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boning knife

chef knife


herbs knife

paring knife

cleaver knife

kitchen knife block set

“chef ” “assistant”



is a knife block set designed for couples to assist their preparation process for cooking at the home kitchen. It enables smooth cooperation between 2 people and provides all home-used cutting tools that you’ll need.

The concept of our design is to enable couples to have an enjoyable cooking experience whenever they are cooking together at home. The design of the knife block set is specifically designed for smooth cooperation between two people.

target users

In Chinese philosophy, Yin-Yang describes female and male are complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world = when couples are cooking together, they have to cooperate together in order to create a delicious meal.

married couples aged (30-40) who likes to cook together at home

stainless steel Egg separator

high carbon stainless steel (side view)

The silicon rubber causes a friction between the blade and the block, enabling the knife to be inserted smoothly, safely and without damaging the block’s surface.

*seal tight* with the block

- stays sharp - durable - in great strength

Ginger & Garlic grater

Natural stone to represent Yin-yang in the natural world

Cheese grater Bamboo water-resistant green Designed by Lau Whitnie Yvette ,Mickey Wong Wai Ki, Brian Lee Long Yin

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