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A NEW WAVE Alice White, Gloria Sulli and Roberto Montanari

A New Wave 12th June - 2nd July 2015 Alice White, Gloria Sulli and Roberto Montanari curated by Miguel Mallol

‘A new wave’. Connecting Art and Science We may think it’s impossible that two poles can attract: art and science, the subconscious and creativity, objectivity and the pursuit of truth. In this exhibition, the submarine world is the link between three artistic disciplines, forming smooth connections between art and science. Alice White creates a new vision of the scientific study of marine species, representing them in oils and drawings which are inspired by her recently completed year in residence as the Selected Artist at ZSL London Zoo. Gloria Sulli utilizes polyurethane foam with a wire base to create mystical marine creatures. These sculptures are the perfect complement to Roberto Montanari’s photographs, which capture the calm soul of the sea. Alice White has conducted thorough visual and written research on a wide range of marine species, including corals, seahorses, and octopuses, during her project at ZSL London Zoo. She continues to develop her concept through new creative collaborations with conservation science organisations. In this exhibition we see her using three different artistic approaches in order to make her mark: paintings, small coloured sketches of fish, and black and gold ink drawings. I had the chance to discuss these representational works with her. The paintings are static, like heavy sculptures, and this effect surprised me at first because the depicted creatures don’t seem as if they’re about to escape or make a sudden movement. They are posing, dressed with coloured oils within an unrealistic environment. Her drawings, by contrast, are precise and more realistic; her seahorses exhibit fear and surprise, motionless under the sea with just a few bubbles and seaweed for protection. Within a few expressive stokes, her fish sketches reliably convey the characteristics of these fascinating marine species. Gloria Sulli is a researcher, whose message converts reality and represents her inner world. She finds working with sculptural material a compelling challenge. This process is like working with watercolours, as you can’t know the end result until the material itself has transformed, becoming adhered to the wire mesh. During her career she has represented an unreal world of dragons, reinterpreted recognisable living animals, and even recreated breath itself using her sculptural technique. Her works are like drawings, and they tell tales. She relates both science and philosophy in her research, reflecting on the feelings and sensations which surround her in her own environment.

Roberto Montanari’s photographs are the result of technique, passion and analysis combined. He works in series, tackling concepts such as ‘Land of Sand’, ‘Lost’, and ‘Prayers’. These are a few examples of his naturalistic works, which demonstrate his quality as a photographer and the way he conceives the journeys he takes throughout his life. The sea is one of his main areas of artistic interest, and in ‘A New Wave’ we can appreciate his representation of the marine world through two different subjects: waves and jellyfish. In his series of wave photographs, titled ‘Curves’, the photographs appear to be almost abstract. On considering the entire tryptic however, we can appreciate the feel of a wave in movement, and the peace inspired by a serene sea. The colouration and post production treatment of these photographs provide the same sense of calm that is conveyed through this photograph ‘Domilla’, which features a jellyfish. This is one picture from a series which represent jellyfish suspended in the air. They are such fragile animals, whose very movement depends on the waves. Roberto Montanari not only represents the sea as a different world, but also captures the rhythm of water itself through his images. Miguel Mallol Curator and Art Critic

Miguel Mallol Miguel Mallol is a curator and art critic based in London. After earning a degree in History of Art at the University of Valencia and at the Lancaster University, he worked at the Fondazione Querini Stampalia collaborating with curator Chiara Bertola, both for the Conservation and Exhibition Departments. Among other exhibitions, he was involved in the organization of the exhibition “Where is our place? By Ilya & Emilia Kabakov”. After this experience he worked at the Venice Biennale 2003 and in January 2004. The same year, he became director at Matteo Lo Greco’s Art Gallery, where he collaborated at the organisation of the exhibition “L’Aoristico by Matteo lo Greco” at Galleria Internazionale di Ca’ Pesaro in Venice. In 2005, he moved back to Spain where he curated several private exhibitions. Among them, he worked together with curator Carlos Pérez, at the exhibition “Dos siglos de industrialización en la Comunidad Valenciana” displayed at the MUVIM in Valencia, where he also started a collaboration as writer and art critic at El Mundo newspaper. In 2007 he returned to Venice where he worked with artists such as Gaspare Manos for the solo exhibition “Urbis” at the Diocesan Museum of Venice; with Marco Tagliapietra at the installation “L’Isola dei Ciclopi” at Container Art and in 2008, at the Venice Architecture Biennale where he worked for the Spanish Pavilion. He collaborated with Mausi Viladomiu and the Fundació Ramon Llull for the Official Opening of the first Catalan Pavilion at the Visual Arts Venice Biennale 2009. He moved in London in 2011, where he worked in collaboration with several galleries. He has curated independent projects and participated curating three rooms at Artrooms2015, International Contemporary Art Fair. Since December 2014, he is Exhibition Curator at Le Dame Art Gallery at Meliá White House Hotel.

Alice White Alice White is a professional Oil Painter, born and bred in London. Her recent exhibitions include Artrooms2015 Contemporary Art Fair in London and the exhibition at ZSL London Zoo. She created a 10 meter UV glowing mural of coral in the Aquarium at ZSL London Zoo. This unique public participation artwork is for The Big Draw 2014, the World’s Largest Drawing Festival. Past exhibitions include the Music Room in Mayfair, Kingly Court in Carnaby Street, and the Affordable Art Fair in New York and London. Selected exhibitions 2015 ‘A New Wave’ at ZSL London Zoo Aquarium 2015 Artrooms2015 at Meliá White House London 2015 Boo at the Zoo. 10 meter UV glowing mural of coral in the Aquarium at ZSL London Zoo 2014 Hiscox Art Auction London 2012 Residency at Greenfields Studio in Leipzig 2012 Hackney Exhibition at Stour Space London 2012 Elevated Art Fair at Leadenhall Market London 2012 Fashion Follows Me London 2011 Opus 4 is chosen to represent Cambridge House in this Publication 2011 Que Bueno!at the Barcelona Showcase held in Casa Batllo

Hippocampus Guttulatus, 2015 Oil and Gold Leaf on Canvas 30x50 cm

Crystal Bubble Fish, 2015 Pencil on Paper 25x31 cm

Gold Eye, 2015 Pencil on Paper 30x35 cm

Mottled Fish, 2015 Pencil on Paper 25x22 cm

Octopi London, 2013 Oil Paint, Gold Pigment, Blue Pigment on Linen 60x70cm

Striped Green Fish 2015 Pencil on Paper 15x15cm

Stained Glass Fish, 2015 Pencil on Paper 30x35cm

Little Inky Fish, 2015 Gold and Black Ink on Paper 24x24cm

Black Spines, 2015 Gold and Black Ink on paper 21x29cm

Gold Bubbles 2015 Gold and Black Ink on Paper 21x29cm

Deep Sea Shark 2013 Oil on Canvas 60x70cm

Giant Coral, 2015 Black Ink on Fabriano Paper 50x70cm

Roberto Montanari Roberto is a contemporary Italian Photographer, born in Rome where he still resides. Roberto started his career in 1983 assisting at studios in Rome and Milan. Roberto honed his craft working in still life, advertisements and fashion before specializing in the jewellery industry. Roberto then moved onto his own studio working with prestigious clients such as Laura Biagiotti, Cesare Paciotti, Hermes, Procter&Gamble, De Agostini, Bulgari, Buccellati, Pomellato, Eleuteri, Boucheron, Hausmann, Piaggio, Swatch, BNL, Cassa di risparmio di Firenze, etc. Photography is Roberto’s greatest passion and has led him to work with industry greats and secure international exhibitions in London, Sydney and Rome. Selected exhibitions: 2002 Exhibition in Sydney 2006 Festival International Photography in Rome curated by Marco de Logu 2007 ICI London 2007 Exhibition in Supper Club Rome Featured Collaborations VOGUE magazine ADI Edit Donna di Reppublica

Domilla, 2013 Fine art on paper mounted on foam board 75 x 112 cm

Wave 1, 2012 Fine Art paper mounted on foam board 112 x 75 cm

Wave 2, 2012 Fine Art paper mounted on foam board 112 x 75 cm

Wave 3, 2012 Fine Art paper mounted on foam board 112 x 75 cm

Wave 1, 2012 Fine Art paper mounted on foam board 112 x 75 cm

Wave 2, 2012 Fine Art paper mounted on foam board 112 x 75 cm

Wave 3, 2012 Fine Art paper mounted on foam board 112 x 75 cm

Gloria Sulli Gloria Sulli is graduated from Academy of Fine Arts of Florence in Sculpture, she attended master class courses in Art Teraphy Visual and Plastic. In 2014 she won a special mention at the 65th exhibition of the Michetti Art Prize. In 2015 she participated at Art Rooms International Art Fair for Le Dame Art Gallery in London and SetUp in Bologna. She has won several awards, she participated in various groups exhibitions. Her last solo exhibition for Bazis Art Platform “Breathe” at La Fabrica de le Pensule in Cluj Napoca, Romania Selected exhibitions: Solo Exhibition 2015 “Breathe” Bazis, Fabrica de Pensule, Cluj Napoca, Romania 2014 “Glow” Ultrastudio, Pescara 2013 “Animarium” Alviani Art Space, Aurum La fabbrica delle Idee, Pescara 2010”Radici” Ganzo Fondazione Palazzi, Florence Association for International Education, Florence Group Exhibition 2015 ArtRooms Art Fair, Mélia White House Hotel, London 2015 Biophilia SetUp Art Fair, ex Autostazione, Bolonia 2014 Marsciano Arte Giovani, Museo del Laterizio e delle Terrecotte, Marsciano, Pesaro-Urbino 2014 Capri |The Island of Art Hotel Syrene courtyard, Capri 2014 Mutaforma Abruzzo Biennial Young Art, MuMi Museum, Francavilla al mare 2014 Alterazioni Visive Castello Aldobrandesco, Arcidosso 2012“Wunder Festival_ between chaos and wonder”, Music and Art Festival, Bellante L’Aquila

Submarine creature 1, 2015 Polyurethane foam in wire base 108 x 50 x 25 cm

Submarine creature 2, 2015 Polyurethane foam in wire base 120 x 90 x 21 cm

Submarine creature 3, 2015 Polyurethane foam in wire base 120 x 90 x 21 cm

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"A New Wave" Catalogue  

"A New Wave" Exhibition by Alice White, Gloria Sulli and Roberto Montanari at Le Dame Art Gallery at Meliá White House - London

"A New Wave" Catalogue  

"A New Wave" Exhibition by Alice White, Gloria Sulli and Roberto Montanari at Le Dame Art Gallery at Meliá White House - London