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MATES RATES Mount Gambier A fresh new look! See page 3 for details.


COVER - MATES RATES MOUNT GAMBIER ADDS A NEW FRANCHISE TO ITS BUSINESS Family owned Mates Rates Mount Gambier have been servicing the region for over seven years now and this month are relaunching the brand while the business undergoes somewhat of a transformation. Designing, selling and building sheds of all sizes, including domestic, commercial and industrial, as well as steel kit homes, local distributors for Fielders Centenary carports and verandahs they pride themselves on being market leaders in price and quality.For that reason they’ve transitioned to the new Sheds and Homes Franchise to supply their steel sheds and steel kit homes. While the product is the same high level quality they’ve always sold, they now have a much larger range and increased buying power. It’s all about quality and value for money at Mates Rates with its vision statement as true today as it was when Adam and Jaala Fosdike opened their doors - “market leaders in price and quality”. It sees Adam constantly searching the marketplace across Australia for the best quality products at the best price. “If we can’t find suppliers that can deliver this to our customers we simply don’t supply it,” he said. “We want our customers to know that they are getting the best priced quality product every time they shop with us” The new franchise allows Mates Rates Mount Gambier to capitalise on its strong relationship with Moody Builders, placing owner Craig Moody, his crew leader Simon Cram

and Barry Moody the roller door specialist at the helm of the Sheds and Homes construction side of the business. The projects team led by Adam Fosdike (Business Manager/ Sales), the administration officer Jaala Fosdike (Office Administrator/Drafting/ Designer) and Shylah Fosdike (Designer/ Administrator trainee) enable successful completion from thought to finish. Supplying and building sheds since 2011, Mates Rates have hundreds of sheds already built across the Limestone Coast and Western Victoria, and twice celebrating top 3 in National Sales in their current WSS Steelx division for 2017. Their sheds are all made from 100% Australian Blue Scope Steel and include site specific engineering to ensure they are built to survive the harsh Australian conditions. Sheds and Homes provides steel kit homes, which are a fantastic money saver for a competent owner-builder. The low prices include the supply of the frames,trusses, Colorbond exterior walls and roof with the internals to be finished by the client.Not only termite proof but these steel kit homes have proven to be a really cost effective way to achieve a showroom home on a budget. They also come with a council approval guarantee or your money back. Along with supplying the local market with prefabricated steel buildings Mates Rates are the largest trailer retailer in the Region stocking a huge range of painted and hot dipped galvanised trailers of all sizes.



David Williams is the dedicated trailer specialist who can talk you through your trailer needs including tradie tops, stock crates, hydraulic tippers, heavy tonnage and any custom trailer design you can imagine. Mates Rates are also distributors for Austalia’s number one choice for Waste Water treatment systems and rain water tanks “Talyex Australia”, all tanks are available in both Poly and concrete. Having completed training for Land Capability for Onsite Wastewater Management (at the Centre for Environmental Training) Adam can provide end to end solutions for your waste water needs. From design,soil testing, engineering, council approvals,

Dolphins can detect underwater sounds from 24 km away.

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supply, servicing and installation. So for any of your major outdoor home improvement projects be sure to visit Mates Rates and know that you will always be getting market leading prices and quality every time. Above - Local family business team Jaala, Shylah & Adam Fosdike.



PINES ENDURO MATES RATES MOUNT GAMBIER 1 Wireless Road East Mount Gambier SA 5290 Ph 0488 816 283




Cauliflower mac & cheese 500g cauliflower, cut until florets 300g dried elbow pasta 375g tub smooth light ricotta 1/2 cup grated light tasty cheese

Pinch of nutmeg 1 tablespoon chopped fresh chives 1 tablespoon chopped fresh basil leaves

Method Cook cauliflower in a saucepan of boiling water for 10 to 12 minutes or until tender. Using a large slotted spoon, transfer cauliflower to a large heatproof bowl. Add pasta to boiling water. Cook following packet directions. Drain. Return to pan. Meanwhile, using a stick blender, blend cauliflower until smooth. Add ricotta, tasty cheese and nutmeg. Season with salt and pepper. Stir until smooth and combined. Add cauliflower mixture to pasta. Stir to combine. Sprinkle with chives and basil. Serve.



Despite a sizeable crowd attending Friday’s auction of Kingston’s iconic landmark and associated restaurant and function centre, Larry the Lobster, did not go under the hammer although owners Casey and Jenna Sharpe and real estate agents Ottoson Partners Real Estate are still confident the stunning tourist attraction and potential business will still find a buyer. A vendor bid of $300,000 opened Friday’s proceedings but there were no further offers, although the media attention afforded the 40 year old lobster looks set to generate more interest and in turn, perhaps, a buyer. Larry has recently undergone a $50,000 makeover. His current owners are the third in Larry’s four decade history and have owned the landmark since 2007.


ORCHIDS IN THE SPOTLIGHT It’s been going for almost 50 years and this year the Mount Gambier Orchid Club Spring Show promises to be amazing with Adelaide based orchid grower Stephen Monkhouse headlining the two day event. The spring show is not only a chance for local orchid growers to showcase their flowers and get feedback from judges Roger and Pauline Rankin, but it is also a chance for networking, learning from orchid experts and a chance for the general public to view around 70 plants of this spectacular flower. “There’ll be normal orchids that anyone can grow right through to orchids you can grow if you really put your mind to it,” club secretary Robert Wood said. Mr Wood will be part of the potting demonstrations throughout the two days this weekend, which run from 10am to 4pm, at the Reidy Park Centre on O’Halloran Terrace. Mr Monkhouse will be the main attraction though, specialising in the spectacular Zygopetalum Orchid. He has attended three world conferences,

including in New York, and for Mr Monkhouse orchids are a family affair. “In 1964 dad started in Adelaide Orchids,” Mr Monkhouse said. “I guess it was in my blood.” Mr Monkhouse briefly relocated to Bal in 2003, selling the business name. “I didn’t know I was going to come back home which is why I now trade under Stephen Monkhouse Orchids,” he said. And Zygopetalum Orchids are his passion as he constantly looks to breed new varieties. “We are leading the world in breeding,” he said. It makes his visit to the 2017 Spring Orchid Show a real coup for the local club, which boasts around 20 members at the moment. Cymbidiams and Dendrobiums will also be in focus when Mr Monkhouse shares his expertise with club members and the general public alike, as will Brassolaeliocattleya (BLC). Mr Monkhouse forged a close relationship with respected Mount Gambier nursery owner Robin Conboy, now retired, as well as long standing local orchid aficionado Jim Shaughnessy. Mr Monkhouse also has some wonderful advice on fertiliser and what he describes as a foolproof product he believes so strongly in, he markets it himself. Mr Monkhouse has been working with orchids since he was 16, making him a 48 year veteran of the breed. “I will be bringing some of my plants, some in flower, some not, for everyone to have a look at,” he said. Judging of the entered orchids will take place this Friday night, before the show opening on Saturday, with a people’s choice prize also on offer. “The people that vote for the winning people’s choice orchid will also go into a draw to win a special prize,” Mr Wood said. There will also be a raffle and plants for sale. Above - Zygopetalum Orchid, which will be prominent at the 2017 Mount Gambier Orchid Club Spring Show this weekend.

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SHINING A LIGHT ON DEMENTIA Greg Kelly is a larrikin who loves to joke around. It has been his modus operandi for 61 years but behind the quips and the self-effacing one liners, Kell is delivering a serious message close to his heart. The Gold Coast resident is riding his Harley across Australia, New Zealand and the United States to raise awareness about dementia, particularly young onset dementia – a terminal disease he was diagnosed with two years ago. Born and bred in Newcastle, Greg Kelly has survived motorbike falls and some reckless behaviour in his youth to now see his body attack him from within. “There are 20 and 30 year olds in Australia with dementia and last year an 11 month old was diagnosed in the

United States,” Kell said. “It is no longer about 80 and 90 year olds.” In fact, dementia is Australia’s second largest killer and experts predict in a decade it will elevate to number one and from diagnosis to death, patients, on average, are given six to eight years. One of Kell’s first questions was “what are we doing about it?” “There is no media, no advertising, no money,” he said. And it’s why Kell is on this ride. He wants to raise awareness of this insidious disease and he hopes sharing his message with communities across the three countries, he can bring pressure to bear on the people he really hopes are listening – the top 500 companies. “I want them to put half a cent from each dollar profit into medical research into the top 10 killers,” Kell said. “This ride is about you and your kids and your grandkids and your great grandkids.” Humour has been his defence mechanism with coping with his diagnosis of frontotemporal dementia – it is an executive dementia. “I’ve been an executive all my life so why wouldn’t I get executive dementia,” Kell joked with the diagnosing doctor. That means it will affect his executive functions, like speech, and for a man who by his own

admission, didn’t start with a lot of filters, it does take away your filters. “My rat bag mates ring up and say you’ve had it since you were eight but now we have a diagnosis,” Kell said. Seems humour is a defence mechanism for not just Kell. But his campaign is all business and he is determined to get in the ear of top CEOs around the country. “This (dementia) kills more people than breast cancer and prostate cancer together,” he said. “If they would donate that small percentage to medical research we wouldn’t have to ask mums and dads for five or 10 dollars anymore.” In his sights at the moment is Andrew Twiggy Forest. “People have told me he would be a good one to get a meeting with,” Kell said. “I’ll buy him his coffee – I just want to have a chat that’s all.” And he wants to have that chat so he can kickstart a more serious conversation about dementia and his wide view about medical research. “I don’t want this to happen to other people,” Kell said. “It’s about turning the lights on it (dementia). Greg Kelly is no one. I am nothing but I know I had to get the big brands on board so people would listen.” And the ride is just one aspect of Kell’s campaign – there is a song and a documentary and they too, while they do provide fundraising opportunities, are all about raising awareness. Kell’s Ride is a song written by Alex Straker and performed by Matt McLaren, a blind artist, from Kell’s hometown of Newcastle, that rose to fame on Australia’s Got Talent.

It is now available on iTunes and all proceeds will go direct to finding a cure for dementia. It is poignant watching Kell listen to the recently recorded track – as any dementia sufferer or carer will tell you, music appears to use a different part of the brain and it so often brings someone with dementia to life. “Alex (Straker) heard me talking at a conference focussed on overcoming obstacles and in 26 hours he had this song written and ready to go. “We just said let’s do this – let’s produce it,” Kell said. He is hoping to raise $6million from downloads of the song. “It’s just another way we can turn the spotlight on dementia.” The documentary is another and it is a chance of being shortlisted to be part of the Cannes Film Festival. The 10 minute Elizabeth McLeish production was launched on the Gold Coast at the end of last month. It is a candid insight into Kell, his partner Janet and his two sons Mike and Adam, as they come to terms with the diagnosis. “I’m a smart man and I didn’t know you could die from dementia,” Kell said to his doctor at the time of diagnosis. “I don’t think I’ll get answers in enough time for me but if I can do something to turn money into research and get the answers for you guys and for your families and for my family and my grandkids then I’ve done something. Kell started his ride across Australia on August 12 with good mate Paul Griggs in tow in his Ford support vehicle. He visited Mount Gambier’s Barry Maney Ford, who jumped on

board as part of Kell’s sponsorship, adding some fuel cards to the mix when he arrived, last Monday. Kell has been riding motorbikes since he was 10 and has owned 26 of them over the journey. “I wouldn’t have done this on anything but a Harley,” Kell said. “It is like sitting in a lounge chair.” You can head to the Kell’s Ride facebook page, Instagram or go fund me page to keep track of his journey and provide support. Left - Greg Kelly with Barry Maney Group director Barry Stafford during his stopover in Mount Gambier on his ride to raise awareness about young onset dementia. Above - Greg Kelly, pictured with Red Carpet Motel’s Alison Barnes, getting ready to leave Mount Gambier last Tuesday.

SCHOOL REUNION ON THE HORIZON The Past Scholars of Tenison Woods, Marist Brothers, St Mary’s and St Pauls 40 Year Reunion is fast approaching. Several events are planned to celebrate, including dinner at the Belgiornos Tapas Bar from 6.30pm on Friday, October 13, and at the same venue from 12noon for lunch the following day. The weekend coincides with the Tenison Woods College Shining Light Academy celebrations on Saturday, October 14, with Noel Bull one of the recipents of the 2017 honours. Tickets for that celebration dinner are available from for $65/person for 3 course meal and entertainment. The reunion weekend will round out with a BBQ lunch and school tour at Tenison Woods College on Sunday. Could you please contact Patricia Kitney if you would like more information about these events and to let her know which events you will be attending by emailing patricia. or mobile 0425 762 238 by Friday, October 6.

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OPEN INSPECTIONS Elders Mount Gambier • SAT 16th 9.30-10.00. 8 Vansittart Rd • SAT 16th 10.15-10.45. 67 Cardinia St

Above - The Mount Gambier best in venue Youth node and Adult node GovHack winners along with Friends of the Mount Gambier Library representatives Lee and John Cranwell. Adult node winners: Jessica Tucker, Brendan Bachmann, Jessica Pantou, Tim Bolch and Talie Teakle. Youth node winners: Liam Moulden, Edward Layzell and Dylan McCarthy.

OLD FAVOURITE RETURNS TO HAMILTON GALLERY Brian ‘Alphonsus’ (Phonse) McGrath is a well-known and much loved local artist who has been drawing since the age of 8. Hamilton Gallery is hosting his first solo exhibition in many years, highlighting the wonderful contribution those working with a disability can make. The exhibition will run from September 9 to October 29. SAVE THE DATE The Mount Gambier Breast Cancer Awareness Group is hoping its annual fundraising cocktail party on Friday, October 13, at the Commodore on the Park. Proceeds go to creating the Helping Hand Bags. The Black & Pink Party is a $55 a head event with champagne on arrival, canapes, fashion parade, DJ Dave and a raft of raffles, lucky door prizes and auction items. Tickets are available from Commodore on the Park and Redgum Country.

HELP IS JUST A CLICK AWAY Local school students are encouraged to use their Mount Gambier library card for free access to online study tool Studiosity, formerly known as YourTutor. The service provides study help when students need it, including assistance with essay and report writing. Live expert assistance is also available for subjects such as writing, mathematics, science and economics. Subject specialists are online between 3pm and 10pm, Sunday to Friday. “When you are stuck on a tricky study question, or can’t bring yourself to reread your draft essay for the 17th time, don’t stress. Simply log in to Studiosity for free with your library card at www., and there will be a friendly subject specialist waiting to help you out,” Library Youth Services Coordinator Terasa Nearmy said. Above - Hayden Feltus busy working online live with a Studiosity expert.

PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP AND EXHIBITION FOR SENIORS As part of Council Of The Ageing’s ZestFest designed to celebrate, connect and challenge older South Aussies, there is a projection project called 60+ Moments happening in Mount Gambier on September 20 at the Main Corner. It’s a free half-day photography workshop hosted by photographer Sam Oster to show participants how to capture their world via the lens with confidence. Participants only need to bring a mobile phone or tablet/iPad and numbers are limited. All entries will form the centrepiece in a community celebration on Saturday, October 28 during the City’s ZestFest celebrations, which will see the images projected onto significant buildings in Mount Gambier. To submit images please people go here www.60plusmoments. to register and receive more information or contact Lyn at COTA SA on 1800 182 324

Business Sales

35 Dequetteville Tce, Kent Town

8361 3074 RLA267917

TOWER MOTOR INN, MOUNT GAMBIER Freehold and Business For Sale – $2,200,000

Green Triangle Real Estate • SUN 17th 11.00-11.30. 644 Glenelg River Rd, O.B Flat • SUN 17th 11.45-12.00. 15 Kookaburra Crt Herbert Real Estate • SAT 16th 9.00-9.30. 1 Elle Crt • SAT 16th 9.45-10.30 11 Saint Martins Dr • SAT 16th 10.45-11.30. 3 Allawah St Key 2 Sale Real Estate • SAT 16th 10.00-10.30. 11 Raleigh Tce • SAT 16th 10.15-10.45. 14 West St • SAT 16th 10.45-11.15. 7 Umpherston St • SAT 16th 11.00-11.30. 14 Badenoch St • SAT 16th 11.30-12.00. 4 John Powell Dr • SAT 16th 11.45-12.15. 104 Lake Tce E. • SAT 16th 12.15-12.45. 18 Crouch St N. • SAT 16th 12.30-1.00. 10 Shepherd St LJ Hooker Real Estate • SAT 16th 11.00-11.45. Unit 1/8 Boomerang Ave Malseeds Real Estate • SUN 17th 10.00-10.15. 15 Sinclair St • SUN 17th 10.30-10.45. 10 Renfrey Pl • SUN 17th 11.00-11.15. 12 Hakea St • SUN 17th 11.30-11.45. 12 Cunningham St • SUN 17th 12.00- 12.15. 2 Blackwood St • SUN 17th 12.30-12.45. 4/88 Crouch St North • SUN 17th 1.00-1.15. 4 Anthony St • SUN 17th 1.30-1.45. 58 Cardinia St • SUN 17th 2.00-2.15. 56 Harrald St • SUN 17th 3.30-3.50. 3 Hill St, Donovans Remax Real Estate • SAT 16th 10.30-11.00. 18 Dalkeith Dr • SAT 16th 11.00-11.30. 7 Ivy Pl • SAT 16th 11.15-11.45. 15 Oolna St • SAT 16th 12.00-12.30. 225 Commercial St East • SUN 17th 12.00-12.30. 7 Ivy Pl

The Tower Motor Inn is a 19-room 31/2 star motel offering 10 newly refurbished 4-star rooms with quality fixtures and fittings throughout. The motel has been the subject of extensive upgrades including the motel being rendered and painted, fully re-roofed, all plumbing renewed and all electrical wiring and switchboards upgraded. Has a strong base of repeat clients inluding a large number of corporate guests. Ideally located this is a rare freehold and business opportunity. The business can be purchased separately for $665,000 with a long lease offered. Great profits with no restaurant make this an easy to run first time motel buy. Same owners for 15 years. PT721

WINNERS ANNOUNCED The Mount Gambier winners of the GovHack Open Data competition were announced at an awards evening at the Mount Gambier Library late last month. The annual competition aims to unleash potential new entrepreneurs and ran across Australia and New Zealand simultaneously on the weekend of Friday, July 29, until Sunday, July 31. On competition day, the Spirit of GovHack Youth Node was awarded to Braydon Eberhard. He was also named the overall Mount Gambier GovHack Spirit winner and will go on to represent Mount Gambier at the prestigious State Awards. The Spirit of GovHack Adult Node was awarded to Anthony Hooper.

Gebhardts Real Estate • SAT 16th 9.30-10.00. 16 Kaleo Crt • SAT 16th 9.30-10.00. 27 Peake St • SAT 16th 10.15-10.45. 10 Red Oak Pl • SAT 16th 10.15-10.45. 8 Somerset Cl • SAT 16th 11.00-11.30. 3 Peters St • SAT 16th 11.00-11.30. 9 Kooringa St

Great opportunity freehold business $2,200,000 David Hutchinson 0414 440 953

For a full profile on this business please visit our website | 08

Vicki Quinn Real Estate • THUR 14th 5.00-5.30. 2/15 John St • SAT 16th 9.45-10.15. 18 Derwent Crt • SAT 16th 10.00-10.30. 15 Cobblestone Crt • SAT 16th 10.45-11.15. 84 Bertha St • SAT 16th 10.45-11.15. 8 Mackenzie St @realty - Bruce Auld • SAT 16th 10.00-10.30. 7 Amor St Complete Real Estate For open times refer to

IMPRESSIVE IN EVERYWAY 149 Bay Road, Moorak Pleasure to offer this stunnning residence nestled on a 4,743 sq/m allotment on Mount Gambier's city limits. The ultimate in lifestyle living with room to move and quality you can only dream of. Built by owner builder Niche Homes this home has all the wants and needs of most families. Downstairs are 3 bedrooms and office, with the main bedroom with large wir free standing bath custom made vanity and stone benchtops, plus walk in robes to the 2nd and 3rd bedrooms. A stunning hampton style kitchen is a centre piece to the house with electrolux appliances, stone bench tops plus large island breakfast made of solid blackwood. The kitchen meals family area flows through to a fully enclosed alfresco

area with spotted gum decking, this whole area has ducted reverse cycle air conditioning, slow combustion heating and full alarm system. An outdoor courtyard with wood fire pizza oven is also great for family and friends gatherings. The 2nd floor has games room and 4th bedroom ideal for teenagers. Just off the house is a 2 room office and conference room which could be used as a fully self contained granny flat. The outside is to die for with beautiful established lawns and gardens, which includes rainwater to the house a bore to keep the garden green all year round. Double garage UMR is complemented by a high clearance 9 x 6 colourbond garage. Hotmix driveway lovely hedging

and fencing keeps the home tidy and private all year round. With so many features only an inspection will reveal them all. 5 BED | 3 BATH | 4 CAR EXPRESSION OF INTEREST

Peter Dempsey - @realty Phone: 0418 854 393 Email: Web: RLA 269823 In conjunction with: Elders Real Estate Phone: Brett Exelby 0458 548 756 RLA 62833 | 09

SALES Vicki Quinn 0417 804 782 or Carolyn Gazzard 0418 813 233 RECEPTION Phoebe Douglas 08 8725 4225 PROPERTY MANAGEMENT Denise Mitselburg 0437 902 438 Lisa Yeates Emma Beare





10 Commercial Street West, Mount Gambier RLA 204710

84 Bertha Street


15 Cobblestone Court


18 Derwent Court


2/15 John Street



OPEN SATURDAY 10.45 - 11.45AM

OPEN SATURDAY 10.00 - 10.30AM

OPEN SATURDAY 9.45 - 10.15AM


SUPERB LOCATION AND POTENTIAL A fantastic opportunity to own a 3 bedroom bungalow cottage on a large allotment in the lakes area close to Reidy Park School and Tenison Woods College. With huge street appeal this home has enormous potential. All bedrooms are large and two have BIR’s. The open plan kitchen/dining/lounge area is kept cosy in winter with a slow combustion heater, whilst the split system cools in summer. Double carport with undercover access through the games room.

WIDE WELCOMING & READY TO ENTERTAIN Located in prestigious Cobblestone Court. This 4 bedroom plus dedicated office executive home offers built in robes in all bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms finished with neutral décor. Offering large open plan living, spacious enough for the biggest of family gatherings. Ideal formal lounge or home theatre. Entertainers kitchen with gas cooking. Garage under main roof with remote roller door for up to 4 vehicles.

AFFORDABLE FAMILY HOME IN A QUIET CUL-DE-SAC Situated in an established and quiet area this lovely home has loads of street appeal. Main bedroom with WIR & ensuite. Remaining 2 bedrooms with BIR. Formal lounge has the ambience and convenience of a gas log heater. Second living area with sprung timber flooring. Kitchen with w/I pantry. Spacious main bathroom with separate bath & shower. Vehicle access to rear yard which is fully enclosed with a garden shed. Add your own flair and you’ll be proud to call this your home.

THE SURPRISE IS ON THE INSIDE Unique 3-bedroom homette close to Woolworths, with an emphasis on space. Spacious open plan living area. Modern kitchen with dishwasher, extra-large pantry, North facing with sliding doors to private courtyard. Featuring gas heating as well as split system reverse cycle heating cooling. 2 bedrooms have built in robes. Single garage under main roof with internal access, plus second car park. Attention to detail throughout with lovely cornices.

8 Mackenzie Street



83 Bay Road


20 Lee Court




OPEN SATURDAY 10.45 - 11.15AM LAKESIDE GEM! Located in the desirable lakes area and close to great schools this 3 bedroom home would make a wonderful investment property or first home. Polished floor boards throughout the living areas, including the fully and beautifully renovated kitchen. Lounge room with r/c split system plus the ambience of an open fire place. Separate north facing dining area with stunning views over the city. Updated bathroom and separate toilet. Outdoor entertaining area next to a rumpus/games room or turn it into a 4th bedroom or teenagers retreat.

8 Mayflower Court


TIMELESS ELEGANCE IN AN A1 LOCATION Return verandah villa situated on prestigious Bay Road. With gorgeous character features this home was originally built in 1918 and is situated on a block size of over 2600 square metres. Comprised of 4 bedrooms, formal lounge with gas heating and ornate fireplace. Formal dining, Tasmanian Oak kitchen, and rear family/sun room. The period style bathroom is renovated with a separate toilet. There is ample shedding, including a 3 bay garage with 2 remote roller doors plus a workshop and garden shed Rain water is plumbed to the house And there is an irrigation system for easy care of the manicured gardens. Relax and move in with nothing to do, or extend stcc, on this magnificent allotment situated in the very heart of Mount Gambier.

47 Brolga Street


LOW MAINTENANCE LIFESTYLE IN A CONVENIENT LOCATION Perfect for first home buyers, down-sizers or investors. You will feel right at home the moment that you step through the front door. Located in a quiet cul-de-sac close to the hospital and shopping centre this 3 bedroom home provides 2 living areas. Formal lounge at the front of the property when you need some quiet time. A light-filled family/dining/kitchen at the rear leads to an outdoor entertaining area. The kitchen is the hub of the home and features a gas cooktop, dishwasher and large pantry.

2 Tawarri Crescent



LUXURIOUS & LOW MAINTENANCE FAMILY HOME The perfect home to raise your growing family. 4 Bedrooms plus study, or convert to a 5th bedroom. Main bedroom with WIR and ensuite with double vanity. All other bedrooms have BIRs. Open plan kitchen/dining/family which opens onto the outdoor entertaining area. Spacious formal lounge/home theatre room & ducted gas heating throughout. Double garage UMR with internal access. Low maintenance gardens leaving more time to enjoy with the family.

11 Lasiandra Crescent


SENSATIONAL RURAL VIEWS With sensational rural views the home is comprised as 4 bedrooms, the main with built in robes and spacious ensuite, with spa finished in heritage colours. Gorgeous Caesar stone benchtops, a walk-in pantry, electric cooktop and Asko dishwasher are all features of the blackwood timber kitchen. The lower level has direct access to the double garage UMR with remote roller doors. Vehicle access to the rear yard is also available. 4 kw solar panels installed. There really is nothing to do but move in and enjoy. In conj. with Gebhardts RE.

12 Jardine Street


FAMILY HOME IN THE LAKES AREA The main bedroom has a renovated ensuite and spacious w/i wardrobe. Enjoy a wine with friends in front of the open fire in the formal lounge. Separate dining room with views to the garden. Large open plan kitchen/family room plus sizeable w/i pantry. You are assured of year-round comfort with ducted reverse cycle air conditioning. Relax in your outdoor living area watching the abundant bird life bathe & drink in your backyard water feature.

50 Lachlan Crescent



LOVELY FIRST HOME OR INVESMENT Located in a quiet cul-de-sac this solid 3 b’room home would make an ideal first home or be a fabulous investment. Freshly painted with neutral décor throughout. All b’rooms have B/I wardrobes. Separate lounge room with gas heating. The bathroom has been fully and very tastefully renovated. Single garage UMR plus large rear workshop with power and concrete floor. 2.0 kW solar panels will save you money.


25/184 Jubilee Highway West $149,000-$159,000

Leased at


Per week INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY Neat & secure 2 bedroom unit located close to eateries and shopping complex. Modern fixtures and fittings throughout. Both bedrooms have built ins and TV points. Open plan lounge and kitchen with r/c a/c. Kitchen comprises of gas stove, wide hi gloss bench tops & English style laundry with front loader washing machine included. Carport has remote roller door and direct personal access to unit. Enclosed rear yard & extra vehicle parking. Leased @ $190 pw.

CLASSIC CHARACTER HOME WITH A MODERN TOUCH Beautifully restored character home situated very close to the city centre. Leadlight, etched glass, marble fireplaces + many more classic features. Glorious main bedroom with ensuite & WIR. Two remaining bedrooms & large office. Gracious formal lounge + open plan kitchen/ dining and occasional living. Modern kitchen: gas gourmet stove with griller & deep fryer, dishwasher & granite bench tops. Own cellar – great for a red or 2! Large stone high clearance garage, fits 4 vehicles, appox. 13m x 6m. A beautiful blend of timeless style & modern conveniences.

RENTALS 2/102 Wehl St Nth 2 1 1

A GREAT BEGINNING Stop the rent rut with this winner. Spacious living areas are just the beginning of this 3 bedroom gem. The main bedroom has a walk in robe & access to the bathroom. Bedrooms 2 & 3 have built in robes and the fully functional kitchen features a walk in pantry, gas cooktop & dishwasher. The enclosed garage has a pot belly making it the ideal party room all year round. A fabulous starter.

RENTAL OF THE WEEK Avail now @ $180 p/wk

1/9 Heriot St 2 1 1

Avail 30.10.17 @ $250 p/wk

1/3 Arbor St 2 1 1

Avail 25.9.17 @ $230 p/wk

5/42 Ferrers St 2 1 1

Avail now @ $255 p/wk

3 Livingston St 3 1 1

Avail 13.9.17 @ $245 p/wk

6 Mark St 4 1 1

Avail now @ $280 p/wk

4 Gerloff St 3 1 1

Avail 6.10.17 @ $250 p/wk

19 Kalimna Cres 3 2 1

Avail now @ $310 p/wk | 10

3 Livingston Street

Available 13.9.17 @ $245 p/wk 3


1 | 11

08 8726 4400 EOI 31/10/2017

3 Torrens Street, Mt Gambier






149 Bay road, Moorak

ATTENTION INVESTORS! LONG TERM TENANT INCLUDED • Three bedroom home • Main with built in robes • Neat and dy eat in kitchen • Formal lounge area

• Renovated bathroom • Large enclosed back yard • Detached garage • Certainly worth an inspec on

Barry Ritter 0408 853 180

3 $179,000

67 Cardinia Street, Mt Gambier





8 Vansittart Road, Mt Gambier


• Spectacular Hampton styled home on the edge of Mount Gambier • Opulent Kitchen & Dining complete with absolute quality fixtures • Impressive Living room with s/c wood fire and office nook • Indoor/Outdoor spo ed gum decking entertainment UMR • 4 large bedrooms (3 downstairs with WIR’s) • Main bedroom featuring WIR and amazing ensuite • Second living area or games room upstairs • Fully Self-contained Home office/Living Quarters at rear of home • Privacy and space on an easy to maintain 4743m2 block Inspec on by appointment

Brett Exelby 0458 548 756




9 And 11 Lean Street, Mt Gambier


8 $185,000


RENOVATE ME! • Formal lounge • 4 bedrooms • Large living area • 2 bathrooms • 2 kitchens Barry Ritter 0408 853 180

6 Boree Street, Mount Gambier


• 3 Bedrooms • Formal lounge • Large family room • Eat in kitchen with large cooker • 3 bay garage • Stone man cave/workshop with toilet Barry Ritter 0408 853 180

OPEN SAT SEP 16 9.30 - 10.00


9 Morphett Terrace, Tarpeena




Lot 218 Lynchs Road, Allendale East

NEAT & TIDY CLOSE TO SCHOOL! • 3 Large Bedrooms • Freshly painted throughout • New blinds throughout • Stained mber floors WEB Id. 17770028 Damian Venn 0438 904 771

• Corner block with rear yard access • 9mx7m Concrete slab ready for a shed • Separate bathroom and toilet • Rainwater tank






• 1903m2 Allotment • Sale by Council pursuant to Local Government Act

Barry Ritter 0408 853 180

Barry Ritter 0408 853 180


101 Sturt Street, Mount Gambier



S TA G E 2




INCLUDES: TOWN WATER, SEWER, INC POWER, TELSTRA, HOT MIX ROADS, R COLORBOND FENCING, BIKE PATHS. ALLOTMENTS SIZES 1194m2 TO 2492m2 9 Bay Road, Mount Gambier p: 08 8726 4400 Brett Exelby f: 08 8726 4456 0458 548 756 e: SOLD

FRESHLY PAINTED INSIDE WITH NEW CARPET & CURTAINS • Solid & spacious family home • Open plan kitchen/living/dine • Separate formal lounge • Tiled extra family room WEB Id. 17770970 Barry Ritter: 0408 853 180 3 1

3005/3 Lake Tce West, Mt Gambier

• Stunning 2 bedroom apartment over 2 levels • Spacious living area – meals area with balcony • Master bedroom with ensuite, WIR & balcony • Ideal study nook

Web Id. 17663841 Brett Exelby 0458 548 756


• 515m2 Allotment • Sale by Council pursuant to Local Government Act


• 158 acres approx. in Allendale East • Access from both Lynchs Road and Yatesmans Road • Land consis ng of 2 separate tles • Steel ca le yards with crush and ramp facing Lynchs road • Property separated into 4 paddocks plus laneway to ca le yards • Fencing is in very good condi on- wire and barb • Windmill + polytank supplying water to troughs • Well draining brown loam soil over limestone • Highly produc ve land with long fer liser history









10.15 - 10.45

2 Francis Street, Tarpeena


BIG FAMILY? TWO HOMES ON 1 TITLE • Each home contains: • Freshly Painted • 3 Bedrooms • New blinds to all windows • Timber Floors • GREAT OPPORTUNITY TO GET • Open Plan Kitchen INTO THE HOME OWNERS MARKET! WEB Id. 17814227 Damian Venn 0438 904 771 6 2 2




• Split system - reverse cycle air condi oning • Perfect investment or downsizer

WEB Id. 16993092 Barry Ritter 0408 853 180


Rural Sales

Residential Sales

Residential Sales

Sales Representative

Property Management

Property Management







0458 548 756

0408 853 180

0419 829 721

0438 904 771

0409 978 004

8726 4400

9 Bay Road, Mount Gambier




m t g a m b i e r @ e l d e r s . c o m . au RLA 62833 | 12

08 8723 6866

50 James Street, Mount Gambier | Fax: 08 8723 3809

Chris Manser Real Estate & Livestock sales

Garth Manser Real Estate & Livestock Sales

Elisha Beare Real Estate Sales

0417 414 127

0417 071 180

0407 213 023

RLA 280309

644 Glenelg River Road, O.B Flat

15 Kookaburra Court, Mount Gambier

19 Dry Creek Road, Donovans



SUNDAY 11.45AM-12.00PM


SUNDAY 11.00-11.30AM







ACERAGE WITH OLD WORLD CHARM Do you dream of a country lifestyle, but enjoy the ameni es of town? Then this dolomite fronted family home is for you. Situated on approximately 88.3 acres of magnificent, fer le volcanic soil and only ten minutes from the town centre of Mount Gambier. The home comprises 12 foot ceilings, four double bedrooms, huge lounge, dine in kitchen and slow combus on wood hea ng. This solid family home retains many original features throughout, it is supplied with rain water and bore water for the vast garden, and is simply awai ng your personal style to achieve its former glory. Suited to all aspects of primary produc on including prime lamb, beef and hor cultural. Enjoy the convenience of an extremely large 30m x 19.5m fully cemented shed, plus concrete apron with three phase power. The prac cal central laneway, ca le yards, shearing shed, hay shed and 35,784 KL water taking licence, with underground irriga on hydrants and an unequipped bore lead to endless possibili es. Held by one family for nearly forty years, don’t miss this unique opportunity.

13 Queens Avenue, Mount Gambier


Solid, quality built family home situated on a 1081m2 allotment and located in the Birdsville area 4 bedrooms, main with WIW and ensuite Timber kitchen with electric cooking, dishwasher, double sink and a large pantry. Other features include ducted R/C, quality fixtures and fi ngs, Single bay garage UMR plus another two bay garage with storage area. The property also offers bore water. In conjunc on with Blue Lake Real Estate





5 Grange Place, Mount Gambier

2X WATER TAKING LICENCES TOTALLING 687,000KL To be sold as whole or part thereof in the Lower Limestone Coast Prescribed Wells Area - Management Area of Conmurra. This is a rare opportunity to purchase a large volume of water transferrable to most management areas, subject to approval by the Department of Environment, Water & Natural Resources Board.


Located opposite the Glenelg River in the peaceful township of Donovans, lies this stylish and sophis cated property awai ng your finishing touch. This invi ng home offers open plan living, kitchen with gas cooking and Smeg appliances, a dedicated dining area, one bedroom and a study. The large yard offers low maintenance gardens, room to park the car or boat and a place to relax and enjoy your surroundings. This is an opportunity not to be missed, with just a couple of final touches this property will be your sanctuary by the river.






Large 1772m2 allotment and is located close to the CBD, a private school and two public schools. Currently the home is tenanted on a periodic lease at $225.00 per week with the possibility of development at the rear of the home ( S.T.C.A ) Kitchen with gas cooking and a servery opening to the dining area, 3 bedrooms, including main with BIR, and the third bedroom with a WIR, enjoy the ambience and warmth of the gas log fire in the large lounge area. Other features of the home include a large rear rumpus room, polished mber floors and instant gas hot water. The rear yard offers a double bay garage with sliding doors and a single car garage, which could be used as a games room.


1376m2 building allotment located close to schools and shops Surrounded by quality built homes All services available Unequipped bore Room for your dream home and a large shed This block is ready to build on, phone your builder today


8723 6866

8725 0500

7 Helen Street, Mount Gambier / RLA 416 1 Elle Court, Mount Gambier

11 Saint Martins Drive, Mount Gambier

OPEN Saturday

OPEN Saturday










• Stunning residence with modern colour theme and versatile floor-plan • Kitchen offers loads of storage, s/s appliances and pantry

5 Rotary Avenue, Mount Gambier




6 Canavan Road, Mount Gambier


• Rare piece of real estate in a prestige location • Allotment of 1770 square metres • Subdivide the block (STCA) Nelson Road, O.B Flat. Stage 1 Lakes Park Allotment 39



2 Noojee Street, Mount Gambier

OPEN Saturday


• Elevated home in prime location • 2 living areas • Polished timber floors


3 Allawah Street, Mount Gambier




20165 Riddoch Highway, Mil Lel





• Honey - Stop the Car! • Versatile floor plan • 2 living zones







1/3 Henty Street, Mount Gambier


• Open plan living with modern kitchen • Double garage with power, concrete floor and two roller doors.




• Fully furnished unit, both bedrooms with BIR • Large kitchen/dining/living area • Single garage under the main roof





• “Lakes Park” subdivision. • 836m2 allotment • All services including water, sewer and power.

• 10 acres divided into 2 large paddocks, house block, holding pens, various livestock enclosures, 2 lockable sheds and a 2-bay carport

UNITS: 1/16 Pick Avenue

2 Bed 1 Bath 1 Car

$150 Per Week Available Now

8/184 Commercial Street East

2 Bed 1 Bath

$155 Per Week Available Now

1/3 Henty Street

2 Bed 1 Bath 1 Car

$325 Per Week Available 26/09/17

HOUSES: 28 Ingleby Street

3 Bed 1 Bath

$195 Per Week Available Now

18 Telopea Court

4 Bed 2 Bath 2 Car

$360 Per Week Available Now

112 Lake Terrace East

3 Bed 1 Bath 2 Car

$240 Per Week Available Now

61 Acacia Street

3 Bed 2 Bath 1 Car

$250 Per Week Available 13/10/17 | 13


• Call the removalist! • Solid timber floors • Deducted gas heating

3 Moonah Avenue, Mount Gambier

• 3 bedrooms + study or 4th bedroom • Large corner block with good size double door shed • Fully renovated with new carpets and fresh paint throughout





½ ACRE BLOCK | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17

malseeds real estate Mt Gambier Millicent Port MacDonnell Robe Beachport

08 8724 9999 1 Wehl Street South, Mount Gambier & 98 George Street, Millicent 8733 1989 4 Tasman Ct, Mt Gambier


A NEW CHAPTER AWAITS • Built by Versace in 2015, this solid family home is a must for inspec on. • Magnificent kitchen, with an impressive butlers pantry, quality white goods. • Two living spaces offers convenience for the growing family. • The light and bright master suite with two-way walk thru robe to a huge ensuite, featuring dual shower heads, double vanity and loads of bench space. • Each of the remaining 3 large and carpeted bedrooms include BIRs as well.

Alistair Coonan 0439 681 539


1/1 Thrush St, Mt Gambier




32 Vansi art Rd, Mt Gambier



15 Sinclair St, Mt Gambier




Kirby Vassallo 0457 004 364 2 Blackwood St, Mt Gambier





SUNDAY 17th 12.00 - 12.15pm

COMMERCIAL SHED • 25m x 11m great commercial shedding with cement floor and ample parking out the front. • High Clearance plus 4 metres mezzanine. • Great exposure being only minutes from the CBD and in the heart of the industrial area of commercial street. • 3 phase power, 2 offices, 3 toilets and storage areas internal & external. • Great rental poten al.

Jason Malseed 0419 032 795

Jason Malseed 0419 032 795





4 Anthony St, Mt Gambier





Kirby Vassallo 0457 004 364 12 Cunningham St, Mt Gambier

58 Cardinia St, Mt Gambier










GREAT FIRST HOME • Open dining and lounge with gas hea ng. • Kitchen off the dining with great storage and gas cooking. • All bedrooms of a generous size. • Large rear backyard with established vegetable gardens. • Close to Tenison Woods College & Mount Gambier High School. • Set on approx. 731sqm of flat land, great opportunity to build on STCA.

Jason Malseed 0419 032 795


3 Hill St, Donovans





SUNDAY 17th 3.30 - 3.50pm

• 3 Bedroom solid home in the heart of Mount Gambier. • Lounge with wood fire and stunning feature mantel piece and walk through to the kitchen. • Open plan kitchen and dining with original flooring and cupboards perfect for someone to come in and make their own. • Large shed with roller door access includes a pit with extra room for fire wood and 2 cars.

Jason Malseed 0419 032 795



LOCATION LOCATION • Near the Blue Lake, Great Outlook and light filled sun room. • Stone and le, New Carpets and Lovely French Doors. • Teenagers retreat or 4th Bedroom. • Cul De Sac, Great views back over Mount Gambier. • Room for the caravan or boat. • Great Entertaining Area.

Jason Malseed 0419 032 795


SUNDAY 17th 11.30 - 11.45am

SUNDAY 17th 1.30 - 1.45pm

PRIME LOCATION • A en on investors! Situated in an excellent posi on of CBD this home offers a huge lock up shed of approx 380m2 (plus mezzanine floor) & house on a 1036m2 allotment. • Lovely character style home that would be great for someone to come in and make their own. With kitchen, bathroom and 3 bedrooms.


10 Renfrey Pl, Mt Gambier



PEACEFUL OASIS • Quiet and private, located at the back of the property in a community of three units. • Situated across the road from the Mount Gambier Uni ng Church and Resthaven on Elizabeth Street and minutes walk to the main street shopping precinct. • Open plan kitchen/dining/living with gas heater and mber look flooring.


SUNDAY 17th 1.00 - 1.15pm

Jason Malseed 0419 032 795


SUNDAY 17th 10.30 - 10.45am

LOOKING FOR THE PERFECT START OR MAYBE A GREAT INVESTMENT? • Solid brick modern home features, open plan kitchen living with gloss laminate cabinetry & electric cooking. • Bathroom with shower over bath, vanity, seperate toilet plus separate laundry. • Office at rear looking over the rear yard. • Undercover pergola area with views of the Centenary Tower.


Alistair Coonan 0439 681 539

3/23 Elizabeth St, Mt Gambier



SUNDAY 17th 10.00 - 10.15am

GREAT NEIGHBORHOOD • Gas hea ng in the open plan kitchen/dining/living area. • Electric cooking in the kitchen. • Paved rear pergola with block out blinds. • Small beau ful garden in front of the property. • All the features of a great home in a compact size.


FOR THE ENTERTAINER • Built in 2009 and residing in a well established and sought a er area. • Modern, open plan living spaces and versa le outdoor entertaining space with views over the neighbourhood and nearby reserve. • The spacious kitchen includes 5-burner gas cook top, electric oven, dishwasher, pantry, a breakfast bar for casual dining plus a dedicated dining space. • Master bedroom, including walk in robe and en-suite.

EXQUISITELY PRESENTED • Impressive kitchen with quality les, dishwasher and electric cooking. • 3 generous bedrooms all with BIRs. • Brand new carpets and freshly painted throughout. • Reverse cycle air con & gas hea ng in lounge. • Brand new, light & bright bathroom.

Alistair Coonan 0439 681 539

4 Al nio Dr, Mt Gambier


TWO STORY & STUNNING • Stunning led kitchen with great cupboard space and stainless steel appliances all looking out to your entertaining area. • Open plan dining and living with slow combus on. A sun room comes off of this area and is a perfect space for a reading nook or some me out. • Main bedroom on the bo om story of the home and is fully carpeted with built in wardrobes.

Jason Malseed 0419 032 795




Jason 0419 032 795

Bronwyn 8724 9999

Alistair 0439 681 539

Kirby 0457 004 364 | 18

Craig 0402 145 361

RLA 115603

Malseeds Real Estate - Contact us for all your storage needs. OPEN

SATURDAY 11.00 - 11.45am

Unit 1/8 Boomerang Avenue

2 Swallow Drive


3 Myall Street



Garage UMR with internal access Loads of cupboards and bench space Choice Central Loca on Modern well presented unit in a great loca on

• Solid 3 Bedroom stone home opposite the Playground/Reserve • Walk to Grant High School and local Shopping Centre • Formal Lounge with S/C Wood heater • Separate formal Dining room • Kitchen with Gas stove • Private rear yard with stone Garage • Front entry Carport PRICED AT $199,500

• Well-presented brick & le home • 3 Bedrooms with BI Robes & individual Mitsubishi Inverter Air Condi oners (Split System) • Formal Lounge with log fire Gas hea ng • Renovated Kitchen/Dining with BI Dishwasher & Panasonic R/C Air Condi oner • Upgraded Bathroom – Upgraded Laundry PRICED TO SELL $239,500

14 Tallara Avenue

8/101 Jubilee Highway East

75 Bay Road

• Great SE loca on, lounge with gas hea ng & kitchen with dining nook • Office plus storeroom extension on the rear • Colourbond roof & aluminium windows • Two separate driveways • Carport and private rear yard

• Solid two Bedroom unit • Within walking distance to City Centre • Formal Lounge adjoining an open plan Kitchen/Dining • Laundry plus Storeroom • Long central passageway leading to Bedrooms and Bathroom • Carport UMR • Separate free-standing unit PRICED AT $129,500

• • • • • •

• • • •

Modern stand alone brick unit Spacious Open plan Lounge, Dining & Kitchen Two Bedrooms with BIR’s Private rear and side yard

• • • •

PRICED AT $209,500


PRICED AT $159,000


CLASSIC BAY ROAD BUNGALOW Character stone home c.c. 1920’s Three Bedrooms - Master with BI Robes Polished Tasmanian Oak mber floors Open fire in Dining room Formal Lounge with Gas Log fire Large allotment of 1300 sq.m with easy access to the Lakes precinct, Rail Lands and Central shopping PRICED AT $450,000

• • • • •

New modern Kitchen with Breakfast Bar Office or 4th Bedroom Upgraded Bathroom with Bath & separate Shower High ceilings in keeping with its era A home with lots of poten al in one of the city’s leading loca ons


7 Mosswood Close

PRIVATE CUL-DE-SAC LOCATION • 3 Bedroom brick & le home • 2 Bedrooms with BI Robes • L shaped Lounge & formal Dining with Gas wall furnace • Modern Kitchen with Breakfast Bar & Servery • Family Room or casual dining directly off Kitchen • 2 way Bathroom with Bath • Great outdoor Entertainment Pa o leading from the Family Room • Situated at Conroe Heights in a quiet cul-de-sac • Garage UMR with rear roller door for yard access • Fully Tenanted ll January 2018

PRICED AT $229,000

ACT R T N O C UNDER 12/54 Jubilee Highway West

GREAT HOME UNIT CENTRALLY LOCATED • Two bedrooms - one with built in robes • Open plan kitchen, dining and living area • Separate bathroom and separate laundry • Private side yard for that extra entertaining space • Separate private carport. Great investment - unit currently tenanted



4 BEDROOM HOME IN QUIET CUL DE SAC • Beau ful 4 Bedroom brick home in quiet Cul-de-sac loca on • Open plan Living area • Modern Electric Kitchen with Dishwasher • S/C Hea ng and Reverse Cycle Air Condi oning • Main Bedroom with Ensuite & WIR • Bed 2 with WIR • Bed 3 with BIR • Bed 4 / Study with BI Cupboards / Desk • Double Garage with Workshop • NO Pets

PRICED AT $95,000



26-30 Gray Street

SUIT OWNER OCCUPIER OR INVESTOR/DEVELOPER • Outstanding Investment Property of approx 590 sqm on 3 TITLES to be sold as a whole. • High Profile corner loca on with great exposure to the “ci es” major shopping complex. • Situated on one of the main intersec ons with access to ample carparking and traffic flow to and from Commercial Street

• This property offers flexible development op ons and is a rare opportunity to aquire a Blue Chip investement in a premiere commercial loca on. Agents in Conjunc on: LJ Hooker  Mount Gambier John Overmaat 0417 874 286 Gebhardt’s Real Estate - 8725 5766

58 Commercial Street West

• 12 Metre approx. frontage to Commercial Street and a 20.74 meter approx. frontage to Caldwell Street • Site area in excess of 1350 sqm • 1 Title with two buildings with Commercial Street approx. 295sqm and Calwell Street approx. 300sqm PRICED AT $595,000

• Valuable off street parking to both premises • Great Investment poten al with 2 individual Commercial premises • Re-develop (STCC) or operate from one site and lease the other • Agent in Conjunc on – Gebhardts Real Estate

Phone (08) 8723 2121 55 Commercial St East, Mount Gambier John Overmaat 0417 874 286 Steve Auld 0478 144 178 Kim Cawthorne 0418 807 596 RLA 240002 | 19

Mount Gambier

Suite 2/14 Helen Street, Mount Gambier SA 5290 Ph 08 8725 5766 www.

16 Kaleo Court


27 Peake Street

10 Red Oak Place






This superb family home is situated on an elevated 1005m2 (approx) allotment in a quiet Cul-de-sac in the OPEN popular Conroe SAT heights - the ultimate 9.30-10.00 family home!



Easy care living at its best. A wonderful solidly constructed homette, perfect for an investor or retiree. Well OPEN maintained, with loads SAT of appeal. Torrens Title 9.30-10.00 Homette.


9 Kooringa Street



104 Lake Terrace East





Quality home bursting with features – 4 bedrooms, main with WIR & ensuite, stunning designer kitchen, quality finishes, OPEN polished timber boards SAT throughout. 10.15-10.45 1,091m2 approx.

47 Brolga Street








15 Gardiner Terrace









A secluded paradise fit for a family. Spacious family home in a beautiful private setting. Tennis court, loads of gardening and implement shed. You’ll feel a world away! approx 7,660m2

5 St Andrews Drive



23 Edwards Road, Port MacDonnell

A charming home featuring cathedral ceilings, updated kitchen and light filled open living. Loads of living areas & great shedding- 2 street access and fantastic entertaining area.



This beautifully maintained property in an elevated position is situated on a 736m2 (approx) allotment. Close to schools, shopping and all amenities. North facing and spacious, the perfect first home or investment.

A well maintained & renovated home fit for a family. Spacious living areas, outdoor entertaining & great shedding. OPEN Currently leased @ SAT $255 p/week. A smart 11.00-11.30 investment.



7 Underwood Avenue



“THE KOOYONGA” Modern, functional four bedroom home, individually designed and meticulously specified. Feature theatre room, alfresco dining plus front courtyard with Stratco louvered system. Double garage. Fully landscaped.



20 Buffalo Crescent


Become the landlord when you invest in this great property located close to schools and shops. Currently leased at $195 per week until September 2017. Invest and reap the rewards.



Beautifully maintained residence in the popular Birdsville area. Lovely views, solar panels and rear yard access. Inspect asap! – In conjunction with Vicki Quinn Real Estate




(6 units) 6 Community title units offered as a whole showing strong and stable returns. Solid construction and well maintained – close to shopping precinct, schools and sporting grounds – ideal investment







Brand new home awaiting its lucky new owner – A superb property. If you are looking to build, book your inspection Asap. Rear yard access to detached double high clearance garage- Located in the popular Aramanta Subdivision. Will not disappoint. 880m2 (approx)





It’s all about location! A wonderful low maintenance home located in a fantastic street. Wide flat block with rear access. Surrounded by quality homes and Parklands.

4 strata title units with own garaging. Elegant and Stylish will spring to mind when inspecting these very spacious apartments. Located in an A1 location – For Sale as a whole or individually.






29 Lake Terrace East





A class act – this beautiful and spacious home is situated in a Blue Ribbon location close to everything including the Blue Lake – inspect asap!

McKay Road – Compton

1/14 Paltridge Street

$580,000 (As a whole)



11 Hilltop Avenue

Units 1-6, 75-77 Penola Road




Solid & spacious. An affordable home looking for a first home buyer to seize an opportunity. Quiet location, close to OPEN CBD. Priced to sell. SAT 11.00-11.30

All Lots over 5,400m2

Priced from $175,000

An exciting division with unbeatable country outlook & views to the Centenary Tower. Only a minutes drive to Tenison Woods College and Malseed Park. Power, water, telephone connected. Get in Early!

7 St Andrews Drive


Whether you are starting up or slowing down this fantastic unit will fit the bill in a great elevated position close to everything – Inspect asap!





“THE AUGUSTA” Outstanding home. Master suite on top level with lounge area and balcony. Lower level with three bedrooms, kitchen/dining/living area, bi-fold doors to alfresco area. Hardwood stairs. Double garage.

1 Form apply online Gebhardts Property Management Suite 2/14 Helen Street, Mount Gambier Ph 8724 8088

UNITS/HOUSES 1 1 2 2 3 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 4 3 4


84 Bay Road – Apartments

RENTALS 1/7 Holder Street 2/3 Kilsby Place 2/84 Bay Road 2/193 Commercial Street West 22/69 Bay Road 2/4 Hartley Street 3/75-77 Penola Road 2/17 Canavan Road 13 Dulkara Avenue 16 Byrne Street 22 Victor Street 9 Max Young Drive 17 Renfrey Place 26 Hastings Avenue 2 Lasiandra Crescent



Superb Family home in an A1 Lakes location, close to schools and shopping nestled in a quiet cul-desac on a 969m2 (approx) OPEN allotment. Great SAT shedding and covered 10.15-10.45 entertaining area.


3 Peters Street

8 Somerset Close

1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 2

1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 2 2 1 1 3

Avail 22/9/17 at $115 per week Avail 24/11/17 $140 per week Avail 30/9/17 at $165 per week Avail now at $170 per week Avail now $210 per week Avail now $220 per week Avail 22/9/17 $225 per week Avail 15/9/17 $240 per week Avail 15/9/17 $245 per week Avail now $250 per week Avail 29/9/17 $255 per week Avail 27/10/17 $260 per week Avail 6/10/17 $280 per week Avail 1/12/17 $280 per week Avail now $335 per week


2/3 Kilsby Place

Avail 24/11/17 1 1 1 $140 pw • One Bedroom flat with built in robe • Separate lounge • Separate kitchen with electric cooking • Quiet cul-de-sac • No Pets | 20

13 Dulkara Avenue


Avail 15/917 3 1 2 $245 pw • 3 bedrooms main with BIR • Lounge with gas heater • Kitchen/dine/family area with gas cooking & gas log fire • Under cover Patio area • Detached Single Carport & Single garage • Secure rear yard • No pets

2/17 Canavan Road

Avail 15/9/17 2 1 1 $240 pw • 2 bedrooms, both with BIR’S • Spacious lounge/dine/kitchen • Electric Kitchen • R/C air conditioner • Bath with separate shower • Garage UMR with internal access • Undercover outdoor area • No pets

Suite 2/14 Helen Street, Mount Gambier SA 5290 Paul Chuck SALES 0409 541 113

Ben Jeffrey SALES 0417 810 246

Jo Campbell SALES 8725 5766

Sharyn Ferguson PROPERTY MANAGEMENT 8725 5766

Malcolm Lewis SALES 0411 899 693

Contact our office today to view our current properties or one of the

$720,000 plus GST EXCITING DEVELOPMENT OPPORTUNITY Comprising approval for 17 country style allotments starting from 5,000m2. Partial roadworks and fencing have commenced. Total land area of approx. 27 acres. Exciting development to be sold as a whole. Contact the Gebhardts office for site plan / subdivision terms and conditions (STCC)


29/2A Coolabah Street





Value buying unit in quality group. Modern and fresh feel throughout. Low maintenance living – ideal for retirees or investors! Put this on your list.

QUALIFIED BUYERS SEEKING 3-4 BEDROOM MODERN HOME $300,000 - $370,000 21-23 Newton Road, Pelican Point





The ultimate in coastal living, immaculate seaside property with 180 degrees ocean views. The raw warmth of timber, steel & sandstone combine to captivate and appeal. Set on 2 titles this home has it all. 1400m2 (approx)

Elizabeth/Wyatt Street





A generous size home located in a quiet cul-de-sac. All the necessities the modern family requires. Spacious living areas, outdoor entertaining & rear yard access.

35 Elizabeth Street, Port MacDonnell





As new luxury home – stunning features throughout. A great entertainer set on approximately 1,014m2. Wide access to four bay garage – offers everything!

Pascoe Rd allotment, Pt MacDonnell





This is the one you have been waiting for! There is an instant ‘WOW’ the moment you step inside. Whether you are buying your first home, downsizing or investing this property needs to be inspected ASAP!


2 DeGaris Street





HOME STYLING & PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY Make it easy for buyers to fall in love with your home by taking advantage of our FREE Home Styling & Professional Photography when you list with Gebhardts. Terms & Conditions apply pp y

Houseproud Property Styling “Its the eye that buys”

Jo-Ann Campbell

0409 240 223

listed below!

Causon Havoc Bait And Tackle


Tastefully updated brick and tile home in an enviable location. 3 bedrooms, main with built in robes, large formal lounge, single garage UMR & high clearance carport. In conjunction with Vicki Quinn R/E.




7 Venice Court


4/3 Powell Street




$152,000 PLUS SAV • Prominent seafront location overlooking boat ramp and car park • Modern and well fitted store • Large floor area – a huge range of stock, bait and fishing accessories • Established client base • Ideal family business • A one stop fisherman’s paradise • Long term lease available

Tecoma Close

FIRST RELEASE – COUNTRY LIVING ALLOTMENTS ON THE CITY FRINGE Located on the western boundary of the city are these 5,000m2 (approx) allotments. Build your country dream but still be close to all the delights of the city: Zoned - country living, fenced, power & water LOT 101 $165,000 LOT 102 SOLD LOT 103 SOLD LOT 104 $165,000

44 McMahon Road, Worrolong





An idyllic country retreat, loaded with charm on approx. 5 acres. Surprisingly roomy and offers fantastic entertaining. A perfect country getaway!


Sycamore Rd & Fairbanks Ct Ph 08 8725 5766 RLA 1903

Sue Mitchell PROPERTY MANAGEMENT 8725 5766

53 Springview Drive, Suttontown

Lot 103 Crouch Street North

Lot 201 George Street

REDUCED $175,000

“ADDRESS SAYS IT ALL” • Two allotments – two titles • On approx 1,000m2 • Being sold as a whole • Centrally located gem • Fantastic outlook • A unique opportunity not to be missed

RENTALS 2 Lasiandra Crescent



Great rural views and only one street back from seafront. 1,300m2 plus (approx), fenced and ready to go. All services available.


a| 1,649m2 (approx)

Fantastic 1,649m2(approx) allotment located within Springview Estate. Services include power, water, sewer and Telstra. Sides and rear all fully fenced.

737m2 Approx


Central rare earth on offer, a flat fully fenced block on approx 737m2. A short walk to McDonald Park Primary school & St Martins Lutheran College. Enquire Now!

Vacant Land 1,305m2


Very sought after allotment. Privately positioned measuring 1,305m2 (approx). Water, power and sewer connected. A minute’s walk to CBD. Backing onto rail lands track.

1 Form apply online Gebhardts Property Management Suite 2/14 Helen Street, Mount Gambier Ph 8724 8088


30a Commercial Street West

2/2 James Street

10 Bay Road

• Harrald Street • 30A Commercial Street West • 1/2 James Street • 2/2 James Street • 10 Bay Road

Avail Now 4 3 2 $335 pw • 4 bedrooms, main with ens • Property upgraded inside • BIR’S in all bedrooms • Large open meals/family area • Elec kitchen • Large R/C aircon • Double garage UMR, plus double length carport • Large U/C outdoor area

• Shed 5/12 Bodey Circuit • 20 Sturt Street • 8B Helen Street • 1 & 2/249 Commercial Street West • 2 & 3/193 Commercial Street West • 23-25 Commercial Street West

Avail Now

Avail Now

Avail Now




• In the centre of the retail hub • Two small offices • Long open area at the front of the building • Ample parking & easy to access • Approx. 131 square metres • POA

• Ideal for retail or office space • Approx 98.16 m2 • Polished floorboards throughout • Two double access doors • Great window space • Fantastic Location • Great incentives on offer from lessor • POA

• Reception Area with R/C Air Con • Two Offices & store room • Share kitchen facilities & toilets • 3 Car parking Spaces • Approximately 73 Square meters • Access from James Street • POA | 21






0418 854 393


15 ARAMANTA DRIVE, MOUNT GAMBIER 4 BED I 2 BATH I 3 CAR STUNNING EXECUTIVE HOME $469,000 Check out this stunning home which oozer’s class, from its modern exterior design, to its fantastic entertaining areas. The home consists of 4 bedrooms and an office computer area. Built in robes to all bedrooms with the main having huge walk in robe and feature ensuite.

1 SAXON COURT, MOUNT GAMBIER 4 BED I 2 BATH I 2 CAR SIMPLY THE BEST $449,500 Inspection will impress the fussiest of buyers as this home has been built with quality in mind. Featuring solid tassie oak floors, 9ft ceilings, 3 living areas, raked ceilings, northern aspects to catch the winter sun, 4 bedrooms plus office area, floor to ceiling tiling in bathroom and ensuite, master bedroom with wrap around walk in robe and ensuite, with spa to soak your troubles away.




14 AMOR STREET, MOUNT GAMBIER 3 BED I 1 BATH I 1 CAR GREAT LOCATION $198,000 Looking for a low maintenance property close to reidy park primary only need to walk in and enjoy, modern kitche and appliances, open meals family area with gas heating. 3 bedrooms upgraded bathroom, rear decking, garden shed, colorbond roof good condition throughout, ideal couple or young family.


4 BUFFALO COURT, MOUNT GAMBIER 4 BED I 2 BATH I 2 CAR PRESTIGE EXECUTIVE HOME $690,000 Arguably the best floor plan of a brand new home to be placed on the market for some time. Stunning finishes throughout, quality fixture and fittings, designed to northern aspects, perfect living and entertaining areas, state of the art kitchen with butler’s pantry, floor to ceiling tiles in a wow factor wet areas, outside entertaining areas designed for all year use.





158 TELFORD ROAD, MOORAK 4 BED I 2 BATH I 2 CAR WHEN ONLY THE BEST WILL DO $725,000 Best of country living, set on just over 2 ½ acres. Minutes from mount gambier and even closer to schools. Kitchen, open meals family area. Formal lounge and dining. Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning. Stunning home where only an inspection will reveal the quality of this home. Landscaped gardens and beautiful views of mt gambie. 12 HUME COURT, MOUNT GAMBIER 4 BED I 2 BATH I 3 CAR STUNNING FAMILY HOME $420,000 Pleasure to offer this immaculate family home, built as a display home, with features and finishes you would expect. High ceiling spacious living areas, stunning bathrooms and wet areas, classic kitchen with stainless steel products. Out door entertaining, ducted heating and cooling. Great garaging and secure private yard. Inspection will impress





OPEN FOR INSPECTION: ALL WEEKEND BY APPOINTMENT 9 JOHN WATSON DRIVE, MOUNT GAMBIER 4 BED I 2 BATH I 3 CAR THE BEST LOCATION $429,000 Arguably the best piece of land in the mount gambier city, the new owner put their finishing touches to this home and create something special. Land size aprox 1500 sq/m .features of the home include 3 or 4 bedrooms 2 living areas stunning views over the city. Access to rear yard plus double carport and garage on top level. Create the best home in mount gambier.

8 ALIE DRIVE, COMPTON 4 BED I 3 BATH I 6 CAR THE PERFECT COUNTRY HOME $625,000 Situated in the popular Compton area with a great outlook but private and nestled amongst established native plants on approximately 3 ½ Acres this home is the best of country living. Huge home for the family, including extras such as great shedding, rainwater, bore water, 3 living areas, open living, covered outdoor entertaining area, office, and heaps of storage.


20 BLUME TERRECE, MOUNT GAMBIER 4 BED I 2 BATH I 2 CAR LOCATION AND VIEWS $385,000 Situated on the side of the blue lake with stunning veiws over mt gambier and district. 0pen living areas, brand new dream kitchen stone benchtops, soft close door, formal lounge dining, large covered decking area great for family and friends, main bedroom with his and hers walkin robes, ensuite. Add extras plus log fire gas heating.

CLASSIC HOME IN RURAL SETTING $525,000 Looking at a life change, well why not come and inspect this beautiful home on a wonderful lifestyle allotment. Located only metres from mount gambier golf course and surrounded by other quality homes. This could be just what you are looking for. You only need walk in and enjoy this home which comprises of 4 bedrooms main with walk in robe, spa and ensuite. Open kitchen meals family area plus formal lounge.

3/5 JOHN STREET, MOUNT GAMBIER 2 BED I 1 BATH I 2 CAR IMMACULATE HOME $229,500 Check out this beautifully presented home, located in a popular part of mount gambier, close to shops. The home has open plan kitchen meals family area, with 2 good size bedrooms with bir garage umr with inside access and space for 2nd vehicle or small caravan, lovely appointed wet areas and covered patio


PRICE ATTACK PREMIER RETAIL BUSINESS $220,000 PLUS SAV Great opportunity to step into long time established business, with great trading figures, security of strong clientele base and the backing of one of Australia’s largest retailers of professional hair care. Perfect for the individual, mother and daughter or professional couple. Limited experience needed to run this successful business.

43 FERRERS STREET, MOUNT GAMBIER 4 BED I 2 BATH I 2 CAR WHEN ONLY THE BEST WILL $559,000 Why not enjoy the good life with this wonderful home in one of mt gambier’s best addresses. Lifestyle is the word this home creates, with its wonderful living and entertaining areas, overlooking a classic in ground solar heated pool. Stunning kitchen and wet areas. Solid timber floors running through the living areas, ducted reverse cycle air-conditioning. 4 bedrooms plus office and computer nook, formal dining and open kitchen meals family area.



1/17 DAVIDSON STREET, MOUNT GAMBIER 1 BED I 1 BATH I 1 CAR TIME TO BUY $79,500 Great opportunity to buy your first home or investment. Located close to shops and sporting ovals. Large bedroom, open meals kitchen lounge area. Upgraded Bathroom and laundry areas, gas heating, why pay rent when you can own

PETER DEMPSEY | RLA: 269823 | 0418 854 393 | | 22





0428 849 882


OPEN AY RD SATU 0 10:0 m a 10:30

• Grazing, Cropping Block, Tantanoola/Millicent • Turn out block within 30km of Mount Gambier • 200 acres Kalangadoo/Mt McIntyre/Glencoe



3 BED | 1 BATH | 6 CAR

A Character Mount Gambier Stone Residence with a northerly aspect, located on the high side of a street in a sought after location. Whilst requiring considerable renovation the property has many appealing features. 3 Bedrooms, Formal Dining, Seperate Lounge, Baltic Pine Flooring, Lead Light Entrance, Bay Window, Return Veranda as well as 4 open fire places. In recent years the roof has been replaced. An additional feature is the large stone Garage/Workshop of over 8x18m (150m2) with 3 phase power and pit. Good access is available to the rear of the large allotment of 1465m2 . A true Renovators Delight



RLA: 269823


0428 849 882


• 3 Bedroom House with 3 phase power within 10min from Town • Pine & Blue Gum Plantations


COLLECTED STUPIDITY - AS OLD AS MY TONGUE & A LITTLE BIT OLDER THAN MY TEETH... By ROBBIE TANSEL I’ve realised recently that I’m starting to get old. I don’t think it just happened overnight or anything. It’s one of those things that creeps up on you and you don’t really realise until it’s too late. One of the things that has really brought this home to me is realising the things that I can’t do anymore. For example, I recently made the mistake of trying to ride a bike. Shaquille has a bike, and he wanted me to jump on the dusty two wheeled vehicle in the corner of the shed that he identified as my bike. Now as a young man I could ride my bike around the

neighbourhood all day with ease. I could ride up hills. I could jump over all my neighbours lying on the ground. Physically it was not taxing in any way. That is no longer the case. I quickly found that riding up hill was about as likely to be successful as asking Megan Fox out for a date. Another thing I can’t do anymore is making decisions about my hairstyle. Essentially most hairstyles are no longer available to me. As part of a hair cut I get charged a finders fee these days. I haven’t put a comb or a brush through my hair for about fifteen years. One key thing I used to be able to do was go through the night without going to the toilet four times. I’m not really sure how my bladder shrank to a point where it’s unable to hold a reasonable amount of urine. I do have a theory that during Shaquille’s early years where he was waking up every two hours, I got in the habit of going to the toilet because I was up anyway. My bladder got conditioned to this new routine and now expects to be voided regularly through the night. I used to find it easier to purchase clothes in my younger days. Most clothing options seemed reasonable and appropriate for me to wear. Most clothing options still seem reasonable and appropriate for me to wear now, but the problem is that many of them are not appropriate and I now no longer realise. It takes a helpful person like Donna to let me know that I look ridiculous or that I no longer have a bum or hips and can’t wear tracksuit pants anymore. At the moment, knowing that I may unwittingly wear something inappropriate is quite embarrassing. The positive I’m taking from it is it won’t be long and it will actually be embarrassing Shaquille which should be pretty enjoyable. One of the signs that my best days are behind me when | 23

it comes to my clothing is that I generally select my outfit based on comfort rather than style these days. I’d rather look stupid than deal with chafing for example. One of the most obvious ways I’ve realised I’m becoming old is that I turn on a radio now and I don’t know any of the songs or musicians. I probably could have left that sentence at knowing I’m old because I turn on the radio. Who turns on a radio these days? Haven’t you heard of Pandora old man? It’s not all bad being old though. I’m not quite there yet, but I’m looking forward to reaching that age where I just don’t care about other people’s opinions anymore. I really want to get to that age where I just say whatever I want with no care or concern as to whether it will upset other people. I think they call that going through your Prince Phillip stage. Anyway, I had tea tonight at 5:00 and it’s now 7:30 so I’m going to bed. You can email me at robbietansel@ but the chances are I’m going to have to wait until Shaquille’s old enough to explain to me how to access my emails.

We have strength in numbers.

The benefit of dealing with an accounting practice that has a broad range of expertise is undeniable. At Sinclair Wilson, this fact is absolutely true. As a client you will tap into the minds of many, access powerful financial analysis and be introduced to efficient financial systems. In basic terms, you will have the strongest team of business advisors in the region, at your fingertips. 9 Wehl Street South Mount Gambier - 08 8724 0399 50 Thompson Street Hamilton - 03 5551 3111

IN THE GARDEN I wonder whether after a dry start to winter if this wettest of late winter/ spring will set us up for the best spring ever with the late burst of cold winter weather confusing us all. When is spring ever going to come? A few days ago it was almost spring, albeit momentarily. As I write this the sun is shining, even though the nights are crisp, with the recent frosts good for paeonies and bulbs. This combination of weather triggers plants in to life, as well as dormant bulbs and tubers. It would be wonderful to have the temperatures rising and a bit more sunshine for us growers and most gardeners. Now is the absolute last chance to plant bare rooted trees, shrubs and fruit trees and roses, as the buds are bursting into life on most deciduous trees and roses in the past week. The staff at Limestone Coast Advanced Trees, Gardenarium and Limestone Coast Roses have been madly potting for the past month or so in readiness for spring and summer. We have some amazing deals on the ever popular Oak trees, including Scarlet Oak, Pin Oak, Red Oak and English Oak, Golden Ash, the ever popular and stunning Japanese maples, Lipstick maple trees plus mop top trees at ridiculous prices, which are great for formal gardens. A whole host of fruit trees including peaches, nectarines, walnuts, plus figs and mulberries and, of course, citrus trees are now on offer. Spring is the best time to plant citrus trees and with over $10 off advanced and extra large

By Calum Haygarth Landscape Architect & Horticultural Consultant grade trees, half price Eureka lemons and Tahitian Limes the time has never been better. Half price Mop Top trees have been racing out the door, so be quick as there are only limited numbers remaining. If you haven’t considered planting winter dormant (bare rooted) trees now is pretty much the last opportunity. But don’t stress as the days are long gone where you pretty much had to plant at this time as that’s the only way deciduous trees were available. With the expansion of the Limestone Coast Advanced Tree section on Bay Road in Mount Gambier again late last Autumn means even more stock than ever is on site and in larger numbers, saving us time bringing stock in from our growing facility. The expansion will allow homeowners mainly, the chance to browse an even broader range of trees which can be purchased straight away, although landscapers, councils and developers will benefit too from the added stock held. At present we have five grades of trees from advanced right through to semi mature in 200 litre bags, with plans to introduce more grades for everyone in every price point. The range includes deciduous, evergreen, native, fruit trees, citrus, including espaliered, as well as many eucalyptus and pittosporum varieties. In addition, we will increase the number of in ground displays to show customers the ultimate size and shape that can be attained in a particular tree.

ALL AUSTRALIAN SELECTION FOR JESS Millicent’s Sarah Allan was part of the inaugural Adelaide Crows premiership team in the AFLW competition and her younger sister Jess looks set to find an AFLW home after the October 18 draft after gaining selection in the Under 18 All Australian team. The best in the nation were honoured after the Under 18 VictoriaAllies curtain raiser at Etihad Stadium on September 2. Jess was named in the ruck and also awarded the vice captaincy of the talent rich line-up. Adding to those accolades was the Ladder Champion Award – an award presented by youth homelessness charity Ladder to the player who displays attributes, on and off the field, that align with Ladder’s core values – commitment and passion – and Jess became the first female player to take home the award. Jess was part of the inaugural South East Female Football Academy, established by her father, Keith, and also played in the SANFL women’s competition for Glenelg.

Spring is the most spectacular time to look at and purchase blossom trees. Despite the wind over the past few weeks, a great deal of spectacular trees around the region have still put on their wonderful displays. Here, at Limestone Coast Advanced Trees we have nearly half price off all our bare rooted dormant weeping cherries for the next week unless sold out or they burst in to bud prior, in which case they will have to be potted up, as well as 25% off all advanced blossom trees in flower right now including many of the sought after magnolias like Black Tulip, as well as the three new releases, Genie, Cleopatra and Cameo (see pictures facing page). At present we have our Magnificent Magnolias festival on and the nursery is packed full of dozens of flowering magnolias in all shapes and sizes, and with 25% off for the next week, now is the time to rush in and look at these magical trees and shrubs in full bloom. My particular favourite is Black Tulip with its deep beetroot/burgundy cup shaped blooms that are huge and last so well. This tougher variety from New Zealand is hard to rival, but the traditional Nigra two toned varieties with darker striped outers and pure white inners are still as popular as ever (see picture in our advert). If you have not considered one then now is a good time to see an accurate flower colour, rather than going on books and labels which can be incorrect.

Our range of metal animals made by orphans in Zimbabwe are also half price in the sale, this includes, large birds, such as heron and brolgas right down to the cute esky cooler like the VW Kombi, Mini Cooper and aussie ute (see advert) and even the cow mailbox, just what every farm entrance needs, or if you missed getting dad his father’s day present, here is a chance to redeem yourself. Spring is, of course, the time for cleaning and we are no different. With masses of new lines arriving from one of my recent buying trips, we need room. So, we are clearing a lot of exdemo water features and fountains at less than cost. Outdoor furniture settings have been slashed to clear, as well as pots, to make way for container loads of new fountains, pots and garden arbours. The new ranges include some amazing metal sculptures, wall art, benches and arches, along with a whole new range of outdoor furniture cementing Gardenarium as the outdoor furniture specialists in the region. With our direct purchasing and the continuing strength of the dollars our prices are set to fall again on much of our range. We also have a whole new range of reclaimed teak outdoor furniture to complement the range we started a few years ago which has been hugely successful, with new dining chairs at incredibly low prices and casual outdoor couches and seating for 2017/18 (see website for details).

Keep an eye out on television for our new outdoor furniture advert you’re going to love it. So, what are you waiting for - get your trailer or ute and get on down to Gardenarium and the Limestone Coast Group at 167,Bay Road (Riddoch Hwy) in Mount Gambier and grab a bargain or go to www. and have your purchases sent to you throughout the Limestone coast, Western Victoria and our recently expanded Mallee services as well as the Riverland as long as stocks last, which wont be long given the discounts. For all your gardening queries email Calum at

SAM’S RUN FOR CHARITY Sam Linton is a young man on a mission. He is running in the 2017 City-Bay Fun Run in Adelaide as he

Action photo courtesy of Phil Barnes | 26

continues his fundraising efforts for a charity close to his heart – CanTeen. The charity, that supports young

people suffering from cancer or touched by the disease through a family member and the organisation has been an integral part of Sam’s life for a few years now. His father Bazz died of brain cancer in 2014. Sam thoroughly enjoys the activities and time he spends with CanTeen and has been active in fundraising circles, including encouraging his school, St Martins Lutheran College, to participate in Bandana Day every year. The school and Millicent & District Darts Association, where Sam is the youngest participant, have both supported Sam in his latest fundraising effort – this weekend’s fun run. One of Sam’s school friends will be splitting proceeds from a food stall fundraiser with CanTeen and the Leukaemia Foundation, while the darts association presented the grateful teenager with a cheque for $200. To help Sam reach his target of at least $500 head to https://citybay2017. The City-Bay Fun Run is on September 17.


We are a proud Australian company, owned by long term superannuation investors

We are sustainable and here for 100 years

We are investing in this community and the forestry industry now and into the future

We will continue to meet our obligations to the Government and build a dynamic industry


































BRAIN TEASER WHO AM I?? How many clues did you need? 1. I was born in 1975. 2. I am a seven time Oscar nominee. 3. In 2000, I won a Grammy. 4. I have been married three times. 5. I won the 2008 Best Actress Oscar. 6. Jack Black played my love interest in one of my most commercially successful movies. 7. April Wheeler and Joanna Hoffman are two of my most critically acclaimed roles. 8. My latest movie sees me starring opposite Idris Elba. 9. I have enjoyed a long standing professional and personal relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio. 10. My most famous role is still Rose in the 1997 epic Titanic. My name is Kate ……..?


SUDOKU 7 9 6 1 7 1 5 5 3 6



6 4



5 9


12. Who did the Socceroos play in their final world cup qualifier last week? 13. Which A Grade football team was the first eliminated from the premiership race in Western Border finals? 14. Who is the US Secretary of State? 15. What natural event does the North Korean missile tests replicate? 16. In which year did Jennifer Hawkins win the Miss Universe title? 17. Kelsey Grammar’s hit TV series Frasier was a spin off from which other show? 18. What is the square root of 144? 19. Which of these is NOT a Jane Austen classic – Pride and Prejudice, Emma, Wuthering Heights & Mansfield Park? 20. Which Australian racing family calls Lindsay Park home?

7 4 2 8 3 8 4 9 2


ANSWERS 1. 5; 2. New Zealand; 3. Elizabeth Montgomery; 4. Reputation; 5. Ramsay Street; 6. John Millman; 7. Oslo; 8. William Golding; 9. Sheep; 10. Kiefer Sutherland; 11. Tom Hanks; 12. Thailand; 13. Millicent; 14. Rex Tillerson; 15. Earthquake; 16. 2004; 17. Cheers; 18. 12; 19. Wuthering Heights; 20. The Hayes.


How to play: To solve this puzzle each 3x3 box, each row and each column must contain all the numbers from 1 to 9.

1. What number did West Coast Eagles and Carlton champion Chris Judd wear? 2. Who won the recent Netball Quad Series? 3. Who played Samantha in the TV cult series Bewitched? 4. What is the title of Taylor Swift’s upcoming album? 5. In which suburban street is the Aussie TV soap Neighbours set? 6. Which Aussie tennis player progressed the furthest in the 2017 US Open singles? 7. What is the capital of Norway? 8. Who wrote the novel Lord of the Flies? 9. Dorper and Suffolk are breeds of which animal? 10. Who starred as Jack Bauer in the hit TV series 24? 11. Who voices Woody in the Toy Story franchise? | 29

3 2 9 7 8 1 5 4 6

8 4 1 5 6 9 2 7 3

7 6 5 3 4 2 9 1 8

9 7 8 1 5 3 6 2 4

4 1 3 9 2 6 7 8 5

6 5 2 4 7 8 1 3 9

1 3 6 8 9 7 4 5 2

5 9 7 2 3 4 8 6 1

2 8 4 6 1 5 3 9 7

YOUR LOCAL ADULT RETAILER Why not spice up your life! Monday - Wednesday: 9am-6pm Thursday- Saturday: 9am-10pm Sunday: 10am - 6pm Discreet parking & entrance at the back of the shop 127 Commercial Street West, Mount Gambier SA

Ph 08 8723 2375

Beck’s Antennas Phone today 0427 183 047 or AH 8725 6219

The Coastal Express T Door to Door Daily Service!

Mount Gambier - Millicent - Southend - B Beachport - Robe - Kingston

0408 0 408 8 838 38 0 027 27 | 30


Rotary Market, Behind Harvey Norman, Saturdays 8am - 1pm



BRICKLAYER STONEMASON • Bricklaying • Random Stonework • Paving •Concreting • Extensions & Repairs • No obligation quotes

Phone Rodney Tobin on 0438 257 374 or 08 8725 7374

Do it



ready to






WE CAN CUSTOM MAKE: • Venetian Blinds • Roman Blinds • Roller Blinds • Vertical Blinds • Tab Top Curtains • Pencil Pleat Curtains • Pinch Pleat Curtains • Sheer Curtaining




PORT FAIRY BEACHFRONT - Luxury house with fantastic ocean views. 3 bedroom, spa, Foxtel. Ph 0448 652 586. F ------------------------------------------


LUCERNE HAY quality shedded, this seasons $10 per bale also meadow hay $5. 51 Tolner Rd. Ph 8725 2267 or 0427 252 267. 699 -----------------------------------------SAWDUST Good clean sawdust and pine chip 3T or 25T loads delivered Ph 0427 799 334 698 ------------------------------------------


ROBE BEACHFRONT - Two storey homes on main beach. 4 bedrooms, amazing views. Ph 0448 652 586. www. F ------------------------------------------


COLLECTORMANIAC Buying and selling rare ANTIQUES & COLLECTABLES including Militaria, Kitchenalia, Tin & Diecast toys, Live steam Toys, Garagenalia, Enamel & Tin signs, Vintage electrical, Pottery, Porcelain and Jewellery. Closed Tuesday, open every other day 12-4pm, 4.5km south of the Blue lake, 21684 Riddoch Highway (Bay Road). Look for signs situated on right at the former “Hills Blue Lake Plant Nursery”. Ph 08 8726 8340, email goodpig@, facebook page Collectormaniac for map. 697 -----------------------------------------NELL’S COLLECTABLES A little shop that delights. Shop 6 68 Gray St. Mt Gambier T 08 8723 5255. 698 ------------------------------------------


NARACOORTE PLAZA KIOSK. A great opportunity to purchase Lotteries Agency and Newsagent sub-agency in the brilliant foot traffic location, right in the middle of Naracoorte’s thriving Kincraig Plaza. The complementary combination of the 2 agencies makes this business easy to operate with minimum staffing. Currently operating 6 days a week, with potential for further growth. $99,950. Phone Diana Edwards on 0417 888 624 for further details. F ------------------------------------------


1990 17FT TRAVELLER caravan pop top. Double island bed, roll-out awning, full annexe & floor, 2 deep cycle 12 volt batteries, solar panel, electric brakes, all set up for free camping, many extras, rego until November. $11,000 O.N.O. Ph 0427 058 186. 698 ------------------------------------------


FOR PROBLEM septics, leachfields, greasetraps and drains, Use FLUSH-IT(R) and let nature do the work. Ph 1300 657 570 or 03 5158 1248. W ------------------------------------------


QUALIFIED Fashion Technician for bridal and evening wear, all made to order, alterations and embellishments Ph 0428 506 616. 699 ------------------------------------------


BILLIARD TABLE slate base with accessories. Can deliver. Ph 0408 388 552. 699 -----------------------------------------DISCOUNTED EXHAUST SYSTEMS to suit most vehicles. Ph 08 8724 9273. W -----------------------------------------FLOWERS silk/fresh, will soon be moving to a NEW address at Mitchell Street behind Subway. NO LONGER AT SHE’S APPLES. Ph 0468 892 990 or 08 8725 7952 n700 ------------------------------------------ | 32

FIRST LIGHT YOGA – yoga that cares for you. Phone Julia 0429 094 434. 702 ------------------------------------------


2010 XR 6, red, in immaculate condition inside and out, only 99,000km. Registered until July XUV-765 $16,990. Ph 0421 443 787. D ------------------------------------------


PET SITTER AVAILABLE to mind your beloved pets/poultry. Your home/ours. Competitive rates. Collecting bins/mail/watering plants. Phone: 08 8725 7952 or 0468 892 990. n700 ------------------------------------------


PRINT AND DESIGN - From A6 to A1, from 1 to 1000 pages, from business cards to magazines. Talk to the Lifestyle1 team 08 8724 7111. F ------------------------------------------


CENTRAL MT GAMBIER, 2 fully furnished bedrooms available. Only student or employed may apply. Owner will maintain garden. Ph 0468 892 990 or 08 8725 7952 n700 -----------------------------------------FOR RENT short/long term rental. Mount Gambier venue, wedding, functions, seminars. $25O per day. Ph: 0418 838 684. n700 ------------------------------------------


GUTTER CLEANING, pressure cleaning, mowing, rose & fruit tree pruning, hedges & garden maintenance. Phil and Deb’s Garden Care Plus. Ph 0429 012 990. 698 -----------------------------------------SE Battery Service Pty Ltd South East Mobility Equipment South East Sustainable Energy Call into your licorice all sorts store We have it all! 120 Penola Road, Mt Gambier Ph 08 8725 9911 W ------------------------------------------


CARAVAN STOCK. Due to recent sales we’ve depleted our used caravan stock. If you’ve finished with your caravan why not speak to the caravan professionals at Donehue’s Leisure about turning your caravan into cash. Phone Dee in Mt Gambier on 08 8725 2826 or Shane in Hamilton on 03 5571 1033. DU ------------------------------------------


SPRING SPECIALS 25% off normal price, free quotes, brick, M/Gambier stone rock face, blue stone, dolomite, concrete for paving, BBQs, flower boxes, gazebo, garden seat, fences, FIREPLACE, dog house, chookpen, steps, ramps, verandah columns, gate posts. Will travel. BLD231035 Ph 0418 838 684/ 08 8725 7952 n700 ------------------------------------------

SPORT AT A GLANCE INDOOR BOWLS Kilsby Shield 1st Semi Final RSL & District Gold 61 d Commercial Club 60 2nd Semi Final Post-Tel 65 d Glenburnie 52 Malseed Shield 1st Semi Final Blue Lake Bowlers Blue 59 d Moorak Blue 54 2nd Semi Final Mt Gambier Bowls Club 53 d Yahl 48 Next week’s Preliminary Finals Kilsby Shield Glenburnie vs RSL & District Gold Malseed Shield Yahl vs Blue Lake Bowlers Blue Both the Kilsby & Malseed Shield Preliminary Finals will be played at the Mount Gambier Bowls Club

Students from Jik Cheung Kung Fu Australia and the Mount Gambier Jujitsu Club attended a joint cross training day in Mount Gambier. KUNG FU STUDENTS JOIN FORCES WITH JUJITSU CLUB FOR CROSS TRAINING Late last month, Jik Cheung Kung Fu Australia hosted its first cross training seminar with the Mount Gambier Jujitsu Club. The morning session was conducted by Jik Cheung Kung Fu Australia, and instructors Sifu Amedeo Cella, Sidai Anthony Baseley and Sidai Terry Farrell all provided valuable insight into various drills, hand techniques and applications from Muk Yan Chong Fa (wooden dummy). This insight provided opportunity for the Jujitsu students to develop new methods of engaging with an opponent, and new ways of leading into their own techniques. In the afternoon, Sensei Dave Grassi took over the afternoon timeslot and demonstrated multiple Tai Sabaki movements, with a strong focus on developing appropriate footwork to off-balance and move around the opponent. Students were provided with multiple approaches, which allowed for the application of “wrist crunches” or joint

locks, as well as throws and groundwork. Overall students from both schools were impressed with how the two styles aligned with each other, and look forward to holding further cross training days in future. Below - Sensei Dave Grassi demonstrates “wrist crunches” during the cross training seminar.

BUSINESS END OF THE WINTER BASKETBALL SEASON IN MOUNT GAMBIER See our facebook page for a full wrap of basketball results from the week including junior grand final day on Sunday, senior finals all this week & the SECBL on Wednesday night.

WESTERN BORDER NETBALL 2ND SEMI FINALS A GRADE Millicent 52 (D. Denton, L. Duldig) d North Gambier 50 (L. Fyfe, K. Smith)

A RESERVE Millicent 51 (P. Nitschke, L. Shanks) d East Gambier 41 (C. Horrigan, B. Dempsey)

B GRADE South Gambier 51 (K. Atwell, L. Copping) d West Gambier 36 (T. Ferguson, K. Heaver)

C GRADE East Gambier 37 (D. Waters, N. Smith) d South Gambier 32 (J. O’Neil, R. Bryant) – in overtime

17 & UNDER South Gambier 41 (J. Adams, I. Redemski) d North Gambier 27 (S. Edwards, O. Patzel)

15 & UNDER A Millicent 42 (P. Nitschke, A. Pratt) d North Gambier 35 (C. Day, C. Bruhn)

15 & UNDER B South Gambier 35 (T. Redemski, S. Boston) d Millicent 28 (L. Hateley, L. Denton)

13 & UNDER A South Gambier 31 (A. Duncan, T. McShane) d Millicent 29 (C. Turner, D. Tunkin)

13 & UNDER B

Millicent 28 (J. Little, S. Gibson) d South Gambier 18 (L. Munro, C. Sims) | 33

North Gambier’s Kaitlin Smith was one of the most influential players on court in the Western Border A Grade 2nd semi final.

SPORT PIONEERS 2017 - THAT’S A WRAP With a win loss record of 24 and three, the East Conference title and the national championship, the Castec Rural Supplies Mount Gambier Pioneers put together as close to a perfect season as you can probably hope for in sport. “We didn’t have too many bad games,” head coach Richard Hill said. “It wasn’t the best team we’ve had but it was the easiest group to coach. I don’t think it was a good as the ’15 team as far as talent goes. DJ (Daniel Johnson) and Tyrone (Lee) were on that team and DJ was an unbelievable player.” Hill did clarify that during his tenure the club, from within as much as through his leadership, had developed a good culture. “We didn’t have any problems at all (this year) but in fairness we’ve never had massive problems,” Hill said. “When you spend as much time together as we do and sit in a little mini bus travelling long distances, the chemistry was really good and that reflected in the consistent performance. It was an incredible record because it is not an easy competition.” Adding to the stature of the 2017 season record was the Pioneers had a tough draw. “The two Canberra teams and Melbourne were the only teams that were not at a pretty high level and we only played them once so to be able win as many games as we did with a compromised draw was pretty good. It was pretty close to perfect.” Most coaches aim for their teams to play their best when it counts the most and that has always been Hill’s mantra as well. “I have been preaching for some time to play our best game when it matters and I think we did that for a quarter,” he said. That was the third quarter of the national championship final – the 28-11 scoreline bowling the title race apart. “From a defensive point of view that’s as good as we’ve played all year and we were really good on offensive end as well,” Hill said. “That was the key being able to do that. You can never do that for a while game.” After quieter games in the home court play-off games against emerging rival Nunawading, Hill suspected Erik Burdon would prove the X factor in the national championship final and that’s exactly how things panned out. “Nunawading are an outstanding defensive team and Eze (Burdon) couldn’t get open but we figured the way Dandenong played he would get open and play in more space. It was just going to be a matter

of whether he could knock down the shots.,” Hill said. Of course, history will show he did, finishing the national title match with 22 points, including six from eight from three point territory. Tom Daly, who has thrived since his elevation to the captaincy in 2017, took out the grand final MVP award as his consistent season continued. “Tom had a great game, Daniel (Alexander) had a really good game and Brad (Hill) was good in the second half and Eze was probably the difference,” Hill said. The three time national championship winning coach believes Daly, Alexander or Burdon would have been worthy winner of the grand final MVP honour. “Tom certainly deserved it and his two previous play off games were of a similar standard,” Hill said. It was just reward for a player who Hill believes would have been in the conversation in the previous two national finals where MVP honours went the way of Brad Hill and Damian Johnson. “Each one of those games, Tom would have been in the conversation,” Hill said. Alexander’s 15 points and 16 rebounds, especially given he was in foul trouble for much of the contest, and Burdon’s 22 points were also clearly instrumental in the championship victory. The grand final MVP and runner-up finish in the club’s MVP award – the Allan Scott Medal - was just reward for Daly in his first season in the top leadership job. “I think anytime you empower someone it makes them feel good about themselves and empowering him (Daly) with the role of leader of a really good group of guys probably gave him a stronger self belief,” Hill said. “His form is also really reflective of the hard work we’ve been doing and he’s still getting better. He shot at nearly 60 percent from the floor and that’s unbelievable. He lives at Squashbrook and he is on the court two extra times a week working on his game. He was ready for the leadership.” Daly was pipped for the Allan Scott Medal by star import Alexander. “The voting was much closer than you imagine,” Hill said. “Daniel (Alexander) is such a dynamic player and he’s been so exciting. He brought exactly what I thought he would as I was watching a lot of tape because of his versatility. Daniel is an outstandingly gifted athlete the likes of which we will never see again here. That’s why I was so persistent. He is a unique

talent and a unique person.” Jack Magden secured the coach’s award at the presentation evening – another player being rewarded for hard work and playing the role assigned to him for the good of the team. “He (Madgen) had two really good games in the two home finals. He works harder than Tom Daly and that’s saying something.” In the same vein as Magden, Luke Jamieson also elevated his game in 2017 and was named defensive player of the year. “Last year Luke was prepared to sacrifice the start for the chemistry of the team,” Hill said. “He is a much better player now and he will continue to grow and be a really, really good player.” Hill is optimistic the key big man will call Mount Gambier and the Pioneers home for some time to come now, in the same way as Matt Sutton, Burdon and Daly. “I hope he will be a Pioneer for some time,” Hill said. “He is one of the family here now and he is close to a lot of people and I hope he’ll be here beyond when I’m here.” Hill is heading into the last season of his contract and chances are that will be it for the most successful coach in the club’s history. It’s why succession planning has been front of mind this year and heading into next. The captaincy changeover was part of that plan and the 200 game, dual national championship winning skipper Matt Sutton has announced his retirement. “I don’t think the Pioneers have seen the last of him (Sutton),” Hill said. “He would be a good assistant coach – he’s too nice a guy to be a head coach.” Club chairman Neil Boase is also stepping down after a six year reign as the club looks to ensure that change of leadership, on and off the court, is not all in one season. “Neil (Boase) has had a remarkable impact on our club,” board member Tom Kosch said. “He leaves the club in a really good place and the success we have had says a lot about his leadership in that time.” Transition is set to be a buzz word around the club in the next 12 months. “Transition into another era with different leaders but with similar results,” Hill said. cont. opp. page

1. 2017 Allan Scott Medallist Daniel Alexander with head coach Richard Hill and chairman Richard Boase. 2. Finals player of the year & Allan Scott Medal runner-up Tom Daly (centre) with chariman Richard Boase and head coach Richard Hill. 3. Defensive player of the year Luke Jamieson (centre) with team trainer Deb Bowman and head coach Richard Hill. 4. Coaches Trophy recipient Jack Madgen with head coach Richard Hill. 5. Golden Hands winner Brad Hill (centre) with team mate Erik Burdon (left) and head coach Richard Hill. 6. Bowden Family Volunteer of the Year Ryan Meakin (left) with retiring 200 gamer Matt Sutton. 7. Jason Joynes Club Person of the Year Julie Howe-Tipene with chairman Neli Boase. | 34

SPORT PIONEERS 2017 - THAT’S A WRAP FROM OPP. PAGE “Expectations will be high but you can’t continue to do what we’ve been doing, it isn’t realistic. As I said at the presentation night, we lose the final and the season is 23-4 but we won and it’s 24-3 – that’s still pretty good but people will judge you by the final hurdle and that’s sport. We need to continue to be highly competitive. We need to keep the profile of club there to get bums on seats, to get sponsors what they need – to be associated with a winner.” Sponsorship has gone from $95,000 to $200,000 since Hill was placed in charge. Exit meetings are almost finished with the playing roster and then things will taper off for Hill and the club for a few weeks before getting

signatures on contracts and chasing the missing pieces for the 2018 puzzle begins. “I always see what the Australians we secure first and then pick other guys that will fit in that group,” Hill, who wades through hundreds of tapes and narrows it down to a final 20 that he makes phone contact with for the import roles, said. Other awards at the club’s season ending presentation night went to Brad Hill (Golden Hands Award); Ryan Meakin (Bowden Family Volunteer of the Year Award) and Julie Howe-Tipene (Jason Joynes Club Person of the Year). Left - The 2017 National Championship winning Castec Rural Supplies Mount Gambier Pioneers.

SAINTS STAR CELEBRATES 300 GAMES A ten time premiership player and three time premiership coach – it’s a resume the envy of most and it’s only the tip of the iceberg. Millicent playing coach Lisa Duldig treasures those team achievements and she has a swag of individual accolades as well, as the star mid courter hit the court for her 300th senior game as a Saint in Saturday’s second semi final against North Gambier. In a twist of fate, husband Steve, celebrated the identical milestone earlier this season. Universally revered, Lisa’s career started more than 20 years ago in 1997 as a member of Millicent’s 15 & Under team. She was again in that age group the following season when her proud history of representing Western Border also started, in the 15 & Under team, as well as selection in the South East regional team. As illustrious as her club career has been, her representative career is also impressive, with junior representative supplemented by 10 years of being part of the A Grade team, including the 2011, 2015 and 2017 SA Country titles. Lisa was named in the Top 10 Players of the Championship on all three

of those occasions. But the weekend celebrations were about the current co-coach of the A Grade team. It was as a 15 year old, in 1999, that Lisa started her A Grade career and only a year later that the teenager was part of the drought breaking premiership, ending 15 years without the ultimate success. That title has seen a dynasty established with the Saints crowned premiers 12 of the 16 years since – interrupted only by a North Gambier three-peat from 2003-05 and the upset Hamilton victory of 2008. This season they are gunning for a ninth consecutive title. Lisa has spent the majority of this golden era of Millicent netball alongside Hayley Dunn, Donna Denton and Audine Bryant but despite that trio’s impressive careers, Lisa sits comfortably in their company and well and truly no longer in their shadow. She has been selected by her peers in the Western Border team of the year on nine occasions and has been named coach of that team in the past three seasons and 2017. Donna Denton has been there for much of Lisa’s netball journey and her achievements and elevation to a 300 game revered player at the club is no surprise to her highly decorated team mate. “She does the work,” Denton said. “She works really hard. She has always wanted to improve her game and to be the best she could be sine she was 15. She has stuck at it.” As a team mate, Denton characterises her now coach, in a similar vein to the rest of the competition. “She is a reliable attacker and safe with the ball,” Denton said. “She also works so hard defensively and to turn the ball back and she does that all day long.” Put anyone on the spot to come up with one word to describe Lisa



and consistent would often be the adjective of choice. “She is such a consistent performer,” Denton said. “She plays the whole game at a very steady pace. She just chips away and supports the players around her and she always stays positive throughout.” Understandably, when Lisa took over the coaching reins from Denton, there were nerves as she took charge of her mentors. “I do think, though, being captain of the team for so long made it a smoother transition to coach,” Denton said. “I think coaching juniors also helped her in terms of planning trainings. She has always been a great leader.” The coaching role, which she has shared with Bryant in the past two seasons, has become her own. “She is very, very inspiring,” Denton said. “Her words are inspirational.” Lisa has been a player, junior and senior coach and committee member over her 21 year journey and shows no signs of slowing down, having only missed the 2006 season to travel and the 2012 and 2016 seasons when she was pregnant with children Pacey and Edie respectively. Left - Lisa Duldig in action at the weekend during her 300th senior game for Millicent. Above - Lisa Duldig runs through her 300 game banner with daughter Edie, as husband Steve (left) looks on. | 35

MOUNT GAMBIER NETBALL ASSOCIATION GRAND FINAL RESULTS A GRADE Saints 46 d Hobitz 40 Best on court – Bridgette McKinnon - Hobitz A2 GRADE Hobitz 64 d Vicis 45 Best on court – Tammara Whittaker - Hobitz B1 GRADE Saints 46 d Intruders Black 42 Best on court – Jasmine Taylor - Saints B2 GRADE Lakes 64 d Intruders Orange 59 Best on court – Kate Biszko – Intruders Orange C GRADE Nomads 40 d Intruders 19 Best on court – Phillipa Gann - Nomads 17 & UNDER Zodiacs 47 d Vicis 33 Best on court – Madison Glynn - Zodiacs 15 & UNDER A Intruders 42 d Zodiacs Gold 39 Best on court – Maddison Revill - Zodiacs Gold 15 & UNDER B Hobitz 40 d Zodiacs 27 Best on court – Kellie Wallace - Hobitz 13 & UNDER A Vicis 33 d Intruders 28 Best on court – Jessica Grigg - Vicis 13 & UNDER B Saints 22 d Intruders Black 13 Best on court – Gianna Morello - Saints PHOTOS OF PREMIERS FROM EVERY GRADE ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE



North Gambier’s Tom Edwards breaks away from East’s Matt Scanlon PHOTO COURTESY OF FRANK MONGER





Mt Burr 5.6 7.7 11.9 12.9 (81) Kalangadoo 0.0 3.7 3.8 6.10 (46) Goals - Mt Burr: J. Gregory 4; D. Ridley 3; W. Whitty, T. Renzi, J. Fiebig, T. Hales, B. Hennink. Kalangadoo: N. Reeves 2; M. Lowe, S. Agnew, B. Auld, B. Mules. Best - Mt Burr: P. Guyett, B. Hennink, T. Stanley, D. Tidley, C. Gamble, S. Wallis. Kalangadoo: J. Bannister, D. Jeffree, B. Ousey, C. Mules, B. Mules. B GRADE Port MacDonnell 5.4 6.5 9.10 12.13 (85) Kalangadoo 1.1 3.3 4.4 4.5 (29) Goals - Pt Mac: B. Creek, C. Driver, A. McGregor, T. Lampard 2; B. Goodwin, M. Sullivan, B. Stephens, M. Byrne. Kalangadoo: R, Carlson 2; D. Gull, C. Triffitt. Best - Pt Mac: A. McGregor, J. Feast, C. Driver, C. Johnson, B. Creek, B. Stephens. Kalangadoo: M. Auld, T. Brennan, J. Kilsby, B. Stott, J. Brennan. SENIOR COLTS Hatherleigh 3.4 11.7 15.11 18.15 (123) Tantanoola 1.1 3.2 5.2 6.2 (38) Goals -Hatherleigh: H. Coote 5; K. Bradley, J. Wight 3; A. Seamer 2; J. Lang, F. Vradley, N. Telfer, Z. Jones, A. Buhlmann. Tantanoola: R. Osborne 5; B. Yates. Best - Hatherleigh: L. MacGregor, H. Coote, L. Jackman-Tilley, Z. Jones, C. Skeer, J. Gray. Tantanoola: L. McClintock, B. Yates, R. Osborne, Z. Walker, C. Searle, T. Bevan. JUNIOR COLTS Hatherleigh 1.3 1.3 3.5 4.6 (30) Glencoe 1.1 2.2 2.2 3.2 (20) Goals - Hatherleigh: H. Jones 2; E. Bowman, B. Thwaites. Glencoe: K. Maney, H. McBain, W. Maloney. Best - Hatherleigh: P. Chay, B. Thwaites, H. Jones, K. Varlet, C. Atkinson, E. Bowman. Glencoe: A. Tentye, C. Brooks, I. McGrath, H. McBain, R. Kuhl.

Lucindale 3.5 7.6 9.8 12.8 (80) Penola 1.3 3.5 7.7 10.8 (68) Goals- Lucindale: S. Mardling 4; W. Gojuld 2; R. McInrnery, S. Spriggs, H. Legoe, A. Eckerman, E. Milne, T. Logan. Penola: S. Randhawa 3; A. Merrett, D. Clayfield 2; J. Galpin, S. Berkefeld, J. Copping. Best - Lucindale: T. MacKenize, S. Graetz, D. Ogilvie, R. McInerney, D. McCarthy, H. Legoe. Penola: T. Williams, S. Merrett, J. Pfitzner, S. Berkefeld, D. Clayfield, M. Skrypek. RESERVES Penola 4.0 9.2 13.2 16.2 (98) Keith 3.2 7.5 9.8 12.14 (86) Goals - Penola: J. Smith 5; B. Minion, A. McIntyre 3; L. March, J. Gartner, S. Zadow, P. Buchanan, T. Clayfield. Keith: J. Snajdar 7; A. Mewett 2; G. Ryan, D. Harper, J. Irwin. Best - Penola: J. Smith, D. walker, P. Buchanan, J. Mansell, S. Zadow, T. Moore. Keith: J. Snajdar, J. Forrest, H. Ryan, A. Mewett, W. Broadstock, J. McMurray. SENIOR COLTS Keith 4.2 10.6 14.10 16.16 (112) Penola 0.0 1.1 2.1 2.3 (15) Goals - Keith: T. Hawthorne 4; C. Reid, G. Driver 3; W. Schreiber 2; W. McMurray, S. Schreiber, Z. Driver, H. Dix. Penola: K. Messenger, H. Porter. Best - Keith: W. McMurray, S. Schreiber, A. Innes, Z. Driver, G. Driver. Penola: J. Martin, J. Robbie, W. Wittwer, J. Bunnik, S. Klemm, S. Gartner. JUNIOR COLTS Kingston 2.3 3.5 8.6 9.8 (62) Keith 0.0 1.0 1.0 2.0 (12) Goals - Kingston: E. Murdock, E. Cornish, J. Troeth, J. Harding 2; W. Watts. Keith: H. Wayman, A. Watts. Best - Kingston: C. Watts, E. Mutdock, W. Watts, J. Harding, W. Wiseman, J. Tapfield. Keith: J. McAuley, T. Edson, C. Hannemann, D. Qualman, M. Cunningham, J. Walter.



Hatherleigh 51 (S. Faulkner, K. Wight) d Port MacDonnell 37 (A. Boylan, S. Roach)


A RESERVE Port MacDonnell 46 (S. Morgan, L. McGregor) d Tantanoola 43 (K. Rowe, J. Wilson)

B GRADE Tantanoola 40 (A. Fensom, D. Rutkowski) d Kalangadoo 39 (N. Reeves, L. Mules)

North Gambier’s Lisa Fyfe


Millicent’s Donna Denton

Port MacDonnell 47 (R. McGregor, T. Jacob) d Kongorong 36 (C. Ashby, B. Holmes)

PODIUM FINISH FOR KAI AT NATIONALS It’s not often a Year 6 student is competing with kids as old as Year 10 but that has been the story of the 2017 Australian Kart Championships for 12 year old Kai Allen. The 2016 Cadet 12 national champion could still be competing in that same category right through until July next year but in the interest of extending himself and improving his driving, Kai opted to graduate to KA4 Junior – the 16 Under category. Safe to say the Mount Gambier based driver more than held his own, finishing third in the championship, meaning in three years of competing on the national stage he has three podium finishes in the national championships – third in 2015 in Cadet 12, the category he won last year, as well

17 & UNDER Tantanoola 48 (E. Gould, E. Turley) d Robe 41 (C. Venn, J. Venn)

15 & UNDER Kalangadoo 39 (E. Egan, J. Stone) d Hatherleigh 32 (I. Marshall, L. Chant)

13 & UNDER Mt Burr 38 (A. Goode, J. Hayward) d Port MacDonnell 22 (S. Lomas, K. Sneath)

Keith 60 (M. Harper) d Naracoorte 44 (K. Mott)

A RESERVE Lucindale 40 (E. Handbury) d Penola 37 (K. Dent)

B GRADE Lucindale 42 (J. Legoe) d Penola 28 (M. Gartner)

C GRADE Penola 38 (T. Berkin) d Keith 35 (A. Erikson)

17 & UNDER Kingston 53 (E. Wright) d Padthaway 49 (K. Moyle-Read)

15 & UNDER A Naracoorte 69 (S. Bates) d Lucindale 37 (E. Jones)

15 & UNDER B

Bordertown 43 (A. Will) d Lucindale 19 (M. Walker)

13 & UNDER A Penola 46 (E. Berkin) d Bordertown 44 (J. Schneider)

WESTERN BORDER FOOTBALL 2ND SEMI FINALS A GRADE as the third ranking this year, while competing out of age group. Kai finished the championship with 233 points but arguably the biggest accolade to come his way at the season gala presentation was being ranked the fourth best driver across all categories, including seniors, in an industry voted award that sees team mechanics and drivers rate the championship drivers across all five rounds of the national title race from the youngest to the oldest competitor. To be 12 and finish inside the top five is a huge feather in the young driver’s cap. Kai was not the only Mount Gambier based driver testing himself on the national stage with Jobe Stewart competing in the KA4 Junior as well, driving well to finish 12th with 59 points and Morgan Feast finishing ninth with 103 points in the very competitive X30 category. Left - Kai Allen at the championship presentations. Above - Kai Allen in action.

North Gambier 5.4 10.7 13.12 17.17 (119) East Gambier 3.3 4.10 11.11 12.15 (87) Goals - North: N. Moretti 5; B. Close 4; M. McInerney, S. Stafford 2; B. Stafford, H. Telford, H. telford, J. Schutz, F. Marshall. East: M. Scanlon 5; K. Thomson 4; M. Rumbelow 2; M. McCallum. Best - North: B. Close, J. Schutz, B. Stafford, B. Kennedy, B. Egan, N. Moretti. East: T. Balshaw, M. Kieselbach, M. Willson, J. Fry, N. Forrest, M. Scanlon.

B GRADE West Gambier 1.4 1.6 5.7 6.7 (43) East Gambier 1.2 3.4 3.6 6.6 (42) Goals - West: T. McPartlan, L. Morton, N. Easterbrook, R. Dalby 2; J. DeJong. East: L. Thomson 3; J. Dempsey, P. Dwyer, D. Howard. Best - West: T. Dolan, R. Lindner, B. Loef, T. Hawke, A. Kamara. East: M. Watson, R. Lillecrap, J. Whaites, N. Lock, J. Nunan, D. Howard.

UNDER 17.5 South Gambier 4.4 10.6 15.8 18.11 (119) Millicent 1.1 2.1 4.1 6.1 (37) Goals - South: H. Capewell 4; T. Reid, L. Neshoda 3; L. Bull 2; T. Vassallo, C. Megaw, P. Kasole, R. Harry, A. Kuhl, C. Munro. Millicent: M. Nitschke 4; M. Bowering, S. Dickenson. Best - South: T. Vassallo, L. Bull, T. Reid, M. Hein, C. Munro, A. Harkness. Millicent: J. Hateley, F. Grimes, S. Dickenson, C. Gibbs, M. Nitschke, D. Potter. Right - East’s best Tully Balshaw looks to get this kick away before Brad Close can stick this tackle. PHOTO COURTESY OF FRANK MONGER. | 36

UNDER 15 South Gambier 1.1 1.2 5.4 6.4 (40) Millicent 1.1 2.4 2.5 3.6 (24) Goals - South: M. Sims 2; E. Chuck, D. Pochec-Gordon, T. Williamson, T. Raynor. Millicent: H. Tunkin. Best - South: W. Wright, B. Keding, O. Adams, J. McGregor, E. Chuck. Millicent: Z. Bradley, K. Varcoe, J. Werchon, H. Armfield, H. Tunkin, S. Dickenson.

UNDER 13 East Gambier 3.2 4.2 6.3 9.8 (62) South Gambier 0.0 0.1 2.1 2.1 (13) Goals - East: R. Flamank 4; S. Lock 3; J. Lawrence, A. Lillecrap. South: N. Sims, B. Young. Best - East: M. Price, T. Bignell, G. Parsons, D. Hunt, S. Lock, U. Lopez-Lara. South: H. Elliott, M. Harrold, J. Walker, K. Domaschenz.

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