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TLM contributors Editor’s Note Can you believe we’re facing into the end of another year? And since this one has been, shall we say, an

eventful one in terms of world events, we’re all in need of a bit of cheer. Christmas is the best time to nurture our relationships with others, and spread kindness in response to negativity. There’s plenty to look forward to before we wave goodbye to 2016 for good – get in the Christmas spirit with TLM’s guides to

gifts, fashion, wine, festive food and all the music and good times to be had in and around Limerick. Merry

K ayle i gh Z i ol o

Christmas, and we’ll see you again in 2017!

Kayle i gh Zi olo

Mi c h e ll e Co s t e l l o

pAUL gean ey

s i n ti j a z or ge

Chr is t ine Co s t e l l o

S ha una L ind s ay

J a ne B u tle r

D o ug l a s Mur r ay

E o g ha n Lyo ns

Sarah Lafferty

A l i Mo l l oy

L a ur a D uha n

Am an da Flan n ery

S a r a h Ta lty 04


fern an do san ch ez

From Our Family to Yours... Wishing you a Merry Christmas and and a prosperous 2017 from Fusion Media For a behind the scenes look at our Photoshoot scan the QR code above or go to


B u s ine ss P ROFILE Liam Dwan, General Manager at Brown Thomas

Liam Dwan has been at the helm of Brown Thomas Limerick for over a decade. We talk to him about

bringing the magic of Christmas to the store, what

makes the ultimate customer experience and the future of Brown Thomas in Limerick City.

How long have you been in retail and how have you seen the industry change during that time?

I’ve been in retail for my entire adult life, and have

worked in the Mid West region for 25 years and here in Limerick as General Manager for 12 years. So I’ve

been around a long time! A lot has changed in retail

during that time but of course most notably is the shift to online shopping, so we’ve adapted our service to respond to customer’s expectations there – Brown

Thomas online is much slicker and easier to navigate, we have delivery options and click and collect to

suit. Our focus however still very much remains on the experience we provide from start to finish. The main aspect of the experience is in store - exceptional customer service is at the heart of all we do.

How do you create and maintain that service?

To add to that we try to enhance their visit by giving

What is Christmas like when working for Brown

them to know Brown Thomas’ culture and ethos. If

to return in the same manner again and again. It is

We start preparing for Christmas around February

We ensure we have a knowledgeable team and train we can provide that sense of being part of something and learning they can take forward into their career

it’s more valuable to them and to us. Many customers

do their research online and prefer to come into store to see the product in the ‘flesh’ and make sure it is as

they envisioned plus get the expert opinion from team members.


them an experience to remember, making them want about providing convenience and delivery where

customer seeks it but also memorable face to face

interaction with knowledgeable attentive staff and a warm welcome.

Thomas – how early do you start thinking about it?

each year! Even so, the sense of magic around Christmas is immensely strong, it is what the whole

year leads up to and it’s the most exciting time of the year for us.


That’s where the experience really comes into play

How closely do you work with the Limerick

What can we expect from Brown Thomas in

really begin to get into the spirit, so if they have a

Being on the board of Limerick Chamber of

First and foremost we’ll be building on the previous

– the start of Christmas shopping is where people

good experience with us it keeps that spirit going into Christmas.

The Christmas spirit also starts pretty early in the Brown Thomas stores as well with the opening of the

Christmas shop in August – some might say that’s

fairly controversial but there is a demand for it, we wouldn’t do it if there wasn’t. It gets people thinking ahead, and actually we’ve noticed in recent years that

Christmas shopping is starting earlier - people seem to be more carefully planning, doing a little at a time

and making their budget go further by doing research and ensuring they get that special item they are

looking for rather than having to settle for something last minute. That’s where the magic is – the greatest joy for us at Christmas is helping people find that

business community?

Commerce, I have learned a great deal about the

business of Limerick, and how things get done. I have learned and formed good relationships with

other businesses, and hopefully have been able to

impart some wisdom and insights of my own on

occasion. Brown Thomas, though we are a large

nationwide brand we aren’t distant from the locality

– each store works to best serve its surroundings. For example I have in recent months been working across stores here, in Galway and in Cork. All have very different approaches, different customer profiles and

are different kinds of cities. It has allowed us to put Limerick into that broader context, providing that consistent experience, which also is tailored for the local community.

special thing, be it for themselves or a loved one.

What do you hope to see on the horizon for

How would you describe your role as General



The main part of my role is to be a facilitator; allowing

the talented and experienced team we have working here to do their jobs to the best of their ability. It’s up to me to provide the information for them to do

that. Motivation is also part of that too, and providing feedback, assessing what’s been achieved and what

we can do better. It’s about trusting that the team can then go ahead and do it – we have fantastic

people here who I know will get stuck in and get

the results so there’s no need for micromanagement. There’s a shared vision and focus on the experience throughout from the creative to the customer service

side, everyone is on the same page. It’s also important for me to be present on the shop floor – it’s our front

line. I like to check in with the team to make sure everyone has everything they need and that they are

happy, and also to greet our customers. It’s something many of our customers like to see, the manager there

Limerick city centre in 2017? have





announcements in the last few months, which I

think will translate into real excitement once we start to see some action. There’s been so much talk for so long, the community wants to see some cranes

in the sky to really believe in the vision and cement their commitment and investment in the city. We

believe in the city, Brown Thomas is invested here

Limerick in 2017 and beyond?

year and seeing what we can do better. Every year is about looking to the last and seeing how we can

improve and correct missed opportunities We aim to introduce more fashion brands in 2017 – we’ve already added exclusive brands like


Tilbury, Nars and Giorgio Armani, to our beauty hall and really diversified the range of brands, those you

won’t generally find elsewhere on the high street. I

like to think we can provide something for everyone – there may be a perception that we serve only a

particular kind of customer but that’s not the case, we

have a range of price brackets and brands that cater for all tastes, ages, profiles. We believe we can provide something for everyone who comes in through that

door. Also we look to be able to reach out in a wider sense to the Limerick community. We already work with businesses and groups together with our beauty

personal shopper who use the store to host events and

do some team building and simply have some fun as a group, so we aim to provide something a little different from the norm, and build on the success of that.

Article by: Kayleigh Ziolo

Photography by: Tarmo Tulit

long term, our total revamp of the beauty hall was part of that long term vision, we’re committed to

Limerick. Stakeholders in the city centre want to see more developments announced here in the city centre – that’s not to say we’re not glad to see things

progress in the peripheries, the centres and complexes

surrounding all form part of the tapestry of Limerick. As long as there continues to be investment in city

centre, to ensure we are prepared for quality jobs when they come our way. Everything else will follow and Limerick can realise its full potential.

seeing that they are shopping with you and a little acknowledgment back of their importance to us.



T he li merick magazin e

Music Nile St James.

Tucked away from the brutal downpours and chill

The practice was first put into place when Nile

For Nile, honesty is key. When dealing with

gem, The Buttery Café, where we met with singer-

Masters in Mary Immaculate College. “We started

experiences and also the issues and problems occurring

of Winter on Bedford Row is Limerick's cosiest songwriter Nile St. James. A hum of chatter and the satisfying scratch of cutlery on empty platters served

as quaint background music to our conversation. Since his interview with Fusion Magazine over a year and a

half ago, Nile has grown as both an artist and a creative individual, having learnt and gained both from his experience on Irish talent show The Voice and his own

challenges in life. Today he discusses these changes

and developments along with his knowledge on the art of songwriting and Limerick's thriving community of creatives.

encountered an American couple studying for their

working together and we wrote about nine or ten

songs in the space of six months and started gigging around. We were fortunate enough to have supported The Blizzards and loads of different, amazing people

and we were flown over to London for Pride London for a few days. It was an amazing ride.” Sadly, the time came for their return home to America. But this

didn't stop Nile who quickly sourced two phenomenal Limerick vocalists to help him recreate the sound he

needed, and the trio have been working together ever since.

It's been a hectic year and a half for the Limerick

The art of songwriting is something complex and

competition, experiencing a new breath of the music

apply to any artist. It is simply an outpouring of

musician. The months spent immersed in the singing

industry left Nile not only with troves of new skills, but also gave him a newfound sense of direction in his own musical career. “I didn't want to be this big pop-

py singer. I'm very influenced by the old fifties soul singers and folk artists, these independent voices who

are doing it as an art form as opposed to doing it to become famous.” Since this discovery, Nile has spent the few months that followed hidden away to perfect the craft and try his hand at songwriting.

He was determined to put himself out there and

develop his art, reaching out to others in the process. “I started gigging and honing the craft, discovering what I wanted to market myself as.” Alongside Nile in

these gigs are close-friends Niamh Hinchy and Mike Hogan, complimenting his vocals in beautiful three

part harmonies, devised to capture that traditional Folk-Americana sound.


indescribable. There are no set methods or rules that emotion both lyrically and musically, something that

cannot be wrapped up in a 'Songwriting for Dummies'

book or narrowed down to a basic formula. It requires

not only skill, but also passion, creativity and drive. Nile talked us through his own songwriting process

as an artist. “The way I work with songwriting is; I would have bouts,” he says, “I would sit down and in the space of two weeks I could write about six songs

and then all of a sudden it would stop. I wanted to keep that organic and natural process flowing. I didn't want to sit down and say today I'm writing a song.”

songwriting, he makes use of both his own personal around him. In relation to this, Nile recites a quote

from one of his many idols, Nina Simone, who says,

“It is our job as artists to tell the story of our times.” Taking this to heart, Nile has strayed between various topics; from past relationships to topical conflicts in Ireland with the government and society itself. This inspiration, coupled with lessons learned from his

catalogue of musical influences all contribute to Nile's songwriting approach and attitude towards the art.

While idolising, vocally, the powerhouse voices of

Etta James and Aretha Franklin, lyrically he turns

to a whole new set of artists: “I started listening to the likes of Joni Mitchell and Jeff Buckey and Tori

Amos; all these beautiful lyricists. I started listening

to how they wrote and their stories. The story of

the emotion of a song is the most important thing to me. I need to be honest with myself and give an honest performance for people to believe me.” The ability to capture emotion in a track both lyrically and vocally to Nile is the greatest expression of honesty and the key to both a believable performance and a

breathtaking song. “Hearing their lyrics, even digitally

through my phone, I could hear their emotions. That's what I want for my songs.” Once he had studied and dissected these tracks, finding that place and being

mindful of himself, only then could he find his own

flow and begin his own journey as a songwriter. “If you're writing from your heart, you're doing nothing wrong.”


Growing up in Limerick is something Nile frequently

refers to throughout the interview; from constant

rehearsals and shows for the city's Expressive Arts group, to his first singing role in a small school production. “My first time singing was when I was

in primary school as a sheep and I can't remember

it but my parents said that people told them to put me into musical theatre,” proving that no matter what part you're given in the Nativity, you still have

a chance to shine - take it from the sheep belting out Etta James tracks before he could even work long

division. There's a notable fondness to his tone, a sense of nostalgia as the young songwriter discusses his early days in theatre. “It was a beautiful, beautiful

atmosphere to be raised in because even though we were all friends, we were always trying for that lead

part.” This idea of friendly competition was seen as a practice in self-determination, a skill Nile has carried

with him into his musical career. Being raised in theatre helped develop his drive to succeed and thirst

for bettering himself. “It taught me to approach and finish everything on a positive note. I think you need to do this to work in the music industry.”

Having lived here his entire life, Nile sings praises to his hometown of Limerick for its individuality as a city and the wonderful base of friends and local artists he's collaborated with and met on his journey

as a singer-songwriter. “I think Limerick is one of the

most vibrant cities, culturally, I've ever experienced. It's so filled to the brim with creatives. Every second

person you meet is so skilled in their profession.” There's a rare enthusiasm amongst other artists for the works of others, a trait that sets apart Limerick's creative community from any other.



“I think Limerick is a very bohemian city. Although I've never been, it reminds me of stories you'd hear

of Berlin. There's so much happening at the moment

in Limerick. While there is a lot of work still to do, we're on the right track to becoming a really vibrant city and I think it's up to our generation of people to

put Limerick on the map as a mark to be recognised.” Nile not only mentions the wonderful community, but also the benefits surrounding Limerick's location for new artists, “You can base yourself in Limerick and

travel. It only costs a tenner to get to Dublin. Most of my gigs would be based there and once you organise

yourself properly, it's very easy to get to and from and be home on time for work the next morning.”

Nile St. James will be releasing his debut EP entitled

Meraki sometime between Christmas 2016 and early 2017 with its first single Man-Made Problems to

be hopefully released in March. Meraki is a Greek

term not found in the English language meaning to put one's soul into something creatively. The EP

will feature four original tracks of different origins, varying between folk and soul. It's been a long process for Nile St. James, but it’s safe to say based on snippets

of live performances he has released online, that it will

be worth the wait. Nile will be performing in Dolans Upstairs on the 4th of December. Quick Questions:

Favourite Albums of 2016:

James Blake - The Colour in Anything Keaton Henson - Kindly Now Listening Now: Julia Jacklin

Favourite Christmas Song: River - Joni Mitchell Article by: Christine Costello Photography by: Tarmo Tulit





Li f e a s a n Elf

I have worked as an elf at Santa Experiences in Ireland for five years. You know where families go to meet Santa but before hand there’s elves and Christmas characters and play areas and a bit of entertainment. I probably should have given up a long time ago. I’m feeling a little old now but I’m a 20 year-old who is 5’3 and looks about 12. Plus

why would you leave a job where you basically get to spread Christmas cheer? If you watch Elf every Christmas and it fills you with joy, then you’d probably love life as an elf. However. if you thought the movie was stupid and you don’t start getting excited for Christmas on November 1st then this job isn’t for you.


What qualities do you have to have to be an elf ? Be

A day in the life of an elf ? I have breakfast, go to work,

Cutest elf moment? When I see young couples bring

and love Christmas. Also it’s a bonus if hearing a

and go out to spread some Christmas cheer. Too often

Santa. They’re so excited and the baby is adorable and

cheerful, friendly, able to chat with people, like kids

Christmas CD played on a loop for 8 hours a day

doesn’t make you want to stuff your ears with cotton wool. There’s no height restrictions or anything like

that where I work, if you’re a pleasant person with a love for Christmas you’re welcome. One year I saw a tall ginger lad dressed all in black with chains hanging

off his jeans at an elf meeting. You shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover because he was really good with kids

and without the chains he made a pretty plausible elf. The only downsides to the job are the awkward families and the cold weather. Sometimes the kids

will know you’re not a real elf or be incredibly shy, and that’s okay, you just make small talk with their

paint on my red rosy cheeks, put on my elf costume I’ve forgotten to wipe the red paint off my cheeks at

the end of the day and walked into the shop like that on the way home. Also for a few hours after I leave

work, even though I look like a normal girl and not an

elf anymore, I keep expecting little kids to wave at me. Being an elf and having little kids hug you and wave

to you and chat excitedly about what they want for Christmas, is so special, I love it. But then again, we elves see kids at their best. When they’re just about to see Santa and tell him what they want for Christmas

word: layers. One year I wore my dad’s skiing gloves and two thermal vests. You can be outside a lot

and temperatures are often below freezing. All the

excitement and happiness and Christmas music and smell of mince pies and eggnog makes up for it; I can’t

properly describe the level of excitement, you can just feel it in the air. Every family is equally excited as the

rest so it never gets boring. But you can’t let your guard down - even if you’re freezing and wrecked tired, each

family are having a brand new experience and just

because their turn for Santa is at 7pm, it doesn’t mean

they shouldn’t get an elf that wasn’t as chirpy as she was at 9am.

family being 17, I have none of that excitement and talk about toys in my own life so it’s nice to learn

about new toys from these kids. I’ve been doing this

for five years and I’ve noticed kids are looking for less toys and more technology. I could have cried when a tiny blonde girl told me she just wanted colours.

kid. While other people our age are planning what

uncles) come in with just one tiny two year old to see

The cold on the other hand can be quite bad. One

Christmas. With the youngest person in my extended


am aware I’m not seeing all the fights, tantrums and

because you’re trying to play the role of a cheerful elf, can make you feel like.

Also when kids tell me what they’re getting for

I’m going to let you in on an elf secret; we love

Speaking of tantrums, you can’t help but laugh when

not creepy inquisitive girl, which situations like this

it’s the one time you can talk to a family normally.

is when kids are on their ultimate best behaviour. I

parents. But when the entire family doesn’t want

to talk to you it can be quite awkward - especially

their newborn babies to get their picture taken with

about seven adults (parents, grandparents, aunties and Santa for the first time and he’s absolutely terrified. He’s there screaming his head off and all the grown ups are trying to assure him that Santa’s a lovely man

but he’s having none of it. My mum told me I had a similar experience when I was a baby. There was

a man in my hometown that would go around to various shops and restaurants dressed up as Santa. He was a friend of theirs and one day she invited him to

come over dressed up, for my first experience meeting Santa. I roared my head off and he had to leave. I still

so bad about it, that poor man thought he was doing something nice and got kicked out. But at least now I know it comes with the territory.

Christmas because it brings us back to being a

makeup they’ll get for Christmas and what nights they’ll go out, we’re playing dress up. It’s so exciting

to be given permission to be excited for Christmas and Santa and talk about Rudolf and the possibility of snow every day until Christmas again, just like you did when you were seven. Article by: Sarah Talty


F u si on Me dia our story

Fusion Media is branching out. Having established

So often companies share their frustrations about

So, ask yourself: What is your story? Are you telling

with, both local with The Limerick Magazine and

written, to get a website designed and ending up

where you are going with everything you put out

itself as a creative publishing force to be reckoned nationwide with luxury flagship publication Fusion Magazine, the team is now offering up their creative expertise to other brands and businesses, providing a range of services that companies can call upon

as and when they need, or get the full package of

graphic design, digital marketing, content creation and commercial photography to tell the story of their brand.

TLM and Fusion Magazine have of course evolved and changed as time goes on, but the biggest development within the business of Fusion Media has

been happening more behind the scenes. Publishing is

having to go to multiple sources to get something

having to buy images in order to get their channels live - there are few places that provide all those

solutions as part of one service. With Fusion Media, everything is under one roof. No more going to a web

design company, then trying to hunt down a quality copywriter, finding that costs spiral and having only

enough left in the budget to buy some stock images

that don’t accurately reflect the unique characteristics of your brand. With all the elements together you

save time, and have the peace of mind of one team working to the same set of deadlines, with a more cost-effective package.

now just one part of what they do. Now the company

Fusion Media have built a team of talented and

website building, graphic design, content creation and

professionals, who have worked across a vast range

has launched a range of creative services including

original photography for business locally, nationally and internationally.

With a lifelong passion for storytelling at the heart of what Fusion Media does, as the ultimate goal

of storytelling is to inspire - whether it motivates

change, encourages the buying of a product or draws

people into your store, regardless of the time frame. The desired outcome in the end drives the direction of the story.


design, photography



of industries. Most importantly though, they understand the need to take time to get to know your

individual business and what you want to achieve. Through regular conversations and updates they will get as close to the business as is humanly possible!

Fusion Media is attentive and friendly and will guide you through the entire process, even if you are not entirely sure about certain aspects of your campaign

or redesign, the team will help lead you in the right direction.

As a publisher it has always been Fusion Media's aim

And because storytelling isn’t just a one off exercise,

a brand by working with them from start to finish,

clients even once the job in hand is done, to ensure

to tell stories, and the aim now is to tell the story of providing all the materials a business need to do so.

Fusion Media maintains that relationship with their that the work is having the desired effect and is telling

the story the way you wanted it to. As your objectives

and goals shift, you must plan new initiatives that propel the story forward and inspire renewed calls of

action. Fusion Media will be there every step of the way, as and when a client needs them.


the story of who you are, where you came from, and

there? Storytelling is one of the most powerful ways to

breathe life into your brand and often called one of the

main components of a content marketing approach. By giving your products and services an identity by

capturing the stories they really are, you can take your

target audience on a journey they yearn to experience. In order for consumers to form a personal connection

with your brand, company stories must be authentic, creative and inspirational, and that is where Fusion comes in to this picture.

Visit to find out more.


T h e a r t of stor y telli ng







+353 (61) 597 627

74 O ’ C o n n e l l S t re e t , L i m e r i c k , Ire l a n d


Th e li me r i c k m agazine C h r i s tma s G i ft Gui d e

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Kaiser Baas Alpha Drone

Radiant Beauty Gift Sets


Anyone looking for a little pampering this Christmas need look no further than this

Harvey Norman

Drones are the perfect toys for adults who are kids at heart. This drone, with a range of over 60m and light-weight material, is easy to control, while the 720p on-board camera captures stunning HD videos and images.


Guinot gift set. With facemasks, eye masks and face cream, it’s the perfect gift to let someone know they deserve to have a little me time. It also comes with a beautiful bag that can still be used even after the products are gone.

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The Body Shop

When you think of The Body Shop you think of luxury so it’s only fitting that

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2016 has truly been the year of healthy eating. We all know someone obsessed with

fitting as many vegetables into their meals as possible. You can help make it so much easier with this spiraliser, which turns fresh veggies into faux-noodles. It turns vegetables into guilt free pasta. Carrot Bolognaise? No problem.


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A beautiful satchel bag with gold detailing.


A lovely gift for anybody who enjoys art, doodling, drawing and painting.

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The Body Shop

This strawberry collection of bath and body treats is so luxurious and will fill your

bathroom with the delightfully sweet aroma of strawberries! It’ll be lovely for transporting you back to summer in the cold winter months ahead. Infuse every

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Disney lovers rejoice! Feel like a kid again at Christmas with this Minnie

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Selfie Prep Kit

You’ll be delighted to hear OneForAll vouchers now cover Penneys, along


A great gift for the person who has everything or is impossible to please! with a multitude of other shops, which make them the perfect gifts for your fussy friends.


This handy little kit is packed with everything you’ll need to look fabulous your next night out, helpful if you’re going away and don’t want to bring a giant makeup bag with you. It would also make a great gift to that sister or friend who won’t stop robbing your makeup. Article by: Sarah Talty



T he li me rick magazin e

Fashion Caroline Mitchell

Caroline’s passion for knitwear began at a young age. “My mother had me crocheting at

the age of five; I made clothes for dolls and things like that. As I got older all I wanted to do was go to college and do fashion, and so I did.” After graduating, the Limerick native

worked for various large knitwear companies around the country before setting up her own label, which has since gone from strength to strength whilst remaining proudly local. Each piece is lovingly made in Limerick City using the finest yarns from France

and Italy. “I do a lot of hand-beading, appliqué and crochet details. I might take a very simple shape, cut holes in it and fill it in with a crochet or some beading so it’s a little bit

different from what a lot of other people are doing with knitwear.” Her inspiration varies

from the ancient Celts to the ancient Egyptians. For Limerick’s 2020 bid, Caroline drew inspiration from the city’s past, specifically the patterns of Limerick lace. “I try to do my own thing, I don’t follow the trends.”

Business wasn’t always easy for Caroline. “During the recession the bottom fell out of the luxury market, and a lot of women tightened their belts and they weren’t splashing

out on outfits any more. Quite a few of the shops that I stocked closed down.” So she

quickly streamlined her business to focus on made-to-order pieces for special occasions. “Ladies come in to me with an outfit that they’d had of mine for maybe ten years and they want something different, to add something to it to make it look different, to

upcycle it: luckily with my stuff I can do that. I can change appliqués and details or shorten the dress or add a sleeve or do something because I physically make them all

here, I’m not sending them away, there’s a lot of control over it that way that you can do that kind of thing.”

With such extensive and varied designs, what is Caroline most proud of ? “I love my

wedding dresses. I’m also always really happy with mother-of-the-bride because you get

so many mother-of-the-brides who go into shops and get put into little tight outfits that 2016 has been Caroline Mitchell’s year. The Limerick School of Art and Design

they don’t really like, whereas with knitwear, it’s flattering and it’s something they can

accepted to become a member of the Council of Irish Fashion Designers, and featured as

is great. Limerick women, if they really like your stuff they’re very loyal, and they’ll

graduate was nominated for best designer at the Irish Fashion Innovation Awards,

wear again, it’s always great to see them going away happy.” As for her city? “Limerick

a guest designer at Cork Fashion Week.

come back. You could have someone who bought a Christening gown, then ten years later got something else, and now their daughter’s getting married and they’re getting

their mother-of-the-bride. They’re really loyal and very stylish and they love to shop in Limerick; they don’t necessarily want to go off around, they want to support Limerick and I find that with other designers around as well, that Limerick women really want to support Limerick designers.



Even Cecilia Holman Lee has regularly gotten pieces

off me and she’s great because she will push Limerick. They’re lovely! All my customers are lovely!”

The life of a designer is hectic and varied, as Caroline tells us: “At the moment I have the National Crafts &

Design Fair coming up in a few weeks in Dublin, so my day is very much orientated towards getting pieces ready for that.

So the day could be knitting, or sewing or cutting

or pressing, but also in between that you’d have

phone calls, e-mails, and social media. Like today, I had two different mothers of the bride ringing me for appointments and I had someone calling in for

fittings so there’s everything and anything in every day. You start the day with a plan thinking you know exactly what you’re going to do and then as the day

goes on it ends up a bit more hurried and mad than you thought it was going to be. At other times of the

year weddings are coming up so I’d be doing more

ornate stuff and wedding dresses, or if there was a big show on in Dublin I might be doing some special

pieces for that. Every day is so different and yet all involve knitting!”

For those wishing to follow in her footsteps, Caroline

offers some sage advice: “You have to get experience. I’ve watched over the years, a lot of them have come

out of college and gone straight to open a business. Really there’s so much involved that you don’t realise, your best bet is to go and find a company to work for to try to get a good bit of hands-on experience - not

just being a designer but working on a factory floor and learning how all the machines work. Then you realise that maybe it’s not where you want to be, it took me a couple of years for that!”

Caroline spoke of her plans to expand her business “I’m hoping to go back to wholesaling now that things

have calmed down a bit. Also I’m hoping to push on with my bridalwear because that seems to opening up a bit more for me now. Other I’ll just keep knitting. I

bet no one’s ever said that to you before: ‘What’s your plan for the future?’ I want to keep knitting!”

Caroline’s designs will be showcased at the National Crafts & Design Fair from 30th November – 4th December.

Article by: Laura Duhan

Photography by: Paul Cooley



The li merick magazin e

Fashion with Shauna Lindsay

Day to Night Christmas Fashion It’s party season, there’s a lot happening between dinner events and staff nights out - are you wardrobe ready?

Don’t worry, I’ve been snooping the latest trends from the

catwalks to keep you up to date and looking glam, day and night.

Puffer Coats

Platform Boots

in various different lengths, cuts and colours, they’re

styles, textures, fabrics. I found this nice pair in Zara

Puffer Coats are big this year. Not only do they come also warm and practical. Check out this black high

necked one from River Island. The neck is sure to keep

you warm and you can wear it with almost everything. Get it fast as it is LIMITED EDITION, available in

These bad boys were all over the catwalk in all different for €75. They’re leather so your toes will be kept warm

during the winter months and they have a biker feel to them which is so in right now.

store or online for 135 EUR.

I'm so excited to announce that I have teamed up with my best friend and fitness guru Meave Madden for an exclusive "Start your Year in Style" event, which

takes place on January 8th 2017 in Bunratty Castle

Hotel. Our BFF day will be full of Beauty, Fashion, Fitness and it will make a great Christmas gift for your bestie. The event will include tutorials from Kim Kardashian's makeup artist and our favourite

Faux Fur

Velvet Boots:

with a bang. They can make the simplest outfit the

I including them? Because I am obsessed. As I was

Like last year, faux fur accessories hit the runways most chic in a matter of seconds. Such as this leopard print stole: paired with all black this piece would

give the outfit a touch of class without any danger to animals. Available from River Island for just €45.

eyebrow hero Marc Benefit plus much much more. So, you can sip champagne and enjoy afternoon tea

with spot prizes like you have never seen before. This is an extravaganza not to be missed. Tickets are €75

and are available on Check out my instagram for more details @shaunalindsay

If you wanted something smaller and more subtle, this tricolour clutch bag from Zara is so glam and it’s just €15.95. Could you go wrong?


Were these on the runway? Not a whole lot. Why am

researching the latest trends I came across the most

beautiful boot I think I’ve ever seen: a navy blue velvet over the knee heeled boot from Zara at only €69.95. Article by: Shauna Lindsay




T he li me rick magazin e


Kate Ramsey, FabFelt This tedious and time consuming process caused Kate to give up on working with the material for quite a while until she later found an easier process

of working with the wool to make felt. “I was able to make the felt faster and there was much more enjoyment for me in the process.”

FabFelt was set up by Kate when she decided that, after two years of working on a PhD in UL, she

wanted to make crafting with felt her full-time job, designing and handmaking unique felt scarves. Kate

quit college and set up FabFelt straight out of her

home in Garryowen. However, with no background in sales or marketing, Kate admits that the process

was not easy. “I had very humble beginnings, making

the scarves in my kitchen. I had very little funding, no

business premises… and no employees.” Eventually, Kate got involved in the JobBridge programme and this allowed her to take on interns for free, all Kate Ramsey was born in Poland and moved to Ireland

Kate graduated from University in Poland with a

of which she has since employed and now pays.” If

an artist, especially coming from her sheep farming

very surprised upon arriving in Ireland at how little

employee myself; it would have been too much of a

was a beautiful little craft store on Thomas Street

first nine months of their time with her allowed Kate

lampshade and loved the fabric.” Kate’s passion for

them on a full-time basis.

fascinated by the process of using it. From her early

FabFelt quickly grew too big for Kate’s home

working with wool but never in the form of felt. “It

understandably took its toll after a while. “My

the supplies and try to make a piece myself.” It was

production and dyeing done in the house for three

turning wool into felt to be extremely frustrating at

kitchen was the production unit and the living room

for hours to get it to stick together.”

to separate her work life from her everyday life outside

in 2006. She never dreamed that she would become background. However, she was always a creative person and would be imaginative with every object

she came across, even rummaging through rubbish

to find something to play with. Kate admits she “was

essentially a tomboy” and was very hands on with helping her father on their farm as she was growing

up. Now Kate runs her business FabFelt, designing, making and selling gorgeous, unique, handmade felt scarves. Her dedicated passion has gotten her where she is today “I was certainly brought up with a fierce work ethic.”


degree in sociology and, with an interest in craft, was

it was not for that, I wouldn’t dare employ my first

handmade crafts were available to buy. “Though there

cost.” Not having to pay the interns herself for the

in Limerick, I saw some felted items and a felted

to build FabFelt up enough to then eventually employ

felt started from there and she soon became totally farming experience, she was somewhat familiar with

and running the business out of her front room

took me two years to pluck up the courage to gather

biggest problem was the premises. By having all the

not all plain sailing, as Kate found the process of

years, I destroyed it. The house was full of fluff, the

times. “I had to hand-massage the little pile of wool

was the photo studio.” Soon it became hard for Kate of work.

THE LIMERICK MAGAZINE “My poor husband had nowhere to live at that time and I had no work/life balance.” But she acknowledges

that if it weren’t for these tough early days, FabFelt

may well not be where it is today. Kate knew it was time to find FabFelt a bigger space to work from. She

first moved to Limerick Craft Hub where she had a bigger studio and even a place to start properly selling

her designs. FabFelt continued to grow and eventually outgrew its surroundings once more. “Since then, I

have found my place at the back of the Tait Business Centre [on Dominic Street, Limerick] in a large

100sq meter workshop space which finally gives me

enough space to properly photograph and make the scarves.”

As Kate quickly learned, the process of working with felt was no mean feat and there are many steps

and processes the wool must go through to make it as easy as possible to work with and much of the

process is done entirely by hand. “Felt making is time consuming – big time. The process involves bonding

wool with silk by massaging the piece for a prolonged

period of time.” Even if the design for the scarf is very simple, each piece must go through the same lengthy and complex process from start to finish. The dyeing process of the fabric is even complicated and can

change dramatically from scarf to scarf. “Every scarf

that comes out of the Kate Ramsey studio is unique. The colours depend not only on the way I mix them

but also on the water quality in Limerick on that day and my own mood.”

During the earliest days of FabFelt, Kate sold her

handmade scarves every Saturday at the Limerick

Milk Market from her stall. Since then, she has racked

up and impressive and extensive list of stockists and it’s not hard to see why. Kate’s beautiful designs are

stocked in, to name but a few, The Hunt Museum, Shannon Airport, Bunratty Castle and the Adare

Heritage shop as well as thirty-two other stores nationwide and at her online Etsy store. The stunning scarves have even secured a place in the craft shop of the British Museum, London.

Kate is a truly impressive and inspirational self-made designer and businesswoman and her hard work

and dedication to her passion is nothing short of

admirable. In 2011, Kate’s efforts and hard work was credited when she won the National Craft and Design

Fair in the RDS in just her second year of business

“My dream is to make Nicholas Street a street full

Kate names this as one of the proudest moments and

the arty vibe of Temple Bar in Dublin, so to speak.

and Kate will be returning to the fair again this year. biggest highlights of her design career so far. “I am

very proud that people seem to like [my designs]… I am very proud of my customers who have supported

of small artisan workshops,” Limerick’s answer to “I would love to have my workshop and shop located there. A little Kate Ramsey Design shop.”

me.” Despite the massive success of FabFelt so far,

From sheep farming with her father in Poland to

passion and craft: “Thanks to our customers, we are

scratch, Kate has firmly made her home in Limerick

she has remained down-to-earth and faithful to her still here.”

Since arriving in Ireland over ten years ago, Kate has always been fond of St. Nicholas Street in the

medieval quarter of Limerick City and has always had big dreams for the tiny street.

running a successful and unique business from and has established herself as a capable and passionate businesswoman with an ardent love and determination for her craft.

Article by: Ali Molloy

Photography by: Deirdre Power



T h e li merick magazin e

Men's Fashion Suited up

Having that perfect suit is a big deal all year round, whether for that all-important interview, or a friend’s wedding. But seeing as it is Christmas and the season of office parties, we’ve decided to pick three suits to dapper you up for the fun and games that comes with it. Suit up!

This Red Double Breasted Wool Suit from tailor4less

A grey suit is always a good idea, as so much can be done to change it up for

Christmas suit game on point. This one is a mulberry

has everything. It’s made of Merino wool with a natural stretch for crease recovery.

online is just the colour you need to get your wine shade, made from 80% wool and is a slim fit. The double-breasted blazer is centre vented, featuring

three buttonholes on the sleeves and a trouser pocket.


different occasions. The Grey Tailored Fit 3 Piece Suit from the M&S Collection It’s active waistband trouser moves with you for comfort on the go and it’s built in Stormwear technology allows you to stay looking sharp, whatever the Irish weather throws at you.


This Moss London Slim Fit Midnight Blue

Jacquard Tuxedo from Moss Bros will allow you to

party until the early hours of the morning in style. This Tuxedo is slim fit and has a further sense of cool with the midnight blue jacquard material. Two outer jet pockets and a welted breast pocket add a hint of flair to the proceedings. Article By: Amanda Flannery



s tu de nt P ro file Sarah Hayes 20-year-old college student from Limerick, Sarah Hayes, is currently on Erasmus in Nantes, France as part of her third year of a Joint Honours Arts Degree in French and Media at the University of Limerick. Not only is Sarah studying for her degree, she also runs a fashion and beauty blog by the name of PinkSars. After only setting up the

blog at the start of 2016 armed with her photographer mom, Siobhán, and a killer fashion sense to boot, PinkSars has grown exponentially and Sarah has already gained over

1,000 new Instagram followers. So far, she has collaborated with an impressive list Irish brands such as Silverwood Ireland, Lucy’s Lounge, Glitzi Bitz Ireland, GiGi Boutique, Limerick School of Art and Design, Oxfam Ireland, Lust Have App, The Milk Market Limerick and The Edge Clothing Store Limerick, to name just a few. Sarah also likes to

DJ in her spare time and has played gigs in Limerick nightclubs such as Crush 87 and Charlie Chaplin’s Late Bar. Sarah is a hard-working young woman of many talents and there is no doubt that this is just the start of a long and successful path for her.

What drew you towards choosing an Arts degree in

Being on work placement really showed me I had

Do you think that doing an Arts degree influenced

During sixth year, I was one of the people always

marketing for brands, photography, video editing

I think the idea of having a blog has always been there


booking meetings with the guidance counsellors, frantically trying to decide what I’d do when I left

secondary school. Two and a half years later I’m still trying to decide what I want to do, but I think an arts

a passion for working with people, social media, and presenting. It has really boosted my confidence

in myself - which I think is a great thing to be able to say!

you in starting your blog?

for me. I’ve always loved fashion, writing and just being creative. I’ve been a devout YouTube follower since I was thirteen, so it was inevitable that one day

I’d end up giving it a go. But to answer the question;

degree has given me an extra few years to establish

Erasmus was an interesting experience; living in a

would give me a good degree which showed future

I’d considered before. Although I love to travel and

What kind of blog is PinkSars and what tone do you

friends and family was terrifying but I’m so glad to say

I set up PinkSars because I needed a positive, creative

myself somewhat. It spoke to me simply because it

employers that I could work hard, above anything else. Have you had any exciting opportunities since starting your degree that you didn't think you would?

100%. I knew UL was where I wanted to be when I

foreign country at the age of 20 was never something see new places, living away for four months without

that I’ve now accomplished a fear. If I hadn’t chosen arts in UL I don’t think I would have gotten the same opportunities anywhere else.

finished secondary school because it had such a good

Arts degrees often get a bad reputation, what would

step! I’ve also had the opportunity to live in France

I’ve never been put down for doing my degree but I

reputation plus the fact that it’s right on my door

for 4 months as part of Erasmus and completed a

work placement at I Love Limerick. Although both

of these are compulsory parts of my course, I never really thought the day would come when I would accomplish them.

you say to somebody considering choosing one?

try to put out?

outlet so that’s what I will always want it to be. I hope

that’s what people who follow PinkSars get from it too. I’m continuously changing my mind on what I want it to be and how it reflects who I am so I don’t think there’s a set tone per-say. It’s fun, it’s creative, it’s colourful and that’s the way I want people to see it!

have heard of others having dealt with such treatment.

If you weren't blogging, what do you think you

say about the path you choose because no two paths

Blogging isn’t full-time for me but I really don’t know

I think you just have to park what people are going to in life are ever the same. Do what you think is best for you and I can honestly say that I would never look

back on the degree I chose, maybe certain subjects [laughs]… but definitely not the degree!


yes, arts did play a part in it.

would be doing instead?

what I’d do without it! I have had a break away from it for a few months since I’ve been living in France and I honestly cannot wait to get back into it again when I get home. I just can’t sit idle!


What exactly does blogging mean to you?

Blogging is a community above all else. It brings

like-minded people together and inspires people to do what they want in life! It’s great to see so many

bloggers in Ireland and in Limerick making careers out of it nowadays and it’s so inspiring because it shows you don’t have to sit in an office every day, you can go out and conquer your dreams… as cliché as that sounds!

Do you have any hobbies outside of blogging?

I love music. Sitting down at the piano and just

playing away is honestly a real passion of mine. I’m also a DJ, although I haven’t done it a while since I’ve

been away. That’s definitely something different that

I love to do! I would love to incorporate being a DJ a little bit more into my blog in the next few months, so we’ll see how that goes.

What's next for PinkSars?

A makeover. I want to push it further. How? I don’t know yet, but I’m willing to try get as far as I can with

it. Having only set up my blog in January of this year, I don’t think I gave it my all at times and having been

away from it the past few months I want to create even more content when I get home!

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Living in New York. Traveling the world. Blogging. Who knows!? The thoughts of what could happen in the next 10 years is really scary, but I’m excited to see where life takes me.

Finally, give us a quote that inspires you and represents what you believe in.

“When you let go, you create space for better things to enter your life” – It’s something I’m trying to live

by these days, get rid of the old and just make way for the new!

Check out Sarah’s awesome blog at www.PinkSars. com

Article by: Ali Molloy

Photography by: Siobhán Gleeson-Hayes



l i f e s tyle fragrance

Women’s Fragrances

MENS Fragrances

If you’re looking to treat yourself to an updated scent this season or are trying to find the perfect present for your

mother, friend or significant other, a fragrance is always a truly personal

item to give or receive. So, whether you prefer deep, rich scents or light, floral

Jo Malone – Pomegranate Noir Cologne

Tom Ford – Tom Ford for Men

and vibrant scent. However, undertones of floral and

spices and woody undertones, this is a truly timeless scent

The perfect Wintertime fragrance with an overall fruity

spiced notes make it rich and dark, a superb choice for a glamorous night out or a luxurious everyday fragrance.

A sophisticated and seductive fragrance with accents of that oozes luxury. A reflection of Tom Ford himself, this cologne is for men that are both elegant and modern.

aromas, we’ve picked out five men’s and

women’s fragrances to give you a head start on your Christmas shopping list. Article by: Ali Molloy

Lancôme – La Vie Est Belle

Dior – Sauvage

sweet and sickly. The notes of Jasmine, Orange Blossom

blazing blue sky, fresh and intense all at once. With fruity

A gorgeously girly scent without being overpoweringly

and Patchouli make this the perfect signature fragrance that can be worn day or night.

top notes creating a burst of freshness while its woody, masculine undertones also make it slightly rugged.


Yves Saint Laurent – La Nuit De L’Homme

has been around for decades and has withstood the test of

pepper and woody, oriental notes. A quintessentially

A truly iconic fragrance that suits almost everybody and

time. The scent is decidedly chic with the classic scent of rose taken to a vibrant and sexy new level.

A dark and handsome fragrance with accents of black masculine fragrance that exudes sensuality and refinement.

Maison Francis Kurkdjian – À la Rose

Escentric Molecules – Molecule 02

fragrance, this is the scent for you. A beautifully classic

to create a unique scent. Molecule 02 has no specific

If you ever wanted the essence of love captured in a rose parfum with the added touch of luxury that emulates femininity and delicateness.

An innovative and undeniably original idea, using science fragrant ingredient other than the aroma molecule, making

this fragrance minimal and pure yet distinctively individual to each person who wears it.

Giorgio Armani – Sì

Roads – Big Sky

essences and a sedutive, silken overall feel. The luxurious

give a fresh burst while base tones of sandalwood and

A sensual and passionate scent with gorgeous fruity

tones of Jasmine and frankincense give this fragrance a

chic edge and make it a gorgeous perfume for a special night out.


This fresh eau de toilette will remind you of an open,

Light and natural top notes of citrus and orange flower

vanilla provide an earthy note beneath it all. This scent is nothing short of a fragrance journey, creating something truly unique to the usual masculine colognes.


H om e a nd lifes t y l e 5 THINGS TO Boost your Bathroom During Christmas we invite the world

into our homes: parents, friends, nieces,

nephews, colleagues, grandchildren, sisters, uncles and neighbours. In the

Bath Fizzers

Basket Game for Toilet

room impresses us most if it’s nicely



me that room is the bathroom. Just

of four is just what you need to relax and unwind after

TLM office we were discussing what


decorated. It occurred to me that for

Bath bombs are the new biggest trend and this pack

because the bathroom it’s the smallest

having the relatives over.

Tiger Stores

If you’re going for a classy theme this might not be for you…but imagine how fun it would be.

room in your house, doesn’t mean

you should neglect it. Here are a few things you can use to brighten up your

bathroom and breathe a little life back into it:

Article by: Sarah Talty Vintage First Aid Cabinet

Bathroom Scales



up your alley.

might help to calm you after you step on them after


Tiger Stores

If you like the vintage look this first aid cabinet is right

The calming blue colour of these bathroom scales Christmas dinner.

Accessory Set Argos


The vibrant organising set is just the thing to brighten

up your bathroom while at the same time keeping your toothbrushes and everything in one place.



in t erv i ew: Tul lio O rl a n d i

Even if you don’t think you know 28-year-old Limerick interior designer Tullio Orlandi, you do. Some of the restaurants and office spaces he’s designed are staples of Limerick: The Buttery, Luigi's Traditional Fish & Chips and the Bank Building to name a few. Recently Tullio has designed the new stylish interior of La Cucina and we caught up with him to get an insight into his creative process.



Can you tell us a bit about your background, how did you get into interior design?

I’ve always had an eye for design, which I get from

my mother Una Orlandi. Even though our tastes are completely different we have a mutual respect

for design and for the finer details. I thank my mom for my creativity and my expensive taste! I studied

Interior & Furniture Design at the Dublin Institute of Technology. After college I got cabin fever and

decided to move to New York. I got a job with a Brooklyn based design firm and was thrown straight into the deep end, designing Brown Stone houses

along with Manhattan Penthouse's and apartments. It was so exciting because it’s an entirely different world

over there where money is no object. I gained so much from that experience and was able to be really creative with what I was doing.

What is most challenging and rewarding thing about your job?

I think the most challenging thing is getting a client to put their in trust you completely. When I pitch to

a client they sometimes look at my presentation and

have trouble visualising it. I love to use bold, deep

and dark colours, which sometimes scares my clients; they think it will darken their space when in fact it

will do the opposite and really bring a space to life. It sometimes takes a while but I usually manage to convince them in the end!

The most rewarding thing is watching a client’s face

when they see the final product, when all the colours, lighting, accessories and furniture link up it creates

something amazing and unique. Knowing that I can create spaces that people love to work, eat and live in is so rewarding.

Can you tell us what have been some of your favourite projects?

The obvious one is my father's restaurant Luigi's Traditional Fish & Chips because this was one of my very first projects. It is close to my heart and has been

a massive part of my life. It took a lot for my father to agree to change. But with my mother by my side we pulled off an incredible design, and I thank them every day for trusting me to transform it.


At the start of the year I designed La Cucina,

What’s next for you?

restaurant La Cucina Centro which again was so

but something is telling me to stay. I'm just going to keep

Castletroy and recently completed their second much fun. Lorraine and Bruno really let me off on

this one and it turned out better than I had imagined

especially with them having such a huge following the pressure was on not to disappoint.

I also recently designed The Buttery in Limerick

city centre, which I’m very proud of because it was a challenge as the softer and feminine look is different

from my other recent projects. I think the owner Hazel

Murphy and I created a really nice environment. It’s a softer, cosier and eclectic place now and I’m thrilled with the feedback from it.

What design do you think will never go out of style? I think the bold colour trend will stick around for a long time. I think the years of safe design - whites

and the dreaded magnolia are well and truly gone and people are finally moving to the dark side. Anybody

who knows me knows I have an obsession with black, it’s my go to colour and anything that plays off of black is a winner.

How would you describe your style?

Oh it’s a mix of everything and anything. Let’s just

say it’s a mix between Abigail Aherne, Jonathan

Adler and Kelly Wearstler. I love bold and over the top patterns, deep and dark wall colours paired with vibrant accents and furniture. Statement lighting is a must. It’s one thing I always try get clients to invest

more into. You could have a white room and with the introduction of an over the top extravagant light it’s done.

I don’t know, I played with the idea of moving away again

doing what I’m doing. I want to develop ideas and try please as many people as I can along the way. To date I’m so grateful for all the support that has been given to me from my friends, family and especially my clients that I don’t

think I’m ready to give it all up and start over again. So Limerick you have me for another while. Article by: Sarah Talty

Photography by: Tarmo Tulit




S t yling Yo u r Chr ist m as Tr e e

During the Christmas season, it's wonderful to pass houses with majestic trees in the window, decked out in lights, garland, and ornaments. Decorating a Christmas tree is a time-honored tradition for many households.

Not sure how you want to decorate? Follow our three easy steps for decorating a Christmas tree.



Step 1: Hang Christmas Tree Lights Tree lights typically come on green or white wire strands; choose the strand color that matches your tree so the wire will be hidden. Illuminating your Christmas tree from the

inside out will give it the most dynamic look. Start at the base of the trunk and work your way up, wrapping lights around every major branch, moving from the trunk to the tip and back.

Here are four popular types of lights to choose from when decorating a Christmas tree. Traditional incandescent lights: These Christmas tree lights, which come in a variety of sizes and colors, are the most popular type of tree lights. They warm up the branches of a real tree, which will release the scent of pine into the room.

LED lights: These Christmas tree lights are newer than the traditional incandescent lights and don't produce heat. They're typically more expensive, but they are flameproof, fireproof, and completely safe to decorate a Christmas tree with.

Globe lights: These Christmas tree lights are round and come in many sizes. They look like balls of color on the tree, and while they have a softer glow than mini lights, the light they produce covers a larger area on the tree.

Bubble lights: These retro lights stand straight up on the limbs of your Christmas tree. When the liquid tube on top of the light warms up, bubbles float up and down inside the tube, resembling lava lamps.

Experiment with different lighting schemes until you find one you like, it's ok to mix and match lights. For example, a background of white or clear lights can be highlighted with strands of colored lights that wrap the outer areas of the tree.

Step 2: Add Christmas Tree Garland There are no firm rules for decorating a Christmas tree when it comes to draping garland. To avoid branches bulging between tightly cinched garland strands, start at the top of the tree, and slowly increase the amount of garland between each wave as you work your way down the branches. Plan to use about two strands of garland for every vertical foot of tree.

To avoid a busy look on your tree, decorate your Christmas tree with a variety of garlands from plain to fancy. Thin, beaded garlands look best hung from branch to branch; thicker paper, ribbon, or foil garlands look best wrapped loosely around the entire tree.

Step 3: Hang Christmas Tree Ornaments The next step in decorating a Christmas tree is to hang your ornaments. To showcase your favorites, place them in prime positions on the tree first. Next, hang your larger ornaments, spacing them evenly around the tree. Fill in around those ornaments with medium and small-size ornaments. Be sure to hang some ornaments closer to the trunk to create depth and interest. Finish dressing the tree by adding specialty items, such as clip-on ornaments.



T he li me rick magazin e


Winter Breaks: 5 destinations that are sure to help you battle those winter blue this year




as beautiful a time in Barcelona as any other. A city

There is so much to do and see in this beautiful city

springtime when the tulips are in bloom but the truth

Unless you are a total beach bunny, Wintertime is just known for its rich and vibrant culture and gorgeous architecture, Barcelona makes the perfect destination

for a weekend city break. Why not visit the Santa Llucía Christmas fair? It is a true tradition for the locals of the city and is Barcelona’s oldest Christmas

fair dating right back to the early 1700’s. The fair runs

for three weeks, ending the day before Christmas Eve. You will find over 300 stalls at the market, each

offering something different from Christmas trees, to food, to beautiful handmade gifts. The atmosphere

is buzzing and lively during the day but once it gets dark, it is even more special when all the twinkling Christmas lights turn on. If it’s culture you’re looking

for, head to Santa Maria del Mar church and catch

one of its Yuletide performances of Handel’s Messiah. Temperatures in Barcelona rarely drop below 5°c in

the Winter so if you fancy getting out of cold, damp Irish Winter weather for a few days, then Barcelona is a great choice. Keep an eye out on the Ryanair website as Winter is the quietest time of year to visit cities like

Barcelona so you’re bound to find a good deal if you keep your eyes peeled.

Edinburgh is a true gem in the crown of Scotland. that you’ll never want to come home! The charming, vibrant and buzzing city will most definitely cast its

spell on you and you’ll be booking your next trip as soon as you get home. If you want to feel super festive and Christmassy, then the German Christmas market on Prince’s Street is the place for you. The market has

got hundreds of stalls teeming with delicious food, warm apple cider and gorgeous handmade Christmas

gifts. The addition of tonnes of Christmas lights all over the city adds an extra bit of magic to the atmosphere, and don’t forget the famous Hogmanay

festival. However, Edinburgh can be extremely cold, especially in the Winter so be sure to wrap up tight before you head out as it gets colder throughout the

day, the perfect excuse to duck in for a hot chocolate or coffee every now and then. Edinburgh’s nightlife is

also alive and buzzing with some of the best selection of trendy bars and nightclubs ever. Of course, no trip

to Edinburgh would be complete without a visit to the historic castle perched high above the city in the charming old town.

Some say the best time to visit Amsterdam is in the is that Amsterdam is a great city to visit at any time

of the year. Another truly charming city, Amsterdam is the perfect break from the dull Irish Winter. A

small city filled to the brim with culture and history, you’ll never be bored with an endless list of things

to do and see while you’re there. Amsterdam has a

great selection of museums with gorgeous artworks to

browse and ponder if you fancy getting in out of the cold for a while. One such museum is the Van Gogh

museum located right in the middle of the museum

quarter. All of Van Gogh’s works are hung alongside the artwork of some of the artists who influenced him

and his craft throughout his life. The museum gives a

great insight into the artist’s life, including personal touches such as family photos and little pieces of

information about his technique and inspirations. Entry lines can tend to be very long so it is a good

idea to book ahead of time to avoid disappointment. For the romantic getaway, there are plenty of places to

rent bikes to go for a ride along the gorgeous, worldfamous canals and quaint streets of Amsterdam with

that special someone. Ryanair often do great deals on

flights and accommodation to Amsterdam every now

and then so it’s definitely worth keeping an eye out and scoring a bargain to this great city.





to visit the stunning city of Budapest. It is the peak

the world and that beauty is certainly enhanced in the

December, surprisingly enough, is one of the best times of the city’s social calendar with numerous festivals, concerts and exhibitions taking place throughout the month. For the foodie, there are some great food

festivals all around the city, showcasing some of the

very best in local and traditional Hungarian cuisine. There are also many gorgeous Christmas fairs that take place during December, the largest being Vörösmarty tér. The fair is fantastic during the day, offering

everything you could hope for from a Christmas fair

but the evening and night time is when it truly comes alive, surrounded by sparkling fairy lights. December Is the coldest month of the year in Hungary so what

better way keep out of the cold than in the worldfamous thermal baths. There are plenty of thermal spas to choose from around the city and whether you

choose an indoor or outdoor pool, sit back and relax in the steaming water. Budapest’s nightlife is one of

the cheapest nights out you will ever come across with

most alcoholic drinks retailing below €5.00 and a

fantastic range of bars and nightclubs to choose from.

Vienna is possibly one of the most beautiful cities in Winter, adding a magical feeling of Christmas to your visit. A true Winter wonderland. Temperatures often drop well below freezing even during the day but once

you have seen the breathtakingly crisp, snow-covered scenery you will forget about all that. However, make

sure you pack in preparation so that you can truly

enjoy all that Vienna has to offer without worrying about being cold. A must-see on your trip to Vienna is the magnificent palace museum of Kunthistoriches which houses a vast collection of beautiful fine art dating right back as far as the 16th Century. The

palace itself is an impressive piece of architecture but the beautiful art inside enhances the overall beauty of the building. Skiing may be an obvious activity for an Austrian break however, that can turn out to be very

expensive. However, there is no shortage of things to

do in Vienna and perhaps one of the most impressive is the Imperial Butterfly House. Experience a tiny

haven of warmth with the added bonus of some

beautiful butterflies. British Airways have some great package deals for hotels and flights to Vienna and fly from most airports in Ireland. Article by: Ali Molloy



T h e li merick magazin e

Food &Drink Vegan or Meat Eater - Limerick has your covered The Old Fire Station will offer meals and snacks for

every time of the day, including free porridge every morning at breakfast time. Marci, Kevin and Seán are adamant on the food being ethically sourced from

local suppliers such as The Urban Co-Op and farms

around the Co. Limerick area for produce such as eggs. Sourcing their ingredients from surrounding

localities will allow the trio to ensure that the food

will be as fresh as it could possibly be. As Kevin puts

it, "They were in the field last week and they’ll be on your plate this week."

The last thing that the trio want is for people to feel intimidated by the thought of a plant-based restaurant. Especially with a lot of negative attention

having been shone on the vegan community in recent

years which can cause some people to find the idea of going to eat in a vegetarian/vegan restaurant to be off-putting. Kevin ensures that "We’re not out to Kevin Kiely Jnr and Seán McNamara met back

Customers can, hopefully, expect to see a guitar and

convert anybody.’ Instead, they hope to put together a

interest in great quality, healthy food with Kevin

of a sing-song, adding to the chill, homey-vibe that

be serving tapas plates with little tasters of items on

will be open daily from 8am to 11pm with the

find something to their taste before they commit to

will stay open till 2am when Kevin, Seán and Marci

Says Marci.

healthier option for late-night snacking. "We want

The Old Fire Station Restaurant is set to be a

they get the munchies late at night, instead of having

the growing interest in healthy food in the country

explains. ‘It happens in a lot of other places, London,

your eyes peeled and pay a visit into Kevin, Marci and

I’m used to that lifestyle. But it doesn’t happen here so

are currently being taken and the interview process

in 2014 and soon clicked, realising their common

having become vegan not long before meeting Seán. Kevin was then introduced to Seán’s wife, Marci, a life-long vegetarian. The three are passionate about eating healthily and fuelling the body in a smart way and eventually, the idea of opening a vegan/vegetarian restaurant in Limerick was born.

The Old Fire Station Restaurant is set to open its doors before Christmas, later this year and aims to provide

Limerick with the high-quality of food that Kevin

believes we are seriously lacking. "[The Restaurant]

will be a place where people can just come and hang out, listen to music and get some great quality food at the same time".


piano in the restaurant, free for use and maybe a bit

menu that will include something for everyone. ‘We’ll

Kevin, Seán and Marci hope to create. The restaurant

the menu so that people can try bits and pieces and

exception of Thursday, Friday and Saturday when it

ordering a full portion, just in case they don’t like it."

hope to provide the night-owls of Limerick with a

our restaurant to be a hub where anyone can come if

fantastic, exciting new addition to Limerick City and

no other choice but to resort to fast-food." Marci

and is definitely one to watch. Make sure to keep

Dublin et cetera. I lived I London for 7 years and so

Seán once the restaurant has opened its doors. CVs

we want to change that.’ adds Kevin.

will begin in the next couple of weeks. Article by: Ali Molloy


Joe was inspired by Ed Catmull, one of the founders of Pixar, and took his business advice to heart. “One of

his mottos was ‘Fail hard and fail fast.’ If you’re going

to do it at all, do it big, and surround yourself with a very good team. He said ‘Don’t try and do it all on your own, do it with a team, you’re only as strong as your

team.’ I have a great front of house team and I call my

kitchen team The Mad Scientists, because they come up with some out-there things.” These crazy ideas influenced their recent menu change, which brought

Northern Texas beef brisket and cracked black pepper

sausages to the streets of Limerick. “We spent April, May, June, July just non-stop in the kitchen. We were looking at doing fish, we were looking at doing lobster tail at one point and we kind of came up with

some mad ideas and tried them out. If they work, they

work, if they don’t… More often than not they don’t!” Freedom to experiment and try new things is Joe’s

favourite perk of being self-employed “Once I took

over there were no reigns and I could go wild and do

what I wanted to. And I did! I brought in free wing weekend, I had a free ice cream weekend, I brought

in special pulled pork nachos for a weekend, just mad

cap things like that. What I’m most proud of is that I haven’t messed it up yet, it’s still going Ok and I’m El Toro burst onto the Limerick restaurant scene in a hail of sizzle and smoke. As it continues to go from strength to strength, we spoke to owner Joe Nolan about success in business, the importance of teamwork and bringing a taste of the Deep South to our city.

Joe was bitten by the American bug early in life and brushed up on all things stateside when coaching American football at UL. He saw a gap in the market and put his expertise to work: “There’s no other authentic barbeque in

the city. What sets us apart is the way we’re cooking things and the quality of the meat we’re using. We’re keeping

still landing on my feet!”

If you’d like a taste of what The Mad Scientists have

been cooking, visit El Toro BBQ at 4 Henry Street, Limerick City.

Article by: Laura Duhan

it minimal, letting the meat do the talking, without adding too much on to it: buy good meat and you don’t have to put on too much rub.”

As to where he should base his business, Joe was never conflicted: “Limerick is home. I grew up in Doon, I’m

Limerick to the bone, in all aspects - Limerick FC, Limerick GAA, Munster, all that. I love home, there’s no place else I would want to do business. Currently, it’s only on the up, especially the food industry in Limerick. The standards have gone through the roof in the last maybe three years. Now if you have a food business in Limerick

you constantly have to be on your toes, because people are more into food, they know their food, so you’ve got to be thinking of new ways to excite them and new ways to keep them interested.” The toughest challenge for a budding restauranteur? “Trying to stay two weeks ahead of yourself while dealing with the everyday problems. It took me

about four months to realise that this current week, I need to be planning two week’s time. Now I think I’ve got it down, I’ve got a special coming in two weeks and I know what it is, we’ve cooked it off so we’ll just order the ingredients and know how to cook it, we’ve all that done, we’re a step ahead.”



The li me rick magazin e

Food &Drink In Season: Christmas Fruit and vegetables Rich colours, sticky sweetness and deep flavours essential for your festive spread


Sharon Fruit

puddings and cakes, but they can also make amazing chutneys with

extra twist to Christmas fruit cakes, or if you’ve had your fill of fruit

Of course sweet dates are the essential ingredient in Christmas

(Delia Smith has a great easy recipe for this), or try a date a red wine sauce with your meat of choice this year.

Another orangey visual delight, the Sharon fruit can be used to add

cakes, simply use them as part of an edible centrepiece or slice and dry out to make delightful decorations.


Purple Sprouting Broccoli

clementines? An orange or clementine would traditionally appear in

combined with the humble Brussel sprout as detailed below, or prepared

Why is there such a strong association between Christmas and stockings around the world, has links with origins of legend of St Nicholas. Pile in a bowl with added patterns of cloves for Christmas pomanders or use as flavouring for dinner.


Purple sprouting broccoli is a delicious twist on a classic and be with clementine and chilli a la Nigella Lawson.

Brussel Sprouts

You either love them or hate them, but Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a serving (even if they are doomed to

be scraped into the bin). For both Brussel lovers and sceptics, here’s a great twist to add to the tradition: •450g purple sprouting broccoli

•2 tbsp groundnut oil or vegetable oil •2 tbsp toasted sesame oil

•5 garlic cloves, peeled and very finely sliced •1 tbsp toasted sesame seeds

1.Trim off any hard ends from the broccoli stalks as well as

any very coarse leaves. Bring a large quantity of salted water

to the boil in a very large saucepan and plunge in the broccoli. With the lid on, quickly bring the water back to the boil, then remove the lid and briskly simmer the broccoli for about 2 minutes. Drain thoroughly.

2.Meanwhile, heat both oils in the pan over a medium heat. Fry the garlic for 2-3 minutes, stirring constantly, until the

slices are light golden. Throw in the broccoli and fry it for 2-3 minutes, tossing frequently, until the stalks are piping hot and imbued with the garlicky oil.

3.Serve immediately with the sesame seeds sprinkled over the top


The li me rick magazin e

Food &Drink W i ne: The To p Ten W i n e s fo r T h e Fe s t i v e S ea son Ok folks, the time has come to present our Christmas wine selection. Tis the season to be jolly so I’ve picked out a few crackers that will appeal to all palates and pockets so we can all enjoy a drop or three over the festive season.

Wine is for all occasions but none better than the biggest party of the year, so if it’s finding the wine for the Christmas dinner table you’re after, late night party wines (there will be a few!) the perfect gift idea or that “solo sipper” you feel you deserve while beside a roasting fire for the chilly evenings ahead, then there’s something here for everyone to explore and enjoy. So here’s to you and Happy Christmas!

1. Côtes du Rhône - Château de Marjolet – Rhone Valley France

3. Passo Antico Asspassimento – Sardinia – Italy

time of year. Based in the southern Rhône Valley this Grenache Syrah blend

a part of the blend of 3 traditional Sardinian grapes is air dried in the age old Appassimento

This brilliant, quality conscious family estate grown wine is perfect for this is big and spicy with persistent red fruit flavours. Throw another log on the fire as you’ll be asking for more!

A fabulous new jewel in the crown is a beautiful Sardinian full bodied red wine, where only

process until the grapes are like raisins and intense with flavour and sweetness. The blend

is achieved so beautifully: you still get the intensity of flavour on the mid palate from the partial Appassimento used in the making of this Sardinian masterpiece.

2. Ass Kisser Shiraz – Barossa Valley, South Australia

4. Puro Malbec – Mendoza Argentina

serious wine. This lively, vibrant up front spicy Shiraz is perfectly supported

bouquet of cedar, subtle wood smoke, cassis, and black cherry. On the palate it reveals

showing intense flavour with persistent length and weight. The winemakers

finish. And, it’s organic! This is not a wine that hits you over the head with fruit, but a

Don't be fooled by the mischievous name into thinking that this is not a

with creamy vanillin oak. A vivacious Shiraz made in the fruit driven style, at Rocland Estate work hard and enjoy making a great drop. Their belief is that good wine is made with passion, heart and soul. Enjoy!


A truly elegant Malbec that punches way above its weight - it has an outstanding

an elegant personality with spicy, layered red and black fruits, silky tannins, and a plush wine that impresses with its depth of flavour and ultimately it’s fine character.


5. Perl Anima Frizzante- Italy

9. Sancerre Domaine La Mangellerie – Loire Valley France

wine, enhanced by creamy, lingering bubbles which enfold gently on the palate.

species and go full throttle and get yourself a Sancerre. This elegant wine from the

releases refreshing fruity and floral nuances, with characteristics of citrus and peach,

mineral, stone fruit and melon flavours, giving way to a rich, balanced and lasting

The value-end sparkler is an exceptionally pleasant, richly aromatic, intense

To all Sauvignon Blanc lovers out there, why not trade up to the original of the

Harmonious and well-orchestrated, with a perfect balance of acidity and sugar.It

Loire Valley in France is the ultimate Sauvignon Blanc experience. Bursting with

this is an extremely versatile wine, perfect whenever raising glasses for a toast.

finish. Discover the complexities that make this wine something to savour rather

6. Georges Cartier NV

10. Pinot Grigio ~ Villa Conaro D.O.C –Limited Selection Silver Label

delight. This non-vintage brut champagne is brought to you by the famous Cartier

a careful selection of the best grown grapes from the sun kissed vineyards of the

celebrating in style along with the other gems the Cartier family are renowned for.

here comes a Pinot Grigio that affords a delicate but exotic fruit sensation on

than to slug!

What better way to celebrate than to pop open the champers to great cheer and

Many a favourite of the white wine ‘tipplers’, this Pinot Grigio is obtained from

family estate. A very nice accompaniment for those of you who may be thinking of

Eastern Veneto region in Italy (where all the “beautiful people” hang out!)From

It is Christmas after all!

the nose and a fresh perfectly balanced flavour of orchestrated fruity notes on the

palate. A pinot with finesse and style. C’mon you remember Sex & The City ,yeah? That’s where it all began.

All of the listed wine can be obtained from 7. Rose Gemma Spumante- Prosecco

Article by: Douglas Murray

Floral and extremely fresh on the nose, this marvelous sparkling rosé is enhanced by elegant overtones of red berry fruits exploding on the palate. Its tiny, persisting

bubbles make it a perfect pair to any hospitable event. Flowers and fruit take centre

stage and make for a truly engaging sparkling wine experience. If you like your rosé then go and spoil yourself as you will adore this sparkler!

8. Terra Mater Vineyard Reserve Chardonnay – Maipo Valley Chile

Vibrant melon, peach, pineapple and attractive citric aromas well accompanied by

touches of honey and nuts. Fermentation in oak barrels contributes notes of vanilla, smoke and hints of sweet spices such as clove and cinnamon. A creamy texture abounds with a long and pleasant finish.



G l a zing Yo u r T u r k ey at C hristma s Herb-Glazed Roasted Turkey Recipe


4 h 45 m16 servings828 cals

1 (16 pound) whole turkey, neck and giblets removed 1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil 1 teaspoon salt

1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper 1 teaspoon ground thyme 1 cup honey

1/2 cup melted butter

2 teaspoons dried sage leaves

1 tablespoon minced fresh parsley 1 teaspoon dried basil 1 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon ground black pepper Directions Prep

30 m

Cook 4h

Ready In 4 h 45 m

Preheat oven to 325 degrees F (165 degrees C). Rinse the turkey, and pat thoroughly dry with paper towels. Brush the turkey with olive oil, inside and out.

Mix 1 teaspoon of salt, 1/2 teaspoon of pepper, and the thyme in a small bowl, and sprinkle the turkey with the mixture. Place the turkey on a rack set in a roasting pan, and roast in the preheated oven for 2 hours.

In a bowl, stir together the honey, melted butter, sage, parsley, basil, 1 teaspoon salt, and 1 teaspoon pepper, until the mixture is smooth and well blended. Brush the turkey with the honey glaze, and return to the oven.

Roast the turkey until no longer pink at the bone and the juices run clear, about 2 more hours. An instant-read thermometer inserted into the thickest part of the thigh, near the bone should read 180 degrees F (82 degrees C). Continue to brush the turkey with the honey glaze frequently as it roasts. Remove the turkey from the oven, cover with a doubled sheet of aluminum foil, and allow to rest in a warm area 10 to 15 minutes before slicing.



M u l led Wi ne to S p ice U p Yo ur C h r is t m as

Ingredients Serves: 4

1 litre dry red wine

2 (5cm) cinnamon sticks

1 dessertspoon whole cloves

1 dessertspoon whole allspice

1 large piece orange rind (avoid the pith) 1 large piece lemon rind (avoid the pith) 4 tablespoons sugar, or to taste Method

Prep: 3min › Cook: 20min › Ready in: 23min

In a heavy saucepan over medium heat, combine the red wine, cinnamon, cloves, allspice, lemon rind and orange rind. Heat gently, but don't bring to the boil. Stir in 2 tablespoons of the sugar, and once dissolved, taste to see if you'd like to add more.

Keep hot on medium to low heat for 20 minutes to let the flavours infuse the wine. Serve your mulled wine hot in glasses or mugs.


Health & Wellbeing With health and fitness instructor Sintija Zorge

Winter immunity boost

As the seasons change, our ways on how to keep

During lunch or other meal why not add some garlic?

need more warmth and crave different type of foods

diet daily to strengthen your immunity and fight

healthy and well changes too. It’s natural for body to as we arrive in the winter.

As it becomes colder some might find it difficult to commit to that training regime and stick to healthy diet. However, you will feel mentally much more

Garlic is another remedy that can be used in your

Now if you caught the terrible cold or having flu symptoms try these remedies to get rid of it faster:

against common cold. It’s a super food that can be

Lemon Tea

delicious. Garlic will detoxify your body and provide


easily included in your diet and makes food taste extra

you with vitamins, antioxidants that will simply help

Pure lemon tea (squeezed lemon with hot water) with

you to maintain good health and has even been linked

Cranberries and Garlic


Boil cranberries and use the juice as syrup to drink and

avoid that hot chocolate with extra toppings and have

Another must have in your diet is cranberries.These

boiled cranberries with finely chopped garlic and

get used to cold air in the lungs so breathing capacity

cold, other viruses and make your immunity super

accomplished when you finished your run in bad conditions then if you had perfect weather conditions

for a run. Your body and mind will thank you if you

warm homemade veggie soup instead. Your body will

will improve, your immunity will improve as your body will get used to colder conditions, and this all helps you burn more calories!

To protect your immunity and strengthen yourself against viruses/bacteria it takes time, patience, routine

and belief. Drinking Vitamin C only when you get flu won’t improve anything and probably won’t get you

back on your feet faster than you thought anyhow, so

to reducing hearth disease and other diseases like

are super berries that will protect you from common strong. Again having just few berries in sauce once in

the benefits. Cranberries will support your immune

remember you must have them regularly with

But making them part of your routine you will reap

system to reduce risks of getting sick, but if you are having cold flu already having cranberries will get

you back on your feet faster. They will also help with dental and stomach problems.

day, starting now.

your salad, or oatmeal, having them with other fruits

squeezed lemon juice.This will provide you with boost

of vitamins that will kick start your day with energy. Lemons are fantastic, they are loaded with vitamins

that will cleanse you and help reduce infections, constipation, indigestion, cleanses stomach, skin and so on. Maintain this routine daily to really feel the benefits.

spoon of it every day as part of natural medicine.

These 3 superfoods are amazing to support your

There are many ideas how to include cranberries in

Begin every morning with glass of water with

honey, leave it in the fridge to cool and set. Have a

a while or a cranberry juice few times won’t do the job.

my advice is to have a routine and take all the vitamins through veggies and fruits as much as possible every

the rest of the cranberries for health paste. Combine

the diet and simple ones could be adding them into

as a snack, mixing them in your smoothie or juicing them with other fruits/veg.

immunity and help you fight against disease but balanced nutrition, regular exercise and minimal stress as a part of healthy lifestyle. Article by: Sintija Zorge


Health & Wellbeing Mind Your Mind Lisa’s Light, Limerick It would be a long time before Katie would feel able to

They are just few words long, simple quotes that we

just before Christmas in 2014, she had a moment of

are facing.”

talk about her cousin. Nearly three years passed when, inspiration that changed her life, and brought about Lisa’s Light.

Lisa’s Light began as a simple, yet powerful concept: a set of light boxes placed along Limerick’s Thomond

Bridge, with positive messages to provide a light in

Light has recently been given a nod as one of the charities featured on the Limerick Monopoly board.

Amazingly, Katie says the original idea came from a

dream. “Lisa was standing on the bridge, and I just

in the dark for people who are struggling.

Katie Whelan and her cousin Lisa, were more like

sisters. She was just 15 when Lisa lost her life to suicide, aged 20. Shocked and devastated does not

even begin to describe how Katie and her family felt. “It was unbelievably hard. For so long I couldn’t

even talk about her, I would burst into tears any time anyone mentioned her name. I don’t really know how

we got through it. We just pulled together as a family, and I had a lot of support from my boyfriend. It

helped to know we were all there for each other, and that there would always be someone to talk to, when

is run by HSE and the National Office for Suicide Prevention.”

even global? “I would love to see other counties, and

by councillors, media and the public alike, and Lisa’s

organisation in Limerick hoping to provide that light

lot of inspiration from the #littlethings campaign that

health in Limerick, organising fundraising events

social media channels. Katie’s work has been praised

not alone in the darkness. Lisa’s Light is just one

right words and messages for Lisa’s Light. “We got a

With what she has achieved in such a short space of

and brightening people’s days through Lisa’s Light’s

many people, so it’s important to remember we are

Katie and her mum spent many hours deciding on the

the darkness when someone needs it most. Now, Katie continues to work to promote positive mental

Christmas can be a particularly difficult time for

hope will brighten up everyone’s day, whatever they

remember all this light around her. Dreams aren’t

always clear, I made sense of it when I woke – it seemed like there were boxes of light, and they had

words in them, though I couldn’t really make them out. The most important thing I remember is that Lisa was looking at the words, and it made her step

back as she read them. I knew there was something in it. I was sure that I had to do something with it, and the idea started to take shape.”

time, does Katie see Lisa’s Light going national, or yes even countries take up the idea. At the moment I’m just thrilled that it’s happening in Limerick.”

Now Katie can talk about Lisa, and she speaks with great tenderness and love. “I am just grateful for the times we shared. I have so many happy memories, and

I want her memory to help bring happiness to others.” So many of us will experience dark times. Whether that darkness last a day, a week, or more, Lisa’s Light will be there to help guide people through.

More information on Lisa’s Light can be found at Article by: Kayleigh Ziolo

Photography by: Tarmo Tulit

Lisa’s Light isn’t just about suicide awareness. Of

course Katie is pleased to play a part in raising awareness and encouraging people to seek help, and she hopes the light boxes could play some part to

prevent it. But she wants Lisa’s Light to help boost the overall morale of the city. “The messages we have chosen, are positive, life affirming statements.

I felt ready.”



pa r enti ng Festive Family Fun in Limerick

Now that the lights have been switched on, it is officially time to start preparing and planning for Christmas! Limerick will be immersed in a deluge of

exciting and entertaining experiences this year. There is a wide range of activities to choose from for both the young and the young at heart. Stonehall Visitor Farm

Stonehall Farm, located in Curraghchase Forest Park, just a 15 minute drive from Limerick City is home

to Santa’s grotto this Christmas. On arrival adults will be able to enjoy tea, coffee, mulled wine and a

mince pie while the children can enjoy the play area, birds and animals. Following their visit to see Santa the children can collect their framed photograph and then proceed to meet Rudolph and enjoy more

play time. Bookings can be made online at www. This festive experience is top

of my list for family friendly activities this December! Christmas at the Hunt Museum

Limerick’s Hunt Museum is home to ‘The Magic of Christmas’ event running from Thursday 8th

December until Sunday 11th December. Located

in the heart of the city on Limerick’s Rutland Street this fantastic Christmas experience includes a fun

filled opening ceremony, a festive lantern procession, a Christmas treasure hunt, themed workshops and a

craft and food fair. There is definitely something to suit

all age groups at this fun filled weekend. Bookings for this weekend of events can be made online at www.



Limerick on Ice

From Thursday 8th December until Sunday 8th

January 2017 Arthur’s Quay is home to Limerick on Ice! Bookings can be made online at www. Ticket prices are €14 for children

under 14 years of age and are €16 for adults. Family

tickets can be purchased for €50, this includes 2 adults and 2 children or 1 adult and 3 children. There are also a number of special offers and discounted prices

available for groups of more than 10 people, school groups and students. There is also a closed session available for children with special needs. Christmas at the Milk Market

Christmas will commence at the Milk Market early December and run until the 24th December. The Christmas Milk Market is sure to engage the whole

family with over 60 stalls of fantastic festive food, decorations, books, clothes, crafts, gifts, bric-a-brac

and toys. Located on Limerick’s Mungret Street, this central attraction has been part of the city’s history for over 160 years. A visit to the Christmas Milk Market

is a fantastic opportunity to immerse oneself in the

seasonal delights available in Limerick City and a chance to absorb the festive ambience with friends and family.

Article by Jane Butler O’ Halloran



B u s ine ss Startup Spotlight Thomas Bibby, Reg Point Of Sale When did you first spot the need for Reg? What problem is it solving?

Two of my friends were opening a café in 2012, and as the nerd in my group of friends, they asked me to look

into till systems. The available options were expensive, difficult to use and based on outdated technology. Reg

is an iPad point of sale system focused on ease of use, simplicity and stability. It puts independent retailers in control of their business.

How did you get the business off the ground?

I didn’t want to take any outside investment, so I

‘bootstrapped’ by finding paying customers at the very

start. Word of mouth has always been our strongest

asset in growing the business, right from the early days.

What is it like being a husband and wife team: do you have to make a conscious effort to 'switch off ' from the business side of things?

We’re doing a bit better these days! For the first few

years it really was 24/7 but we’ve tried to reclaim some of our weekends recently. Making a conscious effort

to switch off from the business has helped us to make Tell us a bit about your background, and when did you first venture into entrepreneurship?

I grew up in Limerick, and left to study Computational Chemistry in Dublin when I was 17. After working in programming in Dublin, I did two years’ volunteer work in West Africa, which led to a move to working in the non-profit sector when I came back to Dublin. Just over four years ago I felt the lure of programming again, and so I left my job to start Reg.


better decisions - sometimes you’re so immersed that it is difficult to make strategic decisions.


What made you decide to move and do business

Who are your role models in life and work?

business community like here?

most of whom are independent owner-managed

here in Limerick? What is the start up/small When I left Limerick at 17 I honestly never thought

I'd be back. I met Sheila at a work event and we got married in Dublin in 2006. Two years later we moved

to Limerick. We're both big fans of Limerick as a place to live and as a great place to run a tech startup due to a combination of low cost of living, great connectivity, and Limerick’s status as a creative city.

What kind of relationship do you have with your clients?

One of our biggest selling points about our system

It might be a cliché, but I really admire our customers, retailers, including seven out of the Top 100 restaurants

in Ireland. Being an independent retailer is a really hard job, and I admire our customers’ tenacity and

commitment to excellence. Part of our aim is to put some of the tools that the big chains have into the hands of independents to help them compete.

What advice would you give to anyone starting out?

Build a great product that you can be proud of, and be wary of those who offer you advice!

is that it is so stable and easy to use that you’ll never

What does success look like to you?

customers! But now that we have over 100 customers

in Dublin, Our Table, which aims to provide training

need to call us, so we never hear from most of our we’ve learnt a lot about the challenges that new independent retailers face, and we do our best to share our expertise with our customers.

Last week we gave a donation to a not-for-profit cafe for people who have been granted asylum in Ireland. Being able to give back to projects such as this makes me immensely proud.

What's the biggest challenge you've faced as a

What does the future hold?

The year before our product launch was a very

I’m hoping to extend this to the UK next year by


stereotypical startup situation - I was doing 12 hour days, 7 days a week, just hammering out code. I think

after launch I had two months where I was ‘burnt out’ - I was just so mentally exhausted, it was a real

challenge to keep going. It was a reminder that I’m no longer a spring chicken at 37! Work life balance is

important not only for your personal well-being, but

We’ve a fantastic customer base here in Ireland and appointing our first distributors. Our focus is on

slow, sustainable growth of the business so picking the right partners who understand what we do will be crucial.

Article by: Kayleigh Ziolo

for your professional productivity as well.



OPI N I ON: T h e conu ndrum of em o t i o n There is anger out there and it can easily be turned

into hate with a drip feed of calculated information that is made to look like understanding, empathy and

comfort. Anger is possibly the most reflexive emotion we have; it’s instant and difficult to shake once it

lands, so that is the one that is typically stoked up by those with another agenda.

We’ve underestimated the importance of how the

world ‘feels’ to people for far too long. There is a So here we are, officially in the post-truth era – with

We have access to more information, but also more

tendency to overlook and even supress this the more

of Donald Trump and the circulation of fake news

manipulate our emotional selves for the sake of more

rational or overshadowing the facts. Of course, the

riddled political campaigns succeed globally, so much

arises, and prejudice should never be indulged no

with the views presented still put their X in their box.

As the quotes goes, everyone is entitled to their own

misinformation and material intended to exploit and

important the issue gets, for fear of not seeming

clicks, And so we have seen wholly vapid and phobia

focus needs to be fighting any misinformation as it

so that even people who admit to being uncomfortable

matter how that person might be feeling.

‘Why?’ we ask ourselves.

opinion, but not their own facts. Important issues are

understandable why it feels like reality is giving way

Broadly speaking it is because they have more

mixture of emotions they can connect to – anger yes,

emotional beings, with immediate, reflexive emotional

People are, for a variety of reasons, disillusioned

but show people a better vision for the world than the

“system” at large. It is a feeling that should have united

We need to confront not just our own emotions but

led to division, to the rise of fear, xenophobia and

emotional response as a lack of knowledge is wrong

the phrase making the Oxford Dictionary, the election

stories on social media making people howl with rage and resentment. Facts simply aren’t the thing these

days, these days the brain has waved its white flag and let the heart lead the way.

Of course, this isn’t really how it is, but it is

information and also ones, and we need to provide a

successfully tapped into widespread human emotion.

but also hope and positivity. We need to not just tell

with traditional politics and mainstream media - the

one they buy into out of fear and disenfranchisement.

us as the ordinary people on the street; instead it has

those of the people we disagree with. Dismissing an

mistrust of all around us.

and as we have seen only plays into the hands of those

complicated issues and solutions available, while the

I can’t begin to understand the numerous social issues

need leaders who are able to do this too. We need

worded slogan and the bravado and confidence that

be observed from the campaigns that have profited

challenge when they are ultimately being asked to

to skewed impressions. We have long been complex responses that work outside of our logical thinking. The problem is marrying the two sides. We’ve seen this

most prominently in the divisive political debates that

have dominated our thoughts over the past few years: Repeal the 8th, Brexit, Trump v Clinton – one might

present fact, experience, and discusses the myriad of other strides in with the sucker punch of a brilliantly implies what they are saying simply must be right, even though they aren’t saying much at all.

who seek to exploit them. But more importantly, we

that have led up to this point, but one thing that can

more emotionally intelligent to step up; a bigger

off of these feelings is that they tap into emotions;

join a system that so many feel is broken.

and how they feel right here in this moment.

So hold on to your feelings, show them, and talk

they manage to create a direct rapport with people

about them. It’s time to get emotional. Article by: Kayleigh Ziolo



THE LIMERICK MAGAZINE EVENT highlight Tommy Tiernan – Under the Influence

Veteran comedian Tommy Tiernan has never been

This new Irish and UK tour will look at everyday life

He is stopping at the University Concert Hall,

anything he probably shouldn’t. A bold performer

a light that only Tommy could cast, refusing to take

sold out so you need to act fast if you want to see

one to shy away from talking about everything and

through and through, Tiernan has, without a doubt, been one of the best in the Irish comedy game for almost 21 years, performing in a way that can only be described ‘as if he is appalled by the idea of being

bland’. In his new show, Under the Influence, he is more mischievous than ever before.

and the struggle to survive even the most ordinary in anything seriously. In a style true to himself, be sure

to expect Tommy to be 'dancing round the stage like a hunchbacked Mick Jagger' and with his colourful vocabulary, this tour is not for the faint of heart. Don't

miss the chance to see this hilarious comedian in his natural habitat of the stage this December as Under

the Influence promises to be one of Tommy's best

Limerick for two dates only and one of them is already

this comedic genius in action. Tickets are €28 and are available from the University Concert Hall website

and would make a great early Christmas present for someone in your life who loves to laugh. Article by: Ali Molloy

tours yet.



Past Lives Irish Christmas Traditions The celebration of Christmas has evolved, with some traditions lost, some changed, and some maintained. What traditions are particular of an Irish Christmas, and how well have they endured?

Nollaig na mBan Also known as Women’s Little Christmas, this traditional celebration held on the feast of the Epiphany harks back to

the days when women were responsible for the bulk of the work in the home, particularly around the Christmas period. Women would gather together in their homes, social clubs and pubs - though not until 1958 with the latter, as women were not allowed to go to the pub unless accompanied by a man before then – and take the opportunity to have a break

and enjoy some merriment. In these more equal times, the tradition has died out somewhat, though many still mark the

occasion and hotels and restaurants, particularly in southern parts of Ireland and even abroad in the US have special Women’s Christmas afternoon teas and lunch promotions. Candle in the Window and the Laden Table With all the lights and décor many of us put around and outside the house, it’s not hard to see how this tradition got a little bit lost. It was customary for people to leave a single lit candle in the window at Christmas as a welcome signal to

those outside in need. Another custom centred around welcoming those in need into one’s home was the laden table: after

the evening meal on Christmas Eve, the table would be set again, this time with bread, raisins and milk, and a large candle. The door would be left on the latch so Mary and Joseph or any other wandering traveller could avail of the welcome. This tradition has also more or less died out in our more security conscious society. Wren Day A very old tradition that has been revived in some parts of modern Ireland, Hunt the Wren Day, or Lá an Dreoilín takes place on St Stephen’s Day. A wren (usually a fake, though at its origin it would have been real) is ‘hunted’ and once captured

is placed on top of a decorative pole. A crowd of mummers, also known as strawboys or Wren boys, then celebrate the

wren by dressingup with masks and straw suits and parade through the town playing music and singing the Wren Song. Wren Day is said to have descended from Celtic Mythlogy, however there are Christian and Nordic stories connected to the day too. From the Celtic side, wrens are said to symbolise the past year and centres around a Celtic hero winning his

name by killing a wren. The Christian story tells of a treacherous wren who cheats in a flying competition by travelling on an eagle’s wing, and the Nordic tales claims a wren betrayed Irish soldiers fighting the Vikings. The celebration takes in modern Ireland in Dingle and Middleton, among others.


Picture: Wren Boys in Dingle, Co. Kerry, National Library of Ireland on The Commons


Po e try fr om s ta nzas tiny planet mercury is shrinking fast By Nina O’Donovan

Nina O’Donovan Nina O’Donovan is a twenty year old poet from Limerick City. She is regularly involved with local writing groups

such as the MIC Writers Society and Stanzas: An Evening of Words. Her work has previously been published in the Stanzas Year One and Two Anthologies, The Limerick

Magazine, and the LGBT anthology It’s a Queer City All

the Same. When she is not writing, she can probably be

found discussing queer theory and existentialism in local cafes.

Stanzas December event takes place in Hook & Ladder, Sarsfield Street on 8th December from 6pm, and will be the

All Ireland Slam Finals. Eight Poets who won their regional qualifiers will compete for the title of this year’s Slam Winners. Also on the night is the official launch of Solstice Sounds Volume ii - a cd of poetry, music and experimental sounds.

Stanzas returns proper on January 20th, once more in the

Hook & Ladder from 7pm. The theme for the month is ‘Found’ so to see your work in print email poetry, prose or

darling, when I think of you I think of morning;

early, bright grey morning, clean and thin as the rim of a cup.

I’ve developed a bad habit of leaning towards you. did you know: that every seven years every cell in the human body regenerates. we are almost new people. I have almost never met you.

when it rains like this, I think of all the space between us. did you know: aeoliscus strigatus, the razorfish,

hangs mid water in clean bright lines like christmas lights? it hides in the gaps between a sea urchin’s spines. it can live beside its danger and survive.

sometimes I re-read your messages, after you fall asleep, as if there’s anything else to be said. did you know:

the colour of the heart wasn’t always red —like blood, the bull,

like quick decisions; but green like the safety of nature, harmony, go. like the little green dot that speaks for you.

darling, mercury is shrinking faster than we thought;

did you know: the surface has crushed itself, wrinkled like a river delta. it’s lost seven kilometres of what it had: as it cools it contracts, liquid iron core turns solid as the lump in my throat. no speaking is left in me.

images to Please note: Images must be High Contrast Black and White. Prose must be under 600 words in length.



FI L M Christmas with a continental twist: The darker side of Yuletide

Christmas is meant to be fun and child-friendly. Presents and sweets, Grandpa snoozing on the sofa

Calvaire (a.k.a. The Ordeal ) (2004)

Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale (2010)

somewhat askew on his head. Most Irish Christmas

Belgium is known for its finely crafted chocolates,

Rare Exports... is an oddity stemming out of the

after drinking one sherry too many, his novelty hat festivities follow such template, and there's nothing

intrinsically wrong with that. On the TV screens, the

old reliables tend to put an appearance, right on queue. From the Great Escape (1963), to The Wizard of Oz

(1939), to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (1971). But you if you come from elsewhere, as some of us

do, the European hinterland offers a more brooding cinematic experience during the long and dark winter nights. We do things differently you see. Here's three of the more sinister Christmas-themed movies hailing from continental Europe.

and also perhaps for the bronze Manneken Pis statue,

sited near Brussels's city centre. Belgian cinema, and specially Belgian horror cinema, is very much

confined to its own roots, and few films become

known outside the country's borders. Calvaire (westernized, The Ordeal), is one of those movies

that earned a reputation outside of its country of

origin.Marc is a struggling, impoverished thirdrate singer who lives in his van and scrapes a living singing folk songs at retirement homes. He is on his

way to perform a Christmas Special when his van breaks down somewhere deep in remote woods. A

local youngster, a scrawny fellow named Boris, comes across Marc and offers him shelter. Desperate and

cold, Marc accepts, and ends up in a rundown inn. And thus begins a chain of events that will take Marc

on a weird and terrifying tour de force, facing down a psychotic inn owner by the name of Bartel, a horde

of angry villagers, and oddities of the weirdest and nastiest kind, including a crucifixion scene and the

most bizarre bar room dance ever to grace the screens. At times reminiscent of The Wicker Man (1973), Psycho (1959), and Shirley Jackson's classic We Have Always Lived in the Castle, Calvaire is a hypnotic horror tale of the grand-guignol type. Unashamedly

European, the movie exudes brooding atmosphere at every turn.


largely unknown world of Finnish cinema. This is one of the very few indigenous movies to make it

out into the international film circuit. Directed by Jalmari Helander, who cut his teeth filming shorts and TV commercials in his native country, Rare

Exports's beginning is somewhat reminiscent of 1982 horror classic The Thing. A crew digging on

the Korvatunturi mountains way north in the Arctic

cap, find something buried deep beneath the surface. Local folklore tells a story that the villagers in nearby

settlements were once terrorised by some unspecified monstrous creatures. According to the legend, he villagers managed to lure these monsters into an icy

lake, where the froze, and there supposedly remained. So far, so very The Thing. Elsewhere, a feral human

becomes trapped in an ensnare. And a lot of reindeer

turn up butchered. But Rare...'s neat twist soon comes in the form of a menacing Santa Claus, who's indeed looking for children, but not exactly to deliver festive cheer. Rare Exports is a fine horror film, featuring

some exquisitely chilling and rarely seen locations

and an original take on the whole Santa experience. Children should probably give it a miss, but hardened

adults should thoroughly enjoy this little known gem.

Sint (2010) Another relatively new entry into the genre, Sint

comes from the Netherlands, and features Sinterklaas,

a sort of Santa Claus-like character. Only in this case, Sinterklaas is a rather more twisted entity, one that is less ho-ho-ho, and more kill-kill-kill. In the movie's

lore, a thieving gang of criminals led by Niklas, a former bishop, are slaughtered by angry villagers on

the night of December 5, 1492. Subsequently, when that date coincides with a full moon, the gang returns

in the form of murderous wraiths to exact revenge for their own deaths. Sint was directed by Dick Maas, a director who, alongside Paul Verhoeven, would be in the top tier of Dutch filmmaking. He directed two other horror films, De Lift (The Lift) in 1983, and

Amsterdamned in 1988, both to critical acclaim. Sint

itself was not particularly successful, but it's quirky and notable enough to garner a mention here. Article by: Fernando Sanchez


T he li merick magazin e TV: DECEMBER 2016 It’s Christmas TV time! There are plenty of new series, specials and TV movies to

entertain you while you nurse your food coma.

Doctor Who, Season Christmas Special Once again, Christmas Day can end with a special episode of Doctor Who. Joining the doctor this year will be Matt Lucas as Nardole and the pair will team up with

a mysterious superhero as they fight an alien invasion in New York. Touted as a tribute to Superman's Christopher Reeves, we can expect a superhero spectacular in the inimitable Doctor Who style. This special is sure to satiate fans until April when season 10 returns. So sit back with your leftovers, tune in to BBC1 and enjoy.

White Rabbit Project The producers of Mythbusters have decided to treat us this Christmas with a new show. Hosted by Kari Byron, Grant Imahara and Tony Belleci - familiar faces from

Mythbusters – this series will air on Netflix on 9th December. Throughout the show, they will examine strange events from history, science and modern life. Each

episode will see our hosts immerse themselves in experiments as they search for the truth behind topics such as heists, superpower technology and bizarre weapons as

they fall down “the rabbit hole of the internet”. Considering Mythbusters received eight Emmy nominations for Outstanding Reality Program, this show should prove useful in impressing your family with bizarre facts over the Christmas season.




Dirk Gently's Ho listic Detective Agency

Created by Guillermo del Toro (and based on a book he wrote), this animated

A co-production between the BBC and Netflix, this is an adaptation of Douglas

the trolls who live beneath his hometown. With a stellar cast including the Kelsey

detective, he introduces oddness to the life of Elijah Wood's Todd. As it is Douglas

series follows the adventures of a fifteen-year old boy who becomes the defender of

Grammar (Frasier) and Ron Perlman (Hellboy), this is the last production starring

the gone-too-soon Anton Yelchin (Star Trek). The first two episodes premiered

at New York Comic Con in October and has impressed critics with its fun, light atmosphere that is kid-friendly while also being accessible to adults in its use of

Adams' novel of the same name. Starring Samuel Barnett as the titular eccentric

Adams (Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy), expect bizarre yet humourous events that will intrigue, confuse and hugely entertain. Premiering on Netflix on 11th December, this is sure to amass a cult following.

humour and action. Guaranteed fun for all the family, this is on Netflix from 23rd December.

The Man In The High Castle

The Last Dragonslayer

Based on the Philip K. Dick novel (the genius whose novels also spawned Blade

Imagine a world where magic carpets deliver pizza. In a society where the power

a look at what might have happened had the Nazis won World War II. Entering

Dragonslayer is a TV movie based on the Jasper Fforde book series in which a

Runner, A Scanner Darkly and Minority Report), The Man In The High Castle takes season two, we'll get to witness the aftermath of Juliana's betrayal of the resistance as

she requests political asylum in the Nazi-run east coast while tensions rise between

the Nazis and Imperial Japan. As Amazon Prime's most-streamed original series and

with Ridley Scott on board as an executive producer, this is unmissable television. Check it out on 16th December.

of magic has been lessened due to the advent of modern technology, The Last teenage girl who runs an employment agency for magicians discovers that she is to become the last dragonslayer. Tremendously fun with wizards, dragons and a brave heroine, enjoy this gem on Christmas Day on Sky One. Article by: Sarah Lafferty



LI M E RI CK Mus ic Album Reviews

Paddy Mulcahy Twenty Six

Proper Micro NV It’s Always Raining

Paddy Mulcahy is best known around Limerick as a dubstep DJ performing

Limerick producer Proper Micro NV, real name Rory Hall, prides himself

which he was classically trained from the age of five. At nine, he learned to play

Following the success of EP1, released back in June, featuring the mellow yet

under his stage name ‘Nubus’ at D.I.E. But his first passion is in fact piano, in the guitar and was writing music by the time he was fourteen.

In his latest E.P. Twenty Six, the multi-talented musician returns to his pianist

roots. It was recorded in one sitting, days after returning from a trip to Canada, and the jet-lag lends raw emotion to the pieces. Opening track Vancouver

Island has a slow build of tension, creating a dramatic and atmospheric piece. Herkimer is a shorter, more playful song with a quick tempo. Saint Martin has a

dreamier, more romantic feel, leading into the calm serenity of the aptly-named

‘Serendipity.’ The upbeat, quick tempo of What Happened in the Hotsprings ensures the EP ends on a high note.

Paddy recorded this EP as a present to his girlfriend, only deciding to release it

afterwards. It is fortunate for any piano fan that he did, for this is a masterful compilation.


on reinvention and does just that with his latest EP It’s Always Raining. catchy Revive, the artist offers another fresh take on electronica. The first single,

Flaws, comprises of raw vocals harmonising over a minimalistic, futuristic beat. “Oh we got flaws, but we can make an exception, and if there’s hope in the

world, then this will go on longer. And if not, well I’ll find something stronger.” Despite the tone, these few lyrics effectively describe the quest for a genuine, lasting relationship with a glimmer of optimism.


Mike O Donovan No Time Like the Present

Brian O’Brien Dinner at 8

Having grown up in a musical family (and passed the gene on to his son, Jamin,

Brian O’Brien showcased his musical range and genre diversity by performing

No Time Like the Present was a long time coming. It was recorded with the

rap-rock act Campaign LK before embarking on his solo career. He released his

Paul Moore, James Delaney, James Hanley, Declan Aungier, Richard Nelson,

Fake Smile making it to the Top Ten of Ireland’s iTunes chart. Currently living

Buckley, Gemma Sugrue and Jack Nagle. The album was inspired by events

at 8, based on the Irish Jack’o’Lantern legend. Poetic, story-telling lyrics are

upbeat celebration of freedom and love, reminiscent of music’s past. Ghosts

The Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack.

The distinctly Latin-influenced It was on a Night Like This and The Dancer

Article by: Laura Duhan

formerly bassist with pop rock group FRED) Mike O’Donovan’s debut album

with hardcore metal band Roper for ten years, then spending two years with

help of some very well-known Irish musicians, including Dave Keary, Des Lacey,

autobiographical debut solo album My Father’s Throne in 2013, with the song

Michael Buckley, Ronan Dooney, Alistair White, Mick Kinsella, Michael

in Canada, the Limerick native returns with the Halloween-themed Dinner

in Mike’s own life and changing perspectives. It opens with Underground, an

accompanied by traditionally gothic violins and piano, vaguely reminiscent of

reflects on the pain of losing loved ones, with soft vocals over acoustic guitar. conjure images of exotic lands and holidays past, aural sunshine. Twang Song

has a rock’n’roll edge, whilst the profound lyrics of Distant Conversation are inspired by a true story of refugees fleeing persecution and suffering from

survivor’s guilt. Overall, No Time Like the Present spans decades, cultures, themes and genres, an auditory journey that’s a pleasure to experience.



T he li merick magazin e


Gig of the Month Paddy Dennehy and The Red Herring

From appearing on the Late Late Show, to supporting Imelda May at King John’s Castle, to playing small, intimate venues

around the county before performing at every major Irish festival from Longitude to Knockanstockan to Electric Picnic, it’s safe to say that the past two years have been hugely successful for Paddy Dennehy and the Red Herring.

The jazz/folk group are fronted by Mary Immaculate

The Dance combines soft piano with violins to create

whose vocals beautifully contrast with those of

released in October, is reminiscent of Irish trad with a

College graduate and Bruree native Paddy Dennehy, Cappamore’s Johanna O’Brien. They combine the power of a big band sound with intense and intimate

lyrics to excellent effect. The band draw inspiration

from a wide variety of artists, including Tom

a sad yet optimistic mood. Their single Hard Times, punch of jazz. To highlight the extent of their musical range, the band even released a very different but just as catchy cover of Britney Spears’ Toxic on Youtube.

Waits, Louis Armstrong, Randy Newman, George

Having toured the country, gaining followers and

and this is reflected in their masterful and frequently-

Hansard and Ciaran Lavery, the group return to

Gerswhin, Billie Holiday, Mick Flannery and Hozier, evolving sound. Once Upon a Night varies between

soft and slow piano sounds and the full impact of a

big band. Hozier’s influence is most clearly felt in the raw vocals and kick-drums of Sable. Hate to Say I Love You So blends smooth jazz and mellow lyrics for

an intimate and romantic tone. Even the minimalist, mournful You Know What I’m Talking About retains that intensity.


garnering incredible praise from the likes of Glen their native Limerick for a victory lap. Performing in Dolans Warehouse on 23rd December, Paddy Dennehy and The Red Herring provide the perfect

sound to prepare you for both a nostalgic family Christmas and the manic party season to come. Article by: Laura Duhan

Photography by: Tarmo Tulit




The Market Quarter Christmas Pubs After a long day of Christmas shopping in Limerick

For those seeking a quiet, intimate corner to nurse a

Limerick’s loudest Library, on Cornmarket Row, has

knows the best way to get in the Christmas spirits is

is for you. As the night progresses, head out to the

Christmas Jumper parties where all those dressed

city, you deserve to treat yourself, and everyone to sample some festive spirits! The Market Quarter has a pub for every occasion, and its central location

means you don’t have to drag those bags too far. Go

on, escape the cold, put your feet up, ‘tis the season,

pint and reminisce about the year past, The Office Bar

courtyard to catch great live music. On match days, this rugby pub is second only to Thomond Park as the place to be.

some great events in store for us this Christmas, from for the occasion are rewarded with a free shot, to the Christmas special of the always-popular Jenny Greene’s Electric Disco.

after all!

A Limerick landmark, Molly Malone’s, located on

For the younger crowd, Charlie Chaplin’s is always

Jingle all the way to The Red Hen on Patrick Street,

youngster’s first night out. Believe it or not, having

cocktail bar should have something to suit everyone’s

which has the funkiest vibe of any pub in Limerick. Check out their infinitely interesting assortment of eclectic ornaments and delicate chandeliers while

chilling out on the mezzanine with one of their

signature mojitos, or sample their ‘Craft Beer of the Week’ for a taste of something new. For those feeling

peckish (why yes, that is a hen pun!) a lunch menu is

available offering great deals, and pizza and light bites are served every evening ‘til 9.

Smyth’s/Icon on Denmark Street is a one-stop shop for a great night out. Smyth’s Bar has free entry and

Ellen Street, was the venue of nearly every Limerick celebrated its twentieth birthday last June, Molly’s

is now old enough to order a Sex on the Beach of its own! Molly’s has three stories, with each floor

equipped with a bar, a comfy seating area and plenty of space to dance. DJs play the best club classics

a good choice. Their wide selection and designated tastes. Spend your evening people-watching the last-

minute Christmas shoppers sprinting around Cruise’s Street, then head inside when the DJ starts up for a night of dancing to the best club tunes.

and chart hits and the dancefloor is always packed.

One of Limerick’s most popular pubs, Nancy Blakes

to get you in the festive spirit. Special nights range

the front bar, making to the perfect place to escape

This Christmas, there’s free Santa hats every night

from Christmas jumper parties to Christmas hoolies, featuring Santa’s grotto with free gifts to bring back all of the nostalgia.

on Upper Denmark Street, features a roaring fire at

the cold and feel the real Christmas atmosphere. A well-heated smoking area ensures everyone stays toasty. Open until 2am every night, featuring live

bands with no admission charge, Nancy’s attracts all

a live band playing every night. If it comes to closing

Serving since 1959, Michael Flannery is a legendary

to keep the party going. The bottom floor of Club Icon

for whiskey connoisseurs, as it has the largest Irish

Limerick’s Market Quarter is the place to be this

130 bottles), and whiskey tasting talks are held on

raise a glass to the festive season and a Happy New

time and the night is still young, head upstairs to Icon has two bars, a large dancefloor, a DJ booth, a good smoking area and plenty of seating; whilst upstairs

features three bars, a smoking area, dancefloors and even more seating. The DJs perform all the best club classics from every decade with some recent chart

toppers thrown in for good measure. For the under 21s, Limerick’s biggest and best super-club, Angel

Limerick publican. His eponymous pub is a must

whiskey collection in the Mid-West (an impressive Thursday to Sunday. For the sensible folks looking to

abstain, their homemade triple chocolate malted hot chocolate comes highly recommended as the perfect thing to warm you up on a frosty day. Delicious!

Lane, is located just across the road on Robert Street,

Two of the six Flannery’s pubs in Limerick are located

dancing all night.

on being a family-friendly pub restaurant. Their all-

with DJs playing all the best dance tracks to keep you

on Denmark Street, and Phil Flannery’s prides itself day bar menu includes hearty Irish breakfasts, filling

mains such as steak baguettes and baked potatoes and tasty sandwiches for those seeking something lighter.


ages to dance and chat.

Christmas, so gather your nearest and dearest and Year.

Article by: Laura Duhan




THE LIMERICK MAGAZINE EVENT GUIDE TWILIGHT HEAD CULT Thursday 17th November - Sunday 22nd January @ 12pm - 8pm

Ormston House, 9-10 Patrick Street, Limerick

ADVENT TALKS HOSTED BY THE DOMINICANS Tuesday 22nd & 29th November & 6th & 13th December @ 7.30pm

Terence Albert Hall, Dominic Street, Limerick

MAGGIE MADDEN: SOMEWHERE IN THE MIDDLE Thursday 24th November 2016 - Sunday 29th January 2017

Limerick City Gallery of Art, Carnegie Building, Pery Square, Limerick



Thursday 1st December - Sunday 19th February

Sunday 4th December @ 11am

Limerick City

Castletroy, Co. Limerick

The Hunt Museum, Custom House, Rutland Street,



Thursday 1st December @ 10am - 1pm

Sunday 4th December @ 12pm - 4pm

No 1. Pery Square Limerick City Centre

PAINTED CAKE CLASS Thursday 1st December @ 10am

Decobake Limerick, 9a Catherine Street, Limerick

A GEORGIAN CHRISTMAS Thursday 1st December @ 8pm

The Georgian House, No. 2 Pery Square, Limerick



Thursday 24th November 2016 - Sunday 29th January

Saturday 3rd December


Limerick City Gallery of Art, Carnegie Building, Pery Square, Limerick

LIMERICK PRINTMAKERS WINTER MEMBERS EXHIBITION 2016 Thursday 24th November - Saturday 17th December @ 6pm - 8pm

Belltable, 69 O'Connell Street, Limerick

SANTA AT ADARE'S OLD CREAMERY Sunday 27th November - Friday 23rd December

Adare's Old Creamery, Blackabbey, Adare, Co. Limerick

UL Sport Boathouse, University of Limerick,

The Savoy Hotel, Henry Street, Limerick

STORYTIME WITH ROISÍN MEANEY Saturday 3rd December @ 11.30am

Limerick City Library, The Granary, Michael Street,

Rockhill / Bruree Community Hall, Bruree, Co. Limerick

WINTER WONDERLAND AT DROMIN HALL Sunday 4th December @ 4pm - 7pm

Dromin Community Hall, Dromin, Co. Limerick


Church of the Immaculate Conception Newcastle West, Co. Limerick

CHRISTMAS WITH JUDY Tuesday 6th December @ 7pm - 9.30pm

Dolans Pub and Restaurant, 3/4 Dock Rd., Limerick




Tuesday 6th December @ 8pm

Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th December @ 12pm - 7pm Bedford Row, Limerick

MUSICAL TREATS ON O’CONNELL STREET 3rd & 4th December & 9th, 10th & 11th December @ 3pm - 6pm

Urban Garden (Outside Penneys), O'Connell Street, Limerick

LIT Millennium Theatre, Moylish Park, Limerick

LIMERICK JAZZ WORKSHOP Wednesday 7th December @ 7.30pm

Dolans Pub and Restaurant, 3/4 Dock Rd., Limerick

THE MAGIC OF CHRISTMAS Thursday 8th - Sunday 11th December

The Hunt Museum, Custom House, Rutland Street, Limerick City






Thursday 8th December @ 8pm

Sunday 11th December @ 12pm

Monday 19th - Tuesday 20th December @ 10am &


Friars Gate Theatre, Kilmallock, Co. Limerick

Sunday 11th December @ 4pm - 7pm


St Mary's Cathedral, Bridge Street, Limerick City

ISLA’S COUNTRY CHRISTMAS CONCERT Thursday 8th December @ 8pm

Friars Gate Theatre, Kilmallock, Co. Limerick

SANTA'S POST BOX Friday 9th - Sunday 11th December Bedford Row, Limerick

LIT Millennium Theatre, Moylish Park, Limerick




Castleconnell, Co. Limerick



OPEN MIC NIGHT - CHAPTER AND VERSE Wednesday 14th December @ 8pm


Monday 19th December @ 9pm

Dolans Pub & Warehouse, Dock Road, Limerick


Friars Gate Theatre, Kilmallock, Co. Limerick

Thursday 22nd December @ 8pm

Friday 9th - Sunday 11th December @ 7.30pm





SNOW WHITE AND THE BABES IN THE WOOD Friars Gate Theatre, Kilmallock, Co. Limerick

Thursday 15th - Saturday 24th December @ Various Limerick Milk Market, Cornmarket Row, Limerick

Dolans Pub & Warehouse, Dock Road, Limerick

Friday 23rd December @ 8pm

Dolans Pub and Restaurant, 3/4 Dock Rd., Limerick

Dublin Road, Limerick




Thursday 15th December @ 8pm

Monday 26th - Thursday 29th December @ 12pm

St Mary's Cathedral, Bridge Street, Limerick City

Saturday 10th December

Saturday 10th December @ 10am

Coolfree, Kilmallock, Co. Limerick

XMAS MAKERS MARKET Saturday 10th December 10am-4pm

Fab Lab Limerick, 7 Rutland Street, Limerick

A WALK IN THE PARK - CHRISTMAS TOY APPEAL Saturday 10th December @ 10.30am

Mungret Park and Playground, Mungret, Co.

Limerick Racecourse, Greenmount Park, Patrickswell


Monday 26th December @ 5.30pm Thomond Park Stadium, Limerick

LIT Millennium Theatre, Moylish Park, Limerick



Dolans Pub & Warehouse, Dock Road, Limerick

Friday 16th & Saturday 17th December @ 8pm Belltable, 69 O' Connell Street, Limerick

Tuesday 27th December @ 7pm

HERMITAGE GREEN NEW YEARS EVE Saturday 31st December @ 8pm

Dolans Pub & Warehouse, Dock Road, Limerick




Friday 16th December @ 8pm



Thursday 5th January @ 7.30pm

Saturday 10th December @ 10:30am

City Hall, Merchants Quay, Limerick

MUNSTER RUGBY V LEICESTER TIGERS Saturday 10th December @ 3.15pm Thomond Park Stadium, Limerick


Belltable, 69 O'Connell Street, Limerick

SARAH DOLAN - HOME FOR CHRISTMAS Saturday 10th December @ 8pm

St Mary's Cathedral, Bridge Street, Limerick City

Church of the Immaculate Conception, Glin, Co.

PADDY CASEY Friday 16th December @ 8pm

Dolans Pub and Restaurant, 3/4 Dock Rd., Limerick


LIT Millennium Theatre, Moylish Park, Limerick

CHRISTMAS CAROLS & REFLECTIONS Saturday 17th December @ 8pm

St James' Church, Cappagh, Co. Limerick

The George Boutique Hotel O'Connell St. Limerick

BRENDAN GRACE LIVE Friday 6th January @ 7pm

Limerick Strand Hotel, Ennis Road, Limerick City Centre

JASON BYRNE Thursday 19th January @ 7.30pm

Dolans Pub & Warehouse, Dock Road, Limerick



4:30 PM - 6:00 PM









3:00 PM - 6:00 PM

03, 04, 09, 10 & 11 DEC

supported by


EVENT GUIDE 2016 Limerick comes alive at Christmas with a packed calendar brimming with seasonal activities, family fun events and festive cheer! With a fabulous array of live music, food and craft fairs, magical Santas and sporting events throughout the city and county, there is something for all the family during the festive season. Enjoy visiting and shopping in Limerick this Christmas!


Throughout December the Urban Garden in the centre of the city’s shopping district (outside Penneys), will be filled with festive cheer as carol singers, bands and choirs entertain Christmas shoppers and passers-by!

LIGHT UP LIMERICK The magic of Christmas will descend on the streets of Limerick City on Sunday, 20th November when the Christmas lights are officially switched on outside Brown Thomas, O’Connell Street. There will be musical merriment and fun for all the family from 4.30 pm with street performers, special surprises, and entertainment by soprano singing sensation Sinéad O’Brien (Sinéad’s Curvy Style), Unity Gospel Choir and Jason Hennessy. Santa Claus will be joined by special guests for the official Christmas lights extravaganza at 6 pm!

When: 2nd, 3rd, 9th, 10th & 11th December Where: Outside Penneys, O’Connell Street. SAT


03 & 04 DEC


12:00 PM - 7:00 PM

‘Light Up Limerick’ is being organised by Limerick City & County Council

Sample some wonderful local Christmas fare at the festive food and craft stalls on Bedford Row. Tickle the taste buds with sumptuous Yuletide treats!

Merry Christmas!

When: Sunday 20th November

When: Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th December

Where: Outside Brown Thomas, O’Connell Street

Where: Bedford Row

For full details of all Christmas events please visit




09, 10 & 11 DEC

FRI: 2.00 PM – 7:00 PM SAT & SUN: 12:00 PM - 6:00 PM





08 - 08

10:00 AM - 10:00 PM



01 - 31 DEC



Santa will send some of his helper elves from the North Pole to Bedford Row to collect children’s wishes and dreams. You can post your all important letter in Santa’s Magic Post Box in plenty of time for Christmas! Join the elves in their busy seasonal workshops for a feast of activities including Christmas tree decoration making, gift wrapping, cookie decorating, and story telling! Boys & girls of all ages will be entertained by carousel rides, festive music and street performers! Capture the day’s magical memories in the elves’ Christmas themed photo booth!

What better way to embrace the festive spirit than by wrapping up and going ice skating! Enjoy all the magic of real ice right in the heart of Limerick City. Limerick on Ice, Ireland’s longest established skating rink, is celebrating its 13th year this Christmas at Arthur’s Quay. The family friendly venue is a great day out for both young and old alike, and its central location means it’s easy to find the rink and park the car. Ice skating is a sport that all can enjoy, and is great fun for those who are just putting on their skates for the first time! Come and enjoy all the magic of real ice!

The carriage ride takes guests throughout the city centre offering wonderful views of Limerick’s Christmas street lights, festive shop fronts, pubs & restaurants bustling with Christmas parties, and the popular King John’s Castle in the city’s medieval quarter! Why not make your Enchanted Christmas Carriage Ride extra special and order hot festive themed drinks (purchased separately) from select pubs & cafés. Sure to get you into the Christmas spirit! When: Monday 26th - Saturday 31st December

When: Thursday 8th December - Sunday 8th January

When: 9th, 10th & 11th December

Take in the city centre sights and Christmas street lights from the comfort of a festive horse drawn carriage. Experience the magic and sparkle of Christmas in Limerick on the beautifully decorated (weatherproof) festive carriage which features interior decorations & lights, Christmas music, warm wool blankets and a table equipped with glass/cup holders and even wine coolers!

Where: Bedford Row

Where: Arthurs Quay Park

Where: pick up/drop off from King John’s Castle or the Locke Bar, George’s Quay




15 - 24


26 - 29


12:30 PM




Christmas cheer descends on the Milk Market with a range of Christmas themed markets, competitions, choirs, games, seasonal food, Christmas promotions, twilight fairy-lit markets and festive fun!

The Shannon Airport Christmas Racing Festival takes place from Monday, 26th December until Thursday, 29th December at Limerick Racecourse.

Evening of Food Transition Year Market Famous Food Christmas Edition Christmas Craft and Fashion Fair Twilight Market Twilight Market Twilight Market Twilight Market Final Twilight Famous Food Christmas Edition

5pm ‘til late 10am to 3pm 8am to 3pm 11am to 4pm 5pm ‘til late 5pm ‘til late 5pm ‘til late 5pm ‘til late 1pm ‘til late 8am to 3pm

When: 15th - 24th December Where: Limerick Milk Market, Cornmarket Row.


This annual festival attracts race goers from all over Ireland who visit Greenmount Park for excellent racing action and plenty of entertainment off the track. Festive highlights include St. Stephen’s Day racing, Sunways Holidays best dressed competition and family fun race day on 29th December. First race each day begins 12.30pm (approx.) with 7 national hunt races on the card. The last race each day is 3.30pm (approx.) followed by live music each evening in the Munster Suite!

7:00 PM




Thursday 15th Friday 16th Saturday 17th Sunday 18th Monday 19th Tuesday 20th Wednesday 21st Thursday 22nd Friday 23rd Saturday 24th




7:00 PM



Primal Scream will be Live at The Big Top, Limerick on 29th November 2016.

The award winning team from the Fitzgeralds Woodlands House Hotel in Adare will spoil race goers with an array of fine food served in the Panoramic restaurant, private suites and self service restaurant in the Munster Suite. Packages start from only €20.

After a 6 year hiatus, The Blizzards are back with a bang. These power pop chart toppers are no strangers to the Irish music scene. The Blizzards draw crowds of sincere music fans with their combination of catchy pop toe tappers. Catch them at the Big Top this Christmas for what will be a night to remember!

When: Monday 26th - Thursday 29th December

When: Tuesday 29th November & Friday 16th December

Where: Limerick Racecourse, Greenmount Park, Patrickswell

Where: Limerick Milk Market, Cornmarket Row.



7:30 PM



8:00 PM


FESTIVE FOOD & WINE THEATRE Kick off the holiday season in style at The George Boutique Hotel. Sample some of the best wines and authentic food Italy has to offer!




7:30 PM




8:00 PM


NATHAN CARTER Don’t miss country music’s brightest star Nathan Carter as he performs his biggest hits for one night only at the University Concert Hall. THU

7:30 PM

08 DEC

UL ORCHESTRA CHRISTMAS CONCERT Symphonic sounds will fill the Concert Hall as the University of Limerick Orchestra performs a magical mixture of classical melodies and festive favourites at their annual Christmas concert. FRI


MAGIC OF CHRISTMAS A weekend of festive events at the Hunt Museum including food & craft stalls, live crib, adventure sports and art workshops from 8th to 11th December. Not to be missed!






SANTA EXPERIENCE The Santa Experience returns to Jetland Shopping Centre for Christmas! Meet the elves, reindeer and polar bears before taking a ride in Santa’s Sleigh!

TAKE A CHANCE ON ME Coláiste Íosaef Kilmallock presents a musical featuring hit songs from ABBA at the Lime Tree Theatre! This promises to be a great night full of singing, dancing and colour!

8:00 PM

25 November to 23 December. MON



14 & 15 December. TUE



10:00 AM & 12:00PM

BEAUTY & THE BEAST This pantomime promises to be a fun-filled family event with buckets of laughs, stunning costumes and entertaining dance routines!

OLD MOTHER HUBBARD’S CRAZY CHRISTMAS Join much-loved Old Mother Hubbard at Friars Gate Theatre for a host of surprises, magic and fun for all her nursery-land neighbours!

19 December to 8 January.

19 & 20 December.



5:30 PM


MUNSTER V LEINSTER Cheer on Munster as they take on Leinster in the Guinness PRO12 at Thomond Park!

8:00 PM

CHRISTMAS WITH ANCÓR A concert of beautiful choral music in the magnificent St. Mary’s Cathedral.






7:00 PM


RUBBERBANDITS CHRISTMAS SPECIAL This comedy hip-hop duo from Limerick return to Dolans for what is guaranteed to be a show to remember!




CHRISTMAS IN DREAMLAND Meet Santa in the treehouse, see the elves in the toyshop and meet special guests Mickey & Minnie Mouse in this all-inclusive indoor play area!

25 November to 23 December. WED




NEWCASTLE WEST LIONS CHRISTMAS CONCERT Church of the Immaculate Conception, Newcastle West. With special guest performer Rebecca Storm! E: jmgwhelan@hotmail. SAT



7:00 PM

LITTLE GREEN CARS Limerick welcomes Little Green Cars as they perform a special seated acoustic show at the Belltable, featuring songs from their widelyacclaimed album Absolute Zero. FRI


7:30 PM


SNOW WHITE & BABES IN THE WOOD Join Snow White and Horace the Huntsman for a show filled with pure fairy tale magic!

SANTA AT ADARE’S OLD CREAMERY Enjoy a magical Christmas wonderland experience followed by treats and hot chocolate in Miss Crumpet’s Olde World Tea Rooms!

Runs from 09 to 11 December.

27 November to 23 December.


8:00 PM



FESTIVE GREYHOUND RACING Enjoy a great night out at Limerick Greyhound Stadium with live, adrenaline-pumped entertainment!

SCROOGE The Belltable hosts this unique and exciting classical Christmas event – a dramatic musical adaptation of Dickens’ classic tale “A Christmas Carol”.

Weekends through December. THU

22 DEC

CROONING AT CHRISTMAS WITH LIAM O’BRIEN Now in its 10th year, this show is synonymous with the Limerick holiday season! Featuring classic Christmas tracks, it promises to be a night to remember! THU


SNOW WHITE Limerick Panto Society returns to the Lime Tree Theatre with the most popular fairytale of them all!

SHANNON AIRPORT CHRISTMAS RACING FESTIVAL Enjoy the 4 day Racing Festival at Limerick Racecourse!

28 December to 8 January.

26 to 29 December.





18 DEC

16 & 17 December. 8:00 PM





28 DEC

7:00 PM

SANTA’S GROTTO AT STONEHALL VISITOR FARM Meet an array of birds and animals, including Rudolf and all his reindeer friends, as you make your way to visit Santa in this unique setting in Curraghchase, Co. Limerick!


ISLA’S COUNTRY CHRISTMAS CONCERT Singer/songwriter Isla Grant presents a beautifully produced concert featuring much loved Christmas songs and hymns.



LOVE ACTUALLY SCREENING Starring a host of Hollywood’s favourites, this charming romantic comedy is sure to make you smile! With Hugh Grant, Emma Thompson and Liam Neeson.




7:30 PM


LIMERICK JAZZ ANNUAL CHRISTMAS PERFORMANCE Now in its 9th year, Limerick’s Jazz Workshop showcases some of Limerick’s up and coming jazz musicians at their annual Christmas performance.




8:00 PM


CHRISTMAS AT KING JOHN’S CASTLE King John’s Castle is filled with festive cheer with Santa & Mrs. Claus, magic acts, puppet shows and fun for all the family!

Friday to Sunday 9, 10, 11 16, 17, 18 December. SAT

24 DEC

CHRISTMAS EVE Last minute shopping! PADDY DENNEHY & THE RED HERRING Following stunning live performances at Electric Picnic earlier this year, this is tipped as one of Ireland’s most promising acts! FRI


8:00 PM


THE 4 OF US The 4 Of Us bring their critically acclaimed acoustic show to Dolans. Don’t miss this chance to catch them live!


25 DEC



8:00 PM


HERMITAGE GREEN Ring in the New Year with Limerick’s own Hermitage Green as they grace the stage in Dolans!

30 & 31 December.



Closing Time 1 0 Minute s Wi t h….A s ta L e e Occupation: Mammy, model, fashion editor, director of the Holman Lee Agency.

What is your favourite word?

My favourite word and meaning has to be honesty…

Fun Fact about you:

Favourite quote of all time?

Brehon Hotel in Killarney: whether he drank it or


I bought Bryan Adams a pint of Guinness in the not, that’s another story.

What motivates you in the morning?

Knowing that my success depends on my efforts in

everything I do in my day-to-day tasks. And I do like to challenge myself !

What one thing do you never leave the house

“Be yourself; everyone is already taken.” – Oscar

What is the most recent book you have read?

At the moment I only have time to read children’s

Favourite place to grab a bite?

My decision on where to eat depends on my mood! I like everything from hearty Irish dinners to the exotic

Asian spices and combinations to the Mediterranean

cuisine, but one thing’s for sure I like good food made from fresh ingredients. That would definitely be a factor when choosing a café or a restaurant, and Limerick has great eateries to offer.

stories to my daughter and son. We recently purchased

Favourite People?

Enid Blyton. I thoroughly enjoy the adventures the

people for their bravery, talent, business mind, drive;

The Complete Collection of The Secret Seven by main characters experience. It is a great read!

My family and friends! I also admire a lot of Limerick too many to mention!


Are you superstitious/do you have any personal

Happiness is…

weighs a ton with all the “necessary” things I carry

I would like to think I am not; I believe most things

short-term happiness can be a purchase of something

I don’t think it’s ever just one thing! My handbag

around. Definitely my phone I would be lost without, as it is my mobile office.

Any hidden or lesser known talents?

I love dancing, but don’t always get an opportunity to

rituals for good luck?

have logical explanations.

How would you sum up your life in six words?

Lucky, happy, busy, fast, challenging but fulfilled.

do it. I remember back in 2012 I took part in a lovely

Describe your ideal weekend in Limerick?

Come Dancing in memory of Julie Ann Dinneen.

or a hike in the beautiful surroundings of Limerick,

fundraiser for a cancer charity, Limerick’s Strictly My partner James Scanlon and I trained for three

months and we won it. We produced a damn good

salsa number. I loved every minute of it and would love to do something like this again.

As a child what did you want to be growing up?

As a child I always dreamt of becoming a world-class

ballroom dancer, but I kept growing taller than my dance partners all the time, so eventually I gave up.


My ideal weekend would definitely include a walk

a bite to eat in one of the fine eateries of Limerick City or County, and meeting with friends for a drink

and night on the tiles. Of course, not forgetting a spot of shopping in the gorgeous fashion and accessory boutiques.

I think happiness can take various shapes and forms; nice, a compliment from a stranger or a kind deed. Long-term happiness is accepting of who you are and what you look like. Also learning how to deal with

the challenges life throws at you, actively seeking solutions to problems, being responsible for your own actions and trying to always be kind to others. Article By: Amanda Flannery

Photography by: Morning Star Photography





Profile for The Limerick Magazine

The Limerick Magazine December 2016 - #Issue15  

The Limerick Magazine is a Free Magazine - Available monthly in print and online. Drop us an email - or visit our websi...

The Limerick Magazine December 2016 - #Issue15  

The Limerick Magazine is a Free Magazine - Available monthly in print and online. Drop us an email - or visit our websi...


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