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Who is Lily? She is the person we all aspire to be. Successful career, beautiful family, motivated, ethical, healthy, loving her lifestyle. This issue we interview four inspiring creative entrepreneurs, Sarah Cichy PR Dynamo, Natasha Barber Founder of Skeanie, the creators of Welly’s Wonders and the Founders of Brainspiration. We discover a New Era in Plant Based Cosmetics and we show you Skincare We Love - and now available via our website. In Interiors Sarah Cichy gives us a private look into her home style. Plus we discover the natural beauty of Pure Linen.

In Fashion, Stylist Amalia Simpson shows us Trends for your shape and we share some of Lily’s Picks for the cooler months. We have some great tips on Empowering Kids with author Jayneen Sanders and Trudi from The Dream Initiative talks Teens and Drugs. We discover charity Beyond Subsistence and their empowering projects.

81 mily kids life 46 So sit back relax and ENJOY!


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business & career 10 Inspiring Business - Brainspiration 20 Interview with Sarah Cichy - Piccolo PR 38 If the Shoe Fits - Inteview with Natasha Barber, 40

Founder of Skeanie Welly’s Wonders - The Business of Creating a Vintage Inspired Range

60 From Nature - It’s a New Era in

health & beauty

Plant Based Cosmetics

60 From Nature - It’s a New Era in Plant 72

Based Cosmetics Natural Skincare We Love - Now available via our website

72 N Naturall Ski Skincare W We LLove Now available via our website

40 Welly’s Wonders The Business of Creating a Vintage Inspired Range

20 Interview with Sarah Cichy Piccolo PR

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interiors & design 24 Sarah Cichy’s Style 28 Pure Linen e

81 Trends for your shape with Stylist Amalia Simpson

52 Talking Teens - People who offer you drugs are not your friends

fashion 81 Trends for your shape with Stylist 94

Amalia Simpson Lily’S Picks

family kids life 46 10 Steps to Empower Kids 52 Talking Teens - People who offer you drugs are not your friends 56 Beyond Subsistence -A charity that empowers mpowers

46 10 Steps to Empower Kids

94 Lily’S Picks


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Personal Stylist and

Editor of LILY Online

Trudi is the Founder of

Shopper. Transforming

Magazine. Priscilla

The Dream Initiative.

you from the Outside

contributes to the

Trudi draws upon her own

In. Amalia knows all the

business, coaching,

personal experiences

secrets to fashion styling

interior design and fashion

and understanding of

and shares them with us.

articles, drawing upon her

teen difficulties to create

Visit Amalia at

background in fashion and

programs to educate

as an Education Manager

teens, parents and

or contact Amalia at

at RMIT University with

teachers on strategies to


15 years experience

inspire teens towards a

in business training,

successful future. Read

research, coaching

more about Trudi at

and performance


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Leonie is an experienced yoga instructor specialising in yoga and meditation in the workplace which are all skills which utilise the concept of flow. ‘Flowing Life’ works with people and organisations who are seeking to enhance their health and general wellbeing and recognise that the body and mind must be integrated and functioning in harmony. Visit

Daniela shares her beautiful and unique fashion styling. Daniela has managed a fashion boutique for over 5 years, and has a true love and passion for fashion and accessories. With a Diploma in Interior Decoration and Design as well as Visual Merchandising Daniela’s styling experience spans both the Fashion and Interior Design arenas.



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Self Development Goal Setting, Work Planning and Prioritising

One-on-One Business Coaching

Business Planning A practical guide to creating a living business plan including marketing strategy

Seminar Series LILY Online Magazine & Coach 4 Small Business have joined forces to create an affordable Seminar Series and Online Learning Resource’s specifically designed for our Readers, Small Business Entrepreneurs, Mum’s and Women working from home, Trade, Fashion and Design businesses and anyone with a dream to achieve their full potential.

We provide individual coaching to help you get your Business Plan or Goals set in motion.


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Why come to us? Our Editor Priscilla Green, has conducted University Research into Small Businesses training needs, is an experienced business trainer and has managed one of Australia’s leading University’s Business Industry Training Departments and has overseen training for Bunnings, McDonalds, Bendigo Bank, Insurance Line, Alcoa and Coca Cola just to name a few. Not only does she run our seminars, she provides limited one-on-one business coaching consultancies. Get in quick to book a private consultancy. We understand the unique needs of small business and entrepreneurial individuals. We know your time for personal and professional development is limited, learning needs to be practical, goal oriented, flexible and creative. Register your interest in attending our seminars at


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Brainspiration ( is an online curation of art for those who want to deepen and enhance their mind and spirit. The local aussie founders and New Australian Creatives behind online curation Brainspiration, have created timeless and charming scriptured art pieces, which are born out of a desire to bring hope, inspiration and motivation to families and employees worldwide.





LILY Online Magazine

LILY Online Magazine


ho/what inspired Brainspiration?




It was a collaboration between two things. Growing up, Mum used to hang a poster on my bedroom door saying ‘never give up’. Being a teenager, I was constantly taking down the poster and replacing it with the likes of Baywatch and Nightrider only to find Mum’s poster back up on my bedroom door after returning home from school. A decade later, I finally realise what Mum was up to all those years. Those three words are now my daily mantra and I’m a firm believer in the power of words. My partner and I also love travelling and put together a vision board last year after one of our euro trips to motivate and inspire us for our next travels. A vision board is really great because it’s something you can look at every day to remind you what you want to achieve in the near future. But not everyone has time to create a vision board. So we started thinking what if inspiration was never out of sight? What if it faced you every day at home or at work? We wanted to combine inspiring messages with typographic artistry to ensure that motivation and inspiration is never more than a glance away. And Brainspiration was born.



LILY Online Magazine

LILY Online Magazine


ho are you aiming to inspire through your artworks?

Anyone who wants to be motivated or inspired to get the most out of life. We have collections of artworks that cover a range of life topics such as ‘Everyday life Inspiration’, ‘Work Inspiration’, ‘Travel Inspiration’ and ‘Fitness and Health Inspiration’. We are currently working on new artworks and designs for our ‘Fashion’ and ‘Kids’ collection.


hat response are you getting to your artworks?

Australia is leading the way in interior design and styling. We have so many talented designers that love our concept of inspirational quotes and artworks that they now use our prints to style commercial offices and private homes. We are not just sending out inspiration through our quotes, but we are designing them in a stylish and artistic way that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.



LILY Online Magazine

LILY Online Magazine



here can we find your Brainspiration artworks?

All our collections are available in our online store at and the great news is we ship worldwide! We are currently being stocked in a few online and retail stores as well. All details of where you can shop our prints will be regularly updated on our website.


hat are your top tips when selecting and hanging artwork?

TIP 1. Adding unique artworks to your walls brings life to your home and personality to every room. Using the right lighting is key to highlighting these special features, so take your time and play around with different light sources until you’re completely happy. TIP 2. Artworks should be centred and at eye level. However, eye level is different for everyone. The best rule of thumb is to position your artwork so the centre hangs at 60 to 66 inches from the floor. This is ideal from a standing position. TIP 3. Mix & Match: If your interior is traditional than softer more classic pieces will stand out. If it’s more modern then slick, conceptual pieces will work best. We have designed a variety of different artworks in our collections ranging from vintage inspired and rustic feels to more modern and contemporary. A room crowded with other colours, textures, and objects will take the spotlight away from the art. The goal is to find balance. TIP 4. Know where you want to place your artwork so you have the right scale. Larger pieces should be placed on a large wall and have enough room for people to be able to step back and admire. Small pieces are ideally best placed in smaller areas of the home, such as between windows so there beauty is not lost in a large backdrop or feel out of proportion.


hat is next for Brainspiration?

We are constantly adding new prints to our current collections, and also working on launching new collections. The next one out will be a kids collection called “Next Generation”. We have had many requests from mums to create pieces to complement a nursery or kids room and we are having so much fun designing these new artworks to help inspire little ones. We can’t wait to launch it soon. We are also bringing out greeting cards with our best-selling prints on them and a collection of artworks for our 2016 Calendar.


here do you see Brainspiration in 5 years’ time? Our aim is to reach as many people as we can with our typographic positive affirmations. We want to spread the word and have our art placed in corporate offices, gyms, schools, child care centres as well as every Aussie home! Watch this space...


Natures Perfect Product

OceanFix is your must have Health and Styling accessory! The health benefits of ocean water are well documented, have been extensively tested, and are proven over thousands of years. The unique blend of minerals and salts in ocean water cannot be replicated by science. So nature got it right! ‘OceanFix’ brings Pure Australian Ocean Water to you. It has never been so easy to get a fix of the ocean. Available in 125ml Spray, 500ml and 1 Litre bottles.


OceanFix for Health: • • • • • • •

Gargling after dental treatment; Application to mouth ulcers; Topical application for skin conditions including psoriasis and eczema and other complaints; Topical application to skin abrasions; Nasal rinse; Application to insect bites; Acne

• •

The beach hair look and feel; Facial toner

OceanFix for Styling:

OceanFix products online at

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LILY Online Magazine


Sarah talks to Lily Online Magazine on being a PR Dynamo who demonstrates how a fun attitude and hard work pays off when starting your own business. Sarah Cichy is the Founder and Director of one of Sydney’s most reputable PR agencies - Piccolo PR.


ell us about Piccolo PR?

Piccolo PR is a boutique Public Relations agency based in Sydney that specialise within Homewares & Design, and all things Kids. HOME forms the cornerstone of our work. We love all things design and work with local and international talent including: Darren Palmer, Megan Morton, Greenhouse Interiors, Marsha Golemac, Jason Grant, Greg Natale, Colin & Justin, and represent a raft of celebrities from The Block. Piccolo PR has grown considerably. It now has a small international sector which locates overseas opportunities and tracks European children’s design and homewares trends. As a result we now work with some brilliant online stores abroad.


hat inspired you to start your own agency? What did you set out to achieve? I really wanted to create a business that I knew would change the lives for small and medium sized Australian businesses by creating a PR powerhouse that specifically concentrates on Kids and Design. Being specialists within these two sectors means we have an intimate understanding and appreciation of journalists, and can pitch stories that are specific to each publication - as opposed to a broad blanket pitch. Journalists also know this - there’s a trust there.

the founder of one of Australia’s You’re most inspiring and successful Design

and Kids PR agencies in recent years. Have you always had this entrepreneurial instinct, and did you ever imagine you’d be running the company you’re running now? I do think I’ve always had an entrepreneurial instinct- so I’ve always hoped this would happen. I’ve always felt most comfortable taking risks and ‘colouring outside of the lines’ so it’s been rewarding to see the agency grow.


hat have been some of the biggest challenges you have faced running your own business?

Each day presents me with different challenges, and great opportunity. Managing work/life balance is sometimes a little difficult - especially for an Aries who loves to work! I’m often up in the middle of the night trying to find a missing piece to the puzzle. For this reason, I’ll never be able to completely let go and I’m comfortable with that.


LILY Online Magazine LILY Online Magazine

“Be happy with what you have while working for what you want.” Sarah Cichy

LILY Online Magazine I’m also guilty of being ‘professionally hyperactive.’ Finding team members who share this energy and want to learn from the ground up can be a challenge. Then again it’s rewarding when you do stumble across that one PR diamond.


the best advice you’ve ever been given? What’s When you define success for yourself, it’s easy to get to.

hat are the benefits of running the Be happy with what you have, while working for what you want. show yourself?


Each day I learn a new piece of what it means to be a woman in business. I love the fact that I can work on brands that I truly connect with, in two distinct industries that I absolutely love! Owning my own company enables me to push boundaries and challenge myself and my team everyday. I love working in a happy environment which values laughter and strong work ethic. It’s about being a long-distance leader with longterm happiness, and knowing that work should be life enhancing and productive.

Just make a decision and see what happens. If you don’t you’ll never start – or even worse – someone else will do it. You can visit Picciolo PR at

w w w . p i c c o l o p r. c o m . a u





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Above: Island Trading Co. Candles, Pollon Flowers, Left: Oslo Lounge Occasional Chair - Coco Republic, Jonathan Alder Buenos Aires side table, Opposite Page : Worked Over by Tannya Linney.

LILY Online Online Magazine Magazine LILY



LILY Online Magazine



Above: Buenos Aires side table Right: Worked Over by Tannya Linney.

LILY Online Online Magazine Magazine LILY


This page: Oly San Francisco Beijing Vases, Avova Stripe Rug.


LILY Online Magazine

Photography by: Angelita Bonetti Styling by: Anna Flanders


PURE LINEN Planet Earth Bedlinen Collection. Planet Earth was the winner of the 2015 GALA Gift & Life Instyle ECO Award. This special range is made from PURE LINEN stone-washed linen, which is made in Belgium and comes with a Masters of Linen certification (a guarantee that the European flax is grown and processed in accord with strict environmental and labour standards). The linen is crafted with love and care into bedlinen in Perth Australia. Colours available are: Tobacco, White and Natural Flax.

LILY Online Magazine


Did you know? These Pure Linen fabrics are delicate and pleasant to the touch, without losing their benefits. They have high resistance to friction and tension, antibacterial, antistatic, hypoallergenic moisture absorbing, are biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Linen bedding is especially recommended for those prone to allergies and for children.

PURE LINEN Planet Earth Bedlinen Collection. This Planet Earth Bedlinen Collection is made from French Flax in Lithuania. It is crafted to be clean and contemporary, with no embroidery and no hem stitching. Colours available are: Optical White and Natural.


LILY Online Magazine


PURE LINEN Diamantina Bedlinen Collection. Fresh, contemporary and romantic... Each piece in this collection is lovingly hem-stitched by hand with great attention to detail, creating a contemporary twist on an age-old style. It’s elegant in its simplicity.

LILY Online Magazine


PURE LINEN Arctic Bedlinen Collection. Colours reminiscent of the Arctic region emerge on European flax, which is grown and processed in accord with strict environmental and labour standards. Thyarn-dyed 100 percent linen fabric is then crafted into a contemporary bedlinen range. Colours available are: Serena, Arctic Blue and French Navy.


LILY Online Magazine


Photography by: Angelita Bonetti Styling by: Anna Flanders

PURE LINEN Irma Throws Collection. Love luxury and practicality? PURE LINEN Irma throws (100 percent linen) are a household must-have. They are super versatile soft furnishings that offer both warmth and beauty in the home. Place them over a sofa or bed, or wrap them around your shoulders. They instantly add colour and texture to a space. Colours available are: Irma Throw French Grey/Stripes & Checks, Irma Throw Brown Honeycomb, Irma Throw French Grey/Off-White Reversible, Irma Throw Tartan Navy Reversible, Irma Throw Off-White, Irma Throw Tiffany Checks.

LILY Online Magazine


PURE LINEN Osaka Linen Cushion Cover Collection. The Osaka cushion cover collection is inspired by Japan’s simple artistic designs. Think modern simplicity with a contemporary urban mood. All covers are 100 percent linen and 100 percent beautiful. Inserts not included.


LILY Online Magazine


PURE LINEN Mère Nature Cushion Collection. Classic European sophistication... the Mère Nature Cushion Collection is 100 percent linen and comes in colours and stripes reminiscent of the European farmhouse. Perfect for the beach house and the country house, or the city-dweller who loves classic elegance. Available in 60x60cm with a hidden zipper. Made in Australia.

LILY Online Magazine


PURE LINEN Marta Cushion Collection. A modern eco-natural look. Stripe cushion covers are perfect for a relaxed French country-style living room. A wonderful texture, the fabric is original, eco-friendly, tough and functional. In fact, the strength and durability of the fabric makes them strong enough to be used as floor cushions.


LILY Online Magazine


PURE LINEN French Motif Linen Tea Towel Collection. A vibrant pastel pallet and French design makes this stunning French Motif tea towel collection the perfect gift idea – for you or your friend! It’s nostalgia and playfulness wrapped up in the one beautiful design, with colours that make you want to smile. Colours available are: Pastel Blue/Green, Pastel Peach/Lime, Wedgwood Blue.

LILY Online Magazine


PURE LINEN Monk’s Cloth Napery Collection. Bring a modern eco-natural look to your table with our Monk’s Cloth Collection. Refined, beautiful and 100 percent linen, this natural flax damask will complement your home and your next dinner party!


LILY Online Magazine




atasha talks about her journey and shares I believe it’s always important to have a clear some of her tips to creating a business vision for your business and identify what you want to achieve every year. I value good ethics founded on values. in business, and my team is an extension of my family. It’s important I keep ahead of industry hat inspired you to start SKEANIE? trends to stay relevant and up to date with the industry. I am thankful Australian’s have KEANIE was established whilst I was travelling embraced SKEANIE and have allowed me to with my children in Denmark I struggled to continue to develop elegant and practical purchase a replacement pair of kids’ soft-soled footwear for kids. I have so much respect for shoes for the same price and quality in Australia. those who helped me launch in Australia, they I started to work on creating leather and sent over funds without even requesting a flexible rubber soles that would ensure natural sample of the first collection. And yet, they were movement of babies’ feet without obstructing delivered on time, to perfection. soft bone cartilage, tissue, muscles, and nerves. A significant amount of research was undertaken hat inspires you when selecting products? and I reached out to reputable suppliers, Designers, Podiatrists and Manufacturers worldwide to help create super-soft shoes that I design all our products and am inspired were light and flexible. I’m confident SKEANIE everyday, particularly when I travel. The has helped support children’s feet all over the collection is constantly updated to ensure that world. we capture feedback from industry contacts and mothers/ customers.




hat is the best advice you’ve received and do you have any you’d like to share?

LILY Online Magazine



hat makes SKEANIE products different and At the moment we are looking at this expansion unique? to South East Asia together with growing our product range within the Australian market.

SKEANIE Shoes are made from super soft leather and feature flexible soles to ensure that little feet aren’t damaged. SKEANIE is an Associate Partner of the Australian Podiatry Association (NSW & ACT) and our Classic Pre-walkers have been awarded the Seal of Acceptance by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA).


hat have been your greatest highlights and challenges?

I have had many highlights and my fair share of challenges along the way; I think you certainly need a bit of both in business. I try to learn from the challenging times and turn them into positives.


hat does the future look like for SKEANIE?

Visit Skeanie at: SKEANIE will be exhibiting at Life Instyle, Melbourne, 30 July- 2 August


LILY Online Magazine



WE INTERVIEW STORYTELLER, DEMELZA HAINES, WHO ALONG WITH ILLUSTRATOR, ADAM MURPHY, CREATED WELLY’S WONDERS, A RANGE OF PRODUCTS FOR CHILDREN. THESE GENTLE, TIMELESS AND CHARMING CHARACTERS WERE BORN OUT OF A DESIRE TO TEACH OUR CHILDREN TO LOVE, BE KIND AND IMAGINE. You may be familiar with Adam Murphy’s work. A Disney Animator who has worked on some of the world’s biggest film franchises including The Lion King, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, The Lady and The Tramp, Bambi and Lilo & Stitch has launched Welly’s Wonders – a collection of characters that is bringing back the power of kindness and love for all children to enjoy with their beloved illustrated characters: Jenkins the Hare, Morgan the Mischievous, Great Uncle Tenby, Burton the Brave and The Travelling Talbots. All illustrations have a beautiful sense of old-world charm and capture the true meaning of friendship.

based and what I thought were quite hard edged and grown up for babies and children. I wanted to bring something softer and gentler into the market with stories that promoted storytelling and imagination.


hat’s unique about your products and the process you go through to create them?

I think we’re very story and character based. I think that’s very unique at the moment. Each character has its own definite personality and story to tell. All the characters are based on my father’s childhood growing up in Wales. I devise ILY Online Magazine loves products that have all of the characters and stories and then Adam a special philosophy. Can you describe Welly’s and I combine to create the look of our characters Wonders and why you started it? and scenes. Luckily, he’s extremely talented and can get such personality and movement with his Welly’s Wonders produces artwork, stationary artwork! and children’s books based on our principles of love, kindness, friendship and adventure. We id you start your career in this field, if not started in 2013 and created characters that we where did you start out and why the change? both gentle and original.



I started off in theatre. I trained at the Royal Welsh I saw a huge lack of character based items in College of Music and Drama in Cardiff and went Australia that were modern and unique. There on to work as a Stage Manager in the UK and were a lot of children’s products that were graphic eventually back in Australia.

LILY Online Magazine



LILY Online Magazine

LILY Online Magazine

I then went on to teach and worked in higher education. Adam started to work as an Animator for Disney when he was only 15 years old. He’s worked on the franchises for The Lion King, Little Mermaid, Aladdin and is currently working on the Lego Movie franchise.


The best thing is seeing people’s reactions to our work. People just fall in love with our characters and have a deep sense of childhood reminiscence. We’ve had everyone from 90 year olds, to teenagers, to 5 year olds show us such an emotional connection to our work. It’s just lovely to watch!

We both wanted to do something creative and were inspired to make something for our son. We hat are your goals for your business? In still have other jobs but we don’t mind working what direction do you envisage your hard and late doing this because it’s our other business going? ‘baby’ and we want to see it grow and thrive.



hat are some of the pits and peaks of your experience? I think the hardest thing is to get yourself noticed. You really have to put your neck on the line and wear your heart on your sleeve. It’s no good being timid! Luckily we’re two pretty outgoing people who aren’t backwards in coming forwards.

I’m taking Welly’s Wonders over to London to introduce us to retailers at a big trade show in September. I think our characters would find such a lovely home in the UK. I’ve written the second Welly’s Wonders children’s book and Adam is currently working on the illustrations. I hope to have that released in time for Christmas this year.


LILY Online Magazine

LILY Online Magazine


Look at where you want to end up and then work backwards. I’ve always been a big fan of taking giant leaps into the unknown. I do a lot of dog-paddling at the beginning but find my rhythm and work my way forward. It’s a terrible swimming metaphor, I know, but as long as you keep afloat, you’re going to be fine. Take hat advice would you give anyone thinking chances. No one ever did anything big by being of starting a business with an ethical model safe. like yours? Also, be nice to people. I know it sounds basic Don’t compromise. It’s an easier option but but few people adhere to it. It’s not hard, it you’ll be so glad when you’ve stuck to your doesn’t cost anything but the payback is HUGE!

I definitely think we’re going to create more artwork for nurseries/bedrooms and also delve more into the world of paper/stationary based products. Deep down, I just want to tell my stories and have our work known both here and overseas.


guns. It pays off. Visit Welly’s Wonders at hat are your top tips for creating a business Welly’s Wonders will be exhibiting at Life Instyle, like yours? Melbourne, 30 July- 2 August.



LILY Online Magazine

Author Jayneen Sanders gives us her 10 Top Tips to Empower Kids! Jayneen is the author of ‘Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept’ and her new book ‘Body Safety Education — A parents’ guide to protecting kids from sexual abuse’ and her new children’s book ‘No Means No!’ For more info go to

LILY Online Magazine

10 Top Tips to


or what may be giving them loads of joy. Ensure nothing is off the table and ensure your child can tell you or ask you about anything. And if you child doesn’t like some-one or doesn’t wish to go with a certain person, listen. I don’t wish As parents we want our kids to grow up to scare you unnecessarily but this is one of the confident, with an amazing sense of self-worth, signs a child may indirectly provide if they are a whole lot of resilience and respect for others being sexually abused. and the world around them. As adults, we know persistence and tenacity are important traits . Teach your child Body Safety. when the going becomes tough. Children are There is nothing more empowering than a blank slate when they are born. It is a scary thought, but in the early years, children will teaching your child Body Safety Education become what adults tell them they are. I have from as young as two. Providing children with seen this both as an educator and a mother. The knowledge about their personal boundaries child who is told they are stupid and worthless and their rights, especially in regards to will believe that is what they are. A child who is their body is incredibly empowering. A child nurtured to believe in him or herself, encouraged educated in Body Safety knows to tell, tell, tell to take risks and is continually reinforced for if they are touched inappropriately, and is far their efforts with positive affirmations and less likely to be a victim of a sexual predator. respect, will most likely develop a strong belief Paedophiles rely on children keeping secrets in him or herself and their capabilities. And and not knowing that sexual touch is wrong. An yes, as they grow, their peers and teachers will educated child who knows to tell is their worst and do influence their sense of self, but we can nightmare! See my parents’ guide: ‘Body safety only hope the positive foundations we have Education — a parents’ guide to protecting kids nurtured are solidly in place. Here are my top from sexual abuse’ to educate both yourself and ten tips to empower kids so they can develop your child. We can’t always be with our children, into confident, happy, respectful, well-adjusted for example, when they are on a sleepover or scout camp, but we can provide ‘a safety belt’ and resilient teenagers and adults. so to speak through teaching them Body Safety Education! See also my children’s book ‘Some . Give your child choice. Secrets Should Never Be Kept’ which is a great From a young age, allow your child to make tool to open up the discussion about safe and decisions that directly relate to them. For unsafe touch. example, allow them to choose between cereal or toast for breakfast; the red, pink, blue or green . Allow your child to take risks. toothbrush; the orange T-shirt or the striped I know it’s scary but sometimes we have to T-shirt. And dare I say it… allow them to choose their own outfits! Choice and voice go together. trust our kids and allow them to take some risks. Allowing your child choice gives them a voice Try to stop yourself reaching out, and trust your and therefore a say in what directly relates to child to climb that tree, go down that big slide and swim a lap alone. (Believe me, it is really them and their daily life. hard to not say a word when your 21-year-old daughter decides to travel the world alone . Listen to your child. starting with a one-way ticket to Istanbul!) Not only listen to your child’s voice but note On that point, a friend of mine restricted her their moods and listen for what is NOT being children from doing so many physical things said. When you ask your child how they are after that now, the youngest in particular, is fearful kindergarten or school, REALLY ask them how to do anything, and this has translated into they are. Stop your busy life and engage with adulthood. Hold yourself back, not your child, your child. Find out what may be upsetting them and allow them to explore their world.

Empower Kids






LILY Online Magazine

Why not print out this article and give it to your child’s teacher or principal.

The author Jayneen is on a mission to educate children, parents, teachers and school principals and to encourage the incorporation of body safety education into school curriculum. Understanding how to be assertive about your own physical boundries is as critical as numeracy and literacy. Why not print out this article and give it to your childs teacher or school principal!

LILY Online Magazine


. Use your words wisely. Encourage your child’s endeavours with words such clever, smart, beautiful inside and out, creative, talented, etc. Particularly amongst young girls, I suggest you do not continually focus on their physical appearance and focus more on their talents and creative pursuits. And if an argument ensues as they always do, remember what has been said can’t be unsaid. As one wise person said to me — choose your battles wisely as words can and do hurt. On a personal note, every night when my girls were younger, I would kiss them good night and I would whisper something positive from the day such as, ‘I really loved how you tried so hard in netball today. You always make me proud.’ Going to sleep with such a positive thought ringing in your ears can only be empowering!


. Encourage your child to follow their interests. Your child’s interests may not always be your interests but if your son or daughter loves to dance or play football for example, than be as supportive and encouraging as you can. I know! This should go without saying!


gender stereotyping and do no become a party to the media’s continual bombardment.


. Encourage perseverance. Life is not always easy, so encourage your child to try and keep on trying until they succeed or come close to it! I must admit I am a bit of a trier and it has held me in good stead!


. Teach your child the ‘pirate stance’! This a fun activity but actually an empowering one! Have your child stand for 30 seconds every second day (or so) like a pirate. Have your child place their hands on their hips, their legs slightly apart and their shoulders back. Research tells us this stance is incredibly empowering; particularly for girls. Give it a try yourself! Bottom line is… the most empowering thing you can do as a parent for you child is to trust them, show respect and to encourage them in all they choose to do!

Jayneen Sanders (aka Jay Dale) is a teacher, author, mother of three daughters and an active . Allow your child to greet others in a way advocate for sexual abuse prevention education both in the home and in schools. they are comfortable with. When greeting relatives, in particular, and your child doesn’t want to kiss Uncle Jo or Grandma For more information on this topic and Jay’s than allow your child to choose a high five, blow children’s book on safe and unsafe touch ‘Some a kiss or provide a hand-shake. Just because Secrets Should Never Be Kept’ and her new your child is a child doesn’t mean they should be book ‘Body Safety Education — A parents’ forced to show affection. This only gives them guide to protecting kids from sexual abuse’ and the message that their wishes don’t matter. Your her new children’s book ‘No Means No!’ go to child should give hugs and kisses willingly, and all adults and other children need to respect this. See my children’s book ‘No Means No!’ which is ‘Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept’ now on this very topic! available on Amazon in 7 seven languages.



All books can be found on the website or on Amazon. (CLICK HERE)

. Discourage gender stereotyping. Ensure your child believes he or she can be and do anything they set their heart to. There See over for details on each of the books are no set roles for men and women! Believe in available. your child. There are no limits. Discourage


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‘Left: No Means No!’ is a children’s picture book about an empowered little girl who has a very strong and clear voice in all issues, especially those relating to her body and personal boundaries. This book can be read to children from 3 to 9 years. It is a springboard for discussions regarding children’s choices and their rights. The ‘Note to the Reader’ at the beginning of the book and the ‘Discussion Questions’ on the final pages, guide and enhance this essential discussion. It is crucial that our children, from a very young age, are taught to have a clear, strong voice in regards to their rights — especially about their bodies. In this way, they will have the confidence to speak up when they are unhappy or feel uncomfortable in any situation. A strong, confident voice as a young child converts to a strong, confident pre-teen, teenager and adult.

Right: ‘Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept’ is a beautifully illustrated children’s picture book that sensitively broaches the subject of keeping children safe from inappropriate touch. We teach water and road safety, but how do we teach Body Safety to young children in a way that is neither frightening nor confronting? This book is an invaluable tool for parents, caregivers, teachers and healthcare professionals to broach the subject of safe and unsafe touch in a non-threatening and age-appropriate way. The comprehensive notes to the reader and discussion questions at the back of the book support both the reader and the child when discussing the story. Suitable for children aged 3 to 12 years. Opposite page: ‘Body Safety Education - A parents guide’ to protecting kids from sexual abuse’ is a step-by-step guide for parents and carers on how to protect children from sexual abuse through personal Body Safety Education. This guide contains simple, practical and age-appropriate ideas, as well as important information on how abusers groom and signs a child maybe

being sexually abused. Body Safety knowledge empowers children. It goes a long way in keeping them safe from sexual abuse, and ensuring they grow up as assertive and confident teenagers and adults. There is no downside!



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Written by

Trudi Pavlovsky The Dream Initiative




f you’re a parent who is worried that their When people you know offer you drugs, they teenager may be exposed to drugs tell you one thing like: “It’s awesome fun” “You will feel amazing” “It doesn’t hurt, just do it once SHARE THIS WITH THEM TODAY! and try it out for yourself” “Its perfectly safe” or things along those line. I think you get the drift.


art One: The Innocent Beginnings

Most drug habits start innocently enough, with friends giving you your first smoke of weed or your first pill, so the statement “People who give you drugs are NOT your friends” may seem a little weird. If your mate makes the offer their still your mate, right?


A true friend would also tell you the dirty and dark side of drugs. They would share the TOTAL experience. Yes what you will experience at the time is a chemical induced high, a euphoria like nothing you have ever felt before. Depending on your drug of choice you will either feel relaxed and calm, loved up, like you’re flying and free or like the most social and friendly person in the world. Nothing like you have ever felt before! What they don’t talk about is the come down, just how terrible you will end up feeling the next day. It starts off the first few times with you not feeling that bad the next day, maybe a little sluggish or grumpy, tired and not able to focus. Over time it gets worse, what used to take a day to get over takes three days and they won’t tell you the worse day of the come down is generally two-three days after you’ve taken the drugs. That’s a surprise for you to discover. It’s very true, what goes up MUST come down and drug habits are the perfect example of this. Over time the come down gets harder as the amount you need to get higher grows as well.

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It’s part of the human condition for the human body to want to be in a state of homeostasis or in a state of balance. Drugs take you to an extreme high and then in recovery the body drops you to a matching low. The human body operates at a cellular set point. Drugs spike you above that set point and when you are recovering from the high it drops you below the set point. Over time your set point drops and this has a two-fold effect. 1. You need more drugs to get the peak 2. When you are not on drugs you feel more and more unhappy, which can easily turn into depression. You want to feel happy so instead of doing the activities that used to make you happy in day- This is their thinking ....If I sell nine pills that pays to-day life you just start taking more and more for one for me. drugs. The downward spiral has commenced. It makes sense for you to start dealing, you get To better understand cellular set points down a “free” night out. Buy a ten pack of pills at $20 load our free report here The Happiness Formula. each sell nine at $30… you do the math. More sold, more profit = more cash and drugs for the seller. They won’t care if the merchandise Part Two: is dodgy, they won’t know what chemicals it’s The Journey Down The Rabbit Hole been cut with to make it go further, if they do they wont tell you. They don’t want to put the he people who offer you drugs are NOT customer off the deal. thinking about you. Some of your mates will skim off the top of their Their reasons are selfish and purely internal. “friends” deal, just so they can get more of a hit. Everyone who offers you any form of chemical, This goes back to cutting it with some thing, mind-altering substance has an ulterior motive anything, to make it go further. They don’t really and the motive is not about you having a good care if you end up spending your night throwing time. Getting your mates trashed with you is a your guts up because the pills where smacky form of permission for themselves.... So what (Heroin based for the uninitiated). are they really thinking? Next thing to consider: Can you pay for your habit?


‘If others are doing it and I am not the only one, that some how makes it ok. ‘

How far will you end up going to cover the cost of your supply? It starts with you taking money from your mums wallet, selling stuff you don’t use or need anymore but then what? Even if As drug habit forms it then becomes more you have an after school job, how much will it about supply. Did you realise many drug users, get you and how will you explain where all your ‘USE” their friends to pay for their own drugs? money is going?


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ow far will you end up going for your high?

It starts with becoming a consummate liar. You will lie to concerned family and friends when they notice that you are not your usual happy, bright self. You’ll lie about why your work isn’t completed to your usual standard and you will start avoiding the people and situations that will catch you out. To do that you have to tell more lies. The worst thing is the whole time you are lying to yourself. You’re telling yourself that you are under control. You’re telling yourself that you can stop ANYTIME you want. You’re telling yourself: Just ONE MORE TIME. But that’s after every time, you just hide from that truth. To pay for your drugs will you do break and enters, perform sexual favors? That’s not you at all right, you would NEVER do that. You might decide to deal but need people to sell to right, so you go out and make friends with the local kids down the road. Soon they’re as hooked as you.

there’s the cravings that will take over your thinking, the loss of focus and the alienation of everything that is important to you. You’re young and have your whole life ahead of you; you probably think it won’t hurt your future. But it does.

You just did to them what your “mate” did to you.

Do you want to make it to twenty, feeling depressed and feeling lost because you damaged yourself from drugs? Do you want to end up in hospital wanting to die because you The ugly side of drugs that your mates won’t feel like such a f*#k up and you have no hope? tell you about is the vulnerability you will face. Do you want to look back with regret? People will not always have your best interests at heart, most likely they will take advantage There are so many missed chances for the life of you whenever they can get away with it. you dreamed of thrown away in the need to There are many ways this will occur: Physically, get more drugs into your body, the next hit, financially and emotionally. one more high... If you live through your drug experiences at all... Physically might look like sexual assault or rape because you’re too wasted to stop the ‘Your dealer will never tell you perpetrator. (I can guarantee you it will most likely be someone you know). Or someone the dark and dirty side of drugs, might bash you because of a bad trip or they be it meth, weed, ecstasy, speed, want your cash. Speaking of cash lets have a ice or any of the other dirty, made quick look at the financials of having a habit. in backyard labs, cut with lethal Someone who “needs” it more could roll you for chemicals that could kill you your money or one of your “mates” will just take drugs.’ it when you’re too wasted to notice. Emotionally you will be dealing with lying, come They want you on their level, a level that is downs, stress and potentially depression. Then dangerous and for many of you: you can’t come back from. Not completely.

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art Three: The Horses Mouth

Right now I am imagining you may be wondering who is this person that that’s telling you not to do drugs. You don’t know me and I don’t know you. (I know you’ve heard it all before but you’re different right? You won’t end up like those losers that get addicted). So who am I? I’m your friend, I’m the friend I wished I had when my boyfriend gave me my first cone at 17 years old. The friend I wished I had when my fiancée gave me my first acid trip and first ecstasy pill. I’m the friend that hopes to protect you from sexual assault because you are too trashed to protect yourself. I’m the friend that never wants to see you cry for hours coming down off a cocktail of pills, lines and god knows what else because you decided to push it and see how much you could take in a night. I’m the faceless friend who has seen the dark dirty side of drugs, the been that “mate” that has bought people down to my level and I am the friend who battles even now with poor memory and mental health issues from too many drugs. If I could go back I wouldn’t do drugs, not even once. The commercials are right, it’s not worth it. Hi, my name is Trudi, I’m a recovered addict and the founder of The Dream Initiative. I am going to take you on my drug journey. How it started and how it progressed. For most of the time I managed to hold down a job but in the end I couldn’t function and at 28 had to have six months off work to recover. Here’s how it happened: -15 years old I got drunk for the first time -16 years old I started smoking cigarettes Yes alcohol and tobacco are drugs -17 years old I smoked my first bong (boyfriend) -19 years old I stopped to become a competitive dancer -22 years old I had my first acid trip (fiancé) -23 years old I had my first ecstasy pill, (ex fiancé) first line of speed, more weed, still smoking


cigarettes (then I got a taste for the following)... -26 years old Ketamine (horse tranquilizer in case you’re wondering) and all the while still taking e’s, doing lines, smoking weed and cocaine -27 years old GHB (my boyfriend introduced me to this and even when he thought I was almost dead from it, DIDN’T take me to the hospital. He and his friend hoped for the best! These are people you should be able to trust right?) -28 years old I had a breakdown, over dosed, cut myself and am somehow am still alive. -29-35 years old. Back on it, ecstasy, speed, K, sleeping tablets, antidepressants and all the while still smoking cigarettes. Then due to moving states and getting a career path, I slowly moved away from the influences with the help of relationships with good partners and friends. I drink rarely, no longer smoke cigarettes and have been clean for 6 years. I still have memory loss and physical problems with my back and knees, and I also get headaches. The results of years of drug taking have impacted my health and it has been an ongoing procedure to manage my mental health. I carry the scars with me everywhere I go. At the end of the day, I can’t tell you what to do, I can’t make you walk away from the people that would do you harm. All I can do it paint the whole picture for you. So at least now you have a fuller picture of the true cost of drugs and why friends don’t offer you drugs.


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TO PROVIDE FIRE WOOD NUTRITIOUS FOOD BUILDING & AGRICULTURE AND SO MUCH MORE IN DEVELOPING COUNTIRES It’s very easy in Western Society to become bogged down with our own struggles, but imagine if your struggle was to simply surive? Many of the world’s poorest people are subsistence farmers - they live on what they grow from year to year. Sadly, poor crop yields or crop failure can lead to malnutrition or starvation. Trees are an essential ingredient for subsistence farmers to break the poverty cycle. The integration of trees into farming environments can replenish soils, provide nutritious seed for food, fuel for cooking and valuable timber for building.

Enter... BEYOND SUBSISTENCE! Beyond Subsistence is a non-profit organisation headed by CEO Jon Lambert and supported by a dedicated team of individuals who undertake forestry and agroforestry development. Their focus is to bring about long-term, sustainable improvements in the areas of farm productivity, nutrition, housing, community wealth and the environment.


Beyond Subsistence focus on 2 main areas: 1. Agroforestry Development 2. Rocket Stoves These programs aim to provide people with self sustaining skills and lifestyles.


groforestry Development

A key solution for improving the livelihoods of subsistence farmers is to improve their income through agroforestry. As soils are depleted from erosion, repeat cropping and over grazing, there are few options to improve agricultural productivity. Inorganic fertilisers are commonly used in western countries but are not affordable or available to subsistence farmers. The best solution is to reintroduce trees to the farm land. Trees help to heal the land. Canopies protect soils from damaging winds and intercept valuable airborne sediments. Some species, like acacias, are leguminous and able to collect nitrogen from the atmosphere and return it to the soil. Tree root systems have the ability to access nutrients deep in the soil and deposit them back into the topsoil as they shed their bark and leaves. Trees also encourage micro-organisms in the soil, which play a very important role in improving the soil fertility.

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fuel & timber shortages, soil and water quality, livestock fodder, shelter, and most importantly, income generation. The initial programs aim to train key national people who can become local agroforestry ‘champions’. Their focus is currently in Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Niger and Indonesia. Long-term, the aim is for the agroforestry champions to run their own courses in these countries.

The Rocket Stove

The rocket stove is a clever design for cooking, which greatly improves the combustion efficiency of the fire and significantly reduces smoke, which is critical inside small family homes. The benefits are monumental, with firewood usage being One of the key tools used by Beyond Subsistence to develop agroforestry skills is the Australiandeveloped Master TreeGrower (MTG) program. The MTG program provides education and extension support to landowners interested in using trees to enhance agricultural production, conserve soil, protect biodiversity, store carbon and generate profit through the sale of tree products such as timber, food, seed and fuel. The philosophy of the MTG program is to train farmers through shared experiences and group discussion rather than attempting to educate them through expert tuition. The format is consistent in each course however the content varies depending on the environment where the course is run and the local challenges that need to be addressed. The academic level is variable depending on the participants, making it an excellent course for application in developing countries. The main goal of the MTG program is to empower people to address issues such as food security,

reduced two thirds, whilst smoke is largely eliminated - a major health advantage for Africans who generally cook inside their homes. The indirect benefits are also important. Rocket stoves are more efficient meaning that women spend less time each day in collecting wood for cooking (which poses many personal safety issues) and young children are no longer exposed to the many dangers of an open fire including respiratory dangers. Perhaps one of the best features of the rocket stoves is that they are free. Built from clay and grass, with the right training, construction of a rocket stove can be undertaken by any household.

Visit Beyond subsitence

www. beyondsubsistence.

Follow Beyond Subsistence on Facebook

Please consider

making a donation at


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casual Vs-


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Creating skincare from natural extracts has been around for centuries. However with the advances of scientific research and a more educated understanding of the need for organic farming and certifications we can now find products that truly contain the beneficial extracts without our bodies ingesting harmful chemicals.

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stem cells. Plant stem cell use, whilst avoiding the controversy associated with human stem cells, has created an entirely new buzz with scientists, researchers, dermatologists, cosmetic ingredient manufacturers and sceptics all chiming in on the topic.

centre of what’s being described as a ‘revolution’ in anti-ageing treatments. It’s believed this ingredient in skincare can reverse skin ageing, increase the life span of human cells, and may even make it possible to grow back lost hair.


Ironically, sceptics of the research and science in the early days of these discoveries had revelled in on the newness of the research despite the volume of research readily available on the many and varied benefits of plant cell ingredients in cosmetics already available. Now, years into the research and development what was once a luxury ingredient only available to the beautiful people in swish stores is now being adopted by more cosmetic manufacturers as a truly successful beneficial skin improver.

According to a report article in The Dermatologist by Dr. Jennifer Linder the ‘Swiss apple stimulated the proliferation of human stem cells by 80%. In a trial with 20 patients, a cream containing the apple extract was found to reduce wrinkle depth by 8% after 2 weeks and 15% after 4 weeks. Similarly, a cream and serum containing stem cells extracted from the edelweiss plant, which has been investigated for its anti-inflammatory properties, is reported to reduce wrinkle depth’.

Stem cells are well know to have regenerative qualities. However scientists and researchers are now discovering ways to introduce plant stem cells into natural beneficial cosmetics. Enter vegetal

The Uttwiler Spatlauber (Malus Domestica) Apple which was almost extinct, living quietly on a rare tree in a remote part of Switzerland has found it’s way into more affordable yet still luxurious skincare. This Swiss fruit is at the

In today’s modern world of gravity defying architecture, immense capabilities of information technology, communication, advanced manufacturing and engineering capabilities we often find it easy to underestimate the sophisticated and highly evolved capabilities of nature and plants. Every now and then the earth reminds us of it’s awesome power and highly developed complexity. Scenes of tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, avalanches and giant herds of migrating animals and birds come to mind. However with today’s advanced scientific research technology we can also uncover the composition and benefits of plant life at a micro level.

Whilst far more research continues to be undertaken, to date the research on the benefits of various plant stem cells and their rejuvenating qualities for the skin is becoming evident.


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Shea Butter & Avocado Oil

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SHEA BUTTER & AVOCADO OIL Shea Butter has shown to be a superb moisturiser, with exceptional healing properties for the skin. We now have a growing list of skin conditions where Shea Butter has shown to be effective. Just some of the uses include dry skin on the cuticles, feet and heels, knees, elbows, soothing skin rashes and peeling, after tanning, blemishes and wrinkles, itching skin, sunburn, shaving cream for a smooth shave, small skin wounds, skin cracks, tough or rough skin on feet, frost bite, stretch mark prevention, insect bites, to massage muscle fatigue, aches and tension, eczema and dermatitis and treating skin after radiation exposure. It’s also always important to be very cautious when using any product containing nuts especially if yourself or family members are

diagnosed with anaphylaxis or a serious nut allergy. However, the Shea nut appears to be given quite good reviews by researchers in this field. The Food Allergy Research and Resource Programme (FARRP), an organisation with recognised expertise in food allergy, reported in July 2009 that an exhaustive search of the worldwide clinical literature provided no evidence of any allergic reactions being reported to shea nut butter. Until conclusive research rules out any potential reaction, allergy sufferers should exercise caution and seek medical advise. Avocado oil is a high concentration of potassium, vitamins A, E and D thus particularly good for dry or aged skin. When applied to the skin avocado oil may increase the production of collagen, which helps keep the skin plump and decreases the effects of aging. Avocado oil is useful in the treatment of a variety of skin conditions, including eczema and psoriasis.


Refences: Tella, A, Br (1979). “Preliminary studies on nasal decongestant activity from the seed of the shea butter tree, Butyrospermum parkii”. J Clin Pharmacol 7 (5): 495–497. doi:10.1111/j.1365-2125.1979.tb00992.x. Formulation-Science/Moisturising-power-ofshea-butter-highlighted-by-scientific-studies


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AROMATIC SKIN THERAPY There are plenty of products on the market purported to help soothe and rejuvenate a tired and aching body. However with the advent of scientific research many of the plants flowers and herbs can be grown safely, chemical free to create truly healing and soothing products. Some of the ingredients now being used include:


rnica Arnica and its extracts have been widely used in folk and homeopathic medicine as a treatment for acne, boils, bruises, rashes, sprains, pains, and other wounds. External preparations made from the flowering heads of arnica have been used medicinally for hundreds of years. Arnica was used extensively in European folk medicine and alcoholic tinctures were produced by early North American settlers to treat sore throats, as a febrifuge, and to improve circulation. Homeopathic uses included the treatment of surgical or accidental trauma.


loe Vera Ancient Egyptians called it the ‘plant of immortality’. Aloe Vera gel has antimicrobial properties that kill bacteria and anti-inflammatory properties that reduce skin inflammation. It allows the skin to heal quickly and naturally.


hamomile Chamomile has been used since Ancient times for its calming and anti-inflammatory properties. The oil has a calming effect on people, and can be used to help induce sleep, ease frayed nerves, and promote a general sense of calmness and well being.

benefits of olive oil because it helps restore skin smoothness and protects against ultraviolet light. Hydroxytyrosol, a rare compound found in olive oil, also prevents free radical damage to the skin.


evils Claw According to the University of Maryland Medical Centre, Devils Claw, native to southern Africa and gets its name from the tiny hooks osemary that cover its fruit. Historically, Aside from the devil’s claw has been used to treat aromatheraupeutic benefits, pain, liver and kidney problems, rosemary oil is known to decrease fever, and malaria. It has also been the level of cortisol, one of the used in ointments applied to the hormones released during the skin to heal sores, boils, and other body’s flight-or-flight response skin problems, to restore appetite, to stress. According to a 2007 relieve heartburn, and reduce study by the Department of Oral Physiology, Meikai University, they pain and inflammation’. Now days devil’s claw is used to fight found it reduced cortisol levels inflammation or relieve pain in after simultaneous massage and inhalation of rosemary essential oil. arthritis, headache, and lower back pain. It also found that the free radicalscavenging activity in the subjects’ References: bodies significantly increased. Antioxidants are a valuable Ruta Ganceviciene, Aikaterini I. Liakou, Athanasios Theodoridis, Evgenia weapon to fight off infection and Makrantonaki, and Christos C. Zouboulis. Skin anti-aging strategies.Dermatoendocrinol. Jul 1, disease.



live Oil Olive oil contains various antioxidants such as vitamin E, polyphenols, and phytosterols, when topically applied, it may help protect the skin from premature skin aging. Vitamin E partly accounts for the anti-aging

2012; 4(3): 308-319. doi: 10.4161/derm.22804. D’Angelo S, Ingrosso D, Migliardi V, et al. Hydroxytyrosol, a natural antioxidant from olive oil, prevents protein damage induced by long-wave ultraviolet radiation in melanoma cells. Free Radic Biol Med. 2005 Apr 1;38(7):908-18. stem-cell-technology-and-skin pubmed/17291597 devils-claw

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The Dead Sea has world reputed therapeutic effects. The water of the Dead Sea has a salt content of 29%, compared to 4% in the oceans. Its mineral composition is also different from ocean water since only 12–18% of Dead Sea salt is sodium chloride. The Dead Sea is a popular centre for wellness and health today. Dead Sea salts have been reported to benefit both the skin and body such as rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, and osteoarthritis. The minerals are absorbed while soaking, stimulating blood circulation. One study concluded that the high concentration of magnesium in Dead Sea salt


was instrumental in improving skin hydration and reducing inflammation. The high concentration of bromide and magnesium in the Dead Sea salt can relieve allergic reactions by cleansing and detoxifying. Further research into Dead Sea salt benefits has shown a 40% reduction in the depth of wrinkling. References: Proksch, Ehrhardt MD, PhD et al. “Bathing in a magnesium-rich Dead Sea salt solution improves skin barrier function, enhances skin hydration, and reduces inflammation in atopic dry skin”, International Journal of Dermatology, February 2005. Retrieved on 200804-13. Harari, Marco; Shani, Jashovam. “Demographic evaluation of successful antipsoriatic climatotherapy at the Dead Sea (Israel) DMZ Clinic”. International Journal of Dermatology 36 (4): 304–305. doi:10.1046/j.1365-4362.1997.00204.x. Ehrhardt, Proksch; Nissen, HP; Bremgartner, M; Urquhart, C. “Bathing in a magnesium-rich Dead Sea salt solution: followon review”. International Journal of Dermatology 46 (2): 177–179. doi:10.1111/j.13654632.2005.02079.x. PMID 15689218.


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NATURE STANDARDS & CERTIFICATION Topical application of plant, flower and herbal extracts have been used since ancient Chinese medicine began and they were important ingredients used by Cherokee Indians and European medicine men and women. These days blends of exotic plants are being farmed and harvested using some of the highest eco farming standards in the world to ensure cosmetic and therapeutic products not only help soothe and rejuvenate the body, but are also gentle and non-damaging to the earth and utilise organic and sustainable farming methods. Australian Eco farming is growing thanks to some dedicated farmers and cosmetic manufacturers. As of 2015, there are seven approved certifying organisations AUS-QUAL Pty Ltd (AUSQUAL) Australian Certified Organic (ACO) Bio-Dynamic Research Institute (BDRI) NASAA Certified Organic (NCO) Organic Food Chain (OFC) Safe Food Production Queensland (SFQ) Tasmanian Organic-dynamic Producers

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INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS & CERTIFICATION There are a plethora of international standards for organic skincare and theraputic treatments It’s important for consumers to research each of the standards on imported and locally produced products, with so many different certifying bodies, the key is to research and become familiar with the differences in each standard. Some examples: NaTrue an international non-profit organisation that promotes organic farming and acts to protect biodiversity. NaTrue certified means Natural and organic ingredients, Soft

manufacturing processes, Environmentally friendly practices, No synthetic fragrances and colours, No petroleum-derived products, No GMOs, No irradiation of end product or botanical ingredients, Products must not be tested on animals BDIH is an international organisation that ensures the product is free from Organic or synthetic dyes, Synthetic fragrances, Ethoxylated raw materials, Silicones, Paraffins and other petroleum products. Ecocert certifies that ingredients have been derived from renewable resources and that products have been manufactured using environmentally friendly processes. Products are free from GMO, Parabens, Phenoxyethanol,


Nanoparticles, Silicon, PEG, Synthetic perfumes and dyes, Animal-derived ingredients. Also a minimum of 95% of all plant-based ingredients in the formula and a minimum of 10% of all ingredients by weight must come from organic farming. Even the packaging must be biodegradable or recyclable. EcoGruppo, an Italian certification body, ensures products have very pure raw materials from organic farming and that eco-sustainable production is used within agriculture, manufacturing, processing and service industries to guarantee the absence of GMO and ionising radiation, as well as pesticides and synthetic substances. EcoGruppo ensures that all ingredients and manufacturing processes reflect its organic certification requirements.


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TROPICAL THERAPY Tropical plants have been used in skin care and body therapy on islands and in coastal communities since the beginning of time. The key is to find body and hand treatments that are pure and certified as natural and organic, such as: NaTrue an international non-profit organisation that promotes organic farming and acts to protect biodiversity. NaTrue certified means Natural and organic ingredients, Soft manufacturing processes, Environmentally friendly practices, No synthetic fragrances and colours, No petroleum-derived products, No GMOs, No irradiation of end product or botanical ingredients, Products must not be tested on animals




BDIH is an international organisation that ensures the product is free from Organic or synthetic dyes, Synthetic fragrances, Ethoxylated raw materials, Silicones, Paraffins and other petroleum products.

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BODY LOTION (NaTrue & BDIH Certified) Natural botanicals like Coconut Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Organic Aloe Vera, Organic Sweet Almond Oil, Organic Shea Butter and Vitamin E combine to nourish and moisturise the skin, leaving it silky smooth, conditioned and soft. Scented with Pineapple and Lemon Peel extracts. Suitable for the whole family. No SLS or SLES, No parabens, No phthalates, No animal-derived ingredients, Environmentally friendly packaging is from sustainable forestry and reduces use of plastics. 200ml $24.95

SHOWER GEL (NaTrue & BDIH Certified) Derivatived from Fruit Sugar, Sweet Pineapple, Coconut and Lemon provide a light, citrus scent and gently cleanse the skin, while Aloe Vera nourishes and moisturises. The gel’s gentle foaming action delights everyone, from the youngest to the oldest members of the family. No SLS or SLES, No parabens, No phthalates, No animal-derived ingredients, Environmentally friendly packaging is from sustainable forestry and reduces use of plastics. 200 ml $18.95

HAND CREAM (NaTrue & BDIH Certified) Natural emollients from Grape Seed Oil, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter and other botanicals penetrate deeply to soften and condition rough, dry hands. Vitamin E and Organic Aloe Vera help protect, nourish and moisturise. No SLS or SLES, No parabens, No phthalates, No animal-derived ingredients, Environmentally friendly packaging is from sustainable forestry and reduces use of plastics. 75ml $16.95 CLICK TO BUY THESE ONLINE Priscilla Green Independent Norwex Consultant


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Nourishing, botanical ingredients for a glowing more radiant YOU! This unique skincare line captures the natural, rejuvenating benefits of a rare apple, the Uttwiler Spätlauber (Malus Domestica). The Apple Stem Cells help protect skin cell regeneration and so delay the onset of wrinkles. Multi-Peptides work to prevent fine lines and wrinkles. Inca Inchi Oil, Shea Butter, Jojoba Seed Oil and Sweet Almond Oil hydrate and seal in moisture. In combination, these sulfate-and paraben-free products are among the world’s most innovative skincare breakthroughs.

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Eye Cream

NATURALLY TIMELESS FIRMING FACE SERUM This nourishing, plant-powered serum enriched with Apple Stem Cells, Multi-Peptides and Sea Algae visibly firms and smooths skin. 50ml. $59.95

EYE CREAM Extracts from Persian Silk Tree (Albizia) help reduce the signs of dark circles, fine lines and under-eye puffiness whilst the Apple Stem Cells, Multi-Peptides and plant-based moisturisers hydrate. 15ml. $32.90



Fight the signs of aging, reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, lessen signs of age spots and reduce signs of dark circles and under-eye puffiness.

Night Cream Day Cream NATURALLY TIMELESS DAY CREAM Made with Apple Stem Cells, plant oils and Shea Butter. 50ml $59.95 CLICK TO BUY THIS ONLINE

NATURALLY TIMELESS ANTI-GRAVITY NIGHT CREAM A hydrating blend of essential plant oils, Shea Butter, plant peptides and Apple Stem Cells reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The soothing Sea Algae Extract rejuvenates skin at the cellular level overnight. 50ml $59.95 CLICK TO BUY THIS ONLINE

Priscilla Green Independent Norwex Consultant


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For thousands of years, the ingredients extracted from the waters of the Dead Sea have been renowned for their therapeutic effects and are even said to promote healing.

Pamper yourself with this amazing natural beauty product from this region, which work like no other to rejuvenate and restore. Priscilla Green Independent Norwex Consultant

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BODY SCRUB (ECOCERT) MEDITERRANEAN MEDITATION OLIVE OIL SALT SCRUB Enriched with Dead Sea Salts containing 26 minerals, this remarkable organic cleansing scrub removes dry, flaky skin, providing a smooth finish and velvety feel. The rich, essential oils inspire a sense of ease and relaxation. Contains no preservatives or perfumes. For all skin types. 420g $39.95 CLICK TO BUY THIS ONLINE

This cream is Ecocert certified which means that ingredients have been derived from renewable resources and that products have been manufactured using environmentally friendly processes. It’s free from GMO, Parabens, Phenoxyethanol, Nanoparticles, Silicon, PEG, Synthetic perfumes and dyes,

Animal-derived ingredients. Also with ECO CERT products a minimum of 95% of all plant-based ingredients in the formula and a minimum of 10% of all ingredients by weight must come from organic farming. Even the packaging must be biodegradable or recyclable.


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PURE NATURAL SHEA BUTTER is an all-natural vitamin A cream. Whilst many products containing Shea Butter have a very creamy consistency this Timeless Organic Shea Butter has a beautiful thick and rich consistency closely resembling its natural state which is not dissimilar to coconut oil. Funnily enough most people buying Shea butter products are probably unfamiliar with what Shea butter naturally feels like, as so little Shea butter is contained in the often cream filled jars. This beautiful ECO CERT Shea Butter has the added benefits of avocado oil and vitamin E. Vitamin E serves as an anti-free radical agent thereby aiding in preventing the damaging effects of sun and environmental exposure.

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TIMELESS ORGANIC SHEA BUTTER. A rich emollient of pure Organic Shea Butter, Avocado Oil and Vitamin E combine to offer an incredible moisturising cream. Excellent for severely dry skin, including elbows and feet and also works well on dry cuticles and sparingly to tame the ends of dry hair. This cream is Ecocert certified which means that ingredients have been derived from renewable resources and that products have been manufactured using environmentally


friendly processes. It’s free from GMO, Parabens, Phenoxyethanol, Nanoparticles, Silicon, PEG, Synthetic perfumes and dyes, Animal-derived ingredients. Also with ECO CERT products a minimum of 95% of all plant-based ingredients in the formula and a minimum of 10% of all ingredients by weight must come from organic farming. Even the packaging must be biodegradable or recyclable. 50ml. $42.95 CLICK TO BUY THIS ONLINE Priscilla Green Independent Norwex Consultant


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TENTION ORGANICALLY AROMATIC GEL TIMELESS RELAXATION RESCUE GEL Help melt away the feeling of stress and tension with this synergistic blend of natural botanicals. Organic Rosemary, Olive Oil, Aloe Vera, Devil’s Claw extract, Chamomile and Arnica. Glide on to pressure points in your neck, temples and shoulders for an aromatic, tingling sensation that relaxes and refreshes. 40ml $19.95

CLICK TO BUY THIS ONLINE Priscilla Green Independent Norwex Consultant

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NaTrue an international non-profit organisation that promotes organic farming and acts to protect biodiversity. NaTrue certified means Natural and organic ingredients, Soft manufacturing processes, Environmentally friendly practices, No synthetic fragrances and colours, No petroleum-derived products, No GMOs, No irradiation of end product or botanical ingredients, Products must not be tested on animals EcoGruppo, an Italian certification body, ensures products have very pure raw materials from organic farming and that ecosustainable production is used within agriculture, manufacturing, processing and service industries to guarantee the absence of GMO and ionising radiation, as well as pesticides and synthetic substances. EcoGruppo ensures that all ingredients and manufacturing processes reflect its organic certification requirements.


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LEGS & FEET TIMELESS ALOE VERA LEG CREAM Planted on beautiful, sun-drenched Italian hillsides, Olives, Aloe Vera and Grapes are organically cultivated, hand harvested and quickly cold processed to retain 100% of their beneficial active ingredients. No chemicals, heat or solvents ever touch these precious ingredients. The result? Highly effective, all-natural products that penetrate, moisturise without any harmful ingredients. Massage this effective Aloe-based cream into dry skin. It provides a relaxing effect as it helps improve skin tone and smoothness. Daily use may help improve the appearance of cellulite. 100ml $35.95

TIMELESS FOOTPRINTS ALOE VERA GEL Foot Lotion Aloe Vera, Olive Oil and pure Menthol extract promote a cooling sensation, leaving feet refreshed and rejuvenated. Planted on beautiful, sun-drenched Italian hillsides, Olives, Aloe Vera are organically cultivated, hand harvested and quickly cold processed to retain 100% of their beneficial active ingredients. No chemicals, heat or solvents ever touch these precious ingredients. 200 ml $35.95 CLICK TO BUY THESE ONLINE Priscilla Green Independent Norwex Consultant


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Cocktails &

Curlers We try the new VS Sassoon Secret Curl...

We love the funky styling! Plus the rollers are easy to use and quick to take out!

Throw away the curlers! We tried the Secret Curl by VS Sassoon and it’s a hit! Not only does it create sexy curls with ease... it’s the perfect table accessory for your pre-night out drinks while the girls get ready... Everyone will want to try them! So break out the cocktails! Available at the Shaver Shop

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TRENDS FOR YOUR SHAPE This cute white dress is fantastic for you if you are cup size A-C on top, or have narrower shoulders than hips, and you wish to show off your legs. NATASHA A LINE POCKET DETAIL WOVEN DRESS $40.00 Boohoo

Prices are a guide only CLICK TO SHOP

Styling Tips with AMALIA SIMPSON

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At night, change it up. Add this sheer net bodysuit Keep warm with a new season duster coat

Add an eye catching monochrome handbag You can even make it work during the day, when it’s chilly outside

Prices are a guide only CLICK TO SHOP

Finish the dress off with these boots... like chocolate and strawberries, they are made for each other! Clockwise: Helena Mesh Long Sleeve Body $24.00 Boohoo, Boutique Grace Scuba Duster Coat $90.00 Boohoo, Gucci Boot - Lillian 1,648.10 Bloomingdales, Darcy Dogtooth long sleeve plunge neck bodysuit $24.00 Boohoo, Prices are a guide only. Centre: Furla Crossbody - Dolce Vita Small Bag CLICK TO SHOP $756.30 Bloomingdales


Styling Tips with AMALIA SIMPSON

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Feeling pear shaped? Do you have a wider bottom than top? This dress will look fab!

Pear Shape STYLE

This short jacket will add extra width with its puffy shoulders to your upper body, thereby balancing your wider bottom half as well as making your waist appear smaller. Pure Color Lace-up Dress $34.43 Chic Nova, Kimberly Necklace $89.00US Stella & Dot, Ella Jacquard Fitted Blazer $50.00 Boohoo, Sergio Rossi Pumps - Godiva Leather $827.70 Bloomingdales

Prices are a guide only.


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The massive collar on this coat makes your waist look tiny and balances out your bottom and thighs

Not feeling too great about your legs? No need to stop wearing these dresses... try neutral boots like these

Prices are a guide only.



TIP: Heights are crucial in boots. Wear these only if your legs are longer than your upper body and if you are of average height. They will look super on you. Don’t be afraid to try on boots with different heights. If you will wear the boots with dresses, try them on wearing a dress. Generally, if your calves are wider, make sure the boots don’t end right on your calves. Keep in mind that if you are shorter, the boots will end up finishing higher up on your leg and you may need to select boots with a shorter height.


These Accessories

Top Left: Kardashian Collection Shawl Collar Coat $174.30 The Iconic, Top Left: Stuart Weitzman Flat Over The Knee Boots - Lowland Stretch $1,056.50 Bloomingdales, Bottom Right: Urban Originals Burning Up $69.95 The Iconic, Bottom Centre: Maria Rossi Dakota Taupe $299.95 Style Tread, Bottom Left: M.N.G Structured Backpack $89.95 The Iconic


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Shell Bead Shift Dress $137.04 Pepperberry Inset: Pleated Midi Dress $129.10 Pepperberry

Prices are a guide only


Meet your new best friend, Pepperberry!

Styling Tips with AMALIA SIMPSON

Are your breasts not fitting into jackets dresses? Are the buttons about to pop on your shirt?

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Pepperberry is a unique company, they make three different size 10’s, accommodating all sizes of breasts!

Neck detail Hem Dress $112.97 Pepperberry, Inset: Charlotte Dress $137.04 Pepperberry

Prices are a guide only.



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Try colour, with all the right elements for a larger bust

Top inset: Crochet Crop Top $111.83 Pepperberry, Main picture: Pleated Midi Dress $129.10 Pepperberry, Bottom Inset: Colour Block Dress $111.83 Pepperberry

Prices are a guide only


Styling Tips with AMALIA SIMPSON

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Finding options for a curvy figure comes down to cleverly cut garments and smart shopping!

Capitalise on your assets whilst keeping it classy!

Top Left: Megan Dress $162.27 Pepperberry, Top Right: Wrap Knit Tunic $112.97 Pepperberry, Centre: Notch Neck Crop Cardigan $71.89 Pepperberry, Bottom Left: Annie Dress $112.97 Pepperberry, Bottom Right: Notch Neck Cropped Cardigan $80.11 Pepperberry

A well designed cardigan can add a layer without losing the shape of your dress! Prices are a guide only CLICK TO SHOP


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Rugging up on a cool day should not mean abandoning your style. Likewise it shouldn’t mean breaking the bank... here’s our fav super affordable options

Lily’s Picks


Bat Sleeve Braided Knit Asymmetrical Hem Cardigan Sweater $17.99 Maykool Prices are a guide only.


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Top Left: Bat Sleeve Braided Knit Asymmetrical Hem Cardigan Sweater $17.99 Maykool, Batwing Sleeves Asymmetric Solid Colour Stylish Cardigan $12.19 SammyDress, Simple V-Neck Long Sleeve Solid Colour Loose-Fitting Knitted Dress $16.05 SammyDress, Batwing Sleeve Turtle Neck $11.01 SammyDress Prices are a guide only CLICK TO SHOP


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A soft wrap shirt, jacket or dress is a great way to be comfortable yet still look smart. These are some of our favs!

Lily’s Picks


Elizabeth Geo Print Wrap Front Blouse $32.00 Boohoo

Prices are a guide only.


LILY Online Magazine Elsa Crepe Belted Waterfall Duster $40.00 Boohoo

Try a duster coat or a wrap shirt dress Sasha Collar Tie Shirt Dress $40.00 Boohoo

EASY WRAP OPTIONS! Adriana Jersey Long Sleeve Wrap Dress $30.00 Boohoo

Katie Shawl Collar Belted Duster $40.00 Boohoo

Prices are a guide only CLICK TO SHOP



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The contrast of mixing something ultra feminine with something edgy is always a hit! Try these great ideas from Boohoo

Lily’s Picks


Jaslene Faux Leather Biker Jacket $70.00 Boohoo

Prices are a guide only.


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Pair this jacket with this feminine dress

Arya Corded Lace Strappy Woven Skater Dress $60.00 Boohoo

Boutique Evie Suedette Biker Jacket $70.00 Boohoo


Boutique Charlie Leather Biker Jacket $130.00 Boohoo

Frankie Sleeveless Chion Belted Skater Dress $40.00 Boohoo Prices are a guide only.


Or try this classic dress with a serious biker style jacket


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