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Available to rent for your next production or event!  Loft living room style studio with floor to ceiling windows, amazing views, lots of natural light and wrap around balcony.    (not an overnight rental)  




Experience Tropical Nirvana Lotusland is an exotic and breathtaking 37-acre estate and botanic garden in the foothills of Santa Barbara and was recently named one of the ten best gardens in the world by The Telegraph in London. www.lotusland.org


sophisticated lounge that features stunning and thought-provoking decor, personalized table-side cocktails, sophisticated lounge that features stunning and thought-provoking decor, personalized table-side cocktails,

delectable tapas and communal plate selections, DJ performances and live acts such as Monday night jazz delectable tapas and communal plate selections, DJ performances and live acts such as Monday night jazz




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IN THIS ISSUE 116 RAD APPS Look good and feel good with these apps that will satisfy your goals for wellness, beauty and philanthropy. 120 ZODIAC STYLE Plan your spring break travels according to your star sign and all of your vacation dreams will align.

FASHION + BEAUTY 24 FUNK N LOVE Gorgeous model Tanya, feelin’ the funk n love in wearable art denim and chillin’ in the Funk Zone of Santa Barbara. 62 BARE ESSENTIALS K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Sexy) Daria Mikolajozak showing off essential shoes and accessories and her beautiful bareness. 72 SEEING DOUBLE Photographer Tiziano Lugli will make you do a double take with this fashion editorial.

ARTICLES + INTERVIEWS 44 KINDA HOOD, KINDA CLASSY Tough and tender, Christina Galioto sheds light on her passions and inspires us to make a difference in the world. 88 LOVE WORN Jill Johnson shares her story about how she went from down in the dumps to denim dreams, and how doing what you love will get you where you want to go. 100 JOCELYN BINDER: SEXY AFTER CANCER An inspirational story of how a beautiful young model turned a terrifying diagnosis into life lessons that she now celebrates in her new book, Sexy After Cancer. 112 A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN Joel Mallet tells us about how his passion for hair styling took him down a creative path to developing his app, BeautyMatch.

TRAVEL ON THE COVER Photographer Tracy Kahn Stylist Jill Johnson Model Tanya Mityushina Videographer Jason Edward Makeup Artist Erik Torppe Hair Artist Doug Mengert Location Loveworn Cashmere Punk Sweater & Destroyer Mini Skirt shoploveworn.com 2 0 | L E FA I R MAG AZI NE

36 SAN YSIDRO RANCH Tucked away behind lush vistas, filled with a variety of vegetation, lies a sprawling 500-acre ranch waiting for your arrival. 56 HALEY HOTEL & BEYOND Surf ’s up and we’re down with the Haley Hotel — one of the hottest additions to Santa Barbara. 68 HOT SPOTS Our top four favorite Santa Barbara spots for drinks and bites. 80 ZAGAME’S HOUSE Spring break in Australia? Book a stay at the inspiring Zagame’s House for great food, wine, and luxurious rooms . 96 GET THE TRIP Need inspiration for your next trip? Check out our favorite spots!





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Rising up from the Ashes Writer Brinkley Maine @brinkleymainephoto


The drive up to San Ysidro Ranch is a journey into tranquility. As you leave the everyday bustle of the 101 freeway, the tree-lined roads and historic homes of the Montecito foothills welcome you. Tucked away behind lush vistas, filled with a variety of vegetation, lies the sprawling 500-acre ranch.

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When you walk through the doors of the Hacienda reception, you may mouth the words “I’m home again,” as it feels as comfortable as your own living room. Oak floors lined with colorful Persian rugs and carefully chosen antique additions will have your jaw dropping straight to the floor. After a very welcoming check-in and tour of the property, you will be assisted to your very own bungalow-style cottage. San Ysidro Ranch has 41 individually styled cottages scattered across the hillside property and along the serene San Ysidro creek. Each cottage comes with its own parking space, private patio, and, the best part: an outdoor hot tub and rain shower. The King-sized canopy bed is topped with a goose down comforter making all of your dreams of sleeping on a big fluffy cloud come true. Make sure to slip off your shoes after the day of travel and head into the big open bathroom where, as you wait for the tub to fill, you’ll enjoy the warmth of the heated bathroom floors on your tired feet.


“Tucked away behind lush vistas filled with a variety of vegetation lies the 500-acre ranch that greets you like the center-spread in its own magazine.�

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Photo by Tracy Kahn

The San Ysidro Ranch food and wine is phenomenal. So, of course, we were absolutely thrilled to tour the wine cellar before we caught a last-minute reservation at the intimate Stonehouse restaurant, known for celebrity sightings and memorable experiences.


Director of Restaurants and Italian Sommelier, Franco De Bartolo, began our evening meal with an exclusive tour of the newly finished wine cellar. After a boulder knocked through the doors of the SYR wine cellar during the devastating mudslide in 2018, the ranch had no choice other than to re-build. The ranch lost million’s worth of wine due to the mud that engulfed the cellar and affected the sensitive temperature requirements for the fine wines. Bartolo played a large part in bringing the new cellar back to life. Our eyes widened with excitement as we were introduced to exquisite grape assortments from around the world.

Photo by Tracy Kahn

Our fingertips brushed the beautiful labels of featured bottles both sourced locally and imported from different parts of the world. When we asked Bartolo what his favorite wine was, he responded, “Well, does one have a favorite child?” Though his answer was comical, he guided us to a corner where he made sure to highlight some Italian wines. There is no question why SYR has won the Wine Spectator Grand Award for so many years in a row now. Fill your wine glass and journey to a starlit dinner table where you will be entranced by the views looking over the Pacific Ocean. The Ranch accommodates dietary restrictions during your stay upon notifying them at checkin. Our friendly and knowledgeable server, Eric, brought us both the daily menu and a vegetarian menu created by Executive Chef, Matthew Johnson. Chef Johnson oversees the organic menus for SYR’s Stonehouse restaurant, Plow & Angel Pub In-Room Dining, and a line of take-home food items. Photo by Tracy Kahn

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Our meal began with fresh organic appetizers sourced straight from the SYR Chef ’s garden. Our mouths watered as we smelled the apple cider glaze on the cranberry topped roasted Brussel sprouts and pecan streusel. For our entrees, we ordered the Maine Diver Scallops and Classic Steak Diane. The scallops were accompanied by a shellfish bisque and Dungeness crab brandade. The Steak Diane was topped with a brandied cremini mushroom sauce that was flambéed table-side by Franco himself. For dessert, we opted for the chocolate soufflé. I promise your cravings will be satisfied and expectations blown away.


Make sure to ask for a night-time tour of the property. From dinner, our chariot (golf cart) was waiting for us at the entrance to begin our starry tour of the ranch. Though we saw the ranch during the day, the magic heightened under the stars. The cart drove us to the upper lawn where 10,000-square-feet of green grass spread out, giving us a clear view of the Channel Islands by day and lighted oil rigs by night. During the tour, be sure to pass by the entrance of the famous “Warner Cottage,” named after resort owner and creator of Beanie Babies, Ty Warner. Be sure to admire the fine details of the large garden and relax by the sunny upper hillside pool. The SYR pool is heated year-round and open to guests 24 hours a day to accommodate the mild Santa Barbara weather. We particularly enjoyed learning the history of San Ysidro Ranch; touring the Kennedy Cottage, where Jackie and John Kennedy stayed during their honeymoon, and hearing about the original 1825 Old Adobe Cottage. This space is a must if you’re looking to throw an intimate event or make a proposal. In addition to the amenities we noted, the ranch has a full gym, an entire VIP (very important pooch) pet program and a rejuvenating spa menu for those who wish to indulge in luxurious treatments during their stay.

Photo by Tracy Kahn

Our stay at San Ysidro Ranch was nothing short of magical. We were relaxed and in no way ready to leave. We loved the rich history and curated experience provided by the San Ysidro Ranch. This place instantly felt like a home away from home, and is calling us to return. ■

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KINDA HOOD Model Christina Galioto @christinagalioto

Photographer Tracy @tracykahn ChristinaWriter Galioto on Kahn Entrepreneurship, Madeline Rosene @madelinerosene Stylists Madeline Rosene @madelinerosene Veganism, and Travel and Kealy Farra @kealfarra Hair & Makeup Artist Kendell Cotta @kendellcotta Videographer Jason Edward @jasonedwardcreative


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“Someone once told me not to bite off more than I could chew. I said I’d rather choke on greatness than nibble on mediocrity.” – CHRISTINA GALIOTO


he house is grand but warm and full of sunlight. It’s the perfect day to shoot. Leftover floral arrangements in brilliant hues of purple, gold, pink, and red from a past event are placed throughout Christina Galioto’s house in the Brentwood hills in Los Angeles. The kitchen is modern, expansive and bright, a vegan foodie’s dream. “Everything is baby-proof,” Christina, says, holding her one-yearold child. The new mom radiates love for her first born and checks on her throughout the long day of shooting, always putting her first. Electric guitars line the walls of the upstairs hallway and the home’s wifi password is a Wu-Tang Clan reference, both a nod to the band and her Husband’s last name, Wu. The couple met at a Mastro’s Steakhouse at 4pm in Beverly Hills between meetings watching basketball at the bar. They put their meetings on hold and spent the next seven hours together. Since then, they have since built a love partnership and entrepreneurial empire together. To put it crudely, the level of sheer “bad assery” this woman exudes is staggering. The self-made, ambitious, and daring bon vivant drives an Aston Martin, her walk in closet is every fashionista’s dream, and best of all, she is committed to making the world a better place through Conscious Capital, an investment company she and her husband created that supports ideas that serve the planet and raise awareness. Growing up in Buffalo, Christina is blessed with a New Yorker’s work ethic and spirit while also possessing California chic street style and a positive outlook on life. Her friends often tag her in a meme that reads: “Kinda classy, kinda hood.” Christina


enrolled in college in Miami but dropped out to model and follow her intuition (and what she knew to be true: that the power of being a self-starter with ideas and charisma could take her anywhere she wanted to go). Christina won’t divulge exactly how she and her husband amassed their wealth but the couple owns real estate, including hotels. Between the two of them, “We have lots of passion projects,” she says. “Some work out and some don’t.” My husband is as ambitious and daring as I am and that is what attracted me to him. He has the same drive for humanitarian issues but before we met, he was mainly focused on helping children where I was focused on helping animals. He has a heart of gold.” With wealth comes power, and they say, with power comes great responsibility. Christina is highly involved in social and environmental causes and when she discusses them, her eyes are fixed and her tone is lowered, revealing her sense of accountability and urge to fulfill her self-imposed duties. “I want to defend the innocent and educate the masses,” she says. This is the legacy she wants to leave on planet earth. Although some of the issues she fights for are controversial, such as a stricter death penalty for sexual deviants, she is predominantly involved in the elimination of using animals as products and entertainment. “I want to play a part in stopping animal abuse.” Christina works with Social Compassion in Legislation, a non-profit dedicated to animal welfare, rights, and protection. People complain about laws but few have the knowledge and ability to change them. “A lot of it comes down to showing up to lobby, and getting attention to make a difference. You need money, celebrities, and a voice.”

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Christina is also involved with sex trafficking prevention. “It’s something I feel very strongly about. I’m going to do something about it. The man I’m working with literally finds people and saves them. Sex trafficking is a big business in LA. There is a lot of darkness in this cosmopolitan city of ours.” With so much time devoted to researching and fighting this darkness, Christina has to set boundaries for herself so that she does not become consumed by the corruption and darken her light. “I limit my exposure,” she says. “I don’t talk about it in the morning or when I go to bed. We have so much joy in our home. There are so many things to be happy about. Of course there are things that upset me deeply, but the other side is just as bright. You can be happy or angry all day long but ultimately, you get to choose what to think about and there’s so much good in the world.”

“When it comes to the issues that the world faces, generally they have to piss you off before you take action and make a difference.”

Christina says she is fueled by fire and love. “I know too much fire can be bad, but it’s my anger that sometimes drives me to do the things I believe in. When it comes to the issues that the world faces, generally they have to piss you off before you take action and make a difference. And if you’re not angry, you don’t know what’s going on,” she explains. Her passions were significantly stoked after becoming a mom last year and her compulsion to protect and make the world a better place was heightened. “Becoming a mother is a unique time… I’ve never had so much joy in my life but I’ve also never been so neurotic and exhausted. There’s so much that isn’t clear. I used to have some things figured out but when you become a mom, you have no idea what’s going on when. When I first held her I thought: What am I going to do now? I went through labor completely sober and natural. That was incredibly challenging. Most people don’t do natural birth anymore. You experience not just the birth of your baby but your own rebirth as well — your identity as a woman, rather than a girl. It’s also the first time we experience a true, innocent, and unconditional love, the kind of love that gets into your dreams every night. It’s your first thought in the morning and last thought at night. I think about her health and happiness before every decision I make. Motherhood has taught me selflessness that I never thought possible,” Christina says, her natural poetic abilities shining. In fact, Christina was a songwriter for a couple of years when she was in a band in New York. “I’m a writer… I have spent my whole life writing poems,” she says. After selling several songs, she got out of the music industry. However, she and her husband now own a large music venue in Long Beach. “I’ve had food and travel articles published. I even wrote a screenplay once but I never did anything with it. I’m currently writing a cookbook. If it involves words on paper, I’m in.”

L E FA I R MA G A Z I NE | 4 9

Traveling all over the world, Christina describes her and her husband’s travels as one half business and one half pleasure. Typically, when they travel for work, they add a three to seven day leisure trip. If they need to be in Asia or Europe, they make the most of their time there. Some of her favorite destinations include Cinque Terre, Italy, Charleston, South Carolina, Maui, Hawaii, Maldives, Miami, Florida, Monte-Carlo, Italy, Morocco, Singapore, and St. Tropez, France. After traveling to so many extraordinary and exquisite places, Christina has learned that, no matter where you go, every exciting destination and new adventure includes “good, fun people and delicious food,” and “learning about different cultures and lifestyles, and trying different foods.” She also notes that every time she comes home to America, she thinks: I am so lucky to have been born in this country. From someone who knows hotels, her favorite lodging list is not to be ignored: The Peninsula in Shanghai, Four Seasons in Maldives, Hotel Costes in Paris, The Rosewood London, Nayara Resort in Costa Rica, and her home away from home, Bellagio in Vegas. It’s the service and scenery that set these properties apart, Christina says. In the age of social media, it’s easy to get carried away making content for your personal brand, especially while traveling. Bloggers and jetsetters are known to take hundreds of selfies next to landmarks or spend an entire day fully producing the perfect iPhone photo shoot that gives them their next flawlessly angled bikini profile picture. Christina is well aware of this phenomenon and laments the serious absence of living in and enjoying the moment. “It’s a disease of the world that I think the world is going to get over sooner or later, but some people are wasting their days in paradise, for what? Sometimes I look at

travel bloggers and I know they didn’t enjoy their trip,” she says. “I know what goes into getting those shots. It takes work and preparation, and definitely more than one snap! I do think it’s important to document special moments in special places but I certainly don’t live for it and if I have to try too hard, I’m done. Social media should never be at the forefront of your mind, especially when you’re enjoying a new place. You should try to live in the moment.” Speaking of mindfulness, Christina makes a concerted effort to practice meditation and is an accomplished yogi. “Meditation is hard,” she says. “I have not mastered it but I’d like to say I’ve merged my yoga and meditation practices. I come out of my practice clearheaded, but that’s because of the deep breathing and the release of tension. It’s certainly not because my mind is perfectly focused. I am scatterbrained. Meditation is a struggle for me. I use visualization more than anything. I usually just focus on the visual of what I want to see happen in my life.” Her advice for anyone seeking a meditation practice: “I think anyone can do it. It just takes a lot of practice and patience. People who really reap the benefits of meditation can’t go more than one day without it. I think an easy way to get into it is to sit and think about what you’re grateful for.” Right now, Christina is grateful for her latest project, Nic’s on Beverly, a plant-based restaurant and cocktail bar in West Hollywood focused on California cuisine. As a vegan and a foodie, this venture is particularly fulfilling for Christina. It began when a longtime friend from the music industry, Nic Adler, offered her the opportunity to invest and she couldn’t pass it up. “He calls it ‘a love letter to LA disguised as a plant-based restaurant and bar.’” The menu is inspired by some of the biggest names in food and beverage such as Katsuya and Wolfgang Puck.

“Kindness, it doesn’t cost a thing,

sprinkle that shit everywhere.” – CHRISTINA GALIOTO


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“They’ve really done amazing things with the menu,” Christina says. During the day, Nic’s on Beverly is an oasis from the hustle and bustle of Beverly Blvd, serving up local LA MILL coffee, juice and lunch items such as wood fired Detroit style pizza or a farro and quinoa bowl, In the evening, the restaurant is a perfect hideaway to converse over drinks at the bar, which features a must-try cocktail list by Jason Eisner and an exciting wine list curated by Rajat Paar. “So far, so good,” Christina says. As a cook, critiquing cuisine comes easily to her and part of her job as co-owner includes providing detailed feedback to the restaurant, which has been open for around four months now. “This is my first restaurant investment through Conscious Capital, our investment firm that invests in ideas that are making the world a better place.” Christina’s favorite dish to cook is tacos, particularly ancho-lentil, chipotle mushroom & walnut, and Baja style with fried avocado or tempeh. Her journey to veganism began with a move to Miami Beach from Brooklyn. “I was renting a room from an older, extremely open-minded and inspiring woman. She was vegetarian. She lived to educate, both herself and everyone else.” The two spent time together with their noses in books of ancient healers. They shared ideas and facts and discussed health and politics sometimes until daylight. Christina never ate meat again after they became friends. “She really educated me on health and the way we process meat. Once you learn how animals are treated, it’s hard to go back.” The two roommates became lifelong friends. Like most people who make the decision to go vegan, Christina didn’t do it for just one reason. She did it for all of them, knowing only good could come of it: for the

animals, for health, and for the environment. The past two years have been very action-packed for Christina. She and her husband just landed the biggest deal of our lives in Singapore. “We just got back recently. Through that, we gained a decent amount of capital and now we are looking for projects that will help us do our part. I want to do my part. That’s the only way I’ll ever feel fulfilled.” Particularly, Christina is interested in investing in documentaries that deeply educate and tell compelling stories through Conscious Capital. What she has learned from her entrepreneurial pursuits and motherhood has shaped how she perceives her own strength as well as human strength. “You can handle it,” she says. “Whatever you think you can’t handle, you actually can. You have more strength, more resilience, and more inner wisdom than you give yourself credit for. You’ll get through it and survive— and maybe even be better for it.” When asked what’s next for her, Christina responded: “I’m very ambitious and I have not come close to what I’m here to do. I just turned 33 but I’m going to keep on doing what I’ve always done, hustle and keep my head up. There are things I need to accomplish for my own sanity.” Aside from her projects and travels, Christina is about to start working on baby number two! If LEFAIR readers have a project that fits with the Conscious Capital mission statement, Christina Galioto and her team would love to hear from you. christinagalioto@gmail.com

“She's mad but she's magic. There's no lie in her fire.”


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Videographer Jason Edward @jasonedwardcreative


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Haley Hotel & BEYOND Writer Madeline Rosene @madelinerosene



urf ’s up and we’re down with the Haley Hotel. One of the newest additions to Santa Barbara’s selection of hotels and accommodations, is Haley Hotel, a boutique 17-room getaway that is rooted in exploration and discovery. Named after the famous sea captain, Salisbury Haley, this hotel is a destination for wanderlusters who want to discover the coastal charm of Santa Barbara, swim in the sea, walk the city’s historic streets, surf, and catch a sunset. Pass Buddy the Bunny on your way up to your room. Meticulously neat and clean, the rooms are spacious and minimal with rustic, boho-beach decor. Gather ‘round the fire pit at night, doze in a swinging chair, or play a game of giant chess—whatever your fancy, Haley Hotel is fun for everyone. The hotel general manager, Marcus Natale, is an explorer himself, remarking that in one point in his life he had been to more countries than states. Some of his favorite countries to travel to include France, Italy, Switzerland, and Honduras. The staff at Haley Hotel are sure to ignite your adventurous spirit.

L E FA I R MA G A Z I NE | 5 7

The hotel is just a stroll away from some of our favorite Santa Barbara hot spots like Institution Ale. Time to take off to this industrial-style taproom and arcade and grab a flight of four beers. We recommend the Raspberry Daydreamin’, Mosaic Pale Ale, RX Pils (German style pale ale), and Batch 36, a hoppy wheat ale. Soak it up with some carbs, the pizza kind. Obviously, the carne asada pizza is the right choice. When it’s time to shake it up, head over to Shaker Mill, a cocktail bar and eatery inspired by the fusion of the Golden Age of Cuban cocktails and al fresco drinking. The Shaker Mill attracts a young crowd. There’s a group of twenty-something girls seated in teal chairs celebrating a birthday party in the corner yelling, “Party fowl!” as drinks spill. One of them


calls it a “boo boo.” A few of them wear faux fur pink jackets (we didn’t get the memo). There’s a bossa nova playing and the neon pink lights bounce off of the green chandelier. The bartender, Eric, insists on making us a Piña Colada. We’re not mad about it. A man approaches the bar. He is friendly with Eric and informs him that he just put a down payment on a tattoo next door at the parlor called, Energy. There’s a drink called Florida Man that’s made with bourbon, pamplemousse, amontillado, lemon, honey, and orange curaçao. Have you played the Florida Man game yet? It can only improve your drinking experience. Google: “Florida Man” and your birthday to find out what wacky or downright heinous crime a Florida man was arrested for on your birthday!

Also on the menu is a much appreciated and original idea for a cocktail, the Mango Lassi, an Indian, typically non-alcoholic beverage, made with mango, coconut, pistachio, cardamom, and lime. It actually tastes great spiked with vodka. At Shaker Mill, the walk-up Cubaneo food window serves maduros, ripe plantains brushed with cinnamon brown butter, that can cause serious addiction issues. The same can be be said for the yuca frita that are served with a cohoyo sauce (correction: crack sauce). Shaker Mill is located within a shared space that also accommodates a retail space and Modern Times, a vegan restaurant and tasting room with over 30 taps of beer. Make sure to check out the whole scene. â–

L E FA I R MA G A Z I NE | 5 9

“...a destination for wanderlusters who want to discover the coastal charm of Santa Barbara, swim in the sea, walk the city’s historic streets, surf, and catch a sunset.”




Videographer Jason Edward @jasonedwardcreative

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Bare 6 2 | L E FA I R MAG AZI NE

Photographer Tracy Kahn @tracykahn Model Daria Mikolajczak @daria.miko Stylist Madeline Rosene @madelinerosene Makeup Artist Brett Freedman @brettglam Hair Artist Doug Mengert @_douglasjack Videographer Jason Edward @jasonedwardcreative Location Lightspace Locations: @lightspacelocations L E FA I R MA G A Z I NE | 6 3

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Videographer Jason Edward @jasonedwardcreative

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Hot SPOTS I. SHAKER MILL Shaker Mill is a contemporary neighborhood bar inspired by the fusion of the Golden Age of Cuban cocktails and al fresco drinking. It is the third project in Santa Barbara by The Good Lion Hospitality Group. Shaker Mill is driven by coastal influences (due to the proximity to the ocean), local produce, lightly/pleasantly bitter and light/bright cocktails, and blended drinks. The drinks are fun, juicy, and session-able. The indoor/outdoor space features a large assortment of beautiful live plants, bright fun colors, and custom and vintage fixtures. Nestling comfortably on your bar stool, you may order a blended softly textured and airy classic Cuba Libre, or perhaps you’d prefer a juicy and fresh Porto Guava with bright rum, guava, ruby port, cachaca and local citrus? Either way, while enjoying your patio cocktail and the ocean breeze, we recommend a tasty Cuban-Californian sandwich, snack, or full meal prepared by our friends at Cubaneo. shakermillsb.com


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Our favorite spots in Santa Barbara right now!

II. CUBANEO The term “cubaneo” is used in Cuba to describe the ways the Cuban identity is expressed. The manner in which Cubans speak. Cubaneo brings a little bit of Cuba to Santa Barbara.  They serve food that honors the vibrancy of the Cuban culture.  They serve traditional Cuban dishes—from the classic Cubano sandwich, to mojo-marinated chicken, and to Mima’s frijoles negros. They take inspiration from the original Cuban dishes. and update the flavors to suit the ethos of California cuisine. Using the best ingredients wthey can find along with recipes they grew up with, they hope to infuse a little bit of cubaneo into the lives of the guests they serve. cubaneosb.com L E FA I R MA G A Z I NE | 6 9

III. INSTITUTION ALE Institution Ale Co. is a craft brewery that is family owned and operated specializing in American style ales. Since the brewery opened in 2013 they have expanded from our original location in Camarillo, California to a larger facility and now opened a second location on State Street in Santa Barbara. The Santa Barbara taproom offers a large rotating selection of beers and freshly baked thin crust pizzas and soft pretzels from the kitchen. Indoor seating is available with 10 TVs, and an outdoor patio area, game room, merch, and beer to-go. Beer is available to-go in 4-pack 16 oz cans, 32 oz and 64 oz growlers/crowlers. institutionales.com


IV. THE BLACK SHEEP Black Sheep is a local Santa Barbara eating spot that’s family run and operated. They are organic, farm to table driven, gastro pub inspired restaurant. Come as you are, and enjoy good food, cozy and comfortable setting and meals made with love.

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seeing double seeing double Photographer Tiziano Lugli @tizianolugli Models Elisha Herbert @elisha__h and Renee Herbert @reneeherbert_ Model Agency Elite Models L.A. @elitela Stylist Lo VonRumpf @stylelvr Makeup Artist Dillon PeĂąa @dillonpena Hair Artist Anthony Joseph Hernandez @ajhhair


Alexander Wang Black Leather Dress Jay Goddfrey White Dress

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All Saints Top I AM GIA Pants


Rag and Bone Denim Jacket L E FA I R MA G A Z I NE | 7 5


Left: All Saints Black Button Down Roberto Cavalli Python Pants Brunello Cucinelli White Sweater This page: Alexander Wang Black Leather Dress

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Rag and Bone Denim Jacket 7 8 | L E FA I R MAG AZI NE

SMYTHE Faux Fur Jacket

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Writer Tracy Kahn @tracykahn

s the brutal brush fires blaze outside the city, Melbourne is getting a rinse of refreshing rain that cuts through the smoke. It’s a cozy Sunday morning and the rainy day is a great excuse to order room service breakfast in bed at Zagame’s House. Breakfast is nothing short of egg-ceptional! The choices vary from fritters and eggs: Sweet corn fritters, 63° eggs, avocado and cashew nut pesto with chili jam and honey yogurt to porridge with cinnamon-infused milk, caramelized banana, caramel sauce, and macadamia. The Espresso machine in the room will jump start you from the get go and a “long black” (Australian for tall black coffee) will keep you on the fast track. While you have your morning buzz on, it’s a good time to hit the hotel gym and burn off last night’s fish and chips from Johnny’s Green Room or pasta from Universal Italian Restaurant.


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The Zagames bro’s have thought of all of your traveling needs. The room is fully stocked with mini bar, martini shaker, top shelf libations, cheeky snacks, and even a lovers kit in case you came unprepared for...an Aussie interlude. That’s the spirit! After exploring the nearby Melbourne Museum, peace gardens and funky Fitzroy district, come home to the hotel’s wine bar, Lord Lygon where you can melt into the leather couch and order from the wide selection of wines and charcuterie. And if you want to take a bottle or two up to your room, there’s over 300 bottles of vino to choose from. “300 bottles of wine on the wall… 300 bottles of wine”..anybody? For some roof top views, lovely libations and easy eats, head over to Naked for Satan also in the Fitzroy district. Don’t let the name fool you. Sorry to disappoint, but the only nudity you’ll see are the saucy vintage pics on the walls.

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...come home to the hotel’s wine bar, Lord Lygon where you can melt into the leather couch and order from the wide selection of wines and charcuterie.

The #selfie ready bathroom will make you look and feel your best! It’s fully equipped with topof-the-line bath and body products, hair dryer and even a hair straightener (Just leave that all at home!) After you’ve properly primped, what better way to celebrate your true beauty than snapping a selfie in the perfect circular light of the bathroom mirror. Confidence meets self love right there! #beyourbestself ! The lobby and dining areas are unpredictably designed with rich, dark passion colors, modern shapes and a cozy faux fireplace to make you feel even more at home. Traveling with your pooch? Zagame’s takes kindly to K-9s so bring your best furry friend along! Enjoy your stay and enjoy yourself here at Zagames house. Just make sure to book a return ticket home or you may never leave! ■ L E FA I R MA G A Z I NE | 8 7

LOVE ocated in Santa Barbara’s most happening district, the “Funkzone,” is Jill Johnson’s latest clothing boutique, Loveworn. Jill opens the store by cranking up the garage door that has the word “LOVE” written in large red letters. “Love is everything, right?” Jill says. “I use that word so much and I mean it but I also question it because how do you describe the color of yellow or blue? It just is. I feel like I am a loving person and I feel loved. I love that I get to work in the store.”


business owner. “Everyone is craving authenticity these days after so much fast fashion,” Jill explains. So this “trend” of authenticity works perfectly for someone like Jill who exudes originality and genuiness.

Welcome to your new rock-n-roll-chic obsession where vintage t-shirts and Levis abound and trucker hats line the ceiling’s beams. There’s a sign on the wall that reads, “FREE BEER TOMORROW,” and an array of colorful iron-on patches of butterflies, flowers, and astrological signs on the shelves.

As Jill has gotten older, she has appreciated the Japanese “Wabi-Sabi” aesthetic that accepts and celebrates, roughness, imperfection, or age. “The Japanese have a lot more reverence for things that stand the test of time,” Jill says, “Whether it’s people or objects. We live in such a throwaway society.”

The most unhip person could walk into Loveworn and leave, even without having bought anything, and their hipness level would automatically increase. Of course, this has everything to do with Jill and her vision for her love child. Thanks to social media and Instagram, Jill recognized that beachy, road trip, 90s clothes were back and knew this concept would work for her taste and the Santa Barbara clientele. People are sick of cookie cutter fashion— just look at Forever21’s recent bankruptcy. People want to standout and be unique and they want to wear something special.

Jill shares the space with her business partner/ex-husband/ “friend soulmate,” Wallace Cleveland Piatt, or “Wally,” as Jill calls him. Wallace is an artist whose work, according to dininganddestinations.com is “an eccentric combination of several vastly different areas of artistic vision—blatantly bold colors, audacious pop art-like graphics and modern minimal settings, along with a generous side of social commentary.” Aside from the Gallery at Loveworn, his work can also be seen at the Elizabeth Gordon Gallery in Santa Barbara.

“Vintage doesn’t mean you don’t have enough money to buy new clothes anymore. It means you’re environmentally friendly and you’re different,” says Jill. She will tell you that in the fashion space, timing is everything and forecasting what’s next is one of the most important skills as a buyer and


When thinking of a name for the store, she looked to her roots. In Jill’s family, the three generations of women (she, her mother, and grandmother) have all made clothes. They used to say to each other when giving gifts, “I made this for you with my loveworn hands.”

Wally was Jill’s first boyfriend and has known him for the majority of her life. The two of them owned and ran a store prior to Loveworn. On a shelf, next to a vintage Barbie doll wearing a full length yellow fur, there’s a framed photo of the two of them standing outside the store. They’re both decked out in denim.


Photographer Tracy Kahn @tracykahn Writer Madeline Rosene @madelinerosene L E FA I R MA G A Z I NE | 8 9


“We kept bringing out jeans and he would say, ‘More.’ We told him how much it would cost and he whipped out a wad of cash. He must have had $10,000 or more in his pocket.” That $10,000 funded the couple’s first business. Jill went ahead and leased a space. “I don’t know what I was thinking. Wally said, ‘What the hell did you do?’ But we made so much money. The first Saturday we were open, we made enough to pay our rent for that entire month.” Fast forward years later and Jill did the same thing with Loveworn. “It’s so amazing how history repeats itself,” Jill says. “It’s kind of scary sometimes.” Although she’s owned 5 stores over the years, Jill says growing up, she never saw herself opening and running stores. Jill sees opportunities and seizes them. She thinks that perhaps it may have something to do with her entrepreneurial parents. Her mother was a seamstress and owned an antique store and her father flew planes and opened a chain of John Deere Tractor stores in the Midwest. He later got into real estate. “I’m the kind of person who just does something,” Jill says, “It forces you to figure it out. If you think about it too much, you might not do it.”

“I’m the kind of person who just does something, It forces you to figure it out. If you think about it too much, you might not do it.” The two met in the late 80s when Jill was 18 or 19. Around that time, Wally went to Europe with a friend. It was there that he saw artists customizing and personalizing denim, adding cowhide, graffiti, or appliqués. When they returned to the United States, the two friends started customizing their own found vintage denim and selling to stores on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. Jill offered her help because she could sew and soon she and Wally became romantically attached. In the midst of selling their bedazzled denim, they soon realized the value of sans-appliquéd vintage denim. “This guy said to us, ‘I would have given you $1,000 if you hadn’t just cut up these jeans.” The two had been buying vintage denim at thrift shops. One day they ran into a Japanese man while shopping. He hardly spoke English but they noticed he was looking for vintage denim. At this point, Wally and Jill had collected so much denim that they encouraged the man to come home with them so they could show him their collection. L E FA I R MA G A Z I NE | 9 1

They have an extensive history together. They have fun, they’re attracted to the same things, and sometimes they read each others’ minds. For previous stores, they would go on buying trips to Vegas, spend the day apart, exploring men’s and women’s fashions and meet up at the end of the day to share notes. Among the thousands of designers and brands, “I’d mention that I saw something interesting and he would already know what I was talking about and noticed it too.” They took this psychic energy and put it into Loveworn. The whole storage unit had to be built out. The walls were lime green, so they painted over them. They bought racks, lighting, hangers, and displays. “We don’t take decorations lightly and when we do something together, we don’t skimp,” Jill says. “I love creating a whole atmosphere.” She wanted to make an environment that would reflect the emotion of the brand she was creating. “We telepathically knew what was missing from a wall and one of us would fix it.” Jill and Wally put the whole store together in under 60 days and during the process, Wally went from not really wanting anything to do with the store besides lend a helping hand for its opening to wanting to be there all the time and eventually moving in, or moving his art in.

Before opening Loveworn two years ago, Jill’s life had taken a turn. She was working a job she hated, exiting a long-term relationship, moving homes, crying every day, and riding a scooter to work in the rain. It was time for another change. She cashed out the 401K that she almost forgot she had and rented as much space as she could at the storage unit in the Funkzone. The landlord took a chance on her and gave her a good deal which included a few months of free rent in exchange for tenant improvements. Jill told him he wouldn’t regret it. She turned her life around in just four months. In the beginning, she had too much space but knew she would grow into it. Jill surrounded herself with other entrepreneurs. A guy named Doug rented the space in the back to create a museum with his impressive collection of antique motorcycles. Surfboard shapers occupied the space on the side before it became Wallace’s art gallery. Although they’ve been divorced for 25 years, Wally and Jill have remained friends. When she signed the lease for the Loveworn space, Wally took a month off of his art so he could help Jill realize the vision of the store and bring it to fruition. “We’re so good at sharing a vision and executing it together,” Jill says. “I think we are soulmates on a friend level.” Wally and Jill owned a store while they went through their divorce. “It’s difficult working with your best friend while also going through a divorce with them.” But they remained respectful towards each other even through the really hard times. They had too much to lose: a life-long friendship, business, and creative partnership. 9 2 | L E FA I R MAG AZI NE

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“Sometimes a change in perspective is all people need to feel better about themselves and the world around them. Art can do that and clothes can do that as well.” “I love Wally’s art,” Jill says. “I love how it looks with everything I’m doing. I know him very well so his art makes sense to me. I like that he is super true to how he feels. He is an interesting guy and he really has a soft side for people who are oppressed. He does a really good job of exposing oppression.” Exceptional art is often quite provocative. Every once in a while, people come into the gallery who are initially offended by his art. “What does a white guy know about the struggles of Native Americans?” is perhaps their first reaction. But once they see the big picture and the ways in which he pays homage and respect to Native American culture through beadwork and artisanship and calls out modern Americans’ insatiable greed and lack of respect for the land and resources, people begin to understand his art. “People are quick to classify or compartmentalize things they don’t take the time to understand,” Jill explains. “His work speaks to a very intelligent crowd.” The artist isn’t trying to say, “Don’t make money,” or “Money is bad.” In fact, some of his paintings sell for over $50,000 and hang in buildings on Wall Street, which Jill says he is perfectly okay with and prefers to see and appreciate the irony. Rather, his art is a reminder of who and what we should actually value and respect as a society: history, the oppressed, the earth and its natural resources, love… In this way, it fits perfectly into Jill’s vision for a store that celebrates authenticity, handwork and craftsmanship, and freedom of expression. Sometimes a change in perspective is all people need to feel better about themselves and the world around them. Art can do that and clothes can do that as well. Jill intuitively knows this. She has loved clothes since she was a child ballerina. Her mother sewed costumes for her and encouraged her love of clothing. She sees clothing as a resource and a way to push to be the best version of yourself. “If I was forced to dress like everyone else, I wouldn’t have as much confidence. We put clothes on our bodies every day so they have to be an expression of yourself or at least be comfortable,” Jill says. “You can have a lot of doors open for you when you’re wearing the right thing. I always like having something new and different to wear because it makes you feel good.” Jill says, “I hear a lot of people say, ‘Oh, I’m not cool enough for this,’ and I’m like, ‘Just

put it on and you’ll see.’ People get compliments and they know they’re not just wearing something from the GAP. We make sure the quality is outstanding and I will tailor pieces for people so it suits them perfectly.” Jill takes pride in her store that is in its essence, a happy destination. Having the ability to be nice to everyone every day, Jill says, is important to her. “People come in and you can see their faces light up and you know their experience in Santa Barbara is more special because of what we created.” This is what makes all of her hard work worth it for her, this and, of course, the incredible clothes she gets to keep! But, surprisingly, Jill says she doesn’t have a lot of clothes (which we have admittedly not fact checked and don’t believe). We do know that she has a beautiful collection of Emilio Pucci. “I don’t save a lot of clothes,” she says. “I usually go out and find something when I need it and then let it circulate in the world if i don’t ‘love it love it,’” says the person who also still has pink zipper earrings that she bought when she was 13 and a pair of favorite jeans that she’s had for decades—Levis, of course, from the 1940s. “I love denim,” she says. Wally got Jill a pair of jeans for Christmas two years ago. “As much denim as I have, I am always excited to find a great pair of jeans… Denim is my favorite fabric. It’s fascinating how it’s made, the history, the cotton mills, and the dyes that have been used to make it over the years.” Denim never gets old for Jill. Maybe it’s because she understands the history so well and knows that sometimes the best things in life are lived in, worn, and a little banged up. Sometimes the best things aren’t fairytale romances and brand spankin’ new clothes. Having someone who has your back for life (like the perfect pair of jeans that you’ll cry over when they finally give out), being in sync with someone because they just fit right, and knowing there is pain or stains there and still feeling so lucky, make life the enjoyable imperfect ride that it is. American novelist, Richard Powell, says,” Wabi-sabi nurtures all that is authentic by acknowledging three simple realities: nothing lasts, nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect.” Few people and places embody this concept like Loveworn and Jill, who says, “Life isn’t going to go the way you want it to go. Life is hard enough. If you loved somebody and then you don’t love them anymore, that must be really tough because I don’t really know that feeling.” ■

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HALEY HOTEL Santa Barbara, California Haley Hotel is a chic boutique hotel situated in the most happening area of downtown Santa Barbara.  Their clean, minimalistic but coastal style makes their guests feel like they are part of the hip SB beach town community.  Take an easy stroll down    state street to breath in the ocean air and get your feet in the sand, or meander down the pier to shop and take in the marina views!    A variety of restaurants and nightlife is just a hop sip and a jump away!  haleyhotel.com



Les Bulles de Paris team will be delighted to welcome you to the only themed boutique hotel with champagne. Enjoy a true sensory experience with our 44 rooms and suites, our champagne bar and our wellness offers. Discover the excitement of the Latin Quarter and Saint Louis Island, their many places of life, restaurants and monuments. Other major tourist spots are easily accessible by transport from the hotel. lesbullesdeparis.com

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Photo by Tracy Kahn

Santa Barbara, California


Old world charm meets ultra-exclusive luxury at Montecito's San Ysidro Ranch. This world class resort is set within 500 acres of lush grounds filled with lavender, rosemary, wild roses and vines of night blooming jasmine while hummingbirds buzz throughout. All 41 cottages are uniquely different. Think roaring fireplaces, canopy beds, fine linens and Parisian claw-footed tubs. This is one of the most romantic settings you will ever come across, with ocean views, laid-back luxury and complete privacy. There are several dining options from the Stonehouse, winner of the Wine Spectator Grand Award since 2014, located in a 19th-century citrus pressing house, to the elevated pub fair of the Plow and Angel with it's beautiful bar and stained-glass windows. sanysidroranch.com

VILLA PREMIERE Puerto Vallarta, Mexico A true emblem of refined taste and a proud recipient of prestigious International awards for its personalized service. This beautiful beachfront hotel boasts a contemporary interpretation of the tradition hospitality of Mexico that includes an atmosphere of understated luxury… the ideal choice for sophisticated travelers looking for personalized service, extraordinary cuisine, and an atmosphere of relaxation. This adults-only property is a stylish and intimate hideaway with the best beachfront location in downtown Puerto Vallarta and the perfect spot for honeymoons or simply a romantic getaway. It´s a hidden gem located just a 5-minute walk to the famous seaside promenade “El Malecon” and all the major attractions this charming colonial town. premiereonline.com.mx

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Photographer Tracy Kahn @tracykahn Model Jocelyn Binder @jocelynbinder @sexyafterbreastcancer Stylist Eva Danielle @loveevadanielle Makeup Artist Troy Lazaris @troylazaris Videographer Jason Edward @jasonedwardcreative Assistant Brian Shapiro @brianspiro Location Lightspace Locations @lightspacelocations

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Honey Birdette Lingerie honeybirdette.com


t LEFAIR Magazine we are constantly looking to feature people who have inspiring and uplifting stories to tell. We discovered Jocelyn Binder and her new book, Sexy After Breast Cancer. Her story is one of turning a negative to a positive and involves some meaningful insights on health and wellness, from a mind, body and soul perspective, which embodies our new mission and direction with LEFAIR. We think sexy is all about feeling healthy, confident, and connecting with yourself and others, so we felt a lingerie shoot with Jocelyn was right in line with her story. The LEFAIR team assembled on a warm sunny January day in Los Angeles to do this fashion lingerie editorial. During and after the shoot, LEFAIR interviewed her so we could share her insights and experiences with you.

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Vanessa Mooney Earrings vanessamooney.com 1 0 2 | L E FA I R MAG AZI NE

Agent Provocateur Lingerie agentprovocateur.com LE FA I R MA G A Z I NE | 1 0 3

“The question is not how to survive,

but how to thrive.” – MAYA ANGELOU

How old were you when you started modeling and where was that? I started modeling at age 15 in Jacksonville, Florida, where my family resides. Is there a history of breast cancer in your family There is some history of breast cancer in my family, however my two aunts that had been diagnosed were both in their 50’s and caught the cancer early enough to avoid chemotherapy. Since my diagnoses, my cousin in her 40’s has also been diagnosed. Although I had no genetic mutations detected in my testing. Can you give us a little summary or sample of what you did that made the biggest changes in your healing process? In my book, I detail the different ways that strengthening the mind and body connection creates healing and what methods can be used to create that strengthening, through various exercises and practices that works for me. I had the benefit of receiving my treatments in a place and with the resources to assemble a team that included both western and eastern doctors, therapists, support groups, acupuncturists, personal trainers and other specialists. In my book, I share a collection of tips that resonated with me, and ways to apply them to your lifestyle. What was the most powerful and or meaningful change that you made in your life that you feel made the biggest effect on your healing and recovery?

1 0 4 | L E FA I R MAG AZI NE

The most powerful change I made in my healing was perspective. The way we see and speak to ourselves creates our internal environment. And cancer has a certain environment that it thrives in. So altering your internal environment creates results. One powerful way to do this is to practice gratitude. Daily. Be thankful for everything you have and more will come! As we know, physical health and managing stress are key in fighting cancer. What’s your favorite work out routine and how do you manage stress? My favorite types of exercise are yoga and hiking. Both are very healthy for both mind and body. They increase circulation, reduce blood pressure, reduce stress hormones, strengthen bones and muscles, improve sleep, improve sexual health, improve mental health and mood, and have many other benefits. You have beautiful hair! Did you lose your hair during all of the chemo you went through on your first battle with cancer? How long ago was that and how did you grow your hair back so beautifully? Thank you! I did lose all of my hair during chemo, and it has taken seven years to get to the length it was previously and currently is. I did enjoy wearing wigs though, I have to say! I take lots of vitamins like biotin, collagen, horse tail, and used Nioxin Shampoo that have helped it grow back thick and strong. I’m also more cautious and use less heat to avoid damage to my hair. Although it’s something you can’t entirely stay away from as a model.

Agent Provocateur Lingerie agentprovocateur.com

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Agent Provocateur Lingerie agentprovocateur.com 1 0 6 | L E FA I R MAG AZI NE

Honey Birdette Lingerie honeybirdette.com

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Honey Birdette Bodysuit honeybirdette.com Alde Baran Lace Boots alde-baran.com

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“Everything you are going through right now is preparing you for

the most wonderful blessings that are yet to come. ” What advice would you give to women in general to love themselves and feel sexy no matter what their shape, size, or age? Everyone should love themselves! If you love yourself, it’s easy for others to love you! No matter what size, shape, or color you are — you are unique and beautiful! They say that “bad things happen for good reasons” Do you agree? What was the best thing that the cancer experience has done to change your life for the better? Yes, everything happens for a reason. We don’t always know the reason at first, but if we have faith and trust the process of the universe, we learn and grow. Having cancer has improved my life in many ways. My favorite is that I have grown to live more in the present and enjoy each moment for what it is something fleeting. You see, everything is changing constantly as time passes, you will never have that moment again. Whether it’s something you choose to label as a good time or a bad time, it offers lessons and shapes your future. Once you truly come to terms with this, life is so much more beautiful. You currently have almost a half million followers. Obviously you’re gorgeous, sexy and beautiful, but is there anything else you did to grow your following to such a staggering number? Instagram is such an amazing platform. You can reach out directly to anyone you want to work with, or otherwise speak to, and they might just write you

back! Many relationships of mine have begun this way. It has enabled me to meet and work with some of my heroes and provided me with opportunities I never imagined I would have. I’ve grown my following in a number of ways. Ultimately, showing my appreciation for fans by sharing not only photos, but personal moments (bad and good) has made all the difference. I spend a lot of time on Instagram (obviously...lol), and I feel very empowered to be able to share no only my art, but my causes as well. How was your experience shooting for LEFAIR today? My experience shooting for LEFAIR was a true collaboration. We had an amazing team! I loved working with Tracy as a photographer, artist, and as a confident woman. Troy is an incredibly talented makeup artist. Eva is my favorite stylist and close friend. We had a super talented videographer, Jason Edward. And photo assistant Brian Shapiro was so helpful and accommodating. I had such a blast! Jocelyn Binder’s book, Sexy After Breast Cancer, will be released on March first at Hubble Studios Los Angeles. There will be a musical performer and breast cancer survivor Heather, of Dauzat St.Marie. Jocelyn will be signing as well as auctioning many forms of pink items including beauty and fashion products, as well as art pieces from the amazing artist who provides the visuals for the book, Enlightenment Barbie. The book is available in many retailers where books are sold as well as on Amazon. ■

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Videographer Jason Edward @jasonedwardcreative

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A match made in heaven‌and in the cloud! BeautyMatch is a brand new app that lets clients request personalized beauty services from the palm of their hands and meet at a nearby salon or in the comfort of home. It also allows beauty experts to find new clientele in the ever changing and competitive beauty landscape. BeautyMatch users can connect with the app’s hand selected roster of beauty experts for highly personalized treatments including tanning, nails, hair, and spa treatments. You can even get your pet beauty matched (paw-dicures anyone?)

Writer Madeline Rosene @madelinerosene

1 1 2 | L E FA I R MAG AZI NE


Beauty salons are disappearing from main streets all over the country due to high rent. As a response, salons wind up in difficult to find locations like the back of a building or down a side street. It’s harder and harder for stylists to find those walk-in clients and for clients to find a place to walk in! At every single salon, there is almost always a stylist with an empty chair. 91% of salons and spas do not have employees and instead rent space to beauty professionals. BeautyMatch is utilizing this under-used workforce and introducing a new kind of walk-in clientele. While other apps are taking away business from salons, BeautyMatch is bringing the clients back. Years ago, people used to see the same hairstylist for years. Now, with the invention of social media, there is a serious lack of communication between clients and stylists (IRL). Often a client will walk into a salon with a photo and ask the stylist to match the look, without even asking if the particular look will work for them, and then spend the duration of the appointment looking at her phone. The stylist is losing the social aspect and thus the retention. Many apps or normal walk-ins create issues by offering whichever stylist or provider is available at that moment. However, it’s very important for the stylist to see who is going to sit in their chair. Problems can also arise when clients book appointments with a stylist they’ve never had before. For instance, some stylists are not trained to work with specific kinds of hair such as hair with extensions, African American hair, or even hair that’s been treated in a way they’re unfamiliar with. That’s why it’s super important to create a dialogue with your stylist beforehand.

While other apps share little to no information about the stylists, BeautyMatch showcases stylists’, faces, bios, salon experiences, and examples of their work. Users can even link their Instagram accounts to show their work and personality. Clients can write about their beauty routine and the products they use. Users can even search by product or brand to find stylists who use the same products that they already know and love. For example, if you use Ouai texturizing spray every day, you can add this to your bio. If you’re in NYC and you forgot your spray, consult the app and search the name of the product, all the salons and stylists who use this product will appear. This feature increases salon retail and keeps loyal brand enthusiasts happy.

“With BeautyMatch, stylists are already acutely aware of the clients’ needs complete with photos of the look they’re going for.”


With BeautyMatch, stylists are already acutely aware of the clients’ needs complete with photos of the look they’re going for. The stylist has seen the client’s face and the client has seen the stylist’s face. This adds a sense of familiarity to the equation. BeautyMatch is somewhat of a social platform. Soon, stylists will even be able to write blogs on the app. Stylists and clients can message each other beforehand, share photos and links, and build a rapport in advance—no more “glam bam thank you mam.” Let’s say you live in Los Angeles but you’re going to a wedding in New York in two weeks. With BeautyMatch, you can start looking for a stylist and send out the request and beauty experts from New York will start to answer you and provide details on their availability and expertise. Then you can make your choice and book before you’re in New York. Runway and editorial hairstylist, Claude Baruk

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BeautyMatch was not born in Silicon Valley from techies. We have beauty expert Joel Mallet, to thank for this revolutionary glam-matching app. Joel has worked in the beauty industry for over 30 years in Paris, Geneva, Bangkok, New York, and Chicago. He trained with Jacques Dessange, the founder of France’s largest hairdressing chain, Dessange, which operates in more than 45 different countries. Inspired by the concept of dating apps, Mallet decided if you can match people based on their social behaviors and looks, you could match beauty experts and clients by treatment, time, expertise, and location.


Currently it’s invite-only for stylists to join as a way to control quality. In the future, BeautyMatch will introduce an application for stylists to apply. However, right now, there is just an exclusive code to access the styling end of the app. The plan is to not grow too quickly and to manage the user base. Because of Mallet’s extensive beauty background, working for L’Oreal for many years, he has connections throughout the United States who currently make up most of the stylist population on the app. Runway and editorial hairstylist, Claude Baruk, serves as head ambassador of the app. He has chosen pros and experts for the team. The app will especially appeal to stylists who have recently moved and can announce their new location and specialties to potential clients in the area i.e. “Hey! I just moved here and I specialize is short, blonde, baylage styles.”


STEP 1: Create your profile. Post that selfie, link to your Instagram and fill out your bio. BeautyMatch encourages you to tell their experts about your beauty routine (services, products, and more). Select the city in which you’d like to be paired with a beauty expert and the distance in which you are willing to travel for the treatment.

STEP 2: Stylists and/or beauty experts start to reach out regarding your request. You can chat with them about specifics, products, and even send photos of your desired look. BeautyMatch is all about establishing a rapport and relationship between client and stylists. STEP 3: Book your appointment. The stylist can travel to your home, wherever you are staying, or you can travel to the salon. *BeautyMatch doesn’t charge the client. The app simply takes a percentage of the treatment cost. ■

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“Inspired by the concept of dating apps, Mallet decided if you can match people based on their social behaviors and looks, you could match beauty experts and clients by treatment, time, expertise, and location.”

B E A U T Y M A T C H A P P. C O M

Rad APPS Our favorite apps right now!

Beauty Match This new social network will allow members to browse and match with their ideal clients and beauty professionals based on their needs and specialties. Beauty Match handselects   high end beauty specialists to guarantee you the best service. Get notified of lastminute specials. At Beauty Match, they use their advanced algorithm to connect you with an expert that will welcome you with a personalized special. Easy bookings. Search and browse the work of the top beauty professionals in your area and find the perfect time to book for you.

“Find your perfect Beauty Match. Anywhere. Anytime.”

Lovelyloot Your perfect foundation shade. That new face mask you saw on Instagram. And even the sunscreen that made you break out. Lovelyloot helps you keep track of your personal beauty stash, plus all the products you want to try – and the ones that didn’t work out – so you’ll never forget a product again! Lovelyloot will help you shop smarter, so you buy what you really want – not just more stuff. Never leave the store with the wrong shade or product again. Find all your information and inspiration right in your Loot and feel great about your next purchase.

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MINDBODY Whether you’re searching for a yoga studio while traveling or a massage at a local spa in your neighborhood, choose from the best fitness classes, spa treatments, and salon appointments in the MINDBODY APP. And with over 52,000+ businesses listed, from yoga, Pilates and HIIT to spin, barre, CrossFit® studios plus massage appointments, beauty services and more, you’ll find everything you need to elevate your health and wellness.

“Fitness, Beauty, and Wellness. Just For You.”

Charity Miles Charity Miles is a free app that enables you to earn money for charity whenever you walk, run or bike. Anytime. Anywhere. Since their founding in 2012, Charity Miles has helped earn nearly $3 million for amazing charities, thanks to the support of their corporate sponsors. Now they have a brand NEW and innovative way to raise even more money for your charity than ever before. Through Charity Miles, you can create your own Pledge Page where your friends can sponsor you… even if you’re not doing a marathon or race. The more your friends pledge, the more money you can earn. Literally UNLIMITED.

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How do the different astrological signs travel? Answer: quite differently. From packing to booking, to mode of transportation, and finally, destination, every sign has its own quirks and comfort zones when embarking on a journey. Here is a take on the 3 Spring Constellations.


MAR 21

APR 20

ARIES Natives can, of course, decide on a holiday on the spur of the moment, stuffing everything haphazardly into a giant camouflage back pack (they couldn’t possibly check luggage and wait for it to come around the carousel) and throwing their leather jacket over their shoulder, as they head out the door. They might even get a great deal on a flight because it is last minute. Because, obviously, Aries will fly to their destination- it’s faster. If a jetpack were available, they would book that. Ideally, the little ram will find a place to stay when they arrive at their destination, because planning is not in the picture. Possible ports of call include Nevis Highwire in New Zealand for bungee jumping, Waialua, Hawaii for sky diving, or white water rafting on the Zambezi River in Zambia. It is about the experience and the adrenaline rush for most Ariens. Fancy dining and luxurious digs are not what Aries is into. They probably won’t even take that many pics, because that would mean interrupting the flow of the moment. They are adventurers, bound to see the world in their own decisive, passionate way. Nevermind the details, just full steam ahead for the determined ram.

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APR 21

M AY 2 0

TA U R U S Peeps are basically the complete opposite to Aries in their approach to travel. Planning, research, and finding a travel “deal� are their ideas of fun. They love nature, but they love their creature comforts more- so glamping, but not camping, is on the docket for the bull. Any pastoral location is appealing to them, and Taurus is not necessarily in a hurry to get there. The Orient Express would appeal to their hedonistic, sensual tastes. Experiencing luxury, while absorbing gorgeous views, is right up their bucolic alley. Taurians love yummy, beautiful food, too, so that is also a consideration for their itinerary. Destinations on the Taurus wavelength could include, a fabulous small hotel in Tuscany with rooms that come with high thread count sheets, a luxury safari lodge in Africa, or a charming upscale inn in an English Cotswold village. Superior food, comfort and scenery at a bargain price, is the aim for a Taurus escape.

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M AY 2 1

JUN 20

GEMINI Folk will usually want to travel with friends, so they can have immediate social interaction. If however, they are traveling alone, they will strike up conversations everywhere. They are the ones who will absorb a stranger’s entire life story on one trip up a chairlift. A Gemini will be happy with a city holiday; one that includes lots of theater and museums, and lots of discussion about the art afterwards. They are the sign who will try all the different types of ethnic food that an urban environment has to offer. They are the ones who will learn the phrases in the foreign culture they are visiting. Open and looking for stimulation, they crave all the information they can get a hold of relating to the history and culture of a place. This sign would not mind a tour group. Places that would appeal include New York City, the Giza pyramids in Cairo, Egypt or a Cambodian culture trip. Gemini is a wonderful traveler and will take away a great deal from any experience. LE FA I R MA G A Z I NE | 1 2 3





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