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SD 3469 Human Scale

GROUP 21 Pang Ka Yu, Joletta 13073141D Lee Long Yin, Brian 13089225D

design aims

portable personal self-powered muscle relief product sports injury daily syndrome office syndrome

neck as electricity generator

The shoulder part is relatively hot among the other body parts, which may generate more electricity. Components included:

ampower your device

Thermoelectric generator and sensor Heat Release Panel Circuit Board Heat Points

effects of heat

Increases circulation, metabolic activity, and inflammation

possible benefits

Improves compliance of soft tissues; relieves pain and spasm. Warming up stiff or scarred soft tissues before stretching or exercise; heat may also be useful in relieving pain or spasm associated with neck or back injuries. Relax tight, aching muscles and joints, increase the blood flow to the area, warm the muscles and increase flexibility

muscle pain relief

Using human heat energy to relax sore muscle

focus on the trapezius muscle

Muscle aches are also known as muscle pain, myalgia, or simply pain in the muscles. Muscle aches are extremely common. Almost everybody has likely experienced discomfort in his or her muscles at some point.

perfect fit ergonomics To maximize the comfortness, the tips of the device could be removed for easy insert to your neck. The wave-like wings of the device is designed to match with the curvature of your shoulders.

human circuit An device that uses heat from the human body to generate electricity.

automatic on-off functions Ampower is a smart device that has automatic on-off functions. The full circuit would only be formed while having direct contact with your skin. Therefore, it would start running when you put on it as well as shutting down when you take it off.

design concepts

technical considerations Removable tips


Lifestone Circuit Board

For easy insert to the neck

Heat release wires for muscle relief

The main power source for the device

thermoelectric generator

instructions guide Remove both tips of ampower for easy insert to your neck Ampower would automatically run while having contact with your skin full circuit would be formed when having heat transfer

Human heat would eventually generate power for the device Excess power would be stored in the lifestone for later use Heat would be transferred along the wings for healing muscle soar Ampower would be turned off once remove contact with your skin




More about thermoelectric technology: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lIMswSCSlhM

your portable personal self-powered muscle relief device

our impressions

It was hard to begin our project. We firstly had no ideas which part of the body should we focused on. At the beginning, we tried to use different methods to brainstorm ideas. We used mind map , play cards and based on some online researches. After having decisions made, we think about the technical functions and the form design. In the research stage, we apply some new technical aspects into our design. In short, we enjoy the whole process of design thinking with interesting ideas brought up.

In general, this course is a good opportunity for us to practice our cad drawing skills, in particularly learning how to draw some free or organic forms. Added to that, 3d scanning is something new to us therefore I learn a lot about different types of 3d scanning, how to deal with 3d scanning (from the scanning process until handling and editing with scanned data), in which I find them quite useful for my learning and could be applied to other similar projects as well.

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