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LILY Life & Style OD


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LILY Life & Style OD

Headpiece by Mata Hari’s Daughter Image:

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LILY Life & Style OD



fashion 46 The Secrets to Styling by Colour with 70

Amalia Simpson Lets Go to the Races

interior design 08 10 Styles with Timothy Oulton 28 Kitchens & Bathrooms with Katerina Kapellaki


Timothy Oulton Designs

family, food, health 35 Vegetable Makeover with 38 96 98

Stephanie Kennar Halloween Fun with Style Sensory Awareness, Full Body Loving How to Deal with the Baby Daddy

business 32 Financial Independence with a 40 66

Small Business Sseko Design with a Purpose The Babylonian Soap Company

46 The Secrets to Styling by Colour with Amalia Simpson

32 All content in Lily Online Magazine is intended as a guide only and should not replace seeking professional advice.

Financial Independence with a Small Business


LILY Life & Style OD



EDITOR: Priscilla-Anne Green


Who is Lily? She is the person we all aspire to be. Successful career, beautiful family, motivated, ethical, healthy, loving her lifestyle... on a Dime of course. This issue we take a look at the gorgeous range by Timothy Oulton. Katerina Kapellaki explains the new trends in Kitchen and Bathroom design. We look at financial independence with a small business. We discover Sseko Designs and the story behind this inspiring entrepreneur plus we interview the owner of The Babylonian Soap Company and how she created a beautiful eco friendly range. In Fashion Amalia Simpson explains the Secrets to Styling by Colour and with Spring in the air in Australia we ‘Go to the Races’ with headpieces

by Mata Hari’s Daughter and Lily’s Spring Racing Fashion Style Guide. We find out how to ‘Deal with the Baby Daddy’ with Joi Partain, founder of our Community Partner (Domestic Violence Support Network), plus we learn about Sensory Awareness with Leonie Lockwood and get a Veggie Makeover with Stephanie Kennar. Finally we show you how to bring some fun and style into your Halloween.

So sit back relax and ENJOY!


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LILY Life & Style OD





Personal Stylist and Shopper. Transforming you from the Outside In. Amalia knows all the secrets to fashion styling and shares them with us. Visit Style By Amalia at and www.melbournefashionstylist. or contact her at info@

Editor of LILY Online Magazine. Priscilla contributes to the business and coaching articles, drawing upon her background as a dedicated Education Manager at RMIT University with 15 years experience in business training, research, coaching and performance management.

Leonie is an experienced massage therapist and yoga instructor. Her massage, yoga and meditation are all skills which utilise the concept of flow. ‘Flowing Life’ works with people and organisations who are seeking to enhance their health and general wellbeing and recognise that the body and mind must be integrated and functioning in harmony. 0419 133 948




Katerina is an internationally experienced Interior Designer and speaker specialising in property makeovers, staging, renovation projects, decluttering, design and colour consultation. katerina@

Stephanie is a passionate cook with a focus on local and seasonal produce. Her website Foodies Kitchen www. blog/ is a hub for inspiration, connection and learning about food. Watch out for her new Foodie Business coming soon.

Joi is a Domestic Violence Advocate and the founder of Empowered and Beautiful, a domestic violence support group. Joi shares both her personal and professional insights into surviving, thriving and leading an Empowered Life. www.empoweredand beautiful. com

LILY Life & Style OD


Lily has a complete Online SHOPPING portal where you can browse and shop all the gorgeous designs in our magazine.

Images: Timothy Oulton



LILY Life & Style OD


TIMOTHY OULTON LILY Online Magazine had the pleasure of attending the opening party of

Coco Republic’s


Timothy Outon store in Melbourne. Here we show you our favourite finds from their store.


GET THIS LOOK... 1. Crystal Table Lamp 2. Bensington Footstool Union Jack 3. Kensington Chair Old Saddle Black 4. Union Jack Rug 5. Ampleforth Large Chest - Oxidised Brass CLICK TO SHOP

best of british



5. 4.


LILY Life & Style OD

soft leather hues

Viscount William Sofa - Old Saddle Nut, Axel Coffee Table - Natural, Gyro Floor Lamp Antique


LILY Life & Style OD

TIMOTHY OULTON English born Timothy Oulton begain work in his father’s antiques business at the age of 18; with an inherited eye for beauty and his intrinsic ability to see artistic value he established his own business with a focus on recreation of antique pieces with a modern viewpoint.



LILY Life & Style OD

LILY Life & Style OD


modern streamlined

TIMOTHY OULTON Timothy Oulton furniture is handcrafted with a delicate balance of tradition and innovation. Every piece is meticulously crafted with fine artistry and skilled craftsmanship, with the use of exquisite materials. Greenwich Chair - Destroyed Raw Valkyrie Streamline Desk - Aero CLICK TO SHOP


LILY Life & Style OD


LILY Life & Style OD


suited up


TIMOTHY OULTON Left pages: Regatta Bucket Chair - Vintage Black, Axel Single Bookcase Natural, Axel Dining Table - Natural. Above: Reggio 3 Seater - Matador Nuez, Globetrekker Coffee Table - Worn Marquee Blue Dicky Ticking. Timothy Oulton


LILY Life & Style OD


LILY Life & Style OD


industrial nautical

TIMOTHY OULTON Valkyrie Hercules Bookcase - Spitfire , Hercules Chest Medium - Spitfire, Valkyrie Desk - Spitfire, Timothy Oulton



LILY Life & Style OD


LILY Life & Style OD


mixed materials

TIMOTHY OULTON Scruffy 1 Seater - Matador Nuez, Junk Art Propeller Coffee Table - Vintage, Rod Chandelier, Valkyrie Tom Cat Chair - Destroyed Raw & Spitfire Timothy Oulton


LILY Life & Style OD


LILY Life & Style OD


desk duty

TIMOTHY OULTON Globetrekker Single Bookcase - Aero, Greenwich Chair - Destroyed Raw, Gyro & Crystal Table Lamp – Antique, Globetrekker Desk - Aero Timothy Oulton


LILY Life & Style OD



LILY Life & Style OD

TIMOTHY OULTON Costello Sofa, Globetrekker Coffee Table - Aero, Double Gyro Chandelier, Riders Easy Chr - Bull & Bull Nubuck Timothy Oulton



LILY Life & Style OD



Riders Easy Chair - Matador Nuez & Brown/White Moo, Globetrekker Single Bookcase - Aero, Gyro & Crystal Table Lamp – Antique, White Star Trunk - Aero, Shabby 3 Seater Sofa - Savage, Globetrekker Side Table - Aero Timothy Oulton

LILY Life & Style OD


TIMOTHY OULTON Timothy Oulton- Rod Floor Lamp, Valkyrie Tom Cat Chair - Destroyed Black, Aviator Blackhawk Coffee Table - Black Timothy Oulton



LILY Life & Style OD

VISIT Timothy Oulton’s Store 488 Church Street Richmond VIC 3141 Melbourne AUSTRALIA For International stores go to For Coco Republic store locations go to

athletic CLICK TO SHOP

LILY Life & Style OD


TIMOTHY OULTON Left: American Locker 15 Door, Gym Matt Coffee Table - Savage & Axel, Gyro Floor Lamp Antique. Above: Boston Dining Table Aero, Gym Horse Bench Double - Savage Timothy Oulton



LILY Life & Style OD



Kitchen Design and Cabinetry – Theo Sismanellis - Designer Kitchens Victoria, Australia

Spring is all about freshness and new beginnings. You can’t help but fall in love with these hottest trends for bathrooms and kitchens. MINIMALIST KITCHEN It’s all about sleek exteriors so keep the basic cabinet design rectilinear. Create a modern, simple backdrop with a monochromatic look. Accessorise with colour contrasting metals, jars, vases and a spot of flora. Over the past five years there is increasing demand for designers and architects to

integrate a butler’s kitchen in the home. This leaves the main kitchen or show kitchen for dining and entertaining. Spacious, entertaining kitchens are becoming increasingly popular as they aren’t any longer used just for food preparation. The Kitchen Island is a very important feature and are getting wider as this gives the host more time to entertain their guests while cooking. This is also the reason why we are seeing more and more dining rooms being used less. Upholstered seating in the kitchen adds an element of comfort and flamboyance. If space permits a chill out sofa is also a must…

LILY Life & Style OD


Kitchen Design and Cabinetry – Theo Sismanellis - Designer Kitchens Victoria, Australia

Kitchen Design and Cabinetry – Theo Sismanellis - Designer Kitchens Victoria, Australia


LILY Life & Style OD


KATERINA KAPELLAKI Kitchen Design and Cabinetry – Theo Sismanellis - Designer Kitchens Victoria, Australia

Bathroom trends revolve around the notion that your bathroom is your sanctuary, your homes only private space. Use soft lighting, rich stonework with a deep freestanding bathtub.

A nice addition to this is also a comfortable wing chair to give that more relaxing feel.

Create your fabulous retreat with elegant accessories, rich linens, waterproof artwork, tv screen and music.

Decorative wallpaper, acrylics and ornamental shower dividers create new spaces in your bathroom.

LILY Life & Style OD


KATERINA KAPELLAKI Katerina is an internationally experienced Interior Designer and speaker who holds exclusive events specialising in property makeovers, staging, renovation projects, decluttering, design and colour consultation.

Listen to Katerina live on Authentic You Radio


LILY Life & Style OD



ONLY 5% OF PEOPLE WILL BE FINANCIALLY INDEPENDENT AT RETIREMENT, THE REST WILL HAVE TO RELY ON INADEQUATE PENSIONS, SOCIAL SECURITY, AND FAMILY ASSISTANCE. YOU NEED TO TAKE ACTION NOW TO CREATE YOUR OWN FINANCIAL FREEDOM, BECAUSE NOBODY ELSE WILL DO IT FOR YOU. Have you ever felt that your life was a conveyor belt … Go to school, graduate, get a good job with a good company, accumulate retirement savings, and use these to do everything you’d ever wanted to during your retirement? If that’s what you’ve grown up expecting, you may be in for a big surprise. Only 5 people in 100 who follow this route can look forward to a comfortable retirement. Are you shocked? That means a whopping 95 out of 100 hardworking people who try to follow this route are going to have to rely on inadequate pensions, social security, and family assistance to live out their golden years. Not a happy picture. Just take a

look in your community to see how few retirees are financially independent. If you know any that are truly financially independent then you’ll probably find they did it on their own. So, if you want to want financial independence what are your options? You could pray that you’ll be one of the 1 in 180 million people who hits the lottery or you could inherit a fortune when your aging aunt checks out. Another way could be a life of crime, but I warn you that your chances of reaching retirement age, let alone enjoying it, are really slim.

LILY Life & Style OD In reality there’s just one way you can ever be financially independent. You have to do it on your own. The statistics on age and self employment vary. According to recent studies 22 percent of men and 14 percent of women over 65 are self-employed. That’s compared to just 7 percent for other age groups. According to a Vanderbilt University study the number of entrepreneurs in the USA age 45 to 64 will grow by 15 million. That’s compared to a 4 million decline for entrepreneurs age 25 to 44. Self employment amongst workers increases with age, with the most dramatic jump occurring at age 65. With the advent of the Internet there’s a whole new world out there, and, most importantly, it’s a level playing field. There are more than 500 million consumers out there and with a good plan, you can learn to build your financial independence with your own online business.


The cost of starting your online business needn’t be expensive – certainly less than starting a real world business. It is possible to set up a website and create brochures, business cards for under $500, try GoDaddy and Vista Print. You will be amazed.

Objection #4: I’m not an expert at anything. No matter what your background there’s probably something you know that somebody else doesn’t. That makes you an expert to the other person. Don’t presume your knowledge or expertise is not valuable until retirement age. In addition avoid the trap of turning 60 and ploughing your retirement savings into a small business or get rich quick scheme. The sooner you start on your small business and learn the ropes the safer your retirement plan.

Objection #5: I have nothing to sell.

There are two parts to an online business a product/service and people wanting that Before you say “I can’t do it” let’s chuck out product/service. You can sell other peoples some of the most common reasons people give products (just like real world) if you know what for not wanting to start an online business: people want.

Objection #1: I’m not smart enough to have my own business. This is unlikely to be true. Successful businesses are run by people with vastly different capabilities. Running your own business is about solving people’s problems and not about how smart you are.

Objection #2: I don’t have the time it takes to start or grow an income source online.

Objection #6: Someone is already doing what I want to do so it is useless trying to compete. Of course other people are already doing the same thing but that’s true in the real world too. Just do it better. If there aren’t others doing the same thing you probably can’t make money out of it. Competition shows that there is a market for your product/idea. Try this rule of thumb. Your product must be either 1. New or 2. The Best (quality) or 3. Different.

Unless you’re already working 80 hours a week, you can probably find time to start building an online business. You’ll probably need to find 2 hours a day (14 hours a week) to successfully build your business. (Not too much is it?). It’s really all about organizing your time. How about using your commuting time to record ideas for a business? You can gain 7 hours a week by cutting out tv 1 hour a day. Given what’s on tv it’s not much of a sacrifice.

Objection #3: I don’t have the money it takes for a new business. Image: SEO Planter


LILY Life & Style OD


Objection #7: The only people making money are people telling others how to make money. When you start on the internet marketing route you’re desperate for information and in finding it you sign up with everyone offering to help you – these are the people offering their services as business advisers. They are not the only businesses on the Net but they are the ones you’ll come into contact with first.

Objection #8: I’ve tried plenty of business opportunities with no success - it’s just not for me. Maybe it’s not, but chances are, your failure is from chasing different business opportunities, instead of building your own business from the ground up.

Objection #9: I’d need a top search engine ranking to get anywhere and that’s almost impossible. Search engine positioning is not the be all and end all. There are other ways to find traffic and customers like networks, forums, social media like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube. In a recent study by Vision Critical ‘Social to Sale’ approximately 40% of social media users have purchased an item after sharing or ‘favouriting’ it on these sites, and that Facebook is the network most likely to

drive customers to purchase. One astonishing find was that social media drives not just online purchasing, but in-store purchasing as well and at about equal rates.

Objection #10: I’d need a big advertising budget to get any results. That’s simply not true, the Net is the perfect place to do business with a small budget. Finally, the greatest misconception today is that if you get a good job and slave away for 40 something years your retirement years will be golden. Not always! So consider your options, use your time wisely and consider creating your own retirement wealth through starting an online based business as early as possible.

‘social media drives not just online purchasing, but in-store purchasing as well and at about equal rates’.

LILY Life & Style OD


Transform these vegetable staples into something fresh, crunchy and healthy. Recipe by Stephanie Kennar, Foodies Kitchen www.foodieskitchen.

I love winter vegetables, most of them, and especially when they feature in warm, comforting types of dishes. I love creamy, sticky and buttery. Gooey morsels of cheese, crunchy croutons, or salty fried lardons that finish off the Sautéed Brussels sprouts, Cauliflower Gratin or Scallop Potatoes. But this is only a short indulgence; I know it can’t last. There is little excuse for comfort food when the days are bright and Spring smells like it is just around the corner. It’s time to transform these vegetable staples into something fresh, crunchy and healthy. Brussels sprouts and Cauliflower are usually served hot and as a side dish, but here they are re-born into bright, uplifting and delicious salads.



LILY Life & Style OD salad of purple cauliflower, sorrel, smoked salmon and strawberries

The cauliflower is served raw, so ensure you use the most fresh and preferably organic one you can find. I have used the purple variety from the local farmers market in this recipe which is an heirloom variety bred over many years. The purple colour comes from an antioxidant called anthocyanin, which may help prevent heart disease by slowing blood clotting. You may of course use the traditional white variety. I have used hot smoked Salmon as I love the more delicate flavour and creamy texture than cold smoked varieties.

Carefully remove the florets from the cauliflower and break them into small clusters. Place the cauliflower in a bowl with smoked salmon, strawberries, shallot and sorrel. Season with salt and pepper and leave undressed. When ready to serve, add the lemon juice and oil to the bowl and toss.

Recipe by Stephanie Kennar, Foodies Kitchen www.foodieskitchen.

Place on a serving dish and scatter with sour cream and basil or basil shoots.

INGREDIENTS 1 small head of cauliflower 100g smoked salmon, flaked 5 large strawberries, hulled and diced 3 French shallots, finely diced 3 shredded sorrel leaves Juice of 2 lemons 50 ml of extra virgin olive oil 150 gm sour cream Basil shoots or basil leaves, thinly sliced pepper

LILY Life & Style OD salad of brussels sprout leaves, white anchovies, hazelnuts and raisins


‘Brussels sprout leaves served in a salad’

Recipe by Stephanie Kennar, Foodies Kitchen www.foodieskitchen.

The Brussels sprout leaves served in this salad are almost unrecognisable as the often loathed sprout we knew growing up. They are a perfect mini salad cup to transport the dressing and other morsels in one mouthful. Walnuts and pecans work well too. If you are using anchovies, use the white variety, which are fresh marinated (not processed) as they’re softer and gentler in taste, unlike the hairy brown ones found in a tin. Add the sprout leaves to a saucepan of salted boiling water. Allow to come back to the boil and cook for 1 minute. Drain and refresh in iced water. Pat the leaves dry and set aside. Place the honey in a small saucepan over low heat, add vinegar and bring to the boil, then add the olive oil. Take off the heat and

stir in hazelnuts and raisins. Set this dressing aside. Start arranging the sprout leaves, watercress, and mozzarella onto the plate, drizzling a little of the dressing. Add the anchovies and shallots. Finish with the parsley and salt and pepper. Serve with crusty bread.

INGREDIENTS 2tbls hazelnuts, lightly oven toasted, coarsely chopped 100 gm brussels sprout leaves from the outer of the sprout 1/2 cup watercress, stalks removed 1tsp honey 30 ml red wine vinegar 50 ml extra virgin olive oil 2 tbls raisins, soaked in warm water for 5 minutes, drained 2 French shallots, thinly sliced 10 white anchovies 1 buffalo mozzarella, sliced 2 tbls finely chopped parsley Salt and pepper


LILY Life & Style OD


Image: Allposters. Go to stockists page


HALLOWEEN IS A GOOD EXCUSE FOR A BIT OF G RATED, INEXPENSIVE FAMILY FUN... Families have been celebrating All Hallows by decorating and having a fun feast for generations. This adorable vintage style Halloween poster depicts a time before Halloween celebrations were associated with ‘Horror’ movies. So why not revisit those times and put some STYLE into your Halloween? Halloween can be infused with as much style as the rest of your celebrations. Ok, there might be a little bit of sillyness thrown in, but there are plenty of ways to maximise the whimsy and avoid the tacky. Here in Australia it is often referred to as an ‘American tradition’. However, Halloween or All Hallows is thought to have originated in ancient Celtic times when the Festival of Shamhain (Summers End) was celebrated. Not nearly as morbid and gruesome as many Hollywood movies would lead us to believe. The tradition goes on to say that on this evening the veil between the spiritual

and the human world is thinnest.....hence the ghosts. It is a perfect time to remember your lost loved ones, maybe leave them a little note or a gift, create a special shrine to them out of things they love, and just maybe they will come for a visit. If nothing else it’s an opportunity to pay your respects and remember them, which adds quite a beautiful aspect to Halloween that you might never have considered. In Australia we live in the Southern hemisphere, so our seasons don’t align with the traditions of Halloween, being the Harvest Autumn Equinox associated with pumpkins, scarecrows and wreaths made of corn husks. We have entered the Spring Equinox (started 23 Sept) and are approaching the beginning of Summer Equinox (starting 21 Dec) so an Australian themed Halloween might also include all things SPRING! Flowers, green foliage, floral garlands and wreaths, flower pot arrangements, daisy chains.

LILY Life & Style OD



1. 5. 2. 2. 3.


If you have small children they will love this. Try making wreaths from the birch trees branches and get the children collecting flowers and foliage to decorate the wreaths. Why not have fun making crafts with the kids, decorate the house, have a little party, dress up, go trick or treating, and maybe learn a little about this tradition. You can make decorations for the cost of a trip to the green grocer for pumpkins and some orange and black paper from Spotlight, Lincraft or an Art supplies store. Print out your own Halloween images from the millions online and create your own Halloween theme. If your kids are a bit bigger they might like to help you make or decorate cakes, chocolates or truffles. Make a Jack-o-lantern with the kids or just buy black cardboard and make your own silhouette bats. Decorate the entry of your home...but don’t go too crazy!

Seasonal wreaths from One Kings Lane

CREATE A GORGEOUS HALLOWEEN TABLE C SETTING BY ADDING SOME OF THESE CLICK TO SHOP 1. Aidan Gray Decor French Rust Basket $120.00 Layla Grace 2. La Belle Époque Mellis Votive Goblet $30.00 One Kings Lane 3. Lazy Susan Accordion Resin Black Container $80.00 Zinc Door 4. Alpine Accents Antler Candleholder $20.00 One Kings Lane 5. Alpine Accents Glass Dome $49.00 One Kings Lane 6. Alpine Accents Tree Votive Centrepiece $200.00 One Kings lane

Halloween does not have to be tacky with a gory, bloody theme. Celebrate All Hallows with some STYLE . For example you could create a black and white theme. Bring out all the old crystal, silver tea service and throw in some black feathers. You can even spray paint your pumpkins black or white. Continue your ‘stylish’ Halloween outdoors... Why not create a Halloween themed picnic table in the garden. Break out the cocktails and have the girls over for a ‘spooky’ drink! Hollow out a pumpkin and use it as an ice bucket. So now you have no excuses! Have some stylish Halloween fun!

The Lodge Look from One Kings Lane


LILY Life & Style e OD


Liz Forkin Bohannon creator of Sseko Designs. More than an inspiring entrepreneur. An inspiring humanitarian.

LILY Life & Style OD


Every now and then you come across an entrepreneurial story that stops you in your tracks. The story of Sseko Designs is not only inspiring on a business level but this business created on somewhat of a whim by Liz Forkin Bohannon a college graduate visiting Uganda demonstrates the power of the individual when following such an important passion as global issues, specifically poverty and women’s rights. Sseko’s African sandals, made by women in Uganda are an example of how ethical fashion can help end the cycle of poverty. Fair trade and socially conscious fashion can be powerful agents of social change by empowering women in Africa and all over the world. With an academic background in journalism and communications, Liz went to Uganda with the intention of using her communication skills to assist a youth development organisation with their communications, donor relations and quarterly newsletter. However what transpired was an opportunity for Liz to (as she puts it) “Learn. To understand. To be changed. To break. And to grow! ” Liz goes on to

explain “ During my time in Uganda, I came across an incredible community. And in that incredible community there was an incredible group of young women. They were mostly my age. They became friends. The commitment of these young women blew me away. I was consistently challenged by the fact that these women saw the education they were receiving as such a gift. And these women were not only committed to learning their subjects, but also so committed to learning how to love well. To love each other. To reconcile their lives. To lead their communities and countries.”


LILY Life & Style OD

“When I came to learn that many of these incredible young women were graduating from secondary school and struggling to find work to finance their university education, Sseko was born. It seemed so simple. I designed a sandal that I thought was really beautiful. I spent weeks, wandering around the city and the markets looking for the things I needed to make them. I didn’t know what I was doing. I laughed at myself, out loud, a lot.” Rarely do you read a company Mission and Impact Statement as powerful as Sseko Design’s. They have identified the key issues they aim to address in the community (you can read the full details and Ssekos solutions at These are:

Issue #1: Female students, due to a lack of economic opportunity, are not able to continue on to university and pursue leadership positions in society.

Issue #2: In a patriarchal and male dominated society, women are not afforded the same employment and economic opportunities as their male counterparts. We also know that although 66% of the world’s labor is done by women, we own less than 1% of the world’s assets. As long as women are not afforded educational and professional equality, extreme poverty will continue to exist. Issue #3: Although charities and non-profits play a vital and necessary role in all societies, sometimes charity and aid can play a negative role by enabling dependencies and damaging the local economies. Like us, our African friends need and desire opportunity, dignity, job creation and empowerment. Why not lend your support to a company that not only provides a beautiful range of products but also provides support to a community.





Using Fashion to Empower & Educate Women. SSEKODESIGNS.COM SAY-KO // DESIGNS

1. Stitched Cotton Scarf in Earl Grey // 2. Black Leather Hobo Bag // 3. Sseko Sandals with the Leather Fringe Accessory

LILY Life & Style OD



LILY Life & Style OD


Do want to look younger, have a clearer complexion, have a sparkle in your eyes? Make every purchase a smart one. Get to know your undertone intimately and wear only your best colours near your face.


DIY skin analysis Drape your hair in a gold scarf, face a mirror next to a window, in natural daylight and put on a yellow or warm foundation with an apricot beige lipstick. Then do the opposite. Drape your hair in a silver scarf and apply a cool or pink based foundation with a pink lipstick with

blue (purple) undertones. In which colours do you look your best? If you look best in the first, you are either an Autumn or Spring, if the silver colour looks best, you are either a Winter or Summer. I highly recommend an experienced colour consultant to do it correctly.

LILY Life & Style OD


Want to know the celebrities secret to looking fabulous? Amalia explains!

Images: Featureflash & FlashStudio /


LILY Life & Style OD

SUMMER your colours with AMALIA SIMPSON

Are you a blonde who looks great with ash but not brassy golden hair? Think Jennifer Hudson, Jennifer Hawkins. Are you a brunette with not too dark eyebrows? You could be a Summer. You will look great in off whites, pastels, plums, mauves, pinks, aqua, most blues and colours which are not too dark. Leave the olives, mustards, oranges, black and gold to others.

Image: FlashStudio /

LILY Life & Style OD


Visit Amalia at or


Perfect to enhance a smaller bust and hide a bit of a tummy 2.

3. 1. The Breach Earrings $29 Molton Store 2. Sandro Shirt Calypso S177.70 Bloomingdales 3. Nicholas Wrap Skirt Dress $450.00 The Iconic Prices are a guide only. CLICK ON DETAILS TO SHOP

Great for smaller busts and bigger hips


LILY Life & Style OD

SUMMER your colours with AMALIA SIMPSON Visit Amalia at or


Great for bigger busts and smaller hips.

Perfect for leaner and taller people. 2. 1. Sue Wong Dress $566.50 Bloomingdales 2. KLU by Edyta Jermacz $143.00 Carnet de Mode 3. Lafayette 148 New York Gisella Leather Topper $1,385.80 Bloomingdales 4. Ippolita RosĂŠ Lollipop Charm Necklace in Clear Quartz with Diamonds Prices are a guide only. CLICK ON DETAILS TO SHOP

LILY Life & Style OD


Try off whites, pastels, plums, mauves, pinks, aqua, most blues.

Ideal for smaller busts


4. 3.


LILY Life & Style OD

AUTUMN your colours with AMALIA SIMPSON

Are you a redhead or brunette with warm undertones in your skin? Think Jennifer Lopez, Julia Roberts. Image:Featureflash /

LILY Life & Style OD


Look stunning in this gold dress

Perfect for broader shoulders David Meister Metallic Gown $785.40 Bloomingdales Prices are a guide only. CLICK ON DETAILS TO SHOP

AUTUMN your colours with AMALIA SIMPSON


LILY Life & Style OD

AUTUMN your colours with AMALIA SIMPSON Joie Blouse Marice Matte Silk $356.80 Bloomingdales Emerald stacked square bracelet $24.00 InPink Top Manches Kimono $228.00 Carnet de Mode Prices are a guide only. CLICK ON DETAILS TO SHOP

Ideal for an hour glass shape


Great for smaller busts and can hide a bit of a tummy

AUTUMN your colours with AMALIA SIMPSON Prices are a guide only. CLICK ON DETAILS TO SHOP

Golden Moments Tunic $184.36 Free People. Noritamy gold twist earring $45.93 Rtister


LILY Life & Style OD

SPRING your colours with AMALIA SIMPSON

Image:Featureflash /

If you are a blonde or brunette with golden undertones and look your best in bright colours, you probably are a SPRING


Try these colours : beige, lime green, grey with yellow as opposed to blue tone, apricot, salmon, grass green and range red.

Geometric graďŹƒti print bare shoulder shirt $25.99 Maykool Prices are a guide only. CLICK ON DETAILS TO SHOP

Perfect for broader shoulders


LILY Life & Style OD

SPRING your colours with AMALIA SIMPSON

Casual Style V-Neck Floral Print Long Sleeves Chion Blouse $11.30 Sammy Dress Delicate Turquoise Stone Leaf Earrings $25.00 InPink Prices are a guide only. CLICK ON DETAILS TO SHOP

LILY Life & Style OD


SPRING your colours with AMALIA SIMPSON Visit Amalia at or

Robe Tunic Wiola Wolczynska $342.00 Carnet de Mode. John and Pearl Flo Bracelet $66.35 Rtister. Robe Mist Lady Bug $221.00 Carnet de Mode Prices are a guide only. CLICK ON DETAILS TO SHOP


LILY Life & Style OD

WINTER your colours with AMALIA SIMPSON Jaguar PS /

Featureflash /

Winters like Megan Gale and Megan Fox are the most common. They usually have strong black eyebrows with dark brown hair.

LILY Life & Style OD


WINTER your colours with AMALIA SIMPSON Visit Amalia at or

Create extra curves

Ideal for heavier tops

Asymmetrical flounced chion blouse $29.99 Maykool Peplum White Top $53.00 Chicnova Prices are a guide only. CLICK ON DETAILS TO SHOP

You look amazing in strong saturated colours, black, pure white, purple, red, light lemon yellow, icy colours (white with a hint of colour), navy, charcoal as well as black.


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WINTER your colours with AMALIA SIMPSON

Grayse Red Quilted Jacket $1,099.40 Bloomingdales Judith Ripka Laguna Cultured Coin Pearl Drop Earrings with White Sapphire $404.30 Bloomingdales Prices are a guide only. CLICK ON DETAILS TO SHOP

Wear different colours underneath to create many different looks

WINTER your colours with

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AMALIA SIMPSON Visit Amalia at or

STUNNING! Create extra volume in the bust!


Natures Perfect Product

OceanFix is your must have Health and Styling accessory! The health benefits of ocean water are well documented, have been extensively tested, and are proven over thousands of years. The unique blend of minerals and salts in ocean water cannot be replicated by science. So nature got it right! ‘OceanFix’ brings Pure Australian Ocean Water to you. It has never been so easy to get a fix of the ocean. Available in 125ml Spray, 500ml and 1 Litre bottles.


OceanFix for Health: • • • • • • •

Gargling after dental treatment; Application to mouth ulcers; Topical application for skin conditions including psoriasis and eczema and other complaints; Topical application to skin abrasions; Nasal rinse; Application to insect bites; Acne

• •

The beach hair look and feel; Facial toner

OceanFix for Styling:

OceanFix products online at

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a beauty range born out of necessity turns into a passionate business venture for this inspiring entrepreneurial woman Images: Babylonian Soap Company

LILY Life & Style OD


BABYLONIAN SOAP COMPANY CREATE HIGH QUALITY, UNIQUE AND NATURAL PERSONAL CARE PRODUCTS AND STRIVE TO BE AN EXAMPLE OF HOW CORPORATIONS CAN BE A TOOL FOR POSITIVE CHANGE. “I have a bachelors degree in Marketing and have been an avid promotional speaker for products for years. I love helping people with skin issues as I know how difficult it can be. My ultimate goal What inspired you to go into business creating is to provide the best customer service possible, whatever it takes, Babylonian Soap Company your own range of beauty products? goes the extra mile to make sure each and every “I have extremely sensitive skin, roseacea, eczema customer is satisfied with their experience as well and vitiligo everything commercially made would as the products! cause break outs and I struggled with this for Nothing is worse than walking into a store or years... living on Bendril. I eventually read some calling customer service and the person on the books on soaps and lotions and started to make line acts like you are bothering them. It is just not them for myself.... my symptoms lessened... then acceptable and so since this is my mantra I have I started giving them as gifts for Christmas and birthdays. Everyone was so happy with the prod- gained a large customer base because we really ucts that I started selling them at farmers markets do care and want to provide the ultimate customer service!” and now in my own store. Next year we have plans of expansion to a second store.”

We talk to the founder Tracy Bullock who together with her husband Richard Covert created the Babylonian Soap Company.

You didn’t start your career in this field, where did you start out and why the change of pace? “I was a flight attendant for years and the dream of working for myself became a reality after I saw the need for products like our paraben free, sulfate free products.”

How did your background help you with the business?

What have been some of the pits and peeks of starting your own business? “It is never easy starting your own business you doubt yourself almost daily. In the beginning we sold my car to start this business without getting any bank loans... riding the bus or hitching rides from people was not easy. I look back at it now and would have it no other way.”


LILY Life & Style OD

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“You learn from everything you have done in your life. I will say one of the most rewarding things is at the end of my day, reflecting on all my customers smile as they walk out the door. I know I have done a good job and look forward to the next day and the new people I will meet and the experience we will have at the Babylonian Soap Company.”

The style of your range is breathtaking, can you describe the presentation and what inspired the look of your brand? “I will say that throughout the years so many natural companies stick with plain style marketing, burlap bags, neutral tones and I just wanted to do something different. I like a little Bling , who doesn’t? I feel presentation is so very important and I want my customers to feel like they are spoiling themselves with a treat. My products are still very competitive and half the cost of most lines similar to ours. I wanted to provide a superior product, Beautiful packaging at a Good price. We have done that.”

Your range has a strong ethical position on ingredients, can you explain this? “Our products are ALL paraben free and sulfate free. Parabens have been linked to all forms of cancer. Cancer being very prevalent in my immediate family I feel that it is very important for everyone to avoid these chemicals. We do not do any animal testing unless you consider my husband’s arm animal testing! We are vegan for the most part we do have a few small products with goats milk in it. However it is a local goat and we have seen her farm, she is a family pet. We don’t even use beeswax in the rest of our line for those who are strict vegans. We have something for everyone even Fido. We have an organic fido wash, my pups are always squeaky clean... they don’t like that we make dogie shampoo. We donate 5% each month to the WWF Global Foundation saving endangered species and every other month to the Wounded Warrior Foundation.”

Describe your product range? “We focus on soaps. All of our soaps have a very creamy lather, most natural soaps dont lather, with all natural colorant like beet powder,

madder root, but we also make lotions, body creme’s, face wash, goats milk face cream, silk lotions, bubble baths, body sprays, body scrubs with sugar, salt and walnut plus we have a new whipped scrub as well.”

What are your goals for your business? “We hope to open a few more stores in the next few years and just make more people knowledgeable of what is in the products they choose. So many people ask “What is a paraben or a sulfate... natural soap I have never used that, why is it better?” It really surprises me how these large companies are keeping consumers in the dark.”

What direction do you envisage your business going? “We would like to franchise, teach people how to do what we love and have 100 Babylonian Soap Company’s... make a healthy more conscious living for all of us.”

What advice would you give anyone thinking of starting a non-traditional business model like yours? “Well it is very difficult. I have not had a day off in 2 years, literally. You must be able to sacrifice everything and I mean everything... but in the end i know this was the right thing for me. I love what I do and will continue to educate people on the harmful ingredients in so many products out there.”

Visit the Babylonian Soap Company at


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headpiece options





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headbands Images: for Mata Hari’s Daughter

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exotic & gypsyesque Images: for Mata Hari’s Daughter

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LILY Life & Style OD

1920’s inspired

Headpieces hand made by Mata Hari’s Daughter

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Images: for Mata Hari’s Daughter


LILY Life & Style OD


Lace Bodycon Dress US$59.99. Sheinside. Prices are a guide only. CLICK ON DETAILS TO SHOP

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ruffles It Happened at the Gala Fascinator. $29.99 Modcloth.

Prices are a guide only. CLICK ON DETAILS TO SHOP


LILY LILYLife Life&&Style StyleOD OD

electric blue & delicate lace

Left: Cynthia Steffe Short Sleeve Lace Dress - Mercedes $382.10 Bloomingdales. Right: Handkerchief Hem Chiffon Dress $69.90 OASAP Image: Flora + Fauna for Mata Hari’s Daughter


Prices are a guide only. CLICK ON DETAILS TO SHOP

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3. 5. 1. Fascinator $29.99 Modcloth. 2. Ring $24.00 InPink. 3. Therapy Luxury Blue $49.95 Style Tread. 4. Sienna Dress $78.00 Humble Chic. Bracelet $36.00 InPink


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vintage style black & white

LILY Life & Style OD


2. 5.


6. 4. Prices are a guide only. CLICK ON DETAILS TO SHOP

1. Laundry by Shelli Segal Lace Shift Dress. $349.30. Bloomingdales 2. Fascinator. $29.99. Modcloth 3. Vintage Carry a Tune Clutch $34.99 Modcloth 4. SIREN Amalie White/Black $149.95 Style Tread. 5. Sleek Peek Top $34.99. Modcloth 6. Gladiola. $59.99 Modcloth.


an updated gatsby inspired look

LILY Life & Style OD




Prices are a guide only. CLICK ON DETAILS TO SHOP

4. 1. Sienna Dress $78.00 Humble Chic 2. Earrings $26.00 InPink 3. Ring $54.00 Stella and Dot 4. LIPSTIK Crash Black Box $59.95 Style Tread 5. Clover Canyon Dress $376.40 Bloomingdales.

LILY Life & Style OD




LILY Life & Style OD

crimson cherry & lace





LILY Life & Style OD

1. High Waist Lace Maxi Dress $79.99 Choies 2. Spring Awakening Necklace $138 Stella and Dot 3. Coralia Leets Cranberry Earrings $136.10 Bloomingdales 4. Baby Poppy Red Suede $64.90 Style Stread 5. Tadashi Petites Lace Dress $230.50 Bloomingdales


5. Prices are a guide only. CLICK ON DETAILS TO SHOP


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BASLER Printed Dress Bloomingdale’s Exclusive $677.20

LILY Life & Style OD


SPRING PATTERNS Coast Dress - Stefana Bloomingdales $499.00 Prices are a guide only. CLICK ON DETAILS TO SHOP


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black lace 3.

LILY Life & Style OD


black lace 6.


4. Prices are a guide only. CLICK ON DETAILS TO SHOP



1. Black Contrast Lace Shoulder Dress US$63.93 Sheinside 2. Visage of Love Necklace $24.99 Modcloth 3. TONY BIANCO Alita Black Chicago $169.95 Style Tread 4. LoverAlice A-Line Dress $495.00 The Iconic 5. MOLLINI Evelyn Black $119.95 Style Tread 6. Bracelet $34.00 Stella and Dot 7. La Coco clutch $103.60 8. Filigree earrings $15.00 InPink


LILY Life & Style OD



4. 1.

LILY Life & Style OD


Prices are a guide only. CLICK ON DETAILS TO SHOP


1. Elsie Cutout Dress $78.00 Humble Chic 2. Monochrome Floral Necklace $48.00 Humble Chic 3. Bracelet $38.00 InPink 4. Slingback heel $31.99 Maykool 5. BCBGMAXAZRIA Dress $479.10 Bloomingdales


LILY Life & Style OD

sheer & lace

HIGH CONTRast black & White

1. Trina Turk Sweater Dress Elane $382.10 Bloomingdales 2. Duchess Bangle $59.25 Stella and Dot 3. White Mesh Cutout Dress $36.99 Maykool 4. Slingback heel $31.99 Maykool 5. Carrie skirt $48 Humble Chic Prices are a guide only. CLICK ON DETAILS TO SHOP


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3. 4.





LILY Life & Style OD

SENSORY AWARENESS FULL BODY LOVING Written by Leonie Lockwood Flowing Life Massage and Yoga

Image: Moyan Brenn

We human beings are frequently looking for love, whether it is to fall in love with ourselves or with someone else. Love is one of the many things that make the world a brighter place in day-to-day life and also one that can seem so difficult to obtain and then hold on to. Others around were falling in love, partnering up and getting on with life. I was just getting on with life, with the odd partner here and there. I wasn’t prepared to settle for a relationship that looked great on paper but didn’t feel quite right and I knew that there were many others out there who felt the same. In the mix of all this of course, there was lots of advice given by well intentioned friends and family, some helpful and some just downright rude. One of the pearls of wisdom that my mother handed down to me in my hunt for love over the years was, ‘you’ve got to

love yourself before you can love anyone else.’ Not only was my mum saying it, but I’m sure others have also said this to their children. Now I got this intellectually and implemented lots of self love activities such as yoga, exercise, massages, meditation, healthy food, weekends away and clothes etc but still the elusive connectedness escaped me. It wasn’t until I began to pursue deep sensory awareness in my meditation and yoga practices that I became progressively more aware of how unaware of myself I was and how just having a superficial interpretation of my mother’s pearl of wisdom was not

LILY Life & Style OD


Leonie can be contacted on 0419 133 948 to discuss your requirements for tailored massage, meditation and yoga packages for home and the workplace.

going to cut the mustard in terms of developing deep connectedness with others. Developing a greater sense of sensory awareness is not just developing sight, touch, taste, hearing and smell for external objects, but extending this internally to develop a sensory awareness of all that lies within the body such as organs, blood, bone, right down to the visceral level. This is what I call a full body loving meditation. By tuning in and understanding the depth to which my body responds to various scenarios, I now have greater freedom and awareness in my responses to situations. I also have a far greater capacity to give and receive love. So if you are searching for the elusive connection, look instead for little moments of time in which you can develop your sensory awareness and begin to love yourself truly from your viscera outwards.

Leonie Lockwood Owner of Flowing Life Massage and Yoga 0419 133 948

Image: Moyan Brenn


LILY Life & Style OD

Written by Joi Partain, Domestic Violence Advocate and Founder of the Domestic Violence Network ‘Empowered and Beautiful’ .

HOW TO DEAL WITH THE BABY DADDY Surviving joint custody with an ex abuser is something I know far too well. My child’s father is verbally and very emotionally abusive towards me. Even after I was attacked by another man who nearly killed me his abuse continued. While I was on life-support he found this was the perfect opportunity to use our child as a pawn in his little games. He even had associates (girl friends) take part in his manipulations. I received a number of phone calls

from the State. He told them I was a drug addict and he even said I physically assaulted my own child plus a number of other false allegations towards me. I couldn’t believe the things he put me through after I was attacked. I’ve learned so much over the past few years and I’m hoping others can gain knowledge from my experiences. I have learned how to deal with my childs father and now I still have both of us in her life. I’m hoping these things I have learned will help someone else.

LILY Life & Style OD

How to deal with the ‘baby daddy’. In this day and age relationships fall apart more than ever and evolution has created the ‘Baby daddy’. However, there are steps to tame the beast and protect yourself.

First things first.


‘baby daddy’ is a master manipulator. He could take anything you say and twist it to incriminate you. Please watch what you say around him. Keep details brief or to yourself. Make sure you keep him away from your social media life! Facebook is a watering hole full of drama. Simply block him or keep your profile on private.

Remove the emotional ties, feelings and thoughts. There comes a point where you’ll have to come to the realisation that the relationship is 100% not going to happen. In order for him to retain the ‘baby daddy status’. You need to be nothing more than his ‘baby mama’. This first step is a must to mentally handle the Ex.

Most importantly if your relationship with your ex becomes physical or emotionally abusive please seek professional help. Call 9-1-1 , or your countries emergency number or your local domestic violence hotline, or the U.S. National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233. They are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Second is another important step.

Don’t be afraid to ask people for help. There are domestic violence shelters in most states. Look in your local Yellow Pages or call your local police department they will direct you to further information. Counselling at a Domestic Violence Centre is usually free.

If he is a controlling sociopath get him on child support. Let the State handle his wallet. Child support is not a Custody Battle! So he will probably threaten you with all sorts of things but the reality is it’s not a custody battle and the judge will probably tell him to be quiet if he starts with any false allegations. If he demands a paternity test just laugh it off because that test comes out of his pocket. These tests run between $300-$700. Mine asked for a paternity test after we had already taken one. At that point I just shook my head and laughed.

Thirdly Gain your confidence back. Stand your ground. Have a voice! Now, I don’t mean fighting and being loud. He’s not in your life anymore. Put your foot down! Be ready to compromise but don’t let him walk all over you and most importantly don’t allow your child’s father to come in and out of your child’s life. He’s either in it or he’s not.

Just remember that some ‘baby daddy’s’ can be very manipulative but stupid creatures. However they can be domesticated with time and patience. Stick with the mindset that he is just the Sperm Donor and a free baby sitter on the weekends. The lack of emotions and feeling will mentally save you in the end. Please be safe, take precautions, and use your best judgment when dealing with this creature. LILY Online Magazine is a Community Partner with ‘Empowered and Beautiful’ .

Finally Keep the conversations focused strictly on the child and the well-being of the child. If the ‘baby daddy’ gets worked up over something he will most likely start bringing the past up or try to start a fight. If this happens redirect the conversation back to the child. If he continues simply leave. If he starts texting you, simply text the schedule for the child’s next visit and leave it at that. I’ve learned that when my ex blows up I immediately erase the messages on my phone and I don’t even read it. He is just not worth getting mad over. Keep your personal and work life to yourself. You don’t want to give him any ammunition. The



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