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Issue 8 - September, 2015

South East Shearing providing shearing and mobile crutching services Richard 0429 679 640 | Samantha 0419 870 573 | southeastshearing@outlook.com

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South East Shearing – for a job well done For the best sheep shearing, you can’t go past a contractor with years of experience and a respected reputation so you can be assured of a job well done. When it’s shearing, crutching or lamb marking time, it’s important to get a contractor who can provide an experienced team of workers who are reliable and efficient. South East Shearing ensures the sheep are shorn, crutched and lamb marked in the appropriate time frame as requested by the client. South East Shearing is a family business - husband and wife Richard and Samantha Rees, and their young family are based in Mount Gambier. Providing sheep services to South Australia and Victoria, Richard comes from a farming background, raised in Strathdownie on his parent’s farm. With his farming background and years

of experience in the sheep industry he understands the importance of wool growing and the industries surrounding it. South East Shearing is dedicated to reliable efficient, drug and alcohol free teams. “We take the utmost care in handling your fleece and your animals,” Richard said. “Cruelty to animals is never tolerated.” As a contractor Richard knows the importance of flexibility and will discuss with you the requirement the team can provide, providing a full team,

or part team, depending on your needs. This includes shearers, crutchers, wool classer, presser and shed hands. Using the services of a contractor reduces the paperwork for the farmer. The contractor issues the farmer with an invoice taking care of all wages, work cover, superannuation and public liability. Specialising in mobile crutching trailers with both three and four stand trailers. Crutching trailers provided the convenience to farmers who have difficult areas to shed sheep or no shed at all. They reduce the time sheep spend yarded therefor less stress on the animal. Trailer can be used in conjunction with a shearing shed allowing the sheep to be sheded whilst receiving the benefits of the trailer. Expanding the business over the past 12 years, with more clients and

employees than ever before, South East Shearing is dedicated to proving local people with employment and training opportunities providing employment to 50 people during the past financial year. Each season, South East Shearing provides employment to those wanting to enter the wool industry for the first time - giving young people a chance to become involved in the sheep industry. Priding themselves as community minded, this year South East Shearing will proudly host the 2015 Mount Gambier Spring show speed shear which will be held on October 24. The speed shear competition will showcase the skills of local shearers and attract shearers from all States. The event will promote the sheep and wool industry to the community and South East Shearing is hopeful the event will continue for many years to come. The event categories included novice, intermediate, open and veteran. All applicants and those who are interested in sponsoring the event to contact South East Shearing. South East Shearing takes the hassle out of the shearing, crutching and lamb marking season. With fast turnaround times and friendly, efficient service, you are assured of receiving the best results. Offering free quotes on all jobs and carrying out onsite inspections, South East Shearing welcomes all enquiries and references are available. Call Richard 0429679640 or Samantha 0419870573.

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No looking back

Former Merino breeders, Alister and Jenny Row were looking for a way to transition from a full Merino operation to prime lamb breeders when their agent introduced them to Paradoo Prime maternal sires. That was in 2008, and since purchasing 25 rams in that first year, the sheep operation at Glenburn is now an 8000-head self-replacing composite ewe flock based solely on Paradoo Prime genetics. “We haven’t looked back,” Alister said. “They are hardy animals – good strong black feet – and they maintain high fertility even in leaner seasons … the lambing percentages we have been able to achieve in tougher years has been excellent.” The flock at Glenburn was quickly transitioned from a Merino flock to a full composite flock, with Alister choosing rams from Paradoo Prime, which would produce sheep with good fertility

K.D.Dohnes - attributes v breed

and constitution. The flocks at Glenburn consistently produce more than 130-140 percent lambs, which include scanned twinlambing ewes marking at 170-190 percent. The ease of lambing has meant that Alister has rarely had to assist a ewe. With feed and seasonal conditions on the 1400 hectare property determining the market for the Glenburn lambs, Alister said the Paradoo Prime genetics gave him the flexibility to choose which market he sells his June-drop lambs into – ranging from lighter trade weights through to heavy trade or export. “We have excellent support from Tim, Georgie and our agent, who keep in touch each season to see how we fared, and to discuss any changes that may improve our overall breeding plan,” Alister said.

Kym Staude, principal of K.D. Sheep studs, has had a lifelong involvement with sheep. Farming at Bordertown in the Upper South East of South Australia, Kym started in 1999 to seek out the breeds of sheep that were going to suit the local environment, climate, animal welfare issues and labour availability. Commercial wool and lamb producers need to consider the above criteria to maximise profit from their sheep enterprise. The overriding requirements of all of the breeds that Kym uses in K.D. Composite breeding is that they are easy lambing with the stud recording no more than 1% of lambing deaths due to difficult births even ewe lambs having their first lamb at 12 months old. Ewes must be able to mate while lactating and 90% conceive as ewe lambs from as low as 38kg liveweight for shedding composites. Hardiness is prevalent within the breeds. The Dohne has rapidly grown in popularity since introduction into Australia in 1998. The dual purpose breed is producing 17 to 21 micron wools and quick growing lambs. “Our spring drop stud Dohne ewes have lambed at 155% from in lamb ewes and there is a high survival rate of lambs born,” he said. “Commercial lamb/wool producers are liking to have at least 50% Dohne genetics in their ewe flock for greater profits. We are mules free at KD. We have infused some Coddington Poll genetics over the past two years which has “sparked” the wool types but retained the traits the Dohne is renowned for.” K.D. Dohnes will offer approximately 40 Dohne rams on September 14 at 1 pm on farm at Bordertown.Breeding values and actual performance data is supplied with each ram offered. K.D. Wooled Composites have been developed over the past 15 years

from a Coolalee breed base that are renowned for the easy lambing trait. The breeds infused have included a woolly type White Dorper, White Suffolk and the Charollais (sheep) has been trialled this year with exciting results. The attributes that we have achieved with this composition is the trouble free lambing, large frame and quick growing. The group of rams for sale this year were part of 168% lambing (no litters) ,the single lambs grew at 464 grams/day and twins at 420 grams/day to weaning. There’s opportunities for this breed as a maternal dam due to the above attributes and whilst they are non shedding they are clean around the points and will “self crutch “ in spring time. Forty rams are for private sale from September with individual performance data supplied. K.D. Shedding Composites started from a White Dorper base in 1999.It has evolved over the years with the introduction of a more shedding line of the Coolalee bloodline to improve the feet structure and fertility and frame. The Meatmaster has been infused also. “So we now have a ewe base that is larger framed, quick growing, naturally heavily muscled, shedding, with good feet structure are highly fertile and will mate at 6-8 months of age and mate while lactating,” Kym said. “The Australian White breed has been introduced since 2013 to the K.D. Shedders with encouraging results. They have enhanced growth, with increasing black hoof for wetter climate tolerance and the AW progeny are distinctly more placid than what I have known shedding breeds to be. They were developed as a shedding hair type vs a shedding wool. 90% of ewe lambs conceived and are due to lamb soon. We have approximately 60 rams available from September with actual performance data provided on each ram.” Go to www.kdsheepstuds. com.au or phone Kym Staude on 0412 070 971 for more information.

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RAM & LAMB 2015

Award winning Ryeview

Ryeview purchased the top priced White Suffolk Ram Waratah 130645. Ryeiuew also purchased Ashmore 130266 and Days 130458. These are three very interesting rams with good EBVs and high indexes. They have produced some very good lambs this winter which will be represented in next year’s sale. Ryeview prime lambs had some very favourable comments passed about them. These Spring drop lambs dressed 40kg. These lambs were prime at all weights. Ryeview has confidence that their flock rams will reproduce these results for you. This year’s flock rams have high growth rates, good muscling and Sires of the flock rams represented in our 2014 Annual good fat EBVs. Ryeview Sale are: Lamplan data/figures recorded demonstrate Pwwt pfat pemd Carcase+ Burwood 629 16.9 -0.7 0.9 194.5 that are White Suffolks Glengarry 122903 14.5 -0.6 0.9 184.7 are breeding with Burwood 110673 12.2 -1.0 0.5 170.3 EBV’s that are right up Glenarbian 120053 12.7 -1.1 0.5 174.0 there with the average

In 2014 Ryeview exhibited four fleeces at the Royal Adelaide Show in the Shortwool Section gaining several ribbon including Champion British Breed Ram and Ewe fleece. They were absolutely thrilled when the Champion Rams fleece went onto win the 2014 Royal Adelaide Show Broadways Trophy for Champion British and Australasian Breed fleece. The wool quality on Ryeview stud sheep has always been important as the lamb skin is usually a valuable part of the lamb trade. In 2014 at the Royal Adelaide Elite Ram Sale

Anna Villa 100185 Galaxy Park 08B075

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12.6 12.5

0.3 -0.8

0.6 0.6

169.3 161.2

Australian White Suffolk flock At Ryeview their sheep are Ovine Brucellosis Accredited Free, in the MAP scheme - MN3V [vaccinated with Gudair], and treated with Eryvac and Scabby Guard. They are also treated with Cydectin Eweguard and dipped with Avenge at shearing (mid August) Ryeview also has their rams vet checked prior to the sale and have a structural guarantee [to cover the unforseen ].All this is done so that they can provide you with an assurance that the Flock Rams for sale are healthy and structurally sound. You are invited to attend Ryeview’s on property ram sale on Monday, October 19, at Burkhills Lane, Millicent. Free Lunch is available. Again Ryeview will be donating the total proceeds of the select ram to the Millicent Cancer group. There is a four percent rebate to outside agents. Enquiries to Elder’s Millicent David Little, Mark Little or Rick Grimes or please contact Michael or Julie Osborne on (08)8733 3393 or 0408 838 568 or ryeview@bigpond.com

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Live it.

Gary Glasson

David Little

Rick Grimes

Sallie Chambers

Branch Manager Merchandise Manager

Livestock Manager

Territory Sales Manager


Kerry Smith

Tiana Wheatley

Loretta Willis

Mark Cooper

Resident/Rural Sales

Sales Support OfďŹ cer Property Manager

Sales Support OfďŹ cer

Rural Sales Representative

Steph Brooker-Jones: District Wool Manager | Kevin Warn: Insurance Agent

Corner Glen Street and Railway Terrace, Millicent

08 8735 5800

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Successful year for Paxton Stud

Outstanding quality lambs at Haven Park

The Paxton Stud has enjoyed another successful 12 months with a total clearance of rams in the spring. With the sheep industry in great shape it looks like another prosperous year for all sheep producers. The Harvey family was delighted with demand particularly for the Poll Dorsets and White Suffolk sires. “We sold out of rams in record time, it was extremely satisfying and great to see repeat buyers lining up for more rams,” stud principal Martin Harvey said. “We were very fortunate to have a couple of large orders on the White Suffolks and continual support from a loyal client base.” The Border Leicesters again sold well with strong support from Paxton’s regular clients. “It was very pleasing to see Paxton genetics very prominent in the Naracoorte First Cross ewe sales,” Martin said. Local Western Flat breeder Cam Jesse was delighted to set top price with his terrific lineup of first cross ewe lambs sired by Paxton rams. The stud is very pleased to have added some exciting new sires to the flock. Poll Dorset sire Ulandi Park 13/429 was purchased for $10000 with the Anden Stud taking a semen package. He is a big long well muscled ram and his progeny look terrific, and will be part of next year’s offering. The Border Leicester

Poll Dorset The aims of Haven Park Poll Dorset stud is to achieve rams with high growth rates structural soundness, red meat yield, length, open heads and clean legs. Their rams have the ability to sire lambs that mature to top carcass weights and therefore are eligible to enter the export or domestic market as sucker lambs in all environmental conditions. Haven Park’s target is to have consistent even lines of lambs that yield and mature quickly. They have purchased and used AI sires from Ulandi Park, Gloroy, and Valma studs, all sheep are Lamb Plan recorded and free to enter South Australia. In September last year at the Australian Poll Dorset Show and Sale Haven Park Purchased the top price ram Ulandi Park 72-13 the Ram was sired by Kurralea Eleven – 11. Weighing 152 KG, EMD 1.5 carcass +index of 190. East Friesian Border Leicester Cross Maternal Sires Multiplying your profit with multiples

stud added another Jonos sire to flock and will be on the lookout for another quality sire this spring. The dispersal of the Woodbridge White Suffolk Flock presented an opportunity to purchase the ram lambs from the Holmes family at Tanunda. About thirty ram lambs have fitted in very well with the Paxton flock and will enable clients a larger group to select from this spring. The Paxton stud welcomes enquiries at anytime. The rams will again be offered at private selection from late September and will be graded and priced accordingly. The stud continues to offer all rams with Brucellosis free, Johnes vaccinated MN2 and Lamplan Accredited status. Contact Martin Harvey on 0407 582 079.


The resulting progeny is very impressive and represents the best traits of each breed. Good fertility in ewes means multiple lambs while good milk production supports early growth in lambs and twin survival. Lambs with clean heads and legs are low maintenance while their black feet, hybrid vigour, length of carcass and wool quality e.g. lower micron fleece and consistency of type make for a prime article compared to other composites. Haven Park has seen an increasing demand for their rams with people using them over Merinos, Corriedales first cross ewes and other maternal composite ewes. Buyers came from all four States to Haven Park’s 2014 sale. The East Friesian Border Leicester cross has been very successful in the Haven Park commercial ewe flock of 4500 ewes. With ewes joined to either East Friesian Border Leicester. Maternal sires or Poll Dorset terminal Rams. These lambs have explosive growth and fantastic carcass attributes. Haven Park has been consistently marking 138% lambs and selling them at export weights. The carcass weight average for 2014 drop lambs was in excess of 26kg and a high percentage were above 28 kg at 4-5 months with lambs selling to a market top of $160 at the Hamilton sale yards in November. Haven Park has made a great saving in time and money because they sell their lambs straight off their mothers thus eliminating all finishing costs. Please join them at Haven Park on Monday, October 26, with inspection from 10am, auction at 1pm followed by refreshments and lamb rolls after the sale.

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Wrattonbullie rises to the challenge

Allflex - building a reputation for reliable & efficient tagging systems

“I only do testimonials for things I am seriously impressed with & these tags are on that list. The Allflex RapidTags are the most reliable, and the most efficient electronic tags we have used. The 20 shot application gun saves heaps of time at lamb marking or mothering up time and we haven’t yet had a single false read. Very impressed!” Chad Taylor, Mumblebone Merino Stud, Wellington, NSW

2015 has presented a few challenges for Wrattenbullie Poll Dorset Stud and kept them busy, both on and off the farm; therefore, this year they are only showing sheep at the Royal Adelaide Show. Wrattonbullie remains extremely pleased and proud of their show and sale teams, with their two lead rams being sons of their reliable sire, Glen Devon 370/10. One of their lead rams W15/14, is a big, strong and heavy boned ram with scan data figures of 96kg and a 46 EMD taken on February 22. He has been used in the

stud, siring 30 promising looking lambs. The other is W29/14; a stylish, clean headed ram with a good skin and impressive raw data scan figures of 49 EMD on 101kg. These two rams will be offered for sale as stud rams. Wrattonbullie will again offer 90 rams at their annual sale on Monday, October 12, at the Naracoorte Showgrounds. Considering the long, dry summer, these rams will present very well by sale time. Sires represented in this draft are Glen Devon 370/10, Wrattenbullie 532/13, Reserve Junior Champion at Hamilton and Derryknock 233/13 – a very clean ram with high EBVs. Wrattonbullie has successfully maintained their high health status with the stud being MN3 vaccinated for OJD and Brucellosis accredited free. As figures are becoming more important in ram selection, Wrattonbullie is constantly striving to improve theirs, while maintaining their size and structures. For anyone wishing to inspect their rams prior to the sale, please call Brad on 0438 266 732 or Rod on 0467 646 026. They hope to see you at their sale where you can enjoy their strong line of rams, lunch and refreshments.

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RAM & LAMB 2015

Janmac’s star continues to rise

Poll Dorset ram from Kurralea in 2012 at $28,000. Kurralea 110011, the 2012 Adelaide all-breeds supreme champion has exceeded even their high expectations in his two drops of lambs to date. The first progeny sold last year rightly attracted a lot of interest and buying competition, displaying that great body length combined with muscling that were his biggest attributes. Another outstanding drop is on offer this year at the Janmac sale on Wednesday 7th October. While K110011 progeny is again a big attraction and Poll Dorsets dominate the offering, the same selection principals have been applied to the Janmac White Suffolks. A recent Wingamin infusion has enhanced the Whites and for those seeking this option there will be 40 to 50 from which to choose. SSJAN0050715

Honest and dependable genetics that excel for clients is the simple mantra for the Hausler family and their Janmac Poll Dorset and White Suffolk studs. Based at Goroke in western Victoria, Janmac offers around 180 rams annually for their growing client base in both Victoria and SA. The Hauslers’ commitment to breeding the highest quality rams possible to suit the current lamb industry market needs was demonstrated with their purchase in partnership of the then Australian record priced

Quietly achieving excellence POLL DORSET & WHITE SUFFOLK STUDS

“Rams that produce prime lambs that seem to grow while you watch them!”

Annual ram sale - Wednesday 7th October - Approx 180 rams including more progeny of K110011 (2012 Aust record priced Poll Dorset ram at $28,000) Check our website for regular updates: www.janmac.com.au - Enquiries always welcome Contact: Grant & Bryce Hausler, Goroke, Vic Ph: (03) 5386 1013 Mob: 0427 861 013 E: grant.hausler@bigpond.com

Above - This was the scene at last year’s Janmac sale when producers from south east SA and the western district of Victoria competed strongly for the impressive line-up of Janmac Poll Dorset and White Suffolk rams. The Hausler family will again be offering another outstanding group of prime lamb sires at their October 7 on-property ram sale at Goroke.

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r e t f A g in k o o L u o Are Y Your Sheep?

Yard Covers

Shearing Sheds

Sheds built to last a lifetime Custom designs to suit your fit out requirements 100% Australian BHP Structural Steel Completely Hot Dipped Galvanized Standard Clear Span Designs from 12m Modular Frame System - Easily Extendable


Call NO W to reque st your


1300 234 321

sales@spanlift.com.au www.spanlift.com.au Email

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Glenarbian at the top of its game

White Suffolks - celebrating 30 years

The Glenarbian Stud has had a good start to its 2015 showing season at the Bendigo National Sheep Show and the Hamilton Sheepvention with all sheep receiving ribbons in their classes. The White Suffolk breed is the feature breed this year and there were 250 sheep competing at Hamilton with many more expected in Adelaide. White Suffolks are one of the most dominant breeds in the Australian prime lamb industry with a solid reputation for lambing ease, good growth and muscling and Glenarbian Stud has a reputation for providing all of these traits in their rams. This result is achieved by using top quality sires with good length of loin and muscling in the hind quarter, where the expensive cuts are. Glenarbian has been using sires with excellent figures for early growth and muscle depth and their progeny shows evidence of the attention to detail that Ian puts into his breeding program. The rams on offer this year are bred from the top genetics available

White Suffolk’s are honoured to be the feature breed at all major shows in Australia this year as 2015 marks the 30th anniversary of the foundation of the Australian White Suffolk Association. The Australian White Suffolk Association was formed in September 1985 with a foundation membership of eighteen flocks. Bred for Australian conditions, the attributes of lambing ease, good growth and muscling, together with high fecundity have earnt White Suffolks a solid reputation as a profitable alternative to other terminal breeds. Today, the breed has 335 active studs running 61,000 ewes and selling 35,000 rams each year, accounting for 43 per cent of terminal sires sold in Australia. The White Suffolk breed was founded in response to producer demands for fast growing prime lambs, and consumer demands for leaner carcasses. White Suffolks provide superior all round performance – consistent and measured rams producing high yielding carcasses able to hit the right fat specifications. This means a better bottom line for the prime lamb producer and the best eating quality lamb for the consumer. White Suffolks are the ideal prime lamb terminal sire in wide-ranging areas and environments of Australia, and are giving outstanding results in the dry, arid, pastoral zones; all types of agricultural and mixed farming areas; and also in higher rainfall districts. The AWSA and its members have always had a strong commercial focus, and have embraced performance testing and new technologies to improve the genetics they offer the Australian lamb industry. Since genomic testing has been made available,

by the purchase of leading rams selected at the Royal Adelaide Show either through purchase of the ram or semen selection for artificial insemination from notable studs throughout Australia and the use of selected homebred rams. Glenarbian flock rams are paddock reared on quality pastures with no supplements offered. The stud’s aim is to breed top sires which will produce quality prime lambs for the export and trade markets to satisfy their clients.. All rams offered for sale are Lambplan assessed, brucellosis accredited and 10th generation OJD Vaccinated. Glenarbian invites their many repeat buyers and prospective new clients to view their 2014 drop rams at their 13th Annual On Property Sale at Millicent on October 1 and to join us for a complimentary BBQ lunch.

Above - Glenarbian White Suffolk Flock Rams

the breed has been at the forefront with their involvement including testing for hard to measure traits such as eating quality. The White Suffolk breed is prominent in show rings across Australia where it has led the way in introducing LAMBPLAN information into the show ring through the Lamb Production Class at a number of major shows throughout Australia. This class promotes the selection of rams to breed lambs for a specific market sector, using Australian Sheep Breeding Values and structural trait assessment, together with traditional visual ‘show ring’ assessment, in the scoring system. The commitment of the White Suffolk breed to providing the Australian


lamb industry with genetics that produce a consistent high value product has led the AWSA to work towards developing a nationally branded lamb product. This program will allow commercial producers using White Suffolk genetics to supply lambs to domestic and international customers as part of a high quality product. Producers who are interested in this program should visit the AWSA website (www.whitesuffolk. com ) and click on “Commercial Register”. The Association and its members are proud to provide a quality display of White Suffolks to the public at a wide range of shows in 2015.

120 Flock Rams on Offer On Property Sale; Mayurra Road, Millicent Thursday, 1 October 2015 at 1:30pm Brucellosis Accredited, Lambplan Recorded, Ovine Johne’s Map MN3 Ian and Barbara| p. 08 8733 2237 | f. 08 8733 1440 | m. 0408 898 030 | e. mayurra@bigpond.com David Little| m. 0438 802 760 | p. 8735 5800

Anthony Driessen| m. 0428 838 283 | p. 8733 2733

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Australia’s Preferred Terminal $ire

white suffolks

better by design Strong Network of committed breeders throughout South Eastern Australia Superior balance of meat eating qualities

WIN $1000

To purch ase a W hite Suffolk R am Competi tion deta via ia our weils and entry bsite

www.whitesuffolk.com.au Like us on Facebook white suffolks - FP.indd 1

21/08/2015 1:29:14 PM

RAM & LAMB 2015

Focus on lambing ease & lamb survival A focus on moderate birth weight with an average or shorter gestation length, and increased milk production, has helped improve lambing ease and lift lamb survival in commercial ewes at Derrynock to above 90%, which is well above the industry standard of around 70%. We are very excited about the results we are achieving, in particular when incorporating selection pressure on the gestation length as part of our lamb survival strategy. With scanning rates reaching 185190% in our commercial flock of approx 500 Meat Maternal ewes, it was time to increase our focus on lamb survival. Obviously, the management and nutrition of the ewe will always have the greatest influence over lamb survival. However, there are huge benefits to be gained from having stronger lambs at birth, with a greater cold tolerance, and plenty of quality milk available at birth. We are finding our best results are coming from ewes having 4.5 -5.5 kg lambs at birth. This has meant we can utilise rams with higher birth weights, and subsequent growth rates, that also have shorter gestation length ASBV’s. Lambs that are born at a shorter gestation length are not necessarily lighter, but are born with a lot more ease. They generally appear wetter at birth, and the ewes appear to lamb quickly and with vastly fewer presentation issues. The actual gestation length of the ewes recorded over the past 8-10

years has varied from 141 days to 154 days. We would say that approximately 90% of lambing problems occur in those ewes lambing after 150 days, with a higher incidence of presentation issues, big lambs, dry or yellow coloured, or stressed lambs at birth. Emphasis on good smooth shoulder and neck placement is also important. We look forward to the results of a trial we are conducting this year on our commercial ewe lambs. The ewe lambs were six months old at joining and averaged approximately 40kg. They have been split and joined to two sires. Sire 1 has a birth weight ASBV of 0.55, and a shorter gestation length ASBV of -1.8 days, while sire 2 has a birth weight ASBV of 0.20, and a longer gestation length of +1.0 day. Traditionally, rams with higher birth weights and growth rates would not have been recommended for ewe lamb joining. We are hopeful that conducting economically relevant trials on our commercial ewes, will continue to improve the profitability of our commercial clients.

The Derrynock team

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RAM & LAMB 2015

Avonlea Downs White Suffolk & Suffolk Studs Flock No. 60

Accredited Brucellosis Free

Flock No. 1412

Flock Rams Available October

Sustainable Parasite Control For Your Flock with TRIGUARD® Sheep drench resistance is well established throughout Australia, and is considered one of the key concerns for producers needing to both control parasites and maximise productivity. An increasing amount of evidence suggests that drench resistance can cost farmers significant production and profitability losses, with anthelmintic resistance resulting in a reduction in lamb growth rates of up to 24%1.. Your choice of drench is an important factor affecting how you manage the development of drench resistance on your property. Technical experts agree that the most sustainable way of achieving consistently high drench efficacy is by combining drench actives rather than relying on a single drench active. It is now well recognised by veterinarians and parasitologists that effective triple-combinations can significantly delay the development of drench resistance. TRIGUARD is a powerful triple-combination drench formulation for sheep, providing sheep producers with a potent weapon for controlling worms and managing the development of drench resistance in sheep.

Enquiries Welcome Contact Roger Saunders Mobile 0429 956 295 Phone 03 5584 7223 Email rogersaunders54@hotmail.com

HO & EM Saunders Old Lindsay Road Strathdownie PO Box 273, Mount Gambier, SA 5290

TRIGUARD kills worms that have single or dual resistance to white, clear, or ML drenches, including moxidectin resistant strains, ensuring high efficacy even when resistance is already present.* Ongoing trial work continues to show TRIGUARD can deliver highly effective worm control across Australia, even in the face of significant resistance.2 In addition, when used in a well-devised worm control program, multi-active TRIGUARD acts as an essential tool for managing drench resistance and maintaining productivity. The key to the effectiveness of TRIGUARD is its combination of three different drench actives in a single, stable formulation. The three actives are short-acting drenches that are absorbed quickly, combine three separate methods of killing parasites and are then eliminated quickly, reducing the risk of resistance development. TRIGUARD is formulated to reliably deliver the right levels of actives in each dose and to avoid the potential for inaccuracies that can be associated with the mixing of chemicals on-farm. The stable, multi-active TRIGUARD formulation ensures consistent and reliable dosing to Every Sheep, Every Dose, Every Time. See product label for full claims and directions for use. 1. Leathwick et al (2008) 2. Data on File. ®TRIGUARD is a registered trademark of Merial Limited *

TRIGUARD is a proven performer in the field, with an average efficacy of 99.7%, based on faecal worm egg count reduction, across properties tested.1 Its combination of three broadspectrum actives delivers effective worm control for sheep.


See TRIGUARD product label for full claims and directions for use. 1. Merial data on file. *AVCARE data MAT March 2015. Merial Australia Pty Ltd, Building D, 12-24 Talavera Road, Macquarie Park, NSW 2113. 3 ABN 53 071 187 285. 285 TRIGUARD® is a registered trademark of Merial Limited. ©2015 Merial Limited. All rights reserved. TRIG.15.06.0138RAL.HP. MERI0067/RAL/HP/GS

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RAM & LAMB 2015

Kurralea genetics continue to excel for clients


Processing & packing private sheep, beef & pigs

Contact Mick and his team for pricing 174 Jubilee Highway West, Mount Gambier


Ph 08 8725 7060

Kurralea Poll Dorset and White Suffolk studs have developed a clientele Australia wide on the back of their unique quality and type. That client loyalty is based on the paddock performance from Kurralea genetics. For example, DB Ag at Ariah Park has purchased Kurralea genetics for their prime lamb enterprise for the last 10 years. “The industry wants lots of meat so we give it to them. We lamb in Autumn, wean in June and finish to 50kg liveweight in a grazing out and vetch crop, then sell on hooks direct to the supermarkets in August,” manager Matt Dart said.


“This gives us marketing and weed control grazing advantages and we have been able to achieve our aims with Kurralea rams. They are very consistent in their performance, giving us quick growth, plus they have the body length and muscling combination to enable us to meet our target weights within five months. They are certainly doing the job for us and we’ll be back for more.” DB Ag is just one of many that appreciate the Kurralea genetic qualities. It is that frame size and body length, uniquely combined with exceptional growth and muscling that has been developed over decades of careful breeding that stands Kurralea apart from most of the alternatives. Approximately 350 rams from the two breeds will be on offer at this year’s sale on September 29th at Ariah Park. How far is too far to go to get genetics that can make a real difference for purchasers, whether stud and commercial? To assist purchasers make that decision, Kurralea’s exceptional client service includes ram delivery assistance around the country, often personally.

Producing a unique blend of Elite Performance & Structural Excellence Rams that do the job for clients in wide ranging environments to meet multiple markets.



All rams reserved for annual Kurralea on-property sale

Tuesday 29th September 2015 - 12.30pm EST - over 300 rams

Above - These Poll Dorset rams are part of the 350 ram offering of Poll Dorsets and white Suffolks at this year’s Kurralea ram sale at Ariah Park on September 29.

Enquiries most welcome: Ben & Lucy Prentice, ‘Kurralea’, Ariah Park, NSW Ph: (02) 6975 2772 Mob: 0429 814 549 Fax: (02) 6975 2666 Kim: (02) 6975 2606 Email: lucycprentice@gmail.com Check website for updates: www.kurralea.com Ram & Lamb | 16 edit - kurralea.indd 1

21/08/2015 4:44:04 PM

Figures: what do they mean? We are currently in good times in the prime lamb industry. Prices are very good and forward contracts indicate that they will remain that way for the immediate and longer term future. This could be simply put down to supply and demand, but it is more sustainable than that. There was a time a few decades ago when New Zealand sneezed and we caught a cold, or one significant lamb buyer didn’t turn up at a sale and the price crashed. Spring lamb was a cheap over supplied product and then disappeared from the shelves; lamb roasts were on pub and maybe some restaurant lunch menus, but other lamb cuts were not an option at these in the evening. Looking back, the progression to where we are now seems huge and reasonably rapid, but it was the result of hard and diligent work by a lot of visionary people. Today’s industry is a serious and professional one, making a significant contribution to Australia’s terms of trade. It can always be improved of course, but a major contribution to the quality of lamb being produced today is the existence of the real consultation and feedback channels now in place. Producers have information on what processors want, what retailers want and most importantly what consumers want. That allows producers to plan longer term breeding programs with surety rather than guesswork. When an enterprise becomes highly profitable if done well, there is a real incentive to improve. No doubt a huge component of the industry’s lamb quality improvement has been the instigation, acceptance and extensive use of objective measurement. This bursts past the ‘visual disguise of ram condition’ based on the amount of feed provided to


them. While sale presentation of stock is always important, presenting overfed and average quality rams for sale with no actual measured performance data on them is akin to presenting 5 score lambs to market 30 to 40 years ago. Commercial producers may initially like what they see, but a majority will demand more information, for they know its value and that it is available elsewhere. However not all commercial producers have a complete understanding of how to interpret the figures to ensure they are purchasing the rams that best suit their production system and marketing objectives. Lambplan has developed various indices that are calculated from the individual trait breeding values (EBVs). While this helps those without a full understanding, it is not the best answer. The best advice I can give is to concentrate on the individual figures that matter most, and that will vary from producer to producer and the production system in place. Determine what works best for your system and select the right balance of figures for growth, fat and muscling. Intramuscular fat, birthweight, shear force ratings and others will be more important in the future and come into play more with the extension of genomics. Do not select on single traits unless you have had feedback indicating a major problem in a particular area, but even then you cannot ignore the other traits. Growth is the most important simply because carcase weight is what you are mainly paid for and how quickly you get to your target weight is the decider on your efficiency and ultimately profitability. However, selecting on growth alone will lead to larger, later

maturing lambs that are harder to turnoff as finished suckers, and could also lead to large birthweights. Fat was a major problem decades ago. That has been overcome by seedstock breeders but there needs to be a range of fat levels to suit the different market weights. Fat is important on an animal as it is their survival mechanism. Too lean and you have tasteless drier meat and breeding stock can suffer and fail to get in lamb again the next year. Too much fat and the product is visually unappealing to the consumer. Also when an animal starts to lay down more fat it is a sign of maturity and it becomes highly inefficient to try to take lambs onto heavier weights. As a guide, -0.5 to 0.5 is a good fat EBV range when selecting rams to breed ‘finished’ lambs for the 20 to 24kg carcase weight range. However, if taking lambs on to heavier weights of 26kg and upwards, you need to be selecting rams that are leaner,

eg: -0.5 to -1.5. Muscling is the selection trait I see most misused at ram sales. More is not necessarily better. High muscling is correlated to lower IMF, shorter bone length, which in turn affects the shape of the lamb and ultimately that can lead to dystocia problems. More muscling increases lean meat yield, but it has to be balanced. Ram Select workshops are run around the country. If you have the opportunity to attend one, do so. It will be money well spent and will greatly assist you to select the best rams for your program.

By Ian Turner Above - When selecting rams for your prime lamb enterprise, look at a balance of the figures rather than single traits in isolation, and make sure they match with your targeted market weight specifications.

08 8724 7111 or 03 5561 3141


08 8724 7882






Office 1 20 Penola Road, Mount Gambier


Jason Allen


Duncan McGregor 0407 722 983


Di Gould


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Details contained in this magazine have been compiled from information supplied by advertisers. No responsibility is accepted for the accuracy of information contained here in. Prospective purchasers should rely on their own enquiries.

When it comes to sustainable parasite control, faecal worm egg count reduction is a key test to determining drench efficacy. The combination of three broad-spectrum actives in TRIGUARD delivers effective worm control for sheep, with an average efficacy of 99.7% across properties tested.1


See TRIGUARD product label for full claims and directions for use. 1. Merial data on file. *AVCARE data MAT March 2015. Merial Australia Pty Ltd, Building D, 12-24 Talavera Road, Macquarie Park, NSW 2113. 3 ABN 53 071 187 285. 285 TRIGUARD® is a registered trademark of Merial Limited. ©2015 Merial Limited. All rights reserved. TRIG.15.06.0143RAL.HP. MERI0067/RAL/HP/SM

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RAM & LAMB 2015

Seriston in tune with client requirements

Jamie Morton Shearing Services

For all your shearing and crutching needs Servicing the South East of South Australia & Western Victoria Phone

08 8737 3917


0429 363 280

White Suffolk rams with body length, especially through the loin and hindquarter sections, and packed with muscling are very much sought after by a regular group of southeast prime lamb producers from Anthony Hurst’s Seriston stud at Avenue Range. Numbers and depth of quality have been added over the years to the extent that this year’s Seriston sale will be one of the larger offerings in the state. In recent years the traditional Suffolk breed has been added and

now Seriston offers substantial numbers of both breeds. This year’s sale on Friday 9th October will see approximately 180 rams on offer. Sponsored by Coprice and Gallagher, buyers will have plenty of selection choice with approximately 130 White Suffolks and 50 Suffolks penned for competition. Grown out on grass, eye muscle depths are consistently reaching 50mm and beyond, which when passed onto their commercial lamb progeny, purchasers are able to turn off quick growing and high yielding lambs. The extra kilos are worth big dollars at present. Their extra body length also ensures they will continue to pack on the weight if they are put in feedlots post weaning and grown out to heavy weights, as several current clients can testify. There are some new highlights included in this year’s offering. The first sons of New Zealand sire Coleford 310 are very prominent in the Suffolk offering and ooze performance Proudly sponsored and class. The White by Gallagher Suffolk offering has & Coprice three prominent sires of note; Days 69, Ashley OJD Vaccinated Park 397 and Seriston 1079. Their progeny are well worth giving serious inspection and consideration.

WHITE SUFFOLKS & SUFFOLKS Selection for • More length • More muscle • More weight • Producing $$$ for you! See why our clients spend a lot of time smiling ...... the proof is in their paddocks!

Next Annual Ram Sale

Friday 9th October 2015 Approx 180 rams Inspection 11am Auction 1:30pm

Contact : Anthony Hurst, Avenue Range, SA Ph (08) 8766 0037 Mob: 0428 332 676 Email: ahurst.seriston@bigpond.com

www.seriston.com.au Ram & Lamb | 18

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Contact Jamie Morton Shearing Services for clean, reliable, stress free job at reasonable rates!

Above - 180 impressive White Suffolk and Suffolk rams like these will be on offer at Seriston’s annual ram sale on-property at Avenue Range on October 9.

20/08/2015 1:07:08 PM


RAM & LAMB 2015

Leenala – certainly ‘in form’ Unlike the fluctuating performance levels of some of our national sporting teams, there is no questioning the form of Alan and Lyn Schinckel’s Leenala Poll Dorsets. Obviously it is not sporting performance in their case, but rather the consistent and repeat levels of performance from their Poll Dorset sheep we are talking about. In seedstock breeding, change in line with commercial market signals is necessary, but it requires careful adjustment rather than dramatic ‘kneejerk’ reactions. Leenala has always aimed to produce exceptionally sound sheep with big frames. This slightly later maturing type is pursued as it allows lamb producers the flexibility to target all lamb market weight ranges depending on climate and management circumstances. Once a lamb ‘matures’ its growth slows dramatically and it then lays down excessive and inefficient fat, so cannot be economically taken on to heavier weights if desired. On the other hand, sheep that are too late in maturity pattern cannot be fleshed adequately and finished with sufficient fat cover at lighter weights if desired. This is the stud breeder’s challenge. History and independent assessment


from Lambplan and the show-ring indicates that Leenala has it pretty much ‘spot on’. They have just returned from the Hamilton Sheepvention with another swag of successes including champion ram and supreme Poll Dorset exhibit and most successful Poll Dorset exhibitor. This follows their multiple successes at Hamilton, Adelaide and


Consistent Commercial Relevance “Our long term selection emphasis on rapid growth, extra length & muscling in a functional and fertile flock is producing consistent commercially relevant results.”

Next Annual sale

Monday 12th October Naracoorte Showgrounds 120 rams Make sure you are on our contact list to receive our latest industry related newsletter and 2015 catalogue

Winning Interbreed Performance Pair RAS 2013

Winning Interbreed Trade Lamb Production Pair RAS 2014

Enquiries always welcome Alan & Lyn Schinckel Ph: (08) 8764 2156 Mob: 0428 838 680 Email: leenala@schinckel.net

Melbourne in recent years. Adding earlier muscling to these longer rams has been achieved with patience. Quick reactions chasing extreme muscling produces smaller framed sheep only suitable for lightweight lamb production because of the strong correlation between increased muscling and shorter bone length. It also reduces intramuscular fat and thus eating quality, so changes in these areas need to be slower and carefully targeted. Leenala will be putting up 100 rams at the Naracoorte ram sale on Monday 12th October at the Showgrounds shed as in the past, but also has another 100 rams for private selections.

Above - Alan Schinckel is congratulated on being awarded Supreme Poll Dorset Exhibit at the recent Hamilton Sheepvention.

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21/08/2015 4:07:36 PM

What a difference a Day family ram can make After more than seven decades of highly successful seedstock breeding and 41 on-property sheep sales, the Day families are no strangers to a majority of the prime lamb producers in this country. Familiarity most certainly does not breed contempt in their case though, as they continue to supply big numbers of industry leading genetics that produce outstanding progeny for their many commercial and seedstock clients. Clearly the combined Allendale/ Days sheep sale with 445 head being offered at the one venue at Bordertown on 2nd October is one of the biggest meat sheep genetic sales in the country. This gives buyers a huge choice of elite

stock for both genotype and phenotype. It also covers all aspects of the prime lamb industry, with maternal and terminal sire genetics on offer. For Lachlan and Lou Day and family, their offering of 220 head is dominated by their White Suffolks, but also includes an increased offering of 40 maternal composite rams. Coming from the just completed Hamilton Sheepvention display, they are creating a lot of interest. In their White Suffolks, three new high performance sires figure prominently in the offering. Triggervale 120401, Gemini 120006 and Ashmore 120209 were all used in the breeding program, not just because of their elite performance levels,

but also the good balance of their ASBVs; something that has always been important to the Day family. The stud ram offering includes four rams that have been used in the Days’ 2015 breeding program. Homebred sires always have a big influence at Days and this year 110071 and 110466 are two that will be represented by many top progeny in the sale. A broad ribbon at the just completed Hamilton Sheepvention gives an indication of the usual high quality. Alastair and Jayne Day and family’s Allendale offering of 225 Suffolk and Poll Dorsets makes up the balance of the offering and it is an exciting balance! Their Suffolk offering sees the first progeny of the New Zealand sire Mornish 120018 on offer. This ram is high performance with a Pwwt EBV of 13.0, having also been the all-breeds champion at Christchurch in 2013. He has a heap of outstanding sons of offer including half of the stud rams. Allendale 121070 (by Burwood 13 and out

of a Breckenridge ewe) presents another successful outcross, while Allendale 110830 continues to breed exceptionally well; one of his sons topping last year’s sale at $6500. The Allendale Poll Dorset draft of approximately 120 top stud and flock rams offers much excitement. Derrynock 110131 is, “Smashing it” as a breeding sire according to Alastair Day. Last year’s Adelaide Junior Champion ram purchased by Bruce Willson, Kreeside stud is just one of his many success stories. With a Pwwt of 15.3 (trait leader) and a Carcase Plus index of 198, he has heaps of high performance progeny. Allendale 130177, last year’s Adelaide supreme all breeds champion ram was used as a ram lamb. A big framed ram, but with heaps of muscling, his sons should produce lambs with the growth and fleshing to give complete flexibility of target lamb market weights. Allendale 120182 is by Leenala 100511, the 2011 Melbourne champion and Adelaide junior champion is breeding exceptionally well. With a C+ index of 203 and a muscle EBV of 2.7, those seeking elite muscling and carcase characteristics should find satisfaction. This huge multi-breed sale will kick off at 11am on the 2nd October with the stud ewes, followed by the rams from 12 noon.

20th Annual On-Property

Ram Sale



Poll Dorset


Border Leicester Flock Rams


Cannawigara via Bordertown

THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 24, 2015. AUCTION 1.00PM SA time OJD Vaccinated Accredited Ovine Brucellosis Free Stockscan figures available

Barbecue Lunch Supplied 5% rebate to outside agents

Phone/Fax: Michael King 08 8752 1602 or 0418 724 189

Above (top) - These are just some of the impressive Allendale Suffolk and Poll Dorset rams on offer at the huge combined Allendale/Days sale at Bordertown. Above (left) - These are some of the top Days White Suffolk rams on offer at the combined Allendale/ Days sheep sale at Bordertown. One of these rams won reserve senior champion ram at the recent Hamilton Sheepvention.

Ram & Lamb | 20 edit - days & allendale.indd 1

20/08/2015 1:18:49 PM


445 head


White Suffolks Poll Herefords Maternal Composites

Annual Combined Sheep Sale

Friday 2nd October 2015 Stud ewes from 11am - Rams from 12 noon SA time 185 White Suffolks 130 Poll Dorsets 100 Suffolks 30 Maternal Composites

MN3 Vacc

See us in Adelaide - Enquiries most welcome Alastair & Jayne Day Mob: 0429 782 711

www.allendalestuds.com Agents: days whiteface - FP.indd 1


Lachy & Lou Day Mob: 0428 521 630

Graham Day 08 8752 2554

www.dayswhiteface.com.au Sponsored by: 20/08/2015 1:19:43 PM

Identifying the challenges - Lamb Survival Majardah enters a new era

Preparation and planning is the key to improving lamb survival rates….this is achieved through the identification of critical stress points throughout the season and meeting the nutritional requirements of the flock through a sound mineral supplement feeding regime. One of the biggest challenges to lamb survival and growth rates is maintaining the ewe’s intake throughout the pre lambing period. Limiting food intake during the lambing period where breeding ewes struggle to maintain required energy levels or underfeeding during early lactation impacting on the ewe’s body condition. Both scenarios are pivotal to influencing lamb survival rates, milk production, lamb growth rates and general stock survival. The importance of trace minerals in the critical stages of a breeding ewe’s lifecycle impact greatly on her productivity and performance including the improvement in development of skeletal tissue, rumen function, growth rates

as well as fertility, reproduction and lactation. Keeping these developmental stages in mind, by undertaking the best possible nutritional strategies to have a positive impact on production and profitability throughout the season is the aim of the team at TPM. In managing these periods, TPM is able to assist by addressing the mineral status and particularly magnesium levels in assisting with efficiency of feed conversion and mobilising calcium. TPM clients are experiencing up to 116g per head per day increase in lamb weight gain between marking and weaning with the introduction of TPM Flock Boost at an inclusion rate of approximately 8g/head per day. With the advantage of weather resistant free choice minerals, the ewes are able to self-regulate their intakes according to requirements. For further details on how the team at TPM can assist your business, call Mark Facy on 0427 243 320.

Majardah Poll Dorset and White Suffolk Stud, based at Glencoe, enters a new era after 43 years, with their inaugural on-property ram sale. In conjunction with local livestock agents Miller Whan and John and Elders, the sale will be held on Monday, September 28, commencing at 1pm. Supplying rams to clients from Western Australia to Eastern Victoria the stud has a strong reputation for performance in the highly competitive stud sector and prime lamb production field. Commercial clients report increased returns from their prime lamb enterprises when changing to Majardah genetics. One on-farm trial showed approximately $6/head advantage to lambs sired by Majardah rams. “That will pay for my rams,” the producer

MAJARDAH POLL DORSET & WHITE SUFFOLK STUD Flocks No. 1886 & No. 540 OB Free Acc. 580 OJD MN1 Vac.

stated. Even better, the processor identified the Majardah sired lamb carcases as their preferred shape, muscle and fat depth when comparing sire lines in the chiller. Selected for conformation, all Majardah rams offered are above average for Australian Sheep Breeding Values. Many are in the top 10% on the LambPlan 2020 and Carcase+ indexes. Ensuring lamb remains a premium choice of consumers, the Price family genomics test all sires used and a selection of ewes for meat eating quality. One outcome was an embryo transplant program this year with Majardah 1143 after she was identified by a Meat Elite Australia Committee as the number one Poll Dorset ewe across flocks for meat quality and general ASBVs. Furthermore, a Majardah sired ewe in Western Australia was described by the scanner, “as a one in a million” for her carcase qualities. Innovation, improvement and consistency are features of this progressive stud. The stud will have 250 Poll Dorset and White Suffolk rams available at the on-property sale or for private selection. Further information is available from Adam on 0428 230 100, Dale on 0428 394 300, Peter Creek at Miller Whan & John on 0428 838 332 or Jamie Bellinger, from Elders, on 0428 814 997


Gold Standard LAMBPLAN Data Majardah sires listed in LAMBPLAN ELITE Sire List. All Majardah sires genomics tested for Intra-Muscular Fat, Shear Force and Lean Meat Yield. Majardah sheep bench marked against all terminal animals on LambPlan with great success. Rams selected for sound conformation, working ability and worm resistance. Flexibility with lambing due to high growth rates and finishing ability. Majardah rams linking genetics to profitability Obligation free inspection welcomed

CONTACT - DALE & RUTH PRICE 0428 394 300 ADAM PRICE 0428 230 100 Email: majardah@bigpond.com


Above - Ruth Price, Dale Price, Jamie Bellinger (Elders), Liam Durcan (Miller Whan & John), Adam Price & Jodie Price with signage for the Majardah onproperty Ram Sale September 28.

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21/08/2015 1:51:14 PM

TRAC PERFORMANCE MINERALS provides a complete range of mineral supplements that can be fully customised to ensure optimum performance in all classes of cattle or sheep. Ensuring the building blocks for balanced nutrition and improved productivity are established for long term gain, TPM’s quality product range provides maximum results through scientifically designed formulations for application in either ad lib or dry mix rations applications.

TPM’s flagship sheep mineral products, FLOCK BOOST & PRELAMBING

FLOCK BOOST An all-in-one mineral supplement that optimises uptake of key nutritional components in an easy to use loose lick powdered formulation

BOOST are backed with a second to none advisory service. So whether used as a mineral supplement for correcting imbalances and deficiencies, or as a supplement in preparation for lambing and the improvement of overall productivity performance, TPM’s full product range offers a balanced nutritional package providing improved productivity and real results. QUALITY, DEPENDABILITY & PERFORMANCE ARE THE FOUNDATIONS OF YOUR BUILDING BLOCKS FOR BALANCED NUTRITION & IMPROVED PRODUCTIVITY

www.totalresult.com.au/tpm-products For Further information contact Mark Facy on 0427 243 320

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POLL DORSETS Prime Lamb Sire! ct


b om

in atio n

fo r t h






The No. 1

KUBpower Spare parts & service on all equipment Servicing the South East of South Australia & Western Victoria

For expert service & advice call Nigel on 0418 854 312 4 Lucindale Road, Naracoorte SA Telephone 08 8762 0123 Fax 08 8762 0614

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21/08/2015 3:46:48 PM

Konongwootong dorsets

Australian Poll Dorsets leading the way THE BENEFITS The Poll Dorset is a short wool, meat producing sheep and is Australia’s No.1 terminal sire in the prime lamb industry. Poll Dorsets sire more lambs annually than any other breed. The Poll Dorset breed is known for its rapid growth rates and early maturity, shapely carcass with ideal fat coverage, and high lean meat yield. These industry sought after characteristics are ideal for meat production, and make Poll Dorset the perfect choice for prime lamb production. The Poll Dorset breed was developed in Australia for Australian conditions and is a proven top performer in all areas. The stabilized genetic pool ensures lambs are consistent in type and quality, giving lamb producers reliable marketing options and high returns. High Growth Rates and Early Maturity Poll Dorsets have very high growth rates that enable lambs to reach targeted market weights quickly. Most Poll Dorset sired lambs are trade ready (18 – 22kg CWT) from 12 weeks of age. The breed’s entrenched background is one of early maturity, meaning lambs are sale ready and ‘finished’ for market at an earlier age. This is a major advantage to the prime lamb producer, with reduced management costs and decreased stress on the ewe. Poll Dorsets have the added advantage of continuing their growth through to heavy export weight lambs (28+kg CWT), giving lamb producers extra marketing options. Outstanding Carcass Attributes Lean meat yield (LMY) is the key to measure carcass value. Poll Dorset genetics lead the way in LMY, resulting in higher value carcasses. Carcass evaluations have also

shown an ideal fat to muscle ration. This, along with an attractive meat colour, is highly important in maintaining consumer appeal and taste acceptance. Poll Dorsets also exhibit ideal muscle patterns with a large loin and shapely hindquarter resulting in a higher proportion of quality cuts of meat. Poll Dorset sired lambs are renowned for their superior taste and tenderness, and are sought after by butchers in all market levels. Skins and Wool Poll Dorset sheep have a ‘downs’ type of wool. Downs wool is known for its density and springiness, making it ideal for doona and quilt production. In commercial lamb production system, the density of the downs wool contributes to a higher quality skin. These are more valuable in the trade and are used for high wear items such as ugg boots and car seat covers. Fertility Poll Dorset sheep have no restrictive breeding period, meaning they have the ability to breed all year round. In a purebred flock normal lamb weaning percentages would be 120% to 150%. Multiple births of twins and triplets are common. While the majority of Poll Dorset rams are used as terminal sires, their long recognized high fertility, virility and functionality has enhanced their commercial acceptance. Breed development has resulted in a body shape that minimizes birth difficulties, whilst maintaining carcass shape. Maternal Attributes Poll Dorsets are well known for being excellent mothers. Their protective instincts and strong bonding ability mean that most of the lambs born will thrive. Milk production is good in both quantity and quality, enabling the lambs to receive optimal early nutrition. RAM SALE SEASON Breeders from the Naracoorte Hamilton Region will be exhibiting at the 2015 Adelaide & Melbourne Royal Shows and the 2015 Australasian Dorset Championships during September as well as at local shows. Annual on property Ram Sales will be held from September through until the end of October. For more information on our breed or the upcoming sales please head to our website http:// polldorset.org.au or find us on Facebook.

Ram & Lamb | 25 edit - poll dorset PRINT.indd 1

21/08/2015 3:55:20 PM

RAM & LAMB 2015

Growth & muscle from Warrawindi


WINDMILLS | PUMPS | BORES CONTACT THE TEAM TODAY Email: jcfmsims.drilling@bigpond.com 12 Ralston Road, Mount Gambier Phone 8725 7321 • Adam Sims 0417 087 292 or Robert Sims 0427 614 263 MEMBER OF THE NATIONAL WATERWELL & DRILLING ASSOCIATION OF AUSTRALIA

Warrawindi’s 2015 ram sale will consist of 150 high production rams all sired by trait leading rams for growth and muscle. Production is on an all-time high at Warrawindi with the first sons of Derrynock 12/134 (TED) on offer. He will have approximately 40 rams in the sale this coming year sale. Purchased at the Derrynock sale in 2013 for $9000, this exceptional ram has a lot to offer the lamb industry. He is the longest ram ever produced at the stud and his structure is outstanding for such a powerful animal. His carcass resembles that of a Limousin bull and phenomenal figures represent his appearance

with +9.6 for wwt, 16.5 for pwwt, -0.9 fat and +2.0 for EMA. All these figures combined with a -2.3 lambing ease puts Ted 12-134 at the pinnacle of lamb production. He is a very fertile ram producing 206 lbs in his first season. In conjunction, there will also be 15 WARRA J Suffolk rams bred under the same conditions and rigorous selection criteria, which are also performing at high standards. They are tough highly fertile rams with extra ease of lambing, producing quality early maturing carcasses. With Warrawindi’s farm size and work force growing, ewe replacements have been a focus the last few years. The introduction of Warra M Border Leicesters to breed Warrawindi’s replacements began; some specially selected Border Leicester ewes and stud ram from Johno’s at Keith and introducing Rettallick bloodlines has set a very sound base for the Warra M stud. This year there will be 15 Border Leicester rams on offer. At Warrawindi prime lamb production is our pot of gold and producing rams that meet the market is our priority under south eastern condition.

Above - 2014 Warrawindi ram sale well underway.

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20/08/2015 1:31:57 PM

RAM & LAMB 2015


OJD Vaccinated

Brucellosis Accredited

6 Stud Rams 160 Flock Rams Friday 9th Oct. 2015 1.00pm

Ian & Hazel Sutherland Coleraine, Vic 3315 Mobile 0427 750 236 Website: www.delorainedowns.com.au

Exciting new generations at Detpa Grove When a stud has achieved just about everything in the last decade, it is difficult to keep making significant improvements, but that is exactly what the Pipkorn family is doing at their Detpa Grove White Suffolk stud at Jeparit. The same astute genetic selections that saw Detpa Grove surge to national prominence a couple of decades ago and brought breed and industry records has continued. To stay ahead of the pack and in tune with industry signals is easy to say and very hard to do, but that is exactly what stud principal David Pipkorn has been able to achieve. With several successful family lines that give plenty of genetic diversity added to with select infusions, has allowed Detpa Grove to produce rams and ewes that are exceptional for phenotype and genotype. They held their bi-annual mated ewe sale earlier this year and saw a new ewe record price of $3500 achieved in a strong result. Three years ago a joint purchase of Burwood 959 for $21,000 was questioned by some but with 14 sons selling as stud rams from his first drop last October to $23,000 and averaging $8107, it was another genetic master stroke. One of those sons

was DG 130066, a sire promoted as the face of the new generations at Detpa Grove. This ram sold to the Anna Villa stud, but was used at Detpa Grove as a ram lamb and has many top progeny on offer this year along with more from his sire. DG 130066 is from a very high fertility background and was an industry leading ram for growth index. In raw data he weighed 93kg at just six months of age. DG 110059 is a successful

..... new Designer Generations coming your way

Annual production sale

Thursday 8th October 2015 - 11:30am Enquiries welcome: David & Michelle Pipkorn Approx 250 stud & flock rams & stud ewes Jeparit, Vic, Ph/fax (03) 5391 8202 Check our website for regular updates: Mobile (David): 0428 918 372 Email: detpagrove@activ8.net.au




homebred sire from outcross Pendarra genetics and also has many good progeny. A further outcross is Anden 130321, a stud that has worked in strong collaboration with Detpa Grove and was the joint purchaser of Burwood 959. With exceptional performance levels behind him, A130321 offers great promise through his progeny this year. The Detpa Grove annual spring sale will be held on Thursday 8th October, on-property at Jeparit. On offer will be approximately 250 of the nation’s leading stud rams and ewes and includes 140 outstanding flock rams.

Above - This son of Burwood 959 topped last year’s Detpa Grove sale at $23,000 to the Ramsay Park stud at Minlaton, SA. More half brothers will be on offer this year, plus sons of another half brother, these also featuring in the outstanding flock ram draft.

Ram & Lamb | 27 edit - detpa grove.indd 1

20/08/2015 1:39:06 PM

RAM & LAMB 2015

Structural soundness at Castle Camps


Following the success of the Castle Camps stud inaugural on property ram sale Ian and Sue Carr are looking forward to their second sale this year. Ian said it was very rewarding to see the support from their regular established clients as well as a few new faces. Last year saw a total clearance of the 60 White Suffolk rams offered at an average of $657. While 30 of the 40 Border Leicester rams sold for an average of $734. Ian felt that this represented good value for both buyer and seller. The Castle Camps stud sheep operation has always been run under commercial conditions so

with the dry finish to last year this has meant that this year’s sale rams have come through a very tuff summer and autumn. The sale rams have received minimal supplementary feeding through the autumn with this increased into winter to have them ready for sale day. This year’s offering will again see rams with good structurally soundness and muscling as well as that good natural doing ability the Castle Camps sheep are noted for. White Suffolk rams this year will include the first sons from Woolumbool 7789 who at 3.15 Pemd is in the top 5% for muscle on the Lambplan terminal index. The Border Leicester offering will again include many rams with negative Wecs (worm egg counts) a trait that we feel is very important. The ram Castle Camps 110420 is ranked third on Lambplan for Wec. His son Castle Camps 133327, who was top price ram at last year’s sale, is ranked number one. A large number of the Border Leicester rams will qualify as $uperborder$ The sale will be held on the property at 2018 Riddoch Hwy Keith on Friday the 25th of September starting at 11am, with inspections from 9.30am. Ian and Sue invite you to come and inspect the rams either on sale day or before the sale. Just give Ian a call on 0438 566 030 to arrange a suitable time.

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Newbold – breeding sheep for the future



*5$66 63(&,$/,676 02:(56 5$.(6 7(''(56 %$/(56



Including GST






3% for 30 months. 10% minimum deposit. G.S.T back in 3rd month. The above special preseason retail finance program is to encourage customers to buy early, save and lock in this special rate. All deals must be in the system and approved by DLL before 31/3/2015 and settled before 1/10/2015.


The well-known Newbold Studs were established in 1917. Current stud master Bill Close has built on the success achieved by his predecessors and strongly believes in breeding sheep for the future. “To remain a leading seed stock producer in this industry for over 90 years, you must keep informed and anticipate requirements several years in advance,� said Bill. Newbold Poll Dorsets and White Suffolks have a tremendous depth of quality breeding ewes which has allowed for selection of large framed, muscular, clean pointed sheep that boast top-end Lambplan performance figures. Bill also runs a Texel stud and has successfully developed the Newbold Texset – true hybrids bred from Texel rams over Poll Dorset ewes,

maintaining the maximum possible degree of hybrid vigor. Newbold client Glen Tilley, Bethal, has had considerable success using Newbold Texsets. When Texsets were mated to Merino ewes, their progeny averaged 2kg heavier when sold as suckers compared to lambs from similar ewes sired by pure Dorsets. Over maternal composite ewes they produce excellent lambs with the Texel’s depth of carcase and the Dorset’s length and growth. They are ideally suited to maiden ewes as the lambs have a low birth weight and are very hardy. Texset rams will be offered at the Newbold sale on Thursday, September 24, along with a high quality team of 90 Poll Dorset and 45 White Suffolk rams. The sale will provide an opportunity to purchase some


71st Annual On-Property Sale

Thurs 24th September, 1pm *145 RAMS - Outstanding Lambplan ASBVs *Free delivery to the South East & Victoria


Bill & Angela Close Gawler River SA | 0414 813 873 | (08) 8524 3062 bill@newboldstuds.com


of the highest, bestbalanced figured rams available in Australia. Newbold rams, long renowned for exceptional growth, will this year have an average ASBV Pwwt of 14. Free delivery is available to the South East and Western Victoria. Newbold is situated 8km West of Gawler on the Northern Adelaide Plains. The warmer drier winters and strong fertile soils allow sheep to grow strong and healthy. Newbold clients often comment on how robust and long-lived the rams are, as well as the consistency of lambs turned off and excellent growth rates achieved. Further details and sale catalogues are available online at www.newboldstuds. com.


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The first 100 days of a lamb’s life are when they are at the highest risk of contracting a range of potentially deadly diseases that cost Australian sheep producers over half a billion dollars each year.1 Your management choices during these first 100 days will determine the risk of death and disease in your flock.

COSTLY DISEASES AT CRITICAL TIMES 1-3 Cheesy gland (CLA) – Recognised as a major cause of economic loss due to reduced wool growth as well as abattoir condemnations and carcass trimmings in both prime lambs and older sheep. Clostridial diseases – Clostridial bacteria are common and cause fatal diseases (black disease, black leg, malignant oedema, pulpy kidney and tetanus).

A COMPREHENSIVE SOLUTION FOR HEALTHIER & HEAVIER LAMBS The new ‘Surviving to Thriving’ 100-Day Plan helps prevent and control these costly diseases for optimal lamb production. Following this simple yet comprehensive health plan at marking and weaning will help move your lambs from surviving to thriving.

Internal parasites – Worm burdens reduce lamb growth rates. Erysipelas arthritis – Arthritis-affected carcasses lose an average of 3kg of trim2 which costs producers $17.25 per carcass.3 Ovine Johne’s disease (OJD) – OJD leads to sheep deaths, lost production and trading restrictions.

MARKING Glanvac® 6S B12

WEANING Glanvac® 6S B12


Scabby mouth – Lambs are at the greatest risk of contracting scabby mouth, which leads to lost productivity mainly through loss of condition. Prime lambs failing to gain 0.5 kg/ week equates to at least $7.19 (dressed) lost meat per lamb.*








1 “priming” dose (to prevent clostridials and CLA)



1st “priming” dose (to control erysipelas arthritis)

2nd “booster” dose

Single dose (if OJD risk dictates)

Drench all lambs (to control internal parasites)

Scabigard® Single scratch (if scabby mouth risk exists)



30 CLA


2nd “booster” dose





These significant costs are largely preventable with the right lamb health plan in place. *Based on per kg price of 575c, dressed out at 50% live weight. 1. Meat & Livestock Australia Limited. Priority list of endemic diseases for the red meat industries. March 2015. 2. Farquharson B. Arthritis in Prime Sheep Lambs: a Review. MLA Final Report AWH. 123. 2007. 3. Meat & Livestock Australia Limited, National Trade Lamb Indicator at $5.75 per kg ctw, May 2015; Meat & Livestock Australia Limited, Industry Projections 2015, 2014 lamb carcass weight 24.3kg, Feb 2015; Zoetis data on file, 2015. 4. Little PR, Hodge A, Maeder SJ et al. (2011) Vet Parasitology; 181: 180–93. 12. Zoetis data on file, 2015. Zoetis Australia Pty Ltd. Level 6, 5 Rider Boulevard, Rhodes NSW 2138. © 2015 Zoetis Inc. All rights reserved. Jul 15. ZOELIV1374. ZL0298

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MN1V MN3 (5 ABC Points)

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