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FREE ISSUE 16 | JANUARY, 2023 FREE to rural people in South West VIC & South East SA 130 ANGUS BULLS FROM THE AWARD WINNING HERD BOONAROO ANGUS Auction: Friday February 17th, 11.30am (vic time) Field days: Friday February 3rd, “Clifton”, Hamilton & Monday February 6th, “Boonaroo”, Casterton Fully vaccinated, registered, genomics tested, birth weighed, fertility tested, structurally guaranteed. Enquiries to Shane and Jodie Foster 0407 811 656 or 0408 587 780 Pictured Lot 2 Boonaroo Katapault S178

Established in 1979, Oak Downs has been breeding quality Poll Hereford cattle for 44 years and this year’s draft of 40 bulls shows just how far their breeding programme has come.

Moderate framed, soft skinned, well pigmented, structurally correct and excellent weight for age justifiably describes the 2023 line up of sire prospects.

Reared their entire lives on dryland pasture, with no grain feeding or irrigation and only being supplemented with cereal hay

during the high bloat risk period, these bulls show the excellent muscle expression and do ability that they will pass onto their progeny.

After excellent feedback from last year, the buyer friendly method of the Helmsman Selling System will again be used this February which will see all bulls up for sale simultaneously, removing the high pressure often felt in a traditional open cry auction. The sale will also be interfaced with Auctions Plus.

All bulls are fully vaccinated, have

been semen tested by Nationwide Artificial Breeders and have full genomic enhanced Breedplan figures.

Bulls can be inspected during the Stock Journal Beef Week open day on February the 7th, or at any other time via appointment with Andrew Schwarz; 08 87542041 or 0428341735.

Links to the online sale catalogue, photos and videos can be found at herefordsaustralia or on the OakDowns Poll Hereford Stud facebook page.

With 58% of last years’ catalogue selling for under $8,000, buyers can confidently attend the sale knowing that not only will they be able to purchase top quality bulls but also at a good value for money price.

Mark your calendar: Date: 17th February

Venue: Oak Downs – via Bordertown , SA

Sale Format: Helmsman System

BELOW: Oak Downs 2023 sale bulls

12th ANNUAL SALE Friday 17th February 2023 1pm; Helmsman System Free delivery within 400km All bulls vaccinated under star breeder program and semen tested Sale venue: Oak Downs, 25km north Bordertown Inspect bulls at the SA Beef Week Field Day Tues 7th Feb Andrew & Vanessa Schwarz 08 8754 2041 / 0428 341 735 40 QUALITY BULLS Dryland pasture reared, NO GRAIN or irrigation

2023 sees 130 of the most consistent bulls ever produced at Boonaroo to be offered in our 19th Angus production sale. We aim to breed bulls with perfect phenotype, soft, deep, with structural strength and docile temperament. We are focusing heavily on fat cover, muscling and carcase quality in our breeding program, combining these traits to produce cattle which can run at higher stocking rates without losing their ability to finish and be fertile. Our genetics aim to assist grass finishing producers to breed an animal which can be efficiently finished year-round on grass. Generations of New

Zealand genetics provide a robust, sound, and deep-bodied line of bulls, many years of dedication to performance recording creates performance predictability. Our bulls are guaranteed sound and fertile.

The 2023 sale bulls consist of new outcross genetics including the legendary Rennylea L519 who is producing sound, docile growthy calves with outstanding carcase quality. An L519 son, Prospect P550, is producing early maturing calves with great finishing ability. Karoo Realist N278 another super sound, docile bull with great phenotype. Our walking bulls Lawsons Charlie, Hardhat Nebraska, Kidman Gunsmoke and Boonaroo Genius

Q63 all have great lines of high growth and calving ease bulls throughout the sale.

2022 has seen Boonaroo calve down 480 stud cows and join 520 females and seen further investment in purchasing outright some of the best bulls in the country. At Boonaroo we focus investment into genetics that make cattle versatile and suited to all markets. TeMania Reaves R574 $130 000, Cluden Newry R214 $49 000, Lawsons Quantum R238, Lawsons Quantum R652, and TeMania Resolution in collaboration with Seven Hills Angus, New Zealand. These bulls aim to increase marbling without compromising type.

Boonaroo started breeding Angus cattle back in 2003, concentrateingon structure and phenotype, we retain females which thrive in our sandy soils, with

good feet and temperament being number 1. Focusing heavily on combining fat cover and muscling in our breeding program, along with marbling to produce cattle which can finish easily on grass or the feedlot meeting MSA targets. Over half of the 2023 sale group are “curve benders”, bulls which offer calving ease without compromising growth and quality. Sires we use boast excellent hoof shape, growth without losing softness and finishing ability and exceptional temperament. We hope that you can join us to inspect them at either of our field days Vic Beef Week at ‘Clifton’, Hamilton, Vic, on Friday, February 3 where 40 sale bulls will be displayed and Monday, February 6 at ‘Boonaroo’, Casterton, Vic; and our sale on Friday, February 17, at Boonaroo at 11.30am EST. Inspections will begin from 9.30am.

BOONAROO Boonaroo Sire Power Grantley Muller Mobile: 0428 572 354 Creek Livestock - Dave Fraser Mobile: 0428 557 170 Follow us on Facebook • All polled • Predominantly homozygous • Semen tested SIMMENTAL BULLS THAT DO THE JOB • Pestie tested • Docile • Performance • PROFIT - Junior Champion + Grand Champion Simmental Bull | Melbourne 2022 - Breeders Group | Melbourne 2022 - Most Successful Simmental Exhibitor | Melbourne 2022 ALL SALE BULLS ON DISPLAY AT LIMESTONE COAST COMBINED FIELD DAY FRIDAY 3RD FEBRUARY 2023 MT GAMBIER SHOW GROUNDS BULLS SELLING AUCTIONSPLUS WEDNESDAY 15TH FEBRUARY 2023 LIMESTONE COAST INVITATIONAL ALL BREEDS BULL SALE SA 134949

In what’s a first for Goolagong Angus stud it will hold two bull sales this year due to such high demand for quality bulls and to provide ease of purchase for its South East buyers.

The stud’s Inaugural South East Bull Sale will be held at Heath and Brian Tiller’s South East property, Fernbank, at Reedy Creek on Friday, February 10 at 4pm.

The stud will offer 40 Angus stud bulls at the sale, featuring progeny from sires such as; Esslemont Lotto L3, KO Pandemic P107, Texas Quantum Leap Q29 and Merdeduke Quarterback Q11.

The first crop of calves coming through from Merdeduke Quarterback Q11 and KO Pandemic P107 in this year’s sale bull draft are looking impressive and are likely to gather some attention.

There will also be an exciting young AI bull by Rennylea L519 on offer at the South East sale, Goolagong Rennylea

S157 out of Coorong Skye H233. This bull has birth weight +3.9, 600 day weight +131, and IMF +5.2.

Goolagong stud will also hold its 7th Annual Mid North Bull Sale at its selling complex at Warnertown on Friday, February 17 at 1pm. The stud will offer 60 Angus stud bulls and 30 Sangus bulls at its Mid North-based sale.

Bulls on offer at both sales will range in age from 16 months to 23 months old and catalogues are available online.

Purchases can also be made via AuctionsPlus on the day of sale and QR codes are located in the catalogue which link directly to videos of each animal.

Breeding quality beef is something which comes naturally for the team at Goolagong, with Brian and son Heath being involved with beef cattle their whole lives.

Not only do they run the successful Goolagong stud, but also have a

strong understanding of feedlot needs due to also operating HB Rural Feedlot and supplying weekly loads of cattle.

Heath is a fifth-generation farmer on the original selection property at Warnertown, South Australia and has continued to work hard to introduce the right bloodlines to continue to improve the herds confirmation, growth for age and fertility.

Heath aims to breed structurally correct bulls with ideal growth for age and strong phenotype. He prides himself on selecting strong sire lines and powerful cow families to back up the data and performance which flows back into a feedlot situation or on grass.

Over the past two years Goolagong stud has invested heavily in Stoney Point Angus, purchasing 80 females across the two dispersal sales. These females have hit the ground running, producing quality offspring, some of which are being offered in this year’s

ABOVE: 2023 draft of sale bulls

draft of bulls.

Goolagong stud purchased a new sire, Pathfinder Lakewood R861, last year for $50,000. This bull is a son of Kenny’s Creek Intensity L123 and has moderate birth weight figures with plenty of growth and thickness. The first Lakewood calves are expected to land on the property later in the year.

Each year Goolagong undertakes an extensive AI and ET program to ensure the very best of the latest genetics are included in its breeding program. Heath puts a lot of time into ensuring embryos are paired with the most ideal sires available in the marketplace to produce the type of bulls required by his buyers.

If you’d like to view some of the Goolagong sale bulls prior to sale day, they’ll be on display during Beef Week on Monday, February 6 at Fernbank, Bowaka Road, Reedy Creek.

4 Pic No 148224 2023 GOOLAGONG SANTA &

The Woonallee draft for 2023 will feature 122 industry focussed bulls comprising of Traditional, Black Simmental and SimAngus bulls. An extremely consistent line of bulls with capacity, length and muscle with unsurpassed doing ability, they are sure to impress come sale day.

Due to the popularity of the Traditional bulls over the past few years we have increased the number of these bulls to allow greater selection. They again will feature industry leading sires with the emphasis on proven predictable genetics that will increase the profitability of your herd. There are many feature lots and with over 80% polled we are confident they will suit the most discerning cattle breeder.

exciting new sire groups will be represented including sons of Mader Walk This Way who is breeding exceptionally well.

The SimAngus bulls are always a feature and with the first of the Millah Murrah Quixote sons on offer, they are clearly the

best draft we have offered. The performance of these bulls is a feature and with the ability to use many in heifer programmes, they offer unique diversity and flexibility.

Beef Week field day on the 6th of February with the sale being held on-property on the 9th of February.

Once again, our bulls will be available for inspection at our SA BELOW: Consistency at its best

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High performance sires at Weeran Angus

The team at Weeran Angus are super excited with the lift in the herd’s performance figures across the program, which are coming through very strongly with this run of Autumn sale bulls.

Weeran has invested in industry leading genetics using high performance ai sires, with an exciting run of sale bulls by Chiltern Park Moe, Baldridge Compass, Sydgen Enhance and Musgrave Exclusive.

There is also a line of very impressive bulls by TeMania Perique P1224. These sires are giving us elite Carcase values, good growth and fertility, with calving ease. We also pride ourselves on exemplary temperament across our herd.

We have backed this up by purchasing four new walking sires for our program with Lawsons Momentum Q85 having his first sons in this sale, and in the future we will see Landfall Mainland Q494, Waitiara Quidditch Q43 and Dunoon Quambatook Q317

progeny. The larger herd, and therefore higher sale bull numbers ensures there is a large cross section of genetics, and with large numbers on offer, it ensures the Weeran genetics are affordable!

We are excited to be again presenting 100 performance bulls, both Herdbook and APR, for our annual Autumn sale on Tuesday 28th February, at 1pm.

We invite you to come along to our Beef Week Field day on Friday 3rd February, to inspect our sale line up by Baldridge Compass, TeMania Perique, Sydgen Enhance, Chiltern Park Moe, Hazeldean F1023, Coonamble Hector, Weeran VHWQ15 by Lawsons Momentous, Musgrave Exclusive, Lawsons Momentum Q85 and Witherswood Bronc.

Along with this, our first Murdeduke Quarterback sons will be for sale. You will not be disappointed. We have been watching these young guns since they hit the ground, and we get more excited every week!

Genomics is giving the most

accurate information for each bull, and it’s great to know that the information we are presenting on each bull is honest and shows true integrity in our program!

Every calf is tagged and weighed at birth….935 calves in 2022! Dick Whale has just gone through every bull and graded them up, and it is very pleasing to see how well they are looking for phenotype and structure with the backing of excellent performance ebv’s.

Following the successful introduction of online bidding with Elite Livestock Auctions, we will continue to run the live

simulcast with Elite. With Brandon Sykes running the online video component of the sale, and Elite running the live feed, it is covering all bases and giving everybody around the country an opportunity to participate in the sale.

For further updates, please follow the Weeran Angus program on Facebook and Instagram. If you have any questions or would like to be added to our mailing list, please call Jo Moore on 0429 787258.

ABOVE: Reference Sire Lawsons Momentum VLYQ85 who will have a number of sale bulls in the autumn sale.

INDUSTRY LEADING GENETICS POLL HEREFORD BULL PRIVATE SALE FROM FEBRUARY 7TH Semen tested | Vaccinate 7 in 1 Inspection by appointment Contact Rod Davies 0467 646 026 or Brad Davies 0438 266 732 Slater RNDS025 | Sire Yalgoo Ninja
RNDS023 | Sire
Columbian Landslide


Bonnydale Black Simmentals, operated by the Introvigne family, is based near Bridgetown, Western Australia and supplies Black Simmental and Simangus bulls to all states of Australia. A key component of the bull supply is the offer of free delivery Australia wide. Free delivery together with an unprecedented level of after sales service has seen bull sales grow exponentially. Satisfied customers keep returning to purchase outstanding genetics that deliver performance from calving ease right through to exceptional growth and carcase performance and maternal excellence.

The Western Australian operation, of 1300 females is based near Bridgetown in the Blackwood River Valley region of the southwest of the state where 600 registered Black Simmental and Simangus females form the seedstock operation which provides the bulk of the bull sales. The Introvigne family also operate Bonnydale QLD in partnership with Jake Berghofer and Emma Patterson at Barambahdale and Moffatdale. Nearly 400 registered Black Simmental, Superblack and Brangus females help supply an ever-growing demand for Bonnydale branded bulls which in 2023 will exceed sales of 300.

In 2023 Bonnydale will conduct its

27th Annual On-Property Bull Sale in Bridgetown on Monday 13th March.

On Offer will be 85 exceptional Black Simmental and Simangus bulls that promise to deliver superior performance. In addition, over 100 bulls will make the journey to the Queensland operation for sale later in 2023. Bonnydale utilises IGS through the American Simmental Association and was one of the early adopters of this world leading performance database. Every registered animal, including all bulls, has been DNA parent verified and carries comprehensive Genomic Enhanced EPD’s. The breeding objectives have been developed to deliver an efficient cow herd that can wean heavy, market suited weaners year in year out. A strict seven-week mating ensures that cow herd fertility is maintained as part of the efficiency dividend.

An alliance with Willie Altenburg’s, ASR Ranch in Colorado, USA has underpinned the development of an elite cow herd via the annual supply of embryos. Due to his retirement Willie sold the herd in its entirety to Triangle J Simmentals where the alliance with continue under the stewardship of principle Darby Line. Triangle J Ranch is noted for providing the Simmental breed with exceptional AI sires both in the USA and Australia.

Bonnydale sired calves are

providing outstanding results in all facets of the beef production supply chain. Clients regularly report exceptional weaning weights compared to other breeds. The additional proof is in the downstream performance, at the feedlot and off grass where Bonnydale genetics, particularly Simangus calves are excelling in the delivery PCAS grassfed yearlings and have become PCAS preferred for Woolworths WA grassfed beef program. The performance of Bonnydale genetics in feedlots is well known, be it reduced days on feed, feed conversion, performance and carcase compliance or reduced animal health costs, these all provide for a more profitable feeding scenario. Bonnydale’s reputation is underpinned by the principles of the Triangle B brand, being Integrity,

Innovation and Investment. These three principles guide every facet of the stud program including the delivery of exceptional aftersales service The Introvigne Family believe it’s not just enough to provide an exceptional genetic package, but it must include ongoing support and service to ensure optimal outcomes for their customers.

Further enquiries can be made by contacting Rob Introvigne on 0427 644 082 or Pearce Watling at Elders on 0437 844 528 or www.

BELOW: Bonnydale Dividend T150 represents the outstanding qualities of Bonnydale Dividend R43 and grandsire CLRS Dividend. Displaying outstanding phenotype, growth and temperament will be 8 brothers on offer on Monday 13th March 2023.
processing & packing of private beef, sheep & PIGS 174 Jubilee Highway West, Mount Gambier Ph 08 8725 7060 NOW AVAILABLE FOR HIRE Contact mick & his team for pricing!


Glatz’s Black Angus produce problem free bulls. They offer brand marketability, consistency, post-sale service, and industry-grade acclaim.

Glatz’s cattle continue to stand at the very forefront of beef production. Leading the way in both grass-finished and grain-fed carcase competitions, weaner sales, Auctions Plus sales, and visually appraised competitions. These are the sound reasons why cattle breeders repeatedly look to Glatz’s Black Angus.

A team of 10 pure Glatz bred steers were the highest scoring entries for both “Feedlot Performance” and “Carcase Quality” in the Southern Grainfed Carcase Classic. This team was also awarded the overall “Grand Champion Team”. The cattle were 120 day grain-fed at Teys Australia’s Charlton Feedlot and processed at Teys Australia’s Naracoorte plant. This follows on from great results in previous competitions.

MSA’s own “Excellence in Eating Quality” award has seen pure Glatz blood steers achieve the highest honor. These 200 steers ranked #1 for MSA Compliance, MSA Index and MSA Marble Score. The analysis was taken from a two-year delivery period and included consignments from 760 MSA registered producers.

Glatz bulls produce male offspring that reach a premium, high MSA indexing 300kg-350kg finished carcase; quickly and efficiently. Either finished on grass or in a 120 day grain-fed program.

The female offspring from Glatz bulls can take your self-replacing herd forward. Medium framed, easy keeping and productive. Production traits such as fertility, milk and docility are never compromised. Selection for conformation and type are nonnegotiable aspects of all breeding decisions.

The Glatz’s Black Angus stud female herd is maternally strong, sound structured and hardy. All heifers are joined as yearlings.

The herd grazes dry-land Phalaris, Fescue and Sub clover pastures at a minimum stocking rate of 30DSE/ ha. All stock experience significant nutritional pressure throughout autumn and winter.

This 16th 2023 Cattleman’s Bull Sale will feature outstanding sons from the following sires….

Black Angus currently has the greatest number of Varilek Geddes progeny in Australia. Unfortunately, Geddes is now deceased with his semen unavailable. He is a sire that achieves the right balance of data and phenotype. His calves are easily born from heifers, are structurally sound and exhibit lots of early growth. He currently sits inside the Top 30% of the breed for 10 recorded traits.

Baldridge 38 Special Baldridge 38 Special progeny have been smashing sales Australia wide. Black Angus are expecting their 4th consecutive drop of 38 Special calves this year. He was heavily researched and selected for his balance of Calving Ease, Explosive Growth, Moderate MCW, High EMA and exceptional Foot Data. His calves are easily born, fast growing, good footed and are particularly well muscled. His young daughters are now in production, having neat udders and raising heavy weaners. 38 Special is positioned near the top of the Angus breed for CED, CEDtrs, Low Birth Weight, 200 Growth, 400 Growth, 600 Growth and Milk. His semen is currently unavailable in Australia.


JK Makahu M602

Makahu is owned by Black Angus with a $20,000 half share sold in 2020. He has become one of Australia’s go-to semen sires for reliability and satisfaction, being marketed by Agrigene. All breeders that inspect Makahu or his progeny in the flesh use him. Then use him again and again. He is super

sound, super docile and strides in a large, muscular and athletic frame. He has been utilized for heifer mating year on year. 156 recorded progeny at Black Angus so far.

Black Angus Wattle Street Q127

Black Angus Wattle Street Q127 is a Proper Beef Bull. Super Sound, Super Docile, Super Muscular and Heavy. His first run of sale bulls are impressive. Cattle that make beef producers money. Wattle Street Ranks in the Top 1% of the breed for Docility, Foot Angle and Carcase Weight. Top 3% for 400 Growth, 600 Growth, EMA and Foot Claw Shape.

Black Angus Complement L51 “Selwood”

Black Angus Complement L51 “Selwood” appeals to the majority of cattle breeders. The hot demand for his sons in recent years confirms his industry relevance with 120 progeny at Black Angus alone. He ranks at the Top 1% of the Angus breed for Positive Rib Fat, Positive Rump Fat and Docility. Top 2-6% for Low Birth Weight, Milk, Calving Ease Daughters and Days to Calving.

The Glatz family invite breeders to inspect their 2023 sale offering. Expect to see Angus bulls with a difference, reflecting a long-term laser focus of breeding robust beef bulls with extra muscle, weight and calving ease.

The 2023 Glatz’s catalogue will include an innovative new data analysis. All bulls will display the new Glatz’s - Key Performance Indicator “KPI”. The KPI rates

all bulls based on the traits of most economic influence to their southern Australian based clientele. Self-replacing weaner producers who’s calves are finished on grass or 120 day grain. The Glatz’s KPI specifically targets the requirements of their clients.

All sale bulls will be available for inspection at SA Beef Week –Monday 6th February, 2023. On Property – 2135 Avenue Range Rd, Avenue Range, SA.

Herd inspections at any other time are welcomed.

The 85 bulls catalogued for this 16th Cattleman’s Bull Sale are delivered with an industry leading 3 YEAR Guarantee. The majority of bulls catalogued are suitable for heifer joining.

The 2023 Cattleman’s Bull Sale is on Wednesday February 15 at 11:30am. On property – 2135 Avenue Range Rd, Avenue Range, SA.

To receive a catalogue or for any enquiries, contact Ben – P. 0407712455 E. glatzblackangus@ www.glatzsblackangus. com Twitter. @glatzblack Facebook. Glatz Black Angus

ABOVE: Glatz’s problem free bulls are ideal for self-replacing weaner producers who’s calves are finished on grass or 120 day grain

Varilek Geddes 7068


Custom made cattle yard solutions from Te Pari

Based 50kms from the coastal line of Victoria sits Caramut, the home of Bobby Mann’s new Te Pari cattle yards. Running mainly Angus cows with a small mixture of crossbred calves and steers, Bobby was after a new set of cattle yards that could handle a reasonable sized mob of cattle without the additional manpower and labour required to get the job done.

“Our old yards were built using timber from a nearby railway line. They were becoming old and unsafe,” said Bobby.

As a one-man operator, Bobby needed a set of cattle yards which would last into the next generation. Bobby was looking for a design that included a simple yard configuration which

moulded into the already existing infrastructure he had on the property. This included a laneway, multiple waterpoints and large holding pens.

The design process took quite some time to work out because I needed a layout which suited my particular setup. We used drone images that we sent to the Te Pari designers and that worked well for them, as they could see the layout of the land from all aspects.”

From the initial consultation, all the way through to the design and construction of the cattle yards, Te Pari worked with Bobby to design a custom-made solution which suited his cattle requirements and most importantly reduced stress on Bobby’s cattle when they were in the yards. |

When it came time to sourcing a cattle crush for the new yards, Bobby firstly went to look at other cattle crushes at nearby properties to see how they performed.

“I went and had a look at another couple of sets of yards and I was

led by the Te Pari team [as to which would suit best].”

Bobby chose the Taurus HD3 Auto Drafting Crush with 3-way sorting module for its ease of use and ability to easily auto draft animals based on their weights or RFID tag details. The system requires minimal operator input once setup via the weigh scale indicator. The crush and sorting gates can be operated using a remote, enabling Bobby to move around the working area and manage cattle from any point in the yards.

“I like the fact that I can use the remote even with a bit of distance. It just makes sense.”

Up to six functions able to be operated using the remote, including the two sorting gates, race sliding gates, crush rear sliding gate, parallel squeeze and

headbail, the remote allows you to switch from auto to manual control at any stage.

Working with Te Pari, Bobby now has a custom designed set of cattle yards that have improved the efficiency of his operation. The simple yard configuration enables an easy flow from start to finish for his cattle and he feels content knowing he, his family and contractors are working in a safe and quiet yard environment.

“To work cattle in these yards is a lot nicer. They seem to flow better, and the cattle seem quieter in these yards then they were in our old yards.

“I’ve been very happy with the after-sale service of the Te Pari team. The final product and the way the yards are working for our system has been a big thing for us moving forward.”

For more information about Te Pari Cattle Yards see their website

205 Jubilee Highway East, Mount Gambier Phone: (08) 8725 2022 When Knowledge & Expertise matter Contact the guys with over 25 years Experience! WE HAVE T6000 TRACTORS IN STOCK FOR QUICK DELIVERY Robert Fry 0429 688 119 Jason Hann 0418 532 935 FIELD DAY: MONDAY, FEBRUARY 7, 2022 SALE DAY: FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 2022 12 NOON (SA TIME) Lot 6 Son of Byergo Black magic Lot 17 Son of Millah Murrah Paratrooper S205 BRUNS BLASTER SON Lot 5 S147 MILLAH MURRAH PARATROOPER P15 SON Lot 3 SALE DAY: FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 2022 12 NOON (SA TIME) RM6851483 Lot 20 Son of Millah Murrah Paratrooper Lot 6 Son of Byergo Black magic Lot 15 Son of Baldridge Beastmode Lot 17 Son of Millah Murrah Paratrooper 100 FIELD DAY: MONDAY 6TH FEBRUARY 2023 SALE DAY: FRIDAY, 10TH FEBRUARY 2023 12 NOON (SA TIME) PRINCIPAL: SCOTT FINLAY PHONE: SCOTT - 0407 184 062 125 Small group of Commercial Heifers


All Nampara bulls are structurally assessed & fertility tested

Nampara have 110 bulls catalogued for sale on Tuesday February 14th (3:30pm SA time).

Nampara bulls are different – they look like bulls should look; big, free moving, proud bulls who cover some ground and carry some muscle. They are an investment in weight for age, doability, bone and muscling.

Nampara will offer the first sons of Texas Powershift P632, full brother to the record-breaking Texas Powerplay and sire of the Interbreed Champion bull at Adelaide and Melbourne Royal shows in 2022, Nampara Silverado S221.

These bulls have an enviable set of data with calving ease, low birth weight and massive growth. They are impressive both in the flesh and on paper - a real modern Angus type.

Other sires to feature in the draft include Coonamble Investment P58, Texas Reality P224 and NZ outcross sire, Kaharau Class-man 444.

Once again, a line of heifer bulls used earlier in the year to join 600 PTIC females destined for the Naracoorte, Mortlake and Mt Gambier feature female sales in January will be a highlight of the sale. These low birth weight, high growth bulls specifically selected for heifer joining are not a typical heifer bull option and have proved very popular.

All Nampara bulls are structurally assessed and fertility tested and are well known for their quiet temperament. By assessing structure, temperament and calving-ease and by using a limited number of sire lines over large mobs, Nampara can more accurately appraise the impact a sire is having within the herd. The joined heifer program also means that Nampara are aiming to breed the type of heifer bulls that can be confidently used to mate heifers whilst at the same time not compromising on shape or frame.

Buyers will be able to operate at the sale through AuctionsPlus even if they cannot attend in person. Additionally, the bulls will be on display at the following

times and locations:

• Victorian Beef Week @ Mortlake Saleyards, Thursday 2nd February

• Victorian Beef Week @ Casterton Saleyards, Friday 3rd February

• SA Beef Week, on property @ Nampara, Monday 6th February

• Bull Sale, on property@ Nampara, Tuesday 14th February at 3:30pm (SA time) Or at any other time by appointment.

With an emphasis on productivity and weight for age, Nampara

is proud of the product they produce. For those looking to add more punch and constitution to their calves, the Nampara bulls are worth a visit.

For further enquiries, and/or a catalogue please contact Stuart and Natalie Hann, 0428 799 592 or visit the website, www.

ABOVE: Nampara Powershift S126
Nampara Pastoral Co. Stuart and Natalie Hann | Mobile 0427 696 084 or 0428 799 592 | VICTORIAN BEEF WEEK Thursday 2nd February @ Mortlake Saleyards VICTORIAN BEEF WEEK Friday 3rd February @ Casterton Saleyards SA BEEF WEEK Monday 6th February on property @ Nampara BULL SALE 110 BULLS Tuesday 14th February on property @ Nampara at 3.30pm (SA Time) Nampara Outlander S179 Nampara Liberty S56 Nampara Powershift S27 Nampara Silverado S221

Thomson Bilt is a locally owned company established in 2013. We manufacture and install hay sheds, yard covers, machinery sheds and all other industrial and commercial projects. We service The Southeast of South Australia and Western Victoria

We offer structural steel, hot dipped galvanised and customised sheds to suit your individual needs.
Proudly supporting local suppliers. Planning is made easy with our 24 hour turn around free measure and quote. We offer council lodgement, concrete, supply and install. We do it all. Call us on 1800 624 351 or come and see us at 295 Commercial Street West. Our sheds are more than just sheds.


Lindsay Murray Greys still providing industry relevant cattle

Lindsay Murray Greys remain committed to supplying industry relevant Murray Grey beef cattle to clients.T he offering at Lindsay this year is represented by 35 high quality, trait leading young bulls sired by elite bulls. In addition, there will be approximately 10 stud and

Our aim at Lindsay remains focused on quality cattle with selection targeted at growth, muscle, softness, performance, and maternal longevity.

The catalogue consists of industry relevant Murray Greys with appealing phenotypes, high performance and balanced

We pride ourselves on presenting our sale animals under true commercial conditions with minimal pampering and let the genetics do the talking in a quality appealing package Please take the time to consider this versatile beef breed that is highly sustainable, very adaptable to any conditions, easy calving and quiet. Profitable to market and

pleasurable to manage. Delivery is free for bulls within 20km with assistance to all other areas. All sale bulls are Zoetis Star accredited and both Bulls and Stud Heifers are tested free of Pestivirus.


All the sale offering will be available for inspection at our field day during the Victorian Beef Week on Friday 3rd February 2023 as well as sires and stud females.


The 43rd Annual Lindsay Production Sale will be held at Pigeon Ponds, Victoria on Tuesday 28th February 2023 at 11:30am.

For more information contact Craig Grant on 0427 704 227 or

BRED FOR QUALITY - BACKED BY PERFORMANCE ANNUAL PRODUCTION SALE, TUESDAY, 28TH FEBRUARY, 2023 Pigeon Ponds, 11.30am 34 Outstanding, Murray Grey Bulls 15 Stud Heifers & 35 Commercial Heifers, PTIC Fully guaranteed for structure & Fertility / Free delivery within 200km, assistance to all other areas Craig & Jacinta Grant 0427 704 227 Casterton
Autumn drop sale bulls VIC BEEF FIELD DAY, FRIDAY 3rd FEB, 2023 Sale and Field day both held on farm at Pigeon Ponds, 25 min North of Coleraine, 1 hr from Naracoorte via Edenhope


A celebration

century of engineering excellence

This year Taege is celebrating 100 years of engineering excellence, with more Australian farmers enjoying the benefits of this Kiwi manufacturer’s range of groundbreaking farm machinery.

Designed for the rugged conditions of New Zealand, Taege products are a perfect fit for Australian farms.

Taege Engineering offer a diverse range of air seeders, direct drill seeders, cultivators, tyre rollers and hoppers – all of which are available through Australian distributor Gendore Tractors and Machinery.

Gendore Managing Director Derek Genoni has seen Australian farmers take a liking to Taege products, particularly the air seeders and direct drills.

“Taege’s seeder design is unique, with tungsten points mounted to vibrating ‘S’ tynes that are set on a specific angle to ensure the tyne buries itself in the ground,” Derek explained.

“The tyne goes up and down over contours independently of the

frame, jumping rocks and following banks and hollows in a way that other tine drills simply can’t achieve.

“It cuts through trash and hard compacted ground to plant the seed at a consistent depth, creating a perfect seed bed for superior germination and moisture retention.”

Derek also says working speed over the paddock can be up to 25% faster with a Taege.

“You can only do that with a machine that follows the contours,” he explained.

“It is an exceptionally good product, designed to deliver superior performance in all conditions.”

Cameron Hill runs a fat lamb enterprise at Winchelsea in Victoria. He purchased a new AS480 (4.8m) Taege Air Seeder in April this year.

He says the machine proved to be a “perfect fit” for their business. The narrow spacing, under 121mm, resulted in better ground cover and

more feed for the sheep.

“I’m really happy with the germination and accuracy of the machine,” says Cameron.

“We have sown Phalaris at 12 to 14 kilograms down to 3 to 3.5 kilograms, and have been sowing ryegrass at 25 kilograms, which is pretty well spot on.

“We are probably getting an extra 10 or 12 hectares a day compared to the 3.5m drill. The boxes are a

little bit bigger too, so the machine is not stopped for as long.”

To find out more about the range of Taege farm machinery and to find your nearest dealer, visit taege.

ABOVE: The Taege direct drill seeders deliver maximum penetration, even in extremely hard soil conditions.

of a
21 Mobile: 0428 572 354 Follow us on Facebook ALL SALE BULLS ON DISPLAY BULLS FOR PRIVATE SALE Old Boundary Road Cape Douglas - Bulls for Private Sale As part of the Stock and Land Beef Week we will have bulls for private sale at the Mount Gambier Showgrounds. Breed Plan Figures | Vet checked Enquiries 08 8738 2282 or 0438 382 282 The breed that’s quietly going places! Sarah Bolte 0427 284 235 BULLS FOR SALE Docile, structurally sound, well muscled bulls. 161 Pannells Road, Allendale East. Phone Michael on 0439 679 283 or Email: mount gambier limousins • Bulls for sale • Females for sale Jason Malseed | 0419 032 795 STUD Private Sale will have Showgrounds MN3 282 •Bulls •Females Jason Malseed 0419 032 MOUNT GAMBIER LIMOUSINS NOORLA SHORTHORNS Kongorong available from sale. 9210 LIMOUSIN BULLS FOR MPG & TA Docile, structurally well muscled Inspections 161 Pannells Allendale Phone Michael on 0439 679 ALLENDALE EAST Ebenezer Park South Devons The breed Mount Gambier SA PIC NO SA137445 PIC NO SA 135650 PIC NO SA 135650 PIC NO SA 134949 PIC NO VIC 3GLRU008 PIC NO SA 126383 PIC NO 121275 Bred for Profit under Sustainable Grazing Mobile: 0429 394 337 Grantley Muller Mobile: 0428 572 354 | Follow us on Facebook ALL SALE BULLS ON DISPLAY BULLS FOR PRIVATE SALE BRA-MA HEREFORD STUD Old Boundary Road Cape Douglas - Bulls for Private Sale As part of the Stock and Land Beef Week we will have bulls for private sale at the Mount Gambier Showgrounds. Breed Plan Figures | Vet checked Enquiries 08 8738 2282 or 0438 382 282 The breed that’s quietly going places! Sarah Bolte 0427 284 235 BULLS FOR SALE Docile, structurally sound, well muscled bulls. Inspections welcome. MPG & TA BLACK 161 Pannells Road, Allendale East. Phone Michael on 0439 679 283 or Email: mount gambier limousins • Bulls for sale • Females for sale Jason Malseed | 0419 032 795 Roz & Ainsley Curtis OB Flat PHONE 0433 511 659 STUD Private Sale will have Showgrounds MN3 282 •Bulls •Females Jason Malseed 0419 032 MOUNT GAMBIER LIMOUSINS NOORLA SHORTHORNS Kongorong available from sale. 9210 CALADENIA LIMOUSIN BULLS FOR MPG & TA Docile, structurally well muscled Inspections 161 Pannells Allendale Phone Michael on 0439 679 ALLENDALE EAST Ebenezer Park South Devons Sarah Bolte 0427 284 235 Poll Hereford & Maine–Anjou Enquiries Welcomed to Marg Mobile: 0429 705 256 Mount Gambier SA PIC NO SA137445 PIC NO SA 135650 PIC NO SA 135650 PIC NO SA 134949 PIC NO SA 147731 PIC NO VIC 3GLRU008 PIC NO SA 126383 PIC NO 121275 Paul Cotterill 0409 457 607 Bred for Profit under Sustainable Grazing Poll Herefords Breeding Quiet Correct Cattle All Enquiries to Trevor Sims Mobile: 0429 394 337 Grantley Muller Mobile: 0428 572 354 | Follow us on Facebook ALL SALE BULLS ON DISPLAY BULLS FOR PRIVATE SALE BRA-MA HEREFORD STUD Old Boundary Road Cape Douglas - Bulls for Private Sale As part of the Stock and Land Beef Week we will have bulls for private sale at the Mount Gambier Showgrounds. Breed Plan Figures | Vet checked Enquiries 08 8738 2282 or 0438 382 282 The breed that’s quietly going places! Sarah Bolte 0427 284 235 BULLS FOR SALE Docile, structurally sound, well muscled bulls. Inspections welcome. MPG & TA BLACK 161 Pannells Road, Allendale East. Phone Michael on 0439 679 283 or Email: mount gambier limousins • Bulls for sale • Females for sale Jason Malseed | 0419 032 795 CARA PARK SALERS Roz & Ainsley Curtis OB Flat PHONE 0433 511 659 STUD Private Sale will have Showgrounds MN3 •Bulls •Females Jason Malseed 0419 032 MOUNT GAMBIER LIMOUSINS NOORLA SHORTHORNS Kongorong available from sale. 9210 WANNON FARM MACHINERY CALADENIA LIMOUSIN BULLS FOR MPG & TA Docile, structurally well muscled Inspections 161 Pannells Allendale Phone Michael ALLENDALE EAST Ebenezer Park The breed that’s quietly going places! Sarah Bolte Poll Hereford & Maine–Anjou Enquiries Welcomed to Marg Mobile: 0429 705 256 Mount Gambier SA PIC NO SA137445 PIC NO SA 135650 PIC NO SA 135650 PIC NO SA 134949 PIC NO SA 147731 PIC NO VIC 3GLRU008 PIC NO SA 126383 PIC NO 121275 Paul Cotterill 0409 457 607 Bred for Profit under Sustainable Grazing Major Poll Herefords Breeding Quiet Correct Cattle All Enquiries to Trevor Sims Mobile: 0429 394 337 Grantley Muller Mobile: 0428 572 354 | Follow us on Facebook ALL SALE BULLS ON DISPLAY BULLS FOR PRIVATE SALE BRA-MA HEREFORD STUD Old Boundary Road Cape Douglas - Bulls for Private Sale As part of the Stock and Land Beef Week we will have bulls for private sale at the Mount Gambier Showgrounds. Breed Plan Figures | Vet checked Enquiries 08 8738 2282 or 0438 382 282 The breed that’s quietly going places! Sarah Bolte 0427 284 235 BULLS FOR SALE Docile, structurally sound, well muscled bulls. Inspections welcome. MPG & TA BLACK 161 Pannells Road, Allendale East. Phone Michael on 0439 679 283 or Email: mount gambier limousins • Bulls for sale • Females for sale Jason Malseed | 0419 032 795 MOUNT GAMBIER SA SHOWGROUNDS FRIDAY 3RD FEBRUARY 2023. 9 STUDS WITH 7 BREEDS ON DISPLAY CARA PARK SALERS Roz & Ainsley Curtis OB Flat PHONE 0433 511 659 STUD Private Sale will have Showgrounds MN3 282 •Bulls •Females Jason Malseed 0419 032 MOUNT GAMBIER LIMOUSINS NOORLA SHORTHORNS Kongorong available from sale. 9210 WANNON FARM MACHINERY GRAEME CONNOR NATIONWIDE AB BEEF & DAIRY CALADENIA LIMOUSIN BULLS FOR MPG & TA Docile, structurally well muscled Inspections 161 Pannells Allendale Phone Michael on 0439 679 ALLENDALE EAST Ebenezer Park South Devons The breed that’s quietly going places! Sarah Bolte 0427 284 235 Poll Hereford & Maine–Anjou Enquiries Welcomed to Marg Mobile: 0429 705 256 Mount Gambier SA Start the day off with a BBQ breakfast at 8.30am. PIC NO SA137445 PIC NO SA 135650 PIC NO SA 135650 PIC NO SA 134949 PIC NO SA 148224 PIC NO SA 147731 PIC NO VIC 3GLRU008 PIC NO SA 126383 PIC NO 121275 Paul Cotterill 0409 457 607 Bred for Profit under Sustainable Grazing Major Poll Herefords Breeding Quiet Correct Cattle All Enquiries to Trevor Sims Mobile: 0429 394 337

When I, Ben Brooksby, started working for Warrawindi Farms 5 years ago, it was my first taste of the cattle industry. Delving straight into learning about the industry, I’ve always been really interested in figures but more importantly the correlation in how figures help us achieve more dollars with our end product.

As my interest grew and the more I learnt, I continued to be baffled by the different ways the industry was moving. I kept asking myself why does having black cattle matter? When at the end of the day we aren’t eating the skin colour we are eating the meat underneath.

The world is focusing on what’s more sustainable for the future, so why wouldn’t we want to have cattle that

yield high percentages of meat per animal. That way we can have less or the same number of animals but producing more meat. Makes sense, right?

What I love about Warrawindi Limousin’s is that they are real meat produces but still concentrating on the important traits like structure, growth, muscle, milk and docility. Of course, Warrawindi Farms is

continually adapting to what will be sustainable now and into the future. The Bulls are all grass fed in normal farming conditions so on inspection you will see the natural growth and muscle of what these bulls can generate.

If you have any questions, please contact Mason Galpin on 0437 527 606

24 Jubilee Highway West, MOUNT GAMBIER | PHONE 08 8721 3400 LVD 106736 Michael Bonham 0417 824 281 Ian Williams 0418 230 469 Barry Stafford 0418 895 652 Nic Lattin Business Manager 0499 227 645 Next-Generation Ranger Raptor Get to know Next-Gen Ranger Raptor Inspired by desert racing, the Next-Gen Ranger Raptor has been developed by the Australian design and engineering team with Ford Performance DNA for true enthusiasts. DEMO AVAILABLE fOr tEst DrIVE


Keep your livestock relaxed and comfortable – and make your work safer and

Building a sale shed or yard cover for your on-farm bull sales and female sales has many benefits.

First and foremost is the opportunity to make a positive impression at your sale. And what better way to do this than a sale facility that reflects the quality of your stud and livestock!

With a strong industry and consumer focus on animal comfort, being able to keep your cattle calm, comfortable and out of the weather is another drawcard.

And this makes working conditions safer and more enjoyable for you and your staff too!

Most on-farm sale facilities are also versatile and multi-purpose investments.

These are just some of the reasons industry leaders like Angus Seedstock Operation and long-term Action Steel customer, Banquet Angus are investing in infrastructure for their on-farm sales.

Action Steel worked in with the yard supplier to design and build an impressive 51m x 27m x 4.5m sale shed and yard cover for Banquet Angus.

The yard cover was designed to work in seamlessly with new cattle yards. The southern wall is enclosed to provide protection from the prevailing weather, and wall vents and sliding doors provide airflow through the facility

when needed.

Like many other custom build sale venues, the project is very versatile, with the cattle yard cover able to be used as part of the general farm operation going forward. The sale arena can also be used for machinery storage.

To learn more about this project, or to see other examples of Action Steel farm shed builds, visit

And if you are looking to cover your cattle yards or upgrade your shedding, talk to the team at Action Steel!

Action Steel specialises in building heavy-duty farm sheds for livestock and cropping enterprises across South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales.

more enjoyable
26 Available services • MOWER CONDITIONER - 3.6m Front Mounted & 5.0m Trailing Combination (steel on steel rollers) Rotary (11.0m max. working width), 22 Reel (Schinkel ‘V’) • HIGH DENSITY 4X3 BALERS 1x 8 string Krone with inoculant applicator, scales, Gazeeka moisture meter 1x STEAMER + 2270XD c/w cutter, inoculant applicator, scales, Gazeeka moisture meter 1x 2270XD with cutter, inoculant applicator, scales, Gazeeka moisture meter • STACKING - auto bale stacker 6 high (4x3) • TRANSPORT - hay, straw, machinery, oversize (single/B double/Road Train) - Loaders on request • BUY & SELL - hay and straw. WE CAN CATER FOR YOUR SPECIFIC NEEDS CONTACT US TODAY TOM – 0428849814 / SAM – 0428221096 / CLOVERLEAF CONTRACTORS PTY LTD RELIABLE • PROFESSIONAL • EXPERIENCED • LATEST TECHNOLOGY Transport High Quality Work Dew Point Steamer Extra High Density Bales


Operating multiple pieces of earthmoving machinery can be tiresome and inefficient, not to mention costly to maintain and operate.

New Zealand manufacturer HW Industries has engineered a solution that makes on-farm earthwork easier and more efficient, with the custom-built MAXI Scraper taking the hassle out of owning multiple pieces of equipment.

This multi-purpose machine employs a simple process to cut the land - filling the scraper in less than 20 seconds.

Australian distributor of MAXI Scrapers, Gendore Tractors and Machinery says farmers and contractors love the simplicity and efficiency it provides.

Gendore Managing Director

Derek Genoni has many first-hand accounts from operators who favour the strong but lightweight design as a real point of difference.

“It essentially combines a digger, dump truck, grader and scraper

in one easy to use machine,” Derek explained. “It is the most flexible option on the market.

“The build quality, weight and usability of MAXI Scrapers means they are easy to maintain and service. The size of the Scraper that can be used only depends on the tractor’s horsepower.”

Two different drawbar options are availableeither standard trailed drawbar, or a unique two-point linkage trailing system that allows the digging / scraping depth to be set by the tractor’s linkage arms.

The result is a scraper with less moving parts.

“Operation is straightforward, just hook up the drawbar, attach the hydraulic hoses to the connections normally used and it is ready to go,”

says Mr Genoni. “It’s simplicity of use means all your earthwork jobs are a breeze”.

MAXI Scrapers are available in a range of capacities from 3.5 - 15m3, with all models capable of fulfilling on-farm earthmoving requirements.

For more information about MAXI Scrapers, you can give Gendore a call on 1300 GENDORE.

ABOVE: MAXI Scrapers are a digger, bulldozer, grader and trailer in one, easy to use solution.

Stong but lightweight design proves a gamechanger



Helping farmers find safe & secure solutions & increased productivity

Livestock farmers are always on the lookout for safe and secure solutions to help with productivity, and Irish manufacturer Keltec provides an innovative way to seamlessly slice and remove plastic and net wrap from round bales

Gone are the days of jumping in and out of the tractor cab to cut and remove plastic and net wrap, with Keltec’s Bale Slice system.

Australian distributor Gendore Tractors and Machinery has been selling Keltec products for some time, and Managing Director Derek Genoni is a firm believer of the benefits the Bale Slice system provides.

“Their patented system removes the plastic wrap and netting from the bale while slicing it in half, speeding up feeding to maximise productivity while reducing costs,” Derek explained.

“For an average sized farm, using this system can easily save up to two hours per day in peak feeding times.

“We estimate that at least six

round bales can be fed out in as little as 15 minutes, which is an average of 2.5 minutes per bale without any manual handling of the feed or the plastic”.

Keltec’s patented grab, cut and removal system is controlled by one doubleacting hydraulic service. A blade cuts through the bale from the bottom up, meaning that both halves of the plastic wrap are the same length, ensuring that it doesn’t get caught and dragged into the cut feed or wagon.

“Cutting the bale also increases

your productivity, with reduced mixing time and horsepower consumption, saving both fuel and time,” Derek continued.

“It’s the ultimate solution to plastic and net contamination in your TMR.”

ABOVE: Keltec’s Bale Slice cuts from the bottom so both halves of the wrap are even lengths, ensuring tails don’t get caught and dragged into the cut feed or wagon.

family-owned business with
professionals willing and able to help you with
Our comprehensive range of services includes: • Companion animals • Horses • Livestock • Companion Animal Exportation • Grooming • South East Animal Welfare League • Exotic animals, birds, wildlife and pocket pets
evenings Field Day Date South Australian Beef Field Days Inspections Monday, February 6th, 2023 Location Cnr. Naracoorte Lucindale Road & Coles Spence Rd. LUCINDALE Sale Date Monday, February 13th, 2023 - 4pm Contact Details Sterita Park Angus S & R DiGiorgio & Sons Nanni DiGiorgio Ph: (08) 8769 6045 Mobile: 0428 854 640 Fax: (08) 8769 6054 Email: BW 42.4 600 Day 123 SC +2.3 Milk +19 EMA +9.3 Rib +1.5 Rump +1.8 IMF +4.9 120 BULLS FOR SALE SPL S47 Field Day Date South Australian Beef Field Days Inspections Monday, February 6th, 2023 Location Cnr. Naracoorte Lucindale Road & Coles Spence Rd. LUCINDALE Sale Date
13th, 2023 - 4pm Contact Details Sterita Park Angus S & R DiGiorgio & Sons Nanni DiGiorgio Ph: (08) 8769 6045 Mobile: 0428 854 640 Fax: (08) 8769 6054 Email: SPL S47 Bw 2.8 600day 139 sc 2.7 Ema 9.9 rib +1.9 rump +2.3 Imf 4.9
Gambier Vets is one of the largest and longest serving veterinary
in the Limestone Coast.
It is also the first and only practice in the South East to be awarded the SA Vet Surgeons Board Hospital Accreditation. At Gambier Vets, we offer excellence in veterinary care. We provide a comprehensive, competitively priced veterinary service for all animals in the district, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
are a local,
a dedicated team of
of animal matters.
Monday to Friday 8.00am - 6.00pm Saturday 9.00am - 11.30am
until 8.00pm Thursday
Monday, February

On display this year will be a range of Traditional and Black/ Red Simmental bulls as well as the SimAngus sale bulls. All Yerwal and Mt Mooney sale bulls will be available for inspection at the field day this includes some impressive traditional sons by Yerwal Estate Power Play, Barana Nickson, Barana Nottingham and Glen Anthony Y-Arta. Our Black/ Red Simmental offering includes sons by Gen Ten, 90 Proof and Yerwal Estate Lotto. A selection of Simmental bulls for the Queensland Simmental Bull Sale will also be on display in addition to our online sale bull offering.

Our 2023 Angus Bull Sale offering is looking particularly well with bulls displaying excellent growth, performance and structural soundness across the board. In addition to our consistent line up of sons by SP Resolution, Spry’s Supreme and Yerwal Patriot, Gatsby and Resolution we have some exciting sons by AI sires Niagara and Chisum. In the line up they add the opportunity to secure sons that phenotypically carry themselves but have data for

the market specs to hit the grids we are all chasing. All Angus bulls in the on farm sale have been verified to sire to provide the guarantee to our clients they know genetically what’s wrapped up underneath them.

This year both our Simmental

and Angus sales will be also be available online via Elite Livestock come along and find out more on how to register for bidding or to view the sale on your phone or device. Updated weight and scan data of sale bulls will be available on the day.

ABOVE: Yerwal Estate Angus Cows with Texas Quinella sired bull calf. First sons of Quinella will sell in 2024.
32 Bucik Tyrepower 218 Commercial Street East Mount Gambier Phone (08) 8725 0855 BUCIK TYREPOWER YOUR 4WD TYRE SPECIALISTS


Blundstone has been a farmer’s best friend for generations— durable, dependable and packed with all day comfort. Blundstone’s work boots have long been a popular choice for rural workers—offering robust comfort for long days on the job. Recent reports, however, highlight the increased need for safety in several rural environments, to ensure maximum foot health and protection.

Since 2012, the agricultural industry has been identified as a national priority group by the Australian Work Health and Safety Strategy. Between 2019 and 2020 there were a total of 3,893 serious claims and 46 fatalities reported in the industry (Safe Work Australia, 2021). The rising work-related injuries attained in the agriculture, forestry and fishing category can be attributed to incidences with vehicles, falls from heights and handling of animals.

The unpredictability of animals can cause serious physical injury to workers. Whether it be breeding, herding, or transporting large animals, the tasks present a high degree of risks, from crushes and bites to trips and falls and equipment-based injuries. It’s important that these risks are considered and managed appropriately—using the correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as safety footwear is key to staying protected on the job.

Blundstone is committed to supporting a safe and healthy working environment from the ground up, all-year around—so when it comes time to choose fit-forpurpose boots, the safety footwear specialists recommend considering the following:

Safety Toe Cap—does the work undertaken require steel or composite safety? Does it require impact resistance, or both cut and impact resistance?

Quality Uppers—are the boots designed using materials that are breathable, protective, and supportive to maintain excellent foot health?

Sole Design & Material—is the tread pattern and outsole material appropriate for the work conditions? Do they offer slip-resistance and optimum grip?

Over-arching Design—do you require a personalised fit through a zip and laces function to provide increased ankle and calf protection? Is the convenience of a zip or elastic side a priority for easy on, easy off?

Launching into rural retailers in February is Blundstone’s new RotoFlex® range. Fit for a range of workers in the agricultural industry with water-resistant uppers and a slip-resistant sole, RotoFlex offers lightweight safety where stability meets the freedom to move. The

RIGHT: RotoFlex #8560 Unisex Safety Boots in wheat nubuck

world-leading, biomechanical design was born from years of customer driven research into the needs and expectations of workers. RotoFlex offers the convenience of a zip side for easy on, easy off and laces for a personalised fit, providing safety and convenience to those in the agricultural industries.

Toe protection—the Fortalite® composite toe cap holds strong under immense pressure. It provides lightweight, compression-resistant protection tested to 200 joule impact—ideal for working with animals.

Slip resistance—biomechanically conforming sole design, GripTek® is designed with a unique TPU tread pattern and super cushioned midsole, offering optimum grip, all-day stability and maximum comfort. The innovative design reduces slip hazard risk, fatigue, and ankle injury—ideal for rural workers faced with mud and slippery surfaces.

Fit—the overarching comfort system,

SoftCell® utilises a combination of specialist materials and a unique biomechanical foot-cradling design. This increases stability, balance, and manoeuvrability—providing allencompassing comfort from day one. SoftCell also incorporates Infinergy e_TPU, a super elastic foam from BASF that provides superior cushioning Comfort—The AirCell® footbed has been uniquely constructed with specialised zoning designed to activate ventilation. This allows air to be pumped through channels to the heel, arch of the foot and between the toes, offering moisture control and cushioning comfort as the wearer walks and moves.

The RotoFlex range boasts six different styles, four unisex available in 5-inch and 6-inch and two women’s specific styles. With durable, heavy-duty zips and streamlined TPU toe guards, RotoFlex is the benchmark for the safety footwear market.

Put Blundstone’s innovation to work—available at participating rural retailers February 2023.


Bulls with exceptional growth & temperament part of 2023 offering

We are very proud to be offering such an impressive draft of traditional and black bulls for private sale on property. Beef Field Day Monday February 6th from 8am. Also heifers available for sale on auctionsplus Wednesday 8th February from 9am - 5pm.

These bulls have exceptional growth and temperament with plenty of bone thickness, muscle, and easy doing ability.

Sires used are Anchor D Gunner, Las Vegas, Mr Evan 14P, V C Night Watch, Heart State of War and Tugulawa Lex.

We can recommend these bulls to perform in any program.

We are also offering a selection of traditional and black females which have plenty of style and eye appeal and will make great matrons.

Two females have heifer calves at foot and two heifers PTIC.

Free transport within 200km of Tuguwala Stud.

Light refreshments available on the day.

All enquiries welcome by contacting Gary Allen on 0417 801 615 or email

Head to https://www. for more information.

Bulls for Private Sale at SA Beef Field Day Monday 6th Feb 2023 all enquiries welcome to Gary Allen
RIGHT: S963 Tugulawa Sampson
Details contained in this publication have been compiled from information supplied by advertisers. No responsibility is accepted for the accuracy of information contained here in. Prospective purchasers should rely on their own enquiries. Sales Jill Collins 0400 598 327 Duncan McGregor 0407 722 983 Editorials Di Gould 0401 042 302 General Manager Jason Allen 0417 285 163 61a Commercial St East, Mount Gambier, SA 5290 Print run 17,500 copies Distribution - delivered by Australia Post to all PO boxes and RMBs throughout the South East of SA & Western Victoria We support recycling KINGSTON MILLICENT ROBE CASTERTON PORTLAND HEYWOOD HAMILTON PENOLA Beachport • • Port MacDonnell • Coleraine • Cavendish • Dunkeld • Glenthompson • Apsley Coonawarra • • Lucindale • Yambuk • Macarthur • Nelson • Branxholme • Digby • Dartmoor Tarpeena • Nangwarry • Allendale Glencoe • Southend • • Carpenter Rocks Donovans • Kalangadoo • Tantanoola • Mt Burr •Moorak Kongorong • • Byaduk • Condah • Narrawong MOUNT GAMBIER NARACOORTE SA VIC ^ Frances • Padthaway • Edenhope • Bordertown WARRNAMBOOL HORSHAM • Natimuk • Kaniva KEITH ^ Tintinara ^ Coonalpyn
Out of reserve junior champion female in Melbourne by top A.I. sire Heart State of War
36 Nentoura shorthorn stud was established in 1975 48 years of breeding with the vision of producing the type of cattle that are popular today. Quality weight gain durability and temperament have always been a priority. This year Nentoura is offering 9 outstanding bulls at the Naracoorte SA Shorthorn sale which are the first drop of bulls sired by Baview Chester purchased for the top price of $18,500 at the Naracoorte sale in 2020. Visitors & Enquiries Always Welcome Contact: Ron Pridham 0429 082 383 Paul Pridham 0428 549 810 RSD 184, FRANCES SA 5262 Email: FREE Issue 14 September,
37 Caskieben Skysthe S33 (P) (AI) (By Spry’s Unlimited P146) Alex - 0427 326 516 | | Tim - 0488 106 880 Offering 13 powerful Sire prospects at the 2023 Naracoorte Shorthorn Invitational Bull Sale Photos & Videos on Website
38 OGR Nissan Call (08) 8724 1177 LMVD 2495 33 Penola Road, Mount Gambier Arriving soon at Mount Gambier



Looking into getting a yard cover for your cattle? Weighing up the benefits of the investment?

Our team here at Spanlift frequently speaks with agricultural clients who have invested in yard covers and have discussed the topic of yard cover benefits to their property and workflow.

Firstly, protecting your livestock from harsh weather is a huge benefit considering the direct impact that cold and heat stress has on cattle such as reduced milk production and weight gain.

Ensuring the comfort of animals is not only good for the wellbeing of your livestock but also a great investment to optimise returns.

As well as providing shelter for your livestock, shelter for your staff allows work that is typically reserved for dry days to be doable in the wet.

The same goes for the other side of weather extremes – having a sheltered area to avoid the scorching sun greatly reduces the chance of heat related fatigue and

injury for staff making for a much more comfortable and efficient working environment.

Having modern sheltered facilities on your property will also greatly improve general employee satisfaction which assists in creating a positive reputation for your business, making your farm more enticing to job hunters.

When built correctly, yard covers add great cost saving benefits to your workflow. Thanks to the sheer size of yard co

vers, substantial amounts of rainwater can be collected from the gutters to be used around your property.

Another financial benefit is not having to resurface covered yards as often due to damage from extreme weather, rain heavy enough to create mud plus deep cattle hoofprints equals a yard that will require frequent repair.

Lastly, yard covers can improve the value of your property as having this kind of infrastructure is appealing to property buyers!

Protecting your expensive equipment is also a huge bonus for building a quality yard cover. Things like cattle scales are an example of heavy, cumbersome equipment that would usually need to be lugged to and from storage in a yard without a cover.

Having the ability to leave the scales in a sheltered environment allows for massive time savings and work to be completed more efficiently without the need to move your equipment as frequently.

When it comes to building a quality yard cover, the team at Spanlift has years of experience working with

agricultural businesses to ensure that the structure is tailored to work for you. Worried about animal bruising from edged columns? opt for round columns in your build. Want less intrusive vertical gutters? Opt for high capacity gutters.

These optional extras and more are available to work around your needs and make the most out of your investment.

If you are serious about investing in a quality yard cover to improve overall wellbeing, workflow, property value and more – check out our website or call Spanlift today on 1300 234 321 to chat with a member of our team!

Time to invest in yard cover from

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