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The way we work and the way we connect may have changed this past year, but our determination to be there for the women we serve has never been stronger. While COVID-19 is having an unprecedented impact around the world, the number of women impacted by cancer has not changed. The social distancing requirements of the pandemic have created even more social isolation for women facing cancer at a time they need extra support. Whether that be through a helping hand at home, getting to appointments or even a hug. As the pandemic took hold, Look Good Feel Better® was determined to ensure the delivery of our supportive health care programming. COVID doesn’t stop cancer nor does it stop the compassion and care that is central to our work. Knowing community and connection would be even more crucial for our participants as services shut down, the team worked tirelessly to move our programming online to fill this void. More than ever, women and their families need us. Research indicates that optimism and support play a vital role in better health outcomes. And when a woman is empowered and at her best, her family and her community are at their best too. That is why together, we are creating a safe space for women to connect, to regain a sense of well-being, and to feel like themselves again.

JUST 10 DAYS AFTER THE GLOBAL PANDEMIC WAS ANNOUNCED, WE LAUNCHED OUR ONLINE WORKSHOPS! Women facing cancer can join a supportive community in a small-group format to learn and share. Led by warm and caring expert volunteers trained to engage with participants via an online platform, our free workshops provide practical help and emotional support in the supportive environment LGFB is known for. The traditional 2-hour workshop is now divided into 3 one-hour options, offered in English and in French.

Skincare & Cosmetics

Wigs & Hair Alternatives

Breast Care, Forms & Garments

To any teens newly diagnosed: sign up for a workshop. You probably think others can’t feel what you are feeling, but trust me - there is an amazing community waiting for you. You do not deserve to go through cancer alone.” Sarah Issa, Teen Online Workshop Participant

Our teen workshop is also now offered online, allowing teens from across the country to connect and share their experiences. Facing cancer at such a young age can be difficult. Dealing with the side-effects that may come with treatment can feel especially devastating for this age group. Our dynamic volunteers duo goes through skincare, cosmetics, and hair alternatives, then dives into a special new topic each month – from Halloween Inspired Gradient Eyes & Lips to Holiday Sparkle - specifically tailored for teens from ages 13 to 17. Teenagers are welcome to re-register again and attend all the workshops as more than ever, it is critical that they connect with people their age going through a similar struggle.

“LGFB gives people a chance to connect with other people who are going through the same type of identity shift, in a less clinical and more self-care type of environment. The optimal goal of healthcare is to be able to look after the person holistically.” VANESSA VALENTINI, ONCOLOGY NURSE, SASKATOON CANCER CLINIC

A MESSAGE FROM OUR CHAIR, AND PRESIDENT & CEO Dear LGFB Family, It has been a challenging year. For all of us. One that we will remember not only for its challenges, but also for its silver linings. In the midst of a pandemic that has forced us to rapidly change our programming by delivering it virtually, LGFB has been resilient, creative and stronger than ever in honour of the women we love. This unprecedented year has been overwhelming but as any family, we came together to support one another and remember that no woman should face cancer alone or without the tools to feel more like herself. We could not have done it without you! Thank you to our donors, our volunteers and the community who stood with us, once again, to ensure that LGFB will be here for women facing cancer in 2020 and beyond. We are in awe of your support and generosity. As champions, you believe in the power of our workshops and understand that the psychosocial support provided by LGFB has been even more relevant during this time of increased isolation and emotional stress. The fact that women facing cancer were able to attend our programs online from the comfort and safety of their homes, with fellow patients and our compassionate volunteers, has been a lifeline for many. We are proud to have adeptly responded to what women have needed and wanted during this time. Online workshops are here to stay, and while we wait to re-open in-person in hospitals across Canada, we remain committed to our mission. While COVID does not stop cancer, it also does not stop our resolve to ensure that every woman and teen has access to our programs and the support that we have proudly delivered for close to 30 years. Not on our watch…. Undaunted. Possible. For the women we love.

Lynda Rose Chair, Board of Directors

Dee Diaz President & CEO

“It’s really important for people facing cancer to know they’re not forgotten, especially now. The workshop connects you to other women going through the same experience. It validates your experience. You might not be in the same room, but you know that you are not alone.” SHELLEY MCKENNA, LGFB WORKSHOP PARTICIPANT


To empower women undergoing treatment with greater information, care, and resources to help them feel like themselves again, in 2020, we enhanced our online offerings and programming.

SPEAKERS’ SERIES Held in an interview-style format with lots of time for audience questions, experts in their field provide relevant information on a variety of topics related to self-care during cancer treatment. Our initial event held in September featured an oncologist-dermatologist speaking to skincare before, during and after treatment. When diagnosed with cancer, visiting a dermatologist may be the last thing you think about. However, skin-related conditions caused by cancer treatments are common. We had the privilege to be joined by Dr. Maxwell Sauder, who shared his recommendations on caring for your skin and scalp during treatment and beyond. Our Speakers’ Series is now held on a regular basis throughout the year with recordings available on our website.



Women facing cancer can now find LGFB’s Signature Step Guide with all the information learned during their workshops at lgfb.ca, along with great tutorials videos created by our volunteers on how to select a foundation, draw your eyebrows and tie head coverings, to name only a few.

AND AFTER… The success of our online workshops is informing LGFB’s new model moving forward. Post-pandemic, we will offer both in-person and online workshops, allowing us to deliver even more impact and support across Canada. Along with safely reopening our in-person workshops when possible, our program expansion will focus on diversifying our offerings, including piloting delivery in additional languages, mental health and stress management segments, back to work transitioning and men’s programming. Together, we will forge new paths of online programming.

OUR IMPACT FINANCIAL SUMMARY The 2019 fiscal year was one of financial growth for LGFB, thanks to the generosity of individual donors, corporate partners and community fundraisers. We are proud to be an effective organization, keeping the women we serve at the heart of our decisions and being accountable to donors. We are also proud to operate at an administration rate on par with industry standards, distributing more than 81 per cent of funds to areas directly impacting women with cancers and their families. Please see our website for our most up-to-date audited financial statements.













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Canadian women have been supported by LGFB since 1992

MEET THESE INSPI As we reflect on almost 30 years of helping women facing cancer, we know that everything we accomplished has been possible thanks to our incredible family of volunteers.

Ariane Lemire, > Skincare & Cosmetics Volunteer

And 2020 was no exception. The advice and input of our volunteers was key in quickly launching our online workshops. We sat down with Michele Edwards, Hair Alternatives Specialist Volunteer - and a cancer survivor herself - and Ariane Lemire, Skincare & Cosmetics Volunteer, to discuss their experiences in delivering the online workshop.

What was your reaction when you were approached to deliver the online workshop? Did you have any concerns? Ariane: I was really happy to be a part of this new era. It was crucial for the women we help to be able to offer our programming online after the in-person workshops closed. I’m very proud that we were able to do so in such a short time and also to expand our offerings as the year unfolded. It’s pretty amazing! What would you say are the differences between the inperson and online workshops? Michelle: While I still cover all the same content, I have a bit more time, so I can bring more of a personal experience. When I was going through cancer, I had four different wigs. Women look surprised when I tell them, but I always say “When you buy a new pair of boots, you go out there and rock it, because those boots make you feel good. It’s the same with a wig.” Of course, we also have amazing options for women who decide not to wear a wig.

< Michelle Edwards,

Hair Alternatives Specialist Volunteer

What kind of barriers do you think the online workshop helps alleviate? Michelle: I love seeing women connecting from across the country. I think it is amazing, that I, located in Alberta, can provide information to a woman in PEI or British Columbia. That can only happen online! Ariane: I see participants who are attending with a loved one by their side. Someone there to listen, and maybe pick-up some information that was missed. You can only remember so much when you are going through treatment and have “chemo brain”. What would you say to a woman who hesitates to sign-up for one or all of our online workshops? Michelle: I recommend the workshops to all the women I meet. I always tell them “you are going feel so good and get some great tips. If it’s not your best day, you don’t have to turn on your camera, but you can at least take time for yourself and get that feel-good energy”.


In an age of social distancing, attending an online workshop can be a positive force. Being able to connect with others who are dealing with similar issues reaffirmed that I was not alone.” Milena Commisso, Online Workshop Participant

Why do you think that online workshops are a lifeline for women facing cancer? Michelle: As a cancer survivor and a past participant, I remember how good LGFB made me feel and the positive impact it had on me. I can only imagine how difficult 2020 must have been for women facing cancer. We make a beautiful difference in these women’s lives, sharing valuable information and lifting their spirits. Ariane: LGFB is about connection – connection to yourself so you don’t forget who you are during this difficult time. And it’s about connection with other women going through a similar experience. Just being online with other women is a reminder that they are not alone. More than ever, women need that emotional support.

Do you have any specific memory from the online workshop you’d like to share with us? Michelle: A woman recently told me that she had taken an online class about wigs. I asked if it was with LGFB and she said yes. She did not recognize me because I am often wearing a different wig. She said: “I haven’t stopped talking about the information you shared with us. I felt comfortable coming to a wig boutique today because I’m prepared and I know what to expect, plus I now know how to take care of my scalp.” It was so heartfelt and a reminder of the power of our workshop. Ariane: My best moments are always seeing women doing the steps with me. There is some magic during each workshop. Knowing that the tools and techniques we share are helping them feel better, more confident and equipped to face cancer is priceless. Seeing smiles on their faces when we recreate lost eyebrows just makes my day. Participants often thank us for our time we give to LGFB, but the real gift often comes from them.

Our surveys show that the online workshops help to break down barriers to attendance such as childcare and transportation challenges. We are reaching women in remote areas. And women are joining during their chemotherapy sessions as a way to distract and cope with restrictions such as not having someone accompany them or connecting with other patients.

Mirror Ball, our largest fundraing event, has always been a reflection of its supporters’ passion and dedication to Look Good Feel Better: and a celebration of the incredible work that our community, alongside the beauty industry, is doing to help women and teens facing cancer.


In light of the pandemic, this key event was cancelled. In its place, a special fundraising campaign was launched - the Bridge Fund Campaign - to ensure that we can keep offering the programs that help women stay connected, regain a sense of well-being, and feel like themselves again. During this campaign, our corporate sponsors rallied, and every dollar donated by individuals was matched by Cosmetics Alliance Canada (up to $25,000). Everyone’s support meant that women - mothers, daughters, sisters, friends - were able to get the practical help and emotional support they desperately need. Our favourite part of Mirror Ball is coming together as a community - a community that makes extraordinary things possible. And while we did not get the chance to connect in person last fall, our donors have shown tremendous compassion and generosity for women and teens facing cancer by supporting our life-changing programs. The support of our incredible community made a beautiful difference and provided a lifeline of hope for the women we love.

Your donation helped provide hope and support. Thank you!” Louanne McGrory, Mirror Ball Co-chair

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Look Good Feel Better’s national impact is made possible thanks to the generous support of individual donors, corporate partners and community fundraisers. Your critical support has provided us with the resources required to help thousands of women during this unprecedented time. Your compassion and generosity allowed us to overcome the challenges that 2020 brought us. It is because of you that we were able to provide the practical and emotional support that women and teens in cancer treatment needed more than ever. You made this work possible. Thank you for helping us be there for the women we love, both now and into the future.

“Attending a Look Good Feel Better workshop gave me hope that even if I am going through this difficult time in my life, I am not alone. There are other women facing the same things as me, and we can still feel attractive despite a cancer diagnosis.” AISHA QUASHI, LGFB WORKSHOP PARTICIPANT

OUR LEADERSHIP Our gratitude to our incredible Board of Directors for their invaluable expertise and commitment to Look Good Feel Better. To give their time and talent to keep LGFB thriving is a testament to their community spirit and compassion for the women in our lives.

Lynda Rose (Chair) Mary Kay Corporation

Allan Lever Hollywood Alliance Ltd.

Louanne McGrory (Vice Chair) Shiseido Canada Inc.

Lorinda Loftonbrook* Estée Lauder Companies

Sharon Avery Toronto Community Foundation

Nadia Petrolito L’Oréal Canada Inc.

John Coyne Unilever

Darren Praznik Cosmetics Alliance Canada

Dennis Darby Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters Association

Lisa Reid Procter & Gamble

Deny DiFelice Benefit Cosmetics Canada Barbara Foldes CIBC Taposhi Ghandi** Estée Lauder Companies Matthew Kohler McCains

Myles Robinson Centura Brands Inc. Diane Sonnenberg Dosist Canada * Board member until May 2020 ** Board member as of May 2020

“Mom attended a workshop just after she started treatment and she had such a wonderful time. She was feeling just horrible those days but that afternoon, we saw her smile like we hadn’t seen in months.” SANDY, CAREGIVER, DAUGHTER & LGFB SUPPORTER



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