Lee Pesky Learning Center Annual Report 2018

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Creating Pathways to Learning

2018 Annual Report

A Message From Our Leaders We all know there is more to learning than just academic skills, but what other factors are critical for success? At Lee Pesky Learning Center, we are tackling that question by researching and implementing The Pesky Way, our approach to teaching that creates a pathway to learning for every child. Overwhelming scientific evidence shows that if we want children to have successful school and life outcomes – we need to help them become self-regulated learners.

Self-regulated learning is the goal of The Pesky Way We’ve highlighted the triumphs experienced by our students, the teachers we’ve trained, and the schools that are using our self-regulated learning framework in this year’s annual report. The results and stories shared here exemplify what we can do because of the generous support of partners like you – together we are changing the lives of so many.

Dr. Evelyn Johnson Executive Director

Michael Shaughnessy, Jr. Chair, Board of Directors

“I knew I had some ‘soft spots’ in my reading and writing skills

What is a Self-Regulated Learner?

that might keep me from passing my CPA exam. Paula, my teacher at LPLC, taught me strategies I never knew existed, and I’m proud to say that I passed my exam and am starting my new job at KPMG as we speak!

At Lee Pesky Learning Center, we develop self-regulated learners who are connected, self-aware, self-determined, strategic and resilient. Here’s how these tenets help put learners on the pathway to success!



“ LPLC helped us create a school environment that made our children know we cared, and empowered our teachers to address the needs of the whole child.

- Lisa Boyd, Principal, Desert Springs Elementary School, Nampa, Idaho

SELF-AWARE “I chose to do a presentation on dyslexia for my

science fair project. I explained how dyslexia is a result of brain differences, and included a picture of myself, then talked about the symptoms of dyslexia I experience, and those I don’t. I can now confidently advocate for the supports I need to be successful.

- Jackson, Client

- Rahim, Client

“ My reading skills are below grade level, but I got a copy of

The 39 Clues and I really wanted to read it. I asked Debbie, my teacher at LPLC, if we could set a goal for me to read this book. It’s hard, but because Debbie is helping me become a better reader, I’m already halfway through it!

- Cameron, Client

SELF-DETERMINED “ Going to extra instruction wasn’t easy, and

I remember feeling exhausted after my intervention time, but I also remember feeling more successful because of the supports I got at Lee Pesky Learning Center, and that really helped me keep going. I am proud that I can achieve at high levels even though it takes a lot of extra work. - Julianne Masser, LPLC Alumnus

Why Does Self-Regulation Matter?

“ Our partnership with Meridian Elementary

Our goal is to empower every student to become a lifelong, independent learner. Research shows that students with strong self-regulation skills are more able to benefit from instruction.


Desert Springs Elementary School

25 % 40 % 81

teachers trained in our self-regulation framework

decrease in students at risk for poor outcomes

of students at high-risk met self-regulation goals

“ We had a student new to us this year who struggled

with conflict. I taught him the self-regulation calming strategies. He now demonstrates using them with independence. I even heard him encouraging other students to use the techniques when frustrated.

- Teacher, Desert Spring Elementary

School has been fantastic! We’ve seen a dramatic shift in the school’s implementation of self-regulation strategies that have benefited their students.

- Julie Meek, LPLC Lead Counselor


Meridian Elementary School Project



decrease reported in at-risk behaviors from Fall 2017 to Spring 2018 as a result of working with Lee Pesky Learning Center

“ The self-regulation

strategies we learned through LPLC have become an integral part of our day. They have helped our classroom community tremendously.

- Teacher, Meridian Elementary School

Self-regulation skills can be taught and are especially effective when introduced within the school setting.

How Do We Develop Self-Regulated Learners? Teachers are essential to creating positive learning

“Working together at Lee Pesky Learning Center allows us to make an impact on students each and every day. We work to help students like Ollie feel confident and empowered by their differences.” - Courtney, Counselor & Aubrie, Educational Specialist

environments that promote self-regulation. Our training team works side-by-side with teachers to help them teach through our self-regulation framework.

Cristianne Lane Professional Development Director


West Ada School District

+ 250

This year we trained over 1,500 teachers in 75 schools.

LPLC trained teachers in the West Ada School District for the 2017-2018 school year

“ Lee Pesky Learning Center has

Academic Gains: Kindergarten and 1st grade students earned highest proficiency rates in reading

Students in 2nd and 3rd grade made consistent gains in test scores

helped me to feel confident in reading in front of my class. I’m not afraid to ask questions and I feel success in school! - Ollie, Client

Teachers reached highest achievement rates ever

“ We are grateful for your guidance this

year – our teachers are so much more confident with their reading instruction. We feel that the foundation you’ve helped us build is strong!

- Principal, West Ada School District

Dr. Anne Clohessy Professional Services Director

Students with learning and attention differences often experience anxiety, frustration and other social challenges. Our services are built around our self-regulation framework to help our students reach their goals. Whether a student works with a counselor or an educational specialist or both, our team creates a pathway to learning for every student.

Success in Sustainability

Matt Scott

Your generous investment in our work is what makes Director these success stories possible. We manage your of Operations donations carefully to make sure finances are not an obstacle to learning.

Endowment Lee Pesky Learning Center’s endowment was established in 1999 as a separate nonprofit corporation to ensure the sustainability of the Center’s services. $ 2,500,000

The following financials represent pre-audited numbers for the 2018 fiscal year. Audited financials will be available in November 2018 upon request.

$ 2,000,000 $ 1,500,000




Total $1,823,073



Fees & Contracts


15 % 10

FY '00


Research & Services

FY '10

FY '15

FY '16

FY '17

FY '18

We strive to keep our services accessible because ability to pay should never be an obstacle to learning.



Total $1,550,113


FY '05

Financial Assistance




$ 500,000



General Operations

$ 1,000,000

Academic Intervention



of cost, average financial assistance provided





Counseling & Coaching

Center Supporters Lee Pesky Learning Center is pleased to acknowledge the following supporters for their generosity. The listings on the following pages reflect all support given to Lee Pesky Learning Center from July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018. At the director’s discretion, unrestricted funds are applied annually to provide impact on the Center’s program where it’s most needed to ensure students and teachers continue to receive high-quality, research-based services.

THE PATHWAY SOCIETY Partner Circle (gifts of $100,000 or more) Bernice & Milton Stern Foundation (Bernice Stern) Pesky Family Foundation (Alan & Wendy Pesky) W.K. Kellogg Foundation Leader Circle (gifts of $25,000 - $99,999) Cambia Health Foundation Laura Moore Cunningham Foundation M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust Andy & Elaine Pesky Spur Community Foundation Benefactor Circle (gifts of $10,000 - $24,999) The Albertsons Companies Foundation Lesley Andrus Idaho Women’s Charitable Foundation The Lois E. & Neil J. Gagnon Foundation The Marshall Frankel Foundation Fred & Nancy Poses Decker & Jessica Rolph Roy A. Hunt Foundation Steele-Reese Foundation Buzz Woolley, Jr. Director Circle (gifts of $5,000 - $9,999) Anne Ford Foundation The Big Wood Foundation (Michael and Marjorie Stern) The CAPROCK Group, Inc. Edward F. & Vickie S. O’Gara Family Foundation Elizabeth A. Lynn Foundation Idaho First Bank The Kapp Family Foundation

Miller Family Foundation Alex & Sue Orb Karen & Scott Peterson Associate Circle (gifts of $2,500 - $4,999) An Anonymous Family Foundation Maya Burkenroad Gene & Elsie Cheston, Jr. Christina And Company, LLC Chris Cole Mark Criscitello Deeds Foundation (Diane Nixon) Gladys E. Langroise Advised Fund in the Idaho Community Foundation Mimi Halpern Tod & Barbara Hamachek The Hollyhock Foundation Idaho Central Credit Union J.R. Simplot Company The Lehman Foundation Don & Marcia Liebich Kurt & Treacy Liebich Philippe Masser & Kathleen Sutherland Micron Technology Foundation Olivia Smith Browning Charitable Foundation Jim Peck Peco Foundation (Peter Curran) Perc H. Shelton and Gladys A. Pospisil Shelton Foundation Advised Fund in the Idaho Community Foundation Greg & Naomi Pesky Charles Ribakoff Lois Rosen Paul & Peggy Street Thornton Byron, LLP Tim Wolff

Contributor Circle ($1,000 - $2,499) Anonymous Cynthia D. Bambic Philip J. Bartlett Jeff Bianco Jack & Pat Billhardt B.A. Harris, LLP Boise State University, College of Education Boise State University Foundations, Inc. Karen Brine Greg & Cindi Byron Bruce Cadwell Paul Christy Buzz & Penny Coe Joe & Damien Cole Chris & Elise Coyle Theodore Eckert Elaine Ehrlich Bill & Joan Feldman Mike & Patty Fery Julie Firestone Martin Flannes Jeff & Susan Goldenberg Peggy Elliott Goldwyn Rod & Julie Gramer Sam & Peggy Grossman The Hampton Foundation Heart of Gold Fund in the Idaho Community Foundation Heinz Family Foundation Larry & Rebekah Helzel David Hoffman Holland & Hart, LLP Chris & Jessica Jones Shawn & Karen Kalkstein Bill & Celeste Keller Ken Lewis Anna Maderis Mort & Suzanne Marvin Geoff McConnell

Meuleman Law Group, PLLC Dee Mooney Ann & Dale Nelson Dejan & Michelle Nenov Onward Shay! Boise Marathon David & Lindsay Ormsby Robert Quayle Alexandra Ramirez Peter & Bitty Rapaport The San Francisco Foundation Richard & Sheila Schlesinger Heather & Trevor Schulze Sirius Fund Sterling Realty Organization Tamara Telesko Barry & Marjorie Traub David Wali Mallory & Diana Walker John & Ellen Wallace Henry Wallach Trager Watson Theodore & Renee Weiler Foundation Angeli Weller Rick & Heidi Worcester Zenergy at Thunder Spring Supporter Circle (up to $1,000) Anonymous (4) Paul Ahern Gary Allen Alliance Bernstein Matching Gift Program AmazonSmile! John Anderson Miriam Anderson William Andrea Claudia Ansorge Laura Arjona Jan Aronson Brian Ashforth David Ashmore

Claudia Aulum & Ralph Pavone Katherine Babcock Melanie M. Baird Jennifer Banks Jennifer Barbeau Mark Barney Jan Bastian Morris & Elaine Bastian Jonathan Bauer Kevin Belew Taylor Bersey Kimberly Beswick Boyd & Sherry Bingham Kristin Bjorkman Art Black Lisa Black Susan & Arnold Blair Ron Blewett Scott & Joanne Blum Richard Boardman Matt Bogue Boise Liquor Catering Laura Booth Michael & Chris Boskin Kristi Bowins John Bowles Suzi Boyle Maureen Braley Charity Brockman Rick Brodsky Heidi Bromley Bob & Marilyn Brooks Ken Brown Michael Brown Dayna Buckley Gary Buentgen Jody Bullard Sharon Burke Henry Burroughs Mona Burton Bret Busacker William Campbell

Tom & Ellen Campion Douglas & Meredith Carnahan Jay Cassell & Gay Weake Freda Cenarrusa Maggie Chase & Bruce Robbins Edgar Church Anne & Steve Clohessy Richard Cohan Tracy Cole Megan Colford James Combo Michelle Conger Frederic Cook Michael Cord Tammy Cox Brian Cronin Eri Crum Paul Cunningham Terry & Nancy Curran Lisa Curtin Jo Ann Davenport Michele Davis The DeBard Johnson Foundation Penelope Dey Shauna Doerr Ed Douma The Draizin Foundation, Inc. Michael Dupont Amy Duque Marty Durand & Mark Holeman Jim & Jamie Dutcher Darlene & Ted Dyer Tiffany Dyson Anna Eberlin Eric & Bini Egertson Elaine Pesky Travel, Inc. Josh Ellingson Encore Investments, Inc. Mathew Erpelding Andrew Erstad Andrea M. Fallon Criss & Bob Fallowfield Family Foundation (William Bohrer) Steven Farwell Jeffrey Fass Aaron Fearday Lisa S. Firestone Mike Fishman Katherine Fitzgerald Nicolas Flores Lynne Florio Mel & Susan Forman Philip J. Fouts Bob Frank

Lori & Jerry Frank Barry & Nina Frankel Tom Frazer Fred Meyer Eric Fruchtman Janis Fulton Mindy Gaddis Jennifer Gardenswartz Gary Darman Company Gemma Gaudette Chris & Natalie Geffros Sally Gillespie Giving Assistant, Inc. Anne Glass Steven Glickman Daniel Glivar Laura Godfrey Mary & Dick Goff Miguel Goitiandia Jeremy Goldman Goldman, Sachs & Co. Matching Gift Program Claudie Goldstein Melissa M. Goode Bernard Gordon Steve Gordon Kristin & Brad Granger Peter & Betty Gray Sue & Ron Green Stuart Greenspon & Camilla Trinchieri Harvey Grossberg Abby Grosvenor Sarah Gund Noel Gunther Al & Brenda Hackel Mark Hadrick Greg Hahn Bob & Jenna Hall Gabriel Hamilton George & Beverly Harad Kay Hardy & Gregory Kaslo Elaine Harris Tim & Lynne Harris Hope Hayward & Walter Eisank Barbara Henderson Will & Dana Herrman Larry & Randi Hirschheimer Rudy Hirschheimer Jamie Hirsh Becky Hitt Mr. & Mrs. Gary Hoffman Shiloh Holmes Jennifer Hopkins Robert Housley Kirk Houston

Pamela Howland Mary & Ron Hughes Michael Huss Jed & Susan Isaacs Wendy & Jim Jaquet Heather Jauregui Judy Jellinek Page & Maureen Jenner Erik Jensen Evelyn & Andy Johnson The Johnson Company Justin Jones Jim Joseph Lucy Juarez Kimberly Kaine Bob & Laura Kantor Skip & Nancy Karetsky Kathe Katz Sean Katz James Kennedy Bill Killeen Greg Kooser Allen Kozin, DDS Alexandra Kuczynski Bob & Kathy Kustra Susan Kyrillos Kenn Lamson Cristianne Lane & Joe Kelly Barbara LaVallee Robin Leavitt Ledger Domain Eli Lee Barbara & John Lehman Pamela Lemieux Cathi Leon Andree Leonard Elaine Leppo Mark Levin Arthur & Susan Lindenauer Josh Linder & Meryl Linder Ledwitz Irv & Trudy Littman Greg & Pam Lovell Courtney Loving Kelci Lucier Elise B Lufkin Elise Lufkin & Amos Galpin Lyle Pearson Motor Company Suzanne Macnow Main Auction (David Wesely) Jon & Leslie Maksik Mary & Stephen Malkmus Mike & Nancy Markhoff Steve & Samantha Marvin Robert & Ellen Massa

Andrew Masser Julianne Masser Steven D. Maughan Jeremy Maxand Jacqueline Maybach Ken McClure Kelly McConnell Gwynne McElhinney & Robert McAndrew David & Melody McIntyre Lanny & Anne McLean Anne McPhillips Jordan Mendoza Marshall Meyer Jeanne Meyers & Richard Carr Thomas Michael, II Micron Technology, Inc. Butch & Susie Miller Dean Miller Nicholas Miller Louisa Moats & Steve Mitchell Jennifer Monserat Barbara Morgan Andrea Morris The Morris & Bessie Altman Foundation Danielle Morriss Laura & Brent Moylan Cynthia & Kingsley Murphy David Mutzel Priya Mysore Joseph Nader Skip Nalen Lauren Necochea Deborah Nelson Eric Nelson Robin Nettinga Carol Nie Steve Novacek Denise O’Brien Peter & Barrie O’Neill Paul Oelerich Sandy & Bonnie Okun Bing & Carolyn Olbum Peter Oliver Emily Olson Susan Olson Skip & Esther Oppenheimer Tom & Molly Page Mike Papa Janis Paris Ward Parkinson Meagan Payne Ridley & Marcelle Pearson Roy Persky Andrea Pikes

Irwin & Perl Pincus Owen & Katherine Pipal Pledgeling Foundation Kristin Poole Lawrence Porricelli Poster Construction (Brian Poster) Eileen Prager Joy Prudek Jennifer Raab Scott Raeber Rich & Georgiann Raimondi Brooke Ramstad Jon & Laurie Rapaport Kathleen Raskin Don Reeding Richard Remington Leila Renner Sara Richins Jodi & Bill Riley Carlyn Ring Sarah Ritchey Frank Robb Jim Rollberg Vicki & Gordon Rosenberg Claire Rosston Dick & Leslie Roth Bob & Robin Rothenberg Lynda Rothman Royal Farms (Michael Schreiber) Amy Rubin & Kobi Jaeger Kelley Rushton Salesforce.org Kristina Salter Julie & Preston Sargent Cindy Sawyers Dominic Schiavone Joel Schiavone Sarah Schiavone Colleen Schropfer Herbert Schulze Barbara Schwartz Jennifer Schwartz Ed Sedacca Mark Seiler Jay & Connie Shafran Michael & Tricia Shaughnessy Connor Sheldon-Modrow Sara Shepard & Christopher Huntley David & Linda Sicher Howard & Roberta Siegel Julie Siegel John & Stacy Slattery Marvin Sloves Slow River Coffee

Chris & Kerry Smith Connie Smith Stephanie D. Smith Terence Smith Jennifer Snow-Gerono Dorothy Snowball John Sofro Sandy Spiedel Marion & Irwin Spirn Laura Squyres Newal & Linda Squyres Richard Stacey Lucy Stark Daniel Steckel Andy & Anne Steele Christin Steele Tammy Stefan Bob Stern Mark & Betsy Stern Peter & Margie Stern Ricki Stern & Evan Guillemin Jennifer & John Stevens Julie Stevens Barry & Carol Stone Barney & Barbara Straut Carl & Frann Stremmel Jerry & Kristine Sturgill Mary Jo Surges-Prokop

Christie Svane Janet Swanberg Jeff Sykes Carol & Joel Thea Kimberly Thomas Ann & Ted Thompson Tamara Thompson Kiki Tidwell Frank Toth B. Scott Tschudy Wavey Tuck Lindsey Turner Saul & Shirley Turteltaub Megan Tverdy Charlotte Unger United Way of the Treasure Valley United Way Suncoast Richard Visconti John Vogel & Judy Music Willy & Sheila Walker Lane & Christina Ward Paul Ward Karen Warner Brady Webb Rob Weber Joel & Ann Weidman Alan & Nancy Weill Don Weisberg & Erin Gathrid

Angela Wickham Michele Wilk Mason Wilkins Robyn Williams Bill & Marnee Wirth Harold Wolfson Catherine Woo Steven & Randi Wood Holli Woodings Robin Worcester Debra Wynkoop Mary York Eric & Patty Young Jim Young William Young YourCause, LLC - Dr Pepper Snapple Group Jane Yusen Adam & Michele Zipper Roberta & Gary Zipper In-Kind Donations Aspen Snowmass Main Auction (David Wesely) Karen and Scott Peterson Pro Travel International Sun Valley Company

Recognition Donors In Honor Of… Alan and Wendy Pesky The Hampton Foundation Skip & Nancy Karetsky Andy & Anne Steele John & Ellen Wallace Andy Pesky Rudy Hirschheimer Greg Kooser Butch & Susie Miller Sandy & Bonnie Okun Alan and Nancy Weill Brian & Shauna, & Family Smith Chris & Kerry Smith Elizabeth Adams Anne McPhillips Heather Meuleman Mary Goff Katherine Reinhold Jim Peck Lee Pesky Leila Renner Lee Pesky Learning Center Barbara Morgan Lisa Honas Mr. and Mrs. Gary Hoffman Nick Goodman Debra Wynkoop Saul Turtletaub Irwin and Perl Pincus

Suzanne and Mort Marvin Adam & Michele Zipper Roberta & Gary Zipper In Memory Of… Harold Wolfson Elaine Pesky Janet Shafran Jay & Connie Shafran Joan Feldman Elaine Pesky Ron Marvin Barry & Nina Frankel Mort & Suzanne Marvin Sheila Dimenstein Elaine Pesky Stephen Raskin Kathleen Raskin In Recognition of… Stern Family The Big Wood Foundation

We have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this listing. If we have mistakenly misspelled, listed or omitted your name, please accept our apologies and notify our Annual Report editor, Emily Olson, at (208) 333-0008, ext. 105 or advancement@lplearningcenter.org.

Questions about contributing to Lee Pesky Learning Center Contact Emily Olson, Advancement Director (208) 333-0008, ext. 105 advancement@lplearningcenter.org

Will You Join Us This Year?

We are thrilled to announce the Idaho Early Literacy Project, supported in large part by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. Through a generous grant, Lee Pesky Learning Center is working with over 400 teachers from preschool to second grade to ensure that young children learn to read well. The Laura Moore Cunningham Foundation, the CapEd Foundation, Treasure Valley YMCA, United Way of the Treasure Valley, Idaho Future Fund in the Idaho Community Foundation, and more have joined us in this effort.

Join us as we work together to create a pathway to learning for every child! Emily Olson Advancement Director

Contribute today by returning the enclosed envelope or giving online at www.lplearningcenter.org/donate. Thank you for your support!

3324 Elder Street Boise Idaho 83705

SAVE-THE-DATE MAY Please Join Us for our 2019 Spring Speaker Event



Boise State University - Alumni Hall

Our 2019 Spring Event Speaker is Dr. Stephanie Jones, Professor of Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Stephanie’s work focuses on research and interventions to promote student’s social-emotional development. We hope you will join us at the event!

Stephanie Jones, Ph.D. Harvard University Graduate School of Education

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