HCM Issue 4 2021

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The Health Agenda


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Healthy collaboration For years the health and fitness sector has aspired to be taken seriously by the health sector. Is now the time? asks Kath Hudson


n the UK, the pandemic has exacerbated serious health inequalities which already existed in society and proved that across the population people need to start taking more responsibility for their health and wellbeing. They need to be inspired to move more and to be aware of the importance of nurturing good mental health and maintaining a healthy weight. Without lockdowns, health services in the UK would have stopped functioning and this fact has finally convinced the government that prevention is better than cure – just as our industry has been saying for years. So are we emerging out of lockdowns into a dramatically changing landscape? Will there be more opportunities for the health club sector to work with the health service? If so, how can health and fitness operators in the public and trusts sector access these opportunities? We ask the experts

The fitness sector has long been advocating the use of exercise for prevention 50

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