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Working with words Robe’s Kathy Parker to headline new program SEE INSIDE

Shining examples 2021 Tenison Woods College Shining Light Awards A humanitarian, a long serving politician, a heart and soul sports lover and a corporate giant have been named as the 2021 Tenison Woods College Shining Light Award recipients. For the second successive year, there will be no

gala event to celebrate these college alumni that have gone on to make their mark well after their final day of school, in this community and, in some cases, to the ends of the earth. Sister Anne Foale, Rob Lucas, the late

Barrie Holmes and Sunita Gloster (pictured) are the four 2021 recipients and they will officially honoured at a virtual event on October 16. See inside for full story



Old scholars inspiring a new generation 2021 Tenison Woods College Shining Light Awards

2021SHINING LIGHT AWARD RECIPIENTS • Sunita Gloster (D’Souza) – St Mary’s School, St Paul’s School, Tenison College (1974-1986) Sunita has almost 30 years experience in the advertising, media and marketing industry. She is the founder of Gloster Advisory and is also a Senior Advisor for Accenture Australia and UN Women Australia. Sunita advocates for the empowerment of women and the acceleration of progress against gender inequalities. Throughout her career, Sunita has held many leadership roles in Australia, London and across Europe. With an extensive list of accolades and global recognition, Sunita continues to forge an impressive Executive career. • Barrie Holmes (dec) – St Paul’s School, Marist Brother’s Agricultural College (1948-1959)

A humanitarian, a long serving politician, a heart and soul sports lover and a corporate giant have been named as the 2021 Tenison Woods College Shining Light Award recipients. For the second successive year, there will be no gala event to celebrate these college alumni that have gone on to make their mark well after their final day of school, in this community and, in some cases, to the ends of the earth. Sister Anne Foale (opp. page), Rob Lucas (above right), the late Barrie Holmes (above left) and Sunita Gloster are the four 2021 recipients and they will officially honoured at a virtual event on October 16. For the first time since the awards

began in 2016, Tenison Woods College will host their annual Shining Light Awards in a virtual setting, an initiative designed to avoid a second successive year of no Shining Light honours after the complete cancellation of the 202 event. A Friends of Tenison Woods College (Old Scholars Association) program, the four 2021 recipients cover a broad range of career paths. The Shining Light Awards aim to recognise significant contributions made by former students, families or staff to the local and global community in order to inspire current and future students. “Tenison Woods College and its predecessors, St Paul’s


School, Tenison College, Marist Brother’s Agricultural College, Mater Christi College, St Mary’s School and St Joseph’s College value the contributions of all community members, past and present and we think it’s important to recognise some of the standout achievements within the community,” Tenison Woods College principal David Mezinec said. In previous years, Tenison Woods College has been able to celebrate their Old Scholars and Shining Light Recipients in a gala dinner format. In 2020, the event was cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions. This year, any gala celebration was cancelled early given the implications of recipients

and guests travelling interstate and the difficulties of putting together worthy celebrations of such a high honour. “Given the current situation in NSW and Victoria, we came together as a committee and agreed on adjusting the format of the event, so it can be accessible by all,” Mr Mezinec said. “This will be the first year we host the event online and although there will be a great deal of planning involved, we are looking forward to being able to celebrate our incredibly inspiring 2021 recipients.” The event will be open to the public with online links available on the Tenison Woods College Facebook page on Saturday 16 October.




For every need


• Sister Anne Foale - Mater Christi College (1963-1970) Anne is a Mercy Sister, based at the Sydney Mercy Works, where she assists in improving the lives of vulnerable people in Australia, Papua New Guinea, TimorLeste and the Philippines. Anne manages development projects and relief in those countries as well as programs supporting Aboriginal projects across Australia. • The Hon Rob Lucas MLC – St Mary’s School, Marist Brother’s Agricultural College (1959-1969) Rob is currently the South Australian Treasurer in the Marshall Liberal Government (since 2018). He is also Leader of the Government in the Legislative Council. Rob’s career in Politics began in 1982 when he was elected to the South Australian Legislative Council. Since then, he has held many roles including Minister of Education and Children’s Services, Treasurer (1997-2002), Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Council, Shadow Treasurer, Shadow Minister for Industry and Trade, and Economic Development, to name a few.



Barrie had a passion for sport and after leaving school he maintained a close connection with the College. He was instrumental in establishing basketball as a sport at Tenison College and was also the leading force behind the building of the Multipurpose Hall in 1988, which today is known as the Barrie Holmes Stadium. Barrie passed away in 1999 and in fondly remembered by his wife Gloria and their nune children, all of whom attended Tenison College.



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THE SUNITA GLOSTER STORY It has been a big week for Sunita Gloster (pictured right). Not only was she revealed as one of four Tenison Woods College Shining Light Award recipients she also secured a National Women in Media Award – taking out the Social Change Maker category – an honour centred on her work with UN Women Australia for gender equality. Sunita was also ranked third on the Women in Media Power List, a list she has featured in since 2014.

SUNITA GLOSTER WOMEN IN MEDIA AWARD SOCIAL CHANGE MAKER (Presented by the Australian Women’s Weekly) When it comes to social change makers, it’s hard to go past the senior advisor to UN Women Australia, Sunita Gloster. After being appointed to the role in August of 2020, she created a 10-year strategy that puts the focus on accelerating action, rather than celebrating incremental change. Central to the plan is an emphasis on ‘when’ – highlighting the urgency of time when it comes to gender diversity. While many Australians believe that gender equality is just around the corner, according to the World Economic Forum, it is 99.5 years away. Gloster has put her efforts into addressing this complacency. bShe continued with the #WhenWillSheBeRight campaign, which garnered a huge amount of attention earlier this year. After asking the question, she galvanised the media and marketing community to share the narrative and ensure it was seen, heard and spoken by 24 million Australians. The campaign launched on television, expanded to outdoor and then grew on social media. It has since generated $4 million in earned media, with the likes of Seven West Media, oOh!media, Facebook and many others providing pro bono coverage. What’s more, people marched with placards asking #WhenWillSheBeRight around the country and in Canberra. Additionally, she convinced Australian of the Year, Grace Tame, to select the UN’s event amongst the long list of her potential speaking options and be the keynote speaker on the day.

It is quite the meteoric rise for the young migrant who still vividly remembers tasting her first sausage roll and the anxiety she felt as she first embarked on her schooling, which started at St Mary’s. “Whilst starting school is a big step for most children, for me they were truly giant life-changing steps,” Sunita said. “My parents and I had arrived in Mount Gambier from India in 1974 and my life as a new young Aussie began on Pick Avenue at St Marys. I remember my first Balfours Sausage roll from the tuck shop, my first classroom, the fellow students that were tasked with being my mates. Those young five year old students, my first friends, grew up to be my life-ong best friends to this day.” While Sunita acknowledges the need for the three Rs and beyond and the value of those classroom lessons, the enduring memories are not confined to what the eager young student was able to learn, including her final year at school, which was 1986. “My memories of school life are marked by that friendship group particularly in high school,” Sunita said. “We played together, studied together, danced together at school discos at Casadio Park, performed in school plays together at the Sir Robert Helpmann Theatre, went to Mass together every Sunday at eleven, we partied with pizza and cheap wine, we might have even snuck into the Gambier on a Thursday night. We made once in a lifetime memories like the night we watched Halley’s Comet together lying under the stars at Wandilo.” And they are memories she continues to relive whenever the opportunity arises. “We relive all those memories every time we reunite at home,” she said. “That’s testament to the strong community spirit that Mount Gambier fosters in everyone that once called the town home, but also credit to the pastoral community that envelops the Catholic Church and its schools.”

“... for current students to see career pathways, create ambitions, consider choices and imagine possibilities their own future could hold...awards like this also shine a light on the town of Mount Gambier through its alumni, its homegrown....” Those high school years are also the years Sunita sees as her most formative and a key driver to where she is today, most recently centre stage at those virtual national media awards. “They shaped my personal values and my professional pathway,” Sunita said. “Reflecting on them now, whilst my own children are forced to home school, I can only say how blessed I was to have that experience.” Testament to the importance of those years is how honoured Sunita has been to receive the Shining

Light Award in the same seven day period where she received a national award in her area of expertise. “Tenison College has a wonderful history of many strong students that have gone on to make an impact in their chosen field, their community, in the government or for those less fortunate and I am really humbled to be recognised not only this year, but alongside wonderful previous winners like Pam and Brian O’Connor, who were Shining Lights through my childhood,” Sunita said.

“...I’m always very proud to anchor my story around Tenison, landmarked by our wonderful Blue Lake...that never fails to put a smile on people’s faces...”

“A shining light is a powerful thing. Sure it illuminates what’s directly underneath it, the award recipient, but it also gives visibility to others of something they may not be aware of. For current students to see career pathways, create ambitions, consider choices and imagine possibilities their own future could hold. Awards like this also shine a light on the town of Mount Gambier through its alumni, its homegrown.” And Sunita is unashamedly proud of the role Tenison Woods College and her childhood home of Mount Gambier played in her life and continues to play. “Where you went to school has always been a defining conversation in business, one that is taking new shape, but has traditionally had its stereotypes,” Sunita said. “I’m always very proud to anchor my story around Tenison, landmarked by our wonderful Blue Lake. That never fails to put a smile on people’s faces.” A Bachelor of Business, graduating from the University of South Australia, was Sunita’s first step in forging a career post Tenison Woods College and Mount Gambier. She married a rally car driver from Broken Hill and so the adventure began, taking in Sydneyrand London and also producing three children. “I have racked up almost 30 years experience in the media and marketing industry and have had so many amazing opportunities to travel and work with exceptionally talented creative people on campaigns that have influenced and created culture both here in Australia and overseas,” she said. “I look forward to when those opportunities and possibilities open up again for all of us. Today whilst still active in my discipline, I manage a number of advisory roles including for Accenture Australia and UN Women Australia. I’m a panellist on the ABC TV Show Gruen and a contributing columnist in the Australian Financial Review.”

Simply the best School based trainee takes State honour and is now set to take on the rest of Australia All the hard work, the juggling of her busy schedule and her willingness to pursue her dream while still a teenager has been rewarded for Rachael Kelly with the Grant High School student taking out the South Australian Training Awards School-Based Apprentice or Trainee of the Year category. Along with the other 2021 South Australian Training Awards winners, Rachael now has the opportunity to represent South Australia at the 2021 Australian Training Awards, to be presented on November 18. Rachael is currently combining a 12 month Certificate III in Business traineeship with Key 2 Sale while completing Year 12 at Grant High School – a role she secured after pursuing opportunities with the respected realtor two years earlier. Rachael has been assisting with weekend open homes for more than a year after establishing a relationship with Key2Sale principal and director Gail Richards when competing work experience in Year 10. “My family had just sold their

home through Key2Sale so when work experience came up I rang and asked Gail if I could do it with her,” Rachael said. As real estate firmed as a career path for the motivated teenager, she again made contact with the Key2Sale director and it turned out Gail needed some assistance from a keen young person at open inspections. Rachael had been juggling her school commitments, the open inspections and her job at Coles when the traineeship opportunity emerged, courtesy of an extension of Federal Government funding for traineeships and apprenticeships. That now sees Rachael working 18 hours in administration in the Key2Sale offices, working around her lesson times, still assisting with open inspections, when COVID restrictions allow, and completing her Year 12. Rachael completed two of her SACE subjects last year – photography and her research project – and is tackling general maths and literary studies this year

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but the opportunity to gain on the job experience and starting down her preferred career path early was too good to pass up. “I have always loved architecture, buildings and history and that’s what I am drawn to when I travel, going to galleries and museums and historical buildings,” she said. “So I guess I was always looking at a career in that area whether it was architect, real estate agent or something like that.” It was after a second stint of work experience in Year 11 that Rachael knew where she was headed. “I worked at a local architect and there didn’t seem to be as much client contact and I just knew I wanted to work more with people, that’s what I love, and so I knew real estate agent was where my future lies,” she said. “I am still quite young but to get to be in this environment working with people who are role models for the career I want is such a fantastic opportunity. I get to see day by day how it works and how they make it work.” It was Gail that saw the awards online and suggested Rachael tell her story to the judges and the rest, as they say, is history. Rachael sourced letters of support from Gail, Grant High School principal Fleur Roachock and her Limestone Coast Training trainer Chris and put together an application that has now seen her crowned the best in the State. Rachael’s Key2Sale mentor was certainly not surprised Rachael was recognised as a finalist in the 2021 awards, let along emerged as the winner. “Rachael has brought a lot of energy with her role within the business,” Gail said. “She did work experience with us in Year 10 and I saw that she had a lot of potential in her as she was keen, reliable and seemed to love her week with us. Then last year we were so busy with our open homes I asked her along to help me out on Saturday’s which she really enjoyed and then we saw the opportunity to offer her a traineeship and she has just blossomed from there. Her attitude and maturity above her years is a stand out as she juggles school and work. He work experience week enabled me to identify that she was passionate about the industry. I sometimes forget she is only 17 so she has a bright future if she pursues a career in real estate.” And her school principal also has nothing but praise for the hard working teen. “Rachael is an outstanding student and an innovative school leader,” Mrs Roachock said. “As Grant High School Captain, she has revolutionised student voice and student agency in the school,

as she has sought inclusion for all, while upskilling younger students so her legacy is positive and longlasting. Additionally, I have had the pleasure of teaching Rachael, and she is a delight to work with in that capacity, too.” There is no doubt the school leadership, an area Rachael developed an interest in during Year 10, has helped the 17 year old with her confidence – it was even the subject of her SACE research project. She is one of Grant High’s school captains, has helped rebrand the Student Representative Council (SRC) to SLED (Students who Lead) and continues to advocate for the student voice. And while completing her schooling remains a top priority, Rachael has no doubts real estate is where her future lies. “I plan to gain my agent’s license, explore my passion for architecture in real estate photography, and learn how to enhance social media’s potential in the industry,” Rachael said. “I hope to turn this traineeship into full time employment and one day perhaps own a local real estate business. My goals are both short term and long term, but I know the path my life takes will be filled with immense passion, hard work and determination towards accomplishing a remarkable future. I believe where I am today is a result of my ability to adapt, learn and grow as an individual. Personal determination and perseverance have underpinned my success to date. My achievements would not have been possible without my unquestionably driven mindset. The support of family, friends, work colleagues, teachers and the local community strengthens my vision. I believe no one can reach the position I have today without a lot of encouragement and assistance.” Minister for Innovation and Skills David Pisoni congratulated all of

the 2021 South Australian Training Awards finalists and winners for their achievements and excellence in vocational education and training. “Congratulations to all students, trainers, training providers, school and employers for their outstanding contributions to the state’s vocational education and training sector,” Minister Pisoni said. “Now in their 25th year, it is terrific to see the South Australian Training Awards promoting the opportunities available to trainees and apprentices in South Australia and showcasing VET as a pathway of choice for our current and future workforce. “With more South Australians in work than ever before and the state approaching full employment there’s never been a better time to be acquiring highly desirable workplace skills. “The South Australian Government continues to create a competitive, dynamic economy that is growing business and industry in South Australia and providing new job opportunities to strengthen the future of our state.” South Australian Skills Commissioner Renee Hindmarsh said the high calibre of finalists and winners in this year’s Awards highlighted the hard work and resilience of the VET sector as the state overcomes the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. “With the launch of the new South Australian Skills Commission, we will work closely with industry to provide independent advice to the South Australian Government on workforce development priorities that meet the state’s current and future work skills needs,” Ms Hindmarsh said. “This enables us to prepare apprentices and trainees for jobs of the future in the fields industry has told us it most needs and to share their success stories with the South Australian community.”

Financial windfall for community projects District Council of Grant earns a slice of the Federal funding pie Playgrounds, roads, sporting facilities, amenities and community halls are all in the list of recipients of more than one million dollars of Federal funding headed to the District Council of Grant coffers. The Federal Government has approved funding of $1,778,296 towards District Council of Grant projects as part of the $1.5 billion Local Road and Community Infrastructure Program, which is supporting local jobs, businesses and boosting the economy. Federal Member for Barker Tony Pasin said getting shovels in the ground on local construction projects was important for maintaining jobs and economic growth, particularly as we deal with the economic crisis created by the coronavirus. “I am pleased that the Federal Government has under the Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program provided funding for the District Council of Grant to deliver these projects for communities across the council area,” he said. “Every single project we support makes a huge difference to our local community, that is why we have moved quickly to approve this

“... every single project we support makes a huge difference to our local community, that is why we have moved quickly to approve this stimulus funding..” Tony Pasin (Member for Barker)

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“...using local contractors has meant that the money is staying local and stimulating our local economy...” Richard Sage (District Council of Grant Mayor)

stimulus funding. “Partnering with the District Council of Grant to ensure we deliver these projects for local communities will also support jobs in the midst of a pandemic. “I’m looking forward to receiving the council’s list of phase 3 projects noting that the Federal Government has provided a further $846,900 to the District Council of Grant for additional economic stimulus under that phase.” District Council of Grant Mayor Richard Sage said council and its community were very excited with

the funding and the opportunities this has given them. “Council have considered projects in Round 1 that has allowed upgrades at Tarpeena Oval for community safety, Yahl has seen a new playground, gazebo and barbeque plus new toilet facilities next to the community hall which will give residents a new place to bring their children to play and come together,” Mr Sage said. “Pelican Point has a new gazebo, tables and chairs on the foreshore for all to enjoy, locals and visitors. Shared path at Tollner Road along

with the commencement of a Community Hall/Gathering space for Donovans township.” Phase 2 and Phase 3 will also rollout much more needed infrastructure and facilities for the council and residents. “Using local contractors has meant that the money is staying local and stimulating our local

economy,” Mayor Sage said. “Thankyou to our local Federal Member Mr Tony Pasin for his advocacy and the Federal Government Stimulus Packages, local business and our community are being supported through these uncertain times.” More information on the Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program is available at au/infrastructure_investment/localroads-community-infrastructureprogram

GRANT DISTRICT COUNCIL PROJECTS: Phase 1 Tarpeena Oval, Emergency Management Preparedness $27,000 Hercules Street - Foreshore Amenity - $40,000 Yahl Community Playground - $60,000 Pelican Point Road - $22,000 Donovan Community Hall - $100,000 Tollner Road to Crafter Road – Shared Path - $110,500 Total Phase 1 - $359,500 Phase 2 Kongorong Sportsmen’s Club light towers - $35,000 Tarpeena Community Hall Flooring repair and floor coverings - $15,000 Donovans Landing Public Toilet Replacement - $100,000 Port MacDonnell and Foreshore Access - $50,000 Fire Prevention Initiatives - $50,000 Nene Valley Disability Accessible Barbeque Project - $25,046 Shared path from Tollner Road to Cafpirco Road Compton - $232,900 Total Phase 2 - $507,946

S.O.S. for foster carers Community urged to help provide safe homes for vulnerable Limestone Coast children Twenty vulnerable children unable to live with their biological parents in the Limestone Coast could not be placed in long-term family based placements due to a lack of foster carers in the region last financial year. Regional not-for-profit agency will host a community forum coinciding with National Child Protection Week at Mount Gambier City Hall on September 9 to highlight the need for more carers to open their hearts and homes to provide safety and stability to children. “We have a wonderful network of 92 carer households across the Limestone Coast who provide safe homes and positive relationships for 118 children within the region,” foster care manager Dani Atkinson said. “These diverse carers truly transform the lives of young people by providing care, safety and support for vulnerable kids when they need it most. “However, there is a growing number of children coming into state care through no fault of their own and simply not enough carers to meet this demand, so we need to increase the number of people prepared to protect and care for children in our community, from infants through to teenagers.” Figures for 2020/21 show an additional seven children and young people in the Limestone Coast could not be matched with foster carers for short-term care,

along with a further 19 requiring emergency placements. “We need to expand the pool of carers in the region to make sure the most vulnerable babies, children and teenagers in our community can be placed in caring home-based family environments when the need arises,” Ms Atkinson said. However, Ms Atkinson said the contribution community members could make did not have to be lifelong, with a broad pool of carers needed for arrangements, including overnight for children in need of emergency care through to long-term placements in some cases. She said options were limited for children unable to be placed in family-based arrangements with carers either through’s residential care homes or premises operated by Department for Child Protection and other agencies, including supervision by staff in commercial accommodation. “Sadly, without enough carers locally, sometimes children who have been removed from their biological parents to protect their welfare and safety have to then also leave the region, including their schools, sports teams, friends and other connections due to the lack of an available local placement,” Ms Atkinson said. “We want to provide opportunities to keep local kids in their community where they can maintain valuable connections.”

“...these diverse carers truly transform the lives of young people by providing care, safety and support for vulnerable kids when they need it most ...” Dani Atkinson ( foster care manager)

Ken Gazzard 21-10-1929 to 12-07-2021 The Family of Kenneth Harold Gazzard would like to thank all those who sympathised with us following the loss of our much loved Husband, Father, Grandfather & Founder of Carlin & Gazzard. We offer our sincere thanks for the visits, phone calls, flowers, cards & heartfelt messages A special word of thanks to all the wonderful staff at Boandik Lake Terrace & Dr Mike Bruorton. Lorraine, the Gazzard Family & everyone at C&G Thank you’s Mount Gambier regional foster care manager Sherri Winter said people from diverse backgrounds could become carers. “We are looking for people from all cultures and across diverse family settings, from couples with or without children of their own, through to single adults, retirees and same sex couples,” Ms Winter said. “What matters is whether someone has the capacity to care for a child and we support people throughout their learning and care experience, but that can include people of all backgrounds and be combined with existing parenting, employment and other commitments. “This is a significant social issue for our community and we hope the upcoming forum allows people to learn more about the local situation and the inspiring difference foster carers can make in young lives.” A key element of the event will be the premiere of a short film specially produced for the event featuring a family from the region sharing their caring journey.

“... what matters is whether someone has the capacity to care for a child and we support people throughout their learning and care experience...” Sherri Winter ( regional foster care manager) The inspiring carers will also answer questions from the audience following the screening, alongside staff and other guests involved in the child protection sector available to share information and answer questions. “Although there are many challenges in our work to provide opportunities for young people to thrive, we are lucky at to work with amazing foster carers who truly transform the lives of vulnerable young people,” Ms Winter said. “We look forward to sharing some of these many positive stories

Rendelsham students roll up their sleeves for tree planting Millicent Toyota has been proudly supporting Planet Ark National Tree Day for many years now. This year the Rendelsham Primary School students, the Southend Progress Association and Wattle Range Council have all worked together to undertake sourcing and planting at Southend. Suzanne Varcoe has been the driving force behind this event for many years and she said it was a wonderful way that the school could give back to their local wider community, it’s a great community effort.

with the audience to show the value of foster care for not only the young people involved, but also the carers, who often find new meaning and purpose in their lives by opening their hearts and homes to young people.” The Limestone Coast Supporting Vulnerable Children in Our Community forum will be held from 6pm on September 9. Visit for bookings and more information. A drop-in information session will also be held from noon to 3pm on September 9 at the Mount Gambier City Hall reception area for anyone unable to attend the evening forum who would like to know more about foster care. COMMUNITY ISSUE: foster care manager Dani Atkinson with Mount Gambier carer recruitment and assessment staff Lisa Fry and Mikayla Chivers are urging caring adults in the Limestone Coast to consider opening their hearts and homes to vulnerable children in need of foster care placements.

Father’s Day treat Keith country music duo headline club event

Creamy spinach & cheese chicken bake 4 chicken breast fillets 1 tbsp olive oil 125g cream cheese 125ml (½ cup) cream for cooking 100g (1 cup) shredded mozzarella Fresh continental parsley, to serve Filling 2 tsp olive oil 2 garlic cloves, finely chopped 120g pkt baby spinach leaves 75g cream cheese 50g (1/2 cup) shredded mozzarella 20g (1/4 cup) finely shredded parmesan 1 tsp finely grated lemon rind Method To make the filling, heat the oil in a small frying pan over medium heat. Add the garlic and cook, stirring, for 1 minute or until aromatic. Add the spinach and cook, stirring, for 3 minutes or until wilted. Set aside to cool. Coarsely chop spinach and transfer to a bowl. Add the cream cheese, mozzarella, parmesan and lemon rind. Season well. Stir well to combine. Set aside to cool. Use a sharp knife to make a horizontal incision along the length of each chicken breast to form a pocket (don’t cut all the way through). Divide the filling among the pockets and secure opening with toothpicks. Preheat oven to 180C/160C fan forced. Heat the oil in a large non-stick frying pan. Cook the chicken, top side down, for 3 minutes or until golden. Turn and cook for a further 3 minutes. Transfer to a baking dish. Add cream cheese and cream to the pan. Stir until smooth. Pour around the chicken. Sprinkle with the mozzarella. Bake for 25 minutes or until the chicken is cooked though and the cheese is golden. Set aside for 5 minutes to rest. Thickly slice the stuffed chicken breasts crossways. Serve drizzled with some of the cheesy sauce from the dish and sprinkled with parsley.

Keith based country music duo The Austins are set to headline the Father’s Day club day for the South East Country Music Association. With recent cancellations for the association club days, welcoming The Austins for the 1-5pm event will be a welcome return to live music

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for the passionate music loving members. Both Candice and Rohan have music running through their veins and from a young age it has been an integral part of their lives. Both grew up performing Candice with her identical twin sister Nadinne and Rohan playing in several bands since he was a teenager. Their shared love for music combined late 2018 and the country music duo The Austins was formed. They have performed at a number of festivals and other live music events and they have a debut album on the horizon, due for release next year. Produced by Golden Guitar winning producer Matt Fell (pictured inset), the studio album will showcase The Austins’ style of contemporary country rock, blending Candice’s sweet soulful vocals with the rocky edge of Rohan’s style. With influences like Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood, it is an enticing and unique blend that sets The Austins apart and their performance on September 5 will be a real treat for South East Country Music Association members. The Father’s Day event, hosted at the Mount Gambier RSL & District Bowling Club, will be affected by some COVID restrictions with no walks ups or dancing and masks needing to be worn when not eating or drinking. Afternoon tea will be available as well as the usual raffles

Carpenter’s cohort Artists set to open new exhibition at Gallery 54 Some have been dabbling in art for years and some are new to the exploration of their creative side but all have developed in the nurturing environment of Ann Carpenter and her Artshed Studio workshops and the result is this eclectic exhibition opening this Sunday at Penola’s Gallery 54. Ann has long been a mentor and inspiration to many in the Limestone Coast art community and it is at her property at Glencoe that the group of 10 artists have developed, experimented and relished the chance to rub shoulders with other artists and the result is the Artshed Artists exhibition. Artists participating have grown in confidence in the group environment, testing and experimenting with different drawing and painting media, making artistic decisions about their work and the direction it is taking, and enjoying the showcasing of some of their most successful work. Andrea Bartetzko, Margaret Boardman, Annette Cassidy, Michelle Curtis, Sue Foureur, Shirley

Hogg, Kirsten Johnston, John Mossop, Di Nicholson and Debbie Prescott are the artists set to unveil their work this Sunday with the official opening, with a talk from John Mossop, at 2pm. Each of the 10 artists have brought a completely different experience to the exhibition. Sue Foureur always harboured dreams of being a graphic designer but in her own words ‘life got in the way’. “At high school the only subject I reached A levels in was art, winning an interstate scholarship but unfortunately, being so young, I was not allowed to follow my dream,” Sue said. “However, I have always loved to draw and create.” And that is where her time at the Artshed has seen her follow her passion, no matter how far down the road she has travelled. For Debbie Prescott is has been a rollercoaster ride but one she is glad she boarded. “I’ve had all the feelings of emerging artists – trepidation, excitement, surprise, relief, thrill,


Competition drawn on site. Friday 1st October, winner to be notified via phone.

Endeavour Mt Gambier Travel Stop 260 Jubilee Highway West, Mt Gambier Ph 08 7701 9252

despair, recklessness and a growing sense of achievement,” Debbie said. Painting has become part of Margaret Boardman’s life only in recent times and now there is no looking back. “A wise man once said that you don’t regret what you have done in life, but what you didn’t even try to do,” Margaret said. “Painting gives me pleasure and takes me from the mundane to the transcendent.” It was back in the early 1990s that Di Nicholson started her love affair with textile art when her family worked in the Cook Islands as part of Australian Volunteers Abroad. “It was here that I experienced textile art where I was able to appreciate the vibrant colours of the Pacific,” Di said. “It was also here that I was called Mama Taiana and continue to use it as a signature on my artwork today.” One of the more experienced artists in the group Kirsten Johnson has thrived working along side her fellow exhibitors. “Art making can be a solitary or sometimes isolating activity and opportunities for artists to gather and work alongside each other are difficult to come by,” Kirsten said. “Ann’s Artshed Artists provides such space and time for artists to grow. The inspiration, learning and support that comes from these meetings is an invaluable part of our artistic development.” And it has been artistic development that has also seen Andrea Bartetzko relish the chance to rub shoulders with the other artists set to unveil their work in gallery 54 this weekend. “The most important driver of my work is to be authentic to my own style in my representation of subject matter,” she said. “In doing so, I love the immersion in the creative spirit and juxtaposition that is sometimes both peaceful seclusion from other people, and at times, hearty companionship with fellow artists.” The 10 artists also have a variety of inspiration for their work and for Shirley Hogg it is the natural world right here on our doorstep. “I am inspired by the patterns, colours and elements found in our natural environment,” she said. “On walks in the Lakes area around Mount Gambier I love the patterns and colours that can be seen in leaves, mosses and the bark and roots of the trees.” For Annette Cassidy, it has been Ann Carpenter herself that has provided the inspiration. “I had very little art background until later on in life, when time allowed me to pursue my dreams,” Annette said. “I dabbled in watercolour and then met Ann Carpenter about four years ago. This started my journey at the Artshed with fellow artists. Ann’s creative bent and teaching skills have inspired me to progress as an artist, doing the things I love.” And it has been Ann’s expertise and the chance to network with other creative souls that has seen John Mossop enjoy his experience. “The Artshed showcases a diverse group of artists, and it is a place where one can share ideas,

“...I’ve had all the feelings of emerging artists – trepidation, excitement, surprise, relief, thrill, despair, recklessness and a growing sense of achievement...” Debbie Prescott morning tea and speak openly on any subject,” John said. “Also if one wants, you experiment and produce art under Ann’s guidance. This is a place where you can pursue whatever painting motivates you.” Then there are those for whom is was a dramatic life event that saw art become a part of their life with the death of Michelle Curtis’ father that saw her delve into her creative side. “My artistic passion developed from a life changing event,” Michelle said. “I moved to the South East in 1986 for work reasons. My passions were family and sport, with an ever increasing stressful career. Then my father died and, having no photos of my mother who had earlier died at a young age, I

wanted to remember my father by doing a drawing and portrait of him. This desire led me to seek out a class. I found more than a class. I found a warm inviting group of people of all ages and walks of life. Not only have these people given me the confidence to believe in myself and my artistic abilities, but friendship and family.” The exhibition runs at the Church Street gallery space until October 17. INSPIRING EACH OTHER: (Above from top) Andrea Bartetzko’s The Lady Pilot; Shirley Hogg’s Autumn Splendour 2021 & Di Nicholson’s Koala 2021.

23. What was the name of Asher Keddie’s character in the award winning TV series Offspring? 24. What is the field of medicine that focusses on pregnancy and childbirth? 25. Galloway and Limousin are breeds of which animal? 26. How many AFL premierships did Michael Voss win? 27. Ivan Cleary is the coach of which NRL club? 28. Point Piper is a waterfront suburb in which Australian city? 29. Who succeeded Ben Chifley as Australian Prime Minister? 30. How many gold medals did Australia win at the Sydney Olympics?

Brain Teaser


How to play: To solve this puzzle each 3x3 box, each row and each column must contain all the numbers from 1 to 9. 5 9 1 2 7 4 6 8 3

2 3 7 8 6 1 9 5 4

7 4 5 6 3 8 1 2 9

9 8 2 5 1 7 4 3 6

3 1 6 4 2 9 8 7 5

6 2 8 7 9 5 3 4 1

1 7 9 3 4 2 5 6 8

4 5 3 1 8 6 7 9 2



4 1 2 8 5 6 4 1 2 6 3

3 2

9 3 7 3 9 8 5 2 5 7

4 9




Answers - 1. Manicurist; 2. Helen Fielding; 3. The King’s Speech (George VI); 4. Greece; 5. Moussaka; 6. Eggplant; 7. Orange, white & green; 8. Mausoleum; 9. Henry; 10. Dan Brown; 11. Italy; 12. Verry Elleegant (Mark Zahra); 13. Daisy; 14. KORA organics; 15. Twitter; 16. NSW Swifts and GIANTS; 17. David Rennie; 18. Colin Thiele; 19. South Australia; 20. Phar Lap; 21. Liverpool; 22. Boston Celtics; 23. Nina Proudman; 24. Obstetrics; 25. Cattle; 26. Three; 27. Penrith Panthers; 28. Sydney; 29. Robert Menzies; 30. 16

5. What traditional Greek dish is often compared to Italy’s lasagne? 6. By what name do we know the vegetable aubergine? 7. What colours are the three stripes on the Indian flag? 8. What type of building is the world heritage listed Taj Mahal? 9. What was Indiana Jones given name? 10. Which author brought us The Da Vinci Code? 11. The River Tiber flows through which European country? 12. Which horse won the 2020 Caufield Cup and who was the jockey? 13. What is the name of Katy Perry and Orland Bloom’s daughter? 14. What is the name of Miranda Kerr’s skincare brand? 15. Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone and Evan Williams are the creators of which social media platform? 16. Which two teams played in the Suncorp Super Netball grand final? 17. Who is the Wallabies head coach? 18. Storm Boy and Blue Fin are novels by which Australian author? 19. In which Australian State would you be if you were visiting the coastal town of Tumby Bay?

20. Tommy Woodcock trained multi cup winning Reckless and which legendary racehorse? 21. Anfield is the home ground of which English premier League club? 22. Canadian Scott Morrison was named as the new coach of NBL franchise the Perth Wildcats – at which NBA team was he an assistant coach?

8 6 4 9 5 3 2 1 7

1. US actress Jennifer Coolidge played Paulette in the Legally Blonde movie franchise – what was Paulette’s occupation? 2. Which English novelist created the delightfully flawed character Bridget Jones? 3. Colin Firth won the 2011 Best Actor Oscar for his role in which movie, portraying which historical figure? 4. What was the late Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh’s country of birth?

NOT ALL SUGAR IS CREATED EQUAL There are two main types of sugar: natural and added – and they are very different to each other. Natural sugars are those found in real, whole foods. They are fructose from fruit and lactose from dairy. These sugars are perfectly healthy in the context of a balanced diet, and come paired up with a range of important vitamins and minerals – and, in the case of fruit, fibre – so they’re nothing to be scared of. Try to limit to no more than 5 per cent of your daily intake. In real terms, that means six teaspoons is the absolute maximum amount.

END YOUR WORKOUT WITH CALM After you stretch, pop in your headphones and look up a guided meditation online, if you don’t have access to any already. Apps like Calm or Headspace are a great start and there are plenty freely available on Youtube. Lie down, drift away and let the benefits of your session integrate within your mind and body.

Working with words Robe’s Kathy Parker to headline new program In the end, the community will drive Writers SA new regional young writers project, but the overriding aim is to bring the literary arts into the mainstream to its rightful place of sharing the limelight with dance, visual arts and theatre, that already have a strong footing in the Limestone Coast community’s consciousness. Robe writer Kathy Parker has been charged with driving the Limestone Coast’s 18 month campaign to support literary activities in the regions, and creates industry pathways for young regional writers, from skills to publication. The new Writers SA project, No Limits: Young Regional Writers, will

“... Mount Gambier is strong in visual arts, dance and theatre but lacks a bit in the literary arts and that is what we are looking to change..”

also be rolled out in the Riverland and Eyre Peninsula and for now, Kathy is focussed on gleaning information from the community about what workshops and opportunities they would like to see in the area of the literary arts. “Mount Gambier is strong in visual arts, dance and theatre but lacks a bit in the literary arts and that is what we are looking to change,” Kathy said. “I am really excited about the chance to do that.” The literary arts is such a diverse genre from novel writing to comic books, from the spoken word to poetry slam, from song writing to fantasy work, it is a genre with no limits. Writers SA, the peak organisation for writing and literature in South Australia, is behind the No Limits: Young Regional Writers program which will look to present skills-based writing workshops, commissions new literary work by young regional writers, connects young writers with publishers and industry representatives, and

presents performance events and literary showcases in regional venues for communities of readers and writers. And despite being labelled Young regional Writers, Kathy is keen for anyone with a passion for the written and spoken word to have their say and get involved. In her role as the Limestone Coast coordinator, Kathy invites both young and established writers, as well as schools, libraries, groups, arts festivals and local organisations to get in touch as she begins consulting and programming in the area. A survey to ascertain just what literary activities the community is looking for has been disseminated to schools and on relevant social media pages, as well as on the Writers SA website - https://writerssa. Events will be delivered in-person and online, young regional writers are connected with professional peers and audiences from around

“... I’ll also be looking to integrate literary activities into events already happening in the Limestone Coast, as well as collaborating with schools, groups, services and other artists to help bring this program to its potential...” Australia. Limestone Coast writers that are looking to get involved are blessed to have someone of the skillset of Kathy as the driving force behind the local program. The Robe based writer is a freelance journalist, writer, poet and spoken word performer residing in the Limestone Coast of South Australia. She has been widely published across national news platforms and literary journals, has

performed as feature poet for spoken word events in numerous states and in 2020 was winner of the SA Summer Slam. Kathy loves to unravel the complexities of being human and strives to bring awareness and understanding to mental health through her writing. She draws inspiration from the stunning landscape around her.

side project.” That side project became her debut book – The Unravelled Heart – a collection of poems and stories gleaned from her blog, which has been running for about five years. “I have had a lot of things to deal with in my life and I wondered if other people were going through similar things,” Kathy said. “I used my love of writing as a form of cathartic healing and I really only out it out there in case it could help anyone else.” Turns out it did. And her love of writing – fostered as a young child – was becoming not just a way forward for Kathy as the then 37 year old mother of four but also she was inspiring others to undertake a similar journey. Interestingly, poetry has also been her weapon of choice when it comes to writing. “I entered poetry competitions from when I was about seven and

“...writing the things I do isn’t always easy for me - it often comes with some bloodshed and tears but I get to know that my words help bring a little bit of healing into the world...”


Bold & brave Robe author’s deeply personal work Robe based writer Kathy Parker will be heading up the Writers SA No Limits: Young Regional Writers project in the Limestone Coast - one of three regional areas set to spend the next 18 months fostering the talents and ambitions of young writers and bringing this creative skill in all its guises to centre stage, sharing the limelight with the visual arts, dance and theatre, which are already strong art forms in the region. Kathy is a celebrated writer in her own right and in 2017 produced her debut book and most personal work Lifestyle1 had a front row seat to that project. Kathy Parker was working on a novel for most of 2017 but then life intervened. The Mount Benson author did launch a book at the end of November that year, on White Ribbon Day, but it was not a work of fiction but a deeply personal work – a collection of poetry, that started as a way

to heal from a childhood and adolescence of sexual abuse and physical violence but become a lifeline for so many. It was one week that really changed Kathy’s course. “There was a massive stream of emails and messages one week asking if I had a book, or if I had a book coming

“... finding the courage to share my story and to let people into what is a deeply personal story for me was not easy...”

out,” Kathy said. The influx of messages coincided with a lull in her momentum with the book, and a blog, where she shared her childhood abuse survival story, sky rocketing from 500 to 5000 followers in the space of months. “It just seemed like a good time to set aside the book and work on a

“...I entered poetry competitions from when I was about seven and I have journals of poems from high school...”

I have journals of poems from high school,” she said. “I look back now on that work and laugh.” Kathy certainly loved writing enough to apply to study journalism when she left school but love intervened and she never ended up at university. “I moved here with my family just before I started high school and in the end I stayed for my husband,” she said. But while she might have abandoned tertiary study, she certainly didn’t abandon her passion, writing for the The Huffington Post and The Elephant Journal, and between that and her blog, the responses started to come. CONT. OPP. PAGE

FROM OPP. PAGE “I’m absolutely thrilled to be joining the Writers SA team, as someone who has attended many of their events and upholds their vision and mission for writers in South Australia,” Kathy said. “I’m looking forward to bringing the No Limits: Young Regional Writers program to the region, to create and support literary activities and industry pathways for young regional writers in the Limestone Coast. “As part of my role I’ll be developing and delivering a program of workshops, events and other activities that will nurture Limestone Coast writers, with a special focus on young and emerging writers. I’ll also be looking to integrate literary activities into events already

“... it’s exciting to see the arts culture so alive in the Limestone Coast and I can’t wait to see the potential and possibilities for more as I work to get events off the ground over the next 18 months...”

Maybe you could help Volunteering is a great way to gain confidence, a new skill and a sense of belonging in your community and being part of SA Ambulance Service can incorporate your lifestyle with rosters/training flexible to suit you at a pace you are comfortable with. Join them for a free information session this Thursday at the Mount gambier Library from 1-2pm. Bookings are encouraged by phoning (08)8721 2540 or booking online at

happening in the Limestone Coast, as well as collaborating with schools, groups, services and other artists to help bring this program to its potential. “It’s exciting to see the arts culture so alive in the Limestone Coast and I can’t wait to see the potential and possibilities for more as I work to get events off the ground over the next 18 months.” Kathy already has her eye on being part of two of the region’s most prestigious arts festivals – Fringe Mount Gambier and the Penola Coonawarra Arts Festival,

as well as integrating with the new Lava Lanes Mount Gambier Street Art Festival which while it has a focus on large scale visual arts and providing a written work component to the mural inspired event. “We want people to be able to learn at these workshops and then perform and present them at events like the Fringe,” she said. This project is supported by Restart Investment to Sustain and Expand (RISE) Fund – an Australian Government initiative, and Arts South Australia.


FROM OPP. PAGE One of her first messages proved to be typical of the support she received and the reason why The Unravelled Heart has ended up on bookshelves. “I am counting on you to be my voice until I can find mine.” And hundreds of others have told Kathy they’ve found the courage to leave hurtful relationships or sought help as a result of reading her words. Kathy believes there has never has there been a better time for survivors of abuse to stand up and speak out, as demonstrated by the number of people coming forward with allegations against some of Hollywood’s most powerful actors and directors. “The climate has changed,” Kathy said. “Just look at the awareness being created and stories being shared through campaigns such as #MeToo and #WhyWomenDontReport. “There has especially been an emphasis placed on removing the blame and shame from victims and placing it where it belongs, which has given survivors (including me) a confidence to share our stories, a confidence which may not have existed before.” But that confidence was hard earned. “Finding the courage to share my story and to let people into what is a deeply personal story for me was not easy,” Kathy said. “It’s like sitting down with a stranger and handing them your diary. Writing the things I do isn’t always easy for me - it often comes with some bloodshed and tears but I get to know that my words help bring a little bit of healing into the world.” A special part of the process for Kathy has been that the support her work has provided others has

become a two way street. She is humbled and, at times, emboldened by the fact that complete strangers have chosen to confide in her and she finds strength and inspiration from their words. “It makes what I do worth doing,” she said. “There are many survivors out there who feel broken, lost and alone. People who are unable to put a voice to the things they feel. But there’s something about words and stories that resonate deep within us when we read them. They heal us a little, make us feel less alone and help us feel validated and understood. I think our greatest courage as survivors is found in our willingness to be vulnerable, to allow ourselves to be seen and share our stories. “ So what, for Kathy, started as just “stuff I was writing” has become so much more. “I couldn’t have done it without the support from my husband and my family,” she said. “It has been difficult to juggle everything.” She is not only a mother but also helps run the family farm and continues to battle complex-PTSD. “I can’t sit down and write all day, every day. I do try and be

“... my work is a bit left of centre and a little bit niche and occupies a tiny little shelf in book stores but I am definitely getting a response...”

The Gas Strut Window is perfect for creating an unhindered open flow between an inside preparation area and an outdoor entertaining area The Gas Strut Window is an ideal solution for a servery window, opening to an entertainment area, allowing for a completely unrestricted passage between two rooms when open. Ideal for both commercial and residential use. Gas strut windows are perfect for revolutionizing and expanding internal areas to the outside with style. Gas strut windows are an economical alternative to bifold windows, providing maximum opening space and unimpeded views when the window is closed. It functions in a similar way to a traditional awning window; they are hinged at the top and the sash pushes out. The introduction of the gas strut mechanism allows the window to be opened to 90 degrees.

disciplined but creativity is not really a disciplined structure. Sometimes it’s better for me to go out for a walk or get out in the vegie garden. It lets my mind just wander and often from that it sparks a thought. I write it down and work on it later.” The Unravelled Heart has engendered plenty of local support but poetry is not as embraced in Australia as it is overseas and that is where Kathy is iliciting a strong response. “Poetry is very mainstream overseas at the moment,” she said. “There is a lot of poetry on the New York Times best seller list. My work is a bit left of centre and a little bit niche and occupies a tiny little shelf in book stores but I am definitely getting a response. It is helping people and it has helped me which is why I started writing about my experiences in the first place.” The Unravelled Heart is available through Kathy’s website www.

Expanding internal areas to the outside with style!

2 Bodey Circuit, MOUNT GAMBIER Phone (08) 8721 0000 281 Coleraine Road, HAMILTON Phone (03) 5551 9500

In the Garden


By Calum Haygarth Landscape Architect & Horticultural Consultant

with Sarah Kulkens


(March 21- April 20) Lucky Colour: Blue Racing Numbers: 3-5-1-6 Lucky Day: Monday Lotto Numbers: 5-9-20-21-25-34 Stick with the problematic tasks till you have them well under control. Partnership affairs assume more importance and are a welcome lift. Some could be considering marriage or some other form of meaningful relationship.


(April 21- May 20) Lucky Colour: Aqua Racing Numbers: 5-3-2-7 Lucky Day: Wednesday Lotto Numbers: 6-10-18-20-22-25

You will find ways to overcome any obstacles that stand in your way if you act romptly as situations arise. There could be reasons to celebrate shortly.


(May 21- June 21) Lucky Colour: Orange Racing Numbers: 8-3-2-6 Lucky Day: Friday Lotto Numbers: 1-17-20-26-33-38 The general pattern looks cheerful, and if prepared to act on sound advice, most will benefit. Excellent opportunities could be waiting for the beauty.



(June 22- July 22) Lucky Colour: Ochre Racing Numbers: 6-4-8-6 Lucky Day: Monday Lotto Numbers: 1-17-20-26-33-38

Do not let emotion sway career opportunities; make an effort to stay flexible. Most cold be inclined to take a chance on the unknown. Seek expert advice before signing legal or binding documents.


(July 23- August 22) Lucky Colour: Lavender Blue Racing Numbers: 9-1-2-3 Lucky Day: Tuesday Lotto Numbers: 8-13-20-22-26-31 Treat your partner with the same consideration you expect, and there will be no complaints. A VIP may show that they trust you and respect your advice or actions.



(August 23- September 23) Lucky Colour: Peppermint Green Racing Numbers: 8-3-5-4 Lucky Day: Thursday Lotto Numbers: 7-14-21-28-33-35 Most should be quick off the mark and influence those around them, and some could be more of the center of attention and a rather exciting overture from a member of the opposite sex.


(September 24- October 23) Lucky Colour: Rose Pink Racing Numbers: 8-1-4-3 Lucky Day: Monday Lotto Numbers: 6-11-20-26-36-41

Trends towards moodiness and some effort you made are likely to be taken the wrong way. However, you will find that your luck has changed, and you could end up a winner.


(October 24- November 22) Lucky Colour: Olive Green Racing Numbers: 4-3-2-4 Lucky Day: Sunday Lotto Numbers: 10-18-22-24-34-40


An exciting opportune period is about to open up before you, so size up any chance that comes your way. Socially this could be a very entertaining period.


(November 23- December 20) Lucky Colour: Flame Red Racing Numbers: 4-2-9-6 Lucky Day: Friday Lotto Numbers: 7-16-19-23-41-44 It could be a mixture of all sorts of things about to happen, and if you put your mind to it, entertaining could be a spectacular success. Perhaps too much of choice in your love life.


(December 21- January 19) Lucky Colour: Navy Blue Racing Numbers: 9-5-7-3 Lucky Day: Wednesday Lotto Numbers: 10-19-26-31-39-43


A domestic situation may require more patience to maintain balance. More responsibilities could land upon you, but you will be able to turn them to your advantage.


(January 20- February 19) Lucky Colour: Primrose Racing Numbers: 4-3-2-8 Lucky Day: Saturday Lotto Numbers: 17-20-28-30-36-42 Guard against emotional impulses and avoid domestic clashes. Be very diplomatic; otherwise, things can get out of hand, and separation can happen.


(February 20- March 20) Lucky Colour: Khaki Racing Numbers: 6-9-3-1 Lucky Day: Monday Lotto Numbers: 6-11-20-25-30-36 More enjoyment in the company of older and wiser people. Good prospects for those who are ready to act quickly. There could be some surprises from your past. Kerry Kulkens Psychic Line 1300 727 727 | (call cost: $5.50 incl GST per min. mob/pay extra)

Take charge of your future!  Financial Planning  Lending  General Insurance Talk to the Willow team today for dependable advice delivering client focussed results.

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Email the details to *conditions apply

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I wonder whether, after what has been one of the wettest winters in five years, will it continue to rain through spring and early summer and set us up for the best spring ever with the cold winter weather confusing us all. When is spring ever going to come? A few days ago it was almost spring, albeit momentarily. As I write this the sun is shining, even though the nights are crisp, with the recent frosts good for paeonies and bulbs. This combination of weather triggers plants in to life, as well as dormant bulbs and tubers. It would be wonderful to have the temperatures rising and a bit more sunshine for us growers and most gardeners. Now is the absolute last chance to plant bare rooted trees, shrubs and fruit trees and roses, as the buds are bursting into life on most deciduous trees and roses in the past week. The staff at Limestone Coast Advanced Trees, Gardenarium and Limestone Coast Roses have been madly potting for the past month or so in readiness for spring and summer. We have some amazing deals on the ever popular ornamental pear trees, including our two new releases exclusive to Limestone Coast Advanced Trees, the new dwarf ornamental pear a close cousin to the recently released Mini Capital Pear. This new dwarf ornamental pear has a slightly shorter growth again and is more rounded at the base similar to Chanticleer. It is ideal where height and width is restricted only growing 3–4m wide and 5m tall depending on growing conditions. Our very popular Wintergreen evergreen ornamental pear has again been very popular this season and being evergreen keeps everywhere clean of fallen leaves. This makes it ideal for hedging and screening. We also have a range of mop top trees at ridiculous prices, which are great for formal gardens. A whole host of fruit trees including peaches, nectarines, walnuts, plus figs and mulberries and, of course, citrus trees are now on offer for Father’s Day. So if dad needs a lime for his Corona or a lemon for his gin and tonic now is the time to buy him one and keep sweet (or sour with him for another year). Spring is the best time to plant citrus trees and with more than $10 off advanced and extra large grade trees, half price Eureka lemons and Tahitian limes and the ever popular dwarf citrus trees are on the fathers day sale too. At present we have five grades of deciduous trees from advanced right through to semi mature in 200 litre bags, with plans to introduce more grades for everyone in every price point. The range includes deciduous, evergreen, native, fruit trees, citrus, including espaliered, as well as many eucalyptus and pittosporum varieties. As you are buying direct from the grower as opposed to garden centres and stores who buy their stock in we are anywhere from 40 – 60 % lower in prices and all locally grown and employing local people which is extremely important in these

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Ground breaking Region first training program sees students complete tourism course

ACROSS 1) Weep 5) C-shaped carpentry gadget 10) ___ spumante 14) Length x width, for a rectangle 15) Bear and Berra 16) Booted up? 17) Examine hastily 18) Airborne annoyances 19) Cornbread concoction 20) What wrestlers practice? 23) Nit layer 24) Musical ensemble of eight 25) What most humans are 28) Electric power measure 30) It may include the sniffles 31) Hardly original 33) Add the audio 36) Charlemagne’s domain 40) Infamous abductors 41) Violently release lava 42) Fury 43) It’s for two only 44) Swiped 46) Battle reminders 49) More like a puppy dog 51) Something apartment renters can’t get 57) Bone-dry 58) Up to 59) Gooey food 60) Put up, as a picture 61) “Rolling in the Deep” chanteuse 62) Humerus neighbor 63) ___ gin fizz 64) Pharmacist’s dispensations 65) Argus’ hundred

DOWN 1) Big blowout 2) BP Amoco’s acquisition 3) Raised mark on the skin 4) Mrs. Hudson, to Sherlock Holmes 5) Swan constellation 6) Lengthy suit sizes 7) Obviously surprised 8) Big name in copiers, once 9) Whispered entreaty 10) Characteristic 11) Height-challenged 12) 1,000 kilograms 13) That is, in Latin 21) Lithium-battery link 22) Pole that may have many faces 25) Advil target 26) It turns Santa’s suit black 27) Misfortunes 28) Desire 29) Drink by the yard 31) Censored material 32) Barely hit 33) Television tuner of old 34) Advocate forcefully 35) “It’s___ real” 37) “Reduce,___, recycle!” 38) It brings a smile to a miner’s face 39) Postpone to a later date 43) Deepen, as a channel 44) Hair options 45) Util. 46) Former Iranian leaders 47) Great Barrier Reef makeup 48) Acid type 49) Quotes 50) Of some benefit 52) Campus meeting place 53) Reverse, as a mistake 54) A friend in war 55) “Jack of all trades, master of___” 56) Places to get muddied up

Seven Budj Bim tour rangers have new skills and confidence to lead tourists through the World Heritage site after completing a region-first training program at South West TAFE. The Budj Bim Tours rangers employed by Winda-Mara Aboriginal Corporation in Portland are the first group of Indigenous students to compete their Certificate III in Tourism at TAFE. Winda Mara land management coordinator Matthew Butt said the training completed over the past 18 months had given the rangers confidence and new skills. “We did the course to try to upskill some of our staff,” Mr Butt said. “We want highly trained and professional staff who think more about how and why they lead the tours and have the confidence to present in front of large groups. “This course has given them those skills and confidence.” Mr Butt said Winda-Mara Aboriginal Corporation had a long association with South West TAFE but this was the first tourism course for staff. “Prior to COVID, we were taking a lot of visitors, school groups, university groups, Victoria Police and others to Budj Bim and for cultural awareness training, so having trained staff is important,” he said. He added that the training was well timed during COVID lockdowns when the rangers couldn’t work on country. It also introduced them to other tourism-related programs with a number of field trips to other enterprises. “We don’t have many tourists at the moment, especially with

Melbourne in lockdown, but with the world heritage listing we expect a significant increase in the future,” Mr Butt said. Budj Bim Tours is owned by the Winda-Mara Aboriginal Corporation. South West TAFE senior tourism educator Mel Braithwaite said it was the first time the course had been delivered to an allIndigenous cohort. “The way the program linked in to their work has been extremely successful and they’ve worked very hard with their tourism teacher Claudia Warne to successfully complete the course,” Ms Braithwaite said. “South West TAFE has been proud to celebrate the partnership with Winda-Mara,” she said. Ms Wearne said that teaching was a two-way street. “You provide and receive knowledge at

the same time and I thank Budj Bim Rangers for taking me on country and teaching me some important lessons.” The training program was tailored to meet the needs of students with a strong focus on tour guiding and nature-based tourism. Indigenous tourism experiences have been rising in popularity. For domestic travellers, Indigenous tourism has increased by 13 per cent each year since 2013. The Indigenous Tourism Sector Analysis report shows that more than 420,000 visitors take part in an Indigenous tourism activity every year and that the sector and employs nearly 2500 people on a full-time basis. NEWLY TRAINED BUDJ BIM RANGERS: Gordon Slade, Josh Ferguson & Yakirah Agnew

Secure your plot at the community garden

The Naracoorte Community Garden provides plots for residents to grow fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers and there are now some plots available! Located at the Naracoorte & District Sports Centre, the community garden is open to all residents within the Naracoorte Lucindale Council area. The garden operates as an ‘allotment’ style community garden where individual residents or a group are allocated their own plot and maintain and harvest their own produce. More information on the community garden - including the form to apply for a plot - is available on the council’s website.

MY PROPERTY The Aloha Accommodation experience 2 Hinckley Street, Naracoorte


Self-adhesive, removable wallpaper is gaining popularity with people who rent or are looking for a low-commitment way to upgrade their living space. Peel-and-stick wallpaper is perfect for an easy and dramatic room change and you can get creative and simply peel it off when you get tired of it.


Trusted accommodation provider Aloha Accommodation has brought their luxury experience to the heart of Naracoorte with their latest apartment and studio rooms. With popular facilities in Robe, Port Fairy, Mount Gambier and Apollo Bay, Aloha are now bringing their premium accommodation experience to the heart of the Limestone Coast, tapping into everything Naracoorte has to offer by providing quality accommodation options. A mere 50 metres to Naracoorte’s main shopping precinct and café and restaurant scene the band new Hinckley Street facilities

have a two bedroom apartment and five studio rooms on offer featuring all the comforts of home and some touches of luxury. The brand new Aloha accommodation features king size beds, luxury ensuites, kitchen and kitchenette with cooking facilities and gas log fires. The central Naracoorte accommodation is perfect for the corporate visitor, a family getaway or a couple’s retreat and all right on the doorstep of the Coonawarra and Wrattonbully wine regions and the world heritage listed Naracoorte Caves.

For bookings contact:

Aloha Accommodation Phone Nicola 0448 652 585


Grooming your dog isn’t just about looks. Brushing your dogs’ hair and clipping their nails is very important for their health. When their nails get too long, they could get caught on things, or they may end up scratching themselves or ripping a nail, which can be incredibly painful. If you don’t regularly brush your dog washing will become a real chore.

Ray White_Know How to get more for your property

Sale 8 Marlow Court, Mt Gambier $299,000 - $329,000 Open by appointment

Sale 3




Sale 3



59 Lake Terrace West, Mt Gambier $749,000 - $769,000 Open by appointment


5 Ash Court, Mt Gambier $69,000 - $79,000 Open by appointment


24 Tanglewood Crescent, Mt Gambier 6+ 4 5+ Expressions of Interest Open by appointment

Sale Unpackaged, Mt Gambier Price on Application Open by appointment

16 Elder Street, Mt Gambier $269,000 - $289,000 Open by appointment

2 Sutton Avenue, Mt Gambier $259,000 - $269,000 Open by appointment

FACT Fish & Chip Shop, Mt Gambier $319,000 Open by appointment

3 4

Sale 3


Sale Business



Sale Business

245 Commercial Street, Mt Gambier $289,000 - $299,000 Open by appointment


Tahlia Gabrielli Principal Sales Executive 0438 883 992

Sarah Barney Sales Executive 0438 883 972

Leearna Roberts Sales Executive (08) 8724 7405

Sale Coming Soon...

Jess Teakle Property Management 0455 826 616

Sale Coming Soon...

532 Eight Mile Creek Rd, Eight Mile Creek 4 Open by appointment



11 Winfield Court, Mt Gambier Open by appointment


23 Blume Terrace, Mt Gambier $149,000 - $159,000 Open by appointment







Rental 3+ 2 1

10 Rosemont Crescent, Mt Gambier $430 P/W Available: 17/09/2021

Kate Faint Property Management (08) 8724 7405

Macey Humphries Administration (08) 8724 7405

Sale Coming Soon...


21 Blume Terrace, Mt Gambier $139,000 - $149,000 Open by appointment

62 Ferrers Street, Mt Gambier $500 P/W Available: 27/08/2021

Hayley Goodwin Executive Assistant (08) 8724 7405

3/42 Jubilee Highway East, Mt Gambier 2 Open by appointment







Rental Coming Soon... 12 Avon Street, Mt Gambier Open by appointment

Rental 3



16 Telford Street, Mt Gambier $200 P/W Available: Now


Property of the week A beautifully renovated home in a highly sought-after location.

Sale 239 Jubilee Highway West, Mt Gambier E.O.I by 30th September at 5pm Open by appointment

16 7 2

Ray White Mt Gambier 2A & 2B Mitchell Street Mount Gambier SA 5290 (08) 8724 7405 RLA 291953

94 Crouch Street South, Mt Gambier. $349,000 - $369,000 Open by appointment




This renovated home sits on a massive block just moments from the Blue Lake, nature walks and centre of town. Three bedrooms offer plenty of light, space, soft carpeting and two with large BIRs. Both the dining room and main living area are clad in classic wooden floorboards and feature ceiling cornices and a gas fireplace. The renovated kitchen offers high-end modern appliances including a d/washer and lots of storage. The benchtops were made out of reclaimed timber from the former Mount Gambier Railway Line. The bathroom showcases a large open plan shower and a deep, freestanding bath. A large second living area opens onto a raised back verandah and overlooks the backyard with a clothesline and a small gardening shed. The property is hedge-lined with a cobblestone driveway leading to a large stone shed in the backyard with a single garage.

Chris Manser Real Estate & Livestock Sales 0417 414 127

Garth Manser Real Estate & Livestock Sales 0417 071 180

Elisha Beare Real Estate Sales Property Management 0407 213 023

Bernie Manser Property Management 0407 235 345 RLA 280309

Ph 08 8723 6866 | Fax 08 8723 3809 | 50 James Street, Mount Gambier | |









3 1


SATURDAY 10.30-11.00AM

SATURDAY 11.30-12.00PM


3 1 3


This well positioned family home is situated on a large 1014m2 allotment within walking distance to Mount Gambier High School, The Gordon Education Centre, Tenison Woods College, Saint Martins Kindergarten and just minutes to the main Street and The Rail Lands. The home comprises 3 bedrooms with Built in Robes, lounge featuring decorative cornice, a slow combustion woodfire for the colder winter months, with the convenience of R/C A/C all year round. The spacious kitchen / dining area is filled with natural light and offers electric cooking, the original bathroom features a shower, bath and vanity and the office/ sunroom also filled with natural light is a perfect place to read, study or relax. The front entrance is secure and offers privacy. Let the kids run and play in the expansive rear yard featuring a garage with room for three cars, a workshop & a garden shed, raised garden / vegetable beds, a chook yard, numerous fruit trees including apples, olives, peaches, orange, fig, pear, apricot and even an avocado tree. This home awaits a new family to create many memories and add its very own touch.

$155,000 - $165,000

2 1 2


This warm and inviting, standalone solid brick and tile unit is located within walking distance to all amenities and offers many added extras. The home comprises two sizable bedrooms, main with built in robes, lounge with reverse cycle air conditioning and gas heating, spacious combined kitchen / dining with electric cooking, bathroom with bath shower and vanity and a separate toilet. The home is fitted with assisted living aids Throughout. Outside features include a secure single car garage complete with an automatic roller door plus a single car carport and a secure storage room for your convenience. Live carefree and low maintenance with the established Strata Complex taking care of lawns, garden and maintenance issues. This property would make an ideal home for those looking to downsize or a fantastic investment opportunity. An inspection of this property is a must to truly appreciate all it has to offer.





3 1



Available 27th August 2021. Bond $1560. Pets negotiable. Mount Gambier stone home conveniently located within walking distance to the CBD, Schools and Shopping Complexes. Three cosy bedrooms, two with built in robes. Open kitchen/dining/lounge area with reverse cycle heating/cooling for comfort all year round. Bathroom with large mirror, vanity and separate shower and bath. Separate toilet and laundry which leads you out to the fully enclosed back yard with enough space for kids to run around.

Approx 4.99 acres zoned rural residential. 3 bedroom stone home tenanted for $180/week. Across from Montebello Estate and next door to TAFE and UniSA precint. Potential for subdivision or building (S.T.C.A.). A plan of potential division has been prepared showing subdivision into approx. 28 allotments; copies of the development plans are available on request. In conjunction with Ray White Real Estate.




3 1 2

Bond $1800. Pets negotiable. Enjoy country living just minutes from town. Kitchen with electric cooking, lounge with slow combustion wood heating, 3 bedrooms, bathroom with bath shower and vanity, large laundry area with a toilet and an outdoor toilet also. Outdoor entertaining area, large yard. Single bay garage plus a carport.





Contact our office on 8723 6866

Contact our office on 8723 6866


unlocking dreams A: 22 Sturt Street, Mount Gambier P: 08 8723 3416

18 Rustic Court, Mount Gambier

11 Pascoe Road, Port MacDonnell





EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST CLOSING TUESDAY 28TH SEPTEMBER 2021 AT 12 NOON (IF NOT SOLD PRIOR) Beautifully maintained 3 bedroom stone home with updated kitchen / meals area with dishwasher, large wood heated lounge room, all three bedrooms with BIR’s, neat & tidy bathroom with shower, bath, toilet and vanity plus additional second toilet. Expanisve rear porch along the back of the home plus HUGE enclosed pergola area at the rear. All windows with roller shutters perfect for security and insulation. Low maintenance lawns and gardens plus HUGE 13m x 8.6m x 2.75m clearance shed with power, and pot belly heater. The ultimate shed for the fishing boat and caravan.

Built in 2019, offering rendered limestone & brick finish with Colorbond roof. Four bedrooms, main with WIR, all remaining bedrooms with BIR’s. Open concept main living. Kitchen with electric cook top, electric oven and dishwasher. Second living room or formal lounge that’s versatile as a home office. Double garage with remote control door and internal access to the home. Secure enclosed rear yard with vehicle access lockable behind gates plus 9m x 6m, 2.5 bay shed. 5KW of Solar. Convenient location in quiet cul-de-sac situated close to Mount Gambier Golf Club, Conroe Heights Shopping and parkland reserve only meters away. $479,000-$499,000 Contact Al 0418 849 266 or Ben 0400 870 362

4 2 5

28 Buronga Avenue, Mount Gambier





EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST CLOSING FRIDAY 8TH OCTOBER 2021 AT 12 NOON (IF NOT SOLD PRIOR) - Charming three-bedroom character stone home set on 2 allotments - Offering approx. 2926m2 of land in a great central location - Beautifully maintained throughout with updated kitchen/dining area - 2 road frontages with driveway entrance from Ellard St - Large 9m x 6m garage with carport offering power & concrete floor - Loads of off-street parking perfect for extra vehicles - Developers & builders this is the one you have been waiting for!!

Attractive family home located close to the Marketplace Shopping Complex and St Martins College. The home features 3 great size bedrooms, North facing master bedroom with WIR & ensuite, plus BIR’s in remaining bedrooms. Kitchen offering plenty of cupboard space, dishwasher, gas cooking & oven. The kitchen/lounge/ dining area offers open plan living with a second living area. Gas ducted heating plus a slow combustion wood fire. Outside features include solar system, undercover entertaining area, garden shed and a garage UMR with remote roller door and internal access. Currently tenanted to an excellent tenant in a fixed term lease until December 2021 @ $330 p/w. 3 1 6

E.O.I Contact Al Lamond 0418 849 266

- Big and beautiful - central and spacious - Zoned Light Industry, offering an incredible opportunity to reside & operate a business from the one property (S.T.C.A) - Properties offering this size shedding with a home attached are near impossible to find in the city area Al Lamond 0418 849 266

3 2


3 1 4

E.O.I Contact Gail Richards 0409 268 199

14 Herbert Street, Mount Gambier

312 COMMERCIAL ST W, MT GAMBIER $699,000-$759,000

RLA 282 450


3 2 1

$299,000-$329,000 Contact Al Lamond 0418 849 266 E.O.I

- Approximately 257m2 fitted out and ready to work as motor mechanical workshop - Approximately 65m2 additional office and lunchroom space complete with kitchenette & toilet facilities - Option to separate out the space and lease to three separate tenants Al Lamond 0418 849 266 COMMERCIAL


$185,000-$195,000 5,001m2

- Looking to build your dream home near Tenison Woods College? (S.T.C.A.) - Offering an equipped bore & town water supply - Plans are available for a beautiful Executive 4 bedroom home - Rainwater tanks with plans for large Colorbond shed available if required Al Lamond 0418 849 266 LAND


Contact Agent

- Exciting land division in Pelican Point - Allotments ranging in size from 840m2 to 985m2 - Situated only 20 minutes’ drive from Mount Gambier - Get in quick with some allotments offering new aerobic systems - Phone your builder today so you don’t miss your chance! Al Lamond 0418 849 266


63 Blockers Lane, OB Flat Highest & Best by 9th September

266 Commercial St West, Mt Gambier Auction Friday 3rd September at 12pm onsite

11.30am - 12.00pm

Open Prior to Auction



Wendy Flint



5 acres (approx) |

323 Hinton Rd, Suttontown Auction Saturday 16th October at 10am



14 Wendy Flint


Jason Malseed + Sam Malseed

12 acres (approx)


10 Ireland St, Millicent $287,000

137 Paradise Rd, Wye $880,000







2 Jason Malseed



Sam Malseed + Jason Malseed

60 acres (approx) |


1 Wehl Street South, Mount Gambier 08 8724 9999 98 George Street, Millicent 8733 1989


Sam 0447 805 319

Wendy 0468 692 993

Lot 101 Livingston St, Blackfellows Caves $98,000

20 Hastings Ave, Mt Gambier $369,000

Jason 0419 032 795

Wendy Flint

1,205m2 (approx)


Jade 0421 383 368

3 1 2

Selena 8724 9999

To apply

Courtney 8724 9999

RENTAL - 9 Lean St, Mt Gambier $220 per week


Wendy Flint

3 2 1

Kathy 8733 1989

Kelli 8724 9999

Emilia 8724 9999

RENTAL - 19 Peake St, Mt Gambier 2 1 6 $300 per week To apply


Walking distance to Main Street

Neat and tidy unit

2 1 1

k e e P k a Sne

RLA 1903

Paul Chuck SALES 0409 541 113

Suite 2/14 Helen Street, Mount Gambier | | Phone 08 8725 5766


78 Crouch Street South





Lot 34/184 Jubilee Hwy West – Finchley Grove

From $240,000 2+ 1 1 Price busting house and land package that is ready to build on flat low maintenance 344m2 approx allotment. Full package details are available from the Agent – won’t find better!











Seafarers Way, Port MacDonnell

Starting from $99,000 Subdivision Great flat serviced allotments in popular coastal township – swim, surf and fish at your doorstep! New stage now available. Enquire now!


Gebhardts Property Management





Royal Copenhagen Ice Creamery & Café

An exciting opportunity to be your own BOSS. Fantastic cleaning business for sale with fantastic turnover. Huge potential to take to the next level. Phone Gebhardts for further information.

It’s all about location - wonderful low maintenance family home in A1 position. Spacious living areas, bedrooms & outdoor entertaining. Surrounded by quality & established homes. Short walk to Blue Lake, shops & main street. Don’t delay!

2/40 Acacia Street

Neat and tidy solid unit located in a quiet location. Open plan living, dining and kitchen with gas heating. Three generous sized bedrooms – two with built in robes.

Cleaning Business


6 Bengalee Crescent

$430,000-$460,000 4 2 2 Beautifully elevated & private setting – feature raked ceilings. Formal living & heat form fire place. A view as far as the eye can see. Overlooking new subdivision & positioned on close to half an acre of land. In conjunction with Key2Sale & Peter Dempsey


This is apartment living at its best – Amazing Northerly aspect with unobstructed views over the City’s skyline. Large living area plus bonus study/sitting room. Simply move in and enjoy the lifestyle.

3 Foote Street



1006/3 Lake Terrace West

A unique opportunity to live and work from home S.T.C.C. A beautiful & grand character home set on over half acre. Huge high clearance shedding, high exposure site – zoned light industrial. In conjunction with Key2Sale.



Katie Rohrlach Sharyn Ferguson Bernie Gaylard PROPERTY PROPERTY PROPERTY MANAGEMENT MANAGEMENT MANAGEMENT 87255766 8725 5766 8725 5766

A fantastic opportunity to secure your own home. Affordable & solid in popular lakes location. Comfortable living & great shedding with 2nd driveway access. Close proximity to schools, shops & city centre. Currently leased.

312 Commercial Street West

4 2 12

Emily Rayner SALES 0417 665 085

85 Lake Terrace East


Beautifully maintained property on 2,050m2 allotment approx. Stunning character features, high ceilings, ornate cornice. Close to city centre – held in family for over 55 years. A rare opportunity awaits!

Ben Jeffrey SALES 0417 810 246

2/35 Sturt Street


$270,000 + SAV

Located at 7 Commercial St East within the central hustle & bustle of Mt Gambier is this well established desert bar & coffee house. Quality plant & equipment, beautifully fitted & inviting décor giving it a relaxed & welcoming ambience. A fantastic business opportunity not to be missed.

Lot 3 Hay Terrace, Kongorong

$58,000 a| 1,202m2 approx Located in the quiet township of Kongorong is this flat level allotment approximately 1,202m2. Electricity to the block, fully fenced. Build your dream home (S.T.C.A)

Suite 2/14 Helen Street, Mount Gambier


Lot 13 Crane Lane, Mil-Lel


a| 1.825ha

This amazing allotment of approx 4.5 acres is perfectly located on the City outskirts and offers terrific home site and an undulating rural outlook. Sale by expression of interest – by 31st August 2021 @ 12 noon unless sold prior.

Apply online Ph 8724 8088


2/2 James Street

2/31a Sturt Street


1 1

$260 pw | Available 8/10/21

21 Sturt Street

7 Max Young Drive


1 1

$310 pw | Available 30/9/21

32 Commercial Street West

1/35 Sturt Street


1 1

$320 pw | Available NOW

2/35 Sturt Street


1 1

$320 pw | Available NOW

3 Marngo Place


3 4

$450 pw | Available NOW

312 Commercial Street West 3

2 4

$450 pw | Available NOW

1A Naylor Place

2 2

$450 pw | Available 13/9/21


Avail NOW

$320 pw 2 1 1 • Two double bedrooms with BIR • Spacious kitchen / lounge area with electric cooking & dishwasher • Second living area • R/C Aircon • Private courtyard • Single garage • No pets


E.O.I by 31st August at 12 noon

Avail NOW Commercial • Ideal for retail or office space • Great incentives on offer from lessor • Two double access doors • Great window space • Fantastic Location • $1200.00 pcm first year + GST & outgoings, all offers considered • Available Now

99 Commercial Street West 101 Commercial Street West 389 Commercial Street West 2/2 James Street

RURAL RUNDOWN New faces join Limestone Coast Landscape SA board A bright future is predicted by board chair

The Limestone Coast Landscape Board has attracted nearly one million dollars of additional investment, and distributed nearly $300,000 worth of grants into the local community in its inaugural year of operation and with two new board members, the next year promises to keep the momentum going, Incoming LC Landscape Board members Fiona Rasheed (pictured above left) and Peter Bissell (pictured above right) will now make their contribution to the management of our landscapes. Fiona is a primary producer in the Kingston area, is the former South East Natural Resource Management Board presiding nember and former Primary Producers South Australia (PPSA) Natural Resources Management Committee chiar. Peter has a career in winemaking in the region spanning more

than thirty years as a winemaker, winemaking consultant and wine show judge. Minister for Environment and Water David Speirs was delighted by the appointments. “It is so important to have a passionate and experienced membership on our landscape boards,” he said. “Landscape boards are key to delivering on the Marshall Government’s Landscape South Australia Act 2019. The boards have responsibilities towards sustainable land and water management and I know the Limestone Coast landscape is in good hands.” Limestone Coast Landscape Board chair Penny Schulz (pictured inset) said the board was making significant inroads in meeting its responsibilities. “Most significantly, we have prevented the spread of new weed incursions such as Buffel Grass,

worked with landholders across the region on targeted pest weed control programs such as feral olives and African lovegrass and inspected deer farms to assess compliance with farmer obligations to keep farmed deer secure and tagged,” she said. “Critical to the success of our programs is our engagement with landholders to support their efforts towards sustainable primary production. “Our region is fortunate to have landholders who manage the landscape in such a way that our primary production systems will innovate and thrive to meet our needs in future generations. “The Board’s funding programs such as Grassroots Grants and Adaptive Agriculture help landholders along that path. “Having secured funding for two new major projects from the Landscape Priorities Fund focussing

on water in the landscape and deer control, and also funding from the Australian Government’s Agrifutures project, the LC Landscape Board has secured nearly one million dollars of additional investment for our region. “Fiona and Peter are joining the Limestonev Coast Landscape Board at an exciting time.” More information can be obtained from the Limestone Coast Landscape Board website or follow the team on facebook, twitter and Instagram or subscribe to AgConnect.

Mount Gambier & District Saleyard part of national project The Australian Livestock Markets Association (ALMA) has commissioned a research project investigating the social value of saleyards to rural communities and the Mount Gambier and District Saleyard will play a vital part in the project consultation. Previous research has established that saleyards and livestock exchange facilities provide extensive economic value to regional Australia however this project will be focusing on measuring the social benefits that Saleyards create in rural communities. The project is being carried out at five sites across Queensland, NSW, Victoria and locally here at our Saleyards. BlueWren Connections have been engaged to undertake the project and principal consultant Heather Ellis will be investigating three key areas to capture what sale days means to community members, service providers and saleyard stakeholders. Cr Barry Kuhl, presiding member of the Mount Gambier and District

Saleyards Strategy Committee, is pleased that the Mount Gambier and District Saleyards are being represented in this research. “Our saleyards are not only a place to buy and sell cattle but a place to have a yarn with mates, grab a bite to eat and head into town for some shopping. This project will give us valuable evidence-based research that we can then use to further support our saleyard and its community moving forward” he said. People are encouraged to complete an online survey https://s. and/or attend a drop in interview which are happening at the saleyard meeting room from 7:30am -3:00pm Friday 10 September 2021 with Heather Ellis via zoom. To find out more about the project please visit the Social Value of Saleyards Facebook page or contact Heather to book an interview

Agriculture worker visa secured The Federal Government has delivered a vital agriculture visa to help secure the future of rural and regional Australia. The Agricultural Worker Visa will provide a long term, reliable workforce for our critical industries while solving one of the great challenges facing regional Australia in recent history. Member for Barker Tony Pasin said he was incredibly proud to be a part of the government that has consistently fought for and delivered for regional communities. “The Agriculture Worker Visa will be in place by the end of September 2021, with the full implementation of this demand driven visa complete within 3 years,” Mr Pasin said. “The visa will be open to applicants from a range of countries and will be available to skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled workers. “It will include meat processing, fisheries and forestry sectors and provide a basis for the ongoing growth of our primary industries. “The visa will also greatly assist the citrus industry in the Riverland as they manage and plan out their future workforce needs. South Australia has led the way with the quarantine facility at Paringa. This really saved the SA citrus crop this year and hopefully with this new visa, we can be equally accommodating to help more farmers get our produce off the trees, out of the ground and off to market.” “We’ve listened to our communities and our industries, and this is what they’ve asked for. This will also help keep our next generation in Barker knowing that the future of regional Australia is bright and prosperous.” Deputy Leader of the Nationals and Minister for Agriculture, David Littleproud said the agriculture workforce shortage has been a major issue during COVID. “While our farmers and industries have gone about their work keeping Australians and the world fed and clothed, they have done so under workforce constraints,” Minister Littleproud said. “With the changes to the Working Holiday Maker program following the UKFTA, the Government knew this was the time to put the agriculture visa in place. “This is a structural change to the agricultural workforce. It gives our farmers a confidence to know they can go and plant a crop and know that they’ll be able to get it off. “It will complement the Pacific programs we have got in place, and we will also be considering permanent residency options under the new Ag visa.”

RURAL RUNDOWN Investing in the future of agriculture Award grants now open for young Australians looking to develop the industry Investing in a future-ready agriculture, fisheries and forestry sector is the goal of the 2022 Science and Innovation Awards grant program, with applications now open. Minister for Agriculture and Northern Australia David Littleproud is inviting young researchers, scientists and innovators in agriculture, fisheries and forestry to submit a project application that addresses current industry challenges. “Australia has a proud tradition of innovation, and we’re looking to build on that legacy with the next generation of Aussie smarts,” Minister Littleproud said.

“We’re looking for projects that tackle issues in innovative ways and contribute to the ongoing success and sustainability of Australia’s agricultural, fisheries and forestry industries. “It’s about supporting young people who are passionate about

agriculture and helping them to make a difference. “Our young people are at the forefront of transforming agriculture as it grows to a $100 billion industry. “Their innovations and new ideas will help individual farmers as well as whole industries and communities. They will drive change as ideas and prototypes become reality. “Last year’s Ministerial award winner was Fraser Border from the University of Southern Queensland. “His project used augmented reality to help meat process workers improve accuracy and efficiency, reduce waste and increase returns for processors.”

AT A GLANCE Applications close at 5pm AEST Friday, October 1, 2021. Since they were launched in 2001, the Science and Innovation Awards have helped 272 young researchers, innovators and scientists turn their ideas into reality with over $4.4 million in grant funding. 12 industry award categories are available in the 2022 round, with each winner to receive a grant of up to $22,000 (including GST). The Science and Innovation Awards for Young People in Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry is an open competitive annual grant program supporting young people aged between 18 and 35 years who are working, employed or studying in an agriculture, fisheries or forestry related industry (including food and sustainable natural resource management).

Touring the best the region has to offer Mount Gambier the centre of a peak body visit across four different industries A Grassland Society of Southern Australia (GSSA) Limestone Coast branch bus tour of the Mount Gambier region this Thursday will give participants an insight into four different local farms. The tour will a variety of enterprises, including a paddockto-plate experience finishing with a meal at The Barn with beef supplied by Ardno Herefords. The tour also includes visits to Van Schaik’s Bio Gro, Donovan’s Dairy, and Sinkhole Gin. Branch president Dylan Brodie said it was the first GSSA activity in the Mount Gambier region for several years, with recent activities curtailed due to the COVID pandemic. Mr Brodie said there was already a lot of interest from local producers wanting to join the tour. “We’re looking at different local farms and businesses and what they mean to the area and in some cases the connections between them,” Mr Brodie said. “For example, we’ll see pastures and livestock at Ardno Herefords who produce the beef that will be served at The Barn Palais at dinner,” Bio Gro was originated more than 40 years ago, by Hans Van Schaik and his wife Marjan Van Schaik, as a small earth moving business but he had a particular interest in soil management, and that organic residues could and should

be value-added.He tested and trialled products derived from these residues, and soon after expanded the company’s operating portfolio to include the development and manufacture of various forms of growing substrates, soil conditioners and mulching mediums.

Today, Bio Gro is a family-owned company and widely regarded as a leading innovator within the Australian horticulture and waste management industries. Donovan’s Dairy has a 116-stand Rotary Dairy milking about 2300 cows. Ardno Herefords was

Mount Gambier Market Report - CATTLE Numbers eased a little as agents yarded 387 head of live weight and open auction cattle. These sold to a similar field of trade and processor buyers along with feeder and restocker orders. Quality was mixed and pricing remained similar to the week before. Yearling steers to the trade sold up to 546c with similar heifers reaching 510c/kg. Feeder orders were active here from 459c to 510c on steers and from 335c to 505c/kg on heifers. Grown steers and bullocks to the trade made from 425c to 480c with feeder support from 445c to 510c/ kg. Grown heifers to the trade made from 378c to 502c with feeders operating from 393c to 468c/kg. Manufacturing steers ranged from 376c to 382c/kg. Heavy cows returned from 380c to 414c with the lighter types making from 305c to 374c and some feeder support to 385c/kg. Bulls ranged from 280c to 335c/kg.

founded in 1937 and is one of Australia’s oldest and most influential Hereford studs. Sinkhole Gin is inspired by one of South Australia’s most unique natural wonders. Hidden away on farming land is Kilsby Sinkhole. Renowned for its natural beauty

and crystal-clear water, it gives up secrets when the sun breaks through the clouds, illuminating the 30-metre-deep limestone chamber with brilliant cobalt blue rays of light. Registrations are now open at

RURAL RUNDOWN Financial windfall for sheep & cattle projects

Hamilton Market Report SHEEP & LAMBS

State Government injects cash into livestock industry South Australia’s livestock industry is set to benefit from an injection of more than $5 million of industry funds to help grow the sector and support local jobs. A total of 32 projects – 22 sheep projects worth $4.3 million and 10 cattle projects worth $870,000 – will be funded in 2021-22 by the Sheep and Cattle industry funds after being signed off by the South Australian Government following recommendations by the Livestock SA Sheep and Cattle Industry Fund Boards. Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development David Basham said the funding includes the transfer of just under $4 million to Livestock SA for various industry projects including the implementation of the South Australian Sheep and Beef Industry Blueprints. “Our red meat, wool and dairy sectors play an important role in the state’s economy generating $4.5 billion in annual production and processing revenue and supporting 30,000 jobs,” he said. “That’s why the Marshall Liberal Government continues its strong support of the state cattle and sheep producers as they rebuild from the impacts of drought and bushfire. “The projects being delivered through these industry funds will assist in the rebuild and recovery, particularly with farmers starting to increase their flock and herd numbers. “To further drive growth and development in the industry both funds will jointly contribute $240,000 towards the $7.5 million Red Meat and Wool Growth Program, while more than $1 million of the 2021-22 Sheep Industry Fund have been

allocated towards the once in a generation rebuild of the South Australian Dog Fence and its ongoing maintenance.” Livestock SA president Joe Keynes said the South Australian livestock industry has a renowned reputation in animal health management and biosecurity and these areas will also be further enhanced through fund projects. “The various projects being managed during the 2021-22 financial year include farm biosecurity and endemic disease management program, researching the benefits of melatonin for ewes, and the SA Drought Resilience Adoption and Innovation Hub. The Funds also sponsor the annual SA Sheep Expo and Junior Heifer Expo,” Mr Keynes said. “The Funds are an excellent opportunity for South Australian farmers to influence the direction and development of their industry and have their own resources at hand to do so. “I would also like to

“...the projects being delivered through these industry funds will assist in the rebuild and recovery, particularly with farmers starting to increase their flock and herd number...”

acknowledge the good work and professionalism of the Sheep and Cattle Industry Fund Boards who have assessed and recommended these projects. “In addition to the major projects, there is a budget approved within both the Cattle and Sheep Industry Funds to support small projects to benefit the industry that may arise throughout the year. “This flexibility will enable us to further promote industry growth while meeting the needs of members during this period of uncertainty and change.” The Sheep Industry Fund and Cattle Industry Fund are established under the Primary Industry Funding Schemes Act 1998 and provide a way for South Australia’s primary industry sectors to raise funds so they can favorably position themselves in the national and international marketplace. For more details on 2021-22 Livestock SA projects funded by the Sheep and Cattle Industry Funds visit: au/industry-funds. For more information on the remaining 2021-22 projects visit

Naracoorte Market Report - SHEEP & LAMBS Numbers more then doubled as agents penned 3843 lambs and 1575 sheep for a total yarding of 5418. These sold to a larger field of trade and processor buyers along with a number of restocker orders. More new season lambs continue to come forward along with a large number of small lots of older lambs. There was a large increase in sheep numbers this week as some strong demand from the buying group saw prices increase over all categories in the market. Light new season lambs attracted the restockers as they turned lambs back out from $111 to $160 and the same buyers were also active on older lambs paying from $139 to $146/head. Light new season lambs to the trade ranged from $162 to $178 with trade types making from $200 to $228/head. The small amount of heavy pens returned from $238 to a high of $281/head. Light older lambs made from $93 to $155 with the light trade selection making from $156 to $178/head. Trade weight pens made from $187 to $220/head. Heavy lambs made from $224 to $257 with the extra heavy lots selling from $261 to the high of $290/head. Most lamb sales, both old and new types, averaged from 950c to 1,030c/kg cwt with some odd sales breaking this range. Hoggets made from $165 to $230, while light sheep returned from $117 to $135/head. Medium weighted sheep sold from $143 to $178 with the heavy pens making from $170 to a high of $243/head and most sales here averaging 660c to 720c/kg cwt. Wethers made from $205 to $296 and rams ranged from $59 to $142/head.

WEDNESDAY Agents yarded 1794 lambs and 1217 sheep at Hamilton last week. The quality was plain and mixed throughout. Not all of the regular buyers were in attendance and not all were fully active. There was limited restocking competition for the very light lambs that sold to a top of $152/ head. The market was very erratic for lambs mainly due to the mixed quality on offer. However, despite this the market was firm to dearer over all categories by $10 to $20/head. Light 12 to 18kg lambs made from $90 to $157/head averaging from 750c to 1,089c/kg cwt. The light trade weight lambs weighing 18 to 22kg sold from $137 to $215/head to average between 890c and 1,116c/ kg cwt. Medium trade weight lambs made from $180 to $246/head to average from 900c to 1,050c/kg cwt. Heavy 26 to 30kg plus trade weight lambs made up to $290/head to average around 940c/kg cwt. Score 3 hoggets sold to $237/head. Heavy sheep were also stronger by $10 to $15/head and trade sheep held firm. Heavier crossbred sheep made to a top of $280 with the better well-covered Merino ewes making from $182 to $210/head. The general run of Merino mutton averaged from 680c to 750c/kg cwt. Terminal sires sold to $118 and Merino rams made $140/head.

Naracoorte Market Report CATTLE Numbers eased a little as agents yarded 481 head of liveweight and open auction cattle. These sold to a larger field of trade and processor buyers along with the usual feeder and restocker orders. Quality was mixed last week with something to suit all orders as the market kicked in price to be dearer with the extra buyer adding strong competition to which the usual field responded with cows lifting 25c, and bulls up to 50c/kg. Yearling steers to the trade made from 471c to 544c, with similar heifers making from 454c to 546c/kg. Feeder orders sourced steers from 508c to

581c, and heifers from 490c to 557c/kg. Restocker support was from 530c to 554c on steers, and on heifers from 520c to 540c/kg. Grown steers and bullocks ranged from 455c to 494c to the trade, with feeder activity from 420c to 490c/kg. Grown heifers to the trade made from 388c to 460c, with feeder support here from 408c to 480c/kg. Heavy weight cows received some strong competition as they sold from 388c to 437c/kg. The light condition lines made from 304c to 398c/kg. Heavy weight bulls returned from 326c to 361c, with light weight classes making from 427c to 459c/kg.


• Sales • Service • Spare Parts • Tractors • Utility Vehicles • Ride On Mowers • KRONE Hay Equipment

Phone: (08) 8725 0000

324 Commercial Street West, Mount Gambier

A battle with a difference for funding Second virtual SharkPitch event will see three groups go toe-to-toe to sell their project Audience members will have front row seats to see passionate community members pitch their project to a virtual crowd and raise funds for better outcomes for local people and the community. United Way Glenelg will be hosting their annual live crowdfunding event SharkPitch enabling people to tune into this “feel-good” initiative globally! This year, Sue Wray from Edgarley Assisted Living, Wayne Barrett from Portland Community Garden, and Mick Doherty from Portland Yacht Club will tell their organisations story by providing a 6-minute pitch, followed by a 6-minute Q&A session to the virtual audience. MC for the evening, Neil O’Donnell will engage with the audience who can “pledge”, or donate. AWA Alliance Bank will join in to match audience funding, giving donors the extra incentive to donate. Edgarley Assisted Living is hoping to raise funds to build a multigenerational playground, creating a safe place for their residents and the little people in their lives to connect and play. Think Old Peoples Home for 4-Year-Olds! Portland Community Garden want to create a thriving, more resilient community where people


from all walks of life can connect over the simple joy of growing fresh, nutritious food in a new purpose-built shed. The Space will allow for meeting new people, build new skills and create new life experiences. Portland Yacht Club wants to encourage young people to safely get back on the water by assisting Portland Yacht Club to raise funds for a safety and coaching

powerboat. At a time when ocean drownings are devastatingly high, together we can create a safer ocean playground for our community! United Way Glenelg executive officer Nicole Carr said community organisations are the life-blood of a thriving community. “Whether it’s with a group of friends, a hobby group, a sporting team, our neighbours or an online

community, a sense of belonging is what humans need,” she said “A sense of belonging plays a key role in combating loneliness as we age. Being part of a community has a positive effect on mental health and emotional wellbeing.” This will be the second year the event has been held virtually, and after the success of last year, it was a “no brainer” for the organisation. “To eliminate the uncertainly, and the risk of having to postpone, or even worse cancel the event, we decided very early this year we would hold the event virtually,” Ms Carr said. “We gained a multitude of experience from last year and we have the same team behind the scenes assisting us again.” “Technology also allowed us to reach a broader audience, receiving donations from across Australia. “This year we will help our

community organisations to raise the funds they need to kick-start their projects. Once again, AWA Alliance Bank will join in to match audience funding, giving donors the extra incentive to donate. “On the night, feel free to grab a drink and get comfy in front of your computer or mobile device, as you prepare to hear from three passionate people,” concluded Ms Carr. Pro-bono and in-kind needs will also be highlighted for those looking for volunteering opportunities. Several fun challenges will be encouraged, providing for a very entertaining evening. The virtual event will be held on Tuesday, September 7, starting at 7pm. The event will be held on Crowdcast, connection details will be emailed to all registered guests 24 hours before the event. To register for the event head to If you’re interested in receiving more information about SharkPitch please contact Nicole Carr on 0410 513305 mail@ LET THE BATTLE BEGIN: Sue Wray, Wayne Barrett and Mick Doherty






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NITV &A=@9F&BB9+=A>9@GFDCEF 0:EF B=$GF>G9EG ,8A>9B> @F ?8$F&B=F 3@9A-EGFDCEG >93>EFD F E8-B4EF0BF ?+B@F 5?.F 53@:*:?-$E1F %3@9?>7@F&,F =?-EF5E@A1EF%EGFDCEF ):B=98?>1F)9=EE9GFDCEG 0:EF,:E!@ F A>EF >F,B3>9=.F A9-:E>F 'E9EF6>1F'AB @F ?AF )?!?=AGFDCEG 3=F)9B=AE@GFDCEG ( 0 F(E*@F +1?9EF 0:EF)B39:F).1>E.F )9B=.F B$?.AF&BB9.G "E=F0:EF58?-$F B9G ( 0 F(E*@F +1?9EF ( CG .GD;B'?B;=7? G 3>9A>7F6B9E?=B?GF>EG B$?.AF&BB9.F "E=F0:EF58?-$F B9F (388?F(388?GFDCEG %3@A-F B.?7E=F B834 GFDCE


0:EF%A118EFFDCEF &=?@AE=FFDCEF 38E@F !F >7?7E4E>9F FDCEF 5E-$E=FFDCEF &=AE>1@FFDCEF &=?@AE=FFDCEF ( @F688F63@9=?8A?>F (E*@F /F5=B$EF A=8@FF>G=EF %B4GF>G4,=EG 38E@F !F >7?7E4E>9F FDCEF 5E-$E=FFDCEF &=?@AE=FFDCEF &=AE>1@FFDCEF (EA7: B3=@FFDCEF &=AE>1@FFDCEF 0:EF5A7F5?>7F0:EB=.F FDCEF /F5=B$EF A=8@FF>G=EF 38E@F !F >7?7E4E>9F FDCEF B4EF):B++A>7F ,:?=4E1FF>G8EF &3>>.F A=8@FF>G9,=EF 0:EF ?9EF):B*F A9:F )9E+:E>F,B8 E=9FFDCEG B4EF):B++A>7

Classifications: (G) General, (PG) Parental Guidance, (M) Mature Audiences, (MA15+) Mature Audience Over 15 Years[s] Subtitles, Consumer Advice: (d) drug references, (s) sexual references or sex scenes (h) horror, (l) language, (mp) medical procedures, (n) nudity, (v) violence



CDD CDD C<D C<D C<D ;DC#2 ;;C;2 ;/CD2 ;CDD


2CDD /CD2 /C<D <CDD <C<D #CDD #C<2 2CD2 2C/2 2C22 C/2 CDD C<D C<D C;D C#D ;DC;D ;DC22 ;;C/2 ;;C22


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




C<D ;DC<D ;/C/2 ;C;2 ;C<D


2CDD /CD2 /C<D <CDD <C<D #CDD #C<2 2CD2 2C/2 2C22 C/2 CDD C<D CDD C<D ;DC/D ;;CD2 ;;C2D ;/C/D ;/C2D ;C/D ;C2D /CD2

,:A81=E> @F'=B7=?4@F 5E--? @F53>-:F 'E7F F,?9F %B88.F !F E>?8AF '8?.F)-:BB8F 5?>?>?@F >F'. ?4?@F 5BB$F 3>7=.F5E?=@F E4.F F5BBF &A=E4?>F)?4F 0:EF61"E>93=E@F !F '?11A>79B>F ):?3>F0:EF):EE+F =?-E @F64? A>7F %?-:A>E@F )+A-$@F6>1F)+E-$@F FDCEF ?=1F 3A FFDCEF ?@9F(A7:9F !F0:EF '=B4@F =3E>FF>G9EF B-9B=F :BFFDCEF 6=9F B=$@F 6>: @F5=3@:F A9:F &?4EF CF <=B5G <?=5FF>G9EF B381F F AEF0BF B3 F FDCEF <DF B-$FF>G=EF E>BF ;; FF>G4,9E



C#D F%B"AECG!/7BG6B*;B:G %G ;C<2 B99="GFDCEGF$ EG6:@;=#G ;C2D 8@AG>*C1?;BG ;DC;DF%B"AECG! <1;G4BG P:B"G <CDD FDCEGF$ EG6:@;=#G

@*Z1B=G/@:?GF AG <C/2 ;BA*7EF #CD2 ;;C#DF%B"AECG!.**?4BA:@995G #C<D -@4"GF. .GL @A2G #G0<?G 2CDD 1@G)1@G)7@$EGF>G9,=,8EG 2C<D F$ EG6:@;=#G 11G)7@1G CDD F AG^?B:A@'B=BEG ;C#D F%B"AECG! 1;G0?::9BG C<D 6?=:B;"GFDCEGF$+ EG6:@;=#G @;1 @G.5@=BGF AG CDD

@ @AB=BEG C/D #CDD F%B"AECG!6B9 ?B"GFDCEG C<D F$ EG6:@;=#G67?'<AG ><<;BG C<D 2C2D F%B"AECG!6 @99< =G.A4G .'@ <A="GFDCEGF$+ EG 6:@;=#G&< 5G >*)199<*7G ;DC/D C<D F%B"AECG!&;B@:7B"GF>EG ;DC2D F$+ EG6:@;=#G.A4;B G ;;C/D C@;%?B94G ;;C<D C#D F%B"AECG! A4B;G/7BG 6 ?A"GF>.+ EGF$+ EG 6*@;9B::G <7@A==<A

)B>78A>E@F >F)-=EE>G %E@@?7EF&=B4F %3>7BGFDCEGG E8-B4EF0BF ?+B@F 5?.F 53@:*:?-$E1F %3@9?>7@F&,F =?-EF5E@A1EF%EGFDCEF ):B=98?>1F)9=EE9GFDCEG 0:EF,:E!@ F A>EF >F,B3>9=.F A9-:E>G FDCEF 'E9EF6>1F'AB @F ?AF )?!?=AGFDCEG 3=F)9B=AE@F ( 0 F(E*@F +1?9EF BA>7F'8?-E@F A9:F =>AEF A>7BGFDCEF %B"AECG!&@* :;@* G &<5="GF>.+ EGF$+ EG 6:@;=#G&B;A?BG 67@ B=7@%:F 0:EF'BA>9G A"A>7F58?-$F ( 0 F(E*@F +1?9EF %B"AECG!/7BG- @;AG - @;A="GFDCEGF$ EG 6:@;=#G 1A:B;GD@2B( 0<*7@;4


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

,:A81=E> @F'=B7=?4@F )?.F E@F0BF0:EF =E@@F 698?>9?FFDCEF '?=E>9:BB1FFDCEF EE+A>7F +F A9:F0:EF ?=1?@:A?>@FF>G9,=EF DF ?.F&A?>-KFF>G9EF %?8-B84F >F0:EF %A118EFFDCEF 0:EF(?>>.FFDCEF <=1F B-$F&=B4F0:EF )3>FFDCEF 0:?9F D @F):B*FFDCEF %?8-B84F >F0:EF %A118EFFDCEF 0:EF(?>>.FFDCEF <=1F B-$F&=B4F0:EF )3>FFDCEF 0:?9F D @F):B*FFDCEF B3>7F):E81B>FFDCEF %B"AECF!.;;?8@9"GF>G9EG F$+ EG6:@;=#G.'5G .4@'=,G <;B=:G 7?:@ B;F B3>7F):E81B>FF>EF 64E=A-? @F0B+F B7F FDCEF B"EF @8?>1F )6F F>.+ EF

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B=81*?9-:F E99E=$E>>.GF>G9,=,8EG (E*F A=8FFDCEF 65,F64E=A-?CF B=81F (E*@F0B>A7:9F A9:F ?"A1F%3A=F '5)F(E*@:B3=F 0:EF B.F !F'?A>9A>7F A9:F5B F B@@F ):B=98?>1F)9=EE9FFDCEF &B=7E1F >F&A=EFFDCEF EB+?=1. FFDCEF ( 0 F(E*@F +1?9EF F 39F !F;DF,?9@F BE@F,B3>91B*>FF F>G9,=EF 0:EF,3=@EF !F ?$F @8?>1CF/7BGD@ B;G )7@=BGF>G9EF ,.-8A>7CF0@G^1B9:@G 6:@2BG+ G30?8B3G A-EF(E*@F0B>A7:9F E39@-:EF E88EF >78A@:F(E*@F 0:?AF(E*@F 5?>78?F(E*@F '3> ? AF(E*@F )=AF ?>$?>F)A>:?8E@EF (E*@


SBS VICELAND B=81*?9-:F B- *A FF>G9EF E99E=$E>>.FF>G9,=EF B$?.AF&BB9.F "E=F0:EF58?-$F B9F 65,F64E=A-?CF B=81F (E*@F0B>A7:9F '5)F(E*@:B3=F 0:EF B.F !F'?A>9A>7F A9:F5B F B@@F ):B=98?>1F)9=EE9FFDCEF &B=7E1F >F&A=EFFDCEF EB+?=1. FFDCEF ( 0 F(E*@F +1?9EF F 39F !F;DF,?9@F BE@F,B3>91B*>FF F>G9,=EF B?=1E=@FF>G9EF B"EF6>1F)E F >F ,:A>?GF>G=,8EGF AG >@A4@;?AEG E@E9FF>.+ EF ,.-8A>7CF0@G^1B9:@G 6:@2BG+ G30?8B3F A-EF(E*@F0B>A7:9F ( F B=81F >78A@:F (E*@F 0:?AF(E*@FF 5?>78?F(E*@F






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

PEACH 0:EF%A118EFFDCEF )EA>!E81FFDCEF 38E@F !F >7?7E4E>9F FDCEF 0:EF A>7F !F 3EE>@F FDCEF 5E-$E=FFDCEF 0:EF5A7F5?>7F0:EB=.F FDCEF &=?@AE=FFDCEF ( @F688F63@9=?8A?>F (E*@F /F5=B$EF A=8@FF>G=EF )EA>!E81FFDCEF 0:EF >A-B=>FFDCEF 0:EF A>7F !F 3EE>@F FDCEF 5E-$E=FFDCEF &=?@AE=FFDCEF &=AE>1@FFDCEF 0:EF5A7F5?>7F0:EB=.F FDCEF &=AE>1@FFDCEF 0:EF5A7F5?>7F0:EB=.F FDCEF B4EF):B++A>7F ,:?=4E1FF>G8EF 0:EF ?9EF):B*F A9:F )9E+:E>F,B8 E=9FFDCE

Classifications: (G) General, (PG) Parental Guidance, (M) Mature Audiences, (MA15+) Mature Audience Over 15 Years[s] Subtitles, Consumer Advice: (d) drug references, (s) sexual references or sex scenes (h) horror, (l) language, (mp) medical procedures, (n) nudity, (v) violence





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


2CDD /CD2 /C<D <CD2 <C<D #CDD #C<2 2CD2 2C/2 2C22 C<D CDD C<D CDD C<D C;2 ;DC<D ;DC<2 ;;CDD ;;C#D ;/C;2




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

@'B=F C22 ?A2FF>.+ EF C<D F%B"AECG!.A<:7B;G C<D ,.-8A>7CF0@G^1B9:@G <1A4"GFDCEGF$ EG C#D 6:@2BG G30?8B3F 6:@;=#G>@4=G>? B9=BAG ?9E8A>EF F AG-@A?=7EF &=?>-EF/#F(E*@F >F ;DC#DF%B"AECG!.;=VABG01 ?A"G C#D >78A@:F&=B4F'?=A@F FDCEGF$ EG6:@;=#G ;DC;D 0:?AF(E*@F <'@?AG-1;?=GF AG ;;C;D 5?>78?F(E*@ ;BA*7E ;/CDD

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

B4EF):B++A>7F CDD ?=1E>F 3=3@F ;/CDD %B4E>9@F 0:EF6"E>7E=@FFDCEF ;/C<D %B"AECF!/7BG ?A=9< G &<5"GFCEGF$ EG6:@;=#G ;CDD >@;2@;B:G0B?27:<A,G < B;:G-<A@:,G B?9G ;C<D <;:7F ;C#D %B"AECF! BG %G/7BG B8B;G B8B;"GFDCEGF$ EG /C#D 6:@;=#G.A2B9@GD1A*7( 2C#D >*C;B2<;,G.;:71;G -?2A@',G/<A5G&@;;5G %B"AECF!/7BG :@9?@AG

< "GFDCEGF$ EG6:@;=#G C<D >?*7@B9G)@?ABF ( CF6<1:7G654AB5G @ ?:<7=G8G6:GCB<;2BG C2D 99@ @;;@G-;@2<A=G 30?8B3G ;<'G61A=7?ABG )<@=:G6:@4?1'F %B"AECF!6 . / "GG ;/CDD F>G9,8EGF$ EG6:@;=#G)<9?AG @;;B99G %B"AECF!&1;AG.%:B;G ;CDD B@4?A2"GF>.+ EGF$ EG <CDD 6:@;=#G&;@4GD?::G B4EF):B++A>7 <C<D

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

BAA?BGC@;:7G 'B*E=F ?>7E=@F A>BF ;/C<D 63@@AEF B @9E=F%E>F <CDD 0:EF%?@9E=F <C#D &3=.FFDCEF F>G9EFF #CDD EE$E>1E=F #CD2 0:3>1E= A=1@F ;C<DF ' F'=BGF>.+ E #C<D ,=EE$F0BF,B?@9F 2CDD



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


(5,F0B1?.FG CDD EE$E>1F)3>=A@EGG C<D 0:EF%B=>A>7F):B*F F CDD EE$E>1GF C<D )E"E> @F B=@EF C<D ?-A>7CF><<AB5G CDD ^@99B5 G @A4 ?* G30?8B3GG C<D 5B=1E=F'?9=B8GFDCEGG 5B=1E=F)E-3=A9.F F ;/CDD 63@9=?8A? @F&=B>9F A>EG FDCEGG ;C#2 )E"E>F(E*@GG /C#2 056GG 6& #GD<=:GC@'BGG <C#2 056GG #C;2 )3="EA88?>-EF FFDCEG]G #C<D .G:;1* G @* G A?%B=G 4@A2B;<1=95G*9<=BG:<G 2CDD B4B=:;?@A=G@A4G@G CDD 4B8@=:@:?A2G;@'G;@?4G :;@=7B=G@G'@A$=G C<D 1=?AB== F CDD %?="E8 @F67E>9@F !F ) CF/7BG0@=:G CDD -@5GF>G8EGG 0=?"E8F GFDCEGG CDD ?==. @F'=?-9A-EGF ;;CDD B4EF):B++A>7GF ;CDD E9F,8E"E=G 2CDD


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NITV 63@@AEF53@:F0?8E@F E8-B4EF0BF ?+B@F 5?.F ?7?7ALF0:EF ?"E>G FDCEF 53@:*:?-$E1GFDCEF %B"AECG!! @ ?:(D;<<%G BA*B"GFDCEGF$ EG6:@;=#G 8B;95AG6@' ?G %?+F0BF'?=?1A@EGFDCEF )B>78A>E@F >F)-=EE>F 37 .F >AB>CF6.GF 37 .F >AB>CF .G 5B*8@CG6.G61 B;G 0B@21BF >1A?>F,B3>9=.F0B1?.FF 6'0(F(?9AB>?8F(E*@F ( 0 F(E*@CF(38?F BA>7F'8?-E@F A9:F =>AEF A>7BG B$?.AF&BB9.G ( 0 F(E*@F +1?9EF )?4F ?9@B>F F0:EF )9=EE9F&A7:9A>7F E?=@F F>G9EG >-?=-E=?9AB>F(?9AB>G ,B>A@9B>GF>G8EG 5?4?.F B834 GFDCEG


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2CD2 ;C/2 /CD2 /C<D <CD2 <C<D #CDD #C/2 2CD2 2C<2 2C22 C/2 CDD C<D CDD C<D C<D ;DC/2 ;;C/2 ;/C/2 /C;2 <CD2




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

2C<D CDD C<D C<D C#D C#D ;DC#D ;;C#D ;/C<2 ;CDD #C<D





B=81*?9-:F C;D F%B"AECG! @*B"GFDCEG C/D EE+F ?9E=FF>G4,9,8EF F$+ EG6:@;=#G6:B 7@AG C<2 &A=@9F,B>9?-9FF>G9EF

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

NITV %.F6>A4?8F&=AE>1@F %B88.F !F E>?8AF ?"E> @F 3E@9FF 63@@AEF53@:F0?8E@F E8-B4EF0BF ?+B@F 5?.F ?7?7ALF0:EF ?"E>G FDCEF 53@:*:?-$E1F 6& CF 0GG 6& CGY. 0G 37 .F E?73ECF /GG &BB9 ?88CG /G <'BA$=G D;B'?B;G0B@21BF -EF B-$E.CF6.G D;B'?B;G0B@21BG 6!=A-?>F(E*@F ( 0 F(E*@CF(38?G 6=9FGF)B38GFDCEG ( 0 F(E*@F +1?9EF &A=@9F&BB9+=A>9@GFDCEG >-?=-E=?9AB>F(?9AB>F %B"AECG!&BG @:B;"GG F>G8EGF$ EG6:@;=#G @;BB'G. 419( @ @;G BA>7F'8?-E@F A9:F =>AEF A>7BGFDCEG 5?4?.F B834 GFDCE


0:EF5A7F5?>7F0:EB=.F FDCEF 0:EF(EA7: B=:BB1F FDCEF 0:EF%A118EFFDCEF (EA7: B3=@FFDCEF 0:EF5?-:E8B=F 63@9=?8A?FF>EF ?4AE @F ?@.F%E?8@F &B=F "E=.F ?.FF 0:EF B7F B3@EF F FDCEF &=AE>1@FFDCEF 0:EF5A7F5?>7F0:EB=.CF /7BG B;'BA:@:?<AG &?%1;*@:?<A G/7BG0?ABG 61 =:?:1:?<A G/7BG )<A8B;2BA*BG )<A8B;2BA*B G/7BG )<A 12@9G)<A B*:1;B G /7BG>?9?:@;5GG >?A?@:1;? @:?<A G/7BG -B BA4BA*BG /;@A=*BA4BA*BGFDCEG 0:EF(EA7: B=:BB1CF B9*<'BG/<G/7BG 6:@A4<%%FFDCEF /F5=B$EF A=8@FF>G=EF %B4GF>G4,=E

Classifications: (G) General, (PG) Parental Guidance, (M) Mature Audiences, (MA15+) Mature Audience Over 15 Years[s] Subtitles, Consumer Advice: (d) drug references, (s) sexual references or sex scenes (h) horror, (l) language, (mp) medical procedures, (n) nudity, (v) violence




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B=81*?9-:F E@9A>?9AB>F&8?"B3=F ,:A>?F5A9E@A EG BA>7F'8?-E@F A9:F =>AEF A>7BGFDCEG 0B>.F B A>@B>F F 7.+9A?>F0B4 F 3>9A>7GFDCEF 0:EF,BB$F +F A9:F 61?4F A?*GFDCEG 3$EF(73.E> @F ?A8*?.F AE9>?4G EB+?=1. GFDCEG ,.-8A>7CG0@G^1B9:@G +G ?279?27:=G E99E=@F6>1F(34 E=@F %?@9E=4A>1GG )5)F B=81F(E*@F %B"AECF! ++#G/7BG @99?A2G>@A"GF>EGF$ EG 6:@;=#G6:B8BAG >@* ?A:<=7G %B"AECG!/7BG <'@AG 7<G @=A$:G/7B;B"GG F>G9EGF$+ EG6:@;=#G/@A?@G B@4,G 9?@G B4BA<G /#F B3=@F >F 4E=7E>-.GF>EGG )5)F B=81F(E*@








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


<C<D #C<D 2C/2 2C<D C<D C<D C;2 C<D CDD C<D ;DC<D ;;C<D ;;C#2 ;/CDD ;/C<D ;CDD ;C<D ;C#2 /CDD <CDD <C<D #C<D



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(E*@F5=E?$!?@9GF 2C<D 65,F(E*@F%B=>A>7@FF ;CDD &B3=F,B=>E=@FF /CDD 6>9A 3E@F B?1@:B*GF 65,F(E*@F69F(BB>FF /C;D 0:EF0=A?8F !F,:=A@9A>EF EE8E=GF>G9,=EGF /C#D E?9:F >F'?=?1A@EGF>EGF 65,F(E*@F 6!9E=>BB>@GG <C<D @-?+EF&=B4F0:EF ,A9.GG #CDD 6>: @F5=3@:F A9:F &?4EGFDCEGG ?=1F 3A GFDCEGG 0:EF =34GG 2CDD 65,F(E*@FG 2C<D

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


2C<D C<D ;;C<D /C<D



;DC;2F%B"AECG!&B@1:?%19G0?B="G ;DCDD F>G9EGF$+ EG6:@;=#G.14;B5G /@1:<1GF AG ;BA*7EG ;DC<D ;/C;2F%B"AECG! @2A@;< "G FDCEGF$+ EG6:@;=#GDW9G ;;C/D 68B;;BGF AG <; B2?@A G ;;C<D 6 B4?=7EG /CD2 F%B"AECG!/7BG/7?B%G ;/C<D 0<;4"GFDCEGF$ EG6:@;=#G .@;<AG/@59<;( <7A=<AG <C22 F%B"AECG!/<5=GXGDB:="G ;CDD FDCEGF$+ EG6:@;=#G.1;<;@G /C;D

@ABG&@94<8?A?F 2C#2 F%B"AECG!>@ G ?*7:B;$=G <CDD 69BB "GFDCEGF$+ EG6:@;=#G >@ G ?*7:B;F <C/2 C#D F%B"AECG!0<< G.:G>B"G #CD2 F>G4,9EGF$+ EG6:@;=#G #C<D ?47@9G6@@4?GF AG 2CDD .;@ ?* G ;BA*7EG 2C<D C<D F%B"AECG!.9?$=G B44?A2"G CDD F>EGF$+ EG6:@;=#G C<D =@'@7G6@'?G C<D ;;C<2F%B"AECG!6?4G.A4G.5@#G CDD <:G.G0<8BG6:<;5"GG F>G9,=,8EGF$+ EG6:@;=#G ;DC/2 .AABG)1;:?=GF AG ;;C<2 /@2@9<2 G A29?=7E ;/CDD


NITV ?=8?F =?>9F'=E@E>9@G FDCEG 0:=B37:F0:EF B=4:B8EF B?1F +E>F %.F A!EF6@F F A"EF 9G FDCEF (.?4AF(7??=83 3>1AF B4?>F !F0:EF ?9E=G FDCEF %E@@?7EF&=B4F %3>7BGFDCEF = ?>F(?9A"EF A=8GFDCEF E8-B4EF0BF ?+B@F 5?.F 53@:*:?-$E1F %3@9?>7@F&,F =?-EF5E@A1EF%EGFDCEF ):B=98?>1F)9=EE9GFDCEG 0:EF,:E!@ F A>EF >F,B3>9=.F A9-:E>F &A=@9F&BB9+=A>9@GFDCEG 0:EF'BA>9F B14?>CF&B=F5E99E=F =F B=@EGF>G9EF ?-$AEF B A>@B>GF>EFF 5?4?.G 0:EF'BA>9F


Classifications: (G) General, (PG) Parental Guidance, (M) Mature Audiences, (MA15+) Mature Audience Over 15 Years[s] Subtitles, Consumer Advice: (d) drug references, (s) sexual references or sex scenes (h) horror, (l) language, (mp) medical procedures, (n) nudity, (v) violence




• Preparation of Income Tax Returns for All Entities. • BAS Preparation & Lodgement. • Business Advice.


• Bookkeeping & Payroll Services (at competitive rates) • Accounting Software Setup & Training.

Office No.25, The Convent, 20 Penola Road, Mount Gambier Ph: 0400 174 389 E:











DIRECTOR | MT GAMBIER 0488 367 733 AU#51712 ABN 38643619041



AUTOCARE MOUNT GAMBIER 17 Calula Drive, Mount Gambier

(08) 8725 2220



Taylor Marine

 Furuno Electronics  Pots, Rope & Floats  International Paint  Boating Safety Gear  Stormy Seas Life Jackets  Wet Weather Gear  Plus all accessories for your boat!

• Blinds • Patio Blinds • Ziptracks • Rollershutter • Windows • Security Doors • Home Maintenance

Shane 0429 945 853






FREE QUOTE 0400 430 297


349 Commercial Street West, Mount Gambier Ph 08 8726 5200 F 08 8726 5222 E


CARPET CLEANING Mount Gambier & The Limestone Coast

YOUR LOCAL Floor Cleaning Specialists

• Large range of new & used caravans • Parts & accessories, everything for your caravan 0418 838 523 • Caravan service & repairs, skilled experienced technicians

250 Jubilee Highway West, Mount Gambier Phone (08) 8725 2826 w w w. d o n e h u e s l e i s u r e . c o m . a u

2 Brian Smith Drive (off Riddoch Hwy), Mt Gambier





Paul Mt Gambier weekends Pauland andRose Rose Visiting continuing to serve regional SA Call 1800Call 718 0499 450 for an828 appointment 609 12 12 Wehl Wehl Street Street North, North,Mount MountGambier Gambier




Pick-Up & Delivery Freight Service


■ Data and Communications

■ Emergency Lighting

■ Safety Switches

■ Energy Efficiency ■ Air Con / Heating Installation

■ Solar Power Installation & Servicing

■ House Rewiring

■ Testing and Tagging

Experts making it easy~

OBrien Electrical Mount Gambier

Solar Design Accreditation No. A9635667 SA UC PGE 160815 VIC REC No 15295 O'Brien Electrical Mount Gambier ABN 23 986 684 138

We are an independent legal entity using the O'Brien mark under licence.

{08) 7723 2300

The Coastal Express

Limestone Coast Region Monday to Friday

■ Maintenance, Installation &



08 8724 0158

O'Brien Electrical ■ Commercial & Project

40 years

Experienc e in making dentures

Residential Electrical

Door to Door Daily Service!

Mount Gambier - Millicent - Southend - Beachport - Robe - Kingston

0408 838 027



Business FOR SALE



All types. Pittosporu

ms a specialty

CALL 0418 849 952




10 - 11 Caldwell St, Mt Gambier Ph: 0481 138 586 | Like us on


L i m e s to n e C o a s t Pa r t y H i r e



SE Plastering Wall + Ceiling Repair Work


Specialists in marquee hire furniture & acc. M: 0418 847 204 @limestonecoastpartyhire @limestone_coast_party_hire

ABN 6719 576 4621

Painting Interior/Exterior Cornice/Ornamental Insulation CALL NOW ON 0413 728 405 POOLS



Maintenance &


Construction P/L

0448 752 232

BLD 217677 | BLD 54196


• Inground & above ground, all shapes & sizes • Service pumps & filters • Chemicals & parts • Free water testing available 250 Jubilee Highway West, Mount Gambier Phone (08) 8725 2826 w w w. d o n e h u e s l e i s u r e . c o m . a u

MOB 0400 234 660 EMAIL 10 Bodey Circuit, Mount Gambier SA 5290 DOMESTIC, COMMERCIAL, CARAVAN & BOAT STORAGE



ELECTRICIAN We currently have an excellent opportunity for a trade qualified, experienced Electrician to join the team at our Mount Gambier facilities. Primarily this position is day shift, however there are times when the successful applicant will be required to work a rotating 4-shift roster. Responsibilities include maintenance, troubleshooting & breakdown maintenance To be considered for this position you will have: • • • • • • •

Certificate III in Electrotechnology (or higher) A grade electrical licence PLC experience Demonstrated machine trouble shooting, problem solving & fault-finding experience The ability to read and understand engineering drawings Excellent written and verbal communication skills Proven ability to work unsupervised or as part of a team

To be successful, you must be motivated and be willing to put in the effort required to complete jobs in a timely manner. Attention to detail and highest quality workmanship are paramount. This is a full-time permanent position. Your skills and work ethic will be rewarded with excellent working conditions and competitive terms and conditions of employment. As part of the selection process, applicants must be prepared to undergo a preemployment medical examination which includes functional, audiometric and drug and alcohol testing.

Borg is an Equal Opportunity Employer Interested? For more information and to apply for this position, please visit Applications close 5:00pm, Friday 17th September 2021.

Casual Saleyards Assistant Council is looking to appoint a suitably qualified Saleyards Assistant to assist the Saleyards Manager in maintaining the Millicent Saleyards. The role will work to deliver quality general maintenance tasks including repairs and cleaning of the yards post sale. Duties will incorporate labouring and manual handling, safe and effective use of tools and high-pressure cleaning equipment. The applicant must have good communication skills and the ability to read and write. All applications are to be submitted through Wattle Range Council’s recruitment portal at by 9 am on Monday, 13 September 2021. For further information contact Council’s Human Resources Team on 08 8733 0900 or

Fitter / Boilermaker We have a position available for a fitter/boilermaker to join our team in Mount Gambier on a full-time basis with above award wages. The position involves conducting mechanical maintenance, fault finding, manufacture and install of various items. This role carries out a large variety of work. Duties include but are not limited to: • Carry out preventative maintenance • Carry out unplanned, breakdown maintenance • Fault Finding • Manufacturing, fabrication, welding, installing • Reading from drawings Required Skills & Qualifications: • Australian trade qualification • High Risk licence • White Card • Ability to read drawings • Work across a variety of industries and sites • Effective Communication skills • Ability to think for self and be self-motivated • Team player with the ability to work well under pressure • A good understanding of WHS & safe work practices and the ability to follow and comply with these. Desired Skills: • Driver’s licence • Working at heights • Confined space • Forklift • Dogging/Rigging A package in line with qualifications and experience will be negotiated to attract the best applicant. Applicants must be able to pass a medical examination and drug & alcohol test. Applications close when the position has been filled. Sales Duncan McGregor 0407 722 983 Jill Collins 0400 598 327 Roz Crispino 0419 366 649

Applications to Questions to Jason Sims 0418 815 344

Enrolled Nurses Registered Nurses Our dedicated team has vacancies for Full Time, part time and casual Registered Nurses and part time and casual Enrolled nurses. If you want to make a difference working in a unique environment with regular hours but don’t want to work nights then we want to meet you. The journey is both challenging and rewarding and our medical team are passionate about delivering patient centric care. If you are a Registered or Enrolled Nurse and you want to make a difference, you are invited to afternoon tea and a chat about the possibilities in our team. Come to Gramac Solutions at 1A Hedley Street Mount Gambier on 9th September at 2.00pm We look forward to meeting you. Please bring your resume.

Borg is one of the fastest growing manufacturers in Australia. As part of our growth in the region, we are seeking enthusiastic and ambitious applicants for the following apprenticeship vacancies: • Electrician • Fitter • Boilermaker


Seeking a Casual HR Driver Excellent Earnings Potential Hourly rate + 25% Casual Loading Local and Intra-state Contact Allan 0409 153 346

If you are dedicated and hard-working, we are offering the perfect opportunity for you to kick-start your career with Borg Manufacturing Mount Gambier. Becoming an Apprentice with Borg enables you to gain invaluable experience and a national qualification whilst getting paid to do it. For more information and to submit an application, please visit the Borg Careers webpage Applications close 5:00pm, Friday 01 November 2021.

Borg is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Waste Transfer Station and ReUse Market Attendant



City of Mount Gambier has an exciting opportunity for a motivated individual with a desire to make a difference in the community by contributing to the reduction of waste to landfill.

the creative fibre group

The Waste Transfer Station and ReUse Market Attendant will operate in a fast-paced waste management environment in accordance with policies and procedures, including health and safety requirements. The incumbent will be the first point of contact for customers bringing waste and recycling to the Waste Transfer Station and will play a key role in identifying items for recovery through the Mount Gambier ReUse Market. Further information regarding the position, including the position description which identifies key competencies and selection criteria, is available from City of Mount Gambier website Applications close: Friday 3 September 2021 at 5:00pm.

Mechanical Shift Fitter Jubilee Sawmill

OneFortyOne (OFO) is a vertically integrated, trans-Tasman sustainable timber products organisation. The OFO Jubilee Sawmill has received significant investment over the last 5 years with state-of-the-art technology, making it one of the premier mills in Australia with a highly engaged and motivated workforce. This sawmill is the largest in South Australia with OFO being a huge contributor of supporting local employment, the economy and regional communities. At OneFortyOne, we believe in an inclusive culture that is rich in diverse thinking, ideas and experience. We are interested in high quality people with transferable skills and experience gained from any industry. We understand that our people are the cornerstone to our success. We are passionate about being a great place to work, have industry leading training and employee development programs, good work life balance and competitive remuneration.

WANTED Steel Fabrication Workers Spanlift is seeking steel fabrication workers - full time positions available with immediate start based in our Mount Gambier facility.

This position reports to the Maintenance Supervisor. Your main responsibilities will be to safely and efficiently carry out repair and PM work across the Jubilee Sawmill Site.

No qualification is required - what we’re looking for is motivated individuals with a positive attitude to get stuff done!

Key selection criteria will be based on your demonstrated skills and attributes: • Maintenance fitting & machining work • Ability to prioritise & act with a sense of urgency to ensure plant uptime targets are achieved • Good problem-solving skills • Able to work effectively independently or in a group • Willing to continually learn • Work to grow our apprentices • Have a professional, positive, can do attitude. Skills are important however the right attitude is essential

All training will be provided on the job; welding experience can be advantageous. This job is for an IMMEDIATE start with a full-time opportunity to join the South East’s leading Structural Steel Manufacturer To apply, please email with your resume or call 1300 234 321

To be considered for this position you must be a qualified tradesperson and will require the flexibility to work a rotating 3 shift roster. To be part of an ambitious, results-driven and rewarding team please email a cover letter and current Resume to: For any queries or further information about the role, please contact Andrew Hoath or 0418 854 269. Applications close Friday 3 September 2021.

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Never in doubt Saints spearhead slots 100th goal at McDonald Park

Creamy vegetarian pumpkin curry 5 cardamom pods, crushed 1 cinnamon stick 250ml (1 cup) curry sauce (see below) 400g peeled, deseeded and chopped kent pumpkin 160ml (2/3 cup) pure cream 90g (1/3 cup) natural Greek-style yoghurt, plus extra to serve 200g green beans, halved diagonally 1 tsp garam marsala Fresh coriander sprigs, to serve Steamed basmati rice, to serve Curry Sauce 2 tbsp ghee 2 small brown onions, finely chopped 1 tbsp finely grated fresh ginger 3 garlic cloves, finely chopped 1 tbsp ground cumin 3 tsp ground coriander 2 tsp sweet paprika 1 tsp ground turmeric 1/4 tsp chilli powder 2 x 400g cans Italian finely diced tomatoes 4 dried bay leaves Method Heat a wok over high heat. Add the cardamom and cinnamon and cook, stirring, for 30 seconds or until aromatic. Add the curry sauce (see method below) and pumpkin. Stir in 250ml (1 cup) water. Reduce heat to low. Simmer for 10-12 minutes or until the pumpkin is nearly tender. Stir in the cream and simmer, stirring occasionally, for 5 minutes. Place the yoghurt in a small heatproof bowl. Add some of the hot liquid from the wok and stir well. Add the yoghurt mixture to the wok along with the beans. Stir to combine. Simmer for 3 minutes or until mixture is warmed through and the beans are tender-crisp. Stir through the garam marsala. Serve the curry on the steamed rice with a drizzle of the extra yoghurt and a sprinkling of coriander. Curry Sauce Method Heat the ghee in a large saucepan over high heat. Add the onion. Reduce heat to low and cook, stirring occasionally, for 10 minutes or until onion is soft. Add the ginger and garlic and cook, stirring often, for 2 minutes or until aromatic. Add the cumin, coriander, paprika, turmeric and chilli powder to the pan and stir to coat the onion. Stir in the tomato, bay leaves and 250ml (1 cup) water. Season. Bring to a simmer over high heat. Reduce heat to low and simmer, stirring occasionally, for 1 hour or until the mixture is thickened and some of the ghee has risen to the surface. Remove and discard the bay leaves. Use immediately or store in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 5 days, or in the freezer for up to 3 months.

Gene Robinson entered the weekend’s final minor round clash with East Gambier on 99 goals and the highly anticipated 100th goal was worth the wait with his team mates swamping the star forward. And the celebrations continued with the Saints taking the all important premiership points to see them secure second spot on the ladder and the double chance. It was an arm wrestle in the opening three quarters with a three goal to one final quarter setting up the victory for Millicent, who will now take on South Gambier at McLaughlin Park this Sunday, relegating East to a cut throat final against North on Saturday at Vansittart Park. PHOTOS COURTESY OF FRANK MONGER

Fraser Bradley in full flight

The Western Border Netball Association A Grade finals have been set up perfectly with two titanic struggles in the final minor round, which were the same matchups that will be on show in the first week od the finals. Millicent ended East Gambier’s undefeated run with a one goal victory in a high quality contest, that saw Tarsh Mccallum sidelined again for East after her foot injury flared up again and Lisa Fyfe suffering a foot injury early in the contest but battled on. In the other clash West Gambier took care of North Gambier in anotner epic battle in what was a dress rehearsal for this Sunday’s knockout semi final. FINALS PREPARATION: (Above from left) Hannah Nitschke contests with ball strongly with Tenille Gray; Tabatha Sanderson at full strength as Lisa Fyfe realises she is too late to impact the contest and Paige Nitschke delivers the ball to a team mate down court.




Penalty shootout decides men’s hockey Strikers Men & Redbacks Women book the first grand final berths Strikers are through to the Division One Men’s final after an exciting penalty shoot out win over rivals Tigers on Saturday at Blue Lake Sports Park. With both sides playing with uncharacteristic caution it was an even contest in regular time. Strikers got on the board first through a converted short corner to Dean McCarthy, after it took a deflection off a defender and wrong footed the keeper. Tigers replied less than two minutes later however, with a penalty corner of their own, with a neat variation converted skillfully by Aaron Mengler. Two short corners after the three quarter time siren were the best chances for Tigers with the third quarter played predominantly in the midfield, but they were unable to get past the strong Strikers backline. The last quarter was spent mostly in Tigers forward half, however they were unable to create any clear shots on goal and the game was destined for extra time. In a blow for Tigers Mengler was sent off almost immediately in the first period of overtime for a wayward tackle. Greg Doll created the best chance of the game by taking a free hit quickly and passing to Brady Cooper in the goals, but unfortunately for Tigers Cooper could not get around the imposing figure of Mason Hill in the goals. With the score locked at one goal all, the game was set for a penalty shoot out. Mason Hill was aggressive in the goals and saved the first two Tiger’s efforts, however went too far with two other plays which resulted in two penalty strokes for Tigers, both of which were converted by captain Luke Hunter.

Lochie Nisbet also converted for Tigers, Connor Millhouse and Andrew Schubert both converted for Strikers, as did Dean mcCarthy, so after the first round of penalties it was 3-3 and heading for golden goal. Dean McCarthy converted, followed by a beautiful tomahawk goal from Nisbet. Connor Millhouse then scored for Strikers, leaving it up to Connor Grant for Tigers, who found the net but after the alloted eight seconds, leaving Strikers to celebrate a grand final berth. In the Division One Women’s match, Redbacks upset perennial favourites West, with a hard fought 1-0 victory. The goal was scored by speedster Jemma Heraper in the second quarter, which was reward for sustained pressure by the Redbacks midfield. West threw everything at

Redbacks in the second half, moving fullback Dana Jones up the field into a more dangerous scoring position, however she was well held out by defenders Megan Beck and Nicole Vause, who like usual controlled the Redbacks structure from the last line. Steph Wighton’s speed and skill always threatened for Redbacks and they had further chances, but there was almost a last gasp chance when West were awarded a short corner after the full time siren to try and force extra time. Unfortunately for West the shot sailed wide, and Redbacks locked in the first grand final spot in a tense and entertaining match for spectators. West will look to bounce back against either Strikers or Tigers. In other matches, Division 2 Men’s minor premiers Tigers Black defeated Tigers Yellow 3-1 to book

their final spot. Tigers Yellow will face Cavaliers next week, after they accounted for West 5-1 in the elimination final on Saturday night. In Division 2 Women Tigers will be looking to go back to back, after going straight through with a 3-1 win over West. West will face either Naracoorte or Redbacks. In Division 3 Men Tigers are through after beating Redbacks 3-0. Redbacks will play West next week after they had a 2-1 victory over Cavaliers in their elimination final. In Division 3 Women Cavaliers comfortably beat Tigers 4-0 to secure their grand final berth. Tigers will play West next week for another chance to challenge for the title. In the Under 15 Girls Strikers will be looking to defend their title from last year, and started well

by defeating Redbacks 3-0 on Friday night to go straight through. Recbacks will face either Tigers or West In the Under 15 Boys minor premiers Redbacks won through to their grand final comfortably over West 6-0. Tigers came from fourth spot to secure victory over third placed Strikers 4-3 and live to fight another match against West, to see who meets Redbacks in the grand final. In the Under 12 Boys Tigers are through after defeating Strikers 2 goals to 1. Strikers will take on Redbacks next week to see who meets Tigers in the grand final. TENSE STRUGGLE: (Above left) Tigers’ Greg Doll is under pressure from Strikers’ Dean McCarthy and Strikers keeper Mason Hill looks to deny Greg Doll access to a shot on goal.

Tantanoola keeps its season alive The Tigers take care of the Mossies on their own turf It is finals time in the Mid South East and Kowree Naracorote Tatiara football and netball competitions with the Western Border footbal, and netball kickstarting their major round this weekend. Mid South East played their knockout first sem finals and for Mt Burr it is curtains for 2021 after a hard fought loss to Tantanoola (ictured). Kowree Naracorote Tatiara started with its elimination and qualifying finals last weekend as they work their way through their top five format. All three leagues are also honouring their indivddual award winners in the coming weeks so keep an eye out for all the winners from the respective best and fairest counts.



Par round contested at Attamurra


Cats celebration Casterton Sandford netballers mark milestones

Thirty-two female golfers took part in a Par Round at Attamurra last Wednesday, generously sponsored by Lady President Mary Kentish. The competition was played in three Grades – A, B and C. The course was set up well, with pin placements set in accessible positions. This was much appreciated by the ladies as a Par Round is very difficult. The weather conditions were favourable for good scoring and the winner for the day in A Grade was Hope Bliss (21 Handicap) with 3 up. Hope played very well registering 1 up on the front nine and 2 up on the difficult back nine All up Hope recorded seven wins but also wiped out on three holes. B Grade winner was Kate McCormick (23 Handicap) carding 1 up, consisting of 2 up on the front nine and 1 down on the back nine. C Grade winner went to Maureen Sims (Handicap 40) and she had 1 down, consisting of 2 down on the front nine and 1 up on the back nine. Maureen played the back nine exceptionally well registering five wins. Seven ladies collected a ball each in the ball rundown and they were Karen Forster, Denise Harvey, Bev Pedlar, Maxine McGregor, Faye Mainwaring, Helen McIntyre and Kerry Pedlar. Speciality prizes went to Kerry Pedlar, just returned after three months away, receiving three balls for the Pro Shot on the 8th hole. Second shot for A Grade on the 6th Hole landing 11cms short of the pin went to the straight hitter lady captain Faye Mainwaring. Secon shot for B Grade was taken out by Betty McKechnie and C Grade was Vicki Clark. This week’s competition will be a Stableford Event. SATURDAY LADIES GOLF RESULTS 28/8/21 Last Saturday, 21 ladies competed in a stableford event at Attamurra. Playing in very windy conditions and with very fast greens Leanne Hunt (26 Handicap) recorded 36 points to win the competition. Leanne had 17 points on the front nine and 19 on the back nine and carded six wins. Kerry Pedlar (13 Handicap) came in second placing registering 34 points, 18 points on the front nine and 16 on the back nine and had no wipeouts and a really good shot to within 84cms of the pin on the 16th hole finishing off with a birdie and three points Yvonne Shirley (28 Handicap) took out third placing on a countback having 19 points on the front nine and 15 points on the difficult back nine. This week’s competition will be a Stroke – Monthly Medal event. GETTING THE JOB DONE: Hope Bliss (A Grade winner) & Maureen Sims (C Grade Winner). Absent: Kate McCormick (B Grade Winner)

Western Border Football Millicent 3.5 6.7 8.9 11.13 (79) East Gambier 4.4 6.6 7.7 8.7 (55) Goals - Millicent: G. Robinson 4; J. Cushion, F. bradlery 2; S. Willis, J. Carger, C. Gallio. East: M. Scanlon 3; G. Janeway 2; S. Balshaw, C. Cooper B. Nunan. Best - Millicent: B. Shanks, F. Grimes, Z. McGuinness, K. Bradley, F. Bradley, S. Willis. East: T. Balshaw, G Cooper, N. Lock, M. McCallum, M. Willson, B. Nunan. West Gambier 2.1 6.3 8.6 12.9 (81) North Gambier 1.5 2.6 5.8 6.8 (44) Goals - West: J. Williams 3; L. Bradley-Brown, J. Schapel 2; G Ha, B. Papps, T. Lewis, M. Waldron, T. Holmes. North: J. Schutz 3; S Stafford, T. de Wit, N. Moretti. Best - West: L. Bradley-Brown, T Holmes, S. Robson, J. Pfitzner, T. Lewis J. Williams. North: , de Wit, J. Schutz, T. McInerney, S. Egan, M. Whan, N. Moretti. RESERVES West Gambier 7.18 (60) d North Gambier 4.3 (27) East Gambier 11.9 (75) d Millicent 5.7 (37) UNDER 18 West Gambier 6.16 (52) d North Gambier 3.9 (27) Millicent 12.12 (84) d East Gambier 7.9 (51) UNDER 16 West Gambier 12.7 (79( d North Gambier 10.2 (62) Millicent 17.11 (113) d East Gambier 1.3 (9) UNDER 14 East Gambier 4.7 (31) d Millicent 3.4 (22) South Gambier White 8/4 (52) d South GVambeir Red 1.3 (9) NO GAMES IN THE SOUTH GAMBIER V CASTERTON SANDFORD FIXTURE

Lorree Lane has enjoyed a decorated career and on August 21celebrated her 200th game as a Cat. Lorree is a premiership player; Western Border Netball Association best & fairest winner; also a runner up and she has also filled in for her share of time on the A Reserve court, despite spending much of her 200 games on the B Grade court. Lorree and her B Grade team mates are again in contention for the 2021 B Grade premiership, finishing the season in third and now they just have everything crossed that they will be released from lockdown to be able to compete in the 1st semi final this weekend. Casaterton Sandford are the reigning B Grade premiers, dating back tot he 2019 season, and Lorree was again a key to that successful campaign. Lorree is a hard running mid courter who is skillful in attack with her strong drives and accurate feeding but also works hard defensively, creating that turnover ball just when her team mates need it. Zhane Crawford might only have 50 games for the Casterton Sandford Netball Club but she has packed alot into those games. She is a 15 & under B premiership player as an elusive and accurate goaler and in 2021 she made her A Grade debut, playing on the attacking wing, and showing the same flair and composure as she does when in the shooting circle. Sarah Parson and Janine Parsons are the ultimate club people working hard on court and off and showing the tenacity and determination that is synonymous with the Cats across all grades. WINNERS ARE GRINNERS: (Above top) Loree Lane (pictured top left with her 2019 Western Border Netball Association B Grade runner up award & at her 200th game presentation at Malseed Park); (bottom row from left) Zhane Crawford, Sarah Parson & Janine Parsons all celebrated 50 games for the Casterton Sandford Netball Club.

Finals fever WESTERN BORDER FOOTBALL LEAGUE & NETBALL ASSOCIATION FINALS - SEPTEMBER 4 & 5 SEPTEMBER 4 2nd Semi Finals - Vansittart Park, Mount Gambier SEPTEMBER 5 1st Semi Finals - Mclaughlin Park, Millicent


SPORT Western Border Netball

Mid South East Netball 1ST SEMI FINAL A GRADE Tantanoola 53 (C., Lucas, E. Gould) d Mt Burr 44 (S. Nulty, L. Schultz) A RESERVE Port MacDonnell 51 (M. Millard) d tantanoola 31 (G. Clarke, K, Varcoe) B GRADE Tantanoola 49 (K, Taylor, N. Ritkowski) d Hathereligh 32 (N. Thomas, J Bowman) B RESERVE Glencoe 52 (B. Leibich, K. Owen) d Port MacDonnell 39 (F. Scott, L. Lewis) 17 & UNDER Mt Burr 57 (M. Gamble, A. Ballantyne) d Robe 24 (E. Mackey, M. Hayes) 15 & UNDER Kalangadoo 52 (C. Peacock, T. Lythgo) d Port MacDonnell 28 (B. Jones, S. Lewis) 13 & UNDER Mt Burr 36 (T. Gamble, S. Smith) d Nangwarry 23 (K. Epiha, S. Virtanen)

KNT Netball

QUALIFYING FINALS A GRADE Penola 41 (Jordyn Adams) d Border Districts 34 (Emma Hausler) A RESERVE Naracoorte 51 (Lucy Henschke) d Penola 39 (Tara Millard) B GRADE Penola 43 (Amelia Redman) d Naracoorte 39 (Tayla Solly) C GRADE Penola 37 (Kate Devereux) d Mundulla 32 (Michelle Leach) DIVISION ONE Keith 55 (Sophie Makin) d Naracoorte 46 (Haylee Broadbent) DIVISION TWO Border Districts 39 (Keely Rata) d Keith 36 (Millicent Rayson) 15 & UNDER Kingston 42 (Abby Mules) d Border Districts 37 (Amelia Mahney) 13 & UNDER A Mundulla 41 (Asha Mock) d Keith 38 (Anna McAuley) ELIMINATION FINAL RESULTS ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE

KNT Football QUALIFYING FINALS SENIORS Padthaway 2.3 6.7 9.9 15.11 (101) Kingston 2.6 2.7 8.8 11.8 (74) Goals - Padthaway: J. Vandermeer 5; T. Cox, T. Redigolo 3; J. Vandermeer 2; C. Marshall, M. Raitt. Kingston: J. Fisher 4; S. Robertson 2; T. Rogers, L. Toohey, C. Wood, B. Warner, J. Siviour. Best - Padthaway: J. Eats, J. Vandermeer, W. Verco, L. Eats, N. McCarthy, J. Vandermeer. Kingston: L. Toohey, J. Hill, H Lawrie, S. Robertson, J. Fisher. RESERVES Bordertown 4.2 7.3 15.6 18.6 (114) Penola 0.4 2.7 2.8 4.10 (34) Goals - Bordertown: J. Barras 6; G Twigden, B. Lodewyk, J, McCarthy, J. Creaser 2; Z. McLellan, D. Carnemoilla, T. Leigh, C. Makin. Penola: J, Foggo 2; L. March, T. Clayfield. Best - Bordertown: J. Barras, C. Makin, Z. McLellan, J, pepper, B. Hinge, S. Exton. Penola: J. Gartner, A. Brand, A. Zerk, D. Walker, J. Foggo, G Merrett. SENIOR COLTS Naracoorte 2.1 4.2 8.4 12.6 (78) Keith 1.1 2.3 6.4 9.5 (59) Goals - Naracoorte: D. Mckenny, J. Steadman 3; M. Maney, S. Lehane 2; S. Thomson, F. Taylor. Keith: B. Wilsdon 6; J. McAuley, T. llewellyn, J. Thompson. Best - Naracoorte: No details available. Keith: B. Wilsdon, T. Qualmann, J. Sigston, M. Hutchings, J. McAuley. JUNIOR COLTS Bordertown 0.1 5.7 6.13 9.19 (73) Kybybolite 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.1 (1) Goals -Bordertown: K. Hampel 3; C. paltridge 2; N. McCarthy, D. Twigden, C. Will, W. Harvey. Best - Bordertown: C. Will, N. McCarthy, C. Orrock, W. Harvey, A. Hampel, C. Paltridge. Kybybolite: C. Brodie, J. Ottoson-Crossling, C. Williams, L. Clyne, I. Phutthakham, O. Wardle. ELIMINATION FINAL RESULTS ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE


A GRADE Millicent 55 (T. Sanderson, L. Denton) d East Gambier 54 (T. Gray, E. Hunter); West Gambier 65 (S. Ritter, A. Cram) d North Gambier 55 (M. Renko, C. Davey) A RESERVE Millicent 67 (A. Janssen, A. Campbell) d East Gambier 44 (T. Gray, C. Perryman); North Gambier 40 (J. Little, L. Howe-Morgan) d West Gambier 34 (T. Carraill, J. Davey) B GRADE Millicent 49 (J. Sunderland, S. Gibson) d East Gambier 23 (I. Whaites, B. Jean); North Gambier 55 (S. Dally, K. Quinn) d West Gambier 45 (L. Jones, J. Kipping) C GRADE East Gambier 31 (A. Quick, K. Gaffney) d Millicent 27 (S. Sims, J. Reilly); North Gambier 56 (H. Fox, Z. Jones) d West Gambier 26 (O. James, M. Milich) 17 & UNDER Millicent 54 (R. Kenny, D. Tunkin) d East Gambier 45 (A. Bosko, B. Jean); West Gambier 61 (T. Bryant, Z. Malseed) d North Gambier 42 (L. Norman, A. Norman) 15 & UNDER A Millicent 59 (P Venn, L. Paul) d East Gambier 20 9T. Geraghty, J. Davis); North Gambier 46 (M. Griffiths, S. Mobbs) d West Gambier 28 (L. Croker, L. Simpson) 15 & UNDER B East Gambier 28 (M. Button, I. Dwyer) d Millicent 26 (A. Pratt, M. Fauchelle); West Gambier 36 (I. McGregor, A. Hudson) d North Gambier 20 (P. de Nys, G. Maldari) 13 & UNDER A Millicent 79 (E. Crowe, B. Coghlan) d East Gambier 5 (S. Clark, L. McIntosh); North Gambier 59 (C. Mitchell, R. Darimaani) d West Gambier 30 (H. Jackosn, M. Pearson) 13 & UNDER B Millicent 52 (T. Grosser, K. Dunn) d East Gammbier 4 (T. Kemp, J. O’Dea); West Gambier 35 (L. Pearson, M. Dyson) d North Gambier 24 (M. Human, L. Allen) 11 & UNDER Millicent 17 (C. Sigston, B. Madden) d East Gambier 8 ( L. Harris, A. Olsen); West Gambier 23 (I. RIchards, I; Lynch) d North Gambier 20 (S. Yeates, A. Kamphius) NO GAMES IN THE SOUTH GAMBIER V CASTERTON SANDFORD FIXTURE

Mid South East Football

1ST SEMI FINALS SENIORS Hatherleigh 4.2 6.4 8.7 12.12 (84) Robe 1.5 6.8 10.10 11.12 (78) Goals - Hatherleigh: J. Dowdy 3; J. Skeer, S. Telfer, J. Galpin 2; M. Telford, L. Brown, J. Ferguson-Lane. Robe: B. Laurie, R. Dickinson 3; S. Ferguson, G. Dutton, K. Woodward, J. Barritt, O. McInnes. Best - Hetherleigh: J. Dowdy, J. Skeer, W. Chay, J. Galpin, S. Waring, J. Faulkner. Robe: B. Laurie, G. Dutton, J. Barritt, J. Hentschke, T. Gould. RESERVES Port MacDonnell 5.3 10.5 12.7 17.12 (114) Kalangadoo 2.1 3.2 5.2 9.2 (56) Goals - Pt Mac: M. Brown 4; F. Lynch, B. O’Dine, T. Newton 2; R. Nattrass, T. Newton, R. Donovan, R. Timms, J. Simmonds, P. Buchanan, A. Richards. Kalangadoo: M. Varcoe 2; E. Young, T. Jones, J. Jamil, T. Searle, J. Mansell. Best - Pt Mac: R. Timms, T. Sullivan, B. O’Dibne, L. Lewis, P. Buchanan. Kalangadoo: J, Jamil, J. Mansell, B. Wagstaffe, T. Brennan, M. Muller, E. Young SENIOR COLTS Tantanoola 1.5 5.6 8.12 9.14 (68) Kongorong 0.2 3.4 4.4 8.8 (56) Goals - Tantanoola: E. Cushion 5; C. Kelly, J. Cytrowski, RF. Long, C. Baker. Kongorong: R. Maconachie, T. Bellinger 2; S. Von Stanke, B. Von Stanke-Dowie, L. Kyle, J. Allen. Best - Tantanoola: W. Scanlon, S. Altschwager, B. Hateley, A. Lindner, C. kelly, E. Cushion. Kongorong: J Allen, R. Maconachie, B. Von Stanke-Dowie, D. Wright Robe 2.0 3.3 3.4 6.7 (43) Glencoe 1.3 1.4 3.4 5.4 (34) Goals - Robe: K. Carter, A. McLachlan 2; B. Dew, M. McKenny. Glencoe: K. Price, L. Brierley 2; S. Haase. Best - Robe: V. Moore, C. Thomas, M. McKenny, K. Carter, A. Haggett. Glencoe: L. Brierley, K, Price, M. McGrath, S. Haase, T Rothall, M. Atchison.

MGNA Netball GRAND FINALS A GRADE Hobitz 56 d Intruders 46 Best On Court – Hobitz Samantha Crute A2 GRADE Intruders 33 lost to Hobitz 39 Best On Court – Hobitz Ieshia Goldsmith B1 GRADE Zodiacs 35 d Hobitz Blue 34 Best On Court – Zodiacs Tamara Ferguson B2 GRADE Saints 44 d Vicis 25 Best On Court – Saints Kerryn Schmidt 17 & UNDER Hobitz Red 33 d Hobitz Blue 27 Best On Court – Hobitz Red Tayla Hoody 15 & UNDER Zodiacs Blue 39 d Intruders 34 Best On Court – Intruders Misty Taylor 13 & UNDER A Saints 25 lost to Zodiacs 27 Best On Court – Saints Skye Gurry 13 & UNDER B Intruders 11 lost to Amazons 14 Best On Court – Amazons Elisabeth Benny

South East golf veterans A bleak South East day meant only 35 golf veterans turned up at the Blue Lake Links and scoring was difficult, amongst heavy showers and cold winds. First Division was taken out by Attamurra’s Kym Sutherland with 35 points, and then a countback ensued on 33, with Blue Lake’s Rob Ellis getting second from Robe’s Gordie Fleming. Second Division went to Lucindale’s Adrian Thiele who is always around the place with 33, from Bob Tonkin 32 and Russ Lingham 31. Everybody got a ball in the rundown and Tim MacLean, Attamurra’s par 3 specialist, took out both NTPs. The Ross Orchard Trophy went to Bob Davies and Graham Pilgrim. An amazing eagle was shot by Attamurra’s Peter Waters on the 15th. His playing partners watched his high shot go in on the second bounce and stay in. The next meeting is at Bordertown on September 6 followed by Naracoorte on September 20.

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Dedicated Demons reach 350 in style Port MacDonnell Netball Club celebrates two champions of the game Narelle Lewis - 350 games Narelle Lewis (left) has done just about everything possible on and off the netball court at the Port MacDonnell Netball Club and the current club president has now added 350 game player to the resume. She started with the Demons in 1996 as a junior, moving her way into the 13 & Under age group in 1998, winning the best and fairest the following season and then tasting premiership success in the 15 & under age group in 2000. In 2004, Narelle graduated to senior netball winning the A Reserve best and fairest for two successive seasons, before she took some time away from the court for the birth of her two daughters, returning in 2010 as the B Grade playing coach, claiming the premiership and finishing runner up in the club best and fairest count. 2013 was another season off for the birth of her son but again on return she picked up where she left off, winning the A Reserve best and fairest in her return season before earning an A Grade berth in 2015, playing in the top two grades for the remainder of the 350 games. She has also continued coaching on and off and led the club to the 2019 A Reserve premiership. Off the court, Narelle has rolled up her sleeves as part of the club’s netball committee since 2012, serving as vice president as well before assuming the top role. A regular at working bees, taking on umpiring and lending a helping hand with any other jobs that need doing around the club. She has had wonderful support from her husband Dean, daughters Sophie (15’s), Bailee (13’s) and Brock (U/12 football.

Narelle has been a had working mid courter, as well as circle defender, during her decorated career and she has built a reputation as a tenacious, tight checking defensive player, as well as a strong driver and accurate deliverer of the ball. Reliable to always give 100 per cent effort, Narelle has been an on court leader since her junior days.

Nuske & Scanlon win 2-4-2 Last week, 40 players took to the Millicent Bowls Club greens, down on numbers from the previous week. Before going out to play, Brian Roper congratulated Aaron Emonson, the tournament director, on being picked in the Para State Side Bowls Competition that was to be played in Queensland this month but at this stage has been postponed due to COVID. The winning team for last week’s 2-4-2, saw David Nuske and Peter Scanlon finish the day with a score of 34+9 taking home the $40 each. Coming in second and receiving the $5 Bar Voucher was Garry Wilson and Sarah Ross with a score of 33+20. Other winning teams for the day were, Sam Schofield, Iain Campbell just missing out on the bar voucher by 2 shots with a score of 33+18. Brian Goode, Bill Burdon 33+7. Carlene Godden, Robert Radley 32+7. David Botting, John Madden 32+3. Ross Warren, Mary Clifford 29+4. Graham Parsons, Frank Cooper 29+4. Chris Earl, Carl Schapel 28+5 and Andrea Radley, Malcolm Wright 28+1. Brian also reminded all players that Open Pennant practice will be held on Saturday, September 4, with names in no later than 12.30pm on the day. The Millicent Bowls Club is looking forward to a good year in pennants this year with the club taking part in Mid-Week Pennants on Wednesdays, Ladies Pennants on Fridays and Open Pennants on Saturdays. 2-4-2 WINNERS: David Nuske & Peter Scanlon

Belinda O’Dine - 350 games Belinda O’Dine (right) is a tenacious defender who always takes the most dangerous goaler and always has an impact despite often being undersized. She started her netball with the Port MacDonnell Netball Club in 1995, elevating to competition netball in 1998, where she enjoyed

five successive grand finals, and was part of the 2000 15 & Under premiership team with long time team mate Narelle Lewis. Belinda also graduated to senior ranks in 2004 ,playing A Reserve, and she is currently a member of that A Reserve team as she passes that 350 game mark. She was part of the Demons 2009 A Grade premiership, the 2010

runner-up A Grade team and the 2019 A Reserve premiership side. Belinda has coached 13 & Under, 15 & Under, 17 & Under as well as A Reserve and has also been on the committee and served as secretary as well as treasurer. Belinda is supported by her husband Ben and boys Lenny and Judd.



Blue Lake bonanza


Tight contests at Attamurra

Plenty of silverware handed out to golfers It was a very busy program for the female golfers at the Blue Lake Golf Club last Wednesday with many taking advantage of mild but cold conditions. The August Monthly Medal sponsored by Bev Pascoe was won by Sue Agars after a very consistent round. Next was the announcement of the winner of the Marlene Lingham Memorial Stableford Trophy with the best score from three of four rounds went to vice captain Geraldine Scott, who was a great friend of Marlene who passed away two years ago, and was honoured to have her name on the trophy. Individual stroke round winners for division one were Sue Agars with a great scorecard of 91/23/68 that included pars on the 2nd, 4th and 5th, gross 49, but even better on the last seven holes on the inward nine after a double bogey and bogey to par the 12th, 13th, 14th and 15th to knock off seven shots to give her gross 42. Runner up Ronda Edwards 91/20/71 only had one par on the on the outward nine and a run of bogeys but bounced back with pars on the 12th, 14th and 15th to finish her day with two very even sides 45/46. Geraldine Scott followed with 100/25/75. Regularly in the winners circle, Bev Pascoe in Division 2 snatched the top spot after a countback from Lesley McPherson both signing for nett 77. Pascoe had a par on the 5th finishing 109/32 and McPherson parred the 16th, 111/34. Karen Panagopolous and Lynette Hirth both had nett 79. Nearest to the pin 2nd shot winner’s were Annette Ford (Division 1) Panagopolous (Division 2). Pro-shot winner on the downhill par three 5th was Agars. The novelty event, least putts, gave a ball each to Rosemary Martland 26 and Lynette Hirth 32 and on countback Lesley McPherson. Tis week will be the last of the short course trophy rounds sponsored by Grant and Dianne Perryman. WINNERS ARE GRINNERS: (Above top) Monthly medal winner Sue Agars & Marlene Lingham


On a cold but clear day a large field of 35 female golfers competed on August 18 in the 4th Round of the Hudson Plumbing Stableford. There were good scores recorded with Denise Harvey heading the leader board. Denise, playing off a 22 handicap, had a great day registering 39 points. Denise had 19 points on the front nine and 20 on the back nine, including six three pointers and scored on every hole. Runner up on a countback was the ever consistent Jan Shanahan (19 Handicap) who has been a regular placegetter over the past few months. ] Jan had 37 points – 16 on the front Nnne and a very good 21 points on the back nine, posting four pars and had no wipeouts for the day. Relatively newcomer taking out third position on countback, was Jill Johnson (43 Handicap) also scoring 37. Jill had 20 points on the front nine and 17 on the difficult back nine. Helping her score greatly was a fine shot onto the Par 3 16th Hole landing within 46cms of the hole, scored a birdie and collected fivepoints. There were eight Ladies featuring in the ball run-down ranging from 36 points to 32 points. Speciality prizes went to Heather Barry for the Pro Shot on the 8th Hole, landing 82cms and collected a birdie, plus three balls. Second Shot on the 1st hole was won by A Grade Andrea Pegler, B Grade Janina Morrison and C Grade newcomer Helen Heaver. SATURDAY LADIES GOLF REPORT 21/8/21 At last, Spring-like weather finally came to the Mount Gambier Golf Course and 15 lLadies enjoyed the pleasant conditions. The course was in a great state plus the greens were running fast but true. Lyndal McInerney (40 handicap) played the course really well and as it was a Par Round she returned a score of three up. Lyndal had a really good back nine having five wins and two wipes equating to three up and won her the first placing. In second position with a great score of two up was Helen McIntyre (19 Handicap). Helen also conquered the long back nine finishing with three up added to a one down on the front nine and registering a birdie on the 12th Hole. Yvonne Shirley (28 Handicap) took out third honours losing on a countback, also registering two up. Yvonne had a very consistent back nine carding eight squares and one win together with one up on the front nine which equalled 2up.

Memorial Stableford Trophy winner Geraldine Scott STROKE INDIVIDUAL WINNERS: (Above bottom - back row) Division

1 winner Sue Agars & runner up Ronda Edwards & (front) Division 2 runner up Lesley McPherson & winner Bev Pascoe

FOURTH ROUND OF THE HUDSON PLUMBING STABLEFORD PODIUM: Second placed Jan Shanahan & third placed Jill Johnson. Absent: Winner Denise Harvey





Finals hopes still alive in winter darts In round 13 of Division 1 winter darts, Tav Slingers kept their hopes of a top two finish alive with a 13-8 defeat of third placed Us who although losing find themselves now back up in 2nd position on the ladder. The clash between the minor round premiers German Club and 2nd placed GWT - who now drop back to 3rd - didn’t live up to expectations at all with the former handing them a thrashing to the tune of 20 games to 1. In the remaining match, SA1 who are now cemented in 6th position at the bottom of the ladder went down to the 5th placed Millicent Misfits outfit who now mathematically avoid the wooden spoon but have no chance of making the finals. Division 2 saw both the top 2 teams Port Mac Pirates having good 11-4 wins over respective opponents Redbacks R Us and Flanagans while 3rd placed German Club Lions – missing their two best players - fell over the line with an 8-7 win against 4th placed SA2 (who were also without one of their best) - now slip back to 5th and out of finals contention for now at least - in a match that went right down to the wire and was decided in the very last leg of darts. In other matches, Us Too had a 10-5 win - which brings them off the bottom rung of the ladder for the time being – against Commersh 2 who now occupy that spot. Millicent Bandits moved up to 4th on the ladder and into finals contention with a one match win buffer after defeating Easterners 9-6 but still remain vulnerable with percentages being so close and still having 2 matches to play to complete the minor round. RSL Snipers backed up last week’s win with another one this week to elevate themselves from the bottom of the ladder and into finals contention at the expense of Tavern Tigers who they defeated 8-7 in a close one. Tigers now find themselves in the wooden spoon position. Ladder leaders Attamurra Arrows are now guaranteed the minor premiership despite having the bye after 2nd placed Highway Rangers went down to Us3 who are currently sitting in 3rd. Highway rangers are likely to retain that 2nd spot and the double chance come finals with only the bottom 2 teams to be faced in the last 2 rounds of the season and Us3 only with 1 match to be played and the other round being a bye. INDIVIDUAL RESULTS: 180 - Karl Schaefer, Jason Fulham, Andrew West, Mathew Little, Bryon Collins 177 - Chad Chewter 174- Moz Lorigan, Matt Blok 160 - Will Trench 140 - x 4 - Karl Schaefer, Jason Fulham; x 3 - David Barnes, Mick Williams; x 2 - Chad Chewter, Joel Pearson, Shane Ash, Angelo Moretti, Warrick Dihm, Wayne Devlin, Mick Maynard, Mark Hall, Rik Makevits, Damien Stanton, Moz Lorigan Adrian Button; x 1 - John Simpson, Julie Taylor, Phil Todd, Dave Porter, Karen Dawson, Andrew West, Skott Lorigan, Mark Childs, Luke Little, Dale Rankine, Alan Ferguson, Mick Gardner, Anthony Sneath, Fred Knight, John Blok, Stevie Brown, Dan Champion, Mark Simpson, Andrew Earl, Logan Climas HIGH PEGS 120 - Joel Pearson, John Simpson; 105 - Angelo Moretti; 104 - Julie Taylor, Nathan Gunn; 100 - Angelo Moretti, Dave Coombe; 99 - James Brooks; 97 - Karl Schaefer; 96 - Jamie Coates, Malcolm Lockwood; 94 - Martin Moir; 92 - Auto Fuentes, Adrian Button; 88 - Brendan McInnes; 85 - Paul Reade, Andrew Earl; 82 - Jess Lawrie & 81 - Jim Coombe LOW GAMES 14 - Karl Schaefer; 15 - Karl Schaefer, John Simpson; 16 - Karl Schaefer; 17 - Auto Fuentes, Mick Maynard; 18 - Jason Fulham x2, Chad Chewter, James Brooks, David Barnes; 19 - Jason Fulham, Craig Lynch, Mark Hall, Malcolm Lockwood; 20 - Karl Schaefer, Jason Fulham, Jamie Coates; 21 - Karl Schaefer, Chad Chewter, John Simpson, Dave Coombe, Martin Moir, Adrian Button; 22 - Mathew Little; 23 - Alan Ferguson, Mick Gardner, Bryon Collins; 25 - Neil Winkley

Ladder positions still up for grabs in 8Ball SOUTH EAST WOMEN’S EIGHTBALL LEAGUE After 19 rounds of the season, ladder leaders German Club shooters now find themselves enjoying a 3 match win buffer once again with the 2nd placed team Eastern Sapphires sitting out with the bye and now dropping to 3rd on the ladder. Shooters got over the line 9 frames to 6 against and undermanned (not sure if that’s the right word in this instance) German Club Legends who were a player short. Legends retain 4th spot on the ladder and should remain there to qualify for division 1 come end of the minor round. Meanwhile, German Club Warriors were promoted to 2nd on the ladder thanks to a big win over bottom placed RSL but will be battling to stay there with a bye still to come and Sapphires being on equal points already having theirs. Division 2 – 5th to 8th positions – sees Just Jens, Commersh Cougas, JT Strikers and Park Panthers all on 8 wins and 9 losses with the former 3 of the 4 all within 3 frames of each other so where they qualify come finals time is anyone’s MOUNT GAMBIER EIGHTBALL ASSOCIATION Not too much change in the top half of the ladder after round 20 except for Commersh Chaos elevated themselves to division 2 and 10th position after defeating the all-female team of German Club Nemows 10 frames to 5 who are now relegated to division 3 on the 11th rung for the time being. In the bottom half of the ladder there’s been a bit of shuffling with Commercial Club Cavemen, and Eastern Rangers both gaining positions after posting wins last Wednesday night while German Club TNT even managed to gain a position – after narrowly losing – with things being so close down in division 4. German Club Chokers got their 4th win of the season to put them in finals contention for the first time this year, they now sit in 20th spot which is the cutoff qualifying position for division 4 finals. Any team below that spot will miss out on playing in the finals series. In last week’s matches all top 8 teams had good wins with the exception of German Club Gatecrashers who struggled against the lower ranked German Club Outlaws who played well. They eventually got the job done with a couple of frames to spare but couldn’t capitalise on the momentum to gain any extra percentage and came away with the 8-7 win in a close one. 6th placed Linksview also had a close match against German Club Shooters - the other all-female side in the competition – which saw them being 7-4 down 11 frames into the match but dug deep and snatched victory from the jaws of defeat by winning the last 4 frames and pinching the win 8 frames to 7. RSL sat out the round with the bye but managed to retain their 8th position ranking in the middle of division 2. Round 21 will see Cavemen face-off against the in-form Saints in the Commercial Club Derby. Saints who sit just one solitary frame behind Gatecrashers on the ladder are a chance to regain a position after the latter’s narrow win last Wednesday night who will play Linksview Crawlers – who can’t be underestimated - on their home turf. OTHER EIGHTBALL NEWS A singles tournament was held at Bordertown RSL on the weekend in lieu of the annual Marshall & Moore Memorial Cup teams event which was unable to go ahead due to Victorian teams not attending for obvious reasons. The Friday night knockout event was won by local player Lachie Bagshaw while another Bordertown local Ian Scown won the main event on the Sunday. Players qualified via round-robin sections on the Saturday with a number of entrants travelling from Mount Gambier.


Thrilling results in round three Week three of the Mount Gambier Table Tennis Winter 2021 Season once again served up some thrilling results across all grades, as well as some one-sided affairs. Sarah’s Team continued their winning ways in the A Grade, this time proving far too strong for the Charming Archies. Leigh Barry was once again extremely solid and reliable for Sarah’s Team, winning all of his singles rubbers, while Sarah Thompson and David Fox also chipped in with good performances to steer their team to a dominant 8-3 victory. Thompson was pushed to five-games in two of her rubbers, winning both. Ian Conlin was the best for Charming Archie, coming away with two victories from his three rubbers. Siri’s Team had a tougher time in their encounter with Where The Hell ‘R’ Ya, Sirinat and Nick Sweet scoring victories in their respective opening singles rubbers before Kevin Patzel hit back for Where The Hell ‘R’ Ya with a commanding win over Andrew Moore. The teams went toe-to-toe for most of the night, the overall outcome hinging on the final rubber of the match between Travis Sweet and Bill-John Watson. Unfortunately for Watson and Where The Hell ‘R’ Ya, he was no match for a nimble and classy Sweet who took the rubber in three games to give Siri’s Team the 6-5 win. The mother and son Sweet combination came away undefeated on the night. The final A Grade encounter of the night was yet another close encounter, Scott Davies’ undefeated effort not quite enough to carry JJ’ to victory over Ben Newman’s Warriors. Davies triumphed over Newman in an epic five-game tussle to close out the evening, but sadly by that stage the Warriors had already clinched the match by 6 rubbers to 5. B Grade results were again a mixture of tight tense battles and dominant walkovers, RLM scraping over the line to score a 6-5 win over the Backhand Bandits while Revengers continued their dominance, barely raising a sweat in their 9-2 victory over the Raiders. Cameron Beal and Olu Lande were standout performers for Revengers, both coming away with clean sheets in their singles rubbers. In the C Grade, Jake Connell and Hailee Barnes were outstanding in their singles endeavours, both remaining undefeated on the night to guide The Fires to an easy 9-2 victory over the Cyborgs. Sergio Cesaro and Emina Leamey provided some respectability to the score card for the Cyborgs, but it was mostly one-way traffic for the duration of the match. Jedda Hardcastle turned in a gutsy undefeated performance to steer her Hurricanes team to a close 6-5 win against Tom Horrigan’s Spinning Sonics, the final result coming down to the last rubber of the match between Richard and Tom Horrigan. Richard started strongly for the Hurricanes, taking the first game before Tom levelled up the contest in the second, both players’ defences proving impenetrable as they traded powerful smashes and deceitful topspin lobs. Eventually experience won out over youth, Hurricane’s player Richard outlasting his Spinning Sonics opponent in a tense fifth game by the barest of margins. Ethan Ransom led Paladin to a comfortable 7-4 win over the Rollers in the final C Grade match-up of the night, the teams remaining close in the early stages before Paladin blew their opposition out the water with a run of four consecutive wins in the back end of the match to build an unassailable lead. Ransom was the standout performer with a clean sheet for Paladin, while Chris Turner tried valiantly for the Rollers. Highlights included Paladin player Nudee Cook’s never-say-die efforts, all three of her singles rubbers lasting the full five exhausting games. 3-rubber winners: • A Grade: Leigh Barry (Sarah’s Team), Sirinat Sweet, Travis Sweet (Siri’s Team), • B Grade: Cameron Beal, Olu Lande (Revengers) • C Grade: Jake Connell, Hailee Barnes (The Fires) Jedda Hardcastle (The Hurricanes)

Indoor bowls results Kimberly-Clark Australia Pennants – Qualification & Elimination Finals Kilsby Shield Qualification Final Post-Tel 62 d Wandilo Water Rats 44 Elimination Final Mt Gambier Bowls Club 51 d Glenburnie 48 Malseed Shield Qualification Final Mil Lel 54 d Saints 43 Elimination Final Kongorong 85 d Moorak Red 33 Howell & Davis Shield Qualification Final Blue Lake Bowlers Blue 59 d Yahl 46 Elimination Final Blue Lake Bowlers White 68 d Moorak Blue 37 Next Week’s Semi Finals Allocations KIlsby Shield to be played at RSL & District Bowling Club 1st Semi Final: Wandilo Water Rats vs Mt Gambier Bowls Club 2nd Semi Final: Commercial Club vs Post-Tel Malseed Shield to be played at Mt Gambier Bowls Club 1st Semi Final: Saints vs Kongorong 2nd Semi Final: RSL & District vs Mil Lel Howell & Davis Shield to be played at St Pauls Hall 1st Semi Final: Yahl vs Blue Lake Bowlers White 2nd Semi Final Glencoe vs Blue Lake Bowlers Blue



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