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ithout counting your ‘chickens before they hatch’, this year producers have every reason to be optimistic about their future. Sucker lambs are making unprecedented prices as we enter the spring, with values up around $6.70/kg carcase weight in mid-August in the south east of SA and western Victorian markets. Yes, prices have been good for quality lambs for several years now, so what is different?

The rainfall in the region and right across the country is the key difference. This winter has seen rainfall reach average levels for probably for the first time in a decade and no-one needs reminding of the early cut-off in the last two years in particular! This increased rainfall is giving the soil moisture levels a real boost, as well as restoring water reserves for stock, ample feed supplies from pastures, plus the potential opportunity to

also put substantial hay reserves into storage. That in itself takes the major ‘monkey off producers’ backs’. Add in another component of the equation and that is grain prices. These are currently reasonably low. While this region is not the nation’s major grain growing area, cropping has increased significantly in recent years, especially around Hamilton. There are two flow-ons from the grain price situation; more grain will be potentially stored on-farm and for those who may consider buying in grain, it will be far more affordable than during the last few years when feed reserves were in high buying demand and price levels. Barley is currently listed as low as $165/tonne to buy in. Thus for the prime lamb producer, whether they be one who breeds their own lambs, or one who buys in stores and finishes them in the paddock or through a feedlot, there are realistic options again for the first time in many years.

Providing they offer good incentive values for forward contracts. there is also a potential benefit for the major processors in being able to capture more of their needed supply through contracts and to be able to maintain a more even supply level. Whether it is a breeder or a buy-in finisher, the targeting of heavier carcase weights is now something that can also be seriously considered. In the last few years ‘buy-in finishers’ were virtually priced out of the market from December onwards as a shortage of supply pushed store prices well above the $100/head level. With high feed costs this left the margin at the market end too low to be profitable, or with such little margin to warrant the time and expense. Breeders of their own lambs will quite probably be able to market their lambs at target market weights earlier this year, or take them on to heavier weights, or hold them until later and finish them on stubbles or feedlots through summer and autumn when the price is likely to be higher. Whatever producers decide to do should still be done with careful research and consideration. Do your homework and also remember in years of good feed, seeds from grasses or other weed species are likely to be an increased problem. Shearing earlier, spray topping etc are considerations that will have to be made, and relatively soon. This ‘normal’ wet winter has given everyone more options to consider and thus more decisions to be researched and made. Isn’t that a nice problem to have again? Are you ready to address your newfound options?

ABOVE: Lead story by Ian Turner TOP LEFT: With the changed climatic situation this year, lamb producers have many options from marketing top suckers like these, or carry them on to heavier weights. 2


he latest addition to their stable – the Icon Southie – a Southdown-Poll Dorset composite, has been enthusiastically adopted by many district sheep producers for the turnoff of quick-growing well-muscled domestic lamb production. “We can’t breed enough – we join more ewes and we still can’t keep up with the demand. “We are running 600 mature age terminal stud ewes, plus 200 odd ewe lambs and more than half are joined to Southie rams.” Located in the centre of south-west Victoria’s prime lamb producing country, the Tonissens have sold 700 plus Chromedale, Perendale, Coopworth, Poll Dorset and Icon Southie rams a year in two annual on-property sales and private sales for the past three years.

and tight downsy skins the Icon Southie had developed a strong following in wetter areas and across a broad range of flocks. “We’ve developed a Merino flock conversion clientele and among our composite clients for ewe lamb joinings. “Some of the composite breeders are also starting to put them over older ewes.” He said the Icon Southies certainly had more fat at a younger age which gave them advantages in cold, wet weather and improves their ability to finish early. Most of the Icon Southie rams are being sold to produce lambs for typical domestic or trade spring lamb markets. The lambs are early maturing, have good doing ability and feed conversion, and consistent tight skins desired by the trade.

Matt said he is encouraged by the effect the Chrome sheep are having on clients’ operations, with flock sizes increasing and many now buying the farm next door and expanding the size of their flocks.

Most of the sales - achieve total clearances as return customers compete with new buyers. Starting from their Icon Poll Dorset Stud and Coopworth stud bases, the Tonissens have expanded to breed composite sheep relevant to their customer’s needs. Key aims have been to produce highly productive efficient sheep of medium adult weight, high fertility and early growth. This included the addition of NZ Perendale blood to breed the Chromedale in 2004, a maternal line also utilising Coopworth, NZ Romney, Poll Dorset and other top composite maternal genetics for improved growth rates and potential for an earlier easier lambing. Chromedale Maternal rams now make up most of the Tonissen ram sales, with their female progeny being increasingly appreciated as a self-replacing prime lamb dam. The black-hooved Perendales have proven to be tough, suited to wet conditions and worm resistant, helping to pull back adult ewe weights to give greater efficiency. Matt said the Icon Southie was developed to tap into the industry shortage of Southdown rams, which have been selling out among purebred breeders for the past 2-3 years. With its hard black hooves, ease of lambing, compact structure, hardiness 3

“Our success is largely due to our clients’ success.” Many of the Chrome ram clients are reporting ewes dropping 170-180 percent lambs and marking up to 153pc.

ABOVE: ICON Southie Sale Rams


e are very excited about the results we are achieving, in particular when incorporating selection pressure on the gestation length as part of our lamb survival strategy. With scanning rates reaching 185-190% in our commercial flock of approx 500 Meat Maternal ewes, it was time to increase our focus on lamb survival. Obviously, the

management and nutrition of the ewe will always have the greatest influence over lamb survival. However, there are huge benefits to be gained from having stronger lambs at birth, with a greater cold tolerance, and plenty of quality milk available at birth. We are finding our best results are coming from ewes having 4.5 -5.5 kg lambs at birth. This has meant we can utilise rams with higher birth weights, and subsequent growth rates, that also

have shorter gestation length ASBV’s. Lambs that are born at a shorter gestation length are not necessarily lighter, but are born with a lot more ease. They generally appear wetter at birth, and the ewes appear to lamb quickly and with vastly fewer presentation issues. The actual gestation length of the ewes recorded over the past 8-10 years has varied from 141 days to 154 days. We would say that approximately 90% of lambing problems occur in those ewes lambing after 150 days, with a higher incidence of presentation issues, big lambs, dry or yellow coloured, or stressed lambs at birth. Emphasis on good smooth shoulder and neck placement is also important. We look forward to the results of a trial we are conducting this year on our commercial ewe lambs. The ewe lambs were six months old at joining and averaged approximately 40kg. They have been split and joined to two sires. Sire 1 has a birth weight ASBV of 0.55, and a shorter gestation length ASBV of -1.8 days, while sire 2 has a birth weight ASBV of 0.20, and a longer gestation length of +1.0 day. Traditionally, rams with higher birth weights and growth rates would not have been recommended for ewe lamb joining. We are hopeful that conducting economically relevant trials on our commercial ewes, will continue to improve the profitability of our commercial clients.

ABOVE: Derrynock lambs know how to do it tough



he Paxton Stud enjoyed a very successful 2015 with a great clearance selling over 300 rams across their three breeds. The Harvey family are pleased with the amount of repeat buyers and the introduction of some new clients. Paxton Stud Principle, Martin Harvey, is very pleased with the selection of rams available this season. “Despite another tough spring the stock look as good as ever. It’s very encouraging to see paddock reared stock grow as well as they have. I think it is essential that the rams will continue to improve for our clients when they get them home” Martin said. The Paxton Poll Dorset Stud added two new Derrynock Sires to it’s team last spring and are very pleased with the lambs currently on the ground for selection next year. Both rams have impressive growth and muscle values. This year’s offering has the first sons of Ulandi Park 13/429 purchased for $10000. The Paxton Stud has approximately 100 Poll Dorset rams available this spring. The White Suffolk line up of 100 rams is very even and continue to improve. The team is very impressive. A Woodbridge sire with great growth values has been added to an already impressive team of stud sires.

ABOVE: A selection of Paxton 2014 Border Leicester rams.


The Paxton Border Leicester Stud has added four new Sires to its genetic pool. Champion Ram at Horsham sale, purchased for $9500 from Geraldine stud, will be a great addition. Adding to this were purchases from Glencorrie Stud and Johno’s completing an exciting sire team. Approximately 140 Border Leicester rams will be available. They are all extremely well grown and show great carcass attributes. The Paxton genetics again featured highly in the Naracoorte First Cross ewe sale. Paxton rams will again be available for private selection from late September. All rams are MN2, Brucellosis Free and Lambplan tested. The rams will be graded and priced accordingly. All enquiries are welcomed either to Martin Harvey 0407 582 079 or PPHS Robin Steen 0428 838 195



Dohnes are a meat and wool producing sheep breed with good milking and mothering ability.

through to the wetter grazing areas in the South East of South Australia and into Western Victoria.

Dohnes are a production recorded breed. All registered animals have ASBV’s (Australian Sheep Breeding Values) for growth, fertility and wool production.

He said Dohnes compared favourably to every other breed or crossbreed on gross margin returns.

Dohne rams can be used to breed a self-replacing maternal flock to facilitate a second cross lamb enterprise.

Our focus is breeding a type of sheep that maximises profitability for our clients, as well as for our own commercial flock. We know the Dohne is a sheep that is highly fertile and a quick growth rate through to market weights, using minimal supplementary feed. They also have high quality bright wool. We place high priority on breeding a structurally sound animal, placing great emphasis on backs, shoulders, legs and feet, given that a self-replacing ewe flock is one of the best features of the breed, and makes a huge impact on the profitability of a sheep enterprise.

t the recent Global Dohne Conference, on July 22nd 2016, Mr Geoff Duddy, a Sheep industry consultant and Lamb Forecasting Advisory Committee member, said the dual-purpose Dohne breed had a huge ability to capitalise on changes in the wool, sheep meat and breeding ewe values.

Significant improvements in wool and trade lamb prices over the past 12 months had placed the Dohne into pole position. Another Sheep Industry consultant, Dr Graham Lean presented the results of a study that used the GrassGro model to compare gross margins for Dohne enterprises with fine wool Merino and specialist prime lamb across high, medium and low rainfall environments. In each scenario, the Dohne outperformed the other enterprises. [Source: Dohnes to play role in nation’s flock rebuild, www.dohne.com.au]

The Maternal features – easy lambing, high fertility, non-seasonal breeding, bare breech, and good marketable, merino type wool add to a profitable enterprise. The eating quality of Dohnes is recognised by processors as high, because of the inherent intramuscular fat and the fine texture of the meat. Glen Holme Dohne Stud was established in 2006, with an extensive history in breeding stud sheep. Based in the Mid North of South Australia, our Dohnes perform well in all areas, including pastoral areas, mixed cropping areas, Mallee areas, right

Glen Holme Dohnes are also selected for docile temperaments. Using Dohnes as their maternal base, producers participate at the top end of pricing for both wool and lambs, with benefits of fertility in a selfreplacing flock. Profit from Wool, Meat and Lambs… Glen Holme Dohnes – a good all-rounder.


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he Australian White Suffolk Association was formed in September 1985 with a foundation membership of eighteen flocks. Bred for Australian conditions, the attributes of lambing ease, good growth and muscling, together with high fecundity have earnt White Suffolks a solid reputation as a profitable alternative to other terminal breeds. Today, the breed has 335 active studs running 61,000 ewes and selling 35,000 rams each year, accounting for 43 per cent of terminal sires sold in Australia. The White Suffolk breed was founded in response to producer demands for fast growing prime lambs, and consumer demands for leaner carcasses. White Suffolks provide superior all round performance – consistent and measured rams producing high yielding carcasses able to hit the right fat specifications. This means a better bottom line for the prime lamb producer and the best eating quality lamb for the consumer. White Suffolks are the ideal prime lamb terminal sire in wide-ranging areas and environments of Australia, and are giving outstanding results in the dry, arid, pastoral zones; all types of agricultural and mixed farming areas; and also in higher rainfall districts. The AWSA and its members have always had a strong commercial focus, and have embraced performance testing and new technologies to improve the genetics they offer the Australian lamb industry. Since genomic testing has been made available, the breed has been at the forefront with their involvement including testing for hard to measure traits such as eating quality. The White Suffolk breed is prominent in show rings across Australia where it has led the way in introducing objective measurements and performance recording information into the show ring through the Lamb Production Class at a number of major shows throughout Australia. This class promotes the selection of rams to breed lambs for a specific market sector, using Australian Sheep Breeding Values and structural trait

assessment, together with traditional visual ‘show ring’ assessment, in the scoring system. The commitment of the White Suffolk breed to providing the Australian lamb industry with genetics that produce a consistent high value product has led the AWSA to work towards developing a nationally branded lamb product. This program will allow commercial producers using White Suffolk genetics to supply lambs to domestic and international customers as part of a high quality product. Commercial producers who are interested in this program should visit the AWSA website (www.whitesuffolk.com) and click on “Commercial Register” to receive information and updates on White Suffolk branded product, or contact the Association on (08) 8210 5231.

2016 Studs

ABOVE: White Suffolk rams

white suffolks

better by design Genetics To Suit All Markets & Environments www.whitesuffolk.com.au 7

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nquestionable measured performance data has been behind the Clothier family’s Woolumbool Poll Dorset and White Suffolk ram offerings since the stud’s inception just under 30 years ago. It is the depth of that long measured performance data behind their current offering that gives them extremely high accuracies and gold quality data status with Lambplan. Very few studs have that ranking Australia wide. What this gives prospective purchasers amongst prime lamb producers is trustworthy elite performance, greater confidence in the results they will achieve and consequently, potentially greater profitability. Honest paddock growth and presentation is rigidly adhered to by the Clothiers which gives no masking of the actual genetic capabilities of their rams. All rams have to pass an assessment for structural soundness before being considered for sale, whatever their figures may be.


Based at Lucindale, the Clothiers have concentrated their type in both breeds on medium frames with rapid growth to earlier maturity, producing rams

that are very much like ‘peas in a pod’, ideal for the production of ‘finished’ prime lambs in the 22 to 26kg weight range. This is the money market weight range in today’s lamb industry. A vast majority of both domestic and export lambs are being sought by processors within this weight range. Woolumbool has a loyal following of regular clients who continually get the results they seek from these genetics. However there is plenty of room for others to join them, with over 100 rams from each of their two terminal sire breeds on offer on Wednesday 5th October. Their high fertility Mult-Meats are another exciting maternal addition to the breeding options they offer, these rams being available privately.

There are two key dates on the Leenala Poll Dorset sales calendar this year. The first is their annual ram sale, again being held at the Naracoorte Showground on Monday 10th October in conjunction with Wrattenbullie. 100 Leenala flock rams and 15 stud quality specially selected rams are on offer as in past years.

A sample of their top 20 White Suffolk rams gives an indication of the performance levels buyers can expect at their annual sale offering. They have an average Carcase Plus index of 209 up to 223, a Post Weaning Weight EBV of 15.75 and an Eye Muscle Depth EBV of 2.64. The figures on the total offering would not be far off these levels. More information can be found on the Woolumbool website (www. woolumbool.com.au) or on Facebook.

The quality is up to and arguably beyond that of recent years. Champion Poll Dorset ram at this year’s Hamilton Sheepvention completed a ‘hat trick’ of this award in the last three years. While show awards are always a good assessment of phenotype in particular, it is the combination of this and the performance levels under Lambplan that should attract the attention of prime lamb producers.

ABOVE: The young Woolumbool rams include a sample of each of their three elite performance prime lamb sire breeds, maternal Multi-Meats, White Suffolks and Poll Dorsets.

It is a life decision that has led to the second important date in the

2016 Leenala sales calendar. Alan and Lyn Schinckel have come to the decision that the time is right to bring 58 years of Poll Dorset breeding to a conclusion. On Thursday, November 3rd they will offer over 300 mixed age breeding ewes in the first stage of their dispersal sale. Any current or aspiring Poll Dorset breeders should mark this date in their calendar. To be able to purchase highest quality ewes from a stud right at its peak presents an extremely rare opportunity indeed. This sale will include all their breeding ewes from 2015 drop and older including the dams of the successful Hamilton Sheepvention sale team. The 2016 drop lambs will be offered in the second and final stage of the Leenala dispersal in the spring of 2017. Updates on the rams and ewes coming up for sale can be viewed on the Leenala website (www.leenalapolldorsets.com.au).

White Suffolks Poll Dorsets Multi Meats Poll Merinos

Some Mothers Do Have ‘Em! High Performance Fertility Predictability Gold Quality Data


Accredited Brucellosis Free

Annual On-Property Ram Sale

Wednesday 5th October 200 rams

Contact Phil & Sharon Clothier, PO Box 102, Naracoorte, SA 5271 Ph (08) 8765 8026 Fax (08) 8765 8002 Email woolumbool@bigpond.com

For more information find us and follow us on @woolumboolstuds www.woolumbool.com.au 8

ABOVE: Pictured at the recent Hamilton Sheepvention is Alan and Lyn Schinckel’s champion Poll Dorset ram; their 3rd champion in a row at this event. This ram will be on offer at their 2016 annual ram sale along with over 110 others, while its dam will be on offer at the November 3rd first stage dispersal sale.


Consistent Commercial Relevance More Profitable More Often

1st stage dispersal sale

Thursday November 3rd 300 mixed age breeding ewes More details on website

Annual Ram Sale: Monday 10th October 2nd stage & final dispersal sale: October 2017


Website: www.leenalapolldorsets.com.au


Enquiries always welcome on all classes of stock & semen Contact: Alan & Lyn Schinckel Ph: (08) 8764 2156 Mob: 0428 838 680 Email: leenala@schinckel.net


reparations for the third annual Castle Camps ram sale are well underway. This year’s sale rams have come through one of the toughest seasons that this district has experienced for a very long time. In fact it could be said that the 2015 drop sale rams are looking forward to experiencing their first real spring. At Castle Camps the stud sheep operation has always been run under commercial conditions with minimal supplementary feeding through summer and autumn. This allows for the selection of sheep with that good natural doing ability, something the Castle Camps sheep are noted for. So the last year has been a very challenging one in getting the mix right between paddock and supplementary feeding. As more paddock feed becomes available the rams are responding well and should be looking good by sale day. This year’s White Suffolk rams will include sons from the two Ramsay Park AI sires used in 2015. Both of these rams 130306 & 130201are

ranked in the top 1% on both the Carcase+ and Lamb 2020 index. Woolumbool 127789 at 3.6 PEMD which puts him in the top 1% returns with his second drop of quality sale rams.

The continued good reports of both Castle Camps Border rams and first cross ewes gives us confidence in this year’s Border Leicester offering. These rams will again include many with negative Wecs (worm egg counts) a trait that is conceded very important at Castle Camps. A poor result with AI in the Borders last year has meant ram numbers were down a bit this year. To counteract this and to make sure there was a good selection on sale day the Carr’s purchased a selection of ram lambs at the Duenclin Border Leicester dispersal sale. The Castle Camps stud is part of the Superborder group and the rams that meet those requirements will be identified with the Superborder tag on sale day. This year’s sale will be held on the property at 2018 Riddoch Hwy Keith on Friday the 30th of September starting at 11am, with inspections from 9.30am. Ian and Sue invite you to come and inspect the rams either on sale day or before the sale and with a sale average of just under $700 last year these rams are well worth a look. You can go to our website www. castlecamps.com.au for our online catalogue which will be available from early September or just give Ian a call on 0438 566 030 to arrange a suitable time for an inspection. ABOVE: Castle Camps sale rams



ajardah Poll Dorset and White Suffolk Studs will have 260 rams available for selection this year with an Australian Sheep Breeding Value Carcase Index average of 198.98 well beyond the terminal average of C+179.4 While some studs may have individual animals with ASBVs similar to the Majardah average, the vast majority do not. The Stud’s goal is to offer sheep with good conformation and above average ASBVs. We know the benefits: • high lambing survival • high growth rates for efficient finishing • quality carcase conformation • better returns for our clients An example of how ASBVs can improve producer returns is highlighted by a study conducted by Dr. Nick Lindon. His lamb finishing project, showed the enormous variations lamb feed conversion rates. In his study, the best lambs converted 3kg feed to 1kg live weight. While the worst was a ratio of 15kg of feed to 1kg live weight gain. Imagine the profit advantage gained by a producer if most of their lambs were at the better end of the conversion rate. In the study, the cost of finishing lambs was $6:39 for the best converters rising to $30 for the less efficient converters. ASBVs for growth are indicative measures of an animal’s capacity to convert feed to carcase weight. In our commercial enterprise, our experience with bought in lambs supports the value of selecting rams for high growth rates while maintaining muscle and fat at

optimum levels. It is the Price family’s intention to pass this opportunity for feed efficiency by offering high growth rams on to their clients. ‘We see the benefits and want our clients to benefit as well’, said Mr. Price. Ram buyers seeking objectively assessed rams raised in commercial

conditions for commercial enterprises are invited to the Majardah Ram Sale on September 26th Kangaroo Flat Road, Glencoe at 1:00pm.

ABOVE: Majardah rams ready to work for EWE!

MAJARDAH POLL DORSET & WHITE SUFFOLK STUD Flock No. 1886 & No. 540 OB Free Acc. 580 OJD MN1 Vac.

INAUGURAL SALE MONDAY 26TH SEPTEMBER 1:00PM ON PROPERTY 1861 KANGAROO FLAT ROAD, GLENCOE Offering 120 Poll Dorset & 20 White Suffolk rams. All rams selected for sound conformation, moderate BWT, growth, muscle and worm resistance. Young rams bred for commercial use. Performance backed by 44 years of breeding. Inspection from 11:30am. Lunch Provided. 240 Ram ASBVs Averages Majardah Poll Dorset Majardah White Suffolk Terminal CONTACT:

BWT 0.35 0.19 0.28

WWT 8.9 9.2 7.5

PWWT 13.9 14.3 11.6

PFat -0.27 -0.63 -0.6 ELDERS JAMIE BELLINGER 0428 814 997

DALE & RUTH PRICE 0428 394 300 ADAM PRICE 0428 230 100 Email: majardah@bigpond.com


PEMD 2.36 1.6 1.2

WEC -29 -28 -3 M.W.J. EXPERIENCE 118 Years SELLS

2020 114.2 113.5 109.9

C+ 196.9 192.2 174.0



he Detpa Grove record speaks for itself, unquestionably being the most successful White Suffolk stud in the country for more than a decade. That continued last year with a highly successful bi-annual mated ewe sale in April with 75 ewes selling to a new stud ewe record of $3500 and averaging $575. Two ewes also went internationally to USA breeder Gary Heilig, Montana. Then in October, 25 stud rams averaged $4160 while 150 flock rams averaged $995. The quality was truly elite, but the prices were still very affordable, especially so in the current buoyant prime lamb industry. To continue to produce such high quality stock and to influence so many other studs around the country is no easy achievement, yet stud

principal David Pipkorn is relishing the challenge. Astute infusions of elite genetics for both performance and phenotype have enabled Detpa Grove to bring exciting new family lines to the market place. The genetic diversity within the stud allows both stud and commercial producers to keep investing in arguably the best allround genetics available today. The stud prefix may stay the same but the genetic improvements continue. Besides their structural and breed type excellence, there was a vast majority of last year’s offering in excess of 200 on Carcase Plus index under Lambplan. Very few studs can get close to that level of verifiable quality. This year’s offering continues that theme. Could they be better than in previous years?

Prospective buyers can make their own decisions on this, but unless they put themselves ‘in the game’ by attending the next Detpa Grove sale on Thursday October 13th, they have little chance of securing new designer genetics that can truly enhance the performance and quality produced in their prime lamb or stud breeding program. Regular updates on the stock on offer this year can be seen on Detpa Grove’s website (www.detpagrove. com) or follow them on Facebook.

ABOVE: Rams of this quality are on offer this year at the Detpa Grove sale in October. They continue to be industry leaders for both genotype and phenotype.


he Poll Dorset breed, developed in Australia by Australian producers to perform in Australian conditions over 70 years ago, continues to do just that; perform exceptionally for prime lamb producers through all states and environs in this vast country. That is why it sits comfortably as the prime lamb industry’s number one sire breed of choice. It has achieved that mantle and continues to set benchmarks for the Australian lamb industry through its elite and consistent performance.


See the total offering of the 2015 drop at our annual on-property sale

Thursday 13th October

Enquiries welcome: David & Michelle Pipkorn Jeparit, Vic, Ph/fax (03) 5391 8202 Mobile (David) 0428 918 372 Email info@detpagrove.com

Approx 250 head Stud ewes from 11:30am

Stud rams from 12:30pm

Stay tuned for our new and improved website

www.detpagrove.com.au Regular updates and individual rams of interest on 12


The growth rate of Poll Dorset sired lambs is exceptionally good, especially early, an important factor in allowing producers to market lambs for quick turnoff, especially important in drier areas, or poorer seasons. The entrenched purity of the breed ensures more consistency in the product they produce. Commercial producers can have great faith in the expected performance levels from Poll Dorset rams. The Poll Dorset breed is always evolving and improving as markets dictate and from a management viewpoint the modern Poll Dorset, which is a very easy care with a functional body shape, has much cleaner points than when originally created.

... new Designer Generations coming your way

Presenting the latest release of new Detpa Grove whites!

Lean meat yield is the factor that processors and retailers seek and Poll Dorset’s through their entrenched superior muscling fulfil that need better than other breeds.

For prime lamb producers all these advantages culminate into the one most important factor in lamb production; greater profitability. That profitability is a direct result of the Poll Dorset sired lamb being demanded by more sectors of the industry, but most importantly the consumer. Put simply, Poll Dorset’s tick more boxes more often. They’re number one for all the right reasons. The breed can be readily inspected at any of the numerous shows, field days and sales around the country. For more information, view the Association’s website.

ABOVE: Modern Poll Dorset rams like these are the industry leaders for a combination of elite performance, meat yield, functionality and profitability.




The Australian sheep flock is historically low at 70.9 million head. Hot and dry seasonal conditions for most of 2015/16 led to high turn-off of stock. Restocker activity is expected to turn this trend around in response to a good autumn break and a promising outlook for spring. Lamb prices are strong and increasing export demand is expected to support prices for the rest of 2016. National lamb production has trended higher in the last 12 months due to slightly higher slaughter rates and gains in carcass weights. Reduced mutton production has driven overall sheep meat production lower than the previous 12 months.

550 40 500 35


Trade lamb indicator (LHS)

Average annual growth in the median farmland price for South West Victoria since 1995 is




4000 3000

Average annual growth in the median farmland price for South East South Australia since 1995 is

2000 1000

South East SA*















Jun 16

Mar 16

May 16

Jan 16

Nov 15

Sep 15

Jul 15

Mar 15

May 15

30 Jan 15



Median price ($/ha)


‘000 tonnes cwt

c/kg cwt


National sheep flock decreased to




Farmland values

South West VIC

Sheep meat production decreased

National lamb price and production

2.4 70.9 in the last 12 months

million in 2015

Lamb exports to the USA increased by

Domestic lamb consumption is


24 10

Lamb production (RHS)

in 2015/16

In 2015, the median price of farmland in SW Victoria increased by

1.5% to $4,950/ha In 2015, the median price of farmland in SE South Australia decreased by


kg per capita per year

The value of land underpins farming businesses and rural communities. Understanding farmland values is important to everyone in agribusiness, especially Australia’s farmers. The Australian Farmland Values report, produced by Ag Answers, provides analysis at national, state, regional and shire levels and is based on farmland sales data compiled since 1995.

to $2,164/ha

*South East SA includes Lower South East, Mid-South East, Murray & Mallee and Riverlands. This report is intended to provide general information on a particular subject or subjects and is not an exhaustive treatment of such subject(s). The information herein is believed to be reliable and has been obtained from public sources believed to be reliable. Rural Bank Limited, ABN 74 083 938 416 AFSL /Australian Credit Licence 238042, and Rural Finance, a division of Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited ABN 11 068 049 178 AFSL / Australian Credit Licence 237879, make no representation as to or accept any responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of information contained in this report. Any opinions, estimates and projections in this report do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Rural Bank and Rural Finance and are subject to change without notice. Rural Bank and Rural Finance have no obligation to update, modify or amend this report or to otherwise notify a recipient thereof in the event that any opinion, forecast or estimate set forth therein, changes or subsequently becomes inaccurate. This report is provided for informational purposes only. The information contained in this report does not take into account your personal circumstances and should not be relied upon without consulting your legal, financial, tax or other appropriate professional. (S55670)(08/16) © Copyright Rural Bank Ltd ABN 74 083 938 416 and Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Ltd ABN 11 068 049 178


Young Cattle r. The Eastern er. lowerr for ng of Octobe loss to close 7% he at the beginniing part of the interrupted prices was October before recover ing cattle of page) trend of increasin the first 2 weeks prices (back This year’s g US cattle of falling dropped sharply combination Indicator result of a lower in the month. r. s to be the was 6% prices appearDollar in during Octobe Indicator cattle mb Lamb local ian in l Trade The decline the value of the Austral The Nationa in to last year. and a rise similar pattern a are tracking Lamb prices October.


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Last Year 185 344 87 458 0.87


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Ag Answers is a specialist insights division of Rural Finance and Rural Bank. Recognising that good information is the key to making good business decisions, Ag Answers provides research and analysis into commodities, farmland values, farm business performance and topical agricultural issues to enable farmers to make informed decisions.





o highlight the quality rams on offer at the Seriston stud sale, we could run a tongue twister competition and get people to quickly say, “Simply Select Seriston’s Superior Suffolk Sheep for Sensational Success”! While there is certainly truth in that, we should simply suggest that is unnecessary, and simply encourage lamb producers who are serious about the success of their enterprise to give serious consideration to the quality on offer at Seriston. That should be incentive enough! Stud principal Anthony Hurst will again present a wonderful tem of approximately 150 White Suffolk and 40 Suffolk rams for competition at the Seriston annual on-property ram sale on Friday October 14th at Avenue Range. The first progeny of Waratah 130033 and Premier ‘Optimum’130645 are a feature in this offering; and in the words of Anthony Hurst, “they are good!”


Locals have known and appreciated the quality available at Seriston for a long time, but as the word spreads on the results their rams produce in clients’ paddocks, more have joined them.


Selection for • More length • More muscle • More weight • Producing $$$ for you! Proudly sponsored by TRU-TEST & MERIAL OJD Vaccinated

See why our clients spend a lot of time smiling... ....The proof is in the paddock!

Anthony Hurst has grown the offering in line with that demand to ensure all potential buyers are able to compete at value for the rams they need. Seriston has sourced the best genetics they can find over the years to match the selection principles put in place over the duration of the stud’s history. Extra body length, with width, depth and superior muscling has led to the distinct Seriston type produced today. Measurement for eye muscle area and not just depth has arguably been a significant contributing factor in achieving that type. Genetic correlation usually means that an emphasis on increased muscle depth results in smaller and shorter sheep. This then restricts the weight range options open to breeders who use these smaller types. Insisting on maintaining size and length has required more time and patience to achieve at Seriston, but the buyers are the beneficiaries of this patience. Anthony Hurst welcomes enquiry with more details also available on the website www.seriston.com.au.

Next Annual Ram Sale Friday 14th October 2016 Approx 200 rams

www.seriston.com.au Enquiries & inspections welcome Contact : Anthony Hurst, Avenue Range, SA Ph (08) 8766 0037 Mob: 0428 332 676 Email: ahurst.seriston@bigpond.com 14

ABOVE: The length, depth and muscling combination of Seriston White Suffolk and Suffolk genetics like these is appreciated by more clients every year, with available ram numbers increasing in line with that demand.

They cleared 170 rams at their annual sale last October at $1107, a result that was a ‘win-win’. “We sold more rams at a better price, picked up more clients and everyone seemed to go away happy with the value they received,” co-principal Grant Hausler said.

They apply the same breeding principles to their more recent and smaller White Suffolk stud, catering for lamb producers who favour this breeding option. The highly credentialed Wingamin bloodlines feature strongly in this stud. Grant and Bryce Hausler welcome enquiry on their 2016 offering with more information available on their website: www.janmac.com.au.



hile the Hausler family of Janmac Poll Dorsets and White Suffolk, Goroke has been selling large and even drafts of rams to clients in western Victoria and the south east of South Australia, it’s their achievements in the last few years that has come under wider notice.

ABOVE: Exceptional growth and muscling is clearly evident in this young 2016 drop Poll Dorset ram lamb. It will be just one of an outstanding line-up of Poll Dorset and White Suffolk rams on offer at this year’s on-property Janmac sale.

With an average efficacy of 99.7%, based on faecal worm egg count reduction, across properties tested, TRIGUARD delivers the results you’re looking for in a sheep drench.1 With broad spectrum activity, TRIGUARD provides effective worm control, even against resistant worms.

AUSTRALIA’S NO.1 SELLING COMBINATION SHEEP DRENCH* FOR HEALTHY NO.2 S . See TRIGUARD product label for full claims and directions for use. 1. Merial data on file. *AVCARE data MAT March 2016. Merial Australia Pty Ltd, Building D, 12-24 Talavera Road, Macquarie Park, NSW 2113. ABN 53 071 187 285. TRIGUARD® is a registered trademark of Merial Limited. ©2016 Merial Limited. All rights reserved. TRIG.15.06.0141D.R&L.QP.SA

Quietly achieving excellence “The The perfo performance ormance th that matt matters tters most is in th the paddock paddock!” POLL DORSET & WHITE SUFFOLK STUDS

That increased demand for other rams has been built around the quality they have been producing. Janmac has always been striving for excellence with strict selection criteria for balance, structure, conformation and performance, especially growth rate and muscling. It is Janmac’s willingness to invest in the right genetics to achieve their objective that makes the difference. A substantial lift was achieved when Janmac combined with the Rowett family in SA to purchase Kurralea 110011 for a then Poll Dorset breed record price of $28,000. Newbold 120065, an elite performance ram on Lambplan followed with his first progeny sold last year. Kentish Downs 130291 was purchased for the top price at their 2014 sale to follow on with that lift in consistent quality by going over the outstanding daughters of the other two rams. His first progeny will be on offer this year at their October 5th sale.

Annual ram sale

Wednesday 5th October 1pm Vic time - Inspection from 11am 170 Poll Dorset & White Suffolk rams including the first progeny of KD130291 (Top price at KD 2014 sale & ideal ram to follow Kurralea 110011) - check them out!

Check our website for regular updates: www.janmac.com.au - Enquiries always welcome Contact: Grant & Bryce Hausler, Goroke, Vic Ph: (03) 5386 1013 M: Grant: 0427 861 013 Bryce: 0427 861 031 E: grant.hausler@bigpond.com



n 2015 we again exhibited 4 fleeces at the Royal Adelaide Show and were awarded Champion Downs Wool Fleece with a Ryeview Bred Rams fleece. The wool quality on our stud sheep has always been important as the lamb skin is usually a valuable part of the lamb trade. In November2015 we were thrilled to have a visit from a representative from the UAE to inspect wishing to inspect our young Ryelands and White Suffolk’s. He selected 8 Ryeland and 15 White Suffolk ewe weaners, and 1 Ryeland weaner ram. These sheep were flown to the UAE after protocols were met. In 2014 at the Royal Adelaide Elite Ram Sale Ryeview purchased the top priced White Suffolk Ram Waratah 130645. We also purchased Ashmore 130266 and Days 130458. These are 3 very interesting rams have good EBV’S and high indexes. They have produced rams which will be represented in this year’s sale. We have confidence that these flock rams will produce top results for you. This year’s flock rams have high growth rates, good muscling and good fat EBV’s

Our Lambplan data/figures recorded demonstrate that our White Suffolk’s are breeding with EBV’s that are right up there with the average Australian White Suffolk flock. At Ryeview our sheep are Ovine Brucellosis Accredited Free, in the MAP scheme - MN3V [vaccinated with Gudair], and treated with Eryvac and Scabby Guard. They are also treated with Cydectin Eweguard and dipped with Avenge at shearing (mid August).

We also have our rams vet checked prior to the sale and have a structural guarantee [to cover the unforseen]. All this is done so that we can provide you with an assurance that the Flock Rams for sale are healthy and structurally sound. You are invited to attend our on property ram sale on Monday 17th October 2016, at Burkhills Lane, Millicent. A free Lunch is available. Again we will be donating the total proceeds of the select ram to the Millicent Cancer group. 4% Rebate to outside Agents. Enquiries to Elder’s Millicent David Little or Aidan Auld OR please contact Michael or Julie Osborne on 08 8733 3393 / 0408 838 568 or ryeview@bigpond.com

ABOVE: Ryeview Sire Waratah 130645


The question could be asked as to why they have continually achieved nation leading sales successes. From a breeding perspective, Kurralea has always strived to produce sheep that combine elite performance and structural excellence; bigger framed rams that do the job for clients in wide ranging environments to meet multiple markets. It is this latter point that enables different clients the flexibility to successfully and efficiently target different carcase weights and grid specifications. The fact that commercial producers are willing to travel to Ariah Park from many areas of NSW and interstate to purchase the rams that can increase their bottom line, is a strong endorsement of the Kurralea quality. James Baldry, Wallendbeen, NSW endorsed that quality when he said, “One of the benefits of Kurralea is the obvious genetic depth within the stud which assures consistency of performance and robustness of rams, giving us even lines of marketable lambs that can be sold in the 18 to 28 kilogram carcase weight range.”

Their 2016 annual sale will see another 350 rams on offer on Tuesday 27th September, commencing at 12:30 EST, with Suffolks also added to the mix this year. This stud was commenced by Ben’s wife Lucy while she was in the successful treatment process for cancer.

ABOVE: The depth of quality and performance in Kurralea rams is renowned and is clearly evident in these Poll Dorsets. Over 350 rams will be on offer at their late September sale.

AUSTRALIA’S NO.1 SELLING COMBINATION SHEEP DRENCH* FOR HEALTHY NO.2 S . See TRIGUARD product label for full claims and directions for use. 1. Merial data on file. *AVCARE data MAT March 2016. Merial Australia Pty Ltd, Building D, 12-24 Talavera Road, Macquarie Park, NSW 2113. ABN 53 071 187 285. TRIGUARD® is a registered trademark of Merial Limited. ©2016 Merial Limited. All rights reserved. TRIG.15.06.0143C.R&L.QP.WA

Producing a unique blend of Elite 3HUIRUPDQFH 6WUXFWXUDO ([FHOOHQFH


Rams that do the job for clients in wide ranging environments to meet multiple markets. Annual Kurralea on-property sale Ariah Park

Tuesday 27th September 12.30pm EST WHITE SUFFOLKS

Other producers readily endorse the Kurralea qualities and their comments plus up to date sale information can be viewed on the Kurralea website (www.kurralea.com).


Ƈ $SSUR[ UDPV Ƈ Enquiries most welcome: Ben & Lucy Prentice, MN3 ‘Kurralea’, Ariah Park, NSW Ph: (02) 6975 2772 Mob: 0429 814 549 Kim: (02) 6975 2606 E: lucycprentice@gmail.com Fax: (02) 6975 2666 Check website for updates: www.kurralea.com


Last year 356 rams from the two breeds achieved a total clearance to buyers from three states at a wonderful $1785 average.

When it comes to sustainable parasite control, faecal worm egg count reduction is a key test to determining drench efficacy. The combination of three broad-spectrum actives in TRIGUARD delivers effective worm control for sheep, with an average efficacy of 99.7% across properties tested.1


ith 2016 shaping up to be a positive year for the lamb industry our focus is on presenting an even draft of rams in optimum condition for inspection at our annual sale at the Naracoorte showgrounds on 10th October. The rams at this stage are displaying ample growth, good skins and structure. We are constantly introducing new genetics to improve our ASBV’S with the new sires for this year’s draft being Kentish Downs 77-13 Derrynock 52-12 and Allendale 224-13. Two rams will be offered as stud rams at the sale with these being sons or grandsons of Glen Devon 370-10 who has been the most influential sire ever used at Wrattenbullie with his figures still improving after 5 years. We have maintained our high health standards with the stud being brucellosis accredited free and MN3V for OJD. Ram are available for inspection prior to the sale by contacting Brad on 0438266732 or Rod on 0467646026. Hope to see you at our sale where you can inspect our rams and enjoy our lunch and refreshments.

ABOVE: Wrattenbullie rams 18


ost of our exhibits earned ribbons in their classes in both White Suffolk and Texel studs with an August drop Texel ewe winning Champion Ewe. White Suffolk’s are one of the most dominant breeds in the Australian Prime Lamb Industry with a solid reputation for lambing ease, good growth and muscling and Glenarbian Stud has a reputation for providing all of these traits in their rams. This result is achieved by using top quality sires with good length of loin and muscling in the hind quarter where the expensive cuts are. We have been using Sires with excellent figures for early growth and muscle depth and our progeny shows evidence of the attention to detail that Ian puts into his breeding program. The rams on offer this year are bred from the top genetics available by the purchase of leading rams selected at the Royal Adelaide Show either through purchase of the Ram or Semen selection for Artificial Insemination from notable Studs throughout Australia and the use of selected home bred rams.

Glenarbian flock rams are paddock reared on quality pastures with no supplements offered. The studs aim is to breed top sires which will work well and produce quality prime lambs for the export and trade markets to satisfy their clients. All rams offered for sale are Lambplan assessed, brucellosis accredited and 11th generation OJD Vaccinated. We invite our many repeat buyers and prospective new clients to view our 2015 drop rams at our 14th Annual On Property Sale at Millicent on the 6th October and to join us for a Complimentary BBQ Lunch.

TOP RIGHT: Glenarbian Principal, Barbara Nitschke, with their Champion Texel Ewe – Hamilton Sheepvention 2016



:KLWH 6XႇRONV 3ROO +HUHIRUGV Maternal Composites Industry Leading Whiteface Genetics


achy and Lou Day Days Whiteface White Suffolk stud could certainly be assessed under any fair judgement to have qualified, although they would not personally make such a claim. They let others make their own judgement and their sheep quality to do the talking for them. An inspection of the absolutely wonderful drafts of White Suffolks coming up for sale this year should leave no-one in doubt. 155 stud and flock rams and 30 stud ewes will be

on offer at their annual sale on Friday 7th October. Select infusions of high quality and elite performance genetics have been infused into their outstanding base flock with exceptional results. Rams from Trigger Vale, Ashmore, Anden, and last year from Ella Matta bring performance and benchmarking assessment advantages, while the elite balanced structure has always been a hallmark of Day family livestock. Rams topped at $13,000 at their sale last year. However there is another exciting string to the Days Whiteface bow in the sheep world. Keen to cater for all sides of the prime lamb industry, several years ago the Days commenced production of maternal composite rams to produce superior dams for their highly ranked White Suffolks to go over.

Annual On-Property Sale

Friday 7th October

An ongoing refinement and identification of the best genetics for this purpose now sees a very even quality and type line, with 40 rams on offer this year. Traditional ram choices to produce prime lamb dams are not an automatic decision these days, with highly productive composites such as those being offered by Days Whiteface on October 7th more readily available and well worthy of consideration.

from 11am SA Time

Ewes from 11am - Rams from 12 noon $OO UDPV ZLOO RQO\ EH RႇHUHG DW RXU DQQXDO VDOH


15 stud rams 30 stud ewes ÀRFN UDPV

Further details are available on their website, www.dayswhiteface.com.au or on Facebook.

Maternal Composites

ÀRFN UDPV (Offered in conjunction with Allendale Suffolks & Poll Dorsets)

MN3 Vacc

ABOVE: Photo caption: Maternal composite rams being offered by Days Whiteface give an exciting alternative genetic option to produce highly productive and profitable prime lamb dams.

Lachy & Lou Day Mob: 0428 521 630 Graham: (08) 8752 2554 Email: lday@dayswhiteface.com.au Catalogue on website

www.dayswhiteface.com.au 20

Shearwell Call or go online today

RFID Stick Reader Reads cattle & sheep RFID tags. From $1,155 inc GST

SET Sheep Tags


lower priced RFID Tags


fter 85 years of nation leading Suffolk breeding you would imagine it would be hard for the Allendale stud to continue its improvement and capacity to match market needs with its rams. But that is exactly what Alastair and Jayne Day and family have done, despite coming off a record breaking year in 2015. That included a new Australian auction record priced Suffolk ram of $13,500 at last year’s annual sale to the Bascomb family, Pt Lincoln.

there are some select progeny in this year’s sale that should create special interest. Allendale 120082, sire of last year’s Allendale junior champion at both Allendale and Melbourne Royals again features with many top progeny in the sale draft. Excellent and balanced Lambplan figures support the outstanding phenotype of the Allendale sheep in

x Visual and EID tag

both breeds. More sale updates will be available on the Allendale website (www.allendalestuds.com) or on Facebook.

ABOVE: Allendale Suffolk and Poll Dorset rams. Allendale is celebrating its 60th year of Poll Dorset breeding and will offer 124 head at their annual sale, along with their usual runs of outstanding Suffolks.

x Excellent retention rate x 1 applicator for both tag types

Visual Tag $0.28 inc GST

Ph: 1800 998934 www.shearwell.com.au

43rd Annual Sale

The good news is the sires behind last year’s offering that saw stud rams average $5421, flock rams average $1374 and ewes $642 are again a dominant force behind this year’s offering of 105 head (15 stud rams, 50 flock rams and 40 stud ewes). There will be more top progeny from Allendale 121070 (sire of the record ram) and Mornish 120018, the latest New Zealand sire to have a big influence at Allendale.

Electronic Tag $0.80 in Victoria (subsidised by DEDJTR) Electronic Tag NOW $1.43 inc GST outside Victoria

Friday, October 7th - 11am


MN3 Vacc




The Allendale Poll Dorset stud is also very prominent and has reached the 60 year milestone this year since foundation by stud principal Alastair Day’s grandfather in 1956. 124 Poll Dorsets will make up this celebratory offering; 12 stud rams, 100 flock rams and 12 stud ewes and the quality matches the occasion. Derrynock 131 continues to be a sire of big influence within the stud and features strongly in the sale line-up. 2014 was a year of great success for Allendale at Adelaide in the Poll Dorsets, winning both the junior and senior champion rams. 66$//

The senior and grand champion that year, Allendale ‘Legend’ 130224 was retained but was unfortunately lost due to injury soon after. However




arrawindi’s 2016 ram sale will consist of 150 high production rams all sired by trait leading rams for growth and muscle. Production is on an alltime high at Warrawindi with sons

of Derrynock 12/134 (TED) on offer. He will have approximately 50 rams in this year’s sale. Purchased at the Derrynock sale in 2013 for $9000, this exceptional ram has a lot to offer the lamb industry. He is the longest

ram ever produced at the stud and his structure is outstanding for such a powerful animal. His carcass resembles that of a Limousin bull and phenomenal figures represent his appearance with +9.6 for wwt, 16.5 for pwwt, -0.9 fat and +2.0 for EMA. All these figures combined with a -2.3 lambing ease puts Ted 12-134 at the pinnacle of lamb production. He is a very fertile ram producing 206 lbs in his first season. In conjunction, there will also be 15 WARRA J Suffolk rams bred under the same conditions and rigorous selection criteria, which are also performing at high standards. They are tough highly fertile rams with extra ease of lambing, producing quality early maturing carcasses. With Warrawindi’s farm size and work force growing, ewe replacements have been a focus the last few years. The introduction of Warra M Border Leicesters to breed Warrawindi’s replacements began; some specially selected Border Leicester ewes and stud rams from Johno’s at Keith and Wattle farms from Temora NSW and introducing Rettallick bloodlines has set a very sound base for the Warra M stud. This year there will be 15 Border Leicester rams on offer. At Warrawindi prime lamb production is our pot of gold and producing rams that meet the market is our priority under south eastern condition.

ABOVE: Above - 2015 Warrawindi ram sale well underway.


POLL DORSET The aims of Haven Park Poll Dorset stud is to achieve rams with high growth rates structural soundness, red meat yield, length, open heads and clean legs. Their rams have the ability to sire lambs that mature to top carcass weights and therefore are eligible to enter the export or domestic market as sucker lambs in all environmental conditions. Haven Park’s target is to have consistent even lines of lambs that yield and mature quickly. They have purchased and used AI sires from Ulandi Park, Gloroy, and Valma studs, all sheep are Lamb Plan recorded and free to enter South Australia. In September last year at the Australian Poll Dorset Show and Sale Haven Park Purchased the top price ram Ulandi Park 72-13 the Ram was sired by Kurralea Eleven – 11. Weighing 152 KG, EMD 1.5 carcass +index of 190. EAST FRIESIAN BORDER LEICESTER CROSS - MATERNAL SIRES MULTIPLYING YOUR PROFIT WITH MULTIPLES The resulting progeny is very impressive and represents the best traits of each breed. Good fertility in ewes means multiple lambs while good milk production supports early growth in lambs and twin survival. Lambs with clean heads and legs are low maintenance while their black feet, hybrid vigour, length of carcass and wool quality e.g. lower micron fleece and consistency of type make for a prime article compared to other composites.

Haven Park has made a great saving in time and money because they sell their lambs straight off their mothers thus eliminating all finishing costs. Please join them at Haven Park on Monday, October 24th, with inspection from 10am, auction at 1pm followed

by refreshments and lamb rolls after the sale.

ABOVE: Haven Park Sucker Lambs

Haven Park has seen an increasing demand for their rams with people using them over Merinos, Corriedales first cross ewes and other maternal composite ewes. Buyers came from all four States to Haven Park’s 2015 sale. The East Friesian Border Leicester cross has been very successful in the Haven Park commercial ewe flock of 4500 ewes. With ewes joined to either East Friesian Border Leicester. Maternal sires or Poll Dorset terminal Rams. These lambs have explosive growth and fantastic carcass attributes. Haven Park has been consistently marking 138% lambs and selling them at export weights. The carcass weight average for 2014 drop lambs was in excess of 26kg and a high percentage were above 28 kg at 4-5 months with lambs selling to a market top of $160 at the Hamilton sale yards in November.



lthough BRUHN Limestone is predominantly known for their quarrying of dimensional limestone blocks and decorative moulds for the building industry, it is fast becoming known as a quarry

diversifying its product range and is now bulk producing high grade agricultural lime and road base rubble for the Lower South East of South Australia, and the Western Districts of Victoria.

Andrew Carmody, from BRUHN, said as the composition of our limestone is rich in magnesium and calcium it offers a premium level agricultural lime that boasts a 95% neutralising value. “Clients are welcome to call on our APAL testing documentation to fully understand the exact element breakdown of our lime,” he said. “Here at BRUHN we are also committed to keeping our lime prices affordable and stand by our claim we offer the absolute best price for our high quality lime.” Currently we have a large stock of dry lime now in storage ready to go, so if your land is ready for rejuvenation contact our office on (08) 8721 8000 where we can link you to one of our many well established distributors for delivery direct to site.

LEFT: BRUHN Limestone site


t Konongwootong we aim to produce a line of commercially focused, high performing, low maintenance rams to suit today’s prime lamb producer. We place an emphasis on • • • • • • •

High Fertility Early Maturity Profitability Reliability Structural Soundness Bio-security Brucellosis Accredited

Our flock rams are paddock reared on good quality pastures and are not given any grain supplementation. Flock rams are run in a single management group from weaning to sale time and all treated identically. We are part of Lambplan and consider EBV figures to be of value but only as a secondary guide after structural soundness and visual assessment. We aim to breed rams, which will produce quality prime lambs for the Export and Trade markets thus giving the prime lamb producer the dual opportunity to sell his lambs as Trade or Export suckers. As well as our Poll Dorset stud, we run 3500 commercial, self -replacing Dorset Coopworth cross ewes; so we are well aware of the needs of the prime lamb producer. We would like to extend an invitation to prime lamb producers to view our team at Sheepvention, any of our local shows and Melbourne Royal or by appointment, prior to our Annual Sale on Thursday 20th October at 1:30 pm at Konongwootong.

PREMIUM AGRICULTURAL LIME at the South East lowest prices Tested by APAL to a total neutralising value of 95% Tons of stock on hand

Call us on 8721 8000

TOP: Ceva Group of 3 Rams ABOVE: Reserve Senior champion Ram Sheepvention 2016

To be directed to our preferred distributors

Insist on BRUHN Agricultural Lime for guaranteed quality and best prices 24

“Konongwootong Dorsets Do It 4 U!”

ON PROPERTY SALE At Zig Zag Rd, Konongwootong th Thursday 20 October, 2016

At 1:30pm

200 Rams 200 *10 Stud Rams *190 Flock Rams Alistair and Jessica Sutherland Phone: (03) 55 750 222 Mob: 0407 551 751 www.konongwootong.com.au


o we now have a ewe base that is larger framed, quick growing, naturally heavily muscled, shedding , with good feet structure are highly fertile and will mate at 6-8 months of age and mate while lactating at any time of the year” Kym said. “The Australian White breed has been introduced since 2013 to the K.D. Shedders with encouraging results. They have enhanced growth, with increasing more black hoof for wetter climate tolerance and the AW progeny are distinctly more placid than what I have known shedding breeds to be. The lambs are born with a thick hair coat that has seen minimal lambs perish during the wet and cold July and August lambing.

The Aussie White ewes are remating while lactating as soon as 3 weeks after lambing . We are not pushing for litters of lambs just a high twin percentage and the fact that they can lamb at 12 months of age is something that most breeds wont do at any time of year. “The hardiness of the breeds involved continues to amaze me with commercial ewes that lambed starting in mid April running on a lighter scrub block with carpet like grazing ,and we are about to wean lambs, the oldest 16 weeks to 50 + kg liveweight” The ewes will lamb again in late October . We will have approximately 60 Shedding Composite rams available this spring, the main selection day being Monday 19th September on farm at Bordertown. K.D. will have 40 Wooled Composite (non shedding) rams for sale with the Coolalee, White Suffolk and Charollais breeds used. Apart from the quick growth rates the Charollais has added “muscle galore” to this genetic line that are renowned for producing easy birth lambs. 40 Dohne Rams will be offered on September 12th 2016 on farm. The rams average 19.5 micron as mature rams and Dohne sired ewes are keenly sought after by progressive dual purpose sheep breeders . Commercial Dohne wether lambs have averaged to $155 through JBS this year. All K.D. rams are raised naturally outdoors on grass based pasture We will supply “actual“ performance data on all rams offered for sale. All rams are brucellosis acc. free and Monitered Negative 2 Johnes status. Head to www.kdsheepstuds.com.au, hook up on facebook or phone Kym Staude on 0412 070 971 for ongoing info.

ABOVE: K.D. Composite Shedding Ram, 50% Australian White genetics.



hen David Ralston selects which sheep he will keep in his 1500-head self-replacing ewe flock, it all comes down to what is going to produce him the most product to market. “Really, when it comes down to it, we are about producing meat,” David says, “This is a business and it’s not so much about dollar per head returns, it’s about dollars produced per hectare…you’ve got to have the numbers in the paddock and those numbers producing plenty of marketable product.”

The returns for David on his 200-hectare property come from a composite ewe which can self-replace and produce a saleable lamb, for which he chooses Paradoo Prime genetics. He selects the Coopworth/White Suffolk composite rams because of the hardiness and mothering ability of the Coopworth coupled with the moderate adult frame size, tighter skins and better muscling of the White Suffolk. “It is an excellent combination of genetics – the wether portion do well and muscle up early and have good tight skins, and the ewe portion grow out quickly and have good muscling ready for joining as lambs,” David says. Lambing occurs in July (and August for ewe lambs) and the wether and surplus ewe lamb progeny are sold before Christmas each year, traditionally over the hook to meet the domestic trade market requirements of an 18-24 kilogram carcase. Retained ewe lambs are joined, as lambs, and have only one opportunity to conceive. Ewes in the selfreplacing flock must have been a twin themselves and produce a twin at their first joining to also be retained as replacement breeders. It’s a tight ship, but one David feels is sustainable with good sheep management and the solid genetics the Paradoo Prime sheep offer. And the ‘Stronvar’ conception rates back it up with 70 per cent of sheep joined scanned with multiples (80% multiples in the replacement ewes) with conception rates averaging 176 per cent across the flock (which rises to 190 per cent in the adult selfreplacing ewes).

TOP RIGHT: Paradoo Prime lambs 27


ike Hentschke has commenced a Livestock Photography venture in 2016. He is based at Glencoe in the South East of SA and can provide his services to your area. Mike is able to provide formal portraits from shows and sales as well as paddock photos for promotion of studs and individual animals. With the increasing use of technology for stud promotion, packages can be prepared for distribution on websites and through social media such as Facebook. This allows easy access of your promotions to your clients which quickly spreads across the social media forum. Mike started his photography in the dairy industry over 30 years ago and he has taken photographs that have won national photographic competitions. To achieve this, it is important that the qualities of the animal are captured in the photo image. Time, patience and care are the personal qualities that allow him to bring the best out of the animals in front of him.


After a long career in education across regional South Australia, Mike has moved to livestock photography full time. As he said “Life is too short not pursue your dreams and this business is allowing me to live out the dream I have held for over 30 years. I look forward to help promote the wonderful livestock we have in our region.”


Bookings can be made by contacting Mike on 0408370990 or by email at mlhentschke@bigpond.com.

ABOVE: A few of Mike Hentschke’s models.


The July 2016 report, launched by Rural Bank and Rural Finance’s specialist insights team Ag Answers, provides producers and industry with a concise analysis of the sheep and wool sectors. With data on vegetation and rainfall, price, production and demand for sheep meat and wool, the report presents an analysis of key trends in global and domestic markets. Simon Dundon, Head of Sales for Rural Bank and Rural Finance, said that while conditions vary across the country, the Australian sheep industry is continuing to grow and develop and is now in a strong position to reap the rewards of a particularly strong export market.

sustainable economic growth of rural and regional Victoria for more than 65 years.

“While Queensland and Tasmanian based wool producers in particular continue to face a number of challenges, sheep producers across the nation can rightly feel very optimistic about the future of their industry,” Mr Dundon concluded.

Together, Rural Bank and Rural Finance provide exceptional financial services, knowledge and leadership for Australian farmers to grow.


Featuring high fertility & yield, low FECs, easy lambing & black points

Contact us NOW for more information & arrange for private selection

Rural Bank has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited since 2010 and is the only Australian-owned and operated dedicated agribusiness bank in the country. From 1 July 2014, Victorian agribusiness lender, Rural Finance joined Rural Bank as a division of Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited. As a specialist rural lender, Rural Finance has been fostering the

MN2V & Bruc accredited

Chris & Tania Parker Guy Robertson 584 Nigretta Road, Hamilton TDC 03 5571 9808 or 0429 992 477 0427 347 098 www.summitpark.com.au ABOVE: Head of Sales, Simon Dundon


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With year-to-date exports to the USA and the Middle East also increasing by 30 per cent and 24 per cent respectively, and total live sheep exports now 36 per cent higher so far this year, it really is a positive time for Australian sheep exporters. The report confirmed that wool production declined in the 2015/16 season mostly due to fewer sheep shorn and lower fleece weights. China remains Australia’s most lucrative market for

RAMS for sale

To view the Australian Sheep and Wool Update, visit: www.ruralbank.com.au/ sheepwool

“Favourable market conditions combined with a smaller than usual national flock has meant that farmers are now in a position to command well above average prices for their product. This is thanks mainly to a very stable domestic market and an ever increasing demand internationally for Australian lamb,” Mr Dundon said. According to the report, sheep and lamb prices have increased year-on-year across all states apart from Tasmania and are now well above the five-year average, thanks to a combination of strong export demand, declining flock size and anticipated flock rebuilding by farmers.

Maternal, White Suffolk & Texel

www.polldorset.org.au 29


The new report reveals that a promising weather forecast for the next three months, a June Eastern States Trade Lamb Indicator (ESTLI) increase of nine per cent and an ever-increasing appetite for Australian lamb in the United States and the Middle East, represent a positive outlook for the Australian sheep sector.

‘Breeding for performance and quality’ wool, with 75 per cent of Australian wool exports bound for the Chinese mainland.

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ustralian lamb and mutton prices and export demand are expected to remain strong this year, according to Rural Bank and Rural Finance’s Australian Sheep and Wool Update.



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here have been tremendous advances in performance levels within the Australian prime lamb industry over the last 40 years and it is all built on the widespread acceptance of objective measurement through the national Lambplan testing system. We now see rams that have the genetic capacity to grow to weights around 140kg in 12 to 15 months, a huge improvement in growth rate. In commercial production this has translated to seeing lambs reach carcase weights of 22 to 26kg at 12 to 16 weeks of age, giving a great boost in profitability.

average Carcase Plus index was an outstanding 202, while 219 White Suffolks were tested for an average C+ of 197. Roger and Dianne hold an annual buyer friendly Helmsman auction in late October, this year on Thursday 27th October at their Elmore property. They will have on offer their top 100 rams, 70 Poll Dorsets and 30 White Suffolks. If you were wondering whether these rams are worth the trip to inspect and possibly invest in, then consider the fact that over 100 of their rams have Carcase Plus indices exceeding 200!

Therefore studs that fully embrace the technology in their breeding selections gain the most and pass that advantage on to their clients. One of those is unquestionably the Pepperton Poll Dorset and White Suffolk flocks run by Roger and Dianne Trewick at Elmore in Victoria. Quiet achievers, the Pepperton flock ranks at the very pinnacle of the meat sheep industry with their performance levels. Last year, over 469 Pepperton Poll Dorsets were tested and their


he Borderline Speedway Club turns 60 on February 23 2017, and plans are underway to celebrate our 60th year of operation. Once plans are in place they will be released. With the 2016/17 season only 5 months away we now look at the 2016/17 Borderline Speedway Calendar. Opening night for the 2016/17 season is Saturday November 19 with the traditional Eureka Garages and Sheds SRA Sprintcar series Round 4, With Wingless Sprints, Junior Sedans and the VSC Standard Saloons supporting the night.

The Trewicks are members of the Meat Elite Poll Dorset group, with members who seek to continue to set the bar higher with genetic improvement and higher performance levels. That objective and great co-operation within the group ensures their clients are the beneficiaries, enabling producers to target earlier turnoff, or heavier weights in the same production time. Roger and Dianne welcome enquiries and look forward to presenting their elite performance rams for sale on October 27th or through private sales.

Wednesday December 28 sees World Series Sprintcars rolling into the Blue Lake City for Round 7 of the championship. It will also be round 3 of Speedweek. Formula 500s will have their 2nd Annual Blue Lake Classic. Supporting the night will be Street Stocks and Production Sedans running together for the night. ABOVE: Setting up yards at Pepperton

One week later Borderline Speedway will be hosting for the first time in the

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Poll Dorsets & White Suffolks

Remember the name! Top phenotype with elite performance Poll Dorset flock average C+ of 202 for 469 animals White Suffolk flock average C+ of 197 for 219 animals Annual Ram Selection Day & Helmsman auction




Thursday 27th October 2016 - 100 rams ERT P P


On Saturday February 11 Borderline Speedway will be hosting the Tyson Perez Memorial for 360 Sprintcars which also incorporates Round 9 of the Allstar Sprintcar 360 Series. Mod Lites will enter the 372 metre Borderline bullring for the first time to support the night. Speedcars are back after a few years with a SA Vs Vic State of Origin event and Classic Super Modifieds will also be supporting the night.

Saturday March 11 sees the running of the South Australian Formula 500 Title. Late Models will be running the SA vs VIC Challenge. The mighty Super Rods from Victoria are back as well as the Vintage Classics to support the night. On Saturday April 1 Borderline Speedway will be hosting a Super Sedan Feature. StreetStocks will also be running there 2nd Annual Blue Lake Classic. Junior Sedans will support the night. The final event for the 2016/17 speedway season is the Annual Easter Sprintcar Trail night 2 on Saturday April 16. The VSC Standard Saloons will support the night. The Wingless Sprints will have an invitational event. These dates are locked in but classes may change. For more information please contact the club via email admin@borderlinespeedway.com or call the club Secretary on 0459 299 857

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Two weeks later on Thursday January 19 is the biggest event on the Borderline Speedway Calendar. The 2017 Kings Sprintcar Challenge, Australia’s and Americas Best will converge on the Borderline Clay way. Current King Kerry Madsen is a back to back winner. StreetStocks and Production Sedans will run together for the night.

The following fortnight, February 25 sees the club turn back the hands of time as they pay tribute to the fearless competitors of yesteryear with the running of the Borderline Speedway 60th Anniversary race meeting. This will feature Classic speedway vehicles plus a full support program

Spice up your breeding program!

Enquiries always welcome Roger & Dianne Trewick Pepperton Farm, Elmore, Vic Ph: 03 5432 6190 Mob: 0428 326 190 Email: peperton@bigpond.net.au

clubs 60 year history the SSA Australian Junior Sedan Championship on Friday January 6 and Saturday January 7. Practice will be held on Thursday January 5. On the Saturday night the Wingless Sprints will be having an Invitational event.


he Poll Dorset is a short wool, meat producing sheep and is Australia’s No.1 terminal sire in the prime lamb industry. Poll Dorsets sire more lambs annually than any other breed. The Poll Dorset breed is known for its rapid growth rates and early maturity, shapely carcass with ideal fat coverage, and high lean meat yield. These industry sought after characteristics are ideal for meat production, and make Poll Dorset the perfect choice for prime lamb production. The Poll Dorset breed was developed in Australia for Australian conditions and is a proven top performer in all areas. The stabilized genetic pool ensures lambs are consistent in type and quality, giving lamb producers reliable marketing options and high returns.

age. This is a major advantage to the prime lamb producer, with reduced management costs and decreased stress on the ewe. Poll Dorsets have the added advantage of continuing their growth through to heavy export weight lambs (28+kg CWT), giving lamb producers extra marketing options. OUTSTANDING CARCASS ATTRIBUTES Lean meat yield (LMY) is the key to measure carcass value. Poll Dorset genetics lead the way in LMY, resulting in higher value carcasses. Carcass evaluations have also shown an ideal fat to muscle ration. This, along with an attractive meat colour, is highly important in maintaining consumer appeal and taste acceptance. Poll Dorsets also exhibit ideal muscle patterns with a large loin and shapely hindquarter resulting in a higher

HIGH GROWTH RATES AND EARLY MATURITY Poll Dorsets have very high growth rates that enable lambs to reach targeted market weights quickly. Most Poll Dorset sired lambs are trade ready (18 – 22kg CWT) from 12 weeks of age. The breed’s entrenched background is one of early maturity, meaning lambs are sale ready and ‘finished’ for market at an earlier


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Colin W Enquiries Welcome: ud - Enqu Stud (08) 8768 8019 Faax: (0 018 Fax: 8 8018 u Granite Ridge Angus (08) 8768 SE, SA 5275 Ph: teridgeangus.com.a w ww.granit www.graniterid ww PMB 236 Kingston W s.com.au Website: ngus.com.au Email: pat@graniteridgea

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Shane and Jodie

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0408 587 780 I Delivered Free Of656 Charge Locally

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proportion of quality cuts of meat. Poll Dorset sired lambs are renowned for their superior taste and tenderness, and are sought after by butchers in all market levels. SKINS AND WOOL Poll Dorset sheep have a ‘downs’ type of wool. Downs wool is known for its density and springiness, making it ideal for doona and quilt production. In commercial lamb production system, the density of the downs wool contributes to a higher quality skin. These are more valuable in the trade and are used for high wear items such as ugg boots and car seat covers. FERTILITY Poll Dorset sheep have no restrictive breeding period, meaning they have the ability to breed all year round. In a purebred flock normal lamb weaning percentages would be 120% to 150%. Multiple births of twins and triplets are common. While the majority of Poll Dorset rams are used as terminal sires, their long recognized high fertility, virility and functionality has enhanced their commercial acceptance. Breed development has resulted in a body shape that minimizes birth difficulties, whilst maintaining carcass shape. MATERNAL ATTRIBUTES Poll Dorsets are well known for being excellent mothers. Their protective instincts and strong bonding ability mean that most of the lambs born will thrive. Milk production is good in both quantity and quality, enabling the lambs to receive optimal early nutrition. RAM SALE SEASON Breeders form the Naracoorte Hamilton Region will be exhibiting at the 2016 Adelaide & Melbourne Royal Shows and the 2016 Australasian Dorset Championships during September as well as at local shows. Annual on property Ram Sales will be held from September through until the end of October. For more information on our breed or the upcoming sales please head to our website www.polldorset.org.au or find us on Facebook: Naracoorte Hamilton Region Poll Dorset Assoc Rams Bred in your Region ideally suited for your Region.



ork carried out by Dr Guandgi Li and Dr Mark Conyers, Senior research Scientists at Systems Reseach, Wagga Wagga NSW and reported in Prime Facts published by DPI NSW in Feb 2006 found:

Applications of lime onto acid soils could dramatically improve crop and pasture yield by 100% and 25% respectively. The trial work was carried out from 1992 through to 2003 and can be viewed on line at www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/primefacts the articles are number 33 and 34.

WHAT IS AN ACID SOIL? When soil pH is below 5 in Calcium chloride for Pasture soils and soil pH is below 5.5 in Calcium chloride for Cropping soils are considered ACID SOILS ( PIRSA 1999) Research by G.W. Ford and I.S Smith Dept Agriculture and Rural Affairs Victorian Crops Research Institute, Horsham Vic and reported 1987 found: Gypsum application could increase wheat yields by as much as 1 tonne per ha over non gypsum treated crops in a favourable year ie. above average spring rainfall. If you have been looking for justification, to treat your acid soils with Lime or Sodic Clay soils with Gypsum, yield improvements like these in the year of application with a Superfine Lime or Ultrafine Gypsum may be that justification. An extra tonne of wheat per ha is more than enough reason to apply Lime or Gypsum before planting your next crop or renovating pasture. A single application of Gypsum at 2.5 to 5 t/ha should be effective for two successive crops. Single applications of Lime at 2.5 t/ha should continue to improve crop and pasture yields for 3-5 years or more, depending on soil pH, rainfall and or irrigation. For further information and or to discuss your upcoming requirements for Agricola Lime and or Meningie Gypsum call Greg Moorhouse on 0437 376 450 or email greg. moorhouse@agricolamining.com.au or visit www.agricolamining.com.au

ABOVE: Spreading Agricola Lime



ary Jennings and his son Mark have over 75 years combined experience in the Auto-Electrical industry, they pride themselves on exceptional & knowledgeable service backed up by quality products.

ALTERNATORS & STARTERS They also supply starter motors and alternators for a majority of models. If on the rare occasion what you need is not in stock, Cary Jennings have a reliable overnight freight service so you will not be inconvenienced.

DUAL BATTERY SYSTEMS Cary & Mark specialise in dual battery systems and design to your requirements for caravans, campers, 4WD’s and cars... if you want a minifridge fitted in your car for travelling or keeping drinks chilled at sport, Cary or Mark can organise the one to suit your needs. With stock of Basha Australia products arriving very soon, Cary Jennings Auto-Electrical will be able to fit everything from sliding fridge trays, bash plates and dual battery trays.

HEADLIGHTS At Cary Jennings, headlight system upgrades start from as little as $100, they also supply and fit LED light bars and lights.

BOND BATTERIES Originating in Ballarat over 40 years ago and to this day hold a reputation for excellence which is why Cary Jennings Auto Electrical is pleased to be the sole stockist in Mt Gambier. Cary Jennings has Bond Batteries in stock and they are suitable for most uses.

ALCOHOL INTERLOCK SYSTEMS As licensed alcohol interlock monitoring system fitters, you can be sure all requirements are met. LUCAS OILS If you are into high performance vehicles, racing or just want the reassurance of using high quality products in your car, then call in to see Cary or Mark to ask about Lucas Oil. Lucas Oil Renowned for only producing the best line of lubricants and additives available. Cary Jennings Auto Electrical is your one-stop-shop for your auto-electrical needs, operating at 2 Graham Road, Mount Gambier SA 5290 or phone (08) 8723 0311.













D-MAX 4x4 EX Single Cab Chassis

D-MAX 4x4 SX Space Cab Chassis

D-MAX 4x4 SX Crew Cab Chassis

MU-X 4x4 LS-M with 7-Seats

WHATEVER THE LAND DEMANDS THE ISUZU D-MAX & MU-X WILL DELIVER You don’t buy an Isuzu D-MAX or MU-X just to get from A to B. You buy one for the features that help you get the job done. Like a powerful and efficient 3.0L turbo diesel engine, outstanding towing capacity and a Terrain Command 4WD system. No-nonsense vehicles, for nononsense drivers. People who aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and get it done. People who go their own way.

a finished product that is simply functional in keeping the weather off the yards, but also practical in its application in being clearspan, assist in reducing noise by way of curved roof design and hot dipped galvanised frame for longevity.


ike any good investment you need to ensure that you are maximising every opportunity to be able to get the premium out of your investment. And livestock is no different and if anything, greater emphasis needs to be placed on the wellbeing to guarantee the earning potential is at its greatest.

Gone are the days of working outside in yards, during winter through wind, rain and mud or summertime in the direct heat from the sun. At Spanlift we have come up with a range of designs of covers to suit nearly every type stock yard. With the in-house design team and years of experience combined, not only have we been able to come up with

Superior protection for your sheep, yards and workers Yard Covers

Shearing Sheds

Sheds Built to last a lifetime r ive you e c e r To uote Free Q

&XVWRP GHVLJQV WR VXLW \RXU ƬW RXW UHTXLUHPHQWV 100% Australian BHP Structural Steel Fully Hot Dipped Galvanized Structural Steel Frame Standard Clear Span Designs from 12m - 60m Modular Frame System - Easily Extendable

Call 1300 234 321 or visit www.spanlift.com.au

Covering the yards while not only allows more comfort for those working underneath but also assist when it comes to drenching, drafting and even lamb marking, as not having to work out in the open with wet sheep. Also the yards themselves will be protected and the overall longevity of them will be far greater. Somethings to consider with a new yard cover that Spanlift can assist with in the design: • Natural lighting where you need it most • Building over existing pens with minimal disruption • Gable infills, angled skillion covers and part walls to suit the sun angles at your site • Provision for loading facilities • Extra height in truck access areas • Column protector systems to prevent animal bruising • Gate hinges welded onto columns as suited • Water discharge and collection to suit your site layout But Spanlift can do more than just stock yard covers, we also specialise in a range of rural buildings. Whether you were wanting to store hay or grain, machinery sheds, workshops or even replace the rickety old shearing shed with something that is modern with all latest internal fittings and fixtures. Your new Shearing Shed needs to be designed for maximum productivity. Spanlift can provide you with a purpose built Shearing Shed that is more than just a shed. We can also work with your fit out specialist to provide the best result. All Spanlift sheds have a fully hot dipped galvanised steel frame and with clear span from 12m – 60m, we can cover just about everything. Also with a vast range of options including wide bays or varying bay sizes, roller & sliding doors, open sides or ends, roof only structures the options are endless in being able to design something to meet even the toughest of requirements. Contact the Spanlift on 1300 234 321 or visit www.spanlift.com.au to discuss your shed requirements and arrange your free on-farm appointment to assist with the design of your new rural structure.

ABOVE: Example of Spanlift’s many shearing sheds.



enetics are like cars. Two people buy the same make and model, but drive them completely differently and take them on separate roads. In selecting the car, it must have the specific qualities for each buyer, but these qualities may be different. In producing rams, we have firstly done much of the selection work for clients, by assessing, measuring and then selecting the top 25% of rams based on physical, type and production information. Cloven Hills currently has the second highest number of sires in the top 150 maternal sires. We believe focusing on production and selecting for resilience has enabled us to achieve this. We look at our on farm records and also the LAMBPLAN data which benchmarks each animal nationally, for specific qualities we can’t easily see (i.e. fertility and growth), but can make significant difference to the bottom line. Hence, for each animal, we can give all its’ information, which enables clients to select animals which best meet their breeding objectives.

For example, our recent analysis of our on-farm data reinforces that managing ewes according to their pregnancy status and condition score assists in achieving more fertility (through conception and survival) and greater lamb weaning weights. The differences in kilograms weaned can be quite considerable (see our August 2016 newsletter on our website for details: www.clovenhills.com.au). “Cloven Hills rams are unique as Kate & Chris not only recognise the importance of numbers, but also assess and select for type, wool, feet and structure. They recognise that farmers have plenty of things to spend their money on and are therefore offering more rams this year to ensure clients are again offered excellent buying value. Last year’s sale averaged $1070/head and ranged from $500 to 2200, giving all buyers a good chance to purchase.” said Rick Smith from Landmark Casterton.

All sale rams will be displayed at our open day on Friday 30th September at Casterton Show Grounds, this is a good opportunity to discuss what

There is not one silver bullet, but we firmly believe that by identifying your own targets and constraints, you can then select genetics which will enable you to pick up an additional 2-5% at each step of the production cycle. This achieves a compounding benefit by the time the lambs go on the truck, in terms of heavier lambs and more of them. We recently enjoyed talking to existing clients and people interested in self-replacing prime lamb systems at Sheepvention. There were largely 3 different starting points for most enterprises: 1. Those switching from 1st cross to self-replacing due to the higher cost of purchasing ewes annually. 2. Those who had started with flocks with different breeds and wanting to simplify. 3. Those running self-replacing flocks but wanting more of a specific trait ie growth or fertility. Regardless of the starting point, we believe the main benefit of running a self-replacing prime lamb enterprise is that it enables you to simplify the system and give you more control over hitting the right targets throughout the year. It is then easier to achieve cumulative gains which ultimately drive productivity and profit.


best suits your farming system. We are also offering ewe lambs for sale from November onwards and are already taking bookings; please contact Rick or Kate if you are interested.

ABOVE: Cloven Hills 2014 drop 1.5 yo ewes prior to joining Feb 2016.

CLOVEN HILLS Simplify the system to hit production targets C LO V E N HI LLS -;< !

Purpose bred for greater lamb production

“Flexible, profitable, sustainable”





Offering 150 top indexing rams – selected on type Cloven Hills genetics deliver Fertility, Growth, Carcase and Moderately Sized Resilient Ewes Quality Assurance: Only the top 25% of ram lambs born. Replacement guarantee. Brucellosis accredited. Eligible to enter all states (OJD).

Ewe lambs for sale from November 2016 – by ex-stud dams and top indexing sires. Please contact Rick or Kate for details and bookings. Contact details: Kate & Chris Dorahy T: 0355798519 M: 0409 784 340 E: info@clovenhills.com.au W: www.clovenhills.com.au or Rick Smith 0447 770 339