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nyone who has done, or is currently striving to do it will no doubt agree. Trends come and go and it is only the recommendations that are practical and allow easy care efficiency and profitability that see more than fleeting support. Scientists and researchers are vital for exploring to provide possible answers to problems or inefficiencies in the production system, but their advice still needs to be carefully analysed for whatever scenario you are dealing with and alongside all the other factors involved in that. Sometimes advice delivered is ‘on the money’ for a majority but sometimes it can be given purely on the grounds of bringing a direct return to the

deliverer’s financing needs. ‘Follow the money” is always a good starting point in analysis, however cynical that may sound. The objective recording systems of Lambplan, Merino Select and Breedplan are, and have been absolutely crucial in fuelling and driving the amazing progression seedstock breeders have achieved with productivity and efficiency in the last few decades. As the saying goes, “You can’t improve what you can’t measure.” A multitude of data is now available on a majority of rams offered up as prime lamb sires and also from the equally important maternal side of the breeding equation. However,

while that information is available, interpreting it for your immediate needs, to identify the most profitable investment you can make is a little harder and for some, confusing. The mistake is often made to simplify selections down to the latest trendy single trait. I would never recommend anyone purchasing on single trait selection criteria. There are always correlations and some of these are quite negative to your overall objective, so what you gain in one area you can lose in the other. Why replace one problem with another? When a measurement first appears or is published we tend to see a spike in single trait selections.

For example, take measurement for eye muscle depth. Obviously we need a certain level of muscling when producing an animal to be marketed for its meat content. Increasing the eye muscle depth increases yield. Before you all say high muscling selection is great, there are correlations here that may not be wanted. Eye muscle depth is directly related to shorter bone length and earlier maturity. Shorter bone appears all over the body, so you will get dumpier little sheep with squarer shoulders and shorter necks and

smaller pelvic area. Most producers can guess what that can lead to: more lambing troubles, or if smaller lambs, lower survival rates. We are all guilty of being plungers. We think that if a 2.0 EBV for muscling is good, then 3 and then 4 must be better. Not necessarily so. We need to consider our markets and where the most profitable outlet is and what carcase weight they require. If that is a heavyweight carcase then a smaller early maturing animal is not going to cut it, just as a late maturing big animal is not ideal for finished lightweight carcases. Somewhere in the middle allows more flexibility to hit multiple market specifications. Selection for every trait needs to be considered in context with how it affects other traits, then identifying the ones that are most important for your production needs. To do all that you have to identify what it is you are trying to produce. You then need to have developed a total production plan that will allow you to achieve that. Then you can undertake planned selection action in purchasing the best genetic inputs, rather than reacting to trends and fads. Look at the total package. Sheep come as a whole, not in little bits, so don’t select in little bits. Balance is the key. Plan, enact and be patient. Anything worth achieving usually takes a little effort and time, but once on course, radical change is unlikely to ever be needed.

ABOVE: Selection of the ideal stock for your breeding program requires a balanced selection policy to match your market objectives.



amilton sheep breeders Matt and Tanya Tonissen have seen unprecedented demand for their productive maternal and terminal meat sheep, over the last few years.

“We’ve developed a Merino flock conversion clientele and among our composite clients for ewe lamb joinings. “Some of the composite breeders are also starting to put them over older ewes.”

Located in the centre of south-west Victoria’s prime lamb producing country, the Tonissens now sell in excess of 700 rams a year across their Chromedale, Perendale, Coopworth, Poll Dorset and Icon Southie breeds. “Chrome” hosts two major on-property sales annually, the main sale in October and the second in January caters for clients with later joining flocks.

He said the Icon Southies certainly had more genetic fat at a younger age which gave them advantages in cold, wet weather.

Exceptional clearance rates at their on property Auctions, suggests the sheep are doing a great job for commercial producers as repeat clients compete with new buyers, from all parts of Southern Australia to get their share of rams. Major Embryo Transfer and AI programs using their best elite ewes has enabled increased numbers, while simultaneously improving quality of the rams they offer. Starting from their Icon Poll Dorset Stud and Coopworth stud bases, the Tonissens have expanded to breed composite maternal sheep relevant to their customer’s needs. Key aims have been to produce highly productive efficient sheep of medium adult weight, high fertility and early growth.

Most of the Icon Southie rams are being sold as typical domestic or trade spring lamb markets. The lambs are early maturing, have good doing ability and feed conversion, and consistent tight skins desired by the trade. Matt said he is encouraged by the effect the Chrome sheep are having on clients’ operations, with productivity and profitability increasing, buying the “farm next door” has become a reality “Our success is largely due to our clients’ success.” Many of the Chrome ram clients are reporting ewes dropping 170180 percent lambs, resulting in marking rates around the 150 percent mark. In Chrome’s own flock, their stud maternal ewe lambs this year scanned at a whopping 157%

ABOVE: 700 Chrome maternal ewe lambs, preg scanned at 157%.

The “Chromedale” has carved a reputation as the mainstream maternal sire for the majority of Chrome clients. Compounded for type, the Chromedale balances up what most producers are after. Outstanding mothering ability, worm resistant, medium framed, highly fertile ewes are just a few of the benefits of the Chromedale maternals. The black-hooved Perendales have proven to be tough, suited to wet conditions and worm resistant, helping to pull back adult ewe weights to give greater efficiency. Chrome has really built a reputation as “the place to go” for consistent, reliable maternal rams. The most recent success story at Chrome – the Icon Southie – a Southdown-Poll Dorset composite, has been enthusiastically adopted by many district sheep producers for the turnoff of quick-growing, early maturing, well muscled domestic lambs. With its hard black hooves, ease of lambing, compact structure, hardiness and tight skins the Icon Southie had developed a following in wetter areas and across a broad range of flocks. 3


aving a profitable prime lamb operation which can fit within a mixed cropping system plays a big part in how Graeme Robertson chooses his ram genetics.

Graeme’s selection of rams from Paradoo Prime comes down to looking at production figures, but relying heavily on the visual assessment of the sheep, for which Graeme enlists the help of a stock agent.

Graeme, who with wife Susan, farm the property ‘Hillside” at Kanagulk, north of Balmoral, aim to keep their prime lamb production as simple as possible to fit within their 3000-acre cropping operation.

“We have chosen composite genetics because it gives us the best results on the ground and fit into our operation,” Graeme said.

“It’s the same at lambing, we are putting crop in at that time, so we can’t be checking the sheep as often as dedicated prime lamb breeders do, they have to look after themselves a bit while we are busy with other activities on the farm.” That need led to Graeme purchasing Paradoo Prime genetics for the first time seven years ago. “We aren’t trying to be world beaters, but we are trying to produce a lamb that has good muscle, that grows well, and gives us a good even line of lambs to finish and sell.”

In reality, that is one of most important aspects for Graeme – the progeny the Paradoo Prime sires produce fit neatly into the Robertson’s farming calendar thanks largely to their easy lambing and solid growth rates.

little weaners, and the rams are not too big physically to join to a young ewe. “Out of 600 weaners we join, we wouldn’t assist more than few at lambing.” The balance of the “Hillside” flock is joined to Dorset rams, with about 3900 lambs produced annually on the property. It is the easy management to an end goal of Parado Prime genetics which appeals to Graeme, who also crops 3000 acres of “Hillside”. “The sheep just have to do their job,” he said.

“Hillside” runs a 3300-head composite ewe flock joining in early December and lambing from May through to August (older ewes from May to July, maiden ewes from June to August).

“In our operation, where we are mixing sheep and cropping, and we find the sheep are easier of the two operations to manage and make a good return from.

“We find the Paradoo rams are really good for joining ewe lambs” Graeme said.

“We have the feed, so rather than sell the lambs as stores, we will finish them off on the crop stubbles.”

“The rams ensure our lambing is very easy … they don’t produce massive lambs at birth which is perfect for the

Those crop stubbles include fodder rape, bean, lupin, pea or barley depending on cropping rotation on “Hillside” in any given year, and if seasons allow, have been used to finish off up to 1400 traded store lambs. Each November, Graeme offloads 2200 lambs through over-the-hook sales to buyers including Coles, Woolworths and the Australian Lamb Company, and aims to finish them to between 20kilogram and 35 kilograms (carcase weight). Graeme also uses the stubbles to grow out his young ewes. “There aren’t too many industries that have given such solid returns for as long as what lamb has, so it’s a good game to be in, and the inputs are much less than cropping. “It is certainly something we are looking at – reducing our cropping in favour of sheep because the numbers stack up much better.”

TOP LEFT: Paradoo Prime Rams ABOVE LEFT: Paradoo Prime Flock Ewes




akwood recently relocated its stud sheep flock to Poolaijelo just over the Victorian border, 45 kilometres south east of Naracoorte and 50km north of Casterton. Duncan has fast-tracked the stud’s growth in just a few years to 250 Suffolk, 350 White Suffolk and 110 Poll Dorset ewes. The 2016 joined ewes to weaned lambs was 182% and this year the ewe weaners scanned at 139%. Through careful selection, Duncan’s entire 2016 White Suffolk drop averaged 202 on the Carcase Plus index. Oakwood paid the $11,500 record price for a Suffolk ram lamb and has paid the record price for Suffolk ewes twice. He bought the $4750 record price White Suffolk ewe at the 2015 Royal Adelaide Show Elite Sale and was the major buyer at the Wheetelande dispersal. Duncan’s sheep breeding focus is on traits that will deliver commercial

benefits to commercial producers through building profitability. These traits include high dressing percentage, lean meat yield and cold tolerance. About one-third of lambs lost at birth die from cold exposure and starvation. New Zealand’s Lincoln University has identified a gene associated with a lamb’s ability to metabolise brown fat and survive cold snaps. All Oakwood Suffolk and White Suffolk sires have the highest rating for cold tolerance and the gene is passed to all their progeny. “Since the number of lambs that survive to weaning is more important economically than the individual growth rate of a lamb then cold tolerance should be selected for when buying rams,” Duncan said. The first on-property sale at Poolaijelo will be held on Thursday 12 October offering about 100 stud and flock Suffolk, White Suffolk and Poll Dorset sired rams and 60 Suffolk and White Suffolk ewes. “We have also trademarked Tenderlamb Ram in anticipation of processors offering a financial incentive for high eating quality. About half of the rams on offer this year will qualify as Tenderlamb Rams and all will have the cold tolerance gene,” he said. “DNA testing has supported the fact that Suffolk sheep are the number 1 terminal breed for tenderness and a line of the White Suffolk’s are being bred for tenderness.” Oakwood will host an Open Day on Friday 29 September to inspect the sale sheep. A feature of the day will be a presentation on ‘Changing industries – reverting blue gums to prime lambs’ including discussion on development costs, machinery displays and guest speaker Dr Bruce Armstrong providing expert insights on “Agronomy – the key to cost control and full production”. The day starts at 2pm at 275 Ferguson Road, Poolaijelo. Contact Duncan on dtyg@bigpond.com or 0428 835 259.

TOP LEFT: Glencraig Kent - Australias No 1 Suffolk sire with sons and daughters in the sale. 6


Offering Professional Forestry Advice to the Farming Community

For More Information on how we can help call Mike Lawson today on: 0407 932 703

info@sfmes.com.au www.sfmes.com.au


t Konongwootong we aim to produce a line of commercially focused, high performing, low maintenance rams to suit today’s prime lamb producer. We place an emphasis on

• High Fertility

• Bio-security

• Early Maturity

• Brucellosis Accredited

• Profitability

Our flock rams are paddock reared on good quality pastures and are not given any grain supplementation. Flock rams are run in a single management group from weaning to sale time and all treated identically. We are part of Lambplan and consider EBV figures to be of value but only as a secondary guide after structural soundness and visual assessment. We aim to breed rams, which will produce quality prime lambs for the Export and Trade markets thus giving the prime lamb producer the dual opportunity to sell his lambs as Trade or Export suckers.

• Reliability • Structural Soundness

As well as our Poll Dorset stud, we run 3500 commercial, self -replacing Dorset Coopworth cross ewes; so we are well aware of the needs of the prime lamb producer. We would like to extend an invitation to prime lamb producers to view our team at Sheepvention, any of our local shows and Melbourne Royal or by appointment, prior to our Annual Sale on Thursday19th October at 1:30 pm at Konongwootong.

ABOVE: Konongwootong Prime lamb suckers at Hamilton Sale yards. 31/2-4 months old.



fter a very successful sale last year we are looking forward to this selling season, with our main focus being to breed a good line of well grown sound flock rams presented in condition ready

to go to work. As many clients are looking to purchase rams with better ASBVs we have introduced genetics from Ivadene 89-15 with figures of 16.7 pw growth -0.6 pw fat 3.04 pw muscle and Derrynock 331-15 a spring drop ram with ASBVs of 15.85

pw growth -1.25 pw fat and 1.65 pw muscle. A lot of the better rams are still by Glen Devon 370-10 as he breeds length in his progeny that displays good muscle and have good downs type skins. The majority of the other rams are sired by ram lambs which we test mated. We will again offer two stud rams this year .One a son of GD 370-10 whose dam is an Ashbank 25-10 daughter which has been a very reliable mating. The other is a grandson of GD 370-10 that has ample growth and muscle. We have continued to maintain our high standards with our health status, the property being accredited brucellosis free No 280 and our OJD status MN3V. The sale will be held in conjunction with Leenala at the Naracoorte Show Grounds on the 9th of October at 1.30 pm. This will be our last combined sale as Lyn and Alan have dispersed their stud. We intend to hold our own sale in 2019 at the same venue on the second Monday in October. Looking forward to catching up on the 9th where you can inspect the rams and enjoy lunch and refreshmenst after the sale.

ABOVE: Wrattenbullie Sale Rams



an and Barbara Nitschke realise the need for balance in their sheep. Firstly they look for structure and soundness and with maximum muscling in the high yield areas. You also need rams with a little more fat cover which will give you quality and tenderness in the meat. Ian breeds rams with big loin to muscle ratio where all the expensive cuts are. While showing our sheep is a great PR exercise, it also enables us to be aware of changes in the industry and to see how our rams perform against the elite of the breed. While Ian is very successful in the show ring with once again bringing home numerous broad and single ribbons from the Royal Adelaide Show, his main interest is seeing how our sheep compare in muscle and structure, EMD’s of 46-50 are very pleasing to see and were evident in most of our scanning figures. Our clients recognise the superior performance of these rams, not only in the show ring but also in the paddock.

ABOVE: WELL-MUSCLED: Barbara and Ian Nitschke, Glenarbian, Millicent, and judge Robert Mitchell, Ronobri, Lockington, Vic, with the champion Texel ram.

This year the Glenarbian Stud will again present top quality rams at their sale all of which could stand up successfully against any in the industry. Our rams are all over structurally sound and have well balance ASBV’s and will enhance the profitability of our clients. We have been having an excellent lambing season with more multiple births recorded this year than ever before. We expect multiple births from our White Suffolk’s but the Texel’s have been performing exceptionally as well with one ewe raising quads successfully and several sets of triplets being born. Of course the abundant feed this year has been a bonus but Ian’s attention to genetic traits also plays and important part in his breeding program which we hope will benefit our clients by achieving higher returns. Ian and Barbara will offer 120 White Suffolk rams and 10 Texel rams for sale on Thursday October 5th at their Millicent property and look forward to catching up with clients over a barbeque and drink prior to the sale.



f ‘Ol’ Blue Eyes’ “Did it my way”, then the Schinckel family at Naracoorte has also been breeding high quality Poll Dorsets ‘their way’ for just under 60 years. However their ‘final curtain’ closes this year on Monday October 9th. On the morning they will offer approximately 130 stud ewes in their second and final stage dispersal, all 2016 drops. This will be followed by their final annual ram sale, again being held at the Naracoorte Showground on Monday 9th October in the afternoon and in conjunction with Wrattenbullie. 120 Leenala stud and flock rams are on offer as in past years. The quality is up to and arguably beyond that of recent years. Champion Poll Dorset ram at last year’s Hamilton Sheepvention completed a ‘hat trick’ of wins of this award in the last three years. While show awards are always a good assessment of phenotype in particular, it is the combination of this and the performance levels under Lambplan that should attract the attention of prime lamb industry producers.

The decision to disperse was a life and family decision and obviously didn’t come easily. However their decades of dedicated breeding can now be infused into other studs with the sale of the final ewe portion. The first stage dispersal last November saw 274 ewes sell to buyers from four states to a top of $2700 and average $708. The ram offering promises to be Leenala’s best yet and should excite stud and prime lamb producers alike. The unique Leenala type of free moving, functional, clean pointed, highly fertile rams supported by excellent Lambplan figures for growth and carcase traits are just the type needed to allow breeders to target both trade and/or export markets. That consistent quality and flexibility is rare in meat sheep studs and this sale presents the last opportunity to directly invest in these genetics. Any current or aspiring Poll Dorset breeders should mark this date in their calendar. To be able to purchase highest quality ewes from a stud right at its peak presents an extremely rare opportunity indeed. Updates on the rams and ewes coming up for sale can be viewed on the Leenala website (www. leenalapolldorsets.com.au) with all final stage dispersal sale ewes independently listed.

TOP LEFT: Pictured is Alan and Lyn Schinckel’s (right) 2016 Hamilton Sheepvention champion Poll Dorset ram after it sold at their 2016 annual ram sale for the $10,000 top price to Tallageira Pastoral, Naracoorte. Also pictured are Mat McDonald and Sue Cother representing sale agents SAL & Elders.



Consistent Commercial Relevance More Profitable More Often

Leenala Poll Dorsets Last Chance!

“The decisions we end up regretting are about the opportunities we didn’t take.”

Last stage dispersal sale combined with last annual ram sale

Monday October 9th 130 2016 drop ewes - 11am 125 2016 drop rams - 1:30pm Check for details - all sale ewes will be listed on website Enquiries always welcome Contact: Alan & Lyn Schinckel Ph: (08) 8764 2156 Mob: 0428 838 680 Email: leenala@schinckel.net



Jamie Morton Shearing Services

Contact Jamie i Morton Sh Shearing h i Services S i for clean, reliable, stress free job at reasonable rates! EŽǁ ŽīĞƌŝŶŐ ĨƵůů ĐŽŶƚƌĂĐƚ Θ ĐŽƐƚ ƐĞƌǀŝĐĞƐ &Žƌ Ăůů LJŽƵƌ ƐŚĞĂƌŝŶŐ ĂŶĚ ĐƌƵƚĐŚŝŶŐ ŶĞĞĚƐ ^ĞƌǀŝĐŝŶŐ ƚŚĞ ^ŽƵƚŚ ĂƐƚ ŽĨ ^ŽƵƚŚ ƵƐƚƌĂůŝĂ Θ tĞƐƚĞƌŶ sŝĐƚŽƌŝĂ Phone

08 8737 3917


0429 363 280


ue to the high use of nitrogen fertiliser, greater cropping intensity and the removal of high crop and hay yields, acidification of sub-surface soil layers is ever increasing in the pastoral districts of SA and VIC and needs to be

responsibly managed by land owners to maximise ongoing land yields. When the soil falls below a soil pH of 5.0 (CaCl2) then productivity and health of crops and pastures starts to fall, toxic amounts of aluminium

can be released into the soil solution, microbial activity starts to decline and nutrients such as phosphorus, magnesium, calcium and molybdenum become less available. Prevention is the best strategy and the aim is to maintain the soil pH (0-10 cm) at or above pH 5.5 (CaCl2). Intensive sampling in recent years has shown that that many paddocks in the susceptible areas have a surface and sub-surface pH less than pH 5.0 (CaCl2). Lime is the most effective and economical method for the treatment of acid soils. Lime (calcium carbonate) and other lime sources will raise the soil pH and increase the productivity of crops and pastures. Lime reduces soil acidity by neutralising acid reactions with in the soil. Lime should be applied before the pH falls below pH 5.0 (CaCl2) Here at BRUHN Limestone we have an excellent Ag Lime product boasting a TNV (Total neutralising value) of 100% (ideal 90% -100%) and an ENV (Effective neutralising value) of 78% (Ideal 65% -80%) This analysis was conducted by APAL Magill SA on the 14/7/17 and is available on request.

ABOVE: Bruhn Lime being spread



focus on moderate birth weight with an average or shorter gestation length, and increased milk production, has helped to decrease ewe assist rate at birth, therefore improving lambing ease and lift lamb survival in commercial ewes at Derrynock to above 95%, which is well above the industry standard of around 70%. We are very excited about the results we are achieving, in particular when incorporating selection pressure on the gestation length as part of our overall lamb survival strategy. With scanning rates reaching 185-190% in our commercial flock of approx 600 Meat Maternal ewes in recent years, it was time to increase our focus on lamb survival. Obviously, the management and nutrition of the ewe will always have the greatest influence over lamb survival. However, there are huge benefits to be gained from having stronger lambs at birth, with a greater cold tolerance, and plenty of quality milk available at birth.

resulted in a lamb survival rate of 95% at birth, over all birth type categories. The flock pregnancy scanned at 180% average over all year drops, and achieved one of our key production criteria of having a triplet scan rate of less than 5% (actual triplet rate 3%). We look forward to the results of a further trial we are conducting this year on our commercial ewe lambs. The ewe lambs were six months old at joining and averaged approximately

43kg. So far we have seen gestation lengths as short as 140 days. We are hopeful that conducting economically relevant sire progeny tests, utilising our commercial ewe flock, that we will continue to improve the profitability of our commercial clients.

ABOVE: Derrynock meat maternal rams

We are finding our best results are coming from ewes having 4.5 -5.5 kg lambs at birth. This has meant we can utilise rams with higher birth weights, and subsequent growth rates, that also have shorter gestation length ASBV’s. Lambs that are born at a shorter gestation length are not necessarily lighter, but are born with a lot more ease. They generally appear wetter at birth, and the ewes appear to lamb quickly and with vastly fewer presentation issues. The actual gestation length of the ewes recorded over the past 8-10 years has varied from 141 days to 154 days. We would say that approximately 90% of lambing problems occur in those ewes lambing after 149 days, with a higher incidence of presentation issues, big lambs, dry or yellow coloured, or stressed lambs at birth. Emphasis on good smooth shoulder and neck placement is also important. As a direct result of the information gathered from Gestation length (gl) progeny testing over the past 3 years in our commercial and stud flocks, we have seen a reduction in our birth assist rate to less than 1% in approximately 600, 2010/2015 drop ewes for our 2017 lambing. This has



fter 85 years of nation leading Suffolk breeding and 61 years of breeding outstanding Poll Dorsets, you would imagine it would be hard for the Allendale stud to continue its rate of improvement and capacity to match market needs with its prime lamb industry studs. However, that is exactly what Alastair and Jayne Day and family have done, despite coming off record breaking years in 2015 and 2016. That included new Australian auction record priced Suffolk rams of $13,500 in 2015 and then $14,000 at last year’s annual sale to Jeff McCallum, Wilochra Props, Melrose. The good news is the Suffolk sires behind last year’s offering that saw stud rams average $6618, flock rams average $1253 and ewes an extraordinary $1400 are again a dominant force behind this year’s offering of 105 head (15 stud rams, 50 flock rams and 40 stud ewes). They are a combination of their outstanding and long established family lines mixed with select infusions of leading New Zealand genetics.

44th Annual Sale

Friday, October 6th - 11am



MN3 Vacc




They include A141434, an outstanding carcase ram and son of Mornish 10/12, the Christchurch interbreed champion from 2013 and still having an influence in the latest generations. A121070’s record speaks for itself, being the sire of the 2015 Adelaide & Melbourne champions and the 2015 then Australian record priced ram at $13,500. Finally but far from least, A141495, a paternal brother of the 2106 Melbourne interbreed champion sired a particularly strong 2016 drop that will feature very prominently in this year’s sale offering. The Allendale Poll Dorset stud is also very prominent, having reached the 60 year milestone last year since foundation by stud principal, Alastair Day’s grandfather in 1956. 124 Poll Dorsets will make up this year’s offering; 12 stud rams, 100 flock rams and 12 stud ewes and the quality has never been better. Alastair’s father and senior adviser, Graham Day is exceptionally excited about the quality of the Allendale Poll Dorset lines, saying, “There are some absolute cracking rams there this year!� Derrynock 131 has entered the legends book at Allendale, continuing to be a sire of huge influence within the stud, with a son, A.140147 also very prominent in this draft as a sire. Derrynock 183 is another awesome carcase ram and is also well represented, having sired the interbreed sires progeny group at last year’s Melbourne Royal. A.140216 is a top son of A.82/12 and exudes all his sire’s powerful performance, while A.Legend, the Adelaide interbreed champion in 2104 continues to have an impact, including through his daughters. Excellent and balanced Lambplan figures support the outstanding phenotype of the Allendale sheep in both breeds. More sale updates will be available on the Allendale website (www.allendalestuds.com) or on Facebook.




ABOVE: Alastair Day holds Allendale 151609 by Mornish 18/12 (NZ) pictured after selling for a new Australian record price of $14,000 to Jeff McCallum, Melrose at last year’s Allendale sheep sale. This was the second year in a row that Allendale has set a new breed record.


erformance measurement starts with all mating data recorded by members of the Price family on their Glencoe property. Every lamb is weighed and tagged at birth with records taken on birth type (S,Tw,Trp), rear type and any issues that may arise. This year that means approximately 1300 individual animals will be recorded on the LambPlan database. Further measurements are taken at weaning, and post weaning. Accurate data collection and selection for sound conformation has resulted in Majardah sheep averaging 10 C+ index points above breed average over the entire 2016 drop giving clients a performance advantage in their prime lamb enterprises. With 1300 stud lambs to select from Majardah clients can be confident that their rams will improve growth rates, muscling and finishing in their prime lamb enterprises. Replacement ewes in the stud are selected on conformation and LambPlan data as are all 280 rams to be sold. “Performance backed by type and functionality are key attributes if we are to maintain our success in the industry,� said Adam Price.

Biosecurity is very important with only stud sheep run on the Majardah home property. The flock is Ovine brucellosis, MN1 and MSA accredited. WEC or worm resistant testing is also undertaken on sale rams In 2016 Majardah rams were purchased by local producers and prime lamb specialists in Western Australia and all areas of South

Australia and Victoria. ‘Repeat buyers are the backbone of the enterprise purchasing most of the 280 rams on offer,� explained Dale Price.

ABOVE: Majardah Rams ready to serve ewe

140 rams will be offered at 1:00pm on property Monday 25th September with the assistance of Miller Whan & John and Elders Seedstock Specialists.

MAJARDAH POLL DORSET & WHITE SUFFOLK STUD Flock No. 1886 & No. 540 OB Free Acc. 580 OJD MN1 Vac.

5$0 SALE MONDAY 2 7+ SEPTEMBER 130 ON PROPERTY 1861 KANGAROO FLAT ROAD, GLENCOE 6$ 2IIHULQJ 3ROO 'RUVHW 5DPV :KLWH 6XIIRON 5DPV All rams selected for sound conformation, moderate BWT, growth, muscle and worm resistance Young rams bred for commercial use Performance backed by 4 years of breeding Inspection from 11:30am Lunch Srovided 2 Ram ASBVs Averages Majardah Poll Dorset Majardah White Suffolk Terminal CONTACT:

BWT 0.3 0. 0.2

WWT . .

PWWT . 14. 1 .

PFat -0. 0. -0. ELDERS JAMIE BELLINGER 0428 814 997

DALE & RUTH PRICE 0428 394 300 ADAM PRICE 0428 230 100 Email: majardah@bigpond.com



PEMD 2.3 . 6 1.

-2 -2 -


/2020 114. 11 . .

C+ . 19 .2 1 .



ike any good investment you need to ensure that you are maximising every opportunity to be able to get the best return from your investment. Livestock is no different and if anything, greater emphasis needs to be placed on the well-being to guarantee the earning potential is at its greatest. Gone are the days of working outside in yards, during winter through wind, rain and mud or in summertime in the direct heat from the sun. Spanlift has have come up with a range of yard cover designs to suit nearly every type stock yard. With the in-house design team and years of experience combined, they can come up with a finished product

that is simply functional in keeping the weather off the yards. Their proven clear span design represents a practical application assisting in reducing noise by way of curved roof design. And let’s not forget the Spanlift hot dipped galvanised frame for longevity. They do offer a 50-year structural warranty after all giving peace of mind. Covering the yards not only allows more comfort for those working underneath, but also assist when it comes to drenching, drafting and even lamb marking. Nobody enjoys having to work out in the open with wet sheep. Also, the yards themselves will be protected and the overall longevity of them will be far greater.

Superior protection for your sheep, yards and workers Yard Covers

Shearing Sheds

Some things to consider when looking at a new yard cover that Spanlift can assist with in the design: • Natural lighting where you need it most • Building over existing pens with minimal disruption • Gable infills, angled skillion covers and part walls to suit the sun angles at your site • Provision for loading facilities • Extra height in truck access areas • Column protector systems to prevent animal bruising • Gate hinges welded onto columns as suited • Water discharge and collection to suit your site layout But Spanlift can do more than just stock yard covers, they also specialise in a range of rural buildings. Whether you were wanting to store hay or grain, machinery sheds, workshops or even replace the rickety old shearing shed with something that is modern with all latest internal fittings and fixtures. Any new Shearing Shed should be designed for maximum productivity. Spanlift can provide you with a purpose-built Shearing Shed that is more than just a shed. They are happy to work with your fit-out specialist to provide the best result. Something to keep in mind - all Spanlift’s sheds and rural buildings have a fully hot dipped galvanised steel frame and with clear span from 12m – 60m, they can cover just about everything coming with a vast range of options including wide bays or varying bay sizes, roller & sliding doors, open sides or ends, roof only structures. The options are endless in being able to design something to meet even the toughest of requirements. We suggest you contact Spanlift on 1300 234 321 or visit their website www.spanlift.com.au to discuss your shed requirements and arrange your free on-farm appointment to assist with the design of your new rural structure.

Sheds Built to last a lifetime

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&XVWRP GHVLJQV WR VXLW \RXU ƬW RXW UHTXLUHPHQWV 100% Australian BHP Structural Steel Fully Hot Dipped Galvanized Structural Steel Frame Standard Clear Span Designs from 12m - 60m Modular Frame System - Easily Extendable

John or! Gat

And right now, Spanlift has a fantastic opportunity going to win one of the sought-after John Deere Gator HUV855D. By ordering now, the customer name will be entered into a draw to win the Gator. The first 25 orders will have the chance to win this beauty; that’s a 1-in-25 chance to win, they will draw the lucky winner on Dec 18, 2017, so you can have that new Gator under your Christmas Tree. Check it out at www.spanlift.com. au/win. What are the odds, we ask you…

Call 1300 234 321 or visit www.spanlift.com.au ABOVE: Example of Spanlift’s many shearing sheds. 18


he rack of lamb is still one of the highly ordered meals in restaurants in Australia and around the world. With most lambs having 13 ribs and 15 – 20% having 14 ribs, everyone benefits from having an extra rib. Warrawindi is taking steps towards this goal selecting genetics from all over Australia with high growth rates and extra loin. These sheep are more profitable for us the producer and the processor. This year’s sale rams by Bundara Downs 14/6194, Derrynock 09/0172 and their elite sons have produced rams that are longer and visually look like they have an extra rib. A major AI program at Warrawindi in Jan 17 with 4 of the best rams in the country has delivered some very exciting prospects for next season. Warrawindi continues to strive for excellence in the lamb industry and invite you to inspect our sale rams at any time by appointment. This is our 13th sale on Friday the 13th 2017 at 3pm. viewing from 1pm. The sale will consist of 150 Poll Dorset’s, 15 Suffolk’s and 10 Border Leicester’s. We are approved Johnes vaccinated, Brucellosis free and above average Lambplan figures.

ABOVE: Warra M Border Leicester 4th in group class. Mason Galpin, Max Beighton, Bentley Galpin



ur focus is to breed a type of sheep that maximises profitability for our clients, as well as for our own commercial flock. From our experience, this as a sheep that is highly fertile and has a balance of quick growth rate to market weights with minimal supplementary feed and high quality bright wool that can withstand varied weather conditions. Sound structure of backs, shoulders, legs, feet and mouth structure is a high priority of ours, given that a self-replacing ewe flock is one of the best features of the breed, and makes a huge impact on the profitability of a sheep enterprise. Glen Holme Dohnes pride themselves in presenting paddock raised sheep for sale, as opposed to shed prepared animals. We recognise that our clients

purchase rams to join with ewes in their own paddocks. They require rams who can survive and be productive in an extensive environment, without pampering or lengthy acclimatisation periods. As such, our paddock raised rams are subject to environmental conditions, including wet weather, dry spells and limited feed. As well as reflecting living conditions that they will move onto, it allows us to observe productivity and resilience, to select the best animals.

Glen Holme Dohnes challenge this concept of raising their animals in real conditions. Earlier this year we attended the Pooncarie Field Day with some sheep for display. Whilst there, we entered 3 young ewes in the prime lamb competition. These ewes were selected visually from within the flock, and without any special treatment, loaded on the trailer, driven to Pooncarie and penned for the competition. This group was awarded 1st prize in the Merino Lamb class.

At Glen Holme, the wet summer period of 2016-17 enabled us to challenge our wool types and breech cover against weathering and resistance to flystrike, with pleasing results under high pressure. Similarly, the dry start to winter and lack of feed available has helped to highlight animals able to perform better in tough conditions.

Glen Holme Dohne Stud have a Sire in the Merino Lifetime Productivity Trial at Harrow VIC, conducted by the Elders Balmoral Sire Evaluation Group. This Sire is performing well against 24 Merino Sires and is ranked as a trait leader for weaning weight, post-weaning weight, breech wrinkle, sound legs and feet, non-fibre pigmentation and face cover. This trial is on-going. Our On-Property Auction is at 1pm Thursday 21st of September. Inspections are welcome from 10am on the day, and a light lunch will be provided prior to the sale. We are offering 90 Purebred Dohne Rams, and 110 Commercial Dohne Ewes. Our Rams are sold with production figures. The ASBV’s and lot details will be available on the Glen Holme Website from the beginning of September, or contact us for a copy. Already on the website is a downloadable copy of our Reference Sires; a brief description of each Sire’s individual traits, and how he has expressed these within his progeny. Take the opportunity to purchase your livestock, enjoy your trip or even extend your stay in the beautiful area. Purchases can be delivered by arrangement. Please feel free to discuss your needs.

TOP LEFT: Glen Holme Dohnes Awarded 1st Prize Merino Lamb, Pooncarie Field Day 2017



heir Days Whiteface White Suffolk stud could certainly be assessed under any fair judgement to have qualified for its motto of “Industry leading Whiteface genetics�, although they would personally hesitate to make such a claim. They much prefer to let their sheep quality to do the talking for them. An inspection of their outstanding drafts of White Suffolk rams and ewes coming up for sale this year should leave no-one in doubt. 18 stud and 140 flock rams, plus 30 stud ewes will be on offer at their annual sale on Friday 6th October.

The ongoing refinement and identification of the best genetics for this purpose now sees a very even quality and type line, with an increased 50 rams on offer this year. They were highly sought after last year and now days, traditional ram choices to produce prime lamb dams are no longer an automatic choice. Highly productive composites such as those being offered by Days Whiteface on October 6th are more readily available, and the Day rams are more than worthy of consideration. Further details are available on their website, www.dayswhiteface.com.au or on Facebook.

ABOVE: White Suffolk rams like these are being offered by Days Whiteface at their annual ram sale along with a great draft of maternal composites.

Select infusions of high quality and elite performance genetics have been infused into their outstanding base flock with exceptional results. Rams and semen packages from Trigger Vale, Ashmore, Anden, Ella Matta and Waratah bring elite performance levels and great benchmarking assessment advantages, while exceptional balanced structure has always been a hallmark of Day family livestock. Their homebred sire Days 140320 that was champion and reserve interbreed champion in Melbourne, plus reserve senior champion at both Adelaide and Hamilton in 2015 is also breeding the house down with several top sons in this year’s offering. However there is another exciting string to the Days Whiteface bow in the sheep world. Keen to cater for all sides of the prime lamb industry, several years ago the Days commenced production of maternal composite rams to produce superior dams for their highly ranked White Suffolks to go over. While White Suffolks have been used for commercial dam purposes as well, Days have combined their attributes with those of a few renowned high fecundity breeds to produce purpose bred maternal composites.



Industry Leading Whiteface Genetics


WHITE SUFFOLK 18 stud rams 30 stud ewes ÀRFN UDPV





owever, not everyone does that simple research and not all top performing rams achieve the levels of competition their genetic performance warrants. The lucky lamb producers are the ones who arrive at an identified superior performing stud and find limited competition. If lamb producers applied the same attention to detail that numerous croppers do, they should be knocking each other over to get some of the Pepperton Poll Dorset

or White Suffolk rams produced by Roger and Dianne Trewick at Elmore. The Trewicks hold an annual buyer friendly sale in October, this year on Monday 16th October, this year at the Elmore Field Days site. They will be offering their top 80 rams, 50 Poll Dorsets and 30 White Suffolks, plus for the first time, 60 stud ewes, thus offering a great opportunity for established or prospective new stud producers as well. The ewes will be 30 from each breed and will be either

‘scanned in lamb’, of with ‘lambs at foot’. Glasser Total Sales Management will be running the sale. Make no bones about it; Roger and Dianne Trewick’s rams present extremely well straight out of the paddock with no masking from a pumped up feeding regime, and

their level of verifiable performance is absolutely exceptional. Quiet achievers, the Pepperton flock ranks at the very pinnacle of the meat sheep industry with their performance levels. With over 600 breeding ewes in these two top industry breeds, the Pepperton Poll Dorset flock ranks a staggering 18 points above Lambplan

The genetics & performance to spice up your breeding program

” n o t r e p p e P “

Poll Dorsets & White Suffolks

Remember the name! If you want elite genetics, here they are! Annual auction -Elmore Field Days site - 80 rams & 60 stud ewes 50 Poll Dorset rams & 30 ewes - flock average C+ of 202.7 for 397 animals 30 White Suffolk rams & 30 ewes - flock average C+ of 197 for 219 animals





Monday 16th October 2017 - 1pm


Enquiries always welcome Roger & Dianne Trewick Pepperton Farm, Elmore, Vic Ph: 03 5432 6190 Mob: 0428 326 190 Email: peperton@bigpond.net.au

MN2 SSPEP0040717


Terminal average for all breeds for Carcase Plus index, while their White Suffolks are 14 points above. Backed up by guaranteed health levels, commercial lamb producers and stud breeders have stock available to them that virtually guarantees a highly profitable product in a quicker turnoff time. Last year, the clever ones were those who purchased some of these industry leading sires at the Pepperton annual sale. After last year’s sale GTSM sale manager & auctioneer Michael Glasser said, “Buyers received tremendous value and congratulations to those who were active and purchased, but in general it was an opportunity missed by the many lamb producers who did not at least come and compare the high quality on offer and reward the Trewicks for their outstanding efforts.” The old adage says, “You get what you pay for in business and life.” If you want the best outcome in lamb production, use the best inputs! The question remains on how many lamb and stud producers do their homework and join the Pepperton regulars on Monday October 16th this year at Elmore.

ABOVE: Poll Dorset and White Suffolk rams like these that have elite and verifiable performance levels will be on offer at this year’s Pepperton sale on October 16th along with 60 stud ewes, presenting a wonderful opportunity for both commercial lamb producers and stud breeders.

selection considerations. A good eating experience for consumers is paramount in keeping up demand, especially now that high demand and under supply has pushed lamb prices to record levels. Woolumbool has a loyal following of regular clients who continually get the results they seek from these genetics. However there is plenty of room for others to join them, with over 100 rams from each of their two terminal sire breeds on offer on Wednesday 4th October. Their high fertility Mult-Meats are another exciting maternal addition to the breeding options they offer, these rams being available privately.


nquestionable measured performance data has been behind the Clothier family’s Woolumbool Poll Dorset and White Suffolk ram offerings since the stud’s inception 30 years ago. It is the depth of that data behind their current offering that gives them extremely high accuracies and gold quality level status with Lambplan, ensuring that what you see and read is what you’ll consistently get. Very few studs have that ranking Australia wide.

to earlier maturity, producing rams that are very much like ‘peas in a pod’ and ideal for the production of ‘finished’ prime lambs in the 22 to 26kg weight range. This is the money market weight range in today’s lamb industry. A vast majority of both domestic and export lambs are being sought by processors within this


Maximising commercial productivity! This is the focus of our breeding program

LEFT: Fertility runs strongly through Woolumbool genetics with a majority of their sale stock being from multiple births.


Gold Quality Data Acc Brucellosis Free

Annual On-Property ram sale

Wednesday 4th Oct - 1pm 200 Poll Dorset & White Suffolk rams

Contact: Phil & Sharon Clothier, PO Box 102, Naracoorte, SA 5271 Ph (08) 8765 8026 Fax (08) 8765 8002 Email: woolumbool@bigpond.com For more information find us and follow us on


Based at Lucindale, they have concentrated their type in both breeds on medium frames with rapid growth

Lamb eating quality is a newer EBV available to the industry through Lambplan and unsurprisingly the Clothier family has been quick to bring it to the forefront of their

White Suffolks Poll Dorsets Multi Meats Poll Merinos

This gives prospective purchasers amongst prime lamb producers not only trustworthy elite performance, but also greater confidence in the results they will achieve and consequently, potentially greater profitability. They are also members of the Meat Elite Poll Dorset and the Superwhites White Suffolk breeding groups breeding for elite performance levels. Senior principal Phil Clothier will be displaying at the Meat Elite/ Multi-Meats stand at this year’s Sheepvention. Honest paddock growth and presentation is rigidly adhered to by the Clothiers which gives no masking of the actual genetic capabilities of their rams. All rams have to pass an assessment for structural soundness before being considered for sale, whatever their figures may be. For some who are used to purchasing pampered rams raised on feeders, adjusting to this paddock preparation may be difficult but the honesty of the Clothier family is second to none.

weight range and it is where their many repeat clients find the most profit in their environment.

The most important trait for profitability is fertility expressed through live lambs on the ground. Woolumbool excels here also with exceptional fertility levels through all their studs, not just the Multi-Meats. A vast majority of their rams will be from multiple births.

A sample of their top 19 White Suffolk rams gives an indication of the performance levels buyers can expect at their annual sale offering. They have an average Carcase Plus index of 212.89 (up to 229.5), a Post Weaning Weight EBV of 16.52 and an Eye Muscle Depth EBV of 2.58. Further they have been measured for worm resistance, an increasingly important trait for management and consistent performance, with this group averaging -34 for Pfec. Their current LEQ (lamb eating quality) index average is 147.2 and up to 153.7, considerably higher than most studs. The figures on the total offering would not be far off these elite offering levels. More information can be found on the Woolumbool website (www.woolumbool.com.au) and on Facebook.

@woolumboolstuds www.woolumbool.com.au



he Pipkorn family’s Detpa Grove White Suffolk stud record speaks for itself, arguably being one of the most successful White Suffolk studs in the country for the best part of two decades. That continued this year with another highly successful bi-annual mated ewe sale in March, with 68 ewes selling to a new stud ewe record of $3600 (x2). These went to buyers in four states as well as one of the new Detpa Grove record priced ewes going internationally to USA breeder Gary Heilig, Montana. Last October at their annual production sale, 63 maiden ewes sold to $2300 and averaged $1108, 36 stud rams sold to $22,000 and averaged $5117, while 146 flock rams averaged $1228 with sales to five states and again another ewe going internationally. The quality at both sales was truly elite, but many of the prices were still

New Designer Generations continue to come your way

Thursday 12th October 2017

Enquiries welcome: David & Michelle Pipkorn Jeparit, Vic, Ph/fax (03) 5391 8202 Mobile (David) 0428 918 372 Email info@detpagrove.com

Approx 250 stud & flock rams & stud ewes Stud ewes from 11:30am

Stud rams from 12:30pm

Check out full catalogue & latest updates on our website

www.detpagrove.com.au Regular updates and individual rams of interest on 24


To continue to produce such high quality stock and to influence so many other studs around the country is no easy achievement, yet stud principal David Pipkorn is relishing the challenge. Astute infusions of elite genetics for both performance and phenotype have enabled Detpa Grove to bring exciting new family lines to the market place. The genetic diversity within the stud allows both stud and commercial producers to keep investing in arguably the best all-round genetics available today. The stud prefix may stay the same but the genetic improvements continue. Besides their structural and breed type excellence, there was a vast majority of last year’s offering, right through to the bottom run of flock rams, in excess of 200 on Carcase Plus index under Lambplan. Very few studs can get close to that level of verifiable performance, along with elite phenotype. This year’s offering continues that theme. Could they be better than in previous years? Prospective buyers can make their own decisions on this, but unless they put themselves ‘in the game’ by attending the next Detpa Grove sale on Thursday October 12th, they have little chance of securing these new designer genetics that can truly enhance the performance and quality produced in their prime lamb or stud breeding programs.


See the total offering of the 2016 drop at our next annual production sale

very affordable, especially so in the current buoyant prime lamb industry.

The Detpa Grove sale catalogue, plus regular updates on the stock on offer this year can be seen on Detpa Grove’s website (www.detpagrove.com), or you follow them on Facebook.

TOP LEFT: Rams of this quality, performance and breed type are on offer this year at the Detpa Grove sale in October. They continue to be industry leaders for both genotype and phenotype.

Measurement for eye muscle area rather than just depth has arguably been a significant contributing factor in achieving the renowned Seriston type. Genetic correlations usually mean that an emphasis on increased muscle depth leads to smaller and shorter sheep. This then restricts the market weight range options open to breeders who use these smaller types. Insisting on maintaining size and length has required more time and patience to achieve the type seen at Seriston, but the buyers are the beneficiaries of this patience.

Lamb producers who are serious about the success of their enterprise should give serious consideration to the outstanding quality on offer at Seriston. For totally paddock raised rams that have seen no grain in their raising, we are sure you will be impressed.

Anthony Hurst welcomes enquiry with more details also available on the website www.seriston.com.au.

Anthony Hurst will again present a wonderful team of approximately 150 White Suffolk and 40 Suffolk rams for competition at this year’s Seriston annual on-property ram sale on Friday October 13th. The offering will see the first progeny from a significant investment in three top Detpa Grove White Suffolk sires made in 2015, including two sons of their top performance sire, ‘Ricochet’. The blend of growth and carcase attributes of these additions into the Seriston program has been significantly positive. Also Seriston 32, a top homebred son of Waratah 130645 is another new sire with White Suffolk progeny on offer this year.

RIGHT: The length, depth and muscling combination of Seriston White Suffolk and Suffolk genetics like these White Suffolks at last year’s sale is appreciated by more clients every year, with available ram numbers increasing in line with that demand.


Selection for • More length • More muscle • More weight • Producing $$$ for you!

Our clients are smiling more often... ....The reasons are in the paddock!

Proudly sponsored by Coprice & Gallagher OJD Vaccinated

In the Suffolks, Seriston’s investment in a top Kerangie ram has also paid off, with many impressive sons in the 40 rams on offer in that breed. Locals have known and appreciated the quality available at Seriston for a long time, but as the word has spread on the results their rams have produced in clients’ paddocks, more have joined them. Anthony Hurst has grown the offering in line with that demand to ensure all potential buyers are able to compete at value for the rams they need. For example, in last year’s sale that saw strong demand and very good averages, 40% of the offering still cleared in the high value price range under $1000.

Next Annual Ram Sale

Friday 13th October 2017 150 White Suffolks & 40 Suffolks

www.seriston.com.au Enquiries & inspections welcome Contact : Anthony Hurst, Avenue Range, SA Ph (08) 8766 0037 Mob: 0428 332 676 Email: ahurst.seriston@bigpond.com 25



f you want to see rams that combine frame and extra length with powerful early growth and muscling, we suggest you fit a visit to the Seriston White Suffolk and Suffolk studs at Avenue Range into your agenda. Principal, Anthony Hurst has sourced the best genetics he can find over the years to match the selection principles put in place from the beginning over 25 years ago. Extra frame and body length, with width, depth and superior muscling has led to the distinct Seriston type produced today.


hey again had a total clearance of 170 rams at their annual sale last October at a $1248 average, a result that was a ‘win-win’.

Janmac has always been striving for excellence with strict selection criteria for balance, structure, conformation, fertility and performance, especially growth rate and muscling.

The result included a new record top of $5600 for one of their elite ram offering, selling to Haven Park stud, Casterton. Landmark auctioneer Leo Redden described the offering of highly productive and functional rams as, “Durable rams with the genetic potential to turn grass into $6/kg lambs.”

Grant Hausler said he was very pleased to receive feedback from the Foster family at Haven Park on the serving capacity and fertility of their purchase, Being mated to 103 ewes and achieving a 100% pregnancy status at scanning with 60% showing multiples!

“We sold all rams at a better price, picking up more clients and everyone seemed to go away happy with the value they received,” co-principal Grant Hausler said.

elite performance ram on Lambplan followed with his first progeny sold in 2015. Kentish Downs 130291 was purchased for the top price at their 2014 sale to follow on with that lift in

consistent quality by going over the outstanding daughters of the other two rams. It was one of his first progeny that topped last year’s sale out of a K110011 daughter. More progeny of


That increased demand for other rams has been built around the quality they have been producing.

It is Janmac’s willingness to invest in the right genetics to achieve their objective that makes the difference. A substantial lift was achieved in their Poll Dorset flock when Janmac combined with the Rowett family in SA to purchase Kurralea 110011 for a then Poll Dorset breed record price of $28,000. Newbold 120065, an


Quietly achieving excellence

these rams will be on offer this year at their October 4th on-property sale. Last year they purchased the Poll Dorset ram Kurralea 150036 Tw for the $13,000 top price at the Kurralea sale to follow these rams. 87 ewes were scanned in lamb to him with his first lambs on the ground being “exceptional” according to Grant Hausler. Grant & Bryce Hausler apply the same breeding principles to their more recent and smaller White Suffolk stud, catering for lamb producers who favour this breeding option. The highly credentialed Wingamin bloodlines feature strongly in this stud. Last year they also added Anden 150222 Tw to this stud for $8000. This ram had a Lambplan Carcase Plus index of 219.95 and was a son of the record $36,000 Anden ram that sold to WA the previous year. Again the Hauslers are delighted with this infusion. Grant and Bryce Hausler welcome enquiry on their 2017 offering with more information available on their website (www.janmac.com.au), and with regular postings on Facebook.

On-property annual ram sale

Wednesday 4th October

1pm Vic time Inspection from 11am Approx 180 rams Prior inspections most welcome Performance that matters most is in the paddock! Check our website for updates & sale information: www.janmac.com.au Find us on Facebook Enquiries welcome: Grant & Bryce Hausler, Goroke, Victoria Grant: 0427 861 013 Bryce: 0427 861 031 Email: grant.hausler@bigpond.com 26

ABOVE: Exceptional growth and muscling is clearly evident in these 2016 drop Poll Dorset rams. They are part of an outstanding line-up of Poll Dorset and White Suffolk rams on offer at this year’s on-property Janmac sale.

17 years of stud breeding, 17 years of easy lambing and since introducing the Charollais sheep into the wooled composite breed that has not changed that status. We don’t even check maiden ewes when they are lambing. The lambs are born smaller and take “off” from there on.

with increasing more black hoof for wetter climate tolerance and the AW progeny are distinctly more placid than what I have known shedding breeds to be. The lambs are born with a thick hair coat that has seen minimal lambs perish during the wet and cold July and August lambing.

K.D. Sheepstuds has 40 “Top of the Drop” Aussie White x SC rams available on Saturday 7th October on farm at Bordertown by mini auction at 1 pm. Rams available now also for private selection

K.D. Wooled Composites are a full wooled breed with downs type wool that are showing excellent muscling and growth. They are suitable over Merinos,crossbreds of all types and their speciality is for use over maiden ewes or ewe lambs.

All K.D. rams are raised naturally outdoors on grass based pasture We will supply “actual” performance data on all rams offered for sale. All rams are brucellosis acc. free and Monitered Negative 2 Johnes status.

Head to www.kdsheepstuds.com.au, hook up on facebook or phone Kym Staude on 0412 070 971 for ongoing info.

TOP: Easy Lambing K.D. Charollais Composite Rams


Theres no reason why their progeny cant be retained as maternal ewes given that they consistently lamb at 150%+.

K.D’s owner Kym Staude started breeding shedding sheep 17 years ago from a White Dorper base .The breed parameters for Kym’s shedding composites have been developed over the past 6 years and he is now producing sheep that are ticking all the boxes. “So we now have a ewe base that is larger framed, quick growing, naturally heavily muscled, shedding, with good feet structure are highly fertile and will mate at 6-8 months of age and mate while lactating at any time of the year” Kym said. “The Australian White breed has been introduced since 2013 to the K.D. Shedders with encouraging results. They have enhanced growth,




Hardy, Dual Purpose, High Fertility

Easy lambing, high meat yield, fast growth, fibre safe.

Using Australian White sires X specially selected composite shedding ewes. Unshorn, fully shedding, 70% black hooved SATURDAY 7TH OCTOBER 0 RAMS - TOP OF THE DROP BY MINI AUCTION at 1pm on farm.

BY AUCTION Monday 11th September @ 1pm on farm at Bordertown. Sale conducted by Elders. | Ph %FBO $PEEJOHUPO:

Rams available by private selection from 13th September.

See videos / photos at www.kdsheepstuds.com.au

Our stud is MN2 Johnes status and Brucellosis accredited free. Freight can be arranged anywhere


Kym, Kathy & Tyke Staude Bordertown SA • Ph 0412 070 971 Email: kym@kdsheepstuds.com.au


We will have 40 of the above rams available and 40 Dohne rams available on 11th September on farm at Bordertown.


here will be seventy rams catalogued in both the White Suffolk and the Border Leicesters for this year’s sale. The increase in Border Leicester rams has been made possible with the purchase, in conjunction with the Ryeview stud, of the remaining Duenclin Border Leicesters ewes from the Huxtable family with both studs taking half each. The opportunity to be able to buy such a good line of ewes with so many years of quality breeding and performance behind them was one not to be missed. The ewes were mated to two Duenclin rams and lambed on the Huxtable's Karoonda property before arriving at their new homes just before Christmas. The addition of these ewes has allowed us to increase both the number and the quality of rams we have to offer. It is with this in mind that we invite former Duenclin Border Leicester clients to attend our sale this year. The continued good reports of both Castle Camps Border rams and


WK Annual Sale Friday th September 201 • 11am on the property 2018 Riddoch Hwy Keith Inspections from 9.30am

0 WHITE SUFFOLK & 0 BORDER LEICESTER RAMS Accredited Brucellosis free Johne’s vaccinated lambplan tested

Contact Ian & Sue Carr 0438 566 030 or 08 8756 6030 www.castlecamps.com.au Miller Whan & John Mike Newton 0417 812 312

Adam Bradley 0428 838 285 Simon Rosenzweig 0427 887 705

Rebate to outside agents morning tea and lunch. Follow us on 28

first cross ewes give us confidence in this year’s Border Leicester offering. Again many of the rams offered will have negative Wecs (worm egg counts) a trait that is conceded very important at Castle Camps. Sires of the 2016 rams include two proven Castle Camps 12228 and 122347 as well as AI sons of Hanookra 110007 and the Duenclin rams 12 660 and 12 767. As with our Border rams our White Suffolk clients continue to achieve great results with their lambs. This year’s White Suffolk offering will again include yet another quality run of rams by Woolumbool 127789, ranked in top 5% for PEMD. There will also be the first rams of 7789 son Castle Camps 140017 and Waratah 14899. This years sale will be held on the property at 2018 Riddoch Hwy, Keith on Friday the 29th of September starting at 11am, with inspections from 9.30am. Ian and Sue invite you to come and inspect the rams either on sale day or before the sale. You can also follow us on face book or go to our website www.castlecamps. com.au for our online catalogue which will be available from early September or just give Ian a call on 0438 566 030 to arrange a suitable time for an inspection.

ABOVE: Some of the Castle Camps Border Leicester rams that will be offered on the 29th of September.

The question could be asked as to why they have continually achieved nation leading sales successes, but with a little research the answers rapidly become obvious.

From a breeding perspective, Kurralea has always strived to produce sheep that combine elite performance and structural excellence; bigger framed but well-muscled rams that do the job for clients in wide ranging environments, allowing them to meet multiple markets. It is this latter point that enables different clients the flexibility to successfully and efficiently target different carcase weights and grid specifications. The fact that commercial producers continue to travel to Ariah Park from many areas of NSW and interstate to purchase rams that improve their bottom line, is a strong endorsement of the quality of Kurralea genetics. James Baldry, Wallendbeen, NSW endorsed that quality when he said, “One of the benefits of Kurralea is the obvious genetic depth within the stud which assures consistency of performance and robustness of their rams, giving us even lines of marketable lambs that can be sold in the 18 to 28 kilogram carcase weight range.”

“I like them to be narrower through the shoulders for ease of lambing, but also with a good rump and wide between their hind legs, have good length and depth and acceptable fat cover,” he said. He explained that having rams with good length and depth not only ensures greater feed conversion efficiency, but also a 2 to 3 condition score even when taken through to heavy weights of 26 to 27kg carcase weight.

Other producers readily endorse the Kurralea qualities and their comments plus up to date sale information can be viewed on the Kurralea website (www.kurralea.com).

Their 2017 annual sale will see another 350 rams on offer on Tuesday 26th September, commencing at 12:30 EST, with Suffolks also added to the mix this year for the first time.

“That is a real bonus,” he said.

ABOVE: The depth of quality and performance in Kurralea rams is renowned and is clearly evident in these Poll Dorset, White Suffolk and Suffolk rams. Approximately 350 rams will be on offer at their late September sale.



ast year 364 rams from the two breeds achieved a total clearance to buyers from three states at a wonderful $1427 average.

Producing a unique blend of Elite Performance & Structural Excellence

Rams that do the job for clients to meet multiple markets in wide ranging environments.




Annual Kurralea on-property sale

Tuesday 26th September 2017

When selecting replacement sires, Mr Baldry said he considered structure and conformation of each potential sire, but makes the final decision based on the ram’s figures, paying particular attention to rams born as twins, their post weaning weight and average to lower birthweight.

12.30pm EST - 350 rams


Enquiries most welcome: Ben & Lucy Prentice, ‘Kurralea’, Ariah Park, NSW Ph: (02) 6975 2772 Mob: 0429 814 549 Kim: (02) 6975 2606 Email: lucycprentice@gmail.com Check website for updates: www.kurralea.com 29


Suffolks & White Suffolks with Substance

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“Our sheep demonstrate the muscle and structure your sheep need.”


eeper bodies, easier doing, improved carcase shape, length maintained. Great value.

Enquiries & private selections welcome Mob: 0438 516 922 or 0413 777 533 1992 Colac - Ballarat Road, Beeac

www.cottersuffolks.com Brucellosis Accreditation No 3578 ƒ Johnes Vaccinated

54th Year of breeding Poll Dorsets and 29th of White Suffolks.

Mary, Kevin and Mike say a big thank you to all the buyers of their 2016 offering. The confidence shown in their stock and attendance at auction means they can continue to auction

300+ rams and provide you with high quality and top value sires. A concerted effort has been made to slightly reduce leanness, increase muscling and growth, keep a lid on adult body weight and maintain structural correctness and length. The result has been a greater number of deeper bodied and earlier maturing rams with more desirable fat cover.

Poll Dorset sires used to produce the rams on offer include two new Valma rams, most notable being 205/14, (C+ 212, emd 3.5), two Derrynock rams and three high growth rams kept from Mulgundawa, ( wwt 11.4, pwwt 16.7). New White Suffolk sires to influence this year’s offering are Oakwood 25/14, purchased at Adelaide for $8000 and breeding well, (wwt 11, pwwt 16 and pfat 0) and Wheetlande 8357/14 (wwt 10, pwwt 16, pfat -0.4) he has great wool and structure. The 24th ram sale will be at Richmond Park on Monday, October 9th, 2017, located 11km from Robe on the RobePenola Road. Approximately 150 Poll Dorset and 150 White Suffolk flock rams as well as a selection of stud rams will be available for inspection from 11.00am on the day of sale. The auction will commence on Poll Dorsets at 1pm with White Suffolks to follow. Sheep Genetics Australia figures are available on the SGA website and full catalogue prior to the sale. Both studs are OJD MN3V (entire flock vaccinated) and Ovine Brucellosis accredited free. The numbers of sheep offered ensure buyers should find quality and value. The vendors welcome enquiries. A complimentary barbecue lunch will be offered prior to the sale. Selling agent is Landmark at either Millicent or Kingston SE.

ABOVE: White Suffolk Sires used at Richmond Park. Their progeny will be offered in October this year.

Brucellosis Acc. Free 30


f not, why not? Buying rams from unregistered flocks, is like buying a ticket in a raffle. There’s always the chance you might win, but realistically you do your money.

Buying your rams from a registered stud gives you security of purchase. All breeds of sheep have governing bodies. Registered studs are accountable to their governing body. Registered breeders invest their time, money and expertise in their industry and show a commitment to improving their breed to produce rams that are suitable for the market place. Registered studs declare their Brucellosis accreditation and OJD status. Why take the chance with an unregistered stud? In the case of the Poll Dorset breed, registered studs are governed by the Australian Poll Dorset Association. The A.P.D.A. is divided up into regions, of which the Naracoorte/ Hamilton Region is one. This region is one of the most vibrant and active. There are 68 registered studs, within the region, selling approximately 4000 rams per year. There is a huge gene pool and with most studs taking part in performance recording, there is a massive commitment by stud breeders to keep up with the latest market influences, trends and technologies, so that you the prime lamb producer can reap the rewards. Make the smart choice; the educated choice. When purchasing your rams, invest your livelihood in rams from a registered stud. These rams are bred in your region for conditions in your region. A list of registered studs in the Naracoorte/Hamilton Region can be found on the Poll Dorset web site. www.polldorset.org.au. Follow us on Facebook.

TOP RIGHT: Poll dorsets do it for ewe.



he 5 White Suffolk Stud sires with progeny represented in our annual sale this year are listed below. We have confidence that these flock rams will produce top results for you, because of their good EBV’s & high Indexes.

Sires of the flock rams represented in our 2017 Annual Sale are Pwwt




Ashmore 130266





Waratah 130645





Ashmore 140108





Glengarry 122903





Burwood 110629





We are are pleased to be showing a team of Suffolk ewes as part of the Suffolk Feature Show at Adelaide in 2017. The Suffolk stud sire purchased in 2015 with quality progeny represented at this year’s sale is from the Bowen stud.

Bowen 140417










In 2015 we purchased 90% of the Border Leicester ewe lambs at Duenclin dispersal sale. In 2016 we purchased half of the remaining mixed aged ewes in lamb. This gave us a definite re – entry to the Border Leicester world. The Border Leicester flock rams in this year’s sale are showing good growth and width with good EBV’s to suit. They are only 12 – 14months of age. The figures of their sires are below. Pwwt pfat



NLW% (No. of lambs weaned)

Duenclin 120660






Duenclin 120767(T)






Annual on Property Sale Monday, 17 October at 1:30pm Burkhills Lane, Millicent

Inspections from 11am, Lunch Provided All rams presented with lamb plan figures. Ryeview Stud is an accredited Brucellosis Free Flock 306. Ovine Johnes Map MN3V, All rams have been vaccinated against OJD. 4% rebate to outside Agents.

Our Lambplan data/figures recorded demonstrate that our White Suffolks are breeding with EBV’s that continue to be right up there with the average Australian White Suffolk flock. At Ryeview all our sheep are Ovine Brucellosis Accredited Free (No. 306), in the MAP scheme - MN3V [vaccinated with Gudair], and treated with Eryvac and Scabby Guard. They are also treated with Cydectin Eweguard and dipped with Avenge at shearing (mid August) We also have our rams vet checked prior to the sale and have a structural guarantee [to cover the unforseen]. All this is done so that we can provide you with an assurance that the Flock Rams for sale are healthy and structurally sound. You are invited to attend our on property ram sale on Monday 16th October 2016, at Burkhills Lane, Millicent. A free Lunch is available.

David Little 0438 802 760 Scott Altschwager 0408 806 194 Millicent Branch (08) 8735 5800

4% Rebate to all outside Agents. Enquiries to Elder’s Millicent David Little or Scott Altschwager Or please contact Michael or Julie Osborne on 08 8733 3393 / 0408 838 568 or ryeview@bigpond.com


ABOVE: Ryeview Tops

Michael & Julie Osborne

Ph: (08) 8733 3393 Mob: 0408 838 568

Fax: (08) 8733 3398 Email: ryeview@bigpond.com 32



Maternal, White Suffolk & Texel

RAMS for sale


piderman SE Eco Pest Management is an environmentally-friendly Pest Control and Inspection business, servicing the South East of SA and South West of VIC. Established in October 2014, we've built our small business from the ground up. Our brand, our people, our character and our reputation mean everything to us. We pride ourselves on being an un-franchised, local, family-owned business; providing top quality service, with attention to detail and a genuine, friendly approach. Our Pest Management Technicians Michael Cutting, Dylan Vanderhorst and Glenn Wells are South East born and bred and are based in Mount Gambier. They live here, they know our local area and our local conditions. They are fully qualified, licensed and insured and between them, have many years of experience in the Pest Control industry. They understand pest behaviour, know which products are safe to use within homes, commercial and food premises and they are technically skilled in offering suggestions on how to prevent further pest problems.

• We're a PestCert Accredited Business

• Pre-Purchase Pest Inspections

• We’re Termatrac Certified

• Termite & Timber Pest Inspections

• We’re TermX Accredited Installers

• Termite Prevention & Treatments

• We’re Sentricon Always Active Accredited Installers

• Rodent Control & Baiting Programs

• We’re Termidor AND Termidor HE Accredited Applicators

• Call us on 1300 GO SPIDER (1300 467 743) or 08 8724 8841 • Email us at hello@spidermanse.com

• General Insect Treatments (GIT)

• Book online at www.spidermanse. com

• Ceiling & Under-Floor/Deck Dusting

To secure your booking:

Spiderman SE offers the following Residential and Commercial Services: • Specialty Treatments (eg. Fleas, Bed Bugs etc.)


Whether it's spiders, rats, mosquitoes, fleas, ants, earwigs, flies or bees; at Spiderman SE, we've got your back!

• Bee Hive & Wasp Nest Treatments

THE SPIDERMAN SE DIFFERENCE Spiderman SE Eco Pest Management is the only local Pest Control company in the South East of SA that meets the following Standards and Accreditations: • All Spiderman SE Pre-Purchase and Timber Pest Inspections are carried out in accordance with Australian Standards (Australian Standards 3660.2-2000 and 4349.3-1998), as well as the AEPMA Code of Practice for Prior to Purchase Timber Pest Inspections. • We're members of the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association (AEPMA)


NEW!! EID & scanning services NOW available: Muscle scanning for LambPlan, sheep & fleece weights, data management &KULV 7DQLD 3DUNHU *X\ 5REHUWVRQ 1LJUHWWD 5RDG +DPLOWRQ 7'& ZZZ VXPPLWSDUN FRP DX


pplications of lime onto acid soils could dramatically improve crop and pasture yield by 100% and 25% respectively. The trial work was carried out from 1992 through to 2003 and can be viewed on line at www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/primefacts the articles are number 33 and 34. WHAT IS AN ACID SOIL? When soil pH is below 5 in Calcium chloride for Pasture soils and soil pH is below 5.5 in Calcium chloride for Cropping soils are considered ACID SOILS ( PIRSA 1999) Research by G.W. Ford and I.S Smith Dept Agriculture and Rural Affairs Victorian Crops Research Institute, Horsham Vic and reported 1987 found: Gypsum application could increase wheat yields by as much as 1 tonne per ha over non gypsum treated crops in a favourable year ie. above average spring rainfall. If you have been looking for justification, to treat your

acid soils with Lime or Sodic Clay soils with Gypsum, yield improvements like these in the year of application with a Superfine Lime or Ultrafine Gypsum may be that justification. An extra tonne of wheat per ha is more than enough reason to apply Lime or Gypsum before planting your next crop or renovating pasture. A single application of Gypsum at 2.5 to 5 t/ha should be effective for two successive crops. Single applications of Lime at 2.5 t/ha should continue to improve crop and pasture yields for 3-5 years or more, depending on soil pH, rainfall and or irrigation. For further information and or to discuss your upcoming requirements for Agricola Lime and or Meningie Gypsum call Greg Moorhouse on 0437 376 450 or email greg. moorhouse@agricolamining.com.au or visit www.agricolamining.com.au

LEFT: Spreading Agricola Lime


08 8724 7111


08 8724 7882






Office 1 20 Penola Road, Mount Gambier


Jason Allen


Duncan McGregor 0407 722 983 Jill Collins 0400 598 327


Di Gould


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Details contained in this magazine have been compiled from information supplied by advertisers. No responsibility is accepted for the accuracy of information contained here in. Prospective purchasers should rely on their own enquiries.



ow it all began - Company Director, Luke Parham started his career as a plumber and once he completed his apprenticeship he decided a change was in order and started working for a small South East shed business, when in 2006 he decided to take the plunge and start his own shed construction company Parham Construction. The business has now evolved from just erecting sheds to manufacturing and supplying them as well. All steel manufacturing is undertaken at their local workshop by qualified tradespeople. The steel manufactured provides for all their rural, industrial and commercial structures, with spans up to 60m. Parham Construction now also offers additional services like concreting and as agents for Overland Services they can also supply and install Heritage Water Tanks. The experienced team at Parham Construction, which now employees more than 10 local employees, is hands on for every aspect of the project and with their team of experienced shed builders, this makes Parham Construction your one stop shop when looking to build your next shed.

Luke and Scott have been a pleasure to do business with; will be talking to them concerning any future projects. Dale Cleves, “The Barn” Business Owner and Farmer When researching who to construct our shearing shed and yard cover, the choice was easy - Parham Construction. The team are professional, punctual and deliver exceptional workmanship with attention to detail. Kentish & Sons, “South Waterloo” Farmer Laser Electrical Mount Gambier engaged the services of Parham Construction in late 2014 to build an extension to our workshop. We were doubling the size of our shed and invited Luke to submit a quotation along with a number of other construction companies. We awarded the job to Parham Construction because their quote was competitive and Luke had spent more time and effort than anyone else making sure that all factors

had been considered and that our needs would be met. He and his team worked diligently throughout the project and kept us informed of scheduling at all times. Luke ensured that the work was done with the minimum of interruption to our daily business and we are very happy with the result. Symon and Jill Paproth Laser Electrical Mount Gambier

It is all about quality and Australian made when it comes to a Parham Construction shed and just as it was in 2006, the business prides itself of providing clients with prompt, professional and friendly service. Boasting more than a decade of experience in the shed construction game, Luke and Parham Construction have built a strong reputation, so if you are looking for a fully qualified and licenced shed builder to manufacture and build your next shed then you should call Luke for a no obligation free quote on 0428 236 546. Testimonials Fortunately we learnt of Parham Construction just in time. We are absolutely thrilled with our new hayshed constructed on our Penola property. Upon signing the contract, timelines for delivery, construction and completion were strictly adhered to and the workmanship was first class.


We have had a fantastic experience dealing with Luke from Parham Construction. He worked with us to get the best shed for our budget and needs. The shed was delivered and constructed on time and was exactly what we expected. We would highly recommend Parham Construction to anyone needing a shed. C and N Milich

ABOVE: 50.4m x 15m hayshed with UB hot dipped galvanised columns and hot dipped galvanised web trusses.


ary Jennings and his son Mark have over 75 years combined experience in the Auto-Electrical industry, they pride themselves on exceptional & knowledgeable service backed up by quality products.

ALTERNATORS & STARTERS They also supply starter motors and alternators for a majority of models. If on the rare occasion what you need is not in stock, Cary Jennings have a reliable overnight freight service so you will not be inconvenienced.

DUAL BATTERY SYSTEMS Cary & Mark specialise in dual battery systems and design to your requirements for caravans, campers, 4WD’s and cars... if you want a minifridge fitted in your car for travelling or keeping drinks chilled at sport, Cary or Mark can organise the one to suit your needs. With stock of Basha Australia products arriving very soon, Cary Jennings Auto-Electrical will be able to fit everything from sliding fridge trays, bash plates and dual battery trays.

HEADLIGHTS At Cary Jennings, headlight system upgrades start from as little as $100, they also supply and fit LED light bars and lights.

BOND BATTERIES Originating in Ballarat over 40 years ago and to this day hold a reputation for excellence which is why Cary Jennings Auto Electrical is pleased to be the sole stockist in Mt Gambier. Cary Jennings has Bond Batteries in stock and they are suitable for most uses.

ALCOHOL INTERLOCK SYSTEMS As licensed alcohol interlock monitoring system fitters, you can be sure all requirements are met. LUCAS OILS If you are into high performance vehicles, racing or just want the reassurance of using high quality products in your car, then call in to see Cary or Mark to ask about Lucas Oil. Lucas Oil Renowned for only producing the best line of lubricants and additives available. Cary Jennings Auto Electrical is your one-stop-shop for your auto-electrical needs, operating at 2 Graham Road, Mount Gambier SA 5290 or phone (08) 8723 0311.












tud Principal Martin said “We have been extremely pleased with the demand we have received on all of our rams. After much consultation with our clients and Robin Steen of PPHS, we have decided it has become increasingly difficult to give equal go to all clients selling privately. The support we have received from our clients has been sensational. We trust our genetic investments have served our clients very well. We hope they will continue to support us in our next business phase�.

The sale day will be October Friday the 13th at 2.30pm followed by refreshments and dinner. The Paxton Stud will offer 130 quality Border Leicester rams for auction. There will be a selection of rams still available after the sale for private selection.


The Paxton Poll Dorset and White Suffolk rams will be offered for private sale from late September as per normal. All rams are MN2, Brucellosis free and Lambplan tested. Please contact Martin Harvey on 0407 582 079 with any enquiries.

TOP RIGHT: 130 quality Paxton Border Leicester rams for auction on October 13th



select annual turn-out of rams, paired with sound understanding of each client's individual needs, has seen a shift from a variety of genetics on many properties to exclusive use of Kate and Chris Dorahy’s ‘Cloven Hills’ rams. Second-generation prime lamb producer, Ardmeen Farms principal, Celia Scott, took the reins of the family property 12 months ago. Selling to a major player in the national trade market, the Poolaijelo property’s end product must be more than competitive in both quantity and quality – a result guaranteed with its Cloven Hills genetic base.

The Scott breeding pool has gone through several transformations over the past eight years, working through a variety of Composite genetic combinations to produce maternal ewes. “When we first introduced Cloven Hills about six years ago, we were using a couple of different studs' genetics, but we were getting too much variety from them,” Celia said.

BY KRISTY MCDONALD “For us the Cloven Hills genetics create a sheep that fits with our environment and business, an animal that doesn’t require a lot of coddling and grows a good lamb quickly.” At the other end of the spectrum, traditional fine Merino wool and Angus beef farmers, Angus and Bobbie McLean, have turned exclusively to Cloven Hills to build their new prime lamb enterprise. Purchasing what they describe as a ‘very run-down’ land parcel, with its existing Dohne stock just three years ago, the hunt was on to source a quality genetic base to build their new enterprise. “We’d planned on it being a selfreplacing enterprise and with being a run-down property, it was going to be too inefficient to be successfully running an 80 or 90 kilo sheep,” Angus said. “Just researching what was around and what was available, I liked Kate

and Chris’ philosophy that you can produce high fertility sheep, without having to run big sheep." In addition to the Cloven Hills rams, the McLeans also introduced a White Suffolk line to their flock and the results would set the future path for their prime lamb business. “Within that first season, we could see that the Cloven Hills Composite blood line was producing a better result,” Bobbie said. “(The Cloven Hills) offspring were more complete, a better size and shape with a lot of depth and breadth to them, achieving better survival rates. “The ewes joined better with the Composite rams, lamb survival rates increased and we felt the end product was a better product. “We then made the decision, to put the Cloven Hills blood line over everything, with the view to be exclusively Cloven Hills going forward.”

“There was not enough uniformity in the adult ewes and their lambs; we were struggling to produce a consistent product that met our endmarket’s needs.” Four years ago, the decision was made to switch exclusively to Cloven Hills and since then, Ardmeen’s 3500 Composite ewe flock has stabilised to the point where 90 per cent of the finished product, fits the trade market. “We aim for – and generally get – a more uniform adult ewe and lamb now,” Celia said. “Our marking percentages are still sitting well – last year from joining to marking we managed 134 per cent and we can see we’re getting a more consistent animal by the fact that we’re getting so many more lambs up to trade weight.” Celia said the decision to move exclusively to Cloven Hills genetics had taken a lot of guess work and a lot of hard work, out of providing a quality ram for Ardmeen’s breeding base. “They understand the broader picture, the challenge of being where we are with terrible phone reception, having busy lives and trying to fit that with farming,” Celia said.


A lift in scanning and marking percentages of 17 and 30 per cent, respectively, between their first two seasons, has the McLeans confident in their decision. “This is the first year we’ve trialled ewe lambs and we were really happy with the joining,” Angus said. “We have noticed, with the Cloven Hills bloodlines and the ewe lambs that we lambed down from them this year, the ability to do is exceptionally better than anything else on the property. “We didn’t have a lot of issues lambing them and their lambs are also quite consistent, there’s not really much of a tail, which is very impressive.” Working with the Cloven Hills genetics and Kate and Chris’ assistance, the McLeans’ aim is to increase their flock by a further 32 per cent and they are confident of meeting their target.

ABOVE: A second-generation prime lamb producer, Celia Scott’s family property ‘Ardmeen’ sees 90 per cent of lambs produced, meeting the needs of its national trade market buyer, since shifting exclusively to Cloven Hills genetics.

CLOVEN HILLS SPECIALISTS IN MATERNAL GENETICS | Simplify the system to hit production targets CLOVE N H IL L S EST. 1977

Purpose bred for greater lamb production | “Flexible, profitable, sustainable”






EWE LAMBS FOR SALE FROM NOVEMBER 2017 – CALL FOR ENQUIRIES Hardy, low maintenance, performance and consistency are the key offspring traits, drawing clients to use Cloven Hills rams in prime lamb enterprises. See article inside. Contact details: Kate & Chris Dorahy T: 0355798519 M: 0409 784 340 E: info@clovenhills.com.au W: www.clovenhills.com.au or Rick Smith 0447 770 339



Offering 200 top indexing rams – selected on type, Cloven Hills genetics deliver Fertility, Growth, Carcase and Moderately Sized Resilient Ewes Quality Assurance: Replacement guarantee. OJD Vacc. Abattoir 500 -ve, Bruc. Accred.

AT 1:00 P