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March 2009 2018 December

Dual enrollment astronomy course would be an out-of-this-world opportunity Dana Kullgren Reporter

Parkland student activists, Rachael Denhollander, and Cristina Jimenez are among those who changed teen lives in 2018. Graphic by Alex Dembeck

Alex Dembeck’s top 10 people who influenced teens in 2018

Hawking’s ideas about the study of astronomy apply to Frederick County Public Schools. There are three science course requirements that every high school student in Frederick County must fulfill: physics, biology, and chemistry. These three science courses all center around terrestrial matters; that is, the Earth. In a physics class, students may learn briefly about Kepler or Einstein, but there is no class at FCPS that allows students to study the universe beyond our tiny planet. The human spirit of FCPS, as Stephen Hawking would say, is being “limited.” Fortunately, there is a solution to this limitation: Frederick Community College (FCC) is already offering an astronomy course.

Alex Dembeck Reporter

Christine Blasey Ford She has been an inspiration for victims of sexual assault to come forward and testify agaist Kavanaugh Ryan Coogler Ryan Coogler has preached for better protection of human rights and has even started his own movement, Blackout for Human Rights. Coogler has empowered teens of every race and ethnicity. @Ocasio2018 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently became the youngest woman to serve in Congress, a product of the midterm elections. @christineforvt This year’s midterm elections provided a platform for politicians to use their voices and make an impact. Vermont Governor Christine Hallquist took this opportunity and ran with it. @ChloeKim During the 2018 Winter Olympics, the world’s eyes were on the 17-year-old who won gold in the women’s snowboard half pipe, becoming the youngest to do so. Her attitude and relaxation made her an idol for any student athlete or teen. @KDTrey5 In addition being an idol for young basketball players, Kevin Durant is a philanthropist. Durant has made it his mission to help children who live in the same situations he did and to give them opportunities for a better life. @Kaepernick7 While playing on the San Francisco 49ers, Colin Kaepernick started kneeling during the national anthem and started a controversial movement. @CrisAlexJimenez This year, Jiménez and her organization have been focused on those who were affected by the reversal of DACA, teens and young children. United We Dream protests are led by teens for teens, and by providing such a powerful platform, Cristina Jiménez has been a heavily influential figure for everyone under the age of 16. @R_Denhollander Rachael Denhollander is a former U.S gymnast, a current lawyer, and a victim of sexual assault. Denhollander was the first gymnast to step forward about the abuses of former Olympic gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar in January. @AMarch4OurLives, @Cameron_Kasky, @JaclynCorin, @davidhogg111, @Emma4Change, and @al3xw1nd Perhaps one of the saddest days of 2018 was when America learned about the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. This tragedy was a turning point in the fight for better gun control and mental health awareness, as teens began to take matter into their own hands. Cameron Kasky, Jaclyn Corin, David Hogg, Emma González, and Alex Wind, all of whom were Marjory Stoneman Douglas students, became activists and started March For Our Lives. There were very few times that the March For Our Lives movement wasn’t in the news. Read more at

However, to take this class, high school students would have to find the time, money, and transportation necessary to take the course at FCC. So what’s the solution to all of these problems? Offer a high school based astronomy course through dual enrollment. Dual enrollment is a program through which high school students are able to take college courses (offered through FCC) at their high schools. In the future, this program will reach to establish an Early College program, similar to the one offered at Montgomery College. FCC and FCPS are working together to offer an opportunity for students to earn associate degrees before they graduate high school. Elizabeth Duffy, the Executive Director for Dual Enrollment at FCC, said, “There is a workgroup with employees of both FCC and FCPS discussing how an Early College could be established.” Duffy said that, ideally, the first cohort of this program would begin in fall 2020. If this program is successful, students who wish to pursue associate degrees may have to earn general education college credits, as they would at a regular college. These required credits often include natural science credits, such as astronomy. Therefore, offering an a s t r o n o my through dual enrollment would

satisfy a science requirement for students interested in this Early College opportunity. This course would also be accessible to students who haven’t yet taken higher level math courses because, in a basic astronomy course, most of the math is based on simple algebraic concepts. Another reason to offer an astronomy class at FCPS is to keep children and young adults interested in science. Lisa Bruck, one of the directors of the Earth Space Science Lab (ESSL) in Frederick, said, “Children need to understand the workings of the world around them. In order to innovate, and move forward we have to give children the tools to be creative and ask the right questions,” said Bruck. The purpose of the ESSL is to “provide a curriculum related experience for elementary students grades 1-5,” said Bruck. Its primary focus is on teaching and engaging elementary school students. While the ESSL does offer monthly programs open to the community, institutions like this one commonly only focus on younger children. The key to engaging teenagers in science is, according to Bruck, relevance. Physics teacher Christopher Hahn said, “Science is important for teenagers because I want them as adults to have a scientific background for decision making.” While Hahn doesn’t necessarily believe that scientific knowledge is more or less important than any other area of knowledge, he still believes it is important to develop science literacy so that students are more well-rounded. Astronomy as a subject is a more important science than most people give it credit for. George Sherwood, an astronomy professor at Frederick Read more at

Calendar Review Emily Webb Editor

FCPS recently posted the 2019-2020 school year draft calendar for public review. However, the public comment period came and went with few students aware it was available. For those of us watching the calendar, there are some significant changes that have been made that will affect the coming school year for the better. The 2018-19 school calendar has its flaws. For example, on Friday, December 14, there was a two hour early dismissal for midterms. This was awkward as on Friday, December 21, the last week before winter break, there is not an early dismissal. The placement of these 2-hour early dismissals decreases attendance rates rather than encouraging them. In addition to this, the ends of the terms are not in logical places. Rather than coinciding with required days off, they stand on their own and take away from instructional time. Kudos to the calendar committee: in next year’s draft calendar, these issues and more are addressed. Logical ending to terms and semesters Unlike this year, next year’s calendar has plans to end the terms on dates that coincide with breaks in the calendar. This may seem insignificant, but it will affect the school year positively. For example, the end of the second midterm coincides with the beginning of winter break, which falls on December 20, 2019 . This is an effective choice that will improve attendance rates and maximize instructional time. This is also true for the end of the third term; it ends on the last day before spring break. Read more at


The Lance


December 2018

Lancer Media Sports Podcast #2: “The TrueAP Advantage” Lily Weaver and Catie Jo Tansey Editors Through a series of interviews, Lancer Media editors, Lily Weaver and Catie Jo Tansey, found out more information about the True AP Program. The True AP program consists of multiple training sessions designed to improve the strength and endurance of athletes to prepare them for their sports season. True AP was brought to Linganore by football coach Rick Connor. There are programs that mirror True AP, but Coach Connor believes this program is the most successful. However, does True AP give an unfair advantage for students who participate over students who cannot? Senior Jake Santis said, “I do not believe it does. True AP teaches students better ways to train, but the

training can be done without True AP.” While True AP might not provide an unfair advantage, what happens when a student wants to participate but can not afford it? True AP costs around $5 a session, but over multiple

Linganore students train with True AP. photo courtesy of Josh Daniels

sessions, the price can begin to add up. Some families might not have room in their budget for this expense, on top of the original expense for their child’s sport. Coach Connor said, “No student is denied from the program. If they want to do it, we find a way.” Through the interviews, it was also found that students’ favorite part about the program is the college students returning home to train. The TrueAP program brings unity. Former athletes and current athletes are able to train together, and no one is denied the opportunity to participate. To learn more about the program or are interested in participating, visit the True AP website, talk to Coach Connor, or talk to Linganore´s True AP rep, Josh Daniels.

Indoor track and field participates in their first meet Ethan Hart and Carson Buck Reporters On December 8, the indoor track and field team participated in the Terry Baker Invitational at Hagerstown Community College. The boys placed 11th out of 18 participating teams, despite not sending all of their varsity athletes. The girls placed 8th out of 16 participating teams. Boys Results The boys scored a total of 17 points. Carson Buck placed second in the 3200-meter run, with a time of 10:15.34 minutes. Will Cioffi also placed second in the 1600-meter run with a time of 4:35.32 minutes. The sprinters had an experiemental night with many runners in events they don’t normally run.

Carter Holsinger, a two-time state champion pole vaulter, ran the 300-meter dash for the first time and cracked the top 15 with an 11th place finish. Adam Liston, a member of the Class of 2021, said, “I feel we performed pretty well for never running races like that before, especially since it was also the first meet of the year.” Girls Results The girls placed 8th out of 16 participating teams. They were led by seniors Morgan Mathews and Khelsa Connolly. Despite middle-of-the-pack results from the reigning 2018 indoor track and field champions, coach Bill Eckard isn’t worried. He said, “We won’t know how good we will be for another month, but we have the potential to be really good this year.”

Next week, the Linganore Track and Field team will attend the Winterfest Invitational. This meet will be one of their biggest of the year on the East Coast with 91 participating teams. The meet will be on Saturday, December 15th at PG Sportsplex in Landover, Maryland.

photo by Ethan Hart Morgan Mathews prepares to throw the shot put.

Frederick County Hockey continues into the next season

Henry Saathoff skates down the ice with the puck.

Emily DiPasquale Reporter In winter, fans tend to focus on basketball and wrestling, but there is another team representing LHS. The Monocacy Valley Hockey League has performed well in the MSHL (Maryland Student Hockey League). Despite the majority of players being underclassmen, they manage to keep up with the older students. The Frederick County team is made up of students from Tuscarora, Middletown, and, Linganore because none of the schools have enough players alone to field a team. Quinn Alley is the acting captain for the Frederick county team with assistant captains Jake Mayer and Caden Frozenburg. The coach for the Varsity Linganore students is Dave Hammer. The team is made up of several underclassmen, including Carson Maggi, Daniel Saathoff, Ashley Walden, Luke Hackworth, and Henry Saathoff.

Their current record is 5-2-0 as of 12/18. Carson Maggi said “It’s all about being aggressive and using all the energy you have in that couple of minutes on the ice.” The team believes that there is room for improvement, but they are almost certain they’ll make it past the semifinals and make it to states this year. Last year, they managed to make it to the semi-finals. The team feels as if they are a lot stronger and is convinced they will improve on their

mistakes. The Monocacy Valley Hockey League welcomes both Varsity and Junior Varsity to play in a hockey league county-wide. Sponsored by the Washington Capitols, the league includes teams from Frederick, Carroll, and Washington Counties and is part of the statewide Maryland Student Hockey League (MSHL) with 50+ teams. There’s a season of approximately 15 games with playoffs in February. The next game is December 7 against Walkersvile away at 4:45pm.

New Years Six: college football playoff predictions Erich Miller Reporter The College Football Playoff starts in less than a months time and all the New Year’s Six match ups are set. Here are my predictions for each of the New Year’s Six games. Peach Bowl: No. 10 Florida (93) vs. No. 7 Michigan (10-2) The Gators, coming off a three game winning streak, look to upset the Wolverines in a hard fought battle. In the end, I think Michigan will be too strong to handle, despite their loss. Prediction: Michigan 42-31 Fiesta Bowl: No. 11 LSU (9-3) vs. No. 8 UCF (12-0) This will be one of the more exciting matchups this winter break. LSU will cause turnovers and be a big problem for this UCF offense. I predict it will be close with LSU ultimately prevailing. Prediction: LSU 31-28 Rose Bowl: No. 9 Washington (10-3) vs. No. 6 Ohio State (12-1) The Huskies ended the season on a four game winning streak and cinched the PAC 12 with a win over rival #11 Washington State. Yet Ohio state’s offense will be too much and Dwayne Haskins will win his final game in a Buckeye uniform. Prediction: Ohio State 42-20 Sugar Bowl: No. 15 Texas (9-4) vs. No. 5 Georgia (11-2) This was a surprising matchup as Georgia has been dominating all season almost edging out Alabama in the SEC championship game. I predict Georgia will walk all over Texas and embarrass them. Prediction: Georgia 35-10 Cotton Bowl No. 2 Clemson (13-0) VS No. 3 Notre Dame (12-0) This will be the most exciting game of the entire college football playoff. It will be low scoring but Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence will not choke under pressure since he is one of, if not the best, freshman of all time. Prediction: Clemson 21-17 Orange Bowl No. 1 Alabama (13-0) VS No. 4 Oklahoma (12-1) The number one Crimson Tide will be taking on the Sooners of Oklahoma. Even with Alabama’s starting quarterback out for the game, the offense is so strong that they will be able to score against Oklahoma with Jalen Hurts leading the way. Prediction: Alabama 49-28 Alabama vs Clemson A rematch for the past three years, I predict this will be the final year that these two teams play each other. This may be close but Alabama will be too strong for this Clemson team. I think Trevor Lawrence will throw an interception in the first half leading Alabama to win. Prediction: Alabama 38-16 Read more at:


The Lance

Ashley Nash's Top Lancer Moments February 4 : The wrestling team made it to the dual meet regional championship for the first time in school history. They faced Tuscarora High School and lost. However, this year they hope to grab a state championship and a few rings. March 3: The Pom and Dance Team was at their third competition on March 3 at Fairmount Heights High School. The team received first place for their Lyrical and Kick routines and second for Short Pom. Kelsey Ward (lyrical) and Mary Taylor (kick) got first place captain. November 3-4: Grace Winpigler won $500 and first place overall at the Scholastic Competition at Shippensburg College for her ceramic piece. November 10: Boys cross country team takes home second place at the state meet. Team member Michael Belmaggio got first place, Carson Buck earned sixth, and Will Coffi received ninth. Centennial took first place, but the Lancers were close behind them.

November 29: Student Voices had their first meeting on November 29. This all day group session was learning to try to “unite Linganore as one”. Later in the year they will have another meeting with three others schools to try to bring everyone together as a county. The gathering was run by FCPS leadership including Eric Louérs, Toby Huesser, Colleen Bernard, and James Hines. December 15: The Academic Team goes on the local television “It’s Academic” and wins against Lansdowne and Mt. St. Joseph. The team is coached by Christopher Hahn. The three students who competed were Gunnar Eklund, Dana Kullgren, and Gerald Fattah. They went into the last question with five seconds left and 460 points and Mt. St. Joe with 470. Eklund buzzed in for the last question and got it right, gaining the last 20 points. The final score was Linganore with 480 points, Mt. St. Joe with 470 and Lansdowne with 260.

December 2018

Top 10

Spencer Derrenberger's Top 10 traditional art pieces



“Hurricane” by Brett F. Harvey

“Train to Tokyo” by Surudenise



“Destroyer of Worlds” (Kraft brown version) by Jacob Bannon

“Takeover” by Kaneoya Sachiko



“Weighing the Options” by James

“Omneity” by Collin Elder



“Banana Paint” by Paul Fuentes

“Big Baby” by Raph Lomotan



“You Won’t Get What You Want” (Album Cover) by Jesse Draxler

“The Chimera” by Heather Horton


Rachel McCoy's Top 10 Lancers of 2018

Bridget MurphyBest of SNO winner Her Best of SNO article propelled her into her college major. She received the award for her article “Unpopular opinion: My love affair with Pandora.” This was her second best of SNO award she received. She is now attending James Madison University majoring in Journalism. Murphy says, “Winning best of SNO gave, me the courage to continue my writing in college and to pursue a career in journalism.” Murphy has written 10 articles for The Breeze at JMU.

Earl BlakeWrestling Earl Blake is an excellent wrestler. He is a two-time state champion and national runner-up. He is committed to Kent State and is the varsity team captain. His high school record is 104-13. Jessica BuntmanDiving Jessica Buntman was All-Country Diver of the Year. This was her first year as a high school diver, but her experience at the club level helped her succeed. She won the Frederick County diving title, earning 244.5 points. She placed second at the 3A-2A-1A

West region meet. Avery RobertsonLacrosse Avery Robertson was the only freshman on the varsity lacrosse team. Robertson has proven herself to be an exceptional player. Last season, Robertson had 16 goals, 11 ground balls, 7 draws, and 1 caused turn over. Not only did Robertson make varsity for the school, but she also made the 2018 Frederick

County Girls Lacrosse Underclass Team. RGarrett Schwartzbeck-

Baseball Garrett Schwartzbeck was a starting shortstop and had a total of 29 putouts last season. He also was one of the starting pitchers. He got All-County Honorable Mention two years in a row. He batted around .300 and batted second all year. He plays on Mount A i r y Post 191 his club team.

Carter HolsingerPole Vaulter Carter Holsinger is a two-time state champion at pole vault in indoor and outdoor track and field. He was very consistent throughout the season, often recording heights above 13’0’’. His shining achievements of the season were breaking the Linganore Pole Vault record with a jump of 14’1,’’and winning the state championships for the second time this year. Julia GladhillVolleyball Julia Gladhill, sophomore, has been on varsity for two years. She has been playing libero since she was eight, and has the desire to dig every single spike. Her stats for last season were 383 Digs, 5.72 per set. She plays on Metro 15. Ryan McfaddenGolf Ryan McFadden, senior, has been a real

asset to the golf team. He was Central Maryland Conference 3A/4A Player of the Year. He also got 9th at the state championship meet shooting 80-76-156. Michael BelmaggioCross Country Senior Michael Belmaggio is one of Linganore’s top distance runners. During the cross country season this year, he placed first in the Maryland. He plans to go to college at Wilmington University as a Computer Science major. Ryan LeyhFootball Ryan Leyh has been the quarterback since his sophomore year. He has been in two state game appearances and won state championship. This year alone he has had 31 touchdowns, (24 passing, 7 rushing) in 14 games. He plans to play football in college and study business.


The Lance

Arts and Entertainment

December 2018

Bailey Spore's top 10 rap albums of the year

Disney + Final Fantasy = Kingdom Hearts

10. The Carter V by Lil Wayne This album not only captures the stellar production, amazing lyricism, and wordplay that made all the other The Carter albums great but it also has its own unique vibe that is separate from the others. 9. Ye by Kanye West West's lyrical influences include handling the death of his mom, dealing with criticism, letting his wife down, and worrying for his daughter. 8. Dicaprio 2 by JID The album is titled Dicaprio 2 because JID is comparing himself to Leonardo Dicaprio. They both are very talented yet like Dicaprio, he is underappreciated for his talents. 7. Oxnard by Anderson .Paak Oxnard touches on politics, crimes, and love and features guest rappers such as J. Cole and Pusha T. 6. CARE FOR ME by Saba Saba is a young rapper who doesn’t do drugs and promote them like the rest. Also, you can actually understand what he’s saying. Lyrically, this album grapples with the death of his cousin and uncle.

Spencer Derrenberger Reporter

5. Testing by A$AP Rocky This is A$AP Rocky's 3rd studio album and it was kind of a let down compared to his first two albums but anything Rocky puts out is great. 4. TABOO by Denzel Curry Denzel is not as popular as the first three rappers mentioned, but his lyrics proved he can compete with rap royality. 3. ASTROWORLD by Travis Scott ASTROWORLD is Scott's first album in three years and it surpassed everyone's expectations, especially with hit song "SICKO MODE." 2.Kids See Ghosts by Kids See Ghosts Kids See Ghosts is a collaboration album between duo Kid Cudi and Kanye West. It only has seven songs but the lyrics tell an intricate story. 1. KOD by J. Cole KOD's lyrcis denounc this new era of rap culture and are strongly against drug use. Read more at

Josh Tidd's top 10 songs from1968 10. “Hush” by Deep Purple 9. "While My Guitar Gently Weeps” by The Beatles 8. "That’s it for the other one” by The Grateful Dead 7. “Going Up To The Country” by Canned Heat 6. “Folsom Prison Blues (Live at Folsom)” by Johnny Cash 5. “Sympathy For The Devil” by The Rolling Stones 4. “All Along The Watchtower” by Jimi Hendrix 3. “Sunshine Of Your Love” by Cream 2. “Hello, I Love You” by The Doors 1. “Hey Jude” by The Beatles Read more at

Dumplin’ teaches teens the importance of loving yourself Elizabeth Anderson Editor

On December 7, Netflix released the new film Dumplin’, based on the novel of the same name by Julie Murphy. Having loved the book, I was eager to see how the movie measured up, especially since it was produced by a streaming service instead of by a production company like Warner Bros. or Universal. I must say, it exceeded every single expectation. I might even go so far as to say that I liked the movie more than the book, and, as an avid reader, that’s a big statement about the movie’s character and quality. The novel takes place in a small Texas town whose only claim to fame is its annual Miss Clover City beauty pageant. Willowdean Dickson, the main character, is the daughter of Rosie Dickson, former Miss Clover City winner and current pageant organizer. Willowdean is a self-proclaimed fat girl who is comfortable in her own skin–although she begins to question that when she meets Bo, a former prep school jock who now works with her. But how could he ever return her affection?

In an attempt to regain her confidence and show her community the prejudice against different body types, Willowdean decides to enter the Miss Clover City Pageant. Several other “misfits,” following her example, join as well. Willowdean is inspired by her late Aunt Lucy, her best friend Ellen, and, most importantly, her idol, Dolly Parton. Along with body positivity, the story focuses on major themes such as self-love, compassion, and acceptance. The movie choose to amplify Willowdean’s flaws and the means by which she overcomes them. All of these actors portray their respective characters almost exactly as I imagined them. I felt that each character was always genuine.. The actors show that they care about the story, the characters, and the messages presented. Netflix’s Dumplin’ is a perfect example of what film adaptations of books should be. Yes, aspects of the book were changed or left out, but it would be hard to fit the content of an entire novel into a two hour movie. Instead, Netflix focused on making the book’s themes the movie’s focal point.

Have you ever wanted to be severely confused about a plot while simultaneously cursing Donald Duck under your breath? That is essentially the Kingdom Hearts experience. The original and first Kingdom Hearts is a Playstation 2 game released on March 22, 2002. Though it may seem like an odd combination, the game is a crossover between Disney and Final Fantasy and is directed by Square Enix’s Tetsuya Nomura. What started as an unlikely combination and an elevator ride turned into a great success. In fact, the seventh, highly anticipated game, Kingdom Hearts 3, is being released on January 29, 2019, 16 years after the first game. For those interested in that game, I recommend playing Kingdom Hearts first.

This crazy crossover game known as Kingdom Hearts starts with an animated cutscene. Players see a boy drifting through what may be a dark, cloudy sky. He’s been experiencing weird thoughts, he explains as text slowly appears and disappears from the screen. After the boy says he does not know whether this, whatever this may be, is real or not, an amazing, trippy animated sequence commences and the catchy “Simple and Clean” remix by Utada Hikaru plays in the background. There is no better way to describe this than with, “What is going on? I love it.” After this sequence, I can assure that whenever the word “When,” is heard, the player will

make sure to follow it up with “You walk away…” The song is just that catchy. Visually, the game looks like most games released in 2002, so I will not hold that against it. The interactions between Sora, Donald, and Goofy work, too. As the game moves along, their bond grows closer. Sometimes, Donald and Sora have disagreements and this adds to the genuinity of their friendship. The combat, characters, and worlds are easily the strongest part of this game. These are the parts that really kept me interested in the series and thus compelling me to play the other games. As much as I love Kingdom Hearts, the first game has a lot of flaws. The first major complaint I have are the boss battles. They are either incredibly hard or long, and tedious. For instance, the first difficult boss bat-

tle with was the boss in Deep Jungle, where Sora fights Clayton (from Tarzan), who is riding upon an invisible chameleon Heartless. However, the following games are superior to the first game. It is worth playing Kingdom Hearts to get to its sequels. With all this being said, I still recommend playing the game, as long as the flaws can be looked past. Disney fans, hack-and-slash fans, and those looking to get into a complex story should definitely play this game. The Kingdom Hearts: The Story So Far disc for the Playstation 4 has every Kingdom Hearts game in order to catch up with the story.



The Lance


Can you guess the locations?


December 2018

Introvert-ED #3 "Holiday Cookies"


2. comic by Spencer Derrenberger




Are you a Santa or a Scrooge?

How do you get your tree? a. I hike miles into the woods, searching until I find the PERFECT tree. b. I usually get mine at the Boy Scouts’ Sale. c. Ours is artificial. Do your outdoor lights match? a. Of course! b. Nah, it’s a mix of whatever light strings still work. c. We were supposed to put up lights? Holiday party!!! What are you wearing? a. Definitely a costume! Mrs/Mr Claus probably. b. Something nice, but not anything too costume-y. c. I’m not going. Will you be watching the Hallmark marathon? a. Yes! I try to see all the new movies. (I have the Countdown to Christmas app.) b. Sometimes they’ll be on in the background. c. Nah, I’d rather watch a GOOD movie. What’s your favorite part of the season? a. Spending time with my family. b. The food! Bring on the feast. c. Getting gifts. What’s your favorite holiday film? a. It’s a Wonderful Life b. The Santa Claus c. Die Hard

If you worked in Santa’s workshop, what job would you have? a. Santa! I’d be running the show. b. An elf. I’d love to design the toys and decorations. c. A reindeer. Fly one night, chill the other 364 days…. Who is your favorite reindeer? a. Rudolph, duh. b. Comet. The name is cool. c. Whichever one ran over Grandma. Would you ever re-gift something? a. Never! I’d rather donate it to charity. b. Maybe...but I’d only give it to someone I’m sure wouldn’t know. c. I’ve already sold it. If you chose… Mostly A’s: You’re Santa himself! You’re filled with holiday cheer and you don’t care who knows. Mostly B’s: You enjoy the holidays, but you’re not one to go overboard. Sure, you’ll sit around the tree and sing a few carols, but one person can only stand so many Hallmark movies. Mostly C’s: Step aside Scrooge, there’s a new holidayhater in town. You don’t like the holidays, and you can’t understand why people are so obsessed with the season. It’s just a man in a costume, guys!!

Answer key for Elfie Selfie

What holiday flavor are you? a. Peppermint mocha b. White chocolate c. Cinnamon sticky bun

When do you start getting ready for the season? a. November 1st! Once Halloween is over the lights go up. b. December 1st. Thanksgiving is over, so we start getting ready for the holidays. c. A day or two before the 25th.

1. Mr. Hahn's room 2. Outside Learning Commons 3. Mr. Greene's room 4. Mr. Norko's room

Beau Cameron Co-Editor-in-Chief


December 2018

The Lance

Holiday Doors




Mrs. Henry

Mrs. Bindel

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Mrs. York

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Ambassadors selected for Student Voices William Quansah Reporter On November 29, Linganore held their first Student Voices session. Thirty seven students nominated by teachers participated as student ambassadors of Linganore. The event took place all day in the Learning Commons led by FCPS Supervisor of Accelerating Achievement and Equity Eric Louérs Phillips, Equity Teacher Specialist Toby Huesser, Social Studies Curriculum Specialist Colleen Bernard, and Teacher Specialist for Curriculum Instruction & Innovation James Hines. Principal Nancy Doll and Assistant Principal Michelle Gilmore along with several staff members were present as well participating in group discussion and activities. The main goal of the session was “to unite Linganore as one.” Students and staff got know each other by answering icebreaker questions in small groups about themselves such as “What is the best gift you’ve received?” or “How would you describe yourself?” After ice breaker questions students and staff participated in whole group activities such as “Captain’s Coming!” to bond. Throughout the day students discussed their beliefs about many racism, sexuality, and other important school issues switching between their small groups and the whole group. Phillips said, “We[FCPS] believe in this group of students for the future. As a school, they need to identify problems and work together to solve them without being divided.” Ambassadors learned strategies to help improve themselves as individuals. They learned about the importance of listening as well as improving their perspective of others by not making assumptions, but educating themselves before having opinions. Sophomore Nick Condrasky said, “The overall experience was pretty cool. I know a lot more about my peers, and I feel like I can help the school more, as my perspective has improved.” The students aren’t done with this in just one day. They will repeat the process with three other FCPS schools in the future. Bernard said, “The goal is now to move from uniting each of these four schools to uniting FCPS. This is just one step to the bigger goal.”

Lancer Media Staff

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The Lance December Issue  

The Lance is the student newspaper of Linganore High School. 2018-2019 School Year, December Issue ”.

The Lance December Issue  

The Lance is the student newspaper of Linganore High School. 2018-2019 School Year, December Issue ”.