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In the courtyard of Soho Beach House, Cecconi’s is a modern day classic Italian restaurant open for brunch, lunch, cicchetti, and dinner, seven days a week. Cecconi’s serves hand-made pasta, seafood and dishes from Italy WUKPI VJG ƂPGUV KPITGFKGPVU +P CFFKVKQP VQ VJG ƃCIUJKR restaurant in Mayfair, London, Cecconi’s has outposts in West Hollywood, Istanbul, Barcelona, Dumbo and Berlin.






Located in the heart of Beverly Hills, AKA offers stunning furnished residences with spacious living rooms, full kitchens and hotel amenities, including resident cinema, Technogym fitness center, and tranquil terrace lounge. Private bi-level town homes, penthouse residences and terrace suites with sweeping views of the Hollywood Hills. Steps from Rodeo Drive, with Tesla house car, valet, private parking, and in-suite dining by Wolfgang Puck’s legendary Spago.


STAYAKA.COM 877.730.1394




T H E L O N D O N W E S T H O L LY W O O D . C O M

Experience Tropical Nirvana Lotusland is an exotic and breathtaking 37-acre estate and botanic garden in the foothills of Santa Barbara and was recently named one of the ten best gardens in the world by The Telegraph in London. www.lotusland.org

...Luxury rentals with villas worldwide WWW.HIDDENCHICVILLAS.COM

You’re an original. Your bag should be too.

F U N C T I O N O F B E A U T Y. C O M




79 GET THE LOOK Get that fresh face feel with these hydrating products. 110 RAD APPS Look good and feel good with these apps that will satisfy your goals for wellness, beauty and philanthropy. 118 PODCAST PALOOZA Listen up! Our podcast picks will better your mind and spirit through the powers of positivity and curiosity.

FASHION + BEAUTY 54 ENDLESS SUMMER Go-chella or go home! Madi Edwards rocks festival fashion. 72 SEEING DOUBLE Photographer Tiziano Lugli will make you do a double take with this fashion editorial. 80 BOUNCE BACK Sporting sportswear and bouncin’ around with Keith Carlos and Tatiana Arend. 90 SMOKE SHOW Don’t get it twisted. Contortionist and actress, Marina Mazepa, is a ten out of ten.


ON THE COVER Photographer Tiziano Lugli Models Elisha Herbert and Renee Herbert Model Agency Elite Models Stylist Lo VonRumpf Makeup Artist Dillon Peña Hair Artist Anthony Joseph Hernandez SMYTHE Faux Fur Jacket


24 SAN YSIDRO RANCH Tucked away behind lush vistas, filled with a variety of vegetation, lies a sprawling 500-acre ranch waiting for your arrival. 32 YUCATÁN Explore the majestic Yucatán peninsula- full of ancient Mayan history, scenic cenotes, and handsome haciendas. 40 HOT SPOTS Hangouts for the hungry. Plan your night out on the town in Miami, Santa Barbara, and LA. 64 GET THE TRIP Need inspiration for your next trip? Check out our favorite spots! 102 LA SERENA VILLAS Proof that paradise exists in Palm Springs. Book your stay today! 112 HALEY HOTEL & BEYOND Surf ’s up and we’re down with the Haley Hotel — one of the hottest additions to Santa Barbara.





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EDITOR’S LETTER Welcome to the “Bounce Back” issue. I’m excited for this issue because it represents the energy of renewed hope, health, and happiness as we all slowly break free from a life-changing global pandemic. It’s been a very challenging time for all of humanity for the last few years, and it finally feels like many people will be able to go back to “normal” life soon. As a fashion, travel and lifestyle magazine, we encountered Covid roadblocks as did most businesses. But as with any difficult time, there’s always lessons, growth and change. The one thing that is constant is change. It’s hard when life forces us to change but it can be a very positive change so this is how we “BOUNCE BACK”! Life is full of second chances, and we believe everyone in the entertainment, travel, and fashion industries is getting a new chance. With new beginnings in mind, we’re delighted to launch the Bounce Back issue on 2/22/2022. According to numerology, the number two is ruled by the moon and symbolizes mind, dharma, wealth, splendor, and spiritual knowledge. It is therefore deemed sacred. In general the number two represents life’s basic dualities: me/you, yes/ no, left/right–the “yin and yang,” so to speak. It has always been my hope that LEFAIR magazine would help inspire spirituality, splendor, balance, and fulfillment. And above all, I have always desired that my work as a photographer, creative director, Editor in Chief, and world wanderer would instill an appreciation for the dichotomies of life: that the only certainties are uncertainties, that sometimes the more vulnerable you are, the stronger you are, and the more you learn, the more you realize how little you know.

“IF WE DON’T CHANGE, WE DON’T GROW. IF WE DON’T GROW, WE AREN’T REALLY LIVING.” - GAIL SHEEHY Many of us took time during lockdown to reevaluate what we are doing with our lives. I founded LEFAIR because after years of being a photographer and creative director, I wanted to collaborate and connect with talented individuals to create engaging content and inspire readers with fashion and travel visuals, articles and interviews. Celebrating and sharing incredible people’s stories, travel destinations and fashion has been my passion. Moving forward, LEFAIR will include more wellness travel and lifestyle articles as well as interviews with musicians, actors and mindful mentors who have a positive vibe and mission to bring something inspiring to their fans. An Uber driver once told me, “Music is a microcosm of spirituality.” Music connects us! This issue’s “Lyrics We Love” features the new Elderbook and Bob Moses song, Innerlight. Actress and contortionist, Marina Mazepa, has a vibrant spirit and energy that shine in her interview and fashion editorial.

We’ve included articles on 2 of our favorite blissful retreats in California to relax and recharge your soul: San Ysidro Ranch and La Serena Villas. Our PodCast Palooza features mindful mentors Tom Bilyeu and Tim Ferriss, along with Doctor of Human Sexuality, Emily Morse. We have been fortunate to connect and grow with our circle of creatives, brands, talent, PR companies and readers. We’re grateful for our collaborations with stellar hotels, resorts, and transportation companies that have enabled us to explore and feature beautiful destinations around the world. Before COVID (BC), LEFAIR traveled to Puerto Vallarta, Venice, Tuscany, Paris, Palm Springs, and other beautiful destinations. We’re looking forward to upcoming editorial trips and collaborations with people and places that nourish our bodies and ignite our souls! Get ready for a tasty blend of the true beauty of a traditional lifestyle magazine, and the future of media- content creation, influencer marketing and e-commerce. We’re playing on the intersection of old and new, and loving what we do! I want to express my gratitude to all of the gifted contributors, featured talent, and the LEFAIR team. It’s so exciting to share a collaboration of works on our platform and with the world. And thank YOU, readers! We hope you enjoy our content because we love serving it to you! With Gratitude, Tracy Kahn Editor in Chief



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Rising up from the Ashes Writer Brinkley Maine @brinkleymainephoto


The drive up to San Ysidro Ranch is a journey into tranquility. As you leave the everyday bustle of the 101 freeway, the tree-lined roads and historic homes of the Montecito foothills welcome you. Tucked away behind lush vistas, filled with a variety of vegetation, lies the sprawling 500-acre ranch.

L E FA I R MA G A Z I NE | 2 5


When you walk through the doors of the Hacienda reception, you may mouth the words “I’m home again,” as it feels as comfortable as your own living room. Oak floors lined with colorful Persian rugs and carefully chosen antique additions will have your jaw dropping straight to the floor. After a very welcoming check-in and tour of the property, you will be assisted to your very own bungalow-style cottage. San Ysidro Ranch has 41 individually styled cottages scattered across the hillside property and along the serene San Ysidro creek. Each cottage comes with its own parking space, private patio, and, the best part: an outdoor hot tub and rain shower. The King-sized canopy bed is topped with a goose down comforter making all of your dreams of sleeping on a big fluffy cloud come true. Make sure to slip off your shoes after the day of travel and head into the big open bathroom where, as you wait for the tub to fill, you’ll enjoy the warmth of the heated bathroom floors on your tired feet.


“Tucked away behind lush vistas filled with a variety of vegetation lies the 500-acre ranch that greets you like the center-spread in its own magazine.”

L E FA I R MA G A Z I NE | 2 7


Photo by Tracy Kahn

The San Ysidro Ranch food and wine is phenomenal. So, of course, we were absolutely thrilled to tour the wine cellar before we caught a last-minute reservation at the intimate Stonehouse restaurant, known for celebrity sightings and memorable experiences.


Director of Restaurants and Italian Sommelier, Franco De Bartolo, began our evening meal with an exclusive tour of the newly finished wine cellar. After a boulder knocked through the doors of the SYR wine cellar during the devastating mudslide in 2018, the ranch had no choice other than to re-build. The ranch lost million’s worth of wine due to the mud that engulfed the cellar and affected the sensitive temperature requirements for the fine wines. Bartolo played a large part in bringing the new cellar back to life. Our eyes widened with excitement as we were introduced to exquisite grape assortments from around the world.

Photo by Tracy Kahn

Our fingertips brushed the beautiful labels of featured bottles both sourced locally and imported from different parts of the world. When we asked Bartolo what his favorite wine was, he responded, “Well, does one have a favorite child?” Though his answer was comical, he guided us to a corner where he made sure to highlight some Italian wines. There is no question why SYR has won the Wine Spectator Grand Award for so many years in a row now. Fill your wine glass and journey to a starlit dinner table where you will be entranced by the views looking over the Pacific Ocean. The Ranch accommodates dietary restrictions during your stay upon notifying them at checkin. Our friendly and knowledgeable server, Eric, brought us both the daily menu and a vegetarian menu created by Executive Chef, Matthew Johnson. Chef Johnson oversees the organic menus for SYR’s Stonehouse restaurant, Plow & Angel Pub In-Room Dining, and a line of take-home food items. Photo by Tracy Kahn

L E FA I R MA G A Z I NE | 2 9


Our meal began with fresh organic appetizers sourced straight from the SYR Chef ’s garden. Our mouths watered as we smelled the apple cider glaze on the cranberry topped roasted Brussel sprouts and pecan streusel. For our entrees, we ordered the Maine Diver Scallops and Classic Steak Diane. The scallops were accompanied by a shellfish bisque and Dungeness crab brandade. The Steak Diane was topped with a brandied cremini mushroom sauce that was flambéed table-side by Franco himself. For dessert, we opted for the chocolate soufflé. I promise your cravings will be satisfied and expectations blown away.


Make sure to ask for a night-time tour of the property. From dinner, our chariot (golf cart) was waiting for us at the entrance to begin our starry tour of the ranch. Though we saw the ranch during the day, the magic heightened under the stars. The cart drove us to the upper lawn where 10,000-square-feet of green grass spread out, giving us a clear view of the Channel Islands by day and lighted oil rigs by night. During the tour, be sure to pass by the entrance of the famous “Warner Cottage,” named after resort owner and creator of Beanie Babies, Ty Warner. Be sure to admire the fine details of the large garden and relax by the sunny upper hillside pool. The SYR pool is heated year-round and open to guests 24 hours a day to accommodate the mild Santa Barbara weather. We particularly enjoyed learning the history of San Ysidro Ranch; touring the Kennedy Cottage, where Jackie and John Kennedy stayed during their honeymoon, and hearing about the original 1825 Old Adobe Cottage. This space is a must if you’re looking to throw an intimate event or make a proposal. In addition to the amenities we noted, the ranch has a full gym, an entire VIP (very important pooch) pet program and a rejuvenating spa menu for those who wish to indulge in luxurious treatments during their stay.

Photo by Tracy Kahn

Our stay at San Ysidro Ranch was nothing short of magical. We were relaxed and in no way ready to leave. We loved the rich history and curated experience provided by the San Ysidro Ranch. This place instantly felt like a home away from home, and is calling us to return. ■

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Writer Madeline Rosene @madelinerosene


ucatán is one of 32 states that comprise the Federal Entities of Mexico. It is currently the safest state in Mexico and was named the State Of Peace at World Summit of Nobel Peace Prize Laureates in 2019. The locals have a genuine hospitality, warm, and generous manner. This kind of openness and congeniality is evidenced by the large number of “fondas,” pop-up restaurants or inns in people’s homes that exist throughout the state. If you’re looking to replace your usual five-star glitz for a little grit, be sure to visit a fonda, where you might find the best home-cooked cheese empanadas you’ve ever tasted. For a true and authentic experience while visiting Yucatán be prepared for a spiritual, somewhat rugged adventure.

GETTING AROUND For those who have never visited Mexico, it’s important to note that some traffic laws are different from the United States. For instance, licensed and registered ATVs, like four wheelers, are considered street legal in Mexico for driving on conventional roads. There are many companies that will rent ATVs for daily use and can even lead you on a tour through Mayan villages. You can also choose to travel by bicycle or pedicab. Pedicabs are bicycle cabs and are both a fun and practical means of transportation. These rickshaw-like bicycles are often motorized and usually have some kind of canopy for shade. This is a welcomed feature since, even in winter, the weather is generally hot and humid, with temperatures often hitting the low to mid 80s.

L E FA I R MA G A Z I NE | 3 3

SITES TO SEE Acanceh Acanceh is a town and ancient Maya archaeological site 21 kilometers from Mérida. The town was founded sometime between 300 and 500 AD and is known for its churches which are constructed from former Mayan temples and pyramids. The population is still mostly Maya who speak the Yucatec Maya language but usually understand basic Spanish. Fun fact: Yucatecan teenager, Santos Tuz, native to the town of Oxkutzcab, teaches Mayan on his TikTok account with over 300,000 followers. You can follow him at @Tuzsantos322. The central square of Acanceh is home to a vibrant yellow Colonial church, Arquidiócesis de Yucatán A.R. La Natividad and a preColumbian pyramid.

Izamal 44 miles east of Mérida is a ceremonial “Pueblo Mágico” or “magical town” called Izamal. In the Yucatec Maya Language, Izamal means: “dew of heaven.” In this former capital city, almost every building in the area is painted yellow. With the blue sky as a backdrop, the architecture of this small colonial town makes for a very photogenic visiting experience. The optimistic primary color drenches the area in positivity and sunshine. Although there are many theories, why it is painted yellow remains a mystery. It is home to the historic Convento San Antonio de Padua, built in 1561 on top of the ancient Mayan worship center. The church dominates the center of Izamal and is an important place for worship among Catholics. ​​It has the second largest enclosed atrium in the world (the Vatican has the largest). Many pilgrimage to this site as it is believed that the statues of saints inside the convent perform miracles. Izamal is also known as a town with three cultures because it holds the history of the ancient Maya people, Spanish colonials, and today’s modern population. Drive three hours east to the Riviera Maya and beach destinations like Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Tulum.


Puerto Progreso Progreso is a port city on Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula. It’s a common stop for cruise ships, which dock at its landmark long pier. An oceanfront promenade, the Malecón, is lined with beaches and thatch-roofed restaurants and bars. The Venice Beach-like boardwalk is bustling with nightlife. Keep an eye out for the Faro de Puerto Progreso, an active lighthouse built in 1893.

Cenotes Cenotes, or “sinkholes” are natural deep-water wells. These aquatic systems are abundant throughout the Yucatán Peninsula. Cenotes were the only source of water in the jungle for the Mayan civilization and are considered sacred by the Mayan people. Cenotes are formed when rainwater absorbs a gas (carbon dioxide) from the air and forms a weak acid. As this trickles down through small cracks in the limestone, the weak acid dissolves a mineral in the limestone called calcite. Over time the limestone is dissolved and a cenote is formed. Ik Kil is a cenote outside Pisté in the Tinúm Municipality, Yucatán, Mexico. It is located in the northern center of the Yucatán Peninsula and is part of the Ik Kil Archeological Park near Chichen Itza. It is open to the public for swimming with an entrance fee of $80 pesos.

ARCHITECTURE The city of Mérida is an architectural nerd’s dream. The Yucatan economic boom of the 1800s caused an increase in stunning French-style mansions in the capital city. The economic expansion was due to the production of Henequen, a type of agave plant that grows widely throughout the Yucatan region. Henequen was discovered and cultivated by the indigenous Maya of the Yucatan Peninsula. The leaves of the henequen plant are used to make a fiber which is used to make rope or twine. When the Spanish arrived they renamed the plant “agave sisal,” mechanized the production process and began exporting agave sisal to other countries. This burgeoning economic market paved the way for the gentrification of the avenue of Montenegro in Merida, where those who benefitted from the “green gold” rush built large, somewhat ostentatious, nouveau-riche mansions modeled after the architecture on the Champs-Elysées. Some of these historic homes are possible to tour, including Montejo 495 Casa Museo, one of two almost identical twin mansions. Built in 1911, the public is now invited to see inside Casas Cámara, also known as the Casas Gemelas or Twin Houses. Montejo 495 Casa Museo is the house on the left if you are viewing them from the Paseo. It is a time capsule that brings visitors back to Yucatán’s golden age. The home’s marble-clad rooms, ornate French-style parlors, opulent artwork, and fine furnishings provide every design dork with a buffet of eye candy. Each room has a docent, speaking in both Spanish and English, to give the rooms context. L E FA I R MA G A Z I NE | 3 5

CULINARY One word: Chaya. Often called the “Maya Miracle Plant,” Chaya is a leafy green spinach-like vegetable. Esteemed as a staple food through the Pacific Rim and throughout Yucatan, it grows naturally in thickets and the open forest. You can find Chaya on almost every menu in Yucatan- mixed in creamy soups, salsas, salads, and, our favorite way: in a cocktail. It is prized for its nutritional value, boasting a richer iron content than spinach. It is also a powerful source of potassium and calcium. According to the National Institute of Nutrition in Mexico City, chaya can improve blood circulation and vision, aid digestion, help lower cholesterol, help reduce weight, as well as provide many other health benefits. You might be surprised to find that pavo (turkey) is also on the menu at most restaurants. Of course it makes sense since Turkeys are native to the eastern states of Mexico. In the United States, we generally think of carné asada, carnitas, al pastor, and pollo as the staple Mexican cuisine meat styles. In Yucatan, however, the cuisine is quite different from other regions of Mexico due to the significant influence of Maya culture. The food is most commonly built around these key ingredientshabanero peppers, corn, beans, citrus, achiote, and smoke.

KUUK Avenida Romulo Rozo #488 por calle 27 y 27A Col. Itzimná, MX Kuuk, or “sprout” in Mayan, opened its doors in 2012 and is located in a renovated mansion. The restaurant is known for its artistically plated gourmet meals. Choose between an a la carte menu or a 10 course prix fixe tasting menu with an optional wine pairing. Whatever michelin-level culinary journey you embark upon, this imaginative fine dining experience will not disappoint. Each dish is more creative than the next and most diners agree that the appetizers are in fact something to write home about– particularly the black ceviche and the coriander beef tacos. Don’t miss out on the honeycomb dessert.

Cochinita pibil or Yucatán-style barbecued pork is a popular dish. “Pibil” comes from the Mayan word “píib,” (in modern Mexican Spanish, “pib”), which is a Maya oven or a hole in the ground with a base of embers and hot stones. It’s in this píib that the meat cooks for hours, slowly soaking up the aroma of the banana leaves it’s cooked in imparting a smokiness and earthiness that is likely impossible to recreate with more modern or conventional styles of cooking. But if you’re not ready to get down (literally underground) with the Maya-style home-cooked cuisine, below are four recommended restaurants in the state of Yucatan.

WHERE TO EAT Micaela Mar & Leña Calle 47 458, Centro, 97000 Mérida, Yuc., MX We highly suggest visiting Micaela Mar & Lena for elevated local fare, Mezcal mixed drinks. Yelpers particularly rave about the attentive and engaging service and grilled pulpo (octopus) dish. While the menu is largely seafood based, it also contains many vegetarian options including a vegan ceviché. Seafood lovers can hit the raw bar and order fresh tuna, oysters, and shrimp. The wine list is extensive, but wine is only served by the bottle. Our tips? Follow your server’s lead, as they are known to make excellent recommendations. Make sure to call in advance and make a reservation if you are planning to dine on a weekend evening. Many reviewers contend that if Micaela Mar & Leña was in the United States, they would be booked solid two weeks in advance. 3 6 | L E FA I R MAG AZI NE

Ixi’im San Antonio Chablé, 97816 Chocholá, Yuc., MX Located at hotel Chablé Yucatan Resort & Spa, Ixi’im has a limited, but highly refined and curated menu created by chef Jorge Vallejo, one of the most renowned and respected chefs in Mexico. The menu is simple but innovative, a conscientious blend of modern and Mayan cuisine. A few menu favorites are the lobster tartare and the “Asadero” cheese soup with pork and corn husk ashes. Ixi’im boasts a collection of 3,700 bottles of tequila, one of the largest tequila selections in the world, so make sure you take advantage of the tequila tasting!

WHERE TO STAY Chablé Yucatan Tablaje #642, Chocholá, Yucatán México 97816 Celebrated for its breathtaking grounds and phenomenal service, Chablé Yucatan is a small, exclusive resort, not far from the capital city, Mérida. You’ll be welcomed with a Mayan ceremony and you’ll stay inside your own modern casita. Start your days with morning meditation by the property’s own private cenote at the spa. Enjoy healthy and balanced menu options at the onsite restaurant, Ki’ol, for daily breakfast and lunch. The following three hotels are Marriott properties. Before you think of the stark white, minimal, corporate, sometimes overly starched sheets that is typical of some Marriott hotels, it’s important to note that, much to our delight, Marriott has been expanding to include more boutique-like hotels as well as opulent luxury properties (like its joint venture with BVLGARI) or, in the case of Hacienda Temozon, San Jose, and Santa Rosa more eclectic and geographically authentic properties.

L E FA I R MA G A Z I NE | 3 7

Hacienda Temozon Km 182 Carretera Merida-Uxmal, 97825 Temozón Sur, Yuc., Mexico Hacienda Temozon has the most unusual and luxurious onsite spa. Hol-Be Spa is a Mayan Spa that uses only natural products. It is known for its signature “Sobada Maya” treatment. This unique healing massage is imparted at the spa by Mayan hands that have practiced this for over 150 years. It is an extraordinary experience and it should only be practiced by a regional therapist with extensive experience. Enjoy the massage in the hotel’s cenote surrounded by a lush sub-tropical jungle, the HolBe Spa offers an intimate and exclusive atmosphere. Regarding the guest rooms, don’t expect modern, sleek, or glamorous design. Understand that the decor is regionally authentic. We suggest splurging on a suite so you can enjoy your in-room hammock and a private plunge pool on an ample terrace. Hacienda San Jose Km 30 Carretera Tixkokob-Tekanto, 97470 Tixkokob, Yuc., MX Hacienda San Jose, shares a lot of the same qualities of Hacienda Temozon. Walkways of flower arches welcome you to Hacienda San Jose. Its colorful blue exterior is charming, and at night the flickering of candles throughout the grounds is romantic. Hacienda San Jose is a historical plantation house located in the northern Yucatan peninsula. If you’re seeking adventure, the property is conveniently close to the Chichen Itza archaeological site. Guests can enjoy the outdoor pool, spa treatments, bicycles, private tours guided by archaeologists, historians and field experts, cooking classes with celebrated chefs, swimming and dining. Speaking of dining, the hotel has an exquisite onsite restaurant where you can taste both local and international cuisine prepared by San Jose Restaurant’s Chef Reyes Santos in a picturesque, transformative setting. Pro tip: Request the private table near the candlelit banyan trees for a romantic and truly social media-worthy dining opportunity.


Hacienda Santa Rosa Carretera Mérida Campeche DesviacióN Maxcanú, 97800 Santa Rosa, Yuc., MX Hacienda Santa Rosa is an enchanting property that boasts lush gardens and intimate campfires. The authentic rooms and suites feature hand-carved wood furnishings and vintage Mexican decor. Each room is decorated with fresh flowers by local women dressed in their handmade, white, traditional, mayan dress, the Huipil. Renew your body, mind and soul with indigenous products and natural body treatments at the spa, then soak up the sun by the private pool. When hunger strikes, revel in the convenience of room service and savor fresh ingredients from the hotel’s own garden. ■ yucatan.travel

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Our favorite spots for a night out on the town in Miami, Santa Barbara, and LA

Photographer Juan Fernando Ayora


Miami LOS FUEGOS Los Fuegos is located within the Faena hotel of Miami Beach. Chef Francis Mallmann brings to the table (literally) the ancient art of South American live-fire cooking, using his specialized grill that he designed and built in Texas. It runs on both charcoal and oak and provides a variety of cooking styles for the meats, vegetables, fish and pasta he prepares. The fare at Los Fuegos may seem simple, in the sense we might be talking about a roast chicken and bread, as opposed to a deconstructed creation. However, the flavor profile is anything but. The use of local ingredients adds a freshness to the traditional Argentinian dishes. Grilled lemon, garlic, olives and paprika abound. We won’t even get started on the deliciousness of the sweetbread doused in chimichurri. On the main menu you’ll find dishes such as King Salmon Confit and Beef Tenderloin Milanesa. A la carte items can be paired with baked potatoes and ravioli, although those side items could also stand alone. It needs to be said that the deeply chic dining environment of Los Fuegos is just as savory as the dishes. The main dining room is rich in red and gold, balanced by the poolside patio. Come in the evening and you’ll likely find a live jazz band creating sounds to dine by.

Photographer Juan Fernando Ayora

Photographer Nik Koenig

L E FA I R MA G A Z I NE | 4 1

AREA 31 TERRACE The views from the terrace where Area31 is located cannot be beat – but neither can the restaurant’s commitment to good food! The name of the restaurant pays homage to Fishing Area 31, which is a zone that has been designated as a sustainable fishery by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization. Area31 supports sustainable cooking, like using herbs from their on-site herb garden. Talk about fresh. The restaurant is located on the 16th floor of The Kimpton EPIC Hotel, located in downtown Miami. That means beautiful views of downtown, Biscayne Bay and Brickell Key. The open-air restaurant offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as seafood and such to the sunbathers on the hotel’s pool deck. The ceviche and yucca fries are must haves on the appetizer menu. Mushroom risotto, pork belly, and crab cakes are favorite main courses. And of course, the molten lava cake is an obvious dessert choice. Area31 tends to fill up for happy hour…in a good way. The restaurant draws an elegant crowd in appreciation of quality cocktails with a view.

BAOLI Baoli has a strong commitment to sophistication and secured its name in the haute cuisine world with its first location in the French Riviera. Baoli Miami offers a similar ambiance, merged with the feeling of a trendy bar scene. The extensive menu is made up of Mediterranean and sushi fare. It would be impossible to try everything of interest in one visit, but luckily sharing small plates is encouraged within the social atmosphere. Executive Chef Gustavo Vertone uses fresh ingredients that are local to South Florida, while calling upon traditional recipes from countries like France, Italy, and Spain. Key menu items include golden lobster tempura, Saikyo miso sea bass, and the Thai wok fried wagyu beef.


ZUMA RESTAURANT Zuma was renowned in London, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Dubai, and Bangkok before opening in Miami, where it received a welcome reception at the Epic hotel in the downtown area. The restaurant serves up chef Rainer Becker’s unique style of Japanese cuisine. While authentic, the menu is not intended to be traditional. The design style of the restaurant on the other hand, was inspired by the traditional yet informal Japanese dining style of Izakaya.

The lobby level restaurant has views looking out over the Miami river, where boats can be seen coming and going out into the bay. The atmosphere is refined and mellow (even when the DJ is playing), which encourages multiple courses and sharing plates as the menu intends. Guests can expect bold flavors and quality ingredients at Zuma in addition to impeccable presentation. The cold menu includes items like seared salmon, while the grill portion offers beef skewers and grilled scallops. Starters like spicy edamame and unique cocktails weave it all together.

L E FA I R MA G A Z I NE | 4 3

CECCONI’S Cecconi’s expertly mixes old school with hip elegance, which is reflected in all seven of their locations in hot spot cities all over the world. The restaurant is synonymous with style and the Miami location does the name plenty of justice. Cecconi’s is located in the courtyard of SoHo Beach House with a romantic dining ambiance created by way of trees decked out with soft white string lights. The classic Italian spot serves up homemade pasta from brunch through dinner. Pizza, pasta, and salad round out a large part of the menu and the wine pairing options are endless. Popular entrée items include the lamb chops, chicken paillard caponata, and halibut with broccolini and wild mushrooms. Cecconi’s is a great restaurant for a lingering over a meal on any occasion, but their Sunday brunch is a great reason to extend a stay and soak in the ambiance. Executive chef Sergio Sigala delivers a memorable buffet that offers everything from cheese and charcuterie to a seafood station and every expected breakfast item in between. Plus, of course, mimosas.


Santa Barbara Shaker Mill is a contemporary cocktail bar inspired by the fusion of Coastal California cocktails and al fresco drinking. It is the third project in Santa Barbara by The Good Lion Hospitality Group. Shaker Mill is driven by coastal influences (due to the proximity to the ocean), local produce, lightly/pleasantly bitter and light/bright cocktails, and blended drinks. The drinks are fun, juicy, and session-able. The indoor/outdoor space features a large assortment of beautiful live plants, bright fun colors, and custom and vintage fixtures. Nestling comfortably on your bar stool, you may order a blended softly textured and airy Pina Colada, or perhaps you’d prefer a juicy and fresh Porto Guava with bright rum, guava, ruby port, cachaca and local citrus? Either way, while enjoying your patio cocktail and the ocean breeze, we recommend a delicious lobster roll, snack, or full meal prepared by our friends at Broad Street Oyster Company also located at 418 State Street.

Photos by jamesandjess.com


L E FA I R MA G A Z I NE | 4 5


Photos by @francollinphoto1

Black Sheep is a local Santa Barbara eating spot that’s family run and operated. They are organic, farm to table driven, gastro pub inspired restaurant. Come as you are, and enjoy good food, cozy and comfortable setting and meals made with love.


INSTITUTION ALE Institution Ale Co. is a craft brewery that is family owned and operated specializing in American style ales. Since the brewery opened in 2013 they have expanded from our original location in Camarillo, California to a larger facility and now opened a second location on State Street in Santa Barbara. The Santa Barbara taproom offers a large rotating selection of beers and freshly baked thin crust pizzas and soft pretzels from the kitchen. Indoor seating is available with 10 TVs, and an outdoor patio area, game room, merch, and beer to-go. Beer is available to-go in 4-pack 16 oz cans, 32 oz and 64 oz growlers/crowlers.

L E FA I R MA G A Z I NE | 4 7

Los Angeles TAO ASIAN BISTRO From the same New York group that brought Beauty & Essex to the West Coast comes TAO, a stunning restaurant where people come for the food and stay for the unbeatable ambiance. The bar and lounge areas are decked out with a giant Buddha and a Koi pond, but the cocktails and desserts still manage to steal the show. Nearly brand new, TAO is already familiar to so many because of its beloved NYC counterparts and Hollywood just can’t get enough of this huge, glamorous hotspot.


THE ABBEY We would be remiss to talk about nightlife in Los Angeles and not shout from the rooftops about the West Hollywood institution The Abbey. It’s not merely a place, not just the most iconic gay bar in LA, but truly an experience. Go-go dancers surround the dance floor, everybody gets their groove on, and before you know it, it’s last call and you can’t believe how much fun you had. This place is always a good time, one of the few clubs consistently described as happy and upbeat. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, go to a weekend brunch for a drag show or daytime dance-off with a side of eggs benedict. You’ve heard the stories and may have seen the E! show about the Abbey, now go make your own memories!

HOLLYWOOD ROOSEVELT HOTEL A boutique hotel with several happening spots, the Roosevelt is a world unto itself. So many corners in which to enjoy a classic cocktail! There’s even a luxurious bowling alley to be found in The Spare Room. Enjoy food and drinks by the David Hockney pool at the Tropicana or the newly opened Rosy Oyster. Wherever you choose to party, a hidden gem is sure to catch your eye and leave you planning a return trip.

BEAUTY & ESSEX The word “beauty” cannot be emphasized enough here. This gorgeous space boasts high ceilings and courtyard dining, as well as a second floor patio, all dripping with modern Hollywood opulence. The vibe is perfect for girls’ night out, or any celebration that calls for incredible food in a glam environment. Not to spoil the surprise, but meetings in the ladies’ room come with complimentary champagne, so treat yourself and lounge awhile longer with the bestie.

THE LINCOLN Lest you think the Westside has been neglected, an upscale bar in Venice is breathing new life into the sandy scene. Rotating taps and wine lists, in addition to lesser-known spirits draw in aficionados and make this a fun choice for date night. Detail-oriented décor make for interesting selfies, from the outdoor patio with plenty of greenery to the custom bar inside. It’s no wonder this place gets packed on the weekends. Make like a local and pop in for a weekday drink with expertly-spun vinyl.




In the historic theater district, the rooftop at the Ace Hotel buzzes with good conversation, lively crowds from all over the world, and dainty-to-rowdy splashes in the pool. The geometric pool, inspired by Donald Judd’s in Marfa, TX, really is more of a submerged lounge, and no one is complaining about that in sunny Southern California. While there is the occasional line on weekends, the Upstairs Bar manages to feel open and uncrowded, often with room to dance to an interesting lineup of DJs. You might even get lucky and score the coveted couches by the fireplace. Curated for an eclectic audience, the offerings range from premier parties to live bands spanning genres and generations.

PERCH Atop a 16-story building off Pershing Square, Perch is a casual French restaurant, cocktail-focused bar and gorgeous rooftop with Art Deco charm and exhilarating views of DTLA. When the historic building was raised from 13 to 16 stories in 2010, its creators hoped for a classic space with lasting appeal. As Perch takes its place as a downtown institution, it’s easy to say their goals were exceeded. On weekend nights, expect high-heeled lines extending toward Grand Central Market. Where Perch really excels is on lazy Sunday afternoons for postbrunch mimosas, or during weekday aperitif hour when live music gives your steak frites and cocktails (whiskey drinkers, go for the Penicillin) an extra dreamy feel. L E FA I R MA G A Z I NE | 5 1

CLIFTON’S AT NIGHT It might be hard to believe that a vintage cafeteria can be truly transformed into a tropical paradise for revelers, but somehow Clifton’s at Night succeeds. In one night, you can go from dancing to a live swing band in the ballroom to making an appointment by candlelight for the speakeasy Tiki Bar, one of the most well-appointed cocktail bars around. On the main floor, DJs spin the hits, pausing for intermittent performances by Hula dancers, burlesque troops and more. You really have to see it to believe it. Dress to impress so you can enjoy all areas, as if you needed a reminder.

STANDARD HOLLYWOOD AND DTLA With two distinct spaces in Los Angeles and Hollywood, the odds are that the Standard will find you and your crew at some point. Head to the Downtown LA hotel for some ping-pong at SPiN Standard or a Saturday spent poolside on the roof. The Standard Hollywood on the Sunset Strip is home to delicious Alma and the Cactus Lounge, an intimate space to catch live music, like the Desert Nights series happening this summer. Both hotels have rooftop pools and are guaranteed to please you and your out-oftown visitors. standardhotels.com




Located on an iconic corner of the sunset strip, Hyde Sunset represents a welcome evolution in cuisine and nightlife as West Hollywood’s latest hospitality experience. This hybrid Los Angeles destination features fresh seasonal California cuisine, signature craft cocktails and an elegant yet inviting ambiance curated by acclaimed designer Waldo Fernandez. A favorite among local foodies and nightlife connoisseurs alike, Hyde Sunset is sure to charm any palate with delicious dining and enticing energy. sbe.com




The Highlight Room, set on the rooftop above The Dream Hotel, is one of Los Angeles’ newest hot spots known for majestic views of the Hollywood sign, the city life down below, and 11,000 square feet of pure relaxation aesthetic. Brought to you by the Tao Group, The Highlight Room features a lounge, pool, and grill situated in a chic atmosphere that encourages lively entertainment day and night. Spend the day renting out a private cabana on the sundeck while enjoying the Hollywood sun and looking over a light menu featuring specialty cocktails, then visit The Highlight Room’s grill open for any meal of the day. Once sundown hits, the daytime retreat turns into a hip rooftop bar and lounge enclosed in glass to provide vast city views. The Highlight Room is the perfect spot to have different Instagram-worthy experiences all within the same place. taogroup.com ■ L E FA I R MA G A Z I NE | 5 3


SUMMER Model Madi Edwards @madi_edwards PhotographerTracy Kahn @tracykahn Stylist Jessica Armstrong @jessicaarmstrong_style Makeup Artist Leibi Carias @leibi_carias Hair Artist Danielle Dubinsky @danielledubinsky Assistant Karlie Gile @karliegile Location Caravan Outpost @carvanoutpost Videographer Jason Edward @jasonedwardcreative


Matte Collection Bikini Gladys Tamez Hat Stephen Dweck Necklace LMJ (LuvMyJewelry) Ring Mystique Beach Kimono Jessica Armstrong Cowboy boots L E FA I R MA G A Z I NE | 5 5

Capitana Bikini White Fox Jeans Elsie Frieda Necklace and Bracelet Ettika Rings


Maaji Bikini LMJ (LuvMyJewelry) Jewelry Ettika Top Necklace L E FA I R MA G A Z I NE | 5 7


L E FA I R MA G A Z I NE | 5 9

Capittana Bikini Gladys Tamez Hat Elsie Frieda Bracelets 6 0 | L E FA I R MAG AZI NE

Capitana Bikini Bearfruit Jewelry Ettika Rings

L E FA I R MA G A Z I NE | 6 1



Videographer Jason Edward @jasonedwardcreative 6 2 | L E FA I R MAG AZI NE

L E FA I R MA G A Z I NE | 6 3


HALEY HOTEL Santa Barbara, California Haley Hotel is a chic boutique hotel situated in the most happening area of downtown Santa Barbara. Their clean, minimalistic but coastal style makes their guests feel like they are part of the hip SB beach town community. Take an easy stroll down state street to breath in the ocean air and get your feet in the sand, or meander down the pier to shop and take in the marina views! A variety of restaurants and nightlife is just a hop sip and a jump away! haleyhotel.com



Les Bulles de Paris team will be delighted to welcome you to the only themed boutique hotel with champagne. Enjoy a true sensory experience with our 44 rooms and suites, our champagne bar and our wellness offers. Discover the excitement of the Latin Quarter and Saint Louis Island, their many places of life, restaurants and monuments. Other major tourist spots are easily accessible by transport from the hotel. lesbullesdeparis.com

L E FA I R MA G A Z I NE | 6 5


Photo by Tracy Kahn

Santa Barbara, California


Old world charm meets ultra-exclusive luxury at Montecito's San Ysidro Ranch. This world class resort is set within 500 acres of lush grounds filled with lavender, rosemary, wild roses and vines of night blooming jasmine while hummingbirds buzz throughout. All 41 cottages are uniquely different. Think roaring fireplaces, canopy beds, fine linens and Parisian claw-footed tubs. This is one of the most romantic settings you will ever come across, with ocean views, laid-back luxury and complete privacy. There are several dining options from the Stonehouse, winner of the Wine Spectator Grand Award since 2014, located in a 19th-century citrus pressing house, to the elevated pub fair of the Plow and Angel with it's beautiful bar and stained-glass windows. sanysidroranch.com

VILLA PREMIERE Puerto Vallarta, Mexico A true emblem of refined taste and a proud recipient of prestigious International awards for its personalized service. This beautiful beachfront hotel boasts a contemporary interpretation of the tradition hospitality of Mexico that includes an atmosphere of understated luxury… the ideal choice for sophisticated travelers looking for personalized service, extraordinary cuisine, and an atmosphere of relaxation. This adults-only property is a stylish and intimate hideaway with the best beachfront location in downtown Puerto Vallarta and the perfect spot for honeymoons or simply a romantic getaway. It´s a hidden gem located just a 5-minute walk to the famous seaside promenade “El Malecon” and all the major attractions this charming colonial town. premiereonline.com.mx

L E FA I R MA G A Z I NE | 6 7

POST RANCH INN Big Sur, California

High atop the cliffs of Big Sur, 1,200 feet above the Pacific Ocean, sits Post Ranch Inn, a sanctuary for the soul. Located along California’s Highway One, known as one of the world’s most scenic drives, Post Ranch is set amongst majestic state parks, beaches and waterfalls. Recognized as one of the top luxury resorts in the country and the only hotel in Big Sur able to offer an ocean view, Post Ranch offers the ultimate destination for romance, relaxation and rejuvenation. postranchinn.com

Photographer Kodiak Greenwood


L E FA I R MA G A Z I NE | 6 9

XINALANI RETREAT Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Xinalani Retreat is an eco-resort and leading center for yoga retreats in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico that brings together the best yoga facilities, beautiful eco-chic accommodations, delicious and healthy food and a supportive staff to make your dream retreat come true, all set on a wide pristine beach and a jungle of breathtaking natural beauty. Xinalani, meaning “seeds” in pre-hispanic language, creates exclusive life-enriching experiences for active conscious travelers to enjoy healthy vacations in preserved environments and awe-inspiring architecture. Xinalani facilitates retreats that open opportunities of transformation through stressrelieving disciplines, mind-blowing adventures, and utter delight of the senses. Come plant the seeds of wellness. xinalaniretreat.com ■


Photos courtesy of Xinalani Retreat L E FA I R MA G A Z I NE | 7 1

seeing double seeing double Photographer Tiziano Lugli @tizianolugli Models Elisha Herbert @elisha__h and Renee Herbert @reneeherbert_ Model Agency Elite Models L.A. @elitela Stylist Lo VonRumpf @stylelvr Makeup Artist Dillon Peña @dillonpena Hair Artist Anthony Joseph Hernandez @ajhhair


Alexander Wang Black Leather Dress Jay Goddfrey White Dress

L E FA I R MA G A Z I NE | 7 3

All Saints Top I AM GIA Pants


Rag and Bone Denim Jacket L E FA I R MA G A Z I NE | 7 5


Left: All Saints Black Button Down Roberto Cavalli Python Pants Brunello Cucinelli White Sweater This page: Alexander Wang Black Leather Dress

L E FA I R MA G A Z I NE | 7 7

Rag and Bone Denim Jacket 7 8 | L E FA I R MAG AZI NE


YANTRA Hydrating Beard & Cuticle Balm yantrabeauty.com

GLAMGLOW Starpotion glamglow.com

Nude Envie “Intuition” Lipstick nudeenvie.com GLAMGLOW GRAVITYMUD glamglow.com

thisworks Deep Sleep Pillow Spray thisworks.com

L E FA I R MA G A Z I NE | 7 9


Models Tatiana Arend @tatianaarend @nextmodels and Keith Carlos @keithcarlos Photographer & Creative Director Tracy Kahn @tracykahn Stylist Jessica Armstrong @jessicaarmstrong_style Makeup Artist Aliana Moss @alianamoss Hair Artist Melanie Ervin @melanieervinhair Trampoline Coach Mark Sheldon Weatherspoon @markspoonz Videographer Jason Edward @jasonedwardcreative Assistants Michael Majors @michaelangelovisuals and Chaz @chazdontplay



On Keith: Top Man Shorts Y Jack Shirt All In Motion Jacket Nike Shoes On Tatiana: Zara Bodysuit MNY Joggers Converse Shoes Lulu Dharma Earrings

L E FA I R MA G A Z I NE | 8 1

Zara Tank & Hat Lululemon Shorts Converse Shoes


A.tiziano Shirt Zara Joggers Goodfellow Sweatshirt Nike Shoes

L E FA I R MA G A Z I NE | 8 3

Lululemon Top Kindom Pants Converse Shoes


Nike Shirt Zara Shorts Goorin Bros Hat Nike Shoes

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Lululemon Top Nike Pants & Shoes Natalie Mills Jewelry Earrings Lulu Dharma Bracelet


Y Jack Shirt All In Motion Leggings Nike Shoes Lulu Dharma Necklaces

L E FA I R MA G A Z I NE | 8 7


Videographer Jason Edward @jasonedwardcreative 8 8 | L E FA I R MAG AZI NE


L E FA I R MA G A Z I NE | 8 9




Lada Legina 3D Printed earringsDolce Aqua Swimwear One piece

Model Marina Mazepa @marina_mazepa PhotographerTracy Kahn @tracykahn Writer Emily Cieslak @emilycieslak Stylist Ilaria de Plano @ilaria_de_plano Hair & Makeup Artist Gayatri @beautebygayatri Assistant Brian Shapiro @brianspiro Location 1114 Studios @1114studios Videographer Jason Edward @jasonedwardcreative L E FA I R MA G A Z I NE | 9 1


magine all the villains in your favorite horror movies; creeping and crawling around with uncanny speed, lunging and leaping with supernatural agility. You probably think they are some sort of CGI avatars, created by world class animators. Think again. Actress Marina Mazepa does not need any special effects; she morphs into her own otherworldly creatures with every backbend and kick. Since starring on Americas Got Talent in 2019, the 24-year-old dancer has been tantalizing audiences with her mesmerizing blend of ballet and contortion that is both gorgeous and grotesque. Though she did not win the TV competition, she has since gone on to act in a slew of hit movies and TV shows, including playing the villain in the latest horror flick Malignant. Pursuing an acting career and portraying evil creatures may not be the traditional path in Hollywood, but nothing about Mazepa is traditional. Growing up in Ukraine, she learned from a young age that her jarring dance style was what set her apart and would ultimately lead to her success. Yet perhaps what is most shocking is that in real life, Mazepa is a warm ball of energy, constantly laughing and radiating optimism. So where does that intimidating fierceness come from? She channels that young girl in Ukraine who overcame obstacles and self doubt to make a name for herself. Mazepa is on fire, and when it rains, it pours. She was cast as the lead in a movie and also TV show that is filming in Budapest. Both were unfortunately filming at the same time, so she had to choose one and ultimately chose the TV show. Before she headed off to Budapest to start filming the show, we sat down with Mazepa in her Hollywood Hills home to learn more about how she got to where she is today and where she is going next. EC: How has your life changed since starring on Americas Got Talent? Marina Mazepa: My life has changed a lot since Americas Got Talent. Because of AGT, I was discovered by James Wan and he cast me into his movie Malignant. And I played the main villain, Gabriel. It was incredible, and


after that I booked another movie which was The Unholy, then Resident Evil. And I was in the new, upcoming short TV show, The Girl in the Woods. And recently, I booked a new movie, which unfortunately I can not talk about right now, as a lead. So it is going to be my first huge project. And I also booked a spin off TV show from John Wick. EC: Tell us about your first movie? MM: I was like a sponge that was observing and learning. I loved everything about that movie, and I feel like that was a defining moment that gave me the feeling, Oh yes, this is what I want to do. I love it. I kept falling in love with every aspect of being on set. James Wan was just so incredible to me, and he believed in me so much. I thought, Wow, people really love what I do and how I do it and I really want to pursue this path. EC: What do you think sets you apart as an actress? MM: I think it is doing martial arts and my unique ability to transform into otherworldly creatures. And it is not only a physical thing. It is all about your inner world and how you infuse this character with different personalities. It is about acting. That is why I love acting and wearing different masks and utilizing my dance and martial arts skills. EC: How did you learn your unique style of dancing? MM: When I was studying at the Circus and Dance Academy in Kyiv, I was influenced by contortionists and by circus performers. And then I wanted to get more flexible and I started to take contortion classes on the side. And then I started mixing contortion with dance, and that is how I created my own style. EC: Were you ever discouraged when people did not appreciate your unique dance style? MM: Initially, I was really shy and embarrassed, and I did not know how people would react to my unique dance style. But the defining moment was when I performed on So You Think You Can Dance Ukraine for the first time. I performed with my unique, interesting, different style and that is when I got a standing ovation. I got incredible comments from the judges.

Cosel Blazer and Pants Antica Sartoria Earrings Dolce Aqua Swimwear Top Angelika Jozefczyk Heels L E FA I R MA G A Z I NE | 9 3

Lada Legina 3D Printed earrings and ring Dolce Aqua Swimwear One piece Free Lance Boots


Alice & Olivia Faux fur jacket Schutz Heels

L E FA I R MA G A Z I NE | 9 5

Angelika Jozefczyk Dress Aunt Funky’s Closet Gloves Angelika Jozefczyk Heels


“...when you overcome struggles, the stronger you become. And it gives you confidence. Self assurance. Self love. EC: Were you afraid or nervous to move to America without knowing how to speak English? MM: During my first audition on AGT, I was more afraid of speaking to the judges than I was afraid of dancing and performing. I came onto th stage, and I was just shaking and holding this mic because I thought the audience would laugh at my English, and I would not understand the question or whatever they would tell me. And it actually happened. I could not understand what they were asking me. If you watch my first audition, you will see when Simon [Cowell] asked me, Did you understand what I just said? and I am like No. Since then I have started working on my English a lot. I had an English coach. I went to an English Mentor Language Institute. I still work with my accent reduction coach and my grammar teacher. So it is a process. But also you have to read books, watch movies, and think constantly about it and listen to native speakers. I guess that having my boyfriend be a native speaker helps (laughs). EC: You are very confident, which is so attractive. What is your advice to people who want to build confidence and self love? MM: I would say what makes you confident is hard work. Overcoming struggles. And when you overcome struggles, the stronger you become. And it gives you confidence. Self assurance. Self love. And you respect yourself for what you have done and then you become stronger. EC: Speaking of strength, you have such an amazing body! Can you share some of your diet and fitness secrets? MM: My diet is simple. It is high protein intake and low carbs. And I eat small portions but very often throughout the day. I can have like five, six meals a day, but they are small. And I usually have a lot of

vegetables and protein. I love cottage cheese. This is my favorite snack. And I love chocolate. Of course, it is dark chocolate. And I eat it in the morning because I feel that it is better to eat sweets in the morning than at night EC: I have also seen on your Instagram that you regularly go to cryotherapy. What benefits have you seen from it? MM: Cryotherapy is something that I’ve been doing for the last three years. It is incredible for your body, your mood. First of all, you lose 600 hundred calories. Second, it reduces inflammation in your body. For me as an athlete, I workout a lot. I do martial arts. I stretch. So I am constantly sore, and this helps me to reduce my soreness. It also releases endorphins in your brain and makes you happy and energetic, and that is why I love it. I go to Cryo HealthCare in Los Angeles. EC: What about your beauty routine? How do you get those stunning eyebrows? MM: I am really bad at makeup (laughs). To me as a dancer, model, actress, your skin has to look healthy and beautiful on camera and in real life. I love Lancer Skin Care. I exfoliate my skin every night and moisturize twice a day. In terms of makeup, I do not wear a ton of makeup. I put on foundation, and I do my eyebrows. I really love freeze gel by Anastasia in clear. EC: How about fashion? What clothes speak to you? MM: So the clothes I wear should fit my own personality. I really love Alice and Olivia. I think it is such a fun and classy chic brand. I also have a lot of workout clothes. I really like Avocado. I love different purses, and I am not really chasing expensive designers. Sometimes I just walk through the store and if something catches my eye, I just grab it and I do not care if it is Valentino or Chanel or just a regular brand. My clothes have to be comfortable first.

L E FA I R MA G A Z I NE | 9 7

“Growing up in a small town in Ukraine, I felt like I just needed to get out of this town because I want to become someone significant.” EC: What is next for you? Are you more interested in modeling, dance, acting or all three? MM: I love acting and this is what I do right now. I utilize all my skills in acting, contortion, dance, martial arts. And I love modeling. It makes me feel happy. My dream has always been to be in Marvel movies. It might sound funny, but I thought that when I was a small kid and now I am here, so it is possible. EC: Was thereever a moment in your journey that you thought of giving up? What kept you going? MM: I think I always had this burning desire inside of

me. Growing up in a small town in Ukraine, I felt like I just needed to get out of this town because I want to become someone significant. And there were so many moments of discouragement and feeling like I am not going to make it. But it is about figuring things out and really struggling and overcoming the struggle and feeling good about that and becoming stronger. That moment when you overcome a struggle, you are like, Wow! Did I really do that? Was that me? It gives you so much respect for yourself and confidence and the next struggle that comes your way, and you are like, Ok, if I did that, then I can do this too. ■



Cosel Top & Shorts Angelika Jozefczyk Heels

L E FA I R MA G A Z I NE | 9 9



Videographer Jason Edward @jasonedwardcreative 1 0 0 | L E FA I R MAG AZI NE

LE FA I R MA G A Z I NE | 1 0 1

La Serena Villas HARD TO LEAVE

1 0 2 | L E FA I R MAG AZI NE

Writer Madeline Rosene @madelinerosene

he easiest way to judge how nice your stay was at any hotel is to take note of how you feel when it’s time to depart. For LEFAIR Magazine, 11am check out time at La Serena Villas was a truly sad affair. A child forced to leave the playground, a wild animal snatched from its habitat, an artist uprooted from the studio… We’re not being dramatic. It’s simple; to the LEFAIR Magazine team, La Serena Villas is paradise. Imagine waking up in the morning and beginning the day with a soak in your outdoor tub, luxuriously filled with lemon-scented L’Occitane soaps and bubbles. You can ring for your personal “breakfast basket” at 7:30am and it will be brought straight to your door, which sits behind a gate. The surprise selection of goodies is different every morning, with warm croissants, jam and toast, juice, fruit, hard-boiled eggs and yogurt — no, this is not a storybook fairytale. This is a real hotel destination that you can visit. Thanks to La Serena Villas, we’re over traditional hotel rooms and much prefer this villa-style accommodation approach. On the porch of many of the villas hangs a cushioned, comfortable basket-style swing that is perfect for devouring your light selection of breakfast items in the morning sun while scrolling through your news feed.

LE FA I R MA G A Z I NE | 1 0 3

1 0 4 | L E FA I R MAG AZI NE

MEET LARS Most entrepreneurial success stories you hear are the product of the owner’s attention to detail, tender love and care of the project, and finding the right people to make the vision come to fruition. Owner Lars Viklund knows a thing or two about success stories. As the owner of three Palm Springs hotels — Del Marcos, Three-Fifty Hotel, and La Serena Villas — realestate builder, and former fashion brand owner, Lars is a true supporter and enthusiast of the arts and the creator of beautiful places. Dressed in sneakers, white shorts, and a denim-colored short-sleeved button-down, Lars gave us the grand tour as if showing friends through his house. Built and designed by Lars and his wife, he clearly feels at home here. He humbly explained his plans to build a fourth hotel next door. After showing us the parking spaces behind the hotel, we swiped a key to get back through the gate. As an experienced hotel owner, Lars has seen his fair share of absurdities. “Make sure you don’t forget your key to get back inside. I have a camera in the back and I once witnessed a woman run to her car to change from her robe into a red gown so that she wouldn’t have to jump over the fence in her robe. She was actually a great guest. We had a wonderful time.” It is evident that Lars relishes in these silly happenings, treats his guests as good friends, and cares for his mindfully hired staff. “I look for nice people. You can teach people how to use a computer, but it’s much harder to teach people how to be nice.”

Photo by Tracy Kahn

LE FA I R MA G A Z I NE | 1 0 5

CHECKING IN Check in is at 3pm, which means it’s 6pm on the East Coast and it’s totally time to indulge in the bienvenue bubbly! “The alcohol usually works in our favor. Almost everyone is more relaxed, except for the woman who slapped the unicorn floaty the other day…” Lars explained and laughed. When you first set foot in your villa, you’re welcomed by a bottle of Corralejo Tequila, as well as pink Himalayan salt, limes, and peanut chasers. The note beside the tall shot glasses reads, “We hope you have a wonderful stay at our home away from home, La Serena Villas. May this Tequila be the start of many more memories to come. Welcome to our family. We hope your stay is magical.” - Lars and Kelly Viklund If tequila isn’t your thing, stop reading now. Just kidding. Azúcar restaurant has an extensive list of specialty cocktails such as the Swan with cucumber vodka, pamplemousse liqueur, grapefruit juice, agave, soda, and blueberries. Also there’s a Bevmo accross the street so you can stock your villa’s mini fridge. After you’ve explored your room and the layout of the land, jump on a floaty, read by the pool, or book a spa treatment. 1 0 6 | L E FA I R MAG AZI NE

AT NIGHT Whisper’s is the name of the hotel’s spa and also the sounds you make at night at La Serena Villas. The hotel prides itself on being both private and serene; there was nary a loud voice or disturbance over the course of our stay. Because of the hotel’s seclusion and privacy, over the Coachella Music and Arts Festival weekends, celebrities often stay at La Serena Villas. During this special weekend, the crowd guests are mellow and the hotel is always booked (better book your stay now)! When it gets chilly in the evening, enjoy happy hour and hors d'oeuvres with your group of friends at Azúcar Restaurant located right behind the pool. Order too many rosés and then head over to Whisper’s and dip your feet in the heated whirlpool. The spa is celebrated for its massages and skin care. “It’s small but mighty and I have great therapists, the best in Palm Springs,” Lars says. If you’re staying in, invite your friends or lover back to your room and get snug and toasty around your personal fire pit on your back porch and look up at the stars. At the risk of sounding corny, this is a special place where memories are made. La Serena Villas is an experience that is meant to be shared with people who will appreciate a relaxed and intimate atmosphere and can turn up without turning up the volume too high. ■

Photo by Tracy Kahn LE FA I R MA G A Z I NE | 1 0 7


Videographers A Camera & Edit: Jason Edward @jasonedwardcreative, B Camera: Jeffrey Fountain @jr.fountain Music Jason Edward @djjasonedward 1 0 8 | L E FA I R MAG AZI NE

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Rad APPS Our favorite apps right now!

Beauty Match This new social network will allow members to browse and match with their ideal clients and beauty professionals based on their needs and specialties. Beauty Match handselects high end beauty specialists to guarantee you the best service. Get notified of lastminute specials. At Beauty Match, they use their advanced algorithm to connect you with an expert that will welcome you with a personalized special. Easy bookings. Search and browse the work of the top beauty professionals in your area and find the perfect time to book for you.

“Find your perfect Beauty Match. Anywhere. Anytime.”

Aligned Signs Aligned Signs is not just a dating platform, but rather a global social networking and self-awareness platform, open to all individuals in different situations and status’ of life looking for friendship, networking and dating. It is the only tool that uses trusted character-analyzing identifiers, in addition to individual preferences to determine compatibility. It’s the only US Patented online relationship tool to use three time honored methods; Western Astrology, Chinese Zodiac and the Myers-Briggs® Personality Type Indicator. These identifiers were chosen because they are thought to be time withstanding, scientifically based, and multi-culturally accepted tools, giving the most optimum results for compatibility.

“Get to know you.”

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MINDBODY Whether you’re searching for a yoga studio while traveling or a massage at a local spa in your neighborhood, choose from the best fitness classes, spa treatments, and salon appointments in the MINDBODY APP. And with over 52,000+ businesses listed, from yoga, Pilates and HIIT to spin, barre, CrossFit® studios plus massage appointments, beauty services and more, you’ll find everything you need to elevate your health and wellness.

“Fitness, Beauty, and Wellness. Just For You.”

Charity Miles Charity Miles is a free app that enables you to earn money for charity whenever you walk, run or bike. Anytime. Anywhere. Since their founding in 2012, Charity Miles has helped earn nearly $3 million for amazing charities, thanks to the support of their corporate sponsors. Now they have a brand NEW and innovative way to raise even more money for your charity than ever before. Through Charity Miles, you can create your own Pledge Page where your friends can sponsor you… even if you’re not doing a marathon or race. The more your friends pledge, the more money you can earn. Literally UNLIMITED. ■

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Haley Hotel & BEYOND Writer Madeline Rosene @madelinerosene

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urf ’s up and we’re down with the Haley Hotel. One of the newest additions to Santa Barbara’s selection of hotels and accommodations, is Haley Hotel, a boutique 17-room getaway that is rooted in exploration and discovery. Named after the famous sea captain, Salisbury Haley, this hotel is a destination for wanderlusters who want to discover the coastal charm of Santa Barbara, swim in the sea, walk the city’s historic streets, surf, and catch a sunset. Pass Buddy the Bunny on your way up to your room. Meticulously neat and clean, the rooms are spacious and minimal with rustic, boho-beach decor. Gather ‘round the fire pit at night, doze in a swinging chair, or play a game of giant chess—whatever your fancy, Haley Hotel is fun for everyone. The hotel general manager, Marcus Natale, is an explorer himself, remarking that in one point in his life he had been to more countries than states. Some of his favorite countries to travel to include France, Italy, Switzerland, and Honduras. The staff at Haley Hotel are sure to ignite your adventurous spirit.

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The hotel is just a stroll away from some of our favorite Santa Barbara hot spots like Institution Ale. Time to take off to this industrial-style taproom and arcade and grab a flight of four beers. We recommend the Raspberry Daydreamin’, Mosaic Pale Ale, RX Pils (German style pale ale), and Batch 36, a hoppy wheat ale. Soak it up with some carbs, the pizza kind. Obviously, the carne asada pizza is the right choice. When it’s time to shake it up, head over to Shaker Mill, a cocktail bar and eatery inspired by the fusion of the Golden Age of Cuban cocktails and al fresco drinking. The Shaker Mill attracts a young crowd. There’s a group of twenty-something girls seated in teal chairs celebrating a birthday party in the corner yelling, “Party fowl!” as drinks spill. One of them

1 1 4 | L E FA I R MAG AZI NE

calls it a “boo boo.” A few of them wear faux fur pink jackets (we didn’t get the memo). There’s a bossa nova playing and the neon pink lights bounce off of the green chandelier. The bartender, Eric, insists on making us a Piña Colada. We’re not mad about it. A man approaches the bar. He is friendly with Eric and informs him that he just put a down payment on a tattoo next door at the parlor called, Energy. There’s a drink called Florida Man that’s made with bourbon, pamplemousse, amontillado, lemon, honey, and orange curaçao. Have you played the Florida Man game yet? It can only improve your drinking experience. Google: “Florida Man” and your birthday to find out what wacky or downright heinous crime a Florida man was arrested for on your birthday!

Also on the menu is a much appreciated and original idea for a cocktail, the Mango Lassi, an Indian, typically non-alcoholic beverage, made with mango, coconut, pistachio, cardamom, and lime. It actually tastes great spiked with vodka. At Shaker Mill, the walk-up Cubaneo food window serves maduros, ripe plantains brushed with cinnamon brown butter, that can cause serious addiction issues. The same can be be said for the yuca frita that are served with a cohoyo sauce (correction: crack sauce). Shaker Mill is located within a shared space that also accommodates a retail space and Modern Times, a vegan restaurant and tasting room with over 30 taps of beer. Make sure to check out the whole scene. ■

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“...a destination for wanderlusters who want to discover the coastal charm of Santa Barbara, swim in the sea, walk the city’s historic streets, surf, and catch a sunset.”

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Videographer Jason Edward @jasonedwardcreative

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Podcast PALOOZA Writer Helena Reed @ihelenna

Three of our podcast picks: put in your buds and better yourself!

Sex With Emily If you’re on the hunt for some completely down right honest conversation, Dr. Emily Morse is your woman. Host of one the longest running sex and relationships podcasts, “Sex with Emily,” Dr. Morse is ready to give it to you straight with no judgment. Doctor of Human Sexuality, sex & relationship expert, Emily dives right in and shares some of the most open, unfiltered, unbashful advice and conversations surrounding sex, relationships and dating. She doesn’t stop there. She also gives her listeners tips, tricks and everything in between. Dr. Morse doesn’t shy away. Her career and podcast is dedicated to making sex more approachable rather than a taboo in our society. Her podcasts are titled and range in topics such as “ Good, Good, Good Vibrations: Sex Toy Review,” “Orgasm Blockers & Sex Myth Stoppers,” all the way to “Keeping it Kinky Cuddly & Clean.” It’s not just about sex though. Dr. Morse also spreads love and encourages her listeners to “Love yourself, open your heart which means doing the work on yourself first. Then love will follow.” In addition to spreading her expertise all across the airwaves, she has been a contributor to a handful of notable publications such as Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, Men’s Health, Bustle and many more. With a goal to make everyone more comfortable with their sexual health, Dr. Morse even allows listeners to submit questions by emailing her. Her goal is real and she is ready to take the awkwardness out of some much-needed conversation. And now in addition to the podcast, Emily is also bringing her judgment-free advice to a live national audience on SiriusXM Stars, channel 109 every weekday from 8pm-10pm Eastern, 5pm-7pm Pacific. For more information, go to sexwithemily.com.

“Sex, dating, and relationship advice that will change your life.” 1 1 8 | L E FA I R MAG AZI NE

Impact Theory

“End the poverty of poor mindset.”

“See beyond your current self, for the best opportunity of becoming the best version of yourself.” Tom Bilyeu, host of the iTunes podcast, Impact Theory With Tom Bilyeu is a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of the #2 Inc. 500 Company Quest Nutrition and former host of the YouTube hit series’ Inside Quest. Tom is on a mission. He is not just passionate about inspiring one to become the best version of themselves, but also wants to give to each listener and the world if he can, the direct help and tools to solve what he and his company believe to be the world’s biggest obstacles. The major objective of each podcast is not just to motivate, but to inform, ignite and push. He encourages listeners to actually take action in their lives and truly be all that they can be while being as informed as possible. “Our mission is to free people from The Matrix. Said another way, we want to end the poverty of poor mindset,” as stated on the team’s mission statement. With a drive and desire to help you live your best life and totally tap into becoming your best self, Impact Theory’s podcasts range in topics such as What to Do When Words Aren’t Enough | Relationship Theory (in which he hosts alongside his wife Lisa Bilyeu), Why You Need To Stop Saying What People Want to Hear, all the way to Why You Need To Love Yourself and What To Do When You Have Conflicting Values. These episodes feature some pretty high achievers discussing their secrets to success. These guests are extremely knowledgeable and successful in their own right. You can check out Impact Theory With Tom Bilyeu on iTunes or at impacttheory.com to watch or listen to latest episodes.

The Tim Ferriss Show Tim Ferriss is only interested in seeing you get ahead of the game. In his business/interview podcast, The Tim Ferriss Show, Tim spends a lot of his time taking apart the most successful performers in a number of diverse fields and professions in order to understand and break down their tactics and tricks. Tim is interested in even the most basic habits of these successful individuals from time management down to their morning routines and exercise habits. His podcast gives him the platform to deliver his findings to his listeners. Tim invites an array of powerful guests to help him in his quest including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jamie Foxx, Amanda Palmer, Vince Vaughn, Reid Hoffman,Whitney Cummings and so many more. Amongst his plethora of titles, Tim is known as a best selling author, an early-stage technology investor/advisor, and has been coined as one of Fast Company‘s “Most Innovative Business People.” It almost seems as if there are no ceilings for the self experimenter. However, with his podcast he is using his powers for good, helping listeners find techniques and strategies that they can honestly use. The show has been ranked #1 on numerous occasions and has been noted as the number 1 business podcast “on all of Apple Podcasts,” as stated on the show’s blog. “It’s about positive tactics you can use, not “gotchas” or other B.S.. The Internet has enough of that, and I wanted to do something to reverse the trend,” states Tim. His podcast can be listened to on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, and Overcast. ■

“Positive tactics you can use.” LE FA I R MA G A Z I NE | 1 1 9


“You wanna dance You don’t know how to get it on the f loor Then don’t hold back for anyone Close your eyes, just follow the inner light

You count on me.” 1 2 0 | L E FA I R MAG AZI NE

Mondrian LA offers an unforgettable luxury boutique hotel experience in West Hollywood. Kick back in their pool, celebrate the good times with drinks at Skybar, indulge at their restaurant Ivory on Sunset or take the elevator home to a luxurious suite with jaw-dropping views.

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