Lee Pesky Learning Center Impact Report 2019

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Hopeless. Frustrated. Misunderstood.

Too often, these are the words that families use to describe what it is like for their child who learns differently. Nearly one in five people struggle with some form of learning or attention challenge, but far too few receive the instruction they need to be successful. Over time, these students start to believe they are not capable, not trying hard enough, or not smart enough. The negative impact of feeling like a failure at school is enormous. Without support, students with learning and attention challenges are more likely to drop out, less likely to pursue college, less likely to have stable employment, experience higher rates of depression, and have smaller social networks. It doesn’t have to be this way. Everyone learns differently. We understand. For 23 years, we have been creating a pathway to learning for everyone. We don’t try to make students learn in a way that wasn’t designed for them. We help them find their unique path to become independent, resilient, self-regulated learners. In these pages we’ve shared with you all the ways in which together, we are changing lives. Your support creates the opportunities for students to reach their full potential, and for that we are deeply grateful. Thank you.

Dr. Evelyn Johnson Greg Pesky Chief Executive Officer Board Chair



We create pathways to learning for everyone.

We work together with families, schools, and communities to understand and overcome obstacles to learning.



Self-regulated learners are connected, self-aware, self-determined, strategic, and resilient.

STRATEGIC PRIORITIES »C reate a pathway to learning for everyone. » Advance research in the field of learning disabilities.

»E mpower educators who work in service of students. » Train the next generation of practitioners.

LEE PESKY 2019 3


We begin by understanding the whole child. Our psychologists, counselors and education specialists work to discover each student’s unique learning fingerprint. Then, we design an individualized plan to meet that student’s needs. Whether it’s counseling, reading, math or coaching support, our goal is to help every student become a resilient, self-regulated learner.

I’m more confident in class to ask questions and Quotation participate. I feel better about myself, and am self aware of what my learning needs are and how to manage them.

Niko, LPLC student

170 1,039 90% $83k

Students found their pathways to learning Hours of counseling and academic coaching Of learners met academic goals In financial assistance awarded

LEE PESKY 2019 5


When students who learn differently are provided early intervention, they are more likely to achieve success. Unfortunately, students with learning and attention challenges are often not identified until the third grade, and many students even later than that. When intervention is delayed, it has to be much more intense, and progress can be much slower. This means students may struggle for years. Students may start to feel hopeless and give up. We can do better. We are developing tools to identify students who learn differently early.

I wish we had come to Lee Pesky sooner. Lee Pesky gave Samantha something we couldn’t — a bright future. She believes she is capable, takes accelerated classes, and is thriving.

Melanie and Christopher Lawler LPLC Alumni Parents


Reading Growth

Typical Reading Development Reading Development with Early Intervention Late Intervention

Reading Development with Late Intervention

4th Grade

3rd Grade

2nd Grade

1st Grade


Pre K

Early Intervention

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Students with learning and attention challenges spend more than 85% of their school day in the classroom. Too few teachers have the training they need to deliver instruction that meets the needs of these learners. Our professional development team works side-by-side with teachers to empower them to reach more students. This year, through the Idaho Early Literacy Project, we have worked with hundreds of teachers to improve reading instruction for young children. Together, we are helping students become strong readers.

Lee Pesky’s coaching was unlike any support we were able to find in our community and was instrumental in the success of our students this school year.

Susie Luckey, Principal Idaho Hill Elementary, Priest River, ID

Idaho Early Literacy Project Impact Growth in the percentage of kindergarten students meeting reading benchmarks.


30% 74% 24% 75% 41%




Did you know that nationally, there are critical shortages of psychologists, counselors, special educators and researchers? Yet there has been an increase in the number of students who need special instruction or counseling support. We need dedicated, highly trained professionals for all students to succeed. Graduate students in the field of special education, social work, school counseling, and psychology intern with our experts. We give them the hands-on training in our selfregulated learner approach and how it supports the best practices they learn in their programs.

As a school psychology intern, I am now stronger at giving a range of assessments that help me better understand each student’s learning needs.

Karen, LPLC School Psychology Intern


S hortage of school psychologists in the United States by 2020.

LEE PESKY 2019 11

We work carefully to make the best use of every fundraising dollar. Your investment in our work is what allows us to serve so many students, families, schools and communities. Together, we are making a difference. The financials shown represent pre-audited numbers for the 2019 fiscal year. Audited financials will be available in November 2019 upon request.


Total Revenue: $2,107,365

Total Expenses: $1,801,485








Fees & Contracts

28% Grants


Research & Services


Academic Intervention



Counseling & Coaching





THE PATHWAY SOCIETY PARTNER CIRCLE (gifts of $100,000 or more) Cambia Health Foundation The Hearst Foundation, Inc. Pesky Family Foundation (Alan and Wendy Pesky) Bernice and Milton Stern Foundation (Bernice Stern) LEADER CIRCLE (gifts of $25,000 - $99,999) CapEd Federal Credit Union The Lois E. and Neil J. Gagnon Foundation Idaho Community Foundation Idaho Future Fund in the Idaho Community Foundation M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust Andy and Elaine Pesky BENEFACTOR CIRCLE (gifts of $10,000 - $24,999) Lesley Andrus Ann Down The Marshall Frankel Foundation Roy A. Hunt Foundation Idaho First Bank Don and Marcia Liebich Decker and Jessica Rolph Steele-Reese Foundation Buzz Woolley, Jr DIRECTOR CIRCLE (gifts of $5,000 - $9,999) Anne Ford Foundation Deeds Foundation (Diane Nixon) Mike and Patty Fery Hare Family Foundation (Dick Hare and Pattie Duetting) The Lehman Foundation Kurt and Treacy Liebich Edward F. and Vickie S. O’Gara Family Foundation Jim and Joan Peck Jean Reginster Paul and Peggy Street Thomas W. Smith Foundation Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation Matthew Weatherley-White The Whittenberger Foundation Wood River Women’s Charitable Foundation Fund in the Idaho

Community Foundation

ASSOCIATE CIRCLE (gifts of $2,500 - $4,999) An Anonymous Family Foundation Boise State University, College of Education Greg and Cindi Byron The Caprock Group Inc. Gene and Elsie Cheston, Jr. Joe Chu Buzz and Penny Coe Eide Bailly LLP The Selma and Irving Ettenberg Foundation (Marc Tanner) Mimi Halpern Chris and Jessica Jones JR Simplot Company Foundation Kerry Orent Peco Foundation (Peter and Quin Curran) Greg & Naomi Pesky Spur Community Foundation The Swig Foundation (Roselyne Swig) Lisa Witomski CONTRIBUTOR CIRCLE (gifts of $1,000 - $2,499) AmazonSmile B.A. Harris, LLP Ryan and Lisa Beymer Michael and Janae Blood Boise State University Foundations, Inc. Boise State University, University Advancement Thomas Bondur Jack Callahan Chris and Elise Coyle Patrick Cunningham Angela Duckworth Anna Eberlin Elaine Ehrlich Suzy Elliott Bill Feldman Julie Firestone Diana Frazier Peggy Elliott Goldwyn Sam & Peggy Grossman Family Foundation in the Arizona Community Foundation Kay Hardy and Gregory Kaslo Nicholas Hippensteel David Hoffman Holland & Hart LLP

Jeffrey & Susan Goldenberg Foundation Hayden Jennings Evelyn and Andy Johnson Shawn and Karen Kalkstein Bill and Celeste Keller Langan Barber Foundation Brooke Linville Teresa Beahen and David Lipman Allan and Kay Lipman Anna Maderis Mort and Suzanne Marvin Philippe Masser and Kathleen Sutherland Wilson and Lisa McElhinny The Sue and Eugene Mercy, Jr. Foundation, Inc. (Gene and Carolyn Mercy) Cynthia and Kingsley Murphy Peter and Barrie O’Neill Marc and Sally Onetto Alex and Sue Orb Marcia Pereira-Lemon Karen and Scott Peterson Peter and Bitty Rapaport Lois Rosen Richard and Sheila Schlesinger Julia Shaw Sirius Fund (Peter and Ginny Foreman) The Hampton Foundaation (Robert Stern) The San Francisco Foundation (Barry Traub) United Way of North Idaho, Inc. Mallory and Diana Walker John and Ellen Wallace Henry Wallach Theodore & Renee Weiler Foundation (Alan and Joan Safir) The Worcester Family SUPPORTER CIRCLE (gifts up to $1,000) Anonymous (4) AAD Insepction Corp. Nancy Abraham and Colin Brown Mahkameh Adnani-Rofougaran Scott Allen The Morris and Bessie Altman Foundation (Peter Stern) Don Altman Jennie, Dave, and Nate Anderson William Andrea Andrus Center for Public Policy David Anshen

Jan Aronson Claudia Aulum and Ralph Pavone The Cosmas Family Lydia Baird Thalia Baker Martin Balben The Ballard Family Cynthia D. Bambic Roslyn Banish and Paul Epstein Kristine Barney Mark Barney Judi Bartoccini Noelle Bastardi Morris and Elaine Bastian Wright Bates Sherri Battazzo Donna and Daniel Battazzo Diana Bauerle Joyce Beahen Nina Beattie Jody and Joel Beck Kevin Belew Jessica and James Benjamin, Jr. Egon and Marge Berg Anthony Berlenbach Jolene Bernal Michael and Roxanne Bernstein Adam Bernstein Brittany Beth Charlie Beyer Vikram Bhardwaj Ed Bianchi The Big Wood Foundation (Michael and Marjorie Stern) Michael Bigesby, Jr. Shauna Bingham Matt and Becca Bishop Mathew and Alison Blandford Meredith Bloxham Scott and Joanne Blum Sarah Blumenstein Boon Philanthropy, Inc. Erin Borel Ben Bornsztein Bruno Bornsztein Grisha Bornsztein Gaynor Bourgeois Jill Bradburn Jen Bradley Matthew and Hillary Brill The Brill Family Laura Brill Bob and Marilyn Brooks Ted Brown Pete and Nancy Buck Sharon Burke Karen Callaway Bob and Laurel Carignan Michael Carney

The Caron Family Mark and Liz Carrison Deborah and John Carter LTC (Ret.) John Casey Jay Cassell and Gay Weake Israel Catz Michael Caughlin Freda Cenarrusa Pragnyaa and Murali Ranganathan Chakravarthy Rachel Chang and Michael Breakiron Maggie Chase and Bruce Robbins Todd Christensen Drew Christie Ted Chu Dr. Linda Clark Kim and Cindy Clark Anne Clohessy Rebecca and Bill Coffin Rachel Coffin Jackson Coffin Bob and Lynn Coffin Dan Cogan and Liz Garbus Stephen Cohen Chris Cole Doug and Ronda Collier Charles Collins-Chase Phil Coltoff and Lynn Harman Michelle Conger Cherie and Jack Coonce Charla and Jamie Cooper Amanda Corddry Kate Cordsen Kelly Corroon H. Justin Cosell Destin Cox Elizabeth and Brendan Coyne Angie Crawford Bob Culviner Lynn Cunningham Terry and Nancy Curran Don and Susan Curtis Becky Cushman Aimee Custis Customers Bank Patty and Gary Darman Andra David Jan Davis Roger and Janet DeBard Kate Dennis Mitchell Diaz Chris DiBianco Dave and Maureen Dickey Nicole DiNonno Sandra Dion Matt Dowling The Draizin Foundation, Inc. The Dratch Gang LEE PESKY 2019 13

Driftwood Auto Body Sara Driscoll Shannon Dunstan Jim and Jamie Dutcher Greg, Kathy, and Darby Dutter Mike and Jan Eady Dorothy Earner Steve Ecklund Catherine Birdwell Edwards and Nicolas Edwards Eric and Bini Egertson Jon and Noa Ehrlich The Eikenberry Family The Elfstrom Family Melanie and Jack Elizondo Mallory Elizondo Jackson Elizondo Todd Erickson Jackie F. Sarah Fairchild Criss and Bob Fallowfield Family Foundation (William Bohrer) The Fawcett Family Ashley Feaganes John Michael and Maryclaire Fery The Finches Jadine Marks Finch Kate Colmery Firestone Nicolas Flores Emily Florio Mae Florio Larry Flynn Katelyn Foley Jim and Claudia Foltz Peter and Ginny Foreman Mel and Susan Forman The Forti Family Lori and Jerry Frank Candice Frank Bob Frank Jane Franke Barry and Nina Frankel John and Karen Freed Cecilia Freilich Woody and Margery Friedlander Paula and Scott Frishman Teresa Fritsch Mike Galgano Terrence Gallagher Dana and Eric Gardunio Sally Gillespie Kathleen Gilton Jeffrey Ginsberg Deb Glaser and Andrew Rafkind Anne Glass Mary and Dick Goff Joe and Christine Gonenc

Kathryn, Josh, Emory and Barrett Jorge Gonzalez Maddy Gonzalez Missy Goode Rebecca Graham and Leif & Leo Simonson Granite State Gripping Peter and Betty Gray Stuart Greenspon and Camilla Trinchieri Matthew and Ellen Greer William J. Griffin, IV Laura and Dave Gross Abby Grosvenor Patti Guicheteau Julie Guillemin and Vince Every Sarah G. Gund Fund Michael, Morgan and Miles Guthrie Al and Brenda Hackel Scott Hale Bob and Jenna Hall Kim Hammond Vanessa Hampden Kathi Hancock Gloria Gude Randy and Judy Hanks Daniel and Karen Hansen Mildred Hardin Shelly and Randall Hardin Kim Hardy Brad and Jolie Hardy James Hardy Kay Hardy and Gregory Kaslo Steven and David Hardy Tim and Lynne Harris Kim and Nick Hastings Shawnda Hastings Drew Hawkinson Hope Hayward and Walter Eisank Pam and Ted Heal Ben Hemmelgarn Carolyn Henges Will and Dana Herrman Brent Hickman Higgins & Rutledge Insurance Carrie and Ted Hill Larry and Randi Hirschheimer Jamie Hirsh Katie and Major Hollis Valerie Holst Pam Holtkamp David Hsu Mary and Ron Hughes Mary Kate Hunter Idaho Central Credit Union Idaho Technology Users Group Jed and Susan Isaacs

Alexander Jaffe Ken and Penny Jameson Wendy and Jim Jaquet The Jaras Suzanne Jaworski Page and Maureen Jenner Sarah John Chris Johns Veronica Johnson The Johnson Company Lori Johnston Carrie and Stu Johnston Justin Jones Paula and Joseph Jones Jim Joseph Cora and CJ Kaestner Anne Kalik Kris Kamann Bill and Eileen Kampa Todd and Jeannie Kampa The Kaplan Family Skip and Nancy Karetsky Elizabeth Karter Courtney Kasuboski Kevin and Jennifer Kearny Kiki Keating Dirk and Patricia Kempthorne Kelly Kerrigan Kestrel West Suzanne Kimball Kristen and Greg Koenig Greg Kooser William Korsen Terry Koshel Allen Kozin, DDS Kelly Krystyniak Bob and Kathy Kustra Tom Lampl The Landers-Nelson Family Martha Lynch Landry Cristianne Lane Nancy Lane Killian Larkin James Latta Barbara LaVallee Bob and Debby Law Alex Laws Tim “Hersh” Lee Elizabeth and Sean Lee Connie Lenz Christopher Leonard Jeff Lessard Melissa Levenger Hannah Levitt Richard and Vivian Levitt Mark and Lindsay Levy Leslie Lewis Jack Li Mark and Kim Liebich Carly Liebich

Liz Lightfoot and Nick Clements Like Nu Car Wash Andy Lilien Arthur and Susan Lindenauer Josh Linder and Meryl Linder Ledwitz Pamela Lipscomb The Listers Claire Liu Julia Kirschenbaum Donna Llewllyn John London and Erica Breese Greg and Pam Lovell Lewis Lowe and Jessica Kahanek Maria Lucas Elise Lufkin and Amos Galpin Elise B. Lufkin Ashley and Michael Lyerly Jodi and Jim Lynch Nina Lynch Maria Lynch James Lynch Ellen Madere Don Madsen Mike and Nancy Markhoff Matt Marr Tim and Debra Martens Mary Claire Banks and Alex Martin Steve and Samantha Marvin Jeff and Stephanie Marvin Robert and Ellen Massa Sherry Maupin Will V. Maupin Cari Maupin and Kathy Wester Ron Maxfield The Maxfield Family The McClure Center for Public Policy Research Nancy McColloch The McCopps Peter and Jessica McDonald Ryan McDonnell Gwynne McElhinney and Robert McAndrew David and Melody McIntyre Argus Heavy Industry Rob and Jill McMillin The Dallas McSorleys Julie Meek Daryl and Patti Mellard Kate Meneses Heather Mueleman Jeanne Meyers Micron Technology, Inc. Butch and Susie Miller Lauren Miller Vernon and Jennifer Miller

Sid and Davida Mitchell Karen Mitchell Louisa Moats and Steve Mitchell William Moltrup The Monahan Family Marie Monde John Monteleone Jennifer Moore Barbara Morgan Mortensen Family The Moslin Family Alex and Virginia Mott Laura and Brent Moylan MRG Productions Jeff Muhlstock Liz Munson and Bob von Stade The Nalen Foundation Sophia Neff Nancy Nelson Charity Nelson Network for Good Dr. Larry and Mrs. Shirley Neznanski Carol Nie Krista Niemczyk Murphy Occhino Sandy and Bonnie Okun Bing and Carolyn Olbum Tami Olsen Emily and Zach Olson Nicholai, Hailey, Aria, and Bernie Olson The O’Neills Skip and Esther Oppenheimer Beth Oppenheimer Rob and Michelle Orlando David and Lindsay Ormsby Deborah Powell Osborn Faith Ottenhoff Maggie Parker and Lloyd Fales Margaret Parkes Pejmon Pashai Angelo and Traci Patacca Meagan Payne Rhonda Paynter Ridley and Marcelle Pearson Shannon Pederson Roy Persky Levi Pesky Talia Pesky Charles Peterson Claire and Pete Petitt Petra Incorporated Renee Phillips Lisa Pinnell The Pinto Family Owen and Katherine Pipal Meredith and Travis Plains Kristin Poole

Alex Poonai Poster Construction (Brian Poster) Sam and Mariana Quiroga Toni and Tim Ramey Albert and Rose Murray Murali Ranganathan Jon and Laurie Rapaport Ray and Marie Raphael Rebecca Rawlings Alisa Rawlinson Phillip Ray Mike and Sonja Redden Mike and Katie Reineck Lud and Bixie Renick Leila Renner The Rexer Clan Victoria Rexer Francine Rexer Ivan and Madeline Rice Carlyn Ring Robert Half Julie Anne Robinson Danny Robinson Lynne Roden Alan and Susan Roden Kodi and Jared Romero Tim and Gini Rosandick Vicki and Gordon Rosenberg The Rosenhagens Family Dick and Leslie Roth Bob and Robin Rothenberg Royal Farms (Michael Schreiber) Susan Rubrin Amy Rubin and Kobi Jaeger Ira Rubinfeld Bob Rudis Chris Russell Anselme Sadiki Jordan Sahms Mahmoud Samori The Sandmanns Marcus, Kali, and Rome Santistevan Mike Satz Elizabeth Saverino Janet Schiele and Clay Roscoe Lissie and Jim Schifman Caroline and John Schoenecker Heather and Trevor Schulze Diane and Jonathan Schwarz Matt Scott Lisa Scott Martha and Stan Seay Amy Sellers Natalie Service Sevoy Furniture Gallery Jay and Connie Shafran

The Shandro Group Michael and Tricia Shaughnessy Katherine Shaughnessy and Tom Michael Faisal Shaw Kyle Shea Connor Sheldon-Modrow Julie Shoemaker David and Linda Sicher Family Fund Howard and Roberta Siegel Silicon Valley Community Foundation (Kristine Bretall) John and Stacy Slattery Charles Sledz Ivy Slike Brice Sloan Marvin Sloves Slow River Coffee Louise Rexer Smith Don and Paulette Smith Chris and Kerry Smith Stephanie D. Smith Jennifer Snow-Gerono John Sofro The Somers Family Ben Spaner Felica Sparks Marion and Irwin Spirn Deborah and Dan Spirn St. Francis Pet Clinic Karen Starling Andy and Anne Steele Ricki Stern and Evan Guillemin The Stern Family Trust (Mark and Betsy Stern) Scott and Amy Stevens Michael and Lucy Stewart Barry and Carol Stone Nan Stone Mike Straub Barney and Barbara Straut Carl and Frann Stremmel Eve Strickman Julio Suazo Michelle Sullivan and Andrew Rosen Summer Lawns Annie and Rob Sundberg Mary Jo Surges-Prokop Roberta Tavares Margaret Taylor Tamara Telesko Carol and Joel Thea Ann and Ted Thompson Thornton Byron LLP Kiki Tidwell Frank Toth Maggie and Amor Towles Paul Townsend

TRS Range Services, LLC Lindsey Turner Saul and Shirley Turteltaub Meredith and Sam Tutterow Jug Twitty Scott and Sue Ulbrich Charlotte Unger Aana Vannoy The Vermont Community Foundation (John Vogel and Judith Music) Janet Von Gillern Willy and Sheila Walker Lisa Walker Debora Wallace Doryn and Ty Wallach Brendan Walsh Mikel and John Ward Katie Watkins and Nic Small Ann Waxman The Webster Family Joel and Ann Weidman Don Weisberg and Erin Gathrid Allison Westfall Rachel and Kendall White Gil Williams Max Winkler Henry and Eydie Woo Steven and Randi Wood Jacob and Brenda Wood Teresa Wood-Adams Robin Worcester Ron and Opal Wright Lilian Wu Anna and Nat Wyeth Debbie Wynkoop Graham Yost Will and Hannah Young Karen Young Keurig Dr. Pepper YourCause, LLC Lynda Ytzen Sue and Jim Yue Jane Yusen Yuzhu Zheng BethAnn and Johnny Ziebarth Roberta and Gary Zipper Jennifer Zonis



Lee Pesky Mike and Nancy Markhoff

Aspen Snowmass (Limelight Ketchum) Boise Spine Center Capitol Copy and Print Alan and Wendy Pesky Pro Travel International Shu’s Idaho Running Company Sun Valley Company

In Honor of… Alan and Wendy Pesky Mort and Suzanne Marvin The Hampton Foundation (Robert Stern) Jeanne Meyers Andy and Anne Steele Alan Pesky Lois Rosen Andy Pesky Susan Rubrin Egon and Marge Berg Arlene Bennett Howard and Roberta Siegel Chris & Larry LaRocco Mary and Ron Hughes Dija Bennett Howard and Roberta Siegel Greg Pesky Andy and Anne Steele Lee Pesky Steve and Samantha Marvin

We have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this listing. If we have mistakenly misspelled, listed, or omitted your name, please accept our apologies and notify us at (208) 333-0008 or advancement@ lplearningcenter.org

Congratulations and thank you to our 2018 TCS New York City Marathon runners! Rachel Coffin James Hardy Evelyn Johnson Kaela Lynch Emily Olson Heidi Pesky Greg Pesky William Rexer Antonio Saona Ricki Stern

Nick Goodman Debbie Wynkoop Ricki Stern and Heidi Worcester Jennifer Zonis Winston Lipman Joyce Beahen In Memory of… Dr. Blossom Turk Deb Glaser and Andrew Rafkind Janet Shafran Jay and Connie Shafran

Matthew Dash Andy and Elaine Pesky

LEE PESKY 2019 15



Greg Pesky, Chair Decker Rolph, Vice Chair Greg Byron, Secretary Bill Keller, Treasurer Lesley Andrus Anna Eberlin Lori Frank Buck Harris Will Hughes Kurt Liebich Greg Lovell Barbara Morgan Cynthia Murphy Alan Pesky Wendy Pesky Karen Peterson Mike Shaughnessy, Jr. Matthew Weatherley-White Will Young

PATHWAYS TO LEARNING EVENT 2020 April 8, 2020, Boise Featuring Dr. Don Compton Director of the Florida Center for Reading Research at Florida State University

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