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October 2014

Roll out for the Magical Mystery Tour: Marching band performs groovy tribute

Julia Peigh Watermark Editor Coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the Beatles’ coming to America in February 2014 was the idea for the 2014 marching band show, Magical Mystery Tour, a Beatles’ Tribute. The show features excerpts the songs “Magical Mystery Tour,” “Lady Madonna,” “Eleanor Rigby,”

“Magical Mystery Tour” and “Lady Madonna.” The second is a version of “Eleanor Rigby.” The third movement, a combination of “Blackbird” and “Yesterday,” features a solo by senior trumpet section leader Riley Bruning. The fourth movement starts with “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” and transitions into “The End,” bringing the show to a close. The second and fourth movements both feature drum solos performed by the drumline and pit percussion, lead by seniors Patrick Dougherty and Shawn Verma. Junior and alto saxophone section leader Kyle Ferguson says that he enjoys doing a Beatlesthemed show because “it’s fun to tribute a band that I’ve known since I was six. I’ve known all the songs forever.” courtesy of Nan Conlon One of the most immersive parts of this “Blackbird,” “Yesterday,” show is the color guard, “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely the members of which Hearts Club Band” and sport bell-bottom jeans and “The End.” retro shirts while spinning Junior trumpet player brightly colored flags and Matt Watson says, “It’s adding in some groovy a pretty neat show. It’s dance moves. definitely a crowd-pleaser. It’s a more fun show to perform.” Read the full story at Magical Mystery Tour has four movements. The first is a compilation of

41st annual community show celebrates agricultural traditions with family fun Great Frederick, Howard County Fair, and The York Fair, but did you know that Linganore has a fair/show? This year was the 41st year of this unique tradition. The entire community entered baked goods, art, crafts, and more on October 5. The show was open to visitors on October 6 and 7. The Linganore Community Show is fun for the whole Cakes for FFA auction. family. There was a Photo by Sydney Rossman tractor pull for the younger children, contests, and an Sydney Rossman award that was given to the Reporter You have heard of the person who won the most

blue ribbons. Mr. Tom Hawthorne and Mrs. Pat Beachy, along with a committee of FFA volunteers, parents and community members, puts on this show. Mr. Hawthrone said, “I continue to help with the show because I enjoy working with the people, and I think many of the Linganore students get a lot out of it.” Read the full story at

courtesy of Gaver Farm

Un-BOOlieveable places to go to have a hauntingly fun time Amanda Anderson Reporter

Gaver Farm is just

eight minutes away from Linganore (5501 Detrick Road, Mt. Airy). Gaver Farm has a Fall Festival daily until November 4th. It includes a free hayride to a 15-acre pumpkin patch to pick the perfect pumpkin.

Screamland Farms is only 20

minutes away in Frederick (Crumland Farms) and includes zombie paintball. Participants get on a wagon and shoot as many zombies as they can.

Bennett’s Curse is

a very scary haunted house. It is 44 minutes away in Blobs Park. Rated as one of the top 13 haunted houses in America, the haunted house was featured on “Making Monsters” (on the Travel Channel). Bennett’s Curse is open on select days and hours.

ZooBooo! is at the

Baltimore Zoo and is only 48 minutes away. It is on October 25th to the 27th from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. It is also free! There are many fun events here, too, like a goose puppet show, a magic act, an elephant pumpkin smash and lots more animal fun. Find out more about these attractions and others at


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Gardner or Young: The future of Frederick Co. by Emily Gorham, Political Reporter

On November 4th, Frederick County will be electing its first county executive. In 2012, citizens voted to change the county government from a board of commissioners to a council led by an executive. Both candidates, Democrat Jan Gardner and Republican Blaine Young believe that this election will have a big impact on Frederick County, especially on young people. “Our long-term quality of life will be defined by who is elected. The election will determine how the county grows,” said Gardner. The teens of today will be tomorrow’s taxpayers.“The election for County Executive will impact the price of the house you buy, the taxes you pay, and the quality of the roads you drive on,” Young said.

When it comes to issues facing teens in Frederick County, job creation and availability are a concern for both Young and Gardner. Other important topics include education and the economy. “The biggest issue I hear from young people is the economy and jobs,” said Young. “I want Frederick County to be a place where young people can afford to purchase a home and have a good job.” A c c o r d i n g to the Maryland Department of Labor, Frederick County’s unemployment rate is below the state and national averages,

hovering around 5.6%. It has the third highest employment rate, behind Howard and Montgomery Counties. Gardner says she supports expanding some programs like Science, Technology, Engineering,and Math (STEM) and early childhood education, and making technology accessible to all students. Young says he is committed to stopping school overcrowding and increasing education funding.

boring you? iOS 8 now gives you the freedom to make your keyboard the way you want it to be. Go to the Apple store and type in “keyboard.” Download the app that interests you most and then add it to your keyboards. You can use it in apps as well as messages.

For those of you out there who have limited calling and are constantly running out of monthly minutes,

Read the full story at http://lhslance. org/4UYws

Net Neutrality

Would you pay more for Netflix?

by Andrea Huston Reporter Since Netflix is such a large and profitable company, it is very unlikely that they will go under; however, they might start to charge their customers more money for the exact same service viewers have now. The FCC classifies the internet as “open internet,” which means that any website can be accessed at the same speed without an extra charge. In January 2014, that changed when Verizon won its case in the U.S. Court of Appeals. Now, after 5 months and a record-breaking 3.7 million public comments, the FCC is plotting their next move. The FCC could reclassify service-providers as "phone-like communications service." In that way, the FCC would be able to regulate them, thereby guaranteeing a "free and open" internet. Net neutrality is "the principle that Internet service providers should enable access to all content and applications regardless of the source, and without favoring or blocking particular products or websites." The court decision ruled in favor of Verizon. If a content website wants its viewers to load information faster, they have to pay an extra free to the internet service providers, like Verizon and Comcast. If the content provider wants the viewer to get the faster speed, then the provider (like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube) could charge their customers more money. Read the full story at

Top 8 things to love about the new iOS 8 by Brennan Nolan Reporter

Apple fanatics are ranting about the new iOS 8, both moaning and cheering. This update has been released simultaneously to the new iPhone 6. I did some informal research, and here are the top 8 reasons to love the newest operating system. Camera Options Apple’s camera features consist of the new time lapse addition. This isn’t just any photography/ videography feature: time lapse records a sequence of frames at set intervals to record changes that take place slowly over time. Custom Keyboards Is the same old iPhone keyboard

Siri goes hands-free This convenient feature allows the user to reach Siri by simply saying “Hello Siri…” and continuing their upcoming question/ statement. Hands free Siri is useful if you are driving and need directions or other information. You can ask Siri for directions to an address and she will have no problem responding. Wi-Fi calling

consumer. Apple has developed a way to see how much battery your device is using you can simply navigate to Settings > General > Usage > Battery Usage to find this component. Hide your pictures Do you have Advisor something toRebetsky hide? Mrs. Natalie (Perhaps some photo by Julia Peigh embarrassing iOS 8 has a surprise pictures that you for you: Wi-Fimay not want anyone calling. Wi-Fi calling to see?) You won’t helps you so that have to worry about you can save those that issue anymore. desperate minutes With Apple’s iOS for important 8 you are now able matters (like a break- to hide your photos up) and talk to your from everyone. Editors friends at home, free Siri helps of charge. music-goers Morgan Buchanan Moe La the Viez Apps killing Siri De joins Olivia Golstein battery music fanatics Izzy Peterson This is another favorite Shazam Erinapp, Stewart useful feature that in making it easier can only benefit the to find out what song

is playing in that restaurant you and your significant other are dining “What song is this?” in which she will listen to the current song playing, and then answer you. I’ve used this app on several occasions responsive as the app Shazam, except more convenient. Quick-reply to text messages Apple users are loving this simplest of features. With iOS 8 you are now able to drag the message down and respond to it without unlocking the phone or leaving the current active app. This Read the full story at Scan to visit m6Riy

Volume 52, Issue 2


October 2014

Fans are “dying” to watch Supernatural Season 10 Lily Johnson Reporter With cold wind and Halloween lurking around the corner, the hit show Supernatural aired its official tenth season on Tuesday, October 7th at 9 p.m. on The CW. Lead actors Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles have portrayed the famous brothers Sam and Dean Winchester since Season 1, and actor Misha Collins not far behind portraying the character of Castiel (an angel) since Season 4. E v e r y Supernatural fan knows about how

to kill just about anything that lurks in the dark, from typical spooks like ghosts and vampires, to more exotic beasts like skinwalkers and shapeshifters. Beginning in Season 1, viewers were pulled into the paranormalhunting world of the Winchester family. Motivated by mysterious death of their mother [Mary Winchester] when Dean is only around the age of five or six and Sam is still a baby, their father [John Winchester] is now hunting after whatever supernatural beast killed Mary. This results in his sons joining the “family business” as kids, trained by none other than John himself. Growing up with a broken family doesn’t always end negatively, however. Over the course of

nine seasons, Sam and Dean have stopped The Apocalypse and have saved hundreds of people from the threats of the paranormal like demons, angels, zombies, witches, reapers, vampires, and more. The show is considered dangerously addictive and one of the most “binge-watched” shows on Netflix. It is one of the most popular streamed shows off of Netflix, Hulu, and various other video streaming providers. Supernatural isn’t all just about killing demons and monsters,

however. The family aspect of the show is what makes so many people love the characters and the plot. “ T h e intellectuality of it and the combined fear factor is what pulls people in,” said Sarah Maerten, a sophomore who is a huge fan of the show. “The references from the Bible, like The Apocalypse in one of the seasons, are completely accurate to the Book of Revelation. And the fact that tons of the characters are from the Bible, like Lucifer, Michael, Gabriel, etcetera, applies, too.” It’s not just the characters and the plot that grows fans. The actors also take a huge part in the large and growing followers. Each season has an eight- to ten-minute gag reel, which could

be looked at as more popular than the show itself. “The gag reels are like a reward for finishing the season,” Maerten said. YouTube, some of the blooper videos put together by fans have over 16,000 views, and the Season Seven gag reel has 878,000 views, with more views every day. Fans tend to quote and reference the outtakes and bloopers more than actual funny lines from the show itself. The show is painstakingly detailed and interwoven. Even in Season 9, seemingly small details are referenced all the way back from Season 1. Super Fans delight in identifying these hidden clues. For example, Dean is always shown sleeping on his stomach because he’s afraid to wake up and see a lovedone burning on the ceiling, which is the way that his mother was killed and how Sam watched another loved one die in the Season One pilot. Fans also love and adore the style of the Winchester brothers. Dean owns a black 1967 Chevy Impala, passed down from his father. In one of the seasons there are flashbacks from when Sam and Dean were kids and had made the car their own. They carved their initials into the the wood under back seat; Sam got a toy army man stuck in the inside an ashtray; and they both dropped Legos into the heating vents that still rattle when heat is turned on. Read the full story at YA5F3

courtesy of Natalie Schiazzi

Schiazzi’s photo takes 1st place in photo contest Julia Peigh Editor

Senior Natalie Schiazzi entered her photograph into the Historical Society of Frederick’s ByerlyRothwell

Photography contest. Her image won both First Place in the Secondary Students class and Best in Show overall.

Rice takes back vampire throne Izzy Peterson Editor The tale of the vampire has always been told in one way or another: centuries ago, far before the time of Vlad the Impaler (a ruthless monarch who lived in 15th century Romania and served as inspiration for Bram Stoker’s Dracula), people spread word about a demonic entity that performed harm to humans. This is said to have morphed into the vampire we know– and love–today. With bestsellers such as Twilight, the original concept of the vampire has been lost, and our generation has romanticised it into something very different from its bloody birth. There are no more Count Draculas or Carmillas to frighten readers into stocking up on wooden stakes and silver thingamajigs to protect themselves. When The Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice was first published in 1976, it received blockbuster

Read the full story at:

published in 1976, it received blockbuster positive feedback. Rice had managed to put a never-beforeseen spin on these creatures of the night and, sadly, people nowadays hardly give her series the credit it deserves for setting the stage for modern vampires. Anne Rice’s series was and still is so successful that on October 28 she is releasing a new addition to The Vampire Chronicles, Prince Lestat. Picking up where Rice’s The Vampire Lestat and Queen of the Damned left off, Read the full story at http://lhslance. org/E610S

Volume 52, Issue 2


October 2014

Graham creates To hug or not to hug? When a push-up challenge handshake isn’t enough

Magena Straight Reporter Senior Abigail Graham has made an October fitness challenge to “Make getting fit a little more fun.” She and Coach Andrea Poffinberger are challenging other Lancers to do different styles of push-ups for each of the days in October. Read the full story at http://lhslance. org/UEz6W

Nine shutouts silence girls’ soccer opposition

Senior goalie Rhianna Lapen makes a leaping save. courtesy of

Kyle Brodt Reporter Coming off of an impressive 11-1-2 record last season, the Lady Lancers were expected to do big things this year, and they haven’t disappointed. The girls are 9-0 and have been dominating their competition throughout the season. In 2013, the girls were defeated in the regional final game by Damascus in overtime. They hope not to repeat the past. Senior defender Danielle Ferris has been a key contributor to the team’s success and is very excited about this season. “We are very confident. We think we can go really far in the playoffs.” Ferris credits team chemistry as a big part of their

success. “We are working as a team... There isn’t any drama like in past years.” She says that junior Hannah Hoefs has been an important player. “She distributes the ball well and makes plays happen.” Ferris says that the mindset of the team is just, “keep working hard... If we let our guard down, all it takes is one goal to beat us.” Head coach Howard Putterman has been with the team for seven years. “I am very proud of my girls. We have worked very hard to turn around a program that had really struggled for over a decade... Read the full story at http://lhslance. org/55GqN

Alicia Nasto and ever before. It’s hard consolation, love, Erik Chapman to form a confident or what have you, Reporters self-identity when students think you’re constantly hugging is great. Greetings vary comparing yourself Freshman Josh by culture. In some to the superficial Watson, enjoys places a handshake impressions of a hugging because will suffice; in others, thousand people on “that feeling of having a kiss on the cheek Facebook. someone in your is appropriate. In the United States, a handshake is traditionally used when first meeting a person or in a business setting, due to its undoubtedly platonic nature. However, for teens, it is more common to greet others with a hug. Some adults, The journalism team spreads the love. like journalism photo by Julia Peigh teacher, Mrs. Natalie Following this arms, up close. It’s Rebetsky, (who thread, Tony Miller, comforting.” admits to limiting her a psychology teacher, Senior Riley hugging) believes the believes the reason Bruning says, “I try younger generation’s teens hug on a to give at least two obsession with hugs daily basis is to hugs a day . . . They stems from their gain some sense of make me feel warm desire for attention in connectedness. Social inside.” a digital age. She says, media has greatly Hugging comforts “When strangers hug, distanced people, in times of stress. it’s a cry for intimacy.” making teens long Evidently, hugs She believes that this to physically connect communicate feelings desire for affection with other human people can’t put could be a sign of beings without any into words. People insecurity, which has screens or or buttons universally love hugs, some merit. between them. Miller but many can’t put With the advent said, “The craving their finger on why. of widespread social for hugs is inborn.” You can’t deconstruct media, teens are In a contact-deprived more physically and society, teens make up Read the full story at emotionally detached for it with hugging. http://lhslance. from their peers than org/LZFJg Be it in greeting,

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