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Market Overview Case Studies


Life Bridge Capital Fund 1 The Life Bridge Capital team is excited to present Fund 1, an opportunity to invest in a diversified group set of assets in the multifamily space. The two core assets types will be:

• Traditional value-add deals across the Rockies, with a special emphasis on Boise, Salt Lake City, and Colorado Springs. These deals will drive consistent cash flow and a high degree of predictability. • Development deals in the Boise, Idaho Metropolitan Statistical Area. This MSA is in the top 5 of almost any growth measure, population, job growth, single family home values, and rental rates. Existing product is extremely difficult to come by, but land is still relatively affordable. This creates an exciting opportunity to pursue building Class A assets and take advantage of these economic trends.

By combining these two types of multifamily we will lower the overall risk profile, while also driving returns up as the development projects mature.


Why a Fund? Over the past 9 months we have seen a significant amount of competition re-engage in the multifamily marketplace, making the value-add space a challenging place to source deals in the markets we focus on. Simultaneously, the Life Bridge Capital team has been executing on the business plans for the various projects and identifying key areas of growth internally. At Life Bridge

Capital we are always evaluating our deal structures with an eye on optimizing for investor performance, which includes winning deals, paying out above-average returns, and mitigating risk. We believe a fund is the best step forward for you, our limited partners, for the following reasons:

Winning Deals

Above Average Returns

Risk Mitigation 4

Winning Deals When competing for deals the adage, cash is king, is very true! Though our track record of raising capital is extraordinarily strong (over $40m raised in the last 18 months) many sellers view our capital stack in an unfavorable light, especially when we are competing against groups that have all the capital in a discretionary account. Raising a fund levels the playing field significantly and gives the LBC acquisition team the ability to leverage ready capital for better terms and ultimately close more deals.


Above Average Returns

. .

We’ve taken a very conservative approach to modeling the fund returns at roughly a 19.4% Average Annual Return and 8.82% Cash on Cash Return (COCR). This is very similar to our individual deals in the value add sector and is based on a similar return structure (see table below). We have also eliminated the IRR hurdle and replaced it with an equity multiple hurdle at a 2.75x to more broadly align our interest with yours. Fee Structure

Life Bridge Capital will continue to raise Class A equity (8-11% preferred return, no equity upside) on a deal-by-deal basis through a side car format, this will drive equity gains to the fund, further increasing returns. 6

Fund Projection Investor Returns Based on $100,000 Investment INVESTMENT

Investor Annual Percent Return Investor Return on Investment
































Return from Disposition Limited Partner Total Return - Limited Partner













*includes return of initial capital EQUITY MULTIPLE







Maximizing Opportunity - Mitigating Risk ➢ Life Bridge Capital has a proven playbook for value add deals in our target markets, greatly exceeding he business plan for each project in the portfolio ➢ The mix of cash flow + capital appreciation provides steady returns over the life of the fund while the equity growth will drive significant gains over the life of the deal ➢ By investing in Fund 1, you the limited partner are diversifying your investment significantly across markets (Colorado and Idaho, hopefully soon Utah) and across both development and value add deals.

➢ This unique combination drastically reduces the risk that is inherent with investing in only one market or asset class, while also providing an opportunity to invest in the 3 of the fastest growing MSA’s in the country. ➢ As with past LBC deals, the majority of the depreciation will be passed on to investors, legally sheltering much of the cash flow from taxes 9

Property Management Partners Table Rock Residential: A full-service property management company with an experience of more than 35 years in the organization. Principals Tami Greene and Rich Fernandez previously worked for some of the most well-known and respected companies in real estate, including Legacy Partners, AvalonBay, HSC Real Estate, Riverstone, and Greystar. The two honed their skills in large, competitive markets such as Denver, Seattle, and Nashville, gaining experience at every level, from on- site leasing representative and assistant manager, to management, regional leadership, and executive roles.

Dunmire Property Management*: We are partnering with Dunmire Property Management to implement our business plan. To date DPM manages nearly 4000 units across the MSA, and nearly 500 units for Life Bridge Capital. The DMT team is dedicated to creating healthy communities across Colorado Springs and continues to be an excellent partner with Life Bridge Capital, delivering above pro forma performances at every project to date. *Dunmire is also an investor of our Fund. 10

Property Development Partnerships


Triple Dot Development*: Founded in 2018, Triple Dot Development is a family-owned and operated real estate entity that specializes in residential real estate development. With expectations of outside of the box thinking, thoughtful design, and passion for genuine partnerships, the goal is a trusted, easy-to-do-business-with partner that makes you a priority regardless of the project. * Triple Dot is also an investor of our Fund.

Perryman Construction*: Kelly Perryman founded Perryman Construction Management in 1992. Through his company, he has directly overseen construction of nearly 2,000 apartment units in the Treasure Valley. He has over 30 years construction experience and has cultivated relationships with subcontractors and suppliers that understand the importance of building quality along with value. *Kelly is also an investor of our Fund


Vail Valley 12

Vail Valley - Seed Deal Life Bridge Capital is pleased to present The Vail Valley Portfolio (“The Portfolio”), a 139-unit multifamily portfolio comprised of three properties in Eagle County, CO. The properties are in the towns of Eagle and Gypsum, located within the Vail Valley, which boasts a young, affluent population with an average household income of nearly $120,000. All three properties are conveniently located along the I-70 corridor

offering residents easy access to nearby Avon, Vail, Beaver Creek, Glenwood Springs, and Denver. This portfolio is being purchased from the developer and is a unique opportunity to acquire at scale in a very desirable mountain community. 13

Vail Valley Portfolio - Business Plan All three properties are completely free of income or deed restrictions, a unique selling point for prospective renters. Unlike most other for-rent options in the area, there are no requirements for occupants to work in Eagle County. This is a significant competitive advantage for the whole Vail Valley portfolio as remote workers look to move up to the mountains. The current property manager is a mom-and-pop operation and as a result rents are significantly below market. We plan to bring in professional management and focus on creating a vibrant community that will attract millennial renters looking for an active lifestyle. All three assets are near each other and we plan to manage the assets with the same team, which will further drive efficiency. The Vail Valley portfolio is a fantastic seed asset for the fund, as it will provide instant cash flow and require little capital investment.

The House is a 54-unit community boasting three onebedroom units and 51 furnished studio units averaging

The Red Table Apartments offers one studio, and spacious one- and two-bedroom floor plans that average 600 ad 924 square feet, respectively. Built in

295 square feet. The property was originally built in

2017, Red Table is a comprised of six buildings

1998 and underwent complete renovation in 2018

consisting of 77 apartments, 32 heated, secured storage

inclusive of all units and common areas. Roughly half

units, and 45 attached and detached garages. The

the units are master leased by local medical facilities

design elements at this property help to make it stand

for traveling professionals.

out in the community, and the overall construction quality is high. 14

Mountain Living In












amenities including 11 golf courses within 20 miles, over 13,000 acres of county owned open space, 206 miles of hiking trails, world-renowned ski resorts, kayaking, rafting, and fly fishing along the Eagle River.

The Portfolio offers affordable units that come at a significant discount to the cost of home ownership in The Vail Valley. Based on the rents being achieved across The Portfolio, residents

benefit from a monthly discount to ownership of more than $1,600 per month. Colorado’s Western Slope has become increasingly attractive within the past year as tenant preferences have shifted away from urban core locations. As such, submarkets along the I-70 corridor have seen lower vacancy rates and higher rent growth, relative to alternative, urban markets. 15

El Monterrey - Caldwell ID


El Monterrey El Monterrey is a 76-unit townhome community to be completed in 2022 located in Caldwell Idaho. We are purchasing this project fully entitled and plan to develop the community over the next 18 months. Because of our partnership with Triple Dot Development, we were able to secure this site at a significant discount to market paying just $22,500 per lot. Market rates in the area for fully

entitled lots are in the $40k – 60k range!


Background The property was purchased by Life Bridge Capital in June 2021 and we are contracted with Kelly Perryman, our owner’s rep for our last development deal, to oversee construction. By owning the land outright completion risk is mitigated, and our partnership with Kelly Perryman, who is investing into Fund 1, provides the necessary experience to execute on the construction end.


Development Hub! El Monterrey is in a fantastic location, just over 2 miles away from Breckenridge, another LBC asset. Located just off the primary

El Monterrey

arteries of I 84 and Hwy 20/26, the property is right in the middle of a significant growth push by the City of Caldwell. There is over 1.5 million sq/ft of flex, industrial warehouse space currently under

Sky Ranch Business Park

construction with ½ mile of El Monterrey, a new charter elementary school immediately across the street (finished in 2020), a new city park currently under construction next door, and a brand-new middle school within a mile.

The immediate area is poised for explosive growth over the next 5-10 years, and El Monterrey is right in the middle of the action.


Property Details

Next Door Elementary School

In addition to the 76 for rent townhomes, there is 19 for sale townhome lots and 27 single family lots included in the purchase.Triple Dot Development is leading the development of the single family side, but all profits will be split 50/50, providing further upside in the first 3 years of the deal. Our long-term plan is to run this property in conjunction with Breckenridge, which will drive down labor costs and

position the fund to reap the benefits of developing in such a high impact area.

Elementary school next door to property


New Assets:

Wind River Place + Chestnut Springs Colorado Springs 12

New Assets: We are pleased to announce that we have identified two more assets for the LBC Fund! We have contracts on two multifamily complexes, located in Colorado Springs, CO. Both of these assets were previously owned by the same seller of one of our current properties, Stratus Apartment Homes. They are both in excellent condition with new parking lots, roofs, and windows. The unit interiors will be our focus, we plan to update all flooring, cabinets, bathrooms, and fixtures while removing some pony walls to open up the interiors. We are thrilled to land these two off market deals and anticipate closing in December. Chestnut Springs is a 92 unit multifamily complex, made up of 1 bedroom apartments in 4 separate buildings. This property has maintained a high occupancy averaging around 96%. Wind River Place is a 120 unit multifamily complex, made up of 60 one bedroom units, and 60 two bedroom units. Built in 1973, this property boasts ample parking, a swimming pool, laundry facilities.

Economic Overview ▪ In the past decade, job growth in the Boise

metro area has increased by more than 18%. In the past year alone, it’s jumped up more than 6% – during a pandemic. ▪ In-state moves to the Boise metro area by

people living outside the metro grew by 5.6% last year, with 64,493 Idahoans moving to the Treasure Valley compared to 61,099 the year before.

Boise, ID

▪ Over 50,000 new residents are projected

through 2040, making Boise one of the fastest growing cities in the nation. 21

Housing Market & Quality of Life ▪ The recent lane additions on I-84 to the Garrity

Interchange is a vital transportation link that facilitates easy access to major employment centers across the valley. ▪ Boise is getting a lot of national attention for their housing

market. Median home cost is currently sitting at $341,000 -- 20% above the national median. Real median household income in Boise is $66,466 (up +6.31% from previous year, and +13.10% over 3 years). ▪ Boise is a highly desirable remote work destination as

people seek lower cost of living and higher quality of life post-COVID. Both Zillow and Apartment list ranked the City of Trees in top 3 of metros for remote workers. 22

Colorado Springs

Economic Overview • Colorado Springs is the second-largest city in

Colorado and is in El Paso County. The city is home to over 738,000 people. The population has grown over 37% since 2000.

• The community’s beautiful setting and high

quality-of-life have helped to build a growing community of academic, government, hightech, non-profit, and defense-related businesses.

#1 Best U.S. Economy 2020 according to U.S. News and World Report


Housing Market & Quality of Life • Colorado Springs has recently led the state with the

highest growth in single family home prices. The median price for listed homes in Colorado Springs is $370,000.

• As more residents discover the high-quality of life at

an unmatched value for a metro of 700,000 people, the market will continue to experience sizable growth in the housing market moving forward.

• Colorado Springs just opened Weidner Field in May,

an 8,000 seat soccer and event stadium that is driving significant development around the downtown core.

#1 Best U.S. Economy 2020 according to U.S. News and World Report


Economic Overview

Salt Lake City

▪ The region in and around Salt Lake City has had so much

momentum over the last decade that it acquired the nickname “Silicon Slopes” ▪ Salt Lake City has the No. 1 job market in the country and

is ranked 4th in the US among best places to find work. The current metro area population of Salt Lake City in 2021 is 1,180,000, a 0.94% increase from 2020 ▪ Unlike other metropolitan areas, Salt Lake City was able to

avoid the multiple shutdowns that crippled many US cities. As a result, the city appears to have almost completely recovered from the COVID-related economic downturn.


Housing Market & Quality of Life • Utah Transit Authority, or UTA, provides more

than 100 bus routes in and around Salt Lake, covering 1,800 square miles. The Salt Lake International Airport is a 10-minute car ride from Downtown.

• Median household income for the Salt Lake City

Utah metro area was $80,196 in 2019, the latest figures available - this number is $4,416 higher than the median Utah household income and $14,484 greater than the US median household income.

#1 Capital to live in according to


Headlines Utah's median home price climbs to $405K, up nearly 20% since March 2020” - Utah Association of Realtors

"SLC Job Market Ranked #1" - Wall Street Journal

"Colorado Springs #2 MSA for growth in tech engineering" - LinkedIn

"Colorado places 4 cities in the top 20 most desirable cities" - U.S News

"Idaho Economy Ranked #1 for Growth" - U.S. News

"Boise home appreciation up 71.9% over past 4 years, tops in nation" - 27

Portfolio Ridgecrest Commons Copper Chase Newport Square Stratus Apartment Homes Lincoln Springs Apartments


Ridgecrest Commons Business Plan: • Implement best-in-class management practices to bring rents to market • Selectively invest in unit upgrades to interest prospective tenants • Implement a long-term strategy to maintain market presence and foster a sense of community

Copper Chase Business Plan: • Complete a full unit interior upgrade •Implement a long-term strategy to maintain market presence and foster a sense of community

Newport Square Business Plan: • Complete a full renovation of all unit interiors • Update the exterior landscaping and laundry facilities • Implement the best-in-class management practices to drive tenant satisfaction.

Stratus Apartment Homes Business Plan: • Complete a thorough landscaping update that will focus on creating a sense of community for our residents through the addition of additional amenities, • Implementing higher standards for properly qualifying new residents to bring the delinquency numbers more in line with local market averages •Implementing a thorough value-add program that focuses on renovating the unit interiors with new flooring, electrical and plumbing fixtures, appliances, and counter-tops.

Lincoln Springs Apartments Business Plan: • The overall goal with Lincoln Springs is to improve the property operations through a variety of renovations and cost-cutting measures that will both generate profit during the ownership period and drive appreciation of assets for capital gains upon sale. • Replacing all roofs immediately using an existing insurance claim • Professionally manage the property for economic occupancy • Drive value for current and future tenants through landscaping upgrades and interior renovations • Increase asking rents by an average of 7%

OUR TEAM SAM RUST: A lifelong learner, Sam Rust is a managing partner at Life Bridge Capital and full-time investor in commercial real estate. Sam graduated from Thomas Edison State University with a BSBA in Business Management and currently lives in Colorado with his wife and 5 children. He has been active in commercial real estate since 2017 and has led the acquisition of a portfolio of properties across Colorado and Idaho with a value in excess of $150 million. When not underwriting or touring properties, Sam enjoys spending time outdoors with his family chasing beautiful views, Ultimate Discs, or big game.

WHITNEY SEWELL: Whitney Sewell is a seasoned real estate investor, podcast host, and philanthropist. He is CEO and founder of Life Bridge Capital, a multifamily syndication investment firm with 900 doors and $150 million in assets under management. Whitney was able to scale his business at a groundbreaking pace - starting from nothing in 2017 to now consistently raising over $10 million in a few hours. His daily podcast, The Real Estate Syndication Show, has featured over 1000 experts in the field. Whitney recently founded his new non-profit, The Life Bridge Foundation - the latest exciting development in his commitment to donate 50% of his profits to support orphans and their adoptive families. Whitney and his wife Chelsea have 3 children by adoption and love spending their free time together in the great outdoors at their home in the country. .

CLAY ALLEN: Clay Allen is responsible for the asset management of Life Bridge Capital’s investments. He brings over 20-years of commercial real estate experience including debt & equity origination, risk underwriting, and asset management. Prior to joining the Life Bridge Capital team, Clay managed a $1.5B portfolio of multifamily assets, totaling nearly 10,000 units across several major markets. He graduated from Samford University with a degree in Business Management, received a Master’s degree in Commercial Real Estate from Georgia State University, and holds the CCIM designation. Clay is a native Georgian and resides in Atlanta with his wife and three daughters.

Thank You!

SAM RUST: 720-230-6804 WHITNEY SEWELL: 540-585-4338 28

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