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Lancaster Girls’ Grammar School

LGGS September 2018

Celebrating our A-level successes


Head’s Welcome

A very warm welcome to all members of the school community as we start our new academic year. I would like to especially welcome those parents who are new to LGGS and hope you feel that your daughter has settled in well with us so far.

A-level results You may have seen the news about our fantastic results this summer on the website or in the press but it gives me great pleasure to provide you with more details. At A-level 74% of all grades were at A*- B with a remarkable 44% at the very highest A* and A grades. This places us as the top performing sixth form in the county. Forty students gained at least 3 A-levels at grade A and

above, with nine students gaining at least 3 A* grades. Many of these students were not only outstanding academic performers but also developed a host of other talents and skills. One of the school’s top performing students is Megan Dillon. Megan gained two A* and one A grades as well as contributing fully to school sporting life as Sports’ Captain. Megan is also U19 Lancashire Table Tennis Champion and competes at a national level. She leaves behind a legacy of


As one parent said: ‘We all appreciate how fortunate they’ve been in attending LGGS. It’s been a blessing in an everchanging education system and had they attended any other school their experiences wouldn’t have compared. Thank you once again for your commitment to all the girls and to the individual guidance they all receive to nurture their growth.’ increased interest and success in table tennis at LGGS. Megan will be studying Dentistry at Newcastle University. Another high performing student who has

‘At A-level 74% of all grades were at A*- B with a remarkable 44% at the very highest A* and A grades. This places us as the top performing sixth form in the county.’


made a great contribution to school life and local theatre is Niamh Fraser. Niamh gained two A* and one A grade while continuing to develop her acting skills and was recently part of the Duke’s summer production. Katherine Deakin, who gained 3 A*, is one of six students who have gained places at Oxbridge. Katherine will be studying Geography at St Catherine’s College, Oxford. Another outstanding student Marianne Rees, who gained three A* and one A grade, will be continuing her passion for Computer Science at Leeds University. There were some very strong performances from students who joined Lancaster Girls’ Grammar School Sixth Form from other schools. Deputy Head Girl Jen White, who joined LGGS from Central High School, gained a fantastic three A* grades and will be studying History and Politics after a gap year. Another former Central High School student, Maya Hassan-Rawcliffe, also gained three A* grades and will now develop her fantastic talent in art with a foundation year. The high success rate means the students have secured their places at their chosen universities to study a wide range of courses including Medicine, Dentistry, Law, Engineering, Politics and International Relations in addition to the more traditional subjects such as Sciences, English, History, Geography and Languages. The students showed a great work ethic during their time in the sixth form and made the most of all the academic and pastoral support available at LGGS as well as participating in a wide range of opportunities including sports, arts, music, leadership posts and the Duke of Edinburgh Award. We wish them all the very best as they now prepare for the next stage in their lives and hope they will keep in touch with us.


GCSE 2018

and Tamsin Wood. This year saw the new GCSE exams in most subjects, with more difficult content and a reduction in coursework. It was a challenging year but the results show that all our students can feel very pleased with their achievements. Not only have they gained excellent results but thy have followed a broad and balanced curriculum, with the vast majority of students studying three Sciences and a Modern Foreign Language. I would also like to thank the staff

Forty two students, over a third of the year group, gained all 10 GCSEs at grade 7 (A) and above. These results place LGGS as the top performing state school in Lancashire based on attainment. Our school data also shows that they have made excellent progress from their KS2 results. A special mention to the following students for their exceptional results. Gaining grade 9 in all ten exams were Sarah Guo, Niamh Hetherington and Grace Wilson. In addition eighteen students achieved ten GCSEs at grades 8 and 9, Jasmine Banks, Izzy Bristow, Tegan Davis, Alice Dillon, Sally Graves, Laura Gresty, Anna Harrison, Sahithya Karnad, Chloe Mason, Meg Nelson, Nimisha Noby, Nicole Pickles, Nalini Ram-Prasad, Martha Surman, Varsha Venkataraghavan, Rebecca Ward, Amy Wardle

at LGGS who worked extremely hard preparing for the new courses and supporting the students. Thank you also to LGGS parents for their support both of their daughters and the school. It was also lovely to receive so may thank-yous both from students and parents.

Lancaster Girls’ Grammar School staff and students are celebrating another year’s exceptional GCSE results. We were similarly delighted with the GCSE results. At LGGS 75% of grades were at grade 7 and above (equivalent to grade A and above) with a fantastic 57% of all grades at 8 and above (equivalent to A* and above). Most students sat 10 GCSEs with some also studying an Additional Maths qualification.

Mrs Cahalin, Headteacher



Parental Handbooks 2018-19 Handbooks are available on the LGGS website and provide parents with much useful information about LGGS. May I also remind you that term dates are on the LGGS website. Please do not use any other website as these may be inaccurate. The girls have a long weekend in December with an INSET day for staff on Friday November 30th and school closed Monday December 3rd.

SMART WATCHES Please could parents be aware that we do not allow smartwatches to be worn in school. The watches are also banned from all external exams.

KS3 Rewards System The new merit card system for Key Stage 3 (Years 7, 8 and 9) is based around developing well-rounded, resilient young people and praising, not only the outcome of tasks and challenges, but the process in which they have undertaken or responded to achieving the end goal. A merit may be awarded by a member of staff for a whole host of reasons; from achieving excellent marks in a test or improved knowledge in a particular topic; being inquisitive in lessons and asking thought-provoking questions, to helping another pupil develop their understanding. With our new system our pupils now have to think about how they achieved the reward, encouraging the appreciation of life-skills and effort, as well as academic achievement. How does it work? When pupils are awarded a merit, they will write the subject and reason on their merit card under a category that they believe best reflects how they achieved it. Each merit is added to a final annual total, which will go towards House points and a personal Bronze, Silver and Gold certificate.

CATEGORIES Each year group’s card is slightly different, with a different focus as pupils progress through their stages of learning. Each card has categories for classwork, homework, tests and contribution/effort, alongside the following life-skills: Year 7: Believing in myself and ensuring social belonging  Organisation  Kindness/Thinking of Others  Communication: Speaking and Listening Year 8: Learning to learn, lead and developing resilience  Organisation  Resilience  Self-Motivation  Innovation Year 9: Building aspirations and developing growth mind-set  Self-Management  Responsibility  Collaboration  Evaluation



Uniform and Appearance Code Many thanks to all those parents who have supported us with our uniform and appearance policy. It is lovely to see so many smart young people in school. Staff will be carrying out uniform checks regularly and we will issue penalty points, which could result in a detention when the uniform code is not followed. If we will feel your daughter’s skirt is too short we will inform you so that you have the opportunity to put this right so that she does not receive too many penalties. I would also like to remind you that earrings are not allowed in school and if your daughter cannot remove them she will receive penalty points. We are very flexible about outdoor coats preferring our students to be warm and comfortable but denim or leather jackets must not be worn. If you have had any issues in securing the correct uniform from our suppliers please let us know.

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FREE SCHOOL MEALS AND PUPIL PREMIUM I would like to remind parents whose children may be eligible for Free School Meals that their daughters will also receive some additional funding in school. This funding, known as Pupil Premium, can be used to buy uniform, help with transport costs and provide additional support. If you think your daughter may be eligible for Free School Meals you should apply to Lancashire in the first instance as they still deal with our Free School Meals paperwork. With our cashless catering system, pupils who are eligible for Free School Meals simply have their allowance put on their cards. There is also additional funding for children of service personnel, therefore, please let us know if you think your daughter may be eligible for this.



Advice regarding Head Injuries We would like to make parents aware of some useful information regarding the treatment of concussion, which we will be following in school. If an injury happens in school we shall contact you, even if this is a very minor injury, we shall do this to ensure you are informed. Appropriate first aid procedures will be followed and additional medical help sought if deemed necessary. The Concussion Guidelines for the Education Sector leaflet is produced by a Forum Group chaired by the Sport and Recreation Alliance and supported by most of the largest National Governing Bodies of sport but are also approved by a panel of independent medical experts, as well as the Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine, the Royal College of Emergency Medicine and the Society of British Neurological Surgeons. The guidance is available on the sports and recreation website which provides guidance on the signs to look out for. Concussion is a brain injury which is usually caused by hitting the head or a fall. It can happen at any time, anywhere: for example during sports, in the school playground, or at home. Concussion must always be taken seriously and it is vitally important that any child/young person suspected of having concussion should immediately be stopped from continuing whatever activity they are doing and be assessed by a medical professional for diagnosis and guidance. A second injury when a child has concussion can be extremely serious and may even be fatal. It is vitally important therefore that medical clearance is sought before your child returns to school or takes part in sport. Children should not resume physical

activities such as Physical Education (PE), sports or games until permitted to do so by a medical professional. Concussion may also affect your child‘s ability to learn at school. This must be considered and medical clearance should be sought before the child returns to school. As symptoms vary from child to child, a graduated return to school programme may be needed. If your child suffers a concussion in school or outside school, it is vitally important that you keep all people / organisations with responsibility for caring for your child informed so that they are aware of the potential dangers and any restrictions that may apply to the activities your child is permitted to do. This is our guidance for pupils:  If you have hit your head or you think someone else might have suffered a concussion, tell an adult.  All concussions are serious. If you think you have a concussion: don't hide it. Report it.  Take time to recover. See the:Pocket Concussion Recognition Tool for more guidance.


Cornwall St Mawgan 2018 The 2018 summer camp to Cornwall St Mawgan was a really great way to end my first year at RAF cadets. The activities that were set ranged from archery to shooting, coasteering to flying and many more. One of my favourite days was when we went to the range and shot at 200m. This was a really great experience which was one of my highlights from the trip. I also enjoyed flying as it is, to most people, a once in a lifetime opportunity where I was actually able to control and fly the plane myself. It was a really great trip. Eleanor Halhead, Year 10.

Horse Shows

Many congratulations to Rebeca Raine in Year 8 who has successfully competed in a number of horse shows over the summer holidays. Rebecca gained third place at the Royal International Horse Show in her class, competing against the top ponies in the UK At the Summer BSPS Championships Rebeca represented the North West in the ‘Teams’ category and was also shortlisted for the England team. She won one class and had very good placings in others. At the Royal Lancashire Show, Rebeca took the ‘Working Hunter Champion’ prize and qualified one of her ponies for next year’s Royal International. During the final week of the holidays, whilst competing at CHAPS (Coloured Horse and Pony Society) Championships, she was announced Performance Champion, not only in the children’s but also the adults’ classes and won the Working Hunter accumulator, which is run on a point basis, across the whole of the Championships.

England Junior U12 Team Niamh Bridgeman, Year 8, had excellent chess results over the holidays, including winning the best performance medal whilst playing for England Junior Under 12 team at the Glorney Cup in Paisley. Niamh scored an undefeated 4.5 out of 5, and England were unfortunately pipped by half a point by Netherlands, but finished ahead of France, Ireland, Wales and Scotland. Niamh also came 1st equal at the Northern Giga Final in Manchester, which is a huge schools’ event, the Delancy UK Chess Challenge. Niamh has been selected to represent England in the England Junior Chess Team at the World Cadets Championship in Spain during November.



Cambridge University LPN Summer School I recently attended the Cambridge LPN (Low Participation Neighbourhoods) Summer School, which is a course spanning over four days, that aims to encourage achieving students from areas of low participation to higher education. I was very apprehensive, thinking everyone else would be ‘posh’ but I am so glad I took this wonderful opportunity. Prior to venturing to Cambridge and having been accepted onto this competitive course, I was asked to choose a subject area of interest. The spectrum of options was so broad, ranging from Medicine, to Architecture, to Social Sciences, which was the subject I elected to do as this is where my passion lies. When we arrived, we were assigned an en-suite room each which I appreciated, being easily pleased by the simple things. We were well fed and all the costs were subsidised by the University. Throughout the course of the week we attended fascinating lectures in our subject area, were given useful talks on Student life and finance for example. I attended three lectures, led by an inspirational PhD student with such evident raw passion for Social Science. Over the course of this time my group explored through extensive discussion and debate: the definition of culture, how culture can be attached to a region or state for example and the origins of cultures. We were not obliged to take notes but the discussions were honestly so igniting that I truly wanted to express my feelings and opinions on the page. Through doing this, my passion for my subject only set its roots deeper and made me more driven to end up at Cambridge doing that course. Obviously I think it is natural that we all get daunted by the prospect of student debt and managing this, but the informative

talks regarding this put my mind at ease. The University hold the ethos that a student’s wealth should not be a factor in their success and so take measures to ensure this is not so. It was reassuring to know that there are grants and loans that exist for tuition and maintenance costs in order that education comes first and financial issues are mere bumps in the road that can be fixed. We were also given a lot of time to explore Cambridge city with free reign to get a taste of what life as a student could be like there. We went around the shops, big and small, ate and drank in little artisan coffee shops and explored the grounds of a couple of the colleges

full potential, but because of this your time away from work is even better. I met so many lovely people, of whom very few were ‘posh’ as I expected, that I hope will be with me in two years time if I end up at Cambridge University. Not only did the Summer School ignite my passion for my subject even further, thanks to the fantastic, world-class leaders, but my time there has opened so many new avenues for me to make the most of. The participants have been invited back in the Summer of Year 12, to allay any final issues regarding applications and to give us one final push to reach the ultimate goal. I also now have access to fortnightly

‘We were also given a lot of time to explore Cambridge city with free reign to get a taste of what life as a student could be like there.‘ at Cambridge University. Personally, I fell in love with Christ College with its historic architecture, beautiful land and rich history. It turns out that this was Charles Darwin’s college so we were in good company. Most stand out moment may potentially have been the Formal, three course dinner- a Cambridge tradition. We were served the most fancy food and the night was truly magical. There is definitely the feeling at the University that you reap what you sow, you work hard then play hard. Of course a lot is expected of you academically for you to reach your

webinars from Cambridge lecturers on a variety of topics, all of which are interesting but also add an edge when thinking about your personal statement. Having forged links with Admissions tutors will hopefully be very beneficial to me when applying to the University and is an opportunity for all Year 11 that should not be missed. I honestly had the most invigorating couple of days and enjoyed every single second. So my final advice is that if you ever receive an email from Mr Green offering you this blessingtake him up on the offer! Emily Wheeler, Year 12

Cambridge University Essay Success Many congratulations to Year 12 student Lucy Huddleston. Lucy submitted an essay for Newnham College’s Essay Prize and she has been awarded a Highly Commended Prize.


Honduras Expedition In July, 23 Sixth Form students travelled with Operation Wallacea to Honduras in Central America, for what was going to be one of the most memorable experiences of our lives. The first week was based in the mountainous cloud forest, in Cusuco National Park. The adventure began with a bumpy ride in the back of a pickup truck, travelling through villages and rainforest, eventually reaching Base Camp. Here we enjoyed the first three days of our expedition, attending lectures and conducting ecological surveys in the forest. Whilst the remote campsite was basic in terms of facilities, the culinary side of the experience was incredible. From fresh wheat tortillas every morning, to the

basic but they came with their own charm. The trench (affectionately nicknamed 'el gato') definitely won the prize for the most scenic location to relieve oneself. The 'shower' was in fact a waterfall, in which we had a Snow White moment, when hummingbirds would fly in and wash with us, and on a trip to the Honduran baleada and the female urinal we found a really incredibly yummy pastelitos, we cute (non-venomous) snake! found ourselves looking forward During our time here, we to every mealtime! conducted several ecological Our next three days were spent at surveys, including swabbing a satellite camp called Cantiles, amphibians, rolling balls of poo to after a gruelling walk up. At an attract dung beetles and altitude of over 1800 metres, the examining terrifyingly awesome facilities at Cantiles were very dobsonflies found in night-time ‘The 'shower' was in fact a waterfall, in which we had a Snow White moment, when hummingbirds would fly in and wash with us…’



Photographs by: Dr P Cook (unless otherwise indicated)

Honduras Expedition light traps. Time flies when you're having fun, and before we knew it, we were faced with another four-hour (thankfully downhill) hike, back to the relatively luxurious Base Camp. For the second week, we took a ferry (with free Wi-Fi) to a small island off the coast of Honduras, called Utila. The beds and warm showers here were a welcomed change! We spent this week either working towards our PADI Open Water scuba dive qualification or taking part in a reef ecology course and snorkelling. As a diver, the highlights included watching an eagle ray glide over the sand and seeing a sinister-looking moray eel gawp at us, whilst the snorkelers were treated to a 1.5-metre-long shark resting below a shallow coral shelf. After spending time in the water, we all enjoyed eating gingerbread baked by Miss Sally (it was really nice). This Caribbean adventure is one of the most exciting things I have ever done in my entire life, and we are all incredibly grateful

Photographs by: K Shaw

to have experienced something so amazing! A huge thanks to Dr Cook, Mrs Shaw and Mrs Edge for taking

us on the best school trip ever; it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Arundhati Wuppalapati, Year 13.


Girls Active Award Winner Many congratulation to Year 11 student Louisa McClintock. The PE staff nominated Louisa for a Girls’ Active Personal Growth Award and we are delighted she has won! Louisa has made a real impact in school, particularly for her work in leading and inspiring other girls to dance. With over 200 schools involved in the Girls Active Network and over 150 nominations received, it is a huge achievement to be

one of just five overall winners. Other LGGS nominations also achieved to a very high standard. Megan Dillon was shortlisted for a Girls Active Award in the INFLUENCER category and the Lancaster Girls Grammar School GLAM Squad was shortlisted in the Best GLAM category! As you may know Girls Active, developed by the Youth Sport Trust and delivered in partnership with This Girl Can and Women in Sport, supports

schools to understand what motivates girls to take part in physical activity and empowers girls to influence change themselves. Louisa has been invited by The Youth Sports Trust, Tracey Crouch, Minister for Sport and Civil Society, and Baroness Grey-Thompson to join the other category winners on Wednesday 31st October, at the Houses of Parliament in London, for the Girls Active Awards.

Sports’ Fixtures The PE department are now releasing a weekly sports fixture bulletin which will be distributed to all LGGS parents on ParentPay. The purpose of the bulletin will be to inform parents of any fixture details that your daughter may be involved in, including location, times and collection details. All team sheet, with relevant details will be located on the PE noticeboards for your daughters to check and tick their availability. This new system is in place to make sure all details are passed on and your daughters can then enjoy representing LGGS without the stress of double checking details! Sports Fixture Bulletin: Week Beginning Monday 24th September 2018. FIXTURE 1: Date: Year Group: Sport: Opposition: Location: Transport: Times: Collection details: Base Contact: PE teacher I/C:

Wednesday 26th September Year 8 A and B and 1st XI Hockey Ripley St Thomas LGGS Sports Field Walking to the field from LGGS Year 8A and B START -3.45pm FINISH - 4.30pm 1st XI START - 4.35pm FINISH- 5.30pm Picked up from LGGS sports field or make own way home. Year 8 collection at 4.30pm and 1st XI at 5.30pm Miss Bellin Miss Sharples

* The finish time of the fixture is an estimated time and normally within 20 minutes of the details stated above. **The LGGS PE department endeavour to avoid any cancellation of sports fixtures made, however sometimes opposition schools don’t honour the fixture, or the weather may impact on the fixture and a cancellation or rearrangement has to be made. In this case, your daughter will be informed of the cancellation and will be given the responsibility to call home and arrange travel home, if cancelled on the day.


Lancaster Health Festival This weekend sees the second of Lancaster’s Heath festivals. The Health Festival uses city wide, iconic venues to create space for conversations giving people the chance to have fun and to help everyone make choices about health, wellbeing and lifestyle that can make life that little bit better. It looks at new ideas but isn’t afraid to recapture some of the things that we have lost in our busy lives – time to relax, time for families and friends, time for community. As part of the festival there are a number of free workshops for teenagers in Lancaster on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd September, If you're 11-18 and would like to come and try anything from ice cream making at Leonardini Gelato Boutique or bath bomb making and pampering with LUSH UK , baking with Filbert's Bakery, makeup lessons with The Body Shop Lancaster , ' Who are You' Art workshop with Ingrid Christie, 'Party on Paper' Art Workshop with Lucy Hampson, Hairstyles with Jo and Cass Lancaster or Yoga at The Herbarium feel free to book via this link: http:// www.thelancasterhealthfestiv (NB Look for the Teenage workshops under 'lineup and events' and check under both Saturday and Sunday)

English Youth Ballet Three LGGS students. Emma Gardner, Jessica Raffaelli and Suzanna Anscombe are taking part in this weekend’s English Youth Ballet: Sleeping Beauty - Aurora's Wedding & Ballet Etudes at the Sand Centre, Carlisle. With professional dancers, dancing the leading roles, the company gives young dancers throughout the UK a wonderful performance opportunity to dance alongside the principals in solo and corps de ballet roles.


15th- 22nd February 2020





CONTACT: MRS EDGE Soon to be launched Open to all year groups other than current Year 10

LGGS Snow Sports Trip 2020


International Week 2018

24- 28 SEPTEMBER 2018 LGGS will be celebrating cultural diversity within the school and all around us through a feast of multicultural activities during LGGS International Week. Whether learning foreign languages or forms of dance, music, sports and art from different cultures, girls will be taking part in an array of exciting and educational activities. The week will culminate in an international dress up day and a display of LGGS’ linguistic and musical talents in the foreign language karaoke show.

HELP NEEDED FOR INTERNATIONAL FOOD FAIR Could you help by offering to prepare an edible speciality from a different culture to serve on a food stall for our delicious International Food Fair on Monday 24th September 2018? Any donations would be greatly received; we can reimburse costs of ingredients if receipts are presented, and any profits from the day will go to our chosen charity of the year. If you would like to offer a food stall at lunchtime or know more please contact: for further details.


Join us at LGGS ...

Please join us on Tuesday 25 September at 7pm in LGGS Main School Hall for a joint concert with the students of Landschulheim Grovesmühle, who are visiting us from Wernigerode in Germany. Free entry

FUTURE EVENTS ... AUTUMN TERM 2018 SEPTEMBER 15th - 17th 24th - 28th

Duke of Edinburgh Silver International Week

19th - 22nd 20th 29th

Holocaust in the Netherlands (RS Educational visit) Year 12 Welcome Evening 7pm 11+ Examinations


9th 18th 19th

National Poetry Day Year 7 Welcome Evening 1 - 7pm Year 7 Welcome Evening 2 - 7pm Year 8 & 9 Author Visit Year 12 China Visit departs


Half Term Closure

29th 29th

School re-opens Spanish and German Exchange Meeting


Sixth Form Open Evening


For Year 7 Admission in September 2019

ENTRANCE TEST 29 September Registration for test: 19 September

Lancaster Girls’ Grammar School We would like to welcome Year 11 students to our


‘Lancaster Girls’ Grammar School is a forward looking, selective state school with an outstanding record of promoting high achievement within a caring, supportive environment.’ Mrs Cahalin, Headteacher