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community like Marleen Forkas who live in our uals ivid ind e hav to te una fort so are We and invest in our children. ive through a “The enrichment that children rece not be matched. good day camp program simply can e our camp and I wanted to do what I could to enhanc se children whose make the experience available to tho to afford it. When families may not otherwise be able s and activities you see the wonderful camp program t it does for offered through the Levis JCC and wha skills, you ial kids’ self esteem, confidence and soc s you can make.” know it’s one of the best investment - Marleen Forkas

pressures from the power to learn and grow without Kid Power: At our camp, kids have m and loving cess and to develop skills in our war suc re futu for ed par pre be to ool; sch camp community. ient schedules options, stimulating activities, conven Parent Power: With diverse program give yes to camp. You have the power to say to y eas it ke ma we f, staf d nce and experie ing and friendship. your child a summer of fun, well-be -filled summer providing children ages 2-14 with fun n bee has JCC is Lev The er: Pow JCC Camp empower Levis JCC Marleen Forkas Summer camp experiences since 1986. Let pe his or her iching experience that will help sha enr and cial spe y trul a with d chil r you life forever.

ty to do. doing and at our camp there is plen from n lear n ldre Chi w: Gro to er 1. Pow ticipation. ll groups create an atmosphere of par Hands-on discovery, practice and sma eve them of how children blossom when you reli 2. Freedom to Enjoy: It is amazing re freedom manent record. This gives them mo constant evaluation, grades and a per . consumed by the final destination to enjoy the journey instead of being n in creating communities where childre way the s lead p Cam s: ces Suc for ls 3. Too nt problem solving. learn teamwork as well as independe s, ideas, oses kids to a wide range of activitie exp p Cam : iety Var for nity ortu Opp 4. kes for bling in various activities at camp ma personalities and possibilities. Dab n. well-rounded, well-balanced childre nections. ialization means making positive con 5. Courage to Socialize: Healthy soc tity and iden ut belonging, embracing your Summer camp at Levis JCC is all abo values each member. being part of a group that respects and

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summer FITNESS membership* for camp families! (details on page 11)

Big FUN for Little Campers

We believe that personalized attention and an extra dose of adult supervision makes our littlest campers feel safe exploring and discovering a wide range of new experiences in a stimulating environment. Out and About: Campers enjoy their action-packed summer days on a 28-acre gated, secure campus— featuring a swimming pool (specifically for Early Childhood), a nature preserve, gymnasiums and two spacious playgrounds, one with a mini-bike path—and bikes! Let’s Eat: Children staying until 2:30 or 4:00 p.m. enjoy a delicious selection of hot, well-balanced kosher meals and a full salad bar (as well as snacks) daily. Even the pickiest eaters find something they like. Extra Special: Mondays are special entertainment days, featuring all kinds of performers, wild animal shows and more. Wednesdays are theme days, which include wear a crazy hat day, draw a rainbow day, listen to music day and celebrate recycling and earth day. On Fridays, campers welcome Shabbat with candle lighting, challah, music and togetherness. Daily Fun includes: Water/Aquatics • Sports • Music • Arts & Crafts • Entertainment • Fun & Games Kaleidoscope Sensory Exploration • Jellystone Camp Zone • V.I.P. Puppets • Sprinklers • Instructional Swim • Karate • Zumba • Cheerleading • Gymnastics

typical day Morning

Welcome Circle, Music, art, swim, snack, sports


Lunch time


Story Time, Rest, Snacks, Karate, Games, PlaYground

2 year olds by June 1 Choose from two, three and five day opti ons; all sessions begin at 9:00 a.m.; pickup time s vary 3 year olds by September 1 Choose from three and five day options; all sessions begin at 9:00 a.m.; pickup time s vary 4 year olds by September 1 Five days; beginning at 9:00 a.m.; pickup times vary (for additional fee)

7:30 a.m. - 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. - 6:0 0


(For children turning 5 by September


ich exceed Florida State standards) VPK Camp combines academics (wh mer Camp activities. with the best of the Levis JCC Sum a.m. to 4:15 p.m. The daily program runs from 8:30 and features:


• A low child-to-staff ratio.


• Certified preschool teachers.

th, music, dramatic play, block • Science, language, phonics, ma tion, sports, dancing and art. building, playground, swim instruc

PAM FOTI Early Childhood Camp Director 561-852-3243 JANICE PERLMAN VPK Coordinator 561-852-3286

Big FUN Never Gets Old Making friends, gaining independence and enjoying exciting new experiences and challenges has never been more fun!

Campus Features: Levis JCC campers definitely don’t “rough it”. They enjoy two swimming pools, a flying trapeze, basketball, tennis and racquetball courts, soccer and baseball fields, a fitness center, a playground, archery range, science lab, ceramics studio, a fully-equipped theater and Levis JCC Copanos KidFit, a three-level indoor play center. Mess Hall: Children enjoy delicious, hot and well balanced kosher meals and a full salad bar (as well as snacks) daily. Even the pickiest eaters find menu items to enjoy. Traditions: Each Friday the entire camp gathers for Oneg Shabbat, featuring candle lighting, challah and special entertainment. Twice each summer parents are invited to join in—and the entertainment is provided by the campers! Campers experience friendly competition and team spirit at its best with our camp-wide Maccabi Games. Daily Activities: Sports: Young athletes try their hand at archery, basketball, softball, soccer, tennis—even a flying trapeze! Arts & Crafts: Drawing, painting, ceramics…at camp, we believe in creativity! Swimming: Certified instructors work with campers daily to ensure each camper learns this essential life skill. With 2 swim sessions scheduled most days, the kids let off steam with two of the best words in camping: FREE SWIM! Electives: Campers entering grades 3-9 can customize their experience with 2-week periods of special electives. They can hone their skills at a favorite activity or try something completely new.

typical day Morning

9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. in 2 week sessions


(for additional fee)

Soccer, Archery, cs Swim Instruction, Cerami Lunch time


m, Circus Guitar, Tennis, Free Swi

7:30 a.m. - 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

e loves Did someone say road trip?! Everyon to out to shake the dust off and venture ned someplace new. That’s why we’ve plan , skating ling bow special outings to water parks, snacks and rinks and other adventures. Lunch, transportation are provided. pers in Late nights and overnights: For cam often grades 1- 4, these special nights are ts and the highlight of the summer. Late nigh venger overnights feature evening swims, sca ores and movie nights. s’m hunts, group games, dance parties, , acrobats, comedians, Extra Special: Whether it’s musicians extra fantastic at the magicians or clowns, we make Fridays the grand crescendo: Levis JCC. The last week of camp is in a little friendly The Maccabi Games! Campers engage ugh the roof. competition and lift team spirit thro

Campers learn real circus acts including clowning, tumbling, balancing globes, juggling, static trapeze, spanish web, silk and even the flying trapeze!

JONATHAN MARCUS Camp Director 561-852-5090

registration deadline

MAY 1 ticipation. Ahhhhh...The excitement. The an

The bus ride!

and with peers, sharing experiences Teen Travel is all about bonding road minus mom and dad helps feeling empowered. Hitting the dership, responsibility and social teens develop independence, lea stop: adventure! skills. So, hop on the bus—next living it up in locations near and Cruising, camping, touring and ut the journey…and the fabulous far—with Teen Travel, it’s all abo el or on the high seas, our teens trav destinations! Whether stateside fees are included in the cost and in style. All food and admission buses and stay in hotels when campers generally ride in coach h year, so check our website for out of town. Destinations vary eac the most current information. it. All trips are Safety first? You’d better believe members. supervised by trained, adult staff

g going...and for former campers Sometimes you want to keep a good thin nselors in Training program (CIT) is about to enter 10th grade, our Camp Cou part of one more summer of camp just the ticket. Not only do they get to be show. Of course, this program is at the Levis JCC, they get to help direct the nded summer camp before. also available for those who’ve never atte ut working with others and also CITs leave the program more confident abo and their own strengths and have a better understanding of themselves uctive than spending the summer challenges. It’s definitely a lot more prod at the mall!

earn community service hours

Believe in Caring

skilled staff, children With a nurturing atmosphere and highly p Kavod. with special needs thrive at Levis JCC’s Cam e a wide range of Camp Kavod embraces children who hav ing the unique disabilities, while recognizing and address ram is designed needs of each individual camper. The prog r life skills that to enhance social, motor, language and othe fun and play! promote independence, while they have ic, sports, cooking, Activities include swimming, dancing, mus fitness and science. crafts, movies, karate, yoga, gymnastics, personalized A very high staff-camper ratio gives children ervice training throughout icipate in comprehensive training and in-s part ists cial spe and lors nse cou All n. the many attentio s for each camper. Camp Kavod is one of che coa l ona pers and els mod role as e the summer and serv elson Special Needs Programs. wonderful Levis JCC Helene & Roy Schwed

ANDREA PLATT Director of Camp Kavod 561-852-3269 MARIANNE JACOBS Director, Special Needs Programs 561-852-3256

Meet our dedicated, caring and professional team – each believe in the highest service standards and making the camp experience the best it can be for every child.

r of several Jonathan Marcus, Camp Director nce as director and assistant directo erie exp of ade dec a n tha re mo A lifelong camper with benefits and value of camp. deeply believes in the wide-ranging an ath Jon ps, cam tial den resi s each child, iou prestig t creates a memorable experience for tha ing mm gra pro on is us foc his r, An engaging directo ning. blurring the line between fun and lear

ctor Pam Foti, Early Childhood Camp Dire ing as assistant director of the n part of the Levis JCC family, serv bee has Pam rs, yea 20 n tha re r. She has been mo For as the early childhood camp directo and ter Cen g rnin Lea ood ldh Chi ly ch Levis JCC Zale Ear pus, fostering an environment in whi cam on ing car and mth war of n itio instrumental in creating a trad engaged. children feel safe, comfortable and

Director hensive, funAndrea Platt, Special Needs Camp s with special needs receive a compre per cam t tha sure de ma has rea And on For nearly a decade, s a master’s degree in special educati hold She m. the s ght deli and s age filled camp experience that encour needs programs. as a teacher and a director of special and has an impressive background

inistrator nce in Perle Gass, Camp Operations Adm youth education with years of experie es bin com d oun kgr bac que uni has been one of our Perle is, in fact, a gem. Her ociation. For more than a decade, she Ass l bal ket Bas al ion Nat the for jumps administration mming, planning and operations. She gra pro from ing ryth eve with ng isti most valuable players, ass through hoops to get the job done.

Staff members are thoroughly screened and trained to provide a safe, fun and memorable experience. A registered nurse is on premises to provide a safety net of care and medical attention, just in case. Judaic principals and ideals guide our programs. Rooted in thankfulness, kindness and generosity, our camp culture is embraced by people of all faiths. We celebrate the Sabbath together every Friday with an afternoon Oneg and incorporate Judaic themes into camp activities. Pre and Post Camp Care is available from 7:30 to 9:00 a.m. and from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. for a fee. Different fun-filled activities each day ensure this extra time at camp is as fun as the rest of the day.

Financial Aid is limited but available to those families who demonstrate a qualified need and follow our specific guidelines. Decisions for aid are not made until camp placement is confirmed. All information is confidential. A deposit refund will be allowed if your request for financial aid is not fully granted. Financial aid requests must be submitted in full by February 25. No exceptions. For more information call 561-852-3267.

financial aid request deadline

Feb. 25

Complimentary Summer Membership for Camp Families Families enrolled in 4 or more weeks of camp receive a complimentary Community Membership* to the Levis JCC Sports & Wellness Center from June 13th until August 31st – a value of up to $140! Complete an application at the Levis JCC Sports & Wellness Center front desk or online at Camp Community Membership does not include discounts off any JCC Sports & Wellness programming. Not applicable to current Levis JCC Sports & Wellness Center members. *

nity Center Adolph & Rose Levis Jewish Commu rd 9801 Donna Klein Bouleva Boca Raton, FL 33428


Levis JCC Marleen Forkas Summer Camp Brochure  

The Levis JCC has been providing children ages 2-14 with fun-filled summer camp experiences since 1986. Let Levis JCC Marleen Forkas Summer...

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