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A place to call home Supercar team relocates to Mount Gambier

THE SHOW MUST GO ON: The Reidy Park School Musical like you’ve never seen it before.

From the stage to the screen You can’t stop the musical It is a Reidy Park Primary School tradition – the Year 6/7 musical. It is an opportunity for students to tread the boards, whether it be to deliver one line or to play the lead role and when you have 90 students put their hand up to be part of the marquee event, it is clear how much it means. This year, performing arts coordinator Andrew Bone and his team had everything on track. The


auditions had been completed. The script had been tweaked. Rehearsals were in full swing. The class of 2020 was working its way to the usual June performance of the centrepiece of the school’s performing arts program at Mount Gambier’s Sir Robert Helpmann Theatre. See inside for full story

Talk to the friendly

The Penrite Racing team has temporarily relocated to Mount Gambier and supercar fans can check out the team working on the vehicles at Carlin & Gazzard until September 17 and then from September 28 to October 12. See inside for full story

Meal program’s magic milestone Mount Gambier based charity Spare Ya Change 4 Kids has hit an impressive milestone – it has provided 10,000 meals for families in need across the region. But there was little time to celebrate the impressive feat with the formation of a board, charity status ticked off after completing a mountain of paperwork, more schools added to its client base

and the desperate search for a new, stand alone premises from which to run the charity and a raft of new programs it is set to explore. Put simply – Spare Ya Change 4 Kids probably needs up to $40,000 to ensure wherever they lay their hat, it can cater for all their simple but essential needs. See inside for full story

team at AXIS Employment

Do you have a disability, illness or injury that is a barrier to employment? We have a specialist team in a caring environment ready to assist you!

MOUNT GAMBIER / SOUTH EAST AXIS Employment: 40 Helen Street MOUNT GAMBIER SA 5290 p: 1800 907 407 e: Outreach Offices: Millicent, Naracoorte, Bordertown, Kingston

Perfect fit Mark dovetails into a new role When Mount Gambier man Mark was 21, he experienced an accident that meant he had to relearn how to do nearly everything. Mark’s acquired brain injury made the prospect of a career seem distant, but fast-forward sixteen years later and Mark is a valued employee, working in a job he loves. WDEA Works Mt Gambier Disability Employment team leader Jenny Brown first met Mark in November

2019. Jenny and the WDEA Works team knew that Mark had some experiences with a previous employment provider that had a negative impact on his confidence so when he commenced with WDEA Works early this year, they took the time to listen to his story, and to find out what his interests, values and skills were. Mark wanted to find a meaningful and fulfilling job, but his brain injury meant he experienced

WHAT AN OPPORTUNITY: Mark (pictured above & left with employer Michael) has found his niche thanks to WDEA Works Mt Gambier.

some barriers to employment, including hearing loss, perception, fatigue and sensory overload. Finding meaningful employment had been challenging for Mark, but with Jenny’s help, they were able to find a job to suit his skills and capacity. Mark’s relationship with WDEA Works has been an important part of his journey. “Our experience with WDEA Works has been like a breath of fresh air after our previous experiences. Jenny and the staff are so friendly, helpful and professional and when you walk into the offices you straight away feel the confidence and enthusiasm they project,� said Mark. “They really listen to your needs and interests and then go about trying to find employment that will not only suit your needs but will also be enjoyable and rewarding.� Jenny discovered Mark had a love of timber and had some experience in woodworking and using tools. She decided to find Mark a role and an employer to match his skills and interests. She contacted local business owners Michael and Kate McLean about Mark. “I spoke with Michael and Kate from Cabinets by Michael, hoping they could provide me with some ideas or businesses to approach,� she said. “When they learnt about Mark, they immediately said, ‘We’d like Mark to work here!’� Michael and Kate created a role for Mark who is now working 15 hours a week with Cabinets by Michael. “Mark has filled a position in our business that we were finding hard to fill- somebody who is happy to fill the gap, do smaller tasks yet not relying on fulltime employment income,� Michael said. “Both our tradesmen and apprentices like having Mark on board as it eases the pressure on them to be able to concentrate on the more intricate tasks, and it’s also nice to see the apprentices sharing what they have learnt with Mark so he can

also gain knowledge.� Mark’s number-one supporter is his mother Julie, who has also become part of his work community, bringing in morning tea and working with Jenny and the WDEA Works team to help him reach his goals. “Mark is on cloud nine – WDEA Works doesn’t realise how much they have done for our family unity. It’s a relief that Mark now has a solid future and people who care about him,� she said. “Even through COVID19, we have had regular phone calls and updates checking things are going ok. Thank you to Jenny and the wonderful staff at WDEA Works for making the experience a rewarding and enjoyable one.� Jenny is thrilled the role has worked out so perfectly. “I touch base with Mark every week. Mark’s mum is also involved in the meetings and is a big support in his life,� she said. As well as supporting Mark, Jenny also has regular contact with Michael and Kate, who say the ongoing support is very reassuring. “It’s comforting to us as Mark’s employer to know we have the support of WDEA Works� said Kate. Mark’s mum Julie says his employment with Cabinets by Michael is the best thing that has happened to Mark in a long time. “He enjoys going to work every day,� she said. Michael and Kate are also very happy with the match. “Mark is an incredibly dedicated employee- he won’t finish the day until the task he’s working on is completed,� Kate said. “He’s one of the hardest working people I’ve met. It’s given us great pleasure in knowing that he now has a sense of belonging in a team, a purpose and a role in our business. He’s polite, friendly and takes pride in each and every task that he does, we look forward to watching him gain more experience and grow his confidence.�







When fitness & art collide

Glenelg Shire residents can get creative to illustrate how they are keeping fit and potentially win prizes as part of a new virtual challenge. The virtual challenge is a South West Moves initiative adapted for the Glenelg region as a way of encouraging people to have fun and keep fit during the pandemic. The new South West Moves challenge includes all local government areas in the region and encourages people to use the Strava App to draw where they have walked. Portland District Health’s health promotion manager Kelly Edwards said the challenge was a great way for people to stay fit, have fun and be creative. “We’re encouraging people to register and over the school holidays use the Strava App or even draw on a traditional map to show where they are walking,� Ms Edwards said. “As you walk, the Strava App tracks where you’re going and it draws a picture so you can show how far and where you’ve walked. People can be very creative in mapping out images around your neighbourhood.� Ms Edwards said virtual events and challenges were a great way to get active. “In our current circumstances, we’re so lucky to be living in the south-west where we can take advantage of our amazing local features and go for walks while still social distancing,� she said. “We encourage people to use this challenge over the school holidays to get out with their family or with a friend and do something different close to home.� The South West Moves virtual challenge is presented by South West Sport, WindaMara Aboriginal Corporation, Portland SEA Change, Portland YMCA, and Hands Up Casterton. Portland District Health is a collaborative partner of Sea Change. Participants are asked to wear masks and maintain social distancing. “All the COVID-19 regulations still apply but there are still opportunities to get out and about and stay fit and healthy and do some virtual art,� Ms Edwards said. A series of fitness-related prizes are being offered for the most creative entries. People can visit https://southwestsport. for more information and to register.

A place to call home Supercar team relocates to Mount Gambier


ABOVE RIGHT: Penrite Racing fabricator James White, from Mount Gambier.

ABOVE: Penrite Racing preparing at Mount Gambier’s Carlin & Gazzard for the upcoming rounds of Supercars.

ABOVE: Penrite Racing transporter unloading at Carlin & Gazzard

ABOVE: Penrite Racing mechanic Jack Michealson, who also has Limestone Coast connections.

a car dealership in Mount Gambier that would be so big. It has all the facilities we need. In fact we have been contacted by plenty of businesses reaching out and offering their support.” Peter Gazzard was only too pleased to be able to accommodate the Penrite Racing team. James White’s father-in-law Peter Barrows was the one who made the connection between Penrite Racing and Carlin & Gazzard. “He came and saw me and thought I’d be keen and I was,” Peter Gazzard said. “I think Mount Gambier could really do with something exciting and fun right now.” Supercar fans will be able to head to Carlin & Gazzard and see the Penrite Racing team in action as they work on the cars, giving a rare front row to seat to what makes a supercar team tick. “They are the underdog team that punches above its weight – it’s a great story,” Peter said. “Last year they had cameras following them around for a year and people really loved watching all the fights and blues and all the drama.” Peter echoed Shannen’s sentiments that after weeks on the road, the chance to put down roots, albeit temporarily, was a key selling point of the Mount Gambier relocation. “They just wanted to go somewhere and be part of a community,” Peter said. “It was the chance to feel part of a community and live more normally.” Penrite Racing is now preparing for a double header at The Bend on September 19 and 20 and then the following weekend, staying in Tailem Bend for 10 days before returning to Mount Gambier on September 28 with Australia’s greatest supercar race – Bathurst – firmly in their sights.

Stunning sky views, fresh air, healthy daylight. VELUX Roof Windows gives you privacy to indulge, space to breathe, room to relax & light to live. VELUX are world leading skylights and roof windows that can be fixed or openable with controlled at the touch of a button. The roof windows transform your ceiling spaces into beautiful living areas filled with daylight with openable roof windows also on offer that mean it’s not just light but also fresh air being let into your home. Available with a electric blind system to control the level of light in the room. They are available for pitched or flat roofs with an easy to use wall mounted wireless remote control, available in nine sizes, and with a great energy rating using high performance Vivid double glazing. live with Velux Roof Windows


“They have painted a lot of our gear as well over the past few years,” Shannen said. Marcus Stewart runs the Mount Gambier crash repair business and aside from his behind the scenes work for Penrite, his 16 year old son Jobe is part of the Penrite Racing Academy, and has been since 2017, as the academy looks to develop drivers from karts to supercars. “So we really have two initial ties to Mount Gambier and it was a great opportunity to be based in a community as we prepare for the next few rounds of supercars,” Shannen said. “We have been on the road for nine weeks with supercars so to have a base for a few weeks will be great. Coming from Victoria you forget what normal is and while we still have to be careful with COVID hygiene and social distancing, we have forgotten how normal the world is outside of Victoria.” Much of the team – there is 11 in Mount Gambier – with the two team drivers, David Reynolds and Anton De Pasquale, currently in Queensland seeing family, will be spending much of their time in Mount Gambier based at Carlin & Gazzard. “They have all the resources here,” Shannen said. “To be honest we never thought there would be


Huge excitement for Supercar fans with one of the Australian circuit’s championship teams set to base themselves in Mount Gambier until October 12 when they head to Bathurst for Australia’s most famous endurance race for touring cars. Penrite Racing – one of the relative new kids on the block – has rolled its reduced team into Mount Gambier and they’re set to call the Blue Lake City home for the next month. Betty Klimenko is one of the more colourful and determined characters of Australian motorsport, entering the sport in 2013 and thriving on the challenge of being one of the minnows and relishing the opportunity to take the bigger teams on and beat them at their own game, as they did at Bathurst in 2017 when David Reynolds and Luke Youlden emerged kings of the famous mountain. Normally a supercar team basing itself, even for a short stint, in a regional South Australian city would be borderline unbelievable but the ties to Mount Gambier are strong for Penrite Racing. For starters, their fabrication department is based in Mount Gambier and managing director Shannen Kiely said that has been a seamless transition. “Our fabricator decided to base himself in Mount Gambier and that was fine with us,” Shannen said. “The rest of our operation is in Melbourne so while that means our fabrication department is five hours away it has worked.” That fabricator is James White and clearly his ability in building cars has far outweighed any inconvenience of being ‘offsite’. And the Mount Gambier connection, through the efforts of James, has spread further with Max Medhurst Crash Repairs also playing a role in the Penrite Racing supercars campaign.


2 Bodey Circuit, MOUNT GAMBIER Phone (08) 8721 0000 281 Coleraine Road, HAMILTON Phone (03) 5551 9500

Siblings find “forever home” Limestone Coast couple open their hearts & home Seven years after Ben and Jess Peters decided to become foster carers with, they have legal guardianship of five siblings who have found their “forever home” with the Limestone Coast couple. Ben and Jess initially welcomed two toddler sisters into their home. But four weeks later the girls’ baby brother was born. “We did the obvious thing and welcomed him into our home so the three could stay together,” Jess explains. “Back then we never knew they would be with us forever - let alone that another two sisters would later be born and join our family.” The two biological sisters born after their brother joined the Peters household as their family grew to a household of seven. The couple secured legal guardianship of the five children this year after becoming foster carers in 2013. “Here we are, a family forever,” Jess said following the legal decision for the children, who range in age from three to nine. “It has been very rewarding to know that we have been able to keep the family together. “They have such a close bond and growing up together means they have the opportunity to support each other through life and are sharing experiences and memories in childhood.” The couple, aged in their 30s, have cared for 25 children across respite, emergency, short and longterm care, but are now focused on the five siblings, as well as recently welcoming a sixth child – a baby unrelated to the five siblings – into their long-term care. Jess says being a foster carer was something she always wanted to do, even as a child.

Australia who are unable to live with their birth families. However, with the impact of COVID-19 on vulnerable families expected to prompt an increase in the number of young people in need of support, the agency hopes to recruit a further 30 foster carers this year. Ms Atkinson said the agency welcomed inquiries from anyone interested in becoming a foster carer, with opportunities to commit to long-term, short-term or respite care. “We would love to hear from anyone interested in finding out more about foster care and whether the time is right for them to open their heart and home to a young person in need,” Ms Atkinson said. More information about foster care is available at, by emailing or by calling 1300 ACCARE (1300 222 273) during business hours. INSTANT FAMILY: Jess and Ben Peters have become legal guardians of five siblings they welcomed into their home and are now also foster carers for an additional baby boy, who is unrelated to the sibling-group. “By the time I was in my 20s and had met Ben, we made the choice together to start our foster care journey,” she says. “Fostering allows you to give back to your community and make a difference in a little person’s future and then, in turn, future generations. We do just feel like a normal family though, maybe a little quirkier than the average family, but just a family all the same.” foster care manager Dani Atkinson (pictured right) praised Jess and Ben for their dedication to foster care and ongoing commitment to the five siblings now under their guardianship, as well as the baby now also in their

long-term care. “It is a wonderful outcome for those children to remain together in a safe, stable and loving home,” Ms Atkinson said. “We see diverse outcomes for foster care placements, sometimes with carers obtaining guardianship and other situations in which children are reunited with birth families, but our aim is always to provide stability, safety and a caring environment for young people.” The agency supports more than 200 registered foster carer families last financial year to provide safe homes and positive relationships to more than 375 young people across eastern regional South

Value of foster carers Country agency is celebrating Limestone Coast foster carers this week who provide safe homes and positive relationships for around 130 young people in the region. Couples, families and single adults in more than 80 private Limestone Coast households have opened up their hearts and homes to vulnerable young people, from babies through to teenagers. Their remarkable contribution is being celebrated as part of Department for Child Protection Foster and Kinship Carers Week, which runs from September 13 to 19. Limestone Coast foster care manager Sherri Winter praised the diverse and dedicated carers in the region.“They truly make a remarkable difference in young lives, providing safety, stability and a nurturing environment,” Ms Winter said. “We cannot thank our carers enough and are constantly inspired by their contribution and perseverance in supporting vulnerable young people and ensuring they have opportunities many people take for granted.” Last financial year, the agency worked with more than 200 registered foster carers across eastern regional South Australia supporting over 370 children who were unable to live with their birth families. However, with the impact of COVID-19 on vulnerable families expected to prompt an increase in the number of young people in need of support, the agency hopes to recruit a further 30 foster carers this year. foster care manager Dani Atkinson said the agency welcomed inquiries from anyone interested in becoming a foster carer, with opportunities to commit to long-term, shortterm or respite care. “Familybased care can make a huge difference in the lives of infants, children and youths and we are inspired every day by our wonderful carers who live by their commitment to provide a stable and nurturing environment for vulnerable young people,” she said. “Our agency provides extensive support to carers to ensure they are not alone on their journey of caring, wherever they are based in eastern regional South Australia.” She said teams based in the Limestone Coast, Riverland and Murraylands worked closely with the network of carers, which extends to the Adelaide Hills and Fleurieu Peninsula. “We would love to hear from anyone interested in finding out more about foster care and whether the time is right for them to open their heart and home to a young person in need,” Ms Atkinson said. Search for @ accarecommunity to follow on Facebook to stay up to date with the agency’s activities. More information about foster care is also available at accare., by emailing care@ or by calling 1300 ACCARE (1300 222 273) during business hours.

Full house Sticking together through thick & thin “We give them a home, we give them a family but they give us so much more.” Nothing encapsulates the life of Jess and Mara and their five kids better than that heartfelt statement from Jess Soper-Cook. She promised herself she wouldn’t tear up when talking about her family but the life she has built with partner Mara and their five children, has transformed not only the kids’ lives but hers as well. Jess and Mara had briefly contemplated starting their own family but any thought of parenthood was fast tracked when four kids, who the couple had spent plenty of time with as family friends, needed a new home and fast.

Sales Duncan McGregor 0407 722 983 Jill Collins 0400 598 327 Roz Crispino 0419 366 649 Editorals Di Gould 0401 042 302

“It was basically either us or the kids would be split up so we took them in,” Jess said. No matter the challenge becoming kinship carers for four kids, there was no way Jess and Mara were prepared to see the biological siblings separated and they have worked hand in hand with the Department of Child Protection from that moment on. “We were very close to all of them and when they had to be removed from their home we just had to do something,” Jess said. “I was in my early 20s and while we had contemplated having our own, we had never thought about taking on raising someone else’s

kids but I wouldn’t change it now.” Surviving the first 12 months was the biggest challenge and that was after working their way through the understandably meticulous and comprehensive screening process for any foster or kinship carers. “At the start we were dealing with a lot of trauma based behaviours and at the same time we had to go from being fun Jess and Mara to parental figures,” Jess said. “There was certainly some testing of the boundaries but we dealt with those behavioural issues and we have come out the other side.” The settling into life as a family – they have been together since March 2015 – coincided with the kids calling Jess mum and this family has never looked back, adding the youngest biological sibling to the clan, when she was 10 months old. She is now almost three and loving life with her eight and 12 year old brothers and 13 and 10 year old sisters. The older kids first met their youngest sister as a six week old – she lived interstate – but they were determined she would join their family. “They (the kids) didn’t want her to go through what they had gone through and they wanted her to have the same life they were enjoying,” Jess said. It meant another comprehensive assessment process but once they had the tick of approval, the family had become seven within a fortnight. At the same time Jess stepped into the world of kinship caring, she was also looking for a change of career from her retail job and the first job that popped up was an administration role with “I really do believe everything happens for a reason,” Jess said. “I might only be in administration but I love what does and I

am so happy to be working in that sector. I just love what they do for kids like our kids. The support they give foster carers and the work they do to get more carers to give these kids a home, I just love being a part of that.” For Jess and Mara, their tribe of five are their own kids, as if they were their babies and the conversations

that have been going on recently are the greatest sign yet, this is a family for life. “We talk about the future,” Jess said. “We talk about whether they’ll go to university and if they will move away to study. They have a good laugh about how many grandkids we will have.” And while that’s a fair way off – Jess says bring it on.

Photo by Lily Francis

Photo by Liam Mills

Photo by Melanie Halton

Photo by Dani Bell

Call for entries 2020 Wattle Range Photographic Exhibition Wattle Range Photographic Exhibition entries are now open. The exhibition will be held virtually this year, with no entry fees and digital entries accepted through to October 10, at the Millicent Library and Council’s Visitor Information Centres. Prize-winners will be announced on Sunday, November 29 at the launch of the 2021 Wattle Range Council Community Calendar. Details of competition categories and entry forms are available on Council’s website Any enquiries can be directed to the Millicent Library on 8733 0903 or email


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Meal program’s magic milestone Now the search begins for a new home Mount Gambier based charity Spare Ya Change 4 Kids has hit an impressive milestone – it has provided 10,000 meals for families in need across the region. But there was little time to celebrate the impressive feat with the formation of a board, charity status ticked off after completing a mountain of paperwork, more schools added to its client base and the desperate search for a new, stand alone premises from which to run the charity and a raft of new programs it is set to explore. Founders Toni Vorenas, Don Pratt and Sam Johnston have barely had time to draw breath but with Ben Hood, Di Ind, Frank Morello and Nick McIntyre all now part of the organisation courtesy of their newly inducted roles on the board, hopefully the load will be shared as Spare Ya Change 4 Kids not only looks to establish itself on the community landscape but to further evolve. Having the City Hall kitchen at its disposal at the height of the COVID situation was a godsend – giving the group a place to cook, store the food and engage volunteers to help. During their tenure at the City of Mount Gambier facility, it whipped up and distributed almost 4000 of those 10,000 meals, building up a volunteer base of 52. But now the search is on for a new, fit-for-purpose facility, with the board members having already scoped out a couple of possibilities. Put simply – Spare Ya Change 4 Kids probably needs up to $40,000 to ensure wherever they lay their hat, it can cater for all their simple but essential needs. They need a kitchen for the chefs to whip up the meals, as well as the volunteers who help with the

packing and other tasks, freezer storage and ideally room to start running workshops and other activities to further engage the community and educate people on cooking on a budget, focus on multicultural cuisines, tapping into the variety of cultural groups in the region, and other life skills. They are also investigating possible grants now that their charity status has been officially rubber stamped. And with the school run having gone from four schools to nine in the blink of an eye, the fledgling program has shown there is a desperate need for their meal service in Mount Gambier and the wider Limestone Coast. Fortunately the support from the business community is also on the rise with Black Island Produce, Splendid Eggs, the Scroll Queen and Dru Reschke all providing produce for the meals. The Regional Foodbank is also a key project partner.

“...we knew we were doing a good thing for the community but never expected it would be such a lifeline for people...” Sam Johnston The uptake of the program and spike in demand has show Spare Ya Change 4 Kids founders that they were on to something when they recognised a need in the community for this type of service. “We knew we were doing a good thing for the community but never expected it would be such a lifeline for people,” Sam said. “The


COOKING UP A STORM: Spare Ya Change 4 Kids founders & board mebers - Sam Johnston, Don Pratt & Toni Vorenas are looking for a new home for their popular meal program. need has far outweighed what we expected.” Finding a new home is now a key for the board, especially given they are so aware that the program they have put in place does work and the possibilities are endless. “We want to build partnerships – this is all about putting things in place so we can feed each other,” Toni said. “The system we thought would work does work and it has continued to work over time and we want to keep that going,” Don said. “The time has come, though, for a dedicated space.” The board is working on sponsorship opportunities as a matter of urgency and would welcome any enquiries from businesses or individuals who would like to lend a helping hand financially.

Grant High School is one of the nine schools that form part of the Spare Ya Change 4 Kids family and student support worker Ben Tremelling is full of praise for the program. “A hungry student is a disadvantaged student and the link between hunger and the ability to concentrate is well established,” Ben said. “The most important factor of this program is the ability to allow anonymity, thus avoiding any stigma or embarrassment. “The whole community benefits, especially when students who feel like life just is one long, uncaring struggle are given some hope that someone or something actually cares, while a benefit that wasn’t initially planned for has been the building of relationships.”

Now Available




Public Consultation

Draft Land Division Policy for Provision of Infrastructure Council is seeking community comment on the ‘Land Division Policy for Provision of Infrastructure’ which was presented to the ordinary meeting held on 8 September 2020: This policy has been prepared in alignment with the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016 (PDI Act) with particular reference to the provision of new roads and related infrastructure that is gifted to Council as part of land division. In accordance with Council’s public consultation policy, the public is invited to comment and make formal representation to Council on the draft policy. Written submissions marked ‘Draft Land Division Policy’ can be: • posted to PO Box 27, Millicent SA 5280; • left at any of Council’s offices; • or emailed to and will be received by Council until 5pm on Wednesday, 7 October 2020.


Copies of the draft policy are available from any of Council’s Offices or our website at Please note that all comments, including the names of those responding may be tabled at a public meeting of Council unless otherwise indicated by the respondent in which case their details are to be excluded from publication. Ben Gower CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER


It’s child’s play

New chair for forestry hub

Holiday fun wrapped up in a box In the July school holidays, Mount Gambier Library children services development coordinator Kelly Lynch devised a click and collect program in lieu of the usual array of activities hosted at the state-ofthe-art facility, with boxes on offer including everything needed for a raft of activities easily done at home. “It was overwhelmingly successful,” Kelly (pictured) said. “There was way more demand that we provided but it was so important to keep that community connection.” And that is why the library is upping the ante for the upcoming

Spring holidays with an increase in the number of boxes, as well as another youth event at Hastings Cunningham Reserve at the Pump Track. The activity boxes also have a focus on sustainability and there are three on offer, catering for kids aged 0-17. Each box contains foolproof instructions and given the demand in July, booking a box for your family should be made sooner rather than later. Makerboxes will be available for collection from 9am on Monday, September 21 so contact the library today to book your family’s holiday fun. “The boxes are beautiful,” Kelly said. “But we really want is feedback from the community so we know these are the kind of things they are looking for. We love coming up with programs and activities for the community and to keep us all connected but we also want to make sure we are providing what the community wants. With these

MOUNT GAMBIER LIBRARY MAKER BOXES 6 & UNDER • MAKE WITH ME (MAKERBOX) Playdough & little loaf of bread 7-11 • MAKE IT MYSELF (MAKERBOX) Beeswax wraps & melt & pour soap 12-15 • MAKER (MAKERBOX) Candle embellishment & face mask BOOK YOUR MAKERBOX Mount Gambier Library • 6 Watson Terrace • Ph: (08)8721 2540

boxes, and everything we do, we are trying to make it educational but fun and easy. We try and make things personal, sustainable, environmentally friendly and a bit unique.” The 80 July boxes went in a day and a half so booking for a Spring makerbox is critical, with the library upping its stock to 100. “What we miss most about running our programs in the library is seeing everyone and we really hope people still enjoy what we’ve put together for them.” The Chill @ The Track event is a mini festival with food, music and other activities, with the Rotary Club of Mount Gambier and headspace partnering in the running of the event. It will be held on Friday, October 2, from 1-4pm at the Mount Gambier Pump Track at Hastings Cunningham Reserve. “We want to get out and go where they (young people) are,” Kelly said. “Again it is about just getting together and making connections with the community.”

Mount Gambier-based mill owner Ian McDonnell is the new chair of the Green Triangle Forest Industries Hub. The NF McDonnell and Sons director was elevated from his role as deputy chair, nominated at the board meeting earlier this month, following the resignation of inaugural chair Linda Sewell, due to her departure as CEO at OneFortyOne. OneFortyOne executive general manager Cameron MacDonald has assumed the role of deputy chair, joining the board as the company’s representative. Mr McDonnell, who is a third generation saw miller with more than four decades of industry experience, said the board was looking forward to continuing to advance on the objectives set-out in the Strategic Plan and ensuring the industry emerged strongly from the coronavirus pandemic. “Our first of its kind strategic plan for the Green Triangle provides a clear road map to sustainably grow the sector with a number of key opportunities being explored across the supply chain,” he said. “This includes undertaking extensive work into better understanding forestry water use and how we can harness waste water from the drainage network to support the planting of more trees, and

more broadly support other agriculture bases and other water dependent ecosystems. The coronavirus pandemic has further highlighted the nation’s dependence on the forestry sector through the need for additional packaging and general wood products, which the Green Triangle will play a major role in delivering in the long-term as we explore new domestic value-add opportunities.” Mr MacDonald, who has more than 30 years of industry experience, said he was looking forward to contributing to the Hub’s leadership and driving research outcomes that help find solutions to forest and timber industry challenges. “Forestry is such an important part of Australia’s primary industries; the industry delivers renewable, sustainable products that support housing, agriculture and consumer needs. The future success of our sector depends on us being able to find opportunities to grow more trees, improve transport infrastructure and develop innovative wood fibre products,” Mr MacDonald said. “The Green Triangle Forest Industries Hub is an exciting opportunity to work together to ensure future generations can benefit from the jobs, economic output and products offered by our industry.”

CARAVANS WANTED! Donehues Leisure Mt Gambier is desperately seeking more caravans to replace depleted stock due to recent sales.

Do you have a caravan you know longer want or use? Consider having the team at Donehues Leisure sell it for you!

Why Donehues Leisure? 1.

Convenience: Selling your caravan privately takes time and effort and could cost you money. You need to be available to show potential buyers your caravan when it suits them


No Direct Contact: You don’t need to be personally involved in any negotiations and possibly deal with potential buyers, that might have driven 100s of kilometres, getting aggressive if sale isn’t proceeding as hoped


Security: You don’t have strangers, some possibly with bad intentions, visiting your house and garage. Or unhappy purchasers returning after the sale if they find something wrong.


We can come to you: Our business sees us in towns throughout the Limestone Coast of SA and south west Victoria on a regular basis ….so we will be in your area soon! We can call and see you for a no obligation discussion on your caravan’s worth and take the caravan to our yard.



Most people who buy a pool start off with dreams of relaxing, enjoying time with family and friends. What they don’t picture is the hard work which is typically needed to look after that pool – all the manual cleaning, the heavy lifting of automatic cleaners, the endless task to keep your water balanced, healthy and safe to swim in. A Vantage Self Cleaning Pool from Donehue’s Leisure has a superior water circulation system designed to reduce chemical usage, eliminate cold spots and keep your pool clean of debris without the need for regular hand vacuuming or any other cleaning equipment. Want to know more? Talk to the experienced, professional, award winning team at Donehue’s Leisure today. They’ve been building pools, and relationships, for over 50 years!


250 Jubilee Highway West, Mount Gambier | Phone (08) 8725 2826

w w w. d o n e h u e s l e i s u r e . co m . a u

The Show Must Go On

It is a Reidy Park Primary School tradition – the Year 6/7 musical. It is an opportunity for students to tread the boards, whether it be to deliver one line or to play the lead role and when you have 90 students put their hand up to be part of the marquee event, it is clear how much it means. This year, performing arts coordinator Andrew Bone and his team had everything on track. The auditions had been completed. The script had been tweaked. Rehearsals were in full swing. The class of 2020 was working its way to the usual June performance of the centrepiece of the school’s performing arts program at Mount Gambier’s Sir Robert Helpmann Theatre.

Then COVID hit and for the first time in two decades Reidy Park’s school musical was under threat of cancellation. “All of a sudden we had to have a rethink,” Mr Bone said. “We stopped rehearsals but this is such an important opportunity for kids. They had had everything taken away – there was no sport, no dancing, so much if what they do wasn’t happening and so we were really determined to do something.” Mr Bone said, the signs were a traditional performance at the theatre was not going to be feasible and that meant the usual three sold

out shows, as well as performances for other schools, would literally have no stage. Enter Marcus Jones – long time Sir Robert Helpmann Theatre technician and videographer – and the idea to film the 2020 production was born.

That saw the building of a 10m x 10m green screen stage in the school gym and all of a sudden the cast of Porridge, the Chris Hawes musical chosen for the 2020 school production, weren’t preparing to tread the boards, it was lights, camera action. The filming was completed earlier this month and Marcus is now frantically editing the production, adding in the selected backdrops in what looms as the most ambitious school musical every undertaken, arguably by any school, anywhere. Mr Bone’s daughter is an Adelaide based theatre technician and her partner Jackson Price lent his expertise to the project, while the teaching team including, Rikki Helps, Helen Baron and Kristie Say did a great job working with the students, with Mr Bone morphing from director to carpenter and painter. Set building is usually in his portfolio but this time his weekends were spent creating the green screen set. Mr Bone, his hard working team and cast can’t wait to see the finished product and acting school principal Sam Griffith has flagged a red carpet event to showcase the production and depending on protocols, more than one screening may well be required.

“It was amazing to see the filming last week – it looked like a movie set,” Mr Griffith said. Mr Bone admitted, he was more comfortable in the theatre, rather than movie, environment, but had enjoyed the challenge and the learning curves that went along with that. The toughest part of the new look musical was no audience. “The audience participation and audience reaction is usually such a big part of the production,” Mr Bone said. “As performers the kids look for that feedback.” The filming of Porridge certainly was intense, with Mr Bone cognisant of ensuring they did not monopolise the gym, which is utilised by so many other activities within the school. “We did do that stop, start type of filming,” Mr Bone said. “The kids were brilliant with how they adapted. Sometimes we would have rehearsed something and then changed how it had to look 30 seconds before we filmed and they just did it. They are great little actors.” Reidy Park prides itself on its

performing arts program and that is why ensuring this group of students were still able to perform their showpiece was so critical for Mr Bone, who has been at the school for 18 years, and his dedicated team of classroom teachers. “The students work through the program for five to seven years and this is what it all leads up to,” Mr Bone said. “Performing arts is

where some kids just find their niche but it is also something where they do something like this once in their life and never again but I see kids again as adults and they always remember the show we did. They remember the musicals not the maths lessons.” The Year 5 play is being worked on at the moment and is also set for a film version rather than a live performance.

MAKING OF A MOVIE MUSICAL: The backgrounds are selected; the actors do their best in front of the green screen and then with the magic of editing, the scene comes to life.

Porridge When Reidy Park’s Mr Bone is looking for a school musical, he looks for that perfect combination of childlike whimsy and those well disguised adult references that ensure the production will be a performance everyone can enjoy. With his smash-hit shows performed by thousands of youngsters worldwide, English composer Craig Hawes has become one of the leading creators of musicals for children and Porridge is one of his funniest. When a crime wave hits Happy Valley, there’s a caseload of mysteries to be solved! Who’s stolen Ma Hubbard’s recipe book? Who’s kidnapped Marigold the cow? And what dirty secret is Papa Bear hiding behind his Porridge empire? It’s down to Private Detective Jack Spratt to uncover the terrifying truth in this tale of mystery, mayhem and breakfast cereal! Join Jack, Goldie Locks and a cast of crazy characters including barmy billy goats, loopy lumberjacks, a potty police squad and a runaway cow in this brand new sidesplitting musical comedy. It’s a familiar tale, told like you’ve never heard before with familiar fairytale folk brought to life as you’ve never imagined! Porridge has all the ingredients of a delicious production - packed with spoonfuls of sparkling songs and bowlfuls of belly-laughs, this hilarious show will leave your cast and audience wanting seconds and shouting for more.

Christmas reimagined Blue Lake Sports Park to host new look parade

Nominations for Membership Council Assessment Panel Council is seeking nominations from interested persons for appointment to the Wattle Range Council Assessment Panel (CAP). Four (4) Independent Member positions, one of which may be appointed as the presiding member and two (2) Deputy Member positions are available. Independent members of the CAP should have: • a sound interest in town planning; • knowledge of the South Australian Planning and Design Code; • knowledge of the Development Act and Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act; and • appropriate qualifications and experience relevant to the CAP. As a guide, independent members could come from the field of architecture, landscape architecture, civil engineering, planning, law, building, environmental planning or similar fields that are relevant to the activities of the CAP. The presiding member will ideally have experience in chairing formal meetings and knowledge of the Council Assessment Panel Meeting Procedures. Independent members will be compensated for their time and expertise by an appropriate level of remuneration determined by Council. All training and accreditation requirements will be supported by Council. Appointments will be made for a one-year term expiring 30 June 2022. Please Note: The Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016 (PDI Act) is now in effect (31 July 2020) and has replaced the previous Development Act 1993. An important part of the PDI Act enables the Minister for Planning to establish an accreditation scheme for planners, building certifiers and other industry professionals involved in making development decisions including Council Assessment Panel Members. Qualifications and experience required: The following requirement is essential: • Accreditation under the Accredited Professionals Scheme for Planning Level 2. As an Accredited Professional all CAP members will be required to maintain their accreditation through continuing professional development (CPD) training. The following qualifications or experience (or ability to obtain) is highly desirable: • Relevant planning degree or qualification in an allied field (e.g. architecture, engineering, environmental management or law) and two years full time or equivalent experience considered appropriate; or • Full or Associate Membership of Planning Institute of Australia or accreditation in a recognised allied field. Copies of the nomination form and information kit are available from any Council Office or from Council’s website Confidential enquiries can be made to Manager Development Health and Compliance, Chris Tully on (08) 8733 0900. Nominations should be submitted to Wattle Range Council, PO Box 27, MILLICENT SA 5280 or email and close at 5 pm on Friday, 2 October 2020. Ben Gower CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER

Rest assured – Santa Claus is still coming to town. Typically the jolly man in red brings up the rear of the Mount Gambier Christmas Parade as it makes its way down Commercial Street from Crouch Street to Vansittart Park and while COVID-19 has forced many events into hibernation, the Christmas Parade will still herald the official start of the festive season, albeit in a completely different way. In 2020, the NF McDonnell and Sons sponsored event will be rebadged the NF McDonnell and Sons Santa’s Boulevard and will take the form of a static display at Blue Lake Sports Park. The event will be held on Saturday, November 21, and Sunday, November 22, and will provide an opportunity for residents to drive through to view a Christmasthemed display. Used to pulling together the logistically challenging parade event, City of Mount Gambier community events team leader Denise Richardson said the revised event would be held from 7pm to 10pm on both nights with 15 floats on display including crowd favourites Bill the Steam Shovel, Teddy’s Bears Picnic and of course Santa. “Preparations are underway to create a Christmas spectacle held in a safe environment for the whole family,” Mrs Richardson said. “The floats will be lined up on the eastern side of the main access road into Blue Lake Sports Park, with the public invited to drive through on the western side to view the display.” The display will include music and lights and decorations throughout the trees. “We will be inviting schools to

FESTIVE SEASON WITH A DIFFERENCE: City of Mount Gambier Mayor Lynette Martin OAM, NF McDonnell and Sons director Ian McDonnell and City of Mount Gambier community events team leader Denise Richardson at Blue Lake Sports Park which will be transformed into Santa’s Boulevard, a drivethrough Christmas display in place of the traditional Christmas Parade event. decorate trees as part of the display as community participation is such an important part of the traditional parade and we want to retain as much involvement for future years as possible,” Mrs Richardson said. The revised format is the result of a decision last month to explore alternative options due to COVID-19 restrictions. City of Mount Gambier Mayor Lynette Martin OAM said it was important that the community are still able to experience the event, despite it not being held in its traditional form. “Council and the Christmas Parade Advisory Group considered it very important in this difficult year that we make a special effort to ensure that our residents still experience the spirit of Christmas and this will be a wonderful

way to share in the magic while still adhering to COVID-19 requirements,” she said. And Christmas Parade naming rights sponsor NF McDonnell and Sons have thrown their support behind the adapted concept. “We are pleased to see an alternative to the traditional parade being offered in these difficult circumstances and we hope everyone will embrace this concept,” NF McDonnell and Sons director Ian McDonnell said. Entry to the event will be via vehicle from Dohle Road with exit at Jubilee Highway East. Further information about the event and other festivities planned in Mount Gambier will be finalised in coming months.

Finding new homes for abandoned pets The South East Animal Welfare League (SEAWL) relies heavily on its fundraising efforts and its major fundraiser is its annual raffle with $10,000 the prize on the line. Tickets are $50 each and there are 56 other prizes on offer, along with the knowledge you are helping keep this essential service, not just afloat, but able to provide the best care and service for the abandoned animals. SEAWL’s Natalie Zwar was looking to generate interest in the major fundraiser, which has probably got lost in what are unusual times. “We aim to provide ongoing care and support for the lost and abandoned animals of the Mount Gambier region, as well as provide community education on responsible pet ownership,” Natalie said. “We rely so heavily on fundraising and also the support of local councils and we are hoping people will look get a ticket in this year’s raffle, given we can’t do some of the other fundraising events because of current health protocols.”

The SEAWL has a simple charter – to promote and encourage responsible pet ownership including desexing, m i c r o chipping and vaccination; to provide quality of care to the animals and to ensure a diverse group of people are given the opportunity to volunteer. The group has been taking care of abandoned animals for more than three decades and has battled volunteer shortages, increased regulation and the need for facility upgrades. Social media has become a critical tool for the rehoming of animals and Natalie said people were still prepared to rescue abandoned animals rather than opting for a shiny new pet. “We have found that posting the dogs and cats available on facebook has really helped increase awareness,” she said.

And while the SEAWL has had to finance paid employees, they are still heavily reliant on the passionate and hard working band of volunteers that help care for the animals and keep the SEAWL facility clean, tidy and providing the best possible environment for the animals. To be part of the SEAWL fundraising effort and to be in the running for that $10,000 prize, you need to head into Gambier Vets, Salon 7, Live In Kitchens and the pop up shop next to Godfreys or head online to and follow the prompts to purchase your ticket before September 25 with winners drawn on September 27.

MY PROPERTY Private country setting 12 McCormick Road, OB FLAT


Statement powder rooms are nothing new, but with the continued advancements in lighting technology, you are able to integrate lighting into the architecture in increasingly exciting, effective ways so give it a go.



SATURDAY 11.30-12.00

Traditional colonial style country home set on approximately 4,000m2 of land. Elegant formal lounge and dining with separate open plan kitchen and main living. Electric kitchen appliances including dishwasher. Slow combustion wood heating + open fireplace. Four bedrooms, master with ensuite and walk in closet, built-in robes to other three. Double garage with remote controlled roller doors and internal access. Serene gardens featuring

established trees that create a relaxed peaceful atmosphere. Tennis court, garden shedding and paved outdoor entertaining. Connected to mains water and additional bore. This fantastic property is ready and waiting for its next family to embrace the peaceful lifestyle which is only minutes from town.

FAST FACTS AGENT Key 2 Sale Real Estate Al Lamond 0418 849 266 RLA 282450 PRICE $429,000 - $449,000 4




One of the biggest welfare problems for dogs is not getting enough opportunity to exercise and socialise with people and other animals. Approximately 40 per cent of Australian dogs are not walked daily and a similar percentage are overweight or obese. The health impacts of not having a daily walk include metabolic, musculoskeletal and cardiovascular problems, not to mention potential behavioural issues due to the sheer frustration of being cooped up.

7 Helen Street, Mount Gambier (08) 8725 5290

How to view a property




Understand your purchase price by speaking with a finance broker. If you had pre-approval before COVID-19 it is recommended you are re-assessed.

If the allocated times do not suit then other times can easily be arranged.

Kim or Marika make it easy and are available to take your call or text to arrange your preferred time.




BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL! Call Kim Cawthorne or Marika Hart on 0499 165 271 25 Werona Street, Mount Gambier

5 Dalkeith Drive, Mount Gambier



8A Noojee Street, Mount Gambier


ONLINE AUCTION HAS BEEN EXTENDED Tues 29th Sept 6:30pm (unless sold prior) BOOK YOUR PREFERRED TIME Saturday 19th September 10.00am | 10.15am | 10.30am Sunday 20th September 10.00am | 10.15am | 10.30am

7 Hammer Court, Mount Gambier


ONLINE AUCTION Thurs 1st Oct 6:30pm (unless sold prior)

2 1 1 2

BOOK YOUR PREFERRED TIME Saturday 19th September 10.00am | 10.15am | 10.30am Sunday 20th September 10.00am | 10.15am | 10.30am BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL!

$199,000 - $209,000 4 1 1 1


• Tenancy until May 2021 at $250 pw • Main bathroom recently updated with shower, vanity and toilet • Second toilet in Laundry area recently updated • New oven and gas cooktop cooking • Rear decking area over look sizable yard

3 1+ 2 2

BOOK YOUR PREFERRED TIME Saturday 19th September 10.00am | 10.15am | 10.30am Sunday 20th September 10.00am | 10.15am | 10.30am BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL!

7 Helen Street, Mount Gambier (08) 8725 0500 2/6 Daniel Street, Mount Gambier

123 Commercial Street East, Mount Gambier

2/15 Sturt Street, Mount Gambier

LOT 1 McDonnell Drive, Mount Gambier


$45,000 PA + GST + OUTGOINGS


$40,000 PA + GST + OUTGOINGS


• High profile allotment

• Prominent city centre location

• Great location in Western Industrial precinct

• Land Area of approx 1683 m2

• Tenancy Area of approx 160m2

• Land Area of approx 989m2

• Building Area of approx 390m2

• Modern reception, 8 offices, waiting area, kitchen and amenities

• Improvements owned by existing Lessee

• In conjunction with Key 2 Sale Real Estate

$119,500 + GST

• Suit warehouse development after lease expiry

• Walking distance to Coles/Aldi development

RLA 226179

Matt Kain

Lauren Smith

David Herbert

2 1 1 1

MT GAMBIER | MILLICENT | PORT MACDONNELL | ROBE | BEACHPORT 1 Wehl Street South, Mount Gambier 08 8724 9999 98 George Street, Millicent 8733 1989 38 Tolmie St, Mt Gambier


5 Leray Ave, Mt Gambier




SATURDAY 9.30-9.45

Jason Malseed 0419 032 795


35 Matheson Rd, Millicent

3 1 5


74 Wehl St North, Mt Gambier $205,000 - $215,000


SATURDAY 10.00-10.15

Jason Malseed 0419 032 795

5 3 2

37/20 O’Leary Rd, Mt Gambier $340,000 - $349,000


SATURDAY 10.30-10.45

Jason Malseed 0419 032 795

48 Pinehurst Drv, Worrolong

SATURDAY 11.00-11.15

3 1 2

Jason Malseed 0419 032 795

3 2 2


3 Lumidin Blvd, Mt Gambier


4 2 2

Jason Malseed 0419 032 795

3 1 1

OPEN SATURDAY 12.00-12.15

Jason Malseed 0419 032 795

4 1 4

Wendy Flint 0468 692 993 8 MacKenzie St, Mt Gambier $280,000 - $300,000

Wendy Flint 0468 692 993

Wendy Flint 0468 692 993

4/88 Crouch St North, Mt Gambier


10 Hammer Crt, Mt Gambier $260,000 - $270,000


3 Lexington Cres, Mt Gambier $290,000 - $310,000

3 2 2

3 1 2

32 Suttontown Rd, Mt Gambier


Wendy Flint 0468 692 993

3 1 3


Wendy Flint 0468 692 993

2 1 1

13/54 Jubilee Hwy West, Mt Gambier


3 1 1

Jason 0419 032 795

Bronwyn 8724 9999

Wendy Flint 0468 692 993

Wendy 0468 692 993

Sam 8724 9999

2 1

Selena 8724 9999

Jason Malseed 0419 032 795

11 Lasiandra Crt, Mt Gambier

Jason Malseed 0419 032 795 LOT 5 McKay Rd, Compton

3 1 1


LOT 2 McKay Rd, Compton



Centenary View Estate Wendy Flint 0468 692 993

Kathy 8733 1989

4 2



3/7 Bonshor St, Millicent

Jason Malseed 0419 032 795

Courtney 8724 9999


Kira 8724 9999

Centenary View Estate Wendy Flint 0468 692 993

Kelli 8724 9999


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Suite 2/14 Helen Street, Mount Gambier Phone 08 8725 5766 RLA 1903

20 Patricia Court


6 Arthur Street




SAT 9.30-10.00

SAT 9.00-9.30

$429,000-$449,000 4 2 2 Elegant architectural design – boasting eco- friendly features throughout. Light filled and loaded with quality. This brand new home stands out in a crowd. Inspection will not disappoint.

4 2 2

47 Montebello Drive

5/48 Crouch Street


SAT 9.45-10.15


$199,900 3 1 2 2 Toilets Trendy townhouse lifestyle. Low maintenance living in a quality group. Located just minutes from popular schools & city centre. Rare three bedroom unit with 2 toilets at this price.

Conveniently located in this soughtafter location is a great family home just waiting for it’s new owner, sure to impress those wanting to secure a sizeable home in a tightly held street. Within easy walking distance to the blue lake.


45 Sassanowsky Road

SAT 10.15-10.45

23 Percy St / 12-14 Alexander St

41 Canavan Road

$365,000 4 2 2 An exceptional family home, situated in the Western side of the City in the Hospital & Tafe precinct. Inspect and fall in love with this north facing property that has been fastidiously maintained by the loving owners. 46 Jubilee Highway West


SAT 12.15-12.45 5



~5 acres


$575,000 3 1 1+ Rare city centre multi tenanted opportunity. Renovated villa Circa 1900 of 3/4 bedrooms (currently leased), office/warehouse. Shedding fronting Alexander Street. Portion of this leased at $930 p/m plus full office area available.

A stunning federation styled home built to the highest standards, offering generous living areas, character features, indoor pool, detached selfcontained unit and enviable shedding. Absolute quality throughout.

9 Tanglewood Crescent

18 Eldridge Drive, Worrolong

$325,000 4 1 1 2 Toilets Located amongst quality homes in a well established area. Offering 4 large bedrooms, master with direct access to spacious 2way bathroom, functional kitchen overlooking beautiful private gardens. 23 Agnes Street

$495,000 4 2 2 The complete family package awaits. A beautifully maintained home set on an acre of established grounds, spacious living areas and covered outdoor entertaining. Be quick to inspect this quality home. LOT 38 Stella Place

$95,000 a| 378m2 approx A rare find – Torrens title inner city allotment. Perfect investment allotment or to build your courtyard home. Short walk to Vansittart Park, hotels and restaurants.

a| 928m2 approx

Get your property SOLD Call for a FREE appraisal

8725 5766 Seafarers Way, Pt MacDonnell


Absolute price buster! Fully serviced, quiet cul-de-sac location amongst other quality homes. Won’t last long - Be Quick!


From $83,500

Great flat serviced allotments in popular coastal township – swim, surf and fish at your doorstep! New stage now available. Enquire now!



Gebhardts Property Management

7/5 Shepherd Street


1 1

Avail 25/9/20 $160 pw

1/9 Millard Street


1 1

Avail 13/10/20 $220 pw

12 Hanson Street


1 1

Avail 25/9/20 $220 pw

309 McKay Road


1 2

Avail 7/10/20 $220 pw

6 Nedlands Avenue


1 1

Avail 16/10/20 $280 pw

77C Sea Parade, Pt Mac


2 4

Avail now $400 pw

11 Redwood Avenue


2 3

Avail 18/9/20 $450 pw

44 Matthew Flinders Way


2 2

Avail now $450 pw

1/9 Millard Street

$289,500 3 1 1 This superbly renovated home oozes charm & style, gleaming timber floors, crisp modern decore and immaculate presentation. This stunner is an absolute must see!

21 Hilltop Avenue

2/46 Derrington Street

$489,000 5 2 2 Priced to sell – ultra spacious family home loaded with extras. Granite kitchen benches, ducted heating & cooling, high ceilings and rear yard access. One of the best streets in popular Conroe Heights!

$164,500 2 1 1 Lovely brick and tile unit in a quiet group of three ideal for the first home buyer or investor – close to all amenities. Inspect now and be impressed!

Lot 201 Smiths Rd, Pt MacDonnell

104 & 105 Haviland Crt, Pt MacDonnell

$200,000 a| 1.566ha approx A wonderful lifestyle awaits – only minutes to the ocean and centre of Port MacDonnell. Beautiful country feel and views – contact your builder – Also available LOT 202 1.51ha approx also @ $200,000

Suite 2/14 Helen Street, Mount Gambier


Avail 13/10

$220 pw 2 1 1 • 2 generous bedrooms, master with BIR • Light filled kitchen/dining area • Stylish kitchen with pantry and elec cooking • Spacious lounge room with reverse cycle split system & ceiling fan • Freshly painted, new tiles & carpets • Single garage under main roof • No pets

$329,000 3 1 2 Prime CBD development opportunity, positioned over 2 titles of land totaling 1,851m2 (approx). Two street access plus third road via a free and unrestricted right of way. When opportunity knocks dare to dream!.

$165,000 each

a| approx 2 hectares each

Lifestyle allotment within the Port MacDonnell township, services include power and Telstra. Fully bitumised road throughout. Allotments oh so close to the beach!

Apply online Ph 8724 8088

12 Hanson Street

309 McKay Road

Avail 25/9

$220 pw 3 1 1 • Three bedroom stone home • Lounge with gas heating • Dine-in kitchen with gas cooking • Detached single garage • Good sized, fully enclosed yard • Close to school and shops • No pets


Avail 7/10

$220 pw 3 1 2 • 3 bedrooms, two with BIR • Lounge with R/C air conditioner • Kitchen with electric cooking & s/c heater • Separate dining area to rear patio • Sunroom • 2 detached single garages • Large rear yard • Pets negotiable

Ben Jeffrey SALES 0417 810 246

Paul Chuck SALES 0409 541 113

Jo Campbell SALES 0409 240 223

Malcolm Lewis SALES 0411 899 693


Bernie Gaylard PROPERTY MANAGEMENT 8725 5766

Contact our office today to view our current properties or find us on Facebook


16 Park Street

Sharyn Ferguson PROPERTY MANAGEMENT 8725 5766


13-15 Jarrah Street


13 Buffalo Crescent

E.O.I Closing Friday 18th September at 12 noon (unless sold prior)

E.O.I 3 1 3 Whether its meeting friends at the pub or restaurant for dinner, a catch up over a coffee or going to Vansittart Park to watch the footy, there is little that competes with this street and its proximity to the City centre.





4 2 4

An excellent opportunity for the savvy investor, two properties on one title, both leased and very well maintained, close to local shopping and schools. Twice as nice!


LOT 2 Black Flat Road a| 139.1HA approx CAROLINE PINE PLANTATION OPPORTUNITY Expressions of interest – closing 12 noon 9th October 2020 At office of Agent (unless sold prior) Well located in an established forest area, Good proximity to sawmills and timber processors, Gravel road access on x2 sides, Approximately 21km South East of Mount Gambier by road, Recently harvested land, prime opportunity for new plantation, Undulating land of approximately 139.1 Ha – deemed 100% plantable, 198.6 megalitre forestry water licence allocation


3 Tecoma Close

$159,000 a| over 5000m2 A wonderful allotment awaits, quality location surrounded by beautiful homes. Over 5,000m2 elevated allotment, just minutes to city centre and Tenison Woods College. Call your builder and take advantage of the building grant. NEW

1A Rotary Avenue


Sited on a generous 948m2 (approx) allotment this beautiful home is located in a great location close to schools, shopping & reserves. Immaculate presentation with the sought after rear yard access to a 6m X 6m (approx).


47 St Andrews Drive


4 2 2

Brand new modern masterpiece currently under construction. Located in Mount Gambier’s most exclusive estate. Designed and planned with flair offering finishes selected to set a bench mark and stand out from the rest. 4 bedrooms complete with a large master suite including both an eye catching en-suite and spacious walk-in robe. Gourmet kitchen design offering an abundance of cupboard & bench space including butlers pantry, simply too many features to mention!


9/4 Underwood Avenue

21 Glenmont Crescent







No need to take the car when you are within such easy walking distance of the Blue lake and the vibrancy of the city centre, amidst the shops, restaurants, cafes and pubs. An enviable lifestyle awaits.

78B Sea Parade, Pt MacDonnell

$750,000 4 2 4 Resort style luxury by the sea. Morning walks on the beach – refreshing sea breezes and sunsets from your front or rear balcony – two street frontage – huge array of high clearance shedding and large shop area offering many uses & potential. Upstairs residence leased.

6 Nedlands Avenue





$329,000 3 1 4 2 Toilets Be quick for this one – A perfectly presented home, x2 spacious living areas, outdoor entertaining area, double garage & double high clearance carport. Sparkling bathroom with handy 2nd toilet. Perfect for boats & caravans.

Located in a quiet & small complex, offering 2 large bedrooms, formal lounge with gas heating, neat & private rear yard. Single garage UMR. Fantastic location within walking distance to Collins Court Shopping Complex.

106 Sea Parade, Pt MacDonnell

$449,500 3 1 1 This superb seafront property will appeal to the fussiest of buyers, new floor coverings window furnishings. Ultimate outdoor entertaining - settle by the sea!

55 Matthew Flinders Way

6/101 Jubilee Highway East

103 Meylin Street, Pt MacDonnell





$139,500 2 1 1 Very spacious unit in a great complex close to all amenities. Located at the rear with a great private back yard. Currently leased – nest or invest!

A seaside dream! tastefully updated and offers wonderful multi-use accommodation (STCC) light-filled living with sweeping ocean views. A short stroll to Shops, Restaurants, Cafes and Beach. With so much potential it won’t last long!


2/2 James Street

23-25 Commercial Street West

2/2 James Street 23-25 Commercial Street West Avail 16/10

$280 pw 3 1 1 • 3 bedrooms all with BIR • 2 way bathroom & separate toilet • Open living kitchen, meals and family area with electric cooking & dishwasher • Gas wall furnace & R/C air conditioner • One car garage with remote and internal access • Undercover alfresco area • No pets

Avail Now

Avail Now

$450 pw 4 2 2 • 4 bedrooms, main with ensuite & WIR • Other bedrooms have BIRs • Formal lounge • Open plan family/ dining/ kitchen with electric cooking, dishwasher & butlers pantry • Double garage UMR with internal access • Electric ducted heating/cooling system • No pets

32 Commercial Street West 78B Sea Parade Pt MacDonnell 94 Commercial Street East

Commercial • Ideal for retail or office space • Great incentives on offer from lessor • Approximately 98.16 m2 • Two double access doors • Great window space • Fantastic Location • $1200.00 pcm first year + GST & outgoings, all offers considered

Avail Now Commercial • Building area approximately 300 square metres, with an upstairs area approximately 74 square metres. • Ideal for retail • Consisting of downstairs 3 consulting rooms, store room, separate office area with work stations, filing room, open floor area with 2 counter areas. Upstairs has an office, large store area, lunch room & toilet

If you’re looking for your next property move, we can help when you’re ready to play

Sale 5 Hume Court, Mt Gambier $569,000 Open Sunday 11.00am - 11.30am

Sale 3+ 2 2+

Sale 25 Hay Terrace, Mt Gambier $259,000 - $269,000 Open by appointment

Sale 3+ 2 2

Sale 3



Sale 18 Marlow Court, Mt Gambier $89,000 Open by appointment

12 Greenridge Drive, Mt Gambier $399,000 - $409,000 Open Saturday 10.30am - 11.00am

2/1 Powell Street, Mt Gambier $265,000 - $275,000 Open by appointment

Lot 102 Hillview Lane, Compton $149,000 - $155,000 Open by appointment

3+ 2 2

Sale 3



2 Megan Place, Mt Gambier $299,000 - $329,000 Open by appointment





Sale Vacant Land

2 Warren Street, Mt Gambier $239,000 - $249,000 Open by appointment

Vacant Land

Lot 2 - 6 Southend Access Road, Southend $180,000 each Open by appointment

Vacant Land

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Tahlia Gabrielli Principal Sales Executive 0438 883 992

Sarah Barney Sales Executive 0438 883 972

Sale 30 Lake Terrace West, Mt Gambier $589,000 - $599,000 Open by appointment

Sonya Jones Executive Assistant (08) 8724 7405

Naomi Kieselbach Property Management 0455 826 616

Sale 4+ 3 1

3 Stuart Court, Mt Gambier $429,000 - $439,000 Open by appointment

Sale 5+ 2 4


Sale 95 Sturt Street, Mt Gambier $109,000 - $119,000 Open by appointment

Vacant Land


3 Olinda Court, Mt Gambier $248,000 Open by appointment


9 Wattle Street, Mt Gambier $589,000 - $599,000 Open by appointment






1 tennis court

Sale 3+ 2 2

24 Tanglewood Cres, Mt Gambier 6 $849,000 - $869,000 Open by appointment



Hairhouse Warehouse, Mt Gambier Price: POA Open by appointment

622 Eight Mile Creek, Eight Mile Creek $795,000 - $825,000 Open by appointment


Delicia, Mt Gambier $29,999 Open by appointment


Property of the week Spacious and stylish modern home within popular residential location

Sale 20 Seventh Street, Millicent $199,000 - $219,000 Open by appointment



Ray White Mt Gambier 2A & 2B Mitchell Street Mount Gambier SA 5290 (08) 8724 7405 RLA 291953


23 Hilltop Avenue, Mount Gambier. $459,000 Open Sunday 1.00pm - 1.30pm




Spacious 4-bedroom property situated nearby Conroe Heights Supermarket and Don McDonnell Reserve. Spacious, open living with ducted reverse cycle air-conditioning throughout and a gas log fire. The dining room and kitchen overlooks a huge, semi-enclosed patio for alfresco dining. The kitchen offers ample cupboards and stainless steel appliances including a built-in electric oven, smart gas cooktop, D/washer, double sink and a pantry with adjacent access to the double garage. Three double bedrooms each with BIR’s separated by the family bathroom. Master benefits from natural light, WIR, and ensuite. The low maintenance outdoor entertaining area and garden, make this home a sought-after property. With the added benefit of a 44,000-litre rainwater tank.

Property Sales & Home Staging

RLA 282 450

11 Madeley Terrace, Mount Gambier

12 McCormick Road, OB Flat



SATURDAY 10.30-11.00

SATURDAY 11.30-12.00



At the front of the home is the light filled North facing master bedroom with ensuite, ceiling fan & WIR. The open plan kitchen offers an abundance of storage, blackwood solid timber cabinetry, brand new electric oven & stove top, dishwasher, WI pantry and also overlooks the dining and family areas. There is also two extra living spaces, one at the front of the home and one at the rear, catering for the whole family. With an extra 3 bedrooms, 2 with BIR’s and the 3rd with a large built-in desk & overhead cupboards. This property has a double car garage, stunning private deck connecting to a gazebo that overlooks the gardens and rear yard, garden shed and cubby house.

Traditional colonial style country home set on approximately 4,000m2 of land. Elegant formal lounge and dining with separate open plan kitchen and main living. Electric kitchen appliances including dishwasher. Slow combustion wood heating + open fireplace. Four bedrooms, master with ensuite and walk in closet, built-in robes to other three. Double garage with remote controlled roller doors and internal access. Serene gardens featuring established trees that create a relaxed peaceful atmosphere. Tennis court, garden shedding and paved outdoor entertaining. Connected to mains water and additional bore. This fantastic property is ready and waiting for its next family!

$329,000-$349,000 Contact Al Lamond 0418 849 266 2/18 LEE CRT, MT GAMBIER







- Outstanding coastal residence with exceptional shedding - Massive 10mx18m double bay shed with 3.4m clearance roller doors perfect for boating and caravan enthusiasts - Five bedroom home - master bedroom with WIR and ensuite. - Beautiful living area with chef’s kitchen Gail Richards 0409 268 199 13 MEYLIN ST, PT MACDONNELL







- Centrally located allotment with unique early settlement cottage - Stripped interior ready for your renovation - Local history being the former home of Granny Williams - Offering sailcloth wall cladding with Cornish style double sided fireplace - 507m2 allotment with great shedding & new septic LAND






- Just one street back from the foreshore is this four bedroom, two bathroom home - Boasting stunning ocean views, natural light and sunshine and large windows framing the bay scenery to perfection - Double 9m x 9m car garage UMR with workshop - Flexible design allowing potential for dual occupancy the perfect property to Air BnB (STCA) Gail Richards 0409 268 199






- 5.16 acre allotment located within walking distance of the beach - Minutes from the Port MacDonnell General Store, Hotel & Chemist - Zoned Primary Production in the District Council of Grant - Located opposite Woolwash Caravan Park - Build your new two storey dream home! (S.T.C.A) Al Lamond 0418 849 266

4 2 2 1/119 WEHL ST NORTH, MT GAMBIER $145,000 NEW PRICE

SATURDAY 12.30-1.00

- Perfectly designed and positioned on an elevated block to take in the wonderful southerly views. - A spacious and light filled living area providing formal and informal areas to relax and unwind. - The kitchen offers Induction cooktop, electric wall oven, dishwasher and large walk-in pantry - A separate office will provide the perfect space to work without distraction Al Lamond 0418 849 266



SATURDAY 11.30-12.00

- Fantastic 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 2 living area, double garage, executive unit positioned in close proximity to the Marketplace Shopping Centre, TAFE & Mount Gambier Hospital - Perfect investment property or low maintenance lifestyle proposition - Well maintained & semi enclosed pergola with Northerly views Gail 0409 268 199 or Al 0418 849 266

$429,000-$449,000 Contact Al Lamond 0418 849 266

4 2 2



SATURDAY 11.30-12.00

Al Lamond 0418 849 266

A: 32 Bay Road Mount Gambier P: 08 8723 3416


- Situated on a 1097m2 elevated allotment with 2 driveways and great views! - Reverse cycle ducted air conditioning - Substantial butlers panty, stone benchtops & quality floor coverings - Five large bedrooms, master suite with WIR & sumptuous ensuite - Alfresco dining, fully landscaped & with rear yard access Al Lamond 0418 849 266






- Beautifully renovated stone home set on a 4058m2 allotment just a short stroll from the beach - Open plan kitchen/dining, huge tiled lounge area plus a huge rear under cover entertaining area - Colourbond shed 18m x 9m x 2.9m clearance has drive through access, workshop & loft - Rain & mains water supply and extra off street parking Gail Richards 0409 268 199





- Amazing opportunity to purchase just over an acre of elevated land with amazing views to Gerloff Bay & the Southern Ocean - The property offers an exciting range of opportunities, renovate the existing 3 bedroom cottage or build your new 2 storey dwelling (S.T.C.A.), offering spectacular coastal & ocean views Al Lamond 0418 849 266




- Immaculately presented solid brick & tile unit - Renovated interior with spacious lounge offering r/c split air conditioning - Updated bathroom with shower and vanity, separate laundry and W/C - Low maintenance courtyard gardens and single garage UMR - Investors, currently leased at $200 per week Al Lamond 0418 849 266




21 BRYAN ST, ALLENDALE EAST $299,000-$309,000

- If you love gardening and cooking your own produce then this amazing property is for you! - Attractive three bedroom home with a sustainable garden that is packed full of fruit and veggies season after season - 3 Bedroom home featuring open plan living with wood heating and r/c air conditioning. - Outdoor alfresco area with built in fireplace Gail Richards 0409 268 199






- Seaside allotment measuring approx. 1,841m2 - Only 20 metres from the beach, this is a great opportunity to build a holiday home (S.T.C.A) close to the beach to relax and unwind! - Services passing & bitumen road frontage

Gail Richards 0409 268 199


Al Lamond SALES M: 0418 849 266

Gail Richards SALES M: 0409 268 199

Sara O'Connor SALES M: 0438 708 281

Ben Ransom SALES M: 0400 870 362

6 Victor Street, Mount Gambier




3 1 3 $439,000

- Stunning split-level home, architecturally designed with an emphasis on space, energy efficiency and natural light - 4 double bedrooms, 3 living areas & a study/5th bedroom - Kitchen with a large island bench and plenty of space & storage - Polished timber floors and high raked ceilings 5





- Light filled three bedroom stone home with added bonus of an additional two bedroom, detached stone cottage with separate driveway access all on one title - Perfect for extended families, Air BnB, work from home or live in one and rent the other – the possibilities are endless! - Framed by attractive gardens with a private back yard 5





- Beautiful views of the lush, manicured fairway! - Fairway Estate offers a wonderful lifestyle choice for those who are looking for a piece of serenity - Within minutes from the Marketplace Shopping Precinct - Flat allotment that is approximately 778m2 - Get your “dream home” plans drawn up & take advantage of the building grant incentives currently on offer! LAND



- Located at the rear of the complex is this well maintained 2 bedroom unit - Inside offers 2 bedrooms, both with BIR’s, separate living area and kitchen with electric cooking & breakfast bar - A single carport provides undercover parking for one vehicle - Currently tenanted at $210 p/w until May 2021 2

Al Lamond 0418 849 266 9 STABLEFORD CRT, WORROLONG




- Exciting new subdivision overlooking the Mount Gambier Racecourse and surrounding countryside, located within minutes from the City Centre - Power & town water connected - Magnificent opportunity to build your dream home, with plenty of room for sheds and stables (S.T.C.A) - ONLY 2 ALLOTMENTS LEFT! Al Lamond 0418 849 266




Sara 0438 708 281 or Al 0418 849 266 3

Sara O’Connor 0438 708 281





- Magnificent Federation Style home built to the highest standards - 5795m2 allotment walking distance to Tenison Woods College - Updated kitchen with new flooring, electric cooking & dishwasher - 3 bedrooms under the main roof plus a large 1 bedroom self-contained unit Gail 0409 268 199 or Al 0418 849 266






Gail Richards 0409 268 199

Starting from $129,000



- Unique lifestyle property on approximately half an acre in Yahl - Plenty of room for the family with the emphasis on space - The lower level has open plan kitchen/dining/lounge plus separate toilet and laundry - Upstairs offers 4-5 bedrooms or 4 plus study, ensuite plus bathroom and huge family room

Al 0418 849 266 or Sara 0438 708 281 4 GLENBURNIE HEIGHTS


- Beautifully positioned solid brick home, located in a quiet cul-de-sac and within a short distance of many schools and the Lakes Walking Trails - All bedrooms with BIR’s & main with ensuite plus a separate study - Spacious living areas with a modern kitchen featuring island bench with BI wine rack & drinks fridge - Single garage UMR & additional shed with workshop

- The perfect fusion of Hamptons meets luxe federation, providing a practical floor plan with an emphasis on space, entertaining & stunning views - All the features of a character home, including hardwood floors, mantles & feature lead light mixed with modern necessities - Three lovely living areas spilling out to an undercover alfresco area & paved courtyard


Gail Richards 0409 268 199

SATURDAY 10.30-11.00

- Magnificent Federation style home offering formal lounge & dining and designer kitchen with a 900mm freestanding gas oven - Four large bedrooms, master with WIR plus ensuite and two with BIR’s - Well established gardens with impressive veggie garden and variety of fruit trees - 65,000L rain water tank and town water 2

- 3-4 bedroom potential, main with BIR’s - Updated kitchen with electric cooking - Generous living room with r/c s/s air con & ceiling fans - Unique occasional outdoor areas with extensive gardens - Single car garage with workshop area and toilet - Security roller shutters & solar panels


SATURDAY 9.30-10.00

Contact Gail Richards 0409 268 199

Sara O’Connor 0438 708 281



FOR SALE BY Openn Negotiation FINAL BIDDING STAGE - Monday 12th October 2020 at 6.00pm (if not sold prior) Well-presented stone home in A1 central location within walking distance to CBD. Stylish modern kitchen/dining with dual ovens and electric cooktop. Formal lounge room with new s/c wood heating & heat shifters plus r/c split system. Single stone garage converted to trendy man cave with marine carpet & pot belly heater plus additional games room / home gym at the rear. Double length carport UMR with access to the backyard. Fantastic home in a desirable location – live the Latte Lifestyle!

Gail 0409 268 199 or Al 0418 849 266


7 MARNGO PL, MT GAMBIER $369,000-$379,000


$228,000-$238,000 NEW PRICE

SATURDAY 9.30-10.00

- Solid, well positioned 3 bedroom home within a short walk to schools, playgrounds and shops - The open plan lounge/dining contains gas heating and ceiling fan is also finished with new timber flooring and new blinds - Brand new bathroom with gorgeous floating vanity and modern tiles - More works completed, come back for another look!! Sara O’Connor 0438 708 281





Gail Richards 0409 268 199


SATURDAY 9.30-10.00

SATURDAY 12.15-12.45

Tegan Pink ADMINISTRATION P: (08) 8723 3416

Carolyn Gazzard CLIENT SERVICES P: (08) 8723 3416





- Build your dream home here - 2428m2 allotment in the Suttontown area - Close to Suttontown Primary School & Mount Gambier Hospital - Services passing

Al Lamond 0418 849 266





1 SILVERBROOK AVE, MT GAMBIER $439,000-$449,000

- Beautiful light filled open plan living space features a modern kitchen with s/s appliances, dishwasher and breakfast bar - 4 bedrooms, main with WIR and ensuite - Paved alfresco area with bi-fold doors & patio blinds overlooks the secure back yard - DBL garage UMR with remote roller door & internal access and rear yard access to extra SGL garage Gail Richards 0409 268 199






- Immaculate sandstone and limestone period façade, classic English box hedges, luscious lawns and manicured gardens create an unforgettable lasting impression - 5 luxurious bedrooms, the master with WIR and ensuite - 3 living areas, including formal dining and lounge, open plan family, meals and gourmet kitchen Al Lamond 0418 849 266 3 BRUINS RD, WANDILO 2.91 ACRES





- Picturesque rural living allotment of 2.91ac, only 10 minutes drive from the city - Situated on the western side of Mount Gambier, close to Tenison Woods College & Compton Primary School - Price includes rural style fencing with 3 phase power and phone to the boundary Al Lamond 0418 849 266


Chris Manser Real Estate & Livestock Sales 0417 414 127

Garth Manser Real Estate & Livestock Sales 0417 071 180

Elisha Beare Real Estate Sales Property Management 0407 213 023

Bernie Manser Property Management 0407 235 345

Candyce Cory Property Management 0427 333 517 RLA 280309

Ph 08 8723 6866 | Fax 08 8723 3809 | 50 James Street, Mount Gambier | | 12 KALIMNA CRESCENT, MOUNT GAMBIER

A/C Trahar Clearing Sale SOLD


Saturday 19th Sept 2020 commencing 10am 40 Lange Road, Yahl 3 1 2


3 bedrooms 2 with BIR, modern kitchen with stainless steel appliances, electric cooking, a dishwasher and a breakfast bar overlooking the dining and lounge areas. Glass sliding doors open to both the rear raised balcony and the pergola area, perfect places to entertain or simply enjoy your morning coffee with a view. Slow combustion wood heating and R/C A/C for your convenience. The bathroom has been tastefully renovated and offers a bath, shower and vanity, while the lower level of the home offers a fantastic rumpus room, gym, mancave or teenagers retreat. Dual driveways, a single car garage with a remote roller door plus a single carport, all set on a 697 m2 allotment close to multiple schools, shops and recreational activities.

Wool press hydraulic – TPW, Wool table, Shearer 1470 hay baler, Southern cross irrigator, 140 x 4-foot hay bales, Various length irrigation pipes 4 inch & fittings, M / F 35 diesel tractor, 10-tonne silos, MDC camping trailer, Assorted camping gear, Fencing posts, Various sized windows, 6 x 4 trailer, Scrap steel / aluminium, 9-piece table / chairs, Lounge suite with sofa bed, Double bed, Bookshelves, Filing cabinets, Timber desk, Glass cabinet, Various household items, Assorted tools, Assorted garden tools




3 2


Solid stone Family home on a 912m2 allotment in a highly sought-after location. 3 bedrooms, main with BIR, open plan modern kitchen / dining area with electric cooking, double sink, dishwasher and a large pantry, Bathroom with bath shower and basin with a second shower and a toilet in the Laundry area, sizable lounge with slow combustion wood heating. Other features of the home include gas ducted heating, r/c a/c, large rear yard with elevated timber deck, built in bar and zip track blinds for comfort and convenience. Currently leased at $300 per week until December 2020, the ideal family home or investment.


CONTACT: Garth Manser 0417 071 180 or Gary Trahar 0429 021 845


Monday 28th Sept 2020 commencing 10am 79 Stringybark Road, Burrungule $189,000

3 1 4


21 Tallara Avenue, Mount Gambier is your opportunity to move out of the rental market and move into your very own home. The Dine in timber kitchen offers electric cooking, lounge with s/c wood heating, 3 bedrooms, bathroom with bath, shower and vanity and a separate toilet off the Laundry area. If shedding is a must then you will definitely be happy here, with a double car garage, two single car garages and a work shop / wood shed with bonus rear yard access for your convenience.

Round bale cart holds 5, Pattern towable sheep feeder, 354 Perkins motor with pto drive towable, Jet fire gas heater, 5 hp Honda boom spray pump, ARC Welder, Grain feed out cart, Wide range of gates & hurdles, Reave effluent pump with 10hp electrical motor, Travelling effluent sprinkler, 2 x 6 Tonne feed silos, 2 x big dutchman feed systems, Kawasaki 360 work horse 4 wheeler, Electric fence droppers, Star droppers, 2006 McCormick CX 105, New Holland Slasher, Hydraulic wool press, Sundbeam wool press.



3 1 4


This charming home is situated on the corner of Wehl St Sth & Eleanor Street on a 1201m2 allotment across two Titles. The home maintains old world charm with high ceilings, ornate cornice, ceiling roses and stained timber skirtings and architraves. 3 bedrooms with the option of a 4th bedroom or second living area, formal dining, expansive lounge with gas heating and a R/C A/C, kitchen with electric cooking, bathroom with shower and vanity and a separate toilet off the laundry area. Possibilities for the purchaser of this unique property include. Converting the home to offices with the potential of carparks at the rear, purchasing both Titles and build on the Eleanor Street Title.

CONTACT: Chris Manser 0417 414 127


Damian Venn 0438 904 771

15 Redwood Ave, Mt Gambier

4 2 2


Damian Venn 0438 904 771

4/6 Hartley St, Mt Gambier

2 1 2

Damian Venn 0438 904 771

8 Leray Ave, Mt Gambier

Alistair Coonan 0422 156 363



Damian Venn 0438 904 771

6 Murndal Crt, Mt Gambier

3 1 1


13/184 Jubilee Hwy W, Mt Gambier 2 1 1

1/6 Hartley St, Mt Gambier

3 1 1


Alistair Coonan 0422 156 363

3/32 Wehl St, Mt Gambier

2 1 1


Alistair Coonan 0422 156 363

324 Yahl Rd, Glenburnie

2 1 1


Damian Venn 0438 904 771

5 2 4

AVAILABLE RENTALS 1/20 Wimmera St, Mt Gambier $180.00 per week

2 1 0 Available 28th Sept

2/43 Shelton St, Mt Gambier $195.00 per week 2 1 1 Available NOW

5 Chute St, Mt Gambier $275.00 per week 2 1 1 Available 30th Sept


Alistair Coonan 0422 156 363

14 Jenkins Tce, Nangwarry

3 1 4

Damian Venn 0438 904 771

Melleray Crt, Mt Gambier

$159,500 Each


14 Park St, Mt Gambier $285.00 per week 3 1 1 Available 18th Sept

22 Oakridge Cres, Mt Gambier

3 2 1

Ripley Arcade Complex


Damian Venn 0438 904 771


Alistair Coonan 0422 156 363

11A Wallace St, Mt Gambier

3 Shops Available First 6 Months FREE

4 2 2

Conditions Apply*

Alistair Coonan 0422 156 363


10 Brookwood Tce, Mt Gambier 2 1 1

Alistair Coonan 0422 156 363

1A Renfrey Pl, Mt Gambier


Contact Elders 8726 4400

3 1 1


Residential/Rural Sales Manager

Residential Sales

Property Management

Property Management

Property Management

Property Management Assistant

Sales Associate/ Administration

DAMIAN VENN 0438 904 771

ALISTAIR COONAN 0422 156 363

CATHERINE MILES 08 8726 4400


PAM KNIBBS 08 8726 4400

CHLOE SMITH 08 8726 4400

LAUREN KAIN 08 8726 4400

9 Ba y Roa d , Mou nt G a m bi e r

RLA 62833

m tg am bier@elders. com .au

Teenagers drive new education program Youth inspired program earns funding windfall The Stand Like Stone Foundation has worked hand in hand with a group of innovative young people to list the lid on living with illness or disabilities and the result has been a funding windfall that will ensure this fledgling program can reach school students throughout the Limestone Coast. The Let’s talk about (Dis)ability) project has been crafted by Lily Coote, Ally Finnis, Lucy Williams, Shanae Coppick, Georgia Thompson, Tessa Deak, and Amechai Bawden and the grant will enable the team to implement a pilot program targeting Year 4 to 10 students in Mount Gambier and Penola, which will involve a presentation by speakers with lived experience as well as disabilityrelated simulations. Team member Tessa Deak has already seen the value of the program, which has already undertaken a number of sessions in schools and working with apprentices through Group Training Employment. It was after taking up a role in the Youth Ambassador Program for headspace Mount Gambier that she became involved in delivering peer education mental health awareness sessions to schools and community organisations and in conjunction with the other young people on board with this project, they are looking to formalise their project, which is where the $10,000

Graeme 0419 806 410 Sales

2020 FRRR ABC Heywire Youth Innovation Grant comes in. Stand Like Stone was one of the 24 recipients of a grant this year and CEO Anne Kerr said the foundation was only too happy to use those funds for the Let’s talk about (Dis)ability project that the young local leaders are looking to deliver to the region. “We’re thrilled to be able to help such a fabulous group of young people who want to raise awareness and educate students on disability, accessibility and inclusion,” said Mrs Kerr. Tessa said the project was aimed at raising awareness and wanting kids to understand that just because a person has a certain illness or disability, it does not mean they are confined to that as an identity. “We thought getting into schools and starting from the root of the issue with children when they are still learning would be really effective, as kids are generally really curious and really do want to understand,” Tessa said. “I talk about mental health, anxiety and depression and basically anything the school choose for us to talk about from the options we offer. The kids are really interested and want to understand and they ask a lot of questions.” All of the young people involved in the project have lived experience that allows them to be very genuine in their interactions

with the students. “We’re very grateful to the ABC, FRRR and their donor partners for supporting us as young leaders to find solutions to societal problems through this grant,” Tessa said. “We’d also like to thank Stand Like Stone for helping us access the grant, and are really excited to get the program up and running now that we’ve got the funding”. The project team is now in the development phase and are hoping to start rolling out the program in schools next year.

Toni 0402 356 905 Sales | Accounts

Jess (08) 8725 8037 Property Manager

Bianca 0407 613 346 Sales

FUNDING WINDFALL: Let’s talk about (Dis)ability) project has been crafted by Lily Coote, Ally Finnis, Lucy Williams, Shanae Coppick, Georgia Thompson, Tessa Deak, and Amechai Bawden (all pictured above).

Seaside town now WiFi friendly Following on from the successful launch of free public WiFi in Millicent, the second stage is now complete with public WiFi now available in Beachport. The free WiFi is

Sophie (08) 8725 8037 Property Manager

Silvia (08) 8725 8037 Property Manager

Wattle Range Mayor Des Noll again highlighted that this project was being rolled out to specifically help support the communities, where it is hoped that it will encourage locals and visitors to spend more time in and around the towns. “Council will shortly be distributing promotional material to clearly identify the free Wi-Fi zone and how to access it,” Mayor Noll said. “This will include supplying shops and businesses with stickers and other material that can be displayed in their businesses.”

now available in and around Beachport’s main shopping precinct, including the Visitor Information Centre, along Railway Terrace and Beach Road taking in the jetty and boat ramp.

Lydia (08) 8725 8037 Property Manager RLA 263 296








$115,000 - $125,000


$155,000 - $165,000





E.O.I by 4pm 30/9/20

Approx. 3000m2


Spacious and private allotment of 735m2  Prime location to build your home 

Solid unit in a private complex  Large master bedroom with built-in-robes 

Semi-rural building block near golf course  Set up on the high side with great views 

Take advantage of the Government  Building Grants currently available

Private rear yard + garage with internal access   Spacious formal lounge with gas heating

One of the last remaining building  allotment in this admired subdivision

Bianca Taylor | 0407 613 346

Bianca Taylor | 0407 613 346

Graeme Cleves | 0419 806 410





Spacious 2509m2 block with Large 4 Bay  colourbond shed Double carport plus workshop   Ideal campground with toilet & shower Graeme Cleves | 0419 806 410






Vacant Allotments

Starting from $55,000 Lot 1 & 5 2038m2 = $55,000 each   Lot 6 4776m2 = $69,000


Lot 7 4775m2 = $69,000  Situated amongst other quality homes 

Take advantage of the Government  Building Grants Currently Available Only a short walk to Millicent Sporting  Complex + popular swimming lake

Bianca Taylor | 0407 613 346






Large L Shaped lounge with LED lighting   Kitchen & casual meals area with timber flooring + views to Centenary Tower Currently leased at $275.00 per week 

Large bedrooms all with floor to ceiling  built-in robes Garage, storeroom & rear yard access to  large yard

Bianca Taylor | 0407 613 346

(08) 8725 8037 | | 178 Commercial Street East, Mount Gambier

Knitting up a storm Warm hands, dry feet campaign helps families in need Mount Gambier based charity Four Reasons Why basically started when founder Trudi Shelton ran a campaign to source quality winter clothing for children in need and despite the challenges of the current pandemic, Four Reasons Why ran two campaigns with the generosity of the community again surpassing all expectations.

“Originally we weren’t even going to do a winter wear campaign because of COVID but the school reached out and they really needed it,” Trudi (pictured) said. “We had an influx of brand new jackets, beanies and scarves and given we treated it as a mini campaign it was so successful.” But the schools still had areas

Asset and Project Management Coordinator Full Time L6 $85,601 - $89,806

An exciting opportunity has arisen for an enthusiastic and adaptable individual to join the District Council of Grant’s Works Services team. Reporting to the Works Manager, the Asset and Project Management Coordinator is responsible for the development and implementation of a central-led contract and procurement management system and the management of project delivery across Council’s short and long term programs. The Asset and Project Management Coordinator will also administer Council’s asset management system including undertaking financial modelling, and will contribute to the development of a strategic approach to the management of Council buildings and properties.

of need with gloves and shoes heading up the wish list and Trudi reached out to her Four Reasons Why network to see what could be done with a new campaign – Warm Hands, Dry Feet. “One of the reasons we set up the charity was to ensure we were giving people what they need so we really appreciate the schools letting us know,” Trudi said. “As usual, the minute we put it out there, people were donating gloves and shoes. It just showed again we have really great community support and great supporters of the work we do. It makes it so easy to create a campaign off the cuff.” And the donations always arrive in a timely fashion, another attraction to Four Reasons Why for both the schools looking for the donations and the donors themselves. “I think people really appreciate the short turnaround,” Trudi said. “We service a need as it arises and the fact people can see how they have helped so quickly is part of the appeal to a lot of people. They give it and almost straight away they see where it has gone and where and why it was needed.”

Trudi is encouraging schools, or anyone who is aware of families in need, to continue to contact Four Reasons Why with their requests. “It never hurts to ask,” Trudi said. For the Warm Hands, Dry Feet campaign, the Mount Gambier Spinners and Fibre Craft Group played a huge role knitting up a storm when it came to gloves. Mount Gambier North School, the de Bruin Group in the Old Convent, Di-Monty Training Solutions and Café Ellen were all key drop off points for both the winter campaigns.

Tertiary Qualifications or significant experience in Asset Management together with demonstrated experience in the operation of asset management systems is required, and experience in procurement and project management would be well regarded. Success in this role will require excellent verbal and interpersonal skills, well-developed written skills and the ability to write reports and compile tenders/submissions. Please download the ‘Information for Applicants’ and ‘Position Description’ from the Council website on prior to applying. Any questions can be directed to Works Manager, Adrian Schutz on 8721 0444. Applications close at 5:00pm on Friday 9th October 2020

Commodore on the Park

Administrative Assistant - relieving An opportunity exists to join the cohesive administration team at Boandik. The position is to provide administrative relief for a variety of positions in the administration team. We are seeking someone with strong customer service skills, proficient computer skills and who works effectively in a team. We offer: A relaxed, friendly and supportive work environment Opportunity to progress to permanent employment Strong focus on wellbeing of clients Extensive salary packaging Opportunities for professional and personal development This is a casual position, weekly hours will vary dependent on leave and full time work will be required at times. Please email to request an application for employment pack. Applications with details of 2 referees to the above email address or to Human Resource Manager, Boandik, 101 Lake Terrace East, Mount Gambier. Applications close 23 September 2020

We are now seeking an enthusiastic, energetic Front Desk & Guest Services Agent for our front desk department at Commodore on the Park. The role is a predominantly hands-on role, as long as you are hospitable, flexible and are genuine in your care for others you will do well. Our Front Desk & Guest Services Agent will have direct responsibility for: • Managing the guest experience, arrival through to departure • Undertaking check-ins and check-outs of guests • Reservations, quality checks, up-selling • Rooms inventory management • Restaurant, function booking coordination • Management of guest, travel agent accounts • Concierge, hotel information assistance • Supporting a small, energetic reception team • Provide incredible, extraordinary, customer service that delivers memorable experiences. • Assisting the restaurant team as required


in your letterbox Plus available from: Beachport Newsagency Carpenter Rocks General Store Casterton Foodwork Coleraine IGA Coonawarra General Store Donovans Glencoe General Store Hamilton Coles Hamilton Safeway Heywood IGA Kalangadoo General Store Kingston IGA Supermarket Lucindale General Store Millicent Foodland Millicent IGA Millicent Newsagency Millicent Woolworths Mt Gambier Aust. Post Central Mt Gambier Australia Post East Mt Gambier Australia Post West Mt Gambier Badenochs Mt Gambier BP - O’Leary Rd Mt Gambier BP One Stop Mt Gambier BP Throughway Mt Gambier BP West Mt Gambier Bryant Bakery Mt Gambier Chapmans News Mt Gambier Coles Express Mt Gambier Conroe Mt Gambier Eureka Retirement Mt Gambier Fosters Newsagency Mt Gambier Foxys Deli Mt Gambier Hallmont Estate Mt Gambier Hospital Kiosk Mt Gambier Jubilee Service Mt Gambier KD’s Deli Mt Gambier Lennons Mt Gambier Montebello IGA Mt Gambier Pick Ave Deli Mt Gambier Rosaville Deli Mt Gambier Swallow Drive Mt Gambier The Roadhouse Nangwarry General Store Naracoorte Caltex Naracoorte Foodland Naracoorte Newsagency Naracoorte Plaza Kiosk Naracoorte Woolworths Nelson Roadhouse Penola Australia Post Penola Caltex Penola IGA Port MacDonnell General Store Portland IGA Portland Woolworths Robe Foodland South End General Store Tarpeena Australia Post

As well as real estate agents and local businesses!

Essential requirements for this key role include but are not limited to: • Reception or Front Desk experience • Hotel, resort, accommodation experience • Experience in RMS Property Management software, Microsoft programs knowledge an advantage • Great communication skills, solution-focused approach • Impeccable grooming and personal presentation standards • A passion for hospitality, guest satisfaction and success • Food and beverage experience is a bonus The Front Desk & Guest Services agent would be employed for a minimum 30 hours per week, working shifts over a seven day roster inclusive of weekend and public holidays. If you are an enthusiastic hospitality individual we want to hear from you, please forward your resume with cover letter to work@ before Friday 25th of September, 2020.

The longest interval between the birth of twins is 87 days.


Keeping prostate cancer in the spotlight Support group continues to advocate for patients Early last year, Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt visited Mount Gambier, hosting a public forum at the Main Corner and fielding questions from the floor regarding health services in the region. Limestone Coast Prostate Cancer Support Group coordinator Richard Harry (pictured below right) was in the audience that day and flagged an ongoing concern from his group – a lack of prostate nurses in the region, providing similar support to the highly valued breast care nurses for breast cancer patients. “The vast difference in numbers of prostate nurses and breast care nurses even though the number of people diagnosed are very similar,” Mr Harry said. His query did not fall on deaf ears and the Australian Government’s Prostate Cancer Nurses Program is set to expand with the Limestone Coast set to be the beneficiary of a funding injection to the program with a .5 (FTE) prostate nurse. “It is wonderful to get that appointment – it is a good start,” Mr Harry said. “It is a similar style role to a breast care nurse. It is about that support and providing information. “When a guy goes to his urologist and gets the cancer diagnosis he gets a heap of options available as a patient and you come back the next week and tell him what treatment you are going to do. You basically have to make your decision from a book. “Having access to a prostate nurse means they can go through those different types of treatments and get a full run down of the expected outcomes. “The other side of it, is when you get the diagnosis of the Big C, to have someone to talk to, to provide you with support and put you in touch with where you can get help, is absolutely magic. ” Mr Hunt said the government was investing $23 million in the program through the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia over the next three years to support existing prostate cancer nurses and place specialist nurses in more than 40 new locations, with Mount Gambier Hospital successfully applying for a prostate nurse to service the Limestone Coast region. “Prostate cancer is estimated to be the second most common cause of cancer deaths in Australian men in 2020, with an estimated 3,152 deaths,” Minister Hunt said. “Sadly, more than 16,700 Australian men are expected to be diagnosed with prostate cancer this year. Since 2013, this program has funded the recruitment, training and placement of prostate cancer nurse in 29 locations across the country.” Prior to the latest funding announcement South Australia only had two prostate nurses for the entire State. “This is definitely a step in the right direction, there sill now be another nurse coming online in Adelaide and the .5 in the Limestone Coast and .5 position in

Port Lincoln,” Mr Harry said. “I am concerned over the workload for the nurse being the only one in the region but we welcome the appointment.” Member for Barker Tony Pasin (pictured below left) also welcomed the news with one of the newly funded positions set for his electorate. “So many Australian men and their families have had their lives turned upside down by prostate cancer, so I’m very pleased they will have the support of these specialised nurses now and into the future,” Mr Pasin said. “This funding sends a message to men with prostate cancer that they do not have to face this terrible disease alone.”

Local prostate cancer patients can also find support through the Limestone Coast Prostate Cancer Support Group, which has restarted holding face to face gathering in months with coffee catch ups at the Mount Gambier RSL. “Having that contact with each other again was so valuable,” Mr Harry said. “I had been sending regular emails off to the group with jokes and funny videos to keep in touch and put a smile on people’s faces.” Anyone interested in touching base with the support group should contact Richard Harry on 0427 978 898. “There are people being diagnosed all the time,” Mr Harry said. “What makes the group work

so well is while we all have our own unique stories and experiences, we have all been through the same sort of thing.”

An announcement is expected any day now on the appointment of the Limestone Coast prostate care nurse.

Treating people not patients

Proudly supporting Prostate Cancer Awareness Month Dr Richard Try | Dr Anthony Farnbach | Dr Bindi Venugopalan | Dr Rasika Rampatige | Dr Amanda Brown Dr Lelly Ignat | Dr Stephanie Nanayakkara | Dr Nishat Parvin | Dr Hana Scorey | Dr Jason Johnson

3/14 Crouch Street Mount Gambier SA 5290 | 08 8723 9586


One of the lucky ones Country music icon wins the battle against prostate cancer John Hill knows two things for sure – men should get regular check ups with their doctor and if you do get a prostate cancer diagnosis you

should definitely join the Limestone Coast Prostate Support Group. There is no doubt in John’s mind – the regular health check up saw

DISTRICT COUNCIL OF GRANT Port MacDonnell Community Complex Mount Gambier Regional Airport Mount Gambier & District Saleyards WWW.DCGRANT.SA.GOV.AU

25 BAY RD MOUNT GAMBIER | 08 8723 9600

him catch his prostate cancer early and the friendships he formed at the support group meant he was able to talk about his hopes and fears as he navigated his treatment and recovery. John was one of those men who did visit his doctor regularly and his GP, Dr Mackle, from Mount Gambier’s Hawkins Clinic, had been keeping an eye on John’s prostate-specific antigen (PSA)

and in January last year it started to elevate to levels where further investigation was advisable. “Basically he (Dr Mackle) said I better go and have a biopsy,” John said. “My PSA levels indicated something was on the move there.” At the end of February, John’s worst fears were confirmed – he had prostate cancer. “I couldn’t sleep at night – I’ve got cancer,” John said. “When

WINNING THE WAR: John Hill (above left) battled prostate cancer last year and was happy to be able to celebrate the South East Country Music Association’s 30th anniversary earlier this year.

you first hear the cancer diagnosis it is scary but in the end we knew we had to look into it and they provided a lot of information which really helped.” The next step was consulting a urologist and after failing to make a genuine connection with a Warrnambool based specialist, John met with Professor Leung, from Genesis Care, in Adelaide and he knew he had found the specialist to guide him through his treatment and recovery. Initially, John had been faced with two choices – his cancer was contained so he could play the waiting game and do nothing and see what transported, or he could go straight for treatment and look to eradicate the cancer. “I definitely didn’t want to do nothing,” John said. “I couldn’t just sit and wait for something to happen. When I met Professor Leung I just knew it was right. He said ‘I’m certain I can bomb it out with radiation – if we leave it go and it does escape it gets a bit harder’.” So at the end of February, John had seeds implanted – part of his radiation therapy. – and on March 28, he headed to Adelaide and the Cancer Council’s Greenhill Lodge with wife Dee, for what turned out to be 38 treatments over a couple of months. “I couldn’t have done it without her (Dee) there,” John said. And the couple could not speak more highly of the support from the Cancer Council and the Greenhill Lodge accommodation which is there to make treatment more affordable and more convenient for regionally based patients. “We couldn’t complain about one thing,” John said. “Free board and lodging and a kitchen if you wanted to make your own meals or affordable meals made on site – it meant you had nothing to worry about. They also provided courtesy buses to get you to and from your appointments. Volunteers drive those buses and they were older people, my age, around 70 and 80, but so full of life.” At the start of John’s Adelaide based treatment he was heading to Flinders Private Hospital leaving around 1pm every day and returning around 4pm, with the bus transporting around 10 patients and partners to their appointments. Being based at Greenhill Lodge and being part of the daily treks to Flinders meant John and Dee also met plenty of couples in similar situations. “If you can say being in Adelaide for cancer treatment is a good thing, it was a good thing to be somewhere with all those country people,” John said. “We met people from Port Lincoln, the Mid North, the Riverland and quite a few from Mount Gambier. It was good because everyone supports each other.” One thing John found so comforting was the flexibility of his treatment and the willingness of


One of the lucky ones Country music icon wins the battle against prostate cancer Genesis Care to accommodate what worked best for the Mount Gambier couple, including their passion for country music, which reared its head in April 2019 midway through the treatment. “We really wanted to go to the Yakka Park Music Festival in Lucindale and they were really great and worked my treatment around the quick trip without missing any of my appointments,” John said. “They were so obliging, so beautiful.” The treatment itself was about a three or four minute experience, lying on a plate and having a sophisticated machine working its way around every inch of his body. About the halfway point of John’s treatment, the couple discovered St Andrew’s Hospital right across the parklands from Greenhill Lodge with a Genesis Care radiology department onsite, and before they knew it, their treatment location had been changed, freeing up more time. “It was the same treatment, the same great people to deal with,” John said. And in the end it was a tearful goodbye when John’s treatment wound up. “Everything they did was for the patient, what was most convenience for the patient, it was never about them or what would be easiest for them,” John said. “Even on the last day of treatment they made it first thing so we could get home that day. It definitely brought a tear to my eye when the radiologist came over and gave me a gift bag with chocolates and a card, thanking me for being a great patient. They thanked me. I couldn’t get over that.” Of course the best news for John is since returning from his two months of radiation, his PSA has been heading in the right direction – down, down down. “It is not on my mind at all,” John said. He was also fortunate that apart from the frequent urinating, he had no symptoms and no side effects from the cancer or the radiation. “My advice to anyone would be if you are diagnosed with prostate cancer go further into it before it goes too far,” John said. “I was lucky that is localised but I didn’t want to take the chance it could spread and then you were looking at chemo and other things like that.” John’s original diagnosis did somewhat strike the fear of God into him. At the time, he had a good mate in Adelaide with skyhigh PSA who was undergoing treatment and next January it will be two years since he lost his battle. “He had a different cancer but it was scary to think I was being told I could not worry about treatment and see how it goes and I was watching a mate with PSA not much higher than mine, dying.” That was when John got his

second opinion from Professor Leung and the rest, as they say, is history. The Limestone Coast Prostate Cancer Support Group was part of the journey almost from diagnosis as

well – the contact details were part of the raft of information presented to John when he was told of his positive test. “We just catch up and talk,” John (pictured performing at the SE Country Music Association anniversary event) said. “When you learn there are other people that are battling what you are battling and in some cases what they are facing is much tougher, it makes you thankful and is a great support.” The women are also involved in the group – sometimes all together and sometimes the men head off to one room and the women the other as they just talk about what they are facing. “I do think the men talk about the issues more when the women aren’t there.”

John was full of gratitude for group coordinator Richard Harry, who doesn’t just facilitate the meetings with guest speakers and

the coffee mornings but also drives improved treatment and support for prostate cancer sufferers throughout the Limestone Coast.



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Proudly supporting Prostate Awareness Month

Proudly Supporting Prostate Cancer Awareness Month Visit us at 332 Commercial Street West, Mount Gambier Just STOP at the Traffic Lights


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Proudly Supporting Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

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Making life easier for patients New machine & support nurse program set to help treatment of prostate cancer

REGION WORKS TOGETHER TO FUND PROSTATE CANCER TREATMENT: Jenny Hood (Computer Bits); Pam Schubert (Mount Gambier Hospital); Wattle Range Mayor Des Noll; District Council of Grant Mayor Richard Sage; Paul Bullen (Mount Gambier Hospital); Bill Hood (Computer Bits); Barrie Moyle (Naracoorte Health Advisory Council); Tracy Koop (Mount Gambier District Community Bank Branch - Bendigo Bank); City of Mount Gambier Mayor Lynette Martin OAM; Naracoorte Lucindale Mayor Erika Vickery OAM & Limestone Coast Prostate Cancer Support Group coordinator Richard Harry (front - kneeling). Absent: Kevin Cook (WIN TV).



218 Commercial Street East, Mount Gambier Phone (08) 8725 0855 Bucik Tyrepower

It has taken a mammoth effort but the Limestone Coast is set to have access to a transperineal biopsy machine (TBM) to assist in the diagnosis of prostate cancer after the Limestone Coast Prostate Cancer Support Group and a range of valued sponsors have put together the funding required. The TBM will service the Mount Gambier, Millicent and Naracoorte hospitals with staff at each of those facilities trained to be able to assist the urologist. “It is about being able to have a biopsy performed close to home and it is also less invasive,”

Proudly sponsoring Prostate Cancer Awareness Month - Two Function Rooms - 22 Pokie Gaming Room - $15 Daily Lunch Specials UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT

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Limestone Coast Prostate Cancer Support Group coordinator Richard Harry said. “The procedure is now performed as day surgery, it takes more samples and gives a better idea of what is going on – how many samples are cancerous, how aggressive the cancer is.” A locally accessible TBM will also fast track biopsies which is so critical. “A man going for a biopsy has already had blood tests and they have shown abnormalities,” Richard said. “It means you have the Big C hanging over your head and so at least you are coming home to family, friends and your support group. If they are in Adelaide, they could be there by themselves and then there’s the travel back.” The TBM based in the Limestone Coast will be the first machine of its type in South Australia outside of Adelaide. The target of $200,000 has seen contributions from a number of sources, including proceeds from the WIN TV Big Golf Day, the SE Field & Game Club and a raft of service clubs, including Rotary and Lions. The Male Bag Foundation – a prostate cancer research and support network – was also key in finalising the purchase, and although their 2020 fundraising event has been stymied by COVID, they have committed $60,000 from their rescheduled postie bike ride to the Limestone Coast TBM purchase. The Mount Gambier District Community Bank Branch - Bendigo Bank (manager Tracy Koop being presented with certificate of appreciate from Richard Harry), along with the City of Mount Gambier, District Council of Grant, Wattle Range Council and Naracoorte Lucindale Council, each tipped in $10,000, with the same donation coming from the Naracoorte HAC. Local business Computer Bits, also stepped up in a bid to cover the shortfall as well as two more local councils and with the funds ready to go, all that local patients are looking for now is the arrival of the machine.


Cooking up a campaign Local member raises money and awareness for cancer cause COOKING UP A STORM FOR CANCER AWARENESS: Limestone Coast Prostate Cancer Support Group members Ian Minge, Terry Galwey and Richard Harry (right) with Member for Barker Tony Pasin MP at one of his prostate cancer fundraising barbecue..

Prostate cancer is estimated to be the second most common cause of cancer death in Australian men in 2020, with an estimated 3,152 deaths. Sadly, more than 16,700 Australian men are expected to be diagnosed with prostate cancer this year. The Federal Liberal Government is committed to improving outcomes for men with prostate cancer and provides significant investment across the cancer continuum through research, diagnosis and treatment for prostate cancer. In fact, our Government is the single largest funder of cancer research in Australia. Since 2013, the Government has provided over $84 million in support for prostate cancer research through the Australian Prostate Cancer Research Centres, the National Health and Medical Research Council and Cancer Australia. The Federal Government is also investing $23 million in the prostate cancer nurse program, through the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia, over the next three years to support existing prostate cancer nurses and place specialist nurses in new locations, including the Limestone Coast. And, we’re providing $45.5 million in funding to improve access to radiation therapy for thousands of cancer patients in rural and regional areas across the country. The Limestone Coast will be one of 13 sites across the country to receive new radiation therapy services in

NEXT WEEK: Lifestyle1’s Prostate Cancer Awareness Month feature continues in next week’s issue.

2021 through this funding. While it is still unclear what causes prostate cancer and therefore there is no known prevention as with many cancers, early detection and treatment can significantly improve prostate cancer survival. And this is why awareness of the disease is so important. This year marks the sixth annual Big Aussie Barbie at my Mount Gambier office to raise money for research and importantly, awareness of prostate cancer.

The Big Aussie Barbie campaign is all about getting together with family, friends and colleagues to raise funds for Prostate Cancer Foundation Australia and encourage discussions about prostate cancer, especially with men over the age of 50 years. I encourage you to leave your lunch at home on Thursday, September 24 and come down to support a great cause. TONY PASIN

RURAL RUNDOWN Outstanding growth & muscling Don’t miss the Paxton Stud sale The Paxton Stud of Martin and Kirsty Harvey have enjoyed another successful year in 2019. The stud held two sales and saw many repeat clients lining up for their Paxton genetics. The stud is continually striving to improve their animals and meet industry needs. The Paxton Border Leicester stud invested heavily last year purchasing Johnos 18 202 for a record $15,000. Stud principal Martin Harvey said they had been pleased with one of Johnos rams in the past and were hoping this sire will breed on for us. He was structurally very sound, well-muscled and had some reasonable data which never hurts. Another sire which was purchased two years ago from Inverbrackie, 17 4809, has had a big impact in a short time on their flock. He was the highest indexed Border sire at the time and has improved the flock data significantly. There are a number of rams available for sale this year by that sire. Paxton Stud has recently joined the $uperborder$ group and look forward to being involved with some very focused breeders.”

The Paxton Border Leicester rams are showing outstanding growth, muscling and sound constitution. For the first time micron testing has also been undertaken, this will be added information for their clients to make their selections. The sale day has changed from a very busy Friday that clashed with a number of sales including Lameroo off shears, to Thursday, October 8, at 4pm. The stud is hoping this will be more manageable for both clients and stock agents. The usual Paxton Stud hospitality will be on offer after all sales. After a full clearance of Poll Dorset and White Suffolk rams the stud is again looking forward to presenting an even line up of terminal sires at their twilight sale on September 23. The stud is endeavouring to breed long, muscled, easy care, sound sires. There are a number of new sires represented in this years’ offering including genetics introduced through a recent AI program. “Our sale last year was extremely pleasing to see so many old

SEPTEMBER SALES PAXTON STUD SALE ON THE HORIZON: Will Harvey working hard at Paxton 2019 Border Leicester sale and new clients showing faith in our product. It is an extremely competitive game and to see people front up year after year is fantastic.,” Martin said. “We are trying to present rams that we know will continue to perform in different environments and meets our clients needs. The industry is in a fantastic situation and hopefully the good season continues for everyone”. Another innovation this year is that all rams will be treated with Regulin just prior to the sale.

All purchasers can be assured that the rams will be in prime fertile condition to go to work with the ewes. All Paxton rams will be sold with the highest health status being Brucellosis free and MN2 Vaccinated. All enquiries welcomed at any time Martin Harvey 0407 582 079 or head to for more details and find us on Facebook.

Castle Camps sales heads online Castle Camps rams from proven sires This year the stud will again offer 70 White Suffolk and 70 Border Leicester rams at our annual sale on Friday the 25th of September. Due to the current COVID 19 situation and travel restrictions this years sale will also be on Auctions Plus. This year’s offering of White Suffolk’s will see rams from our proven sires, Anden 15/108, Castle Camps Kuzz 15/26. Both these rams have breed very well and will have some excellent rams in this year’s sale. Waratah 16/312, who is in the top5% for both weaning and post weaning weight. Also represented will be new rams Castle Camps A2 17/138 an excellent muscled ram with width and depth through the back end, Castle Camps Kuzz 2nd 17/34

DON’T MISS OUT: This year’s auction will also be on Auctions Plus for anyone who can’t attend in person. a long stylish ram and Mertex 17/593 purchased for his White Suffolk type and carcase qualities. Complementing these rams are our two AI sires Woolumbool 17/3980 and Ashmore 17/526, both of these rams are in the top 5% for muscle. Our Border Leicester sale rams this


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324 Commercial Street West, Mount Gambier

Upcoming ram sales

year will see progeny from four new sires. Gleneith 17/3 and Gleneith 17/86, two stylish high indexing rams purchased from the Gleneith stud in NSW. As well as two rams from our AI program Castle Camps Aroura (son of Johnos 11/83) and Castle Camps Barney 17/357 (son of Inverbrackie 14/8041). Complimenting the line up will be our proven sire Duenclin Cut Out (top 1% for maternal weaning weight) and our two AI rams Jackson 17/126 and Coolawang 15/107. Again many of the rams offered will have negative WEC’s (worm egg counts) a trait that is considered very important at Castle Camps. Over the years wool quality has also been important. This is reflected in our own First Cross ewes who test between 25 to 27 micron. At Castle Camps our stud operation is very much run with a commercial focus in mind with importance placed on sheep with natural doing ability. Our stud ewes are run under commercial

conditions and our young rams are run through the summer and autumn with only minimal supplementary feeding. This gives us confidence that our rams go on and perform well for our clients. We continue to get great feedback for both breeds with our clients getting excellent results with both lambs and their first cross ewes. This year’s sale will be held on the property at 2018 Riddoch Hwy, Keith on Friday the 25th of September starting at 11am, with inspections from 9.30am. Ian and Sue invite you to come and inspect the rams either on sale day or before the sale. You can also follow us on face book or go to our website www. for our online catalogue which will be available from early September or just give Ian a call on 0438 566 030 to arrange a suitable time for an inspection. The Castle Camps team

K.D Sheep Studs Monday September 14th & Thursday October 8th Netley Park Thursday September 17th Glen Holme Dohne Stud Thursday September 17th Paxton Stud Wednesday September 23rd & Thursday 8th October. Castle Camps Friday September 25th Red Rock White Dorpers Monday September 28th OCTOBER SALES Cloven Hills Tuesday October 6th Janmac Wednesday October 7th Woolumbool Wednesday October 7th Derrynock Thursday October 8th Chrome Sheep Studs Thursday October 8th Pembroke Pastoral Co Thursday October 8th Paxton Stud Thursday October 8th Depta Grove Thursday October 8th K.D Sheep Studs Monday September 14th & Thursday October 8th Warrawindi Farms Friday October 9th Wrattenbullie Monday October 12th Majardah Monday October 12th Kenlorne Tuesday October 13th: Yarram Park Tuesday October 13th: Konongwootong Thursday October 15th Ryeview Monday October 19th Deloraine Downs Friday October 9th OCTOBER & NOVEMBER SALES Gambier View Corriedales Thursday October 29th & Monday November 2nd magazines/ram-lamb/

RURAL RUNDOWN Hamilton Market Report SHEEP & LAMBS Agents yarded 2,018 old lambs and 1,155 sheep at Hamilton this week the offering of lambs was very mixed and plain in quality with the sheep offering being fair to good with all weights and grades available. Once again not all the regular buyers were in attendance or fully active, again no restocking competition for lambs in a sale that was that was firm for the heavy lambs 25kg and over, while lighter lambs up to 24kg were $8 to $10/head cheaper. Sheep were firm to slightly softer in places especially for the lighter sheep. There was active competition for suitable lines of young merino sheep on offer restockers paying up to $126/head for young merino wethers.

There was insufficient light 12 to 18kg lambs on offer to quote. The light trade weight lambs 18 to 22kg sold from $90 to $128/ head, averaging 530c to 560c/ kg. The medium trade weight lambs 22 to 25kg made from $110 to $160/head, to average from 530c and 590c/kg. Heavy trade weight lambs 26 to 30kg and over made up to $165/ head, averaging around 535c/ kg. Hoggets 2 score made to $132/head. The heavier crossbred sheep made to $156 with the better well covered Merino sheep making from $115 to $135/head with the general run of merino mutton making from 480c and 520c/kg. Rams terminal sires to $60 and the Merino rams to $40/head.

Naracoorte Market Report - SHEEP & LAMBS Overall numbers rose as agents yarded more lambs but slightly less sheep with 4,104 lambs and 1,767 sheep combining to total 5,871 head. These sold to the usual array of trade and processor buyers as more new season lambs came forward, with the transition over to the new season continuing. The quality of the offering was generally good across all categories however the lamb market sold to some mixed results this week as sheep were firm to slightly better in places. Light new season lambs ranged from $97 to $106 as the light trade types returned from $119 to $122/head. Trade weight 3 score lambs made from $128 to $149/head to sell from mainly 650c to 700c/kg cwt.

Heavy new season lambs ranged from $150 to $166, as the extra heavy pens made up to $178/head. Light old lambs sold from $77 to $116, with the light trade selection returning from $110 to $128/head. Trade weight old lambs ranged from $123 to $156 as the heavy types returned from $145 to $172 as the few extra heavy pens reached a peak of $176/ head. Hoggets ranged from $75 to $150 as the light ewes sold from $64 to $86/head. Medium weighted ewes returned vendors from $98 to $126 to sell from mainly 500c to 550c/ kg cwt as the heavy sheep ranged from $130 to $179/ head. Wethers made from $119 to $175 as rams ranged from $70 to $120/head.

Mount Gambier Market Report - CATTLE 600 cattle yarded in Mount Gambier last week in a yarding that was firm across the board. The best bullocks topped at $3.80 and most were anywhere from $3.58-$3.72. The dairy and secondary crossbreeds topped at $3.15 and ranged from $2.90-$3.05. A lot of the yearling cattle were heifers and the heavy end heifers topped out at $3.54 for 550600kgs. Most of your better heifers were anywhere from $3.72-$3.95 and we had one

pen went for $3.98. There were a handful of vealers but not that many and they topped at $4.14. Most of the yearling steers went from $3.60-$3.80 and most of them were going to the feed. The cow market topped at $3.05 for heavy end and most of the heavy end cows were from $2.90-$3 and your lighter cows went from $2.60-$2.75 Ethan Bronca (O’Connor & Graney)

Mount Gambier Market Report - CATTLE Numbers climbed as agents yarded 600 head of live weight and open auction cattle at Mount Gambie rlast week. These sold to a larger field of trade and processor buyers with the regulars returning this week along with more feeder orders who competed strongly for supply. Quality lifted with more weight and condition amongst the pens as the market sold from firm to dearer rates. Yearling cattle rose by 20c on a

small supply as steers to the trade sold to a high of 414c, with the yearling heifers returning vendors from 280c to 398c/kg with a similar lift in price. Feeder steers received good competition as they made from 376c to 397c, with feeder heifers making from 370c to 396c, with a number of these going to a restocker order at Albury at 370c/ kg. An improved offering of grown steers and bullocks sold from 318c to 380c to the trade to remain fully

firm in price, as feeders were active here selling from 380c to 400c/kg. Grown heifers to the trade made from 300c to 368c, while feeders purchased here from 348c to 389c, as manufacturing steers ranged from 286c to 313c/kg. Heavy cows also remained firm in price as they returned from 273c to 305c, as the lighter selection ranged from 254c to 270c, with feeder activity making to 277c, as bulls made from 260c to 288c/kg.

Naracoorte Market Report - CATTLE Numbers eased as agents yarded 834 head of live weight and open auction cattle. These sold to the usual buying field with trade, processor, feeders and restockers all present and active across the offering. Quality improved with some good grassfed types this week along with more grain assisted pens however the market sold to mixed results as the yearling and grown categories sold from firm to reduced rates while cows were in demand and these sold to dearer pricing.

A small number of vealers came forward as both steers and heifers sold to a high of 413c/kg. Yearling steers to the trade ranged from 345c to 420c, with similar heifers making from 303c to 405c/kg. Feeder steers received good competition as they returned from 366c to 415c, and the feeder heifers ranged from 312c to 410c/kg. Restockers purchased steers here from 357c to 390c and heifers from 345c to 401c/kg. Grown steers and bullocks ranged from

336c to 378c to the trade while feeders were active here from 370c to 400c, as the grown heifers ranged from 292c to 385c/kg. Heavy cows lifted 7c as they made from mainly 284c to 309c, with a high of 320c/ kg for a pen of Charolais in an isolated sale. Lighter types to the trade ranged from 240c to 278c, with feeder activity to 282c as the heavy bulls returned from 240c to 270c, with light weights peaking at 310c/kg.



Classifications: (G) General, (PG) Parental Guidance, (M) Mature Audiences, (MA15+) Mature Audience Over 15 Years[s] Subtitles, Consumer Advice: (d) drug references, (s) sexual references or sex scenes (h) horror, (l) language, (mp) medical procedures, (n) nudity, (v) violence



Classifications: (G) General, (PG) Parental Guidance, (M) Mature Audiences, (MA15+) Mature Audience Over 15 Years[s] Subtitles, Consumer Advice: (d) drug references, (s) sexual references or sex scenes (h) horror, (l) language, (mp) medical procedures, (n) nudity, (v) violence



Classifications: (G) General, (PG) Parental Guidance, (M) Mature Audiences, (MA15+) Mature Audience Over 15 Years[s] Subtitles, Consumer Advice: (d) drug references, (s) sexual references or sex scenes (h) horror, (l) language, (mp) medical procedures, (n) nudity, (v) violence

Very revealing... I was saddened to hear of the wildfire raging in California this week. I was particularly irritated to learn that it was started by a pyrotechnic display as part of a gender reveal party. I repeat, thousands of acres of land have been destroyed, lives have been placed in danger, property has been destroyed because of selfindulgent mouth breathers who insist in turning every moment of their lives into an opportunity for a post on their social media. For those of you unfamiliar with gender reveal gatherings, parties and celebrations, they are an event where expecting parents invite their friends and family to a soirée where they announce whether the child will be a boy or a girl. The

announcement generally occurs with some sort of ceremonial reveal of something blue or pink. Picture blue balloons being released from a box. Imagine pink ribbons dropping out of a hidden compartment in the roof. Visualise cutting into a cake revealing a bright pink interior. Consider firing off blue pyrotechnics that cause an extensive forest fire, which authorities then charge you and fine you eight million dollars to compensate for the damage (that actually happened). The whole issue of gender reveal irritates me on so many levels. As a starting point, do we have to turn everything into a big show? If you want to tell friends and family what gender your child is going to be, send a text message. Does it really need to inconvenience everyone else, forcing them to get dressed up and give up an afternoon when they could have been pulling weeds out? Does this announcement really require themed catering? The answer is, “No, it doesn’t need those things.” I’m not a fan of finding out a baby’s gender prior to its birth anyway, either as the parent of the child, or as family or friend. Can we not have a little mystery and surprise in our lives? Can we not have a little delayed gratification in waiting and finding out when the child arrives? I’ve had friends over the years who’ve wanted to know the sex of their own child as they want to plan ahead and will decorate the child’s bedroom based on whether they’re having a boy or a girl. I object to this simply

based on the level of preparation and organisation. Planning takes all the fun out of life. I also have a problem with the inaccuracy of the way “gender reveals”are named. “Gender” refers to characteristics particular to and differentiating between masculinity and femininity. In a gender reveal, parents reveal the sex of their child not its gender. They reveal whether it has boy genitals or girl genitals, to be quite crude about it. They are revealing the child’s sex, not whether it’s going to identify as masculine, feminine, agender, androgyne, bigender, cis, gender fluid, gender nonconforming, gender questioning, genderqueer, intersex, neutrois, non-binary, pangender, or trans. The event would be better described as a sex reveal, but that doesn’t have the same ring and may lead to misunderstanding of the nature of the event. I think there’d probably be a different dress code at a gender reveal, compared to a sex reveal. In our modern world is it actually politically correct to pigeon-hole a

child in utero by communicating to all present that the child is boy meaning it will like blue rather than pink? I do understand that a true gender reveal may be a bit more difficult to follow. What colour would indicate pangender? Neutrois? Can’t expecting parents just announce they’re having a child, they’re very excited, and it seems to be healthy? I had no idea what sex, let alone gender, that my children Shaquille and Lebron were going to be prior to their births. In fact I have so little interest in what sex they were that I didn’t even find out whether they were a boy or girl in the delivery room. I didn’t look at their genitals for over twelve months. I was able to use this desire to respect their privacy as justification not to change nappies. You’re welcome, new dads. It seems pretty insensitive that the first thing we do when a child is born is look between their legs. What are we; dogs? If my children didn’t spend half of the day walking around my house naked, I still wouldn’t know what sex they were. Surely in the year 2020, we’ve got better things to spend time on that making a big fuss out of an unborn child’s genitalia. If you spotted the flaw in my Tim Tam Maths last week in not factoring in Tim Tam family packs with eighteen biscuits in a pack, email me at robbietansel@gmail. com Thanks Fleur and Fleur’s husband. I knew someone would spot it.

September 16

1620 Pilgrims set sail from England on the Mayflower.

1736 Best known as the inventor of the mercury-inglass thermometer and of the Fahrenheit scale, Daniel Fahrenheit died

1992 Nick Jonas, the youngest Jonas brother was born. He started acting as a seven year old and released his debut single in 2002 before forming a band with his siblings.


Classifications: (G) General, (PG) Parental Guidance, (M) Mature Audiences, (MA15+) Mature Audience Over 15 Years[s] Subtitles, Consumer Advice: (d) drug references, (s) sexual references or sex scenes (h) horror, (l) language, (mp) medical procedures, (n) nudity, (v) violence




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OneFortyOne’s annual water testing program has confirmed its forestry operations are having minimal impact on the Limestone Coast environment. Each winter, OneFortyOne conducts water testing at between 10 and 15 sites to determine whether herbicides applied to control weeds when pine seedlings are planted, are having any off-site effects. OneFortyOne Research Manager Danielle Wiseman said the company conducted water testing to protect the environment and ensure the controls it has in place to prevent off-target effects of herbicides are working. “The water monitoring program is designed to detect chemical trespass, provide feedback regarding the efficacy of current management practices and highlight improvement opportunities,” she said. “Water monitoring is conducted as part of the Australian Standard for Sustainable Forestry Management certification, but it is not a legislative requirement.” Dr Wiseman said OneFortyOne’s policy was to have minimal adverse impact on the environment through its forest management activities and to protect the water resources in the region in which it operates. “We use herbicides to control weeds when we plant the pine seedlings,” she said. “We need to remove the competition the weeds create so the seedlings can get established. After about 12 months, we usually don't apply any more herbicide for the duration of the 32-year rotation.” Dr Wiseman said OneFortyOne places a high value on protecting the environment and ensuring there was biodiversity within its plantations. “OneFortyOne manages its operations to protect or enhance conservation values of native vegetation on or adjacent to our estate to protect rare and endangered species,” she said. “Within the Green Triangle pine plantation estate, there is approximately 2,700 hectares of protected remnant vegetation, wetlands and caves. These areas provide a home for more than 80 different threatened species some of which are transient users of the pine plantations. Managing forests sustainably, and restoring them when needed, is crucial for people, biodiversity and climate.”


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DEATH NOTICES POLLOCK Arthur John Passed away peacefully at home surrounded by his loving family on Tuesday 8th September 2020 aged 72 years. Loved husband of Elaine. Adored Father and father-in-law of Maree and Scott, Michelle and Brendan, Dianne and Chris, Joanne and Scott Cherished poppy to Emma, Chanelle, Paige, Tyler, Harrison, Skye, Rowan, Bree, and Jacob.

McKENZIE Shirley Wilma Passed away peacefully at Resthaven, Mount Gambier on Saturday 22nd August 2020 In her 95th year.Dearly loved wife of Rex for 62 years. Loving Mother and Mother-in-law of Colin (dec), Ken and Linda, Stephen and Sue, Cherished Bardi of Scott and Kiralee, Saraya, and Jade. Great Grandmother of Hamish, and Kayla.

Always Remembered


Brain Teaser 1. Who is captain of the Melbourne Football Club?

14. Which country celebrates the Storming of the Bastille?

2. Scout Finch is the narrator of which Pulitzer Prize winning novel?

15. Who was Brad Pitt’s first wife?

3. Which horse won the iconic Kentucky Derby this year?

16. The American designer born in 1939 as Ralph Lifshitz is better known as what?

4. What is the capital of Fiji? 17. How many times has Rafael Nadal won the French Open?

5. What part of the atom has no electric charge?

18. How long is the gestation period of an African elephant?

6. What does BMW stand for (in English)?

19. Which watch company has a pointed crown as its logo?

7. What’s the primary ingredient in hoummus?

20. On June 18, 1815, which famous battle took place?

8. In 1927, who became the first person to fly non-stop across the Atlantic Ocean, from New York to Paris?

21. What classic video game requires you to eat all the dots throughout a maze?

9. Which country’s cuisine gave us the paella?

22. What is meteorology the study of?

10. The clavicle is more commonly known as what? 11. Who was the first Tudor king of England?

23. Which city is set to host the 2024 Summer Olympics? 24. Who is the Richmond Football Club CEO?

12. Aquaman is from which city under the sea?


(March 21- April 20) Lucky Colour: Fuschia Racing Numbers: 7-1-6-8 Lucky Day: Wednesday Lotto Numbers: 19-23-25-31-37-40 Combining your luck this week with a person born under the sign of Virgo could bring some rewards. Very good week for taking notice of your first impressions.


(April 21- May 20) Lucky Colour: Brown Racing Numbers: 4-1-1-4 Lucky Day: Saturday Lotto Numbers: 2-8-15-24-25-32

Try diplomacy and tact before you try a head-on confrontation. Your loved ones should give you their support for a new venture that is close to your heart. Someone important could give good advice.


(May 21- June 21) Lucky Colour: Teal Racing Numbers: 5-5-1-8 Lucky Day: Monday Lotto Numbers: 5-12-20-23-27-40 If possible try to take it easy and enjoy life a bit. This could be an important period in your love life. New chances for old ideas that you thought will not work.


(June 22- July 22) Lucky Colour: Blue Racing Numbers: 4-1-7-3 Lucky Day: Sunday Lotto Numbers: 7-12-22-32-34-36

Some travel that could be very important in your career. A person you respect could give you invaluable advice. Try not to have too closed a mind as some new ideas could work in your favour.


(July 23- August 22) Lucky Colour: Purple Racing Numbers: 1-4-9-8 Lucky Day: Sunday Lotto Numbers: 6-18-30-37-41-43

You should be getting on well in your career matters and your health is also on the improve. A long lost friend could interest you in something completely different. A job done in the past will pay off now.


(August 23- September 23) Lucky Colour: Beige Racing Numbers: 3-2-6-4 Lucky Day: Thursday Lotto Numbers: 20-24-31-36-38-44 Not a good time to rely on others for progress in areas you are interested in. Some improvements in your home matters but for a complete turn around by someone you have to wait a while.

25. Who is credited with discovering penicillin?

13. What is the capital of New Zealand?


with Sarah Kulkens


(September 24- October 23) Lucky Colour: Lilac Racing Numbers: 9-1-4-2 Lucky Day: Friday Lotto Numbers: 6-15-29-32-33-42


You seem to have the flair for talking people into your way of thinking and this period is the very best time for it. Lots of activity at your place and property matters dominate.

The relatives and friends of the Late Mr Arthur John, (John, Polly) Pollock are respectfully advised that his Funeral will be held at the Carinya Gardens Chapel, Grant Avenue, on Wednesday 16th September 2020 commencing at 10:00am. The Burial will take place immediately following the chapel service. In lieu of floral tributes a donation to Stand Like Stone Foundation, PO Box 2590 Mount Gambier 5290 would be appreciated. In the care of SOUTH EAST FUNERAL SERVICES 1 White Avenue, Ph: 8725 4333


(October 24- November 22) Lucky Colour: Navy Racing Numbers: 8-1-4-9 Lucky Day: Tuesday Lotto Numbers: 2-23-33-35-40-42 If you are not trying to climb too fast this could be a very good time for career advancements. Take care to read all instructions carefully to avoid problems later on.


Lucky Colour: Red Lucky Day: Friday

(November 23- December 20) Racing Numbers: 2-2-5-6 Lotto Numbers: 1-10-25-35-37-39

Where financial matters are concerned your hunches are spot on. If you do not take too much notice of someone who is trying to hassle you, this should be a good period for your lovelife.


(December 21- January 19) Lucky Colour: Peach Racing Numbers: 1-4-9-1 Lucky Day: Sunday Lotto Numbers: 17-18-27-33-36-40 A new romantic interest could be something you have been waiting for for some time. Property and real estate matters should be lucky and some clever shopping could bring something special.



You might find yourself at the end of a journey that really was not worth it. Disappointing results about business could deflate your ego but a much better period is ahead of you.


How to play: To solve this puzzle each 3x3 box, each row and each column must contain all the numbers from 1 to 9. 1 7 2 5 6 3 4 8 9

5 6 4 9 8 1 7 2 3

3 8 9 7 2 4 1 6 5

2 5 8 1 3 6 9 4 7

6 4 7 2 5 9 8 3 1

9 1 3 8 4 7 6 5 2

8 9 5 6 7 2 3 1 4

4 2 1 3 9 8 5 7 6

7 3 6 4 1 5 2 9 8



8 4 9 8 9 7


4 1


3 6 1

4 8

4 3

2 8 6 3 5 1 2 6

Answers – 1. Max Gawn; 2. To Kill A Mockingbird; 3. Authentic; 4. Suva; 5. Neutron; 6. Bavarian Motor Works; 7. Chickpeas; 8. Charles Lindbergh; 9. Spain; 10. Collarbone; 11. Henry VII; 12. Atlantis; 13. Wellington; 14. France; 15. Jennifer Aniston; 16. Ralph Lauren; 17. 12; 18. 22 months; 19. Rolex; 20. Battle of Waterloo; 21. Pac-Man; 22. Weather; 23. Paris; 24. Brendon Gale; 25. Alexander Fleming

The relatives and friends of the late Mrs Shirley Wilma McKenzie are respectfully advised that her funeral with be held in its entirety at the Chapel of South East Funeral Services, 1 White Avenue, Mount Gambier on Tuesday 15th September 2020 commencing at 2:00pm. In the care of SOUTH EAST FUNERAL SERVICES 1 White Avenue, Ph: 8725 4333

(January 20- February 19) Lucky Colour: Green Racing Numbers: 1-6-3-4 Lucky Day: Saturday Lotto Numbers: 1-10-24-27-38-41

(February 20- March 20) Lucky Colour: Cream Racing Numbers: 4-6-2-8 Lucky Day: Tuesday Lotto Numbers: 2-7-15-24-27-33 Very confusing period in which you could be at a loose end. Do not despair – an improved situation is not very faraway and you will be able to regain some lost ground very soon. Kerry Kulkens Psychic Line 1300 727 727 | (call cost: $5.50 incl GST per min. mob/pay extra)

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MSE crowns its North scoops the pool Limestone Coast Football League hands out champions individual awards for interim season



JILL 0400 598 327

DUNCAN 0407 722 983


ROSANGELA 0419 366 649

Hawks & Eagles fly high in junior football season deciders



Mid South East Junior Football

GRAND FINALS SENIOR COLTS Kongorong 3.0 6.2 7.2 10.4 (64) Mt Burr 3.2 4.4 5.4 5.7 (37) Goals - Kongorong: L. McIntyre, D. Pochec-Gordon 4; B. Von Stanke-Dowie, R. Maconachie. Mt Burr: F. Johnston 3; J. Francis, K. Bevan Best - Kongorong: B. Leicester, L. McIntyre, D. Pochec-Gordon, J. Whitty, W. Vickery, A. Dethmore. Mt Burr: L. Perna, T. Allen, J. Muhovics, B. Scott, K. Bowering, G. Wimshurst. Allen Jenkin Medal (Best on Ground) - Brayden Leicester (Kongorong) JUNIOR COLTS Hatherleigh 2.4 4.4 5.4 7.5 (47) Robe 0.1 1.2 2.3 5.3 (33) Goals - Hathterleigh: H. Nowak, T. Atkinson 2; O. Fitzgerald, C. Clark, A. Nettle. Robe: J. Dutton 2; C. Moore, J. Ciabattoni, R. Bermingham. Best - Hatherleigh: O. Fitzgerald, T. Atkinson, Z. Bowering, A. Nettle, J. Atkinson. Robe: J. Dutton, M. Robertson, M. McKenny, C. Moore, C. Thomas, K. Carter. John Seebohm Trophy (Best on Ground) - Zak Bowering (Hatherleigh)

LIMESTONE COAST FOOTBALL LEAGUE AWARD WINNERS: A Grade best & fairest - Nick McInerney (North Gambier - top left); A Grade runner up - Brett O’Neil (South Gambier - bottom left); A Grade leading goalkicker Justin McConnell (North Gambier - above top right) & Klas Bilt best backman - Jake Schutz (North Gambier - above bottom right). RESERVES AWARD WINNERS: Best & fairest - Nick Seager (South Gambier) & Aaron Slorach (East Gambier) Leadiong goal kicker - Garth Ransom (East Gambier)

SAFE & SECURE SHEDS WITH 24 HOUR ACCESS Call us on 0419 384 002 or 0413 281 948


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secured victory in both outings. A short 30 minute break was then followed by another patch TO ADVERTISE CONTACT: JILL 0400 598 327 DUNCAN 0407 722 983 ROSANGELA 0419 366 649 of three back to back contests and they proved to be the most challenging. With a draw and two wins from those three games the team left Adelaide undefeated with only one goal scored against and, most importantly, back to back State Champions. Captains Layne Blackwell and Blake McKee were exemplary in their leadership for the day, while the defence was held up by Abby Miller in goals, along with Shaun Robinson, Patrick Langsmith, Ella Matheson, Layne Blackwell, Mia Kleinig and Zoe Carne. Blake McKee and Lily Delaland The day started off gently with Grant High School has linked well together in the midfield, an easy 3-0 win in the first game. secured back to back titles in with Tori Grosse and Abbey Hood As the team hadn’t played the 8/9 Mixed Knockout Hockey also rotating through the hard together before, it was a good Tournament, returning from running positions. opportunity to gauge who played Adelaide as the best in their Jack Leishman and Josh best in each position, and worked age group again across South Younger found strength in their best with others on the field. From Australia. game on the forward line, positions there, the intensity of the day The team took on six other that they had never played before, increased with two games back to while Nash Lobley, Will Cameron talented country and city back. Having a side of 16, with five and Charlize Bignall responded based schools in a round robin subs, proved valuable, as players event, with the team with the well to coaching requests, leading could take short rests and ready highest points at the end of the into space and creating short themselves for another six minutes competition taking home the corner attack plays. of hard running and the team championship.

Back to back state titles




Boys improve but finish second

With a seasoned core group of players, the Grant High School Open Boys squad looked set for a promising tournament and in the end they returned home as runners up after going down to Prince Alfred College, both in the minor round and the title decider. A reformed structure from previous years saw the team field a strong defensive line-up, which

the back half in the second game against Nuriootpa High School – with Rylan Ward working hard in the midfield to cover the injured Burston. Grant broke the deadlock with a cracking hit to the top corner as the team maintained a renewed offensive pressure. Following several scoring opportunities, Brock Ward swatted a beautiful team goal at the back post, to cement the game 2-0, after a crafty deflection from Harry Robinson. Reigning state champions, Prince Alfred College, were taken aback by Grant’s improved held Henley High School goalless performance in the third game in their first game, while a saved – especially after a one-sided Connor Millhouse drag flick from a affair last year. Roy Hutchesson short-corner was swiftly put away was almost impenetrable in goals, by the experienced recruit, Connor making a number of outstanding Grant, to claim a 1-0 victory. The saves to keep the team in the win was soured, however, by a game. The group conceded a shoulder dislocation to captain, goal for a 0-1 loss in the minor Brayden Burston. Key defenders, round – with the same result in the Aiden Cameron and Angus eventual match-replay for the Langsmith, continued to dominate State Championship.

Open girls finish runner up

Grant High School’s Open Girls hockey team had to settle for second after their hard fought efforts at the Adelaide based Knockout tournament. Made

up of students from Years 8=-12 amd well led by Year 12 students Paige Clark and Brooke Marcus, the team competed in four games across the one-day event. The

first game was against the 2019 titleholders Henley High School with Grant going down 1-0. Next, against Nuriootpa High School, Grant started strongly with the first goal, scored by Brooke Marcus, with the match ending in a 1-all draw. Trinity College came out strong in the girls’ next match with Marcus again the goal scorer along with Zara Blackwell as Grant secured a 2-1 win. Henley scored the first goal in the titel decider before Marcus scored late in the second half to force the game into golden goal. Henley was awarded a penalty corner on the buzzer and they were able to score and defend thier title, 2-1, leaving the Grant High girls as runner up.

Bordertown round of South East vets golf

Bordertown hosted 41 players on a very windy day of 30 degrees, for the latest round of South East Golf Veterans action. The first division was dominated by locals, the exception being the in form Tony Steen. Barry Turnbull’s 38 points won, Tony had 37 and Tony Bishop and Brian Slape, 36. Second division went to Dennis Smith, of Attamurra, with 35 and Russ Lingham, of Blue Lake, and Gerry Holmes, of Naracoorte, had a countback on 34. The Ross Orchard Trophy went to new member Greg Sinclair, from Naracoorte, and Graham Allen, of Attamurra. There were four NTPs and Arch Sunderland, of Millicent, took two of them, John Kamp and Derek Bowering, the others. The ball rundown went as far as 28 and there were no faux pas reported. The next outing is at Naracoorte on September 21, followed by Beachport on October 12.

WET & WILD: The Mount Gambier Netball Association Junior 13 players faced wet and windy conditions at the weekend in the final minor round action of the shortened 2020 season.

New faces compete in 2-4-2 competition

WINNERS: Winner John Scudds (absent: Garry Wilson) with runners up Robert Chambers & Ian Ross

WELCOME: Georgina and Alan Smith, a visiting couple who are moving to Millicent Last week, in perfect bowling conditions, bowlers came out to play as 61 players took to greens. This is a record for the number of players ever to play 2-4-2 on a Thursday afternoon at the Millicent Bowls Club. Because of the large number of players all three greens were used to accommodate all teams. President Peter Hyland welcomed Alan and Georgina Smith to the club to participate in the game. Alan and Georgina have moved from Mundulla to Millicent and are looking to join the Millicent Bowls Club. The winning teams for the day and taking first prize of $61 was Garry Wilson and John Scudds with a score of 34+1 closely followed by runners up Ian Ross and Robert Chambers with a score of 33+21. Other winning teams were: Derek Bowering, Dell Parsons 33+7. Ian Kuchel, Rod Gibbs 32+16; Margaret Fennell, Mary Campbell 32+15; Arthur O’Connell, John Buhlmann 32+9; Faye Hill, Dawn Bellman 31+14,; Garth Baker, Alan Correll 31+1; a triple of Jan Buhlmann, John Eldridge and Robert Radley 31+6; Adriana Ross, Peter Scanlon 31+2; Alby Cecotti, Robert Atkinson 31+1; Peter Dunnicliff, Lyn Scudds 30+11’ Colin Lomas, Ros Varcoe 29+8; Malcolm Wright, Iain Campbell 29+1; Barry Smith, Steve Carnellor 19+0 drew with Georgina Smith and John Drew 21+0. Men’s Handicap Singles are to be played Saturday, September 19 and the Scudds/Earl Shield Day is to be held at the Millicent Bowls Club Sunday, September 20, commencing at 1pm.

SPORT KNT Junior Football SENIOR COLTS Bordertown 5.0 9.4 15.5 17.5 (107) Padthaway/Lucindale 2.3 3.5 4.6 7.8 (50) Goals - Bordertown: D. Carnemolla 8; J. Hutchinson 5; M. McLellan 2; B. Hinge, I. Bertus/ Padthaway/Lucindale: S. Pitt 2; W. Graetz, C. Clarke, A. Pitt, J. Pinchbeck, H. Dennis. Best - Bordertown: M. Tautho, D. Carnemolla, J. Hutchinson, B. Hinge, B. Whittlesea, B. Plum. Padthaway/Lucindale: H. Dennis, S. Volker, S. Pitt, H. Aldridge, W. Graetz. Keith 1.0 5.1 8.2 9.2 (56) Naracoorte 4.1 4.3 5.3 5.6 (36) Goals - Keith: J. Cox 3; T. Oliver 2; S. Gogel, T. Edson, J. Altus, J. Hillman. Naracoorte: S. Pridham 3; J. Nunes, L. Brunt. Best - Keith: J. Hornsby-Weber, R. McMurray, J. Altus, D. Qualmann, J. Walter, J. Sigston. Naracoorte: T. Anderson, J. Steadman, B. Stewart, S. Leehane, J. Nunes, T. Sims. Kingston 4.2 7.8 13.11 15.12 (102) Mundulla 0.2 0.2 1.2 1.2 (8) Goals - Kingston: J. Harding 5; E. Murdock, J. Tapfield 3; A. Strydom, C. Watts, Z. Emms, K. Pass. Mundulla: N. Nankivell. Best - Kingston: E. Murdock, D. Wright, H. Peel, D. Martin, A. Strydom, H. Stenner. Mundulla: H. Young, A. Davies, H. Kuchel, M. Pickering, J. Dimitriadis NO RESULTS AVAILABLE FOR KYBYBOLITE V PENOLA JUNIOR COLTS Bordertown 1.3 2.5 3.5 4.5 (29) Padthaway/Lucindale 0.0 0.0 0.3 0.4 (4) Goals - Bordertown: K. Hampel, W. Harvey, L. Glynn, D. Twigden. Best - Bordertown: A. Hampel, D. Will, C. Orrock, R. Cornish G. Laucke, R. Wegener. Padthaway/Lucidnale: M. Chambers, A. Pitt, E. Longbottom. J. Blower, E. Hocking, S. Buick. Naracoorte 2.0 7.2 7.2 8.4 (52) Keith 1.1 1.1 2.1 2.1 (13) Goals - Naracoorte: L. Leehane 4; M. Maney 2; Z. Boston, B. East. Keith: B. Ross, S. Makin. Best - Naracoorte: G. Pretlove, G. Slattery, X. Mitchell, Z. Bostoin, J. duRand, M. Maney. Keith: B. Thompson, B. Ross, T. Wilson, W. Hedges, J. Llewellyn, N. Harper. Kingston 0.3 1.3 3.5 4.10 (34) Mundulla 1.1 2.2 2.3 3.3 (21) Goals - Kingston: J. Peterson 2; L. Braithwaite, E. Mutton. Mundulla: L. Green 2; R. Dimitriadis. Best - Kingston: J. peterson, M. Little, F. Watts, N. Worthley, Z. Hatch, J. Pope. Mundulla: C. Krop, B. Dinning, R. Dimitriadis, B. Colwill, J. Grellet. NO RESULTS AVAILABLE FOR KYBYBOLITE V PENOLA

Western Border Junior Football

UNDER 18 West Gambier 3.2 4.3 6.6 6.7 (43) North Gambier 1.2 1.4 2.4 4.5 (29) Goals - West: J. Judd, J. Cornolo 2; J. Bull, B. Cook. North: T. de Wit 2; L. Buckley, J. Arthurson. Best - West: B. Say, A. Jarnevic, E. Giddings, A. Pearson, J. Judd, M. Duryea. North: D. Bachmann, D. Hurley, S. McRae, E. New, M. Hammond, J. Griffith. Millicent 3.2 8.4 11.6 17.7 (109) East Gambier 1.0 2.0 3.1 4.2 (26) Goals - Millicent: J. Cushion 4; K., Varcoe 3; H. Willis, J. Werchon 2; R. Schubert, B. Shanks, C. McGrath, J. Haines, E. Redman, S Dickenson. East: R. Flamank 3; T. Holden. Best - Millicent: J. Werchon, S. Gray, K. Varcoe, L. Chant, S. Dickenson, D. Shanks. East: R. Flamank, P. Fennell, M. Bennett, B. Gaffney, J. Lines, A. Todd. UNDER 16 West Gambier 0.1 1.2 2.4 4.6 (30) North Gambier 0.3 1.6 3.7 3.7 (25) Goals - West: E. Gladman 2; L. Lefever, C. Carson. North: Z. Clark 2; J. Griffith. Best - West: C. Carson, E. Gladman, A. Ramsey, B. Boult, J. Judd. North: R. McLaughlin, T. Harris, S. Richards, J. Turner, J. O’Connor, J. Williamson. Millicent 0.1 4.5 7.6 11.12 (78) East Gambier 1.1 1.1 2.2 2.3 (15) Goals - Millicent: J. Todd 5; K. Shanks 3; J. Cushion, A. Wesolowski, E. Redman. East: N. Bignell, T. Bignell. Best - Millicent: E. redman, J. Bowden, J. Todd, B. Werchon, A. Fuller, K. Shanks. East: R. Ellis, T. Bignell, S. Lock, J. Dry, F. Graney, H. Stewart. South Red 3.3 4.4 5.4 6.4 (40) South White 0.0 1.3 2.5 4.8 (32) Goals - South Red: L. Turley 2; H. Wright, M. Sims N. Sims, F Calderwood. South White: J. Walker, M. Goldsmith, B. Young, Z. Hopgood. Best - South Red: E. Sims, F. Calderwood, M. Sims, P. Brodie, S. Sims, M. Harrold. South White: D. Wilsonm, L. Winterfield, L. Broome, H. Keding, W. Boston, L. Thiele. UNDER 14 Millicent 2.0 2.0 3.1 6.1 (37) East Gambier 1.3 2.6 3.9 4.10 (34) Goals - Millicent: K. Gibson 3; J. Bowden, H. Gibbs, C. Todd. East: J. Lawrence, A. Clarke, A. Virtanen, C. Richards. Best - Millicent: J. Bowden, J. Haggett, K. Gibson, H. Thwaites, H. Gibbs, J. Werchon. East: Z. Chant, C. McCann, T. Wilke, N. Gollan, A. Clarke, L. Richards. North Gambier 4.1 6.4 8.4 11.6 (72) West Gambier 0.1 0.1 2.3 2.4 (16) Goals - North: B. Anderson 4; I. Coleman, D. Ilsley, M. Baron 2; K. Allen. West: A. Noble, K.Johnson. Best - North: D. Ilsley, R. Kinyabuguma, A. Allen, J. Collins, K. Allen, I. Coleman. West: R. Morgan, B. McAdam,B. Cowland, D. Lewis, T. Hammond, F. Kenseley. NO RESULTS AVAILABLE FOR SOUTH GAMBIER RED V SOUTH GAMBIER WHITE

Hobitz Red too strong Wet conditions for final minor round matches It was the final minor round contest for the season and Hobitz White came out hard for the first quarter in Junior 13, in which saw them score the first goal of the game. Great work from Ashlyn Horn and Natalie Stubberfield to score so quickly but Hobitz Red quickly settled and started to play their game. Phoenix Jones and Maddison Dennis were both working overtime in the Hobitz White defence circle. They managed to get their hands to many balls with them both doing their best to close any open space for their opposition goalies. Lacey Hannaford and Liberty Dowdy both looked around the Hobitz Red goal ring, utilizing Lexi Durbridge and Sienna Edwards to pass the ball around in a bid to get closer to the ring. The shooting accuracy being high for the first quarter seeing them score a game high 10 goals between them. Ruby Leitch, Lucy Kerin and Crystal Noble were working hard in the mid court for Hobitz White, with

them taking their time with passes to ensure they went to their team. Durbridge, Edwards and Addison Dowdy were all playing a faster paced mid court for Hobitz Red with them working well as a team to ensure the ball made it down toe their goalies each time. Lara Wilson and Lillie Letitch were a strong duo in defence for Hobitz Red seeing them take interceptions and gain possession of the ball many times. This ultimately kept their opposition to one goal for the quarter. With strong leads and some fantastic displays of team plays down the court, Hobitz Red went into the first break with a nine goal lead. Changes from both sides saw the game settle with players still adjusting to the wet surface and the ball being heavier than normal. Hannaford and Dowdy continued their shooting accuracy for Hobitz Red, with them resting Letitch and bringing on Jahli Mutton into goal keeper. Teamwork and consistent

Mount Gambier Netball

DIVISION ONE Amazons Grey 43 (Brooke Stephenson, Jessica Parker) d Amazons Pink 26 (Kristie Pearson, Bonnie Norman); Hobitz Blue 64 (Zahli Feast, Nicole Smith) d Lakes Blue 13 (Bailey young, Chelsea Rodda); Hobitz Red 44 (Kym Stewart, Maddy Cowland) d Lakes Black 23 (Bo Creek, Emalee Stoker). DIVISION TWO Amazons Pink 60 (Christie Green, Jodie Farrell) d Hobitz Blue 20 (Maddy Smith, Tayla Doody); Amazons Grey 44 (Brooke Holmes, Kaitlin Opie) 44 d Hobitz Red 15 (Marni Formosa, Mikaela Govern) 15; MGNA I1 30 (Iesha Goldsmith, Chernita Goldsmith) 30 d MGNA V1 17 (Eliza Harding, Jess Grigg); MGNA Z2 52 (Chloe Haskin, Dearna Laney) d Lakes 29 (Julie Moran, Jodie McInnes) JUNIOR 15 Hobitz 65 (Marnee Formosa, Evie Sealey) d MGNA Z3 13 (Jessica Stutley, Aleisha Brook) ; MGNA V3 34 (Ava Simpson, Layne Blackwell) d MGNA V2 16 (Madison Stafford, Charlie Dowdell). JUNIOR 13 MGNA Z5 55 (Sienna Copping, Emina Leamey) d Amazons 2 (Ivory Booth, Isabelle Green); Hobitz Red 23 (Lara Wilson, Lacey Hannaford) d Hobitz White 8 (Ashlyn Horn, Lucy Kerin) JUNIOR 10 Amazons 18 (Ellie Harrop, Ajay Smith)d Hobitz White 1 (Matilda Agostinelli) 1; Hobitz Blue 5 (Molly Thomas, Sarah Richards) d Hobitz Red 0 (Hannah Jackson, Zara Cole)

Western Border Junior Netball

17 & UNDER West Gambier 67(J. Davey, B. Kuller) d North Gambier 35 (S. Nulty, S. Dally); Millicent 76 (H. Nitschke, P. Nitschke) d East Gambier 33 (K. Dempsey, I. Lamb) 15 & UNDER A North Gambier 38 (A. Norman, K. Dyson) d West Gambier 22 (C. Scott, A. Pearson); Millicent 65 (A. Denton, R. Kenny) d East Gambier 15 (I. Dwyer, A. Beveridge) 15 & UNDER B West Gambier 28 (H. Boujlt, H. Cowie) d North Gambier 25 (K. Winterfield, C. Mackerth); Millicent 52 (L. Van Eeden, L. Paul) d East Gambier 12 (R. Jacobs, K. Legray) 13 & UNDER A North Gambier 54 (C. Nulty, S. Brown) d West Gambier 18 (E. Jolley, E. Xanthopoulos); Millicent 68 (M. Lynch, E. Crowe) d East Gambier 14 (S. Clarke, L. Lamb) 13 & UNDER B Norh Gambier 34 (T. Jones, E. Adam) d West Gambier 12 (M. Baron, M. Lynch); Millicent 37 (T. Grosser, K. Dunn) d East Gambeir 6 (S. Jones, A. Anderson) 11 & UNDER West Gambier 18 (L. Pearson, L. Buck) drew with North Gambier 18 (G. Collins, G. Nulty); Millicent 33 (L. Crowe, C. Sigston) d East Gambier 1 (T. Kemp, A. Hosking)

defensive pressure saw Hobitz Red pick up many loose balls and gain possession of any untimed passes. Hobitz White rested Noble, bringing Zoya Habib into the game atwing attack, with Leitch moving towing defence. This working well for the side, with movementsaround the mid court being stronger and possessions being maintained. A relatively even quarter with Hobitz Red getting up by one additional goal for the quarter. Changes again from both sides saw them take a little time to settle. Hobitz White defenders in Jones and Stubberfield continued with their hard work whilst gaining touches and applying close defence work. Hobitz Red continued their strong defensive pressure up all over the court enabling them to gain possession of the ball. The goalies in Hannaford and Dowdy were still shooting with amazing accuracy. In at wing defence, Habib was having a great game in which she gained multiple interceptions for the quarter. Heading into the last quarter, Hobitz Red extended their lead out to 14 goals. Players swapped bibs for both teams again heading towards the last quarter. Hobitz White were playing a great game as these young players have come along way since the beginning of the season but att the end of the game, Hobitz Red came away with a 23 – 8 win. Best Players for Hobitz White were Ashlyn Horn and Lucy Kerin, whilst Lara Wilson and Lacey Hannaford got the awards for Hobitz Red. In the other Junior 13 game today, MGNA Z5 took on Amazons, in what was the girls in pink last game today for the season and at the final whistle, MGNA Z5 took the win 55–2. Best players for MGNA Z5 were Sienna Copping and Emina Leamey, with Amazons looking to Ivory Booth and Isabelle Green.

Next week • SAPSASA Soccer success for boys & girls teams. • Mount Gambier Netball Association first week of finals • A wrap of AUSKICK action in the region • Tenison Woods College netballers on tour • & so much more


SPORT Sprint Series action

Silver salver wraps up



JILL 0400 598 327


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The final round of the Metro Bakery & Cafe sponsored Silver Salver was played in par format at the Blue Lake Golf Club last Wednesday. The results in Division 1 went down to the wire requiring a countback between Lee-Anne Medhurst and Dianne Perryman both carding +4. Medhurst got the nod having +3 on the front nine and +1 on the back nine to Perryman’s +4 on the front and square on the back. Minor placings went to Josie Ashby, square, and Helen Myers, -2. Division 2 also produced excellent scores with winner Dianne Allen scoring +1 on the front 9 and -1 on the back 9 coming back from four scrubs overall after digging deep to take the top voucher. Runner up Lynette Hirth will be pleased with her effort and take pleasure in the lessons she has had with greenkeeper “Dan” are showing results. Hirth had splits of -2/+1 final result -1 . Minor placings were Lucy Richards-2 and Beryl Mahoney-3.

ROSANGELA 0419 366 649

AND THEY’RE OFF & RACING: (From left) - Aaron Bowering; Paul Heenan & Kevin Raedel. PHOTOS COURTESY OF LISA CATALANO

INAUGURAL WINNER: Marlene Lingham Memorial Trophy winner Josie Ashby NTP 2nd shot winners on the par three 16th hole Div 1: Dianne Perryman Div 2: Jo Grogan Pro-shot winner: Helen Myers This Wednesday will be the annual pink cancer fundraising three person Ambrose stableford. A blind draw will be used.

SILVER SALVER WINNERS: Division 1 winner Lee-Anne Medhurst and runner up Dianne Perryman, with Division 2 winner Dianne Allen & runner up Lynette Hirth.









The South Eastern Automobile Club held the second round of the 2020 Super Sprint Series earlier this month. Running in a clockwise direction, the Autocross track has many spots to catch out the overly brave or careless when competing on the 1.9km figure 8 layout and add to that the typical wintery weather in the week leading up to the event, surface conditions on the Recce lap presented “sloppy” in quite a few areas, but not a lot of standing water. A small bypass was needed in one spot. Geoff Wilson, after enjoying his best ever runs at the previous round drew the magical number one for this round in a random ballot by the director and chose to be cautious through the sloppy topping so he could compete all day. He and the next 12 runners effectively swept the track for the rest of the 38 starters. From position 14, Ross Shephard put the Subaru in attack mode and put in a good run to test out the surface grip. Showing that the track had come good, the more fancied 4WD fraternity in the middle of the draw were looking forward to their starting slot. Dale Cagney got to



2008 MAZDA 6 MANUAL, 177,000KMS, CRUISE, ABS $


work and whipped around the brilliant track layout some seven seconds better than the good time posted by Shephard, to further reinforce the fact that the track was definitely improving with each car sweeping the surface a little more. Damien ‘Shorty’ Brand took to the course in his Can-Am Racer and posted times right up with the 4WD runners for the day and going by the big grin on his face, certainly enjoyed the outing. Club champion Aaron Bowering, after having to repair a leaking hose found on the Recce lap, took to the track in his normal no-nonsense style and reinforced the fact that the track had definitely dried out, posting a 1:43.44 for fastest time on the first round, Cagney next with a 1:46.00 and Brand 1:49.63. Bordertown regular, Adam Jesse had the Subaru Liberty firing on all cylinders and rocked in a 1:51.5 to share the fourth spot with Nick Cagney in his Commodore, ahead of Paul Heenan with a settling in run in the VR4 rally car at 1:52.7 at sixth, Shephard seventh at a 1:53.90, Damien Wilson’s S13 at a 1:55.15 for 8th, Jayden Edwards in his shared Commodore with 1:55.81 and Kevin
















2011 HOLDEN CRUZE SRI-V 153,000KMS, A/C, P/S

Raedel in the BF Taxi rounding out the Top 10 with a 1:56.4. With dust coming up most of the track, round two presented quite a different surface and times tumbled with the grippy course layout. Bowering continued with fastest round of 1:42.66 to head Cagney again at 1:43.28 and a fast charging Heenan back in the groove with a 1:45.5 for third quickest. Round three saw Bowering head the pack with a blistering 1:39.72, proving beyond doubt, that this track had plenty of grip. Cagney also improved with a 1:39.91 to keep number two from Paul Heenan, at 1:45.84. Dale Cagney, having filled number two slot for the first three outings, put it all together in round four to head the fast Aaron Bowering by 9/100ths and earn the number one spot with the times 1:40.94 and 1:41.03 for these two 4WDs, closely followed by Heenan’s VR4 at 1:43.9 for third. The battle at the top continued in round five with Cagney unable to repeat the fourth round success. Bowering topping the list with the tired Subaru Wagon glad to see the end of the day and a final round time of 1:39.68 a smidgen in front of the consistent Dale Cagney in his Evo at 1:40.78, with Paul Heenan’s VR4 consistent in third with a 1:43.90. When the dust had settled and the final scores were posted, Aaron Bowering had held it together for the day and was awarded the outright first place with a total time of 8:26.53, closely followed by Dale Cagney’s total of 8:30.91 for second and Paul Heenan doing enough for the day to tally 8:51.83 to finish third. .SEAC action continues on the October long weekend with a double header to celebrate the Club’s 25th Anniversary. Saturday will see a Rally Cross held with multiple cars on track, racing together over six laps, including a Joker lap, while Sunday will be the third round of the Super Sprint Series and celebrations will be occurring after each event. Class Placings were awarded to: Class A Aden Brand (22nd outright) Class B Nick Cagney (7th outright) Class C Bailey Perryman (17th outright) Class D Damien Wilson (8th outright) Class E Kevin Raedel (14th outright) Class L Sarah Coates (24th outright)


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It’s nice to go to someone who







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