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Field of dreams

Growing the future forestry workforce See full story inside in our rural section

Dancing queen Preparing to live the dream Virtual Reality (VR) technology is being used as a tool to attract the next generation of foresters to the Green Triangle. New two-minute career snapshots of foresters and ecologists working in the field have been filmed using innovative 360-degree cameras in recent

weeks, creating immersive learning experiences that will soon be shared in high school classrooms across Australia. The footage allows students to step into a VR world, walking through the estate alongside featured foresters, Courtney Pink

and Jack Carter to learn about a day in their working life. FORESTRY IN FOCUS: Courtney Pink, SFM regional forester, at the Glencoe Nursery filming the new forest VR footage.

Moulin Rouge is the end game - a lifelong goal - and that means working hard, learning as much as possible and getting a foot in the door of professional dancing. That’s the scenario for MJ Dance Studio graduate Molly Clark, who has secured a spot in her preferred dance school - Sydney’s iconic Brent Street - meaning she is well on track with her next chapter starting in 2022. See inside for full story

g n i c n a D Molly Clark has only just turned 18 but already she has 14 years of dancing under her belt. She first walked into MJ Dance Studio to attend a fun class with her cousin and dancing and the highly regarded dance school have been an integral part of her life ever since. “I moved into competition classes pretty quickly after that and I have never really done anything else,” Molly said. “I still love it. I have been one for sitting around, I never stay still.” Turns out she is really quite good at it as well and she has every intention to turn her passion into a career.

She is completing Year 12 at Tenison Woods College this year and then she is Sydney bound, having already secured a position at Brent Street, an iconic performing arts school where positions are coveted. Molly can’t pinpoint the exact time but it feels like forever that she has seen her future career as something in dance. “I think I’ve known for quite a while that dance is what I have wanted to do,” she said. And that saw Molly spending the start of this year, investigating her options for 2022 and planning an audition schedule to earn a position in a full time course.

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“I was going to audition basically everywhere and the first one was Brent Street, which was my first choice,” she said. “I auditioned on a Monday and received my offer that Thursday and that was that – no more auditions. It was where I wanted to go so it made sense to say yes and just get on with it.” Molly was one of 600 hopefuls looking to secure a position at Brent Street so she is thrilled to have impressed enough to be offered one of the coveted positions at the Sydney training ground. “The program, the teachers, the facilities – just knowing who I will get to work with makes me so excited about this opportunity,” Molly said. “Everyone wants to be at this school and you have to work hard to get there – it all feels a bit surreal.” This next chapter of her dancing life starts on January 27 and Molly will know at least one class mate – a friend from Adelaide – and the plan is they will probably live together as they both embark on this exciting journey. Life at Brent Street is wall to wall performing arts from 8am to 4.30pm five days a week. There is ballet or Pilates every morning and then a raft of performing arts classes from dancing, which will take up most of Molly’s time, to singing and acting. And Molly already has her sights set on where to after that initial year of training – she plans to audition for the musical theatre course. “I just want to get as much training as I can,” Molly said. While Molly realises in an industry as fickle as the performing arts, especially in the current climate where it has been an industry hard hit by COVID restrictions, she is still planning her future and it is a future on the stage. She is tempted by the experience working on a cruise ship can bring, following in the footsteps of many an MJ alumni. “Basically you have to take every opportunity that comes your way,” Molly said. “My end goal is Moulin Rouge.” The previous success of a raft of MJ graduates across a variety of fields in the performing arts certainly has inspired Molly. “It makes you realise that you don’t have to have been dancing in the city to achieve success,” she said. “As long as I work hard I can do as well as anyone.” Molly admits dance has arguably always ranked above school but she is dedicated to her Year 12 studies this year but still looking to spend every spare

minute in the studio, working on her craft. “I am working the hardest I ever had,” she said. Her research project for her Year 12 studies is dance related – a look at the impact being involved in competitive dance has on your body confidence and self esteem. She has already completed State 2 Dance in Year 11 and she is also studying English, General Maths, Psychology and Religion. While her research project is yet to reveal any findings, Molly believes dance has had a positive impact on her confidence and self esteem but she is all too aware there can be negative and positive impacts. “I think being at MJ has really helped because it is like a family – I have found it supportive and everyone is always encouraging you and I think that makes all the difference in how you feel about yourself.”

Molly also has a couple of secret weapons, having spent a lot of time in 2020 with Asha Rodda and Tenielle Grubb, who have both moved to Queensland to pursue dancing, and they are only a phone call or a snapchat away from giving Molly valuable advice. “Talking to them, especially when they have been back this year, has got me excited about next year and what I’m going to be doing,” Molly said. She has also valued the many experiences she has already been afforded by both MJ Dance Studio director Maria Slape and senior teacher Christina Jenkin, who have made a habit of inviting celebrated teachers and choreographers to the studio to ensure their students received the best possible education.

Seaside success in State tourism awards Robe set to represent South Australia at national tourism awards It’s official. Robe is South Australia’s Small Tourism Town of the Year and will now represent SA at the national awards in August. For those if us on the Limestone Coast, everything Robe has to offer is anything but a secret but now the rest of the State and Australia will be reminded of this jewel in the Limestone Coast crown. Handed over by the Governor of South Australia, His Excellency the Honourable Hieu Van Le AC, the Top Tourism Town awards program was convened by the Tourism Industry Council South Australia (TiCSA). The other two main gongs awarded saw Moonta named the Top Tourism Town and Clare received the Voters’ Choice award. TiCSA CEO Shaun de Bruyn was thrilled with the response to the inaugural awards program. “South Australia’s towns are very special as they each deliver unique and innovative experiences that attract visitors, create jobs and generate strong economic activity,” he said. “It is wonderful to acknowledge South Australia’s towns and the significant

“...South Australia’s towns are very special as they each deliver unique and innovative experiences that attract visitors, create jobs and generate strong economic activity...” Shaun de Bruyn (Tourism Industry Council South Australia CEO) contribution they make to our vibrant tourism industry.” District Council of Robe manager tourism & events Camille Lehmann said the promotional value of winning awards was immense for a small town like Robe. “The winning of this award provides a huge benefit to a small town like Robe, as it is recognition of the great work undertaken by council, the Robe Tourism Association and the wider community to showcase Robe’s great visitor experiences,” Ms Lehmann said. “This marketing will assist in attracting new visitors to

our town. Being a small town and small council we do not have big marketing budgets, therefore the marketing package which was part of the prize from this award is a fantastic opportunity to help market our wonderful town to visitors who may not have heard of Robe before and are enticed to come and experience our beautiful village.” The tourism & events manager said the diversity of experiences in the seaside town ensured its wide appeal. “There are many selling points which draw visitors to Robe,” Ms Lehmann said. “Our abundance

of local delights to indulge in, local beer, wine, gin, cheese, seafood, coffee, beef jerky, camel milk gelato and much more are a real hit for the gastronomic tourists.” Robe’s famous Long Beach and all the beautiful beaches were also highlighted by the town’s tourism chief. “Visitors come to go swimming, surfing, fishing or many other water sports, or even to just a walk along the amazing stretch of white sandy coastline,” Ms Lehmann said. “They come to walk or mountain bike ride along the incredible coastal trails to see some of Robe’s amazing scenery – the rugged

“...The wider community play a huge role in making Robe the wonderful place to visit that it is...” Camille Lehmann (District Council of Robe manager tourism & events

Limestone cliffs, Guichen Bay, the jetty, Obelisk, Doorway Rock and the Lighthouse.” The opportunity to explore the back beaches of Robe and 4x4 drive through the sand dunes of Little Dip Conservation Park was also a drawcard as was the heritage of the Robe. “To experience Robe’s history and visit the heritage listed buildings and sites that you can walk or drive around to visit, or even dive into the history of the gold rush trail where Chinese immigrants landed in Robe and walked all the way to the Victorian goldfields,” Ms Lehmann said, as she also identified simply exploring Robe’s retail outlets. And then there was the town’s greatest tourism asset – the people. “The wider community play a huge role in making Robe the wonderful place to visit that it is,” Ms Lehmann said. “The friendly welcome provided by the businesses, which are full of our wonderful locals, and the Robe locals out and about in the community all help in shaping visitors experiences while they are in Robe. These positive experiences assist with repeat visitation and those visitors recommending to their friends and family to come and visit Robe as well.” The submissions were judged alongside strict criteria by a panel of industry experts. Mount Gambier was the other Limestone Coast destination in the running. SIMPLY THE BEST: His Excellency the Honourable Hieu Van Le AC, Govenor of South Australia, Robe Mayor Alison Nunan & District Council of Robe CEO James Holyman

Business opportunity Naracoorte Lucindale Council’s Business Innovation Grants Program has been re-opened for 2020-21. Due to the lack of eligible submissions received during the first call for submissions, council has re-opened the program and is seeking new submissions. The grants are aimed at helping new and established businesses in the council area to grow and thrive. Funding is available for initiatives that support the development of small businesses through activities such as expansion; maintenance; research and development and Innovation. The total pool of the grant program is $20,000 and council will consider applications for oneoff cash grants of up to $10,000 per business. Grants will be awarded on a competitive basis and until funding is exhausted. Applications close on Friday, June 11. For more detailed information on the grants program and to submit an application, go to the council website.

In the right headspace Local youth mental health advocate secures national role “It is the thing I care about the most.” That is the words of Kyra Sykes who is a passionate advocate for young people, especially in the mental health space. Having battled personal demons and struggling to find a way through the mental health system for the best part of a decade, Kyra is definitely still a work in progress but she has turned her experiences into a positive by taking on volunteer advocacy roles through headspace – a youth mental health organisation. Kyra’s work with headspace in the Limestone Coast pre-dates the setting up of the Mount Gambier centre five years ago – work that has not only impacted others but also helped keep Kyra in the right headspace. A creative soul, Kyra’s work in the public space has focussed on story telling through words and images – Kyra was a journalist in a past life and continues freelance work for local publications and has created artworks and exhibitions highlighting mental health to the wider community. Kyra brings a sense of fun and authenticity to the headspace work – from Youth Week activities to headspace centre programs to the print media stories and art exhibitions. Not surprisingly, Kyra’s energy and expertise captured the attention of headspace nationally and Kyra has brought a strong regional voice to the headspace Youth National Reference Group (hY NRG), which is made up of a diverse group of young people of varying ages, genders and cultural backgrounds. Kyra’s work as part of that group has spawned a new role for the passionate mental health advocate who has secured a national youth advisor role which will see Kyra mentoring and facilitating the recruitment and development of new members for the hY NRG. “Having just been a member of that, this is the next step,” Kyra said. “There were four roles available and I applied. The first task is recruiting new members for the new nY NRG and I am looking forward to continuing my work nationally which is really cool. I think it’s important I am able to bring a regional perspective to things. I am also looking forward to staying connected to what is happening nationally and to keep my finger on the pulse of what is happening with young people.” At the ripe, old age of 26, Kyra is looking to continue working in the youth mental health space for many years to come and will continue to pursue as many opportunities to keep the issues they are most passionate about – access to mental health services in regional areas for young people and advocating for individuality,

“...I couldn’t believe I was even worth investing in as this young person from Mount Gambier sitting around a table in Melbourne but I had my voice heard about the things I care about and you can’t put a value on that....” queer visibility and artistic expression to help maintain a healthy headspace. “Living as a young person in a regional area with mental health concerns has been my reality and that is why I am so committed to making things better for young people here,” Kyra said. “I don’t want them to have to struggle as much as I did with mental health and mental health issues and finding them the help and support I wish I had got to have when I was a bit younger.” Being part of the national reference group has been as valuable for Kyra personally as it has been for the work the headspace volunteer continues to do at the coalface in the Limestone Coast. “To spend time with other young people who are like minded people but who have such different stories and different challenges in our own spaces has been amazing,” Kyra said. “It has also shown there is a big difference at times between the challenges of people in the cities and the challenges in regional areas but coming together to discuss it all helps with coming up with solutions and ideas. I felt alone for such a long time and to team up with other people is the best thing that has happened to me.” Kyra also has the insight of having been both a client and volunteer at headspace, giving a unique perspective from both sides of the headspace experience. “It gives me a well rounded experience,” Kyra said. “I think it enables me to have a lot more open discussions and open dialogue, especially with younger people. And I love that there is a place for parents to also learn whatever they can to make things easier and to help their kids. It is a service for young people, family and friends. It is a great resource.” Kyra is yet to have any face to face contact in her new role but by the second half of this year expects to be travelling to Melbourne, in particular, as things start to ramp up with the national youth advisor role. “My goal is to ensure that the new members (of hY NRG) feel comfortable, see the value of their role and have their voices heard,” Kyra said. “I want to help them

“ as a young person in a regional area with mental health concerns has been my reality and that is why I am so committed to making things better for young people here...”

“...I think it’s important I am able to bring a regional perspective to things. I am also looking forward to staying connected to what is happening nationally and to keep my finger on the pulse of what is happening with young people...” perform to their best in this setting. It can be quite confronting coming into a new group of people. I remember how overwhelming it felt. I couldn’t believe I was even worth investing in as this young person from Mount Gambier sitting around a table in Melbourne but I had my voice heard about the things I care about and you can’t put a value on that.”

“..the cool thing about being a young person now is being able to design your own life...” Kyra is one of a new generation of young people who spend a lot more time exploring career options going forward, juggling multiple jobs and trying their hand at a number of different opportunities. “I have thought about a lot of study options and there are so many avenues I can follow to continue working in this space,” Kyra said. “I just need to find what will suit me best and I know I really enjoy variety. That’s what I like about my work life balance. At the moment I have three jobs and I love them so much for so many

different reasons. I tried the full time thing and that didn’t really work out for me. The cool thing about being a young person now is being able to design your own life.” And Kyra is also a strong advocate for not seeing moving away from a regional area to a metropolitan area as the only measure of success for young people. “There has been that sense you have to leave to succeed and while that works for some people, moving away doesn’t work for everyone and I don’t want young people to think they have to go to make something of themselves,” Kyra said. Kyra cannot speak highly enough of the local headspace team, especially with the challenges of tyranny of distance in terms of attracting services and funding. “They are awesome,” Kyra said. “They are focussed on providing quality over quantity and getting the right support in place. They

have created a space where young people can connect and there is always cool stuff happening, not just in school holidays, but all the time.” COVID restrictions have added their own challenges as well but Kyra is as front and centre locally as she is hoping to continue to be nationally as she fulfils this new national youth advisor role. “I am stoked to keep working with headspace,” Kyra said. “I have never felt so valued and important in my life and to have that feeling from a national organisation that I love so much, to feel that way, is awesome.” GIVING THIS REGION A NATIONAL VOICE: Kyra Sykes, at one of her many jobs, front of house at Presto Eatery, in Mount Gambier, has secured a national role with youth mental health organisation headspace.

“..I have never felt so valued and important in my life and to have that feeling from a national organisation that I love so much, to feel that way, is awesome....”

Experience not essential A passion for the community drives dancer to Swinging with the Stars success Kate Palm had barely unpacked all her moving boxes when she was seconded to be part of Swinging with the Stars – a passion for the community and a personal recommendation all playing their part in her resounding yes. “I moved back home from Melbourne about six months ago and quickly got myself involved with the community again,” the Penola local said. “I was approached by the sub committee about potentially being a part of it and to be honest, I really couldn’t think of a reason why not to. My sister-in-law did it in 2019 and I know how much she enjoyed it so that was also a bit of a driving force to say yes.” Raising money for the Stand Like Stone Foundation also played a huge role in Kate lining up to learning four dances ready to trip the light fantastic on June 19 at The Barn. “I am quite familiar with the foundation and the incredible work they do for our region which is why saying yes to Swinging With The Stars was a bit of a no brainer,” she said. Representing the Penola Coonawarra Sub Fund, Kate has basically wrapped up her fundraising events, although people can still donate through the website, and Kate has been amazed by the level of support she, and in turn, the foundation has

received from her hometown. “The fundraising has been incredible,” she said. “The generosity of our community has been overwhelming. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a huge job in amongst learning all of the dancing but I have been lucky enough to have a group of very supportive people behind me helping make it all happen. I am extremely proud of how much we have raised. My fundraising events are all done now so my main focus is the dancing and preparing for June 19.” And with no previous dancing experience that has been a challenge in itself, as she teams with a first time partner for the Swinging with the Stars, Lewis Riley. “My first few lessons are a complete blur as it was all so overwhelming and I was genuinely questioning whether or not I could do it,” Kate said. “Turns out I could though thanks to the amazing team at Hype. Learning four completely different styles of dance with zero experience has certainly had its challenges but I wouldn’t change it for anything. I love all four dances.” Aside from the Sunday group sessions, Kate and Lewis are also looking to squeeze in more rehearsal time, especially as the gala performance fast approaches. “We love the group rehearsals but we also like to

“...learning four completely different styles of dance with zero experience has certainly had its challenges but I wouldn’t change it for anything...” squeeze in around another two sessions a week together,” Kate said. “This just gives us the time we need to focus on each other and areas we need to improve. The girls have had a few practices here and there too which has really helped - it’s also a great excuse to see everyone again.” Given Lewis, who is the experienced dancer, is also lining up for her first Swinging with the Stars, the pairing is arguably rehearsing more intently that some of the other pairings. “On paper we are polar opposites but when we dance it just works,” Kate said. “I am so lucky to have him by my side throughout all of this and am incredibly grateful for everything he has taught me and his patience. Above all though, we have such a fun time while we dance and I couldn’t imagine doing it with anyone else.” Committed to giving back to the community that was such a big part of her life growing up, Kate

probably didn’t envisage her first time rolling up her sleeves to help would be in quite such a public forum. “This community has been

an enormous part of my life so to be able to do something and give back to them is really important to me.”

To infinity and beyond

Shining a light on a tough topic

Student experiences space programs Laryssa King has just returned from the opportunity of a lifetime. While her Mount Gambier High School classmates were completing work experience at hairdressers, physiotherapists and retail outlets, she was experiecing space, one of 22 students selected from a fikeld of 162 to be part of the space program work experience placements. As the excitement around South Australia’s space sector continues to skyrocket, South Australian students are being provided the opportunity to gain experience in the burgeoning industry through the South Australian Space IndustryCentre (SASIC) and Advanced Technology Program (ATP) Space Industry Work Experience Program managed within the Department for Education. And so Laryssa, a Year 11 student, was able to learn from an experienced mentor and explore the exciting career opportunities

available across the space industry. “Students get the chance to get real world experience alongside mentors, developing STEM skills for a rapidly growing space industry in South Australia,” Department for Education program manager Dr Sarah Baker said. “The opportunities to be a part of an up and coming contributor to the state’s economy in the space industry are endless for our young people,” It might have been in the April school holidays but Laryssa was happy given the opportunity that she was presented. Late last year, Laryssa submitted an application for the program, which was first launched in 2019, putting students aged 15 years and older in a short term placement at a South Australian space organisation. Laryssa’s placement led by Dr Paulo Santos, Lecturer in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, focused on developing skills important for future Space Industry missions

including robotics, CAD and programming. Over the three days of work experience within the College of Science and Engineering at Flinders University, Tonsley, Laryssa joined with a small group of students on the Design and 3D Printing of a platform for a humanoid robot to execute “controlled falls” project. “Over the three days at Tonsley I was working on a walking aid for the Flinders robot, which is a part of their robot soccer team,” Laryssa said. “My group decided to design a walking aid based on the walkers for babies that were free standing and able to move in any direction. We started by sketching our ideas, measuring the robot and then used Autodesk Inventor to turn our sketches into a full 3d-model.” Laryssa also had the opportunity to tour the Advanced Manufacturing and Innovation Research groups and industries based at the College of Science and Engineering, which are helping to build skills, materials and products utilised widely across the Australian Space and Defence Industries. Laryssa highly valued this unique work experience and hopes to continue developing innovation and STEM skills throughout her learning at Mount Gambier High School, with the possibility of moving into the space industry through traineeship opportunities in the future. UNIQUE WORK EXPERIENCE OPPORTUNITY: Lachlan, Post-doc Flinders University, Alexander, student from Adelaide Botanic High School, Isabella, student from Kildare College, Laryssa, Mount Gambier High School and Dr Paulo Santos, Flinders University.

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Last month’s Candles for Compassion Vigil in Mount Gambier saw more than 60 people supporting the sensitive subject of Voluntary Assisted Dying and the bill which looks almost certain to pass in South Australia when parliament sits again next Wedmesday. For organiser Jane Qualmann, questions around dying with dignity first raised their head when she was 18, and to see so many people rally behind the cause was heartening. “Many times in my life I have had to witness people during the last few days of their life, my mother included, so I have always questioned why people were not allowed to end their life when they are in the last stages of dying,” former Catholic nun Jane said. “Why couldn’t someone have that peace?” And for Jane it has become an intensely personal cause – she is fighting her own terminal illness - Neurogenic Bowel Syndrome. the legislation currently before parliament but she wants others to have the choice.

Financial windfall for men’s shed



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My name is Dr Canh Ly (Chiropractor) and I am excited to be offering chiropractic care at Mount Gambier Chiropractic Centre! Originally from Canada, I moved to Sydney to complete my chiropractic studies at Macquarie University and have been working in Sydney until recently settling in Mount Gambier. I tailor my treatment to my patient’s specific needs and have a strong emphasis on injury prevention and rehabilitation.

During my years in Sydney I was able to help people with a variety of issues including: ✓ Back & Neck stiffness ✓ Headaches & migraines ✓ Nerve & Nerve Impingements ✓ Postural problems ✓ Sciatica

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“After witnessing and listening to so many people’s end of life stories I still firmly believe that South Australians should have the right of choice for Voluntary Assisted Dying, to treat those people who are suffering intolerably and are now untreatable in their final stages of their dying process to die with dignity,” she said. Kyam Maher MLC, who has been the face of this bill, fighting in memory of his mother Viv, Michael Dowling (Christians Supporting Choice For Voluntary Assisted Dying) Ann Bunning and Frances Coombe (VADSA) and Angie Miller (A Peaceful End) all spoke at the two hour candlelight event. And while Jane was reluctantly stepped into the limelight to champion the cause, she is now set to be on the steps of parliament and speak alongside MPs who are strongly supporting the Voluntary Assisted Dying bill, which was last debated at the end of last month with the numbers strongly in favour of passing the legislation. 6 Crouch Street North, Mount Gambier

Kingston Community Men’s Shed has received a finanical boost as part of the latest round of grant funding of the National Shed Development Program. Member for Barker Tony Pasin welcomed the decision by the Australian Government to award the Kingston SE Community Men’s Shed $4450. “This funding means that the Kingston SE Community Men’s Shed can invest in a defibrillator, 6x fire extinguishers, Test & Tag training and Test & Tag equipment.” Mr Pasin said. He said it was vitally important that shed members felt valued and remained connected to their community during a period that was difficult for many Australians. “Men’s Sheds play a vital role in preventing social isolation and mental ill health. They offer thousands of men of all ages a safe and friendly environment where they can work on meaningful projects while building strong social connections,” Mr Pasin said.

Inspiring us all to make a difference Kelsie steps into a leadership role to support local business Kelsie Prowse has a passion for this region with a focus on tourism and hospitality and she is now upping the ante by joining the Mount Gambier Chamber of Commerce Board. It is a timely appointment as Tourism Mount Gambier returns as a sub committee of the chamber board and Kelsie’s expertise has never been more important. Along with her husband, Kelsie has built The Apple Farm into a thriving business, having purchased the property in 2014. “We saw so much potential in the property although we were unsure what exactly we planned on doing with it,” Kelsie said. “Mount Gambier is full of opportunity for entrepreneurs to

create a lifestyle that complements your passions, and we saw that opportunity and ran with it.” Kelsie’s foray into leadership through the Chamber of Commerce comes on the back of her having dipped her tow in the water of business networks with the Women in Business and regional development. “That gave me an opportunity to meet many inspiring local business women in the region,” Kelsie said. “They showed me support and encouragement which is incredibly valuable to all start up businesses and the Entrepreneurial Scholarship which I won a few years back helped my confidence immensely. From the networking lunches, the training workshops and breakfasts

with inspirational speakers, I believe these networks, as well as the Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Mount Gambier provide advocacy and so much value to small business, particularly if you are a sole trader, in a partnership or a small company.” Kelsie is looking forward hitting the ground running following her appointment to the chamber board. “I am excited to advocate for local businesses, particularly the tourism and hospitality industry which is where my strengths lie, having been involved in these industries for my whole career,” Kelsie said. “After a huge struggle in 2020 I have experienced firsthand how important is for my industry to be supported as best as they can. I believe that by joining the board, I can represent tourism and hospitality businesses within

our region, by being a voice with our best interests in heart.” Kelsie also understands the strength in numbers aspect of being part of business networks and increasing the chamber’s membership base wis certainly another item on her agenda. “I would love to see more businesses being involved with the Chamber of Commerce as the support that they provide to all industries is significant in backing the successes of our community as a whole,” she said. It is that passion and commitment that has chamber president Hayley Neumann excited to have Kelsie part of the chamber board. “We are looking forward to Kelsie bringing her passion for the tourism and hospitality industry to the chamber and all that she has to offer,” Hayley said.

“...I am excited to advocate for local businesses, particularly the tourism and hospitality industry which is where my strengths lie...” Kelsie Prowse

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“...we live in a beautiful part of the world, and when they open the international borders, we need to be ready for them...” Kelsie Prowse In a twist of fate, the chamber’s next Mix & Mingle, on July 20, has a tourism focus. It will be held at the Mount Gambier Hotel for $15 per ticket and is free for chamber members. Tickets are available now from Sticky Tickets – see our Facebook page for more information or get your tickets from au/6SZJ8. Jessica Harris from Tourism Industry Council South Australia (TiCSA) will be attending the July 20 event to talk about the role of TicSA and what they do for business. “No-one wants a repeat of 2020 but the silver lining out of last year was the way people collaborated and connected to get through the bad days,” Hayley said. “Working together as one with Tourism Mount Gambier will see the chamber stronger than ever. Bringing the Tourism Mount Gambier sub-committee back and included in all chamber activities means we can work together as one, combining all our expertise, skills and experience. This is also acknowledgment of the essential role that tourism plays, intertwining with our entire economy rather than a stand-alone sector.” And Kelsie could not be more optimistic about the state of the tourism industry ahead of the Tourism Industry Council South Australia visit. “Tourism in South Australia seems to be booming right now and I’m excited,” Kelsie said. “After meeting with South Australian Tourism Commission recently, I agree that we need to create more experience’ within the region. I’d love to see the local councils working together to help assist more entrepreneurs and start ups, to create these experiences and promoting our region on a national scale. We live in a beautiful part of the world, and when they open the international borders, we need to be ready for them.”

ADVERTORIAL • Uniting Communities

More support to age well in the Mount Uniting Communities can help you to stay independent for longer Staying independent and at home is important for many people as they age. But it can be confusing to work through all of the options and figure out what will best suit you. Uniting Communities is making this easier for older people in Mount Gambier and surrounding towns, welcoming two new staff members to its Wehl Street office in recent months. Care worker Debbie Lynch said there was so much to think through when you’re looking for support to stay in your home, as well as an assessment with the Government’s My Aged Care team. “Many people find it overwhelming and don’t know where to start,” Debbie said. “That’s why we’re here. Together, our team has worked in aged care for 15 years, so we know the system well. “We’re all Mount Gambier locals, too, so have had a lot to do with the community in town and throughout the Limestone Coast.” Uniting Communities offers two support programs funded by the Australian Government Department of Health: the Commonwealth Home Support Program and Home Care Packages. It also offers private, fee-forservice programs.

“You might want help with things like showering, cooking, gardening or cleaning – or even support to get out and about a bit more and catch up with friends,’ said Debbie. “We can help you and your family to work all of that out. “The main thing is to help you explore your choices, then find a way to support you to stay independent, happy and safe.” The Uniting Communities’ team can visit you at home, or speak to you on the phone, to find the options that will work best for you. And they’re not only supporting people in Mount Gambier – our Care Workers will help you if you’re living in a nearby town. “It doesn’t matter if you’re in Penola, Millicent, Port Macdonnell or somewhere in between, you can access our services,” Debbie said. “We’re happy to visit you at home to talk through the options, write up a quote and advise you about how to get the most out of your budget. “We’ll also support you to make changes to your plan at any stage.” If you would like more information, call Joumana at Uniting Communities on 1800 615 677 to talk through your choices for living independently at home.

AGE INDEPENDENT. You’ve always been independent. Why change now? With Uniting Communities, you don’t have to. Stay in control, remain in your home and create the lifestyle you want with our broad range of services, including help at home, social activities, personal care, health and wellbeing, and respite care. Our Home Care Packages are tailored to suit you.

Whatever you need, we’re here. 11 Wehl Street South, Mount Gambier

1800 615 677


supporting more areas in the Limestone Coast


Continuing to pay it forward Key 2 Kindness initiative hits almost $10,000 in donations as well as setting up charity event The Royal Flying Doctor Service Mount Gambier Support group is the latest recipient of a financial windfall from the Key 2 Kindness initiative developed by locally owned real estate agency Key 2 Sale. Group president Bill Russon shared stories of how the service continues to service the community and save lives. Key 2 Sale set up the Key 2 Kindness program at the beginning of this year with the view to paying it forward and building community awareness of critical Limestone Coast support networks. Twelve different organisations are set to benefit annually from the Key 2 Kindness initiative with last week’s RFDS Mount Gambier Support Group donation of $2300 adding to the $2500 handed over to Regional Foodbank, $1800 to the South East Animal Welfare League and the initial donation of $2200 to the Limestone Coast Domestic Violence Service (LCDVS) operated by Centacare. The program has a simple funding model. Each month, $100 from every property settlement managed by the agency will

“...we also want to foster a culture of recognising and championing the good work that is underway in our community...” Gail Richards (Key 2 Sale principal)

be donated to an organisation making a difference to locals. The funds are presented during a monthly morning tea with the property vendors who helped to make the donation possible. Key 2 Sale principal Gail Richards said the aim of Key 2 Kindness is to build key relationships that go far beyond a cheque handover. “Key 2 Sale has been a dedicated sponsor of local

charities and sporting groups since the company’s launch in 2016,” Gail said. “We have a strong culture of giving back, and ‘People before Profit’, but we also want to foster a culture of recognising and championing the good work that is underway in our community, and that can only happen by listening. “Information sharing is a great way to develop greater awareness

of local issues, challenges and achievements - and further inspire more good work.” Adding to the Key 2 Kindness initiative, the real estate agency is also in the throes of organising a Charity Ball on July 24 at the Commodore on the Park. The $120 a head fundraiser, which includes a three course meal and drink on arrival, is raising funds for the Mount Gambier Hospital Palliative Care Initiative. Tickets are available from the Key 2 Sale Sturt Street office.

KEEPING THE FLYING DOCTOR FLYING: (Left) Key 2 Sale’s Al Lamond (far left) and Gail Lamond (far right) hand over $2300 to the Royal Flying Doctor Service Mount Gambier Support Group. PROVIDING SUPPORT FOR WOMEN: (Bottom left) Key 2 Sale’s Al Lamond and Gail Lamond hand over the inaugural Key 2 Kindness donation to Susie Smith from the Limestone Coast Domestic Violence Service (LCDVS) ANIMAL LOVERS: (Bottom centre) Al Lamond and Gail Lamond had over the $1800 donation to the South East Animal Welfare League. TACKLING HUNGER IN THE REGION: (Bottom right) Gail Lamond and Al Lamond hand over a Key 2 Kindness donation to Lynne Neshoda of the Regional Foodbank.

“...information sharing is a great way to develop greater awareness of local issues, challenges and achievements - and further inspire more good work...” Gail Richards (Key 2 Sale principal)

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Details contained in this publication have been compiled from information supplied by advertisers. No responsibility is accepted for the accuracy of information contained here in. Prospective purchasers should rely on their own enquiries.

Partnership saving lives St John Ambulance and the hospitality industry join forces to make regional South Australia safer A public access defibrillator has been available at Mount Gambier’s Western Tavern for almost 12 months. Thankfully, manager Danny Scally (pictured) said staff have never even come close to having to access the life saving equipment. But the point is, if they had to, they could, thanks to a public access defibrillator initiative implemented by St John Ambulance South Australia and funded by the South Australian Hotels Industry (AHA|SA) and SA Licensed Club Industry (Clubs SA). This initiative will see 314 public access defibrillators deployed into hotels and clubs throughout rural South Australia with the lifesaving program nearing competing – there are only 14 more to be installed this month. Mount Gambier already has five of these defibrillators – installed at the Western Tavern, Mac’s Hotel, Commercial Hotel, Mount Gambier Community RSL and Mount Gambier Golf Club. St John SA chief executive officer Mark Groote said he

was thrilled that St John SA was providing defibrillators to clubs and hotels, supporting the objective of increasing the chances of survival of sudden cardiac arrest in regional South Australia. “Sudden cardiac arrest is one of the leading causes of death in Australia,” Mr Groote said. “In most cases the key to survival is prompt defibrillation, which is most effective when carried out within three minutes of a sudden cardiac arrest. “St John SA aim to get this technology to the Australian public who need it, and in time to make a difference through Public Access Defibrillation (PAD) programs, making early defibrillation available.” AHA (SA) general manager Ian Horne said the role and location of hotels and clubs in regional settings was critical to the partnership decision. “The central position of pubs and clubs in country towns made them the obvious home for these lifesaving devices,” he said. “Particularly when you consider

“...the central position of pubs and clubs in country towns made them the obvious home for these life-saving devices..” Ian Horne (AHA (SA) general manager)

“ most cases the key to survival is prompt defibrillation, which is most effective when carried out within three minutes of a sudden cardiac arrest...” Mark Groote (St John Ambulance South Australian CEO the role of these venues as a gathering place for residents and city visitors to our regions. Investing in the state-wide rollout of the AED’s has a real potential to save lives and is a significant way for our industry to support local communities at a grassroots level. “Pubs and clubs have long been at the heart of country towns, geographically and now literally.” Sudden cardiac arrest can happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime and when it happens, time is of the essence. For every minute that passes without CPR and defibrillation, chances of survival decrease by 10 per cent. Currently, only one in ten people survive a cardiac arrest outside of hospital; if a defibrillator is applied

within the first few minutes of cardiac arrest, survival chances can be as high as 70 per cent. Lives can be saved by placing defibrillators in locations where large numbers of Australians gather, which is why St John SA

was excited to be teaming up with the South Australian Hotels Industry (AHA|SA) and SA Licensed Clubs Industry (Clubs SA) to bring lifesaving equipment to regional SA.

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(March 21- April 20) Lucky Colour: Cream Racing Numbers: 9-6-2-3 Lucky Day: Monday Lotto Numbers: 9-12-23-36-34-45 Much more to do and less time to do it in which will make you a very busy person during this period. There could be some unexpected travel, or surprising destinations.


(April 21- May 20) Lucky Colour: Peach Racing Numbers: 5-6-2-3 Lucky Day: Tuesday Lotto Numbers: 5-12-24-40-26-33

If you feel your love life has been in the doldrums lately this is the time to get things moving again. Improvements in financial matters likely very soon but keep out of shady dealings.


(May 21- June 21) Lucky Colour: Yellow Racing Numbers: 9-6-5-3 Lucky Day: Wednesday Lotto Numbers: 9-15-26-35-36-3 Help and support from unexpected sources and more interest in your career matters by the people higher up. Money matters should improve also and a surprise gift or win will delight.


(June 22- July 22) Lucky Colour: Blue Racing Numbers: 4-6-2-5 Lucky Day: Thursday Lotto Numbers: 4-12-25-29-8-4

A big chance in a new business venture or job opportunity too good to miss. Could mean work and longer hours but financially more rewarding.


(July 23- August 22) Lucky Colour: Violet Racing Numbers: 4-6-5-2 Lucky Day: Monday Lotto Numbers: 4-7-12-26-35-36

Love life might nor be all you would like it to be but soon you will be enjoying life again. Some luck in games of chance and you could be doubly lucky with a Libra.


(August 23- September 23) Lucky Colour: Orange Racing Numbers: 3-6-9-5 Lucky Day: Sunday Lotto Numbers: 9-5-12-24-45-40

The good life Wellbeing program returns for a second round of workshops Following the success of the first round of the Good Life Project under the Naracoorte Lucindale Wellbeing Program, a second round is now being offered. The Good Life Project is a series of free workshops to help improve the health and wellbeing of over 65s. One hour group workshops will be held in various locations over eight consecutive weeks and started last week. The workshops will feature a range of guest speakers, including local health professionals, with lots of practical tips on how to live the good life. The Good Life Project is coordinated by Angela Willsmore, the director of Good Country Physiotherapy. The first round attracted 15 participants and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with many people starting new forms of exercise and modifying aspects of their lifestyle as a direct result of what they had learnt. The workshops included theory and practical components with guest speakers including a life coach, exercise physiologist, nutritionist, pharmacist and several sessions with a physiotherapist. If you would like to find out what the Good Life Project is all about, you can register your interest at Good Country Physiotherapy by calling (08)8762 1515, emailing, sending a message via the Good Country Physiotherapy Facebook or Instagram pages or popping into the clinic at 157 Smith Street in Naracoorte. The Naracoorte Lucindale Wellbeing Program is a joint project between the Naracoorte Lucindale Council and the South Australian Government under the Wellbeing SA Statewide Wellbeing Strategy.



Communications should be good during this period and a feeling of well being should persist. Financial matters could give you a little extra work but will be worth it in the end.


(September 24- October 23) Lucky Colour: Green Racing Numbers: 8-6-5-2 Lucky Day: Tuesday Lotto Numbers: 8-12-26-35-40-22 SOUTHERN STATE HIGHLAND DANCING CHAMPIONSHIPS THE ICEHOUSE, MOUNT GAMBIER June 12 & 13

If you use tact and diplomacy during this period, things will work out fine. If not, you must face the consequences. Travel plans might need revising and love life a little extra spice.


(October 24- November 22) Lucky Colour: Mauve Racing Numbers: 5-2-3-1 Lucky Day: Wednesday Lotto Numbers: 5-12-23-32-20-3 Move away for a while or extra travel because of your loved ones is possible. Get legal advice if asked to sign anything. A good period for luck in small matters and relationships.


Lucky Colour: Green Lucky Day: Saturday

(November 23- December 20) Racing Numbers: 5-6-2-1 Lotto Numbers: 5-12-45-40-9-7

There should be plenty to be happy about during this period. Your loved ones should give you a special surprise. Keep away from trouble caused by some people at work and in your social life.



(December 21- January 19) Lucky Colour: Dark Blue Racing Numbers: 1-3-2-5 Lucky Day: Wednesday Lotto Numbers: 1-12-15-26-36-37 A good period for commitments and engagements some could marry the love of their life. Better luck in property and real estate matters and someone’s help will be just in time.


(January 20- February 19) Lucky Colour: Silver Racing Numbers: 4-6-5-2 Lucky Day: Thursday Lotto Numbers: 4-12-26-35-5-1 Improvements in your mood will help you to get things done that otherwise could turn out to be a real chore. Stay away from irritating people and your good humor will last.


(February 20- March 20) Lucky Colour: Red Racing Numbers: 4-6-8-9 Lucky Day: Monday Lotto Numbers: 4-12-26-39-8-33 Your love life is about to take a turn for the better and interesting propositions coming your way. Financial life will also be much more hectic and your share of it will increase. Kerry Kulkens Psychic Line 1300 727 727 | (call cost: $5.50 incl GST per min. mob/pay extra)

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Zucchini & mushroom pasta 4 large zucchini 250g dried pappardelle pasta 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil 250g button mushrooms, sliced 1 brown onion, finely chopped 2 garlic cloves, crushed 3/4 cup Cooking Cream 2 tbsp chopped fresh thyme leaves 1/3 cup finely grated parmesan Method Using a vegetable peeler, cut zucchini into ribbons. Place zucchini ribbons in a colander. Cook pasta in a large saucepan of salted boiling water following packet directions. Pour pasta into colander, over zucchini, to drain, reserving 1⁄2 cup cooking liquid. Return pasta and zucchini to pan. Cover to keep warm. Meanwhile, heat oil in a large frying pan over high heat. Cook mushroom, stirring occasionally, for 4 to 5 minutes or until golden. Transfer to a plate. Reduce heat to medium-low. Add onion. Cook, stirring, for 3 to 4 minutes or until softened. Add garlic. Cook for 30 seconds or until fragrant. Stir in cream, reserved pasta cooking liquid and half the thyme. Simmer for 2 to 3 minutes or until mixture has slightly thickened. Season with salt and pepper. Return mushrooms to pan. Cook, stirring, for 2 minutes or until heated through. Stir in half the parmesan. Add pasta and zucchini to pan. Toss gently for 2 minutes or until heated through. Serve pasta sprinkled with remaining parmesan and thyme.



Email the details to *conditions apply

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CARAVANS WANTED! Donehues Leisure Mt Gambier is desperately seeking more caravans to replace depleted stock due to recent sales.

Do you have a caravan you no longer want or use? Consider having the team at Donehues Leisure sell it for you!

Why Donehues Leisure? 1.

Convenience: Selling your caravan privately takes time and effort and could cost you money. You need to be available to show potential buyers your caravan when it suits them


No Direct Contact: You don’t need to be personally involved in any negotiations and possibly deal with potential buyers, that might have driven 100s of kilometres, getting aggressive if sale isn’t proceeding as hoped


Security: You don’t have strangers, some possibly with bad intentions, visiting your house and garage. Or unhappy purchasers returning after the sale if they find something wrong.


We can come to you: Our business sees us in towns throughout the Limestone Coast of SA and south west Victoria on a regular basis ….so we will be in your area soon! We can call and see you for a no obligation discussion on your caravan’s worth and take the caravan to our yard.



AWARD-WINNING CARAVAN MANUFACTURER IN AUSTRALIA Nova Caravans are an award-winning caravan manufacturer in Australia. With six models in the 2020 range, we have a model to suit everyone. At Nova Caravans we specialise in customising your caravan to achieve the perfect design for you. METROLINK





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w w w. d o n e h u e s l e i s u r e . co m . a u


Waterfront with Port MacDonnell set to unveil its new look foreshore development It is all about fun and it will be officially unveiled this Friday. The Port MacDonnell Waterfront Redevelopment Stage 2 is a new innovative space and the $930,000 project is ready and waiting for the community and tourists to test drive the new facilities. The official unveiling is at 1.30pm this Friday as the District Council of Grant showcases the new look town entrance and play precinct. It is a project that has been under construction since October last year but there is no doubt it will eb worth the wait. The new state of the art all abilities playground combines adventure and nature play concepts as well as the Limestone Coast’s first free water play space. The precinct is complemented by new BBQ areas with tables and seating where families and visitors will be able to gather and enjoy the beautiful facility and landscape. Mayor Richard Sage is proud of the finished redevelopment and the role the community has played in the final product. “Council has worked with our community partners throughout the project, from involving

WOW factor

“ is clear that the success of the space is down to working together to deliver a precinct that is not only beautiful but fun for everyone...” District Council of Grant Mayor Richard Sage students in picking the types of play equipment to be installed, to our indigenous partners who have weaved art, storytelling, and native flora into the space, to the Port MacDonnell Men’s Shed who created the sensory poles,” Mayor Sage said. “It is clear that the success of the space is down to working together to deliver a precinct that is not only beautiful but fun for everyone.” Primarily completed by local contractors, the almost million dollar project has injected a critical financial windfall into the community. “Local contractors and materials have been used throughout the project which puts money back into the community and provides

local employment opportunities,” Mayor Sage said. “Some specialist services and materials had to be sourced from outside the region, however where possible we have kept local. Most of the wood used across the Waterfront Redevelopment came from the old town jetty linking the old with the new”. District Council of Grant CEO Darryl Whicker was quick to express his gratitude to everyone involved with the redevelopment. “Thank you to the community, staff and contractors who have worked in collaboration to

deliver this amazing space for our residents and visitors,” he said. “This new space will be a destination in the region and I look

forward to local businesses and the community as a whole out enjoying the rewards of the Stage 2 Waterfront Redevelopment.”

Minister shows his style at opening Mount Gambier Bowls Club half a million dollar facility officially unveiled Peter Clark has been a driving force behind the Mount Gambier Bowls Club covered green project and when the steel frames were lowered and fixed in place in January in front of a group of around a dozen interested club members, his vision was almost complete. A week later the covered green was ready for action and has since hosted plenty of bowling, as well as a Fringe event, and the club now has a raft of winter bowls competitions and events on their program to utilise the region first facility. Fast forward to the end of last month and the $500,000 project was officially unveiled with South Australian Sports Minister Corey Wingard and other dignitaries on hand to celebrate the culmination of the blood, sweat and tears of club members. Peter had constructed a small scale model of his vision for the project out of matchsticks and the finished product strongly resembles that vision. “It really was how I imagined it would look when I created the model,” he said, while capturing the Herculean effort of putting the frames in place on

video and still camera for the club history. The half a million dollar development was made possible courtesy of a State Government grant of $200,000, a generous benefactor Bob Cranwell and a low interest loan. “There were other cheaper options that required intensive cleaning and maintenance and in the end, this is money well spent for something that will last for 40 years,” Peter said. His engineering background saw him drawn to the project, which is an international standard improvement, and he is hoping the Mount Gambier Bowls Club innovation will take hold at other clubs. For Bob Cranwell (pictured below) with Mount Gambier Mayor Lynette Martin), helping out the club he has called home for around eight years was a no brainer. “I’ve been a sporting person all my life,” Bob said. “I hope this will see more young people use these facilities and get them playing.” One of 10 children, with seven brothers, Bob’s father had the mantra, if kids played sport it tired them out and when they got home they’d go straight to bed. Growing up on the Yorke Peninsula, Bob was a State footballer as a junior and he had the pleasure of playing football alongside five of his brothers in the same football team. “That was a long time ago, of course,” he said. It was a long time ago, too, that he moved to the region, buying a dairy farm in 1964 and he has never

looked back. He was also a shearer for 42 years so he has never been afraid of hard work, finally retiring around nine years ago. “My friends thought I was mad to move here but I have loved it,” he said. There was an element of pomp and ceremony to the May 22 official opening with Matthew Brookes delivering a Welcome to Country in Boandik and English, Zoe Aberle singing the national anthem before Minister Wingard and Member for Mount Gambier Troy Bell had their say on the ground breaking project, along with club president Ian Von Stanke and City of Mount Gambier Mayor Lynette Martin OAM. Mr Bell was particularly pleased to see local contractors getting the gig on the project, which he said would definitely put Mount Gambier on the map when it comes to premier bowls venues. Minister Wingard also showcased his own bowls skills. After project benefactor Bob Cranwell rolled the ceremonial first jack, Minister Wingard placed his bowl only centimetres from the target to rapturous applause. Lower South East Bowls Association representatives Heather Richards and Jeff England were also on hand to be part of the celebrations, which culminated in an afternoon tea and then the green was put to the test with a game of eight ends, which saw around 40 people try their hand on the covered green, where Brad Errock’s team defeated Bob Cranwell’s family team to take the win.

OFFICIAL OPENING: (Clockwise from top) Officials enjoying afternoon tea; Matthew Brookes delivered the Welcome to Country; Zoe Aberle singing the national anthem; club president Ian Von Stanke & Minister Corey Wingard delivers the first bowl.

Brain Teaser 3. The Olivier Awards are presented in London for excellence in which field of the arts? 4. Name the two roles and movies for which US actress Vivien Leigh won her Best Actress Oscars? 5. In which sport do teams compete for the Vince Lombardi Trophy? 6. For which club in the Goulburn Valley Football League is Richmond premiership plater Alex Rance set to play in 2021? 7. Stormtroopers are fictional soldiers in which movie franchise? 8. In which year did the Berlin Wall, originally constructed in 1961, come down? 9. What was the name of the debut album for singer-songwriter Adele? 10. Which group holds the record for the most Grammys won – 22? 11. What is the capital of Ireland?


How to play: To solve this puzzle each 3x3 box, each row and each column must contain all the numbers from 1 to 9.

2 8

1 1 2 3

9 3 8 6 4 1


2 5

7 3

9 6


1 7 5 9 9 3 4 4

1 5

12. Larry Kestelman is the president of which national sporting competition in Australia? 13. Supercars champion Scott McLaughlin currently competes for which team in the IndyCar Series? 14. Shiba Inu, Chow Chow and Bichon Frise are breeds of which animals? 15. Name the three colours that make up the Italian flag? 16. The Caufield Stakes is set to be renamed in honour of which champion horse? 17. The Swan River is in which Australian State? 18. Italian dishes branded ‘çon pollo’ include what ingredient? 19. In which sport is Cate Campbell a household name? 20. Celeste Wright is a character from which series that has seen Aussie actress Nicole Kidman win a Primetime Emmy, Screen Actor’s Guild and Golden Globe Award? 21. Eggs Benedict is traditionally served with which sauce?

22. Charlottetown is the capital of which Canadian province? 23. Who is the acting Premier of Victoria? 24. Which golf major did professional Phil Mickelson recently win, becoming the oldest ever winner of a major title? 25. The Academy Award nominated movie The Help was based on the novel of the same name written by which author? 26. Which city is due to host the 2022 Winter Olympics? 27. The Darcy family are the chief protagonists in which two novels by Australian author Ruth Park? 28. Bob Dylan recently celebrated a milestone birthday – how old did the Nobel Prize winning singer and songwriter turn? 29. How many sides does a pentagon have? 30. Kylee Byrne is the head coach of which Suncorp Super Netball franchise?

Answers –1. Timmy; 2. Tim Minchin; 3. Theatre; 4. Scarlett O’Hara (Gone with the Wind) and Blanche DuBois (A Streetcar Named Desire); 5. NFL; 6. Seymour; 7. Star Wars; 8. 1989; 9. 19; 10. U2; 11. Dublin; 12. NBL; 13. Team Penske; 14. Dogs; 15. Red, white & green; 16. Might and Power; 17. Western Australia; 18. Chicken; 19. Swimming; 20. Big Little Lies; 21. Hollandaise; 22. Prince Edwards Island; 23. James Merlino; 24. US PGA; 25. Kathryn Stockett; 26. Beijing; 27. The Harp in the South and Poor Man’s Orange; 28. 80; 29. Five; 30. Sunshine Coast Lightning

1. What was the name of the dog in Enid Blyton’s children’s classics The Famous Five novels? 2. Which Aussie musician and composer created the music and lyrics for the award winning Matilda The Musical?

MAZIMISE YOUR REST DAYS The best way to rest/recover is via active rest. Active rest can take the form of very low intensity movement where the heart rate does not raise by much (60% Max HR) this can be activities such as some forms of yoga, Pilates, gentle walkingor hitting the pool. Other ways to increase the rate of recovery may be through the use of manual therapy such as massage, osteopathy as well as foam rolling. Epsom salt baths may also be a good option to aid recovery.

PORTION CONTROL A KEY It’s easy for portion sizes to gradually creep up over time, so it pays to recalibrate with measurements every couple of weeks. Your morning muesli, for example, could have started at a healthy half-cup portion, but may now be close to one cup – instantly doubling the kilojoule content of your breakfast.

2 8 5 6 9 1 4 7 3

6 7 3 8 4 2 9 5 1

4 1 9 3 7 5 6 8 2

3 2 8 7 5 4 1 9 6

1 5 6 9 8 3 7 2 4

7 9 4 2 1 6 5 3 8

5 3 2 1 6 7 8 4 9

8 4 1 5 3 9 2 6 7

9 6 7 4 2 8 3 1 5


Big pat on the back Youth Recognition Awards honour the best

Wattle Range Youth Recognition Awards Wattle Range Mayor Des Noll, winner Chloe Deverell, winner Melita Thwaites, guest speaker Sam Dwyer & Sign Design Competition winner representative Annie Matthews, from Kangaroo Inn Area School

ACROSS 1) “Sesame Street” skills 5) NASA’s domain 10) Neither gain nor loss 14) Bit of mischief 15) Antisocial sort 16) Rombauer of cookery 17) Tunnel-creating rodent 19) King of tragedy 20) Regalia item 21) Do something 22) Pitcher’s malady 24) Not in motion 27) Locusts, termites, etc. 28) Another tunnel-creating rodent 30) Item found in ruins 33) Undesirable berth 34) It rolls in 35) Pindaric works 39) “Alice” diner 40) Catlike beast with a spotted coat 41) River on the Chinese- Korean border 42) Whole bunch 43) Tied up 44) Date night option 45) Divvy up 47) Up-to-the-second 48) Red-faced feeling 51) Stubble-free 53) Homemade fertilizer 56) Palindromic biblical figure 57) Pot pie morsel 60) Starting from 61) Blues legend who recorded “Spoonful” in 1960 64) “Quo Vadis” emperor 65) Twistable treats 66) Coloratura’s piece 67) Fearsome dino 68) Walrus tusks, really 69) Ranking symbol

DOWN 1) Brand for Rover 2) Comic Roseanne 3) Small, tart fruit 4) Enjoy the bunny slope 5) Deli gadget 6) Producers of 35-Across 7) “Go on ... “ 8) Boardroom VIPs 9) Therefore, to Descartes 10) Purchaser of Acme anvils 11) Floor plan data 12) Nattily dressed 13) Does damage to 18) More pink, in a way 23) Troy, N.Y. sch. 25) Nickname of Revolutionary hero Francis Marion 26) Supports for hot dishes 28) Wrigley offerings 29) GM’s German subsidiary 31) From where 56-Across was banished 32) Tennis official’s call 34) DVR company 36) Part of a living room set 37) Y-sporting collegians 38) Bird feeder filler 40) Image of Pluto, say 44) Master hand 46) Sign after Cancer 47) Like a royal wedding 48) Hardly sufficient 49) North-of-the-border lout 50) Dean Martin song subject 52) Spartan serf 54) Tried to score 55) Floored it 58) Essayist’s alias 59) Way out there 62) Pint-sized 63) Isn’t anymore

Achievement through the Arts & Culture Sponsored by All in Balance Winner Chloe Deverell with sponsor representative Brad Tilley

Contribution to the Community Sponsored by The Medical Clinic Millicent Winner William Goode (left) with Wattle Range Mayor Des Noll

Contribution to the Community Sponsored by The Medical Clinic Millicent Nominee Fiona McDonald with sponsor representative Bronwyn Barker

Inspiration by Innovation Award Sponsored by Kimberly Clark Australia – Millicent Mill Winner Melita Thwaites with Wattle Range Council’s Emma Clay

Sign Design Competition Sponsored by Wattle Range Council Commendation recicpients Brandan Jones (left) & Montana Craig (right) with Emma Clay, from Wattle Range Council (centre)

Sign Design Competition Sponsored by Wattle Range Council Winner Kanagaroo Inn Area School, represented by principal Annie Matthews (right) & sponsor representative Emma Clay (left)

As reported in last week’s issue of Lifestyle1, a sense of achievement, gratitude and goodwill filled the room at the Wattle Range Youth Recognition Awards Presentation Night on May 21 in the Millicent Gallery, and as promised we have now showcased the photos of the evening. Wattle Range Council was excited to announce the winners of the annual Youth Recognition Awards & Waterways Sign Design Competition held as part of Youth Week celebrations. The guest speaker for the evening was Sam Dwyer, of Dwyer’s Boxing Club, who runs his own boxing club. This is the second year that the Wattle Range Council Youth Sign Design Competition has been held, with last year’s winning design by Louise Stanley being installed in Southend. This year the focus of the competition was protection of all of the region’s waterways with the scope broadened to encompass not only the coast, but also lakes and creeks. Sign design entries can be viewed at the Millicent Library and the 2021 winner is Kangaroo Inn Area School. Wattle Range Mayor Des Noll said it was always pleasing to be able to publicly acknowledge the wonderful youth in the council area thanks to the tremendous support from the sponsors year after year. As promised, the photo gallery from the presentation event 2021 Wattle Range Council Youth Recognition Award recipients Achievement through the Arts & Culture Award Proudly sponsored by All in Balance Chloe Deverell Contribution to the Community Award Proudly sponsored by The Medical Clinic Millicent William Goodes Inspiration by Innovation Award Proudly sponsored by Kimberly Clark Australia – Millicent Mill Melita Thwaites Overcoming Life Challenging Situation Award Proudly sponsored by Wattle Range Council Hayley Fatchen Learning Success Award Proudly sponsored by Glen Carron Transport Indya Homes

MY PROPERTY Spacious Living For The Family 16 Kaleo Court, Mount Gambier


If you are undertaking a bedroom makeover, take the opportunity to add some clever recessed shelves. In a large master suite, you could even build a stud wall to help zone the space and add storage in the process. They can be designed to fit exactly what you want to store in them, be it storage for jewellery, ornaments or extra book storage ideas.


CHINESE MEDICAL CENTRE provide help for: • Headaches, migraines, dizziness, sinus,cul-de-sac hayfever,intinnitus (ring in the ears), joint Spacious family living on the high end of a quiet Conroe Heights painssized caused by arthritis, arm, elbow, wrist, pains and numbness, 4 fantastic bedrooms, all withneck, built inshoulder, robes Master contains his/hers walkankle in robe and ensuite, with spanumbness and some other nerve, back, hip, leg, knee, and foot pains and Largemuscular, tiled opentendon plan kitchen/ dining/ family space and ligament pains and injuries etc. Formal living or theatre room with external access to yard • Difficulty getting pregnant, hormone imbalances, menstrual problems, Large rear yard, plenty of room for the kids and pets to play menopausal symptoms such as hot flushes, sweats, anxiousness, Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning to keep you comfortable depressedstudy mood andaway easily gets etc., impotence, thyroid Well appointed zoned from theangry living areas problems, overweight and difficulty losing weightpowder etc. room, shower, Main bathroom centrally located to bedrooms with separate bath and toilet plus a third toilet changes such as anxiousness, depressed mood, • Stress, sleepless, mood Double garage with two remote-control roller doors irritable and easily gets angry, foggy head etc.

What conditions Massage, Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs and Myotherapy may help:

FAST FACTS AGENT SAL Real Estate ✔ Anxiety and depression 23 Gray Street, Mt Gambier migraine ✔ Headache and Imogene Ryan 0408 065 540 Break up your dog’s normal ✔ Infertility and routine by adding in extra walks IVF support or outings. Take them to dogProperty ID: 23084116 friendly places for a change of / ✔ Menstrual disorders RLA 1811 scenery. Take them on errands PMS management PRICE $430,000 - $465,000 with you and switch up their 4



• Skin and allergy disorders: skin rash and pains, itching eyes, acne, hives, warts and dry scaly skin etc.

toys to keep them mentally ✔ Skin conditions stimulated.

(psoriasis, acne etc.)

✔ Digestive system problems ✔ Insomnia and menopause ✔ Post chemotherapy and


• Digestive disorders: reflux, irritable bowel, abdominal bloating and pain, CARING FOR YOUR low or high appetite, constipation, diarrhoea etc.

Mr. Hong Yu Cao is an Australian registered radiotherapy support acupuncturist, Chinese medicine practitioner, ✔ Chronic bronchitis, common cold qualified myotherapist and massage therapist.

Conditions Acupuncture, Massage and more Chinese Herbs may help: • Cold, flu, cough, fatigue, low immune and many disorders. Anxiety, Depression, Fatigue

Sports injuries, Muscular injuries

Headache, Migraine, Reflux

TMJ syndrome (“locked jaw”)

Infertility and IVF support

Tennis elbow, Tendonitis, Bursitis

Menstrual Disorders / PMS Management

Neck, Shoulder & Back pain

Skin conditions: Psoriasis, Acne etc.

Sciatic, Leg, Knee & Foot pain

Digestive system problems

Children’s Health issues

Insomnia & Menopausal Syndrome

Thyroid dysfunction

Post chemotherapy & Radiotherapy support


Sinusitus, Common cold, Cough, Hypertension

Hormone imbalances

MASSAGE Weight loss program




✔ been in practice inCarpal for a number of years. Now the tunnel syndrome ✔ Melbourne owner of the Mount Gambier Chinese Medical Centre, Hong enjoys ✔ range Tennis elbow, tendonitis, bursitis using his diverse of skills and knowledge in acupuncture, massage and✔ Chinese herbal medicineand to assist clients suffering Neck, shoulder back pain a range of health issues including muscular, tendon, ligament ✔ Sciatic, leg, knee and foot pain and soft tissue injuries and relieving the symptoms of anxiety, depression, headache, digestive conditions, syndrome (locked jaw) skin ✔ TMJinfertility, injuries, muscular Mr Hong Yu Cao isSports an experienced practitioner and injuries has

conditions, insomnia and menstrual disorders.

Mount Gambier Chinese Medical Centre since 1995 Chinese Medical since 1995 200 Commercial St East, Mt Gambier • Ph 08 8725 Centre 7188 or 0430 911 680 •

200 Commercial St East, Mt Gambier • Like Ph us 08on8725 7188@orMTGCMC 0430 911 680 • Facebook

Business Hours:

Monday to Friday 9am to 5.30pm Saturday & other times by appointment


• • • • • • • • • •


RLA 1903

Paul Chuck SALES 0409 541 113

Suite 2/14 Helen Street, Mount Gambier | | Phone 08 8725 5766 NEW

78 Crouch Street South





Emily Rayner SALES 0417 665 085

Katie Rohrlach Sharyn Ferguson Bernie Gaylard PROPERTY PROPERTY PROPERTY MANAGEMENT MANAGEMENT MANAGEMENT 87255766 8725 5766 8725 5766


10 Playford Street


Beautifully maintained property on 2,050m2 allotment approx. Stunning character features, high ceilings, ornate cornice. Close to city centre – held in family for over 55 years. A rare opportunity awaits!

Ben Jeffrey SALES 0417 810 246





13 Kyrenia Court


$395,000-$425,000 3 2 3 Located in a Blue Ribbon location and close to many facilities is this beautiful solid home. Open plan kitchen, dining and living overlooking the backyard and pool. Master bedroom with built in wardrobes and ensuite. Plus huge undercover entertaining.

The perfect home to break the rental cycle. Solid build with updated timber kitchen, tidy wet areas, carport & colourbond garage. Rental estimate $260 - $270 p/week.

421 Commercial Street West

20 Robinson Street

16 Lake Terrace East

E.O.I by 9th July (unless sold prior)

E.O.I by 9th July (unless sold prior)





$495,000-$525,000 4 2 2 Stunning family home in popular St Martins precinct. Quiet cul-de-sac location - beautiful outlook. Quality & trendy features throughout. Spacious living areas, outdoor entertaining area and enclosed rear yard. Family Perfection!

On approx. 5.75 acres within city boundary, huge development potential (subject to council consent). Four generous sized bedrooms, open plan living and dining – a truly rare offering.

312 Commercial Street West

3 Foote Street





Located in a blue ribbon location stands this beautiful central 1930’s bungalow. Expansive living with huge lounge with casement windows, decorative ceilings and open fire. Original kitchen with art deco curved cabinetry, great storage and electric cooking.


2 Wimmera Street

123 Pick Avenue

E.O.I by 4th June (unless sold prior)






$699,000-$759,000 4 2 12 A unique opportunity to live and work from home S.T.C.C. A beautiful & grand character home set on over half acre. Huge high clearance shedding, high exposure site – zoned light industrial. Work from home or lease the sheds!

It’s all about location – wonderful low maintenance family home in A1 position. Spacious living areas, bedrooms & outdoor entertaining. Surrounded by quality & established homes. Short walk to Blue Lake, shops & main street. Don’t Delay!

1 Wimmera Street

6 Bengalee Crescent

3/46 Brownes Road

E.O.I 5+ 4 1 Massive family home with no shortage of space, bedrooms or bathrooms! Open plan kitchen and meals with built in bar, electric cooking and dishwasher. Spacious family and dining room with access to pergola plus rear yard access. 46 Jubilee Highway West

$195,000-$210,000 3 1 4 An absolute Ripper of a property, substantially upgraded inside and out. Loaded with features and bonus shedding/carport for 4 vehicles. Great entertaining and an emphasis on low maintenance easy care living. Cleaning Business

UNDER T CONTRAC $239,000-$249,000 4 1 1 A solid and affordable four bedroom home in popular location. Fresh modern feel, spacious living areas – reverse cycle heating and cooling plus slow combustion fire. Close to schools, shops and parklands – a great investment! In conjunction with Complete Real Estate

$430,000-$460,000 4 2 2 Beautifully elevated & private setting – feature raked ceilings. Formal living & heat form fire place. A view as far as the eye can see. Overlooking new subdivision & positioned on close to half an acre of land. In conjunction with Key2Sale & Peter Dempsey


$179,000-$189,000 2 1 1 Neat and tidy solid brick and tile unit perfect for investment. Open plan kitchen and dining with great storage. Cozy lounge fully carpeted with split system.

Gebhardts Property Management


Suite 2/14 Helen Street, Mount Gambier

14 Hillcrest Avenue

6/184 Commercial St East


1 1

$150 pw | Available 2/7/21

2/3 Sutton Avenue


1 1

$200 pw | Available 4/6/21

14 Hillcrest Avenue


1 2

$270 pw | Available 4/6/21

6 Truman Street


1 1

$330 pw | Available 5/7/21

24C Bay Road


1 1

$370 pw | Available 4/6/21

1/2 Red Oak Place


2 2

$470 pw | Available NOW

$299,000-$329,000 3 1 2 Prime CBD development opportunity, positioned over 2 titles of land totaling 1,851m2 (approx). Two street access plus third road via a free and unrestricted right of way. When opportunity knocks dare to dream!

Apply online Ph 8724 8088

24C Bay Road

Avail 4/6/21

$270 pw 3 1 2 • 3 bedrooms, two with BIR’s • Lounge with gas heater & R/C air con • Kitchen/dining with electric cooking • Bathroom with spa • Single garage & single carport under main roof • No pets

P.O.A An exciting opportunity to be your own BOSS. Fantastic cleaning business for sale with fantastic turnover. Huge potential to take to the next level. Phone Gebhardts for further information.


Avail 4/6/21

$370 pw 2 1 1 • 2 bedrooms with BIR • Kitchen with gas/electric cooking & dishwasher • Open plan tiled living/dining area with doors to balcony • R/C aircon • Separate office • 2-way bathroom & extra toilet • Sunroom • No pets

21 Sturt Street 24B Oak Street 2/2 James Street 32 Commercial Street West 93 Commercial Street West 94 Commercial Street East 97 Commercial Street West 99 Commercial Street West 101 Commercial Street West 389 Commercial Street West 389C Commercial Street West



$455,000 - $485,000

Deon Howell 0419 037 896

62 Spring View Dr, Suttontown

4 2 2

$780,000 - $830,000

Deon Howell 0419 037 896

237 Casterton Rd, Nangwarry

228 Commercial St West, Mt Gambier


$105,000 - $115,000

Deon Howell 0419 037 896

6 Church St, Yahl

LAND | 1,012m2



5 1 8

$219,000 - $229,000

Deon Howell 0419 037 896


Expressions of Interest closing Friday June 4th at 12pm (unless sold prior)

Damian Venn 0438 904 771

354 Cafpirco Rd, Compton

5 2 4


Malcolm Lewis 0429 009 072

1/14 Bailey St, Mt Gambier

3 1 1

AUCTION at the Port MacDonnell Football Club, 3rd June 11.00am

Damian Venn 0438 904 771

515 Eight Mile Creek Rd, Eight Mile Creek

49 Hectares | 3 1 8

Residential/Rural Sales Manager

Residential Sales

Sales Consultant

Sales Associate

Property Management

Property Management

Property Management

Property Management

DAMIAN VENN 0438 904 771

DEON HOWELL 0419 037 896

MALCOLM LEWIS 0429 009 072



PAM KNIBBS 8726 4400

CHLOE SMITH 8726 4400

STOWE SCOTT 8726 4400

9 Ba y Roa d , Mou nt G a m bi e r

62833 RLA

m tg am bier@elders. com .au

Chris Manser Real Estate & Livestock Sales 0417 414 127

Garth Manser Real Estate & Livestock Sales 0417 071 180

Elisha Beare Real Estate Sales Property Management 0407 213 023

Bernie Manser Property Management 0407 235 345

Candyce Cory Property Management 0427 333 517 RLA 280309

Ph 08 8723 6866 | Fax 08 8723 3809 | 50 James Street, Mount Gambier | | 83 LAKE EDWARD ROAD, GLENCOE



SATURDAY 11.00-11.30AM






Situated in a quiet cul-de-sac on the North-East side of town lies this spacious family home with living space for everyone. Off the hallway there are three bedrooms, main with walk in robe, ensuite and r/c a/c and two with built in wardrobes. The main bathroom features a shower, bath & vanity with a separate toilet for your convenience. The sizable kitchen offers plenty of cupboard space, large walk- in pantry, dishwasher and electric cooking, the dining room adjacent the kitchen adjoins the spacious lounge area with the ambience of slow combustion wood heating in addition to r/c a/c for your convenience. Two additional carpeted rooms along the north side of the home may be utilised as extra bedrooms, second living or even the kids toy room.



3 1 6

THE IDEAL PROPERTY FOR THE HORSE ENTHUSIAST This approximately 5 acre picturesque allotment is the perfect property for the equine family. Features include: 6 individual horse paddocks with raceways, 5 foot high, three rail, post and rail creo fencing with custom made 5-foot heavy gauge galvanised small mesh gates, 4 good sized stables with wide sliding doors fully lined with ply, an adjoining hose down bay lined with W.A Jarrah, a tack room & an 18 metre round yard. The 3 bedroom blue lake home offers spacious open plan living, upgraded kitchen with induction cooktop, 3 bedrooms, bathroom with bath shower and vanity and a separate toilet. The home is heated with a slow combustion wood heater with the convenience of R/C A/C. Other features include front and rear decking, an 18m x 8m garage with two high clearance roller doors, three phase power, adjoining carport and storage area, chook yard, woodshed, bore, rain water & 16 solar panels to keep the electricity bills down.






This conveniently located Mount Gambier stone home will make a perfect first home or investment opportunity. The home is conveniently located within walking distance to all amenities on a sizable 873m2 allotment with beautiful established gardens. The property is beautifully presented and offers two sizable bedrooms plus an additional room that could be easily converted to a third bedroom, dining area, study or sewing room however is currently utilised as a second living area. The centrally located kitchen offers electric cooking and ample cupboard space, the bathroom located off the laundry area features a bath, shower and vanity with a separate toilet. The large rear private yard offers established gardens and an outdoor entertaining area fitted with quality zip track blinds for comfort and privacy.

For Rent!



LEASED $675,000 - $700,000 $500 PER WEEK




ELEGANT COUNTRY LIVING MINUTES FROM TOWN Available 31st May 2021. Solid family home close to schools, hospital and shopping centre. 12-foot ceilings, open plan kitchen/dining/living areas. Wood heating & ducted reverse cycle air conditioning throughout. Large bedrooms, three with BIR. Detached cottage for guests or teen retreat. Double car garage, 4-bay machinery shed, established gardens & fruit trees. Bond $3000.00. Pets negotiable.

4 2 4


Expansive 4134m2 allotment surrounded with well established trees and hedges, open plan living, kitchen with gas cooking, impressive breakfast bar, walk-in pantry & dishwasher. Overlooks the dining & expansive living area with doors opening to the fully enclosed entertaining area combining inside and out. 4 bedroom, main with WIR and double ensuite, main bathroom with bath, shower & vanity & separate toile, large laundry, second living area currently utelised as a home office. The bar/rumpus room currently utilised for entertaining and fitted with the plumbing for a third bathroom opening up the opportunity for an attached granny flat, parents retreat or even the visitors wing.




Contact our office on 8723 6866


Large 732m level building allotment in sought after location. Walking distance to all the main street has to 2

offer, MacDonald Park Primary School and Saint Martins Lutheran College. Electricity & Water. Council rates $1290.77. Inspect this block today to appreciate all it has to offer and build your dream home. Contact Elisha Beare on 0407 213 023.



Contact our office on 8723 6866

If you’re looking for your next property move, we can help when you’re ready to play

Sale 116 Crouch Street, Mt Gambier Expressions of Interest Open by appointment

Sale 4



Sale 4 Yahl Hall Road, Yahl $379,000 - $389,000 Open by appointment

2 4

Sale 3



7 Gordon Street, Mt Gambier $399,000 - $419,000 Open by appointment


1/32 Bertha Street, Mt Gambier $199,000 - $209,000 Open by appointment

62 Sisters Road, Moorak $550,000 - $570,000 Open by appointment

3+ 1 3

Sale 4




Sale FACT Fish & Chip Shop, Mt Gambier $349,000 Open by appointment


100 Leggett Road, Worrolong 3+ Highest + Best Offers by 12pm 18th June (Unless sold prior) Open by appointment

27 Shepherdson Road, Mt Gambier $249,000 - $259,000 Open by appointment







Sale 3



1/20A Wyatt Street, Mt Gambier $119,000 - $129,000 Open by appointment

É § È Ð¦


Tahlia Gabrielli Principal Sales Executive 0438 883 992

Sarah Barney Sales Executive 0438 883 972

Sonya Jones Executive Assistant (08) 8724 7405

Sale 1/2 Jardine Street, Mt Gambier $575,000 Open by appointment

Jess Teakle Property Management (08) 8724 7405

Sale 3



59 Lake Terrace West, Mt Gambier $779,000 - $799,000 Open by appointment

245 Commercial Street, Mt Gambier $289,000 - $299,000 Open by appointment

Vacant Land



3 4



178 Commercial Street, Mt Gambier $290 P/W Available: 04/07/2021

5 Suttontown Avenue, Mt Gambier $397,000 - $415,000 Open by appointment



Vacant Land

Stage 3, Mountview Estate, Compton From $145,000 Open by appointment

Vacant Land

Rental 2



92 Penola Road, Mt Gambier $265 P/W Available: 04/07/2021



Property of the week The people pleaser – a family home in quiet cul-de-sac.

Rental 26 Tweed Crescent, Mt Gambier $380 P/W Available: 28/06/2021



Ray White Mt Gambier 2A & 2B Mitchell Street Mount Gambier SA 5290 (08) 8724 7405 RLA 291953



Lot 2, 4, 5 & 6 Southend Access Road, Southend $150,000 - $160,000 Open by appointment

Rental 4

Macey Humphries Administration (08) 8724 7405




217 Jubilee Highway, Glenburnie $375 P/W Available: 28/06/2021

Hayley Goodwin Executive Assistant (08) 8724 7405


8 Graney Court, Mt Gambier. $349,000 - $369,000 Open by appointment




This home is located in close proximity to the Mount Gambier Marketplace and the District Health Service. The master bedroom features a large WIR and an ensuite with a spa bath, shower and toilet. Bedroom four or optional office offers an external linenpress and another carpeted double bedroom next door provides a BIR. The family bathroom offers a shower and bath and toilet. The centre of the home offers an open-plan kitchen, dining room and family room. The family room and kitchen overlooks a glass enclosed pergola/entertaining area. The kitchen offers bench space, b/fast bar, large double sink, s/steel oven, gas cooktop and d/washer. Outside, the paved pergola is accessed via double glass doors and provides a bbq area. Added benefits are gas-ducted heating & a double car garage.


10 Ireland St, Millicent $299,000

4 Fairway Crt, Worrolong $675,000 - $700,000

Sam Malseed + Jason Malseed

Sam Malseed + Jason Malseed

3 1 1 4 Degaris St, Mt Gambier $290,000 - $310,000

4 1 2

Sam Malseed + Jason Malseed

11 Southern Ports Hwy, Southend 52.31 Hectares $450,000 - $495,000 Sam Malseed + Jason Malseed

4 2 2

440m Beach Front Access


3 Duigan St, Mt Gambier $280,000

12 Wentworth Crt, Mt Gambier $369,000

Wendy Flint

4 2 3

Wendy Flint

4 2 1

1 Wehl Street South, Mount Gambier 08 8724 9999 98 George Street, Millicent 8733 1989


Sam 0447 805 319

2 1 1

Jason 0419 032 795

Wendy Flint



Jason Malseed + Sam Malseed

Wendy 0468 692 993

Lot 6 McKay Rd, Compton $179,000

47 Buronga Ave, Mt Gambier $180,000 - $190,000 Wendy Flint

3.71 Acres

Courtney 8724 9999

Selena 8724 9999

Kathy 8733 1989

12/20 O’Leary Rd, Mt Gambier 3 1 1 $430 per week To apply go to


Lot 63 Gully Crt, Mil Lel $220,000


Kelli 8724 9999

Lot 64 Gully Crt, Mil Lel $220,000

Tanya 8724 9999

Emilia 8724 9999

Wendy Flint

2.90 Acres



unlocking dreams A: 22 Sturt Street, Mount Gambier P: 08 8723 3416

2 Hammer Court, Mount Gambier

68-70 Crouch Street South, Mount Gambier





EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST CLOSING MONDAY 21ST JUNE 2021 AT 12PM (if not sold prior) Beautifully presented stone home in sought after central location. Large lounge with gas log fire & r/c split system. Renovated kitchen/meals with stone benchtops, dishwasher, electric cooking and abundant storage. Three bedrooms including huge main bedroom with a full wall of BIRs. Striking bathroom with walk in shower, freestanding bath, vanity and separate powder room. Renovated laundry with extra toilet. Detached rumpus room with kitchenette and additional bathroom. Garage UMR with remote roller door. Under cover, paved outdoor entertaining area. Side access to 7m x 9m Colorbond shed with 2.5m clearance and concrete floor.

EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST CLOSING FRIDAY 2ND JULY 2021 AT 12PM (if not sold prior) - Fantastic investment opportunity to add to your portfolio. - Group of 6 solid brick and tile units situated on two titles showing excellent rental returns. - All 2 bedroom units with kitchen/meals and lounge, bathroom and laundry. - Two units have carports. - Great location within walking distance to the main street and Blue Lake. - Excellent parking. - Further potential for future rental growth. 3 2 3

E.O.I Contact Gail Richards 0409 268 199 33 SIMSONS LANDING RD, NELSON

E.O.I Contact Gail Richards 0409 268 199 or Al Lamond 0418 849 266

$240,000-$260,000 4,316m2



RLA 282 450

Have you always wanted to build your dream home by the River, well we have the perfect allotment for you! Positioned on a large allotment (4316m2) in the popular township of Nelson Located within walking distance to Simpson Landing & the Glenelg River Don’t miss your opportunity to have the perfect getaway! Ring your builder now & secure today LAND

Contact Al Lamond 0418 849 266 61 DALKEITH DR, MT GAMBIER $399,000-$419,000








Quality solid brick & tile family home, offering 3 bedrooms, located on an elevated corner allotment, with amazing views over the city to Centenary Tower The open plan living area combines large inviting kitchen with electric cooking, adjoining dining area, plus sunken lounge area Outside the home offers a lovely private pergola area & large double car garage 3 2 4 Contact Al Lamond 0418 849 266 312 COMMERCIAL ST W, MT GAMBIER $699,000-$759,000

pNew rice

- Deceptively spacious family home, located in popular Saint Martin’s Lutheran College area, ready for your family to move in now - Features include open plan kitchen/dining/ family area, inviting home theatre room doubling, dedicated office or 5th bedroom, plus large master bedroom 4 2 2 Al Lamond 0418 849 266

- Big and beautiful - central and spacious - Zoned Light Industry, offering an incredible opportunity to reside & operate a business from the one property (S.T.C.A) - Properties offering this size shedding with a home attached are near impossible to find in the city area Al Lamond 0418 849 266 G004/7 LAKE TCE WEST, MT GAMBIER $285,000-$295,000

- Attention investors or retires, check out this beautifully presented apartment, in an enviable location in Mount Gambier’s lakes area - Ground floor location with easy access via front balcony with stunning views over the City - 2 bedrooms with master offering WIR and ensuite Al Lamond 0418 849 266

2 2 2

3 2




- The home comprises of 4 good sized carpeted bedrooms, the master offering walk-in robe plus ensuite - Three living zones include spacious kitchen/dining/ family room, separate lounge and dining, 2nd lounge room plus office - Single garage UMR, undercover pergola plus 6 x 4m approx. shed 4 2 1 Sara McManus 0438 708 281

Gail Richards

Al Lamond

Sara McManus

Ben Ransom

Jess Starling

Carolyn Gazzard

Sue Clements

SALES M: 0409 268 199

SALES M: 0418 849 266

SALES M: 0438 708 281

SALES M: 0400 870 362

SALES SUPPORT P: (08) 8723 3416

CLIENT SERVICES P: (08) 8723 3416

CLIENT SERVICES P: (08) 8723 3416

2a Clezy Crescent, Mount Gambier

Rachael Kelly

14 Underwood Avenue, Mount Gambier





Beautifully presented 3 bedroom brick home, providing a fantastic opportunity for investors, first home buyers or downsizing retirees. Offering 2 living areas, separate formal lounge area (possible 4th bedroom) with adjoining large casual living, offering r/c split air con, plus galley style kitchen with electric cooking & dishwasher. The kitchen also features large WI pantry with separate large European style laundry. Other wet areas include a large bathroom with separate shower/ bath & toilet. Additional extras include plenty of off street parking, a large enclosed iron garage with remote access, solar system, inviting pergola area, plus low maintenance grounds & gardens.

Tegan Pink

ADMINISTRATION JUNIOR ASSISTANT P: (08) 8723 3416 P: (08) 8723 3416

Immaculately maintained 4 bedroom home with excellent shedding. Kitchen / dining with electric cooking, corner pantry and r/c split system air conditioning. Spacious lounge with gas log fire. All bedrooms with BIR’s. Bathroom with shower, bath & vanity plus separate toilet and laundry. Large pergola perfect for outdoor entertaining. Single carport UMR with remote roller door. 3 bay shed with high clearance sliding doors and separate driveway. Corner allotment. Walking distance to Mulga Street Primary School & Collins Court Shopping Centre. Currently tenanted at $285 per week until 11/10/2021. 3 1 1

$279,000-$299,000 Contact Al Lamond 0418 849 266 14 CURRAWONG CRES, MT GAMBIER







- - - - -

4 1 3

$249,000-$269,000 Contact Gail Richards 0409 268 199


Contemporary stone home featuring 3 carpeted bedrooms, all containing BIR’s Central kitchen / meals area with gas cooktop and electric oven Cosy separate lounge room featuring polished timber floorboards Modern upgraded bathroom with shower, vanity and toilet plus newly tiled laundry and separate 2nd toilet Single car garage with access door to the pergola 3 1 1 Contact Sara McManus 0438 708 281

Inviting 3 bedroom brick & tile home, on a large 766m2 allotment Featuring a huge open plan dining/lounge, adjoining kitchen with new electric cooking, tidy bathroom, offering a new vanity with separate bath, shower & toilet Outside features remote garage UMR & rear yard access to the large yard with low maintenance gardens Currently leased for $290 per week until November 2021 3 1 1 Contact Al Lamond 0418 849 266

487 CAFPIRCO RD, COMPTON $699,000-$759,000





- Built in 2013, the home has been well maintained & boasts a flexible open floor plan with a wonderful outlook of the surrounding countryside - The most exciting addition to the property is the recently constructed 24m x 10m colorbond shed which is fully powered and concreted Al Lamond 0418 849 266

- - - -

- If you want to retire to a slower existence, have your own weekender, or perhaps an Air BnB investment this is the perfect property - Centrally located kitchen ideally positioned between the two living areas - The Westerly facing deck is positioned to soak up the afternoon sunshine 5 2 1 Al Lamond 0418 849 266

4 2 6

7 FAIRWAY CRT, WORROLONG $899,000-$939,000

55 NORTH NELSON RD, NELSON $349,000-$379,000

– Sitting on the highest peak in Oranivale Estate, it’s hard not to feel on top of the world – Magnificent landscaped gardens surround the 58 sq home – Intuitive floor plan is divided into 2 wings and is designed to take in the Southerly views over Mt Gambier

- Situated on an elevated block with breathtaking views over Northern side of the township - Currently being run as an Air BNB, the property offers a list of quality inclusions - Well-designed layout consists of 2 bedrooms with 2 ensuite style bathrooms

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RURAL RUNDOWN Selling a career in trees Spotlight on the Recruiting the future workforce through technology dairy industry Innovation Day set to focus on being progressive & productive

Virtual Reality (VR) technology is being used as a tool to attract the next generation of foresters to the Green Triangle. New two-minute career snapshots of foresters and ecologists working in the field have been filmed using innovative 360-degree cameras in recent weeks, creating immersive learning experiences that will soon be shared in high school classrooms across Australia. The footage allows students to step into a VR world, walking through the estate alongside featured foresters, Courtney Pink of SFM (Sustainable Forest Management) and Jack Carter from ABP(Australia Bluegum Plantation), to learn about a day in their working life. The Green Triangle Forest Industries Hub in partnership with ForestLearning, the country’s peak forest and wood product education portal, produced the latest 360-degree video experiences to highlight the variety of career pathways and diverse work tasks within the forestry field. This ForestVR technology debuted nationally in classrooms last year with a catalogue of footage taking students on virtual excursion to difficult to access locations highlighting forest and timber processing in the region. The free experiences, which were produced via a productive partnership with peak teacher association groups and industry, can be accessed using digital and cardboard VR headsets, iPads, laptaps or smart boards for whole of class activities, making it accessible for classroom environments. Green Triangle Forest Industries Hub chair Ian McDonnell said it was hoped the promotion would inspire a new generation of foresters to the field, highlighting the sustainable and diverse nature

of the work. “The industry is faced with a national shortage of foresters, with local growers often forced to look globally to recruit staff,” Mr McDonnell said. “Forestry provides a long-term secure career path for people who are interested in building their scientific and business expertise, are data and technology driven and enjoy working outdoors. “Demand for these roles is going to grow in the future as we look to expand the forestry estate and gain more timber from existing plantations to meet growing domestic and global demand. The next generation, who have excellent technology skills, are going to be pivotal in achieving our strategic vision.” Ms Pink, a regional forester based in Mount Gambier who studied a Bachelor of Forest Science and Management at Southern Cross University, said her love of nature and being outdoors inspired her career path. “Forestry provides a lot of freedom. I love being able to work freely indoors or outdoors,” she said. “We have peak intense periods of operations and other times we get to breathe in the fresh air that we create by growing trees. I love that its strategic and all about problem solving - plus I get to play with some cool toys like helicopters, drones and heavy machinery.” A Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in zoology and a submajor in Spanish, led Jack Carter to his environmental forester position at ABP, based in Hamilton. He started working as a silvicultural assistant as an all-rounder undertaking survival counts, inventory and soil collection before being promoted to his current position. Mr Carter’s role includes habitat monitoring and conservation

management, revegetation and restoration works, protecting threatened species and their habitats, certification assessments and firefighting. “I work to make sure that the industry remains sustainable and provides a positive return for both the environment and the community,” he said, noting he loved working outdoors in the field. “Whether that be working with a team to plant a few thousand native seedlings or walking through the bush searching for traces of threatened species by way of diggings or even scat. “One of the most exciting moments is flicking through the photos captured by the wildlife camera and coming across a rare or threatened species we didn’t know was there.” The Australian Government, through funding from the National Forest Industries Plan and in partnership with Forest & Wood Products Australia and industry organisations around Australia including the Green Triangle Forest Industries Hub, has expanded the ForestVR toolkit to develop five new ForestVR experiences showcasing careers in forest and wood products, Forest Science Explorers, and Agroforestry. All new experiences will be accessible for schools and the general public by Term 4 via the ForestVR app, ForestLearning website as well as peak education career websites such as Education Services Australia’s To learn more about Forest Learning’s Forest VR toolkit for schools visit the Forest Learning website . INSPIRING A NEW GENERATION OF FORESTERS: Jack Carter, an environmental forester from ABP, filming the new VR school promotion footage using 360-degree cameras.

Genomics, genetic gains, transitional feeding, epigenetics – these are just some of the terms that inform dairy farmers of today. But what do they look like at the farm gate? And how do they contribute to the profitability of dairyfarms? The 18th DairySA Innovation Day to be held in Mount Gambier this month will unpack just some of the technical research and development studies that are at dairyfarmers’ fingertips as they continue their quest for increasing milk output. According to DairySA Innovation Day chair Andrew Cavill – a dairyfarmer based north of Penola - this year’s Innovation Day program has been devised in response to the committee’s input into the touchstone issues facing dairyfarmers today. “Like all agricultural industries, it’s important that dairyfarmers keep up to date with the latest advances in their industry,” said Mr Cavill. “The traditional landscape is changing for today’s dairy farm business with increased pressures on boosting milk production whilst at the same time committing to sustainability for the long term.” Dr Jennie Pryce will provide the latest from the DairyBio program, explaining how farmers can achieve more fertile, productive and healthy herds through unlocking genetic gains. Dr Matthew Shaffer will provide insights into DataGene technology and how to apply this to improve their own herds. Delegates will also have the

opportunity to participate in two concurrent sessions covering the areas of ‘Pasture: leveraging the best from what you’ve got’, ‘Targeted Projects – Big Impact: The First 100 days’-addressing the critical period in each cow’s lactation - and ‘Get it right from the start’ on colostrum management and its impact on the health and growth of dairy calves. AFL legend, media personality and Dairy Industry ambassador Jonathan Brown (pictured) will be guest speaker at the event. Also included in the program will be a ‘state of the industry’ snapshot by Dairy Australia’s managing director Dr David Nation, and a DairySA Update on the latest activities by DairySA vice chair Andrew Cavill. Up to 200 dairyfarmers and service providers from across SA’s South East and beyond are expected to attend the popular one day Innovation Day, to be held at The Barn, Mount Gambier on June 9. The ‘Top Paddock’ post conference event of a light graze and drinks will be followed by the popular Innovation Day Dinner with guest speaker Ben James from Aurora Dairies. • The 2021 DairySA Innovation Day will be held on Wednesday 9 June from 9.30am at The Barn, Mount Gambier. • To register head to Eventbrite https://2021-dsa-innovation-day. • Further details on topics and speakers can be found in the Registration Flyer. dairysa

RURAL RUNDOWN International expertise headed to ag conference An international leader in agricultural technology will be the keynote speaker at the 2021 AdvanceAg conference at the Adelaide Convention Centre on July 23. Founding Executive Director of Agritech New Zealand and current Head of Global Alliances, Peter Wren-Hilton, will be the keynote speaker, followed by Ros Harvey, entrepreneur, and founder and managing director of multi award winning Australian AgTech company, The Yield. Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development David Basham said AdvanceAg promises to be one of the biggest AgTech events in Australiathis year. “The AdvanceAg conference is part of the AgTech Strategic Plan priorities to increase collaboration and networking amongst farmers and the AgTech community,” Minister Basham said. “It is exciting to have the calibre of Peter Wren-Hilton coming from across the ditch

to give insights as to why New Zealand is a world leader on AgTech adoption. “Mr Wren-Hilton has been at the forefront of AgTech adoption in New Zealand and building the country’s AgTech ecosystem over a long period of time. “I’m also looking forward to welcoming Ros Harvey, who leads AgTech company ‘The Yield’ which uses machine learning, data science and scalable digital technology to power its technology to solve real challenges at farm level and throughout the food chain. “The focus of AdvanceAg is to provide insight into the practical application and on-farm benefits from AgTech to increase uptake in South Australia. “The conference will feature AgTech providers presenting with farmers about the application of technology on their farm. “We want to be able to demonstrate to producers a range of technology that can be implemented now to create

efficiencies on farm.” The conference will be held at the Adelaide Convention Centre and will feature more than 50 speakers and exhibitors, including panel and pitch sessions. As AdvanceAg’s platinum sponsor, Elders managing director and chief executive officer Mark Allison said the company was proud to be supporting the conference for the second year running. “Increasing the adoption of AgTech is so important in creating efficiencies for producers and benefiting the industry at large,” said Mr Allison. “We see the real value in bringing together an audience of producers and technology providers and everyone in between to make this happen – so we are excited to be returning to AdvanceAg as Platinum and Keynote sponsor for 2021.” Tickets are now available by visiting

Mount Gambier Market Report - CATTLE Numbers lifted last week as agents yarded 615 head of live weight and open auction cattle. These sold to a smaller field of trade and processor buyers along with feeder orders who continue to be strong when seeking supply. Quality fell away this week with less weight and condition over the offering with some mixed results in price coming forward. A small offering of yearling steers was presented with feeders taking most of these from 388c to 518c with only a solitary steer going to the trade at 490c/kg. Yearling heifers to the trade ranged from 405c to 420c to ease 5c with feeders operating here from 373c to 475c/kg. Grown steers and bullocks were also small in number as they made up to 410c to the trade with feeder activity from 372c to 442c/kg. Grown heifers to the trade made from 346c to 404c with feeder support from 315c to 420c as manufacturing steers sold from 255c to 313c/kg. Heavy cows gained 4c as they ranged from 290c to 334c with the lighter selection making from 276c to 290c as feeders were active from 280c to 329c/kg. Bulls ranged from 200c to 280c/kg

Hamilton Market Report - SHEEP & LAMBS WEDNESDAY Agents yarded 7500 lambs and 4939 sheep at Hamilton. The quality of the offering was very good with noticeable upturn last week with all weights and grades available. A full field of regular buyers were in attendance but not all were fully active, however despite this, competition over all categories was very strong resulting in a dearer market. All lambs to the trade were firm to $5 dearer with feeders paying to a top of $188/head. Light 12 to 18kg lambs made from $130 to $170/head averaging from 880c to 1,035c/kg cwt. Light 18 to 22kg trade weight lambs sold from $158 to $188/head, to average between 860c and 880c/kg cwt. Medium trade weight lambs 22 to 26kg made from $188 to $222/head, to average from 795c to 860c/kg cwt. Heavy trade weight lambs made up to $248/head to average 712c/kg cwt. Score 3 hoggets sold to a top of $207/head. Sheep were also stronger selling from $15 to $25/head dearer on last sale. Heavier crossbred sheep made to a top of $260, with the better well covered Merino ewes making from $178 to $212/head. Wethers made to a top of $220/head with the general run of Merino mutton to average from 673c to 710c/kg cwt. Terminal sires sold to a top $98 and Merino rams made$110/head.

Naracoorte Market Report SHEEP & LAMBS Numbers fell to 5337 head as agents yarded 4268 lambs and 1069 sheep. These sold to the usual field of trade and processor buyers along with a number of restocker orders. Quality was mixed with pens of both sheep and lamb markets selling to dearer rates this week. Light lambs to the trade ranged from $93 to $142 with the light weight trade 2 and 3 score selection returning $147 to $157/head. Restockers purchased a range of lambs from $82 to $165 for lighter types and from $169 to $182/head for the heavier pens. Trade weight 3 score lambs made from $166 to $185 averaging from mostly 780c to 820c/kg cwt with a lift in

price of $7 to $10/head. Heavy lambs made from $176 to $210 as the extra heavy types selling from $222 to top the market at $250/head. Hoggets made from $132 to $150 with light sheep making from $85 to $120/head. Medium weight ewes sold from $136 to $168 with a lift of $8/head to average 640c to 690c/kg cwt. Heavy pens made from $166 to the high of $234/head. Restockers competed for a run of pregnancy scanned in-lamb ewes making from $210 to $240/ head with all of these returning to the paddock. Wethers ranged from $144 to $193 with rams making from $66 to $138/ head.


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EXCLUSIVE ANIMAL HEALTH PROMOTION Purchase $2500 of selected animal health products from the range of cydectin, dectomax, multimin and selected vaccines to receive a ticket in the draw to


Naracoorte Market Report - CATTLE Numbers remained steady as agents yarded 861 head of liveweight and open auction cattle. These sold to the regular field of trade and processor buyers along with feeder and restocker orders. Quality was mixed ranging from store types up to those off supplementary feed as the market ranged from firm to a little better in price. Yearling steers to the trade ranged from 378c to 505c, with similar heifers ranging from 423c to 493c/kg. Feeder orders continue to be strong as they sourced steers from 415c to 496c, and heifers from 370c to 480c/kg. Grown steers to the trade were small in number as they reached a peak of 403c, with feeder buyers taking most of these from 392c to 474c/kg. Grown heifers to the trade made from 275c to 423c, with feeder activity from 315c to 424c/kg. Manufacturing steers made up to 322c/kg. Heavy weight cows remained firm in price, as they made from 293c to 332c/kg. The light weight types made from 232c to 288c, with feeders operating from 266c to 315c/kg. Bull numbers more than doubled, with the heavy weight pens making from 244c to 296c, with light weights to feed reaching 434c/kg .



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Inept; unskilled; amateurish; unprofessional; village idiot... The Speaker in the Northern Territory parliament recently decided that Northern Territory politicians are no longer incompetent. Well kind of. Speaker Ngaree Ah Kit decided that the word incompetent was offensive and could no longer be used in parliament. Independent parliamentarian and representative of Araluen, Robyn Lambley, described the Labor government as incompetent on the day the Northern Territory budget was presented. Labor member of the legislative assembly Lawrence Costa was apparently offended and


asked for the comment to be withdrawn. What a sooky baby, am I right? Obviously none of us would like to be called incompetent, but it’s certainly not abusive, racist, sexist or aggressive. Put your hand up if you haven’t been told you’re incompetent at one time or another. I’ll wait. No one. As I thought. It’s a daily occurrence for me. I don’t like being told I’m incompetent, but until I adjust my performance of a variety of tasks it’s something that I’m just going to have to live with. I’m not going to demand that people stop calling me incompetent because it makes me sad. Mr Costa apparently found it very upsetting but surely wasn’t expecting that anyone would support him in his pathetic request that it be withdrawn. I’m sure he must have been kicking himself that he didn’t go straight to, “what you say is what you are”, or possibly, “sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never

hurt me.” Bizarrely the Speaker, and funnily enough his Labor colleague, Ngaree Ah Kit could see that he was feeling very sad and decided to save the day and added it to the list of “do not use words in this parliament.” She went further declaring, “I do find it offensive and I am making that ruling.” It turned out later that there’s not actually such a list of words that the Speaker can ban from being used and she’d just made that up. Instead of banning words she should possibly ban members of parliament from making up their own rules. I’d be the first one to admit I would like members of parliament to improve their behaviour. These supposedly very intelligent ladies and gentleman who we vote into positions of power to represent our voices and make decisions that impact on our day to day lives, are often abusive and rude in their conduct. Instead of presenting well thought out arguments as to why they don’t agree with someone’s

viewpoint, they ridicule and resort to name calling. But incompetent isn’t foul or vulgar. It is simply a descriptive term that indicates someone is not good at what they do. If you look incompetent up in an online dictionary as I just did, it will probably say something like, “not having or showing the necessary skills to do something successfully.” Do you know what I find offensive? The fact that two well paid members of parliament find the word incompetent offensive. I think they need to work on having thicker skins. I’m not sure how they would have coped in the golden years in a parliament with former prime minister Paul Keating. Admittedly he would have been on their side but they clearly wouldn’t have coped with being on the receiving end of some of his critiques. He suggested that opposition leader Andrew Peacock be put down like a faithful dog. He asked the Speaker in federal parliament

to give John Howard a valium. Scumbag was one of his favourite ways of describing opponents. He dished out the description, “Stupid, foul-mouthed grub who’s flat out counting” referring to Wilson Tuckey. 1985 delivered the classic, “slithering, mangy maggot”. How quickly would Ngaree Ah Kit and Lawrence Costa be out on stress leave with any of those sprays? To me the test of whether the word can be used or not would be whether you can justify it. For example the fact we’re over twelve months through a global pandemic and still continue to have Covid leaking out of hotel quarantine facilities indicates that we could clearly justify use of the term for Australian politicians. You can pick for yourself whether you want to blame the relevant state or federal government authorities. I’d like to think at some point they might have put their big boy and girl pants on, treated it like a group project and worked it out together. Obviously a more challenging solution than pointing a finger and saying, “It’s his fault!” If I was going to ban a word, I’d probably go with mate, because three quarters of the time the person using it isn’t actually your mate. Most of the time the person is trying to force a feeling of mateship on you against your will. I’d rather be told I was incompetent. If you think I’m incompetent, email me at robbietansel@gmail Better turn off notifications on my emails for the next week.











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Classifications: (G) General, (PG) Parental Guidance, (M) Mature Audiences, (MA15+) Mature Audience Over 15 Years[s] Subtitles, Consumer Advice: (d) drug references, (s) sexual references or sex scenes (h) horror, (l) language, (mp) medical procedures, (n) nudity, (v) violence











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

Classifications: (G) General, (PG) Parental Guidance, (M) Mature Audiences, (MA15+) Mature Audience Over 15 Years[s] Subtitles, Consumer Advice: (d) drug references, (s) sexual references or sex scenes (h) horror, (l) language, (mp) medical procedures, (n) nudity, (v) violence



NINE SA 0C;DFF3B7=1DD CDDFF3B7=1F <A=DD 99C;DFF( ( ?F&BA>@>5F (E)?DD 9,CDDFF 88E>DB@ACDD 9CDDFF E<=)=1FB@ACDD 9C;DFF/E8E A@<1F6++AE><@.EF 64?<A=8@=FB@ACDD ;CDDFF3@++@>5F$B@><DB@ACDD !CDDFF&@88@B>=@AEF B<F*E=<DD 0CDDFF( ( ?F6 <EA>BB>F (E)?DD CDDFF( ( F(E)?DD CDDFF6F/4AAE><F6 =@ADB@ACDD C;DFF/E8E A@<1F6++AE><@.EF 64?<A=8@=FB@ACDD CDDFF -EA5E>.1FD 9DCDDFF#BB<1F/8=??@ @E7DB:CDD 99CDDFF( ( F(E)?F"=<EDD 99C;DFF3E>>@?CF#<6?93D A?==<;0D'?1D D.(74>.D =<-D#<6?93DA?==<;D 28?37&-DSD <79D&;D?;D 674>D%6?1D!<9879&>;D 3&=79 D'?1D D< D85>D ,D =>9!5D %>9"D

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C90FF&B'@ECD*A=?!>D D 9DCDDFF"@'@>5F28=.%F :<9?!<)DB@ACDB+, CD 9DC;DFF3:AB45:F3:EF 28?=;0D 7!<6>D 73-?9DD BA-:B8EDB@ACFD 9DC9DFF&B'@ECD*2 ?66< ;D$93D 99C,DFF6><:E-F*E??@B>?F $-? <9;)DB@ACDB+, CD ><EA?<@<@=8?DB@ACD 28?=;0D <

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Classifications: (G) General, (PG) Parental Guidance, (M) Mature Audiences, (MA15+) Mature Audience Over 15 Years[s] Subtitles, Consumer Advice: (d) drug references, (s) sexual references or sex scenes (h) horror, (l) language, (mp) medical procedures, (n) nudity, (v) violence





• Preparation of Income Tax Returns for All Entities. • BAS Preparation & Lodgement. • Business Advice.

• Bookkeeping & Payroll Services (at competitive rates) • Accounting Software Setup & Training.

Office No.25, The Convent, 20 Penola Road, Mount Gambier Ph: 0400 174 389 E:






DIRECTOR | MT GAMBIER 0488 367 733 AU#51712 ABN 38643619041








17 Calula Drive, Mount Gambier

(08) 8725 2220


• Blinds • Patio Blinds • Ziptracks • Rollershutter • Windows • Security Doors • Home Maintenance




FREE QUOTE 0400 430 297


Taylor Marine

 Furuno Electronics  Pots, Rope & Floats  International Paint  Boating Safety Gear  Stormy Seas Life Jackets  Wet Weather Gear  Plus all accessories for your boat!


Shane 0429 945 853



349 Commercial Street West, Mount Gambier Ph 08 8726 5200 F 08 8726 5222 E


• Large range of new & used caravans • Parts & accessories, everything for your caravan • Caravan service & repairs, skilled experienced technicians 250 Jubilee Highway West, Mount Gambier Phone (08) 8725 2826

2 Brian Smith Drive (off Riddoch Hwy), Mt Gambier CAR ACCESSORIES


w w w. d o n e h u e s l e i s u r e . c o m . a u




Mount Gambier & The Limestone Coast

0418 838 523 YOUR LOCAL Floor Cleaning Specialists

THE BIGGEST NAMES IN FOOTY CALLING THE BIGGEST GAMES! Paul Mt Gambier weekends Pauland andRose Rose Visiting continuing to serve regional SA Call 1800Call 718 0499 450 for an828 appointment 609 12 12 Wehl Wehl Street Street North, North,Mount MountGambier Gambier

Now live on 1629 SEN Mt Gambier or on the SEN App

40 years

Experienc e in making dentures




08 8724 0158 Pick-Up & Delivery Freight Service

The Coastal Express

Limestone Coast Region Monday to Friday

Door to Door Daily Service!

Mount Gambier - Millicent - Southend - Beachport - Robe - Kingston

0408 838 027



Book your space on 08 8724 7111

WWW.TALFM.COM.AU 08 8762 0018

*Business Directory. Price includes GST. Minimum 3 month (12 week) period, no copy changes allowed. $209 inc GST will be invoiced on first ad placement.







Specialising in

NON-CATCHER MOWING $20 small $30 normal $40 large (catcher available price negotiable)

All types. Pittosporu

ms a specialty

CALL 0418 849 952



Business FOR SALE

Add $5 to $10 for whipper snipping also weeding, light trimming & removal.


0413 354 066 METAL


L i m e s to n e C o a s t Pa r t y H i r e



SE Plastering


Specialists in marquee hire furniture & acc. M: 0418 847 204 @limestonecoastpartyhire

Wall + Ceiling Repair Work


ABN 6719 576 4621



Painting Interior/Exterior Cornice/Ornamental Insulation CALL NOW ON 0413 728 405 ROLLER DOORS



Maintenance &

• Inground & above ground, all shapes & sizes • Service pumps & filters • Chemicals & parts • Free water testing available

Construction P/L

0448 752 232

BLD 217677 | BLD 54196


Bare Root Roses

250 Jubilee Highway West, Mount Gambier Phone (08) 8725 2826 w w w. d o n e h u e s l e i s u r e . c o m . a u

08 8739 3321 Book your space on 08 8724 7111 *Business Directory. Price includes GST. Minimum 3 month (12 week) period, no copy changes allowed. $209 inc GST will be invoiced on first ad placement.


*Business Directory. Price includes GST. Minimum 3 month (12 week) period, no copy changes allowed. $209 inc GST will be invoiced on first ad placement.

Now live on 1629 SEN Mt Gambier or on the SEN App


Positions Available Correct Safety is a Mt Gambier based company servicing the nation. We exist to provide user-friendly, compliant, cost effective safe access systems to reduce the risks and hazards associated with personnel working at heights.

Accounts Payable & Receivable Officer (Fixed Term Contract)

With ambitious goals and steep growth, we are looking for top players to join our diverse and growing team in the following new roles:

Due to an internal promotion a position has arisen for an experienced Accounts Payable & Receivable Officer to join the finance team of a successful and dynamic family-owned company.

1) Project Estimator – Designing, Scoping & Costing Safe Access Solutions to a range of Buildings. 2) Supply Chain Coordinator – Undertake, Oversee and Coordinate the strategic procurement of materials and their delivery to site. 3) Project Sales Consultant – Drive the business further through turning prospects into customers.

N.F. McDonnell & Sons is a leader in the softwood timber industry. Our sawmill boasts the most state of the art equipment and technology for processing small diameter sawlogs in Australia. Our products are specifically produced for domestic and export customers in pallet and outdoor markets. Based in Mount Gambier and established in 1944 our company has always stayed true to its motto of “continual improvement is how we do business”.

Benefits & Perks: • • • • •

Progression into other roles available…..anything….its up to you! Positive, open, non-hierarchal culture. Young energetic friendly, caring team. Full support and Training will be provided. Flexible working arrangements are available within what is reasonable for the position and the industry.

The position requires 25 hours to be worked each week that are flexible around your situation. Initially offered as a 6-month contract position this role may lead into a permanent position. Experience in all aspects of accounts payable and receivable is required, as is experience using accounting software and Microsoft programs. Payroll experience is desired but not necessary. To be successful you will need to be able to manage your time and have excellent communication skills. Attention to detail and accuracy is expected. Any questions regarding the position, are welcomed and will be treated with strictest of confidentiality, to be directed to Ken Sanders on 08 8725 8888.

To apply for either of these roles, please email application to

Applications including a covering letter and resume should be emailed to and received no later than 5:00 pm Friday 11th June 2021.

VACANCIES PROJECT MANAGER Due to consistent growth DMK Engineering has the position of a Project Manager available. This role will be responsible to; manage project scopes, costs, time frames, procurement, documentation, specifications and client liaison with all projects and jobs under their control. Duties will include, but are not limited to: • Define and manage project scope • Cost management • Procurement of materials and equipment • Freight and logistics requirements • Subcontractor and supplied management • Maintain project compliance including documentation control • Interpret drawings and specifications • Liaising with clients • On site labour management • Compliance with legislation, policies, and procedures Requirements for the role include: • Relevant trade or tertiary qualifications • Demonstrated experience in project management • High level of communication both written and verbal • High level of planning and time management capabilities • Financial numeracy, as reflected in your ability to control costs with budgetary constraints • Excellent problem solving ability • A team player approach • Computer literate with experience and knowledge in CAD • Commitment to Work Health and Safety Work practices Conditions: • Probationary period will apply • This is a full-time position An attractive remuneration package is available for the suitable applicant. Applications will be regarded as strictly confidential. Applications, including a covering letter and resume are to be received no later than: 5:00pm Friday 11th June 2021 and should be forwarded to the General Manager. Sales Duncan McGregor 0407 722 983 Jill Collins 0400 598 327 Roz Crispino 0419 366 649

At Borg, we have been part of a 30-year Australian success story. We are the largest Australian owned decorative and raw board manufacturer, producing Australian made kitchen doors, panels and benchtops, distributed nationwide. As part of our growth in the Mount Gambier community, we have the perfect opportunity for you to join us and become part of our success. We are seeking applications for the following day shift (Mon to Fri) positions: • Delivery Driver - MC (preferred), HC or HR licenced driver with an excellent driving history • Despatch Forklift Operator - LF Licence required To be successful in obtaining one of these positions, you will have: • • • •

MC, HC or HR licence with an excellent driving record (essential) Forklift licence – experience with bulky goods would be an advantage Good attention to detail and accuracy An understanding of all aspects of WHS compliance and manual handling • Demonstrated professional manner and great customer relation skills • Excellent time management and organisation skills • A strong work ethic combined with a ‘can do’ attitude Offering a great lifestyle balance between family and work, these are locally based, full time positions with the opportunity of overtime. As part of the selection process, applicants must be prepared to undergo a pre-employment medical examination, which includes functional, audiometric, alcohol and drug testing. For more information and to submit an application, please visit Application close 5:00pm, Friday 04 June 2021.

Borg is an Equal Opportunity Employer





ESTIMATOR Penola IGA Fresh is an award winning supermarket in the heart of the Coonawarra wine Limestone Coast region based in Penola. This family owned Business is seeking a fulltime Assistant Store Manager/Grocery Manager who is passionate, energetic, hands on experience, to assist the owners in the day to day operations of the store. Duties will include but not limited to: ■ Work closely with the owners in overseeing daily store operations ■ Maintain overall store presentation and cleanliness ■ Maintain stock and inventory control ■ Opening or closing of store and EOD cash register balancing ■ Placing orders including grocery and variety direct or warehouse auto orders ■ Customer service on registers when required ■ Manage compliance with relevant Work health and safety and food safety policies and procedures and legislations Requirements: ■ Extensive supermarket experience ■ Experience in managing a team with a lead by example , positive attitude ■ Flexibility to work over a 7 day roster including weekends and public holidays ■ Strong product knowledge and mechanise knowledge ■ Proven ability in managing inventory and auto ordering ■ Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to build strong working relationships. ■ A sound knowledge of supermarket best practices ■ Strong computer and technology knowledge ■ Ability to take on any task in this hands on role in the day to day operations of the store

Due to consistent growth DMK Engineering has the position of an Estimator available. This role will be responsible to; manage project scopes, costs, time frames, procurement, documentation, specifications and client liaison with all projects and jobs under their control. Duties will include, but are not limited to: • Define and manage project scope • High level interpretation of drawings and specifications • Detailed material take-off and collation of costs • Meticulous estimation of hours and materials • Liaise with clients and suppliers • Maintain project compliance including documentation control • Contract review and negotiation • Sourcing of Suppliers and subcontractors • Development of detailed tender proposals and submission • Compliance with all legislation, policies, and procedures Requirements for the role include: • Relevant trade or tertiary qualifications highly regarded • Demonstrated experience in estimation of structural steel, metalwork, and piping systems • High level of communication both written and verbal • High level of planning and time management capabilities • Experience in detailing and or PDF editing software and advantage • A team player approach • Competent in Excel and Word • Commitment to Work Health and Safety Work practices

Conditions: ■ The position is a permanent fulltime role with a competitive salary and employee discounts on offer across the store. Applications will be regarded as strictly confidential.



Conditions: • Probationary period will apply • This is a full-time position An attractive remuneration package with work/life balance and arrangement is available for the suitable applicant.

Applications including a resume are to be received no later than:

Applications will be regarded as strictly confidential.

5.00pm Friday 11th June, 2021 And should be addressed to: Grace McNally, Gramac Solutions

Applications, including a covering letter and resume are to be received no later than: 5:00pm Friday 11th June 2021

1a Hedley Street PO Box 413 Mt Gambier SA 5290 Phone (08) 8724 8577 Fax (08) 8724 8599 Email:

and should be forwarded to the General Manager. Email:


EMPLOYEES? Increase your chances of reaching the best possible candidates... Lifestyle1 has a weekly circulation of 15,500 right across the Limestone Coast & South West Victoria Contact our sales team: Duncan McGregor (0407 722 983) Jill Collins (0400 598 327) Roz Crispino (0419 366 649)

Sales Duncan McGregor 0407 722 983 Jill Collins 0400 598 327 Roz Crispino 0419 366 649

Bins will be COLLECTED as normal on Monday 14 June 2021 - Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday. Bins must be out by 6:00am. The Waste Transfer Station will be CLOSED on Monday 14 June 2021. Barbara Cernovskis Acting CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER



N.F. McDonnell & Sons is a leader in the softwood timber industry providing quality products to both the domestic and export markets. Based in Mount Gambier and established in 1944 our company has always stayed true to its motto of “continual improvement is how we do business”. Our sawmill boasts the most state of the art equipment and technology for processing small diameter sawlogs in Australia. We are seeking an experienced Electrician to join the maintenance team of a successful and dynamic family-owned company. Offering an attractive $100,000+ wage package to the successful applicant who will provide necessary electrical trade skills to support production requirements through effective maintenance, including attending to breakdowns, actively monitoring production shift start-up and change-over, and carrying out planned, unplanned and project work as required. Essential Key Competencies and Selection Criteria: • Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician (or equivalent) • Current registration as Electrician with the Plumbers, Gas Fitters and Electricians Act (South Australia) • Hands-on experience in commercial or industrial maintenance • Commitment to improving maintenance processes and equipment reliability and having a sense of urgency when needed (e.g. breakdowns) • Effectively communicate – verbally and in writing • Proven ability to manage own time, work in with others and follow work schedules • Experienced with troubleshooting and fault finding Desirable: • Current high risk work licence • Automation (eg PLC, HMI, SCADA etc) controls and/or instrumentation experience • Timber industry or heavy engineering experience in maintenance and/or engineering construction Applications will be regarded as strictly confidential, a covering letter and resume should be emailed to and received no later than 5:00 pm Friday 18th June 2021.


Maintenance Electrician

Sales Duncan McGregor 0407 722 983 Jill Collins 0400 598 327 Roz Crispino 0419 366 649

SPORT Title defence Western Border preparations in full swing for country championships The Western Border Netball Association has selected its teams for the 2021 representative season as it sends six team to the South Australian Country Championships on the June Long Weekend. The senior team, 17 & Under line-up and 15 & Under team are all defending champions, having secured the titles in 2019 with the 2020 championships cancelled due to COVID. In a first for the SA Country Championships, the A Grade competition is playing a curtain raiser to the Adelaide Thunderbirds Suncorp Super Netball clash with the BSW Swifts and Western Border will be taking on Port Lincoln in the historical clash – a rematch of the 2019 title decider. History is also being made in the junior competition with the WBNA taking a second side in the 15 & under and 13 & Under competition. The association has selected a championship and development team in those age groups for the past few years but this year, those development teams are heading to Adelaide to take on the State’s best. The association is thrilled to have all clubs represented in the 2021 representative teams and also welcoming new coaches Rosie Collins, Lisa McGregor and Ellie Gould. WESTERN BORDER NETBALL ASSOCIATION RESPRESENTATIVE TEAMS SENIORS Tyne Bosko (East Gambier) Lisa Fyfe (East Gambier) Tenille Gray (East Gambier) Emily Hunter (East Gambier) Tarsh McCallum (East Gambier) Hannah Nitschke (Millicent) Paige Nitschke (Millicent Jade Ritter (West Gambier) Imogen Walker (South Gambier) COACH: Donna Denton (Millicent) 17 & UNDER Amryn Bosko (East Gambier) Ellie Bouchier (South Gambier) Tara Bryant (West Gambier) Lucy Denton (Millicent) Alyssa Duncan (South Gambier) Caeleigh Humphries (Casterton Sandford) Paige Lucas (Millicent) Zoe Malseed (West Gambier) Portia McRae (Millicent) Sarah Ritter (West Gambier) EMERGENCIES: Olivia Dean (Millicent); Ebany Jarrad (Casterton Sandford); Lara Munro (South Gambier) & Daisy Tunkin (Millicent) COACH: Lisa McGregor (West Gambier) 15 & UNDER WESTERN BORDER CHAMPIONSHIP Leila Croker (West Gambier) Abby Denton (Millicent) Ella Easterby (Millicent) Macey Griffith (North Gambier) Annelise Janssen (Millicent) Stella Mobbs (North Gambier) Cara Nulty (North Gambier) Lillie Paul (Millicent) Chelsea Ryan (South Gambier)

Lauren Van Eeden (Millicent) COACH: Karen Gould (North Gambier) WESTERN BORDER DEVELOPMENT Milly Allen (North Gambier) Phoebe Carlin (Casterton Sandford) Ava Collins (North Gambier) Indi Longhurst (Casterton Sandford) Imogen McGregor (West Gambier) Aleisha Pearson (West Gambier) Charlotte Scott (West Gambier) Lucy Simpson (West Gambier) Maya Tarrant (Millicent) Ellie Xanthopoulos (West Gambier) EMERGENCIES: Maddison Harrold (South Gambier); Chelsea Hulm (Casterton Sandford) & Sarah Richardson (Casterton Sandford) COACH: Ellie Gould (North Gambier) 13 & UNDER WESTERN BORDER CHAMPIONSHIP Elodie Adam (North Gambier) Kelsie Anderson (North Gambier) Charlie Attiwill (South Gambier) Lily Brook (North Gambier) Maggie Collins (North Gambier) Sebella Coghlan (Millicent) Ella Jolley (West Gambier) Mylee Lynch (Millicent) Piper Paul (Millicent) Mikayla Pearson (West Gambier) COACH: Rosie Collins (North Gambier) WESTERN BORDER DEVELOPMENT Brydie Carlin (Casterton Sandford) Hayley Cowie (West Gambier) Eva Crowe (Millicent) Raine Darimaani (North Gambier) Gracie Dalton (South Gambier) Ashlee Dean (Millicent) Emily Denton (Millicent) Mia Gysbers (Millicent) Katie Kerr (East Gambier) Ruby Milich (South Gambier) EMERGENCIES: Kalani Dunn (Millicent), Bree Ridding (South Gambier) & Makayla Rees (Casterton Sandford) COACH: Di Gould (South Gambier) READY FOR ACTION: East Gambier’s Amryn Bosko is part of a strong 17 & under Western Border line-up that is preparing for the 2021 SA Country Championships over the June Long Weekend.


Mid South East Netball




A GRADE TO ADVERTISE CONTACT: JILL 0400 598 327 DUNCAN 0407 722 983 ROSANGELA 0419 366 649 Kalangadoo93 d Kongorong 22; Robe 51 (T, Gluyas, S. Telfer) d Port MacDonnell 28 (L. McGregor, B. Williams); Hatherleigh 48 (S. Broadhead, L Haines) d Mt Burr 45 (H. Clark, E. Clark); Tantnaoola 74 d Nangwarry 32 A RESERVE Kalangadoo 53 (A. Paterson, M. Bonanno) d Kongorong 34 (K. Farrell, N. Fox); Port MacDonnell 53 (I. Sneath, L. Whitworth) d Robe 37 (K. Winterfield, J. Regnier); Mt Burr 39 (E. Faltin, C. Pratt) d Hatherleigh 31 (L. Corman, P. Schroeder); Tantanoola 58 (E. Serle, G. Clarke) d Nangwarry 27 (B. Fulldofrd, T. James) B GRADE Kalangadoo 82 d Kongorong 31; Port MacDonnell 53 (N. Sanderson, J. Taylor) d Robe 41 (K. Dening, S. Kokiousis); Hatherleigh 52 (E. Cook, G. Gray) d Mt Burr 32 (C. Gregory, L. Watts); Tantanoola 70 (R. Clarke, S. peters) d Nangwarry 36 (S. Muller, J. Glynn) B RESERVE kalansgadoo 73 (R. May, D. Mulligan) d Kongorong 16 (E. Devine, T. Finnigan); Port MacDonnell 54 (F. Scott, C. Smith) d Robe 36 (L. Peel, A. Turner); hatherleigh 46 (F. Jackman, S. faulkner) d Mt Burr A. Collyer, T. Doecke); Tantanoola 45 (T. Taylor, L. jackson) d Nangwarry 18 (J. Bonney, M. Smith) 17 & UNDER Kalangadoo 54 (S. Ryan, S. Wrightson) d Kongorong 20 (I. Jenkin, M. Formosa); Robe 36 (M. Wirth, A. Birchall) d Port MacDonnell 34 (A. Smith, S. Lomas); Hatherleigh 74 (J. Bellinger, L. Hines) d Mt Burr 37 (J. Hayward, M. Job); Tantanoola 30 (M. Kelly, H. L. Polakow) d Nangwary 23 (A. Virgin, M. McKay) 15 & UNDER Kalangadoo 56 d Kongorong 37; Port MacDonnell 47 (C. Newton, L. Wilson) d Robe 19 (G. Wirth, E. Dew); Mt Burr 54 (A. Falting, M. Gregory) d Hatherleigh 32 (B. Poulish, N. Faulkner); Nangwarry 50 d Tantanoola 41 13 & UNDER Kalangadoo 65 d Kongorong 6; Port macDonnell 41 (J. Morgan, B. Lewis) d Robe 21 (D. Bermingham, M. Fennell); Hatherleigh 37 (K. Nettle, A. Haines) d Mt Burr 18 (T. Gamble, C. Brant); Nangwarry 86 (C. Epiha, H. Dinnison) d Tantnaoola 5 (L. Bentley, I. O’Brien)

Mid South East Football

SENIORS Kalangadoo 7.2 12.6 16.10 20.16 (136) Kongorong 2.0 1.4 1.5 1.5 (11) Goals - Kalangadoo: M. Krieger 5; L. Jones, B. Mules, J. Searle, T. McManus, B. Gregory 2; J. Bromley, J. La Rocca, M. Lowe, A. Stone, J. Mules. Kongorong: M. Weistra. Best - Kalangadoo: M. Lowe, S. McManus, T. McManus, B. Galpin, A. Stone, B. Gregory. Kongorong: H. Evans, B. Weaver, M. Cordy, M. Waters, S. Fleming. Port MacDonnell 5.1 7.3 11.5 16.7 (103) Robe 2.3 7.5 10.7 12.9 (81) Goals Pt Mac: B. Newton, K. Thomson, D. Bromley 4; H. Stevens, J. Turner 2. Robe: B. Laurie, Z. Deane 3; O Haggett 2; S. Ferguson, A. Weir, E. Regnier, K. Woodward. Best - Pt Mac: D. Bromley, N. Brotherton, J. Schleter, D. McElroy, J. Pfitzner, H. Stevens. Robe: S. Clements, T. Wachtel, J. pettit, B. Laurie, K. Woodward, J. Jarrett. Hatherleigh 2.2 6.3 7.7 9.10 (64) Mt Burr 1.4 3.7 4.9 5.12 (42) Goals - Hatherleigh: L. Brown 5; M. Telfer, B. Wight, J. Galpin, J. Wight. Mt Burr: N. Muhovics 2; J. Gregory, S. Wallis, A. Ridley. Best - Hatherleigh: L. Brown, J. Gray, L. MacGregor, S. Waring, Z. Jones, J. Ferguson-Lane. Mt Burr: T. Stanley, J. Wallis, J. Fiebig, S. Wallis, A. Ridley, J. Murphy. Tantanoola 23.20 (158) Nangwarry 7.5 (47) Goals - Tantanoola: J. Ryan 5; D. Pink , R. Osborne 4; C. Kelly, T. Hatt, B. Reilly 2; B.White, C. Saint, J. Dawe, H. Brown. Nangwarry: J. Virtanen 4; T. Vanderhorst, A. Hill, J. McKeon. Best - Tantanoola: J. Dawe, C. Oliver, D. Pink, R, Osborne, C. Saint. Nangwarry: G. McWaters, I. Raymond, B. Deamer, L. Thomson, K. Whitehouse. RESERVES Kongorong 14.10 (94) d kalangadoo 6.3 (39) Robe 11.10 (76) d Port MacDonnell 9.5 (59) Hatherleigh 19.15 (129) d Mt Burr 2.1 (13) Tantnaoola 16.16 (112) d Nangwarry 2.2 (14) SENIOR COLT Kongorong 21.12 (138) d kalangadoo 2.2 (14) Robe 19.11 (125) d Port MacDonnell 1.3 (9) Hatherleigh 13.9 (87) d Mt Burr 11.5 (71) Tantanoola 17.8 (110) d Nangwarry 2.1 (13) JUNIOR COLTS Kongorong 17.9 (111) d Kalangadoo 0.2 (2) Robe 15.12 (102) d Port MacDonnell 0.1 (1) Hatherleigh 7.9 (51) d Mt Burr 1.1 (7) Nangwarry 7.1 (43) d Tantanoola 2.0 (12)

SPORT Pioneers men & women split Tasmania road double A mixed bag of results for the OneFortyOne Pioneers as the men and women headed to Tasmania for a two game road trip. Both have returned home with a split result - the men no match for Hobart on Friday night but securing a hard fought win over top ranked North West Tassie on Saturday night, while the women had a strong win on Friday night before suffering another narrow loss on Saturday night. Hobart Chargers 107 d Mount Gambier Pioneers Men 79 The game started slowly, with both teams struggling to find any rhythm. The Pioneers continuously looked to get thmeselves going behind the three-point line, however the shots simply weren’t falling. On the other side, the ever reliable duo of Keon Sapwell and Jonathon Mines helped Hobart pull ahead late in the quarter. The disparity behind the arc continued in the second term, as the Chargers connected on good open looks, while Mt Gambier fired up brick after brick. The lead only grew after the main break, as Hobart opened the third term on a 15-4 run. While the Pioneers did outscore Hobart in the final term, the game was all but over, with the Chargers cruising to the comfortable 28-point win. Mt Gambier Pioneers Men 104 d NW Tasmania Thunder 94 The Pioneers have made a massive statement, knocking off the ladder-leading NW Tasmania Thunder on the road in its second game in as many nights. The Pioneers started the game slowly, struggling to find its range while the Thunder shot the lights out. NW Tasmania hit 10 of its 16 attempts in the opening term, including five of its seven deep-range attempts, however the Pioneers kept within striking distance thanks to some strong ball movement and a consistent focus on attacking the rim. Trailing by five points after the first term, the Pioneers were able to cut the Thunder lead down to two points at the main break, courtesy of a buzzerbeating shot from Erik Burdon, who finished with 21 points. The Pioneers aggressive interior play led to 32 foul shots, 25 of which found the bottom of the net. and they shut the door on the contest in the final term, going on a 13-1 run to take control of the contest and ultimately run away with the win. Tom Daly starred for the Pioneers, tallying 27 points and four assists in the win. Mount Gambier Pioneers Women 74 d Hobart Chargers 60 While it was a back and forth game early, the Pioneers were clearly on top in the ball movement department. The visitors consistently stretched the Hobart defence with shooters in the corners, which resulted in opportunities all over the court. While the Pioneers were playing a strong team game, the individual brilliance of Chargers forward Ellie Collins kept the home side well and truly in the contest. After taking a slim two-point lead into the main break, Mt Gambier broke the game open in the third term, outscoring the Chargers 20-12. Pioneers’ stars Sharrie Calleia (21 points, 10 assists, 10 rebounds) and Shakera Reilly (18 points), combined with a strong rebounding effort from Hannah Young (14 rebounds) allowed the visitors to secure its second win of the season. Launceston Tornadoes 82 d Mount Gambier Pioneers Women 79 The Launceston Tornadoes outlasted the Pioneers in a thrilling game on Saturday evening. It seemed as though the Pioneers couldn’t miss for much of the first two quarters, as the visitors pulled ahead by as many as 12 points. While the Pioneers took a three-point lead into the main break, the momentum of the contest seemed to shift towards the home side in the second half and once Launceston took the lead, the side refused to give it up, leading for the rest of the contest and denying all of Mt Gambier’s attempts to pull back in front. The Pioneers never gave up the fight, hitting a pair of three-pointers in the final seconds to close the margin to just three points, however it came too late, leaving thier road trip split.

Pearson hangs on to win handicap championship The Mount Gambier District Indoor Bowls Association held its third championship - the Commercial Club Handicap Mixed Open Singles Championship last Thursday night. The Commercial Club Handicap Mixed Open Singles Championship was contested with the number of 42 entries, with many talented bowlers fighting for the Championship title. The first semi final saw Craig Pearson (-1) from Post-Tel come up against Kongorong’s Heather Glynn, with Craig winning 6 shots to 3. The second semi final saw Tim Radley from Moorak be beaten by Wandilo Water Rat’s Brad Errock (-2) who won by 6 shots to 1. The final then saw Brad (-2) and Craig (-1) meet in the final and with both of them on low handicaps the game was going to be close. With Brad last winning this championship in 2012 and Craig in 2006 they were both looking for victory.

Both bowlers were consistently drawing shots and the winner was going to be decided on the last end. That last end saw Brad requiring two shots to draw, but he only scored one shot giving Craig victory by the margin of their handicaps, to become the 2021 Commercial Club Handicap Mixed Open Singles Champion by winning 6 shots to 5. The consolation semi finals had Des Allen from Kongorong defeat

Glenburnie’s Kristy Errock (-3)10 shots to 7 and Keisha Pearson (-3) from Post-Tel defeated Noel Miller (-1) from RSL & District 5 shots to 4. The \consolation final was taken out by Des Allen who defeated Keisha Pearson (-3) 8 shots to 5. SINGLES FINALISTS: Craig Pearson, Brad Errock, Keisha Pearson & Des Allen

Kowree Naracoorte Tatiara football & netball COVID has had its first real impact on the 2021 season with the Kowree Naracoorte Tatiara football and netball competition cancelled at the weekend due to the border closures with league and association officials meeting this week to decide how best to proceed dependent on restrictions moving forward.


Western Border Netball




A GRADE TO ADVERTISE CONTACT: JILL 0400 598 327 DUNCAN 0407 722 983 ROSANGELA 0419 366 649 North Gambier 64 (E. Brown, M. Renko) d South Gambier 51 (E. Bouchier, B. Bouchier); Millicent 70 (L. Denton, K. Tincknell) d West Gambier 61 (S. Ritter, T. Bryant) A RESERVE North Gambier 78 (A. O’Shaunghessy, P. McInerney) d South Gambier 29 (M. Reid, E. Galluccio); Millicent 76 (A. Janssen, S. Ellis) d West Gambier 57 (B. Kuller, J. Davey) B GRADE South Gambier 46 (M. Burley, B. Morale) d North Gambier 35 (A. Tentye, K. Quinn); Millicent 72 (J. Sunderland, N. Domaschnez) d West Gambier 33 (A. Mann, M. Sutherland) C GRADE North Gambier 50 (H. Fox, Z. Rout) d South Gambier 41 (M. Dalton, E. Egan); Millicent 56 (K. Coghlan, N. Batten) d West gambier 26 (K. Earle, O. James) 17 & UNDER South Gambier 76 (E. Bouchier, L. Megaw) d North Gambier 32 (L. Norman, A. Tentye); Millicent 75 (L. Denton, D. Tunkin) d West Gambier 58 (S. Ritter, T. Bryant) 15 & UNDER A North Gambier 44 (T. Jones, S. Mobbs) d South Gambier 21 (J. Jennings, C. Ryan); Millicent 60 (A. Janssen, M. tarrant) d West Gambier 38 (L. Croker, E. Xanthopoulos) 15 & UNDER B North Gambier 23 (S. Brown, P. Denys) d South Gambier 18 (S. Wight, C. Attiwill); Millicent 28 (M. Vincent, M. Matthews) d West Gambier 18 (A. Judd, L. Simpson) 13 & UNDER A North Gambier 56 (E. Adam, R. Mitchell) d South Gambier 10 (C. Attiwill, G. Dalton); Millicent 49 (C. Gysbers, P. Paul) d West Gambier 25 (M. Vivian, S. Lindner) 13 & UNDER B North Gambier 39 (M. uman, P. Colman) d South Gambier 3 (L. Milich, T. Sims); Millicent 20 (T. Groser, P. Tjorne) d West Gambier 16 (E. McKenny, M. Dyson) 11 & UNDER South Gambier 31 (M. Harrold, H. Wilson) d North Gambier 27 (A. Halloran, I. Renko); Millicent 15 (L. Crowe) d West Gambier 8 (Z. De Bruin) THE MATCHES BETWEEN CASTERTON SANDFORD & EAST GAMBIER WAS RESCHEDULED DUE TO THE BORDER CLOSURE

Western Border Football SENIORS West Gambier 0.0 7.1 10.3 12.5 (66) Millicent 3.8 4.8 4.11 8.12 (60) Goals -West: G. Ha 5; T. Lewis 2; L. bradley-Brown; B. papps, A. Pfitzner, B. Parsons, T. Holmes. Millicent: G. Robinson 7; M. Reilly. Best - West: L. Bradley-Brown, B. Olds, T. Holmes, A. Jarnevic, G. Ha, J. Schapel. Millicent: G. Robinson, J. Cushion, K. Varcoe, D, Tincknell, M. Reilly. South Gambier 2.1 8.3 8.7 11.10 (76) North Gambier 2.1 3.3 3.5 5.5 (35) Goals - South: K. Eagleson, B. Howard 2; J. Casey, S. Enderl, B. Keding, E. Chuck, B. Kain, O. Thomson, J. Tentye. North: L. Pwell 2; A. Kitschke, T. Mclenan, B. Shepherdson.Best - South: B. O’Neil, P. Glynn, M. Hein, K. Bowd, S. Ebderl, T. Reid. North: A. Kitschke, J. Schutz, M. Whan, H. Gould, B. Shepherdson, B. Stafford. RESERVES Millicent 7.4 (46) d West Gambier 6.4 (40) South Gambier 17.19 (121) d North Gambier 4.2 (26) UNDER 18 Millicent 9.5 (59) d West Gambier 8.6 (54) South Gambier 16.12 (108) d North Gambier 2.0 (12) UNDER 16 Millicent 9.3 (57) d West Gambier 5.9 (39) South Gambier Red 19.19 (133) d East Gambier 1.1 (7) South Gambier White 10.11 (71) d North Gambier 5.5 (35) UNDER 14 Millicent 3.14 (32) d West Gambier 1.1 (7) South Gambier White 12.2 (74) d North Gambier 5.2 (32) THE MATCHES BETWEEN CASTERTON SANDFORD & EAST GAMBIER WAS RESCHEDULED DUE TO THE BORDER CLOSURE

Waters wins stableford event A small field of 12 ladies competed in a Stableford event, generously sponsored by Allison Gill., at the Mount Gambier Golf Club on Saturday. The day was brisk with clear skies, resulting in some good scores. The winner for the Stableford event was Sharran Waters who recorded 37 points. Waters played very consistent golf having 19 points on the front nine and 18 on the back nine. Included in the 19 points was a lovely birdie on the 8th Hole. Second placing, just one shot behind, was Marie Douglas carding 36 points comprising 19 points on the front nine and 17 points on the back Nnne. Just one shot behind Douglas was Karen Forster who had 35 points. Forster had a really good front nine, registering 21 points ,but fell away on the hard back nine with 14 points. Forster also had a birdie on the 8th hole.

SPORT MGNA Netball MID WEEK ROUND A GRADE Zodiacs 32 (Jaslyn Poel, Sal Harful) lost to Vicis 36 (Hayley Meyer, Jessica Grigg); Hobitz 47 (Maddy Cowland, Sam Crute) d Intruders 37 (Lauren Cutting, Kate Biszko); Amazons 36 (Benny Eykolina, Robyn Hill) lost to Saints 52 (Rhiannon Christian, Jordana Jones) A2 GRADE Intruders 30 (Ebony Leggett, Amber Richardson) lost to Hobitz 36 (Ieshia Goldsmith, Sari Mutton); Saints 59 (Madeline Hosking, Melissa Chuck) defeated Zodiacs 11 (Sonia Morris, Chloe Haskins) B1 GRADE Hobitz Blue 41 (Lily Oakley, Liz Spencer) defeated Amazons 36 (Tanya Tonkin, Angela Williams); Zodiacs 32 (Kristy Male, Kimberly Opperman) defeated Hobitz Red 25 (Jess Bowd, Aimee Kilpatrick); Intruders Black 42 (Tanya Pettingill, Karen Lock) defeated Intruders Orange 23 (Ashleigh Mitchell, Maddie Fife) B2 GRADE Hobitz 19 (Bec Wallace, Sam Sellars) lost to Vicis 21 (Kate Eldridge, Leanne Vorwerk); Zodiacs 34 (Isabella Symonds, Keeley Jones) lost to Saints 50 (Emma Chuck, Kerryn Schmidt) 17 & UNDER Intruders 23 (Hannah Costigan, Chelsea Koopman) lost to Hobitz Red 45 (Tayla Doody, Emily Stockwell); Saints 32 (Giaan Ferguson, Mia Passauer-Jones) lost to Hobitz Blue 64 (Maddy Cowland, Zahli Feast) 15 & UNDER Hobitz 13 (Lilly Day, Liberty Dowdy) lost to Zodiacs Gold 18 (Sarah Miller, Lauren Agnew); Zodiacs Blue 26 (Kaitlyn Boyd, Aleisha Brook) defeated Saints 18 (Isabelle Forrest, Kelsey Boneham); Vicis 10 (Charlotte Dowdell, Felicity Kelly) lost to Intruders 25 (Tahlia Reed, Eleanor Doyle) 13 & UNDER A Saints 8 (Skye Gurry, Aynslee Hayman) lost to Zodiacs 19 (Portia Scanlon, Alana Boguta); Vicis 6 (Alyssa Ferraro, Halle Moore) lost to Hobitz 12 (Ayla Greene, Sienna Edwards) 13 & UNDER B Vicis 6 (Natalia Griffin, Stella Turley) lost to Hobitz Blue 20 (Amber Ferrari, Reetinder Kaur); Intruders 10 (Jasmine Reed, Ciara Henare) defeated Zodiacs 0 (Roxy Day, Mackenzie Porter); Hobitz Red 1 (Iris McPherson, Maliya Wingard) lost to Amazons 9 (Isabelle Green, Leona Prider) SATURDAY ROUND A GRADE Vicis 30 (Jessica Grigg, Bianca Vorwerk) lost to Hobitz 66 (Kym Stewart, Lisa Rainey); Intruders v Amazons (Being played this Tuesday Nnght); Saints 74 (Paige Carter, Rhiannon Christian) defeated Zodiacs 22 (Jaime Bowditch, Sarah Werner) A2 GRADE Hobitz 61 (Ieshia Goldsmith, Sierra Young) defeated Saints 25 (Jorja Mason, Nadia McLean); Intruders 68 (Dakota Miller, Emma Martin) defeated Zodiacs 20 (Tameka Leamey, Chloe Haskins) B1 GRADE Amazons 25 (Laura Long, Christie Green) lost to Zodiacs 35 (Pip Crowe, Tamara Ferguson); Hobitz Red 29 (Maddy Smith, Alicia Frankenberg) lost to Intruders Black 53 (Karen Lock, Tanya Pettingill); Intruders Orange 17 (Tahlia Reed, Madeleine Fife) lost to Hobitz Blue 43 (Emily Stockwell, Christine Alexander) B2 GRADE Intruders 24 (Hannah Costigan, Kaitlin Chapman) lost to Hobitz 31 (Sam Sellars, Crystal Phillips); Vicis 38 (Jasmine Dunn, Ashlee Grigg) defeated Zodiacs 36 (Sarah Miller, Ruby Slotegraaf) 17 & UNDER Hobitz Red 50 (Hayley DeNys, Tayla Doody) defeated Saints 24 (Sam Hobson, Jorja Mason); Intruders 40 (Chernita Goldsmith, Hannah Costigan) defeated Hobitz Blue 25 (Sari Mutton, Maddy Cowland) 15 & UNDER Zodiacs Gold 18 (Lauren Agnew, Emina Leamey) lost to Zodiacs Blue 37 (Mia Watt, Kimberly Opperman); Saints 40 (Lara Tasker, Laura Dellorefice) defeated Vicis 27 (Felicity Kelly, Halle Zwar); Intruders 29 (Misty Taylor, Eleanor Doyle) defeated Hobitz 27 (Liberty Dowdy, Ruby Kenny) 13 & UNDER A Zodiacs 33 (Portia Scanlon, Jenna Agnew) defeated Vicis 5 (Chloe Thompson, Mikailey Mashado); Saints 16 (Aynslee Hayman, Claire Douglas) defeated Hobitz 13 (Bonny DeNys, Addison Dowdy) 13 & UNDER B Hobitz Blue 4 (Miely-Rose Winterfield, Maddie Dennis) lost to Intruders 5 (Ciara Henare, Venus Wilson); Zodiacs 2 (Roxy Day, Ivy Trigg) lost to Hobitz Red 13 (Maliya Wingard, Carey Grivell); Amazons 18 (Emma Johnson, Lauren White) defeated Vicis 4 (Miah Jackway, Natalie Griffin) GO Hobitz Red 12 (Alix Wilson, Ava Edwards) defeated Amazons 2 (Jayla Sargeant, Ella Howes); Zodiacs 16 (Saskia Brogan, Zoe Boyd) defeated Hobitz Blue 1 (Matilda Spencer, Aggie Thomas); Intruders 13 (Mia Richardson, Mailee Martin) defeated Vicis 1 (Amelia Keillor, Abby Co SET Zodiacs 0 (Chloe Noonan, Ruby Dodds) lost to Saints 13 (Kayleigh Albert, Georgina Miller); Vicis 6 (Payton Bilney, Madison Lewis) defeated Hobitz 1 (Chelsea Smith, Hannah Mutton) MAKING HER MARK: Hobitz midcourter Maddy Cowland is having an impact in 17 & under and A Grade action.

TUESDAY NIGHT harness racing action



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Dunnicliff & Wilson take out wet & wild 2-4-2



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Ashby continues strong form to claim monthly medal MALCOLM BLIGHT GARRY LYON

ROSANGELA 0419 366 649

It was a busy day at the Blue Lake Golf Club for the ladies last Wednesday with a full program. The May Monthly Medal, sponsored by Bev Pascoe, was the top priority and that was won by Josie Ashby. Ashby had a top day also taking out the winning voucher in division one of the 4th round of the Collins Court Butcher Sponsored Captain’s Trophy carding 93/20/73. Her front nine got off to a slow start scoring 50 gross but made seven shots up on the back nine with 43 gross that included a birdie three on the 10th hole and

a par on the 14th. Sue Agars was runner up with 99/22/77, her card included five pars, four of which were on the back nine making up a massive 17 shots, 41 gross, compared to

58 gross on the front nine that included too many double and triple bogeys. Helen Myers and Dianne Perryman followed both nett 77. Division 2’s Dianne Allen was pleased to be back in the winner’s circle carding 117/39/78 after enduring a three-way tie from Fay Price 115/37/78 and Karen Panagopolous 114/36/78. All found better scores on the back nine to help with their wins. Ashby added to her prizes winning the nearest to the pin 2nd shot on the uphill par three 2nd hole and also the least putts competition with 29.

Division 2’s Lesley McPherson was the nearest to the pin 2nd shot winner for her grade. Panagopolous was another to add to her prizes winning the proshot on the 5th hole and also the least putts 29 for division two. This week’s competition is back to the short course marker. MONTHLY MEDAL WINNERS: Monthly Medal and Division 1 winner Josie Ashby, Div ision 1 runner up Sue Agars with Division 2 winner Dianne Allen and runner up Fay Price

Tight finishes & lopsided contests in round 5 table tennis action

Last Thursday, in rather bleak conditions, with showers coming and going for the full 20 ends of bowls played, 30 bowlers braved the conditions taking shelter quite often during the game. Before going out to play Brian Roper welcomed Kym Stewart from the Kalangadoo Club and informed all players who intend to play Open Pennants this year that a sheet is now up for them to register their intentions The winning team for the day saw Peter Dunnicliff and Neil Whelan take home the $30 prize pool each with a score of 36+27. Runners up for the day were, Adriana Ross and Iain Campbell with a score of 34+25 scoring the $5 bar voucher. Other winning teams were Lurlene Reinders, Brian Roper 34+21. A triple of David Botting, Andrea Radley and Derek Pietersma 34+20. David Nuske, Peter Varcoe 34+18. Eddie Hann, Bill Burdon 32+13 and Sam Schofield, Carl Schapel 29+2. WINNING 2-4-2 COMBINATION: (Above top) Neil Whelan & Peter Dunnicliff RUNNER UP 2-4-2 COMBINATION: (Above bottom) Iain Campbell & Adriana Ross

Round 5 of the Mount Gambier Table Tennis Autumn 2021 Season once again served up a mixture of gripping thrillers and one-sided affairs. A Grade began with the Sweet Sour Pork’s Sirinat Sweet giving her team a strong start with a comfortable victory over her Tigers opponent Robin Pellen. Greg Megaw then squared the ledger for Tigers with an equally dominant display over Ward Freeman. Travis Sweet took care of Pepe Pace and the trend continued throughout the night, neither team able to gain the ascendancy until the very last, Megaw’s victory over Sirinat Sweet in the final rubber of the night giving Tigers the 6-5 overall victory. Pace and Freeman played out a battle of attrition in the rubber of the match, Pace outlasting his opponent to claim victory in five enthralling games. The second A grade match was

a much more one-sided affair, Moore Or Less easily accounting for Assassins. Leigh Barry and Nick Aston started strongly for Assassins with victories in their opening singles rubbers, however a win to the Ben Newman/ Scott Davies combination in the doubles sparked Moore Or Less to claim seven of the remaining eight rubbers and an overall 8-3 win. The highlight of the contest was the final rubber of the night between Davies

and Barry, the two combatants trading heavy topspin blows until Davies finally prevailed in five nail biting games. Results in the B1 division were similar, Katrina McPhee led her McPheest team to outlasting a gallant Colossal Gnomes by 6 rubbers to 5 in the match of the round, while Warriors easily accounted for SRS by 8 rubbers to 3. Hardcore also had a tough time overcoming ACL in their B2 match up, Rob Halleday proved the difference as he kept a clean sheet to lead Hardcore to a 6-5 victory. In the second of the B2 encounters, Marga Steel, Felix Owusu and James Peake all preformed strongly as Rockets made light work of their Celtics opponents, cruising to an 8-3 victory. In the first C Grade match, Campbell Fox again produced a strong individual performance to guide his 3 Of A Kind team to an easy

9-2 victory over The Fires, Nudee Cook battling hard but receiving little support from her teammates. In the final C Grade match of the round, The Outcasts and Rollers were both reduced to two players, and it was the Rollers pairing of Tracey Rawlings and Chris Turner who prevailed in a 5-0 whitewash over Andrew Schubert and Nathaniel Harris Jones. 3-rubber winners: • A Grade: Greg Megaw (Tigers), Scott Davies (Moore Or Less) •B1 Grade: Katrina McPhee (McPheest), Justin Hutchesson (Warriors) • B2-Grade: Rob Halleday (Hardcore), Felix Owusu (Rockets) • C Grade: Chris Turner, Tracey Rawlings (Rollers), Campbell Fox (3 Of A Kind) EYE ON THE BALL: Jacob Ireland in action

Tough day out in foursomes competitions At the Mount Gambier Golf Club last Wednesday 16 pairs of ladies participated in the Championship Foursomes (gross event), sponsored by Lorraine Bruhn, in conjunction with the State run Shylie Rymill Foursomes (a nett event). Foursomes is a very unforgiving game to play, so scoring was difficult, as only one pair could break 100 off the stick. Captain Faye Mainwaring and Helen McIntyre did break the ton with 97 off the stick to take out

the Championship. The pair had a very good front nine of 43 off the stick but found the going tough on the back nine recording 11 shots more, however, this was good enough to be the winning score for the day. Taking out second placing on a countback from Bernie Jennings and Karen Foster, was the pairing of Kate McCormick and Denise Harvey registering 101 off the stick. The couple had 53 on the front

nine and 48 back nine. The Shylie Rymill Foursomes winners were Carol Smith and Pauline Patterson, playing off a 28 handicap and carding a Nett 78. They played very consistent golf having 53 off both front and back nines. In second placing once again, were the unlucky pairing of Kate McCormick and Denise Harvey who only went down by one shot, scoring a nett 79. They played off a 22 Handicap and had 53 on the front nine and a good

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score of 48 on the back nine. They had four pars in their score. The Ball Run-Down of four balls went to the pairings of Jennette Braun /Marie Douglas and Faye Mainwaring / Helen McIntyre. The Pro Shot on the 8th Hole and was claimed by Andrea Pegler. Combined 2nd shot on the 1st Hole went to the pairing of Karen Forster and Bernie Jennings. Next week will be the 2nd round of the Hudson Plumbing Stableford competition.



Historic championship victory



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Mount Gambier Swimming Club secures rare silverware at regional championships The Mount Gambier Swimming Club has finished the 2020/21 season on a high, with a history making victory in the South East Swimming Association event held ealrier this year at the Penola Swimming Pool. For the first time in more than four decades the club secured the championship and graded shields, with swimmers also snaring individual trophies. The club also recently held its annual presentation night where 71 medals were handed out for swimmers setting personal best times during the season. The most outstanding times were awarded to swimmers who achieved more than 20 seconds improvement on their swimming times over the season. Many of these were as a result of outstanding performances at SAPSASA swimming this year where club swimmers rought home 15 medals, including Indee Stratford, (BR/FLY), Lucy Dening (BK/BR), Nevae Brooksby (FLY/IM), Paige Walters (FR/BR), Caitlin Hitchon (FR/BR), Esha Brooksby (FR), Leni Carruthers (BK/BR), Vincent Moore (BK) and Alex Hitchon (FR/BR). Overall trophies were awarded to the swimmers who achieved

the highest number of personal best times over the season - Indee Stratford and Charles Moore (1st); Lucy Dening and Vincent Moore (2nd) and Nevae Brooksby and Vaughn Stratford (3rd). The highest achiever trophy was awarded to Lucy Edwards (pictured above), one of the Limestone Coast Regional Sporting Academy swimmers, for her performances at the SA Country Championships (top ten finalist and Bronze in 50m butterfly) as well as becoming a SA State Swimming Championships finalist. Mount Gambier Swimming Club currently trains seven times a week

at Mount Gambier’s Swimskool. The club always welcomes new swimmers, subject to pool space. Should you wish to know more about the club please contact president Nathan Stratford on 0427 979 238. RESULTS: SESA 2020/21 Graded Age Medal Winners 9/10 Girls 1st Lucy Dening 2nd Indee Stratford 3rd Paige Walters 9/10 Boys 1st Vincent Moore 11/12 Girls 1st Nevae Brooksby 2nd Caitlin Hitchon 11/12 Boys 2nd Charles Moore 3rd Cooper Walters 13/14 Girls 1st Lucy Edwards 2nd Eden Smith 13/14 Boys 1st Elijah Stratford 2nd Vaughn Stratford SESA 2020/21 Championship Trophy winners 9/10 Girls 1st Indee Stratford 2nd Lucy Dening 3rd Paige Walters 9/10 Boys

Sharp shooter

Judging the conditions can only be done by watching flags that are positioned down the edges of a range it is the shooters skill in working out what direction and strength these flags are indicating to the shooter as to how much to allow the sights to be adjusted to make the bullet hit the centre of the target this allowance at 1000 meters could possibly be up to five metres off of the target centre It might sound easy but with the discipline that Dyer shoots the traditional fullbore target rifle, not allowing the use of a telescopic sight mounted on the rifle or the use of a rest, all of this is done with the old style PEEP sights laying on the ground in a prone position

SNARING THE SILVERWARE: (Above top) The successful Mount Gambeir Swimming Club team; (above bottom left) most personal best times for female swimmers Nevae Brooksby (3rd), Indee Stratford (1st), Lucy Dening (2nd) and (above bottom right) most personal best times for male swimmers Vaughn Stratford (3rd), Charles Moore (1st) Vinnie Moore (2nd).

Pegler wins stableford

Shannon Dyer dominates Victorian State titles

Mount Gambier Rifle Club member Shannon Dyer has just returned from the Victorian state title commonly known as the Victorian Queen’s Event with a swag of B Grade medals, trophies and prestigious badges This event is shot on the sometimes very tricky Bendigo Range, where the wind does not always allow for the perfect results that are common on other ranges in Australia, with the tricky winds on the range shooters fire shots over different ranges for aggregate results. Ranges are from 300 meters trying to hit the centre of the target that is 75mm back to 1000 metres with the bullseye being just 250mm across.

1st Vincent Moore 11/12 Girls 3rd Nevae Brooksby 11/12 Boys 2nd Charles Moore 3rd Cooper Walters 13/14 Girls 1st Lucy Edwards 3rd Eden Smith 13/14 Boys 1st Elijah Stratford 2nd Vaughn Stratford

holding the rifle with a sling. With a total of 14 ranges shot over five days Dyer won six ranges, including the 1000m. He also won three daily aggregates, two Daily Queen’s Aggregates, the B Grade Queen’s’ with a score of 388/400’ and the Grand Aggregate in B grade that is the total of all scoring shots over the five days of shooting with 673/700.

At the Mount Gambier Golf Club on May 19 a large field of 37 ladies competed in the 1st Round of the Hudson Plumbing Stabelford Competition. This competition runs over four rounds and the best three of four rounds are counted to ascertain the winner. On a cold but clear day Andrea Pegler (pictured right standing) was the winner on a countback registering 37 points for the day – carding 19 points on the front nine an 18 points on the back nine. Pegler played very steady golf and posted five three pointers on her card. Taking out second position the ever consistent Jan Shanahan (picutted above seated), who has featured on numerous occasions in the placings over the past two to three months. Shanahan lost on a countback also scoring 37 points. Shanahan played excellent golf having 20 points on the front nine (including a four pointer on the 8th hole with a birdie) and 17 points on the difficult back nine. In third place was Denise Harvey with 34 points, comprising 15 points on the front nine and 19 points on the long back nine. Harvey had five three pointers in her game. There were 9 balls given out in the ball run down ranging from scores of 34–32 points. Maureen Sims took the prize of three balls with a really lovely shot on the 8th hole for the Pro Shot. Marie Douglas won the Kathy Ewer prize with her second shot on the 8th hole for B Grade. The second shot on the 16th green was won by Jan Shanahan (A Grade) a monster putt, and Heather Chapman for C Grade. SATURDAY 22/05/21 LADIES RESULTS On a clear and brisk day 18 ladies played the Hope Bliss Stableford event. The course was made difficult with placement of the pins on the greens, however, this did not deter Gemma Winterborn who had a great 42 points. Winterborn played consistently very good golf carding 21 on front and back nine. Helen Gregory, who is leaving for warmer climes, came in second place with 34 stableford points whilst Bev Pedlar came in third on a countback from Faye Mainwaring, both ladies having 33 points.



Perfection from Kent



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South East Seniors Tennis

ROSANGELA 0419 366 649

Rare feat from quality shooter the highlight of a tightly contested event at Burrungule Park

Perfect autumnal weather greeted the 87 competitors from around South Australia who nominated for the 75 target event, sponsored by Collins Court Butchers and Beljon Pastoral, for the recent South Australian State qualification sporting clays shoot at Burrungule Park. Jeremy Kent and his hard working crew set the targets over six shooting pads. There were eight possible perfect rounds of 25 shot over the day and a shoot off was required to determine the minor placings in Sub Juniors with Shakielle VonStanke prevailing over Kain Ashby. A shoot off was also required in AA Grade to determine a winner with Gavin Dyson coming out on top over Jo Densley. Jeremy Kent completed a rare feat by shooting three perfect rounds to score 75/75 to take out the Gambier Shooting Supplies High Gun for the day.

RESULTS: HIGH GUN Jeremy Kent 75/75 AA GRADE 1st - Gavin Dyson (70/75) 2nd - Jospeh Densley (70/75) 3rd - Dane Hastings (70/75) A GRADE 1st - Richard Emmerson (68/75) 2nd - Dougal Simson (67/75) 3rd - Anthony Sellars (67/75) B GRADE 1st - Darren Murrell (59/75) 2nd - Dale Smith (58/75) 3rd - Phillip Crane (55/75)

C GRADE 1st - Robert Michalski (55/75) 2md - Alex Schedil (53/75) 3rd - Dale Robertson (50/75) SENIOR 1st - Ernie Sxheidl (68/75) 2nd - Christopher Wright (67/75) 3rd - Chris Ball (66/75) VETERAN 1st - Ron Rhook (73/75) 2nd - Robin Sawyer (69/75) 3rd - Neville Kent (66/75) LADIES 1st - Janette Densley (63/75) 2nd - Emma Lawford (42/75) 3rd - Bernie Peters (39/75) JUNIORS 1st - Declan Wright (67/75) 2nd - Ben Hastings (63/75) 3rd - Nicholas Bologiannis (62/75) SUB JUNIORS 1st - Zakary Buttong (59/75) 2nd - Shakielle Von Stanke (49/75) 3rd - Kain Ashby (49/75) PERFECT DAY OUT: High Gun winner Jeremy Kent with sponsor Dane Hastings

Ready to take on the rest of South Australia The Mid South East Netball Association has a proud history of competing at the South Australian Country Championships and the association has put in place its representative contingent for 2021 with the popular Statewide event returning to the calendar after a COVID hiatus. Seniors: Sarah Faulkner; Sarah Nulty; Sarah Laurie; Tegan Merrett; Heidi Clark; Riley Buckingham; Chloe Pratt; Madi Haggett & Ebony McDiarmid Bench Coach & Team Manager Tamara Haggett Coach Abbey Duncan 17 & Under Kori Collins; Lacey Haines; Dakota Hateley; Sarah Lomas; Rosie Nettle; Chelsea Owen; Tayla Rowe; Shelby Ryan & Holly Watson Reserves: Emily Mulraney & Sophie Wrightson Coach Narelle Ryan Assistant Coach/Team Manager Cody Manning

Twelve South East Senior Tennis players enjoyed tennis at Blue Lake Sports Park last month. Helen Rathjen won the ladies event from Christine Cram, while Peter Barry took out the men’s event from Bill Chapman. The next event will be held at Blue Lake Sports Park on June 20 at 11am. SENIORS CHAMPIONS: (Above top) - South East Senior Tennis Perpetual Trophy winners Trish Douglas & Peter Barry MAY COMPETITION: (Above bottom) - Helen Rathjen, Rhonda Truscott Marg Moffatt, Peter Barry, Necia Evans, Bill Chapman & John Barry

Mixed fortunes for South East Golf Veterans 15 & Under Billie Carter; Indi Howell; Keelie Lindner; Bridie McPherson; Zoe Mulraney; Bella Poulish; Evie Sealey; Lara Wilson & Ebony Wurst Reserves: Ebony Cytrowski & Imogen Nowak Coach Pauline Mulraney Assistant Coach/Team Manager Lucy Williams 13 & Under Molly Cushion; Chloe Peacock;

Shayden Russell; Kalli Nettle; Tegan Lythgo; Grace Altschwager; Sara Smith; Alex Haines; Tilly Gamble Reserves: Kiara Epiha & Lucy Egan Coach Leah Puiatti Team Manager Sam Nettle READY TO TAKE ON THE STATE: (Above left) Ebony McDiarmid & (above right) Sarah Faulkner

Winter competitions on offer at covered green BOWLS, BBQ & BAR This is a Sunday event running from 10am to 2pm throughout June and July at the covered green. It is a Come ‘N’ Try event for family and friends where you can hire a rink for $10 a person for two hours. Phone Peter Clark for more information on 0419 822 416. WINTER AGGREGATE Being played on Tuesday nightsstarting this week. There will be 14 weeks of bowls playing 14 ends a night with the bowling starting at 6.30pm. Contact the club on (08)8725 2523 for more details or to register to play between 5.30 and 6pm every Tuesday night. WINTER MIDWEEK TRIPLES A teams events from Wednesday, June 16 to July 21 with a final on July 28. It is a six per side, two bowls triples competition with a 1pm start and 21 ends. Email to enter. WINTER SUPER SERIES This is a Saturday afternoon teams event from June 19 to July 24 and a final on July 31. There is a $70 team nomination. Registrations of interest should be emailed to

South East Golf Veterans have had two exciting weeks with challenge matches with their neighbouring counterparts. Firstly they went to Harrow, a scrapes course, with 52 in the field for a match against Wimmera and Glenelg Districts, and sadly the South East contingent had to handover the shield to Glenelg. Then there were 29 Glenelg visitors to Millicent’s course, to make up a huge field of 87, on a lovely Autumn day and this challenge was won by the South East, 31.55 to 25.40 , retaiining the shield the South east had previously won. The First Division was won by Wayne Peters Robe,on 37, from Brian Slape, Padthaway, on 34, Peter Ewer, Attamurra, on 33, and Alan Grant, of Harrow, on 32. The Second Division went to “Swampy” Wright, of Kingston, on 36 points, a reward for his turning the big 70 on the day. Robbie Gordon, of Millicent, had 35 for runner up, Murray Telfer, 34, and Ron Hately and Ian Telfer each had 33. The NTPs were Chris Leach and Doug Robbins and the ball rundown went to 27 or better. The Ross Orchard Trophy went to Glenelg’s Tim O’Brien and South East’s Gav Sparrow and Bruce Stilwell. The next outing is at Kingston on June 7.

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4,150kms, auto, ford self parking system, sat nav, window tint, heated leather seats, 2 zone climate control, 19” alloys, cruise, economical ecoboost engine. S326CEC Internet ID: 31246

Auto, 2.2 litres diesel, 4x4, cruise, 17” alloys, air conditioning, power windows, 7 seats, full service history. 1AG2LO Internet ID: 31176

3.2L diesel, 4x4 dual range, sat nav, heated leather seats, 2 zone climate control, 18” alloys, reverse camera, cruise, tow bar, voice recognition. S043BTL Internet ID: 31219

ONLY $ 37,990

ONLY $ 14,990

ONLY $ 51,990

2018 HYUNDAI I30 ACTIVE PD2 36,845kms, auto, reverse camera, 16” alloys, air conditioning, cruise, bluetooth, window tint, full hyundai service history, sat nav. S604BYA Internet ID: 31222

WAS $ 21,490 NOW $ 20,990




Auto, 1.6 litres diesel, cruise, 17” alloys, air conditioning, power windows. 1KQ3LY Internet ID: 31252

Auto, 3.2 litres diesel, 4x4 dual range, sat nav, 2 zone climate control, 17” alloys, bluetooth, reverse camera, cruise, side steps, tow bar. S810BKP Internet ID: 31168

11,250kms, auto, sat nav, reverse camera, leather seats, 19” alloys, 2 zone climate control, cruise. 1QZ6HU Internet ID: 31245

ONLY $ 10,990

ONLY $ 42,990

ONLY $ 37,990






Auto, 3.2 litres diesel, 4x4 dual range, window tint, bluetooth, 16” alloys, cruise, air conditioning, steel bullbar, heavy duty towbar, alloy tray. S620BGK Internet ID: 31212

63,450kms, auto, sat nav, 2 zone climate control, cruise, 16” alloys, full service history, window tint. S623AVN Internet ID: 31203

12,348kms, auto, 3.2 litres diesel, 4x4 dual range, sat nav, leather, 2 zone climate control, lane departure warning, 18” alloys, bluetooth, cruise. 234ZFV Internet ID: 31218

91,057kms, auto, 2 litres diesel, 4 doors, cruise, air conditioning, bluetooth, power windows Internet ID: 31198

Auto, 2.5 litres diesel, cruise, reverse camera, 6 seats, 5 doors, air conditioning, bluetooth. 1KT2PE Internet ID: 31117

ONLY $ 59,990

ONLY $ 36,990

ONLY $ 30,990

ONLY $ 15,990

WAS $ 29,990 NOW $ 29,490






94,997kms, auto, cruise, 17” alloys, air conditioning, bluetooth, power windows. S976BIL. Internet ID: 31260

74,460kms, sat nav, front + rear cameras, heated leather seats, cruise, bluetooth, 19” alloys, lane departure warning. S783BNC Internet ID: 31147

15,232kms, 6sp manual, 3.2 litres diesel, 4x4 dual range, sat nav, 2 zone climate control, 17” alloys, lane departure warning, bluetooth, cruise. 1SN5UI Internet ID: 31215

71,411kms, 6sp manual leather seats, cruise, 16” alloys, air conditioning, power windows. S662CFW Internet ID: 31253

30,400kms, 10sp sports auto, 2L diesel, 4x4 dual range, heated leather seats, sat nav, 17” alloys, reverse camera, cruise. XA070N Internet ID: 31073

ONLY $ 13,990

WAS $ 25,990 NOW $ 25,490

ONLY $ 54,990

ONLY $ 14,990

WAS $ 75,490 NOW $ 74,990

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