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Pop & Protest: Psychedelic 1960s

A Brief History Lesso n Nov. 8th 1960 - JFK be comes president Aug. 15th 1961 - Berlin Wall Built Sept. 29th 1962 - Ol e Miss Desegregated Oct. 28th 1962 - Cuban Miss ile Crisis Resolved Aug. 28th 1963 - March on Washington Nov. 22nd 1963 - JFK Assassinat ed Jan. 8th 1964- LBJ Declares War on Poverty Jul. 2nd 1964- Civil Rights Act of 1964 Jul. 30th 1965 - Creation of Medicare and Medicaid Aug. 6th 1965 - Voting Rights Act Jan. 30th 1968 - Tet Offensive Nov. 5th 1968 - Man on t he Moon Aug. 15-18th 1969 - Woodstock

The Psychedelic Movement The Psychedelic movement began in the mid 1960s and made an impact on fashion, music, art, literature, and language. Psychedelic art tended to have curvilinear shapes, hand drawn type, and intense colors. The Psychedelic movement was popular with youth culture because it was rebellious, and it went against everything conservative- this was not your mom and pop’s style. Psychedelic defined: 1. Relating to or denoting hallicinatory drugs (ie. LSD). the feeling of being dazed or high 2. distortions of perception and or awareness, pyschotic-like behavior, 3. Denoting or having an intense vivid color or a swirling pattern

Wes Wilson

July 15th 1937-

-Father of concert posters -Claims to have been the first to create a psychedelic poster -Selected the colors he used through his LSD experiences -Invented a psychedelic font in 1966 that made the letters look like they moved and melted -His work seems to vibrate or pulse

Victor Moscos o 1936-

-One of the first rock poster artists of the 60s to have a formal academic educatio n -Studied art at Coop er Union in New York and at Yale University -Influenced by Josef Albers, his teacher -One of the first rock poster artists to use photographic collage in his posters -Created posters for dance halls and clubs -Gained international attention through his work for the Avalon Ballroom and for his Neon Rose postersS

Pop Art Pop art is based on mo dern popular culture and mass media. Pop art originated in Britain, but quickl y gained fame in the United States. Some famous Pop Artists are Andy Warhol. Roy Lichtenstein, Jasper Johns, and Robert Rauschenberg Some subjects of pop art were taken from advertising and product packaging, celebrities, and comic strips. They were a mix of humor, criticism, and irony. Increased the gap between high art and low art and eliminated the line between fine art and commercial art

Op Art Op Art is art that uses optic al illusions as well as tricks the eye into believing that the work is moving. The name Op Art was coined in 1964, but Op Art did not come to public attention until the Responsive Eye exhibition of 1965 at MoMA Fun Fact: historians believe that Op Art was created as earl y as 1938 by the artist Victor Vaserly Some Famous Op Artists are Victor Vasarely, Bridget Riley, Richard Allen, and Richard Anuskiewicz

Band Posters

Band Posters

Band Posters

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