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TLM contributors Edit o r ’s N o t e With summer on the horizon, we are ready to emerge from the dark to enjoy those all-too-brief snippets of warm sunshine. But first, we're taking a journey down below the surface to explore Limerick's unique and ever-evolving underground music scene. Plus we have our usual round up of local fun and frolics to keep you occupied - from festivals and gigs to the brand new Angela's Ashes musical production, you won't be stuck for things to do here in Limerick this summer. And as holidays come calling, we have some tips to make your road trip a hassle free experience of a lifetime. Enjoy! Kayle i gh Z i o l o

K ay l e i g h Z i o l o

Mary Kiely

Shauna Lindsay

Ali Molloy

rebelle h a z e

Emma Hayes 04

Mi c h el l e C o st el l o

Amanda Fl a n n ery


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Angel a ' s A s h e s T he M u s i c al Interview with Amanda Minihan

The first major musical adaptation of Limerick

This is the biggest commercial production Lime Tree

How does Amanda hope to approach her character?

Angela’s Ashes will premiere this July at the Lime

is already building ahead of the first show on 6th July.

very hard; they tend to show their emotions through

writer Frank McCourt’s Pulitzer prize-winning story Tree Theatre. The memoir will be brought to the stage in an emotional telling of a childhood in Limerick

and beyond, and will feature unforgettable songs and

melodies, with the story being told with lyricism and

with a warm, inimitable sense of humour that made the book and the famous film a classic.

For those not familiar with the famous story, the novel takes us into the world of young Frank and

his family. As his parents struggle to provide for him and his brothers in 1940s Ireland, we follow Frank’s

escapades and experiences in a Dickensian landscape

peopled by a drunken father, a put-upon mother, pompous priests, bullying schoolmasters, money-

lenders and dancing teachers, culminating in Frank’s defiant escape to a new life in America.

These complex and often dark themes may seem a big challenge to bring to the musical stage, but

if the likes of Oliver! can become a beloved and

Theatre has taken on since it opened, and excitement

The musical is produced by Pat Moylan, directed by

Thom Sutherland with music and lyrics by Adam

Howell and book by Paul Hurt. We were lucky

enough to chat to one of its cast, Amanda Minihan, who will play Frank’s wry and formidable Grandma.

Amanda is a Limerick actor who has spent the last 17 years in London working in the West End. When

Amanda heard about the production through friends, she was itching to be a part of it. “I still have my ear

to ground of what’s happening at home - you don’t

leave to not go back and work at home at some point. There were whispers about it happening so I looked into it and ended up meeting with the producer and

director here in London. They offered me the part of Grandma, and I was absolutely thrilled. It actually

feels strange to be able to talk about it as I’ve had to be

hush-hush about it for a while! It’s great to be part of a Limerick-based piece; it’s going to be very special.”

“I think women depicted in that time come across harshness.

They struggle, and their manner and language is hard, but their hearts are soft. It would be lovely for the

director and I to work to show that softness, alongside the comedic element. There’s lots of wit in McCourt's writing, so I’m looking forward to seeing script to see

where we can play on the harshness and softness. In all roles I like to show layers of characters in all my

parts.” Does Amanda see any similarities between

the McCourt family and other characters she has

played? “Oh for sure, the characters are universal, aren’t they? I was part of the original cast of Pigtown with Island Theatre, and I remember sitting with my

parents as part of the research to find out about their time as kids in the city. They told me stories about my

grandparents did and how they lived, things I never

would have known before. So I am really looking forward to getting back to those stories and finding out more about that time.”

enduring production for the ages, there’s no reason

Being from Limerick and a lover of great characters

Amanda's last theatre performance in Limerick was

The haunting score will add to the emotional impact

Frank McCourt’s writing again. “I read his books

production at The Sailor’s Home that was nominated

that Angela’s Ashes can’t succeed in a similar way. and humour of the story. Much like when reading the

book, audiences can expect to be laughing out loud one minute and holding back tears the next.

and stories, Amanda is looking forward to exploring some time ago and have seen the film, so I need

to revisit the story and delve in. I’m working on something completely different right now so my mind

is elsewhere, but I am very excited about researching the role.”


with Wildebeest Theatre’s On The Wire, a site specific

for the Irish Times award for best production. Amanda has carved out an incredibly varied and successful career in London’s West End, with major roles in The Producers, Sister Act, Everyman and many, many more.


What have been her favourite parts to date? “I’ve been

very blessed with my CV, and every show I’ve done I love; you always find little part of yourself you can

bring into it. I loved The Producers, which I did for two years on the West End and one year on tour.

I played eight featured parts in it, all different, so it was

very busy, but a great variety of roles. I also enjoyed doing Merrily We Roll Along at the Harold Pinter

Theatre immensely, as I adore Stephen Sondheim.

Blood Brothers was my first ever London audition, and probably remains my favourite - I had seen the

play about 12 times before auditioning. London Road and Everyman are my most recent productions, they were mind blowing, particularly Everyman, it’s so different to what I’ve done before.”

Amanda says the sense of being part of the Limerick acting community is still strong with her. “I started

out with The Cecilian Musical Society and Limerick

Musical Society, and when it came to looking to take the next step professionally, the support was

overwhelming. I had to raise money to study postgrad at the Mountview Academy at Theatre arts. My

parents had seen me through art college so I didn’t want to rely on them. Limerick people really showed

their true colours; they knew how much I loved acting, and through their support with fundraising concerts I managed to raise almost the whole amount, I will never forget it. When Limerick actors come here

to London we are always here to offer support and

advice where needed. The community is strong and with a Limerick-rooted show like this I hope that it

continues to let actors thrive. As Frank McCourt said: Sing your song. Dance your dance. Tell your tale.”

Angela’s Ashes will run at Lime Tree Theatre from

6th-15th July. Tickets are currently available via the theatre website.

Article by: Kayleigh Ziolo



Festiva l Call f or ap p l i cati o n s The Limerick Lady

June 2016 saw the launch of The Limerick Lady, a grassroots movement and festival focusing on the music and artistic talent of women, both local and international. The line-up

on the evening featured the likes of Kathleen Turner, Bianca Smith, Julianne Hennelly, Shannon Burns and Changing Trains, and Ann Blake. It was to be the start of a project

that would see other events taking place for Culture Night and International Women’s Day, all in the spirit of celebrating the contribution of women to culture and society. Now, founder and organiser Emma Langford has put a call out to artists and musicians to apply for The Limerick Lady 2018. Emma tells us why there is more of an appetite than ever for this kind of event, and how you can get involved‌



As a singer songwriter, Emma has felt for a long

time that the issue of female representation in the music industry needs to be tackled. Over the past few

years, there have been many conversations amongst

female artists about the lack of women appearing at

some of the world’s biggest music festivals, and the conversation seems to be gaining more attention. “It’s a good time to be doing this; there is demand out

there for a festival that aims to redress the balance. It

is an issue that is becoming more widely discussed and that people are looking for ways not just to call people out and criticise but also to positively address it. In

Dublin they recently launched F-Fest, a week-long

I think Limerick is an ideal place to carve out our own female-led festival because of the diverse range of artists we have here, we can make it something that’s truly our own

event that has a similar ethos, so the demand is there.

What does Emma have planned for The Limerick

female-led festival because of the diverse range of

like this to exist? “We are hoping to make it a two-

truly our own. Like the Limerick arts community as

dance, exhibitions and more. We have paid close

we want to feature as many people as possible who

representation at festivals –we’ve all by now seen

representation of all people who espouse the same

out and the gaping spaces left between the very few

I think Limerick is an ideal place to carve out our own

Lady 2018, and why is it so important for a festival

artists we have here, we can make it something that’s

day event across all genres including music comedy,

a whole The Limerick Lady is open and inclusive,

attention to the conversations going on around female

identify as any gender; we are looking for a broad

people sharing festival posters with male acts blanked

values of equality.”

female names. With the amount of female talent out

How did people respond to last year’s event? “The

even more reassuring is that the conversation is not

showed a real appetite locally, so we have continued

themselves. Music journalist Nialler9 is one example

Limerick Lady umbrella. Our event on Culture Night

to this – he had a massive debate on social media

female, performing their own work or their favourite

music events, so attention is being drawn to all areas

panel event for International Women’s Day this year,

keep that momentum going and show what can be

both on the panel and as performers on the night.

there that is underrepresented.”

there this shouldn’t still be happening in 2017. What’s

response we received from the launch last year

limited to female artists shouting in the void amongst

to host a number of different small events under The

of someone high profile who is also drawing attention

September 2016 saw Limerick artists, male and

about the lack of women on the bills at electronic

female artist’s work. Then we had She Means Business

and genres where the problem still exists. We want to

which also featured a number of local arts performers,

done in a festival. There is so much female talent out

As ever, the Limerick community has rallied around

the project, giving time, advice and even equipment

to make it a success. Emma hopes to be able to repay that kindness by building something strong enough

to support and reward the artists involved. “So far we

have had amazing support from Limerick community. But we can’t rely on charity forever; we want to be

paying fees and remunerating people for their time

and talent. It will still be driven by volunteer efforts

but we are looking into funding options as we speak. Arts council funding is very competitive so I think

we need to find other ways and means. I am hoping to talk to larger local companies with a community

support ethos that would benefit from being involved in something like this, and would love to hear from anyone who is interested in supporting us.

So far we couldn’t have done without sponsorship of venues such as Chez le Fab, The Lucky Lane and

Limerick Milk Market. Mark Carey and Steamboat

Music have also been vital in providing support and

a PA system to She Means Business. Mark is a longtime friend of the Limerick Lady and has supported us in so many ways!”

So how can artists get involved? “We are currently

welcoming applications from people who want to

take part. Even if you feel like you might not be the right fit, we want you get in touch, as we want to make

it as diverse as possible! Applications don’t have to be formal or overly detailed, an email which introduces

you and any links to work and performances to help

build a picture of who you are and what you do, that’s all we need.”

Now we are looking to expand on that and bring the

For more information and to apply for The Limerick

in 2018.”


Limerick Lady Festival itself back bigger and better

Lady 2018, see and

Article by: Kayleigh Ziolo

Photography by: Kennedy O’Brien



Festiva l E lec t r ic P i cn i c 2 0 1 7

This year’s Electric Picnic completely sold out prior to revealing the acts that

The xx headline Friday night, A Tribe called Quest headline Saturday night

of the line-up release and so far in advance of the festival weekend. With just

immerse yourself in a range of performances and activities across the endless

will perform. In its 13 year history Electric Picnic has never sold out ahead

a few months to go until Stradbally Hall opens its gates to welcome 55,000 eager Picnickers, promoters confirmed that tickets for Electric Picnic 2017 are now officially sold out apart from a limited number of tickets available

to Three customers. For those of you lucky enough to get tickets, allow us to transport you from an Ordinary World to an extraordinary place filled with

music, culture, laughter and magic that will be Electric Picnic 2017. From

the mundane to the insane, from your house to Our House, the beautiful Stradbally Hall, on the stunning 600 acre estate, Ain’t Nobody not going to

love this year’s Electric Picnic line up more than us - definitely the talk of the town!

and Duran Duran headline Sunday night. If you’re feeling Human then unique spaces from the pulsating heart of the festival at Body and Soul, to the escapism of the enchanting Hazel Wood, happen upon some exciting and possibly even unexplored spaces that have become synonymous with what we

have come to expect from our beloved Electric Picnic. All your festival dreams

will be Crystalised. This year’s line-up is really Strong. We think it’s going to be

an essential collection of great artists. All we can ask of you – with a little over five months to go is – Can You Kick it? Yes You Can!

As an official partner of Electric Picnic 2017 Festival, Three has announced that its customers will once again have the chance to purchase the last available

tickets to the festival through its dedicated customer rewards programme, 3Plus. Stay tuned for more details coming soon.



After three outstanding years at Electric Picnic, Heineken are back for 2017 and ready to take over Stradbally! This year we’ll be offering the festival crowd some incredible new experiences, and you can be the first to hear about them by following @Heineken_IE on Twitter.

Electric Picnic's ultimate party will take place at the Casa Bacardi stage, boasting a stellar line-up of international DJs as well as top home grown Irish talent. Award winning mixologists will be serving up festival favourite cocktails such as The Original Bacardi Mojito and Bacardi Cuba Libres throughout the weekend.

Electric Ireland always offers something fun and nostalgic at the festival having previously brought the likes of Bonnie Tyler and Mark McCabe’s Maniac 2000 to Electric

Picnic. Last year they threw the ultimate Throwback Party with acts such as Dr Alban, Snap and Bananarama and established a retro dance off challenge to keep everyone entertained during the day. Keep an eye out over the coming weeks to see what’s in store for 2017!

Just Eat invites Festival goers to 'Find their Flavour' at EP17. From the Just Eat Picnic Porter Service to the newly themed Just Eat Retreat, Ireland's number one food ordering app promises to make food discovery exciting for everyone.... watch this space! Photography by: Electric Picnic



interview Joy Neville

After playing rugby for 11 years and winning a

Tell us a bit about your career to date...

After my retirement, I was approached by a

the whistle and been selected as one of 9 referees

2002 to 2013, when we won the Grand Slam. After

with the IRFU, who asked would I have an interest in

Grand Slam title, Joy Neville has recently taken up for the Women's Rugby World Cup, taking place in

Ireland this August. Joy has made sporting history and broken down barriers left, right and centre. In a recent interview, she chats to TLM about her switch

from player to ref, women in sport, and the pressure that comes with being an international referee.

Playing wise, I played rugby for eleven years from that, I felt I had done all that I had wanted to do, and

itjust felt right to retire. Priorities changed. I met my partner, Simona, and I had already sacrificed so many

years of family occasions, but that was all part and parcel of it. I felt I was ready for a new chapter.

I wanted to stop playing and just enjoy life and enjoy my weekends, not that I would've known what it was like to enjoy a weekend off back then!


gentleman called Dave McHugh, a refereeing coach becoming a referee. I said absolutely not, that's not for

me. But he convinced me to meet with him, which I

did, and we agreed I would referee a match, an under 14s game. I did not enjoy it very much!


I mentioned to him one of the reasons I retired was

because of the commitment involved. Just give me eight or nine months to enjoy life and relax. So, he

I feel extremely grateful to have been given the opportunity to referee at such a high level.

did, and it all started from there.

Did you have any role models growing up?

Now I'm here, with a lot of achievements as a

the heart and effort he puts in, and he always leads

female referee; the first woman to referee in the All-Ireland Division 1A and first female to officiate

in the European Champions Cup. All of them I've experienced alongside my colleague, Helen

Paul O'Connell would be a big role model. I admire

by example. I think he's a very charismatic character

both on and off the field. Sonia O'Sullivan also, for her mental strength.

Do you have any preferences when it comes to the types of games you referee?

I enjoy refereeing all games, although they are all very different. With the men's game, when you speak to

the captain, they know immediately how to change their behaviour to avoid repercussions. But with the

women's games, it probably takes that little bit longer for them to recognise that you mean business. I enjoy both, to be honest. The men's games are faster, so it

requires you to be quick on your feet, but the women's

O'Reilly, who has also been the first in many of her

You're almost four years retired now, do you miss

and of course not to mention that none of this would

I miss playing the matches, I don't miss the training.

In Ireland, do you find women's sports don't get the

can train on my own time and I don't have to be at

I think it's an issue that's slowly but surely getting

achievements, so it's great to be up there with her, have been possible without the support and coaching

by Dave and Peter Fitzgibbon (ex referee/current International TMO)..

What has been your greatest achievement?

Obviously, winning the Grand Slam is a massive achievement, but my main achievement as a referee


That's one of the main benefits of being a referee; I a certain training session at a certain time. I work

completely around my own schedule. As a result, I

get to train with Simona as well, and that's a massive benefit and something we can do together.

was to referee Division 1A. And of course, everything

Is there a lot of pressure involved in being a referee?

women's fixture, officiating the European Cup and

half into refereeing, the amount of game management

else that came before that; getting an international officiating the Pro 12.

Even though I did all that, it wasn't until I did the

Division 1A in Cork that I felt a massive sense of achievement, because that's what I wanted to do

from the start. Even when I was approached first, I

rang a gentleman, a senior prominent rugby official, and I asked him, 'Before I start this, I wanna be the

best I can be, but I've never seen a female referee in

I don't think I fully understood until I was a year and a

changing the male perception of a female in the middle. I've had so many experiences with older men

saying to me, 'Jesus, would you be alright with the

speed there?' or, 'oh, you're a female referee? That's

the first I've seen.' I don't get bogged down over it, or defensive. It's a matter of changing their views and

educating them, showing them that women can do

just as good a job as the men, if not better. Overall the majority of my experiences have been positive.

give out about lack of support for female sports like

camogie, football and soccer. It's easy to talk the talk, but to walk the walk and actually go to the games and

support female colleagues is harder. That has to start with us for there to be a knock on effect.

Hard work, commitment and heart. You can't go too

80 minutes. In the down time you must try to manage the players as best as possible. There's little things you can always do to be contribute to the match. It's mentally draining, even more so than playing for a full eighty minutes.

being a referee?

I suppose, one of my main challenges would've been

support each other a lot more. I find that we always

there is no down time , you need to be switched on for

breakdown, they have a line or scrum. But as a referee,

From that moment I was sold, that was my goal.

you overcome it?

more recognition. I think that we, as females, need to

What advice would you give young players starting

Looking back, do you reckon you would have been

What has been your greatest challenge and how did

recognition/attention they deserve?

that's necessary. Where, as a player, if you have a

Division 1A. What are the chances, do you think, of

that happening?' He said, 'Joy, not in my lifetime.'

matches can be just as demanding.

out in rugby?

far wrong with that. Be critical with yourself because

you're never perfect and there's always room for

improvement. I'd also recommend people to try out refereeing. If anyone is interested in taking up the

whistle, go to and just try it out. It's well worth it. I got to travel and see the world with it.

a better player with the knowledge you have from

Article by: Christine Costello

It's funny, I didn't know half the laws as a player,

Make up and style: Fiona Hayes

and I was playing international rugby. I think that's

Photography by: Eoghan Lyons

definitely one thing we should tap into: getting a

better relationship between referees and a team. We should be getting referees to work with teams,

to educate them on what they're definitely strict on, or more lenient on and even the way players should approach a referee and speak with them.

If I had the knowledge that I have now, I probably would have been ten times the better player than I

was back then in terms of dealing with referees and even manipulating referees to get away with certain things!



Music Int e rv i e w C ian F r aw l e y Cian Frawley (Frawl) has spent the past 20 years

Hard to pick a favourite, but those are some of the

Any advice for budding DJs and people who want to

and, more recently, organising backwardS parties in

or being a part of. I couldn’t single out any one

Play what you love, don’t follow trends and play

of his life devoted to the underground music scene Limerick City. Cian has worked across the board

in the music industry, from pirate radio and record producing to running two music labels and, first and foremost, DJ'ing.

Who are your musical influences?

Everything from 70’s dub reggae, King Tubby, Prince

Jammy and Scientist to the NY disco scene. The first, and second, wave of Chicago and Detroit producers and DJs have had a massive influence on the way I play and approach the studio; Ron Hardy and Theo

most special nights I’ve had the pleasure of attending, experience.

take a step into music?

records if you're going to DJ.

Speaking of experiences, do you have any particular

Who would be your dream collaborators?

I love to spend time in the studio, playing records.

few : Orlando Julius is one that is living, another one

things you enjoy doing in Limerick?

Then to the Milk Market on Saturday mornings there's amazing food and it has a lovely, little record

stall down there. There's no proper shop stocking

underground music, so that would be a good idea for someone.... hint, hint!

Most of them have left this world, but there are a was John Daly. I now run the 60miles live show/label

and spend days on end in the studio, collaborating or

just jammin' with him. He’s become like a brother. I've worked with Specter and Hakim Murphy, Christopher Rau and Juniper and I’d love to work

with Scott Grooves, Alton Miller and many more. I

being two of the biggest DJ’s. I listen to a lot of jazz

What have been some of your favourite music

try to incorporate these genres into my sets. No rules.

Have you got two weeks? Every time I get a record

What is next for you?

hear a magical record, but then, that happens every

release of the 60miles 001 & 002 with the vinyl of 003

and hard funk, soul, boogie, rock and roll, and I also

What international influences do you take on board with events?

I can't say that I take much influence when it comes


released, every time a party goes off ! Or when you day.

to a party - If I like the room or space then, a red light

What do you see happening in the underground

What I wouldn’t take from the current, international

I can't tell you what I’m going to do tomorrow, let

bulb, two decks and a mixer. Just add party people. party scene is fireworks, cake throwing and people trying to be something they are not.

What is your best event experience in Limerick?

It would be either when Shane Healy and I were doing techno parties monthly in Dolan's Warehouse

and Derrick May played and the whole place felt

like it was on the same wavelength! That was nearly 10 years ago! Or more recently, we have had some

truly special backwardS parties with Specter, Scott Grooves, Leonid & Jose Rico, Alton Miller & Prosumer.


music scene in the coming year to 5 years?

alone what's going to happen in the next 5 years !

Underground-wise, it seems to be bubbling a little, but besides one or two crews trying their best in

various venues, there's not enough commitment to

the scene right now. Not from the council, or from

bars and clubs in general. backwardS does not happen every Saturday, nor do any of the other collectives

have a steady weekly venue; there needs to be more regular events to maintain the scene.

believe it will happen.

Working on new music for one or two labels, digital dropping in the next few months, more backwardS parties and we have a late night stage for two nights

at Vantastival too. Lots happening, which is great, still got some Saturdays free that I'd love to play records for though, worldwide.

Why do you do what you do?

Because I absolutely love and live for it. Article by: Michelle Costello & Christine Costello Photography by: Tarmo Tulit




Limer ic k ' s U n d e r gr o u n d Music S c e ne : D I E Created in May 2011, DIE (Dubstep, Indie, Electronica) has become an institution in Limerick's

underground music scene. A joint venture between

VivaMusic and Dolan's, DIE Night is one of the biggest and best alternative student nights in the

country, taking place in Dolan's once every month. In April, DIE night featured This Side Up, Adam

Bentley, Funk'n'Filth and many more acts. DIE

also served as the official after party for Limerick's Outer Body Festival that same night. TLM chats to

those involved with DIE night to discuss influences, memories and the Limerick music scene. OLIVIA CHAU

Olivia Chau has been DJing for almost 8 years. She began by playing mostly indie sets with a bits of pop

music. She now veers towards disco mainly in her sets, with a small bit of House, 90’s Hip-Hop and cheesy pop thrown in too. Olivia is part of the DIE crew and

has been with DIE since it started over 6 years ago. You may also know her from the weekly Dolan's gig listings video.

What is your music background?

I don’t have any formal training, but I started DJing

a few years back with my first ever gig in Baker Place with a laptop and some cheesy tunes.



"There’s always a cyc le of music in Limerick. Right now, Dance Music and Hip-Hop are gaining so much ground. I think the Indie band scene will regain its momentum, but in 5 years there might be some new genre of music. So, you never know"

Who are your musical influences?

How would you say Limerick compares with other

What do you see happening in the underground

slippery slope since then. I grew up on Top of the

Limerick can be in the same conversation as other

There’s always a cycle of music in Limerick. Right

The first band I ever liked was Bon Jovi. It’s been a Pops, so I have a massive love for pop music. However, like every angsty teenager, I drowned my sorrows in Nirvana, Radiohead, Rage Against the Machine and Smashing Pumpkins. Being a teenager of the 90s, I

was lucky enough to get into all genres of music. In the last few years I’ve really got into disco and that’s the main genre I would play on nights out.

nightlife destination cities?

cities. Our nightlife is getting a big boom at the

moment. We’re also lucky enough to be a big college

city, so we have thousands of students to cater for. There’s so many new venues now and there’s room for

all, but Dolan's is still one of the best in Limerick. You can have a range of things going on there with a comfortable amount of people.

music scene in the coming years?

now, dance music and hip-hop are gaining so much ground. I think the Indie band scene will regain its momentum, but in five years there might be some new genre of music. So, you never know.

If you’re visiting Limerick, what places should you hit up?

Dolan's, Mickey's, Mother Macs, The Red Hen and I

Tell us a bit about the underground music scene in

What international influences do you take on board

It’s a community. Everyone knows everyone and it’s

I don’t think we’ve looked very afar for event influences

Any advice for budding DJs ?


then start your own night. Be different and be bold,

Limerick and what you do?

an easy group to join. I think people are always given

a chance. Limerick is small enough and many of the

influencers have gone on to help budding nights out. It doesn’t matter if you’re into metal, dance or indie music, people are willing to give you a chance.

What has changed in the past 10 years in the Limerick music scene?

I think that the dance scene has become huge over the last 10 years. It would seem that bands have taken

a back seat a small bit. Also hip-hop is gaining so much traction now. I think there’s a confidence, from

the hip-hop community, that wasn’t there before. Limerick is lucky enough that we have some of the

with events?

but it’s hard to tell because everyone copies everyone

Do you have any particular things you enjoy doing in Limerick?

I love just having a coffee with friends on Thomas

Street on a sunny day, or going up to the Limerick City Art Gallery. Pretty much walking around Limerick on

because your mixing isn’t perfect doesn’t mean your

tunes aren’t amazing. People just want to dance at the end of the day, so as long as you’re making them dance then you’ve nothing to lose.

brunch. On nights out, I’m generally either in Dolan's

Daly, but I’m hoping to book gigs outside of Limerick

a good idea, then going to Canteen for their Saturday for a gig, or in Mickey's, The Red Hen or Mother Macs. They’re my haunts.

different nights on during the college year. There’s

Getting to see Eagles of Death Metal in Dolan's

ranks too. I would say watch this space for them.

stand out from the crowd and also have fun. Just

What is next for you?

What have been some of your favourite music

some raw talented bands making their way up the

Practice, Practice, Practice and if you can’t get a gig,

a Saturday and hitting up the Milk Market is always

best rap and hip-hop artists in the country. Our dance

scene is crazy at the moment as well. There’s so many

hear good things about Pharmacia.


Warehouse a few years back. That was something special. Or the first time I ever saw Girl Band play

Bourkes. The venue fit no more than 60 people and we were all squished in, but it was one of the best gigs I’d ever been too.

I’ve got a festival coming up in the summer with Ali in the next few months as well. Why do you do what you do?

I love music and making people dance is actually a

really good buzz. When people enjoy the tunes you play and tell you, it’s just a class feeling. You added

to their night and made it a bit more special. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?

Article by: Kayleigh Ziolo & Christine Costello Photography by: Tarmo Tulit




Ali and Dan have been running DIE with the DIE

family for the past six years. They've always strived to bring fresh new music to Limerick, along with showcasing the best of local talent.

Dan has been putting on gigs in Limerick since 2003, beginning with Viva Night in Trinity Rooms and Micronite in Baker Place, later to become the collective powerhouse Macronite which was hosted

in Dolan's. On top of this he was the organiser of "The Night After Christmas" and one of the core

members of Bump Festival and 'Lough Weekend'

along with Ali. His DJing career has seen him play across Ireland, Ibiza, Croatia and South America

and he has released tracks on the techno-heavy label, Forte Techno.

Ali's career in music began as a classical pianist and

composer. After studying music in Stiofรกin Naofa in Cork, she returned to Limerick to set up FlipIt

TV with Olivia Chau and Shane Serrano. The

underground music media crew went on to cover a

host of Irish festivals and interview hundreds of artists

over a three year period for their successful YouTube

channel. Ali has been DJing for almost ten years and has played all over Ireland and South America. Who are your musical influences?

Anything and everything. There are two types of music in this world: good music and bad music - we're

both trying to find as much good music as possible, and listen to it as much as possible. We listen to a lot

of NTS radio, podcasts and anything that exposes a wide spectrum of music.

Tell us a bit about the underground music scene in Limerick and what you do?

The Limerick underground music scene comes in and

out in waves. Sometimes it's indie bands, other times electronic and right now, hip hop is where it's at.



What has changed in the past 10 years in the Limerick music scene?

Very little and a lot as well. Clubs have shut and re-

opened, bars have come and go, however all the quality stuff has stood its ground and the test of time. We've

all got older too! Friends and musical associates have moved on to other countries, and with that brings a

gap for fresh, young promoters and musicians to fill the void, offering fresh ideas and energy.

What is your best event experience in Limerick?

There's been a few, like Blacknote in the Belltable. Bump Muzik festival 2012. Recently, watching

Same D, Jonny Dub & Chunky at DIE, Surgeon at

Macronite... the list could go on, but these stand out right now.

Do you have any particular things you enjoy doing in Limerick?

We always enjoy going for coffee or pints with our

mates. Charlie Malones on Wolfe Tone Street is our regular and the boys in there are sound!

What do you see happening in the underground music scene in the coming year to 5 years?

Younger people coming of age and populating the

events, a natural progression. Check out some of

the newer and younger production crews at the

moment who are doing great work in Limerick; 909, Funk'n'Filth, Subtech, Sweatbox, Flow nite, Touch of

techno etc ‌all pushing very underground acts and parties to massive effect.

If you're visiting Limerick, what places should you hit up?

Mickey Martins, Tom Collins, Charlie Malones for great pints. For diversity and all types of music, head down to Dolan's.

Any advice for budding DJ's and people who want to take a step in music?

What is next for you?

Trying to age gracefully. Why do you do what you do?

A sense of pride, trying to make sure that the music you love has an outlet and its not about travelling for gigs, You should have good stuff happening at home too.

Article by: Michelle Costello & Christine Costello Photography by: Tarmo Tulit

Stay true, dig deep.



R i ch ar d Dowling T h e L ast of the M as tering En g in eers

Limerick mastering engineer Richard Dowling celebrates

As for the mastering studio itself,. "it's the only

"The entire process of mastering is widely undervalued,

TLM about the undervalued art of mastering, his thirty

purposely built so that when I listen to music, it is

entirely. "Some people think they can do it themselves,

his 30th year in the music business this May. He chats to

years of experience and the ever-changing music industry.

Dowling has witnessed single-handedly the 'death' of pop music, the rise of the MP3 and the eventual

resurrection of vinyl records. To begin, Richard leads

purpose-built room of its kind in the country. It's absolutely true," Dowling explains. Designed by a

London architect, the room has near perfect acoustics, specifically designed so nothing interferes with the process.

with some even going so far as to skip the process

some even bypass the process. There was a time when

anyone couldn't be a mastering engineer," Dowling

reminisces, "equipment alone in the UK cost ÂŁ1000. Not everyones a mastering engineer."

us into his own home-built mastering studio. The

This enclosed studio space is vital for the art of

The arrival of household technology such as affordable

past and significant musical history; including an

perfect environment. Mastering, for those who don't

boost and bands began taking mastering into their

room was teeming with history from both Dowling's

original piece of equipment used in the first cutting of Never Mind The Bollocks. The walls are adorned with a stunning collection of framed records, from

U2 to Suede, showcasing thirty years of hard work and devotion to his craft.


mastering. It requires not only a keen ear, but also the know, is the final stage in creating music; the cherry

on top. "Before, a mastering engineer would receive the record lacquer before press, but now, in digital, it's

someone listening to make sure a song is right before

going out into the world. I bring it to a level that suffices for modern day release, the last step.

computers, apps, tablets, resulted in a mass-confidence own hands. "Soon everyone thought they could be a mastering engineer. But in this game, it's all about

experience, it's the only way you'll get it right and the only way you'll gain trust." The game completely changed in little over a decade, but Dowling still powered on and remains to this day, one of the few original mastering engineers remaining.


I mastered and remastered about half the tracks."

In recent years, Dowling has worked with upand-coming Irish acts like SOAK, Beoga and The

Villagers. When discussing his greatest experiences, he states "just being part of bigger things. Just to be doing it, I guess and to continue doing it."

Although mastering technology remains steadfast

and timeless to this day, the rapid development of the internet pulled the industry into near-extinction when online streaming and the rise of MP3 downloads

triggered the close of numerous studios, including

PRT. "Back then there were more studios. On the

West End alone you had seven or eight studios, but there's none now. The whole psychology of it is

different now. We don't need to be there anymore, everything's become remote. The whole point of

being in the West End in London was to be close to the record companies. Back in the day, the mix would Despite the drastic changes in technology, Dowling

"You observe, you get the confidence and you move

come over on a bit of analogue tape, or DAT tape,

only slightly affected. "Most of this job is about your

Dowling was given an interview opportunity at PRT

to stay close to record companies, but you don't need

up the chain." Dowling explains. Not long after,

by bike, then you'd master that. The whole point was

Records in Marble Arch in London, formerly known

that anymore. Everything is just a click away."

looking for a maintenance assistant and I'd just done

Near the end of our interview, Dowling reflects on his

gave me the job. I just didn't want to go from Moylish

just have to go out there and do it for themselves; set

course in London in '86 and I was useless because I

but it's really hard. It's not the path anymore. Before,

I just knew i wanted to do this. I was meant to be a

I was a runner and it didn't matter. My face fit the

it's what I am. "

to be and since that moment I've been working flat

50% of his original equipment, turning his studio into

The complex had two cutting rooms and two studios.


timeless. But again, they're just a tool to help you get

to work with some of the biggest names in music,

Richard Dowling will celebrate 30 years as a

Simon Cowell, who wasn't famous then. I've known

his extensive and impressive discography you can

insists that the skills involved in mastering itself are experience and what goes on in your head. I listen to a piece and I'll know instantly what I want to do with

it. That's not technology. It's what's upstairs. 60% of

what I do is based on brain power and technology will never replace that." Dowling remains true to traditional mastering methods. "The way I work is

old school. All the equipment is 'Outside the Box', meaning it's outside the computer. There are computer program versions of all this," he gestures to the heavy

machinery and technology around him, "but I prefer the hardware, the 'Real Experience'." After the studio closure in London, Dowling managed to obtain over

a museum of sorts. "We're lucky that the equipment is to the end game. The rest is in your head."

Richard Dowling's journey into mastering began thirty years ago in Moylish, now LIT, where he

studied electronics for three years. Immediately after his degree, he landed a job in a London studio. He worked as a runner for a while, making coffees and

taking in all the information and experience that he could.

as the famous 70's label, PYE Records. 'They were

three years of electronics. So, I was perfect and they

own path to mastering. "The kids that go to college

into Wang or Analog. I didn't want to do it. I did a

up studios or become a producer. Studios do still exist,

wasn't a musician and I didn't understand anything.

it had nothing to do with degrees. When I started off

mastering engineer and that's it. It is me, it's not a job,

bill that day in the interview. For me, it was meant

During his time here, Dowling had the opportunity

out. I've had thirty years of a career out of it, which is

including Simon Cowell, "I did a lot of work with

mastering engineer this May. To find out more about

Simon since I started in the UK and he knows what

check out his website at

with pop music, like Pop Idol, Gareth Gates, S-Club

Article by: Christine Costello

he wants," Dowling laughs, "I was doing a lot of work 7, Steps and Five." Dowling also worked closely with

Photography by Shane Serrano

a long list of other artists including Suede, Westlife, The Waterboys and even Sia. "I worked on Sia's

first album. I didn't do all of it, but I certainly put it together.


THE LIMERICK MAGAZINE How involved are in you in the artist community of Limerick? How has it helped you in your work?

I am a member of Limerick Printmakers, and keep

Ar t is t P r of i l e Josephine Geaney

regular contact with the artists there. Being an artist

can be a very lonely existence so it is important to have the support of the artistic community. My sister is an artist as well, we both studied together at

Limerick School of Art and Design, so we supported

one another during our College years and now as professional artists. It’s good to have other people who

are going through the same process and understand the strangeness of the profession.

Describe the process of your work - how do you bring together a collection for exhibition?

I always work with an exhibition in mind. My current collection is made up of paintings, prints and drawings. Each piece that I make will be based on the

same narrative, constantly making and researching this subject and idea. It’s important to keep the

creative process going by constantly working at it, doing research into the work keeps the creativity flowing too.

What artists are you inspired by?

Hughie D’Donoghue is top of the list – I think his When did you first realise you wanted to be an artist?

I always knew I would be an artist; I’ve spent my entire life drawing and painting and was an untaught artist until 2004 when the children were old enough for me to do an undergraduate degree at Limerick School of Art and

Design, of which I graduated in 2008. But even when working other jobs, I always painted and taught painting it’s always been there for me.

How did you develop your style and medium?

Paint is my first love. I also do some print making and photography which are incorporated into my work. I enjoy

the tactile quality of paint and all the possibilities and outcomes that come from it. My style is constantly evolving. Every new body of work is experimental to discover new outcomes and ways of working. I went through different

stages with painting, from a heavy impasto applications to transparent thin coats of paint or ink. My process now is to build up very thin layers of paint, then sand away the entire surface to see what image emerges from underneath

the paint. There could be 15 different layers, and from there I choose what sections of the painting I want to emphasize and what parts I choose to leave hidden underneath the different layers of paint.

You describe your work as autobiographical, what elements and techniques do you use to tell a story?

My work has always been autobiographical; my paintings are of journeys. They feature imagery of roads, boats, maps etc. I sometimes incorporate personal details into my paintings which aren’t obvious to the viewer at first sight. The techniques which I use are a journey too - a life story is built up of layers, and I am expressing my history

through visible and invisible layers of paint. What came before and the expectations of future exist in the one frame. I am currently working on a new body of work for a solo show in the Toradh Gallery, Co.Meath. This work is influenced by Celtic mythology and their belief that bogs are portals into other worlds.

work is beautiful, it has that transparency which I love. I greatly admire the works of John Shinnors and

Peter Doig also. While in college I was influenced by Gerhard Richter and Edward Hopper. I am inspired

in some way by every piece of art which I see no matter who the artist is. As an artist, I know the struggle that

goes into making a piece of art and appreciate that. I often go around galleries looking at sides of paintings

so I can see all the layers and the story of the work, not just what is in front of me. We all have our quirks I suppose!

What advice would you give to someone pursuing a life as an artist?

Start with passion, but realise it’s not an easy path. It

is however very rewarding and satisfying; I couldn’t

ask for a better career. Most artists will have another job but it is very important to go into studio every day

and do some creative work - don’t miss a day, put in

lots of hard work and create as much as you can. Also, try not to be so hard on yourself, art is subjective so don’t be despondent when you don’t get the response

you hope for, keep going and doing your own thing and you will be rewarded.



What is next for you?

As well as my new work I am getting ready for another exhibition, which is coming up in August at the

Toradh Gallery in Meath. I have a residency planned in the Tyrone Guthrie Centre Annaghmakerrig,

which will provide time to reflect on the forthcoming work. I will be able to use print facilities there. I am feeling very enthusiastic about the new work and looking forward to its completion!

To find out more about Josephine’s work and exhibitions see Article by: Kayleigh Ziolo



The li m e r ick maga z i n e Home & Lifestyle Outside… In

At The Limerick Magazine office, we have been working hard to pick some beautiful home trends for Summer 2017. In case our summer isn’t what we hoped (when is an Irish summer ever predictable?), you can move the outside

inside, and enjoy a zen like summer haze from the comfort of your own home.

Fire, sky, earth, water, and other outdoor elements make us feel refreshed, calm, and at one with the earth. How do we bring these elements from the outdoors into the home? The obvious way is by bringing plants and candles into our

living space. Although a wonderful idea, it’s not always the most practical – so here’s 10 other simple ways to bring the outdoors in. Natural Fibers, Textures and Patterns

Wicker, rattan, hemp, and jute are all materials that are inspired by nature. Choose these materials in your furniture for a comfortable oasis to relax. Colours inspired by the outdoors

Greens remind us of the earth, grass and plants. Blues are refreshing like water

and the sky. Yellows evoke a sense of freshness, like the sun and fresh flowers. Neutral tones such as whites, tans and beiges make your interiors feel natural, and clean. Use these colours on your walls, window coverings, bedding, and decor.

Use elements found in nature in your décor

Rocks, sea shells, jars of beach sand, wood, and straw are just a few elements

which you can incorporate into your everyday living, to bring the outdoors in. Try adding photographs and murals of these elements if you don’t have the real thing on hand.

Ensure all windows have a gorgeous view

Entice your senses with outdoor cues

up! Bring the outdoors in by enjoying views of landscaping, pools, or just your

If you have overgrown bushes or trash dumpsters blocking your view, clear it

Woody incense and floral potpourri scents are always a treat. The sounds of

kids playing out in the yard.

and in tune with nature. This same feeling can be brought into your home.

Choose eco-friendly materials for your home

rain, wind, and the beach are used in luxury spas to make the body feel relaxed

Bedding, towels, cleaning products, and even paint all come in eco-friendly

varieties. Try using earth friendly products on a daily basis; you’ll feel closer to nature, and the earth will thank you.




DFS Furniture - Clay: pattern scatter cushion - €25.00

DFS Furniture - French Connection Coast Grande Sofa - €1,299.00 Next Textiles – from €14

Next Ireland - Tula chair in matt E velvet ginger - €250.00 Oliver Bonas - Rattan Swing Chair- £265 (Order Online)

Cuckooland - Bohemian Hammock in Natural Cotton -£115.00 (Order online) Article by: Michelle Costello



The li m e r ick maga z i n e Home & Lifestyle In the Navy Navy is one of those colours that will match up with anything you already own, making it the perfect choice to feature alongside any unique or eccentric shades you’ve already introduced to your living spaces. We’ve had a look around and found these navy gems (and may have purchased one or two for ourselves in the process).

Orla Kiely Medium Plant Pot

Joules Slumber Oval Pet Bed

Warp Vase

new range of garden accessories, in a fabulous retro

friends while sprucing up the house, so a new dog bed

with amazing colours and distinctive design. This will

This gorgeous enamel planter pot from Orla Kiely’s design is the perfect way to show off your green fingers in style.

There is not a chance we would forget our furry

is most definitely on the cards. This Joules slumber pet bed in French navy bloom is the perfect choice, with its beautiful floral details and extra comfy material keeping both pooch and human happy.

Brooklyn Indoor/Outdoor rug

Wooden Table Set

suitable for indoor and outdoor use, it also has a funky

and Dawe are both stylish and useful for your main

This reversible and hand-woven rug is not only carry handle so it can be taken with you wherever you

go, and the waterproof material means there’s no need to worry about spillages, as it wipes clean.


This dipped bamboo wooden table set from Marquis living space. Use them to fill any dull corners, and to

perch your morning coffee or evening glass of wine on.

We are in absolute awe of this Tom Dixon Warp vase, suit in any room in the house, and will be noticed immediately by everyone who enters. Article by: Amanda Flannery


T he li m e r ick m aga z i n e Fashion Ladylike Lace for summer At Carraig Donn it is all about feminine lace, ladylike silhouettes and simple separates in neutral tones this Summer.

Feminine Lace in Blush

Ladylike Silhouettes in Teal

feminine, and the ingredients for the perfect occasion wear recipe come together.

Jamie La Vie range at Carraig Donn this summer. Think three quarter length

Blush pink is the colour of the season - add this to lace, which always looks Carraig Donn offers a youthful take on lace meets scuba with its Rowen Avenue

dress (€59.95), while the neckline of the Lake Yoke Dress also by Rowen Avenue

is one to covet (€89.95). Elegant in length, fully lined and simply structured, the

Kelly and Grace dress (as modelled above, €69.95) is ideal for summer days out, from a day at the races to a country house wedding.

Embrace the flattering silhouette of the 1950s, with a modern twist, with the

sleeved blouses (€46.95) paired with knee length pencil skirts (€49.95) and waterfall jackets (€79.95), both available in mint, blush and navy. Mix and match

the skirt with a simple white tee for daytime, pair it with a ladylike blouse for

work or team the skirt and jacket together for a full take on block colour wearing, but in soft neutral tones.



T he l im e r ick m aga z i n e Beauty 5 face masks for fresh summer skin

Charlotte Tilbury Instant Magic Mask

The Charlotte Tilbury dry sheet mask is exactly that - dry! Perfect if you don't enjoy the slimy feel of regular sheet masks. You might look a bit like Michael Myers when wearing

it but as long as you don’t have to answer the door, the results are totally worth it. It doesn’t feel like it’s doing anything spectacular while you have it on but once you remove it, your skin looks totally refreshed, youthful and radiant with vitamin B3 brightening and toning as it works. This mask can work with any skin type as it doesn’t add too much

excess moisture, hydrating your skin just where you need it. Perhaps the best thing about this mask is that it can be used up to three times! This fact completely justifies its price tag, with each use only costing €8.00. Pick up one of these beauties at any Charlotte Tilbury counter for €24.00.



La Roche-Posay Hydraphase Intense Masque

La Roche-Posay has long been known for its top-quality skincare products and this mask is no different. If you’ve got dry skin and

find that most hydrating masks tend to cause irritation and sensitivity, then you’ll probably already know about this product. The gentle ingredients in this mask will give your skin the quenching that it

needs but will leave it feeling comforted and soothed at the same time. Your skin will feel supple and soft after having used this mask

and the 50g tube will provide you with enough product for plenty of

applications. As with all La Roche-Posay products, it is available from Boots for around €22.00.


The GlamGlow masks are world-famous for their benefits and, although a bit on the pricier side, they are as much of a treat for your skin as they are a punishment for your debit card! The

GRAVITYMUD firming mask is just one of the gorgeous range and does exactly what it says on the tin. Containing plumping

and lifting ingredients such as Licorice Leaf and Marshmallow, this mask is perfect for anyone who’s skin is tired and in need of refreshment. Plus, while wearing it you’ll feel super space-age

chic as it dries to a shiny chrome-like finish. Get your hands on

this gorgeous stuff from Boots from €45.00 and see the results for yourself.

Garnier Moisture Bomb Mask

Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask

well it works! If your skin is thirsty and in desperate need of hydration

a bit dull. The Clear Improvement mask uses active charcoal to draw

For the price of this mask, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with how

then this mask will work for you. This is a slimier sheet mask but it's good to feel the moisture it provides. This mask is meant to provide

the hydration of a full week’s worth of daily serum use and it really feels like it does just that. When you take off the mask, make sure to massage the leftover product into your skin to get the full effect. Your

skin will feel soft and healthy and plump and, bonus points, your

makeup will apply like a dream. Available from Boots and most good pharmacies for under €2.00, no excuse not to give it a go!

This is perfect for skin that feels clogged and congested and is looking impurities such as dirt, oil and makeup out of the skin and help make it easier to clean off the skin, acting like a magnet. Afterwards, your

skin will feel refreshed and renewed, allowing it to properly breathe. If your skin tends to be a bit dry, it might be worth using a hydrating mask afterwards to stop your skin from being too dried out. If you suffer from oily skin, this product is great for keeping that under control. Available from Boots for €30.00. Article by: Ali Molloy



T he l i m e r ick maga z i n e Beauty with Shauna Lindsay

Number 1 and most important - luggage. I've recently fallen in love with the slidey luggage

Shauna’s Style Diary

this cool set. I don’t know about you but I just love the cute detail and how it looks like

(I’m about two years late lads, I know). I was in House Of Fraser in Dundrum and spotted chunks of gold.

Number 2 has got to be a good book. Whether your flight is long or short haul, a good book will always be useful. Use your flight time to unwind and indulge in a good story. This is one that I’m gonna read while I’m in Portugal:

#1 New York Times bestseller Milk and Honey is a collection of poetry and prose about survival the experience of violence, abuse, love, loss, and femininity.

Number 3 is a scarf. I know, I know, your going to a hot country what the hell do you need

a scarf for?! Well, planes are freezing and this bad boy makes for a great blanket and pillow. Also if you’re like me and rarely pack enough long sleeves for holidays, this scarf may just save your life, wrap it around your shoulders on those nights that are a little more chilly.

Number 4 - Bronzer. If you don’t like wearing makeup when you travel, carry some bronzer. It won’t leave you with a sticky feeling on your face, your skin will be able to breathe and

you’ll have a beautiful glow. I've always said if I could only have one beauty item for the Travel Essentials

rest of my days, it would be bronzer. I love Estee Lauder’s ‘Bronze Goddess’ and during the summer months I also love ‘Hoola’ from Benefit.

Summer is finally coming, and it's time to get ready

for holidays! This summer is a busy one: my holidays

are kicking off in May as I head to Portugal. In June

Number 5 - Mascara. Again, I don’t really like to wear makeup when travelling, but bronzer

Cannes and from July - August I'll be in Los Angeles.

just because the air-con in the plane might make your eyes water. I like to use ‘BadGal

I’m visiting Rome, Mykonos, Santorini, Monte Carlo,

and mascara are a definite must. I like to wear a waterproof mascara when travelling

It's gonna be a good one!

Waterproof ’ from Benefit.

So here are some of my travel essentials and musthaves!

Number 6 - Comfy Shoes. There's nothing worse than wearing an uncomfortable shoe

while trying to check in, going through security, dropping off bags, getting to the terminal, collecting bags, passport control, hailing a taxi, getting to your hotel... so yes, wear comfy shoes. Stick on a pair of Nikes and you’re laughing! You’ll feel like your walking on clouds which will make travelling that little bit more enjoyable. Happy travelling! Article by: Shauna Lindsay



T he li m e r ick m aga z i n e Make up Spring summer 2017 bridal make-up trends More and more Irish weddings are getting more personal than ever before. As a bridal make-up artist I think modern wedding make-up needs to reflect each and every brides' individual style.

The runway is where our inspiration comes from each season. With bridal season here in full swing with loads of different trends to suit everyone, it's so important to choose the right look to suit the bride. The key to

bridal make-up is to enhance their features and frame everything, making them the best version of themselves. Here are some top trends this season:

The all natural look - Prada and Oscar De La Renta went for the less is more natural look. A very easy look to

re-create, just using some tinted moisturiser to keep the skin hydrated and maybe a dust of blush and bronzer, some mascara with a nude or pink lip. It's so radiant and minimal.

A lot of vibrant colours are being shown on the lips instead of your typical classic nude shades, with lots of

red and pink shades seen at Dior and Pucci. Soft less defined brows are a must for 2017; think more naturally groomed.

Smokey eyes are the hottest trend this season - Jenny Packham had lots of smoke going on that were aisle appropriate. Smokey eyes aren't just for a night out!

Finally, a look that never goes off trend is a soft, fresh faced look, as seen from most designers this season. Models on the runway had rosy cheeks, light glowing natural to soft smokey eyes and pretty pink lips, this is such a radiant wedding look in-keeping with the natural beauty. Article by: Mary Kiely



T he l i m e r ick maga z i n e Men's Fashion 3 key piece s to have you breezing through summer days It’s time to start investing in some stylish pieces that will keep you cool in the office without losing that sharpness.




because it’s all about nudes, pastels and prints for the

end to all your sartorial problems, and will make you

outfit and make it office worthy, adding your own

Throw the dark colours to the back of the wardrobe, warmer months. Along with the right shade, it is important to stay cool, so go for something that has

a suitable material. We recommend going for a 100%

cotton piece - like this slim fit white single cuff button

down collar chambray shirt from Moss Bros. London.

Finding the perfect fitting pants for you will be an feel more comfortable and confident in what you are

wearing. Take some time to figure out what type suits

your unique body type and a style you are happy with. Brightly coloured shirts and accessories will allow you to stay dark with your pants choice, or go for a more summery, lighter shade if you prefer. This plum Everest flat front stretch trousers and dry sand comfort chino from Louis Copeland are a good choice.


The right accessories can take that casual weekend personal business look to the workplace. Pocket

squares, quirky braces and colourful socks are just some of the many ways that can achieve outfit

uniqueness this summer. We love these black and blue palm print socks from River Island. Article by: Amanda Flannery


W e a re h iri ng! Business Development Executive adept in

new business developemnt self starter who is

target-driven & motivated with

excellent communication skills paSSIONATE to work & establish healthy client relationships




The li m e r ick maga z i n e Travel PACK IT UP AND AWAY WE GO

Campervans are the way to travel this Summer, it’s just you and the

road and maybe a little country music playing for dramatic effect. You can mix it up anyway you like, friends, family, your partner in crime - exploring Ireland or Europe has never been easier. So here is our tips to get you into the groove.

Book your campervan in advance and early

Summer passes so fast and yes, we all want to escape Limerick and travel in a summer time. That is the main one - book early. Do not plan for every minute

Campervan holidays are a perfect get away from your everyday life and stress related to it. Don’t create stress by creating detailed plans

for every travel day. Besides, you don’t know what type of adventures

and exciting places life will take you so you need to have some time for the unexpected. It’s the journey as well as the destination you will remember. Destination

You are likely to miss something extraordinary by following the main roads taking you to biggest tourist attractions. Deviate from

the mainstream and explore a bit. Take your camper to smaller roads and explore the authentic local cultures.



It’s good to start with a driver’s license. It’s obvious that you need one but one also needs to ensure that the weight limit of one´s rental camper does not go over the license limit. If you

plan to visit other countries other than the one you rent the vehicle from its good to ensure

beforehand if any additional documentation is needed. Make sure that you at least have

documentation proving that you have an insurance for your vehicle. This widely recognised document is called “Green Card” and it´s good to keep nearby when travelling in Europe. Gas

Most campers use gas for different appliances such as for heater and stove top. Remember countries often has different valve connections so one cannot replace an empty bottle in a different country where you picked up your rental motorhome.



Campers are big! Your rental is likely to be bigger than the vehicle you have

back home. In addition to the different kind of vehicle the surroundings and the local conditions may be very different you are used to. The easiest way to have a carefree holiday is to have an insurance. Contact your local

insurance company and ask for an insurance that covers rental vehicles. The rental company is likely to help you in this. Health

If you have any severe illnesses plan your route so that you are not too far away from civilisation. Also have a backup plan for any unplanned

situations as a vehicle breakdown of malfunction. As an example it’s good to have something to cool down your medication if your motorhome fridge suddenly stops working and medication must be kept cool. Enjoy the journey! Article by: Michelle Costello




It’s important to be aware of some of the different ways drinking alcohol can affect your body. The effects shown here are the same for men and women.

EYES Too much alcohol dilates blood vessels in the eyes, so they can look red and bloodshot. It also affects the signals sent from the eyes to the brain – vision becomes blurred and distances and speeds become harder to judge.

HEAD After a few drinks it can be easy for someone to act out of character. They may feel more relaxed, emotional and lose their inhibitions but this can really affect their judgement. They might make a fool of themselves, get into trouble or do something they might later regret. Alcohol draws water out of the brain leaving the drinker dehydrated and often with a bad headache.

WAIST Alcohol is very high in calories so it can lead to weight gain. For example, an average strength pint of beer has 180 calories which is roughly 9% of the recommended daily calorie intake for women and 7% for men.

STOMACH Excessive alcohol consumption can cause damage and irritation to the stomach lining, causing nausea and vomiting.


BRAIN Alcohol is a depressant so it slows down the brain, the control centre of the body. Alcohol can make you feel happy for a little while but the more you drink, the longer it will take for messages to travel from the brain to the rest of your body. This can result in slurred speech, walking off balance and slower reaction times.

HEART Regularly drinking more than the low-risk guidelines can increase your risk of developing heart disease. Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol raises blood pressure which is one of the most important risk factors for a heart attack or stroke. An increase in your blood pressure can also be caused by weight gain from excessive drinking.

LIVER The liver breaks down most of the alcohol a person drinks but only at a rate of roughly one standard drink per hour. Factors like the type of alcohol and how fast someone is drinking can stop the liver from working properly. Regularly drinking over the low-risk guidelines can increase your risk of liver disease and cause irreparable damage.

SKIN Just like the brain, too much alcohol dehydrates your skin making it look dull. It also dilates the blood vessels under the surface of the skin which can lead to ugly veins on the nose and cheeks.



The li m e r ick maga z i n e Food & Drink Recipe - Black Pudding and Poached Egg Serves: 2

Prep: 2 mins

Cook: 8 mins Ingredients 2 large eggs

2 (2cm thick) slices black pudding 50g/2oz rocket leaves

tomato chutney and bread to serve For the mustard vinaigrette:

5ml/1tsp whole grain mustard 45ml/3tbsp olive oil

30ml/2tbsp lemon juice

salt and freshly ground black pepper Method

Preheat the oven to 200C/Fan 180C/ Gas Mark 6. Looking for something different to start off your day? Why not try creating your own version of the breakfast

classic with this delicious black pudding recipe. Perfect with poached eggs, rocket leaves and wholegrain mustard, this is a brilliant way to start your day.

Place the black pudding on the work surface and use

a rolling pin to roll it out until it is about 00cm in diameter. Use the pudding to line 2 holes of a 4-hole

Yorksire pudding tin., pressing it into the base so it

forms a good cup shape. Bake for 8-10mins or until cooked.

Fill a frying pan with water and bring to the boil. Reduce the heat to a gentle simmer, gently crack in the two eggs and poach for 3mins according to your taste. Remove from the heat.

Divide the rocket leaves between two plates, place

the black pudding in the centre, then using a slotted

spoon lift the poached eggs from the water and place in the black pudding. Drizzle over the dressing and serve immediately with tomato chutney and bread. Photography by: Tarmo Tulit



The li m e r ick maga z i n e Food & Drink In Season - Summer Salad Staples The longer evenings have us dreaming of sunny weekend barbecues in the garden - optimistic, much? And of course every good barbecue must be accompanied by some equally delicious side servings. Luckily May is the month when many summer salad staples come into season, so get prepared for some outside dining…

New Potatoes

Irish Strawberries


known as new potatoes come into season this month.

towards the end of the month. Of course, you could

If you’re growing your own, now is the time to replant

Homeguard and Premiere varieties, collectively

As much as Ireland lauds the ‘floury spud’, I have to say I’m much keener on the waxy texture of these

new season potatoes. The first early potatoes are followed by Queens, which are similarly delicately

skinned, yellow and buttery flavoured and come through in July, meaning a whole summer of sunny

coloured goodness. Toss them up cold/cool with some mayonnaise, garlic, wholegrain mustard and seasoning for a simple potato salad.


The ultimate sign of summer comes into season throw them in into a fruit salad but they are also a

good addition to savoury dishes such as chicken salad with walnuts or shrimp, and they are delicious dressed in balsamic vinegar.

Coriander leaf is an essential addition to Thai salads. and they will be ready to harvest at the end of the

month. Coriander does well when kept in containers either outside or on a window sill. They don’t like too

much heat so provide some shade from midday sun, and keep soil moist at all times.


Miso-ginger salad dressing recipe: 1 tablespoon miso paste

1 tablespoon grated peeled ginger. Juice of 2 limes 1/2 garlic clove

1 chopped scallion

1 teaspoon Sriracha 1/2 teaspoon sugar. Scallions


season and can be planted now and harvested until

up a warm greenhouse and being hit with the scent

Scallions or spring onions have a relatively long November. Scallions are another staple in Asian-

inspired cooking, and go well with ginger, barbecue sauce, fish and any kind of salad that calls for a mild onion flavour. Try using them in the salad dressing recipe shown.

Is there any greater summer pleasure than opening

of tomato plants? Tomatoes are one of the most

satisfying fruits to grow, and they always taste better than shop bought. If you are having problems with

greenfly, try growing your scallions or onions nearby,

8 tablespoons vegetable oil. Blend miso paste and ginger. Add to lime juice, garlic, scallion, Sriracha and sugar in a blender. Gradually add vegetable oil and mix well. Article by: Kayleigh Ziolo

as the smell repels them. If you’re bored of salsa and tomato salad, try them stuffed with breadcrumbs and herbs as a side dish.



Health & Wellbeing Why your diet doesn’t work Solution: Select a plan that seems realistic for your lifestyle and one you can stick to. It's that simple. Don’t doubt the diet or think there’s a better one

out there: make the commitment. Consistency and meal preparation are the key to success.

2. You are not eating enough!

This is the one thing I hear all the time: 'That is way too much food, how can

I lose weight?' Most people assume that if they are overweight it’s because

they are eating too much. So they eat less, while this may be the right course

in some cases, but drastically reducing your fuel source is not the answer. You can’t constantly run a car on empty, you are looking for trouble. So what

happens? You force your body into survival mode, adjusting to fewer calories by slowing down your metabolism, as its job is to keep you alive and protect itself.

Solution: Instead of starving yourself, start by keeping a food diary. A clear

picture of what you eat every day will start to surface. Then, make small

adjustments to your food choices so that you start to lose weight but without losing muscle. Start by aiming to lose no more than 2-3lbs per week to

maintain muscle. Most of what you initially lose will be water weight, so be consistent and stick with it.

There is absolutely nothing more frustrating than hitting the gym religiously, pounding the roads or sweating it out in a spin class and changing your diet to make a healthier food

choice, but still not losing weight. When people come to me, this I hear all the time. Most of us are desperate for results. Some have tried every fad diet out there and every kind of workout regime under the sun, with still no real results. What is going wrong? 1. Not sticking to your plan long enough

So you are on your diet for a week or two, and initially you lose a few pounds. Then it all slows down even though you haven’t done anything different. So you decide that this diet

isn't right for you and move on to another one. The problem isn't the diet you are on. It's

you! The fact of the matter is there is no magical pill or magical diet that will suddenly

make all the weight melt away. Fat loss can and should be slow and inconsistent, and just when you are making gains, you give up. I have a rule that I stick by with my clients - the 21 day rule. This is the make or break for any diet and it is not until day 28 that results and all the efforts start to really manifest visually. let's face it, you didn’t gain all that weight overnight, so don't expect to lose it overnight.


3. Not allowing the occasional 'cheat'

Can you remember the last time you weren't dieting or doing something to

to lose weight? Most people who are unsuccessful in their weight loss tend

to diet continually. They go through periods where they're 'being good' and getting results, but then eventually quitting. That's because your body has a natural set point, a certain body weight or body fat level it will fight to maintain.

Solution: Give your body a break! If you've been consistently dieting for more than three months, or if you're spending way too much time dreaming about your favourite dish, take a break from it. Have a cheat meal, enjoy something you love, use it like a reward, and include it in your plan. Eating

normally for a while can help your cravings subside - and that can make it easier for you to choose healthier foods. Article by: Jason Kenny


Health & Wellbeing Women’s FITNESS: with Sintija Zorge

3 important callisthenic exercises Callisthenic training is an old school and very effective way of training that needs no equipment (or very small

amounts of ) and can be done anywhere as it doesn’t require a lot of space. It consists of simple body weight exercises to improve overall well-being, fitness, flexibility, posture and strength.

The plank-hold, push-up and back-extension exercises will improve your overall strength, fitness and flexibility. These will also help you to reduce back pain while strengthening your spine and improving your posture.


An essential exercise for everyone to promote lower body strength, particularly the lower back. Lying

down flat, face down, engage whole body, pushing pubic bone into floor, breathing out as you are lifting

your chest and knees off the floor while squeezing your butt and pulling in tummy. Breathe in, relax Push-up

Another exercise that can be adapted or progressed Plank-hold

for your ability. Hold your whole body in prone

With body position is stable and engaged on your

bended elbows. Wait until your chest nearly hits

hands and tip toes with elbows under chest and knees

your elbows. This will really let you feel the strength

Hold a straight body position from your shoulders to

whole body should be engaged, tummy sucked in and

This is a brilliant exercise and a full body workout.

position, palms under chest, on your tip toes or knees,

palms or forearms, holding your whole body on your

ground and then push back up trough straightening

straight, squeeze your legs, butt and pull in your belly.

of your upper body. Again, keep in mind that your

ankles. Stabilise your whole body and hold without

butt squeezed.

Look slightly forward through your eyebrows to

Push-ups will not only support your back and

any movement for as long as strong form is kept. improve neck strength.

improve posture, they will also reduce the risk of

Because this exercise is challenging your whole body

while working on your cardiovascular fitness.

shoulder injuries, enhancing your muscle definition

chest and legs, face down. Squeeze everything again

and lift up, feel the strength of your lower back as you are staying in that extension position. To get benefits from this exercise do it regularly!

Make sure that during these exercises you are thinking

of deep tissue muscles, that you are engaging whole body, sucking in and working with your pelvic floor.

Our back bone has to take on so much during day

to day activities, so practice these three exercises regularly to strengthen up and reduce any problems with injuries.

Mini workout

Plank hold for 30 seconds

to stay in one position, your flexibility will improve

Push-up x 10 reps

arms. Adding plank hold to your weekly routine will

NO BREAK, repeat 3 times

back pain or other injuries.

Article by: Sintija Zorge

as its essential to stay with a straight back, legs and

improve your upper and lower body strength, reducing

Back-extension x 10 reps



Health & Wellbeing Mind Your Mind: SAD-Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seasonal affective disorder, also known as winter

Family history plays a part too and if you have a

The causes of summer SAD are unclear but it

a mood disorder which affects people who would

depression there is a greater risk of you developing

allergies, body image issues, disruption to a normal

depression, winter blues or seasonal depression, is normally have a good mental health function yet

exhibit depressive symptoms around the same time

family member or relative who suffers from SAD or SAD.

each year. Symptoms normally occur in winter, but

The exact causes of SAD are unclear but most

during the summer months.

daylight hours in the winter. The shorter days and

surprisingly SAD can also occur for some people

SAD was not recognised as a real disorder till 1984

when Norman E Rosenthal studied the link between a person’s mood and seasonal influence. He was the

first person to use light therapy to treat SAD. Norman

himself had struggled with the illness - he was born in South Africa and after moving to the less sunny America he noticed a change in his mood noting

feeling less energetic, moody and his work suffered. The research Norman underwent is somewhat controversial and inconclusive but nevertheless

Norman has remained a huge pioneer in finding ways to deal with SAD and has written many books on the subject.

theories attribute the disorder to the reduction of reduced sunlight hours affect the body by disrupting

your natural body clock. The longer nights and

shorter days of winter can cause a person to become groggy and disorientated. When it is dark your

body produces the hormone melatonin to help a

person sleep, and sunlight triggers the brain to stop producing melatonin, therefore a person feels more

awake and alert. However, during the winter your

body may overproduce melatonin and hence this can leave a person low on energy and drowsy. Serotonin is the happy hormone we all know and love but reduced

sunlight can lower your body’s ability to produce it and therefore this can lead to depression, appetite changes and memory problems.

SAD is an illness that can be dismissed not only by

Summer SAD

a person dealing with SAD this can worsen their

late spring/early summer and ends in the autumn.

scientists but by friends or family of a sufferer. For symptoms and sufferers can become isolated and withdrawn from society. 3 out of 4 sufferers of SAD

are women however, men often experience more severe symptoms. SAD usually is first diagnosed in people aged between 18 to 30 and it is less likely to occur as a person gets older.

is thought to relate to the warmer weather and

routine and financial worries as summer can be an

expensive time. Getting exercise, spending time with family and talking to your doctor should help in alleviating summer SAD symptoms. Again, support

is appreciated during a sufferers seasonal bout of depression and offering support to a friend or loved one is always gratefully received.

The symptoms of both winter and summer SAD include:

• Lack of energy • Exhaustion • Depression

• Loss of interest in activities • Appetite problems • Low sex drive • Nausea

• Feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness • Use of drugs or alcohol as way of comfort • Feeling angry, irritable and anxious • Unexplained aches and pains

The less common summer or reverse SAD begins in

How to mind your mind while suffering with

Instead of the winter SAD where the body is affected

Get out and enjoy the sun when you can, go for walks

by shorter days and less sunlight, summer SAD

affects the body because of the opposite-longer days. Unfortunately for a summer sufferer they will tend

to sleep too little and therefore become stressed,

exhausted and out of their regular body clock rhythm.


and sit outside to eat if you are warm enough to. Increase natural light in your home by opening blinds

and curtains, open windows and sit near them while in the house. Bring light into the house by painting lighter and brighter colours onto the walls, revive the furniture with pops of colours with cushions and throws.


Exercise often, as regular exercise releases feel good hormones and there is evidence to suggest that taking regular exercise can treat depression as well as a mild

anti-depressant. Eat well and get rest when you can as this will give you the strength to get up in the morning and do things that you like to do. See your doctor

as there are treatments available such as medication or psychotherapy. Light therapy has shown to be effective in 85% of SAD cases however, it must be

guided by a doctor or a therapist to ensure that the therapy is safe and effective.

What to do if you suspect a friend or family member is suffering from SAD‌

Encourage your loved one to come out and get some fresh air. Show them where to go for help and advise

them on seeing their doctor. Look up support groups in your area and offer to go with your pal if they feel they cannot do it alone. Join a club or take up a hobby that your friend will enjoy and try to attend every week

to have something to look forward to. Never dismiss

your friend who is suffering with SAD as feelings of uselessness or depression are extremely real for them however silly it may seem to you.

Remember that though you may never understand

SAD, that it is an illness and for sufferer’s awareness is key to their recovery. Be aware, show care and be there.

Article by: Emma Hayes


Pa r ent i ng Toilet Training

My second foray into the world of toilet learning was slightly more successful. This time the toddler appeared

to enjoy sitting on the potty but only with the iPad and episodes of a certain Pig on demand. Unfortunately this attempt was brought to a swift halt when I went into labour with the second child and was unable for the multitasking of both activities.

The third and final attempt at this toilet business ensued once I took on board the sage advice of some well seasoned mams! Here are some of the tips which have proven to be successful for the toilet training craic: Before toilet training

- Start when the child is showing signs of toilet readiness such as; showing interest in the toilet, demonstrates

awareness of when they have peed and pooed, can pull pants up and down. Furthermore waking up dry from naps may indicate bladder control, another sign that the child might be ready. - Read plenty of toilet themed books.

- Stock up on exciting new underpants.

- Think about training during the summer time when it is easier to run around bare bummed. During toilet training During the onset of a series of house moves I cleverly

- Leave the child bare bummed.

the toddler. My reasoning was that it would be much

- Have several potties scattered around the house.

potty training in the house which we were leaving and

- Bring the child to the potty every 15 minutes.

cleaned carpets in the new house free from pieces

- Praise, praise and more praise for every little success.

decided that it would be a fantastic idea to toilet train

- Encourage the child to wear crocs with no socks to help cope with spillages on the feet.

better to leave the odours and stains associated with

- Give the child plenty of liquids.

would ensure that we could keep the professionally

- Have fun handwash available to encourage clean hands.

of poo particles. Luckily for our previous landlord,

- Do not use negative language when accidents occur.

All attempts to acquaint him with the toilet were

After toilet training

free from potty contents.

- Keep a potty in the buggy and car at all times to reduce the ‘searching for a toilet’ hysteria.

this was not to be. The toddler had other ideas. vehemently opposed and so the floors of remained

- Locate the nearest bathroom facilities to your usual haunts such as the playground, shopping centre, bus route etc. - Keep plenty of underpants and change of clothes with you when going out and about.

- If your child does not seem to progress after a few days, abandon the task for a few weeks or months until you are both in the right frame of mind. Article by: Jane O’ Halloran



When parenting styles collide

As much as many of use swear we won’t, often we

Our boys benefit from the excitement and instability

the differences can work themselves into some

‘whatever you do, do it with love’ and a fair-to-

end up parenting how we were parented! Sometimes, kind of balance: for example, one partner may be the disciplinarian that provides the boundaries and

teaches that negative actions will have consistent and

needs to make independent decisions on their safety

about the way that his children attempt to test the

inevitably occur, and it’s important to consider how you deal with these clashes together, particularly in

the presence of the child. Every situation is different, but some advice from fathers who have been there may help.

Mark Lloyd is a 44-year-old author, publisher and

stay-at home dad. He’s married to the ‘wonderfully

tolerant’ Annmaria and they have three boys: Jack(14),

partner/co-parent disagree on something…

It’s not uncommon for parents to discover they

have different approaches to different scenarios

involving their children as time goes on. Parenting is unpredictable and varied, and with different

backgrounds and upbringings parents will find they don’t always agree on how a situation should be approached.

boundaries lie. We’re still learning and so are they.”

TLM contributor and fitness coach Jason Kenny

and social behaviour. However, disagreements can

to parenting, and what they do when they and their

middling understanding of where the do-not cross

non-negotiable consequences, while the more liberal parent will provide the trusting guiding hand the child

This month, we ask our TLM dads about their approaches

of ‘make it up as you go along’, the warmth of

agrees that the learning is mutual, and he laughs

boundaries. “We do discuss strategies but even though

we are the adults we are certain that our children are reincarnated little Generals - they out smart us every time! Therefore I do think it is important to work

together and not to go against each other as it can be seen as a weak link in the chain. These little people are

on constant watch for any bit of a slip up at all and if by mistake they catch you off guard they will use it to

play one off another. So be wide people, very wide...!”

Tom(11) and George(9). “As any writer would know,

There is a lot to navigate when introducing boundaries

best to craft a story. The first is by planning, taking

between both parents and children. Disagreements

there are two prevailing schools of thought on how notes, researching, structuring, storyboarding; the

second is just to have at it, fly by the seat of your pants. My wife is a planner. I’m a pantser. Early on in our adventure on planet parenthood we would disagree all the time about our approach and inevitably someone

would win out. Recently, I began to emotionally

mature so these days we tend towards compromise, and inevitably that means following Annmaria’s advice as she is the sensible one. Were I to dare

describe our parenting technique it would be couched in caveats on a bed of grey areas.

and discipline, and there are power struggles occurring

and clashes are not unusual; they are part of family

life. Unity in spite of those differences, whether you are together as a couple or not, is the key. If you feel that your differences are beginning to cause a rift

between you and impact on your children it should be addressed between yourselves or by consulting a

professional guidance counsellor. If you are able to

find compromise, laugh off the differences, accept

that your way may not always be the only right way, you will find your way through. Article by: Kayleigh Ziolo



Star t up S p o tl i g h t Rob Laffan, Tippy Talk

Rob Laffan created the Tippy Talk app to allow a person with a verbal disability communicate pictures into text messages that can be sent to a family member or caregivers phone Tell us about your background‌

I was a pharmaceutical sales rep until 2010, when the Irish economy said thanks and good luck to everyone. I couldn’t get work of any kind, anywhere. I would have done anything, delivered newspapers, whatever it took to get back into work and get off the dole. Our daughter Sadie was also born in 2010. After two years of unemployment my

wife and I made the decision that one of us would go back to college to expand our options. There would have been little point studying for a degree no one wanted, so I did some research on courses at LIT and found that automation and control engineering had 100% graduate employment rate, and so I went for it.



How did the idea for Tippy Talk come about?

You have grown considerably since launching, what

that we had become aware of Sadie’s autism. It wasn’t

Our aim to get into special needs schools worldwide.

clear as day that was what we were dealing with. So,

product and we are now rolling out a system specific

focus on technology and do something to help people

includes metrics that can be observed and analysed

then I just knew I wanted to do something. Plus, as

individual and determine what they need more of or

It was around the same time that I began the course

is the next step?

officially diagnosed until summer 2013 but it was

We have recently launched the Apple version of the

going into college I made a conscience decision to

to schools for teachers, assistants and pupils, which

with autism – I didn’t have Tippy Talk in my head

by teachers and therapists to assess the progress of the

a mature student I knew I had to do something that

what to pull back on. The ultimate aim is to reduce

would set me apart – the rest of my class were 18/19

She still uses Tippy Talk to communicate with her

with no ties or responsibilities, I had to put myself

grandparents and her older sister who has recently

The specific idea for Tippy Talk came from Sadie; she

included in the family than she would be without it.

I asked her, ‘are you trying to send me a message?’

At the moment we have approx. 3000 independent

response systems at college, Sadie was using PECS

in US. From the start I knew that the USA was our

time to communicate desires and feelings, and the

getting take up in South America too.

these things.

here in Limerick has been key – I wouldn’t have had

How did the idea develop into reality? How many

Also backing of Enterprise Ireland has been essential

I began developing the touch screen technology as

also credibility of being identified as a high potential

Sadie began to use the system, which works with three

are now moving to new offices in the city. We have

and the second and third shows feelings and objects

helping us over in the US. I always knew once the

communicated with me. It was a very emotional

lot of people and it’s great to be expanding.

year olds going into a highly competitive jobs market

family outside of the house, sending messages to her

head and shoulders above them.

moved away from home, so she is much more socially

had heard my phone beep and handed it to me, so

At the time I had been working with automated

users in 74 countries worldwide, with 86% of those

(Picture Exchange Communication System) at that

market; we have a presence in all states and we’re

penny dropped that there should be a way to combine

Having support from the likes of the Hartnett Centre the credibility to approach investors without them.

people has it helped so far?

- the benefits of their literature, offices, guidance and

part of my course and it became my final year project.

start-up has allowed us to grow the point where we

screens, one for who you want to communicate with,

sought two more employees in Ireland and one

desired. Within two days she had independently

idea arrived that this was something that could help a

the consequence of problems non-verbal children and adults have when trying to communicate with

others. Particularly with young adults in teaching

environment, these situations can lead to violence

where teachers can’t intervene and end up having to call authorities. It’s so distressing and frightening

for everyone involved – imagine being taken away in handcuffs because you couldn’t figure out how to tell

people you have a toothache? We want to prevent those situations occurring at all. Article by: Kayleigh Ziolo

Photography by: Shane Serrano

moment: I had gone to the chipper and got a message

from her saying she wanted chicken nuggets instead of what I had originally said I would get for her before

I left! Sadie’s doing very well now, we’re lucky in that she is becoming verbal - she has about 15 words that she uses with us intermittently.



Busin e s s P r o f i l e Bernie Carroll, Student Programmes Ireland

Bernie Carroll was recently announced as Limerick Entrepreneur of the Year, and will go on to represent Limerick at the National Enterprise Awards Final this month. Student Programmes Ireland has been providing education programmes for international students who want to improve their English language skills since 2009. Tell us a bit about how you started out in business?

I worked in the Dairy Industry in Golden Vale in Charleville for 24 years in the areas of administration and later in finance. When Golden Vale was taken over by Kerry CoOp in 2001 I got the opportunity to take voluntary redundancy. At the time I was a community volunteer on the Board of Ballyhoura Development, and Ballyhoura Failte were

looking for someone to outsource their reservations business to. Because I had a base knowledge of that they were looking for from being involved with Ballyhoura I felt that this was an ideal opportunity for me to go it alone. I developed this business over the following few years to bringing in more students to Ireland for summer programs and also started working with an agent bringing in students for Academic Year programs. How did you come to set up Student Programmes Ireland?

In 2005 I set up a recruitment company as a subcontractor to main Contractors in the construction industry bringing in Polish workers to Ireland and subcontracting them to

the main contractors, this proved to be a very successful business but at the end of 2007 we saw pressure coming from contractors to reduce prices and felt that this could not last. I made the decision to liquidate the company in early 2008, this was not an easy as the company had traded very profitable for the past 3 years, but it was right.



At the same time I was working to improve the

How has demand from international students

Who is your biggest inspiration?

finishing up the recruitment company I got a phone

business? Why do they come to Ireland?

many years. First, Carmel Fox ex CEO of Ballyhoura

English Language Business and a few weeks after call from a Principal in a local school about a fax

received from an embassy in Dublin asking the school

to take three students from Slovakia for school year. The principal said that if I would do all the necessary administration relating to bringing in the students

and finding host families for them, the school would accept the students.

After that I was invited to Dublin to meet with the Ambassador from Slovakia and the Director of

Education from Slovakia. I was invited to sign a 3

grown and changed over the years you've been in Ireland is now a very popular destination for students

to come here to improve their English language skills. We are known for our friendliness, safety for

students, high standard of education and our caring

host families. Now with the UK leaving the EU this is also going to have a positive effect on the business

as more and more students will chose Ireland rather than UK. Also my agents are telling me that more

parents are asking for Ireland this year, as they are not happy sending their children to America because of

I have two people that I have been inspired by for Development - I learned so much from Carmel about business over the years it, and she was also the person that gave me the opportunity and encouragement to

set up my own business. Also Bill Cullen - I would have attended a lot of his business workshops over

the years and I always found him inspirational. I am always referring to his two books Penny Apples

and Golden Apples lots of nuggets of advice for any business owners.

its new President‌

What do you hope for and have planned for SPIL

September 2008 I had 127 Slovak students placed

What's the most important thing you have learned

Every year in January I review my business for the

in Mayo to Midleton in Co. Cork. This programme

Do a job you love, and don’t be afraid to take chances

year contract with the Ministry of Education. By

in Secondary Schools across Ireland from Belmullet lead to me and my husband Joe setting up a limited

company in 2009. Since then we have secured many more government contracts from Spain and Italy and

as a business owner?

or make mistakes as they are all part of the learning process in a business.

also from a regional government in Northern Italy.

How did it feel to be awarded Limerick Entrepreneur

When Student Programmes Ireland started, what

I am so proud to be awarded the Limerick

were business conditions like and how did you grow?

In 2009 we were coming to the end of the Celtic Tiger

in Ireland. More and more families were looking to

host students in their homes which was making life

easier for us when placing students around Ireland, so this was an ideal opportunity for us to bring more

of the Year 2017?

Entrepreneur of the Year this year as I am a very

proud Limerick woman providing a very good service business in the area and getting an award for that is

the icing on the cake. Representing my county in the National Competition this month is a dream come

What does success look like to you?

learn English as now English was the most common

in Ireland being shy, nervous and anxious teenagers

second language for all Europeans and the demand

for our services grew substantially since 2009, so it was perfect timing for the new business.

past year and see what worked well and what not worked so well. I also ask my agents every year when I

meet them if there are any other programmes schools

or parents are asking for that we could develop. I am

a firm believer in doing what you do well and keep improving the services to your clients. I also plan

to grow my business over the next five years by 20% per year which is quite achievable from my current research.

Article by: Kayleigh Ziolo

Photography by: Liam Burke Press 22


international students to Ireland, also more and more

European students were looking to come to Ireland to

in future?

Success for me is seeing the children when they arrive and going home at the end of a school year fluent in English confident and ambitious young people.



Build i ng B ra n d s Building Brands from the Inside Out Last month we began to get under the skin of your

Perhaps one of the best ways to understand brand

You must be able to live your brand personality

brand objectives and brand promise it’s now time to

well-known brands. For example, Apple’s Steve Jobs

brand space, brand message, the look and feel of your

brand. Having clarified your business ambition vision, look at your brand values and traits, two key elements of your brand strategy which should be evident in all touchpoints of your brand. Brand Values

Brand Values are the standards and principles your brand lives by. They are at the very core of your brand

values is to look at the values of some of the most

said their core values were that ‘we believe people with passion can change the world for better.’ Lego’s

brand values also come as no surprise: try and identify any area of its brand which doesn’t portray its values of imagination, creativity, fun, learning, caring and quality.

and define what your brand stands for. They are the

Some tips for establishing your brand values: Pick

on your values no matter what obstacle the brand faces.

your brand values remember you must live them

fundamentals of your brand. You will not compromise You must be prepared and be happy to live by your values in fifty years’ time. This is a big commitment, so

spend time identifying your key values. Brand values

help guide all decision making in the brand. Examples of brand values include quality, honesty, and integrity.

Brand values should be evident across your brand from your employees, customer service, client

relationships, brand messaging, products and services. They help build brand engagement and brand loyalty. The CEO of Starbucks Howard Schultz captured the

no more than three to four values. When identifying day in, day out. It must come naturally and be

relatively easy to live on a daily basis. Some brands, understanding the significance of brand values, come up with creative ways to ensure they are memorable for those working in the brand. For example, Hilton

brand identity online and offline e.g. you marketing

and advertising campaigns, digital marketing etc. As

with your values you should pick three to four traits. One key piece of advice when identifying your brand

traits is to be true to your brand. Don’t be trendy if

you’re not trendy, don’t say you’re quirky if you are not quirky. Self-acceptance and self-confidence is one of Dove’s key traits which is evident throughout their brand. It’s a fundamental part of their advertising

campaign, Campaign for Real Beauty. Dove always

portrays women as they are in real life and always feature diverse women and not models in their

campaigns. In doing so they are consistently living their brand values.

Hotels use its spelling to communicate their values of

Like with anything to do with your brand, spend

and now (now being the hotel’s ability to react to their

your team on board. If you’re not sure which particular

hospitality, integrity, leadership, teamwork, ownership customer needs immediately).

significance of brand values when he said: ‘If people

Brand Traits

they will stay loyal to the brand.’

or associated with your brand. They are your brand’s

believe that they share values with a company then

consistently. They must be evident in your staff, your

Brand traits are the set of characteristics attributed personality. Examples include sincerity, passion, loyalty, innovation, and flexibility. As with values,

brand traits must be evident across all touchpoints.

some time working on your values and traits. Bring values and traits suit best, always ask why would you pick one value or trait over another? Prioritise time and then pick the brand’s top values and traits.

It is only now, having established the key elements of

your strategy that you can begin to look at your brand identity. So in next month’s issue, armed with the key elements of your brand strategy, we look at how it can help you create your brand identity. Article by: Sandra Honan


THE LIMERICK MAGAZINE Smart Living This progressive new digital experience platform

will ensure we stay fully engaged with the people of Limerick and will give up to the minute information on what is happening in Limerick.”

What are the new key features?

Discover - Visitors to Limerick or people that live

here can find out what is going on, save their favourite

items and be inspired through suggested content, itineraries and features.

Business - New businesses can find out what

Limerick has to offer and existing businesses can find

out about supports and information that may help them set up, scale or grow.

Council - citizens can find out what services the re-launches as Limerick positions itself as a Smart City

Council offers. Members of the public will view the is a new integrated digital experience platform for Limerick, which launched on 25th April 2017.

will also be able to set up an account with your login

to Limerick slickly showcases the city and county as a vibrant place to live, work, visit and do business, providing

can register issues or requests for services 24/7 and

range of services in a number of different ways. You

Many of you will be familiar with the original site, but this is a whole different experience. The new official guide

details in a new My Limerick section in which you

a carefully curated and user friendly experience that will help you plan your visit and live well here in Limerick.

check the progress with your cases.

The new fully mobile responsive digital experience which is video and image led has been designed so that whatever

Feedback - citizens, visitors and businesses will be

your needs, you can access the information that matters to you in a fast and effective way.

encouraged to give ongoing feedback as to their

Speaking about the site’s development, Limerick Council Head of Communications Laura Ryan explains: “It is an

helps you keep up to date with news and developments

integrated platform, rather than just a website. The main challenge that we faced was how to display such a wide

and diverse range of content about Limerick in a place that people could find easily. We engaged a company who are user experience and design experts who went on a journey of user research to find out what citizens and visitors want from a digital platform about Limerick. We took a lot of advice and involved a wide range of user groups

in online surveys and workshops which have contributed to the final product, with design and implementations undertaken by Dara Creative and Annertech working alongside Limerick City and County Council. The guiding principle is that changes, not the user - will adapt to their needs.


experiences of, while Limerick Insider happening in city and county.


The new platform is agile; it presents information in a variety of ways because of the range and flexibility of its design features. Rebuilding the site was no mean feat, however – the original was 6 years old, and 6 years of content had to be fully reviewed. Thousands of pages had to be re-built from scratch, which was achieved in house by web co-ordinator Orla O'Connor in Limerick City and County Council. More than 2000 amenities (attractions, services, community groups and businesses) had to be added or have their details edited and updated.

More than 1000 Limerick events are currently listed on the site including council meetings. 2000 new Limerick events are published on the site every year. It integrates what Limerick has to offer visitors, business needs and council services, as well as information about all of Limerick’s county towns. currently has 800,000 visitors per annum - aiming to reach a million per year over the next three years. The new platform sets the foundation for future online

services and responds to the demand of the National Broadband plan, says Laura. “ facilitates different types of users – there are a range of ways to navigate the site

to cater to users interests and needs. Members of the public can also co-create content with us – it really gives Limerick an authentic feel by asking the public to help create content to present the real Limerick.”

Check out the new site at and join My Limerick via email log in or connecting via social media. Article by: Kayleigh Ziolo



O PI N ION G et i t done! 2. Talk to yourself differently

When you are in a productive headspace you think differently. You need to challenge your thoughts and

develop a productive mindset. What is the main difference?

A productive person doesn’t think along the lines of

‘Oh no, I have got so much to do. What am I going to do?’

‘I am so stressed. I can’t think straight’

‘I am so overwhelmed. I wish this…or that…’ Instead they think 'I need to do x and y. What is the best way for me to get everything done?'

'What is causing the stress? What needs to change so that I manage this situation better?'

'What can I do to improve this, considering the current circumstances?' This month, Rebelle gives us the kick up the bum we all need sometimes...

The words and phrases you use immediately empower

The last few weeks have been nothing short of insanity for me. A whirlwind of deadlines, events, appearances,

more stressed. The words you use, your 'self talk,’ are

I am coming out of the shit storm with a little wisdom to share. Sure, the same thing will probably happen again

them, whether they support you or not.

articles and all of the work. First world problems indeed but still stressful to my little head. Now, however, I feel like in a month, but right now I’m feeling knowledgeable - so let me have my moment.

you or they don’t; they either make you feel better or

pivotal to everything in life, because you always act on

3. Make it fit!

1. Get out of your own way

Time management supports productivity; they go

at all the external factors of why you can’t be more productive and you might blame, complain and point fingers

that time management is not a cookie cutter though,

using excuses, desperately seeking justification that will give you comfort because ‘you have no control over what

someone else.

Sometimes all you need to do is stop sabotaging yourself and get out of your own way. You might tend to look

hand-in-hand. Most people often overlook the fact

at everyone and everything, except yourself. When you cant shift the blame externally, you might then resort to

and what might suit you won’t necessarily work for


You need to take the advice given (including my well-

Not dealing with procrastination is a clear example of standing in your own way. Nobody else is going to suddenly

meaning article) and then adjust it to your situation

would you do if someone else was standing in your way? Put results before comfort, get out of your own way, and

the suit doesn’t fit and you need to make adjustments

make it go away, it will be there the next time you attempt to do whatever it is that you are trying to do. What

specifically. Think about clothes shopping: sometimes

stop making excuses.

and tweaks so that it fits your body perfectly.



The same is true with time management and being more productive. You need to personalise what you

read to your needs. I can wax lyrical about what works, but I don’t have a partner, or kids or a million other

things. So what will work for me, won’t be any good to you if there’s a tiny human bellowing and bawling on your floor.

If some tips and techniques don’t work for you, instead of throwing in the towel, find a way to adjust them to suit your situation. It is like wanting to get healthier

but resisting a change in lifestyle. You can’t avoid it, so if you don’t like it, adjust it to suit your specific needs and make it work for you.

4. Identify your time thieves

We all have time thieves, but most of us don’t even

know what they are. If you can identify your biggest time thieves, the activities or situations that throw

you off course, distract or interrupt you, or the bad

habits that keep you from performing better, you will improve your results much more quickly. For me, it's

social media- I go on for five minutes for a brain break

and suddenly I’m googling recipes or engaged in witty

conversation with someone I’ve not seen in years. Not helpful! If you try to study and apply different techniques, and you ignore your current thieves, it will all be a bit pointless. If you just aim to change

one of your worst time management habits, you will

change your results immediately. Think about one thing, that if you changed right now, would have the

biggest impact influence on your productivity. Write

this down, think about what causes or contributes to this and what your solution will be moving forward. So, stop reading this and go get something done… Article by: Rebelle Haze


There’ll be a selection of free comics on offer as well as


a lot of the latest issues of new releases in store from that morning.

Steamboat Music - Off the Record

Andreas Varady

Limerick resident Jazz prodigy Andreas Varady

is scheduled to do a workshop in store, date to be determined. Keep an eye on our Facebook page

for more info. He’s due to release his new album in

the next few months, produced by Quincy Jones, of Michael Jackson fame. Space will be limited for this event.

Mark’s Gig Picks

Booka Brass Band

8pm 20th May - Dolan’s

These guys are an experience, they throw some party. If you want a great Saturday night out, check them out. A 7 piece band, lots of cool brass pop and funk covers. Train Room How was April?

We started the month with our official opening day. Over 500 people called in to check out our new

superstore. We had food, music and drink on all day, which may have had something to do with the turnout

being so high! It was a hugely enjoyable celebration and thanks to all who made it.

This was soon followed with the craziness that is International Record Store Day, we had 14 different acts performing between our own store during the

day and in Dolan’s Warehouse and the Kasbah that night.

It was fantastic the support all the musicians got from our customers and friends. We’ve already decided to make nights like that a regular occurrence.

We can’t wait, there are so many bands we couldn’t involve with this one and we really want to put on as

much of them as possible over the next year and make the Steamboat Takeovers a time-honoured tradition.

We also had a great Riverfest weekend - Hermitage

Green put on a cracking sold out show, there's always a fantastic atmosphere around the city for the May bank holiday weekend. What’s coming up? Free Comic Book Day

We’ve got some plans in place - comics are finally on the way, and we’ll be starting them with Free Comic

Book Day, on 6th May. We're very excited about this, it’s something we’ve wanted to do for quite a while and it’s finally happening!

8pm 20th May - Chez Le Fab

One of Limerick’s newest music venues, superb cafe/ wine bar Chez le Fab play hosts to the relaxing Train

Room, if you’re looking for something to chill out to, in a comfy environment, this is it. www.breakingtunes. com/trainroom

Andy Irvine & Paul Brady

7pm 26th May - University Concert Hall

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting these two gents a few

times in the store and been luckier still to have seen them live on numerous occasions. They’re celebrating

40 years since their iconic self titled album was released and with original musicians from the album Dónal Lunny and Kevin Burke involved too, it’ll be a special evening in UCH.


Po et ry f r om stanz a s

Mr. Shnake Emoji by Kevin Hussey Oh hello, again, Mr. Shnake. I see you a lot these days.

You are used a lot these days To throw shade...

You are used as shade these days

March Seventeenth - the jokes begin;

"Sain' Pahtrick di'n't do a verry goo' jab did 'e?" He he he

Kevin Hussey

Oh, 'it's a pity, Mr. Shnake.

Kevin Hussey is a Leaving Certificate student, and

But you were never here. You were a symbol

He is a member of Limerick Youth Theatre, and

Since AD 432, you've been the enemy.

an aspiring actor, dancer and poet of Limerick City.

For a Story

has been involved in several of productions with the

Funny how a story can be...

2020 European City of Culture bid last year. Kevin is

From Egypt, to Rome, to the Church and onto Ireland:

hosted by the poetry group Stanzas (A Stanzonian,

Theatre. He was also involved with the Limerick

Impressed on a society by an oppressor.

a regular attendee of the monthly Evening if Words


as the attendees call themselves), and has been given

Oh, what would you have been, Mr. Shnake,

skills at these events. He is a self-taught Gaeilgรณir,

I like to think you'd be like the Australian

native, by a native speaker.

Had you actually been here at all? World Creator snake.

many opportunities to expand his poetical and literary whose Irish-language skills have been mistaken as

Stanzas takes place monthly in Hook & Ladder, Sarsfield

You are used as shade these days

Street, in the heart of the city. Stanzas aims to encourage

From Rainbow World Creator, to evil shade,

takes place on Friday 19th from 7pm, and the theme is

Funny how a story can be... so different;

and develop new and emerging writers. The May event

Mr. Shnake Emoji

'Tense'. To see your work in print email poetry, prose or

images based on the theme to by 12th May. Please note: Images must be High Contrast

Black and White, Prose of a shorter variety will be given preference.



Literature Book Reviews 2. Salt Houses by Hala Alyan

10 books to read this month

Alyan’s first novel centres around a Palestinian family that is uprooted by the

1. My Cousin Rachel by Daphne du Maurier

3. The Dark Tower by Stephen King

promised to be one of the major movies of the summer. If you haven’t already

adaption of The Dark Tower series. In true Stephen King fashion, as with many

My Cousin Rachel, hitting cinemas on 9th June and starring Rachel Weisz, is read this novel then now is the time to do so. Philip’s cousin Ambrose has been

his guardian his whole life but when he dies suddenly after a trip to Florence, Philip prepares to meet his widow Rachel. Letters from his cousin has left him suspicious of Rachel, but he surprises himself when he finds himself drawn to her. But he still wonders, did she have a hand in Ambrose’s death?

Six-Day War of 1967 and Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait in 1990. Published on 2nd May.

This series adaption hits cinemas on 4th August in a highly anticipated movie of his books, this series and movie incorporates dark fantasy, science fantasy, horror, and Western themes. It might seem a bit early to be talking about it but since there are actually eight books in the series, it might be time to start reading them now if you want to be all caught up before the movie’s release in August.

4. Between Them: Remembering My Parents by Richard Ford

The Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Sportswriter, Richard explores his life

in a deeply personal way, writing a two-part memoir. It focuses on his love for the parents he lost too young. Published on 2nd May.



5. Into the Water by Paula Hawkins

8. Men Without Women, by Haruki Murakami

with a new psychological thriller. A single mother turns up dead at the bottom

of fiction since his #1 bestselling Colorless Tsukuru and Gus Years of Pilgrimage.

The author of the #1 New York Times bestseller The Girl on the Train is back of a river, leaving her now orphaned 15-year-old daughter in the care of her sister. But as the river hides secrets so does her sister, as she is now back in the town she vowed never to return to.

This will be world-renowned Japanese writer Haruki Marakami’s first major work

Out on 9th May Men Without Women is a collection of short stories that

promises to be explore the lives of men who find themselves alone in different ways, from smoky bars to mysterious women.

6. One Day We'll All Be Dead and None of This Will Matter by Scaachi Koul

9. The Purple Swamp Hen by Penelope Lively

from Scaachi Koul focusing on her life so far is actually hilarious. She writes

it though and it promises to be an entertaining mix of stories including a swamp

Although the title is rather morbid and depressing, this debut collection of essays

about the realities of growing up as the daughter of Indian immigrants in Western culture, while at the same time discussing sexism, stereotypes and the miseries that

we all seem to experience in life, no matter where we live in the world. Get it in bookstores on 2nd May.

Livley’s fourth story collection is her first collection in 20 years. The wait is worth hen and a betrayed wife extracting revenge on her husband. Livley mixes obtuse

observations with quick humour. Published on 9th May this will be one not to miss.

7. This Is Not a Border: Reportage and Reflection from the Palestine Festival

10. No One Can Pronounce My Name by Rakesh Satyal

A collection of essays, poems, and sketches from various renowned artists who

Indian immigrants, Harit and Ranjana, both experiencing loss in different ways

of Literature by Ahdaf Soueif

have come together to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Palestine Fest, published on 9th May.

Out on 2nd May, this novel is set in a suburb in Cleveland and focuses on two and trying to find their place in the world. Harit’s sister passed away and he’s left busy caring for his mother. Ranjana’s only son has left for college but she’s kept busy worrying that her husband might be having an affair. Although these

two characters are experiencing their own forms of grief, they form an unlikely friendship.

Article by: Sarah Talty



Literature Stories from Limerick Writers' Centre - Tony. - Mike

- How’s the goin.

- Ah, not too bad. - Yourself ?

- Hanging in there. - Good weekend? - Mad.

- Yourself ?

- Poisoned. Flushing Meadows erupts in a lavatorial symphony. The doors of cubicles one and three click open in The Quotidian Utterances Of Two Men With Nothing Left To Say

quick succession. John ‘The Snackbox’ Cleary and

By Patrick O’Flaherty

Tom Phelan emerge and walk towards the sink units

The Scene: The toilets of a County Limerick chicken processing plant affectionately known as ‘Flushing Meadows’ — named

stone of stout and deep-fried chicken. He’s a bachelor

the aesthetics of her athleticism created a brief surge in popularity for the game amongst the workers but there are currently

flatulence. Tom Phelan is six-foot-two, red-faced and

with builder’s arses and thirty-eight inch waists. There are a handful of male employees below thirty but their idea of sport

in shreds. He has seven children and a wife who has

to wash their hands. ‘The Snackbox’ Cleary is eighteen

after the New York venue of the US Open tennis tournament. Gabriela Sabatini’s success on the court in the early 1990s and

and a good man for a story but has a problem with the

no tennis players employed at the factory. It is populated mostly by retired and broken down GAA and junior soccer players

rake-like. The cider and the whiskey has his stomach

is the avoidance of the drug squad on their weekly sojourns to Limerick City.

problems with the nerves.

It is a dark Monday morning in January, shortly after the quarter past ten break for sausages and rashers. The

at O’Donoghue’s after work. Tom doesn’t drink on

occupied, two sink units, a long mirror, two soap dispensers, four urinals, a musty hand towel, and a broken hand

head down, sweating and shaking and saying nothing.

décor is somewhat faded after facilitating thirty-five years of chicken genocide. There are three cubicles which are

‘The Snackbox’ Cleary is looking forward to a cure Mondays, he goes cold turkey in the chicken factory –


He’ll wait until Tuesday night for a few pints and

The fluorescent lighting flickers and buzzes overhead as the ventilation system struggles valiantly against the

instinctively know who came out of the cubicles

overalls and matching steel-toecapped wellington boots. Both men are in their mid-fifties, married with children,

their routine in the chicken murder machine.

innocuous - between them they have killed millions of chickens.

- Boys.

nefarious post-weekend aromas. Tony Fitz and Mike Clancy stand at the urinals in their blue hair-nets, white

overweight and have graying hair. They have worked in the factory since it opened in 1977 and although they look

a game of cards. At the urinals Tony and Mike without turning their heads because everybody has

- John, Tom, how’re ye?

- Boys, what’s happenin?

- Mike, Tony, how’s things?



The Snackbox’ Cleary and Tom Phelan return to

- There’s a touch of spring in the air.

chickens. Tony turns to Mike to discuss the vagaries

- How's things?

the production line to massacre themselves some of the Irish weather.

- The weather's brutal.

- Tis clearing up a bit out there.

- There's a fine stretch in the evenings. - D'oul evenings are gone. - This country’s a joke.

- That breeze would cut you in two. - You'd be killed from that sun. - Tis bitter.

- Good weekend? - Mad.

- Yourself ?

- Never again.

- Won't miss the Christmas. - You'd need the break.

- It’s good to be back, you'd be bolloxed from doing nothing.

- You need your routine. - Two weeks is enough.

- Roll on the summer holidays and we'll get out of here.

- There's a fine stretch in the evenings. - The evenings are gone. - Fuckin rain.

- The lawns are rock hard, we could do with a drop of rain.

- Will it ever stop? Fuckin miserable.

- This country’s a joke. - Hanging in there. - Ah, not too bad. - Yourself ?

- How’s the goin? - Quiet, quiet.

- Same oul, same oul. - Good weekend? - Mad.

- How’s the goin? - Poisoned.

- Sick as a dog.

- This country’s a joke. - Never again. - Poisoned. - Yourself ?

- How’s things? - Poisoned. - Yourself ?

- Hanging in there. Tony and Mike simultaneously zip up their flies. Zzzzzip. They go to the sink and wash their hands,

studying their spider-veined faces in the mirror, moving their heads from side to side. Turning to look

at the broken hand dryer, they sigh, roll their eyes and walk out the door shaking their murderous paws as they go.

Author bio:

Patrick O’Flaherty is from Rathkeale. His stories have

appeared in The Stinging Fly, The Moth, Bookanista, theNYPress, The Bohemyth, New Planet Cabaret anthology, Visual Verse and elsewhere. His fiction has

also been broadcast on RTÉ Radio 1 and shortlisted for the Bryan MacMahon Short Story Award.

The Limerick Writers' Centre is a non-profit organisation established to nurture and support

writers, through readings, workshops and publishing. Their 'On the Nail' Literary Gathering takes place the first Tuesday of every month. Details www.

The Limerick Writers’ Centre Presents The May 2017

‘On the Nail’ Literary Gathering Tues 2nd May at Chez le Fab, Arthur's Quay Park, Limerick, from 8pm. This month's guest writers are poet and author Mary O’Donnell and poet Richard W Halperin.

- You'd be dead from that heat. - Fair cold out there. - How're you?

- Not too bad.

- Tis one bastard of an evening.



F IL M Creature feature: a (brief ) hi story of the monster movie Beware of the full moon

Even a man who is pure in heart, and says his prayers

by night; May become a wolf when the wolfbane blooms and the autumn moon is bright.

So the poem goes, its lines uttered in hushed tones

by frightful villagers who fear the wolf-creature. Lycanthropy is the name given to the affliction of a

human being who believes he, or she, becomes a wolf

or some other wild animal under certain conditions. Folklore about were-creatures dates back thousands of years, becoming widespread through the Middle

Ages across Europe. Local legends talked about accursed men or women who would shapeshift into

a bloodthirsty beast when the full moon rose in the Part I

Let's each create a ghost story of our own.

night sky. The metamorphosis of males or females

yonder years, in this first part we will learn how

Shelley's pitch for such challenge. Initially written as

basis for many a book or movie throughout the years.

fully-fledged novel. And just like that, one of the most

until 1941's The Wolf Man to become familiar with

Frankenstein: or, the Modern Prometheus, was

into a were-form to terrorise the land has been the

a short story, Shelley later expanded it to become a

However, cinema audiences would need to wait

iconic literary creatures entered into existence.

the myth. Lon Chaney Jr.'s deliciously tormented

A year without summer: Frankenstein born

From Transylvania, with blood

galvanize the genre, and almost become a blueprint

during the summer of 1816, according to Mary

novel, it is by no means the first. Sheridan Le Fanu's

the elements were there: The transformation (made

unlike Le Fanu's work, Bram Stoker's tale about an

artist Jack Pierce), the transmission of the curse by

old creature of the night, entered popular culture and

missing from the list was the full moon to bring on

from it - the Irishman died penniless fifteen years

Man would specifically set the lunar influence as the

Spanning three parts resembling a good serial of Universal studios spearheaded the horror movie

genre, and delve into some of the myths that gave rise to such classic pictures as Frankenstein and Dracula.

Rain fell incessantly over Lake Geneva in Switzerland Shelley's recollections. It proved a wet, ungenial

summer, she would later write in her diary. Yet, for

all the inclement weather (or perhaps, because of it), an endearing and legendary monster would soon

be conceived. Shelley (nĂŠe Godwin), along with her husband, Percy Shelley, Claire Clairmont (Mary's stepsister), and Lord Byron, spent long and rainy

summer evenings gathered by the fire inside Lord

Byron's rented villa by the lake. To pass the time, they

would read, and write, tell ghost stories from German

folklore, and talk long after sunlight had vanished. Then, one day, Lord Byron set a challenge for the group.


portrayal of the cursed Lawrence Talbot would

Though Dracula is by far the best known vampire

for every subsequent werewolf movie afterwards. All

Carmilla predates it by over a quarter of a century. But

possible by the fantastic work of legendary make-up

aristocratic count, who also happens to be a centuries-

a bite, the vulnerability to silver, etc. The only item

remained there forever. Stoker did not profit much

the change. The first out of four sequels to The Wolf

later. It wouldn't be until 1931 that Dracula became

catalyst for the transformation.

a worldwide phenomenon after the release of the now classic movie, with Bela Lugosi portraying the infamous Count. Dracula the book has remained in print ever since.


Classical monsters, courtesy of Universal Studios

Starting in the 1920s, Universal Studios would regularly produce 'monster' movies that featured

either Frankenstein, Dracula, or the Wolfman. Later

on, the fourth 'classic' monster, The Mummy, would join this regular cast. In that bygone era, way before

the advent of TV and the now pervasive internet, big

screen cinema was somewhat of a novelty. Though there had been a few 'homemade' projections across

the US late in the 19th century, often using crude, primitive equipment that was prone to mechanical breakdowns, the first 'permanent' cinema theatre

would not open until 1902, in Los Angeles, California. Three years later another establishment named

Nickelodeon would open in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Soon, theatres would begin popping up in major cities

across America. Film revenue exploded throughout the first two decades in the 1900s, as people flocked

to these new dark temples to watch movies. And Universal Studios, founded in 1912 by Carl Laemmle and associates, would take the lead in producing

large number of films to feed audiences hungry for celluloid.

So-called Hollywood Gothic or Universal Horror, Universal-produced horror films drew audiences in

their droves. It soon became apparent that horror cinema was a huge success, and Universal began

churning out more and more movies to capitalize

on this momentum. Cunning Universal Studios

execs then came up with the concept of franchising. Most successful movies would have one or multiple sequels, thus augmenting the income for the studio to stratospheric levels. It would be during this golden era that the monster 'canon' was established.

The King of Monsters

Produced by a fledgling RKO Pictures, King Kong was the movie to outdo them all. Released a mere two years after Universal's horror blockbusters, Dracula and Frankenstein, Kong took America by storm. During its first

four days of screening alone, each and every one of the 10 daily shows were sold out, grossing almost $90k. A staggering amount of money for the time indeed. King Kong was brought to life by a quasi-magical combination

of stop-motion animation, matte paintings, and miniature models. A special effects team led by Willis O'Brien (and notably, his protegee, Ray Harryhausen) combined all these elements into a groundbreaking production that rightly earned its place in monster films, and cinema history as a whole. Kong also is notable for introducing the

concept of the Scream Queen. Legend has it that Fay Wray, the female lead, was told before production started that she would be working alongside the 'tallest, darkest leading man in Hollywood,' whom she assumed to be Clark Gable. She was unamused when the true identity of her onscreen partner was finally revealed. Until next time...

in the next installment, we will leap forward in time and discover how creatures from outer space lusted after Earth's resources -and women- during the 40s and 50s, and stare down the eyes of a certain giant lizard that rose from the ashes of the nuclear fire to flatten entire cities with its fiery breath. Article by: Fernando Sanchez



T he li m e r ick maga z i n e TV: may 2017

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

House of Cards


Netflix for its third season on 19th May. Season two

premieres on Netflix on 30th May, as we see what

with its fifth and final season airing on BBC Two this

dirty secrets while pushing for Will Conway to

this show has always been a scathing look at show

Doug are determined not to have him impeached.

successful game show, with Merc still doing what he

off and Claire’s love-hate relationship with Frank

are working for Sean’s former business partner, who

Tina Fey's Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt returns to left us with the shock revelation that Kimmy and the reverend that held her hostage for fifteen years are

actually married. This season will see her dealing with

this news, Titus returns from his cruise, while both Lillian and Jacqueline have eventful love lives. We'll

also have guest appearances from Laura Dern, Ray Liotta and Maya Rudolph to look forward to as the wacky comedy continues.

The fifth and final season of the political drama

The hilarious, irreverent comedy is coming to an end

happens after Frank's enemies tried to expose his

month. Starring Matt LeBlanc and Tamsin Greig,

become president. However, Frank and his trusty aide

business. This season sees Matt as the host of a wildly

Meanwhile, some prominent characters may be killed

can to make life difficult for him. Sean and Beverly

reaches new levels.

proves to be a questionable boss while Carol struggles with being out of work, money and possibly out of show business.

Twin Peaks

American Gods

12 Monkeys

on our screens on 22nd May. Fans of the original

same name, American Gods hits Amazon Prime

this time-travelling drama is back for a third season.

The famed cult hit, which first aired in 1990, is back will be thrilled to hear that this revival should clear

up unresolved aspects from the original series, while introducing plenty of new characters. Auteur

David Lynch has directed all eighteen episodes, ensuring that the bizarre atmosphere shall remain

truly Lynchian. There will be a host of guest stars throughout this season, with appearances from

Michael Cera, Amanda Seyfried, Eddie Vedder and Trent Reznor while David Duchovny returns as the the transgender DEA agent. There are currently no plans for any further series so indulge and enjoy when it airs on Sky Atlantic.


Based on the incredible Neil Gaiman novel of the on 1st May. In this series, we follow Shadow Moon (Ricky Whittle) as he is released from prison and

struggling to cope following the death of his wife. He begins working for the mysterious Mr. Wednesday (Ian McShane) and with him, who introduces him to

a world in which the old gods of ancient mythology

are facing irrelevancy in the face of the new gods of

modern technology and media. With Mr. Wednesday, Shadow tries to find equilibrium between the two

while also finding his own place in the world. This

series has already won Gaiman’s approval and is an absolute must-watch.

Based on the Terry Gilliam film of the same name, Season three will feature The Witness’ future cult and

the city of Titan so it remains to be seen if we will

finally jump into the future. Meanwhile, Cole and Cassandra will be busy searching for The Witness, the

man responsible for the apocalypse and guest stars such as Christopher Lloyd and Battlestar Galactica’s

James Callis will appear to help ramp up the drama.

With a fourth and final season already announced, tune into Syfy on 19th May as they release the whole of season three over three days. Article by Sarah Lafferty


N e w Mu si c Rel eas es

Glory – Dermot Kennedy

Blood Drive – Ryan Vail Remix – Joshua Burnside,

Sign of the Times – Harry Styles

already made great shakes in the music industry. He

Joshua Burnside is a Northern Irish songwriter and

member Harry Styles, the last of the ensemble to

Young Irish singer-songwriter Dermot Kennedy has has supported some fantastic Irish acts such as James

Vincent McMorrow and Glen Hansard and reached

19 million streams and counting via his Spotify profile. His newest track ‘Glory’ is a step away from

his usual folky sound. Although starting out on a folk tone, the song gradually builds to an electronic climax

and teamed with Dermot’s gorgeously soulful voice, creates a really strong track that deserves to be added to your chill summer playlist.

Ryan Vail

producer hailing from Co. Down whose experimental

folk sound sets him apart from typical folk songwriters. All of his music is enthralling and hypnotic and his new track Blood Drive is no different. However, on

the EP for the song of the same name, it is a remix

of the original track. The remix strengthens the usual fragility of folk music and adds elements that truly

bring the song to life and to the next level. Have a listen to the whole EP on Spotify and decide for yourself if you prefer the remix or the original.

Contra – Talos

Youth – Tinie Tempah

upcoming debut album and if ‘Contra’ is anything to

since his debut almost a decade ago and has worked

Eoin French aka Talos has released a track from his go by, you won’t be able to wait to sink your teeth into

the full collection. With elements of the song giving

vibes of the music of British band London Grammar, the overall tone of this track is ultimately delicate and

intimate. This is no coincidence as the subject matter of the details the idea of ‘protecting something very fragile’ in times of crisis.

The breakout track from former One Direction

release his own music after the band went on hiatus in 2016. Unlike the rest of the 1D gang, Sign of the

Times doesn’t have the pop or electronic sound that maybe some of us expected to hear. This song almost

transports you back 20 years and sounds truly organic and personal. With tinges of The Beatles and Oasis peeking through at times, the track is unlike anything

else in the charts at the moment. If you haven’t heard it already, have a listen. Article byAli Molloy

Rapper Tinie Tempah has truly established himself

to become one of the most important artists of his generation. His new, eagerly awaited album, Youth was released on 12th April and already boasted two

#1 singles before it was released. Youth is the third album by Tinie and marks the beginning of a new chapter in his career. If his previous work is anything

to go by, Youth is set to be an amazing album which will boost Tinie even further, as he is already the artist with the most UK #1s this decade alone!



E v e n t Hi gh l ight The Lola Montez Experience The Lola Montez Experience was first produced in

2009. Such was its success, it’s been repeated most years since. It tells the story of the real life Lola, a 19th

courtesan who was allegedly born in Castle Oliver, Limerick, before going on to lay a one woman swathe

of destruction across Europe – scandalising London, Paris, Vienna, being thrown out of two capitals, briefly ruling Bavaria and causing a revolution. She then fled

to New York where she invented Burlesque, toured the Wild West, and attracted bigger audiences than

Dickens before dying in poverty in Hell’s Kitchen aged just 42.

The big story around the show this year is one of the

most extraordinary casts ever to have been assembled in Limerick. The musicians team of Music Generation form the backbone of the band and it has resulted in

an eclectic blend of Godknows Jonas and Murli Boevi

(Rusangano family), Patrick O’Brien (Windings), Stephen Ryan (Windings, Giveamanakick),) James and David Blake (Brad Pitt Light Orchestra), Naïve Ted, Diane Daly (ICO) and a rhythm section that

includes Peter Hanagan and John Daly. They will provide backing for an unforgettable list of Lolas that

include Jean Wallace, Ciara Meade, Lisa Bresnan, Jennifer Macmahon, Diane Daly, Denise Chaile and Hannah Fahey, with the magic of burlesque courtesy

of dancers Jennifer de Brun and Laura Lavelle. As

ever the whole show is presented by MC Myles Breen. Boris Hunka, who devised the show and is its musical director says: “The golden age of cabaret was Berlin between the wars, when everything was falling apart

– in 2017 we’ll channel some of that same energy to create the wildest and most recklessly enjoyable evening Limerick will have seen for many years!”

Event takes place at 8pm on Friday 12th & Saturday 13th of May in the Belltable. Article by: Kayleigh Ziolo








Tuesday 28th February – Tuesday 2nd May @ 6:45pm

Limerick City

Saturday 6th May @ 2:30pm



– 9pm

Limerick Printmakers, Bridgeland House, 3 Johns Square, Limerick City

SCISSORS CUT PAPER WRAP STONE Friday 24th March – Saturday 27th May

Friday 28th April – Monday 1st May






Belltable, 69 O’Connell Street, Limerick

Friday 28th April – Monday 1st May @ 8am, 9am,


Limerick Boat Club

Thomond Park Stadium, Limerick


Saturday 6th May @ 5:15pm

Ormston House, 9 – 10 Patrick Street, Limerick





Lime Tree Theatre, Mary Immaculate College,

Thursday 6th April – Friday 12th May @ 2pm – 4:30pm

Saturday 29th April – Monday 1st May @ 8am, 9am, Limerick Boat Club

Saturday 6th May @ 8pm

Courtbrack Avenue, Limerick

Dance Limerick, 1 – 2 John’s Square, Limerick





University of Limerick, Castletroy, Limerick


Saturday 22nd April – Saturday 20th May @ 10:30am

Saturday 29th April – Monday 1st May @ 11am – Tourist Hub, 31 Nicholas Street, Limerick

– 12:30pm



Walton House, Lonsdale Rd., National Technology

Limerick Writers’ Centre, 12 Barrington Street,


Thursday 27th April – Monday 1st May Main Street, Abbeyfeale, Co. Limerick RIVERFESTIVAL VILLAGE

Thursday 27th April – Monday 1st May Arthur’s Quay Park, Limerick


Wednesday 3rd May @ 5:30pm – 7:30pm Park, Castletroy, Limerick

O’BRIENS WINE FAIR LIMERICK Thursday 4th May @ 6pm – 9pm

Clayton Hotel, Steamboat Quay, Limerick BOYZLIFE

Thursday 6th May @ 8pm

WHEN HARRY MET SALLY Monday 8th May @ 7:30pm

University Concert Hall, University of Limerick, Castletroy, Limerick


University Concert Hall, University of Limerick, Castletroy, Limerick

Thursday 4th May @ 8pm


Castletroy, Limerick

LIT Millenium Theatre, Moylish Park, Limerick

University Concert Hall, University of Limerick,

Thursday 11th May @ 6pm

Friday 28th April – Monday 1st May



Kilfinane, Co. Limerick

Belltable, 69 O’Connell Street, Limerick

Live at the Big Top, Cornmarket Row, Limerick

Ballyhoura Trailhead at Glenosheen, Ardpatrick,


Thursday 4th & Friday 5th May @ 8pm

Friday 12th May @ 7pm


F o l lo w u s on li n e for more e ve nt l istings www.the l ime rickm aga z ine .c o m




Lime Tree Theatre, Mary Immaculate College,

Belltable, 69 O’Connell Street, Limerick

Wednesday 24th May @ 7pm – 8.30pm

Friday 12th May @ 8pm

Courtbrack Avenue, Limerick


Friday 12th May

Thursday 11th – Saturday 27th May








Family and Community Hub, Newcastle West, Co. Limerick

Tuesday 16th May – Tuesday 20th June @ 7pm – 9pm


Square, Limerick City

Belltable, 69 O’Connell Street, Limerick

Limerick Printmakers, Bridgeland House, 3 Johns

Galbally, Co. Limerick


Wednesday 24th – Friday 26th May @ 8pm




Belltable, 69 O’Connell Street, Limerick

Belltable, 69 O’Connell Street, Limerick

Lime Tree Theatre, Mary Immaculate College,

Friday 12th & Saturday 13th May @ 8pm





Wednesday 17th – Saturday 20th May @ 8pm


Saturday 13th May @ 6pm

Lime Tree Theatre, Mary Immaculate College, Courtbrack Avenue, Limerick


Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th May Castlemahon Hall, Castlemahon, Newcastle West, Co. Limerick SUNDAY




Courtbrack Avenue, Limerick


Thursday 18th May@ 6pm


Pery Square, Limerick

Friday 26th May @ 8pm

Limerick City Gallery of Art, Carnegie Building,







Sunday 14th May @ 8:30pm

Fitzgerald’s Woodlands House Hotel, knockanes, Adare, Co. Limerick VIRTÚ

Castletroy, Limerick

Courtbrack Avenue, Limerick

Belltable, 69 O’Connell Street, Limerick

Saturday 27th May @ 8pm



University Concert Hall, University of Limerick,

Sunday 28th May @ 8.30pm

Saturday 20th May @ 8pm Castletroy, Limerick

GREEN RIBBON WALK Sunday 21st May @ 10am

Bike Trail Centre, Ardpatrick, Co. Limerick FAMILY FUN RACEDAY


Limerick Racecourse, Greenmount Park, Patrickswell

Sunday 21st May @ 2pm



Glenroe, Co. Limerick

Sunday 21st May @ 8.30pm

Monday 8th May – Monday 12th June

University Concert Hall, University of Limerick,


Friday 7th April – Sunday 21st May

The Hunt Museum, Custom House, Rutland Street,


Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st May @ 3pm & 7.30pm

Lime Tree Theatre, Mary Immaculate College,


Thursday 25th May @ 8pm





Fitzgerald’s Woodlands House Hotel, Adare, Co. Limerick

GEORGE EZRA – TOP SECRET TOUR 2017 Tuesday 30th May @ 7pm

Live at The Big Top, Cornmarket Row, Limerick FLEADH CHEOIL LUIMNIGH

Wednesday 31st May – Monday 5th June Kilfinane, Co. Limerick


Fitzgerald’s Woodlands House Hotel, Adare, Co. Limerick



Closing Time 1 0 Minute s With… Z e b M oor e

What one thing do you never leave the house

Describe your ideal weekend in Limerick?

At my age? Reading glasses!

International Film Festival on… you might have


Any hidden or lesser known talents?

I can balance a pint of Guinness (or any drink) on two coke bottles.

As a child what did you want to be growing up? A hairdresser.

What is your favourite word?

Gusset – I use it all the time in engineering terms. Favourite quote of all time?

Festival, Co-Founder Magic Roundabout Theatre Company.

Fun fact about you: I love cooking and thoroughly enjoy throwing dinner parties.

What motivates you in the morning? A Nespresso (like George Clooney!)


first ever visit to Limerick for the festival! Favourite place to grab a bite?

The Curragower Seafood Bar, Clancy Strand. Best drink in town?

JJ Bowles, great pint of Guinness Favourite people?

Those who agree with me! Happiness is...

What is the most recent book you have read?

west coast of Ireland.

Ladybird Books for Grown Ups: The Hangover.

Director of Richard Harris International Film

heard of it… last year Fionnuala Flanagan had her

‘I don’t care what you do, just be the best’ - Bruce Dickinson, Iron Maiden.

Occupation: Engineering Business Owner, Actor,

The October Bank Holiday Weekend, there’s a great

Are you superstitious,/do you have any personal rituals for good luck?

Not at all, no room for superstitions, fail to prepare – prepare to fail. It’s not down to luck (unless you’re in a casting room).

How would you sum up your life in 6 words?

Chaotic, Busy, Interesting, Hard Work, Fun, Rewarding.

A pint of Guinness and a huge bowl of mussels on the

Article by: Michelle Costello

# t h e l im e r ic k m aga z in e @ l i m er ic ko n l ine

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w w elim erickm

Profile for The Limerick Magazine

The Limerick Magazine May 2017 #Issue19  

The Limerick Magazine is a fun and informative monthly free-sheet keeping you up to date with what is happening in Limerick, with reviews, e...

The Limerick Magazine May 2017 #Issue19  

The Limerick Magazine is a fun and informative monthly free-sheet keeping you up to date with what is happening in Limerick, with reviews, e...


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