Menstrual Hygiene Products for CT School Districts

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Menstrual Hygiene Products for School Districts

"On and after September 1, 2023, each local and regional board of education shall provide free menstrual women's restrooms, all-gender restrooms, and at least one men's restroom..."

By June 2023, all Connecticut public schools should have the systems and supplies in place.

The Connecticut Department of Public Health (DPH) secured 2 million dollars for schools to use in meeting this legislative requirement. LEARN, on behalf of Connecticut's RESC Alliance, is working with DPH to disseminate those valuable monetary resources. Connecticut public schools may expect to receive a check to use for menstrual supplies by May 1, 2023!

House Bill No. 5506

Public Act No. 22-118

Page 112, Sec. 84

Effective July 1, 2022

In addition to the monetary resources, DPH and LEARN vetted 2 vendors with which schools might choose to work; Cintas and Citron Hygiene.

Cintas can help schools with set up and the initial stocking of supplies.

Citron Hygiene can help schools with set up, initial stocking, and refill service tailored to needs.

Please contact companies directly for information on set up, supplies, and maintenance. For questions on your district's allocation, email

Partner with Citron Hygiene for period positive washrooms at Connecticut schools

Offer a safe, discreet, and convenient time of the month, every month, with menstrual products and disposal solutions, serviced by Citron Hygiene.

Aunt Flow Menstrual Product Dispenser

The full-service program for Aunt Flow means your dispenser will be serviced at a frequency that meets your needs, and your students will always have access to period products when they need them.

The full-service program includes:

✓ Aunt Flow unit

Material: ABS resin & anti-rust

Installation: Wall-mounted

Capacity: 50 pads and 50 tampons

Dimensions: 26” x 16.25” x 7” (H x W x D)

Why offer Aunt Flow?

Committed to Menstrual Equity

Aunt Flow advocates for menstrual equity. For every 10 period products purchased, 1 is donated to menstruators in need.

Durable Construction

Aunt Flow dispensers are built to withstand traffic with tough exteriors and scratch proof windows.

✓ Install

✓ Maintenance and repairs

✓ Pad and tampon refills

Sustainable Products

100% cotton, organic period products produce 25% less waste than ordinary brands, and the tampons are plasticfree.

Reliable, Hassle-Free Service

Our expert technicians ensure that your washroom users are cared for, with on-time, reliable refill service, tailored to your needs.

Menstrual disposal bins harbour viruses like COVID-19, HIV and Hepatitis, leading to illness and absenteeism

Remove the risk for janitorial staff and students by outsourcing to experts

Expert servicing from Citron Hygiene protects your staff from coming into contact with blood-borne pathogens. Between servicing, waste is treated with EcoCard vapour action to eliminate odours and bacteria.


Fewer plumbing issues from menstrual products being flushed down the toilet.


Touch-free disposal keeps students and staff safe from blood-borne pathogens.

Reliable, Hassle-Free Service

Our expert technicians empty and sanitize units on a frequency that works for you.

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dignified, touch-free menstrual hygiene solutions
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