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The Gentlemen's Issue

JUNE 2024
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Happy Father's Day!

Dedicated to the Publisher, Sean Arnett.

Dear Dad,

As Father's Day approaches, we wanted to take some time to reflect on all the reasons we love you.

Growing up, you were a steady rock for both of us. You held our family together and provided wis dom during difficult times. Thank you for always being there for us, putting our needs before yours, and being the best listener.

As we've gotten older, you have stayed constant in our lives. You have become a best friend to both of us. There has never been a moment that we have felt anything but loved and accepted by you. Thank you for loving us unconditionally.

So here's to you, Dad - the funny, kind, accepting, and wise man who we're lucky to call our father. Thank you for being such an incredible role model and for always being there for us when we need you most.

We love you,  Paige and Garrett



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The Jester Rules



Temecula Artist Forges Ahead

Local sculptor Ricardo Bredeca brings the

James "Stew" Stewart

Temecula Businessman, Mayor & Unofficial Historian Dan Henderson: MMA Pioneer, Gym Owner & Restauranteur Mixed Martial Arts star and two time Olympic athlete

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Ultra Marathon World
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to life.
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an incredible live painter, awards presentation + after party. 3: Brett + Dione Moser - Impact Marketing and Design Promotional Products at the event. 4: Janine + Tyler Kalisiak - Guiltless Food Co. at the Pechanga Resort & Casino. 5: Jamie

Photos from the Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce 58th Annual Awards Gala 1: Mo & Jen Casas - Board + Brush Creative Studio 2: The evening featured dinner, silent auction, + Walter Carter 6: Carmen + Jared Johnson - Lighthouse Capital Planners 7: Preston Helms - Shakespeare in the Vines
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Commerce 58th Annual Awards Gala 9: Jim + Peg McLaughlin 10: Welty Award for Tourism Professional of the Year - Luis + Samara Gonzalez, Temecula Life 11: Michael Bender + Allison Tilton - The Grey Legal Group 12: Great night celebrating Temecula Valley with Kim Kelliher and Walter Carter 13: Emerald Organization of the Year - SAFE Family Justice Centers 14: Gala After Party 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 @TEMECULACHAMBER @TEMECULACHAMBER @TEMECULACHAMBER @TEMECULACHAMBER @TEMECULACHAMBER @TEMECULACHAMBER @TEMECULACHAMBER 11 | CITYLIFESTYLE.COM/TEMECULA JUNE 2024
Temecula Valley Chamber of
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The Jester Rules



In 2014, Ettinghausen broke the world record by running 41 100 mile races in one year. To stay ahead of the pack, he sometimes runs two in a weekend.
“"I'm in uncharted territory.  Someday I will not be able to do this...but today is not that day."
- Ed Etthinghausen

Ultra marathoner Ed Ettinghausen has more US and world records than any other runner on the planet.  “I’ve done 51 100-mile races and am going for a new record this year,” the 61-year-old Murrieta resident says.  Unlike marathons which are 26.2 mile races, ultra marathons are grueling 100 mile races run over a 24 hour period.

Ettinghausen has run more hundred+ mile races than anyone else – 247 to be exact.  And the 6’2,” 186 lb father and grandfather of four has done so dressed as a court jester.  “I started that just to break up the monotony and have some fun.  I started wearing different hats that fit my personality and have been wearing the jester suit for the last year and a half.  I want people to feel like I’m approachable.”

Ettinghausen, who races all over the U.S., discovered the Valley in the 1980s on a cycling trip from Northern California to Riverside.
View Ettinghausen's motivational Tedx Talk "Chase Your Dreams & Don't Stop Until You've Outrun Everyone" at https://tinyurl.com/JesterEd.

Progressive Health & Performance

To stay in peak shape, Ettinghausen works out twice a week at Progressive Health & Performance in Murrieta, where he focuses on strength, core and stability.  "My recovery is much better and faster since I started working out at PHP," he says.  "Their trainers all have degrees in health science.  I fully trust them - they know what they're doing."  For more information, visit https://progressivehp.com.

The staff and trainers at Progressive Health & Performance in Murrieta. Ettinghausen works out with Ike, Alex and Adrian. "I fully trust them," he says.

Ettinghausen, who ran his first 100 mile race at age 46, has been a competitive runner since high school.  “What I love about running is that it’s a sport that anybody can do at any level.  It doesn’t cost more than a decent pair of shoes.  And you don’t need a team – you can do it by yourself.”

“I beat guys half my age,” Ettinghausen says.  “I’m in uncharted territory – I’d love to be able to continue running and race.”

Remembering a favorite quote, he says, “Someday I will not be able to do this…but today is not that day.”

"In Renaissance times, the jester was the only part of the royal court who could tell the king and queen what they needed to hear. It's part of my persona."
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AHEAD artist forges



Ricardo Breceda has been called an “accidental artist.” The Mexican-born sculptor who has lived in California for the last 25 years is world renowned for his larger than life art pieces. From stagecoaches to horses and even dinosaurs, Breceda’s work speaks for itself- a story of passion, talent and a unique style.

However, Breceda’s sculpting legacy is not the result of a lifelong well-studied artist. Rather, his work began at the behest of his young daughter, an avid dinosaur lover, for

Breceda aims for his work to take on a life and soul of its own.

whom he created a 20-foot tall Tyrannosaurus Rex. “I was inspired by other artists,” he said. “At the time, there was work at a smaller level but I wanted something bigger, something better.” Breceda had a fulltime job while creating this sentimental gift, but was so creatively challenged and fulfilled by the task that he began to pursue the art form with newfound vigor.

And from there, his passion and drive took over. Since the inception of his then-hobby, Breceda delved headfirst into the world of steel sculpting on a grand scale. His work is familiar to locals in the Temecula/Anza area. His leaping horses were a staple memory for many when they were located across Highway 79 near Vail Lake.

Breceda has since taken on a number of commission pieces as well as continued to create his own works. “I enjoy most being able to please people,” he said. “Especially when I have customer orders and they bring me a photo or a model and I am able to surpass their expectations. It feels good to be able to master a skill that is difficult for people. I have passion, love and desire to do this.”

A self-taught artist, Breceda’s work spans a variety of themes. While much of his work lies in animal sculptures such as horses, dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures, there are also notable influences from Western culture, such as stagecoaches, Native American art and cowboys.

“When you can create things and make people happy and make them smile, it makes you feel good,” he says.

As for his biggest challenge in this space, Breceda says that he tends to be a perfectionist.

"I make things in a way that they speak to you- they have a soul.”

While Breceda’s work can be found in many places near and far, he also has a unique display close to home. Located on a 20 acre lot on the way to the Coachella Valley is Breceda’s extraordinary sculpture garden. Over 350 unique pieces span the impressive free-standing art gallery located in Borrego Springs. While there are many well-crafted pieces peppering the landscape,


Many of Breceda's pieces can be seen driving through Borrego Springs. Breceda works with steel and other metals.

a fan favorite is the 350 ft. sea serpent that looks to be swimming across the sand.

“It’s a perfect place to have a little mark to amuse people- kids and adults alike,” said Breceda of the artistic desert oasis. “I was lucky to get to use such a space.”

Breceda’s work has been featured in a number of national and international publications and the sculpture garden boasts an impressive number of visitors. “I have a different expression for creating things,” said Breceda on the topic of why his work is appealing to so many. “My art is created piece by

piece, individually. The way they are made is incredibly unique. I make things in a way that they speak to you and they have a soul.”

As far as his favorite piece, Breceda says his favorite is “whichever piece I’m working on at the moment.”

He says that when he works on commission pieces, his goal is to make those pieces better than his last. Like many artists, Breceda also holds a special place in his heart for his first works despite their novice level. “My first three years of work are to me the most meaningful. I kept them all and don't sell them,” he said. “They

The artist at his sculpture garden in Borrego Springs. For more information, visit ricardobreceda.com.

are my “ugly” pieces but they are my favorites. They are emotional to me, to be able to know that I could create them.”

A self-taught sculptor, it is this creativity, meticulous attention to detail and fervent work ethic that have helped Breceda to be one of the top artists in this captivating field.

As for what is next for this visionary sculptor, Breceda says he hopes for traffic to the sculpture garden to grow and to be able to sell some of his ready-made creations. He also hopes to be able to create a gallery building and to expand his current acreage space.

“I hope to put in a park too. Something I can be proud of and the community too,” he said.

Much of Breceda's pieces are focused on animals or other aspects of nature.
Breceda in his workshop.
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James "Stew" STEWART


on weekends.

Stewart has an impressive collection of classic cars, including this '63 Dodge 440 cop car.



Mayor James “Stew” Stewart inside one of his eponymous barbershops in Temecula.
Stewart's Temecula barbershop on Rancho California Road where he still works

Businessman James "Stew" Stewart wears many hats.  The 63-yearold grandfather of seven is well known for his "Stew's" barbershops around the Valley – at one point he owned eight - as well as for his current role as Temecula's Mayor and member of the Temecula City Council, on which he has served since 2016.

“I’m very content being a City Councilman and making my city the best I possibly can.  This is the best place to be if you really want to impact your community because you can come up with ideas, implement them and actually see them go into effect.  I’m an action oriented kind of guy and I’m very much a doer.  Everything we do we get to see happen in almost real time,” he says.

Stewart, who was raised in Oswego, IL just outside Chicago, started a family and his first barbershop there, but dreams of living in California beckoned.  He sold his barbershop and moved his wife and three kids to Temecula in 1991.   “It couldn’t have been a better time to start a service business than when I got here.  So many people were moving to the area that it made it a perfect industry to be in at that moment in time.”  Stewart opened his first barbershop in Menifee, followed by seven more in Temecula, Murrieta, Ladera Ranch and Wildomar over the years. In 2022, he semi retired and turned his focus to politics full time.   “I sold all the shops except the one on Rancho California in Temecula where I still work on weekends,” he says. He is proud of the $133 million project the City is currently working on to add lanes and improve the 15 freeway and says

that the City is also busy looking to bring new companies to the area.  “We’re going out and looking to bring good employers to Temecula.  Our Business Development team is very intentional in trying to attract those higher paying jobs here.  And we’ve had a very good track record of doing that.”    Despite his profile in the city as businessman turned politician, a new group of residents and fans have discovered him via his popular Facebook page, Temecula Valley Fun Facts, which dishes up a thrice weekly dose of Temecula history to its 9000+ followers.  “I started that when I was mayor in 2020,” Stewart says.  “The lockdown had everybody stuck at home and I began looking at the Temecula Historical Society page and started my own page to try and get people to think about something other than Covid.  I wanted to give people a chance to drive by these old

The interior of Stewart's '63 Dodge 440 cop car, one of several unique classic cars in his collection. Stewart in front of City Hall with his '63 Dodge 440. "When I'm in that cop car, everybody smiles," he says. At one time, Stewart owned eight barbershops in the Valley. Today he is semi retired and still works weekends at his shop in Temecula.
Stewart collects memorabilia, including this old cash register and a speed bag once used by boxing great Jack Dempsey that hangs in his Temecula shop.

buildings I was talking about – kind of like a little treasure hunt for the citizens of Temecula.”  Stewart went from reposting fun facts about the city to creating his own posts, some of which have received hundreds of thousands of views.  “I really loved learning about some of the early citizens who were barbers, some of the gun fights that took place in Old Town and the Hollywood connection – in the 1920s the Hollywood elite would come out here and enjoy a few of the local Speak Easies.”

Temecula's "unofficial historian" is hoping for one more term on City Council.

“My whole goal is to keep Temecula Temecula,” he says about the city he has called home for 33 years.  “More people come to Old Town than come to the wineries.  Our Old Town is the Gaslamp district of Riverside County.  Temecula has really come into its own…there are so many reasons why people come here.”

Mayor James "Stew" Stewart inside his Temecula barbershops where he still works weekends. Stewart enjoys cruising Front Street in one of his classic cars. He has a '29 Model A convertible, a '53 MG convertible and this '63 Dodge 440 cop car. "Every Friday evening for an hour, I cruise Old Town in one of my classic cars," says Stewart.
Pictured here is his '63 Dodge 440 cop car.
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Dan Henderson, two time Olympic wrestler and MMA pioneer, in his Temecula gym.


Mixed Martial Arts Star and Two Time Olympic Athlete to Open New Brewery & Distillery Restaurant in Temecula

Mixed Martial Arts star and two time Olympic athlete Dan Henderson had no idea when he first got into wrestling at age 5 that he'd go on to become a legend in the sport and also a successful entrepreneur.  Henderson, 53, grew up in Victorville, Calif. and credits his father with first introducing him to the sport he would dominate for the next two decades.

"My dad got me into wrestling - he was a wrestler and he was my wrestling coach most of my life," he says.  Henderson competed in the 82 kilo weight class throughout high school and college and picked up a host of local and national titles over his career, including USA University Greco Roman Champion (three times), U.S. Open Senior National Champion, World Cup Silver Medalist and Pan American Games Champion.  Henderson wrestled at Cal State Fullerton but left after two years

to train and to pursue his goal of becoming an Olympic wrestler. "I made the '92 team which was in Barcelona and [the team in] Atlanta which was in '96."   He finished 10th and 12th, respectively.

After the Atlanta Games, Henderson put his career plans on hold to try out for a third Olympic team.  "I was going to start chiropractic school," he says, "but I put it off to wrestle another four years and try to make a third Olympic team."  But life had other plans.  "During that time was when I got started fighting MMA."  Henderson says he had only two weeks to prepare for his first fight.  "My first fight was in 1997 - and I had about two weeks' notice.  It was a quick turnaround.  The sport was pretty new in America.  I'd been wrestling so long that it kind of got redundant as far as the technique and the moves you learn.  There's a lot more you



can do and learn in MMA so I think it was a lot more exciting to me."  Henderson, who was 27 at the time, won his first fight and then eight more after that and credits his wrestling skills for preparing him well for his new sport.  "If it wasn't for wrestling, I wouldn't have accomplished nearly as much in MMA," he says.  "I definitely liked it and was only planning to do it [MMA fighting] for a little bit and then I fell in love with it and decided to keep going.  There weren't that many great wrestlers in MMA [at the time] and wrestling definitely helped a lot."

Henderson has traveled the world in his MMA career, including to Brazil, the UK and Japan and sustained a few injuries along the way before retiring in 2016 after a nearly 20 year career that encompassed 47 matches with 32 wins and 15 losses.

The MMA pioneer and father to three children and one step daughter, discovered Temecula years ago.  "I was driving past it to San Diego from Apple Valley and I kind of thought it would be a good place to buy property."  So he purchased a parcel of land, built a house and settled in Wine Country with his family.  And he's been here ever since, opening his first gym in Murrieta in 2003.  "The lack of places to train made me want to open up a gym - there were no MMA gyms and no MMA coaches back then.  For a while, I had been training in the wrestling room at Temecula Valley High School before I opened my gym."

In 2012, he opened Dan Henderson's Athletic Training Center in Temecula, which today offers a mix of training classes including Muay Thai, Jiu-Jitsu, cardio kickboxing, wrestling, cardio bag, strength and conditioning and yoga in a 15,000 square foot facility on Jefferson Avenue.  Henderson, who is at the gym every week day and coaches

MMA once a week, says about his gym, "We do a little bit of everything.  You can't get better coaching than we have.  Our instructors are awesome - the community I've built there is like a big family.  It's infectious - it's a lot more fun than doing the treadmill or riding a bike.  Our youngest client is probably 5 and we have people into their early 80s.  It's a fun way to get in shape - you're learning something and at the same time getting a good workout."

Henderson has also published a book, "Hendo: The American Athlete," in 2023.  "It's an autobiography of what I've done in my life and how I got there - what built me and what I've done."  He also talks about his "mental attitude which was a big part of me as a competitor - how mentally strong I was."

The athlete acknowledges his father, Bill, a school teacher who passed away in April, as the source of his mental fortitude.  "My dad instilled certain things in me that made me mentally tough.  [The weeks since his passing] "have been tough."

So with a thriving gym and a new book under his belt, Henderson is not sitting still.  He's currently working on opening Hendo's Barrel House, a restaurant/bar and distillery in Temecula in June of this year.  (See sidebar).

Henderson relishes his role as a successful local businessman and is grateful to his chosen city.  "I love it here - we've got the best spot in California.  My kids grew up here - I really fell in love with the area and the people here."  And he is excited for the future.  "Once the Barrel Room is open, I'll be able to focus on improving and creating a great community around the restaurant."  For all his success, the athlete acknowledges his sport as a major contributor.  "Once I started in MMA and the sport grew so much, it put me in a great position to do things like this."


In June, Henderson is scheduled to open a 12,500 square foot brewery/distillery/restaurant in the same building that houses his gym.  "The atmosphere will be more of a country bar/sports bar/steakhouse.  We'll have bar food like burgers, steaks, wings and we'll definitely have a few Wagyu beef selections."





There are many things that can help a room feel relaxing, but let’s keep it simple and focus on my top three. I would say that one must incorporate good lighting, great textures, and a decluttered space to truly get the cozy vibes. Let’s tackle each.


It is imperative that there are multiple sources of light in a space. A room needs a soft warm light, so I always like to use a light bulb between 2,700k and 3,000k. Also, and I see this so many times, all lights should have the same temperature light bulb to avoid clashing. It’s not enough to just have recessed or pendant lighting. I always add a table or floor lamp to a space to truly have ambient light.  Also, candles are a must for me. They can be scented candles (an extra way to add relaxation) or I like to use remote control tapered candles, so I don’t have to worry about cleaning up wax later.


Textures are seen in toss pillows, rugs, draperies, throw blankets and furniture upholstery. Textures add color, pattern and visual interest. I like to use at least three different textures to help a room feel lived-in and welcoming.


So many times, a person thinks that every nook and cranny and every wall need to have something, and this is not the case. A decluttered space is actually more relaxing because overcrowding of items doesn’t quiet the mind. Decluttering a space can be overwhelming, I get it, so just do it in stages. You’ll love the outcome when the room is tidy, organized and you are only surrounded with what brings you joy.

invest inyour living space


Perfecting Your Golf Swing

Whether you are a new golfer or have been playing for decades, we all want the same thing—to be a single-digit handicap (or better). In some professions, golfing with clients is a must, and slicing off the tee box can kill the deal.


Get fit for equipment.


If you are buying clubs off the rack, you aren’t giving yourself the best chance for success. Golf technology is evolving every year, and although you don’t need to buy a new driver each year, if you’ve been playing with the same clubs for 5+ years, it’s time to take advantage of the new equipment. Newer clubs have lower and deeper center of gravity (CG), creating an easier launch off the face. Even off-center strikes can produce a straight shot with the right set of clubs. Any major golf store will fit you for free—just make sure you get the correct length club and size grip. The clubs don’t swing themselves, so don’t neglect instruction and practice, but getting the right equipment is a vital piece of the puzzle.

On drivers and hybrids, some of the newest equipment have premium shaft options off the rack. Generally, a $300 driver has a low-grade $15 shaft that you should change. The shaft is the engine of the club, so getting custom shafts will add distance and forgiveness—guaranteed.

As for the putter, you use it more than any other club in your bag on every round of golf. It should be the most tailored club in your bag.


Get good golf instruction, REGULARLY.


We’ve all heard someone say, “I should get a lesson sometime.” To be effective, you need regular lessons from a PGA certified pro, not just one lesson. Getting quality instruction from the same instructor can turn slices into draws and give you the confidence to play with anyone on any course. Years ago, golf instructors started instruction with chipping and putting and then graduated to the driver. Now, instructors have been pressured to start with the driver because we all want to outdrive our friends. Resist that temptation! Get instruction on your short game and irons first. My friend regularly outdrives me by 50 yards, but my ball is in the hole first most of the time because of my training and practice on the short game.

Read quality golf books for a higher golf IQ.


There are thousands of golf books, but don’t worry, you only need to read a handful of them to up your golf IQ. Here are some top reads: Short game: Dave Pelz’s Short Game Bible by Dave Pelz

Mental game: Golf is Not a Game of Perfect by Bob Rotella Mechanics: Practical Golf by John Jacobs

Ball flight laws: The Practice Manual by Adam Young (only read the first 50 pages)

Practice your short game every day.


You don’t even have to spend time away from your family while practicing if you don’t have a golf simulator. You can practice putting and chipping on the carpet while watching TV with your family.

Chipping and the bump and run: The only mechanical advice I will give is the most important lesson you can learn in the short game. When you miss your approach shot you must be able to chip the ball within 8 feet of the hole for a one putt. Try this shot from Dave Peltz’s short game book. It gets me up and down from 25 yards out to just off the green.

Instructors have been pressured to start with the driver because we all want to outdrive our friends. Resist that temptation! Get instruction on your short game and irons first.

Position the ball in the back of your stance, just inside your back ankle. This will help avoid hitting it thin. That ball position will also help you hit the ball with a descending blow, and as Dave Pelz says, “hit the little ball (golf ball) before the big ball (the earth).”

Turn your feet 30 degrees toward the target and have 70% of your weight on your front foot which also promotes the descending blow.

Use a putting stroke to hit the ball. That’s right—do not use your hands or wrists for power. Using a putting stroke just off the green will create consistency and clean contact.

Don’t take the club back very far (depending on the length of the shot) and make sure your follow-through is 20% further than your backswing. This will ensure accelerating through the ball.

Use the right club. I use anything from a 9 iron to 60-degree wedge for this shot. Use a 9 iron or wedge when you need the ball to roll further once it hits the green, and use a more lofted club for less roll. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

If you perfect this shot, you’ll be chipping in and getting up and down much more often.
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JUNE 2024


Live Music: Lex Borja @ Avensole Winery

Avensole Winery - 34567 Rancho California Road | 5:00 PM

Experience the melodic vibes of Lex Borja live at the Restaurant Terrace at Avensole Winery!


Pechanga’s 13th Annual Microbrew Craft Beer & Chili Cook Off

Pechanga Resort - 45000 Pechanga Pkwy | 11:00 AM

This spicy competition showcases chili cooks from the region. Sample chili and vote, plus taste new beers from Southern California and beyond. VIP Entry 11AM. General Admission Entry 1PM.


Road To Recovery Ride -

69 Miles For Nicky

Doffo Winery - 36083 Summitville St. | 7:00 AM

Join in for a memorable 60-mile cycle ride celebrating the legacy of Nicky Hayden. Experience the stunning beauty of Temecula’s scenic routes, starting and ending at the captivating Doffo Winery.

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