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LOCAL NEWS Brat, Spanberger spar in Culpeper Chamber of Commerce debate ➤ Brat continues comparisions to Nancy Pelosi while Spanberger calls for 'unified district' By Jeff Say Culpeper Times Staff Writer A vote for Abigail Spanberger is a vote for “the Nancy Pelosi liberal agenda,” said 7th District Congressman Dave Brat during a debate hosted by the Culpeper Chamber of Commerce Tuesday evening at Germanna Community College’s Daniel Technology Center. Multiple times during the debate, Brat referenced Spanberger’s alleged connection to Pelosi, to a raucous response from the split crowd at the first and possibly only debate between the rivals for the 7th District seat. “It’s disappointing to hear my opponent continue to misrepresent my positions,” Spanberger said following the hour and a half long debate. “Tonight, viewers saw and heard two very different visions for the 7th District - one focused on divisive rhetoric and even more divisite policies and my vision for a unified district focused on common-sense policies that provide our citizens with the opportunity to thrive.”

“What you just saw in that debate was two very different philosophies and views in what it means to represent the 7th District,” Brat said. “As I said over and over again through the debate what you saw on the Democratic side was a commitment to the Nancy Pelosi liberal agenda.” The incumbent and candidate clashed multiple times over healthcare, immigration, foreign policy, trade policy, federal debt and funding for education and gun policy. During the opening discussion on healthcare, Brat said “we need more competition, not less,” when it comes to healthcare in general and pharmaceutical companies in particular. It also marked his first reference to Pelosi, a theme that continued throughout the night. Spanberger agreed they need more competition but differed over the strategy pointing out she supports a public option. On immigration, Brat accused Spanberger of supporting sanctuary cities and wanting open borders, to which Spanberger responded that the country needs complete immigration reform. “I do not support safe havens,” she said, in a rebuttal to Brat’s discussion on the topic. Throughout the program, Brat pointed to his successes - “a boom-

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Congressman Dave Brat (left) and challenger Abigail Spanberger answer questions during a 7th District Congressional debate hosted by the Culpeper Chamber of Commerce at Germanna Community College's Daniel Technology Center Oct. 15. ing economy” and said that Spanberger would resort to “Nancy Pelosi’s liberal policy.” “I am not Nancy Pelosi, I am not President Barack Obama,” Spanberger said in her conclusion, to a round of applause. Following the debate, the Republican National Committee praised Brat’s performance. “Virginians saw two visions for the future on stage in Culpeper tonight. Abigail Spanberger’s vision

is one of more government control, higher taxes, and an agenda more at home in San Fransisco than Richmond. Dave Brat’s vision for our future is one of continued economic growth and common sense policies that will keep our economy booming,” said Garren Shipley, RNC spokesman. The debate was the only one scheduled for the two opponents, but Brat said another was being discussed.

Culpeper Times • October 18-24, 2018


Performer killed during Air Fest sponsor show Airshow industry leaders have identified the pilot killed in Friday’s plane crash at the Culpeper Air Fest as Jon Thocker, co-owner and acrobatics pilot with Redline Airshows of Cincinnati. Thocker, a retired cargo jet pilot of 25 years, was performing an act with partner Ken Reider in two Van’s RV-8s aircraft when Thocker’s plane went down around 8:10 p.m. at Culpeper Regional Airport. The FAA, NTSB and state police are still investigating what caused the fatal crash. “He was well known in the airshow community, a wonderful person and friend who always loved to talk to everyone,” Airshow View 360 said of Thocker in a Facebook post. “He will be greatly missed. Our hearts and deepest condolences go out to his family and friends during this hard time.” The Culpeper Air Fest Committee acknowledged Thocker as the deceased pilot Monday afternoon. "By now many of you have read about the tragic accident that happened during the Friday night portion of the Culpeper Air Fest. While performing a thrilling night aerobatic act at our sponsor event, Jon Thocker’s life came to an unexpected end," the committee said in a statement. "His dedication and passion for flying has entertained thousands, including many of us in the Culpeper community. While we mourn Jon and keep his family and friends in our prayers, we are working closely with his family to determine how they would like Jon to be remembered." The Culpeper Air Fest went on as planned Saturday, Oct. 13, with the performers reaching a consensus to continue the show for the public. "As you know, we then pressed on to produce an incredible airshow for everyone on Saturday in Jon’s honor - one of our largest in history," the committee said. "Thank you again for all of your support over the years, and we hope to see you next year." Airshow News reported Thocker and Reider had recently unveiled the

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Kyle Hardman (Editor's note: This is weekly series highlighting members of Culpeper's Youth Council. To join Culpeper Youth, go to to apply.) This is Kyle Hardman. He is a 14 year old freshman at Eastern View High School here in Culpeper. Kyle is many things. He is caring, supportive, honest, open minded, thoughtful, funny, dedicated, responsible, and resilient. Currently, Kyle is learning just how brave he is, too. He recently was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer that most often impacts teens and is also often misdiagnosed as a sports injury, as it was in Kyle’s case initially. Since learning of the true diagnosis, Kyle has faced cancer with bravery, even in times when he doesn’t feel brave. He will have to undergo difficult treatments over the upcoming months and he and his family will be traveling back and forth to UVA to obtain these treatments on a more than weekly basis. We are raising money to support Kyle and his family as they navigate this journey and fight against this rare cancer. We want to let Kyle and his family know that they don’t have to worry about paying for treatments, transportation, or anything Kyle might need over these upcoming months and this is a way we can help to mitigate some stress this family will undoubtedly encounter. Kyle and his family, Pam, Darryl, Hailey, and Darryl Jr do not have to be brave alone. They do not have to fight this alone because Kyle is loved by many people and he is part of a community that comes together to support our own. Please consider investing in Kyle’s recovery and the resilience of him and his family. A quarter auction fundraiser will be held Oct. 25 from 5 to 8 p.m. at the Culpeper Country Club.


Van’s RV08 aircraft used in Friday night’s performance. Thocker’s aircraft was registered with the FAA on Oct. 2, 2017 and is listed as an amateur-built, experimental plane. Friday’s act include pyrotechnics, something the duo often used during night shows, Airshow News reported. A photo on Redlines Facebook page Oct. 8 showed Thocker loading fireworks for the Culpeper show. Thocker’s career as a pilot included flights around the world with DHL Air Cargo and test-piloting heavy-cargo flights. According to his biography in the Culpeper Air Fest program, Thocker had built 10 custom airplanes. Thocker and Reider had been flying in formation together for more than 12 years. Their performances featured opposing, inverted and formation maneuvers. The accident is the second fatal plane crash during the popular Culpeper Air Fest. In 2006, pilot Nancy Lynn was killed when her Extra Flugzeugbau GMBH 300, N168EX, crashed during the event.

Cemetery tour scheduled for Oct. 20 Join us for a candlelight tour of the Culpeper Masonic Cemetery, Saturday, Oct. 20 at 5:30 p.m. The Cemetery, now under the care of the Masonic Cemetery Foundation, was originally given to the "Masons of Culpeper," the Fairfax Lodge, under the will of American Revolutionary War hero General Edward Stevens in 1820. The original one-acre Stevens family burial site has grown to over seven acres. The tour begins and ends at the Historic Train Depot in Downtown Culpeper, where you will board the trolley to embark upon the Culpeper Masonic Cemetery. Glow sticks and battery operated candles will be provided, but we ask that you come prepared for an hour plus long walking tour during dusk! For more information, visit: https://; call the Culpeper Visitor Center at 540-7270611, or email:

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Culpeper Times • October 18-24, 2018

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Muhammad spreads strength to domestic violence survivors through her inspiring message By Jeff Say Culpeper Times Staff Writer Mildred Muhammad is the picture of strength. The ex-wife of D.C. sniper John Muhammad, Mildred spoke Tuesday evening at the annual Culpeper Task Force on Domestic and Sexual Violence vigil - telling her harrowing tale and reminding the public to not blame the victims of domestic violence. “Domestic violence is a worldwide epidemic and unfortunately, it’s still continues to plague our

communities regardless of how the laws are set up,” Muhammad said. “I speak out to bring awareness to the 80 percent that do not have physical scars.” Muhammad’s story is one that the public in the D.C. beltway is familiar with - but at the same time probably do not fully comprehend. Everyone who lived in the Culpeper, Fredericksburg and Northern Virginia area in the fall of 2002 remembers the fear and anxiety when John Muhammad went on a ➤ See Muhammad, Page 5

BIZ BIO The People of Wellspring: Peter Lewis, LCSW When you think of “good health,” what comes to mind? Reaching your weight goal? Fewer aches and pains? More muscle? But what about how you’re feeling on the inside? Too often, we neglect our emotional health, and the results can be just as debilitating as any physical problem. Peter Lewis would like to change that dynamic. As Wellspring Health Service’s Behavioral Counselor and Therapist, Lewis wants to help people discover the strengths within themselves that can help them through challenging emotional times. “We all need somebody to talk to about our problems, and I’m a good listener,” Lewis said. “I enjoy using my strengths and insight to work with people to help them make life-changing decisions toward health and wellness.” Lewis, a licensed clinical social worker, brings more than seven years’ experience to the Wellspring team, having provided mental health services in Naples, Florida, before moving to the Culpeper area. At Wellspring, Lewis provides counseling and psychotherapy services to children, adolescents, and adults for conditions including depression, anxiety, attention-deficit/ hyperactivity disorder, obsessive-

compulsive disorder, adjustment disorders, and trauma. Lewis thinks the Wellspring environment is the ideal setting for his work. “Two values within the social Peter Lewis, LCSW work profession include respecting the dignity and worth of the individual and understanding the importance of human relationships,” Lewis said. “The integrated care model at Wellspring, with its strong focus on serving the community through an integrated team approach, is very consistent with those values.” Those social work values came naturally to Lewis at an early age. “As early as first grade, I had a strong conviction to help people and advocate for the underserved,” he said. “I befriended a girl who was being relentlessly bullied and teased, and I noticed how our friendship changed not just her own outlook, but the way she was treated by others. Everyone benefitted, and I was hooked. Social workers are change agents, and that can be powerful for those in need.”


Mildred Muhammad, the ex-wife of the D.C. sniper John Muhammad, speaks about domestic violence and protecting victims at the annual Culpeper Domestic Violence Task Force vigil Oct. 16 at Culpeper Baptist Church.

Culpeper Times • October 18-24, 2018

➤ Muhammad, from Page 4 shooting spree in the south that led to 17 deaths. The intended target of those shootings was Mildred - who had, by that time, divorced John and had regained custody of her three children with him. She was in hiding in Maryland, living with her sister and brother-in-law when she was informed it was her ex-husband behind the killings. Her story started in Washington state, where the couple lived after John returned home from the 1991 Gulf War. “He wasn’t the same person,” Mildred said, explaining that before he left he was the life of the party, but when he returned he sat, sullen and rocking in his chair. They were married 12 years but she filed for divorce when he began cheating on her, and that’s when the abuse started. It started as controlling, changing her phone number, sneaking in at night into their apartment when he wasn’t living with her, eventually taking the kids and never returning them. She filed the proper paperwork but each time was told there was more she was supposed to do. The system failed her. He eventually took the children and left the country, ultimately going to Antigua where he met Lee

Local News

Boyd Malvo. All the while, Mildred fought to have her children returned to her and once they were able to locate them, they had an emergency custody meeting that she won. She took the children and hid, as John had threatened her life. While living in Maryland, she was approached by the FBI in October of 2002, asking when she last had contact with her husband. It was at that custody meeting, and she hadn’t heard from him since. It was then that the FBI and ATF informed her that her husband was the sniper, she was the target and she and her children had to hide. Shortly after, he was arrested, later convicted and ultimately executed. She sought help from counselors for her and her three children, but found no help. Instead, she taught herself to be a counselor and counseled her family. Now, her three children are grown - her son is a manager at a sunglasses hut and her daughters are singers - and she speaks out to help those who feel they don’t have a voice. “It’s no longer painful coming to speak out about it, my ultimate goal is to continue to bring awareness to domestic violence,” Muhammad said. “Women and children and men are dying and we need to

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The community gathers outside Culpeper Baptist Church for the annual Culpeper Task Force on Domestic and Sexual Violence candlelight vigil Oct. 16. try to do more to understand and stop it.” When asked how to prevent domestic violence, Muhammad took a moment to think - admitting there were a million ideas going through her mind. “It starts in elementary school, teaching children about good relationships,” she said. “If we can stop it in the infancy stage, maybe they will have a different outlook on what relationships are supposed to look like.” During her speech, she told the public to not to shame or judge the

victims, instead of telling them what to do, ask victims “how can I help you?” “You don’t want to leave a victim out in the wilderness crying for help,” Muhammad said. “So often victims feel ashamed and guilty anyway. They don’t always reach out until the very last minute. You see Mr. Hyde, I’m dealing with Dr. Jekyll.” Following her presentation and the candlelight vigil, she met with victims, survivors and those going through domestic violence situations and comforted them.


REASON. Abigail Spanberger will protect Social Security and Medicare benefits for today’s retirees and future generations of Virginians. VOTE ABIGAIL SPANBERGER NOV 6.



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Local News

Culpeper Times • October 18-24, 2018

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Culpeper Cosmetology School Barbering Program teacher Antonio Yates works with student Karen Harris on a customer recently.

Barbering program prepares students to 'make the cut' By Jeff Say Culpeper Times Staff Writer Career and technical education is the hot topic in the country right now, and Culpeper is one of the counties leading the charge - as evidenced by Culpeper Cosmetology School’s new barbering program. Started in June, the program - taught by instructor Antonio Yates of Antonio’s Classic Barber Spa - has three students already enrolled and is looking to continue to grow. Yates, who started cutting hair at a young age for his family and then parlayed that into a career in barbering, said that students who have an eye for art are the ones who are drawn to the barbering program. He said that’s what drew him to start cutting hair at age 14 and then to take classes at a barbering school in Greene County. Now, he works with the three new students from 5 to 9 p.m. Tuesday through Friday at the Cosmetology School to teach them tips of the trade. Karen Harris travels all the way from Fredericksburg to learn from Yates. She researched barbering schools and Culpeper’s was the closest to her. Culpeper’s barbering school is the only one offered in the area, with students otherwise having to travel to Northern Virginia or Richmond. “This is something I’ve always wanted to do, I was always fascinated by it,” Harris said. “I discovered the opportunity here and I wanted to take advantage of it and learn.” She said Yates has been teaching her the basics - how to use proper fading techniques, how to use a straight razor and how to interact with the customer to turn their vision into reality. “He’s a wonderful teacher, he makes it interesting and exciting,” Harris said. “He’s creative and very patient, which is very important. He’s very detail oriented and tries to train my eye to see the details, because that’s what

makes it all beautiful in the end.” Yates said that barbering itself is making a comeback, as customers are looking for more of an experience than just a haircut. He referenced the straight razor as a technique customers are requesting now. “That’s something that’s coming back,” Yates said of the straight razor. “It’s a lost art. “When you make it an experience, it’s going to be relaxing,” Yates said. “When you have them laid back and comfortable, they’re sold.” In addition to men’s haircuts, barbers can also do some women’s cuts, and kids are interested in design work. He said longer styles like the pompadour - are making a comeback. That’s where the eye for art comes into play. The cost for the program is $1,800 with $1,650 counting toward tuition and the rest going toward supplies, books and tools. The program takes 1,100 hours to complete which equates to about a year and a half of the 20-hour class weeks. Students are allowed to use PELL Grants and Stafford Loans, and Culpeper Cosmetology School director Sue Hansohn said that 80 percent of their students use financial aid. Once the students have completed their hours in the school, Hansohn said, they then have to sit for the state exam which is a twopart test - a written portion and then the practical hair cutting test. The Cosmetology School has 45 students a year come through the doors and the success they’ve had is what draws people to the school. “We send people to salons because they need people, we can guarantee them they will get a job,” Hansohn said. Hansons said students come from Fredericksburg, Charlottesville and even Harrisonburg to learn at the Cosmetology School. Mens haircuts are offered at the barbering school from 5 to 9 p.m. Tuesday through Friday for $10 and other services are available. Veterans haircuts are free on Wednesdays. To learn more about the school, call 727-8003.

Culpeper Times • October 18-24, 2018

Local News

Girls in Aviation Day prepares students for careers in aviation By Jeff Say Culpeper Times Staff Writer Girl power was front and center at the Girls in Aviation Day at the Culpeper Air Fest Saturday morning. More than 100 young women, ages 8-17, toured booths at the Airport prior to the 19th annual Air Fest - learning about professions in aviation. Kelly Murphy, Director of Communications and Editor-in-Chief for Aviation for Women magazine, smiled broadly as she greeted the girls lining up at the 8:30 sessions. This marked the fourth year for Girls in Aviation Day - held internationally - but hosted for the first time at the Culpeper Air Fest. The girls learned about various professions in aviation - engineering, pilots, mechanics, air traffic controllers, Coast Guard and more from a staff of volunteers. “There are so many job opportunities in aviation, not just a need for pilots - mechanics, air traffic controllers, aircraft engineers and what we want to do through Women in Aviation is to reach out to girls ages 8 to 17 and let them see all the opportunities,” Murphy said. Women in Aviation provides $500,000 in scholarships each year to students going to college to study disciplines associated with aviation. Murphy said the Girls in Aviation Day focused on networking and mentoring, helping match girls interested in certain fields with professionals. “Our day is dedicated to having all these different stations where they can meet female engineers, pilots, mechanics and female drone pilots,” Murphy said. “It’s about them seeing positive role models and being able to ask questions.” Murphy, the daughter of late Culpeper pilot JJ Quinn, said it only made sense to host the Girls in Aviation Day at the Culpeper Air Fest. Last year they were based in Manassas, but outgrew the program there. Dovetailing the day with the Air Fest was a perfect marriage, she said. “We hope to remain here for many reasons,” Murphy said. “To have our event during an airshow is amazing.” Girls in Aviation Day was featured at 95 events throughout the world involving 15,000 girls. The Capital Region Chapter, for which Murphy has been a part of for more than 20 years, has about 200 members. She said that without the involvement of her father, she probably would not have been interested in aviation - and that is the role she is trying to fill for the young women involved with Girls in Aviation Day. “It’s a gentle push, so we feel like we’re very supportive,” Murphy said. The day started with the first group taking to the tarmac to fly model airplanes with the Culpeper Model Barnstormers, paired up with a “buddy” but giving the girls a firsthand experience of piloting a RC plane. They then moved into the Girls in Aviation tent where they met professionals like Amerre Deiters, with United Airlines, and


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Mady Say, 8, flies a remote controlled plane with the Cupeper Model Barnstormers during Girls in Aviation Day Oct. 13 at the Culpeper Air Fest. were able to learn about the physics of flying. David Boyd, from Battlefield High School’s robotics team Ilite Robotics, clapped as young girls showed an interest in coding robots. “By getting them early, we get them focused, they get a little experience as they go into college,” Boyd said. “It’s the young ones that really inspire me and that I love working with the most. I think when they are at this age, they get so excited with everything they can do. That’s the big thing, letting them realize they have the potential to do what they want to do.” He said the goal is to make STEM as accessible to children as youth sports is, and remarked that it's important to get young women involved and explain to them the significance of women in the technology field pointing out one of his role models is Grace Hopper, an American computer scientist and United States Navy rear admiral. Across the tent, Melinda Viterri with the Aviation Youth Mentoring Program from Washington, D.C. looked on as her students worked with girls to teach them how to fly on an FAA approved flight simulator. Purchased for the group by the Royal Aeronautical Society for approximately $10,000, the flight simulator is as realistic as it gets teaching aspiring pilots how to check gauges, adjust the throttle, take off and land. “For me it’s like the center of my life to make sure we can inspire the next generation and offer them a great flight opportunity,” Viterri said. Ariana M. Yactayo, 15, a sophomore at Seton Home Study School, said she will cherish the opportunity she received to learn from strong women. “I really enjoyed Girls in Aviation Day at the Culpeper Air Fest on Saturday; the people involved with the event were utterly kind, helpful, and open,” Yactayo said. “I think it was greatly important to see strong, positive, diverse, female role models in STEM because more girls could relate with their skills and goals, and have a deeper understanding of things - it really enhanced the experience we had with all of the activities and stations."

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Culpeper Times • October 18-24, 2018

HISTORY Story of William Grayson: Part 3 Last week I left you with a summary of William Grayson’s predicament. On April 4th, 1849, Grayson had visited the store of Settle and Miller in the Jefferson District of Culpeper County to pay his account and retrieve his tools. He was about twenty cents short and was sent away. After borrowing the funds needed he returned to the store, was given a receipt and his tools. The transcript of the trial is a bit fuzzy on whether he got both of his tools. This is not a novel although it could be. For now we do not have the ink to provide every detail. The transcript goes on to report that a group of fellows met at the store

ZANN’S PLACE Zann Nelson

where the deceased slept and played marbles until dark. Witnesses indicate that Grayson was seen later to be drinking and who was heard to claim that he had “lost” the tools. More to the record, he had put them down and could not remember where. On the morning of April 5th John Settle returned to the store as was his practice; the door was open, and David Miller was found dead under the platform in front of the store. According to the testimony, six or seven pairs of ladies’ shoes were missing, about twenty dollars of silver coin was gone, though a few were found strewn about on the floor, and Grayson’s tools were not there. The police were notified, and an investigation immediately started. A crowd of neighbors gathered and among them was William Grayson. Grayson was interrogated, arrested and charged with murder. Friends of the deceased hired an attorney (unnamed) to assist the

Commonwealth Attorney with prosecution and Grayson was represented by the firm of Cabell and Bouldin of Richmond, Virginia. According to the court records, the witness list and the effort to supply a substantial chain of evidence was detailed. A jury trial was held in June 1849 and Grayson was convicted and sentenced to “hang by the neck until dead.” The defense entered a motion to set aside the verdict and order a new trial. The motion was overruled by Judge Richard Field. An appeal on behalf of Grayson was sent to the Supreme Court of Appeals in Richmond, Virginia and heard at the December term 1849. The case is well detailed in the book Cases Decided in the Supreme Court of Appeals of Virginia, Volume 47. The higher court reported the following: “The evidence is plainly insufficient to warrant the verdict. The verdict, moreover is in some material respects, against the proofs, or inconsistent with them.” The majority opinion read, “Judgement reversed, verdict set aside, and cause remanded

for a new trial.” Cases Decided in the Supreme Court of Appeals of Virginia, Volume 47 (can be found online). A second trial was held in June of 1850. A new jury was seated and again convicted Grayson of the murder and sentenced him to death. Again, a motion was made to set aside and hold a new trial; again, it was overruled and again, an appeal was heard in the June term of the Supreme Court of Appeals. The only new evidence the higher court noted was in favor of the defendant. The again held for reversing the decision and ordered a new trial. All the while Grayson is incarcerated in the Culpeper jail. Stay tuned for exactly why the higher court thought there was insufficient evidence to convict Grayson. Until next week, be well.

Zann Nelson is a researcher specializing in historical investigations, public speaker and award -winning freelance writer and columnist. She can be Culpeper Baptist Chu reached through the Culpeper Times, at K Art & Design, Inc. ( or www.facebook. LDL Rentals LLC (Wat com/ZannsPlace. VeloConcepts (Course


PARKS & RECREATION We had a great event on Saturday, October 6th with just over 200 cyclists attending.



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Culpeper Times • October 18-24, 2018

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TECHNOLOGY Unexpected outcomes pushing the limits of flight and space DATA DUMP

This past weekend in Culpeper was filled with both tragedy and triumph. The annual Culpeper Air Fest suffered tragedy as a pilot lost his life performing acrobatics for the crowd Friday evening, but there was triumph, as the pilots and community came together on Saturday to put on a spectacular show and honor their fellow pilot. From the time I was a young child, I’ve been enamored by flight. My dad worked in avionics for the majority of his 20+ year career in the Marine Corps and continued in that same field as a civilian. I earned my private pilot’s license in 2008, so flying has always been some part of my life directly or indirectly. After all the events of this packed weekend, I started wondering what

John Barker

types of technology have become staples of our everyday lives because of our desire to explore flight and test our limits. In 1976, NASA, started an annual publication called, Spinoff. This publication has over 2,000 items that have become commercial products as a result of NASA research projects. Let’s clear up a few things first. NASA cannot take credit for inventions that have become urban legends over time, including the orange drink TANG, Velcro straps, space pens, cordless power tools, or Teflon. But NASA did work with other companies, such as Black & Decker, to create the first portable cordless vacuum to collect samples from the surface of the moon. For the full listing, I encourage you to check out the NASA Spinoff website and JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) infographic. A few samples: Infrared Ear Thermometers - NASA and Diatek Corporation used similar infrared technology to measure the temperature of planets and stars to

measure how much energy comes out of the ear drum. Camera Phones - A team of scientists at JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) worked to create small cameras in the 1990s that could fit on spacecraft. Athletic Shoes - NASA engineers were looking for rubber molding for the helmets that astronauts use. A NASA engineer was the first to suggest the idea of using the molding as a shock absorber for shoes. Foil Blankets - The foil blankets that are given out at the end of marathons were first developed for use in space. Baby Formula- This one might not be much of a shocker, but NASA research was looking for a nutritional element that could withstand long space flights. Highways- NASA worked out a method to reduce aircraft running off of runways by creating grooved payment. This method has also been integrated in major highways to channel water of the road greatly reducing car accidents. Invisible Braces- This is one of the

craziest unexpected outcomes. NASA was working on technology to help track missiles and ended up creating a component that is stronger than steel and can also straighten your teeth. I write this in the miniscule hopes of convincing the skeptics out there that say we can’t afford these types of programs or its too risky. Skeptics may argue that NASA has no practical value or going to the moon or shooting for Mars is science fiction hogwash with no real benefit for humanity. Look down at the shoes on your feet and the cell phone in your hand as evidence of what boundary pushing can have on your life. Now imagine a future where we are trying to get to Mars, a fuel is developed that is infinitely more efficient and pollutant free than anything we have used to date, or scientists create a method of terraforming Mars, making it more hospitable. I am sure we will find practical applications for that here on Earth. Seems worth it to me, what do you think?


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Culpeper Times • October 18-24, 2018

POWER OF PINK Physical therapy: A helping hand for cancer survivors October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and it is also National Physical Therapy Month. How appropriate that these coincide, as the role of a physical therapist becomes ever more important to breast cancer survivors. It is estimated that one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. A staggering number to contemplate, but the good news is that with the continuing advances in oncology diagnostics and treatments, it means there are so many more survivors. No doubt your physician has your best interests in mind, from diagnosis to discharge — but you should always be a self advocate. Do your research and your homework. The trend is moving towards more pre-surgical


Anne Williams

care, as well as post-surgical care, for cancer patients across the board. Not only should you be educated about the possible adverse effects of concurrent radiation and chemotherapy treatments, but findings indicate that you should employ exercise throughout your course of treatment to help minimize these effects. A physical therapist can help you develop a program to help maintain your strength, endurance and balance prior to surgery. Education regarding prevention of lymphedema before surgery and hands-on care afterwards can be crucial to maximizing your wellbeing and lifestyle during your recovery. Other complications can arise from your treatment including muscle weakness, myelopathies, peripheral neuropathies, musculoskeletal imbalances, scar tissue restrictions, frozen shoulder and chronic pain are just a few problems that physical therapists are educated to help you with. If you need more specialized

Fight the Fight, Find theCure.

care, they may refer you to a specialist in this area. Manual therapy for the post-surgical breast cancer patient, whether you have had a mastectomy, lumpectomy or surgical reconstruction, can be crucial to complete recovery and return to full function. So what if my doctor didn’t recommend therapy, you may be thinking? Please be proactive and discuss referral to physical therapy with your physician as physical therapy is becoming more widely recognized by doctors and insurance companies as an integral component to a more complete recovery. If you have difficulty, the great news is that most states in the U.S., including Virginia, allow direct access to physical therapy services. That means, that if you have any questions or concerns, you can go directly to a physical therapist for evaluation and treatment for up to one month without a doctor’s referral and most insurances will cover your

treatment. If you need immediate referral to a physician or need therapy beyond thirty days, your therapist will seek authorization from your physician or surgeon. Mountainside Physical Therapy and Lakeside Manual Physical Therapy offer two convenient locations and we are here to help you. Please do not hesitate the to contact us. Physical therapy is a restorative and palliative treatment option to help you regain control of your life and your body. Please remember, any cancer survivor who should have any new onset of pain should be evaluated by their physician, secondary to the possibility of metastasis, so don’t wait until it is too late! And don’t forget, early detection depends on you! Mountainside Physical Therapy, 12625 Lee Highway, Washington, Va. 540987-9390. Lakeside Manual Physical Therapy, 9445 Zachary Taylor Highway, Unionville, Va. 540-854-0367

540.827.4976 • 606 Sperryville Pike

IT’S OUR ANNIVER SARY Come on in to join the celebration, and take advantage of great deals!

October 22nd - 27th

ANNIVERSARY SCHEDULE Roofing, Siding, Gutters & Windows FREE


CALL US AT 703-753-4585 Locally Owned | Family Owned and Operated Bringing Customer Service Back! In business for over 10 years Experience of over 20 plus years HAAG Cerfied | Offer 0% Financing GAF MasterElite Contrasctors

6593 Merchant Place Warrenton, VA 20187 |

Mon. 10-22 ALL Cuts 20% OFF

Thurs. 10-25 Waxing $2 OFF

Tues. 10-23 Men’s Cuts $5 OFF

Fri. 10-26 Color $10 OFF

Wed. 10-24 Women’s Designer Cuts $6 OFF

Sat. 10-27 Highlights $10 OFF

Thank You to the following businesses for donating prizes: Shawn’s BBQ • Poppy & Chalk • Eagle Postal • Pranapiloga Endless Creations • Quail at the Wood • Harriet’s Market Mama Mai’s • Frenchman’s Corner • It’s About Thyme Crossfit Culpeper • Journey Into Beauty • Bare Elegance

Culpeper Times • October 18-24, 2018

Power of Pink

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Pamper Me Pink to be held Oct. 23 Tuesday, Oct. 23 marks the date for Novant Health UVA Health System Culpeper Medical Center’s 13th annual Pamper Me Pink event in partnership with Pepperberries, a Culpeper gift and fashion boutique. The event is a social gathering and educational experience in one, focusing on women’s health and the importance of self-care, both in the form of regular breast exams and more enjoyable “pampering.” “When we launched Pamper Me Pink in 2005, little did we know this event would become an annual tradition in our community to support women and awareness of breast cancer,” said Sharon Welch Clark, owner of Pepperberries. “I am honored to co-host our 13th Pamper Me Pink event and encourage community members to join us Oct. 23 to enjoy an evening of pampering while raising money to fund breast cancer treatment for women and men who can’t afford it.” Pamper Me Pink attendees will be treated to an evening of pampering – including chair massages and hand wax treatments – as well as refreshments, entertainment and door prizes. In the spirit of raising both awareness and support, a panel of cancer survivors will share their stories during the event. A breast health navigator and other women’s health practitioners from the medical center will be available to speak with women

about breast health during the event. The mobile mammography coach of Novant Health UVA Health System will be onsite that evening for mammogram appointments. For pre-registration, please call 703.369.8421. “This great event supports women’s health initiatives in the Culpeper community,” said Jeff Hetmanski, president and chief operating officer of Novant Health UVA Health System Culpeper Medical Center. “We are pleased to once again co-host this event with Pepperberries and to illuminate the importance of regular breast cancer screenings. Our goal is to educate the community and showcase our commitment to women’s health by hosting a fun, lively event for those who are affected by breast cancer, supporting a loved one with breast cancer or simply want more information on screenings, diagnosis and treatment.” Proceeds from the evening will benefit the Pamper Me Pink Mammography Fund, which provides financial assistance to women and men in need of mammograms or follow-up screenings. “One of the most rewarding parts of this event is being able to fund life-saving mammogram services for community members in need,” said Clark. “We’re grateful that our partnership with Novant Health UVA Health System allows us to offer this valuable service to those who need it.”

Tuesday, Oct. 23, 2018 5 to 8:45 p.m.

Germanna’s Daniel Technology Center 18121 Technology Drive, Culpeper Grab your friends for a night out at the 13th annual Pamper Me Pink event. Enjoy an evening of awareness and indulgence while supporting the breast health of the Culpeper community. Prepare to be pampered with chair massages, hand wax treatments, health education, food, music and door prizes. In the spirit of support, cancer survivors will share their inspiring stories and a keynote speaker will provide valuable education and insight. Proceeds benefit the Pamper Me Pink Mammography Fund in providing financial assistance to women and men in need of a mammogram or follow-up screenings.


© Novant Health, Inc. 2018



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Culpeper Times • October 18-24, 2018

What’s Happening 10/18•10/24

PAMPER ME PINK • Pamper Me Pink will be held Oct. 23 at Germanna Community College's Daniel Technology Center.


OCT. 19 BINGO • VFW Post 2524 weekly

bingo sessions on Friday nights. Doors open at 5 p.m., play starts at 6:45 p.m. Guaranteed $1,000 jackpot, regular games pay $100 if 90 or more players. Upstairs and downstairs seating, the entire facility is nonsmoking. Call 825-3424.


Stephen’s Episcopal Church – Women’s Group The Order of Daughters of the King (DOK) is a spiritual sisterhood of women dedicated to a life of Prayer, Service and Evangelism, making a commitment to Jesus as our Savior, and following Him as Lord of their lives. Please contact us for more information. Address: 115 N. East St., Culpeper | Parking: 120 N. Commerce Street | 540-825-8786 | |www.

REFORMATION LUTHERAN CHURCH • Reformation Lutheran Church, 601 Madison Rd., Culpeper, Tuesdays, 12:30 pm: Lunch & Learn, Senior Pot-Luck Luncheon and Bible Study Thursdays, 12:15 pm: Adult & Senior Pot-Luck Luncheon and Bible Study

FUNDRAISER • When you dine at any Glory Days Grill including Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland from October 1st thru October 30th, Glory Days will contribute 10% of the total food and beverages purchased to the All Fur Animals Rescue fundraiser. Simply ask your server for the itemized copy of your GUEST CHECK receipt (not the charge card receipt). We can provide an address to send the guest check to or provide it to an AFAR member

The Culpeper County Sheriff's Office will once again present Deadwood Trail every weekend through Nov. 2.

OCT. 18 FILM •“Dracula” (Universal, 1931) “An Evening of Folk, Blues, Soul and Rock Highlights from ‘Soundstage’” (1974-1982) “Soundstage” is a live concert television series produced by WTTW Chicago and distributed by PBS. The original series aired between 1974 and 1985; it was revived in 2003 and is still being produced. Emphasizing live performances, “Soundstage” presented a dramatic contrast to the way music had been televised until that point when variety shows (such as “The Ed Sullivan Show”) and lip-synched cabaret shows (such as “The Andy Williams Show”) were the norm.

This unique program curated from the television archive of the Library of Congress features performances by Jackie Wilson, Muddy Waters, Bob Dylan, Randy Newman, Ry Cooder, Jackson Browne, Al Green, Dr. John, Doc & Merle Watson, Leonard Cohen, Jesse Winchester, Bonnie Raitt, Emmylou Harris, John Prine, Tom Waits, Phoebe Snow & David Bromberg, Don Williams, Waylon Jennings, Etta James, Graham Parker, The Blasters and Tina Turner. Digital presentation, approximately 90 min. Free, at the Library of Congress Packard Campus Theater located at 19053 Mt. Pony Rd. in Culpeper, VA. No reservations taken.

FILM •“Dracula” (Universal, 1931) Bela Lugosi's portrayal of Dracula defined the ultimate vampire characterization for decades to follow, and the actor made a career of it, both on screen and on stage. Director Tod Browning referenced Bram Stoker's 1897 novel and subsequent stage plays, including a 1927 Broadway production starring Lugosi, to inform his cinematic approach to the legend. Browning, cinematographer Karl Freund and art director Charles D. Hall created an eerie gothic atmosphere to frame Lugosi's performance. Dwight Frye is memorable as Dracula's creepy minion Renfield. Unusually, “Dracula” did not have a specific score written for it and only two pieces of music are on its soundtrack: Tchaikovsky's “Swan Lake” during the opening credits, and the overture of Wagner's “Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg” during a scene at an opera. S35mm print produced by the Library of Congress Film Preservation lab in 1984, 73 min. Free, at the Library of Congress Packard Campus Theater located at 19053 Mt. Pony Rd. in Culpeper, VA. No reservations taken.

Culpeper Times • October 18-24, 2018

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OCT. 20

AUTO SHOW • The Brandy

Station Volunteer Fire Station, 19601 Church Road, is having their 14th Annual Car, Truck, Tractor, and Motorcycle show from 10 a.m to 2 p.m. at the fire station. Entry fee is $20 which includes a dash plate. Free for spectators along with an open house at the fire station. Lunch will be available from the BVFD Auxiliary. For more information, call 540-222-1400.


• Empowering Culpeper will be distributing USDA food commodities at the Culpeper United Methodist Church from 9 to 11 a.m at 1233 Oaklawn Drive. The Culpeper Connector provides drop transportation to and from the church.

JOB FAIR • Over 20 businesses

will be recruiting local candidates at a Regional Job Fair to be held at Germanna Community College’s Daniel Technology Center in Culpeper and hosted by Virginia Career Works. Germanna will have a virtual welding machine on hand, along with information about Apprenticeship Programs. A special unveiling of the new “Virginia Career Works” logo will be held at 11 a.m. along with words from Executive Director of the Virginia Career Works – Piedmont Region, Stephanie Boynton. Germanna’s Daniel Technology Center is located at 18121 Technology Dr, Culpeper, VA 22701. For more information, contact marty.baldwin@

OCT. 21

CHURCH • St. Stephen’s

Episcopal Church - Join us in Worship. We offer three Holy Communion Services each week: Sunday at 8 a.m. or 10:30 a.m., Childcare from 9 a.m.– 12 p.m. Wednesday Centering Prayer at 11 a.m. followed by Healing and Holy Communion at 12 p.m. St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church: Address: 115 N. East St., Culpeper | Parking: 120 N. Commerce Street | 540-825-8786 | |

CHURCH • Good Hope Baptist

Church, Norman, Missionary Ministry will have their anniversary at 3 p.m. Our guest preacher will be Rev. Ada Summers, of

Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Criglersville.

CHURCH • Mount Pisgah Baptist Church, Tanners, celebrates the 15th Pastoral Anniversary of Rev. Walter E Bryant, with services at 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. The guest preacher for the morning service is Rev. French Bryant of Threshing Floor Deliverance Baptist Church, Bowie, Maryland. Guest preacher for the 3 p.m. service is Rev. Arnold McLaurin of Shammah Ministries, Washington DC. Lunch willing be served following morning service. Location: 217 Mount Pisgah Church Drive, Tanners, VA. 540-6729065.

BINGO • Mid-Day Lions Sunday

Night Bingo. Help support local groups with a fun night of games. Held at Pepper’s Grill located at 791 Madison Road in Culpeper (by Best Western). Doors open at 5 p.m. Games begin at 6:30 p.m. Three progressives each night, $1,000 jackpot.

CHURCH • Join Mountain View

Community Church this for Sunday, Oct 14: "Experiencing God: God Speaks " Worship Service with 5 other churches & children’s ministry. Regular worship services will resume Sept 16 at 8:30, 10:00, & 11:30 AM at 16088 Rogers Road, Culpeper.

CHURCH • Antioch Baptist

Church, 202 South West Street will be celebrating their Annual Missionary Day at 3 p.m. Rev Walter Bryant will be the guest preacher with his choir and congregation.

OCT. 23

ROTARY • Rotary of Culpeper is inviting you to assist the Rotary Club in Ending Polio. Oct. 23 is World Polio Day. Along with our partners, we have helped immunize more than 2.5 billion children against polio in 122 countries. If you are interested in donating, email Milton Pierce at

PAMPER ME PINK • On Tuesday October 23 Novant Health UVA Health System Culpeper Medical Center will host the 13th annual Pamper Me Pink event to raise fund and awareness for breast cancer. Proceeds from the evening will benefit the Pamper Me Pink Mammography Fund, which provides financial assistance to women and men in need of mammograms or follow-up screenings. The event

is a social gathering and educational experience in one, focusing on women’s health and the importance of self-care, both in the form of regular breast exams and more enjoyable “pampering.”

OCT. 24

CHESS • Culpeper Chess Club meets each Wednesday from 6:30 to 8:30 pm at the Culpeper County Library located at 271 Southgate Shopping Center. All ages and all skill levels welcome, even those who have never played. For information contact Charity Karstetter at 540-727-0695 or MEETING • The Rappahannock-

Rapidan Regional Commission will hold its regular meeting at 1 p.m. at the Commission offices located at 420 Southridge Parkway, Suite 106 in Culpeper. Agendas and associated materials are available one week in advance of the meeting at the RRRC offices and online at http://www.

OCT. 24-25

WELLNESS • Flu shots and A1C

testing. Free flu shots at Powell Wellness Center in partnership with Rite Aid Pharmacy. Bring your insurance card (no co-pay) and Rite Aid will file for you. A1C blood sugar testing available; $30 fee. Available 8:00-11:00 am October 24 and 4:006:00 pm October 25. Contact PWC fitness manager Patrice Barklund for information; 540-445-5395 or

OCT. 25

FILM • “Homicidal” (Columbia, 1961) The horror films produced and directed by William Castle were often more famous for their promotional gimmicks than their effectiveness as movies. This one was typical of Castle's carnival barker approach with its tagline - "The picture with a Fright Break." 35mm archival print, 87 min. Free, at the Library of Congress Packard Campus Theater located at 19053 Mt. Pony Rd. in Culpeper, VA. No reservations taken.

OCT. 26

FILM • “The Bride of Frankenstein” (Universal, 1935)

Director James Whale took his success with "Frankenstein," added humor and thus created a cinematic hybrid that perplexed audiences at first glance but captivated them by picture's end. Joined eventually by a mate (Elsa Lanchester), the Frankenstein monster (Boris Karloff reprising his role and investing the character with emotional subtlety) evolves into a touchingly sympathetic character as he gradually becomes more human. Free, at the Library of Congress Packard Campus Theater located at 19053 Mt. Pony Rd. in Culpeper, VA. No reservations taken.

OCT. 27

FILM • “Frankenweenie” (Walt Disney, 2012) A boy named Victor loses his dog, a Bull Terrier named Sparky, and uses the power of electricity to resurrect him - but is then blackmailed by his peers into revealing how they too can reanimate their deceased pets and other creatures, resulting in mayhem. Free, at the Library of Congress Packard Campus Theater located at 19053 Mt. Pony Rd. in Culpeper, VA. No reservations taken. COMMUNITY EVENT • Wellspring Health Services will be hosting a free community event from 5-8 p.m. We will have face painting, inflatables, costume contest, pumpkin decorating, an outdoor movie, and a trunk or treat. Please join us at our walk in clinic located at 15237 Creativity Drive in Culpeper for this awesome evening of fun! HISTORY • Starting at 5:30pm -

Historic Lantern Tours of Culpeper – Please join our evening tours of Downtown with the focus this year on Davis Street! For more information, call the Museum at 540-829-1749. Tickets are $15 for adults, $12 for children and only $10 for museum members.

CHURCH • Reformation

Lutheran Church, 601 Madison Road, Culpeper, VA will be holding their monthly Prayer & Healing Service at 6 p.m. with the Praise & Worship service featuring special prayers for healing of mind, body and spirit, with laying-onof-hands and anointing with oil. Prayer teams are available for those seeking the special touch of Jesus. All visitors are welcome.




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Culpeper Times • October 18-24, 2018

Culpeper Times • April 30-May 6, 2015

VIEWS Culpeper Times • July 9-15, 2015



The Yard Sale Queen A game of what if in bloom Car buying made simpler

IFor wasthe thinking Raise yourpast hand about playing several weeks, if you enjoy cara the Yard Sale game of What shopping? Queen has been If.OK, You Iknow, a will raise putting on her game that asks mine. dance moves in silly questions to Several months the form of a see the what kindSale of ago, Yard Happy Dance. answers people Queen and I spent Spring, with come up with. several weekends its warming driving around What wouldcar temperatures, lots looking for be a your response not only turns small, economical to the question: everything green SUV to replace the “What if you found a hundred dollar but also signals the beginning 2008 Ford Escape that was getting bill on theroll, floorplease) of a bank?” of (drum yard sale some agelet’s on it. It was well Well, play a game oftaken Whatcare If. season. of, but theifmiles were showing had froma all What a town subdivision The Yard Sale Queen has a those trips to Charlottesville for UVa. privately owned stormwater pond? broad smile on her face and a joysporting events. What if that pondstep. takesShe longs ousWe bounce in her tried visiting closed car lots on stormwater runoff fromItVDOTfor this so time of year. simply Sunday you can actually get out of doesn’t get any better than yard owned roads in the county town your car and leisurely walkand around, sales for her. as well as stormwater runoff from look inside and suffer sticker shock. those of us privately who get theFor neighborhood’s owned But some car dealers are don’t getting excited about yard sales, Spring streets that are maintained the smarter or perhaps greedier,by opening simply means totaxing cut grass, town through a time special district? seven days a week. sneezing, eyes, ifwatery the ofthroats 73 IWhat am sure allneighborhood of us havesore had that and other manifestations of aller-by residential taxpayers wereswarmed required joyous experience of being agies. flying out ofthat the showroom tosalesman financially maintain pond, But to the Yard Sale Queen the minute your foot hits without any support fromthe theground. town or Spring it means to You almost feel likethere road are kill, deals with the state? be had. vultures waiting tohooked pick your or Whatlast if VDOT intobones, The few Saturdays, the at least your wallet. stormwater pipes to take all bed that Queen has crawled out Or possibly youits feel likeof a baby stormwater from roads near the before the birds thought about seal on a Cape Cod sandbar watching chirping. She went to the bank Frihungry great white sharks menacingly day getting small bills and stuffing swimming nearby waiting for you to them inthe her favorite fanny pack. LETTER TOwater. THE EDITOR slip into She picked out comfortable In all fairness, I know theseshoes folks and set aside clothing suitable are trying to make a living like for the day ahead. thegive stuff everyone else, butSome pleaseofjust she wears is almost like a yard customers some space. sale uniform. Much misinformation being We pulled into a localisdealer’s Yard runs in her distributed in shopping our community asking lot just tosale look at sticker prices. family, apparently. A few weeks that you vote anosalesman on the Community Immediately ran from the ago, she loaded mother, daughRecreation Center.her Thus, in the interest ter and granddaughter in the of clearing the air we provide the car LETTER TO THE EDITOR and off they went. Four generafollowing guaranteed facts! Look at the tions off to sales. public record. We invite you fact check Meanwhile, I was left to toil us. my neighbors, cleaning up with Committee forpicking Improving the The neighborhood, upthe trash Quality of Life in in Culpeper is a up non-to and stumbling the mud political group of varied Culpeper pond my knees in the stormwater Your recent VIEWS article in the citizens supporting fiscallyby sound plucking trash tossed people Culpeper Times was spot on! You Quality oftrash Life initiatives in Culpeper. without cans. brought a level of maturity and The Community is within the The Yard Sale Queen and her reason based on Center historical perspective carload were on a mission. Another parameters of our fiscal policy. Be to the Confederate Flag discussion family member was moving to a of assuredseen we have followed this seldom today given the project clutter new house. They needed all kinds from its birth and shall continue to it’s nonsense surrounding the issue. ofsuccessful furniture. conclusion. This for your The Yard Sale Queen protection as tax payers and scored users of a huge deal five beds, box springs, quality of life facilities. mattresses and a like-new We must all understand the recliner process for aboutby$72. Holy cow! in bringing followed our Supervisors Tell me she can’t spot a deal. forth the ballot question. First, the She bought a stunning white Supervisors wanted assurance the dress at a yard sale. To say that citizens wish to have such a Quality of Life project by their vote. Second, if approved by the voters how might this


Wally Bunker

Committee for Improving Quality of Life in Culpeper

Pardoe Perspective on Confederate Flag debacle resonates

subdivirion ingood the county and town? she lookedtoward would showroom me. be an unWhat if VDOT connected to those derstatement. She received numer“STOP!!!!” I shouted, thrusting an ous compliments about the dress. pipes without asking permission or open palm in the air. “It kept costthe me $3 at a his yard sale,” consulting neighborhood that He coming, but pace she told a stunned group of admirowns the pond? slowed. ers. What if afterI said beingsternly. notified about “Go away,” She claims to be lowslinked mainteandHe listening to the neighborhood’s slowly turned and back nance. She is, indeed. concerns that a VDOT representative to the showroom. I glanced at the I can do Happy said, “Sue us.”aand sticker price droveDance off. No on salethat. One recent Sunday, we drove to that day.if the town was notified What Double Toll Gate a huge flea marAt the another dealer – this out about concerns since partone of the kettown near Stephens City. I was so of – I saw men strategically roadway, although owned by VDOT, is busy talking that I missed my exit. stationed inbythe parking lot,the one maintained the town and town With no place to turn around on talking the on afinger cell phone. I quickly pointed atnorth VDOT citing I-66, I continued on to I-81 realized theseregulation? guys were pickets, some obscure and then off atWar Stephens City. A much like Civil soldiers watching What if the developer made the few more miles we were at Double for enemy movements. In this case, pond larger through than needed no way. Toll Gate, thebut back these parking lot sentries waited for mention was made of taking off-site “How did you do that?” the Yard customers. stormwater? Sale Queen a window I went to glance Luck, sheer luck. Not really. What if some council sticker, and in atown nanosecond a We walked through the flea members to view thedown problem, salesmancame was breathing my market, picked up a few items and while neck. others refused? left. She was not impressed with What a town council committee “May ifI help you?” he asked, with the gleam selection and evensale lessin imlistened to the problem the of aneighborhood’s potential his eye. pressed with prices. and thenthanks,” directed to send “No I the said,mayor hopping into amy The Queen knows good deal letter saying it would notaconsider the Escape to escape. when she sees one, and she how didn’t Theany Yardfurther? Sale Queen noted matter see many. fast I was getting in and out of the car What if the subdivision reached Two weeks ago, I had a very at my age. out to its delegate and state senator unhappy Yard Sale Queen. She Although Sundays areemails better for with atopacket ofItpictures, and had work. may be the first of sticker price looking, Saturday was detailed information? many Saturdays her company will OK, when car state shopping in Front Royal. What if the senator professed force toSale work, similar to last Theher Yard Queen suggested summer. driving there. So off we went. The shefamily-owned got to go to about firstLast stopyear, was the Chevy need be achieved? Third, what is thething six yard sales. It’s not a good dealership. most cost effective manner accomplish when she gets unhappy because We walked around thetolot looking she can’t yard sale. The pretty this need without negative tax impact. at window stickers and peering inside smile issmall replaced by annot ugly frown. So let’s look at their approach. First, several SUVs. I’m sure what clothes for grandthis is clear, a deals, ballot Second, we Finding expected to seequestion. inside the car. After kidscars andhave even her daughter is a The Supervisors that building all, a concluded steering wheel and passion her. the facilitywith with ownership retained by seats. Last Saturday, we headed the For County. Then lease the facility toto almost 10 minutes, we walked for organization, our annualfor trek aHagerstown financially stable a to see period, some of old classmates specific saymy 25 years, responsible from high school. It wasAmerican our 49th I am by birth, for all costBritish of operation and maintenanceby class reunion, although I am not choice. thus, saving the taxpayers an estimated sure the significance ofinthat other Served over 52 years the US approximate 1.5 million per th year in than it is after the 48 and before Army so myClearly loyaltystating to thisno great ongoing County the 50thcost. Nation is. be firm, as is my wife's. The funds will provided for these purposes. In the past, the Yard Sale Confederate (national) flagsound will Queen Third, The Supervisors have has found some goodalongside neighcontinue flying at really Goodwood financial options which guarantee the borhood yard sales to occupy the flag of the United States 24/7her Taxpayers will in no way be impacted time, while I listen toancestors the radio by or in honor of Mrs. Reed's the project. Clearly, no new taxes will be read a newspaper. who fought for the Confederacy and Even though it was cold and triggered. their absolute right to dissent. And, overcast, there were more yardon Our current tax rate of .67 the Southern Cross will be cents flown sales expected. found per 100than dollars ofbirthday assessedShe would General Lee's invalue honor of all kinds of be clothes forWhat herare grand in no way affected. thesekids. Meanwhile, listened options? First, the ICounty has to on the hand radio anddollars readinnewspapers. 30 million it’s reserve fund. This is sufficient to fund both this project and the proposed vocational School that Wally Bunker is a freelance contributor will provide skill training for students with the Culpeper Times. You may not planning to attend college. Funds reach him at would remain for unseen emergencies. Second, the County has an AAA bonding rating. Independent annual

interest and listened intently, even subdivision to sue VDOT not a threat around. No salesman in sight. I tothought the pointmaybe of saying he had similar by the neighborhood to sue VDOT? the business was issues in his district? What Published if a house subcommittee wasby every Thursday closed, but I could see people sitting the state senator set to discuss the potential legislation Rappahannock Media LLC. atWhat desksif inside. What weresaid theyhe would look into it Ibut responded provide some relief for thinking? Here amnever looking at cars, that would Publisher: Dennis Brack, toand additional emails calls those taxpayers required to maintain they are insideor–phone waiting. aboutWhen the situation? the Yard Sale Queen started the private pond being used by the What ifthe theshowroom state senator state? ADDRESS: 206 S. Main St., toward door,was a young 301employees, Culpeper, who Va. 22701 running for aout, statewide officehimself while and What Suite if VDOT man came introduced PHONE: (540) 812-2282 asked if he could help. It was so low taxpayers in the subdivision waited to are paid by taxpayers – including 812-2117 key,from I almost hear him?fainted. those whoFAX: own(540) the pond and live in HOURS: 9 a.m. toelected 5 p.m. He explained that this dealership What if the delegate came out the neighborhood – lobbied weekdays. does business differently. He said he several times to view the issue, officials also paid by tax dollars to kill was salaried and not onVDOT, commission. arranged a meeting with had the bill asWEB: it might cost too much? He also said the so-called “processing his staff stay in constant contact with What NEWS if the subcommittee fee” was $195, unlike the almosthad $600 killed the bill by a 7-0 vote without the subdivision’s representatives, Editor: Anita Sherman, pure profit processing fees at other conversations with VDOT and even discussion? (540) 812-2282 dealers. entered legislation at the last session What if the homeowners received I drove the bright red Chevy Trax, ofand the Virginia General Assembly? an inquiry from the town about loved the handling and mileage ADVERTISING What if the delegate asked the trimming the pond to meet a local rating. Long story short, the low key, Group Sales Director: Virginia to issue an ordinanceThomas requirement, even though no hardAttorney sell, dealGeneral was done. The Yard Spargur, opinion about thinks the state state government is using the pond Sale Queen theusing Traxprivate is cute. (540) 812-2282, property forHow its own use with anyof for its own purposes and providing Cute? is 3,300 pounds financial responsibility or permission metal, glass and plastic cute? Stylish, no financial assistance for its Manager: Jennifer Jenkins, from the private property owners? maintenance? maybe, but what do I know? What the attorney general’s office What (540) if the 812-2282 delegate won’t give She ifliked the new Trax so much sheitsuggested thethe redissue Trax to up and once again files legislation in said would notgiving research – itanwas her favorite color – and the upcoming orher issue opinion due to potential session of the Jeff general Graphic designer: Say, buying me a ruby metallic red one – assembly? (540) 812-2282 litigation? my favorite color. What if that potential litigation Of course, none of this could really Three weeks later, we bought a issue was actually the statement by happen inToCulpeper or anywhere place Classified andelse. second representative Trax in Culpeper, but the she a VDOT urging Right? Employment ads: refuses to trade her newly purchased Call (540) 351-1664 or fax ruby red one for my bright red one. (540) 349-8676, 8:30 a.m. to Fickle woman. one which5will meet the needs of both auditors consistently praise the Staff p.m. Monday - Friday or I do know one thing with all this the High School swim teams and family and Supervisors for their outstanding email fauquierclassifieds@ car buying, I didn’t feel like a baby seal recreation, likely two connected areas. management or road kill.of our debt load having It also contains an expectation that thus,And builtwe new schools and other are making Trax. SUBSCRIPTIONS the facility will be accessible to all. The facilities such as the new public safety The Culpeper Times is delivered a policy of providing access building. Sometimes, as in personal Wally Bunker is a freelance contributor YMCA has free of charge to homes and on a sliding scale based upon income. finances it is less costly to use others with the Culpeper Times. You may reach businesses in certain areas of This sample is available on the County money our own. Thus, maintaining him atthan Culpeper County. The paper is web site. Detailed plans are unavailable the cash flow from our funds and using also available at more than 50 as funds should not be and so spent until others at a lower cost.This is clearly an retail stores other locations. the Army Northern Virginia.. As will be the case if you option whichofagain, will not affect ourthe clearly needed. To receive weekly delivery in finest army to ever take to any field of vote for it.other areas, subscriptions are taxes. battle. available by mail. We have here provided you the voters The county administrator stated wisdom Subscriptions: $29.64 of per year a guaranteed factual explanation on theThank record you thatfor we your can pay for theand your courage. Culpeper County; at hand. Should you have $52.00 Community Center without tax impact if the issueswithin year outside additionalper questions contactthe thecounty. County revenues continue at their current level. Anthony T. Reed, Sr. Administrator. Of course he said if, who has a crystal To subscribe, contact Circulation Colonel, AUS, Ret We encourage you to vote yes for this ball. However, to date we have amassed Manager Jan Clatterbuck: (540) USAR Ambassador Emeritus quality of life project on Nov. 6 at your a 30 million reserve within our current 675-3338, Senior Fellow, International polling place. revenues. Now let’s lookStudies at leasing the Strategic Association facility. At it’s Oct. 2nd regular meeting Culpeper We fully expect the negative voices to continue attempting to of the Supervisors approved a sample confuse you and Letters put forth perceived Memorandum of Understanding, Write: to the Editor S. Main St., Suite 301 problems 206 to this end. Fact is the between Culpeper County and Culpeper Va. 22701may be majority ofCulpeper, their utterances YMCA which would become part of Fax: (540) 812-2117 overcome with little effort. Thank The Rappahannock YMCA, the sole Email: anita@culpepertimes. you for your thoughtful focus and respondent to a request for interested com time. You Letters are ourmust onlybeinterest. organizations. It is a sample as there is signed by now no Center to lease. It does however, the writer. Messages sent via email must say “Letter the clearly set forth the expectations of the IantoPhillips Editor” to distinguish them from Supervisors from a potential lease. The Spokesperson, Committee for not meant for expectations include a dual purpose pool, Improvingother the messages Quality of Life in Culpeper

Looking for extra income? Culpeper Times delivery person needed. Walking route. One morning a week. Approximately 2 hours.


publication. Include address and phone for verification (not to be published). Letters are subject

Culpeper Times • October 18-24, 2018


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Dave Brat deserves re-election Dave Brat, congressman from the 7th District of Virginia, is now running for his third two year term to represent his constituents. He initially ran on the following creed and has never wavered: 1. The Free enterprise system is the most productive supplier of human needs. 2. All individuals are entitled to equal rights, justice, and opportunities to improve themselves. 3. All levels of government must have budgetary restraint and fiscal responsibility. 4. The Federal Government must preserve individual liberty by observing the Constitution. 5. Peace is best preserved through a strong military. 6. Faith in God is essential to the oral fiber of our nation. I find it highly improbable that any rational person can argue against any of these principles; however, there is a minority of people who have continued to criticize Mr. Brat with the usual liberal rhetoric and talking points even to the point of disrupting and interrupting his attempts to meet with and civilly discuss the issues of our day at town hall meetings. Some of their disturbances have reached such a fevered pitch that a pastor was cussed as he spoke for an invocation. Mr. Brat no longer schedules these meetings since those who would loudly criticize him without his rebuttal would continue to show up and make a mockery of it all since they have nothing to offer other than loud rants and raves. Dave Brat deserves to be re-elected. Under the Republican controlled Congress, our economy has absolutely exploded with low unemployment at all levels including Blacks, Hispanic, and Women. These results are due to the Republicans passing the Tax Cut Bill. Virginians, indeed, are getting to keep more of their money. The stock market


Dr. Tom Neviaser


Re-elect Congressman Dave Brat on Nov. 6 There is currently a political ad on TV and the internet that features a Goochland Mother talking about her son’s diabetes. As a Mother myself, I think it is despicable for any Mother to exploit their own child for ANY reason, much less political gain! In the ad she shows very personal pictures of her ailing son. I know all about Diabetes

continues to improve, and America is now in so much better financial shape than the previous administration's dreadful attempts. Dave Brat has worked extremely hard in order to be sure his 7th District's constituents are well cared for as well as all Virginians. The average family now has $2000 more to spend. Small businesses are using the tax cuts to hire new employees, to increase pay, and buy new equipment. He has always supported fiscal responsibility, smaller government, and cutting government waste. “As more money moves through our economy, more value is created, and we will continue to see even more economic growth. The common-sense thing to do, then, is to make these tax cuts permanent.” Dave Brat's statement as he voted on the floor of the House September 28, 2018. Recently, Congressman Brat voted on two additional pieces of legislation (the Family Savings Act and the American Innovation Act) that work to put more money back in the hands of people who best know how to spend it. This latest round of tax reform included Mr. Brat's bill to create Universal Savings Accounts to help people increase their family savings to help meet needs when they arise. He voted to adopt a resolution that says that allowing non-citizens the right to vote devalues and dilutes the voting power of United States Citizens. As the chairman of the Constitution Caucus, he will continue to fight to uphold our Constitution. However, Ms. Spanberger, the Democrat challenger, would vote to decrease, if not eliminate, these individual tax cuts and follow the Democrat playbook by increasing taxes to pay for flawed and disastrous policies such as universal healthcare and free college tuition. She will support big government interference in our daily lives. Obamacare's failure would look trivial up against universal healthcare. Our economy, now humming along the 3.5 -4% GDP, would collapse to the level of the previous administration. Along with this, Ms. Spanberger would also support open borders, deadly

as I grew up with 2 immediate family members that were insulin dependent diabetics. I had to understand how and why a Mother would use her own child like that, so I did some research on the House Resolution that was featured for the ad’s tag line “Brat voted against protections for preexistingconditions.” False. The fact is that Congressman Brat voted to protect people with pre-existing conditions as part of the Republican health care plan. He

MS-13-like gang members crossing the border, sanctuary cities and possibly a sanctuary state, and the elimination of ICE, Immigration Customs and Enforcement! In fact, 61 Democrats just petitioned the President to import 5 times more refugees to America than planned. Virginia and many other states will become less safe as a result. Congressman Brat is vehemently against any of these ludicrous ideas to weaken America. Ms. Spanberger as well as Tim Kaine would proceed to fall into lock step the senior Democrat colleagues and resist President Trump's agenda. The Democrats have poured an enormous amount of outside money into defeating Dave Brat because they need a comrade to obstruct, delay, and bring down an administration that is actually getting things done that the Democrats won't and can't. Should the Democrats succeed in taking the House of Representatives, Maxine Waters will be the Chairwoman of the House Finance Committee, controlling ALL banking issues. Ms. Waters has proven time and again her contempt for President Trump and VP Pence and their ideas, and, being in a powerful position in the House, our nation's economy will suffer tremendously. This mid-term election is like none we have ever seen. It is a clash of Good vs Evil for the country's existence. President Trump and Dave Brat are people who want the entire nation to prosper whereas the opposition has already said they only to take down President Trump, regain power to institute terribly disastrous policies, then obstruct any progress for the next two years and hope they win in 2020. It is absolutely imperative that people who believe in those principles above get out and vote Nov. 6. Please, for the sake of our district, our state, and our country, register to vote and vote Republican! Let's send Dave Brat to Congress to continue his dedicated work under these principles because our country's future DOES depend on it. We just can't regress back to the past errant devastating Democrat programs of tax and spend and destroy.

attempted to explain that vote to his constituents at a town hall meeting in Chesterfield where Abigail Spanberger sat in the front row, as protestors from her side disrupted the meeting and turned it into a useless circus. I don’t understand how anyone can vote for a candidate who would approve an ad of a Mother exploiting her own son. It is shameful. Barbara Sloan Maidens

Published every Thursday by Rappahannock Media LLC. ADDRESS: 206 S. Main St., Suite 301 Culpeper, Va. 22701 PHONE: 540.812.2282 FAX: 540.812.2117 HOURS: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays. WEB: E-EDITION available online PRESIDENT: Dennis Brack, NEWS Editor: Jeff Say, ADVERTISING Publisher Group Sales Director: Thomas Spargur, Sales executive: Audra Dickey, Creative Services Director: Jay Ford, CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING To place Classified and Help Wanted ads: Call 703.771.8831, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday - Friday or email SUBSCRIPTIONS To subscribe, contact Circulation Manager: Jan Clatterbuck 540.675.3338, CONTRIBUTORS Marc and Meg Ast, Amy Wagner John Barker, Wally Bunker, Marshall Conner, Katherine Charapich, Fran Cecere, Felecia Chavez, Ian Chini, Ed Dunphy, Kristin Erlitz, Brad Hales, Sophie Hudson, Charles Jameson, Shari Landry, Maggie Lawrence, Allen Martin, Jeffery Mitchell, Dr. Thomas Neviaser, Pam Owen, Blaine Pardoe, Donald Sherbeyn, Kim Kelly, Zann Nelson.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Write: Letters to the Editor 206 S. Main St., Suite 301 Culpeper, Va. 22701 Fax: 540.812.2117 Email: Letters must be signed by the writer. Messages sent via email must say “Letter to the Editor” to distinguish them from other messages not meant for publication. Include address and phone for verification (not to be published). Letters are subject to editing for clarity and length. Letters must be received by 5 p.m. Monday to be considered for Thursday publication.


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Local News

Culpeper Times • October 18-24, 2018

STC’S 'Comedy…' One hit, no errors If Shakespeare saw identical twins as proof that God wants us to laugh, what would he do with two sets of identical twins? Write “The Comedy of Errors” of course. The Greatest Poet in the English Language wasn’t above swiping ideas left and right – everyone was doing it – he just improved on them. In this case, he “borrowed” from Plautus, the ancient Roman comedy writer who also thought twins and identity mixups were hilarious. Under the wizardly direction of Alan Paul, STC’s production whisks us off to Ephesus, which looks remarkably like Greece in those old Melina Mercouri movies complete with Zorba’s Seafood joint, “Girls! Girls! Girls!”, and a yellow Vespa. Opening with Michael Dansicker’s original full company song and Karma Camp’s dance, “The Comedy of Errors” begins the STC 2018-2019 season – and the final season with renowned artistic director, Michael Kahn.


Maggie Lawrence

Want to go?

What: What: “The Comedy of Errors” Where: Shakespeare Theatre Co. 450 7th St. NW Washington, D.C. Call: (202) 547-1122 or visit shakespearetheatre. org Playing through Nov. 4 It all began innocently enough – doesn’t everything? – with a shipwreck. But that was thirtythree years ago, and the merchant of Syracuse, Egeon, is searching for the lost twin brothers of his son and son’s servant who were separated from him in the unfortunate accident. Even more unfortunate is the trade war between Syracuse and Ephesus with Egeon caught in the middle under a death threat. A ransom will fix that, however, and he has until sundown to raise it. This gives the play a ticking clock urgency as twin brothers, Antipholus and their men servants, Dromio, find themselves in Ephesus, each not knowing that his long lost twin is also there. The wife of one will lock herself in the bedroom with the other while her real husband bangs on the gate outside. The servant of one will receive regular beatings for not doing what the other instructed his twin to do. All will begin to question



Carter Gill as Dromio of Ephesus and Christian Conn as Antipholous of Ephesus in The Comedy of Errors playing at the Shakespeare Theatre Co.

their own sanity – or the sanity of the town. Real twins have never been necessary to carry out the illusion. Similar builds, features, bearings, and identical costumes did the trick with Gregory Wooddell and Christian Conn as the two Antipholuses and Carson Elrod and Carter Gill as the twin Dromios. Strong physical comedy and precision timing make this the wittiest offering on the D.C. stage scene right now, and every detail ramps up the laugh factor. Angelo, the goldsmith for instance. Played by Tom Story, he is a one-man Miss America contest. Antipholus of Ephesus has ordered a gold necklace to appease his wife, Adriana, (Veanne Cox) but the necklace is handed over to the wrong Dromio of Antipholus of Syracuse. It is difficult to call Proudly Built bywhether the goldsmith is funnier when he’s confident or when he’s Hard-Working Americans. discomfited. Ms. Cox’s Adriana is the quintessential upper-middle class Greek wife as she does a lot The 12P Mighty Mac® shredder-chipper by of lounging, complaining about the SALE PRICE MacKissic is the right model for the homeowner affections of her husband, and her looking for toughness, versatility, and speed nails. Her emotional swings alone on those big jobs. Choose performance as are worth the price of admission. As powerful as your needs. for Sarah Marshall in the role of Dr. K & M LAWN, GARDEN & ARBORIST SUPPLIES Pinch cum exorcist, this is a special 16033 Ira Hoffman Lane Retail Equipment Rental Culpeper, VA 22701Store & Service Center gift to the gods of comedy. 16033 Ira Hoffman Lane, Culpeper, VA 801 Germanna Highway, Culpeper, VA Where slapstick lives, havoc 540-825-8371; 800-577-8733 540.825.8371 540.829.9600 K & M EQUIPMENT RENTAL - 540-829-9600 must follow. A few Proteans fill M-F 7:30am - 5pm Sat. 8am-12pm • • kmlawnandgarden multiple roles as high stepping police

Shredder - Chippers




officers, tailor, merchants, loungers in doorways, etc., but even they are gripped by the accelerating pace of madness and confusion in just under 100 minutes. James Noone’s scene design ingeniously evokes a complete, if slightly crazed, Mediterranean town on one large rotating platform. The Fashion Shop, a church, Zorba’s Seafood, the Police Dept., Antipholus’s home, etc. are all clean-lined arches and sandy greys arranged in a circle, then turn inside out to become other streets and alleys of the town. It’s a concept that subtly echoes the theme of twinship, two faces out of one name. The convent will be the balancing point of the climax, for when one set of twins seeks sanctuary from the maddened townsfolk, the Abbess appears in the doorway to bring sanity and peace. It’s no spoiler to mention that knots will be untied and all will be revealed, because that’s how Shakespeare’s comedies are resolved. But it is an extra treat to see Nancy Robinette (the Abbess) and Ted van Griethuysen (Egeon), two of the most acclaimed actors on the regional stage, reunited again. Maggie Lawrence is a member of the American Theatre Critics Association. She is a retired English and drama teacher.

Culpeper Times • October 18-24, 2018

Local News

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Culpeper County High School hosted and defeated the Warren County High School Wildcats 19-0 during the Blue Devils' homecoming game Oct. 12. At halftime, Katherine Botkin and Connor Flynn were crowned homecoming queen and king.

WE’VE GOT THIS When a storm hits, you can depend on a dedicated team of Rappahannock Electric Cooperative employees to respond quickly. Our linemen, member service representatives, and dispatchers are committed to keeping you and your family safe.

Power On. Kristen J. Johnson

Wayne English

Available for you - in your time of need. 11190 James Monroe Highway Culpeper, VA • 540-825-2361 •



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Culpeper Times • October 18-24, 2018

L E T S E AT ! Open Daily at 11 a.m. Closed on Monday


Best BBQ in Culpeper...

Come experience the difference!


129 E. Culpeper Street

at The Stable, behind the Culpeper Post Office

11am-4pm everyday

LOW Lions hosted Selven Powell Memorial Golf Tournament Sept. 29 This year’s LOW Lions tournament was named again in honor of Past President Selven Powell who was one of the founders of the golf tournament and our LOW Lions Youth programs. Dr. Mike Zollicoffer, Selven’s friend and fellow member of the Brotherhood Golf Association gave a special tribute for Selven. We would like to thank our players, sponsors, and many community partners for a successful tournament on a beautiful September afternoon at the LOW Golf Course. We would especially like to thank our PGA golf Professional Rea Hargraves, Fareways Manager Carletta Johnson, and their entire LOW Golf Course team for outstanding

support. Our winning team consisted of Charlie Ostlund, Ryan Ostlund, JoAnne Roth, and Bernie Hamilton. Our putting contest was won by Lee Merrell. With strong support from the players, more than 50 hole sponsors, and prize donors, the Lions Club raised money to fund many community projects including: sight and hearing programs, Wilderness Food Pantry, Teacher Grants, Orange High School scholarships, and the medical equipment loan program. We especially appreciate the participation and support of our extended Lions family including the Culpeper Day Lions Club and the Fredericksburg Host Lions.

16125 Ira Hoffman Lane Culpeper, VA 22701 540-825-4978

l Mon-Fri 11-3 l Lunch buffett l 3 Entree’s daily l Salad and desert l Homemade soup and hot vegetables

791 Madison Rd, Culpeper, VA 22701


(540) 825-1037

Dr. Mike Zollicoffer provides a tribute to Lions Past President Selven Powell.

Mexican Restaurant

Culpeper Food Closet Need of the Week

500 Meadowbrook Dr. Culpeper, VA 22701

540-727-0404 l

M-W LUNCH SPECIAL $525 Madison 540-948-6505

Fredericksburg 540-656-2101

& Drink Specials Any Purchase of $5 OFF

$25 or more

With Coupon Ony. Not Valid With Any Other Offers

applesauce toothpaste shampoo canned vegetables other than corn and green beans The Culpeper Food Closet is an outreach ministry of St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, 120 N. Commerce street. Call 825-1177. Drop off donations M-F from 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. Arrangements should be made ahead with Bob Hilton at 547-4950 if you are bringing a large amount, i.e. from a food drive.

Culpeper Times • October 18-24, 2018


Arrest Reports

Age: 49, White/Male Hgt./Wgt.: 5-5/130 Hair/Eye: Black/Brown Last known: 111 Hackleys Mill Rd., Amissville, Va. Wanted for: Probation Violation on Misdemeanor Charge

Malike Essence Andrews Age: 24, Black/Male Hgt./Wgt.: 6-2/160 Hair/Eye: Black/Brown Last known: 12502 Sherwood Forest Dr., Culpeper, Va. Wanted for: Failure to Pay Fines, Costs or Penalties


Culpeper County Sheriff's Office: Oct. 10-16 Following are the county police reports from Oct. 10-16. Reports are provided by the law enforcement agency listed and do not imply guilt, however are the charges placed by the CCSO.

Elias Ambrocio Ruiz

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Oct. 10 Robinette Mier, 44m 5300 block Myers Mill Road, Jeffersonton, issuing bad checks (two counts) Christina Marie Owens, 20000 block Camp Road, Culpeper, sentence to community based corrections Demarius B. Howard, 23, 600 block Meadowbrook Dr., Culpeper, probation violation on misdemeanor charge (three counts) Anthony Derrick Jenkins, 34, 9000 block Scotts Mountain Road, Culpeper, assault and battery Samantha Lynn Lawrence, 30, 14000 block Rixeyville Road, Culpeper, contempt of court Oct. 11 Brandon Scott Ross, 28, 19000 block Ferguson Lane, Jeffersonton, contempt of court Joshua Alan Butcher, 37, 15000 block Little Fork Church, Rixeyville, contempt of court, general district court Daniel Francis Quinn, 34, 1 block Barkley Lane, Gaithersburg, Md., probation violation on felony charge, probation violation on misdemeanor charge

Oct. 12 Debra Jean Breeden, 52, 400 block Circle Road, Stanardsville, failure to appear Jason Coe, 39, no fixed address, Culpeper, drunk in public, profane language Nicholas Anthony Glascoe, 27, 900 block N. Main St., Culpeper, no drivers license Katie Joanna Clayborn, 23, 18000 block Germanna Hwy., Culpeper, assault and battery family member Walter Lewis Banks, 26, 14000 block Norman Road, Culpeper, failure to appear Oct. 13 David Jeremy Counts, 23, 6000 block Cadet Lane, Warrenton, sentence to community based corrections Alan Garcia Hernandez, 26, 14000 Woodland Church Road, Culpeper, failure to appear Michael Thomas Salisbury, 29, 4000 block Bethana Station, Winston Salem, N.C., grand larceny Alan Joseph Chism, 34, 16000 block Braggs Corner Road, Culpeper, strangulation results in wounding/bodily injury, unlawful use or injury to telephone lines Oct. 14 Lamairez Roy, 29, 600 block W.

12th St., Front Royal, contempt of court Jonathan Matthew Irizarry, 27, 100 block Fleetwood Court, Fredericksburg, no drivers license Fredy Morales-Lopez, 27, 600 block Mountain View Drive, Culpeper, no drivers license Chad Everett Jenkins, 37, 13000 block Dowdy Lane, Unionville, contempt of court Oct. 15 Marcus John McCall, 20, 13000 block Crestview Lane, Culpeper, unlawful use or injury to telephone lines, assault and battery - family member Brian Phillip Feiffer Jr., 41, 10000 block Willow Ridge Way, Spotsylvania, preliminary protective order (family abuse) violation Sergio Evelio Perez Martinez, 28, 1600 block Knicely Court, Culpeper, no drivers license Oct. 16 Alan Joseph Chism, 34, 16000 block Braggs Corner Road, Culpeper, violate protective orders Kiana Samone Davis, 23, 16000 block Brandy Moore Loop, Woodbridge, failure to appear Roberta Antionette Hunter, 61, 300 block Mill St., Gordonsville, driving under the influence of alcohol

Culpeper Town Police: Oct. 8-14 Thomas William Carter Age: 34, White/Male Hgt./Wgt.: 5-8/150 Hair/Eye: Blonde/Hazel Last known: 101 W. Locust St., 313, Culpeper, Va. Wanted for: entence to Community Based Corrections Program or Facility.

Rudy Roberto Lopez Domingo Age: 25, White/Female Hgt./Wgt.: 5-3/150 Hair/Eye: Black/Brown Last known: 334 Lewis St., Culpeper, Va. Wanted for: 5) counts of Revocation of Suspended Sentence and Probation

Warrants current as of Oct. 17

Following are the police reports from Oct. 8-14 Reports are provided by the law enforcement agency listed and do not imply guilt, however are the charges placed by the police department. Oct. 9 Gerardo Cuc Caal, 22, 800 block Persimmon Place, Culpeper, failure to appear Nathan Vernon Holmes, 34, 1100 block Lee St., Culpeper, possession of controlled substances Rene Velasquez Aguilar, 50, 400 block James Madison Highway, Culpeper, drunk in public, profane language Kyle Allen Barr, 27, 8700 block Raliegh Mews, Gainesville, failure to appear Oct. 10 Brad Anthony Davis, 32, 100 block Elm St., Culpeper, monument: intentional damage

George Lopez, 27, 700 block Gardner St., Culpeper, assault and battery - family member (two counts) Oct. 11 Aaron Cornelius Kilby, 28, 900 block N. Main St., Culpeper, possession of schedule I, II controlled substance (two counts) Ray Rathburn, 38, 1600 block Lambert Court, Culpeper, shoplift alter price/conceal Oct. 12 Ricky William Meneffee Sr., 45, 800 block Willis Lane, Culpeper, possession of controlled substances Nicholas Anthony Glascoe, 27, 900 block N. Main St., Culpeper, possession of marijuana Walter Lewis Banks, 26, 14000 block Norman Road, Culpeper, shoplift alter price/conceal goods, concealment, price alter

merchandise Rebecca Ferneil White, 31, 1900 block Meadow Lark Drive, Culpeper, trespass after being forbidden to do so Oct. 13 John Zackery Fitch, 35, 700 block Arbor Court, Warrenton, drunk in public, profane language, resisting arrest/obstructing justice without threat or force David Jeremy Counts, 23, 6400 block Cadet Lane, Warrenton, possession of marijuana Nicole Alexandria Walters, 28, 5500 block Seminary Road, Falls Church, possession of marijuana Oct. 14 Tori Shaye Jones, 18, 1900 block Crepe Myrtle Lane, Culpeper, unlawful purchase or possess alcoholic beverage, assault and battery - simple


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Culpeper Times • October 18-24, 2018



Be Sure To Get Settled In Before the Holiday Stress Begins! Call For Our Specials Germanna Heights Apts 540-423-1090 TDD 711

Medals, Patches, Uniforms, Flight Jackets, Badges, Pins, Helmets, Bayonets, Knives, Swords Call/Text Dan 202-841-3062 or email

This institution is an equal opportunity provider



Wanted : Looking

Hiring dependable laborer for demolition of building materials and detailed cleaning of homes

for pasture land to rent for cattle. Please contact Becky by leaving voicemail@


and buildings - $13.00 per hour.

Must have a drivers license and strong work ethic. We work Monday thru Saturday. Hours vary. Located in Nokesville. No experience necessary we will train. Start immediately.



COIN SHOWS Richmond Coin and Currency Show, October 19-21, Fri-Sat 106, Sun 10-3. Acca Shrine Center, 1712 Bellevue Avenue, Richmond. Free parking, admission, and appraisals. Weekend Raffle!, Bill Scott 804-350-1140. MISCELLANEOUS SAWMILLS from only $4397.00 - MAKE & SAVE MONEY with your own bandmill - Cut lumber any dimension. In stock ready to ship! FREE Info/DVD: 800 567-0404 Ext.300N NORTH CAROLINA LAKEFRONT PROPERTY DOCKABLE LAKE LOTS FOR SALE! LAKE HICKORY, NORTH CAROLINA. Gated community in Western, NC. Offering underground utilities, fishing, boating, swimming & more. Call now! ** (828) 312-3765 ** SERVICES DIVORCE–Uncontested, $395+$86 court cost. No court appearance. Estimated completion time twenty-one days. Telephone inquiries welcome-no obligation. Hilton Oliver, Attorney (Facebook) 757-490-0126. Se Habla Español. BBB Member. WANTED TO BUY OR TRADE FREON R12 WANTED: CERTIFED BUYER will PAY CA$H for R12 cylinders or cases of cans. (312) 291-9169;

Nice 2BR, 1 BA on 3/4 acre lot in beautiful Lancaster County

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Large garage, river views w/ beautiful sunsets. 6 stoplights, 20 min to Kilmarnock, Va. Must see to appreciate. Plenty of activites in the Northern Neck. $75K.

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LEGAL NOTICES ABC LICENSE Noodleheadsk, LLC, trading as Noodlesheads, 201 S East St, Culpeper, Culpeper County, Virginia 22701. The above establishment is applying to the VIRGINIA DEPARTMENT OF ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE CONTROL (ABC) for a Beer/Wine On Premises; Mixed Beverage On Premises (Seating 100-150) license to sell or manufacture alcoholic beverages. Tara Moylan; General Manager Note: Objections to the issuance of this license must be submitted to ABC no later than 30 days from the publishing date of the first of two required newspaper legal notices. Objections should be registered at or 800-552-3200 10/18 & 10/25/18





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Culpeper Times • October 18-24, 2018

Local News

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ASWB participated in beautification project for town Association of Social Work Boards staff participated in a beautification project as part of our annual weeklong Green Challenge week. Employees of the Association of Social Work Boards, a nonprofit based in Culpeper that serves social work regulatory boards across North America, helped the Town Planning Department and members of the Old Rag Master Naturalists to do weeding and transplanting in the pollination garden at Yowell Meadow Park after heavy rains took their toll. The project is part of the association’s annual Green Challenge Week designed by the staff-led Green Team to promote sustainability through reusing, repurposing, recycling, and supporting local products and businesses. As part of ASWB’s Green Challenge Week, the association made a donation to the Town of Culpeper Department of Planning and Economic Development to purchase a Fringe tree for Rockwater Park. ASWB CEO Mary Jo Monahan and Chief Operating Officer Dwight Hymans presented the donation to Salem Bush, principal planner, and Emma Buchanan, planner, at ASWB’s office on Southridge Parkway.


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K Art & Design BREATHE






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Culpeper Times • October 18-24, 2018

Week of 10/15/18 - 10/21/18


The Weekly Crossword ACROSS 1 Take place 6 Kind of game 10 "Gilligan's Island" tree 14 Helpless? 15 Boxer's attire 16 Malaria symptom 17 General Mills brand 18 Hightail it 19 Twiggy digs 20 Boil, perhaps 22 Tend to the turkey 23 Rich in content 24 Loafer 25 It may need a boost 28 Expensive wrap 29 Fit to be taken in 33 ___ lang syne 35 Interlinked series 37 VCR insert 39 Crib sheet user 40 Hurriedness 41 The "e" in e-commerce 44 Be rife (with) 45 Washington post 46 Bon ___ 48 Dishwasher cycle 49 Cotillion girl 50 City of Light 52 Sound from the stands 55 Something to live up to 59 Mass number 60 Where heroes are made 61 Robust 62 Huge 63 Mixed dish 64 Boozehound 65 "As you ___" 66 Element #10 67 Lab work DOWN 1 Quaker ___ 2 Cardiologist's concern















21 23 27



29 35








48 51












Celebrating Our 52nd Anniversary! Ends 31st er Octob


43 46













24 28






540.937.5500 • 800.870.9098 Hours: Mon.-Fri. 9 a.m.-5 p.m. • Sat. 10 a.m.-4 p.m.


Copyright 2018 by The Puzzle Syndicate

3 Pigeon's place 36 Charged item 52 Masticate 4 Take a piece 38 Badger's cousin 53 Promo overkill from 42 Scottish hero 54 Mideast title 5 Back-up pitcher Roy 55 Cosmos star 6 Dispute settler 43 Essence 56 Bothers 7 Lightheaded 47 Soldier's helmet, 57 Mine entrance 8 Up to snuff slangily 58 Strong cleaners 9 To this point 50 Crippling virus 60 Slip into 10 Topper made in 51 Not fresh Ecuador 11 Seasons 12 One of Seven Deadly Sins Answers to Last Week’s Crossword: 13 Dole R O B E W A T C H P A G E 21 Give praise I B E X A W A R E E L A N 22 "Wild Bunch" P O L O R E L I C R O U T leader S E L D O M E S T R A N G E 24 Chesapeake, T U B E R P I O N E E R e.g. T W O S I D E D C O N 25 Roof overhang S E W T U N E R F U R O R 26 Cunning and A R E A P A C E R M E N U deceit R E R U N L O V E R F U N 27 Like days of T U N R E F O R E S T yore L I L A C O T I C 29 Ball-park figure C H- A10/21/18 Week of 10/15/18 H E L M S M A N N E T T L E 30 Headquartered B R O K E T O I L A L G A 31 Engine unit L O S E R A R M S P L A T 32 Other side E L E G Y T Y P E S O L E 34 Moral decline


by Karastan 5’6 x 8’3” 100% Wool

Visit to sign up-No purchase necessary. Valued at $1308 Free 2’x4’ Bound Rug with visit. Drawing Oct. 31 • 5p.m.

SEE INSIDE FOR DETAILS! (Highway 211) 14574 Lee Hwy. Amissville, VA 20106 •

MINUTEMAN MiniMall MiniMall

• • • Antiques Antiques • Crafts Crafts • Collectibles Collectibles • Trains Trains

Over Over 220 220 Vendors Vendors on on One One Floor! Floor! Virginia Virginia Living Living Magazine Magazine Winner Winner for for Antiques Malls in Central Virginia Antiques Malls in Central Virginia

Edited by Margie E. Burke

Difficulty: Easy

6 1 3




Your Hometown Store • So Much Under One Roof!

by Margie E. Burke





4 2 7


4 7 2 3 9 6 9 4 8 9 7 6 1 5 Copyright 2018 by The Puzzle Syndicate

1 5

4 8 1

3 4


Each row must contain the numbers 1 to 9; each column must contain the numbers 1 to 9; and each set of 3 by 3 boxes must contain the numbers 1 to 9. Answers to Last Week’s Sudoku:

5 9 8 3 7 6 2 1 4

6 4 2 1 8 9 7 5 3

3 7 1 2 5 4 8 6 9

2 1 5 8 4 3 9 7 6

9 6 7 5 1 2 3 4 8

8 3 4 6 9 7 5 2 1

4 8 6 9 2 5 1 3 7

7 2 9 4 3 1 6 8 5

1 5 3 7 6 8 4 9 2

FREE FREE Parking Parking •• Air Air Conditioned Conditioned Mall Mall Check our Facebook page for upcoming Check our Facebook page for upcoming events events facebook/comMinuteManMiniMall facebook/comMinuteManMiniMall 746 746 Germanna Germanna Hwy Hwy •• Culpeper, Culpeper, VA VA 540-825-3133 540-825-3133 Open 7 Days a Week • Mon-Sat Open 7 Days a Week • Mon-Sat 9-6, 9-6, Sun Sun 12-5 12-5 Rt 3, one block west 29 ByPass Rt 3, one block west 29 ByPass

Culpeper Times • October 18-24, 2018

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Dunkin’ Donuts Eagle Postal Embrace Home Loans Enterprise Rent-A-Car Epiphany Catholic School Eppard Orthodontist Eyecare of Virginia EXIT Cornerstone Realty Farm Credit Federated Auto Friendship Heights Frost Cafe Full Circle Thrift Gary’s Ace Hardware Gannett Insurance Germanna Daniel Tech Center Germanna Community College (Locust Grove Campus) Gilmores Grill 309 Illusions by Teresa Intergrity Auto Holiday Inn & Express H&R Block IHOP Inn at Kelly’s Ford Jersey Mike’s Jiffy Lube K&M Lawn Equipment Knakal’s Bakery Legacy Market-Culpeper Liberty Tax Service Lifestyle Physicians Long & Foster Real Estate - Culpeper office Main Street Weddings Martin’s Mattress Firm Maw and Pa’s Country Store MedExpress Merriman Grocery Montague Miller Real Estate Moving Meadows Bakery McCarthy Tire Microtel Minute Man Mini Mall Murphy’s USA Northridge Apartments Pepper’s Grill/Best Western Pixley’s Automotive Premier Auto Powell Wellness Center Quality Inn Randy’s Flowers by Endless Creations Ravens Nest Ray’s Automotive Red Carpet Inn REMAX/Crossroads Reuwer’s Grocery Reva Market Rising Sun Auto Safeway Salvation Army (Meadow Brook Shopping Center) Shawn’s Smokehouse BBQ

Shear Love Salon Soap Opera Laundry Spring Leaf Starbucks Supercuts Surge Tammy’s Family Hair Studio Tech Box The Ole Country Store Town of Culpeper Triple Image LLC Uncle Elders BBQ & Family Restaurant UVA Pediatric Verdun Adventure Bound VeloConcepts / 18 Grams Coffee Lab Verizon Vinosity Virginia Community Bank Virginia Orthopedic Center Weis Markets (Culpeper Town Square) Weis Markets (513 Madison Road) Westover Market Westside Grocery Wellspring Health Services Family Practice and Walk-in Clinic ORANGE COUNTY Round Hill Inn Silk Mill Grille WJMA 103.1 Orange County Tattoos Jim Woods Barbershop Orange County Chamber of Commerce Dogwood Village Grymes School FLINT HILL Skyward Cafe WARRENTON Fauquier Chamber Piedmont Publishing Warrenton Chamber Warrenton Police Department Fauquier Times Fauquier Hospital Bistro McClanahan’s Camera REMINGTON The Corner Deli in Remington Remington Barbershop Dollar Store Wally’s Automotive MADISON The Mountaineer Cafe Yoders Country Market Eddins Ford Autumn Care Nursing & Rehab Prince Michel Vineyards & Winery Madison BP Pig N’ Steak Orange-Madison Co-Op SPERRYVILLE Trading Post Cafe FT Valley Store

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Culpeper Times - Oct. 18, 2018  

Victims no more | Brat, Spanberger spar in debate | Pilot killed in Air Fest crash | More

Culpeper Times - Oct. 18, 2018  

Victims no more | Brat, Spanberger spar in debate | Pilot killed in Air Fest crash | More