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ISSUE 14 | JANUARY, 2021


BOONAROO ANGUS Auction: Friday February 19th, 11.30am (vic time) Field days: Thursday January 28th, “Clifton”, Hamilton & Monday February 8th, “Boonaroo”, Casterton Fully vaccinated, registered, genomics tested, birth weighed, fertility tested, structurally guaranteed. Enquiries to Shane and Jodie Foster 0407 811 656 or 0408 587 780 Pictured Lot 5 HCA Q5 & Lot 2 HCA Q45

MORGANVALE In 2021 we will hold our annual production sale at our usual date, time and venue being Tuesday 23rd February at 11.30 am on property at Morganvale. Once again all lots will be offered by video auction with Auction Plus for those unable to attend.


fter a past year no one will forget being a cattle producer is a really exciting time both season and price coming together , the draft of bulls we are offering for sale are showing the genetic advantage the modern Poll Herefords can offer . This year our Poll Hereford bulls sired by 8 different sires are all showing the consistent type we are striving for, easy doing ability, mid maturity and high muscle and marbling. The first sons of 3 exciting

new sires will be offered , Wirruna Melville M243 a specialist heifer joining sire with a top 1% calving ease and top 5% for birth weight along with high growth and carcase values, Injemira Anzac M164 is a modern sire with high carcase values , Yavenvale Milestone a son of Koanui Techno is a very high growth sire with style having a top 10% for 200 400 and 600 day growth EBVs . With proven sires in Mt Difficult Kearney -sire of our top selling bull on property in 2020 and having the highest

average for sons sold , Wirruna Hotstuff, top 1% IMF ,Morganvale Laverton, Glendan Park Lambert and Days Fabulous are all high value sires with sons of quality in the offering. We believe from a 400+

breeding cow herd there are bulls with genetics to improve the profitability of commercial herds whatever their production goals. All cattle are run and


• Tuesday 23rd February 2021 11.30 SA Time • 54 Poll Hereford Bulls

WLMQ291 - LOT 18

WLMQ179 - LOT 16

WLMQ060 - LOT 3

WLMQ040 - LOT 2

Inspect at our next FIELD DAY - Tuesday 9th FEBRUARY 2021. Or on property by appointment. Morganvale Pastoral - Allan & Heather Morgan 2243 Range Road, Willalooka, SA 5267 - Postal: PMB 45, Keith, SA 5267 Phone/Fax: 08 8757 8271 - Mobile: 0408 859 953 - Email: 2

tested on stringent commercial lines in large groups to give high breedplan data accuracy. All sale bulls are PI tested negative for pestivirus and vaccinated with 5 in1 ,along with being sire verified ,homozogous poll and semen tested . The herd is EU accredited and has a J-BAS 7 score . Free freight is offered on all bulls sold at the sale . The listing is available for d at www.herefordsaustralia or www. All sale cattle along with the team of 6 bulls for Wodonga and 3 bulls for Dubbo National Hereford sales can be viewed at our field day on Tuesday 9th February . For a catalogue or inspection contact Allan or Heather on 0408 859 953 or (08) 8757 8271

ABOVE: Morganvale Milestone. One of three new sires represented this year

BOONAROO SIRE POWER 2020 has seen Boonaroo calve down 420 stud cows, and further investment in 4 new walking sires and an extensive AI and embryo transfer program.


e have seen quite a swing in the industry to grass finishing driven by consumer demand. At Boonaroo we have been concentrating on this for a long time. The need for cattle to respond to the feed on offer is paramount to being able to finish calves and get females back in calf. When we started breeding Angus cattle back in 2003 we concentrated on structure and phenotype, retaining females which could thrive in our sandy soils, with good feet and a good temperament being number 1. As we have developed our breeding herd, New Zealand genetics have played a major role, with their impeccable structure and natural ability to “do” on grass. At Boonaroo we continue to focus on making the cattle easy care, breeding females that calve easily without compromising growth and fertility, while maximising muscling while still retaining some (not too much) fat cover to enable grass finishing at any time of the year. MSA compliance is becoming critical in our industry and we endeavour that each new sire we introduce can achieve the necessary genetic gain to meet these MSA targets.

out compromising growth and quality. We have introduced new AI/ET sires including Clunes Crossing Dusty, a bull with plenty of calving ease and growth combined with a large eye muscle area, moderate fat and marbling. All progeny calved easily out of heifers. Booramooka Genius G120 is a bull we selected to use with structural soundness ebvs in the top 5% of the breed, high docility as well as good calving ease, growth, moderate fat with plenty of muscle. We hope that you have the opportunity to join

us to inspect 30 of the sale bulls Vic Beef Week on Thursday Jan 28th at “Clifton”, Hamilton, or all 125 sale bulls during the SA Beef Week on Monday Feb 8th here at Boonaroo,

or feel free to inspect the bulls at any other time by appointment. We look forward to sharing our hospitality with you at our field days and at the sale on Friday Feb 19th.

ABOVE: Lot 2 Boonaroo Kasbah Q45, a “curve bender” offering calving ease and maximum growth.


Over half of the 2021 sale bulls are “curve benders”, bulls which offer calving ease with-

218 Commercial Street East Mount Gambier Phone (08) 8725 0855

Bucik Tyrepower 3


We must start this with a happy New Year and hoping that the 2021 year is a much kinder one to everybody around the country, and indeed the world.


hallenging conditions for so many with bush fires, droughts, floods, and Covid. Resilience has been tested by everybody and particularly over the last twelve months, and we wish everyone a very positive and successful 2021! In the agricultural industry, many have enjoyed a fantastic season, excellent livestock prices across the board, bumper crops and demand for surplus females. We are lucky to be in an industry which is feeding the world and an essential industry!

Weeran ticked off the Spring Bull Sale under Covid restrictions, introducing an online platform with Elite Livestock Auctions, with great success. This will form an integral part of Weeran Bull sales into the future. Kerr and Co videoed every bull and put together an online presence that was very professional, and gave everybody from near and far the opportunity to be involved in the sale as a viewer interested in following the Weeran program, and for purchasers who were unable to attend the sale.

Ten bulls were sold online, and it created a very welcome added exposure. We will follow along similar lines for this autumn sale being held on Tuesday 23rd February at 1pm. Beef Week will give everybody the opportunity to view the line up of sale bulls on Thursday 28th January. Inspections will also be welcomed by appointment, leading up to the Bull Sale. The online component of the sale will give ones who are unable to attend the sale, the opportunity to purchase online. 80 Performance Bulls will be catalogued for the Autumn sale, with the combination of two year old Autumn drop bulls and 18 month old Spring drop bulls. The reference sires

we have used recently continue to produce outstanding young bulls. Lawsons Momentous is a standout and is continuing to put his stamp on the Angus industry with 1,884 progeny analysed by Angus Australia across 44 herds (as of Dec 2020). He is the lead sire in our forthcoming Weeran sale. Described by semen suppliers as the ‘carcase king’, he is producing very exciting

progeny at Weeran. He offers very good structure with calving ease and an outstanding carcase profile! Weeran purchased a young gun by Momentous at the recent Lawson Angus sale, being Lawsons Momentous Q85. We are looking forward to seeing his progeny hitting the ground. Another new sire in the Weeran program impressing us is Baldridge Compass C041, who has calving ease and carcase, with positive fat. He is featured in the spring drop sale bulls. Weeran Joel, Weeran Hooper and Ascot Hallmark all continue to produce beautifully structured cattle, and always perform well in the Weeran herd. The Weeran program has grown to over 800 registered breeders. An enthusiastic team at Weeran looks forward to welcoming you to the Beef Week field day and Bull Sale.

SHEEP PREGNANCY SCANNING Q272 BW 3.7 600 Day 115 SS +1.2 EMA 8.1 Rib+0.2 Rump-0.1 IMF+1.5

You can follow the Weeran program on Facebook and Instagram, along with regular updates on our website . . .

ABOVE: Weeran VHWQ90 – a powerful son of Lawsons Momentous M518





Glatz’s Black Angus genetics deliver high-end beef to the consumer.

A single team of pure Glatz bred steers were the highest scoring “Carcase Quality” entry in the 2020 Southern Grainfed Carcase Classic. This team also placed 3rd overall; combining feedlot compliance, feedlot performance and carcase quality. The cattle were 100 day grain-fed at Teys Australia’s Charlton Feedlot and processed at Teys Australia’s Naracoorte plant. MSA’s own “Excellence in Eating Quality” award has seen pure Glatz blood steers achieve the highest honor. These 200 steers ranked #1 for MSA Compliance, MSA Index and MSA Marble Score.

The analysis was taken from a two-year delivery period and included consignments from 760 MSA registered producers. The Southern Grassfed Carcase Classic is the largest competition of it’s kind in Australia. From a field of 1269 entries representing 45 producers, a Glatz’s Black Angus client achieved Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion Carcase. The same producer received the award for the Best Team of 10 Animals. Value based beef carcase payments are fast approaching. This payment platform will reward producers that are delivering a premium beef article, and discount those that do not meet expectations for eating

quality, yield and consistency. Glatz bulls produce male offspring that reach a premium, high MSA indexing 300kg-350kg finished carcase; quickly and efficiently. The female offspring from Glatz bulls can take your self-replacing herd forward. Medium framed, easy doing and productive. Production traits such as scrotal size, milk and docility are never compromised. Selection for conformation and type are non-negotiable aspects of all breeding decisions. The Glatz’s Black Angus stud female herd is maternally strong, sound structured and hardy. All heifers are joined as yearlings. No empty females are carried over to the following year, or subsequent joining seasons. The herd grazes dry-land Phalaris, Fescue and Sub clover pastures at a high stocking rate of 30DSE/ ha. All stock experience significant nutritional pressure throughout autumn and winter. This 14th 2021 Cattleman’s Bull Sale will feature outstanding sons from the following sires…. Storth Oaks Jack J7 (NZ) *13 sons sell 6

Top 1% of the breed for 200 Growth, 400 Growth, 600 Growth, Scrotal Size, Carcase Weight, Angus Breeding $Index, Heavy Grain $Index and Heavy Grass $Index. Top 2% for IMF% and Domestic $Index.

The Glatz family invite breeders to inspect their 2021 sale offering. Expect to see Angus bulls with a difference, reflecting a long-term commitment to breeding beef bulls with extra muscle, weight and calving ease.

Glenoch JK Makahu M602 *13 sons sell The first offering of Makahu sons outside of Glenoch JK, Chinchilla, QLD. Glatz’s Black Angus purchased Makahu for $25,000 in 2018. A 50% physical share in Makahu was recently sold for $20,000 as a 4yo. Makahu exhibits exemplary structure, type and balanced performance including high IMF% and Positive Fat.

All sale bulls will be available for inspection at SA Beef Week – Monday 8th February, 2021.

Black Angus Complement L51 “Selwood” *12 sons sell Top 1% of the breed for Calving Ease Direct, Calving Ease Daughters, Docility, Positive Rib Fat and Positive Rump Fat. Top 4% - 9% for Low Birth Weight, Milk, Days to Calving and Heavy Grass $Index. LD Capitalist 316 (USA) Top 2% of the breed for Calving Ease Direct. Top 7% - 13% of the breed for Low Birth Weight, Calving Ease Daughters, 200 Growth, 400 Growth, Carcase Weight, EMA and Positive Rib Fat.

Herd inspections at any other time are welcome. The 70 bulls catalogued for this 14th Cattleman’s Bull Sale are delivered with an industry leading 3 YEAR Guarantee. The 2021 Cattleman’s Bull Sale is on Wednesday February 17 at 11:30am. On property, Avenue Range, SA. To receive a catalogue or for any enquiries, contact Ben – P. 0407 712 455 E. blackangus@activ8. W. www. Twitter. @glatzblack Facebook. Glatz Black Angus ABOVE: The first 13 sons of Glenoch JK Makahu M602 will be offered at the Glatz’s Black Angus 14th Cattleman’s Bull Sale. Makahu is pictured with Ben Glatz and Damian Gommers, Mandayen Angus. Damian has recently purchased a 50% physical share in the 4yo Makahu for $20,000.

Scan the QR code to view full sale catalogue


absolute best will be offered for sale.

WOONALLEE Woonallee will once again offer an outstanding draft of 110 Simmental bulls on the 11th of February 2021 at 1pm on farm at Woonallee, Furner, SA. The draft will feature 30 Traditional & Red Simmental bulls and 80 Black Simmental & SimAngus bulls.


he draft of bulls is one of the highest quality ever offered and

will appeal to the most astute cattle breeder for their incredible growth, performance, structural

integrity, docility and easy doing characteristics. These bulls have run in large contemporary

groups with this group of sale bulls being selected from 250 bulls, so you can guarantee only the

processing & packing of private beef, sheep & PIGS

Contact mick & his team for pricing!

NOW AVAILABLE FOR HIRE 174 Jubilee Highway West, Mount Gambier

Ph 08 8725 7060 8

The Traditional bulls are always a sale feature and this year two new sires are represented. The first, Kerrah D859 who was purchased in New Zealand in 2019, has an outstanding draft of bulls that are really impressive and consistent and definitely worth looking at. The second, Willandra Marmaduke, who was also purchased in 2019 from Western Australia and has had a huge impact on the herd. Both bulls are “curve benders� with low birth weights and explosive growth together with excellent carcase traits. These traditional bulls are a must to inspect if you are looking to add performance into your herd, and as an added bonus all bulls are polled or scurred. The Black Simmental & SimAngus bulls are an impressive group of bulls with extra capacity, softness and excellent carcase qualities. They are a must for those cattle breeders looking to add the Simmental growth and performance but still wanting to retain the black hide. The first Woonallee Messiah sons will be on offer and if you are not a black Simmental convert, you will be after inspecting these incredible bulls; power, growth for age with efficiency and style sum them up. Other sires represented are MRL Missile, Woonallee Licorice, Woonallee Nobel Prize, WLB Bounty Hunter and many more. This draft of bulls and the 30 young heifers that will be for sale can be inspected at the SA Beef Week field day on the 8th of February 2021 or please contact Tom & Lizzy Baker for further information.

ABOVE: Woonallee sale bulls



in FREE to 72,500 rural people East SA South West VIC & South Issue 8 - September, 2015



South East Shearing providing

shearing and mobile crutching

Samantha 0419 870 573 Richard 0429 679 640 |


MN1V MN3 (5 ABC Points)

| southeastshearing@outlo


he bull selling season is quickly coming upon us and this years draft of bulls is one of the most outstanding line up we have produced yet. We are thrilled to be able to offer 12 of our top bulls

at our on property field day on Monday the 8th of February, 2021. We take a lot of pride in producing the very best bulls for the industry that allows all clients the chance to purchase the

right bull for their program with the help of our team. Whatever your program, whether it’s black or red, high yielding or early maturing, we have the bull to suit your cows. Our stud numbers have decreased over the past couple of years due to purchasing two new sheep studs. Although our numbers have decreased our quality has heightened, with the best females staying in the herd to breed elite and the most profitable stock we can. 12 of our leading bull will be offered at the on property field day, with bloodlines of the well known and respected legend Morrisvale Kept Secret and Mandayen Kong. All bulls are polled with a handful being homozygous polled. Come along to our field day on Monday the 8th of February and catch up with the Warrawindi team. Nibbles and beverages supplied. David Galpin 0458 372 274

ABOVE: Warrawindi Quohog Q42 10

TUGULAWA Tugulawa has been breeding Simmental Cattle since the 1980s. Our main focus is to breed cattle that are structurally sound, easy doing ability, well-muscled and with good temperament.


ur annual on property sale will be held on Wednesday 10th February 2021 at 4pm SA time. We will have all our sale cattle on display for the SA Beef Field Day on 8th February.

to a new bull we have used, HP SENSATION, who is homozygous polled. Our sale will be conducted by Miller Whan & John, Peter Creek phone 0428 838 332. Tugulawa offers free transport within 100km of Tugulawa.

On offer will be Traditional and Black bulls, also specially selected registered females PTIC and unjoined.

Our catalogue can also be viewed on our website WWW. TUGULAWA SIMMENTALS. COM.AU and Simmental Australia website.

There will also be eight Embryos by FSS MAXIMUS out of Woonallee Ashante B114.

All enquires are welcome any time Contact Gary Allen 0417 801 615 ABOVE: Lot 1 Tugulawa Pirate Tugulawa Sale Bulls

Ashante has been a wonderful flush female for us with an outstanding pedigree, and combined with Maximus there will be exceptional progeny.


All bulls are showing great potential and we guarantee will perform well in any program. All bulls have been breed plan recorded, scanned, weighed, vet checked, and semen tested. Drenched with Cydectin pour on and Pestigard, Tugulawa is JBAS6. Tugulawa clients have been well rewarded with great market results by using proven Tugulawa genetics. The sires we have used are MF MR Evan 14p, Y-ARTA, TNT Tanker, Cowboycut, FSS Maximus. Two females, lot 28 and 29, have been preg tested


Field Day S.A, 8th February 2021 Sale Day Wednesday 10th February 2021 at 4PM (SA time) Sale Day inspection from 12 noon Agent: Miller Whan & John. Peter Creek 0428 838 332 Tugulawa Simmental Stud Gary & Joy Allen | Ph: 08 8725 7835 | Mob: 0417 801 615 Email: | | Address: 196 Peweena Rd Millel 11

LANCASTER SIMMENTALS; DESIGNING SUPERIOR CATTLE USING THE WORLD’S BEST GENETICS “At Lancaster we enjoy the excitement and challenges that breeding and genetics throw at you and we use science and common sense to breed balanced cattle that will work commercially and add value for our clients.”


e want to be leaders in a sustainable beef industry and are driven by wanting to continually increase the efficiency of beef production and the quality of the beef we produce. When selecting animals for our breeding program, we research and look at all available information, treating EPD figures, structural assessment and phenotype equally, with non-negotiables in each area. We measure our cattle against those on the strongest cattle database in the world. With over

375,000 cattle recorded annually, the American Simmental Association (ASA) database gives us accuracy in figures, to figure out which animals meet our breeding aims. All our bulls are genomically enhanced (DNA tested), giving greater accuracy in their figures, so you can be confident in your selections. For example; a single 50K DNA test is now equivalent to: • 15 calving ease scores • 20 birth weights • 22 weaning weights • 25 stayability records • And more. The benefits to clients are clear: 1. We can breed better cattle for you.


Now Available


Call Brenden Bruhn on 0408 849 254 to confirm availability.

BRUHN LIMESTONE P.O Box 412, Mount Gambier, South Australia, 5290 Email: Phone: +61 08 8721 8000 Facsimile: +61 08 8724 9884 12

2. We give you the best information to make your bull selections. 3. You have access to traits/figures you can’t get anywhere else. You really can’t get better support and tools for choosing your breeding stock and this year’s line up is as strong as ever, including a great line up of bulls suitable for heifers. The proof has been evident this year in the strong prices our clients have received for their Simmental infused cattle, with several clients in both SA and Victoria topping their local markets with steers and heifers sired by Lancaster Bulls. Request a catalogue today, at au and see for yourself how we make it easy to select your bulls with confidence.




he Kerlson Pines and Oak Downs 10th combined Poll Hereford bull sale will be held in 2021 on TUESDAY 23rd FEBRUARY, commencing at 2:30 pm with bulls available for inspection from 12 noon on sale day, at the studs’ individual field day on Tuesday 9th February or at any other time by appointment. A “video ring “sale format will be used again. This involves bulls being presented in display pens as per normal but instead of the bulls physically entering the sale ring, a pre-recorded video of each lot will be viewed during the auction on large screens in the sale barn. The sale will also be interfaced with Auctions Plus for those that are unable to attend.

Sixty quality bulls will be on offer, with a range of genetics to suit all discerning buyers. Free delivery is being offered within a radius of 400 km. All sale bulls have been PI tested negative for Pesti Virus, fully vaccinated under the Zoetis Star Breeder Program (vibrovax, pestigard and ultravac 7in1) and have been semen tested. Both studs have a Johnes status of J-Bas 6 and full growth and carcass EBV’s are available for all lots. This year all bulls have been Genomic DNA tested to increase accuracy of breedplan, all bulls are sire verified and tested free of any known genetic conditions and poll tested so that homozygous polled animals can be identified. Oak Downs continue to

reserve the top of the drop bulls for this sale, with no bulls being sold at off farm show and sale fixtures. Genetics featured include Mawarra Ohio, Days Fabulous, Yavenvale Jibber and Wirruna Millage along with some home bred sires. We are incredibly happy with this years’ offering exhibiting the moderate frames, good soft, slick skins and excellent structure and carcase characteristics that we are striving to

breed. There are sires in the offering for all breeding systems from vealers to heavy EU type cattle with our bulls continuing to perform for our clients in climates ranging from the harsh and arid North to the somewhat softer South East of SA and Western Districts of Victoria. Kerlson Pines will once again be offering their top 30 bulls in our on property sale, giving our clients a chance to bid on

our best genetics at the one place. Sire’s include Allendale Gambler L143 and Chisel L3, Mawarra Ohio L416, Days Horizon M028, Yavenvale Milestone M397, Kerlson Pines Maddox M135 and Negotiator N020. These sires have produced a very good line up of bulls that have the carcase and structural soundness that we strive for to improve our client’s end product. On a different note, this year’s bull sale will be Kerlson Pines last, as we have made the hard decision to disperse the Kerlson Pines female herd the day after the bull sale, on 24th February 2021. This will represent a great opportunity for all to buy genetics with 45 years of stud breeding behind them. The sale will be conducted by Elders and Nutrien Livestock with catalogues available from the vendors or by contacting the sale agent’s. A colour catalogue, including video footage of all lots, can be viewed online at www.herefordsaustralia. or from following the links found on both studs’ Facebook pages (search Oak Downs Poll Hereford Stud or Kerlson Pines Poll Herefords) from mid-January.

ABOVE: Kerlson Pines and Oak Downs Bull Sale 14




CJKQ003 - LOT 2

PRODUCTION SALE CJKQ135 LOT 14 OAKQ207 LOT 12 Friday Feb 15, 2019. 11.30am Casterton, Vic



”, Hamilton o”, Casterton



SALE VENUE 100 Angus KERLSON PINES (TELPARA) – 15KM SOUTH/WEST OF KEITH bulls on display at Kerlson Pines & Oakdowns BullsSale SA Beef Week Field Day Tuesday, 9th February 2021 Sale will be interfaced with Auctions Plus

All bulls vaccinated under the Star Breeder Program and Semen tested. Lot 3


**Free delivery within 400kms

Kasbah Top 2%Wilson Calving&Ease and Andrew & Vanessa Schwarz MarkN17 & Anita Growth + Positive Fat @15 months 2466 Senior Road Stuart & Val Adlington Bordertown SA 5268 PO Box 502 Phone: 08 87542041 Keith0407 SA 5267 ed fertile and sound for 3 years on a pro rata basis. Shane & Jodie Foster 811 656, 0408 587 780 Mark Mb 0409822452




ellum Farm’s year has been like everyone’s - quite unique - and without shows and other interactive events it has been difficult to catch up with all our friends and colleges. Like all, we have continued on, in the studs 28th year the challenge is to look forward, considering how to improve the bull product we offer. All the old necessary traits have been more vigorously followed such as quiet temperament, excellent structure and feet, growth with sufficient muscle. One trait that has been emphasised is that of polled cattle - ALL sale bulls this year are polled. The number of bulls on offer is similar to the past several years, while the difference is the cow herd

they have been selected from, almost 100. With the decision to offer 10 to 15 bulls, the bar is set very high for the bulls that get grown out.

The purchase of a moderate frame well muscled, Homo Polled bull from Tennysonvale has helped, with outstanding polled calves to choose from, pushing towards

homo polled sale bulls of outstanding quality, growth and skin. This year’s outstanding sales bulls have grown out well on grass pastures and

SIMMENTAL BULLS THAT DO THE JOB • All polled • Semen tested • Pestie tested • Docile • Performance • PROFIT

Grantley Muller Mobile: 0428 572 354 Follow us on Facebook



hay only, a credit to their easy doing ability. There is a bull to suit most markets such as vealer, feeder cattle and female export, adding more options to market your livestock. As usual all sale bulls are semen tested (morphology), pestitested, structurally correct and guaranteed. Bulls will be on display at the Stock and Land Beef Week (Limestone Coast Field Day) on Thursday 28th January 2021 or by appointment. With uncertain times videos and photos of bulls will be available to view on our Rellum Farms face book page. Contact Grantley Muller on 0428 572 354.

ABOVE: A Bull that could be YOURS

NAMPARA PASTORAL COMPANY The 75 Nampara bulls catalogued for the February 16th sale (3:30pm SA time) are heavily muscled, free moving bulls with a little extra frame. Consistency is again a feature of the draft with the bulls breeding true to their type and sire lines. Feature sires for the 2021 sale include Texas Western Express H220, Nampara Liberty L21 and LD Capitalist.


he Western Express and Liberty sons are really powerful heavy steer producing bulls with plenty of bone, presence and power. The popular calving-ease sire LD Capitalist has also left his mark with an excellent line of low birth weight high growth bulls that are really thick and not a typical heifer bull option. Some 30 bulls in the draft have been used to join 600 PTIC females destined for the Naracoorte, Mortlake and Mt Gambier feature female sales in January. These bulls have proved very popular in the past and have been specifically selected for heifer joining. All Nampara bulls are structurally assessed and fertility tested and are well known for their quiet temperament.

means that Nampara are aiming to breed the type of heifer bulls that can be confidently used to mate heifers whilst at the same time not compromising on shape or frame. For the first time this year, buyers will also be able to operate at the sale through AuctionsPlus even if they can not attend in person. Additionally, the bulls will be on display at the following times and locations: • Victorian Beef Week, Mortlake Saleyards, Friday 29th January • SA Beef Week, on

property @ Nampara, Monday 8th February • Bull Sale, on property @ Nampara, Tuesday 16th February at 3.30pm Or at any other time by appointment.

ABOVE: Nampara Junior Q148

VICTORIAN BEEF WEEK Friday 29th January @ Mortlake

• Only retain females who get in calf and calve unassisted by 2 years of age

SA BEEF WEEK Nampara Capitalist Q13

• Do not foot trim or clip hair to hide faults

Monday 8th February on property

Nampara Junior Q148


• Rectify any problems with bulls purchased promptly By assessing structure, temperament and calving –ease and by using a limited number of sires over large mobs, Nampara can more accurately appraise the impact a sire is having within the herd. The joined heifer program also

For further enquiries and/ or a catalogue please contact Stuart & Natalie Hann, 0428 799 592 or visit the website, www.

Nampara Pastoral Co.

• Concentrate on calving ease not birth weight

• Only retain females who get in calf every year

With an emphasis on productivity and weight for age, Nampara is proud of the product they produce. For those looking to add more punch and constitution to their calves, the Nampara bulls are well worth a look.

Tuesday 16th February on property @ 3.30pm (SA Time) Nampara Capitalist Q38

Nampara Western Express Q80

Stuart and Natalie Hann | Mobile 0427 696 084 or 0428 799 592 17



he Limestone Coast Combined Stock & Land Beef Week Field Day is your unique opportunity to look for your new bull with a selection from nine studs and eight different breeds, with owners on hand all day to discuss genetics of each breed. Convenor Graham Sims, along with all of the other breeders, maintain this is a great way to be able to, at your leisure, look at all eight breeds in one location and on one day – Thursday, January 28. The breeds on show are Salers, Red Angus, Herefords, Simmentals, South Devons, MaineAnjou, Limousins and Speckle Parks. Gates open at 8.30am with breakfast on offer, as well as a sausage sizzle lunch and morning and afternoon teas. Sponsors include Elders Nationwide Dairy & Beef, Wannon Farm Machinery, Richard Ray Insurance, Gambier Vets, The Barn, AMZ Bank and Malseeds. Don’t forget to take part in Guess the Weight of the Bull competition which gives you a chance to win dinner for two at The Barn.










• Advanced Technology for Longer Life • Reliable Starting Power • Maintenance Free - Ca/Ca


Make Thursday, January 28, a day not to be missed at the Mount Gambier Showgrounds, Pick Avenue, Mount Gambier. For further enquiries call Graham or Marg on 0429 705 256.

ABOVE: Black & Red Limousin Simmental Maine-Anjou Red Angus Speckle Park Hereford South Devon Salers





Roz & Ainsley Curtis

Poll Hereford & Maine–Anjou

OB Flat

PHONE 08 8726 8162 or AH 0433 511 659

Park K A R O WA Speckle Cattle Superior Marbling & Carcass Yield Pure Bred Stud & Composite Stock Available

Phone Rob 0417 849 946

SA PIC NO 137445



gorong e from sale.

Enquiries Welcomed to Marg & Graham Mobile: 0429 705 256 Mount Gambier SA PIC NO SA 135650


Grantley Muller Mobile: 0428 572 354 |

Paul Cotterill

0409 457 607


ALL SALE BULLS ON DISPLAY Follow us on Facebook



mount gambier limousins • Bulls for sale • Females for sale Jason Malseed | 0419 032 795

• Bulls • Female

PIC NO SA 134949

Jason 0419 0


Old Boundary Road Cape Douglas - Bulls for Private Sale

As part of the Stock and Land Beef Week we will have bulls for private sale at the Mount Gambier Showgrounds.

Ebenezer Park

UD Breed Plan Figures | Vet checked

te Sale

Enquiries 08 8738 2282 or 0438 382 282 have rounds PIC NO 121275

The breed that’s quietly going places!

The breed that’s quietly Sarah Bolte 0427 284 235 NO VIC 3GLRU008 goingPICplaces! 19


Docile, structurally sound, well muscled bulls. Docile, Inspections welcome.


MPG TA BLACK L I M161OPannells US& IN Road, Allendale East.

struct well musc

Inspection Phone Michael on 0439 679 283 or Email: PIC NO SA 126383


161 Panne Allenda



he Yerwal sale teams for 2021 are shaping up well. 2021 is the start of a new chapter for our simmental bulls with 14 simmental bulls heading to Gracemere Queensland for the inaugural Queensland Simmental Bull Sale in August. 2021 is showing all the signs of being a great year for the cattle industry with excellent prices and fantastic rain on areas of the country that have been in drought for the last few years. Demand for bulls has already been very strong which has reduced our sale team slightly but fortunately we have had plenty to select from. Our angus sale team offers plenty of calving ease options to suit clients wanting to join extra heifers and a good selection of bulls with extra bone and growth. Our simmental sale team offers a diverse range of genetics with a great selection of carcass driven black sires by Bounty Hunter and Hart State of War and some awesome traditional bulls Glen Anthony Y-arta, Woonallee Los Angeles, Polled Right Time, FGAF Guerrero plus our resident sires Barana Lazereth and Tennysonvale Lane. Mt Mooney Simmentals will again be joining us for the SA Beef Field Day and on farm sale offering three outstanding young polled sires. All sale bulls will be on display including the Queensland sale team.

ABOVE TOP: Yerwal Estate Supreme SEYQ105 Lot 10 20



he 41st Annual Lindsay Murray Grey Production sale offers potential clients an outstanding draft of high quality, industry relevant Murray Grey bulls and females.

FIELD DAY 2021 All the sale offering will be available for inspection at our field day during the Victorian Beef Week on Thursday 28th January 2021 as well as sires and stud females.

This years’ offering consists of 30 terrific bulls by new generation leading sires.

SALE DAY 2021 The 41st Annual Lindsay Production Sale will be held at Pigeon Ponds, Victoria on Tuesday 23rd February 2021 at 11:30am.

Our constant focus remains there, that there is no substitute for quality which continues the selection for growth, muscle, softness and performance. All stud cattle at Lindsay are performance recorded with an emphasis on high performing balance EBV’s to compliment the consistent type we believe we are producing. Most of the bulls on offer have well above breedplan performance with ideally balanced data sets and importantly are phenotypically very appealing. The female offering is of an exceptionally high standard and is represented by 13 Autumn and Spring calving PTIC stud heifers and 30 Autumn and Spring commercial heifers.

Contact Craig and Jacinta Grant on 0427 704 227/55 704 227 Email – lindsaymgreys@activ8.

ABOVE: Lot 6 Lindsay Quizzical Q71. Below: Lot 7 Lindsay Quiche Q85.



30 Outstanding, Murray Grey Bulls


13 Stud Females & 30 Commercial Females, PTIC

Fully guaranteed for structure & Fertility/ Free delivery within 200km, assistance to all other areas

Take the time to consider a quality beef breed that is highly sustainable, very adaptable to any conditions, easy calving and super quiet. Delivery is free for bulls within 200km with assistance to all other areas. The stud is J-BAS 6. All bulls are Zoetis Star accredited and tested free of Pestivirus.

Spring drop sale bulls

VIC BEEF FIELD DAY, Thursday 28th JAN, 2021

Sale and Field day both held on farm at Pigeon Ponds, 25 min North of Coleraine, 1 hr from Naracoorte via Edenhope


Craig & Jacinta Craig Grant & Jacinta 0427 704 Grant 227 0427 704 227 Pic No - 3GMHW013





ommander Ag-Quip works alongside Aussie Farmers to establish effective, customised farming solutions. Manufacturing and supplying Australian Farmers with the highestgrade livestock & grain handling equipment, we are committed to using only the finest, first-grade raw materials and servicing Australian farmers. To date, Commander Ag-Quip have assisted farmers all over Australia in providing highquality and resourceful equipment solutions, including: Grain augers, field bins, stockyards, shearing shed fit-outs,

feed-out bins, grain feeders and more. As a family business with nearly 30 years of service, maintaining traditional business values and strong customer rapport is one of Commander Ag-Quip’s main priorities. We are firm believers in collaborating directly with our customers to understand their specific needs and preferences, as there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Why choose Commander Ag-Quip? Free Design Assessments & Obligation-free Quotes We offer FREE on-site farm assessments and quotes for cattle & sheep stockyards and our Grain

Industry experts assist in finding the right product for you, obligation free. Only the Highest Quality

Materials We use firstgrade Australian steel, assessed according to strict quality standards,

our design and manufacturing processes are grounded in the latest industry research and recommendations. Delivery Australia-wide Our partnership with one of Australia’s largest distribution networks means that we can dispatch and deliver our equipment to almost any town in Australia. Customer Support & Satisfaction Guarantees Our customer service is unparalleled in quality and support, you can speak directly with our design and manufacturing teams who can accommodate changes or additions to our products based on your needs. Speak directly with one of our industry experts today to see how Commander Ag-Quip can support your farming needs. Call 1800 655 033, or send us an email at sales@

ABOVE: Commander Ag-Quip Permanent Cattle Yard 22



he Limek Limousin stud of today continues to strive to breed the best commercially focussed cattle for the Southern Australia environment. It is owned and run by the Modra family at a property South of Bordertown, South Australia. They have built on this goal over the 30 years that they have been in the stud business. Limek Limousin continues to introduce new blood lines from various respected studs around Australia in order to diversify their herd genetics. They also use some of the best artificial insemination sires from overseas and Australia to help bring new genetics and better traits into the expanding herd. This year has seen the completion of several artificial insemination programs with sires from all over Australia and from Canada and the United states.

produce. Limousin cattle are market leaders in yield and carcase traits and their incorporation into breeding programs now will see the producer well rewarded as this technology is implemented in the years ahead. This year Limek Limousin will have a number of high quality apricot and black bulls for sale. They will also be offering a number of pick heifers again. They are showcasing the Limek stud in the SA Beef field days on Tuesday, 9th February 2021 where the bulls and heifers will be on display along with part of the growing Limek herd. Catalogues of the bulls and heifers for sale can be requested at The Modra family are

ABOVE: Limek cows and calves

always happy to open up the Limek stud for viewing outside of these times and look forward to talking with potential clients about how Limek

The Modra family’s focus over the last few years has been on growth and early maturing traits whilst ensuring continued work on the Limek stud core traits of docility, high yield and easy doing Limousin cattle. This is backed up by extensive recording of multiple weight and fertility traits to produce Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs). The Modra family welcome the ongoing work conducted by Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) into objective measurement technology. This exciting development will pave the way for scientific measurements of saleable meat yield, giving producers a fairer return at the abattoir for the product they 23

Limousin can enhance the clients breeding program, improve their bottom line and put more money back into their pocket.

For more information please contact Ken on 0428 582 010 or Josh on 0497 906 362 or email

COMPLETE STOCKYARD PACKAGES FOR EASIER LIVESTOCK HANDLING LEFT: Making livestock handling easier, one yard at a time. A recently completed stockyard in NSW, designed and built to easily handle up to 360 head of cattle.

with high-tensile strength Australian steel that has 200 grams of gal content per sqm. Higher-strength steel means we can create more durable equipment with less weight. And high gal content extends the life of your equipment by preventing rust.

For the past three decades, Arrowquip’s primary goal has been to make Livestock Handling easier. In those 30 years, we’ve created a wide range of products and improved and updated them over time. These products include everything from cattle crushes to loading ramps, single panels to permanent yard systems, and everything in between. All of this had been with a single focus and dedication to our mission:


ur mission is one of improving the business of livestock management and protecting people and animals from harm. For the past two years, the sum of our experience has been showcased in our Stockyard Package range. This range was a curated collection of proven stockyard designs that were built to cater to a variety of needs. This range was an embodiment of our goal to make easy livestock handling the norm, and not the exception. Helping You Find the Right Solution Our goal of Easier Livestock Handling begins with making it easy to choose a system that will suit your situation. The Stockyard Package range was our solution to making this process as

easy as possible. Our team has years of experience designing custom stockyards, and Arrowquip has dedicated abundant resource towards understanding and applying the science of livestock handling. With that knowledge and expertise, we could readily identify and create a set of proven yard designs that work in any given situation. The range of designs we came up with catered to a range of operation sizes for the cattle operation and the sheep operation, and the designs were built to be complete solutions. Each one included every piece of equipment needed to get started, from the crush to the crowding tub. By creating a range of tried and tested designs, we were able to make it much easier for you to

identify and choose a system that was right for you. In the years since, we have updated and expanded that range including next generation crush’s, specialised crowding tubs, and loading ramps that meet the new safety guidelines for loading livestock. Designs That Are Proven to Work The team behind our stockyard designs has had many years of experience in the animal industry, and team members have participated in many hours of practical training in animal science and behavioural psychology. This combination of real-life experience and expert training gives our designs an edge in how they perform. Every single yard we build has been designed to make livestock handling as easy and as efficient as possible. 24

This design mindset applies to the overall design of the yard, making sure the yard flows well as a whole, and it also applies to the individual components of the yard. These components include innovative crowding yards designed to work with animal behaviour principles, and cattle crushes focused on easeof-use and safety for the animal and the operator. Going further than just design, our Research and Development department continually strives to improve current products and develop new products that are easy to use and increases safety and efficiency. Quality Material and Manufacturing Top-quality manufacturing starts with top-quality materials, which is why, at Arrowquip, we begin

These quality materials are used to manufacture strong, efficient, and durable livestock handling equipment in our factory in NSW. With a large team of trained workers, procedures and processes, we can manufacture products that measure up against our highest standards of quality. Every stockyard package is stamped with a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee against defects, and has been designed to work well, right from the start. Our complete range of stockyard packages is outlined in our stockyard package booklet. The booklet is available from or by contacting our team. The booklet presents our most popular and proven designs and provides more information about the layout and individual yard components. Each yard is offered in multiple grades of quality and strength so that you can not only find a yard design that meets your needs, but you can find an option that’s also within your means. We want to make livestock handling easier for you.


SPECIALIST FIT-FOR-PURPOSE GEAR NOW AVAILABLE TO AUSTRALIAN FARMERS Gendore Group source and import specialist agricultural equipment from around the world, bringing innovation to Australian farmers through a national network of local dealers.


he Group’s managing director, Derek Genoni, says the company looks for international machinery solutions that suit Australian conditions. “It is important that farmers have the tools they need to get the most from their operations, including niche, specialised gear that does the job well,” he said. “Animal production, for dairying or meat, requires smart equipment solutions that are designed to deliver optimum flexibility, cost efficiency and, importantly, safety. “If you invest in machines

that are multi-purpose, save time and resources, then you’re going to get the best value from that investment.” Gendore Group distributes equipment via its dealer partners, making international brands such as Alpego Tillage equipment, Taege direct drill seeders, and Keltec round bale slicers, available to Australian farmers.

Quick, safe, clean round bale feedout Gone are the days of jumping in and out of the cab to cut and remove plastic and net wrap when feeding out round

ABOVE: Keltec’s Bale Slice cuts from the bottom so both halves of the wrap are even lengths, ensuring tails don’t get caught and dragged into the cut feed or wagon.

bales with the Bale Slice, from Irish manufacturer Keltec. “Keltec’s patented system removes the plastic wrap and netting from the

bale while slicing it in half, speeding up feeding to maximise productivity while reducing costs,” said Mr Genoni. “For an average sized

farm, using this system can easily save up to two hours per day in peak feeding times.” The patented grab, cut and removal system is controlled by one double acting hydraulic service. The blade cuts through the bale from the bottom up, meaning that both halves of the plastic wrap are the same length, ensuring that it doesn’t get caught and dragged into the cut feed or wagon. “Cutting the bale also means that mixing of forage wagons is easier, with reduced mixing time and horse power consumption, saving both fuel and time,” he continued. “The ultimate solution to plastic and net contamination in your TMR.” For more information about the Gendore range and to find your nearest dealer, visit





andayen has forged an unparalleled reputation for producing highly sought after cattle and the stud’s February 17 sale this year will be no exception when it comes to the work that has gone into producing both their Limousin and Angus cattle. The on property sale kicks off at 1.30pm at the “Eight Mile” sale complex at Keith with 45 Angus bulls, 35 Limousin bulls and 30 Limousin females go under the hammer and in these uncertain times, Mandayen has teamed with AuctionsPlus to ensure all potential buyers can get involved online, regardless of any border restrictions. Stud owner Damian Gommers can’t wait to see the reaction

to Mandayen’s 2021 offerings. “They’re coming on well, they’ve had a good season and they’re starting to really hit their straps now so it’s going to be interesting to see how they turn out by sale day,” he said. The main lines this year for Angus will be Klooneys, Capitalists, Pathfinder Genesis and Baldridge Command. And Damian is promising the same attention to detail as previous years with the selection emphasis on economic traits, structural soundness, muscle, softness and docility. “There’s plenty of muscle, plenty of shape,” Damian said, making special mention of his passion – docility. “You’ve got

to have great docility cattle.”

and an early Spring calving.

There will be the usual quality offering of apricot and black Limousins, mainly by Mandayen Jackaroo and one of his sons M81, but also Wulfs Compliant, Mandayen King and Mandayen Kong.

“You’ve got to have maternal power behind your cows to breed your bulls of course,” Damian said. “You need to get them as heavy as you can as early as you can – more thickness you can get into it the more weight you’ve got.”

There will also be a great line up of females with two calvings – a Winter calving

Mandayen will also be offering its biggest ever

line up of heifer bulls. For more information on Mandayen’s February 17 sale contact Damian on 0418 824 799, email mandayenlimousin@ or check out their website www.

ABOVE: Mandayen Offering another great line up this year.

WHY EVERY BUSINESS NEEDS AN INSURANCE BROKER A professionally qualified insurance broker can save you time, money and stress, they can help you understand the cover you need, and can purchase that cover for you from the insurance market.


usiness owners may make a decision based purely on the lowest price but lower premiums can end up costing you more at claim time, if you find out you’re not properly covered, or maybe even not covered at all for the loss that occurred. Whether it’s business, home or motor insurance, brokers provide advice and assistance to make sure you are properly protected. The advice is tailored to your individual requirements. An insurance broker is a specialist in insurance and

risk management. Brokers act on behalf of their clients and provide advice in the interests of their clients. Sometimes an insurance broker will act as agent of an insurer, but where this occurs there is a legal obligation for that to be fully disclosed. A broker will help you identify your individual and/or business risks to help you decide what to insure, and how to manage those risks in other ways. Insurance brokers can give you technical advice that can be very

useful if you need to make a claim. Brokers are aware of the terms and conditions, benefits and exclusions and costs of a wide range of competing insurance policies, so they can help you find the most appropriate cover for your own circumstances. Insurance brokers have access to many different insurance policies and, because they deal with a range of insurance companies directly, sometimes brokers have access to policies that are not available to most consumers. 28

The insurance industry in Australia offers so many options, it can be quite difficult to choose the right policy.

because they have a thorough understanding of the insurance market and can negotiate premiums on your behalf.

Insurance policies can be complicated, and an insurance broker can help you understand the details of a policy and also work out what level of cover you need, so that you can make sure you are properly protected.

A broker will explain your policy to you and advise you if there are any special situations you need to know about.

Brokers can often find you a good deal on insurance

Brokers can prepare a customised insurance and risk management program for you or your business, Continued page 31




With a maximum finance term of 48 months, 2.9% Annual Percentage Rate[F4] for Primary Producer commercial applicants is available on new and demo HiLux 4x2, HiLux 4x4, LandCruiser 70, LandCruiser 200, Prado and Fortuner. Talk to the Finance team at Noel Barr Toyota for more information.

Noel Barr Toyota 35 Bay Road, Mount Gambier T: 08 8721 3333 LMVD 65317 [F4] 2.9% annual percentage rate available on a Business Vehicle Loan to approved primary producer commercial applicants of Toyota Finance to finance all new & demo HiLux 4x4, HiLux 4x2, Landcruiser 70, Landcruiser 200, Prado & Fortuner (build dates up to and including January 2021). Finance applications must be received by 31/01/2021. Maximum finance term of 48 months applies. This offer is not available in conjunction with any other finance offer. Terms, conditions, fees and charges apply. Offer ends 31/01/2021. Toyota Finance reserves the right to change, extend or withdraw an offer at any time. Ask your dealer Noel Barr Toyota for more information. Toyota Finance, a division of Toyota Finance Australia Limited ABN 48 002 435 181, AFSL and Australian Credit Licence 392536.


Continued from page 28 where they design the policies, negotiate the terms with insurance companies and place the cover with the insurer. By including a risk management program, which puts some of the responsibility for risk prevention and loss minimisation on you or your business, you can reduce premium costs. If you need to make a claim on your policy, your broker will assist you through the process and will liaise with the insurer on your behalf. It can often cost less to use a broker because brokers have knowledge of the insurance market and can negotiate competitive premiums on your behalf.

ELIMINATE THE NEED FOR MULTIPLE EARTHMOVING GEAR MAXI Scrapers from another New Zealand manufacturer, HW Industries, make onfarm earthwork easy and more efficient.


he custom-built scrapers are available in a range of capacities from 3.5-15m3. All models employ the same simple process to cut land, filling the scraper in less than 20 seconds. According to Gendore, the strong but lightweight machinery design is a real point of difference for operators. “The way HW’s MAXI Scrapers are custom built means they are the most flexible on the market, essentially combining a digger, dump truck, grader and scraper all in one simple, easy to use machine,” Mr

Genoni said. “The build quality, weight and usability of MAXI Scrapers means they are easy to maintain and service.” Two different drawbar options are available, either standard trailed drawbar, or a unique two point linkage trailing system that allows the digging/ scraping depth to be set by the tractors linkage arms, which results in a simpler scraper with less moving parts. The size of the Scraper that can be

Insurance is just a part of the overall risk management strategy, in that it transfers risk to another party (the insurer) at an agreed premium. Having effective risk prevention and loss minimisation strategies may help reduce premium costs. In many cases a broker can negotiate a claim settlement with the insurer on your behalf to swiftly get the best result for you, and to ensure your life gets back to normal as soon as possible. For further information, find your nearest MGA office at


used only depends on the tractor’s horsepower. “Operation is simple, just hook up the drawbar, attach the hydraulic hoses to the connections normally used and it is ready to go.

“It’s simplicity of use means all your earthwork jobs are a breeze.”

ABOVE: MAXI Scrapers are a digger, bulldozer, grader and trailer in one, easy to use solution.



Wrattenbullie Stud is a family operation run by Rod, Gayle, Brad and Alana Davies on 418 hectares of prime grazing land in the Wrattonbully District.


n Tuesday, February 9, Wrattenbullie will have nine bulls to sell privately at the Upper South East Field Days. “We returned to selling privately last year and look forward to going

down that path again,” Rod said. Wrattenbullie’s RNDN008 is a home bred sire and is providing four sons in the 2021 sale, all displaying his growth and structure with good soft skins. Two other bulls of interest are the Wirruna

Katnook son, as well as a meaty bull by MCM6964 Bolt. Elite L53 is providing the remaining three bulls for the upcoming sale. A small stud, Wrattenbullie was established thanks to a genuine love for cattle and has developed into a passion to breed high performing Poll Hereford cattle. The breeding herd consists of 50 cows selected on structure, fertility and mothering ability. Foundation

females were purchased from Nioka, Goonamurra, Neilpo and Allendale studs and Wrattenbullie has been performance recording with breedplan since the early 1990s and with genomic testing improving the accuracy of the data they feel they are playing a role producing bulls with traits the commercial cattle men want. “It’s simple really, we are trying to breed good,

sound bulls,” Rod said. “Our focus is producing muscle and structure that are stable for the commercial industry.” AI and embryo transfers are an important tool for their breeding programs enabling us to source the genetics they desire and the Wrattenbullie team has added new genetics again for 2021 with this year’s calves being sired by Grathlyn Nebraska and Yalgoo Ninga.

Sales Duncan McGregor 0407 722 983 Jill Collins 0400 598 327 Roz Crispino

0419 366 649

Editorials Di Gould

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Beachport Southend

Mt Burr

Nangwarry Tarpeena


VIC Coleraine


Kalangadoo Glencoe Tantanoola


HAMILTON Digby Branxholme

Moorak Condah Kongorong Carpenter Rocks Dartmoor Allendale Donovans Nelson Port MacDonnell HEYWOOD Narrawong


We support recycling

Details contained in this publication have been compiled from information supplied by advertisers. No responsibility is accepted for the accuracy of information contained here in. Prospective purchasers should rely on their own enquiries.



BEEF WEEK TUESDAY 9th FEBRUARY 9 BULLS FOR PRIVATE SALE Rod 0467 646 026 | Brad 0438 266 732 e. 33

GRANITE RIDGE Welcome to the 14th annual Granite Ridge Bull Sale to be held on the 12th February commencing at 12:00


ith the year just gone we have seen states locked down and border closures due to covid. We have also watched other studs having to adapt to new sales formats to address these restrictions. Following interstate trends, animal welfare considerations and OH&S this year’s sale will be held on farm as usual but, rather than parade the bulls through the ring, there will be large video screens in the sale complex where you can watch the bulls moving around on the screens. Alternatively, if you prefer to see the bulls live whilst bidding, you can observe the bulls in their pens and your bids will be relayed

live to the auctioneer. For clarity, bulls will be singled out in their pens during their individual auction. This sale is also interfaced on auctions plus for those unable to attend the sale on farm. We have catalogued 80 rising 2 year old bulls and have included 10 of our 18 month old bulls from the spring herd. We are offering our first sons by Sitz Investment, PA Full Power, Bruns Blaster, Baldridge Beast Mode, and our own herd bull Te mania Mortlake M1484. Local favourites will also be available with sons by Millah Murrah Doc, Ayrvale Jagger, Rennylea K447 and Granite Ridge Kaiser.

All sires used have high growth rates and carcass weight performance to match. They complement well with the renowned power and strength of the Granite Ridge cow herd. No matter what your bull requirements are we feel confident there will be a bull here to suit. For your bidding confidence all bulls have been structurally scored and scanned on 14/11/20 and any bulls not up to the job have been culled. Genomics testing (50k) has been completed on all sale lots, this test verifies parentage and also

improves the accuracy of the estimated breeding values (EBVs). All bulls have been semen tested on 16/12/20 and are ready for work. An updated current weight recorded sheet will be available at the gate on open day held Monday 8th Feb. All our bulls are Jbas.8 so they can be transported to any state. All vaccinations and treatments have been done in accordance with

the Zoetis Star Breeder Program. Come and say hello to the Granite Ridge team, we look forward to seeing you on the farm. GRANITE RIDGE ANGUS = ROCK SOLID GENETICS! The team here at Granite Ridge Angus are delighted to announce that there will be 90 Bulls selected for sale on Friday February 12th at 12:00. This year we will be presenting both 2yr and 18 month old bulls for sale. This years sale will be held on farm as usual but with both a video sale auction were you can bid from inside watching the screens or by following the auctioneer team around outside in the yards from pen to pen displaying the bull that is up for sale . The line up of top quality bulls for sale this year will make it a sale not to be missed, with son of Beast Mode, Sitz Investment, Millah Murrah Doc f159, Ayrvale Jagger and Granite Ridge Kaiser to name a few. All bulls are genomics tested (50k), fat scanned, semen tested, vaccinated, Jbas8 and have been structurally assessed and scored.


We look forward to seeing you at the sale on Friday Feb 12th and at the open day on Monday Feb 8th gates will be open from 9:00.

ABOVE: Granite Ridge sale bulls 34



Teage Engineering from New Zealand manufacture a range of narrow point direct drill seeders that perform in the rugged conditions of their home country, making them a perfect fit for Australian farms. “Taege’s seeder design is unique, with tungsten points mounted to vibrating ‘S’ tines that are set on a specific angle to ensure the tine buries itself in the ground,” Mr Genoni explained. “The tine goes up and down over contours independently of the frame, jumping rocks and following banks and hollows in a way that other tine drills simply can’t achieve.

roller metering system gives precise application of very low and very high seeding and fertilizer rates,” he continued. “The major advantage is its ability to change rates on the run without leaving the tractor seat; a huge advantage when seeding over differing soil types.” Mr Genoni said working speed over the paddock could be up to 25 per cent faster with a Taege. “You can only do that with a machine that follows the contours,” he said. “It is an exceptionally good product, designed to deliver superior performance in all conditions.”

ABOVE: The Taege direct drill seeders deliver maximum penetration, even in extremely hard soil conditions.

“It cuts through trash and hard compacted ground to plant the seed at a consistent depth, creating the perfect seed bed for superior germination and moisture retention.” Designed primarily for pasture renovation, the seeders can also sow cereal crops, handling rates from 600 g/ha for fine seed up to 200 kg/ha with fertiliser. Trailed models are available in 3m and 3.6m widths with the ‘S’ tines spaced 121mm apart in four rows with large clearance between them to ensure exceptional trash clearance. “An advanced yet simple electronic calibration system coupled with a gentle double sponge




here is an endless selection of public and proprietary ryegrasses available on the Australian market. So how do you sort out which variety is most suited to your farm and grazing enterprise?

perennial ryegrass. These all have a different fit depending what you are trying to achieve on farm but the key fundamentals on how they feed animals and what drives animal performance is the same principle across all types.

Forage is the backbone to any grazing enterprise and is the key profit driver. Making the wrong choice can substantially limit your businesses ability to maximize its earning potential. Separating out the differences between varieties can be complex but there are some key fundamentals which can help you make better choices when planning your next pasture renovation program.

Animal grazing performance is influenced by forage quality, quantity on offer and digestibility which all drive animal intake. The more an animal can eat and digest in one day, the higher daily growth rates will be. Big bulky stemmy pastures might win the total dry matter yield race but grazing performance will be affected due to low quality (metabolizable energy available) and high fibre which impacts the animal’s ability to have high feed intake. It physically can’t eat

With ryegrass there are many different types available, being annual, Italian, hybrid and

ABOVE: One of our Ryegrass evaluation trials (at Ellinbank, Victoria)

enough because the fibre content is too high. The most logical conclusion therefore is to have the highest quality feed available, although this is only part of the equation. Having high quality, but a low dry matter yield will result in a

low stocking rate and will impact overall economic performance.

quality and animal intake) and its potential persistence capability.

So some aspects to consider when selecting a ryegrass variety are its forage quality/leafiness, dry matter yield, flowering date, aftermath seeding habit (this can impact

The other important factor in driving animal performance is grazing management. It is no good if we grow a great pasture and then underutilize it and let it go to waste. Poor grazing management can also impact dry matter yield potential and persistence, particularly in hybrids and perennials. Cropmark Seeds have been breeding ryegrasses for over twenty years, and have a philosophy of only commercializing the highest performing varieties, which are selected through intensive on-farm trialling and in-paddock grazing evaluation in Australia and internationally. A number of Cropmark Seeds varieties include: Zoom tetraploid annual ryegrass - one of the most successful annual ryegrasses in the market. A +16 day heading date gives Zoom up to a 3 week longer growing season compared to Tetila types. Rapid establishment with high autumn, winter and spring yields lends its self to multiple grazing’s



we’re up to out and about in the countryside. and silage or hay cuts. The high forage quality leafiness of Zoom supports high animal performance and stocking rate to maximise economic success. Zoom is an ideal replacement to older Tetila style of annual ryegrasses. Dash tetraploid annual ryegrass - a new release from Cropmark Seeds. Dash is a densely tillered late season annual with a heading date of +24 days. This makes Dash over a whole month later than Tetila types. This added flexibility can result in higher stocking rates for longer and gives the ability for multiple silage or hay cuts. It is very fast establishing with high winter growth rates and is late heading into spring, ensuring high dry matter yields. Dash’s leafy and densely tillered style ensures high quality with excellent palatability and animal performance.

matter yields. Matrix has a heading date of +23 days compared to Nui ryegrass, which extends quality grazing later into the spring compared to other varieties. Cropmark Seeds’ focus on feed quality in its plant breeding and selection programme ensures Matrix has high

quality (metabolizable energy and digestibility) to support strong animal performance. To look at the whole portfolio of Cropmark Seeds’ varieties and species visit our website at We’re also on Facebook so you can see what

Matrix diploid perennial ryegrass - has shown to be one of the most persistent perennial ryegrasses on the market. Being very densely tillered and containing the standard endophyte makes Matrix a strong yearin year-out performer. Very high winter yields and strong early spring growth ensures high dry 37

For specific specialised advice contact one of our Territory Managers: Adam Sheedy, Eastern Victoria, Northern New South Wales and Queensland Ph: 0428 132 096 Bruce Hume, Western Districts Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania Ph: 0427 607 375

Sven Koljo, Northern Victoria and Southern New South Wales Ph: 0429 375 452 All information is intended as a guide only. Seek further advise for specific recommendations to suit individual requirements and conditions. Results will vary depending on all the circumstances. Cropmark Seeds provides no assurances, guarantees or warranties other than those that must be provides by law. To the extent permitted by law Cropmark Seeds excludes all liability, and has no liability, however arising. Refer to chemical label for direction of use, critical comments, grazing withholding periods and export slaughter intervals.

GREEN TRIANGLE Finance & Leasing Pty Ltd

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MOTOR VEHICLE AND EQUIPMENT FINANCE MADE EASY Interest rates are still historically low for home mortgages but did you know that interest rates for cars, trucks, trailers and farm equipment are also at historically low rates…


reen Triangle Finance & Leasing is an Independent Finance Broker operating out of Mount Gambier, Hamilton and Coleraine and we have access to some of the best interest rates available today. We represent over 20 Lenders and can find the right finance package and interest rate for almost any need. We arrange consumer and commercial finance for New and Used Motor Vehicles, Trucks, Buses, Forestry Equipment, Agricultural Equipment, Caravans, Motor Bikes and boats. Specialising in Equipment

Finance, our team is experienced in providing fast, efficient and seamless service to assist our clients find the best finance options to suit their needs. We listen to your requirements and tailor finance around your business rather than the banks. We can structure loans for monthly, quarterly or annual payments. We can even structure certain loans to reduce repayments at times when business may be slower such as Christmas time. If you are looking for a new truck, trailer, Motor Vehicle, Forklift, tractor or farm equipment – we

have good options where financials are not required for ABN holders. We also specialise in Private Sales. We can come to you or discuss your requirements by phone in or out of normal working hours. Our aim is to take out all the leg work for you in obtaining finance. With an average of 20 years’ experience in the Finance Industry – our brokers work to your advantage. We do not have an obligation to any Bank or Financier – our only obligation is to ensure you; our client receives the best product and service for your needs.

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raditionally cattle farmers across Australia have been dependent on the weather being right to work on cattle, with work only happening when conditions allow. The work is planned around the weather and when inclement weather occurs cattle work is deferred incurring cost and inconvenience or is done in the rain causing unsettled beasts and unnecessary health risks. Farmers with Spanlift Yard Covers enjoy the flexibility of planning their week to their own schedule with minimal impact from the weather. Spanlift’s curved yard covers reduce spooking, protect equipment, yards & animals and creates an ultimate working environment.

Using only Australian made products, Spanlift handles your project every step of the process, from the quote to design, from council approvals to construction. Some things to consider when looking at a new yard cover that Spanlift can assist with in the design: • Natural lighting where you need it most • Building over existing pens with minimal disruption • Gable infills, angled skillion covers and part walls to suit the sun angles at your site • Provision for loading facilities • Extra height in truck access areas • Column protector

systems to prevent animal bruising • Gate hinges welded onto columns as suited • Water discharge and collection to suit your site layout Every farmer knows that the layout of his yards is crucial to the handling of his animals. Spanlift have developed customised engineered solutions with minimal impact on your yard layout, gateways and raceways. With every piece of structural steel being fully hot dip galvanised and the shed frames having a 50-year warranty it brings an added comfort to the investment. We can help you with a building design to suit your yards, manage stormwater, ensure suitable cover is achieved 39

ABOVE: 37.1m (L) x 24m (W) x 6m (H) - Cattle Yard Cover with 10.4m Bays at Compton, SA

without sacrificing airflow and accommodate future expansion plans. Something to keep in mind - all Spanlift’s sheds and rural buildings have a fully hot dipped galvanised steel frame and with clear span from 12m – 60m, they can cover just about everything coming with a vast range of options including wide bays or varying bay sizes, roller & sliding doors, open sides or ends, roof only structures. The options are endless in being able to design something to meet

even the toughest of requirements. We suggest you contact Spanlift on 1300 234 321 or visit our website www. to discuss your shed requirements and arrange your free onfarm appointment to assist with the design of your new rural structure. To check out videos of some completed projects go to com/c/SpanliftAust. Send us now an email at hello@ or call 1300 234 321 to find out how to get a FREE onsite consultation.