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Fun Facts about Principal Nancy Doll •

Mrs. Doll enjoys running and swimming in her free time. You might see her running in the Egg Nog Jog or in the Frederick Marathon.

Her favorite food is salad.

• • •

A pet peeve of hers is when someone puts a dirty dish in the sink instead of the dishwasher.

Sunny and 75 is Mrs. Doll’s favorite weather.

Her major in college was English, and she has reading specialist certification.

Mrs. Doll’s full name is Nancy Lee Doll.

A cuddly dog is Mrs. Doll’s spirit animal.

If she could have any superpower, it would be teleportation.

She is a morning person - that’s why she directs the the student drop-off.

• She would like to let all of the freshmen know that it is very important to get involved in something because it will make the experience of high school so much better. • Her favorite part of being principal is interacting with students every day. Don’t be surprised to see her wandering in and out of classes--you are not in trouble!

Her favorite high school memory is working for the yearbook committee.

She loves to spend time with with her family and grandchild.

Read stories with Nancy Doll at

Summer Sports True AP: All athletes are encouraged to participate in True AP over the summer to keep in shape. The summer program focuses on speed and agility training. It’s a morning workout session from 9:0010:15 on Wednesdays and Fridays held at the Linganore turf.

you have any financial concerns regarding the cost, please let athletic director Sonny Joseph know.

Meet the Coaches Night: Meet the Coaches Night will be held on June 10 at 6:00 for all sports. This is beneficial for incoming athletes as they can introduce themselves to the coaches, get paperwork, and meet the athletic director. True AP will start June 28 and end August 8. If you wish to participate, please write a check for $65 made out to LHS Athletic Boosters given to Coach Connor (the football coach) by June 17th and register online at If Tryouts: Not all sports have set their official tryout dates, but all tryouts will occur the week of August 12. It’s important to contact the coaches in order to find the official dates (if not listed below.) Note: In order to try out you must have evidence of a sports physical

completed by the day of tryouts (it’s recommended that you complete it and give it to the coach before). Your examination must occur after April 1 in order for it to be valid for the entire upcoming school year. You MUST register for tryouts.

Steps to register:

1. Go to 2. Click on Athletics on the lower

left hand column under “Quick Links” 3. Click on “Online Athletic Team Registration” at the top of the page.

Read more at athletics_fall


The Lance

Class of 2023

June 2019

Things we wish we knew Sign up for clubs Bailey Bennett and Gabby Llewellyn Reporters

1. Stop worrying

Nobody is focused on what you’re wearing, how your hair is done or how you walk. You’re a small fish in big pond now. Everyone is focusing on themselves.

2. You don’t look stupid asking for help

Asking for help is the responsible thing to do. Always take initiative to ask questions, be pulled for PREP and use resources like the learning commons and after school tutoring. You are in high school now. You are in charge of your own success.

3. Get involved

Participating in clubs, sports and activities make high school much more enjoyable. Don’t be afraid to get involved with something you like in fear of “being weird."

4. Teachers are

actually really cool

If you respect your teachers and get to know them, they can be great mentors. Additionally, good relationships with your teachers will help you be successful in class.

5. Bring a sweatshirt

As silly as it sounds, the temperature at Linganore fluctuates a lot, day to day and room to room, so always make sure you have layers to dress appropriately.

6. Attendance

The easiest way to succeed in high school is to just show up. Being present keeps you from getting behind and shows teachers that you are putting in the effort. It is one the easiest ways to get good grades.

7. Time management

High school is a different environment and workload than middle school. It is completely feasible to get all your work done, but managing your time is very important to being successful.

8. Time flies

Not to be cliché, but when everyone says that the time goes by quickly, it really does. It will probably seem like a drag in the moment and of course there will be good days and bad, but you want to sincerely make the most of everyday. Before you know it, freshman year will be over.

9. Start off the year with healthy routines

Having a routine in the morning can help with getting ready,especially when you wake up early and are half asleep.

10. Hallway walking

As routine as it is, class transitions in the hallway can be very hectic. To keep stress free, know where you will walk from class to class. Always walk on the right side of the hallway and at a decent pace to keep up with the flow of students. On stairwells always travel on the right side as well. Do not stop or stand in the middle of the hallway.

11. Focus on

your future

It’s easy to get caught up with drama in high school. What’s important to remember is that this is a time to grow yourself and prepare for your future.

12. Listen to and

respect your parents

While they may seem annoying at times, they really do have your best interest in mind. They know what is best for you, no matter how much you might not like it.

13. Choose classes wisely

When you choose classes, there are many things to know. First of all make sure you choose classes YOU’RE interested in. Do not pick classes hoping to be with your friends because odds are, you won’t be. Also make sure you’re picking classes that are at an appropriate level. Don’t over do yourself especially if you are consumed in extracurriculars like sports, but make sure you are challenging yourself.

14. Get enough sleep

Don’t wait too long after school to start your homework and end up staying up until 1 am. Getting at least 8 hours of sleep a night makes a huge difference, and can actually improve your memorymeaning you’ll have to study less and not stay up all night before a big test.

15. You don’t have to know what you want to do for your career

Sometimes it may feel like there’s pressure to know what you want your career to be, but you’re still very young. Sign up for classes and take opportunities you find interesting and it will all work out.

Joe Pringle and Elizabeth Rajnik compete at futsal club. Thomas French and Keifer Spore Reporters

Students must be in good academic standing to participate in the club/activity program. Clubs are held on a rotating basis on Fridays during PREP time. Many clubs will meet during club Fridays in PREP. Some will meet after school. Some may do both. Clubs meeting during PREP will follow an A, B, C rotation to allow for students to attend a variety of clubs and to allow for larger groups to each have space to meet. A club fair will be held early in the school year and will take place outside of the cafeteria, where you can meet some of the

students involved. Registration is done online using a Google form. Many of our clubs are fun groups where you can relax and meet new people. Such clubs include Magic the Gathering, the Harry Potter Alliance, the Coloring club, Creative Writing, Checkers, Crafting, Bike Club and Drama Club Other clubs can offer leadership opportunities, like the SGA, FCA, Key Club, Model U.N., and FFA. In these clubs you have the chance to help run fundraisers and make student government decisions.

Help! I need somebody Help! Not just anybody Lindsey Russo Editor

There are many ways to get help during your freshman year. Whether you need help with your classes, tutoring or have general questions, these are some resources you can use. Student Services is available on Monday-Friday at 7:15 am to 2:45 pm. This is the office where you can find your counselor. The least busy time is before school--if you need a schedule change or have a concern, dealing with it early in the day can give you peace of mind. You can make appointments to make with your counselor at the front desk of student services before school or during lunch. They will also make appointments with you and you will receive a pass during class. Each counselor has a different set of students from 9 to 12 grade. Everyone is assigned their counselor by the first letter of their last name. Counselors can meet with you to discuss grades, schedules or colleges that you’re interested in. If you have any questions about graduation requirements talking to counselors can be helpful. Mr. Tom Kraft is also very helpful! If you have any questions about your HSA score or PARCC scores you can talk to Mr. Kraft about it. He will inform you about your scores, especially if it doesn’t get mailed to you. His office is in the assistant principal’s area.

Ask your teacher to pull you for PREP for clubs and to catch up on your schoolwork from a certain teacher Tutoring can help you catch up on your classes and get help from other people about math, English, science and other subjects. Mrs.Toni Shiderly helps with tutoring. Her classroom is available after school from 2:15 to 3:30 located in C204, as well as lunch and PREP providing all subjects. Her classroom is a very quiet and relaxing place to study or catch up on makeup work. Students from honor societies help with tutoring, which means there’s a lot of one to one help. There is usually at least one person from an honor society every day. Mrs. Tracey Cassidy is the reading specialist. Her office is located in C202, next to the elevator. She provides morning tutoring from 6:30 to 7:15 only on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Her room is another great resource of a quiet room and a great place to catch up or study. The AP Office is located on Main Street near the main office in room A108. There are assistant principals including Nancy Boyenton, Michelle Gilmore and Andrew McWilliams. The principal Mrs. Doll is also located in the AP Office and can always be a resource for questions.


The Lance

June 2019

Class of 2023

How does it work?

Mr Brown: The staff member students need to know Emily McNally and Ashley Baker Reporters Jeremy Brown has a huge role in keeping LHS running. Mr. Brown has many roles. For instance, he is in charge of students transitioning into high school, so if you have any questions, you can go to him. He is the assistant band director, the SGA advisor, and the senior class advisor. He organizes internships and the junior interviews. He is in charge of prom and homecoming tickets, so if you’re attending a dance, you will buy a ticket from him. He also plans and hosts the pep rallies, award ceremonies, and so much more. Perhaps the first time you meet Brown, he will be running the club fair. This is the time in early September when students sign up for clubs. He also hands out cookies and coupons that students get for being on the honor roll.

Mr. Brown is the advisor of SGA. This club gives students a voice at Linganore. Mr. Brown organizes the club meetings and elections. To sign up for SGA, fill out the sign up slip given during PREP or lunch. You can also sign up through the Linganore SGA website Key Club is an international organization meant to get students involved in community service. This encourages leadership through serving others. There are also awards given out to students for their community service, thanks to Mr. Brown, who organizes the ceremonies. Mr. Brown is the assistant director for band. He helps schedule and plan practices and does all of the tickets and reservations for major trips to New York or Disney. Student Service Learning/ SSL is a program for juniors and seniors. This allows students to assist and learn from the teachers. They help out the teacher and get experi-

ence in teaching. He assigns them to a class and is responsible for grades. School dances might be some of the best parts of high school and purchasing a ticket in time can be stressful. Every year Mr. Brown holds a both during lunch hours and reminds everyone to remember to stop by and buy a ticket. Homecoming tickets usually cost $20 per person. If you are not able to purchase a homecoming/prom ticket during the lunch shifts you can stop by Mr. Brown's, office and talk to him about purchasing a ticket. There are so many memory-making events to look forward to, like homecoming, football games, making new friends, pep rallies, clubs, prom, and so much more. So just work hard, pay attention in class and have fun! These four years will be so much more enjoyable and easier if you just relax and actually take the time to complete your work.

Yesenia Montenegro Editor PREP is a 40 minute time for students to work on homework, get tutoring from teachers or other students, finish missing work, or go to club meetings. “I like PREP because it gives me time to start my homework and I have less to do at home. If I need to talk to teachers, it is easier to ask in PREP than interrupting class time,” said Class of 2020 member Vivien Hagy. Every day after second period, students go to their assigned PREP class. This is similar to homeroom in middle school, but instead of only going to homeroom once a week, Lancers go every day. In middle school, students go to a different class during E.L.T every day, but in high school, for four years, you will go to the same teacher every day. Students ask a class teacher to sign them up for PREP to get help. Teachers have a request log to request students to come to their class during PREP. Students need to ask to be signed up by 7:30 AM of the day they want to see the teacher. Teachers are not responsible for signing up for PREP if you don’t ask or don’t ask on time, so make sure that you talk to them. From your assigned PREP class, teachers will check their electronic list and send students to the requested locations. Those who were

not signed up by any teachers will stay in their original PREP class and work quietly. There are no cell phones during PREP. To ensure that students will eventually go to all teachers they are signed up for, we use priority days. If you are signed up for more than one teacher, you will go to the teacher who has priority. Monday - 1st Block Tuesday - 2nd Block Wednesday - 3rd Block Thursday - 4th Block Friday - Clubs Most clubs also meet during PREP. Every Friday is a Club Day, where the club advisors request students to come to their club meetings. Clubs follow an A, B, and C day rotation so that students are able to attend all the clubs they are signed up for. Usually, though, very involved students can have more than three clubs. Some of the students who are in honor societies will meet on other days. Another option during PREP is to get formal tutoring. Usually during this time, honor society students from different subjects are available to help. The support room has the same sign-up procedure as for any other teacher. Don’t wait too long if you are not doing well in a class. PREP is meant for extra work time, and not a time to socialize. Use your time wisely.

Homecoming Week: What to expect Emily Love Reporter Homecoming is one of the most nerve wracking events to freshmen because it is the first major social event of high school. What to wear? Do I have a date? What will the upperclassmen think of me? Homecoming is one of the best parts of high school. It’s a week of festivities. It’s easy to get involved.

THE PARADE The parade is in New Market. It always occurs the week before the dance on Saturday morning. All teams are involved, and it is a great way for freshmen to get involved-they always need students

to ride on the float. Being a spectator is fun, too.

PAINTING THE HILL Another way to volunteer is to help paint the hill. Students go out to the hill outside of Linganore High School and use spray paint to decorate the hill based on the homecoming theme. Again, freshmen can spray paint--plenty of students are needed. SPIRIT WEEK The week before homecoming is all dedicated to school spirit. Every day has a theme such as, pajama day, throwback day, etc and most importantly red black and bow day. Red, black and bow day is Linganore’s day to show school spirit with the school’s colors. Spirit week ends with a pep

rally. The pep rally is to show spirit for the homecoming dance the following day. At the pep rally games with the homecoming court are played as a way to introduce who won positions in the court. There is also a cheer and poms performance, and marching band. The main thing to know is it is cool to participate in spirit week, and everyone does it.

HOMECOMING FOOTBALL GAME At the Homecoming football game during halftime the homecoming court is crowned. There is always the homecoming king and queen, and princes and princesses of the seniors, but all grades are included and a prince and

princess will be elected for each grade level. You can elect who you want with a given list of names on the ballot. WHAT TO EXPECT Homecoming is always most exciting for freshmen and sophomores. There is no need to worry about what upperclassmen may think of you. It may come as a surprise, but juniors and seniors were new once, too ,and won’t be judgemental. Everyone is there to have a good time. For the girls, expensive dresses are not necessary. Homecoming is a semi formal, and a super expensive dress is definitely not necessary to impress. Try looking on websites that sell fancy dresses

for a much more reasonable price. Some great websites are Forever 21, H&M, Charlotte Russe, or you could even try thrifting. You’ll look great no matter what. As for dates, don’t worry if no one “asks” you to Homecoming. Homecoming is not only for cute romantic pictures. It is all about the friends you go with. This dance is the type of dance you want all you friends around for. So, those of you with dates, make sure you have a group of friends around around to make the night even better. You may expect your first homecoming to be like the ones in movies, with slow dancing, romantic lighting, and beautiful decorations. But, it really isn’t. You should expect fun dancing music, big groups of friends having a good time, and the decorating is up to you and your classmates. There is nothing to fear about homecoming, it is meant to be a night of fun.


The Lance

June 2019

Class of 2023

New learning management system for everyone-You will not be alone Alexis Fowler Editor We’re making the switch, and all incoming freshmen should be prepared. In case you've missed it, FCPS is switching to a new learning management platform called Schoology. Schoology is a learning site with a social networking aspect that allows students and teachers to collaborate and have easier access to classroom assignments and grades. The best part about this switch is that students can access all their classes in one place. My favorite part about Schoology is how organized it is. Having multiple sites to use can be a hassle. In 2019 school year all FCPS teachers are required to use Schoology to record grades. This year, teachers had the option to use Schoology, and there was training throughout the year. Mathematics teacher Jennifer Weiss decided not to jump on board so quickly,“Being thrown into something entirely new while handling classes was not on my agenda. I will use it when I have to.” Schoology includes all of your “courses” which divides each of your classes classwork, a lot like Classroom. On

this site students can message teachers, receive notifications, check grades and even access a calendar with all upcoming assignments. This new site also allows students, parents and teachers to engage in learning, just like Google Classroom. “This forces students to be responsible for staying on top of their assignments, and student accountability is always an asset,” said Troxel. A lot of students are still warming up to the fact that Schoology is replacing the previously used sites.”Schoology is hard at first, especially the long intricate process of turning in an assignment,” said junior Kyle Bedard. Change isn't always appreciated. In this case, many students are not fond of the switch because it takes time to learn the new system. English teacher Mary Troxel has already implemented change early to prepare students. “What I love about Schoology is being able to have everything in the same place: syllabus, assignments, grades, due dates, and class announcements.” Here are some tips for freshmen to remember Logging in is easy. Use your student email and password.

All upcoming assignments are featured on the main page. Recent assignments are in chronological order. The courses can be organized by units or periods. If you're stressed about having friends in your class, Schoology shows you all the members enrolled in that class. This site allows you to see your assignments day to day, which makes it nice if you're absent. Learning to submit documents from Google Drive is a process. This blended learning initiative integrates more college aspects into high school. Just like Google Classroom, there is an app for Schoology. At this point, if you're thinking you're all alone in the learning process, next year will be many students first time using Schoology, not just freshmen. Soon to be sophomore Brayden Gregory has no reason to dislike Schoology. “I enjoy having all my assignments and grades in one place and it's not difficult once you use it more often, the incoming freshmen have nothing to worry about,” said Gregory.

Time managment: the most important high school habit Agenda or Planner

Ashley Martin Editor Time management is an important skill to have during everyone’s high school career. Without it it’s impossible to keep up with due dates and students can lose easy organization skills.

In order to manage time efficiently it might be wise to write it down in a planner or in a scheduling app on your phone. This will help students be more organized and on time with their school work.

Make time for Homework Each night homework should be a priority, students should schedule their night in order to complete their homework with enough time to eat dinner, have free time, get ready for bed, and have rest to be ready for the next day.

Use PREP In case students don’t have enough time in their night to finish their homework or want to get a head start on the work that’s due ahead of them, students should use prep as a work time and not a social hour.

Dance tickets Study throughout the week It is always a good idea to study periodically throughout the week or at least a couple days before so all the information is soaked in in preparation for the test.

In past years Linganore has sold out or ran low on tickets so its best to know the SGA or other dance committees usually sell tickets the week before the dance and students should not buy tickets last minute. As the class of 2023 come in as new high schoolers they should come in with good habits and stay focused on what matters which is school work and and time it takes to complete these assignments.

Myth Busters: High school is not Hollywood Emily Watson and Madeline Hull Reporters

Myth #1 You will have a hard time making new friends, especially on the first day and will not have anyone to sit next to. Busted: There are many activities to get involved in before school starts. Just remember that people are going through the same thing.

Myth #2: Teachers will give you hours of homework to complete overnight, and they don’t care about your success. Busted: Teachers want to help you and promote you to be your best. You do have big project occasionally but normally they aren’t due the next day.Teachers know how to plan the lessons to have enough time to finish.

Myth #3: You will be either be late to your classes or you won’t be able to find your class. Busted: Maybe that happens the first week, but it happens to everyone! You are given 5 minutes to get to class so you will have enough time to use the bathroom, get water, or talk to friends. If you do not frequently abuse the privilege, most teachers give you few seconds after the bell before the classroom door is closed.

Myth #4:

Ask for help!

Myth #5: No students participate or dress up for spirit week. You will come to school in zebra stripes and everyone will think you are crazy. Busted: Each year students from every grade compete for the most spirit points the week before homecoming so usuallly everyone wants pointd snd will compete for the legendsry spirit stick.

Myth #6: Football games are hectic, and you won’t have a good time because you don't actually know much about the game. Busted: The stands are packed with friends and family. The halftime shows with cheerleaders, poms, and the marching band are the best. The game is a great way to end the week. Even if you don’t like football, don’t miss the games. We are all part of the the tribe.

Myth #7: People will throw batteries at you. Busted: That's really a Hollywood myth. It just doesn't happen. It’s not likely you will be bullied, however, if you do experience bullying, report it to a teacher immediately. Students at Linganore are serious about see something, say something.

Myth #8:

Upperclassmen will target you and be mean.

Your friends in kindergaren will be the same as middle and high school.

Busted: Upperclassmen are very nice and will usually help with classwork if you ask. The seniors are very chill and try not bother you because they have to many other things to worry about.

Busted: Throughout high school you will form new relationships with people you would never expect. It is also always good to give people second chances to know them better.


The Lance

June 2019

Class of 2023

Advice from us to you: Wise words from your future peers "Get involved. It will really pay off in the long run and you'll meet a bunch of great people." -Emily Webb '20 "Use PREP to do your homework. It will reduce your workload at home and really help with stress levels." -Braden Weinel '20

"Don't be afraid to talk to different people and make new friends. You never know who you're going to connect with." -Emily Watson '22 "These experiences will develop you until graduation and prepare you for the real world." -Lexi Cioffi '21

"Respect your teachers and they'll respect you back." -Anna Choudhary '21 "Don't stress too much. Focus on getting your work done on time and always try your best. Then you will succeed." -Jessica Young '21

"Make the most of your time because one year you're a freshmen, and the next minute you're graduating." -Caitlin Peigh '19 "Take all the opportunities you can because you never know what's going to happen." -Ashley Alt '22

School spirit word search!

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The Lance

2018-2019 School Year in Review

Class of 2023

June 2019

How to Get Around Town First Floor

Sept/Oct: The Homecoming Pep Rally.

October: The Homecoming Parade.

November: Football goes to state championship!

Second Floor

December: The Annual Egg Nog Jog.

January: The winter Varsity cheer team wins 3A West regional championship!

February: The winter boys Varsity track team wins 3A state championship!

Insert your first memory here! March: The amual Mr. Linganore competition!

April: The Lance wins SNO Distinguished Site Award.

May: Class of 2019 seniors graduate!

June: Middle School move up day!

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Welcome class of 2023: June 2019  

The Lance is the student newspaper of Linganore High School. 2018-2019 School Year, Freshman Issue

Welcome class of 2023: June 2019  

The Lance is the student newspaper of Linganore High School. 2018-2019 School Year, Freshman Issue