’ title roles are played

a number of real-life media figures making cameo

Sheen and Sam Waterston who play their husbands.

of the same title, but this American set version offers

fun filled dilemmas that the women face.

in US politics.

As another show that received wide praise following

House of Cards is undeniably one of the most

and continuous moments of fun. The plot follows

to hit our screens in quite some time, and with a

eccentric art teacher, who have always had a strained

what more can you expect? In terms of the plot itself,

divorce lawyers in San Diego, who announce that

politician seeking vengeance with the help of his

leaving their wives. Grace and Frankie have no option

get revenge on all of the people who have betrayed

and their lives are turned upside down. With the

many political terms that are hard to understand,

relationship, they face obstacles and complications

plots, along with some incredible performances and

by Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, as well as Martin

appearances. The show is based on the UK miniseries

The actors provide witty performances through the

a look behind the scenes at the greed and corruption

Article by: Laura McNamara






Saturday 16th April - Sunday 17th July

Saturday 4th June @ 8.30pm

Friday 10th June 7.30pm

Milk Factory and various locations across Limerick.


Limerick City Gallery of Art, Cleeve’s Condensed

Limerick Strand Hotel, Ennis Road, Limerick City

Dolans Pub & Warehouse, Dock Road, Limerick




Monday 23rd May - Sunday 28th August

Sunday 5th to Thursday 30th June 1pm

Saturday 11th June @ 10am

Clonshire Equestrian Centre, Adare, Co. Limerick

Garryowen Football Club Dooradoyle Limerick



Sunday 5th June @ 9pm

Saturday 11th June 2pm

The Hunt Museum, Custom House, Rutland Street, Limerick City

REGINALD D. HUNTER Wednesday 1st June @ 8pm

Lime Tree Theatre, Mary Immaculate College, Courtbrack Avenue, Limerick

SEE FOR CINEMA – HAIL, CAESAR! (USA) Wednesday 1st June @ 8pm

Belltable, 69 O'Connell Street, Limerick

MAKER TALK AT FAB LAB LIMERICK Thursday 2nd June@ 7.30pm

Dolans Pub & Warehouse, Dock Road, Limerick

A NIGHT IN VENICE Tuesday 7th June @ 8pm

University Concert Hall, University of Limerick, Castletroy, Limerick

THE LADY IN THE VAN Wednesday 8th June @ 8pm

Lime Tree Theatre, Mary Immaculate College, Courtbrack Avenue, Limerick

TAPESTRIES FOR CENTENARY OF 1916 Saturday 11th June @ 7.30pm

Friars Gate Theatre, Kilmallock, Co. Limerick


Friars Gate Theatre, Kilmallock, Co. Limerick

Saturday 11th June @ 9pm




Friday 3rd June

Thursday 9th June @ 8pm

Sunday 12th June 2pm - 6pm




Saturday 4th June 8pm

Friday 10th - Thursday 30th June

Sunday 12th June 12-6pm

Row, Limerick


Fab Lab Limerick, 7 Rutland Street, Limerick

Old Chapel Rooms, Kilfinane, Co Limerick

Lime Tree Theatre, Mary Immaculate College, Courtbrack Avenue, Limerick

DON BAKER & CLARA ROSE Saturday 4th June @ 9pm

Dolans Pub & Warehouse, Dock Road, Limerick


St Mary's Cathedral, Bridge Street, Limerick City

The Gallery, Limerick Milk Market, Cornmarket

LIMERICK SINGS INTERNATIONAL CHORAL FESTIVAL 2016 Friday 10th June - Sunday 12th June Various locations

Dolans Pub & Warehouse, Dock Road, Limerick

King John's Castle, King’s Island, Limerick

Limerick Racecourse, Greenmount Park, Patrickswell

Thursday 16th June, 6pm - 10pm

Limerick Milk Market, Cornmarket Row, Limerick

F o l l o w us o n Faceb ook & T w i t t e r for more daily e ve nt l istings



Thursday 16th June 6pm-10pm

Thursday 23rd June @ 7pm



Thursday 16th June @ 7.30pm

Friday 24th June @ 7pm



Thursday 16th & Friday 17th June 8pm

Saturday 25th June @ 3pm & 7.30pm

Courtbrack Avenue, Limerick

Courtbrack Avenue, Limerick

Limerick Milk Market, Cornmarket Row, Limerick

St Mary's Cathedral, Bridge Street, Limerick City

Lime Tree Theatre, Mary Immaculate College,

Belltable, 69 O'Connell Street, Limerick

Clarion Hotel, Steamboat Quay, Limerick

Lime Tree Theatre, Mary Immaculate College,



Saturday 18th June @ 9pm

Saturday 25th June @ 9pm



Monday 20th June - Friday 1st July 2016

Castletroy Park Hotel, Dublin Road, Limerick

Dolans Pub & Warehouse, Dock Road, Limerick

Irish World Academy of Music & Dance, University

Dolans Pub & Warehouse, Dock Road, Limerick

Sunday 26th June @ 2pm-6pm

of Limerick, Limerick



Sunday 26th June @ 8am

Monday 20th June @ 8pm

Ballysimon Road, Limerick

Friars Gate Theatre, Kilmallock, Co. Limerick

SEE FOR CINEMA – SING STREET Wednesday 22nd June @ 8pm

Belltable, 69 O'Connell Street, Limerick

Raw Cycles Limerick, Unit 9 Delta Retail Park,


University Concert Hall, University of Limerick, Castletroy, Limerick

SEE FOR CINEMA - LOUDER THAN BOMBS Wednesday 29th June @ 8pm

Belltable, 69 O'Connell Street, Limerick

v i s i t w w w.t h e l i m e r i c k m a g a z i n e . c o m




Closing Time 1 0 min ute s wit h…Fr a nce s He a ly Occupation:

fighting in WW2 that left him kind of innocent and a

Are you superstitious? Do you have any personal

said too much already? I basically do anything in the

I was heartbroken, I found solace at it somehow and

No. To have any superstitions at all to me seems daft.

Actor, voiceover artist, director, writer, teacher. Have I entertainment business that I can. It's good to have many strings to your bow; I am a worker, so I will turn my hand to anything. Fun fact about you: I smile in my sleep.

What motivates you in the morning?

bit child-like. It was my first funeral and even though I was sure I would go on to become a mortician when

I got older. Then, life got in the way, if you pardon the pun! I had my daughter Maria and I went on to do

hairdressing at my sister Barbara’s salon at the age of 15. I did that for nearly 10 years and discovered that I quiet liked hanging around with living people... who knew?!

My dog Pippa. She is incredible. When you think

What is your favourite word?

very painful or difficult, having a dog not only gives

beautiful thing. Meaningful coincidences, how lovely.

you can't go on and/or life is for whatever reason, you love, but also when you are not loving yourself so much, a dog gives you focus. Pippa has got me

through so much in the last year. She gets me out of

my bed early and straight to the park or the woods

for a walk. It really grounds me. When I come back, the cobwebs have cleared and I am ready for the day ahead.

Synchronicity. It's not just a beautiful word; it’s also a

My life lately has become more and more full of

synchronistic moments; I am looking for something, I meet someone who either has it or knows someone

rituals for good luck?

We don't have that kind of control over life! To think

that if you wear your ‘lucky pants’ at a game, or going to an audition, that it would alter the score in the game

in any way, or get you the job, seems preposterous to me. Throwing salt over my shoulder, or thinking that if I see two magpies does not affect my day to day in

any way, shape or form! My ritual before performing is always to have calm and quiet, if I can't have that in

the environment I am working in I can usually find it in myself amidst the pre-show mayhem!

How would you sum up you life in 6 words?

Ever changing, sometimes painful, often awesome.

that has it. You’re thinking of someone and they call.

Describe your ideal weekend in Limerick?

Keep an eye out for it - it will put a huge smile on

wine, good company, where I am at doesn't matter so

Synchronicity is one of life's little perfect pleasures. your face, guaranteed.

I am a girl of simple pleasures. I like, good food, good much as long as I have that.

What one thing do you never leave the house

Favourite quote of all time?

Best drink in town?

Clothes. It's just too cold in Limerick to walk around

is Albert Einstein's "Only two things are infinite,

of Guinness.


naked anymore, bummer eh?!

Any hidden or lesser known talents?

I am a very good knitter, but if you tell anyone I may have to kill you.

As a child what did you want to be growing up?

A mortician. For real. An uncle of mine, Jimmy, that

my mum looked after, died when I was 11. Before that

he was in our house morning, noon and night. He was like a grandfather to me, I loved him dearly and the

feeling was mutual. He had a bad head injury from


Love a good quote me! But hands down, my favourite

the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not so

Charlie Malone’s on Wolfetone Street - the best pint

sure about the former." When I was doing stand up

Favourite people?

the circuit. He has many funny and amazing quotes.

is, there's just too many. Anybody I think is talented

I discovered how funny he was through a friend on Also an amazing actress and inventor Hedy Lamars

quote: "Any girl can be glamorous. All you have to do is stand still and look stupid". I cheated, that's two! What is the most recent book you have read?

"The Missionary Position: Mother Theresa in Theory and Practice" by Christopher Hitchens. More of an

essay than a book. But a real eye-opener. Don't read it if you are a fan, it will alter your opinion!

Jeez, that's like asking me what's my favourite song and that I admire for a start. Or anybody that has a

passion for whatever it is, passion is infectious and I love being around that. People that make change for the better and think beyond themselves. The Dalai

Lama is a pretty cool dude, wouldn't mind having a pint with him in Charlie's…


Happiness is...

Living in the moment Article by: Michelle Costello

Photography by: Tarmo Tulit




Profile for The Limerick Magazine

The Limerick Magazine June 2016 #Issue9  

The Limerick Magazine is Limerick's Free Magazine - Available Monthly in print and online. Drop us an email - or visit...

The Limerick Magazine June 2016 #Issue9  

The Limerick Magazine is Limerick's Free Magazine - Available Monthly in print and online. Drop us an email - or visit...


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