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TRIP! Exquisite Escapes

AFROJACK Bringin It Back


PETTIS On growing up in the entertainment industry, her success, and what’s next!

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12 CONTRIBUTORS 22 ZODIAC TRAVEL - Traveling and astrolo-ging: Where will the stars take you? Libra, Scorio, Sagitarrius. 26 GET THE LOOK - Don’t Make Me Blush 34 INFLUENCER SPOTLIGHT - 6 So-Cal influencers setting the standards for stellar content. 60 PAMPER YOUR POOCH - Fur’real! P-oodles of pawsh presents that your pooch will pawsitively roll over for... 61 LYRICS WE LOVE - Clean Bandit - Baby feat. Marina & Luis Fonsi 62 GET THE TRIP - Explore these six Exquisite Escapes 92 PODCAST PALOOZA - Three of our podcast picks: put in your buds and better yourself!

FASHION + BEAUTY 44 RADIANT ROSE Need beauty inspo? Something new to do? Try makeup in a rosie hue! 80 NICE, NAUGHTY, AND NEEDY Our greedy, grabby gift guide for all of your covetous cravings. 82 POSTCARDS FROM PALM SPRINGS Shooting poolside: lace-up pumps, crop tops, and black and white stripes.


ON THE COVER Photographer Tiziano Lugli, Creative Director Tracy Kahn, Wardrobe Stylist Maeve Reilly, Hair Artist Preston Wada, Makeup Artist Paul Blanch, Assistant Producer Maxwell Harleee, Location Sheats Goldstein Residence Rasario Top & Pants Area Hoops


70 COVER STORY - MADISON PETTIS Five Points star, Madison Pettis, on growing up in entertainment, goals, gratitude, and inspirations. 50 AFROJACK Afrojack giving us everything, taking over control, and bringin it back… 94 ALL THAT GLITTERS IS GOLDSTEIN Fashion icon, James Goldstein, says his life just keeps getting better and better...

TRAVEL 14 HARD TO LEAVE: LA SERENA VILLAS A getaway you won’t want to get away from... 28 PALM SPRINGS HOT SPOTS Restaurants with extra zing: dining out in Palm Springs.

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L E FA I R MA G A Z I NE | 9

Introducing the perfect duo, the Cleanse + Tone Duo, which leaves skin soft, radiant and refreshed!

W W W. A L G E N I S T. C O M




t’s yet another sunny, fresh fall morning in the city of angels. The smoke from the recent tragic fires has cleared and there’s a refreshing energy swirling around the people walking in the long shadows of the morning sun. The recent California fires were some of the worst in history, and so many people lost their homes and some even lost their lives. I can’t imagine how sad and difficult it must be for the victims of the fires. The one thing that humans have after loss is hope. Hope gives people the strength and inspiration to rebuild and change their lives. The one thing that is constant is change. It’s hard when life forces us to change but it can also be a choice.

“If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, we aren’t really living.” -G A I L S H E E H Y

Here’s to growing and changing! This is our 11th issue of LEFAIR! We’ve been creating content and sharing stories for almost three years now. I founded LEFAIR because after years of being a photographer and creative director, I wanted to collaborate and connect with talented individuals to create engaging content and inspire readers with fashion and travel visuals, articles and interviews. Celebrating and sharing incredible people’s stories, travel destinations and fashion is exciting to me. We have been fortunate to connect and grow with our circle of creatives, brands, talent, PR companies and readers. We are grateful for our collaborations with stellar hotels, resorts, and transportation companies that have enabled us to explore and feature beautiful destinations around the world. In 2018, Team LEFAIR traveled to Puerto Vallarta, Venice, Tuscany, Paris, and Palm Springs. We already have some exciting adventures lined up for 2019! We believe that fashion and travel go hand in hand, so for all of our travels, we also incorporate fashion shoots, a perfect cross promotion of fashion and travel.

In this issue, we’re excited to share a blissful hotel in Palm Springs, La Serena Villas, owned by an inspiring and entrepreneurial spirited man, Lars Viklund. During our visit to the desert oasis, we had the chance to drink and dine at some of the city’s best hot spots, as well as shoot a fashion story, Postcards From Palm Springs. Recently an Uber driver told me a quote, “Music is a microcosm of spirituality.” We love to feature musical artists and Afrojack, Bringin It Back makes us want to dance our asses off! Our cover shoot with the sweet and kind Madison Pettis took place at the iconic Sheats-Goldstein residence. Madeline Rosene’s interview with James Goldstein tells the story about the man behind the house in All that Glitters is Goldstein. The Goldstein residence is a fascinating place. It perfectly maintains all that is good from the past and masterfully blends it with what good the future has in store. By the way, you have to put going to Club James on your bucket list! This epic nightclub looks like Frank Lloyd Wright designed a set for Star Trek. LEFAIR is inspired to follow suit with James Goldstein and his estate: keep the best parts of the past, while building something better for the future. We’re gearing up to launch the NEW and Improved LEFAIR in 2019! Get ready for a tasty blend of the true beauty of a traditional travel, fashion and lifestyle magazine, and the future of digital media, content creation, influencer marketing and e-commerce. Playing on the intersection of old and new, and loving what we do! It’s almost Thanksgiving, which most people’s favorite holiday because it’s the holiday that celebrates gratitude and time with family and friends. I want to express my gratitude all of the incredibly talented and gifted contributors and Team LEFAIR who have worked with us over the years. It takes a village, and it’s so exciting to share a collaboration of works on our platform and with the world. If you have read all the way to this last paragraph, thank you for taking the time to read this! You, the reader, makes this all worthwhile. Have a wonderful holiday, and don’t forget tell people you love them and to be grateful because…

“It is not happy people who are thankful. It is thankful people who are happy.” - UNKNOWN

With Gratitude, Tracy Kahn


TRACY KAHN Editor in Chief, Creative Director & Photographer @tracykahn

MADELINE ROSENE Senior Editor @madelinerosene

RILEY YAHR Art Director @rileyyahr


COLLIN STARK Photographer @collinstark

TARYN JADE ROSTOVSKY Editorial Intern @tarynnnnjadeeee

APEKSHA AGARWAL Photographer @apekshaphotography

TIZIANO LUGLI Photographer @tizianolugli

BARBARA ROSENE Astrologer @barbara_rosene

HELENA REED Editorial Intern @ihelenna

JEFFREY FOUNTAIN Videographer @jeffreyfuente

KEALY MCKEE Editorial Intern @kealfarra

JASON EDWARD Videographer @jasonedwardcreative

HEATHER DEVINE Editorial Intern @heatherdevine21

RUTVIK KATURI Retoucher @rutvikkaturi

NATASHA FOMINA Assistant Stylist @natashafomina

PRESTON WADA Hair Artist @prestonwada

DESIREE MORALES Wardrobe Stylist @desireemorales

JANELLE ARREOLA Assistant Stylist @janellelyn

PAUL BLANCH Makeup Artist @paulyblanch

MAEVE REILLY Wardrobe Stylist @stylememaeve

LAVONNE Groomer @lavonnebeauty

AMY HANLIN MCNALLY Makeup Artist @amyhanlinmcnally

ALEXANDRA GRANDQUIST Assistant Stylist @rosegrandquist


MELISSA BEDI Hair & Makeup Artist @hmubymelbe J ZILKEN Hair Artist @hairbyjzilken

MAXWELL HARLEEE Assistant Producer @maxwellharlee

JULIANNE ZIGOS Brand Liaison/ Advertorial Director @juliedee59

NELLY VELAZQUEZ Editorial Intern @stylesbynelly__

THE REX AGENCY @therexagency TOMLINSON MANAGEMENT GROUP @tmgla OPUS BEAUTY @opusbeauty THE ONLY AGENCY @theonly.agency MCH GLOBAL @mchglobal

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CAMERON RORRISON Model @cameronrorrison 181k followers

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La Serena Villas


Writer Madeline Rosene @madelinerosene

he easiest way to judge how nice your stay was at any hotel is to take note of how you feel when it’s time to depart. For LEFAIR Magazine, 11am check out time at La Serena Villas was a truly sad affair. A child forced to leave the playground, a wild animal snatched from its habitat, an artist uprooted from the studio… We’re not being dramatic. It’s simple; to the LEFAIR Magazine team, La Serena Villas is paradise. Imagine waking up in the morning and beginning the day with a soak in your outdoor tub, luxuriously filled with lemon-scented L’Occitane soaps and bubbles. You can ring for your personal “breakfast basket” at 7:30am and it will be brought straight to your door, which sits behind a gate. The surprise selection of goodies is different every morning, with warm croissants, jam and toast, juice, fruit, hard-boiled eggs and yogurt — no, this is not a storybook fairytale. This is a real hotel destination that you can visit. Thanks to La Serena Villas, we’re over traditional hotel rooms and much prefer this villa-style accommodation approach. On the porch of many of the villas hangs a cushioned, comfortable basket-style swing that is perfect for devouring your light selection of breakfast items in the morning sun while scrolling through your news feed.

L E FA I R MA G A Z I NE | 1 5


MEET LARS Most entrepreneurial success stories you hear are the product of the owner’s attention to detail, tender love and care of the project, and finding the right people to make the vision come to fruition. Owner Lars Viklund knows a thing or two about success stories. As the owner of three Palm Springs hotels — Del Marcos, Three-Fifty Hotel, and La Serena Villas — realestate builder, and former fashion brand owner, Lars is a true supporter and enthusiast of the arts and the creator of beautiful places. Dressed in sneakers, white shorts, and a denim-colored short-sleeved button-down, Lars gave us the grand tour as if showing friends through his house. Built and designed by Lars and his wife, he clearly feels at home here. He humbly explained his plans to build a fourth hotel next door. After showing us the parking spaces behind the hotel, we swiped a key to get back through the gate. As an experienced hotel owner, Lars has seen his fair share of absurdities. “Make sure you don’t forget your key to get back inside. I have a camera in the back and I once witnessed a woman run to her car to change from her robe into a red gown so that she wouldn’t have to jump over the fence in her robe. She was actually a great guest. We had a wonderful time.” It is evident that Lars relishes in these silly happenings, treats his guests as good friends, and cares for his mindfully hired staff. “I look for nice people. You can teach people how to use a computer, but it’s much harder to teach people how to be nice.”

Photo by Tracy Kahn

L E FA I R MA G A Z I NE | 1 7

CHECKING IN Check in is at 3pm, which means it’s 6pm on the east coast and it’s totally time to indulge in the bienvenue bubbly! “The alcohol usually works in our favor. Almost everyone is more relaxed, except for the woman who slapped the unicorn floaty the other day…” Lars explained and laughed. When you first set foot in your villa, you’re welcomed by a bottle of Corralejo Tequila, as well as pink Himalayan salt, limes, and peanut chasers. The note beside the tall shot glasses reads, “We hope you have a wonderful stay at our home away from home, La Serena Villas. May this Tequila be the start of many more memories to come. Welcome to our family. We hope your stay is magical.” - Lars and Kelly Viklund If tequila isn’t your thing, stop reading now. Just kidding. Azúcar restaurant has an extensive list of specialty cocktails such as the Swan with cucumber vodka, pamplemousse liqueur, grapefruit juice, agave, soda, and blueberries. Also there’s a Bevmo accross the street so you can stock your villa’s mini fridge. After you’ve explored your room and the layout of the land, jump on a floaty, read by the pool, or book a spa treatment. 1 8 | L E FA I R MAG AZI NE

AT NIGHT Whisper’s is the name of the hotel’s spa and also the sounds you make at night at La Serena Villas. The hotel prides itself on being both private and serene; there was nary a loud voice or disturbance over the course of our stay. Because of the hotel’s seclusion and privacy, over the Coachella Music and Arts Festival weekends, celebrities often stay at La Serena Villas. During this special weekend, the crowd guests are mellow and the hotel is always booked (better book your stay now)! When it gets chilly in the evening, enjoy happy hour and hors d'oeuvres with your group of friends at Azúcar Restaurant located right behind the pool. Order too many rosés and then head over to Whisper’s and dip your feet in the heated whirlpool. The spa is celebrated for its massages and skin care. “It’s small but mighty and I have great therapists, the best in Palm Springs,” Lars says. If you’re staying in, invite your friends or lover back to your room and get snug and toasty around your personal fire pit on your back porch and look up at the stars. At the risk of sounding corny, this is a special place where memories are made. La Serena Villas is an experience that is meant to be shared with people who will appreciate a relaxed and intimate atmosphere and can turn up without turning up the volume too high. ■

Photo by Tracy Kahn L E FA I R MA G A Z I NE | 1 9


Videographers A Camera & Edit: Jason Edward @jasonedwardcreative, B Camera: Jeffrey Fountain @jeffreyfountain Music Jason Edward @djjasonedward 2 0 | L E FA I R MAG AZI NE

L E FA I R MA G A Z I NE | 2 1

zodiac travel Zodiac Travel for Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius Writer Barbara Rosene, Astrologer astrologybybarbararosene.com









































Zodiac globe trotters, this article is for you. The fall signs of the astrological wheel; Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius are featured. It’s the holiday season, and a great time to head to sunny climes or vacation with family. Here are some insights about the signs which might make for happier and easier travels!







OCT 22

LIBRA Once airy Libra decides where to go on holiday, once everyone has been consulted, a vote has been taken, and a consensus reached, then the fun begins. Libra loves communication and is excited to make all the arrangements, do the research and book the trip. Libra will not be one to travel alone. Libra is a lover of partnership and shared experiences, so making new friends is sure to happen. Libra will find out everything about a destination long before the arrival. They will look for a balance between relaxation and activity, visiting people they know, and basking in the sun. A beautiful, lovely, and peaceful location is usually their choice. A spa holiday is right up their alley. Massage on the beach with the backdrop of the pounding surf is heaven for them. Where the beautiful people go, where the scenery and the food are delicious and where the service is impeccable (and hopefully within the push of a button); that is for them. It will not be a rugged backpacking adventure, not by a long shot. Libra travelers like to be surrounded by all things beautiful. They most definitely love their creature comforts. Gorgeous five star hotels with scented baths and luxurious amenities are for the Libra. Egyptian cotton sheets with a thread count of 1500, goose down pillows, cozy duvets, scented body gel, a private Jacuzzi, thick terry robes, and chocolates on their pillows are what they are looking for. An upfront Libra will tell you that deep down they see themselves as quite regal, so they do like to be spoiled. The colorful Italian Inlet, Porto Fino, or Florence, whose art appeals to their Venusian sense of beauty, Bali, with its exotic fragrances, the splendor of the Chateaux in the Loire Valley, the cache of San Tropez beaches; are all possibilities for a Libran holiday. Mykonos, Greece, or anything involving a yacht would also have appeal to the beauty loving Libra. If all goes well, the Libra traveler returns home refreshed and filled with beauty. Just one more thing little Libras, please keep a hold of your passports! Sam Blacky Photographer Tracy Kahn

L E FA I R MA G A Z I NE | 2 3

OCT 23

NOV 21

SCORPIO Scorpio needs to be immersed in experience. Travel is no different. Scorpions will not do anything lightly. It will not be a 20 capitals in 20 days European tour. It will not be a hit and run holiday. It will be intense and they will want to emerge having learned or discovered something. And they will most likely want to stay in just one place. They are very curious and love to dig into all matters, no matter how small. You might catch them questioning the local fishermen about their catch, their boats, and all their seafaring tales. The Scorpio traveler also relishes extreme environments. A long walk along the beach, a hike through the woods, or a journey packed with exploration is what the little scorpion needs. They do not want to rush through anything. Their ideal holiday would be dropping out of civilization for a bit. Scorpios do not want to dress up or put on airs on their break either, but an intense love affair might be a strong possibility. Scorpio is a water sign, so an idyllic cottage at a beautiful seashore such as the Hawaiian Islands, Maine, Newport, or Prince Edward Island, all make a great vacation. Scorpio enjoys memorable sunrises and sunsets, not to mention the beautiful stars. Their destination could be Aztec ruins, The Great Pyramids in Egypt, or the search for the beginnings of civilization in Turkey. They might book an intensive scuba adventure on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Whatever it is, they will come home having discovered something about the world and themselves.

Scarlett Leithold Photographer Hudson Taylor 2 4 | L E FA I R MAG AZI NE

NOV 22

DEC 20

S A G I T TA R I U S When Sag plans a trip, it’s for philosophical and foreign adventure. It is to confirm in their minds, that we are all citizens of the world. Learning about another culture is paramount. Sag would be the likely sign to do an artist’s residency program or could be found on an archeological dig somewhere in Egypt. Sag wants to connect with ancient religions and beliefs. They will try all of the local foods, and will not be squeamish facing a plate of goat testicles or still flopping sushi staring at them. If language is not an issue, Sag is the sign making the late night hang and having the good hearted philosophical discussion with the locals, and will probably be the one drinking them under the table. Sagittarius loves to travel often and to varied places. Sag will rarely complain about waiting in a TSA line or being uncomfortable in an airline seat. They will bring their own beautifully prepared food and never even think about the airline food. They are optimistic, happy travel companions. A typical Sagittarius will pick remote places and won’t mind trekking and camping. So their ideal foreign picks could be India, or maybe the ICEHOTEL in Sweden. They also yearn for exotic adventures, so Thailand, Tibet, Korea, Turkey, Israel, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela or Chile are possibilities. Sagittarius needs lots of mental stimulation and will study the history and culture of their destination long before the trip. And being very good at languages, can usually master at least some basic words fairly quickly. Vacations that offer big sky and wide-open places like the National Parks, are very appealing to the Archer. Also, being athletic by nature, somewhere to rock climb or to shoot the rapids would be a wonderful escape for them. The world is their oyster. And they will return to reality content in their belief that the world is filled with friends.

Rocky Barnes Photographer Nick Onken L E FA I R MA G A Z I NE | 2 5

GETthe LOOK Yves Salomon Pink Double Pom Hair Tie ssense.com

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Pin k

L E FA I R MA G A Z I NE | 2 7

5 of our favorite spots to dine and drink while visiting the desert resort town


Azucar Restaurant & Bar

Writer Madeline Rosene @madelinerosene

Azúcar, meaning “sugar” in Spanish is the charming poolside restaurant at Palm Springs hotel, La Serena Villas. The restaurant is especially cozy, with a rooftop lounge, fireplace and a view of the desert mountains. Hearkening to the name, the space has a vibrant Spanish-themed decor with single red roses atop each table, colorful fringed tapestries, Frida Kahlo portraits, caged hanging light fixtures, and woven wooden chairs. Upon each outside chair is a blue blanket for chilly evenings.

Photos Courtesy of Azúcar

The Spanish and Mediterranean-inspired menu is farm-to-table and includes small plates and full course options. “One rosé and three orders of Ahi bruschetta, please.” We could probably eat that many. This incredible appetizer is served on crostinis with a to-die-for edamame puree, fresh tomatoes, greens, and a sesame soy dressing.

339 S Belardo Road Palm Springs, California azucarpalmsprings.com

L E FA I R MA G A Z I NE | 2 9

Photo Courtesy of Purple Palm

Purple Palm Restaurant Through a lush floral, sort of Secret Garden reminiscent entry, past a black steel fence is the poolside Purple Palms Restaurant. Who said drinks can’t be healthy? We sat outside in wicker seats and ordered from their fresh pressed juice cocktail menu. The restaurant supports local and only receives its ingredients from farms within a 100 mile radius. With decorative succulents on the table and a man speaking French to our left, we were intoxicated by the vibe of this old Hollywood-esque hideaway and we were glad it was our first stop in Palm Springs. We recommend the Heirloom Beet and Burrata salad as well as the Grilled Prawn Glass Noodle Salad with its green papaya, heirloom tomatoes, mango, cucumber, fresh herbs, sweet chile, and lime. 572 N Indian Canyon Drive Palm Springs, California purplepalmrestaurant.com


Photographer Jeffrey Fountain

Writer Madeline Rosene @madelinerosene

Eight4Nine Writer Madeline Rosene @madelinerosene

Photo Courtesy of Eight4Nine

Pink, modern, and glam. Eight4Nine is a hip fashionforward restaurant in the heart of Palm Springs. The feminine decor of white chaise lounges, “LV” wall fixtures, pink candles, and pop art, provides the perfect atmosphere for girls’ night out. The Prickly Pear cocktail mixed with Milagro Silver, fresh lime, desert pear syrup, and agave nectar will surely sauce you up in the dry desert weather. We were delighted to find a fresh take on tuna tartar that was served with shrimp chips; pastel colored munchies traditionally served at Chinese and Vietnamese restaurants. The use of color in both the presentation of the food and throughout the restaurant is cohesive and pleasing. When it comes to the menu, the food is as light as your carb-free diet or as heavy as your head feels after too many Prickly Pears — from watermelon gazpacho with garlic and lime to a rich and creamy lobster mac and cheese with chile and fennel pangritata. Eight4Nine offers a fun dining experience with a lovely staff and beautiful plating. Be sure to ask for fresh ground pepper for a BIG surprise.

Photo Courtesy of Eight4Nine

Photographer Jeffrey Fountain

849 N Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, California eight4nine.com

L E FA I R MA G A Z I NE | 3 1

Workshop Kitchen & Bar Writer Madeline Rosene @madelinerosene

“Carpacci-Oh My God” is an exclamation coined by our editorial team’s videographer, Jeffrey Fountain, in response to the octopus carpaccio appetizer that we ordered at Workshop Palm Springs. Brussels spr-out of this world is one way to describe the shaved Brussels sprouts salad with its crisp sliced apples, grapes, walnuts, and a sweet apple cider vinegar acidic finish. Located in the historic El Paseo Building in Uptown Palm Springs Design District on North Palm Canyon Drive, the interior has an industrial look with concrete colored tables, flooring, white brick painted walls, high ceilings with hanging linear pendant Edison bulbs and family-style long dining tables. We sat outside on the patio under space heaters, twinkle lights, and an olive tree.

Photos Courtesy of Workshop

Both the staff and owner/chef, Michael Beckman, speak with a confident modesty about the restaurant, knowing that the establishment has been a favorite among both tourists and many celebrity Palm Springs residents since its opening in 2011. “There aren’t many people doing what we’re doing here in Palm Springs. We stay very consistent throughout the seasons,” Beckman said. It is clear that the restaurant takes a highly organic approach and puts meticulous thought and care into the selection of their ingredients. “We’re really excited about fall produce and our local farmers markets,” our server said. There is a definite freshness we could taste — from the cauliflower steak to the sinfully buttery honey lavender glazed black cod. To our delight, our team discovered a new favorite Cabernet, the Block Twenty One Trione 2013 with its lift on the palate, sweet pine and cherry cordial aromas, and slight salty finish.

800 N Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, California workshoppalmsprings.com


Photographs Courtesy of Trio

Trio Restaurant Writer Helena Reed @ihelenna

The beautiful desert resort town of Palm Springs, located within the Coachella Valley, is home to some of the most savory restaurants in Southern California. Trio Restaurant, located in the uptown design district of the city, has a plethora of locals, visitors and even us at Team LEFAIR turning our heads, maybe this is due to the welcoming modern orange neon sign outside or the restaurant’s happy hour that features some of the most desirable specialty cocktails and many rave is the best happy hour in town. The restaurant is decorated with an artsy vibe, evocative feels, and popping colors that are somewhat reminiscent of the 70s. Its vibrant colors and art lining the walls create a combination of a fun pop art-heavy scene and cozy local hang. The decor caters to the restaurant’s central theme which is traditionally based on “style, food and art,” explained by owner, Tony Marchese. Trio offers hardy American cuisine, with perhaps some of its most notable items being their delectable pot roast and sole. With so much vibrance in one place, the phrase left on many visitors and regulars’ lips is that Trio, is the place “where Palm Springs eats.”

707 N Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, California triopalmsprings.com L E FA I R MA G A Z I NE | 3 3

INFLUENCER SPOTLIGHT This issue we are shining our spotlight on some of our current favorite influencers. What are you waiting for? Get on the gram and check them out! Stay tuned for LEFAIR’s Influencer Roster, a monthly roundup of influencers and content creators coming soon!


Photo by Celina Kenyon



Brenna Anastasia’s Instagram makes us want to throw @Chanfetti into the air in celebration! Her bio reads: “Love champagne, Love confetti,” hence the handle @Chanfetti. More than just a blog, Chanfetti embodies a luxury lifestyle that’s full of excitement, glamour and style. You can almost hear the champagne bottles popping as you scroll through the feed. Catch Brenna shopping on Rodeo Drive, boating in Newport Beach, sipping Rosé by the pool or in a Hammock in Tulum... Currently Brenna splits her time between San Diego and Los Angeles, and enjoys using her social platforms to showcase her personal style, beauty tips and travel diaries! Brenna’s love for content creation is evident through both her ability to share style and beauty tips with her followers and the impressive partnerships she has secured with top brands including, REVOLVE, Pacsun, Fresh Beauty, NYX, Pantene and COVERGIRL. Cheers to Brenna!


@shylahmay Unfiltered, true, no B.S. content. Thank God for people like Shylah May who keep it real. In a sea of FaceTuned and filtered selfies, it’s refreshing to find someone like Shylah who believes in presenting unaltered images. Shylah’s motto is “Listen to your body.” A health foodie, fashion focused, mental health advocate, and fitness lover, Shylah finds so many ways to authentically and positively influence her followers to live healthy and balanced lifestyles. One of our favorite things about Shylah is her honest approach to posting. Even in short Instagram posts, Shylah fearlessly opens up to her followers on difficult topics like anxiety and mental health in a relatable, supportive, and constructive way. Check out her blog for delicious paleo recipes and travels.

Photos by Danika Miller

L E FA I R MA G A Z I NE | 3 5


Photo by Malcolm Joris 3 6 | L E FA I R MAG AZI NE


Photo by Malcolm Joris

Sometimes it’s frustrating when someone is multitalented, smart, gorgeous, and kind. But model, influencer, poet, actor, and host of his Sunday Instagram livestream Coffee with Trey, Trey Baxter, makes it not only forgivable but inspiring and uplifting! This Los Angeles-located Libra is a breath of fresh air who brings his down to earth genuine nature to Instagram and floods our hearts with joy. Catch Trey on his Instagram during a photo shoot, a trip to the gym (are those abs real?) or with his boo (yes, he has a sickeningly adorable love interest as well) and absorb his positive vibes!

Photo by Tracy Kahn


L E FA I R MA G A Z I NE | 3 7

Photos by @strawhat_productions



We’ve loved following Donna Feldman over the years because her life just seems to get better and better. This influential actress and model, and now production company co-owner, has so much going on. Between signing with Muse Models in New York City and shooting advertising campaigns for resort, jewelry, clothing, and swimwear lines and Bentley, we don’t know how she finds the time to do it all. Stay tuned for her leading role in the feature film thriller, “Killer in a Red Dress” coming out in early 2019! When you’ve spent a lot of time with the camera pointed at you, sometimes you want to try turning it around. Donna and her business partner, photographer/director Michael Blank, started a new production company, Straw Hat Productions. With Donna’s degree in fashion marketing and business management, it made sense to start her own creative agency that produces photos and video shoots for various brands, magazine editorials, social media campaigns, films, etc... Eventually Straw Hat will bring on more creatives including photographers, directors, makeup artists, and stylists. “It’s a one stop shop that saves people money by not having to hire a big ad agency,” Donna says.


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Photos by Mary B Photo



From a small town in the Midwest to Miami, FL, and all the way to LA, Summer Crosley set off to follow her dreams. You might know her from her roles and appearances on shows like Californication and Nip Tuck, or you may recognize her from one of the hundreds of magazine features she’s secured or from her savvy travel focused, free-spirited, and smiley Instagram account. But it’s not just fun in the sun for Summer Crosley. Through traveling to beautiful destinations, she has learned the importance of ocean and wildlife conservation and has been working with conservation groups to raise awareness of the human impact on the world’s oceans and rainforests. This passion has taken her all over the globe. Over the years she has been actively involved in charities and nonprofits, preaching environmentalism and ocean conservation. She has been a partner with Oceana.org for over six years and is highly active in their missions. “The world and environment have shown how important it is to be thoroughly aware of our planet. Just look at the fires in California right now, and the hurricanes in Florida,” Summer Crosley says. The model and actress is serious about sustainability while still making us laugh: “Being naked is the #1 most sustainable option,” reads a post on her Instagram. #Truth


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Her color palette is on point. Carly Malchuk is a selfdescribed “busy bee” blogger living in the beautiful Kelowna, BC, Canada. Her style is often described as clean, airy, and detail-oriented. She has the kind of eye candy Instagram feed you could scroll through for hours and not realize how much time has passed. Carly has a keen eye for both fashion and interior design. She has appeared in multiple fashion campaigns for well-known and local brands and is a proud ‘Pommebassador’ for Pomme Salon and the face of Canadian brand, Obviously Chic. She has helped decorate a multitude of homes, collaborated in designing clothing, and styled many photo shoots and marketing campaigns. Carly believes in keeping life uncomplicated and bright and through her blog’s quick easy recipes, fashion and home decor advice, she invites others to do the same! Make sure you follow her very fluffy fur baby, Lacie, part-time Panda, full-time Pomeranian who has her own Instagram account, @lacieboothepom.

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MADELINE ROSENE @madelinerosene


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Madeline Rosene is a singer/songwriter based in Los Angeles. Her lyricism is witty and quirky. Take her song, Doormat for instance: “Don’t wanna ask for your help, but this song won’t write itself. You’re way too nice. Feed me with lies... Let that inspiration flow. You thought I was healthy? That’s a no.” Subversively poking fun at the trials of relationships and playing with words and chord progressions so her listeners feel a broad spectrum of emotions are Madeline’s specialties. In addition to music, her Instagram has a strong focus on fashion and travel. It’s pretty clear that she prefers the finer things in life... but is also willing to laugh at herself and any superficialities. Follow Madeline on Instagram for goofballs live streaming band practice, obnoxiously nice dinners, fashion photo shoots, and rock star shenanigans.


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Model Lauren McKell @mckell_ Photographer Apeksha Agarwal @apekshaphotography Retoucher Rutvik Katuri @rutvikkaturi Hair & Makeup Artist Melissa Bedi @hmubymelbe


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orld-renowned DJ, Afrojack, cracks up and laughs at his own jokes while we shoot him at TAO Los Angeles. For one so very high up, literally (he is 6’9”) and metaphorically, he is the apex of EDM DJs, he is down to earth and seemingly care-free. One of the top ten DJ’s in the world and only the second DJ to stake his claim on the Hollywood Walk of Fame seems larger than life. It’s true; his size 15 shoe supports the theory. How did he become so famous? He was in the right place at the right time and has been working on the right mindset to conquer the world by conquering himself first. If you think you might want to work with Afrojack — he’s offering the opportunity through his position as CEO of LDH Europe — you’re going to have to work like him first. Read on to learn how — and to find out who has your coveted spot of collaborating with him next. JZ: To set the scene, tell us about the last 24 hours in the life of Nick Leonardus van de Wall. AJ: I was in Israel the day before yesterday; we had a show there. Then I took a private jet to Luxemburg with my friends. We arrived, did the show and immediately got on the bus to Vienna. We slept on the bus. When I woke up, I played some music until we found ourselves in Vienna. I had a little bit of pain in my back, but the physical therapist fixed it. Now I’m in my room with a Play Station in one corner, some room service in another and my suitcase with all the clothes and a massage table in the middle of the living room. JZ: Hopefully you’ll have some time to decompress before the show tonight. AJ: I’m always decompressed. JZ: What do you think about this idea of a “contest” – a shot for fame? Do you think these kinds of shows and opportunities give people the wrong idea of how much work goes into becoming a successful famous artist? AJ: It’s not a shot at fame. It’s a shot at us opening a door for you, which shows the road, but it’s still a very long road to be walked. Success is very simple. It requires 16 hours of work everyday. If you are willing to put in the work, we will help you get there.


That’s basically what we do with LDH [Love, Dream, Happiness]; we give the people the platform to become who they want to be. JZ: How do you pick a winner? AJ: In this case, there’s not necessarily just one winner. Or maybe there is no winner at all. I’m not guaranteeing that we’re signing anyone to Wall [Recordings]. But maybe we’ll sign 10 people to Wall. It depends on the quality of production, and more so the story and the mindset of the person. Why are they doing this, what are they expecting to do, how much do they want it? A lot of people claim they want something and they are willing to give their life but usually they don’t. JZ: You’re holding live auditions. What do you tell to the ones who don’t? AJ: I don’t have time to encourage the whole world. We don’t talk to everyone of course, but if you watch my Twitter, it’s there. For me, I don’t see a reason to talk to the people that are not proactively chasing their own dream. One necessity of becoming successful with anything at all is being proactive. We only want to work with people that get that they have to work. If we have to explain it to them, they don’t get it for themselves. That’s the thing; you have to get it yourself. JZ: How did you “get it”? How did you make your dreams come true? AJ: Well, just like anyone, I was lucky. I was at the right place at the right time. When I was younger, I had the luck that mom let me do what I wanted. So even though we didn’t have a lot of money or anything, when I said I wanted to become a DJ, she got kind of scared, but she said okay if that’s what you want to do, you have to go do it. So I’ve always had the freedom to try to pursue what I love. We try to do with LDH. We try to give people that don’t have that freedom when they’re younger—or older—to give them that freedom to figure out a way or to construct a living situation to gain the same freedom that I had when I was a kid and the same support. Support doesn’t mean ten people helping you with shit. It means people saying, I believe what you believe in, I believe it’s possible. That’s it. Just that one person that says, I believe it’s possible.

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JZ: Did you know from a young age that you wanted to be a DJ? AJ: I was already doing it when I was 13 or 14 but I didn’t figure out that I really wanted to do it until I was 17. Then I decided to go for it.

as possible. At one point, I watched an entire psychology class online. Again, that’s what we try to do with LDH. It’s not just about music but we also teach you about the mental side of things. We want to help our artists where we can. JZ: What inspires you to create music?

JZ: What did you listen to when you were growing up? The Prodigy, and lot of trip hop because it was very popular at the time. I used to be a dancer so I listened to a lot of hip-hop as well. JZ: What have you learned since you started working that made your success possible? AJ: The most important thing to do when learning anything is to also learn how to apply it to yourself. It’s all about application to self. You can read books about how life works but if you don’t apply it to yourself, you will still be in the same position. JZ: Do you deal with fear? AJ: Not anymore. But that’s because I actually started studying philosophy and psychology and neuroscience to understand how life works. That gave me a lot more insight and made me feel a lot more comfortable and also led me to the decision to always do what I want to do at whatever time.

RARELY WILL SOMEONE ACTUALLY STUDY HIMSELF AND THAT’S WHAT MADE THE CHANGE FORE ME. It’s funny how people fear fear or anxiety or stress, but no one ever takes the time to actually get to the bottom of where it’s coming from. Rarely will someone actually study himself and that’s what made the change for me. If I really wanted to know something or had to work with something I started going as deep

Anything. It’s a fun thing, to sit down and create. We use different sounds and we use different synthesizers, we play some melodies and when we feel something feels good or sounds good, we start adding to that. It’s like Lego. When you’re a kid and you’re playing with Lego you think, today I will build a house, today I will build a car or today I’m just going to build some random stuff and watch it take shape as I’m building. When you know how music production programs work, you can do exactly the same, only with music. JZ: It seems like there is a very technical approach to make to music. AJ: I’ve been doing it for so long, at one point you can’t escape the techniques of what becomes popular and what doesn’t. Look at the Billboard charts, for 10 years in a row, it’s always the same kind of music that’s in the top 10. There is one song every 2 or 3 years that everyone wants to know and everything else is just the same. You can’t really escape that when you’re producing pop music. JZ: So what makes it exciting? AJ: The most fun is still when you accidentally come across a melody or chord progression or come up with a crazy mash up or mix live. That’s the most fun. In life in general, you have the most fun when something stumbles across your path when you least expected it. JZ: What approach are you taking with your music? AJ: Press Play was a mix of stuff I produced for my live sets and collaborations with all the new Wall artists. Same with When You’re Gone with Ester Dean. That song wasn’t made to become a chart hit, it was just made to become a fun club song that takes people to a certain place on the live stage. It wasn’t built for Spotify or Radio. But it’s fun that people started to play it and stuff so big shout out. It’s fun for me when something comes up that gets to change the landscape like when Take Over Control came out or Give Me Everything. Those kind of songs sort of change what is possible on the radio.

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JZ: Your collaborations are off the charts. Will you reveal what’s coming up? Prince Royce, Ne-yo, Sean Paul, Stargate, Nelly, Justin Jesso, Natti Natasha, Jason Derulo, BJ the Chicago Kid; that’s like the shortlist of stuff we’re working on for the new album that’s coming out in 2019. JZ: Who are your role models in the industry? AJ: I look up to Walt Disney and everyone that ever did the creative production behind the movies and the theme parks. Studio Ghibli and anyone who can create a story so big that people can completely get lost in it. JZ: Do you see that in LDH? If you go to Japan and you see what they’re doing over there it’s on a completely different level. They’ve been doing it there for a very long time. For me, being able to work with them and be able to create the same kind of company for the western music industry is a blessing. I’ve always wanted to do something like it but I wasn’t able to do it on the same level as them because I didn’t have the team or the experience.

JZ: What do you do as CEO of LDH Europe? I like to mentor to the younger generation. LDH is not just my company it’s my hobby. I have been touring all over the world for a long time and that’s fun, but it’s even more fun to be able to make a small effort and make a very big change in someone else’s life in a positive way. Recently, Disto, one of my new artists played at Ultra Mexico on the main stage. It was a life changing experience for him. For me it was one phone call. It’s nice to be able to do that.


That’s why we started doing the auditions and the remix contest because now we have the team together and the experience we have the manpower to start creating careers for people we don’t know and we don’t have in our network. Before we only did for friends and family. JZ: What does it mean to you to be one of the top 10 DJ’s in the world? AJ: It’s cool. It’s great promotion and marketing. I’m just very happy I have all my fans around the world that keep


coming to my shows and keep checking out my music. That’s the only reason I am where I am and who I am in the eyes of the media.

JZ: What are your plans for New Year’s? We heard you’re coming back to the US. AJ: I’m coming back to the US just for New Year’s and doing some shows around New Orleans. Then I’ll be back at the end of January. I’ll probably go to the studio in LA and do some gigs here and there. JZ: What are some of your favorite places to hit in the US?

AJ: Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Texas. Texas is really a lot of fun. JZ: You have a residency in Las Vegas, I hope you like spending time there. AJ: I love Las Vegas. I always said it’s like a Disneyland for adults. The most fun thing about it is that the people are who they actually are there because everyone is still under the impression that “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” so people are a lot more authentic. There’s no reason to fake. They’re on vacation. ■

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Track Afrojack - Bringin It Back https://WALL201.lnk.to/BIBYA Videographers A Camera & Edit: Jason Edward @jasonedwardcreative, B Camera: Jeffrey Fountain @jeffreyfountain

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HÔTEL SAINT-MARC Paris, France Répétez s’il vous-plait: Je vais aller a la piscine! Before you travel to Hotel Saint Marc, learn to say “I’ll be at the pool.” What a treat to be able to enjoy a swimming pool in the midst of the bustling city of Paris. In this chic and creative space, the guests of the Hotel Saint-Marc enjoy many luxuries, including a serve yourself “Honesty Bar.” The concept is simple: help yourself to the beverage of your choice and record your selection on the form provided. The hotel’s intimate ambience, superb wellness area boasting a steam room and swimming pool, and a beautiful lounge provide for a lovely stay in Paris. Guests can savor a delicious breakfast or simply enjoy moments of relaxation while sitting by large windows that open onto an elegant courtyard. Book an hour in the wellness space of Saint Marc and experience the epitome of pampering. Take full advantage of its amenities, including the relaxation baths with the pool fountain, hydromassage and counter-current swimming, the hammam and its purifying and de-stressing benefits. Bliss-out with some herbal tea and make it truly unforgettable with a massage provided by the side of the pool. This comfortable, luxurious space is sure to renew you through its sensational spa and generous amenities. 36 Rue Saint-Marc, 75002 Paris, France hotelsaintmarc.com


PALMS CASINO RESORT Las Vegas, Nevada PALMS Casino Resort is home to Camden Cocktail Lounge where you’ll find master mixologist Eric Hobbie making liquid masterpieces and some of our favorite neon sign art: “All I ever wanted was everything” by Olivia Steele. The addition of Camden is part of their recent $690 million property-wide renovation at Palms Casino Resort and offers respite from the rush of the Casino, along with mouth watering culinary dishes from chef Lanny Chin. The speak-easy style entrance to Camden is disguised as a bookcase lined with voluminous novels. Feeling social? PALMS is the pinnacle, the vertex of Vegas. Speaking of high points, up in the Vegas sky on the 55th floor of the PALMS Resort and Casino lies the APEX Social Club, a concept by nightlife partners Ryan Labbe, Jason “Jroc” Craig and clique hospitality owner Andy Masi, where local and international DJ’s spin sounds 4,500-square-foot outdoor patio and terrace boasts an Instagramworthy panoramic 360-degree limitless view of the city. Guests are also greeted by four incredible art pieces by Brooklyn-based artist Dustin Yellin, which he calls Pyschogeographies. Each humanoid sculpture is comprised of collage cut from magazines and books. With Vegas as your backdrop at this stunning and sophisticated venue, it’s time to dance the night away. Now is the time to book your stay at PALMS.

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The hotel’s glamorous REVOLVE suites invite guests in with a sophisticated palette of blush rose and cream tones with touches of marble and gold, floor to ceiling views of the Las Vegas strip. The lavish central beauty bar with custom vanity mirrors, allows up to four friends to simultaneously primp and prime for their day’s adventures together. To complete the glamorous suite is an oversized master bathroom that has a dressing room, seating area and multiple vanities and sinks, making it easy for the whole tribe to get ready at the same time. It’s time to play! REVOLVE is the nextgeneration fashion retailer for millennial consumers. L E FA I R MA G A Z I NE | 6 5

INTERCONTINENTAL PARIS Paris, France Located a stone’s throw from the Place Vendôme and the Boulevard Haussmann department stores, the InterContinental Paris Le Grand Hôtel is renowned as one of the world’s grandest hotels. It occupies a full city block, facing the legendary Place de l’Opéra, Rue Scribe, Rue Auber and the Boulevard des Capucines. Known as the “travellers’ hotel”, it was built over 150 years ago and inaugurated by the Empress Eugenie on May 5, 1862. Today, the hotel has lost none of its historic splendour or second Empire style. It is a veritable reference in the world of hospitality, both in France and abroad. Its international renown confers a very special, and coveted status. With 470 rooms and suites and 19 event rooms leading off its sumptuous atrium, La Verrière, the “Grand Hôtel” has remained true to itself as a place of welcome and the theatre of countless encounters.

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MELIÁ CAMPIONE Campione d’Italia, Italy Sun drenched thanks to the floor to ceiling windows, Meliá Campione is a luxurious hotel surrounded by the Alps and framed with views of Lake Ceresio in Campione d’Italia. The hotel is located next to the Casino Municipale and only a 10 minute drive away from the city centre of Lugano. Its innovative design and international atmosphere is appealing to clientele from all over the world. Meliá Campione possesses 40 plush, spacious, bright and comfortable rooms and suites, all designed with warm colors, large windows and decorated with exquisite wooden furniture. Each room is equipped with either a comfortable king size bed or two single beds dressed with the finest sheets. Meliá Campione has two different suites to choose from, The Femme Fatale Suite and The Modern Dandy. The Femme Fatale Suite is situated on the top floor of the hotel. Guests can enjoy a 180 degree view of Ceresio Lake. Relax in the the private external balcony bathtub! The Modern Dandy is full of character and situated on the top floor of the hotel. The open space creates continuity between the bedroom and bathroom area, with the bathtub spectacularly situated just in front of its floor to ceiling windows. A partially separate living room will give privacy and is the perfect place for a private dinner or lunch with a romantic lake view. The Dolce Vita restaurant offers a vast selection of Mediterranean and Italian gourmet dishes where the most refined palates enjoy discovering new flavors and sensations and impeccable service. Via Matteo da Campione, 2, 22060 Campione d'Italia, Italy melia.com 6 8 | L E FA I R MAG AZI NE

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Located on a private beach, only seven minutes away from Puerto Vallarta’s Romantic Zone, renowned for its art galleries, coffee shops, and colorful bohemian atmosphere, is the newly renovated Costa Sur Resort & Spa. Overlooking the beautiful Banderas Bay, the crystal-clear swimming lagoon is a paradise for snorkelers and scuba divers. The rock barrier that protects the sandy part of the resort beach has also worked as a natural reef for very colorful marine life. The building itself has a very Mexican feel, featuring strong, thick walls and spacious bedrooms. A complete floor of Master Suites luxuriously detailed with natural stone, modern furniture, and clear glass balconies that allow perfect views of the ocean has been recently renovated. ■Km. 4.5 Carretera a Barra de Navidad Puerto Vallarta, Mexico costasurpuertovallarta.com

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MADISON PETTIS Madison Pettis @madisonpettis Photographer & Videographer Tiziano Lugli @tizianolugli Writer Madeline Rosene @madelinerosene Creative Director Tracy Kahn @tracykahn Wardrobe Stylist Maeve Reilly @stylememaeve with The Only Agency @theonly.agency Assistant Stylist Alexandra Grandquist @rosegrandquist Hair Artist Preston Wada @prestonwada with Opus Beauty @opusbeauty Makeup Artist Paul Blanch @paulyblanch with Tomlinson Management Group @tmgla Assistant Producer Maxwell Harleee @maxwellharlee Editorial Assistants Nelly Velazquez @stylesbynelly__ & Kealy Mckee @kealfarra Photographer’s Assistants Brytni Sarpy @brytni and Isabelle Edwards @izzy.edwards Location Sheats Goldstein Residence, Beverly Hills, California

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he exudes gratitude. Actress and social media star, Madison Pettis began working in the entertainment industry at the early age of five years old. The now twenty year-old woman is flourishing in Los Angeles. The down-to-earth valley girl was accepted to NYU’s Tisch school for Cinema Studies but deferred to co-star in Facebook’s hit teen drama web series, Five Points, with Hayley Kiyoko, Ray Cham Jr., Spence Moore II, Nathaniel Potvin, Jake Austin Walker, and Trey Curtis. Madison talks about the role her mother played in the start of her success, growing up in the entertainment industry, her inspirations, and goals.

MR: Walk me through your upbringing… MP: I grew up in Arlington, Texas. I started dancing when I was four years old. Being comfortable on stage came easily to me. My chance to break into the industry came one day when my mom and I were at the Arlington mall. A parenting magazine was having a contest, giving out balloons and taking Polaroids of kids for a chance to be on the cover of the magazine. A few months later I got a call that I was selected. The photographer told my mom, “Your daughter is so natural in front of the camera. You should get her an agent.” My mom was hesitant because she wasn’t involved in the entertainment industry on any level but she could see how much I loved it. Soon after, I started modeling and then I booked some commercials. The first TV show I was in was Barney and Friends. Around that time, I started taking acting classes with Cathryn Sullivan, an amazing coach in Texas. She had an agent come from LA to scout me. He said if I flew to LA for pilot season, he would represent me. We had zero expectations. It still felt like a hobby back then. MR: When did it start feeling like more than a hobby? MP: It started feeling like that the first time we came to Los Angeles. We were here for a few months.


MR: Was your mom working at this time? MP: She was a stay at home mom while I was growing up. She had planned to go back to work when I was in kindergarten but then she put me first and helped me focus on my dreams. MR: That’s a lot of dedication from your mom. She must really believe in you. MP: I think about all the amazing things she did for me all the time — driving me to auditions all over this brand new city, printing out MapQuests, always making it fun for me. I was halfway through second grade when we came to LA for the first time. For those few months, my mom homeschooled me. While I was in LA, I booked Cory in the House and The Game Plan. The Game Plan audition came on the last day I was in LA. I was supposed to go home but the agent told me I had a movie audition. I was so excited but I never thought I would book it. Hundreds of girls auditioned. They told me I had a call back while I was in the room and eight callbacks later, I booked it. MR: What do you think it was that made you stand out over the hundreds of girls who auditioned? MP: During one of the auditions, there was a chemistry reading with Dwayne Johnson. The director of The Game Plan, Andy Fickman told my mom they were amazed with how comfortable I was throughout the whole process. I wasn’t star struck by Dwayne because I was so young and hadn’t watched wrestling or his other films at the time. I didn’t realize the gravity of what I was doing and how big of a deal it was because I was just having fun. I think about it now and I don’t even know how I memorized lines at such a young age. MR: Do you ever think what life would be like if your mom hadn’t entered you into that contest at the mall? MP: I think about it all the time. I would still be living in Texas. I’d still be pursuing dancing probably. But I can’t picture my life any other way. She is the most selfless person I know.

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MR: You’re starring in the Facebook series, Five Points. What is it about Five Points that sets it apart from other teen dramas? MP: It’s the cast and the writing. I’ve had the best time working with everyone on set. The cast is comprised of people in their twenties who I now call my friends and it’s so much fun to work together. Hayley Kiyoko is amazing. I’ve had the best time working with her. The writing is what drew me to it initially. Adam Giaudrone is so talented. When I first read just a few pages of it, I really connected to how he captured teenage life and how we really talk. Adam has such a nuanced way of showing what is below the surface of these stereotypes. The whole series surrounds one dramatic tragic event. Watching my cast mates perform these super emotionally raw scenes and give incredible performances is so inspiring creatively and such an honor. They inspire me to perform at my best. I believe we did the series justice. I think the popularity comes from the characters’ relatability. The story is told from the perspective of five different characters’ points of view. It’s the jock, the geek, the popular girl, but people get to see so much

more than that and realize people are so much more than the boxes we place them into. The show features deep problems and hardships and forces the viewer to empathize because it is so real. One of my favorite messages from the show is that you never know what other people are going through behind closed doors. Even if someone’s life looks perfect from the outside, chances are it’s not. Everyone is struggling with something so you should always be kind to everyone. MR: What do you think of Facebook as a platform for TV series? MP: I think people are still getting used to social media as a platform for consuming television narratives. It’s still a new platform. This short form content is very different. People are watching a huge storyline unfold during just these short ten-minute episodes on Facebook. If you binged it, it would be about 120 minutes to watch the entire season. I think being on digital platforms like that — like Apple and Disney — it’s becoming a bigger trend. In general, social media is a huge part of my career that allows me to keep up with my fans and has actually allowed me to grow up with my fans.

“Even if someone’s life looks perfect from the outside, chances are it’s not. Everyone is struggling with something so you should to everyone.”

always be kind

L E FA I R MA G A Z I NE | 7 5

“I want to work more with


military families and share with them.”


MR: Do you have any aspirations to be behind the camera? MP: I want to produce. It’s been a dream of mine to have a production company with my mom. I’m not sure how short term or long-term that goal is but it’s definitely something I want to do. I’ve had a lot of ideas being on set for so long. My mom was on set with me all the time and she made a lot of observations over the past 13 years in this industry. Now I have my own perspective. MR: Do you have any specific role models in the business? MP: Kerry Washington, our executive producer on Five Points is a huge role model for me. She really brings stories to life and it is so inspiring to watch. Working with her has been an honor. Viola Davis is one of my favorite actresses. Reese Witherspoon has her own production company similar to Kerry. It’s so great to see women behind the camera and I hope to be part of that one day as well. MR: Did you have any favorite actresses growing up? MP: Raven Symone was my favorite actress. I loved The Cheetah Girls. I would reenact it on the playground and direct my friends. I’d tell them which Cheetah Girl they were. Being on Cory in the House was a dream come true for me because that was basically all I watched back then. Kyle Massey has always been like a big brother to me. Everyone in that cast felt like a big family. When Raven would guest star, I was so star struck by her. I saw her a year ago and I was still star struck!


MR: What is a cause you feel strongly about? MP: My brother is in the military. He’s been in the army for about ten years. I have worked with the USO in the past, traveling to different military bases, in Germany, Hawaii, all over… sharing my experience with having a loved one in the service. I know how hard it is for military families and how emotional it is to go through the experience of deployment. Sharing those feelings and stories with families who are going through the same thing is something I feel super passionately about. I want to work more with military families and share common ground with them. There are so many military families all over the world. I think it’s nice for some of them to see someone on TV going through the same things as they are. The traveling and moving from place to place is very stressful alone. My brother and his wife just moved from North Carolina to Japan two weeks ago. MR: What are some of your favorite shows and films? MP: I love feel good cinema, movies you can watch over and over. 13 Going on 30 is one of my favorite movies of all time. I love Atlanta, which isn’t always “feel good” exactly… I think Donald Glover he is a genius… He’s so talented that it’s crazy! I love Insecure on HBO Issa Rae wrote and created it. It’s fantastic and hilarious. My mom and I are Law and Order junkies. I’ve watched every episode of SVU. Coming back to your role model question, Mariska Hargitay is wildly inspiring to me. She has been doing the series since the very beginning and is now an executive producer. When I guest starred, I saw how hands on she is. She knows her character and the show so well and she makes sure everything is perfect.

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MR: Are there any scenes from movies that have stuck with you over the years? MP: So many… One of my favorite scenes is probably a from Sex and the City which is one of my favorite series of all time. The season finale of Sex and the City, the final episode when she decides she’s moving to Paris with the Russian, Big shows up and she screams, “…you can drive up this street all you want because I don’t live here anymore!” Their relationship is so beautiful. Saying goodbye to someone when you know you still love them is so hard and that scene is such an incredible representation of that. It also really speaks to timing in relationships and what a significant role it plays. That scene just breaks my heart. Their relationship was so intense and they are brilliant characters. I would never want them to remake it but I wish I could be in a series just like Sex and the City. MR: What is one of the challenges find yourself facing in this industry? MP: Sometimes it’s easy to get down on yourself by comparing yourself to other people. But you have to believe in yourself and not compare yourself to others. I get inspired reading interviews from people like Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone where they talk about the whole journey to where they are now. Nothing is overnight even if it might seem that way from the outside. Dwayne Johnson tells a story of how

he had 7 dollars in his pocket and nothing else. The fact is, you don’t know anyone’s story or how hard they’ve worked to get where they are. Never give up. In the social media age, it’s so easy to compare yourself but it won’t make you feel any better about yourself. MR: Do you have any goals as far as acting goes? MP: I’m striving to create a balance between TV and film. As an actor, I don’t want to get stuck doing one certain thing. I like a variety of genres and I want to explore them all. MR: Do you have any advice for young women who want to break into the entertainment industry? MP: If you love it, do it. There are so many reasons why people get into the entertainment besides the pure joy. So many people are in it to be famous, make money or get followers but if your heart isn’t in it, then it’s not a great industry to be in. There is a lot of competition and rejection. What keeps me going in such a hard industry is being on set and being inspired by other people who want to make art that they’re proud of, whether it makes people laugh and feel good or makes them emotional and touches on important topics. If you have a genuine love for it go for it. Work hard and practice all the time. It’s very hard and very challenging. I’ve been doing it for 13 years and I’m proud of where I am, but I’m still nowhere near where I want to be. Don’t give up. ■

“If you have a genuine love for it

go for it.

Work hard and

practice all the time.”



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NICE, naughty & NEEDY

‘Tis the season to be greedy... fa la la la large numbers of presents, PLEASE.

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Three of our podcast picks: put in your buds and better yourself!

SEX WITH EMILY You’re on the hunt for some completely down right honest conversation, Dr. Emily Morse is your woman. Host of one the longest running sex and relationships podcasts, “Sex with Emily,” Dr. Morse is ready to give it to you straight with no judgment. Doctor of Human Sexuality, sex & relationship expert, Emily dives right in and shares some of the most open, unfiltered, unbashful advice and conversations surrounding sex, relationships and dating. She doesn’t stop there. She also gives her listeners tips, tricks and everything in between. Dr. Morse doesn’t shy away. Her career and podcast is dedicated to making sex more approachable rather than a taboo in our society. Her podcasts are titled and range in topics such as “ Good, Good, Good Vibrations: Sex Toy Review,” “Orgasm Blockers & Sex Myth Stoppers,” all the way to “Keeping it Kinky Cuddly & Clean.” It’s not just about sex though. Dr. Morse also spreads love and encourages her listeners to “Love yourself, open your heart which means doing the work on yourself first. Then love will follow.” In addition to spreading her expertise all across the airwaves, she has been a contributor to a handful of notable publications such as Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, Men’s Health, Bustle and many more. With a goal to make everyone more comfortable with their sexual health, Dr. Morse even allows listeners to submit questions by emailing her. Her goal is real and she is ready to take the awkwardness out of some much-needed conversation. And now in addition to the podcast, Emily is also bringing her judgment-free advice to a live national audience on SiriusXM Stars, channel 109 every weekday from 8pm-10pm Eastern, 5pm-7pm Pacific. For more information, go to sexwithemily.com.



IMPACT THEORY “See beyond your current self, for the best opportunity of becoming the best version of yourself.” Tom Bilyeu, host of the iTunes podcast, Impact Theory With Tom Bilyeu is a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of the #2 Inc. 500 Company Quest Nutrition and former host of the YouTube hit series’ Inside Quest. Tom is on a mission. He is not just passionate about inspiring one to become the best version of themselves, but also wants to give to each listener and the world if he can, the direct help and tools to solve what he and his company believe to be the world’s biggest obstacles. The major objective of each podcast is not just to motivate, but to inform, ignite and push. He encourages listeners to actually take action in their lives and truly be all that they can be while being as informed as possible. “Our mission is to free people from The Matrix. Said another way, we want to end the poverty of poor mindset,” as stated on the team’s mission statement. With a drive and desire to help you live your best life and totally tap into becoming your best self, Impact Theory’s podcasts range in topics such as What to Do When Words Aren’t Enough | Relationship Theory (in which he hosts alongside his wife Lisa Bilyeu), Why You Need To Stop Saying What People Want to Hear, all the way to Why You Need To Love Yourself and What To Do When You Have Conflicting Values. These episodes feature some pretty high achievers discussing their secrets to success. These guests are extremely knowledgeable and successful in their own right. You can check out Impact Theory With Tom Bilyeu on iTunes or at impacttheory.com to watch or listen to latest episodes.


THE TIM FERRISS SHOW Tim Ferriss is only interested in seeing you get ahead of the game. In his business/interview podcast, The Tim Ferriss Show, Tim spends a lot of his time taking apart the most successful performers in a number of diverse fields and professions in order to understand and break down their tactics and tricks. Tim is interested in even the most basic habits of these successful individuals from time management down to their morning routines and exercise habits. His podcast gives him the platform to deliver his findings to his listeners. Tim invites an array of powerful guests to help him in his quest including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jamie Foxx , Amanda Palmer, Vince Vaughn, Reid Hoffman,Whitney Cummings and so many more. Amongst his plethora of titles, Tim is known as a best selling author, an early-stage technology investor/advisor, and has been coined as one of Fast Company‘s “Most Innovative Business People.” It almost seems as if there are no ceilings for the self experimenter. However, with his podcast he is using his powers for good, helping listeners find techniques and strategies that they can honestly use. The show has been ranked #1 on numerous occasions and has been noted as the number 1 business podcast “on all of Apple Podcasts,” as stated on the show’s blog. “It’s about positive tactics you can use, not “gotchas” or other B.S.. The Internet has enough of that, and I wanted to do something to reverse the trend,” states Tim. His podcast can be listened to on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, and Overcast.


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Goldstein AN INTERVIEW WITH JAMES GOLDSTEIN James Goldstein @jamesfgoldstein Writer Madeline Rosene @madelinerosene Photographer Tracy Kahn @tracykahn Stylist James Goldstein @jamesfgoldstein Location Sheats Goldstein Residence, Beverly Hills, California

“You know, he bought the house for his dog (his beloved, golden tressed Afghan Hound, Natasha),” Roberta Leighton says of the estimated multimillion dollar Sheats Goldstein Estate and owner James Goldstein. “But he’s moved on to other blondes now,” she winked. Roberta is an actress and Mr. Goldstein’s assistant. She has known him for over thirty years. The light rich Beverly Crest home designed by John Lautner and built between 1961 and 1963 is actually, according to Roberta, priceless. In fact, along with Mr. Goldstein’s extensive fashion collections and works by artists including Ed Ruscha, Bernar Venet, Kenny Schard and James Turrell, and his iconic 1961 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud, the estate is a promised gift to LACMA. TASCHEN fashion photography books line the kitchen bar. A turtle sunbathes on a rock in the koi pond that’s just through the glass doors. The Goldstein Sheats Estate house is an example of American Organic Architecture that derives its form as an extension of the natural environment and of the individual for whom it was built. Before James Goldstein purchased the home in 1972, the house was originally built for UCLA professors Helen and Paul Sheats and their five children. Today glittering in a metal jacket, James sits on the couch, although according to Jane, the location manager, “he prefers to stand.” It seems that he would likely rather be raging inside Club James, the custom nightclub he created at his home just beneath the tennis court. Since its creation, it has hosted dozens of celebrity-studded events from a Calvin Harris Album release party to Rihanna’s birthday celebration. James Goldstein is a mysterious style icon who people often recognize for sitting courtside at Lakers’ games in his signature boots, colorful scarf, cowboy hat, and anything Balmain. He is private about how exactly his fortune was amassed. “Just put real estate,” he said. He is a super fan of both fashion and of the NBA in general. We wonder if it wasn’t for our photo shoot if he might still change his outfit four or five times per day. With that wardrobe, it would be hard not to. As eccentric as he may be, James Goldstein is known by many of the loyal gardeners, architects, construction workers and operation managers that he has employed part time for over 20 years as “Jim.” With the exception of his part time help, Jim says he has never needed any kind of constant assistance, no chauffeur, no butler. He drives himself to the grocery store and to the games. “I’m an only child,” he said. “... I like to be independent.”


L E FA I R MA G A Z I NE | 9 5


MR: Are you excited about LeBron joining the Lakers? JG: No, because I’m an NBA fan. I don’t root specifically for the Lakers. I’ve been attending all of the Lakers games since I moved to Los Angeles in 1962. Over the years, time and time again, I have seen the Lakers obtain a super star who was previously playing for another team. The Lakers have had too much of an advantage and it’s not fair. I would like to see LeBron play for a team that hasn’t been able to enjoy championships. And besides all of that, I have to deal with the so-called “Los Angeles basketball fans” who really aren’t basketball fans at all because they haven’t been coming to the games for five years. They don’t care about seeing the other teams. All they care about is rooting for the Lakers when they’re a good team. When they’re not a good team, they have no interest in coming to the games. Saturday night, for the home opener of the Lakers, it was just as I expected. I saw people there who I haven’t seen for five years. I just want things to be fair and I resent fair-weather fans who don’t appreciate basketball. MR: How did you get interested in basketball? JG: I grew up in Milwaukee and I was playing basketball from the age of six. At the age of ten, I started going to games. I was really interested in the NBA at an early age. I was offered an opportunity to be the statistician for the Milwaukee Hawks (now the Atlanta Hawks) at age 15. This cemented my attachment during a time when there was little interest in the NBA. The tickets only cost maybe five or ten dollars and not many people showed up. MR: What was it like growing up in Milwaukee? Did you always know you wanted to move to California? JG: When I was growing up in Milwaukee, I had never visited California. When it came time to choose a college to go to, because of my good scholastic record in high school, I was attracted to the Ivy League schools. At the same time, a family friend had talked to me about going to Stanford University in California. I toured the Ivy League schools and talked to the students there. None of them seemed very happy. When I told them I was considering Stanford, they said, “You should go to Stanford.” Sight unseen, I went to Stanford. Once I had a taste of California, I knew I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life in Milwaukee. MR: Do you have any favorite memories of events that have taken place in this house? JG: As far as events go, one of the best ones was Rihanna’s birthday party about three years ago. It was pretty much the debut of Club James, which I have been working on for many years prior to that. It was a small intimate party filled with celebrities including Mick Jagger who had never been here before. Another party

that stands out in my mind was well before the construction of Club James. What was notable about that party was that Jack Nicholson arrived, but before he arrived, he had been standing in the middle of Cielo drive on the approach to my house… directing traffic in a huge traffic jam with a drink in his hand. MR: How did the creation of Club James come about? JG: The house had been used for many events over the years and as time went on, the space became more and more famous and there was an increased demand for events. The living room is not big enough to hold sizeable events. It would help if the weather was good for people to go out to the pool but that was always a risky situation during the winter months. I knew I wanted to create more space for events. Along with that, I had been a frequent nightclub-goer all my life, not just in Los Angeles, but all over the world. I always had visions in my mind of how I would design my own nightclub, so the motivation was there for both practical reasons and also for creative reasons. When I was able to buy the house next door, my initial thought was to tear down the house and build a tennis court, which was also something I always wanted to have. I’ve been a tennis player all my life. When it came time to design the tennis court, I realized the possibility existed to have a nightclub space underneath the tennis court. MR: Is this your only house? JG: I still own my family’s residence in Milwaukee that I grew up in but that’s the only other house I own. Initially, when my mother passed away, I thought I would continue my habit of making periodic trips to Milwaukee, which I had been doing to visit her. As it turns out, I haven’t been doing that but I have held onto the house partly for emotional reasons and partly because I still have a lot of possessions in the house and I don’t want to take the trouble of shipping them out here… MR: I read that you don’t believe in marriage. JG: I don’t believe in marriage because the idea of a contractual arrangement to keep people together is very unappealing to me. I’ve always believed in being with someone because I want to be with that person, not because of some marital agreement. In addition to that, I have been around long enough to know that people change over the years and the idea of a lifetime commitment to someone doesn’t really make sense to me unless it’s on a voluntary basis. I’ve seen my interests in women evolve over long periods of time and my relationships with women evolving from a physical attraction to a friendship. I’ve remained close friends with my girlfriends from the past but the romance is not there anymore so I feel that I’ve definitely done the right thing by never getting married. I’m an only child and I’ve been used to being alone. L E FA I R MA G A Z I NE | 9 7

MR: Do you ever get lonely? JG: I don’t have anyone working here full time by design. I don’t require a lot of assistance in general. I’ve never wanted a cook. I’ve never wanted a driver. I’ve never wanted a full time housekeeper. People seem to be surprised that I do my own grocery shopping but that’s the way I am. I like to be independent and do things myself. MR: I would call you a fashion icon. Where did your fashion sense come from? Your father owned a department store in Milwaukee. Did he play a role in this fascination? JG: My father started putting me in suits, overcoats and hats when I was a young boy — probably at the age of six. I always had that involvement with clothes from the time I was very young. Maybe by the time I was 13 or so, I started developing my own ideas about fashion and following it more closely. I always tried to do be the first in my school to wear a new fashion concept. At the same time, I always wanted to separate myself from everyone else by being a little different. In my early 20s, I went to Paris for the first time and saw how fashionable the people were there. That was a turning point for me because then I started following international fashion. I started going to Paris to buy my clothes. I stepped up my interest. MR: How would you describe your style? JG: I don’t have a word to describe my fashion style. It’s a combination of always wanting to wear the latest collections while choosing clothes that are not only stylish and comfortable but are preferably slender fitting. I’m drawn to jackets with an unusual design and fabric — leather, python, or metal, like I’m currently wearing. My usual outfit is a short jacket and slender pants, and I like to add a colorful scarf and a wide brim hat. This look sets me apart. Over the years, I have become friendly with Tommy Perse, the owner of Maxfield in Los Angeles. He invited me to some fashion shows in Paris. Once I got a taste of fashion shows, I wanted to go to as many as I could. I have been going to fashion weeks all over the world for many years now and because of that, I’ve received international recognition, not just for being at the shows, but for the way I dressed at the shows. MR: Do you have any favorite designers? JG: My Favorite designer is Olivier Rousteing from Balmain. He is a personal friend and he frequently designs pieces for me. That’s what I’m buying. 90% of my clothes are Balmain.

HoopsHype, which gives me all the latest NBA inside scoop. After several hours of doing that, I frequently meet with my architect and construction people to discuss details of the ongoing projects as well as future projects. Then I often play tennis and by that time, I’m ready for some lunch and I’ll do some reading in the sun in the afternoon or I’ll go to the beach if it’s a particularly nice day. In afternoon it’s time to start watching NBA games on TV prior to driving to Staples Center to watch a game in person. After a game, I usually go out to dinner somewhere. MR: You do a lot of traveling. Where have you been recently? JG: I just came back from Moscow a week ago. I was there during Russian Fashion Week. It’s one of my favorite cities that I’ve been visiting yearly for 15 years now. I watched the amazing progression from it being a shabby city to something very beautiful. I was supposed to go to the nearby country, The Republic of Georgia this past summer but I didn’t do it. It’s still at the top of my list. MR: Where are some other places you’d like to go that you’ve never been to? JG: I’ve never been to Egypt. That’s certainly one of the places I want to go to. There are many parts of Africa that I haven’t been to. In general, I would like to visit every country because even if a place isn’t a major tourist attraction, knowing a little bit about the culture of every country is fascinating to me.

...knowing a little bit about the culture of every country is fascinating to me.” MR: What is going to happen to our planet? JG: I think we will eventually figure it out but Donald Trump is a real deterrent to the environment. The cause that is foremost in my mind right now is the damage to the democratic system in the US that is being threatened by Donald Trump along with our position in the entire world with the threats made by Trump to our alliances with other countries. He says the media is our biggest enemy. Freedom of the press is in jeopardy because of Donald Trump.

MR: What does a typical day look like for you? MR: Are you happy? JG: I travel six months of the year but when I’m in Los Angeles at home, my normal day is to start off by reading the New York Times and Los Angeles Times as well as my emails and something called


JG: Yes, I’m very happy. I feel like my life keeps getting better and better. ■

L E FA I R MA G A Z I NE | 9 9

“… I’m very happy. I feel like my life keeps getting

better and better.”

1 0 0 | L E FA I R MAG AZI NE

LE FA I R MA G A Z I NE | 1 0 1