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business & career 10 Things to consider when creating an 16 44

Online Promotional Strategy Motivation with business and administration trainer Nola Jackson Skincare that Cares - We Interview the Co-Founder of People for Plants Anna Addicoat about her ethical business

22 Let’s Go to Morocco

interior design 18 9 Outdoor Trends with Katerina Kapellaki 22 Lets Go to Morocco 34 5 Tips for Choosing the Right Furniture

health & lifestyle 38 The Benefits of Vitamins for Woman 42 White Zebra, Australia’s Online 48 58 116 62 65

Health Haven Skincare - Botanical, Organic and Natural The Climate Project with The Evergreen Goddess Overcoming Abuse with Helen Johnson Get Your Glow On with Leonie Lockwood Daylesford & Hepburn Springs, Victoria’s Magical Secret

84 Lily’s Picks for Spring

fashion 76 Creating Curves with Fashion Stylist Amalia Simpson 84 Lily’s Picks - Trends for Spring 94 Daniela Gardland shares her gorgeous styling ideas

family & kids 100 102 104 106 112

Supporting Children’s First Steps ‘Lil Fairy Door - Bringing Magic into Children’s Live’s Kids Corner - Kids Stuff We Love Talking Teens - Taking a Fresh Perspective with Trudi Pavlovsky Body Safety for Kids with Author Jayneen Sanders

65 Daylesford & Hepburn Springs, Victoria’s Magical Secret

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EDITOR: Priscilla-Anne Green


Who is Lily? She is the person we all aspire to be. Successful career, beautiful family, motivated, ethical, healthy, loving her lifestyle. This issue we explain the things to consider when creating an online promotional strategy, plus we talk about Motivation. We interview the Co-Founder of People for Plants Anna Addicoat about her ethical business. We have beautiful Moroccan interior design ideas and Katerina Kapellaki gives us tips for outdoor areas and buying furniture. We talk about the benefits of vitamins for woman and healthy natural and organic skincare choices. White Zebra introduces us to their website to help women live healthy lives. The Evergreen Goddess shares her experience at the Climate Project Training with Al Gore. Leonie Lockwood helps us Get Our Glow On by explaining

the benefits of meditation for your skin and wellbeing. We visit Daylesford and Hepburn Springs and share their magical region. In fashion Amalia Simpson shows you how to create curves, Daniela Garland gives us some styling ideas and we have LILY’s Spring fashion trends. We have great tips and ideas in our family and kids section. Plus we touch on the sensitive topic of body safety for kids with author Jayneen Sanders and overcoming abuse for women with Helen Johnson from our Community Partner ‘Empowered and Beautiful’ (a domestic violence support network).

So sit back relax and ENJOY!


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Personal Stylist and Shopper. Transforming you from the Outside In. Amalia knows all the secrets to fashion styling and shares them with us. Visit Style By Amalia at and www.melbournefashionstylist. or contact Amalia at

Editor of LILY Online Magazine. Priscilla contributes to the business, coaching, interior design and fashion articles, drawing upon her background in fashion and as an Education Manager at RMIT University with 15 years experience in business training, research, coaching and performance management.

Trudi is the Founder of The Dream Initiative www.web.dreaminitiative. Trudi draws upon her own personal experiences and understanding of teen difficulties to create programs to educate teens, parents and teachers on strategies to inspire teens towards a successful future. Read more about Trudi at www.dreaminitiative.




This issue Daniela shares her beautiful and unique fashion styling. Daniela has managed a fashion boutique for over 5 years, and has a true love and passion for fashion and accessories. With a Diploma in Interior Decoration and Design as well as Visual Merchandising, she enjoy sharing her creativity with others.

Leonie is an experienced yoga instructor specialising in yoga and meditation in the workplace which are all skills which utilise the concept of flow. ‘Flowing Life’ works with people and organisations who are seeking to enhance their health and general wellbeing and recognise that the body and mind must be integrated and functioning in harmony. Visit

Katerina is an internationally experienced Interior Designer and speaker specialising in property makeovers, staging, renovation projects, decluttering, design and colour consultation. Katerina has contributed several articles in the past and brings with her an exceptional quality of knowledge on interior design and how to build or renovate your dream interior.

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WOULD YOU LIKE TO BECOME ONE OF LILY’S CONTRIBUTORS? WHO CAN BECOME A CONTRIBUTOR/WRITER? At LILY we are all about providing informative articles primarily for women. Our range of articles reflect a ‘REAL WOMEN’S’ diversity of interests including fashion, design, interiors, business, career, health, nutrition, celebrations, fitness and family. Plus we continue to support and promote charities that support victims and survivors of domestic violence and women and children experiencing hardship or abuse. If you are a professional or have a business or charity in any of these fields we would love to hear from you. We offer promotional opportunities to all our contributors who share our passion. To join our wonderful team of international contributors and writers contact The Editor Priscilla Green at




Jayneen Sanders is a teacher, author, mother of three teenage daughters and an active advocate for sexual abuse prevention education both in the home and in schools.For more information on this topic and to purchase Jayneen’s children’s book on safe and unsafe touch ‘Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept’ go to

Helen is ‘Changing the World’ as the Vice President of Empowered and Beautiful an online support network for over 35,000 Domestic Violence Survivors and Supporters. Follow the EAB at EmpoweredAndBeautiful

Nola is an experienced business and administration trainer having worked for RMIT University and various community training centres helping students develop Frontline Management skills, project management, comminication, team & OH & S skills.





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Project Business Self Development Management Planning Business & Career Practical guide to creating a living business plan including marketing strategy

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Written by Priscilla Green, Editor and Business Trainer


O n l i n e m a r k e t i n g i s a m u s t fo r a nyo n e who ow n s t h e i r own busi n ess or ha s a p roduc t o r an ide a they ’re tr yi n g to sell. Just some of the things you might like to consider include your website, blogs, social media and e m a i l m a r k e t i n g. One of the most useful methods of online marketing is email marketing. Email marketing does a number of helpfu l thin g s fo r yo u. It allows you to reach many people at once. Gives you an unlimited number of co ntac ts . I t ’s easy to update. Email marketing is so mething we a re a ll to o familiar with. Most of us have our email inboxes cluttered with promos w hic h can of ten b e

frustrating and really does nothing to endear a co m p a ny, b r a n d o r p ro d uc t to yo u. S o i t ’s i m p o r t a n t t o evaluate your ethics and strategy with regard to email as part of your p ro m o t i o n . Creating ways to communicate with your clients and prospective clients needs to be a p o s i t i v e e x p e r i e n c e . Fo r t hi s re aso n so c i al m e d i a, blogs and websites are m a r v e l l o u s t o o l s . I t ’s a great way to communicate but even more so to engage with your clients and prospective clients in a way that they choose.

The world has changed and whether you are technologically capable or not your customers are!

LILY Online Magazine

B lo gs an d Websites hilst some companies W have fully capitalised on the blog or website phenomenon there are many that are still on the fence regarding their usefulness. So let ’s clarify it once and for all.... YOU NEED O NE !


he world has changed, and whether you are technologically capable or not, your customers are! Most people under the age of 40 are quite t e c h n o l o g y s a v v y. T h e y shop online, they read online, the research online, they communicate online and they live o n l i n e. S o i f yo u a re n o t o n l i n e . . . y o u d o n’ t r e a l l y exist to anyone but your l o c a l c o m m u n i t y. O k I know this is harsh, but too many ex tremely talented business owners are missing out on promoting their produc ts or ser vices simply because they re sist technolog y. e of the reasons Sweowbmsite: hy you must have a

1y o.u Tc aourset ods imhf foee wrr es n t yfhroooumwr t h e c o m p e t i t i o n . To describe and feature your produc t(s). Having a “ Welcome” page or “About Us” page as your main home page will deter visitors from f i nd i n g o ut more about your produc t or ser vice. Instead, you want to capture their attention by having a clear headline outlining t h e b i g g e s t b e n e f i t yo u r c u s to m e r w i l l g e t o u t o f yo ur prod u c t or s er v i ce. t is no 2investment. . Bl oencgaeur saeAlln ei too xpensive of ten

Creating ways to communicate with your clients and prospective clients needs to be a positive experience. p eo p le te l l m e t h e y h ave not created a website because of the cost. Although with a little research you will find that this is no longer an excuse. Website design is not nearly as difficult as it sounds. There are a number of professional website domains out there whi ch al l ow yo u to b u i l d the website yourself by choosing your own layout, background colours, background images and p u t t i n g i n yo u r p e r s o n a l p refere n ce s. Anyone who has the basic skills to type a letter in M i c ro s o f t Wo rd s h o u l d be able to follow the instructions provided with some of the best template based website builders. To use Go Daddy as an example, you can ea s i ly re gi ste r a d o m ai n , then purchase the website builder and for around $200 you have ever ything you need to easily create a professional looking website with minimal effort. Of course the addition of a shopping car t etc is ex tra, however the shop front is quick,


easy and professional with minimal time or m o n e y i nve ste d. One of the most important things to remember when it comes to website building is that “ You absolutely must compliment your produc t with the appropriate we b si te” Finally a reason 3. to have a website is Entertainment – yes entertainment! Yo u r w e b s i t e n e e d s t o be somewhere your c l i e n t s w a n t to g o, l o o k , read, explore... these days surfing the net, online shopping and researching is the new T V! This is what people do for Ente r tainment. S o whether you like it or not if your business in the p u b l i c d o m a i n . . . yo u’re in the Entertainment Business!!! S o the sooner you star t integrating that philosophy as par t of your p ro m o t i o n al an d website strategy the sooner you will start reaping the b e n e f i t s. o st p e o p l e are under M the impression that a we b si te i s j u st another means of putting up pictures so people can see your work, but that co u l d n’t b e f u r t h e r f ro m t h e t r u t h . I t ’s a p o r t a l . . . it ’s the front door to your business. Especially if you d o n’t h ave a re t a i l o u t l e t o r p hysi c al ad d re ss.


LILY Online Magazine

owever even if you do, H why would you limit yo u r b u s i n e s s e x p a n s i o n to only prospective clients that can physically visit your s tore?

W hy B LOG?

One of the best ways to promote yourself or product/service is by having a blog. A blog is a special form of communication that allows those who visit your website to see w h a t ’s o n y o u r m i n d . Blogs can be used for

many different things, the most common reasons for b lo g gi n g i n c l u d e : -Personal thoughts -Up to date product i n fo rm at i o n -Future events -Ti p s an d Tr i c k s One of the things most companies don’t have a lot of anymore is this type of personal social interaction. People simply become a number to them and selling the produc t is more impor tant than

Blogging your thoughts is a great way to let your customer know who you really are and what you stand for.

getting to know their c o n s u m e r. W h a t ’s e v e n more daunting is that the c u sto m e r k n ows nothing a b o u t y o u , t h e s e l l e r. Yo u c o u l d s t a n d a g a i n s t ever ything they believe in and they would be n o n e t h e w i se r. your thoughts Byo ulogging is a great way to let r c u sto m e r k n ow w ho you really are and what yo u s t a n d fo r. B y s h a r i n g your feelings and day-to d a y l i fe, y o u r c u s t o m e r s fe e l a s i f t h e y k n o w yo u as a person and not just a co m p a ny. B l o g gi n g can just be putting a simple thought, perhaps a paragraph long, onto yo u r we b si te.

LILY Online Magazine




O f te n i t o p e n s up i n i o r M i c r o There are 3 major benefits m any m o re d oor s for to t h i s : B l ogging your business in relation


n alternative or complementary activity to blogging is mini blogging or micro blogging on social media. This is something I use because it is a fun way to communicate with readers, stockists, designers, clients, prospective clients and fol l owers. Sm a ll s ni p p et s of information and images o n I n s t a gr a m , Tw i t te r o r Fa c e b o o k h e l p y o u r business in the same way b l o g g i n g d o e s. I t a l l o w s you to communicate your brands ethos and philosophy through activities in your life or business. Think of Mar tha Stewart, imagine if her days of star ti ng o ut were t we e te d o r i n s t a gr a m e d. Fo r t u n a t e l y f o r h e r s h e is media savvy enough to h ave b u i l t h e r e m p i re before social media. However her lifestyle, interests and ability are what drew her customers a n d f o l l o w e r s t o h e r. Constantly sharing her skills and interests is what has built her business. Social media allows you to do that.


Yo u g e t t o r e a l l y know your clients and followers and develop great, respec tful relationships with them and learn about them too.

2r e s.eYcaoor cunhd tuahrcreto u gamhb laterhke ets oet activities, analyse what your followers/clients li ke.

to events and business o p p o r t u n i t i e s t h rough t h e n e t wo r k i n g c h a n n e l s it create s.

Sre apop rogtehmteoyobt ienungrebof iuntsiness l i ne, s a nd e n j oy t h e so c i al a nd n e t wo r k i n g wo r l d i t create s.

hether you’re W offering IT suppor t, a fashion brand, kids clothes or any other ser vice product, regularly communicating small pieces of information about your business, brand, products, ser vices, ethics, activities, sales will endear you to your clients.

M icro -blogging... is a fun way to communicate with clients, prospec tive clients and followers.

Yo u get to really k now your clients and followers and develop great, respec tful relationships with them an d lea r n about them too.


LILY Online Magazine

Beautiful underwear by Knicker Luxe

A gorgeous fragrant candle my Maison Blanche



The perfect tea set. Antique Rose Blue Tea Pot From Layla

FOR LADIES Prices are a guide only.

A pretty place to escape


LILY Online Magazine


SHOP all the beautiful products you love from this issue.


LILY Online Magazine

M OT I VAT I O N M otivation star ts within you! Do you get inspired by the achievements obtained by others? Take note of the following tips below on how to get motivated and stay on t r a c k w i t h yo u r wor k , s t u d y, a n d l i fe. Th e s e w i l l h e l p k e e p you fo c us e d o n be co ming successful in your own career. Written by Nola Jackson, Business Trainer

Stay On Track

C onfidence

When you do not believe in your own potential, nobody else will. We all have something that we are good at, your f ai t h i n yo u r se l f i s c r uc ia l. I t i s t h e w ay yo u c an wor k on your niche skills. But first you have to forget about your fear of being a loser at the end of your journey. Bear in mind that what does not k ill you can m ak e yo u e ve n st ro nger.

C larity

It is hard to stay focused when it comes to undefined f u zz y g o al s. Tr y ask i ng for measurable and defined tasks and objectives. Have the initiative to work with the right people if n e c e s s a r y. T h i s w a y, y o u will have clarit y regarding your definite role. Selfmotivated people work best with clearly defined l i fe o b j e c t i ve s.

LILY Online Magazine

“Get rid of distractions, learn to say “no”, setting targets can help you do this. “


e I ndependent

Nothing works better as a motivation power shot than the knowledge that you are excellent at what yo u a re d o i n g. D e ter m i n e yo u r we a k n e s s e s a n d g e t rid of them. If you want to become familiar with your tasks, study them c a r e f u l l y. D e v e l o p y o u r skills, the more skills you develop the more independently you can work. All you have to do is look around and be a keen obser ver all the time, research and practice, remember anyone can learn anything if they just put their mind to it.


ake Criticism Positively

C r i t i c i s m i s a p a r t o f l i fe. Although sometimes others may not have good intentions, turn those negative criticisms into positive driving forces. A l w ays b e a r i n m i n d t h a t f a i l u re i s j u s t a m i n d s e t . When you think of yourself as being successful, you w i l l b e . T h i n k p o s i t i v e l y. This way, you can change frustration into a positive ene rgy that can d ri ve yo u to work hard. Have you h ea rd the saying “S ucces s i s the bes t reven g e”.


ccept Challenges

When your present job does not motivate you, tr y to become open to new oppor tunities. I f a present role becomes boring, p u r s u e a n o t h e r. Ta l k t o mentors and experts to help you redefine roles that will optimise your a b i li t i e s.

P ersistence

Many things do not work out the very first t i m e. I t o n l y i m p l i e s t h a t y o u s h o u l d t r y h a r d e r. See to it that your hear t is set on your impor tant goals and life progress. Never waste your energy o n s uch p e r i p h e r al t h i n g s and save your extra effor ts fo r us e f u l t h i n g s.

with B ePeople


I t is impor tant to surround yourself with confident persons who are driven in life. Continue reading b o o k s t h a t c a n m a k e yo u o p t i m i s t i c. D o n o t fo rg e t to network with successful people and emulate them.

tivated B raitnt igt u dae tom owor k Th i n k a b o u t yo u r wo r k a s more than an occupation. Include enthusiasm, attitude and energy in your daily responsibilities. Pay attention to excellence in ever y little thing you do. Go beyond your minimum effor t, safe path a n d e a s y w a y. Wo r k h a r d and challenge yourself with something new or different.

aling tions D eDistrac


Some people find it quite difficult to manage their time and a v o i d d i s t r a c t i o n s . Yo u


probably k now what to do; however, you cannot make yourself do it. There have been various strategies developed to implement g o o d co n t ro l o f t i m e : Tr y so m e o f t h e se : reate a timetable or “ To C D o” l i s t . M a n y p e o p l e k now how to deal with this issue they simply don’t do anything about it. S o, why d o n’t yo u t r y i t ? et rid of distractions, G l e a r n t o s a y “ n o ”, setting targets can help yo u d o t h i s. At t h e end of t h e d a y, o n l y y o u w i l l b e the responsible for your own time management. ou will never feel Y motivated if you feel you are doing the same t h i n g al l t h e t i m e. S o pl a n times to not work or study. Tr y s e t t i n g a n a l a r m t o define the set times for your leisure period to help y o u c h a n g e m o d e. . . a b i t l i k e t h e o l d sc h o ol bel l ! ut devices on silent Pnever mode so that you will be distrac ted. al u e yo u r se l f a nd your V time as well as your studies or work. Bear in mind that you only have a ver y short time to do something. Thus, ensure that it will be done right and you will focus and concentrate. After learning about simple ways and techniques to stay motivated in all things you do, you will be able to develop personal management sk ills. M otivation is of ten dependant on your not feeling conflicted, being able to focus and commit. These simple tips will help you envisage a life that is capable of growing in personal effectiveness an d co n f i d e n ce.


LILY Online Magazine





1. Inventive Lighting If you want to make the most of the outdoors, you’ll want to use it in the evenings when it’s dark, and to do this you’ll need outdoor lighting. Go for creative and chic options like ambiance lighting, placed under seating or garden features. Go for colour, it’s versatile and fresh, plus you have the option to change the colour of the light at a press of a switch and it will drastically change the mood and ambiance of the outdoor area. This will give a slight edge, creating the outdoor escape that is much more attractive, hopefully coaxing you outside to use the area more and more.

2. Outdoor Saunas For those who like saunas, this is probably one of the best investments you’ll make in 2014. There is nothing quite like heating up the sauna and escaping to the end of the garden, especially after a long stressful day. An outdoor sauna won’t break the bank, and it’s a wonderful way to add to the saleability of ones home, whilst also increasing the homes value, even if it’s nominal. We’re seeing more and more demand for outdoor saunas; maybe due to economies improving, but whatever the fundamental reason, this is a winner for 2014, and it’s sure to impress anybody who visits your home.

Writen by Katerina Kapellaki Interior Design Expert International Speaker/ Presenter

LILY Online Magazine

3. Using Natural Materials in The Garden There is no place in the home that is more appropriate for the use of natural materials than the garden. Slabs of stone work excellently as benches and will last forever. Go for wood and stone over man-made materials such as plastic. Natural options tend to be more expensive, but if you were to calculate life to cost value, a natural stone option ends up winning.

4. Sunken Seating in the Pool. Look past the stunning views and the infinity edge of the pool below and focus on the sunken seating. This is architecture and design at its finest. It looks good, plain and simple, and it’s sure to impress the guests. We’re been seeing a real growth in sunken seating over the past few years and it looks like this explosion is continuing in 2014 as all the pool suppliers we’ve seen are brandishing all types of different, creative sunken seating solutions.

5. Fire Pits/Fireplaces. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, a fire pit looks fabulous and very practical. The warmth it gives is an outside enabler, giving people the opportunity to use their garden when it’s cold outside. One of the biggest factors for not using an outdoor area is either the cold or the wet; a fire pit solves one of these pickles. Wouldn’t you like to spend more evening with your loved one, gazing up at the stars in front of a nice, bone warming fire? It’s like sitting around a camp fire, and all the wonderful memories that come with it. This is one of my favourite outdoor trends in 2014.



LILY Online Magazine

6. Wall Gardens This is especially popular, obviously, amongst home owners who have limited outdoor space or no space at all, but it’s also used by home owners who want to add a splash of natural color to their wall. Succulents work especially well in wall gardens and are easy to maintain. Be creative; design a wall garden in all kinds of different shapes, sizes and colors. This is a perfect solution for apartment owners who have green fingers but don’t have a garden. A wonderful growing trend in 2014. Indoor wall gardens, especially in the bathroom are also a trend in 2014.

7. Herb Gardens This is an obvious one; and it’s made our list because it’s still a monster of a trend. Herb gardens are especially popular amonst those who appreciate the culinary arts and those who like to know

where their food is coming from. The trend has been strongly promoted by popular chefs such as Jamie Oliver, which has gained strength and momentum over the past 5 years. Where gardening of this sorts was once widely regarded for older people over the past number of decades, attitudes are changing. We are seeing youngsters, teenagers and young adults moving in this direction more and more, embracing this trend.

LILY Online Magazine For those of you who have your own herb garden, you’ll know that there’s nothing quite like taking a sprig off a home grown herb and adding it to a dish you’re preparing. Incredibly rewarding.

8. Reduced Lawn We’ve noticed this trend developing over the past decade, where people are reducing the size of their lawn and are preferring featured gardens, patios and other non-grassy areas. Great expanses of grass are great if you have children as they can play all their games uninhibited, but let’s be honest, most of us don’t keep our grass looking perfectly cut, green and lush to warrant having a lot of it.

9. Synthetic Lawn Last but not least, and you knew this one was coming: Synthetic grass. When it first came out, most people were cynics, but as the manufacturing of the artificial grass became more and more real, its use has also become more popular. This is a great option for those who want to have a ‘lawn’ which looks well kept all the time, who don’t enjoy cutting the grass every week. It’s especially useful in areas


“ PEOPLE ARE REDUCING THE SIZE OF THEIR LAWN AND ARE PREFERRING FEATURED GARDENS AND PATIOS “. where grass is difficult to grow, such as underneath bushes, iand in dry areas. Synthetic grass is also an ideal solution for creating fancy shapes that will always look crisp. It may be a shame to use a fake option over the real thing, but it’s a good option for some and is a trend which will most definitely grow further through 2014 and beyond. Katerina Kapellaki Interior Design Expert International Speaker/ Presenter


LILY Online Magazine


LILY Online Magazine


We discover ‘My Craft Work, LLC’. An online store specialising in original Moroccan craftwork sold internationally... so anyone can create this mystical look in their home.

The Luxury ceramics designer is an award winning Moroccan artist , Luxury Moroccan Furniture, Dakhla Glaoui Moroccan Rug.


LILY Online Magazine

Hand crafted in Morocco, these works of art by artisans of My Craft Work, LLC can create authentic Moroccan accents for the living room, dining room, bedroom and bathroom of your dreams.


Stock availabilty may vary

LILY Online Magazine




LILY Online Magazine



LILY Online Magazine




LILY Online Magazine



LILY Online Magazine


Opposite page and bottom: Alhambra Luxury Lamp, Top: Qaram Luxury Moroccan Egg Pendant, Middle Left: Noura Hanging Lantern.


LILY Online Magazine





LILY Online Magazine

Below and right: Hand made ceramics and below Moroccan Abbad Luxury Wall Hanging Lantern and Amal Luxury Brass Lamp. Visit the website for stock availability



LILY Online Magazine





LILY Online Magazine






LILY Online Magazine




s we all know, choosing the right furniture is more than falling in love with its initial beauty. The style A and construction of the furniture has to last many Tip!

years, so considering the distinct details and quality of construction of a particular piece is a good way to help seal the deal and a little pro guidance never hurts.

Written by Katerina Kapellaki Interior Design Expert International Speaker/ Presenter

Tips for choosing the right furniture....


. Structure/Construction...

You want the furniture piece to feel solid so stick with solid construction. Solid frames will generally last much longer and is the standard for fine furniture. However, make sure that the price is consistent with your expectations for how long the piece is going to last. You must also take into consideration good cushioning. Before purchasing anything, give it the sit test. No matter how beautiful your new upholstery piece is you won’t enjoy it if it’s not comfortable.


. Design...

Is the general shape of the piece trendy or will it stand the test of time? A piece of furniture is an investment in your home and says a lot about you. Choose a design that you will love now and in the future. This doesn’t mean, however, that you should choose something shapeless or without style. Whether your preferences are contemporary or traditional, there are many updated options available on the market.

LILY Online Magazine


. Finish...

If your piece of furniture has any exposed wood, the stain or finish colour is an important point to consider. Many pieces can be altered dramatically by the colour of the finish. You can easily take a chair from traditional to contemporary by changing a cherry stain to a black paint. Likewise, a mahogany piece painted white will instantly appear more feminine. Right: Eva Chest from Joss & Main, Below: Lola Console Table and Lola Side Chair, Joss & Main



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. Fabric...

There are many fabulous fabrics to choose from. Please keep in mind how much traffic will be taking place ie, bottoms on seats. Commercial fabrics are also a great option as they tend to last longer and are more durable.

Above: Joss & Main Below: Enzo


. Statement Pieces...

Look for furniture that has an element of the unexpected or has some personality. Statement Pieces as I like to call them. The overall shape of the piece could be a little unconventional, or maybe there’s some interesting tufting, or nail head detail. Either way, your personal style should be reflected in the piece of furniture that you choose.

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5. Custom Made Pieces...


For most of my projects I order custom Also, for the readers of LILY MAGAZINE only.... made furniture from my main supplier ENZO I’m happy to pass on my huge discounts to you.... GALLERY Furniture and Design... So.... I trust that this article will help you to They can design, construct and manufacture choose THAT right piece of furniture. your furniture requirements and at amazing Good Luck and Happy Shopping. prices. ENZO also supplies a lot of the main high end furniture suppliers world wide. Katerina Kapellaki Interior Design Expert If you have any queries or would like that International Speaker/ Presenter something especially made feel free to email me direct and I will guide you in the right direction.


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VITAMINS FOR WOMEN Information provided by Miss Nutrition

AS NATURE’S DESIGNATED CUSTODIANS OF OUR HEALTH, VITAMINS ARE AMONG THE MOST ESSENTIAL COMPONENTS OF OUR DAILY NUTRITION. They participate in chemical reactions inside your cells, contributing to the release of energy to the production of enzymes. You can view them as the invisible workers that work tirelessly to defend and protect your body from diseases and keep you healthy. Vitamins play a crucial role in the metabolic process - activating (catalyzing) body functions with the help of various enzymes produced by your body. There are many different vitamins and each vitamin performs a specific function. However, with the exception of vitamin D, our body cannot make vitamins. This is the reason we need to get them from food sources and from vitamin supplements. When you don’t get vitamins in sufficient quantities, you expose yourself to a myriad of health problems. Therefore, every woman should ensure that she gets adequate quantities of vitamins. Sadly, most women, and especially those who are on a diet, do not eat enough fruits and vegetables, which are the primary sources of vitamins. As a result, they are at a high risk of suffering from diseases and conditions resulting from vitamin deficiencies. If you are like the majority of women who do not

eat enough vegetables and fruits, you may need to take vitamins in the form of supplements. Most vitamins are water-soluble and not harmful to consume in high quantities as any excess is expelled with urine. However, vitamins A, D, E and K are fat-soluble and stored in the tissue and can become toxic if consumed in excessive quantities. Therefore, careful monitoring of the quantities of these vitamins that you ingest is advised. Vitamin D levels are something that I recommend checking quite regularly. Pregnant, breastfeeding and menopausal women need adequate amounts of vitamins. But they should also take care not to consume vitamin supplements excessively as they can end up harming themselves and their babies. While most of the vitamins can be obtained from food sources, having supplements in the form of pills and syrups can augment the supply. The need for vitamin supplements increases with advancing age. As you become older, your body may lose the ability to absorb some vitamins naturally, resulting in vitamin deficiencies. Vitamin deficiency can lead to serious health problems and even untimely death. Deficiency of certain vitamins can make you look older than your age because of damage to your skin cells.

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Visit the Miss Nutrition Website au

There are dozens of different type of vitamins and no single food source contains all of them. Therefore, having multivitamin supplements along with a balanced diet is the best way to ensure that you will get them in sufficient quantities. Here are some vitamins that are essential for women:


itamin A

Vitamin A is a group of nutritional compounds that include retinol, retinoid acid and provitamin. It plays a vital role in the building and strengthening of bones, soft tissues, skin and the mucous membrane. It is needed by the retina of the eye for normal vision. Deficiency of this vitamin can result in night blindness, the inability to fight against infections and increased risks of maternal mortality. The main sources of this important vitamin are fruits and vegetables like apricots, guava, papaya, watermelon, carrot, broccoli, pumpkin, red pepper, tomatoes and spinach.


itamin B6

Also known as pyridoxine, vitamin B6 plays an important role in metabolism and brain functions. It is involved in the production of serotonin and norepinephrine, chemicals that transmit signals in the brain. Deficiency of vitamin B6 can result in anemia and health problems related to the skin, mucous membrane, nerves and circulatory system. The main sources of vitamin B6 are banana, avocado, beans, seeds, cereals, oatmeal, poultry and meats.

Vitamin B9

More popularly known as folate (or folic acid in its synthetic form), vitamin B9 is essential for the development of the central nervous system. It helps in the formation of DNA and RNA, the building blocks of life. It also prevents alterations in the DNA than can cause cancer. Folate is required by our body to build normal red blood cells and to prevent anemia. Folate deficiency can result in anemia. In pregnant women, it can lead to neural tube defects, which can result in birth defects in babies born from them. The main sources of folate include leafy green vegetables, asparagus, beans, legumes, citrus fruits, strawberries, melons, eggs, liver and organ meats.


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Vitamin B12

Also called cobalamin, vitamin B12 plays an important role in metabolism, cell division and protein synthesis. As such, it contributes to the normal functioning of the brain and nervous system and also in the formation of blood. As you age, your may have difficulty in absorbing this vitamin in its natural form and you may need three-monthly injections. Lack of vitamin B12 can result in anemia. The main sources of vitamin B12 include eggs, fish, meat, cheese, milk and yoghurt.

Vitamin C

Also known as L-ascorbic acid, Vitamin C plays an important role in the formation collagen, carnitine, amino acids and various hormones. It also aids in the healing of wounds and facilitates the absorption of iron. Deficiency of vitamin C can cause fatigue, depression and connective tissue defects. Severe deficiency of vitamin C can result in scurvy, which is very rare these days but was quite common in the past. The main sources of vitamin C include fruits and vegetables like oranges, strawberries, grapefruit, kiwi, broccoli, tomatoes and potatoes.


Visit the Miss Nutrition Website au

peanut butter, margarine, hazelnuts and wheat germ.

itamin D Unlike other vitamins, vitamin D functions as a hormone in our body. It aids the absorption of calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium and zinc. Lack of vitamin D can result in calcium and phosphorus deficiency, leading to osteoporosis, a condition in which your bones become thin and brittle.

Vitamin K

The main food sources of vitamin D are fish. As you may have heard, exposing your body to the sun is also an excellent source of this important vitamin as your body has the ability to produce it in the presence of sunshine.

The main sources of vitamin K include leafy green vegetables, broccoli, soybean oil, fish oil and cooked spinach.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E, also known as tocopherol, plays a key role in the production of red blood cells and maintenance of cell membranes. Vitamin E deficiency can result in anemia, neuromuscular problems, neurological problems and impairment of immune response. It may also lead to premature aging of the skin. However, consuming too much of this vitamin can increase the risk of bleeding. The main food sources of vitamin E include cod-liver oil, corn oil, sunflower oil,

Although vitamin K is not considered essential, it plays an important role in promoting bone strength and maintaining normal blood clotting. Vitamin K deficiency can result in uncontrolled bleeding, which can be fatal during childbirth.


itamins with antioxidant properties During the metabolic processes, your body produces highly reactive and unstable molecules (called free radicals) that can disrupt and damage vital cell structures, such as cell membranes. The destructive actions of these molecules can cause loss of immunity, chronic illnesses and premature aging (wrinkling of the skin). Antioxidants react with the free radicals and neutralize them. Thus, they help keep you healthy. Vitamins that have potent antioxidant properties include vitamin A (retinol and carotenoids), vitamin C and vitamin E.

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Find articles, products and clothing from the Miss Nutrition Experts visit the website


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AUSTRALIA’S ONLINE HEALTH-HAVEN DESTINATION INVITES YOU TO STAY BEAUTIFULLY BALANCED ustralia’s burgeoning wholesome living scene has inspired the launch of WHITE A ZEBRA.COM (, an educational lifestyle website designed for health enthusiasts who want to deepen and enhance their individual fitness and wellbeing. Inspired by the distinctive stripes of a Zebra, (each cloaked in their own ‘personal barcode’), WHITE ZEBRA.COM sports a concentration of TOP TIPS, scientific content and intelligence from esteemed Doctors, Nutritionists, Fitness Coaches and ‘Organic Lovers.’ Heralded as an online ‘health and fitness conference’ for the ‘hyperactively healthy’ community, Australians are invited to join the WHITE ZEBRA MOVEMENT to help shape and/or re-shape holistic wellbeing at the click of a button.


he premise of WHITE ZEBRA.COM is to amplify the interest of those who are already health conscious, as opposed to shifting individual mindsets. Featuring a suite of medical and nutrition experts, industry leaders, fitness ambassadors and celebrities, WHITE ZEBRA.COM provides a

wealth of information for Australians who want to advance their knowledge and improve their physical and mental harmony across life’s primary areas: Mindset (Spiritual and Conscious Motivation), Beauty & Health (Nutrition/Hormones), Movement (Training/ Yoga/Activity), Food (Recipes), Love and Spirituality. ‘It’s a destination to deepen your understanding of health, destroy buzz words typically associated with ‘health and lifestyle,’ and build a sustainable formula that’s right for your independent needs,’ says co-founder Fiona Caddies. sk Us a Question, we’ll tell you no lies. A WHITE ZEBRA.COM’s suite of contributors provide expert advice on eating; food and fitness; as well as general health advice. The selection of panel experts have been appointed to give you the power and tools to help you personally customise your own program whatever your stripe. Some Zebras will want to commit to one school of thought, whilst others may add a dash of ‘this with that’ – it’s totally up to you!

LILY Online Magazine onest to goodness! WHITE ZEBRA.COM’s H organic e-store endorses a selection of mega benefits—from alkalising and antioxidant boosting berry and green powders, clean and lean, organic protein powders to fat busting and disease fighting shakes, teas and superfoods. WHITE ZEBRA. COM’s online health-haven honours a commitment to non-damaging products and works to enhance rather than hinder your health. hat’s more, the WHITE ZEBRA.COM W apothecary features a diverse carousel of products handpicked to share its passion for ‘pure and natural.’ Each represent a commitment to quality with a sourcing policy that looks beyond the elimination of chemicals so you can safely navigate yourself around the organic landscape. ‘Each week we open our home to celebrate and socialise our favourite organic and eco-friendly products. If we don’t personally use them, we won’t endorse them’, says co-founder Bjorn Miller. Just FACE IT - all ingredients of products sold on the website have been listed to ensure you are purchasing the very best in living organics, now that’s beautiful! eauty goes beyond the blush brush, as B WHITE ZEBRA.COM sets to whet your appetite with a delicious range of recipes and recipe plans for those who are vegetarian, gluten, lactose intolerant, or those who simply love lashings of everything! Whether you’re craving a stress-busting smoothie, Nutty Noodles or want to join the Kale Brigade, WZ food experts will help you prepare and explore the kitchen using simple and wholesome ingredients. Now, that’s clean eating! HITE ZEBRA.COM is committed to providing health and fitness enthusiasts W with a high concentration of current news and practical ideas; meal and exercise plans and expert opinions from a team of industry leaders. The WHITE ZEBRA.COM movement banishes the ‘one size fits all’ mentality and helps you work towards achieving optimal holistic health using evidence based knowledge. Click on and set your own stripe! isit White Zebra at: V



Why did you feel the need to launch White Zebra? I’ve been in the fitness and health industry for almost 20 years. More recently my views have become more mainstream which has been fantastic! It’s been creating a really positive health movement within Australia and the world. What I’ve also found is that whilst many are adopting a healthier lifestyle, information is at entry level or scientific journal level with not much in between. White Zebra invites Australian health and fitness enthusiast the opportunity to shape and/or re-shape holistic wellbeing at the click of a button. Talk us through your day on a plate breakfast/ snacks and lunch and everything in between. Breakfast – either a green smoothie with added whey or vegan protein and some other boosters like greens or berries powder or added superfoods like lucuma, mesquite, cacao and chia. I love all the Bare Blends products! Or Eggs, kale and avocado / omelette Lunch –Salad – with lots of greens, nuts or avocado and a serve of protein eg. chicken, fish, beef Dinner – Fish, chicken or beef with roasted and steamed veges. Roasted Capsicum is my favourite! I also love roasted beetroot with a bit of goats’ cheese (steamed greens are always essential). YUM! Snacks – Lots of herbal tea! I love Mayde Tea and Pukka as well as small serves of protein – meat or a boiled egg and a couple of nuts. Dessert – Berries and Apple – fresh, roasted or dehydrated with cinnamon is amazeballs! How do you keep fit and healthy? I love yoga (power and restorative yoga), sprinting and running as well as gymnastics which includes / explosive/athletic type movements which works best for my body. Do you have a regular exercise regime? I like to be active for six days a week, and start my exercise program each morning to jump-start the day, ensure I get at least 7.5 hours of sleep each night and drink two litres of water each day. Like or loathe sugar? Or something in between? Of course, my taste buds love sugar but my knowledge of the damage highly processed carbohydrates do to your body certainly skew my sugary choices. I love to have my healthier versions of chocolate a few times a week and like to finish my meals with something a little sweet eg. berries or a small apple when I’m not having my healthy chocolate.


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THAT CARES WE INTERVIEW ANNA ADDICOAT ONE OF THE INSPIRING FOUNDERS OF PEOPLE FOR PLANTS. Anna shares her journey, passion and the business lessons she has learnt along the way.

People for Plants, an Australian certified organic Skincare range was created out of a vision for skincare for women that work, at an accessible price point. People For Plants is championed by one of its founders, International award winning horticulturist, landscape designer and TV personality, Jamie Durie. Using Durie’s lifelong passion and expert knowledge of botany into creating a Certified Organic skin and body care range. “I’ve always been passionate about connecting people with plants... This range gives me the opportunity to put together everything that I have learnt about plants and horticulture from around the world to develop a beautiful range of skincare products that actually work”. Anna Addicoat kindly gave her time to help inform our readers on both healthy skincare and surviving the ups and downs of being a business owner and mum.

LILY Online Magazine loves organic products and you too have an interesting and ethical philosophy? Can you describe it?


believe that you must take a holistic approach to beauty. It’s not just slapping on any product that you have been told will work for you. Your skin is your largest organ and up to 70% of what you put on your skin is absorbed into your body, into your bloodstream and your organs. A lot of the chemicals found in beauty products are endocrine disruptors - which means that they block or mimic the effects of our bodies own hormones. The average women used over 500 chemicals a day on their skin so imagine how many chemicals are being absorbed into the body on a daily basis and how hard our liver has to work to detox our system of those chemicals. Once these chemicals find their way into your body, they can accumulate over time because we don’t have the necessary enzymes to break them down. Like your body you must feed your skin with the nutrients it requires to be at its optimum health.

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What’s unique about your products and years before I stopped to the process you go through to create have 4 kids in 6 years. I was the Licensing Director for 20th Century Fox as them? eople For Plants is a brand that aims to P provide a high quality Certified Organic range of skincare that is made with the highest levels of organic ingredients at an affordable price and is also widely available across Australia, that in itself is quite unique. We choose gentle skin-friendly organic and natural ingredients that protect your skin and fight aging, we create superfoods for your skin. It is also Australian made and owned as well as being cruelty free. It feels wonderful and works brilliantly. It’s “certified organic” so not just green-washing and pretending to be organic, we list the percentage of organic ingredients on the front of each product and we hope that this becomes the industry standard. The process is very long, and involved. We have our own in-house cosmetic scientist who is one of the world’s best in the natural & organic field. We work collaboratively to develop the products we are after. It normally takes about 12 months to fully develop a new product! Much of this time is put into research to make sure we are using the best ingredient with the best extraction method for the product we want to create and then testing and tweaking the formulations to make sure they work as we want, they feel great and they smell divine. Because we are “Certified Organic” we then must go through a laborious process of audit by the ACO (Australian Certified Organic) to ensure that every step from the planting, harvesting, and extraction of ingredients meets their strict guidelines as does the manufacturing and handling process. This creates an honesty and transparency with the brand.

Did you start your career in this field, if not where did you start out and why the change?


worked in Iactually licensing for about 12


well as working with Channel 9 in Australia. The journey towards People For Plants began 13 years ago when I was pregnant with my twin daughters. I started having all these problems with my skin, my hair was falling out. My husband Andrew stepped in to help and started buying raw organic ingredients and making products to help but I couldn’t find anyone selling the kind of products I wanted to buy. This was the original idea behind the brand. We made products for our friends as gifts and they were so popular we eventually decide to commercialise the idea. As a mother of four kids I wanted to create something affordable, with the highest possible levels of certified ingredients and be sure they worked as well as other natural and synthetic products and had a long shelf life. I had really struggled to find anything like that. A few years ago we asked our old mate Jamie Durie to become part of the People for Plants family and he jumped at the chance.


“ BELIEVE IN WHAT YOU DO, NEVER DOUBT YOURSELF, OTHERS WILL. ” What are your goals for your business? What direction do you envisage your business going? e are concentrating on growing the W presence in Australia primarily, however we already have really strong interest in the brand in NZ, the USA and across Asia so that is something we will look at in 2015.

Recommends starting with these BASICS Foaming cleansing gel - Grapefruit & Aloe

Mist Toner - Rose otto, burdock, kakadu plum

We want to engage as many people as possible with the brand and introduce them to certified organic skincare. Our products work incredibly well, are good for your health, have a long shelf life, are very affordable and are widely available... essentially a world first for a range of organic products... so we are relishing the opportunity of telling the world.

What advice would you give anyone thinking of starting a business with an ethical model like yours?


o your homework. Understand the market you want to enter. Have faith in the value of what you are doing, but remember it’s a business, it’s going to be hard so stick at it. Sometime failure is necessary to ultimately achieve success.

What are your top 5 tips for creating a business like yours?

1 2 3

. Believe in what you do, never doubt yourself, others will. . Follow your dreams and try to make a positive change for the world.

4 5

. Visualize and then materialize... try an turn your passion into a reality.

. Always try to be honest and treat people decently. . Be daring & constantly


Day cream rosehip, ginkgo, shea

Night cream pomegranate, burdock, shea



LILY Online Magazine




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Prices are a guide only.


Dr. Alkaitis Organic Herbal Toner has a beautiful botanical scent and we loved it for night-time after cleansing as a toner. It can be used day and night though. $54.95 The Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist has a refreshing burst of fragrance perfect for giving you that lift in the morning. $35.00 People for Plants Mist Toner with Rose Otto, Burdock and Kakadu Plum is 97% organic and a perfect everyday toner. $19.95 Oceanfix Pure Australian Sea Water is a great spritz for skin needing some TLC and healing. It’s salty like sea water and as such has all the benefits. $12.95



TONERS Flowers supplied by Danny’s Flowers


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LILY Online Magazine


Prices are a guide only.


SERUMS, OILS & Flowers supplied by Danny’s Flowers

La Mav Organic Skin Science Hydrating Bio-Actives Ultra-Hydration Moisture Creme leaves your skin moisurised without being greasy, a great everyday option. $39.95 With a magical fragrance Grown Organic Alchemist Facial Moisuriser feels like a spa treat. $34.95 Jurlique Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum is a must have for reviving your skin, we love this for night time. $75.00 People for Plants Australian Organics Night Cream with pomegranate, burdock and shea

MOISTURISERS is the perfect night moisturiser with a mild fragrance and vitamins and anti-oxidants. $29.95 The delicate eye area requires an equally delicate cream and People for Plants Australian Organics Eye Cream delivers with Kakadu Plum, Calandula and Chamomile, Vitamins and Anti-oxidants. $19.95 Kosmea Organic Rose Hip Oil and its amazing healing properties is a great oil used as part of your night routine, plus it smells divine! There is something truly addictive about this stu! $44.95


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LILY Online Magazine


Flowers supplied by Danny’s Flowers

100% Pure Fruit Pigment Lip Glaze is %100 natural and 100% vegan and smells so good you could eat it (literally) $20.95 People For Plants Organic Lip Balm looks and feels like traditional lip balm but without the nasties. Its 96% Organic and 100% natural. $9.95 Grown Alchemist Watermelon and Vanilla Lip Balm has that glossy glamorous shine that’s great alone or to give your pout a luscious look! $12.95






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HAND & Flowers supplied by Danny’s Flowers

Your body and hands need moisurising, however we often forget that whatever we cover our bodies in absorbs into our skin. So it’s critical to select simple, natural products. While these products are not 100% natural, we suggest you start becoming familiar with ingredients and make choices that are better for your skin and health. Kosmea Rose hand cream has a mild frangrance which we prefer for hand creams. $19.95

BODY CARE Cream is a lovely light 91.9% organic cream with the gorgeous uplifting fragrance of ginkgo, coconut and shea. $19.95 People for Plants Australian Organics Body Scrub has a pure fresh gentle Papaya, Quillaja and Apricot fragrance scrub that will leave your skin smooth and soft. $19.95

Bio Oil utilises the benefits of Chamomile, Lavender, Rosemary and Calendula Oils. $14.99 Available at Chemists and various stores.

People For Plants Australian Organics hand cream is a light and 90.6% organic cream with a gorgeous fragrance of lemon myrtle, camellia and manuka honey. $14.95

People for Plants Australian Organics Body



LILY Online Magazine




LILY Online Magazine


Flowers supplied by Danny’s Flowers

Every woman should have the new Jurlique Herbal Recovery Antioxidant Cleansing Mousse. In stores on Oct 27. The fragrance is a little bit of heaven and is a perfect foaming cleanser for the shower in the mornings. $45.00 Bloom Organics Gentle Cleansing Oil with Sweet Almond Oil is my new obsession. It gently removes makeup and cleanses your skin with a true essential oil fragrance of Calendula, Camellia Leaf, Orange, Lavender and Tangerine Oil. $38.00 People For Plants Australian Organics Foaming Cleansing Gel has a divine grapefruit fragrance and feels mild enough to use daily in the shower. $24.95





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WRITER Kerry Jenson

THE EVERGREEN GODDESS TALKS ABOUT HER ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY TO ATTEND TRAINING BY AL GORE, THE 45TH VICE PRESIDENT OF THE USA AND A WORLD LEADER IN CLIMATE CHANGE EDUCATION In April 2014 I applied, yes applied, like a job, for a chance to participate in the 25th Climate Reality Leadership Corps to be held in Melbourne in late June 2014. The Climate Reality Project was founded and is chaired by Al Gore. For those of you who may not have heard of Al Gore, he was the 45th Vice President of the United States of America, under President Bill Clinton. The Climate Reality Project is a not for profit organisation devoted to solving the climate crisis.

the venue. As you can gather, I was accepted, I cried when I received my acceptance email. Why? Because I was about to participate in a once in a lifetime experience; enhancing my passion to make a difference far beyond my Evergreen Goddess gig... for the love of the Earth and her inhabitants.

On the morning of Wednesday 25 June, 525 eager, soon to be climate leaders, gathered together at the Melbourne Convention Centre. We came from many different countries with Mr. Gore has been delivering this training across the ambition of a V8 engine, aware that we were the globe since 2007 – for free! You do however revving our motors from poll position. need to apply, be accepted and get yourself to

LILY Online Magazine


Visit the Climate Reality Project website

Climate change is here and is a happening thing – we humans are the cause. 97% of climate scientists are in agreement – contrary to what appears in most forms of media, they are not in debate. I’m with them; we are not prepared to wait for another meeting where the outcome is to agree to another meeting. A grassroots movement is the only way to go by continuing to have conversations about this issue. Climate change affects EVERY LIVING THING – EVERY THING. This is why Al Gore personally facilitates this training – can you imagine being taught by this amazing human? – Dynamic, passionate, generous, and factual and he possesses an intoxicating intellectual prowess.

Combine Mr Gore with a group of world-class scientists, strategists, communicators, and technical specialists and you get 525 select climate leaders with street cred to burn. Speaking of facts, I would dearly love to share with you some of what I learnt: ur climate is absorbing tonnes of heat, at O an incomprehensible rate and I mean the equivalent amount of energy to exploding 400,000 atomic bombs per day, every day – I am not kidding. This warming is due to an increasing amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere; these gases absorb and trap heat – carbon emissions via the burning of fossil fuels are the main culprit. Human activity is warming the Earth’s climate.


LILY Online Magazine

Visit the Climate Reality Project website

The Climate Reality Project cont....


or every climate ‘denier’ claim there is a debunking based on fact, research and science. Here’s a quote from Professor Andrew Pitman, Director of the Australian Research Council’s Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science “Many people who would not dream to claim they understand how antibiotics, microprocessors or immunisations work seem happy to wax lyrical on their views about climate change.”

thousands of climate reality leaders all around the world ready to chat, share and educate all communities. Visit The Evergreen Goddess website for information and advice on all things ‘environmental’ and find some great healthy natural products. You can also follow the Evergreen Goddess on Facebook .

e, all 7 billion of us, urgently require serious W international political will to act! We need action now to avoid an encroaching tipping point.


verything on the planet is synergistic and all of the motions of life as we know it have an effect on something else; our insatiable appetite to consume is ruining the very thing that sustains us as a species.

here is good news!!! The easiest, quickest Trenewable way to have a huge impact is to embrace energy. This is a decision that you can make and it’s win (you and your energy bills), win (we transition to decarbonisation), win (the planet will be handed to future generations with love and care)! There’s much, much more to say so please get in touch – if you’d like to have a climate conversation or presentation there are

WRITER Kerry Jenson The Evergreen Goddess


Flowing Life Yoga

Just like a newspaper, yoga can be delivered to your home. Practice at a time that suits you. One to one, or gather a small group of friends

Get flowing in your space W: F: T: #flowinglifeyoga


LILY Online Magazine



Written by Leonie Lockwood Flowing Life Yoga and Meditation facebook: flowinglifeyoga twitter: #flowinglifeyoga

M ayb e you’ve se e n th e m ; th e folk s, wit h t he gl ow i ng s k i n , s h i ny hair, radiating calm and vitalit y. Annoyingly serene, you secretly have the desire to strangle them but d e e p b e l ow a re k e e n to find out their secret. Their whole deme a nour d e ni e s th e i r a g e.

So rather than have you squeeze the life out of the nearest clear skinned, shiny eyed person, I’m letting you in on the secret – Regular Meditation. Ah yes, you say, but I can’t meditate, I can’t sit still and control my mind. Well here’s the good news, neither can most of us when we first take it up. It’s just like sex, with a little practice we get better at it (hopefully). We have to do a soupcon of retraining the brain’s neural pathways and if we practice a small amount each day, even five minutes, we work on this process. Regular meditation shows in the face of the practitioner. Skin tends to be glowing and relatively free of blemishes; the eyes are clear and calm; face plumper and more ox ygenated; a person’s whole demeanour appears unfazed by what life throws at them and best of all, their actions begin to be congruent with the outward unfazed demeanour. Basically the inner beauty is reflected on the face.

LILY Online Magazine


Flowing Life Yoga When we meditate regularly the following occurs: 1. The brain’s prefrontal c o r t e x b e c o m e s l a r g e r, increasing the development of a range of emotional responses. I t processes not only our current environment, but also our past situations. It helps us with our decision making, knowing what is good and bad and understanding the consequences of the choices we make. All this helps us with our personal expression. It is already the largest part of the brain and with regular meditation it can change neuronal firing patterns, allowing for greater development of this area. 1 2. Due to our enhanced decision making capability, there is a lesser requirement for the body to release the hormone norepinephrine

(noradrenaline), which enhances and prolongs the arousal of the fight or flight response. This means that we have greater control over our sympathetic ner vous system and are more capable of sending a considered message to our body rather than have it react automatically. In response to noradrenaline, the body releases an anti inflammatory h o r m o n e to h e l p u s d e a l with the physiological stress triggered by the fight or flight response. Whilst cor tisol has anti-inflammator y and calming properties, too much of it floating around over a long period has an adverse affect, elevating blood sugar levels, leaving us susceptible to fluid retention, weight gain and reduced capacity of the body’s detoxifying organs – the kidneys. 2 And....what’s this got to do with my face?

Your skin is a reflection of your internal state. When the body experiences increases in periods of relaxation, all physiological systems work better. This means that the body ’s natural process of elimination is enhanced and in a nutshell, means less crap floating or stagnating internally, therefore less crap surfacing on the skin. So.... Sit quietly, breathe consciously and glow radiantly. Visit Leonie on her website: w w w. f l ow i n g l i fe. com .a u 1 i_08/i_08_cr/i_08_cr_dep/i_08_cr_ dep.html 2 womenshealth/healthcenter/topic_ details.php?topic_id=94


LILY Online Magazine


We visit this magical region to uncover the gems that make it the per fec t

GETAWAY DESTINATION Written by LILY Online Magazine Editor, Priscilla-Anne Green

LILY Online Magazine





Daylesford and Hepburn Springs is one of those places that you visit and you are addicted! I’ve been heading up there for getaways for 20 years so on our last 2 trips we decided to make them an opportunity to promote this region that’s given us so much pleasure. So with 4 yr old chatter box Harry and grandma in tow we hit the shops, cafes, nature walks and spas in a bid to find our fav spots to share with our readers! Image: VILLA PARMA at Peppers Mineral Springs Resort. Courtesy of

What we discovered is that even after 20 years, there is still so many places we had never seen and so many more added to our wish list!


LILY Online Magazine

Spoilt for choice Accomodation options range from modern contemporary to heratige.


raditional & heritage

accomodation options are plentiful. So if you want a little cosy base while exploring the region or a palacial homestead you are sure to find something you’ll love.


f modern, industrial, retro vintage or simple contemporary is more your comfort zone you’ll find lots of options in both Daylesford and Hepburn Springs.

Looking for accomodation I’ve been fortunate enough to have visited the Daylesford and Hepburn Springs area for romantic getaways in the luxurious Peppers self contained villas, girl’s getaways at rustic cottages in Hepburn, Mum and Sis pampering holidays in contemporary luxury and now with 4 yr old family freindly self contained villas (where mummy duties never go on holiday). So there is no excuse for putting off your trip to the region.... I’m living proof that it’s the perfect getaway for any stage of your life!


Tip! Why not stay in Daylesford & Hepburn Springs. We did!

Prebook your spa, massage and dining so all you have to do is arrive and enjoy.

LILY Online Magazine Tip!


Do some research on spa and treatment options before you go!

Stay somewhere with a big beautiful lounge area!


very season in Daylesford and Hepburn Springs has something to offer. Whether you visit the region to sight see, walk, shop, eat or simply relax and pamper yourself.

Beauty Abounds In winter it’s open fires and a soak in steaming hot spas. Autumn and Spring brings glorious changes to the parks and gardens. Walk around the lake, explore the Wombat Hill Botanical Gardens or follow the trails at Hepburn Springs. During Summer you can enjoy the clean country air and dine alfresco while you take in the spectacular scenery. We’ve had the pleasure of visiting the region during every season including whilst it’s been snowing and the heat of summer during the Lavender harvest, there is always something happening!

A little luxury Villa Parma is one of the region’s premier places to stay!



ill House in Daylesford is a beautiful example of the quality of classic and beautiful places to stay. This is on our wishlist for a family getaway!


Daylesford Lake Villas Finding accomodation that’s suitable for romantic getaways and family time can sometimes be a challange...unless your talking about Daylesford and Hepburn. I had visions that we were destined to have to stay at some of the less luxurious and beautifully decorated villas and homes when planning our last 2 triips with Harry, 4 in tow. However, we discovered that like Daylesford Lake Villas there are many homes available that are designed to be a home away from home. We’ve stayed at Daylesford Lake Villas twice and can’t wait to get back there again. Waking up with a view over the lake, a short stroll around the lake to the BookBarn for coffee and the obligitory rummage through the books where I always find some books I just can’t live without! Plus the frogs and the ducks are great entertainment for kids.

Tip! Why not use your trip to truly focus on your health. Try to walk everywhere you can. Bring clothing suitable for the climate so you can make the most of the outdoors!





Daylesford Lake Villas We’ve made it our ‘Place on the lake’.


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O n my l i st of ‘m u s t ’ v i s i t p l a ce s i n H e p b u r n S p r i n g s i s Por t a l 108. Thi s i s a b i t o f a n icon i c store i n t h e a re a w i th som e t hi ng fo r e ve r yo n e.

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A selection of hats, tops, knits and kids clothes to rival the best City stores.

Come home with some special pieces for your home.

Great kids crafts, games and toys to keep them entertained.

ACCESSORIES You’ll find some unique and beautiful jewellery, bags and shoes .

GO ON A VIRTUAL TOUR OF THE SHOP Click on HERE to check it out!

COUNTRY CHARM Grab a map of Heburn and go exploring.


Lavandula Step back in time, relax, eat and unwind.


f you are after somewhere to get in touch with nature, go for a walk, let the kids run, have a beautiful meal, see some gorgeous scenery and shop for divine essential oils, lavender products and a beautiful range of gifts you must visit Lavendula Lavender Farm.




Image: Daylesford and the Macedon Ranges



hopping in the Daylesford Hepburn region is magical. There are so many delightful little stores, each with their own character and charm. Some of our favourites are Moss & Burrows (above & bottom), Sabato & Domenica (right) Artedeco, Upstairs at Alpha, Greenmantle Gifts (right inset), Manteau Noi and Daylesford Aromatherapy just to name a few.



ne of the great parts of spending time in this region is the food. There is simply so many options that we can’t list them here. So here are just a few of the great places we have tried or that are on our wishlist!



LILY Online Magazine


Image: Daylesford and the Macedon Ranges


ining in Daylesford and Hepburn is a real treat. Whether it’s a light lunch or a silver service dinner you will find what you want here. Some great options for fine dining are The Lake House, Marcato, Sault and The Argus at Peppers. After a more casual meal? Try Ruben’s, Cliffy’s (opposite page), Wombat Hill House (right), The Bookbarn, Red Star Cafe (above) or Sweet Decadence at Locantro (below). They won’t disappoint!


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Styling Tips


This dress is stunning if you are smaller on top (think J.Lo in similarly shaped dresses), the gathering creates extra volume on top and bottom, showing off sexy shoulders and dĂŠcolletage. The colour enhances anyone with a cool or pink undertone.

Longing for more curves? Here are some ideas for you! KITARA NUDE HALTERNECK KEYHOLE MAXI DRESS MISSGUIDED


LILY Online Magazine


Add a fluffy vest with tons of texture and volume Wear it with these sparkly silver heels


Add an on trend statement cuff


Top Left: Arctic vest in cream, Showpo, Bottom Left: Kitte Accoutrement - Darkstar Cuff, To the Max, Top Right: Double Strap Points, The Iconic, Bottom Right: IPPOLITA Rosé Snowman Earrings in Clear Quartz, Bloomingdales


And a bit more sparkle


LILY Online Magazine



Airuna floral Palazzo Trousers, Missguided, Lexie Crossover Spaghetti Strap Frill Bandeau Top In Black, Missguided


Styling Tips


If you want a slightly bigger and more rounded bottom and curvier hips, these pants are ideal. The gathers and the elasticated waistband will always deliver for you.

Add a simple but frilly top for extra VOLUME on top

LILY Online Magazine

Add a jacket with some movement


Styling Tips


Ivona Black Fringed Faux Suede Jacket Missguided Prices are a guide only.




Top Right Tales in Space Necklace (Silver), Molten Store, Centre: Lemon Quartz Yellow Gold Checkerboard Drop Earrings, Style Rock, Bottom: India Black Cut Out Mules In Colour Block Contrast, Missguided


LILY Online Magazine

Styling Tips



Ultra feminine, if you are after a more voluptuous derriere, you can’t go past this skirt. It adds inches to your hips and bottom.

Auberta White Pleasted Midi Skirt , Missguided, Inset: Pavel CA Black spagetti strap crop top with mesh pavel.


Prices are a guide only.


IfAdd youadon’t need to wear jackets black crop with keep a higher totop work, the cardi and team it neckline, which dress. with this classic

serves to maximise your chest, show off Wearsexy it with heels for work or dress your shoulders down with and let the thinthese straps cute ballet flats. echo your slender arms.

LILY Online Magazine


In the sun or at a party, this top has padding which will enhance your bust yet show off lots of sensuous skin and your smooth tummy

Add a chunky necklace to either top

Or wear a multi layered necklace to add more interest and volume on top

Change it into many different looks with these tops Zips on the bust help to add curves and this jacket has a well defined waist giving you a feminine shape.

Top Left: Dorla White crochet lace bralet, Missguided, Top Right: Raven feathered bib, INPINK, Bottom Left: Black and white layered chain necklace and earring set, INPINK, Bottom Right: Rebecca Taylor Jacket Punched Denim Moto, Bloomingdales



LILY Online Magazine



This jumpsuit is ideal as it has plenty of gathers to add curves. Wear it out dressed up with any of the previous accessories and jackets

Styling Tips


AQUA Jumpsuit Pleated Crossover, Bloomingdales


LILY Online Magazine


Or dress it down...


Add this chunky top to create volume. It has a great collar to extend the chest even further.

CURVES Add some casual flats

Charlene roll neck cropped jumper, Missguided, Chika Silver Metallic Canvas flats, Styletread



LILY Online Magazine

LILY’S PICKS Have some fun with the TRENDS this SPRING

coral HUES

Arlo Deep Front Split Woven Jumpsuit $ 60.00, Boohoo Prices are a guide only.



LILY Online Magazine

Prices are a guide only.







coral HUES 1. Romance Was Born, 2. Romance Was Born, 3. Secret South 4. Amelia Chiffon Tie Waist Woven Blouse $30.00 Boohoo , 5. Glaze Coral Heels $19.99, Cicihot,


Photos 1, 2, 3. Lucas Dawson Photography, Courtesy of VAMFF Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival


LILY Online Magazine


Vince Camuto Tree Print Shift $189.70, Boomingdales

Prices are a guide only.


LILY Online Magazine







4. 5.

1. Nicola Finetti 2. Talulah 3. Megan Park 4.Secret South 5. Talulah


Photos: Lucas Dawson Photography, Courtesy of VAMFF Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival


LILY Online Magazine



Left: Talulah, Right: Rodeo Show



Marla Dreams Dress $136.00 Free People


LILY Online Magazine 1.








5. 1. DJs 2. Talulah 3. WingChiang 4. Serena Floral Bodycon Midi Dress $44.00, Boohoo 5. Talulah

Prices are a guide only.


Photos: Lucas Dawson Photography, Courtesy of VAMFF Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival


LILY Online Magazine Prices are a guide only.








5. 6.

1. Polly Mint Belted Jumpsuit $45.98 Missguided 2. Binga Mint Faux Leather Shoulder Bag $35.98 Missguided 3. Lia Teardrop Gem Statement Necklace $20.00 Boohoo 4. Floral Pattern Mint Green IPhone 4/4S Case $9.95 Oasap 5. Tiffany Contrast Plunge Neck Skater Dress $44.00 Boohoo, 6. Panchita Mint Striped Floppy Hat $15.98 Missguided, 7. Kiela Embellished Trainers in Mint $29.98, Missguided

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Wiola Wolczynska $ 216.00 Carnet Mode Prices are a guide only.



WANT YOUR RANGE FEATURE IN LILY? Visit our website and contact us!

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SHOP all the beautiful products you love from this issue.


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Daniela Garland



Duda Strappy Contrast Midi Dress $49.98 MissGuided

Prices are a guide only.



LILY Online Magazine


Take a risk and play with the new colour palette Keep the earrings basic but interesting

Introduce a range of colours to your outfit with a simple accessory like this clutch that adds a pop of colour and pattern to an otherwise simple dress.

NEON TWIST ON ACCESSORISING The simplicity of the dress lets you add some pattern and shape with your jewellery Keep the look uncomplicated and comfortable by adding flat sandles

Top Left: The more the merrier Essie nail polish $8.50 INPINK, Top Centre: Cleopatra Studs $24.00 Stella and Dot, Top Right: Crosby Link Necklace, Stella and Dot $128.00, Bottom Left: Anya Aztec Print Clutch Boohoo, Bottom Right: Chloe double buckle strap gladiators $36.00 Boohoo.

Prices are a guide only.



LILY Online Magazine


Izka Neon floral playsuit $49.98 Miss Guided


STYLING BY Daniela Garland

LILY Online Magazine


Wear suble tone metalicc jewellery with just a hintt off floral shapes

A SPLASH OF ORANGE AND SKY BLUE! Wear sleek accessories like this belt and clutch so they don’t compete with the print playsuit

Layer your orange hues with a citrus manicure

Choose a classic heel with a big pop of colour

Prices are a guide only.


Top Left: Carmen Chandelier Earrings $49.00 Stella and Dot, Top Centre: Moraley Flower stackable band $39.00 Stella and Dot, Top Right: Hot and Spicy OPI nail polish $9.00 INPINK, Bottom Right: Joana by Signature $39.00 Shoe Dazzle, Bottom Left: Tory Burch clutch - Adalyn $440.00 Bloomingdales, Left: Vegan leather stable belt $24.00 Humble Chic


LILY Online Magazine


Daniela Garland

Dress up the playsuit with bold gleaming earrings in matching hues.

Add a block of blue with this clutch

Bring out the pink flecks in the playsuit with a pop of pink on your nails

Try to match the blue hue with an ankle strap heel to add a bit more glam

With W ith sso o much m uch happening... h appening... Keep K eep yyour our wedges w edges ssimple imple Top Left: Avalon bracelet clutch brigh cobalt $69.00 Stella and Dot, Bottom Left: Scarlet barely there heel, $36.00 Boohoo, Centre: Haya Neon paisley print halter neck playsuit $30.00

Top Rig Top T Right: Carolee Miami Mod Chandelier Chan Earrings $54.30 Earr Bloomingdales Blo Bottom Bo Right: Essie R Expose nail polish $8.40 INPINK Prices are a guide only.



Natures Perfect Product

OceanFix is your must have Health and Styling accessory! The health benefits of ocean water are well documented, have been extensively tested, and are proven over thousands of years. The unique blend of minerals and salts in ocean water cannot be replicated by science. So nature got it right! ‘OceanFix’ brings Pure Australian Ocean Water to you. It has never been so easy to get a fix of the ocean. Available in 125ml Spray, 500ml and 1 Litre bottles.


OceanFix for Health: • • • • • • •

Gargling after dental treatment; Application to mouth ulcers; Topical application for skin conditions including psoriasis and eczema and other complaints; Topical application to skin abrasions; Nasal rinse; Application to insect bites; Acne

• •

The beach hair look and feel; Facial toner

OceanFix for Styling:

OceanFix products online at


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Children’s feet are soft and floppy - making them prone to damage from abnormal pressure, such as shoes which are too small, ill-fitting or unsupportive. A child’s foot is complex made up of muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones. Not fitting an appropriate shoe to the particular type of foot can have detrimental consequences in the future, leading to muscle and development deformity. Luke Sempka, Physiotherapist at Sports Lab says ‘almost 75% of children we see at the clinic have been placed in illfitted shoes, and suffer from unsupportive or over corrective shoes - which can alter the alignment of the foot and legs potentially causing pain and discomfort.’ Founder of SKEANIE (, Natasha Barber is helping improve children’s motor skill development one step at a time with the launch of a light-weight collection of shoes, handcrafted using soft, high quality genuine leather uppers and suede soles to help totts grip when crawling and walking. Designed to help protect and comfort developing little toes with a “Flex-EASE technology (elastic around the back of the ankle), the SKEANIE Junior Range (from $49.95) have been heralded as ‘The Transition Shoe;’ super soft, light and flexible enough to ensure natural movement of little feet without obstructing soft bone cartilage, tissue, muscles, and nerves. ‘Having worked with leading physiotherapists, doctors and designers around the world, the SKEANIE collection has been created with development and safety in mind.’ says Natasha. Awarded The Seal of Acceptance by The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) for the promotion of healthy foot development; and touted as an Associate Partner of The Australian Podiatry Foundation (NSW & ACT), SKEANIE Classic Pre-walkers will help transition your baby to the next stage, and protect their very first steps in life. Six baby feet facts you need to know about your bubs footsies:

SOME OF THE BONES ONLY START FORMING BETWEEN 9-18 MONTHS... CHILDREN USUALLY BEGIN TO WALK BETWEEN 10 AND 20 MONTHS OF AGE. . At six months of age, a baby’s foot is 1 still mostly cartilage. In fact, some of the bones only start forming between 9-18 months. By 18 years of age, most of the bones are formed. . Children usually begin to walk between 2 10 and 20 months of age. Every child is unique and will move through the developmental stages at their own pace. . Allowing children to go barefoot or 3 wearing very soft shoes helps the foot to typically develop and assists in strengthening the muscles. . Always have both feet measured for 4 length and width. The shoe should fit the natural shape of the foot, especially around the toes.


. The toe of the shoe should allow toes to move freely and not be squashed from the top or the sides. Make sure there is about 10mm of growing room for children between the end of the longest toe and the edge of the shoe.

Shoes should fit comfortably around the 6.heel and not be too loose or too tight.


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Little people have BIG dreams –BIG imaginations and in the early stages of development naturally escape into a dreamy, fairy world. The doors encourage imaginative play and interaction, and has brought smiles to hundreds of children worldwide’ Sally Copus the founder of ‘Lil Fairy Door.


LILY Online Magazine





BRINGING MAGIC INTO CHILDRENS LIVES Embraced by hundreds of kindergartens, schools, childcare centers, hospitals and organisations around the globe, ‘lil Fairy Door invites hope, warmth and magic into the lives of the little ones.

a new home. “The fairies often sneak through the ‘lil Fairy Door and leave notes of encouragement, footprints of fairy dust and precious treasures to show they’ve been watching,’” says Sally Copus.

As part of their ongoing commitment to bringing magic to our little ones lives, ‘lil Fairy Door will donate hundreds of products to children’s hospitals around Sydney.

For crafty kids there is a DIY Kit so creative little ones can design their own individual magic. Featuring a plain Fairy Door, 3 x ECO FRIENDLY Earth Paints and a paint brush that looks like a teeny tiny branch, the DIY Kits are perfect for a party activity or school holiday’s project.

‘lil Fairy Door is a tiny little door that can be fixed to a wall (inside or outside), allowing children to welcome fairies into their home. Complete with a fairy note, mounting supplies and bottle of fairy dust, ‘lil Fairy Doors are handmade and available in a pretty Pink, Purple, Yellow, Green, Red, and the special edition Rainbow Door. Designed to bring smiles, hope, laughter and encouragement to children travelling through life’s adventures, ‘lil Fairy Doors are helping children ‘Sleep through the night, are encouraging toilet training, supporting through moving schools or to

Go to littleFairyDoor Visit the facebook page for 1000’s of ideas on creating your little ones own special fairy door.

Also available are a collection of accessories: ‘lil Mushrooms, ‘lil Fairy Windows, ‘lil Fairy Mailbox and fairy tea sets will help accessorise and create a more magical look and feel around your ‘lil Fairy Door. A gorgeous gift idea for any little one, the ‘lil Fairy Door comes beautifully packaged for $36 (if bought online). Visit them at


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K I D S STU F F w e l o ve !!!! Naif Bed Roll, $130.00 Such Great Heights, Naif Wonder Tent $299.00 Such Great Heights

LILY Online Magazine





Artist Series #2 Rawaan Alkhatib, $35.00

‘Lil Fairy Door $36.00,

$25.00r www.




Soldier Egg Cuo and Toast Cutter - By Outliving $28.00





$15.00 www.


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Written by

Trudi Pavlovsky The Dream Initiative


TA K I N G A F R E S H PERSPECTIVE C h an ge Your At t i t ud e : Cha n g e Yo u r R e s p o n s e. To day we a re g o ing to look at how we can take a different perspec tive o n a situatio n that ’s giving us gr ief. This is called reframing.

Lets face it, as emotions heighten during the teenage years it is easy set yourself up to automatically respond to your teenager in a negative way when they do a cer tain ac tion…. Sometimes we aren’t even aware that we are doing it! So its time to change your responses to a more constructive and positive outcome based response. Ever yone’s heard that

its good to take a new p e r sp e c t i ve - t h is a r tic l e will explain exac tly ‘ h ow ’ you do that. Then you c a n te a c h yo u r te e n a g e r to d o t h e sam e ! If you were to imagine taking a photo with a camera, there is lots of w ay s we c o u l d “re f r a m e” t h e p i c t u r e . We c o u l d zoom in, zoom out, rotate the camera upside down, move ourselves as the camera man to get a different background or even point the camera s o m e w h e re e l s e ! Th i s i s the concept of reframing - taking our world and adjusting what we are looking at and how we are look ing at it. Things happen in life, things that trigger us e m o t i o n a l l y. T h i n g s a t work, people we have to interact with, things not working out and especially TEENAGERS! Our responses happen d u e to o u r ow n per sona l life experiences, our own values and our beliefs in h ow t h i n g s sh o ul d be. We d o i t u n c o n s c i o u s l y and automatically and in a frac tion of a second. Most of the time we are even quite unaware that we can review and change how we view these situations and HOW W E RE S P O N D. So when a situation occurs that makes you angr y, instead of reac ting and just saying what first comes into your head, yo u c a n a s k yo u r s e l f t h e following questions to reframe the situation and take another perspec tive. Ideally a perspec tive that i s m o re p l e asi n g to you!

LILY Online Magazine


I t wor k s l i k e t h i s.

I am putting my standards onto her and maybe The more stressful, L e t ’s t a k e a s i t u a t i o n w e n e e d t o d i s c u s s a n e g a t i v e o r b a d t h e w h e r e y o u f e e l s o m e co m p ro m i se situation is, the more feeling when some an swe r s to t h e qu e stions human being in your “ What other emotion you’ll need to find h o u s e b e h a v e s o r d o e s co uld I fe e l r i g h t n ow ?” b e fo re t h e c h arg e on the some certain action or situation disappears. behavior. You k now what G r a t i t u d e t h a t I c a n I m e a n r i g h t ? * w i n k * actually provide a nice This is usually a negative ho m e fo r my c h i l d re n S o I’d totally re commend fe e ling. yo u te a c h yo u r te e n a g e r “I f I didn’t feel frustrated t h i s t o o l , a n d i f y o u s e e So as you think about that how cou l d I fe e l ?” them getting angry or situation, ask yourself the frustrated you can also fol l owing: I could feel that there is an r e m i n d t h e m t o r e f r a m e oppor tunity to help teach t h e t h o u g h t o r t h e “ W h a t e l s e c o u l d t h i s m y c h i l d o r g a n i s a t i o n a l situation. I t will help take situation mean?” s k i l l s t o k e e p h e r t h i n g s the stress and anxiety out “ W h a t o t h e r e m o t i o n s t i d y. o f y o u r l i v e s a n d y o u’ l l could I feel in this be able to rapidly be situation?” S o rem e m b e r, t h i s i s j u st ab l e to t ak e l e sso ns from “I f I didn’t feel ____ what one way to reframe, there t h e c h a l l e n g e s t h a t l i f e w o u l d h a p p e n” o r “ w h a t is lots of other ways. t h rows u s al l. c o u l d h a p p e n ? ” a n d s e e So give it a go - remember what comes to yo u. t he q u e st i o n s: Written by I n t h e a n s we r s yo u w a n t . What else could this to generally be looking situation mean? towards the polar Founder opposite of your current . What other emotion opinion on the situation. co ul d I fe e l r i g h t n ow ? The Dream Initiative For example: I feel angr y when she . I f I d i d n’ t f e e l _ _ _ _ d o e s n’ t l i s t e n a n d t e l l s how co u l d I fe e l. me to be quiet.

1 2 3

Trudi Pavlovsky

“What else could this situation mean?” We l l, my d a u g h te r co u l d be learning to be asser tive and share her opinions w it h others. “What other emotions could I feel in this situation?” We l l , I c o u l d f e e l c a l m and understand that this m ay not be th e b es t t i m e to s peak or “ I f I d i d n’ t f e e l a n g r y I could begin to understand w hy s h e i s t e l l i n g m e t o b e quiet rig ht n ow ” I feel so frustrated when she d oes n’t c lea n up h er room! “What else could this m e an?”

Click to go to the video of this ar ticle at The Dream I nitiative y tak in g-a -fresh-per s pec tive/


BAD NEWS FOR MUMS: Your Teen Doesn’t Care What You Say w w w. d r e a m i n i t i a t i v e . c o m . a u

You’re one of those mothers who You pride yourself on getting things SORTED, loves to be in control and in charge. ORGANISED and DONE. In control of your business In control of your career In control of your income In control of your family

But you can’t always control your teen, their friends, and their choices - especially when you’re not around. No matter how much you know, or how much you do, it will never be enough.

You THINK you can solve everything with your leadership and direction. Because of one simple FACT - they don’t want to hear wisdom from their mother.

Because that’s the kind of person you are - you take responsibility for We can take care of that for you: EVERYTHING .

LILY Online Magazine

Lily has a complete Online SHOPPING portal where you can browse and shop all the gorgeous designs in our magazine.




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SKEANIE is proud to be an Associate Partner of

the Australian Podiatry Association (NSW & ACT) and our Classic Pre-walker shoes have been awarded the Seal of Acceptance by the American Podiatric Medical Association.

Pre-walker Shoes Heel with elastic to provide a snug fit & keep the shoe on Leather lining to allow little feet to breathe & grow naturally Super soft non-toxic leather uppers

Wide toe shaped to mimic the foot & allow room for little toes to fan & wiggle Suede leather sole to provide superior grip whilst crawling & walking

Super soft non-toxic leather uppers

Leather lining to allow little feet to breathe & grow naturally

Junior Shoes

Wide toe shaped to mimic the foot & allow room for little toes to fan & wiggle

Heel featuring Flex-EASETM Technology to provide a snug fit & keep the shoe on

Flexible sole to provide protection for the foot without restriction


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Yes, it is a difficult topic to discuss but our fear of this topic could be placing our children at risk. With 1 in 3 girls and I in 6 boys sexually abused before their 18th birthday (Australian Institute of Criminology 1993), it is crucial we teach Body Safety to our children from as young as two. Statistics tell us that 95% of sexually abused children will know their perpetrator (Child Protection Council, 1993). They will be an immediate family member, a close family friend or some-one the child has regular contact with. It is also important to note, that the most vulnerable age for children to be exposed to sexual abuse is between 3 and 8 years with the majority of onset happening between these ages (Browne & Lynch, 1994). Little children so often just want to be good and do what the ‘big person’ says, and believe me, paedophiles take full advantage of this. See our 10 Body Safety skills you can cover with your child. If you are concerned about teaching these skills, just keep in mind they

are age-appropriate, non-graphic, and they also encourage your child to be assertive—a crucial skill in any bullying situation, and a great attribute to have when your child becomes a teenager! Note: these skills can be taught gradually and in daily conversations or ‘teachable moments’ as your child grows. . As soon as your child begins to talk and is aware of their body parts, begin to name 1 them correctly, e.g. toes, nose, eyes, etc. Children should also know the correct names for their genitals from a young age. Try not to use ‘pet names’. This way, if a child is touched inappropriately, they can clearly state to you or a trusted adult where they have been touched. . Teach your child that their penis, vagina, bottom, breasts and nipples are called their 2 ‘private parts’ and that these are their body parts that go under their swimsuit. Note: a child’s mouth is also known as a ‘private zone’.


. Teach your child that no-one has the right to touch or ask to see their private parts, and if someone does, they must tell you or a trusted adult straightaway. Reinforce that they must keep on telling until they are believed. (Statistics tell us that a child will need to tell three people before they are believed.) As your child becomes older (3+) help them to identify five trusted


LILY Online Magazine

adults they could tell. These people are part of their ‘safety network’. Have your child point to each digit on their hand and say the names of the people on their ‘safety network’.


. Teach you child that if some-one (i.e. the perpetrator) asks them to touch their own private parts, shows their private parts to the child or shows them images of private parts that this is wrong also, and that they must tell a trusted adult straightaway. Reinforce that they must keep on telling until they are believed. . At the same time as you are discussing 5 inappropriate touch, talk about feelings. Discuss what it feels like to be happy, sad, angry, excited, etc. Encourage your child in daily activities to talk about their feelings, e.g. ‘I felt really sad when … pushed me over.’ This way your child will be more able to verbalise how they are feeling if some-one does touch them inappropriately.


. Talk with your child about feeling ‘safe’ and ‘unsafe’. Discuss times when your child might feel ‘unsafe’, e.g. being pushed down a steep slide; or ‘safe’, e.g. snuggled up on the couch reading a book with you. Children need to understand the different emotions that come with feeling ‘safe’ and ‘unsafe’. For example, when feeling ‘safe’, they may feel happy and have a warm feeling inside; when feeling ‘unsafe’ they may feel scared and have a sick feeling in their tummy.


. Discuss with your child their ‘early warning signs’ when feeling unsafe, i.e. heart racing, feeling sick in the tummy, sweaty palms, feeling like crying. Let them come up with some ideas of their own. Tell your child that they must tell you if any of their ‘early warning signs’ happen in any situation. Reinforce that you will always believe them and that they can tell you anything. . As your child grows, try as much as possible 8 to discourage the keeping of secrets. Talk about happy surprises such as not telling Granny about her surprise birthday party and ‘bad’ secrets such as someone touching your private parts. Make sure your child knows


that if someone does ask them to keep an inappropriate secret that they must tell you or someone in their ‘safety network’ straightaway. . Discuss with your child when it is appropriate 9 for someone to touch their private parts, e.g. a doctor when they are sick (but making sure they know you must be in the room). Discuss with your child that if someone does touch their private parts (without you there) that they have the right to say: ‘No!’ or ‘Stop!’ and outstretch their arm and hand. Children (from a very young age) need to know their body is their body and no-one has the right to touch it inappropriately.


. Read your child ‘Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept’ on a monthly to two monthly basis when your child is young. The book can be read and reread to children 3 to 12 years. It is also ideal to read before camps, sleepovers, etc. Go to for more information and purchasing details. Also teach your child ‘The Body Safety Song’ at

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Believe a Child I cannot reinforce strongly enough how important it is to believe a child if they disclose sexual abuse. In 98% of reported child sexual abuse cases, children’s statements were found to be true (NSW Child Protection Council, Cited in Dympna House, 1998). Our reaction to a child’s disclosure is crucial to their ongoing wellbeing and healing. If we react with disbelief, they may never tell again and their suffering will only increase. If we react with shock, horror and/ or anger, the child will most certainly take their cues from us, and believe that in some way they are to blame. It takes an enormous amount of courage for a child (or adult) to disclose sexual abuse that may have been ongoing for years. They will, no doubt, have been threatened with horrific consequences were they to tell. To find the bravery to overcome such threats, is a true act of courage. But what a child needs more than anything from the person they disclose to—be it a parent, relative, teacher or friend— is compassionate reassurance. Therefore, stay calm and:

Reassure the child you believe them the child they have done the right Reassure thing in telling eassure the child that they are incredibly Rbrave and courageous the child that they are in NO way to Reassure blame Reassure the child that they are loved the child that they are safe and will Reassure be looked after eassure the child that you will do everything Ryou can to stop the abuse.


Lastly, Body Safety Education is not only a parent’s responsibly; it is also the community’s responsibility. Ask your child’s kindergarten, childcare centre or primary school if they are running such a program. If they are not, ask why not, and PLEASE lobby for it. Remind them that sexual abuse is irreversible but through empowering Body Safety Education it is preventable. Written by

Jayneen Sanders Author of

Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept

Jayneen Sanders is a teacher, author, mother of three teenage daughters and an active advocate for sexual abuse prevention education both in the home and in schools. For more information on this topic and to purchase Jayneen’s children’s book on safe and unsafe touch ‘Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept’ go to Now available as a soft cover copy on Amazon in 7 seven languages. Jayneen-Sanders/e/B00BDCGZ1W/ref=ntt_ athr_dp_pel_1



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BREAKING MY SILENCE ABOUT THE ABUSE I ENDURED WAS EXTREMELY LIBERATING. TO ACTUALLY PUT WHAT WAS DONE TO ME INTO WORDS WAS SO EMPOWERING. I had told my close friends already, but typing my story of survival up and sharing it with world on the Empowered and Beautiful site was a completely different experience to telling those who I already knew loved me and supported me.

poured in. I was overwhelmed with emotion. People were thanking me for sharing my story. So many people came forward to embrace me and many times I heard the words “Me too.”

Removing my shame completely and stepping forward to share my story publicly was me finally saying that the abuse was NEVER my fault and it does not define me as a person, nor does it dictate my present nor my future. The shame NEVER belonged to me. I choose to live for me now. I wasted too much of my time trying to please someone who could never be pleased. It was finally time to find myself important and recognise that it was never my job to try to fix anyone else.

I had no idea how common abuse was when I first began working with Empowered and Beautiful (an online support network of more than 42,000 members founded by survivor Joi Partain). I had not realised the magnitude of the problem, until I read countless messages from other survivors who told their own stories. With each share (on the EBA Facebook page) there was a wave of healing. My heart swelled with pride for those who came forward to break their silence and heal with my fellow survivors and I.

There was something almost magical about the healing I experienced as a massive flood of support

Recognising Abuse

One of the first steps for me to stop blaming

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Visit Empowered and Beautiful

for what was done to me was recognising that the abuser’s words and actions were abusive and had nothing to do with me. Abusers CHOOSE to abuse, regardless of their excuses. They will tell you that you “made them do this” or that it’s “your fault”, however abuse is never anyone’s fault, except the person who chooses to abuse. No one is personally responsible for anyone else’s words, thoughts or actions. There are many different forms of abuse, none of which are okay. ALL abuse is wrong and inexcusable. You may find that there are people who don’t think it’s that serious. Some will say whatever they need to say to silence survivors because hearing about abuse makes people (especially abusive people) uncomfortable. It SHOULD make people uncomfortable, but we must NEVER be silent. We cannot change the world by denying that there is a problem. Whenever someone is cruel to you (eg. calls you names, puts you down, puts their hands on you without your permission or in a rough way, attempts to control you financially, physically, emotionally, sexually or psychologically) it is ALWAYS abuse. When someone says things like “You‘re too sensitive.” and “Get over it” they are guilty of gaslighting. Gaslighting is a subtle form of psychological abuse in which the abuser distorts the perception of someone by manipulating them into thinking they are “crazy” by presenting them with false information. Statements that are unhelpful and disempowering are abusive, no matter who is saying them or how long they have been in your life. You owe no one a place in your life. If someone is being cruel to you and you have brought it to their attention and they do not stop, their place in your life needs to be re-evaluated.

A lot of people wonder why people who are being abused don’t “just leave”. Abusers don’t always start out abusing someone right away. They build up trust and love before slowly introducing small amounts of abuse. This is how they condition their “victims”. If they began tormenting you immediately, you would leave right away, but they don’t start out that way. They slowly gain your trust and love and then begin taking their affection away and blaming you for their bad moods. It may start out as yelling about someone else that the abuser believes is somehow responsible for their anger or unhappiness. The abuser will eventually shift that focus onto you. Abuse often begins with the idea or threat of abuse to someone outside the relationship. The abuser will use fear and intimidation to attempt to gain control, power, and dominance. They will tell you “I do this because I care about you and want to protect you.” in an attempt to disguise their control issues as “love”. The sad reality of it is that abusers don’t know how to love. They want to own, control, dominate and destroy their partners, not love them.

Discovering My Power

You are not “weak” for being (or having been) abused. Abusers want you to believe that you are weak, because the reality of it is that THEY are the weak ones. Abusing someone is one of the weakest things that anyone can do. Taking control of your own emotions and accepting responsibility for your actions takes strength. Love should NEVER hurt. If it does, it might just be because the person who claims to “love” you has no clue how to truly love. This does NOT mean that you are unlovable. It only means that the abusive person in the situation has a really messed up idea of what


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love is, and sees a relationship as a means to possess and control someone. It’s NEVER because of the person being abused. It is always the abuser’s fault. NO ONE can force someone to be abusive. Abusers think everyone else is the problem. They blame others (in their past or present) for their anger and refuse to accept that THEY are the ones in control of their own emotions, and how they react to them. Abusers are often those who were not emotionally strong enough to rise above their own abuse, accept the responsibility that is necessary to take control of their own lives, and break the cycle.

Become your own friend. Stop the negative selftalk. Start practicing self-compassion. If you are upset, validate your feelings and know that you are important, regardless of whether an abusive person treats (or treated) you poorly. Consider the source. No matter how much someone might tell you that they are being mean to you “for your own good”, they are wrong. Good people don’t go around trying to destroy others.

Survivors: You are NOT weak! You are much stronger than your abuser(s) and you have proven that just by not allowing yourself to become abusive yourself.

Forgive yourself for not recognising that you were being abused. You are not “stupid” for not recognising abuse while it was happening. You were manipulated by someone who is incapable of true and healthy love. They conditioned you to feel that their abusive behaviour was acceptable. It was NEVER your fault for what they CHOSE to do to you.



oving On

The most important step for me to move on was to decide that I wanted to be free. I finally recognised my own power which I never realised I had all along, because I’d felt stripped of it by abusive people throughout the course of my life. I started to recognise my OWN voice as abusive to myself whenever I would berate myself for being late or doing something incorrectly. I recognised that the words were not authentically mine. They belonged to someone else entirely and for the first time in my life I could see clearly. I finally realised that every horrible thing abusive people ever said to me was NOT because of me, but because of THEM. Now when I start being negative or berating myself for being “stupid” if I make a mistake, I stop myself and kick those abusive thoughts out of my mind. Free yourself from the abusers of your past. You didn’t deserve to listen to the terrible things they had to say then and you don’t deserve to repeat them to yourself now either.

eize your power!

Don’t ever let anyone convince you that you should not be the one in control of your own life, finances, body, etc… You and ONLY YOU are the master of your own world! Say this with me now:

“I am a survivor of abuse and there is no shame in surviving”. Decide today that you and only you are in control of yourself. Decide that you not only want to survive, but that you want to actually LIVE your life, instead of merely existing. Grab hold of the reins and move forward with the confidence that you are your own hero and you are important. No one else can determine your importance in this world. Love yourself. There is no one in the world who can do that the way you can. You are AMAZING!

Written by: Helen Johnson


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