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Up, up & away

Rescheduled seaside event set to impress See inside for full story

Once upon a time Program helps students set up their own personal library

It is a program originally created in 1993 and it is helping ensure kids across Mount Gambier are not only being exposed to the joy of reading but building up their own personal library. Books In Homes teamed up with Melaleuca Park Primary School for the 2020 program in Mount Gambier with former Rotarian Julian Mattay funding the book handout, such is his passion for reading.

Students at the school have just received their second instalment of four books – three of them having been handpicked by the students themselves, who get to select from a wide range of brand new, recent releases, complete with a canvas book bag. The book handover happens three times a year, with students guaranteed three of their selections in each instalment. See inside for full story

LEFT: Melaleuca Park students Peyton Wingard, Blessing Muzinga & Layken Kenny enjoying their new books.



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Up, up & away

Time to pitch

Rescheduled seaside aviation event set to impress

Community fundraiser goes virtual

After originally being planned for April, the Robe Giant Fly In will take place on October 3 and it is set to be a spectacular day. Featuring more than 40 vintage planes, an accompanying dinner, an antique car show and a few other elements, the Giant Fly In shapes as an event well worth your time for just a gold coin donation. Robe Aviators Society member Jamie Aitken explained what you can expect from the day. “We’ve got a fantastic line-up of aircraft from 75-year-old Tiger Moths to some of the latest and newest Cessnas and Pipers so we have got a terrific range of aircraft already there,” Aitken said. “Because Robe is such a good destination when we’ve held our Fly In’s before, we have made sure that other clubs around the place will all come down and look after all of our visitors and we’ll make sure there’s a dinner in the evenings where they eat the best fish and seafood and enjoy the top hospitality of Robe. “We set out wanting to do this a couple of months ago, but of course COVID bonked that on the head. So now it looks like everything is in good condition for the 3rd which is the Saturday and if we are blessed with a day that isn’t too windy, because wind is our enemy here, we are expecting up to 40 aircraft to fly in and we’ll have our own 12 on display. “Lunch will be available at the airport with local fish and seafood and local wines and beers and that sort of stuff. “In the evening at Drift restaurant we’ve taken that over and we’ll be having an art auction of aerial photographs followed by the Great Fly In Banquet where we’ll be serving a menu of local

PICK ME: ready to make thier pitch - Mandy McErvale, Harley Doedee & Troy Lovett

delicacies and delights and the entertainment will be pilots invited to get up and tell stories of their funniest flying experiences. “So the whole thing will be dedicated to the joys of flying and to add a bit of extra spice to the deal, we’re going to have an antique car club. They’re driving from Naracoorte and they’ll have a minimum of 14 cars, it could be 20, and they’ll also be on display as well. “So we’ve got a lot on display for people to see at the airport. As far as COVID rules are concerned, we have five Marshalls who have

all done the tests to make sure social distancing is practicing as it is meant to be.” Aitken said, weather permitting, that they’re expecting a few hundred people to show up. “I would hope if we have a reasonable day that we could have 500 or 600,” he said. “It’s just a gold coin donation that makes a contribution to our club and there’ll be great food and wine and coffee and beers – everything is on hand there and everyone will be most welcome and be able to see the aircraft up close.”


Audience members will have front row seats to see human compassion in action when three innovative projects pitch live to a virtual crowd who then have the opportunity to contribute to better outcomes for local people and community. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic physical distancing restrictions, United Way Glenelg will be hosting their annual live crowdfunding event virtually enabling people to tune into this “feel-good” initiative globally! SharkPitch was first held in front of a live audience last year and was a hugely successful event raising over $40,000 to support Standing Tall, Portland Community MealShare and Glenelg Live4Life. This year, Troy Lovett from Leadership Great South Coast,

Includes selected Ashdene, Ecology and Splosh ranges.

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37 Commercial Street West, Mount Gambier Ph: 08 8725 2324

Mandy McErvale, from Rotary Club of Portland, and Harley Doedee, from Kyeema Support Services, will tell their story by providing a six-minute pitch, followed by a sixminute Q&A session to the virtual audience. MC for the evening Neil O’Donnell will engage with the audience to encourage them to “pledge”, or donate, to raise more than $8000 per organisation. Once again AWA Alliance will join in to match audience funding. United Way Glenelg executive officer Nicole Carr said she is excited the event can take place this year, albeit virtually, choosing to see it as an opportunity. “Technology allows us to reach a broader audience,” Ms Carr said. “So far, we have people registered from Heywood, Casterton, Ballarat, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth.” The main priority for United Way Glenelg was to find the right technology and come as close to replicating the spirit of a live event as possible. “We kicked right into gear, once it was determined we couldn’t do the event face to face.,” she said. “A lot of testing has been completed to get it right. On the night, feel free to grab a drink and get comfy in front of your computer or mobile device, as you prepare to hear from three passionate people.” The virtual event will be held on Thursday, starting at 7pm. The event will be held on Crowdcast, connection details will be emailed to all registered guests on Wednesday, September 30. To register for the event head to https://www.unitedwayglenelg. If you’re interested in information about SharkPitch please contact Nicole Carr on 0410 513 305 or

Once upon a time Program helps students set up their own personal library

AVOIDING AFTERNOON SNACKS While there is nothing wrong with having a healthy afternoon snack, doing five minutes of exercise - a few lunges or a brisk walk around the block often curbs appetite and sets you up until dinner time.

BOOST YOUR DAILY WALK Getting out for a 30 minute walk is great for your health but if you really want to up the ante, add some pushups or squats at intervals or jog for a few minutes - extend yourself and add variety and your fitness should improve.

The largest snowflake on record was 37.5cm wide. US army personnel found the snowflake on January 28, 1887.

KICKSTARTING A LIBRARY AT HOME: Melaleuca Park Primary School students celebrate the recent book donation with Mount Gambier Library’s Kelly Lynch and Books in Homes program supporter Julian Mattay

THEY’RE ALL YOURS: Books In Homes benefactor Julian Mattay, who has funded the local Books in Homes program, happily hands over a backpack of books to a Melaleuca Park student.

It is a program originally created in 1993 and it is helping ensure kids across Mount Gambier are not only being exposed to the joy of

for the 2020 program in Mount Gambier with former Rotarian Julian Mattay funding the book handout, such is his passion for reading. Students at the school have just received their second instalment of four books – three of them having been handpicked by the students themselves, who get to select from a wide range of brand new, recent releases, complete with a canvas book bag. The book handover happens three times a year, with students guaranteed three of their selections in each instalment. In past years, Books in Homes in Mount Gambier had been supported by Rotary but when that was no longer possible, Julian was determined to maintain the lifeline between kids and books. The Mount Gambier Library is also a program partner and was part of this month’s handover. Books in Homes® was originally founded by New Zealand author

reading but building up their own personal library. Books In Homes teamed up with Melaleuca Park Primary School

PROMOTING A PASSION FOR READING: Melaleuca Park Primary School Year 2 student Mia Barrett is all smiles after recieving her Books In Homes package.

Alan Duff, who wrote the widely acclaimed book Once Were Warriors (1990), which was later made into an award-winning film. Alan was inspired to create the Program in 1993 after a visit to a New Zealand primary school where he discovered the majority of children came from bookless homes and showed little or no interest in reading. Alan saw this as having a major negative impact on their educational, social, personal and professional development later in life. And it is safe to say Mount Gambier Library’s Kelly Lynch and Melaleuca Park Primary School staff could not agree more. “There is no denying the positive impact this program has,” Melaleuca Park Primary School principal Lynette Corletto said. “Some families end up with around 24 books from the program if they have a couple of kids go through the school.”

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Hub questions answered Council meets face to face with concerned residents When you announce an $18.2million hike in a significant community project you expect backlash at worst and questions at best and Mount Gambier City Council spent last week meeting with concerned residents at designated Q & A sessions related to the cost of Mount Gambier’s Community and Recreation Hub. The announcement of the awarding of the construction contract at the end of last month and the revised project cost of $57.3million caused some unrest in the community so City of Mount Gambier Mayor Lynette Martin OAM; City of Mount Gambier CEO Andrew Meddle and a selection of councillors fronted the Q & A sessions to provide the detail of the transformational project. What was added (why the jump from $39.1million to $57.3million): Refurbishment of 50m outdoor pool Carpark and landscaping of former Olympic Park precinct Locality & COVID loading (cost increase based on being built in Mount Gambier and not a metropolitan centre, as well as the added risk profile of building under current COVID protocols) Design refinements to increase functionality, including sustainability considerations (eg. solar panels & NBA standard flooring on show courts) Where to now: • Newsletter publication distributed to all households in Mount Gambier • Preparation for site handover • Developing the operational model “We (council) are in discussions with three potential partners currently. We want to bring in expertise. We don’t have it in house, we haven’t run one of these facilities before. We can keep control around pricing and hours of opening and do that by working with an expert company in this field.” Andrew Meddle (City of Mount Gambier CEO) • Naming – shortlisting of suggested names and then put to a community vote

Q&A (What was said from the floor): Can we still attract major sporting competitions with multiple markings on the courts? “The three harder wearing Rebound Ace Pro courts will have multiple markings. With regards to the three show courts, we have spoken with the Pioneers and Netball SA and they are both happy for two sets of marking but no more than two.” Andrew Meddle (City of Mount Gambier CEO) There will also be spare timber flooring to use on the Rebound Ace courts and there are other line marking solutions and the cost is minimal. Is the timber being sourced locally? “Nowhere in Australia makes the beams (because of their size, 50m) so they will be imported from Germany. All the other timber will be local.” Andrew Meddle (City of Mount Gambier CEO) Does council still have a mandate given the community vote was based on the $39.1million price tag? “Council had a decision about investing money up front or later in the project. Council is elected



to manage the funds it receives in a way it sees fit. Council has taken the view very clearly the investment up front reduces operating costs of facility.” Andrew Meddle (City of Mount Gambier CEO) One example of this is opting to install 600kW solar panels will save $400,000 a year. “It was a once in a lifetime opportunity for State and Federal Government funding and you will never get that again. Council’s asset profile at completion of this will equate to $350million with 10percent of that value taken up with a loan. Most people would love that with their own home loan. Council knows it can afford it. They have done all the due diligence around this.” Andrew Meddle (City of Mount Gambier CEO) Should council have done more homework so the initial figures presented to the community were more realistic? “Council was almost blackmailed to get a project up and running in a ridiculously short amount of time (to access the government funding). There was six weeks to build a business case. This was not

a normal project. If the council had the luxury of time it might have been different but they were stuck between a rock and a hard place.” Andrew Meddle (City of Mount Gambier CEO) To put the timeframe in context, the ARC (Campbelltown – Adelaide) had five years before it reached intermediate design stage. “I was involved in the decision making, including visiting five

different sites to look at what they had done…it was in February 2018 that we had the opportunity of funding…we had six weeks and the paperwork was the size of a lever arch file. The timeframe was not of our choosing or making. For 30 years people had been saying they wanted an indoor pool. Just a pool would not have been sustainable so it needed to have the dry sports and community spaces. It was very much an intermediate design – it hadn’t gone into detail as there was no time to consider solar power and all those other elements, we had to go ahead to secure the funding. Would you really turn down $25million – that would be totally unprecedented? Council weighed up the costs and benefits not only of doing it but of not doing it. Our job is to make decisions in the best interest of our community and to have a vision for the community. This is not something for now, it’s for the next 50 years. I understand people are a bit shocked because of the price we’ve had to undertake but we can go through and explain all of those decisions.” Cr Sonya Mezinec Why was there no public meeting called instead of the Q & A sessions run by council? “We decided on a series of small meetings where people could ask questions. Public meetings don’t work. They turn into more of a brawl than a conversation and only a handful of people get to speak.” Andrew Meddle (City of Mount Gambier CEO) CONT. OPP. PAGE

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FROM OPP. PAGE How can we have confidence in council that this project will not continue to blow out in cost? “There are independent project managers and site supervisors, independent cost managers. A lot of bills were paid up front, budgeted up front. This project is very good value for money and actually under the figure council mandated.” Andrew Meddle (City of Mount Gambier CEO) Where do things sit with operating the facility going forward? “We have received some advice up front and now we have to

make a decision between three operators and we hope to make that decision by Christmas. That gives them a year to start marketing the project and get the brand out there for operationalisation. There was originally a figure of $2.2million a year as the cost of running the centre but the potential partners are saying it should break even.” Andrew Meddle (City of Mount Gambier CEO)


Prior to the building of the new facility, the pool was costing council $400,000 a year.

Libby Furner

“I think this is a positive step forward for Mount Gambier. We refer to the fact we are often forgotten and so we need to promote ourselves and having this facility in the centre of town can only be a plus. If we can show we have these type of facilities we can attract events and people here and the whole region will start to bloom. We have just updated the airport. We have got to be positive. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. We say this town needs to be seen and heard of more and maybe this facility will help do that as well as providing something for our own community.”


“This council is on notice if this thing blows out. I don’t want my children to pay the debt back.” Concerned Resident

A new name but it’s business as usual

“There’s a lot of support out there and me, personally, have received a lot of support from elder statesmen in our city and I value their opinion and am gratified and buoyed by their support. It will build confidence in our economy and attract further investment. It is vital for the growth of Mount Gambier.” City of Mount Gambier Mayor Lynette Martin OAM “Council is elected to make difficult decisions, bold decisions for the future of the community.” Andrew Meddle (City of Mount Gambier CEO)

It’s all yours Indigenious leaders hand hub site over to contractors

When you have already built up more than 130 years of history as a respected business, there’s no real need for a rebrand but Viridian Mount Gambier is set to be renamed Vivid Glass Windows & Doors. The great news for generations of clients is absolutely nothing else will change. The painting and house decorating business that was started by two ambitious hard working men, born on opposite sides of the world, was built on quality workmanship and unrivalled customer service and that has, and will, remained unchanged. What you will continue to see is: - The same trusted products - The same reliable friendly service - The same level of knowledge & experience - New branding promoting a vibrant, evolving business

As of this week. Mount Gambier’s Olympic Park precinct is in the hands of project contractors BADGE Constructions, with representatives of the traditional landowners, the Boandik people, front and centre of the handover with a Welcome to Country and Smoking Ceremony at the site last week. The Welcome to Country was led by Aunty Penny Bonney and Uncle Mikey Hartman (pictured above left) and the Smoking Ceremony, to acknowledge the coming together of culture and people to promote the protection and wellbeing of all in its development, was performed by Uncle Doug Nicholls (pictured above right & inset). City of Mount Gambier Mayor Lynette Martin OAM was also part of the official site handover. “Today is an exciting day for the City of Mount Gambier,” Mayor Martin said. “Work will soon begin on the largest infrastructure project the City of Mount Gambier has ever undertaken. The community and recreation hub is a transformational project for our city. It’ a year round, multipurpose facility for people of all ages and all abilities. The facility will increase the city’s ability to host State and national sporting

competitions, conferences, events and performances. It will bring significant social and economic benefits to Mount Gambier for decades to come.” Project architects DesignInc were also represented at the handover with senior associate Ben Luppino excited for work on their concept to get underway. “It has grown from an idea into a gathering place for the community, a place that will be sustainable,” he said. “ The centrepiece of the handover, though, was the Smoking Ceremony, as Uncle Doug Nicholls walked the council representatives and other project stakeholders through the traditional rituals step by step – the talking (planning the project); hunter gatherer (building of the project) and the song and dance (celebration of its completion). “We don’t do the song and dance until we get it right,” Uncle Doug said. “We are one mob and when we become one mob, anything can happen. The community of Mount Gambier wants this and needs this.” BADGE Constructions officially took over the site on September 28. The contract guarantees 40 percent of the project will engage local tradies and suppliers, with

some of the elements having to be undertaken by specialists not accessible in Mount Gambier. BADGE Constructions are a national award winning builder that are no strangers to Mount Gambier having been responsible for the UniSA, Resthaven and Mount Gambier Prison projects. The project has secured an unprecedented level of financial support with the Federal Government chipping in $15million and the South Australian Government handing over $10million. The District Council of Grant has also injected $350,000, with the City of Mount Gambier funding the $31.95million remaining. Further information and updates on the project are available at www. au/CaRH











2 Bodey Circuit, MOUNT GAMBIER Phone (08) 8721 0000 281 Coleraine Road, HAMILTON Phone (03) 5551 9500

When a picture paints a thousand words Illustrating children’s books and designing toys – talk about a resume to impress the kids – and it belongs to Vaughan Duck. Vaughan moved to Mount Gambier in January this year when his wife was transferred in her role with the Salvation Army but when it comes to illustrating, there is no tyranny of distance and Vaughan’s second official illustration project is set to be launched on October 1. In a twist of fate, the project – illustrating the children’s picture book Big Beach BBQ, written by Carly Taylor – could not have come at a better time. When we went into a form of COVID lockdown in March, Vaughan was as busy as ever, bringing Carly’s words to life. His illustrating career dates back three decades and his first ever children’s book was a university project.

“…but I do believe what you do as a creative person draws on all the influences you have had over the years…” “The lecturer set us a task to illustrate a book and I chose the CJ Dennis story The Ant Explorer,” Vaughan said. “It actually got picked up by a publisher and I guess for me that’s when it all began.” Vaughan completed a Visual Communication degree at RMIT in Melbourne and it was definitely in the specialist class focussing on illustration where Vaughan felt most at ease. “It was a course designed to churn out art directors for advertising but that was never what I wanted to do,” Vaughan said. “The illustration subject just fit.” While no one in Vaughan’s family had a career in the creative industries, his mother loved to paint and his dad certainly had a creative bent and his memories of drawing date back to his early years. Those years were spent mimicking. “I was always copying cartoons and stuff – I loved it,” Vaughan said, with Charlie Brown and Snoopy heading the list. Vaughan’s love of drawing only intensified in high school as he continued replicating the work of others but progressing to more difficult illustrations as he looked to expand his skill set. “I was always looking at a drawing and trying to work out

how to do it myself and the way you need to do it,” Vaughan said. “I have obviously moved on to doing a lot of original work but I do believe what you do as a creative person draws on all the influences you have had over the years. Yes, you’re original but it is on the back of other people’s work.” While Big Beach BBQ is officially his second children’s book, Vaughan spent 20 years illustrating educational material, including maths text books, science text books and readers. In his own words, as his kids got older it was time to get a real job, which, somewhat ironically, is where the toy designing phase of Vaughan’s life kicked in.

“…I guess in some way or another I have always had work that focuses on kids and education…” He worked part time for Moose Toys, coming up with characters for designers to then engineer into toys. He also had a job with Décor, creating designs for children’s lunchboxes and drink bottles, and he worked with the popular container company for a decade. That role saw him travelling regularly between Australia and China but what it did establish was a strong patter of always working in a creative field with a focus on

creating for children. “I guess in some way or another I have always had work that focuses on kids and education,” Vaughan said. “That was always been my passion and it was never about advertising or trying to get someone to buy something, It was about designing something fun for kids.” It was Vaughan’s wife’s transfer to Castlemaine that saw him leave that role and for the first time in many years, concentrating on his first love – illustrating. “I had to start working from scratch really to get my name back out there,” Vaughan said. “I had to make connections again and one of those connections from Larrikin House and that is how this second book opportunity came. They liked my folio and wanted to do something with me.” When it comes to publishing houses and bringing authors and illustrators together, it is basically a match making service. Larrikin House is a new kid on the block, having only been around for just over a year, but it has already been a good fit for Vaughan and he loved his inaugural project, even sneaking in a veiled Mount Gambier reference in the Big Beach BBQ. “You actually don’t meet the author or really work with them at all and in the end, with this book, there were only a couple of minor changes before it went to print,”

Vaughan said. “Basically I was given the manuscript ad then it’s up to me to interpret it. The publisher basically acts as a go between.” Part of what attracted Vaughan to Larrikin House and its projects was their focus on making children’s books fun. “I love that they just want to

make fun stories,” Vaughan said. “So many children’s books now are all about tackling issues and I know the books I remember from my childhood were the fun ones, like Dr Suess. Books you want to read over and over again encourage kids to read and that’s so important.” Vaughan is already set to


It’s child’s play Port MacDonnell’s Waterfront Project moves ahead with stunning play space

SEALING THE DEAL: District Council of Grant Mayor Richard Sage; District Council of Grant CEO Darryl Whicker and Gambier earth Movers engineering manager Adam Maywald working through the details of the Waterfront Stage 2 project at Port MacDonnell.

work on another Larrikin House project and, in the interim, has collaborated of a couple of independent projects, one with a Scottish author and another author who is self publishing. Social media was the outlet that hooked Vaughan up with these two budding authors. “It is just how it works,” Vaughan said. “People basically post when they have a story and see if anyone is interested is illustrating it.”

“Books you want to read over and over again encourage kids to read and that’s so important…” The Scottish project was right in Vaughan’s wheelhouse. “It was right in the middle of COVID and she wanted to put really simple children’s readers online for children to read for free,” he said. “She had written 10-12 stories and put them out for illustrators to choose the one they wanted and for me it was a fun project and I really liked the story I chose. And, of course, it continues to build your folio, which is always a good thing and I love tracking a narrative.” The second project that is set to be self published, is actually by an established player in the industry, but they know this children’s story is not necessarily strong enough

for commercial release but it has been such a popular story on her school visits that she just wanted to get it out there. Georgie Donaghey is that author and the Tortoise’s Home is set for release at the end of this year, while the Scottish tale is by Suzanne Enoch and is called Splish Splosh. And while he might be creative, Vaughan is also very disciplined and he treats his illustration jobs like a 9-5 job. “To be creative you still have to be disciplined,” Vaughan said. “I do my best work in the morning.” Vaughan also has a very handy bunch of critics – his three grandchildren are just the right age for the books he has recently worked on. Vaughan’s profile will not only be increased by the release of Big Beach BBQ on October 1 but also the Children’s Book Council of Australia South Australian branch’s November 13 launch featuring around 13 authors and illustrators at an Adelaide event.

The District Council of Grant is pleased to announce the appointment of Gambier Earth Movers as the head contractor for the Waterfront Stage 2 project at Port MacDonnell. Part of an overall staged development along the foreshore at Port MacDonnell, this $865,000 project will deliver a new playspace with hero pieces such as a giant boat and six metre tower with a slide and climbing wall, natural water play, an in-ground trampoline, as well as swings and other play elements. A hybrid approach between nature and adventure play is the design principle the team at Oxigen have used to inspire the development; a result of community consultation and an extensive STEM based approach with Allendale East Area School students and Council. Principal Kylie Smith said the students and staff at Allendale East Area School are thrilled to hear the news. “Students are often consulted with by government agencies which is super exciting, however sometimes they can find the wait time slightly frustrating,” Ms Smith said. “The developments that have occurred over the past three years have been extraordinary and the District Council of Grant should feel extremely proud of their achievements. “The students that participated in the consultation look forward to seeing their planning, organising and recommendations coming to fruition and what better education could young people participate in or want! “It has been a real life situation where young people have been the drivers for change, improvement and family engagement. “On behalf of the Allendale East Area School we commend the work that staff and students

have done collaboratively to achieve such great learning and community outcomes. We also look forward to spending many hours making positive memories in a truly special space.” The contract with Gambier Earth Movers was readily agreed to by Council due the knowledge and experience gained from Stage 1 as well as the use of local contractors and the level of workmanship previously demonstrated. The contract also includes an update to the Standish Street intersection and a new shelter and picnic seating on Sea Parade. Mayor Richard Sage said Stage 2 would build on Stage 1 and be an asset for the community and the tourism industry for many years to come. “Council will be pleased to see the Waterfront Stage 2 come to life over the next six months, a result of many years of hard work dating back to the Port MacDonnell Masterplan adopted in 2014,” Mayor Sage said. “With the new pump track in and ready to go for the October school holidays along with the Boandik references starting to emerge, we can really start to see how a strong and collaborative approach between Council and Community has made this place special and the project take shape.” Engineering Manager at Gambier Earth Movers Adam Maywald said that the project is a welcomed boost. “During these uncertain times of COVID-19 the Waterfront Stage 2 will form a significant part of our works programme going forward for the latter part of this year,” Mr Maywald said. “A significant portion of our employees, all who live locally, had the opportunity to assist with the Stage 1 works, building a personal connection with the

project goals, feeling like they were contributing to something that would be admired by the public for many years to come, and they are relishing the opportunity to do the same with Stage 2. “We thank the District Council of Grant for again keeping their investment local, and look forward to continuing to contribute to this landmark community project for the Limestone Coast region”. The Waterfront Stage 2 had a forecasted 2019-2020 budget of $705,000, co-funded by Council and the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure. Mayor Sage explained that community consultation in late 2019 highlighted a need for more seating and shelters along the foreshore, so Council decided to expand the scope of the project to include a new shelter and seating on Sea Parade. Furthermore, to ensure the playground is delivered to a high quality standard that the community expect, additional resources to the value of $160,000 from Council’s Open Space Contribution fund have been allocated to this project taking the project budget to $865,000. For further information about Councils Open Space Contributions Fund or the budget process for this project, people are encouraged to contact Council or find out more at YourSayDCG. The current playground on the foreshore will remain in place until after Christmas with works on this area and Standish Street starting late January and to be complete by end of March. This will still give the community and visitors a playground to use over the summer months. The Waterfront Stage 2 is expected to start late October 2020 and be completed by March 2021.

District Council of Grant 324 Commercial Street West, Mount Gambier (08)8721 0444

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Lending a helping hand Community groups chip in for local students Melaleuca Park Primary School has formed strong partnerships with the Regional Foodbank and Spare Ya Change 4 Kids and another local charity has stepped in to lend a helping hand. Not for the first time, Four Reasons Why, has worked with Melaleuca Park to provide assistance for its students. Four Reasons Why and the school have previously worked together as part of the Winter Wear campaign and a Christmas Appeal and last week, more recently, the Mount Gambier charity has stepped up on two fronts. It has donated a freezer to the school to help store the meals provided by Spare Ya Change 4 Kids, as well as produce donated from Regional Foodbank, and it also got involved in an eye testing program that will see it help fund glasses for three students. Four Reasons Why founder Trudi Shelton contacted the school to offer up some of the charity’s hard earned fundraising pool and principal Lynette Corletto had a wishlist handy. “The freezer is just fantastic so we can better store the fresh items we receive from regional Foodbank, like loaves of bread, as well as the meals from Spare Ya Change 4 Kids,” she said. “We are so lucky to have so many

community groups and businesses that want to help in Mount Gambier.” Specsavers Mount Gambier is one of those businesses, working with Melaleuca Park Primary School to provide eye tests for 10 students and then supplying three pairs of discounted glasses for the students who need that extra help with their eyesight. And it is those glasses that saw Four Reasons Why step up again to finance the purchase. You only have to speak to Year 7 student Brody, one of the three recipients, to know how important these glasses will be. Brody admits it was early in the eye test he knew he would probably need glasses. “I was able to read the letters on the top row of the chart but the middle line and bottom line were hard, all I could see was little dots and lines” Brody said. “When she gave me the lenses to use, it was so much easier.” Anecdotally Brody’s eyesight has been deteriorating for a couple of years and had started to become problematic this year. “It is probably the first time I have sat at the back of the classroom and I have to ask my friends to read the board for me and tell me what to write down,” Brody said. “One day,

the SSO gave me her glasses and I couldn’t believe the difference it made.” And that difference will now be permanent, with his own pair of glasses moving forward to ensure he can read everything. WORKING TOGETHER: (Above) - Year 7 student Brody taking advantage of his newly acquired glasses, courtesy of Specsavers Mount Gambier and Four Reasons Why and (above right) Four Reasons Why founder Trudi Shelton (left) with Melaleuca Park Primary School principal Lynette Corletto checking out the newly delivered school freezer

Busy times at Foodbank Ready & willing to help those in need Mount Gambier’s Regional Foodbank has been especially busy in 2020, with COVID-19 leaving more locals in need of assistance. Foodbank provides meals to vulnerable Australians, working directly with famers, growers and manufacturers to do so, but also relying on generous donations from the public. Branch manager Lynne Neshoda said the organisation was handling the increased load, but was expecting a further uptick as the government’s JobKeeper program is scaled back. “This year has been very busy, obviously with bushfires earlier in the year and then COVID hitting in March, so we haven’t really stopped since Christmas,” Lynne said. “It’s been very full on and we’re expecting (greater demand) with the reduction of the coronavirus supplements at the end of September, we’re sort of preparing as best we can. We’re expecting a bigger influx for food relief once the payments are cut. “We’ve been putting things out a bit differently (because of COVID-19), so we started up

Sustainability made easy Have you heard about the REDcycle Program? The REDcycle Program is a great way to keep plastic bags and

home delivery in South Australia to combat people that were first isolated at home and couldn’t get to our food hub or to an agency charity to get food. “We’re expecting (a greater influx) in December when JobKeeper ends. We’re thinking that a lot of people have just got by, I’m sure there’s going to be a lot more knocking on our door.” Lynne explained what those in the community can do to help the Foodbank prepare for this increased demand. “We have a couple of purple bins in both our Woolworths stores in Mount Gambier. One at Commercial Street and one at Market Place. We also have a bin at Naracoorte in the Naracoorte Hospital,” she said. “They can donate food here at Foodbank any time. Food donations go out as fast as they come in basically. “If anyone wants to donate, they can donate pantry items to those places. “Even in Adelaide, I can source a lot of food from them, but a lot of their mixed groceries and staples and that, they’re not

packaging out of landfill simply by returning soft plastic to the dedicated bins at Woolworths or Coles for recycling. This is an easy way to reduce the volume of your general waste bin. Find out more at: And in further

getting as much because we’re not doing the events that we were doing. “We always did food drives and a lot of the events aren’t going ahead because the landscape has changed. So any donations are greatly accepted.” Lynne recommends that those in need of assistance give Foodbank a call as soon. “The main thing is people can ring Foodbank if they need help. People can come to our food hub where they shop themselves and that’s through a referral process,” she said. “So they need a referral from an agency to do that which is like your Salvation Army, Lifeline and a lot of those agencies. “If they need help with food, please ring Foodbank and we can direct you where to go to get that referral to come and access food. “Don’t think that you haven’t got help out there because you have and we’re happy to help and that’s what we’re here for.” Foodbank has provided over 380,000 meals in the past 12 months and works with 130 charity and community groups in the area.

sustainablity news, Compost Revolution is still offering City of Mount Gambier residents up to 50% off composting equipment. Get yours now to make the most of the spring growth in your garden. For more information conact council on (08)8721 2555.

Sparkling career Former Millicent netballer shows regional athletes there is a way to the top After an incredible career spanning 17 seasons, champion netballer Nat Medhurst announced her retirement a few weeks ago. First representing Australia in 2007, she donned the dress of the Diamonds 86 times, winning three Netball World Cup gold medals and holding Commonwealth Games gold and silver. Medhurst finished her career as one of the most decorated netballers in Australian history, but started it as a young girl right here in the Limestone Coast. At the age of three, her family moved to the township of Millicent, where her parents ran the Somerset Hotel. Medhurst worked hard for her success, paving the way for those growing up in regional towns to make it to the top of the netball scene. Sue Gaudion, who coached the star netballer late in her career,

believes Medhurst is someone who never forgot her regional roots. “You can’t be what you can’t see and Nat and all athletes that find their journey from a regional area into the big time and are successful speaks volumes,” Gaudion said. “What has been really interesting through Nat’s career is she never forgot where she came from and you will often hear her when she is speaking to the media or talking to young athletes, she always talks about being a country kid and the ability to play a lot of sports and not really wanting to play netball, but it kind of chose her. “The second it did, she had to make sacrifices if she wanted to go any further and whilst that was tough, the rewards at the back end were just way better. “She’s always acknowledging that journey and I think that’s something that is really important

Treating people not patients Dr Try Medical Clinic are pleased to announce that Dr Richard Try and Dr Jason Johnson are collaborating to form Mount Gambier Skin Cancer Clinic! 3/14 Crouch Street Mount Gambier SA 5290 | 08 8723 9586

BIN COLLECTION AND WASTE TRANSFER STATION LABOUR DAY PUBLIC HOLIDAY Bins will be collected as normal on Monday 5 October 2020 Labour Day Public Holiday. Bins must be out by 6:00am. The Waste Transfer Station will be CLOSED on Monday 5 October 2020. Andrew MEDDLE CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER

Temporary Road Closure Railway Terrace, Beachport

Notice is hereby given that Wattle Range Council pursuant to Section 33 of the Road Traffic Act 1961, declares that Railway Terrace, from Foster Street to Beach Road, Beachport will be closed to vehicular traffic from 8.30am to 2.00pm on Saturday, 3 October 2020, for the purpose of facilitating the October Beachport Market Day. Ben Gower CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER

that regional kids hear that from a player that has come from country areas doesn’t forget that and I think Nat has done a really good job of remembering her roots.” Gaudion, now a lead commentator for Channel Nine’s Super Netball coverage, said Medhurst strong family support helped her find her way from Millicent to the top of the nation’s netball team. “She grew up in a pub (in Millicent) and that was her family life and her parents were very heavily engaged in running that as a business and her and her brother were sporting mad,” Gaudion said. “I think her relationship with her brother has been pretty extraordinary. “He’s been a pretty significant sounding board the whole way through her netball journey and it’s this great link and beautiful story where she can look back and know that growing up alongside her family in that country lifestyle and being the family that owns the pub and the links to the community and to have that connection with her brother the whole way. “Even in her retirement speech she reflected immediately to her family and in particular to her brother. “The one thing I always see is that it’s not always that you can’t succeed without family support, but when it is that little bit harder at times because you’re a country

kid and to be successful once you get to a certain level you’ve got to move, it really does help that you’ve got a great family network to support you and I think Nat is very grateful in having that along her journey.” Gaudion believes Medhurst dominated at the elite level for such a long time because of her competitiveness and drive to improve. “Nat was able to reinvent herself and I don’t think you can stay in the game and give yourself longevity if that’s something you’re not prepared to do,” the former West Coast Fever coach said. “Some players finish their careers early because they can’t find a way to do to find a new level to go to in the game. “From the second I knew Nat she just was a major competitor. Like, you talk about white-line fever, her name is in the dictionary for it. “If she was to be beaten on a court, she’s the kind of person who thought ‘how can I get better and I’m not going to get beaten again’ and I think when you’ve got an athlete with that sort of attitude, you know that they’re going to be in the game for a long period of time.” Medhurst bows out eighth all-time for games played representing Australia among the likes of Liz Ellis, Nat von Bertouch, Sharelle McMahon and Caitlin Bassett.


A three time world champion and Commonwealth Games gold medallist, Natalie Medhurst has tasted more success than most on a netball court. She debuted as a 20 year old for the Adelaide Thunderbirds in 2004 and just three years later was debuting for her country against Jamaica. It was in the World Championship final that year that Medhurst showed the kind of class and composure that was the centrepiece of her stunning career, entering the clash in the final quarter and netting all her attempts as Australia claimed a 42-38 victory over New Zealand. 2011 was another huge year for Medhurst - a second world title, a championship win with the Queensland Firebiards and she was adjudged the competition’s Most Valuable Player. Having played for the Thunderbirds, Firebirds, West Coast Fever and most recently Collingwood, where her mentoring of young goalers has been invaluable, Medhurst finished her international career earning 86 caps in the 10 years she represented her country. Motherhood is her next challenge, raising son Edison, as she also forges a career in sports administration and the media.

MY PROPERTY Prime Land in Prime Location! 173 Stony Flat Road, Wandilo


Plants need feeding as they burst into growth. Apply organic-based general fertilisers to garden beds but for pots, use liquid feeds or slow-release products. Lawns need specialised, high-nitrogen fertilisers.


• Approximately 150 acres of undulating land

• Sandy Loam soil

• Fenced into 10 main paddocks

• Most paddocks watered with windmill & pump

• Overall good fencing

• Good pasture renovation history

• Timber cattle yards and ramp

• An ideal fattening, warm block

FAST FACTS AGENT Green Triangle Real Estate Garth Manser 0417 071 180 RLA 280309 PRICE Auction onsite 16th Nov at 2pm LAND


Dogs may need some time, patience and training to get used to car travel. Dogs need to be safely secured in the car to prevent them causing accidents, jumping out or being injured during a collision. Make sure your dog is restrained in the back seat by a safe and appropriately fitted dog harness and safety belt or a crate that allows them to move comfortably.

Complete Bathroom Package: Block 2020 Daniel & Jade Guest Ensuite

25 BAY RD MOUNT GAMBIER 08 87239600

Chris Manser Real Estate & Livestock Sales 0417 414 127

Garth Manser Real Estate & Livestock Sales 0417 071 180

Elisha Beare Real Estate Sales Property Management 0407 213 023

Bernie Manser Property Management 0407 235 345

Candyce Cory Property Management 0427 333 517 RLA 280309

Ph 08 8723 6866 | Fax 08 8723 3809 | 50 James Street, Mount Gambier | | 173 STONY FLAT ROAD, WANDILO N





3 1 1


What an ideal investment opportunity this well positioned Mt Gambier stone home presents. Situated on a large 1039m2 allotment in a commercial zone, the property offers three bedrooms with BIRs, lounge featuring decorative cornices, ceiling rose, woodfire & built-in shelving. Updated kitchen with electric cooking & servery to dining with polished floorboards. Original bathroom including pedestal basin. Old stables outside have been converted to storage & a handy teenagers retreat or mancave. Freshly painted throughout. Currently leased at $255.00 per week on a fixed lease to March 2021.




3 1 2


Enjoy country living just minutes from town. Kitchen with electric cooking, lounge with slow combustion wood heating, 3 bedrooms, bathroom with bath shower and vanity, large laundry area with a toilet and an outdoor toilet also. Outdoor entertaining area, large yard, chook yard, room for a pony, a couple of sheep or a few calves. Approx 2.5acres. Single bay garage plus a carport. Pets negotiable.


Approximately 150 acres of undulating land. Fenced into 10 main paddocks. Overall good fencing. Timber cattle yards and ramp. Sandy Loam soil. Most paddocks watered with windmill & pump. Good pasture renovation history. An ideal fattening, warm block.





3 1 1



3 1 4


This spacious family home is conveniently located within walking distance to Mulga Street Primary School, is situated on a 643 m2 Allotment and offers spacious family living. Comprising three bedrooms, two with built in Robes, a generous lounge area with slow combustion wood heating and a reverse cycle split system for your convenience, kitchen with pantry, double sink and a breakfast bar overlooking the dining area, large bathroom with bath, shower and vanity, even the toilet is spacious! Outside features include a single car garage with a remote roller door, a garden shed, an undercover BBQ area and with the addition of 1 small gate the rear yard will be secure and offer the perfect space for the kids and pets to enjoy.

21 Tallara Avenue, Mount Gambier is your opportunity to move out of the rental market and move into your very own home. The Dine in timber kitchen offers electric cooking, lounge with s/c wood heating, 3 bedrooms, bathroom with bath, shower and vanity and a separate toilet off the Laundry area. If shedding is a must then you will definitely be happy here, with a double car garage, two single car garages and a work shop / wood shed with bonus rear yard access for your convenience.




5 4 4

Generous sized kitchen with butler’s pantry. Open plan living areas with wood fire and R/C A/C. Ground floor includes two offices, foyer, two bedrooms (one with ensuite and study), laundry and alfresco dining. Second floor is home to three bedrooms, all with ensuites and robes, bedroom two offering a separate living area. Bitumen roundabout driveaway, ample garage space, pergola and swimming pool.


3 1 4

This charming home is situated on the corner of Wehl St Sth & Eleanor Street on a 1201m2 allotment across two Titles. The home maintains old world charm with high ceilings, ornate cornice, ceiling roses and stained timber skirtings and architraves. 3 bedrooms with the option of a 4th bedroom or second living area, formal dining, expansive lounge with gas heating and a R/C A/C, kitchen with electric cooking, bathroom with shower and vanity and a separate toilet off the laundry area. Possibilities for the purchaser of this unique property include. Converting the home to offices with the potential of carparks at the rear, purchasing both Titles and build on the Eleanor Street Title.

If you’re looking for your next property move, we can help when you’re ready to play

Sale 8 Oakland Court, Mt Gambier $349,000 - $369,000 Open Saturday 10.00am - 10.30am

Sale 4



Sale 3 Warrick Close, Mt Gambier $405,000 - $425,000 Open by appointment

2 Lassiandra Crescent, Mt Gambier $299,000 - $309,000 Open Saturday 11.45am - 12.15pm

Sale 4



Sale 4



Sale Lot 2 - 6 Southend Access Road, Southend $180,000 each Open by appointment

20 Seventh Street, Millicent $199,000 - $219,000 Open by appointment

Price Attack, Mt Gambier $220,000 + Stock Open by appointment




Sale 4



Sale Vacant Land

23 Hilltop Avenue, Mt Gambier $459,000 Open by appointment

3 Olinda Court, Mt Gambier $248,000 Open by appointment

3+ 2 2

Sale Business

9 Wattle Street, Mt Gambier $589,000 - $599,000 Open by appointment


É § È Ð¦


Tahlia Gabrielli Principal Sales Executive 0438 883 992

Sarah Barney Sales Executive 0438 883 972

Sale 3 Sea Parade, Pt MacDonnell $799,000 - $819,000 Open by appointment

Naomi Kieselbach Property Management 0455 826 616

Sale 5+ 3 3

Sale 37 Emily Street, Millicent $489,000 - $509,000 Open by appointment

Sonya Jones Executive Assistant (08) 8724 7405

30 Lake Terrace West, Mt Gambier $589,000 - $599,000 Open by appointment

Sale 4+ 3 1

Sale 4+ 3 3


4 Queens Avenue, Mt Gambier $339,000 - $349,000 Open by appointment


Hairhouse Warehouse, Mt Gambier Price: POA Open by appointment



1 tennis court



Sale 4




Delicia, Mt Gambier $29,999 Open by appointment

24 Tanglewood Cres, Mt Gambier 6 $849,000 - $869,000 Open by appointment

2 Megan Place, Mt Gambier $299,000 - $329,000 Open by appointment


Sale Commercial

8 Coral Cove, Pt MacDonnell $91,000 Open by appointment

Vacant Land

Property of the week Prestigious period property near the Valley Lakes goes under the hammer

Sale Lot 12 Mountain Path Road, Mt Schank 2 H&B by Friday 23/10/2020 Open by appointment


Ray White Mt Gambier 2A & 2B Mitchell Street Mount Gambier SA 5290 (08) 8724 7405 RLA 291953


62 Ferrers Street, Mt Gambier. Auction Thurs Oct 22nd at 1pm, on site. Open Saturday 12.30pm - 1.00pm




A long hallway with solid wood flooring and overhead detailing and panels precedes and you’ll immediately notice the chandeliers, ceiling roses and special fixtures throughout the house. Two double bedrooms with BIR. Formal lounge room offers a SC fireplace and double French doors that access the side verandah. Second living area/4th bedroom is comforted by a RCAC and features an ornate fireplace mantle above a working gas fireplace. Open plan family room/dining room and kitchen. The kitchen features floorboards, wooden cabinets & pantry, double sink, d/washer, electric wall oven and electric stovetop. Benefits include a fully enclosable pergola with transparent roofing and blinds, solar panels and a garden shed with two additional outbuildings attached. Located in a sought-afterlocation between the Railway Lands and Lake Terrace in Mount Gambier.

Property Sales & Home Staging

A: 32 Bay Road Mount Gambier P: 08 8723 3416 RLA 282 450



FINAL BIDDING - Monday 12th October 2020 at 7.00pm (if not sold prior) - BUY TO BUILD - $25,000 GRANT AVAILABLE - 883m2 (approx.) allotment ready for your new home (S.T.C.A) - Gas, power, water & sewer available - Elevated position with views over the city - Great location near the Mount Gambier Hospital and Marketplace Shopping Centre - 1st home buyers, enquire about up to $40,000 of Government grants

CITY CENTRAL ALLOTMENT! - One of the last available City Centre zoned allotments in the CBD location - 456m2 allotment, fully fenced with water & sewer connected and power passing - Catering for a large range of options, ripe for residential or business premises development (STCA) - Offering great traffic exposure - Short walking distance to cinema, restaurants, cafes and the new central shopping precinct LAND

Al Lamond 0418 849 266 6 VICTOR ST, MT GAMBIER

7 MARNGO PL, MT GAMBIER $369,000-$379,000

– FINAL BIDDING - Monday 12th October 2020 at 6.00pm (if not sold prior) – Well-presented stone home in A1 central location within walking distance to CBD – Stylish kitchen/dining with dual ovens & electric cooktop and formal lounge room with new s/c wood heating plus r/c split system – Trendy man cave with pot belly heater 3

Gail Richards 0409 268 199 2/18 LEE CRT, MT GAMBIER




- Fantastic 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 2 living area, double garage, executive unit positioned in close proximity to the Marketplace Shopping Centre, TAFE & Mount Gambier Hospital - Perfect investment property or low maintenance lifestyle proposition - Well maintained & semi enclosed pergola with Northerly views Gail 0409 268 199 or Al 0418 849 266




Gail 0409 268 199 or Al 0418 849 266





From $129,000

- Exciting new subdivision overlooking the Mount Gambier Racecourse and surrounding countryside, located within minutes from the City Centre - Power & town water connected - Magnificent opportunity to build your dream home, with plenty of room for sheds and stables (S.T.C.A) - ONLY 2 ALLOTMENTS LEFT! Al Lamond 0418 849 266






1/119 WEHL ST NORTH, MT GAMBIER $145,000

- Magnificent Federation Style home built to the highest standards - 5795m2 allotment walking distance to Tenison Woods College - Updated kitchen with new flooring, electric cooking & dishwasher - 3 bedrooms under the main roof plus a large 1 bedroom self-contained unit

- Immaculately presented solid brick & tile unit - Renovated interior with spacious lounge offering r/c split air conditioning - Updated bathroom with shower and vanity, separate laundry and W/C - Low maintenance courtyard gardens and single garage UMR - Investors, currently leased at $200 per week

Gail 0409 268 199 or Al 0418 849 266




- If you love gardening and cooking your own produce then this amazing property is for you! - Attractive three bedroom home with a sustainable garden that is packed full of fruit and veggies season after season - 3 Bedroom home featuring open plan living with wood heating and r/c air conditioning. - Outdoor alfresco area with built in fireplace



Sara 0438 708 281 or Al 0418 849 266 3

- Quaint 3 bedroom home with loads of country charm set on a 845m2 allotment - Inside offers separate lounge with new r/c split air con, lovely open plan kitchen/meals/living area with electric cooking and master bedroom with WIR & ensuite - Large storage shed, separate man cave, rainwater tanks & a securely fenced yard 2


- Light filled three bedroom stone home with added bonus of an additional two bedroom, detached stone cottage with separate driveway access all on one title - Perfect for extended families, Air BnB, work from home or live in one and rent the other – the possibilities are endless! - Framed by attractive gardens with a private back yard

21 BRYAN ST, ALLENDALE EAST $299,000-$309,000



Gail Richards 0409 268 199

- Beautifully positioned solid brick home, located in a quiet cul-de-sac and within a short distance of many schools and the Lakes Walking Trails - All bedrooms with BIR’s & main with ensuite plus a separate study - Spacious living areas with a modern kitchen featuring island bench with BI wine rack & drinks fridge - Single garage UMR & additional shed with workshop

2 HARLEY ST, ALLENDALE EAST $275,000-$285,000

Al Lamond 0418 849 266


Gail Richards 0409 268 199 LOT 102 GLENCOE RD, GLENCOE 2.5 ACRES





- A great opportunity to build your country dream in the popular township of Glencoe - 2.5 acres with access from both Glencoe Road and The Springs Road - Close to the Glencoe Shop & Post Office - Scattered with attractive gum trees - Power passing Gail Richards 0409 268 199


Al Lamond 0418 849 266






- Beautifully renovated stone home set on a 4058m2 allotment just a short stroll from the beach - Open plan kitchen/dining, huge tiled lounge area plus a huge rear under cover entertaining area - Colourbond shed 18m x 9m x 2.9m clearance has drive through access, workshop & loft - Rain & mains water supply and extra off street parking Gail Richards 0409 268 199





- Attention builders, developers and investors enquire today on this incredible opportunity! - This piece of vacant land, being approx. 18,550 m2 (1.855 ha) is ready for residential development (S.T.C.A.) - A proposed subdivision of 25 allotments is available upon request - Multiple opportunities with this prime slice of land Al Lamond 0418 849 266




- 3-4 bedroom potential, main with BIR’s - Updated kitchen with electric cooking - Generous living room with r/c s/s air con & ceiling fans - Unique occasional outdoor areas with extensive gardens - Single car garage with workshop area and toilet - Security roller shutters & solar panels Gail Richards 0409 268 199






- Magnificent Federation style home offering formal lounge & dining and designer kitchen with a 900mm freestanding gas oven - Four large bedrooms, master with WIR plus ensuite and two with BIR’s - Well established gardens with impressive veggie garden and variety of fruit trees - 65,000L rain water tank and town water Al 0418 849 266 or Sara 0438 708 281 4 103 MEYLIN ST, PT MACDONNELL




- Just one street back from the foreshore is this four bedroom, two bathroom home - Boasting stunning ocean views, natural light and sunshine and large windows framing the bay scenery to perfection - Double 9m x 9m car garage UMR with workshop - Flexible design allowing potential for dual occupancy the perfect property to Air BnB (STCA) Gail Richards 0409 268 199






– Outstanding opportunity to secure a large allotment on the Northern side on the City – 20.74 acres (8.394 ha) of Prime Land for future development – High profile location ready for a new housing estate (S.T.C.A.) – Development opportunity Zoned Residential in the City of Mount Gambier Al Lamond 0418 849 266


Al Lamond SALES M: 0418 849 266

Gail Richards SALES M: 0409 268 199

Sara O'Connor SALES M: 0438 708 281


Ben Ransom SALES M: 0400 870 362 $185,000

BUILD THE DREAM!! - 5025m2 country living allotment with beautiful outlook - Power & SA Water to be connected - Price includes rural style post and wire fencing to be completed at settlement - Fantastic location on the city fringe, close to Tenison Woods College & Malseed Park


- Solid, well positioned 3 bedroom home within a short walk to schools, playgrounds and shops - The open plan lounge/dining contains gas heating and ceiling fan is also finished with new timber flooring and new blinds - Brand new bathroom with gorgeous floating vanity and modern tiles - More works completed, come back for another look!! Sara O’Connor 0438 708 281






- The perfect fusion of Hamptons meets luxe federation, providing a practical floor plan with an emphasis on space, entertaining & stunning views - All the features of a character home, including hardwood floors, mantles & feature lead light mixed with modern necessities - Three lovely living areas spilling out to an undercover alfresco area & paved courtyard Gail Richards 0409 268 199






- Outstanding coastal residence with exceptional shedding - Massive 10mx18m double bay shed with 3.4m clearance roller doors perfect for boating and caravan enthusiasts - Five bedroom home - master bedroom with WIR and ensuite - Beautiful living area with chef’s kitchen Gail Richards 0409 268 199






- 5.16 acre allotment located within walking distance of the beach - Minutes from the Port MacDonnell General Store, Hotel & Chemist - Zoned Primary Production in the District Council of Grant - Located opposite Woolwash Caravan Park - Build your new two storey dream home! (S.T.C.A) Al Lamond 0418 849 266





Gail Richards 0409 268 199






- Immaculate sandstone and limestone period façade, classic English box hedges, luscious lawns and manicured gardens create an unforgettable lasting impression - 5 luxurious bedrooms, the master with WIR and ensuite - 3 living areas, including formal dining and lounge, open plan family, meals and gourmet kitchen Al Lamond 0418 849 266 13 MEYLIN ST, PT MACDONNELL





- Centrally located allotment with unique early settlement cottage - Stripped interior ready for your renovation - Local history being the former home of Granny Williams - Offering sailcloth wall cladding with Cornish style double sided fireplace - 507m2 allotment with great shedding & new septic Al Lamond 0418 849 266 7 HOLLOWAY ST, DONOVANS

LAND $89,000

- Quiet cul-de-sac with elevated views - Situated close to the Glenelg River - Bitumen road frontage & power connected - Build your dream home or holiday retreat and relax by the river - Get ready for fishing

Al Lamond 0418 849 266



- Stunning split-level home, architecturally designed with an emphasis on space, energy efficiency and natural light - 4 double bedrooms, 3 living areas & a study/5th bedroom - Kitchen with a large island bench and plenty of space & storage - Polished timber floors and high raked ceilings Gail Richards 0409 268 199

Tegan Pink ADMINISTRATION P: (08) 8723 3416 $205,000

BUILD THE DREAM!! - 6758m2 country living allotment with beautiful outlook - Power & SA Water to be connected - Price includes rural style post and wire fencing to be completed at settlement - Fantastic location on the city fringe, close to Tenison Woods College & Malseed Park

Gail Richards 0409 268 199 53 BOANDIK TCE, MT GAMBIER

Carolyn Gazzard CLIENT SERVICES P: (08) 8723 3416


LAND $176,000

- Located at the rear of the complex is this well maintained 2 bedroom unit - Inside offers 2 bedrooms, both with BIR’s, separate living area and kitchen with electric cooking & breakfast bar - A single carport provides undercover parking for one vehicle - Currently tenanted at $210 p/w until May 2021 Al Lamond 0418 849 266






- Situated on 3 glorious acres within minutes from Mount Gambier - Offering huge Blackwood kitchen, formal dining, roomy lounge plus family room - Master suite offers luxurious ensuite with his/her basins, underfloor heating, and walk in wardrobe - An entertainers dream home with an unrivalled alfresco area of massive dimensions Gail 0409 268 199 or Al 0418 849 266




312 COMMERCIAL ST WEST, MT GAMBIER $799,000-$820,000

- Big and beautiful - central and spacious - Zoned light industry, offering an incredible opportunity to reside & operate a business from the one property (S.T.C.A) - Properties offering this size shedding with a home attached are near impossible to find in the city area - Prospective purchasers have the opportunity to purchase ‘Gambier Coachlines’ Al Lamond 0418 849 266 49 KIRIP RD, GLENCOE





- Solid brick home on a 1960m2 allotment in the heart of Glencoe - Two spacious living areas include s/c wood heating and built in bar along with a separate games room/ fourth bedroom - Large country kitchen with dishwasher, breakfast bar & electric cooking - HUGE 18m x 5m outdoor alfresco area Gail Richards 0409 268 199






- Amazing opportunity to purchase just over an acre of elevated land with amazing views to Gerloff Bay & the Southern Ocean - The property offers an exciting range of opportunities, renovate the existing 3 bedroom cottage or build your new 2 storey dwelling (S.T.C.A.), offering spectacular coastal & ocean views

- 29.62 hectare natural scrub allotment in the seaside township of Pelican Point - Potential development opportunity (subject to council approval) for 9 residential allotments ranging in size from 1800m2 to 3202m2 - Close to the beach with some of the proposed allotments offering potential sea views

Al Lamond 0418 849 266




8 DRY CREEK RD, DONOVANS $99,000-$108,000

- Get your building plans ready and start planning your weekends away in Donovans - This fabulous block of approximately 389m2 will provide you with views of the Glenelg River - Power and STEDS run past the block - A reluctant sale, get in quick to secure your own piece of paradise! Sara O’Connor 0438 708 281


Gail Richards 0409 268 199 LOT 4 PELICAN POINT RD, PELICAN POINT

LAND $79,500

- Seaside allotment measuring approx. 1,841m2 - Only 20 metres from the beach, this is a great opportunity to build a holiday home (S.T.C.A) close to the beach to relax and unwind! - Services passing & bitumen road frontage

Gail Richards 0409 268 199


7 Helen Street, Mount Gambier (08) 8725 5290

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BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL! Call Kim Cawthorne or Marika Hart on 0499 165 271 5 Dalkeith Drive, Mount Gambier

7 Hammer Court, Mount Gambier

2/88 Crouch St North, Mount Gambier

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ONLINE AUCTION Thurs 1st Oct 6:30pm (unless sold prior) FOR SALE BY OPENN NEGOTIATION Is underway and this property can sell at any time. Call Kim. Vendor Statement is available for perusal online at under property link.



$199,000 - $209,000

1 1

• Front lounge with wood heating • New oven and gas cooktop cooking • Rear decking area over look sizable yard • Main bathroom recently updated with shower, vanity and toilet • Second toilet in Laundry area


1+ 2 2

$259,000 - $269,000


• Split system centrally located in home • Main bathroom with toilet, shower, bath and vanity • Modern kitchen featuring gas hotplates, dishwasher, ample storage and bench space

1 1

7 Helen Street, Mount Gambier (08) 8725 0500 2/6 Daniel Street, Mount Gambier

Lot 73 White Avenue, Mount Gambier

130 Penola Road, Mount Gambier

140 Penola Road, Mount Gambier


$385,000 + GST


$70,000 PA + GST + OUTGOINGS


• Land Size: approx. 4508m2

• High profile location with 64m frontage

• Highway prominent location

• Wide frontage of approx. 53m

• Main building area 920m2

• Building area 268m2

• Great prominence on White Avenue

• Land area 5569m2

• Comprises showroom, workshop, office, kitchen,

• Zoning: Light Industry

• Provision to include additional tenancy space with access to Law Street

RLA 226179


amenities • Zoning: Commerce/Industry

Matt Kain

Lauren Smith

David Herbert



Damian Venn 0438 904 771

15 Redwood Ave, Mt Gambier

4 2 2


Damian Venn 0438 904 771

8 Leray Ave, Mt Gambier

3 1 1


Damian Venn 0438 904 771

6 Murndal Crt, Mt Gambier

3 1 1

Available Rentals 1/20 Wimmera Street, Mount Gambier

$180.00 per week

Available NOW 2 1 0

1/3 Doughty Street, Mount Gambier $185.00 per week Available 19th October 1 1 0 4/58 Brownes Road, Mount Gambier $195.00 per week Available 13th November 2 1 0 13 Elm Avenue, Mount Gambier $230.00 per week Available 16th October 3 1 1


Damian Venn 0438 904 771

1/6 Hartley St, Mt Gambier

2 1 1


Damian Venn 0438 904 771

4/6 Hartley St, Mt Gambier

2 1 2

5 Rivoli Street, Mount Gambier $330.00 per week Available 6th October 4 1 1

Contact Elders 8726 4400



HIDDEN GEM! 9 John Street, Kalangadoo • Genuine hidden gem located in the country town Kalangadoo on the corner of John & Adelaide Street, a short 30 minutes from Mount Gambier. • Tastefully renovated weatherboard property is located directly across from the historical Kalangadoo Hotel on a generous 1926 square metre flat allotment. • Outside of the property has been freshly painted giving it a modern yet classic country vibe. • The kitchen has been recently updated & boasts practicality along with an abundance of cupboard space and stainless steel appliances. 7 3 4 NEW | $249,000------------

Damian Venn 0438 904 771

Ripley Arcade Complex

3 Shops Available - First 6 Months FREE Conditions Apply*

Contact Elders 8726 4400




“NANGWARRY SERVWELL” 1 Laffer Street, Nangwarry Well established in the township of Nangwarry, the "Nangwarry Servwell" offers you the opportunity to become your own boss and operate a great Convenience & Liquor store with regular trade 7 days a week. Stocking grocery lines, hot takeaway food, deli items and takeaway liquor, this business benefits from the nearby townships and flow through traffic as well as regular school lunches at the Nangwarry Primary School as required. It is also a major supplier of gas cylinders to townships nearby. Being offered as a "Walk In Walk Out" package, this includes freehold of the site along with all stock and unencumbered equipment.

NEW | $115,000 inc GST – WIWO

Alistair Coonan 0422 156 363 Residential/Rural Sales Manager

Residential Sales

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Property Management

Property Management

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DAMIAN VENN 0438 904 771

ALISTAIR COONAN 0422 156 363

CATHERINE MILES 08 8726 4400


PAM KNIBBS 08 8726 4400

CHLOE SMITH 08 8726 4400

LAUREN KAIN 08 8726 4400

9 Ba y Roa d , Mou nt G a m bi e r

RLA 62833

m tg am bier@elders. com .au

Graeme Cleves 0419 806 410 Sales

Bianca 0407 613 346 Sales

Toni 0402 356 905 Sales | Accounts


Sophie (08) 8725 8037 Property Manager

Jess (08) 8725 8037 Property Manager


Silva (08) 8725 8037 Property Manager

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Price on Application 4




$155,000 - $165,000 2




Solid home on 2 acres with big shedding  Renovated bathrooms + large lounge room 

Solid unit in a private complex  Large master bedroom with built-in-robes 

Mixed use zoning – on Mt Gambier city limits   A lot on offer – Inspection is a must

Private rear yard + garage with internal access   Spacious formal lounge with gas heating

Pergola, dedicated office & 2 driveways  Bianca Taylor | 0407 613 346

Currently leased at $220.00 per week  Bianca Taylor | 0407 613 346








Limestone & Dolomite villa on 1456m2  allotment

Impressive 7ft bay windows and 11ft ceilings   Formal sitting room with panoramic views Metro wood fire & s/s air conditioner unit  Graeme Cleves | 0419 806 410




3 bedroom brick home, two with BIR’s  New night and day blinds + roller shutters  Renovated bathroom and laundry   Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning Large veranda for entertaining  Graeme Cleves | 0419 806 410


Vacant Allotments

Starting from $55,000


4162m2 allotment zoned country living  Town water, electricity & phone at boundary 

Lot 1 & 5 2038m2 = $55,000 each  Lot 6 4776m2 = $69,000 

Superb position to build your new home   Take advantage of the current Government Building Grant Available

Lot 7 4775m2 = $69,000   Take advantage of the current Government Building Grant Available

Bianca Taylor | 0407 613 346









$145,000 - $155,000 Vacant Allotment


Only a short walk to Millicent Sporting  Complex + popular swimming lake Situated amongst other quality homes  Local contractor available to connect  power at discounted rate



Spacious and private allotment of 735m2  Prime location to build your home  Take advantage of the Government  Building Grants currently available Power & water passing  Bianca Taylor | 0407 613 346

Bianca Taylor | 0407 613 346


$115,000 - $125,000

BUYERS WAITING Call today for a FREE appraisal and see the difference!

Graeme has buyers waiting to buy Residential & Lifestyle Properties Cash Buyers and some subject to finance with pre-approvals:

Graeme 0419 806 410

Government Department – Up to $350,000 • 2-3 bedrooms, ensuite, no steps, built after 2014, good fencing and yard

Mr B – Up to $450,000 Looking to purchase in Conroe Heights or St Martins area, 2-3 bedrooms & ensuite

Mr I – Up to $250,000 • Mr G – Up to $250,000 Looking to purchase a house in Allendale Seeking investment property with good rent East area return

Mrs V – Up to $450,000 3 bedroom home in good condition

Mr S – Up to $200,000 First home buyer

Ms B – Up to $490,000 4-5 Bedroom home in great location

Mr & Mrs A – Up to $400,000 Wanting to purchase a block of units/flats

Mr J – Up to $220,000 • Investor looking to purchase house or unit with 3-4 bedrooms

Out of Town Buyers Purchasers wanting to buy in Donovans, Nangwarry & Tarpeena

This is only a small example of buyers looking for the right property to buy, so please call Graeme today on 0419 806 410 (08) 8725 8037 | | 178 Commercial Street East, Mount Gambier

RLA 263 296

MT GAMBIER | MILLICENT | PORT MACDONNELL | ROBE | BEACHPORT 1 Wehl Street South, Mount Gambier 08 8724 9999 98 George Street, Millicent 8733 1989 9 Tenison Drv, Mt Gambier

SOLD 38 Thomas Drv, Mt Burr


7 Tallarook Crt, Mt Gambier

SOLD LOT 56 Sherwin Rd, Mil Lel


Altinio Drv, Mt Gambier

SOLD 11 Bowering St, Millicent


11 Ewens Crt, Mt Gambier

SOLD 11 Alexander St, Mt Gambier


Suite 2/14 Helen Street, Mount Gambier Phone 08 8725 5766 RLA 1903

5/48 Crouch Street


6 Arthur Street



$199,900 3 1 2 2 Toilets Trendy townhouse lifestyle. Low maintenance living in a quality group. Located just minutes from popular schools & city centre. Rare three bedroom unit with 2 toilets at this price.

4 2 2




2 Toilets



73 Bay Road





A charming character home ideally located just minutes from the city centre. Loaded with character features. Generous living area and sparkling new bathroom. Be quick to secure this home.

Positioned in one of Mount Gambier’s most desirable streets and possessing a picturesque street presence, this circa 1930S’ return verandah bungalow has been beautifully restored and maintained.

9 Tanglewood Crescent

47 St Andrews Drive




2 Toilets


29 Compton Street, Port MacDonnell

$229,000 3 1+ 4 Located in the heart of Port MacDonnell just one street from the beach front, this flexible floor plan offers unlimited possibilities. Add your finishing touches & live your coastal dream.






Gebhardts Property Management


1 2

Avail 7/10/20 $220 pw

12 Hanson Street


1 1

Avail now $220 pw


1 1

Avail 16/10/20 $280 pw

44 Matthew Flinders Way


2 2

Avail now $450 pw



From $83,500 Subdivision Great flat serviced allotments in popular coastal township – swim, surf and fish at your doorstep! New stage now available. Enquire now!


Suite 2/14 Helen Street, Mount Gambier

12 Hanson Street

Apply online Ph 8724 8088

309 McKay Road

Avail Now

6 Nedlands Avenue

Seafarers Way, Pt MacDonnell

A seaside dream! tastefully updated and offers wonderful multi-use accommodation (STCC) light-filled living with sweeping ocean views. A short stroll to Shops, Restaurants, Cafes and Beach. With so much potential it won’t last long!

This superb seafront property will appeal to the fussiest of buyers, new floor coverings window furnishings. Ultimate outdoor entertaining - settle by the sea!

309 McKay Road

2/46 Derrington Street

103 Meylin Street, Port MacDonnell

106 Sea Parade, Port MacDonnell



Brand new modern masterpiece currently under construction. Located in Mount Gambier’s most exclusive estate. Designed and planned with flair offering finishes selected to set a bench mark and stand out from the rest. 4 bedrooms complete with a large master suite including both an eye catching en-suite and spacious walk-in robe. Gourmet kitchen design offering an abundance of cupboard & bench space including butlers pantry, simply too many features to mention!


$449,500 3 2 2 No need to take the car when you are within such easy walking distance of the Blue lake and the vibrancy of the city centre, amidst the shops, restaurants, cafes and pubs. An enviable lifestyle awaits.

$164,500 2 1 1 Lovely brick and tile unit in a quiet group of three ideal for the first home buyer or investor – close to all amenities. Inspect now and be impressed!

4 2 2

Located amongst quality homes in a well established area. Offering 4 large bedrooms, master with direct access to spacious 2way bathroom, functional kitchen overlooking beautiful private gardens.

SAT 10.15-10.45

$279,000 3 2 1 The ideal low maintenance home. Centrally located and a short stroll to Vansittart Park, restaurants and cafes. Quality group of just 2 homes. Currently leased until Feb 2021 @ $265p/w.

Conveniently located in this soughtafter location is a great family home just waiting for it’s new owner, sure to impress those wanting to secure a sizeable home in a tightly held street. Within easy walking distance to the blue lake.

1A Rotary Avenue


SAT 10.00-10.30

13 Doughty Street




SAT 9.30-10.00

SAT 9.15-9.45


36B Wehl Street North

$220 pw 3 1 1 • Three bedroom stone home • Lounge with gas heating • Dine-in kitchen with gas cooking • Detached single garage • Good sized, fully enclosed yard • Close to school and shops • No pets

6 Nedlands Avenue

Avail 7/10

$220 pw 3 1 2 • 3 bedrooms, two with BIR • Lounge with R/C air conditioner • Kitchen with electric cooking & s/c heater • Separate dining area to rear patio • Sunroom • 2 detached single garages • Large rear yard • Pets negotiable

Avail 16/10

$280 pw 3 1 1 • 3 bedrooms all with BIR • 2 way bathroom & separate toilet • Open living kitchen, meals and family area with electric cooking & dishwasher • Gas wall furnace & R/C air conditioner • One car garage with remote and internal access • Undercover alfresco area • No pets

Ben Jeffrey SALES 0417 810 246

Paul Chuck SALES 0409 541 113

Jo Campbell SALES 0409 240 223


45 Sassanowsky Road, Suttontown




~5 acres


13-15 Jarrah Street




77 Wireless Road West

$489,000 5 2 2 Priced to sell – ultra spacious family home loaded with extras. Granite kitchen benches, ducted heating & cooling, high ceilings and rear yard access. One of the best streets in popular Conroe Heights!

The complete family package awaits. A beautifully maintained home set on an acre of established grounds, spacious living areas and covered outdoor entertaining. Be quick to inspect this quality home.

9/4 Underwood Avenue

$249,500 6 2 2 An excellent opportunity for the savvy investor, two properties on one title, both leased and very well maintained, close to local shopping and schools. Twice as nice!

21 Hilltop Avenue

18 Eldridge Drive, Worrolong


A stunning federation styled home built to the highest standards, offering generous living areas, character features, indoor pool, detached selfcontained unit and enviable shedding. Absolute quality throughout.



23 Percy Street / 12-14 Alexander Street



Bernie Gaylard PROPERTY MANAGEMENT 8725 5766

Sharyn Ferguson PROPERTY MANAGEMENT 8725 5766

Malcolm Lewis SALES 0411 899 693


Located in a quiet & small complex, offering 2 large bedrooms, formal lounge with gas heating, neat & private rear yard. Single garage UMR. Fantastic location within walking distance to Collins Court Shopping Complex.




Rare city centre multi tenanted opportunity. Renovated villa Circa 1900 of 3/4 bedrooms (currently leased), office/warehouse. Shedding fronting Alexander Street. Portion of this leased at $930 p/m plus full office area available.


1/11 Millard Street


46 Jubilee Highway West


We will make it easy for buyers to fall in love with your property with our FREE professional photography package and FREE homestaging & advice $174,500 3 1 1 A perfect home for an investor or first home buyer. A well maintained property in a good location, close to schools, shops, sports grounds and the hospital and tafe precinct.

23 Agnes Street

$134,500 2 1 1 Nestled at the rear of a quiet complex of only three units, is this spacious property. An ideal investment or great start for the first home buyer.

Call our friendly team today for a FREE no obligation appraisal

List with Gebhardts. Experience the difference 10 Greenridge Drive

$329,000 3 1 2 Prime CBD development opportunity, positioned over 2 titles of land totaling 1,851m2 (approx). Two street access plus third road via a free and unrestricted right of way. When opportunity knocks dare to dream!. LOT 2 Black Flat Road, Caroline

3 Tecoma Close

E.O.I Closing Friday 9th October at 12 noon (unless sold prior)

$95,000 a| 378m2 approx A rare find – Torrens title inner city allotment. Perfect investment allotment or to build your courtyard home. Short walk to Vansittart Park, hotels and restaurants.

44 Matthew Flinders Way

$149,500 a| 1,120m2 approx A quality location and fantastic block! Stunning northerly views and surrounded by established homes. Last block in the street. Over 1,120m2 – take advantage of the building grant!

a| over 5000m2


2/2 James Street


E.O.I a| 139.1HA approx Approximately 21km South East of Mt Gambier by, Recently harvested land, prime opportunity for new plantation, Undulating land of approximately 139.1 Ha – deemed 100% plantable, 198.6 megalitre forestry water licence allocation.

A wonderful allotment awaits, quality location surrounded by beautiful homes. Over 5,000m2 elevated allotment, just minutes to city centre and Tenison Woods College. Call your builder and take advantage of the building grant.

23-25 Commercial Street West

32 Commercial Street West

2/2 James Street 23-25 Commercial Street West Avail Now

$450 pw 4 2 2 • 4 bedrooms, main with ensuite and WIR • Other bedrooms have built in robes • Formal lounge • Open plan family/dining/kitchen with electric cooking, dishwasher & butlers pantry• Double garage UMR with internal access • Ducted heating/cooling • No pets

Avail Now 32 Commercial Street West 78B Sea Parade Pt MacDonnell 94 Commercial Street East

Commercial • Ideal for retail or office space • Great incentives on offer from lessor • Approximately 98.16 m2 • Two double access doors • Great window space • Fantastic Location • $1200.00 pcm first year + GST & outgoings, all offers considered

Avail Now Commercial • Area approx 300m2, upstairs area approx 74m2 • Downstairs with 3 consulting rooms, store room, separate office area with work stations, filing room, open floor area with 2 counter areas. Upstairs has an office, large store area, lunch room & toilet

Avail Now Commercial • Approx. 178m2 showroom area • Excellent retail opportunity • Large open area with reverse cycle air conditioner • Suit a variety of uses • Separate office/store room and kitchen area • Rear carpark area • Large public carparking available

Trash or treasure

Support on offer for tourism & hospitality sector

Join the national program to promote sustainability Naracoorte Lucindale Council households, schools, community groups and local businesses are set to join more than 400,000 people across the country on November 21 and 22 as part of the 10th annual Garage Sale Trail, which will also be taking place online for the first time ever. A multi-award-winning community and sustainability event, Garage Sale Trail is part of Naracoorte Lucindale Council’s commitment to reducing landfill and supporting residents to reuse and reduce waste at home. The program is powered by more than 115 councils across Australia, dedicated to helping their communities on the road to economic recovery by making and saving money through the sale of secondhand goods. And for the first time ever, sellers can also set up virtual garage sales as an alternative to garage sales in local neighbourhoods. Naracoorte Lucindale Mayor Erika Vickery OAM said the Garage Sale Trail was a great opportunity for people to connect with their community, have lots of fun and make some extra money at a time where many people need it most. “We are thrilled to be involved with the initiative and encourage everyone in the community to register – with many of us still at home this is an excellent opportunity to declutter and rehome those things we don’t

need anymore,Mayor Vickery said. Event organisers project that more than two million items will be listed for sale and diverted from landfill across more than 16,000 garage sale events held over the Garage Sale Trail weekend both in person and online – a great result for the planet, seller’s pockets and bargain seekers all over the country. Garage Sale Trail Co-Founder Andrew Valder said despite their focus rightly being shifted towards the pandemic, the issue of waste hasn’t gone away. “In fact, COVID-19 has clearly demonstrated our impact on the planet as well as proven that with a little teamwork, we can achieve great things,” he said. “Garage Sale Trail is an awesome way to make some extra cash in these trying times. My hot tip is to come

up with a really fun name or theme for your sale – the sellers that go to town with marketing are the ones that really bring home the bacon.” For the first time ever, Australians can participate in Garage Sale Trail online as well as face-to-face. This online element will not only work to keep people safe during the pandemic but also assist sellers in finding the perfect match for their pre-loved items – no matter their location. For those hosting or shopping at physical sales, Garage Sale Trail will provide guidelines to ensure COVID-19 restrictions and safety precautions are in place. You’ll also receive tips and tricks, as well as marketing material to help achieve the best result from your sale. To host a sale or shop the Trail you can register for free at

As part of its ongoing Care Packages, the District Council of Grant is supporting tourism and hospitality businesses to recover from the effects of COVID-19 by implementing a new grant funding opportunity. This year has had a drastic impact on tourism and hospitality businesses with many operators were forced to close or radically change the way they operated. Many businesses were decimated by COVID-19 through what would usually be busy tourisms seasons such as Easter and school holidays. With easing of restrictions, operations are gradually returning back to a new normal, however the sector still has a number of issues to overcome before it can rebound from the effects of COVID-19. In response to this the District Council of Grant has established a Tourism and Hospitality Small Business Grant to support businesses in the district to adapt,

recover and innovate. Eligible businesses can apply for a grant of up to $5000 which will be awarded on a ‘dollar for dollar’ basis with the grant funding up to 50% of the project costs. The purpose of the grant is to enhance the customer experience and provide opportunities and assistance for business development in the industry. The funding may be used for things such as purchasing new equipment, minor capital improvements, training and skills development, developing new experiences, marketing etc. Applications opened Monday and close October 30. For further information please visit where you can access the full terms and conditions via the guidelines document and application form. Alternatively these are available from council’s Mount Gambier office or the Port MacDonnell Community Complex.


The need for speed Donehue family thrive on the adrenalin rush of ski racing







Water skiing has been a big part of Andrew Donehue’s life since a young age. It also runs deep in the Donehue family. It started with Les and Margaret Donehue, who shared their love of the sport with their six children, including Andrew, and now there are 16 ski crazy grandchildren as well. “I started water skiing when I was five. Then I started ski racing when I was 11. I’ve been ski racing ever since basically,” Donehue said. “We started it (water skiing) as a family and started racing as a family. “I got started getting taken away with another couple of racing enthusiasts and that was in junior boys then, and basically travelled ever since then.” Donehue turned to driving boats after being involved in a serious water-skiing accident at the age of 21, suffering shocking injuries to his lower and upper body. “I raced competitively for quite a number of years and then I had an accident when I was 21 so I took up driving after that when I came back to the sport,” he said. “And I’ve been drive racing competitively ever since then. “I got impacted by a boat when I was 21. Broke both legs, ribs, shoulder, collarbone and ended up off work for three years. “So then when I recovered, I only went back to social skiing and that sort of stuff.” Donehue also has a long history as a scrutineer that has landed him multiple jobs worldwide.

“I’m the Australian Chief Technical Scrutineer and at the moment I’m the head of the World Scrutineering and on the World Racing Council,” he said. “In 2011 I got asked to be the Chief Scrutineer at the World Titles in Brisbane in Australia. I was the Australian Scrutineer at the time, then I was asked after that to go to Spain to do the same job, which I did. “Then I got invited to go on the World Racing Council in 2013 then I was the Chief Scrutineer in New Zealand in 2017 then I went to America to Scrutineer in 2019 and I was Chief Scrutineer in France. “It’s been awesome, big job but it’s been pretty good.” Andrew’s caravan and pool business - Donehue’s Leisure – has gone from strength to strength since the family moved to Mount Gambier from Hamilton. “It started originally from Hamilton then I moved over in 1994 when they had the recession in Hamilton,” Donehue said. “We started over there and opened up and bought out Linmara Pools and Spas and then we decided to bring caravans over here as a family business. “We were in Commercial Street, so we were there for 12 months then we moved out to Penola Road and we basically grew from there. “We were there for 17 years then we moved out to where we are now.” Of course, being part of an industry so closely linked with the

tourism and recreation industry has not been easy in COVID hit 2020. “It did at first yes, it did knock us around quite hard,” Donehue added. “It was a complete shut

down at the time, so there was nobody coming in and out. But now it’s been very busy. The workshop has been busy, and the shop sales has been busy.”

LIFE ON THE WATER: Water skiing runs in the Donehue family and it has been a huge part of Andrew’s life and there have been a raft of accolades and honours along with way.

Brain Teaser

How to play: To solve this puzzle each 3x3 box, each row and each column must contain all the numbers from 1 to 9. 4 7 1 5 2 3 6 8 9

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Answers – 11. Five; 2. Red, black & yellow; 3. Vivien Leigh; 4. Fay Amy (Patricia Hobart); 5. All the King’s horses & all the King’s men; 6. Uranus; 7. Edward VIII; 8. Terri Sullivan; 9. Ca; 10. Edinburgh; 11. Lieutenant General; 12. Mark McGowan; 13. Elvis Presley; 14. Hawthorn; 15. Italy; 16. Swan River; 17. Yuri Gagarin; 18. The Bachelor Australia; 19. Mike Brady; 20. Melbourne Vixens, West Coast Fever, Sydney Swifts & Sunshine Coast Lightning; 21. Love Me Do; 22. Michael Phelps; 23. Fawn; 24. The Grapes of Wrath; 25. Locomotion; 26. Port Adelaide Power; 27. The Beatles; 28. 11; 29. Tom Gleeson; 30. Flanders

It takes approximately 75,000 flowers, which need to be plucked by hand, to make one pound of saffron. The flower only blooms for two weeks a year. This is why it is so expensive.

2 5 9 6 1 8 3 7 4

As well as real estate agents and local businesses!

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8 1 3 7 9 2 4 6 5


1. How many Italian Open men’s singles titles has Novak Djokovic won? 2. Which three colours make up the German flag? 3. Who was Laurence Olivier’s second wife? 4. What is the name of Rebel Wilson’s character in the itch Perfect movie franchise? 5. In the nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty – who couldn’t put Humpty together again after his fall? 6. Which planet was discovered by William Herschel 1781? 7. Which English King abdicated in 1936? 8. What was the name of Georgie Parker’s character in the long running Aussie TV drama All Saints? 9. What is the chemical symbol for calcium? 10. What is the capital of Scotland? 11. In the Australian defence forces which military rank is higher – Major General or Lieutenant General? 12. Who is the Premier of Western Australia? 13. Which musician died suddenly at his Graceland estate in Memphis, Tennessee on August 16th, 1977? 14. Who won the AFL premiership in 2015? 15. Benito Mussolini ruled which country for two decades spanning the 1920s and 1930s? 16. Which river runs through Perth? 17. In 1957, which Russian beat NASA to become the first human to orbit the Earth on Sputnik I?


ACROSS 1) Improbable wish 6) A Muse 11) Environmental hazard, for short 14) Maternally related 15) Ruby or diamond, e.g. 16) Chicken ____ king 17) Did a gymnastic maneuver 19) It may have a nap on the floor 20) Smart ____ (obnoxious ones) 23) Most risque 26) “____ of the Field” (Poitier classic) 27) Spiral-horned beasts 28) Type of clock or power 30) Rocky peaks 31) Brief period of time 32) Mauna ____ (Hawaiian pack) 35) Hamlet’s catch 36) Ancient Roman magistrate HOWS YOUR MATE? 38) Palindromic Bobbsey 39) “Deep Space Nine” character 40) “Me too” 41) Aphid, to a gardener 42) Word on a nutritional label 44) Cleans the slate 46) New delivery 48) In an angry way 49) Nigerian currency 50) Cook with direct radiant heat 52) Add a soundtrack 53) Browns, as onions 58) Anger 59) Feudal vassal or lord 60) Sidestep, as an issue 61) An inferior dog 62) Certain church officer 63) Transfer, as at a nursery

DOWN 1) Christmas mo. 2) Retrovirus contents, for short 3) Canal site 4) Gains 5) Whimpered 6) Act the bouncer 7) Unpleasant smell 8) Belt-hole makers 9) Football formation 10) Aged one 11) Dramamine prevents it 12) High-pitched woodwind 13) Baseball backstops 18) Amerada ____ (bygone petroleum company) 22) He fought Frazier three times 23) ‘80s fashions, now 24) How most fans cheer 25) Material for some bikes 26) Batty, in Spain 28) “There’s no music in _ ... “ -- Ruskin 29) Former Yugoslavian president 31) Samoan money 33) It might come with a few pointers 34) Jittery 36) Acme 37) Huck Finn’s boat 41) Type of resistance 43) Paddle kin 44) Ashtabula’s lake 45) Window-shade part 46) Like Sanskrit, Hindi and Bengali 47) South Pacific island nation 48) Up-and-____ 50) Raised racehorses 51) Rush furiously, as a river 54) Feel pain, perhaps 55) Use the microwave 56) Tokyo, formerly 57) Fix, as a clock












Ye Ha! ST MARTINS LUTHERAN COLLEGE YEAR 6 SCHOOL MUSICAL 1. The cast of Ye Ha! Celebrate a terrific performance. 2. Jarrod Carey enjoying his cameo performance as Rooster. 3. The Year 6 cast captivated the crowd at the Sir Robert Helpmann Theatre. 4. The Year 6 cast performed well and entertained the crowds over three shows. 5. Ewan Savage (Wilbur Hubbard) front and centre for one of the many musical pieces. 6. “There’s more to that horse, me thinks.” A special mention to Audrey and William who gave their all to bring ‘Lightning’ the trusty steed to life.

7. Kianna Greyvenstein (Bonnie), Ewan Savage (Wilbur Hubbard), Emma Johnson (Billie-Jo Briskett) & cast displayed great singing, dancing and acting skills 8. Ephraim Battersby (Towering Wild Bear) William Millard (Jumping Jaguar) Travis Carter (Leaping Leopard) & Hudson Croser (Squatting Poodle) added comedic relief throughout the show. 9. Ewan Savage (Wilbur Hubbard) & Hannah Duffett (Ma Annie Hubbard) 10. Every Year 6 student played a part in the annual performance.

Halls of power Allendale East Area School students debate banning homework in parliament role play exercise

Lamb & apricot tagine 500g Lamb Sausages (gourmet or plain) casings removed 2 tbs olive oil 1 brown onion, finely chopped 1 tbs Moroccan Seasoning 2 tsp ground cumin 400g can diced tomatoes 150g dried apricots, coarsely chopped 1 large zucchini, chopped 200g Greek-style yoghurt 1/4 cup (35g) slivered almonds, toasted Steamed couscous or rice, to serve Method Divide the sausage into 12 meatballs. Heat half the oil in a large saucepan over medium-high heat. Add meatballs and cook, turning, for 3-4 mins or until browned. Transfer to a plate. Heat the remaining oil in the pan over medium heat. Add onion. Cook, stirring, for 3-4 mins or until onion softens. Add Moroccan seasoning and cumin. Cook, stirring, for 1-2 mins or until aromatic. Add tomato and 1/3 cup (80ml) water and bring to the boil. Return meatballs to the pan with the apricot and zucchini. Reduce heat to low and simmer for 10-12 mins or until meatballs are cooked through and the sauce thickens slightly. Serve the tagine with the yoghurt, almond and couscous or rice. Season.


Request for Expressions of Interest Leasing Opportunity Carpenter Rocks The District Council of Grant invites expressions of interest from members of the community interested in leasing shed space within the township of Carpenter Rocks for commercial or recreational purposes. More information, including details of the shed space, can be obtained from Council’s website, or from Councils principal office – 324 Commercial Street West, Mount Gambier. Council encourages leasing proposals from both individuals and groups, in line with the details outlined in the Request for Expressions of Interest document located on Council’s website or available at Council’s principal office. Please download, or collect from Council’s principal office, a copy of this document and attachments prior to submitting an expression of interest. Submissions must be received, in writing to the Council, by 5.00 pm on Friday, 16 October 2020. If more than one received, it is envisaged all written submissions will be considered by Council at its Ordinary Meeting of Council on Monday, 2 November 2020. Detailed instructions on how to submit an expression of interest are located within the Request for Expression of Interest document. All queries or requests for further information should be directed to Council on (08) 8721 0444. Darryl Whicker Chief Executive Officer

Year 5 and 6 students at Allendale East Area School got an insight into federal politics and the role of Federal Parliament courtesy of a visit from Member for Barker Tony Pasin. The local MP ran through his role as an elected member and tried to walk the students through procedures including passing legislation through some role play activities. The students each took on a role as a Member of Parliament to debate a Bill in the

House of Representatives and argued their case for or against banning homework. The group of around 20 students were divided into government, opposition and cross bench members to debate the Bill before a vote was held to determine the passage of the legislation. “I was deeply impressed by the enthusiasm the students from Allandale East Area School showed for the democratic process,” said Mr Pasin. “It’s fantastic that

these students are studying civics and citizenship. These students will determine the future of this Nation and as such I think it’s really important that they understand their civic duty. As the only nation in the world with compulsory voting it’s vital that we educate young Australians about the parliamentary process. Strength in democracy comes with the community being informed and interested in how and why our laws are made.”

Back by popular demand Skate Park clinics & competition return to region The Millicent Skate Park Clinics & Competition are back and will take place on October 9 and 10 at Millicent Skate Park. Free learn to skate clinics for all abilities and ages will take place on Friday before the competition itself, run by YMCA Action Sports and the Wattle Range Council, gets underway on Saturday. Skateboards are provided but competitors are advised to bring their own helmets. Skateboarding clinics run in hourly blocks from 11.30am to 3.30pm. Fifty to sixty particpants usually enter the competition that crosses skate, scooter and/or BMX events across different age categories. Around 400-500 spectators have attended competitions in previous years. YMCA Action Sports Director, Alice Hogan said the event has put Millicent on the map with people coming from far and wide to take part. Hogan has encouraged parents to bring their kids down to

get involved in the family event that continues to grow year on year. “It’s really been able to bring people together around the fun and common use of the skate park,” Hogan said. “So it works to bring people together and the different disciplines at the skate park together and engage them in an activity where there’s occasionally a bit of tension between different disciplines. “It’s had that ongoing affect throughout the community, they really get behind it and people do come from far and wide either from the Surf Coast in Victoria and from Adelaide to the event. “So it’s really highlighted Millicent as a destination as well and it’s a really fun event all round for the whole family.” Hogan said the event had helped bring the local community together. “It’s been a huge success,” she said. “When we started running it a few years ago

we weren’t entirely sure, but it’s just taken off so well. We’re very, very excited to be coming back and running it again.” To enter the Millicent Skate Park competition visit www. and click on events.

Cooking up a storm Barbecue raises funds for prostate cancer awareness The Limestone Coast Prostate cancer Support Group joined forces with Member for Barker Tony Pasin & his staff to host a Big Aussie Barbie as part of a nationawide campaign during Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. Alec Hamilton, Tony Duddy, Des Hinton, Malcolm Porter and Richard Harry were all part of the catering team that sizzled up the perfect sausage in bread to raise funds, and sharing thier stories, to raise awareness.

Brand’s best in Let’s celebrate cabernet Coonawarra set to celebrate its most famous drop Coonawarra Virtual judging sees top wines honoured for annual awards

The 2018 Brand’s Laira 1968 Vines Cabernet Sauvignon, produced by Brand’s Laira Coonawarra, missed out on the top prize at the James Halliday Australian Cabernet Challenge by the narrowest of margins in what was a nail-biting finish to the virtual trophy judging process. Winemaker Peter Weinberg (pictured right) was thrilled for this wine to have been awarded Best of Region from a pool of 72 Coonawarra wines presented for judging. “The team at Brand’s feels honoured to win the Best of Region award amongst such strong competition from one of the world’s best cabernet growing regions,” Peter said. “This award is testament to the strength and commitment of our grapegrowing and winemaking teams at Brand’s Laira, we will be back next year for this fantastic event.” In what is believed to be a world first, judging of the 2020 James Halliday Australia Cabernet Challenge presented by Langton’s, took place simultaneously in Australia’s preeminent cabernet producing regions - Coonawarra, along with Margaret River and Yarra Valley - also connecting through virtual means to deliver this single variety wine show with a difference. A panel of five judges each in Margaret River and Coonawarra, tasted close to 200 wines over two days, with a further 40 wines assessed on the third and final day, to determine the regional trophy winners and overall Cabernet Champion in a virtual taste off via Zoom.

Coonawarra icon and former Balnaves winemaker Pete Bissell (above main & inset), chaired the panel. The 2018 Xanadu Cabernet Sauvignon, from Margaret River, took the top honours, scoring 97 points of a possible 100 to claim the top trophy from 364 entries, encompassing 29 Australian wine regions. 2020 James Halliday Australian Cabernet Challenge Regional Winners Adelaide Hills Best of Region Wines by Geoff Hardy 2018 K1 By Geoff Hardy 2018 Cabernet Sauvignon – 95 points Barossa Valley Best of Region Casella Family Brands 2018 Peter Lehmann Wines Masters Mentor Cabernet Sauvignon – 95 points Coonawarra Best of Region Brand’s Laira of Coonawarra 2018 Brand’s Laira 1968 Vines Cabernet Sauvignon – 96 points Margaret River Best of Region Xanadu Wines 2018 Xanadu Cabernet Sauvignon – 97 points Yarra Valley Best of Region Boat O’Craigo Wines 2018 Boat O’Craigo Braveheart Cabernet Sauvignon – 96 points The full results are available to view at www.australiancabernetchallenge.

Coonawarra Cabernet Celebrations is back for 2020. One of South Australia’s best regional wine-based festivals, it is the largest of its kind in the Limestone Coast, boasting a program of more than 60 events across five weeks. The event is made possible by South Australian Tourism Commission through Events South Australia with funding made available through the Regional Events and Festival Program. The month long festival kicks off on Thursday, October 1, with bespoke tastings and special events running throughout October. A highlight on the wine region’s event calendar, the month is designed to showcase and celebrate the Coonawarra wine region’s signature red wine cabernet sauvignon. The first weekend will see the Coonawarra Golf Day and Family Fiesta kick off the festival, coinciding, with the October long weekend. The following weeks will see themes around blending wine, the region’s heritage and new release wines – ‘from barrel to glass’, wrapping up with a ‘showtime’ theme – on the weekend that would have played host to the Penola show. Heidi Eldridge, Acting Executive Officer and Events & Marketing Manager of Coonawarra Vignerons said there will be plenty of opportunities for wine lovers, foodies and families alike to discover Coonawarra, whilst enjoying the world class wines, country hospitality and sense of community. “It is a great showcase and collaborative effort of our members with 24 wineries hosting events or participating in combined regional events,” she said. “Visitors to Coonawarra will enjoy a wide range of activities over the course of the month to ‘celebrate, educate and activate their senses’, including vertical tasting flights, chocolate and cheese wine pairing, make-your-ownblend activities, a golf day, dining experiences with winemakers, and live music and outdoor games on picturesque winery lawns.” One of the feature events in the calendar is the Regional Cabernet [Decade]nce Tasting and is a fantastic example of wineries co-presenting. “The Cabernet [Decade]nce Tasting will bringing together at least 15 producers and winemakers in one location to taste and compare 10 year old wines with current releases,” Ms Eldridge said. The event, which is typically held on a Friday evening has been rescheduled to Saturday afternoon, October 17, and is hoped to attract up to 100 cabernet lovers in the spacious Raidis Estate event shed, in a seated speed date style arrangement with winemakers and producers circulating the room to showcase their wines to each table of guests. Tickets are available online for only $35pp and must be purchased in advance. The Coonawarra Golf Day also returns as a feature event in the October program and will kick off the first of five weekends of events.

Presented by the Limestone Coast’s 96.1 SAFM and 963 Triple M, the Coonawarra Golf Day will host teams of four in a day of social but competitive ambrose golf, at the Penola Golf Course. “We have had a tremendous response to this year’s Golf Day with team registrations filling well in advance of the day,” Ms Eldridge said. Like many events and festivals scheduled in 2020, the Coonawarra Cabernet Celebrations program of events has been affected by the circumstances surrounding COVID19. “Our wineries have certainly had to consider the restrictions in place and adapt their offerings to ensure that capacity limits can be safely managed,” she said. “Events that have typically drawn a large crowd, combining live music, drinking, and dancing unfortunately were among the first to be withdrawn. Despite this, the program is still as extensive as ever.” There is great emphasis being placed around the intimacy and exclusivity of events, with bookings highly recommended to avoid disappointment. Examples of wineries modifying their events to suit the current climate is evident throughout the program. “One of the much loved events that sells out every October

is the Balnaves of Coonawarra Sparkling Breakfast, a seated affair that attracted up to 100 people in their winery,” Ms Eldridge said. “This year, they are taking a more casual approach, serving up bacon and egg rolls from their cellar door for guests to grab and go, or enjoy on the lawns with their signature Sparkling Cabernet – a great way to start the day of touring in Coonawarra”. Zema Estate is one of two wineries offering a Virtual Tasting Event, inviting attendees from all over Australia to meet owner Nick Zema and winemaker Joe Corey, while tasting their wines. Pre-registration is essential for wine packs to be received in time for the online event on Friday, October 9. A shuttle bus (hop on, hop off) will be operating from Penola, travelling the Coonawarra Strip on weekends in October (excluding Saturday, October 31), to help visitors travel between wineries affordably at $20pp per day, so call 1800 861 190 to pre book. For more information and to view the program of events, visit www.

Welcome to our new cellar door Visit our magnificent new cellar door, enjoy a glass of wine on the deck overlooking Coonawarra and let the kids run wild on our beautiful lawns.

Opening Times Weekdays | 9:00am - 4:30pm Weekends | 11:00am - 4:00pm

Contact us to book today! Ph: (08) 8736 3260 | E: |

RURAL RUNDOWN The Janmac philosophy Quietly achieving excellence Following last year’s record October sale, Janmac’s 16th Annual Production Sale will feature approx. 220-230 Poll Dorset and White Suffolk Rams at the 2020 on-property auction. The largest offering to date presented by the Janmac team is driven by client feedback and strong market demand. Producing durable rams with the genetic potential to turn “grass into top end dollars” is one of Janmac’s key breeding principles that sees the stud continue to grow in popularity amongst sheep producers. Potential purchasers seeking rams for increased profits from the paddock will find excellence in this year’s line-up. All Janmac rams have met strict selection criteria where traits including balance, structure, conformation, fertility and performance, growth rates and muscling were key to the selection process.

While its’ not quite business as usual this year, the Hausler’s are adapting to the new normal and working closely with their agents, Rodwells Edenhope and Nutrien AG Solutions, Naracoorte to meet the new Covid-19 requirements, and ensure all Janmac’s valued buyers can easily purchase the rams of their choice. In a first for the stud, the onproperty sale will be interfaced live online with the Elite Livestock Auctions platform so if borders remain closed all buyers can still participate in the October sale. The Elite Livestock Auctions platform offers the preferred ‘Pick of the Pen’ selling format Janmac clients like, and as the entire sale will be streamed ‘live’ bids are easily accepted from any location around Australia after a simple registration process. Grant and Bryce are confident astute and professional lamb producers will find the impressive

array of rams on offer this year will meet the industry’s needs, Two of the stud’s most exciting sire purchases in recent years are producing exceptional progeny in both stud sire prospects and commercial rams. The outstanding sire, Ulandi Park 151-17 was purchased for $18,000 in partnership with Kurralea Poll Dorsets & White Suffolks, and selected for his length, clean points, and sire appeal. This ram has not disappointed with his progeny. Another great addition to the stud’s gene pool was the purchase of Kurralea 435-16 in 2017. This ram was purchased outright by Janmac for $12,000. Teaming up again with South Australia’s Rowett family, the partnership secured an outstanding sire, K234-16 for a sale top of $15,000 adding further genetic depth to the stud. Both these rams feature exceptional breed shape and muscling and highlights the Hausler’s commitment to quietly achieve excellence in both breeds.

GOING, GOING, SOLD: In the auctioneers’ box are David Heinrich, Landmark Naracoorte and Richard Miller, Landmark Stud Stock SA, with David Hannel, Rodwells Edenhope, and long-term clients, Paul Brook and Bill Rich. Joining them in the ring are Janmac’s Grant and Bryce Hausler, Craig Rich, Jacob McGennisken, Rich Family Farms, and Stephen Rich with daughter Eloise. Around 50 rams sired by these two high performance rams will feature in this year’s sale and includes several stud prospects to be offered in the top ten stud ram lots Grant, Bryce and families extend a warm welcome to both stud and commercial lamb producers to the

A breeding program in step with commercial productivity needs

annual sale, to be held on-property in Goroke, Victoria, and interfaced on Elite Livestock Auctions on Wednesday 7th October. Keep up to date with the latest sale news and updates on or the Janmac Facebook page.

Upcoming ram sales

Woolumbool getting the job done Woolumbool is based north of Lucindale in SA’s South East and has been breeding Poll Dorsets since 1975, White Suffolks since 1987 and registered Poll Merinos since 1992. Objective measurements are a must use tool at Woolumbool, in fact we would not breed sheep without them in conjunction with visual traits. It is efficient production which underpins the breeding objectives at Woolumbool where we aim for lower birthweights coupled with high early growth combined with exceptional muscling which gives our rams the capacity to produce fast growing easy finishing lambs. Our rams are raised principally on pasture and we are reluctant

to use supplementary feed unless the season is really against us. Woolumbool rams are all late winter or spring born and are therefore not overweight by sale time and are very fit and active leading to very good mating capacity. Our clients in general are very focussed on breeding values and are particularly interested in purchasing sires which fit their own breeding objectives. Woolumbool has always been pro-active with involvement in the latest research and to this end with interest in lamb eating quality we have more recently submitted lambs for processing in conjunction with other studs where the loins have been retained to measure


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Phone: (08) 8725 0000

324 Commercial Street West, Mount Gambier

2019 RAM SALE: Top priced rams imf and sf5 by MLA scientists to contribute to our current knowledge in this area. DNA testing of a portion of our young rams has become a regular occurrence in more recent years. The 2020 offering of Poll Dorset and White Suffolk rams has a high proportion of rams sired by leading rams on the LEQ index. The Woolumbool Poll Merino stud flock has a large suite of objective measurements taken across wool and meat traits. We aim to breed a robust, worm resistant merino which produces high clean fleece weight wool of 18 micron which is free growing long stapled and bright with good resistance to flystrike. Our Poll Merino rams are consistently above average when compared across the 3 main merino indexes. Woolumbool also breeds Multimeat composites which carry

a DNA tested double copy of the booroola high fecundity gene. This composite is particularly useful for breeding 1st cross ewes with very high lambing capacity with scanning rates in excess of 200% leading to well managed ewes able to wean in excess of 155% without having to lower stocking rates to achieve this. We have recently been putting emphasis on the fleece characteristics and measuring the full suite of wool traits of the Multimeat composite to produce finer fleeces without losing carcase attributes. The Multimeat rams are not included in our annual sale but are available by lease arrangement only, through the Multimeat Company.

OCTOBER SALES Cloven Hills Tuesday October 6th Janmac Wednesday October 7th Woolumbool Wednesday October 7th Derrynock Thursday October 8th Chrome Sheep Studs Thursday October 8th Pembroke Pastoral Co Thursday October 8th Paxton Stud Thursday October 8th Depta Grove Thursday October 8th K.D Sheep Studs Thursday October 8th Warrawindi Farms Friday October 9th Deloraine Downs Friday October 9th Wrattenbullie Monday October 12th Majardah Monday October 12th Kenlorne Tuesday October 13th magazines/ram-lamb/

RURAL RUNDOWN Mount Gambier Market Report - CATTLE

Naracoorte Market Report SHEEP & LAMBS Overall numbers rose as agents yarded more lambs but less sheep this week, with a total of 5,973 lambs and 1256 sheep coming forward. These sold to the usual array of trade and processor buyers, while restockers more active this week as the new season lambs continued to enter the market. Quality was mixed with something to suit all buyers as the new season lambs again sold to dearer rates. Light weight new season lambs to the trade ranged from $92 to $122 with a run of these lambs attracting the restockers as they turned lambs back out from $99 to $131/head. Light trade weight 2 and 3 score lambs sold from $128 to $144 with the trade weight

Numbers rose as agents yarded 639 head of live weight and open auction cattle. These sold to a larger field of trade and processor buyers with both feeders and restockers active over the offering although some of the trade buyers were not fully active or even active at all with the numbers coming forward. Quality improved this week with a better run of yearling cattle while only a small number of bullocks were yarded.

types making from $135 to $164/head as most lambs sold from 690c to 730c/kg cwt. Heavy lambs made from $164 to $183 with a lift of $5 to $8 as the extra heavy pens sold from $187 to the market high of $208/head. Light old season lambs made from $102 to $121, with the trade weight types sold from $125 to $147/head. Heavy old season lambs made from $155 to $167 and the extra heavy pens sold from $175 to $192/head. Hoggets made from $66 to $154 with the light ewes making from $82 to $102/ head. Medium weighted ewes sold from $114 to $136 with the heavy ewes selling from $127 to a high of $186/head. Wethers sold to $167 as rams made from $70 to $145/head.

Yearling cattle improved in price in line with the quality on offer as the grown steers and bullocks were from firm to slightly dearer as cows remained firm on last weeks rates. A small offering of vealers with the steers selling to 415c and the heifers to 404c/kg. Yearling steers to the trade ranged from 333c to 410c to lift 10c to 12c as similar heifers returned from 330c to also 410c/kg. Feeder steers made from 374c to 420c with the feeder heifers selling

from 313c to 393c/kg. Grown steers and bullocks ranged from 340c to 405c to the trade with feeder activity here from 346c to 407c/kg. Grown heifers to the trade ranged from 288c to 388c with feeder interest from 300c to 370c as manufacturing steers sold up to 306c/kg. Heavy cows ranged from 280c to 305c with the lighter types returning from 248c to 275c as bulls ranged from 210c to 285c/kg.

Naracoorte Market Report - CATTLE Numbers fell away last week as agents yarded 784 head of live weight and open auction cattle. These sold to a larger field of trade and processor buyers along with feeder and restocker orders. Quality was mixed throughout the pens with less of the heavy weight types of the previous week with some mixed pricing being the end result. Yearling steers to the trade lifted in price by 5c to 8c as

they sold from 356c to 425c, with similar heifers returning from 360c to 412c/kg. Feeder orders were again active as they sourced steers and paid from 300c to 412c with the feeder heifers making from 280c to 405c/kg. Grown steers and bullocks sold from 300c to 372c to the trade with a fall of 6c, with feeder activity here making from 368c to 410c/kg. Grown heifers to the trade sold from

290c to 370c with feeders purchasing from 324c to also 370c, as manufacturing steers sold to 280c/kg. Heavy cows remained firm in price as they sold from 280c to 310c with the lighter pens ranging from 225c to 263c to the trade with feeders active here from 263c to 284c/kg. Heavy bulls made from 220c to 270c with light weights selling to 340c/kg.

Hamilton Market Report SHEEP & LAMBS

Mount Gambier Market Report - CATTLE

Agents yarded 1124 lambs and 1069 sheep at Hamilton last week. The offering of lambs was not as plain and mixed as the previous week’s offering. The sheep were good, however not as many wethers on offer but all weights and grades were available. Not all the regular buyers were inattendance or fully active in a sale that was fully firm for both sheep and lambs. Light 12 to 18kg lambs on offer made from $75 to $105/head, averaging from 560c and 625c/ kg cwt. The light trade weight lambs 18 to 22kgsold from $105 to $152/head, to average between 550c and 630c/kg cwt.

700 cattle were yarded last week in an improved quality yarding. It was a very good yarding of bullocks and they were probably five to eight cents better. Most of the good kill steers were anywhere from $3.60 to $3.80. Once again, the heavy feeder steers were sought after and they topped out at $4.08 for 56070kg steers. The crossbreed and manufacturing steers were quite a bit dearer. Fresian steers made up to $3.30 but most were $2.95 to $3/15. The young cattle saw some very good yearlings come forward. We had some yealing heifers make $4.10. Most of the yearling heifers went anywhere from $3.70 to $3.95. Yearling steers and feeder steers

The medium trade weight lambs 22 to 25kg made from $128 to$156/head, to average from 580c and 630c/kg cwt. Heavy trade weight lambs 26 to 30kg and over made up to $160/head, to average 550c/ kgcwt. Hoggets 3 score sold to $135/ head. Heavier crossbred sheep made to $164/head, with the better well covered Merino mutton making from $110 to $136/head, the general run of Merino mutton to make from 500c and 570c/kg cwt to average 550c/kg cwt. Terminal sires sold to $58 and Merino rams made $43/head.

were very sought after. We had some feeder steers to $4.22 for 400-plus kg. Most of the kill steers adn feeder steers anywhere from $3.90 to $4.10. The cow market was a little bit better. The best cows

topped at $3.08 for heavy cows but most of the good cows were from $2.95 to $3. Most of the young lighter cows were from $2.60 to $2.80. Ethan Bronca - O’Connor & Graney


C ontact Us:

OUR FIELD OFFICER: Keely Price 0418 504 171


Top Prices:

BULLS Beef $4029 Friesian $2896

THE MIDFIELD GR FRIESIAN & F1 OUP ARE CURRENTLY LOOK ING STEERS OF ALL WEIGHTS RAN FOR GES. For more inform ation please co ntac your local field representative. t

LAMBS COWS Xbred $189 Beef $2549 Merino $175 Friesian $1975 Manufacturing Steer $2338


SHEEP Xbred $148 Merino $197



Classifications: (G) General, (PG) Parental Guidance, (M) Mature Audiences, (MA15+) Mature Audience Over 15 Years[s] Subtitles, Consumer Advice: (d) drug references, (s) sexual references or sex scenes (h) horror, (l) language, (mp) medical procedures, (n) nudity, (v) violence



Classifications: (G) General, (PG) Parental Guidance, (M) Mature Audiences, (MA15+) Mature Audience Over 15 Years[s] Subtitles, Consumer Advice: (d) drug references, (s) sexual references or sex scenes (h) horror, (l) language, (mp) medical procedures, (n) nudity, (v) violence



Classifications: (G) General, (PG) Parental Guidance, (M) Mature Audiences, (MA15+) Mature Audience Over 15 Years[s] Subtitles, Consumer Advice: (d) drug references, (s) sexual references or sex scenes (h) horror, (l) language, (mp) medical procedures, (n) nudity, (v) violence

Madness... I had last week off to perform some in depth research in my continued efforts to expose Arnott’s and their continued Tim Tam scam. For those who’ve missed my efforts to change your world, I’ve discovered that Arnott’s have been trying to trick us by putting eleven Tim Tams in standard packs, but then only nine in their fancy Tim Tam packs (think White Choc, Mint, Double Coat etc). The deception comes from the fact they are putting the nine Tim Tams in packaging that is the same size as the eleven Tim Tams, deliberately trying to make us think we’re receiving the same amount of Tim Tam. As if that wasn’t bad enough, they then got the word out a couple of weeks ago that they’d sold an extra four million packets of Tim Tams during the pandemic. They were trying to

make it appear that we’re a bunch of greedy guts when we simply had to buy more packs to get the same number of Tim Tams. Now I find out that they ran some sort of competition to create a new Tim Tam flavour that I hadn’t heard about. I think the fact I don’t know about it indicates that they were deliberately keeping it quiet so they could manipulate the outcomes. Did any of you hear about this vote? It screams of Russian interference to me. Bloody Putin! He’s at it again. Let me be clear, I wouldn’t have voted for Double Choc Caramel Cream. There’s already Caramel Tim Tams. There’s already Double Choc. We really don’t need a mash up of those two existing flavours. Innovate Arnott’s. Take a risk. how some creativity. How about Coke flavoured Tim Tams? Hawaiian Pizza flavoured Tim Tams? Tell me that wouldn’t be a great idea. I think we all know there are only going to be nine Tim Tams in the Double Choc Caramel Cream packs, don’t we? I want to give a fair and balanced coverage of Arnott’s. I don’t want anyone to think I’m not capable of seeing the good things Arnott’s do and the times they work ethically. I’m not biased. Let’s consider 100’s and 1000’s biscuits for example. Presumably 100’s and 1000’s refers to the number of small pieces of coloured confectionery found on the top of these biscuits. My in depth undercover research this week has found that there are in fact an average of 194

hundreds and thousands found on each individual biscuit*. Multiply that by the twenty four biscuits in each packet and you’ve got 4656 100’s and 1000’s in each packet. As promised, there are hundreds and thousands of 100’s and 1000’s. Well done, Arnott’s. Another story I’ll present to provide an unbiased coverage of Arnott’s involves my first kiss. My friends had told me that if you were going to kiss a girl you needed fresh minty breath. They recommended chewies. I didn’t have chewies, and even if I did I probably wouldn’t have used them because chewing chewies is a disgusting habi. It’s worse than smoking and you can quote me on that. Anyway, luckily for me my mum had packed Arnott’s Mint Slice in my lunch box that day which I decided would give me the same effect. I didn’t get any complaints from the nice young lady so I’m going to attribute that one to Arnott’s saving the day. Good job, Arnott’s. Now that I’m finished with trying to be balanced, I can continue pointing out problems with Arnott’s. I’ve found Tic Toc biscuits completely unreliable in telling the time. In my experience they only show the correct time twice a day. Yo-yo biscuits never come back up

when I throw them at the ground. Have you ever noticed that Tina Wafers and Triple Wafers are exactly the same biscuits, just in different shapes? If you’d like to support me in launching a lawsuit to get Arnott’s to ensure there are eleven Tim Tams in every packet, email me at

* In all honesty, I can’t really claim that is the average. I only counted the 100’s and 1000’s on one biscuit. It was really hard so I decided I couldn’t be bothered counting multiple biscuits to get an average. And let’s be honest. It’s ridiculous enough that I counted how many 100’s and 1000’s on one biscuit.

Swags & socks Students hand over goods after sleepout fundrasier

Tenison Woods College mission leaders Ruby Moore and Rosie van Eyk, along with a group of Year 12 students, recently presented Vinnies Mount Gambier conference president Jeanette Elliott with two swags and warm, good quality pairs of socks for those in need. These items were purchased by the students from funds raised at their recent Winter Sleepout. Jeanette thanked the students, on behalf of Vinnies, for their generous and ongoing support for those in our community who are doing it tough during these winter months


Classifications: (G) General, (PG) Parental Guidance, (M) Mature Audiences, (MA15+) Mature Audience Over 15 Years[s] Subtitles, Consumer Advice: (d) drug references, (s) sexual references or sex scenes (h) horror, (l) language, (mp) medical procedures, (n) nudity, (v) violence




• Preparation of Income Tax Returns for All Entities. • BAS Preparation & Lodgement. • Business Advice.


• Bookkeeping & Payroll Services (at competitive rates) • Accounting Software Setup & Training.

Office No.25, The Convent, 20 Penola Road, Mount Gambier Ph: 0400 174 389 E:








Taylor Marine

17 Calula Drive, Mount Gambier

(08) 8725 2220




  International Paint   Boating Safety Gear  Stormy Seas Life Jackets  Wet Weather Gear  Plus all accessories for your boat! Furuno Electronics



Pots, Rope & Floats


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349 Commercial Street West, Mount Gambier Ph 08 8726 5200 F 08 8726 5222 E




DENTURE CLINIC • Large range of new & used caravans • Parts & accessories, everything for your caravan • Caravan service & repairs, skilled experienced technicians 250 Jubilee Highway West, Mount Gambier Phone (08) 8725 2826 w w w. d o n e h u e s l e i s u r e . co m . a u


Paul and Rose Visiting Mt Gambier weekends Call 1800 718 450 12 Wehl Street North, Mount Gambier



40 years

Experienc e in making dentures



The Coastal Express Door to Door Daily Service!

Mount Gambier - Millicent - Southend - Beachport - Robe - Kingston

0408 838 027 FREIGHT

08 8724 0158 Pick-Up & Delivery Freight Service Limestone Coast Region Monday to Friday






Barbara Lorraine (Barb) Freight Freight Service Service 100% Lo

Passed away peacefully at the Mount Gambier Hospital on Tuesday 22nd September 2020 aged 84 years. Loved wife of David (dec). Loving Mother of David and Sheree and family, Mark, Kirsty and Craig.


100% Lo cally Owned & O perated cally Owned & O

Overnight from Overnight from Adelaide to South East Daily

Adelaide to South East Daily

Phone 08 8762 0018

Phone 08 8762 0018



Port MacDonnell General Store & Licensed Post Office


All types. Pittosporu

ms a specialty

CALL 0418 849 952


• Hot Meals & Chips • Premium Coffee • Ice Cream (Norgen-Vaaz) • Groceries • Fresh Meat • Fresh Bread • Fresh Fruit & Vegetables • Fishing Bait & Tackle • Gas Refills & Ice • Newspapers & Magazines • Milk Products, Iced Coffee & Coke • ATM

Open 7 Days 45 Meylin Street, Port MacDonnell




FUNERAL NOTICES JOHNSON JOHNSON The relatives and friends of the Late Mrs Barbara Lorraine (Barb) Johnson are respectfully advised that her Funeral will be held in the Mount Gambier Crematorium Chapel, Grant Avenue, Wednesday 30th September 2020 commencing at 10:00am. In lieu of floral tributes a donation to the Cancer Council South Australia PO Box 1116 Mount Gambier 5290 would be appreciated. In the care of SOUTH EAST FUNERAL SERVICES 1 White Avenue, Ph: 8725 4333

METAL • Inground & above ground, all shapes & sizes • Service pumps & filters • Chemicals & parts • Free water testing available

FROM $4,790

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Passed away peacefully at the Oaks Aged Care Facility Dearly loved husband of Bev, Loving father and father-in-law of Shane and Sharon, Leanne and Duane, Cherished Pa of Briana and Liam, Cody and Sebastian, Ali and Dom. Our husband, Dad and Pa was a kind, gentle, generous and cheeky man with a great sense of fun who always put us first. He was incredibly steadfast, loyal and loving. He will be irreplaceable in our lives. Much loved and so very sadly missed.

FROM $50,700

Buying, Selling, Loaning

NEW LOCATION! 1/88-90 Commercial Street East Mount Gambier SA 5290 Phone: 08 8723 4652



FROM $47,900

a Local! Trust

“Those we love and lose are always connected by heartstrings into infinity” TRAILERS


- Terri Guillemets Due to Covid-19 restrictions a private service for Noel was held Monday, 28th September 2020. In the care of SOUTH EAST FUNERAL SERVICES 1 White Avenue, Ph: 8725 4333


Book your space on 08 8724 7111 *Business Directory. Price includes GST. Minimum 3 month (12 week) period, no copy changes allowed. $209 inc GST will be invoiced on first ad placement.

Ferguson’s Diesel Services currently have an opportunity for a qualified diesel mechanic to join our service team. Duties will include service and repair work to a wide range of trucks, trailers and heavy machinery. The successful applicant need to bean able to work as Ferguson’s Diesel Serviceswill currently have opportunity foraa qualified diesel mechanic to join our service team. team and with minimal supervision. Duties will include service and repair work to a wide range of trucks, A company vehicle negotiable and pay above award rate. trailers and heavy machinery. They must possess organisational andable communication skills. The successful applicant will need to be to work as a team and with minimal supervision. To apply, please submit an application to the Manager: A company vehicle negotiable and pay above award rate. Ferguson’s Diesel Services Pty Ltd They must possess organisational and communication skills. Commercial Street West, Mount Gambier To 365 apply, please submit an application to the Manager: Ferguson’s Diesel Services Pty Ltd or email 365 Commercial Street West, Mount Gambier Applications close Friday 22nd May. or email

/6 )#/$+'4



Personal Care Assistants (Casual Relieving)

Boneham Aged Care Services is seeking expressions of interest for Personal Care Assistants to undertake casual relieving roles. The successful applicants will have: • Qualifications in Aged Care/Disability Services • A current National Police Check • A Current Senior First Aid Certificate • A current influenza vaccination (2020 season) • Understanding of, and empathy for, aged people The positions are casual and will include weekend work and some night shifts. Please submit your resume to by Monday, 12th October, 2020. Enquiries to Jo McGregor on (08) 8733 4331

Sales Duncan McGregor 0407 722 983 Jill Collins 0400 598 327 Roz Crispino 0419 366 649

A1 Distribution is a family-owned transport company in Mount Gambier that distributes time sensitive and general freight across the South East & Tatiara areas. Opportunity now exists within the Company for a highly motivated individual to join our Mount Gambier based team.

LOCAL SOUTH EAST DRIVER MR licence is essential Forklift and HR licence would be an advantage

The successful applicant will be responsible for completing a wide range of duties across the business including: • Loading and delivering freight within the South East Area • Providing Superior customer service • Working with MDT scanners & internal paperwork • Operation of electric pallet jack • Operation of Tailgate Loader. The successful applicant must possess the following skills: • Work well in high pressure situations • Ability to work without direct supervision • Be able to follow instructions & company procedures • Excellent numeracy and literacy skills • Good communication skills • Lateral thinker • Meticulous with paperwork • Flexibility to work within a changing environment • Must be fit, neat, tidy and have good personal hygiene • A positive working attitude • Ability to work in a team environment Application addressing the above should be forwarded by 5pm Friday 2nd October 2020 to the Manager, A1 Distribution, 17 Fairlane Drive, Mt Gambier. SA 5290 or emailed to

/6 )#/$+'4


Full Time Supervisor & Casual Houskeeping Positions The Commodore on the Park are seeking a full-time Housekeeping supervisor along with Casual Housekeeping staff to join their cleaning department. Successful applicants would be required to work day shifts, including early morning starts with rostered shifts over a seven day roster and be responsible for motel room and public area cleaning. Applicants must be well presented, have previous experience in cleaning and have the ability to work independently to a high level. Interested applicants please forward your resume to Applications close Friday, 2nd of October, 2020.

Commodore on the Park

Spray Operator (Casual) Swimming Instructors Wanted! Above award wages paid. An opportunity has opened for an experienced swimming instructor to join our team. Swimming lessons at Squashbrook are unique and in demand with the following benefits for the right instructor. • Indoor facilities with year round air temperature of 29 degrees an water temperature of 31 degrees, no wind, rain or freezing days to contend with. • Small class sizes with only 1 class running at a time so you can keep the undivided attention of your students. • A well supported team to bounce ideas off. • A loyal clientele who return term after term so a bond can be mad with their instructor which results in rewarding teaching. • Possibility of other career pathways within Squashbrook including in and out of the pool. •On going, year round employment for the right applicant.

Position is based in Mount Gambier or Kingston Contract is casual for 12 months $26.81 - $27.12 per hour plus 25% casual loading (GSE3) I Work For SA Reference: 400613 This role has a practical focus on implementing the delivery of a range of on-ground works mainly relating to pest plant and animal control activities on public and private lands within the Limestone Coast Region. A current class MR driver’s licence and chemcert certificate, or equivalent accreditation, with experience in handling chemicals for pest plant and animal control, is required. Landscape SA will support local communities and land managers to be directly responsible for sustainably managing their region’s natural resources with an emphasis on land and water management, biodiversity and pest animal and plant control.

We are looking for instructors for week days (approx. 2-3 nights) and Sunday mornings. Applicants must hold a current Austswim Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety qualification or equivalent with Sunday mornings also needing ‘Austswim Infants and Preschool’ qualifications or equivalent. Applicants must also hold a current ‘Provide CPR’ certificate along with a Working with Children DCSI check. As mentioned pay rate is above award at the below rates.

Enquiries to: Melanie Spurling, Coordinator Weed Control Service, 0428 252 612,

Weekday - $32 per hour | Weekend - $42 per hour *Junior Pro-Rata Rates apply

The South Australian Public Sector promotes diversity and flexible ways of working including part time. Applicants are encouraged to discuss the flexible working arrangement for this role.

To apply please contact Caroline to obtain an application form at Position closes Monday the 6th of October, 2020.

Automotive Technician Autocare Mount Gambier

Contacts: Expression of interest - Ian Clark

0447 011 166


Autocare Mount Gambier is a locally owned and independently run Repco Authorised Service Centre. We are seeking a person interested in being involved in a fast paced and progressive business where the commitment of staff is highly valued. Opportunities exist to be exposed to every make and model of vehicle with diverse training in diagnostics, the use of a AWD dynamometer, 4WD service and repairs, accessory fitting and more. Fully Qualified Automotive Technicians with a clear vision for personal and career growth are encouraged to apply for this position. Selection criteria includes: • A genuine and discernible passion for the motor industry, including service and repair • Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively with others • An ability to follow instructions, plan, prioritise and meet deadlines • A genuine interest in training and learning opportunities • Attention to detail - ensuring high standards are being met Conditions: • this is a full time position, operating 5 days a week (Monday to Friday) All applications and enquiries are strictly confidential. Applications addressing the above criteria (including a current resume) are to be received by 5pm Monday 5th October 2020.


Ferguson’s Diesel Services currently have an opportunity for a qualified diesel mechanic to join our service team. Duties will include service and repair work to a wide range of trucks, trailers and heavy machinery. The successful need tohave be able to work as afor a Ferguson’s Dieselapplicant Services will currently an opportunity team and with minimal supervision. Parts Interpreter to join our team. A company vehicle negotiable and pay above Prior parts experience not essential, on the job award trainingrate. will be provided. Pay above award rate and applicant must possess They must possess organisational and communication skills. organisational and To apply, please submit ancommunication application to theskills. Manager: Ferguson’s Diesel Services Pty Ltd To apply, please submit an application to the Manager: 365 Commercial Street West, Mount Gambier Ferguson’s Diesel Services Pty Ltd or email email or drop in the see us at Applications Street close Friday May. 365 Commercial West, 22nd Mount Gambier

To apply and for more information visit the I WORK FOR SA website: and search by vacancy number. Applications Close: 10pm, 13 October 2020

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are strongly encouraged to apply.

Personal Care Assistant positions Exciting opportunities exist for Personal Care Assistants to join the Boandik team. Our care model focuses on abilities, promoting well-being and encouraging independence, choice and decision making to clients throughout the Boandik community. You will be required to have the following qualifications, experience and/or skills: - Certificate III in Individual Support - Assist Clients with Medication - Current national police certificate - Current first aid certificate - Sound literacy, communication and computer skills - Empathy with and understanding of aged people - Initiative and self-motivation Permanent rosters are available across all Boandik homes. Boandik has family-friendly employment policies and a strong commitment to staff development and education. As a non-profit organisation we offer staff the full benefits of salary packaging. An employment pack is available from 101 Lake Terrace East, Mount Gambier or by emailing Questions regarding the position to Tony D’Agostino, Human Resource Manager on 8725 7377. Written applications giving details of qualifications, experience and contact details of two referees should be sent to or Human Resource Officer Boandik 101 Lake Terrace East Mount Gambier SA 5290 Applications accepted now

Sales Duncan McGregor 0407 722 983 Jill Collins 0400 598 327 Roz Crispino 0419 366 649


That’s a wrap

2020 WBJFL premiers crowned

Tense hockey title deciders


required for

Leading Hand - Minimum 8 years experience - Must have drivers licence - Excellent remuneration - Work vehicle supplied

UNDER 18 South Gambier 1.2 2.4 2.5 5.6 (36) Millicent 0.2 1.4 3.6 4.6 (30) Goals - South: O. Thomson 2; R. Kuhl, J. Duncan, A. Ridding. Millicent: C. Schultz 2; B. Shanks, C. McGrath. Best - South: O. Adams, J. Walker, D. Reid, H. Winterfield, O. Thomson, E. Chuck. MIllicent: F. Bradley, B. Shanks, K. Varcoe, S. Dickenson, Z. Bradley, J. Werchon. BEST ON GROUND MEDAL - OSCAR ADAMS

Contact George Weyers 0412 135 847

Full Time Administration Position • Based in Mount Gambier • 12 month contract with the possibility to extend for the right applicant

UNDER 16 South Red 0.5 1.6 3.7 3.8 (26) Millicent 1.0 2.3 2.3 3.6 (24) Goals - South Red: L. Turley 2; N. Sims. Millicenbt: D. Hateley, E. Redman, J. Todd. Best - South Red: C. Fielding, M. Sims, N. Sims, E. Sims, M. Harrold, L. Turley.Millicent: N. Joy, J. Cushion, K. Dunn, T. Lang, R. Shanks. BEST ON GROUND MEDAL - KYNAN DUNN

Tasks include • First point of contact • General reception tasks using a wide range of Microsoft Office programs • Cash handling and processing Private Health Fund claims • Assisting Podiatrist(s) as requested • Sterilising medical instruments, cleaning and stock control • Retail footwear sales • Assist with Orthotic manufacturing • Support the Naracoorte Administration team as required

Applicants must • Have previous Reception or Administration experience • Have a comprehensive knowledge of computer use • Be well presented and friendly with a positive attitude • Be able to communicate well with patients and staff • Be reliable and able to adhere to company policies

Please email your 1 page cover letter and resume to: All applications are treated with the strictest of confidence Applications close 5pm Friday 9th October

UNDER 14 North Gambier 4.2 5.6 6.8 9.10 (64) South White 0.1 0.1 0.1 0.2 (2) Goals - North: D. Ilsley 4; A. Dally, S. Doody 2; M. Baron. Best - North: D. Ilsley, R. Kinyabuguma, D. Arthurson, A. Allen, J. Collins, O. Coleman. South White: D. Harten, J. Kuhl, R. Jones, S. Couldrey, M. Goldsmith, J. Moody. BEST ON GROUND MEDAL - RICHARD KINYABUGUMA PHOTOS COURTESY OF BRIAN WATSON PHOTOGRAPHY READY TO MASTER MAC PARK: Local motorcylce racing star Dallas Skeer, from Furner, dropped into Master of Mac Park sponsor OGR, in Mount Gambier, to promote this weekend’s Master of Mac Park. OGR principal Bryce Roberts was only too happy to welcome one of the event’s star attractions and key local hope to the dealership. A packed program will be on offer over this long weekend. Qualifying will take place Saturday morning, with racing Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday, culminating in the prestigious Master of Mac Park feature races.

DIVISION ONE MEN Tigers 1 (3) d West 1 (2) What a finish to the 2020 season. Tigers claimed the Division 1 Men’s premiership over West with a penalty shootout required to break the one-all deadlock which stood after regulation time and 10 minutes of extra time. Tigers’ Luke Hunter received the player of the match honours. DIVISION 1 WOMEN West 1 d Redbacks 0 After a nail-biting contest, West’s Division 1 Women claimed the 2020 premiership for the season over a determined Redbacks, 1-0. It is the club’s fourth consecutive title in the grade. West’s Gemma Ballintyne (pictured above) was named the player of the match. DIVISION 2 MEN Tigers 7 d Cavaliers 3 A high-scoring encounter provided plenty of entertainment from both sides in the Division 2 Men’s grand final, but it was Tigers who came out on top, 7-3. Man of the match was Tigers’ Matthew Fenwick. DIVISION 2 WOMEN Tigers 1 d Cavaliers 0 Tigers’ Division 2 women roared to life when it counted and put an end to Cavaliers’ undefeated season with a 1-0 win thanks to a handy first quarter goal. Tigers’ Shelley Carne received the player of the match award. UNDER 15 BOYS Tigers 2 d Strikers 0 A pair of first-half goals was enough to book Tigers’ Under 15 Boys a win in their grand final clash against Strikers, with the final result a 2-0 victory. Man of the match was Tigers’ Blake McKee. UNDER 15 GIRLS Strikers 5 d Tigers 0 It was the match rthat started the Lower South east Hockey Association grand final program with Strikers’ Under 15 girls defeating Tigers 5-0 to claim the 2020 premiership. Strikers’ Scarlet Creek was named player of the match.



Fairytale finish



JILL 0400 598 327

DUNCAN 0407 722 983

Western Border netball premiers


ROSANGELA 0419 366 649

Lakes Black take title from fourth

17 & UNDER PREMIERS: Millicent 63 (H. Nitschke, L. Denton) d West Gambier 53 (S. Ritter, T. Bryant) Best on Court - Hannah Nitschke (Millicent) presented by life member Lisa Duldig

DIVISION ONE PREMIERS: Lakes Black 50 d Amazons Grey 28 Best on Court: Bo Creek (pictured above right)

DIVISION TWO PREMIERS: MGNA I1 22 d MGNA V1 20 Best on Court: Montanna Millard

JUNIOR 15 PREMIERS: Hobitz 43 d MGNA V3 13 - Best On Court: Amarley Wilson

JUNIOR 13 PREMIERS: Hobitz Blue 32 d MGNA Z5 28 - Best on Court: Sarah Miller

Lakes Black are the 2020 MGNA Stand Alone Competition division one premiers after a stunning second half to the season that saw the fourth placed team upset the premiership favourites in the semi finals and then take the title by 22 goals. East Gambier recruit Bo Creek was the star of the finals series for Lakes Black, earning best on court honours in the grand final, and her defensive combination with Madison Pasquazzi proved the difference again in the weekend title decider. Amazons Grey’s Kerryn Finnis and Brooke Stephenson had to work overtime in the mid court to find their goalers Abbie Cocks and Megan Bowering in space and when the turnovers came, Kelsey Widdison, Emily Nicholson and Amanda Bowd moved the ball quickly through the mid court for Lakes giving Emalee Stokker and Sarah Gardin plenty of opportunities to hit the scoreboard. Finnis, Stephenson and Jordanna Jones were working hard through the Amazons Grey mid court, with their open spaces limited, using multiple passes to get through the zone defence being applied to them but in the end, Lakes Black was just able to secure too much turnover ball and with the strong finishing from Stokker and Gardin, the fairytale team of the competition was always in control. Leading by nine at the first change and 20 at the half, the title was a done deal. RESULTS Junior 10 (Friday, September 25) Hobitz White 13 (Emmerson Govan, Zara Cole) d Hobitz Red (Matilda Spenser, Hallie Martin); Hobitz Blue 10 d Amazons 2| FULL MATCH REPORTS ON LIFESTYLE1 FACEBOOK PAGE.

Crows & Tigers on top KNTFL junior season finished with a bang

WINNERS ARE GRINNERS: KNTFL Senior Colts premiers - Keith (left) & KNTFL Junior Colts premiers Kybybolite (above)

15 & UNDER A PREMIERS: Millicent 36 (D. Tunkin, P. McRae) d South Gambier 34 (E. Bouchier, C. Dunn) Best on Court - Daisy Tunkin (Millicent) presented by life member Melissa Ryan

15 & UNDER B PREMIERS: Millicent 48 (E. Easterby, L. Paul) d South Gambier 16 (S. Pedler, Z. Balog) Best on Court - Lauren Van Eeden (Millicent) presented by life member Hayley Dunn

13 & UNDER A PREMIERS: North Gambier 53 (S. Mobbs, A. Collins) d Millicent 30 (M. Lynch, M. Gysbers) Best on Court - Stella Mobbs (North Gambier) presented by life member Donna Denton

13 & UNDER B PREMIERS: North Gambier 33 (M. Collins, T. Jones) d Millicent 21 (P. Paul, J. Hibberd) Best on Court - Torah Jones (North Gambier) presented by life member Helen Nielsen

SENIOR COLTS Keith 3.3 5.5 8.8 11.11 (77) Kybybolite 1.0 4.1 5.1 6.1 (37) Goals - Keith: J. Altus 4; S. Gogel 3; J. McAuley, J. Hillman, T. Hutchings, O. Martin. Kybybolite: M. Tidy, B. Pratter, H. Haynes 2. Best - Keith: J. Altus, T. Edson, T. Llewellyn, D. Qualmann, R. McAuley, R. McMurray, M. Cunningham. Kybybolite: A. McKenzie, M. Ludwig, M. Tidy, L. Nolan, B. Fox, S. Shepherd. JUNIOR COLTS Kybybolite 7.3 8.8 11.11 16.18 (114) Kingston 0.1 3.4 3.4 3.4 (22) Goals - Kybybolite: C. Brodie 6; G. Malone, R. Brown 3; D. Schinckel, S. Freckleton, S. Maloine, I. Phuttakham. Kingston: No details available. Best - Kybybolite: R. Brown, G. Malone, L. McKenzie, S. Shpeherd, S. Malone, I. Putthakham. Kingston: No details available.



International stars set to tackle Mount Gambier track



JILL 0400 598 327

DUNCAN 0407 722 983


ROSANGELA 0419 366 649

Spring series takes a break after weekend racing

Mount Gambier to host downhill mountain bike event

RACING RETURNS AT WEEKEND: Mount Gambier riders (from left) - Shane de Jong, Deegan Watson & Haiden Smith Local downhill mountain bike racers have returned from the South Australian State Championships with some strong results. The championships were hosted on private property at Sellicks Hill Wintery at Willunga, with eight local competitors finishing inside the top 10 of their respective categories. Mount Gambier will be the centre of the downhill mountain bike racing universe this weekend when it hosts the State’s best riders. The Wheel Nutz track, which runs from Centenary Tower across the ridge and down to Brownes

Lake, is a technically difficult and challenging track and will test the riders across the weekend. The event is being held on October 3 and 4 with practice sessions running from 10am-4pm on Saturday and 8am practice on Sunday with racing from 12noon. With no international travel possible, elite riders Connor Fearon and Shelly Flood will be tackling the Wheel Nutz course and are looking forward to what the Mount Gambier event has to offer. “I’m really excited to make the trip to Mount Gambier for the final round of the State Downhill Series,”

Fearon said. “I haven’t been able to race there since the mid-2000s. The terrain in Mount Gambier is different to what we have in Adelaide which makes for a great event and fun racing.” STATE CHAMPIONSHSIP RESULTS (LOCAL RIDERS) Jamee Brooks – 2nd Women Deegan Watson - 3rd Under 13 Ben Kilsby - 3rd Expert Men Sam Madzia – 6th Expert Men Haiden Smith - 8th Expert Men Nick Brooks - 7th Masters Daryl Watson - 9th Masters Shane de Jong - 2nd Elite Class


Leila’s on track

Leila Croker has had a lot of success over the past 12 months. Leila, who only started competing in heptathlons less than 12 months ago, won silver at the Australian Combined Events Championships in February. The 14 year old competed in the Under 15 category and finished just 30 points behind the eventual winner, which equates to basically a second or a centimetre in any discipline. “Not much has

been happening in the last five months but before that I had gone to Brisbane to compete in the Heptathlon Championships. It was a good experience,” Leila said. “I ended up coming second overall. I did the Heptathlon and it was over two days and on the first day there was the 90 metre hurdles, the high jump, the shot put and the 200 metres. On the second day there is long jump, javelin and the 800 metres. One of my strongest (events) is the hurdles and the running events. I hope to continue to place at Nationals and just see how it goes from there.” The teenager achieved personal bests in four out of her seven disciplines and also received the Athletics SA Barb Stephens Perpetual Award for Most Promising Multi Eventer. “That was an honour, I wasn’t expecting that,” she said. A keen hurdler, Croker is

Another beautiful day greeted the 15 riders who rode another team time trial as part of the Mount Gambier Cycling Club’s Spring Series. It was great to see some new riders out at the Attamurra Rd Course. The 15 riders were grouped into five teams of three riders. Each team left the start line at one minute intervals, riding into a headwind for the first part of the course before the turnaround point and a tailwind ride home. Once again, all riders enjoyed the camaraderie of this team innovation, with the slower riders riding faster than ever. The team of Tess Wight, Naomi Feder, and Bruce McLaughlin was first to return (33:23), but in racing time was beaten by the team of Ash Herrewyn, Mike Bakker and Dean Zeven (32:49). Rounding out the podium was the team of Pru Riddoch, Gerard Coote and Malcolm Tirabassi (37:05) followed by the team of Matthew Opperman, John Cranwell, and Jen Buckland (37:30), with Nick Kidman and Mark Wight combining to drag Jason Buckland across the finish line (39:42). The club will take a break from racing over the school holidays and return with a shotgun race along Caves Rd on October 11.

Over the weekend many club members also came out to prepare the velodrome for the upcoming track racing season. Stay tuned for further details, especially for opportunities for junior riders to be involved in learning to ride around the velodrome. SPRING SERIES CONTINUES: Eventual winners Mike Bakker, Dean Zeven and Ash Herrewyn approaching the turnaround point (main photo) and Naomi Feder, Tess Wight (obscured) & Bruce McLaughlin riding hard into the wind (above).

Golfers tested in windy conditions at Naracoorte

a big fan of champion Australian athlete Sally Pearson. Pearson won gold at the 2012 London Olympics in the 100 metres hurdles and won silver at the 2008 Olympics in 2008 Beijing. “An Australian athlete I’ve always looked up to is Sally Pearson,” Leila said. She is also a keen swimmer and netballer who enjoys participating in a team sporting environment. “I used to do swimming and I play netball as well,” she said. “It’s nice to play a team sport because athletics is more of an individual sport and being with a team is a lot of fun.” Croker also took out the 2019/20 under 16 Athletics SA Athlete of the Year in Track and Field.

Sixty-one veteran golfers went to the Naracoorte golf course on an extremely windy day for the latest round of South East Golf Veterans competition. The greens were hard and slick and this resulted in some poor scoring with only one on 36, then a 35, and the next best were 33s, however the ball rundown did go to 30. The Monfries and Porter families were the generous donors of some excellent trophies, and a fine lunch was served, Bill Moorhouse being prominent behind the bar making sure everyone was COVID compliant. First division winner on 36 was Milan Hodak, of Kingston, from Steve Von Duve, of Blue Lake, and Barry Brook, of Attamurra, with 32s. Second division went to Rodger Henschke, of Naracoorte, 35, from Allan Chalk, of Attamurra, and Otto Modra (Naracoorte) on

33. There were four nearest the pins supplied, going to Rob Cece, Rob Ellis, Brian Pennell, and Trevor Williams. The Ross Orchard prize was won by Wayne Dunford and Mark Teakle. The next outing is at Beachport on October 12 followed by Penola on October 26.



Mt Gambier RSL retains Scudds/Earl Shield



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The annual Scudds/Earl Shield took place at the Millicent Bowling Club earlier this month with the host club taking on Mt Gambier & Disteict RSL. Both clubs were thrilled with the participation of the 14 teams from each club. Play commenced at 1pm under overcast skies but typical Millicent weather blue skies and sunny conditions were not long in coming. All games were fiercely contested for the 25 ends played with no break halfway through the game as per a normal pennant match. After all the score cards were counted and all games were completed and the points were tallied up, Mt Gambier RSL Club came out victors by 13 shots once

ROSANGELA 0419 366 649

SEASON 2019/20 CHAMPIONS: (Above left) - Sponsor Kay Nethercott, from Rosedale Funerals, with the Ladies Singles Championship winner Barb Milstead and (above right) - Mount Gambier Bowls Club president Ian Vonstanke with the Men’s Singles Championship winner Bryan Vorwerk.

again giving Mt Gambier RSL the overall victory and retaining the shield. The overall winning rink for Mt Gambier RSL was the team of D. Beaman, W. Brown, A. Coulson and L. Moyle and the winning rink best over all from Millicent was D. Crase, D. Bowering, B. Burdon and R. Gibbs. Thanks goes out to both club presidents Peter

Hyland from Millicent and Graham Crowder from Mt Gambier RSL, for there kind words and support to all players and supporters for the day. Steve Carnellor, chairman of the pennant selectors committee, also thanked all club members from Millicent for working so hard to put the event on under difficult conditions.

MT GAMBIER RSL RETAINS SHIELD: (Top left) - Millicent president Peter Hyland & Mt Gambier RSL president Graham Crowder with the Scudds/Earl Shield; (above top right) - the winning Mt Gambier RSL team W. Brown, L. Moyle, L. Beeman, A .Coulson and (above bottom) - the winning Millicent team - R. Gibbs, W. Burdon, D. Bowering, D. Crase.

Single stroke competition A single stroke competition for the women, sponsored by Bay Blue Espresso Bar and Caffe Belgiorno was played at the Blue Lake Golf Club last Wednesday with good numbers in the field. Gusty wind prevailed but no rain to speak of. The winner in Division 1, Ronda Edwards playing off a 24 handicap, was able to get off to a good start on the front nine holes with 46 off the stick and was then able to sustain the pace with 47 on the back nine finishing with nett 69. Her score included three pars. Runner up Helen Stratford off a 25 handicap started on the back nine but had a few too many three putts limiting her score to 51 off the stick. Her front 9 was better and included two

Mount Gambier Bowls Club celebrates last season as new season dawns

pars scoring 46 resulting in nett 72. Minor placings went to Dianne Perryman 96-20-76, Josie Ashby 98-21-77 and Geraldine Scott 9926-73. Division 2 winner Lyn Gill feeling refreshed from a two month caravaning holiday found good form to take the top voucher with a nett 74 (119-45). A highlight was a 10 metre chip-in (ferret) on the par 3 16th hole. Runner up Trudy Herbert nett 76 (114-38) signed for two even nine holes of 57/57. Minor placing was veteran Fay Price nett 79 (116-37), a regular in the write up. Nearest to the pin second shot winners on the 14th hole were Josie Ashby and Lyn Gill. Pro-shot winner on the 5th hole was Cherryl Hill. Best front 9 winners were

TOP LADIES: Division 2 winner Lyn Gill & runner up Trudy Herbert with Division 1 runner up Helen Stratford. Absent: Division 1 winner Ronda Edwards Ronda Edwards c/b from Stratford (div 1) and Fay Price (div 2) This Wednesday’s competition is the October monthly medal/ count putts coinciding with the last round of the South Aussie sponsored President’s trophy and final qualifying for the 2020 Club championships.

SEASON 2019/20 PRESENTATIONS: (Above left) - Mount Gam bier Bowls Club president Ian Vonstanke presenting Bev Neave with her 8 Badge amd (above right) - Sponsor Kay Nethercott, from Rosedale Funerals, with the Ladies Singles Championship runn er up Leanne Hentschke. Mount Gambier Bowls Club celebrated the opening of Season 2020/21 with 50 members taking to the greens earlier this month. Long standing club veterans Margaret and Tony Norman (life member) were joined at the celebrations by life members John Hughes, Helen Kentish and Peter Clark. Other guests were unable to attend due to Covid 19 restrictions. President Ian Von Stanke welcomed members and gave a brief update of the progress on the cover over ‘B’ Green. Tony Norman then rolled the first jack and, Helen Kentish the first bowl to get the season underway. Winners of the day were Leanne Hentschke (skipper), Tony Prugo and William Bremner. The club also recently held its 2019/20 Presentation Night

with 65 members attending for dinner, as well as sonsor representative Kay Nethercott, from Rosedale Funerals.

SEASON 2019/20 PRESENTATIONS: Neville Gibertson was presented with his 50 Badge at the recent Mount Gambier Bowls Club presentation night, held the same weekend the 2020/21 season was officially opened.

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Speedway set Doing his best work off to return the beaten track Borderline Speedway 2020/21




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Jaxon Rayner is a talented motoCross and off road motorcycle rider that has built his feldgling career on heart and a strong work ethic. “I probably want it a bit more than everyone else out there,” Jaxon said. “I’d rather fall off trying than not trying as hard as someone else. I’ll push it to the limit a little bit more than the rest of the boys there. “I just try and get it done; I just work as hard as I can really.” Jaxon recovered from a slow start to finish second in the MX2 Pro Class Championships and recorded a race win in the last round. But the 18-year-old has sounded a warning to his nearest rivals. “I feel like there will be more to come this time,” Jaxon said. “The last time I thought it was a bit of a fluke. But now I’ve got a feeling that something has clicked, and I should be right for next year. “My focus on the track is a lot better. “I feel like my fitness is finally there and all that was needing to happen was my focus and I’ve finally switched on a bit more and just focusing on myself instead of the other riders during the race.” Jaxon also had an outstanding South Australian Off Road Championships.

ROSANGELA 0419 366 649

calendar weeks away from release

“I won every single race except for the first race of the year in my class and I got outright clubman which is three classes combined, so I beat all of them,” he said. “I’ll be moving up to the expert open class next year. I’ll put my head down and my bum up and train as hard as I can this off-season just to make sure I’ve done everything that I can personally to be ready.” His involvement at the Limestone Coast Regional Sporting Academy since 2017 has helped shape him as a professional athlete. “It’s helped a lot with all the


connections they have,” Jaxon said. “They have nutritionists and sports psychologists, they’ve got everything there to build really good, strong athletes and that program that they run is really professional. “They’ve helped get my name out there a lot, I feel like a lot more people know not only me and my riding but the sport in general. “I’ve noticed more change in the last few years than any other point in my racing and I feel like it’s a lot to do with them.” Jaxon also owes plenty to his dad, who is the chief mechanic in his pit crew. “He makes sure I’m happy and everything is right, and I’m not too stressed out,” Jaxon said. “I wouldn’t be where I am today without him.”

Mount Gambier’s Borderline Speedway has for a long time had a close relationship with Victorian speedways like Hamilton, Avalon, and, in particular, Warrnambool, and have often looked to coordinate meetings so cars can race one night at one track and then head to one of the other tracks the next night as that helps attract drivers when they can attend two or more meetings in a short space of time in the same region. The Borderline’s close proximity to the border meant forging a relationship with those tracks was so beneficial but with the closure of the border and no end in sight for those restrictions, the Borderline Speedway and the other South Australian based speedway officials met on September 20 to come up with a plan that could see racing start up, as per usual, just within the State. Borderline Speedway president Cary Jennings was at the meeting and is pleased a 2020 calendar has been put in place. “Speedway is going to happen in South Australia and fire up in October at Murray Bridge and possibly the following month in Mount Gambier and there’s 10

race meetings scheduled in South Australia between early October through to December which is a plus for the speedway fraternity and coming up in the future Borderline Speedway will put a plan in to the committee as well as their members and we hope the speedway starts firing up in Mount Gambier sooner than later,” Jennings said. “Unfortunately, Victoria is closed down so we won’t be able to have any Victorian competitors compete until the borders open up and allow them to come and compete and that will be excellent if it happens over the Christmas period. “Mount Gambier is looking forward to making speedway happen and we’re pushing forward and we will just see what comes out of the committee and our general meeting in the next couple of weeks and the COVID situation will affect all speedways and canteens and the way we do things for the future.” Jennings confirmed the Borderline Speedway will be putting plans in place to meet COVID protocols. “We need to have a COVID plan at each track and the tracks and the committees are working through some COVID plans now with Speedway Australia and associated other groups so looking forward to seeing speedway flourish again in South Australia,” he said. “Drivers will be allowed to have their crew with them. The main thing is the social distancing and social distancing is everywhere at the moment, so it’ll be no different in the pits or on the hill or in front of the canteens and if the booths open they’ll have to be seated. “We just need to have an in-field plan so we treat everyone with social distancing and work through a plan.” Jennings was also hopeful the Borderline Speedway would return to Mount Gambier before Christmas. “We’ll be releasing a calendar as soon as the members of Borderline Speedway pass it,” Jennings said. “We’ve got a special general meeting on October 9 so following that night we hope to release the calendar which may start before Christmas or may start after in January. It’ll be up to the members in the committee to decide. “We’ll just be positive and proactive and hope we make Speedway happen in Mount Gambier and the whole of South Australia.”



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It’s nice to go to someone who


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