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A NOTE FROM THE BOARD CHAIR & CEO Dear Friends of The League, During this past year, we were fortunate to be able to continue providing vital services to our participants and their families, our staff, and the neighborhoods where The League has played an integral role for nearly a century. Whether through text messages, phone calls, or Zoom chats, the conversations, classes, and check-ins between League participants and staff have strengthened our bonds as a community, and as a resource, for each other during such challenging times. While it has been a joy to watch our participants return to hybrid in-person and virtual programming, we cannot underestimate the value of the technology that has allowed many individuals we support to seamlessly learn and communicate from the comfort of their homes; that same technology has enabled us to increase our outreach and meet participants’ needs in safe, innovative, and meaningful ways. We are extremely grateful to our fantastic League employees who have worked tirelessly to ensure that our participants felt empowered through connection and sense of purpose; their herculean efforts have helped combat the dangers of isolation brought on by the pandemic and shown us the strength of The League’s impact. As a result of the immense show of support from The League’s community, we have met the challenges of this past year with integrity and ingenuity. As The League prepares to celebrate its 95th anniversary in 2022, we are eager to learn new skills as we pivot, grow, and amplify our work. Together, we are able!

Nicole Urquhart-Bradley Board Chair

David A. Greenberg President & CEO

THE LEAGUE IS MAKING AN IMPACT! The League meets the needs of more than 2,000 participants & their families each year. As an #EmployerOfChoice, The League has a team of more than 112 amazing Direct Support Professionals.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Nicole Urquhart-Bradley Chair Mindy Geppi Vice Chair Ethan Nochumowitz Treasurer Barry Gordon, M.D. Secretary Carol Dodson Bradley Fowler James Hettleman Janice Jackson Richard Katz, M.D. Kris Meyer Jason Perlow Sharri Rochlin

The League’s Wellness Center welcomes more than 800 members, staff, & participants to our state of the art facility for customizable workouts. 200 program sessions take place virtually each month through League University, as we build our community and continue to meet the needs of participants in the comfort of their homes.

Terri Seitz Parrish Andrew Slutkin Andy Snyder

EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP TEAM David A. Greenberg President & CEO Margy Ryan CFO & VP, Finance Renée Dash VP, Medical Programs/Chief Nursing Officer Maureen Jeffreys VP, Developmental Disabilities Services Rhonda Johnson VP, Customer Relations Dawn Witherspoon VP, Human Resources & Compliance Lauren Yankolonis VP, Development & Marketing




“SCALE is dear to my heart.” - David

David met his wife, Desiree, during one of Towson University’s Anatomy & Physiology classes where they connected over their passion for biology and the sciences. After graduation, Desiree began her career in the medical field and David earned his Master’s degree in Microbiology. He taught high school students for two years before launching his impressive career in Computer Science Engineering. Their lives were busy and wonderful with their two daughters until David’s sudden stroke in September of 2019 rendered him speechless and disabled at the age of 47. For three months after the stroke, David was unable to communicate verbally. However, one year after the stroke, he was referred to The League’s SCALE Aphasia Program by his Johns Hopkins doctor and, ever since, has been attending in-person and virtual classes three days a week. David loves the challenges presented by the writing, speaking, and conversational prompts in his classes; he works especially hard in the monthly “Toastmasters” and “Speak Out” sessions with his fellow SCALE members, where he presents on topics that are important to him such as his parents, his life after the stroke, and Bruce Lee’s influence on various fighting styles. David appreciates SCALE for so many reasons, saying, “SCALE is dear to my heart.” Together, we are able. These days, David is looking forward to taking more classes with his friends, remastering his speaking and writing skills and, as winter turns to spring, spending time outdoors once again.



ADULT MEDICAL DAY Born and raised in Baltimore by her grandmother, Sherdawn is the oldest of four siblings and takes great care to send them, and her mother and stepfather a text every morning wishing them a great day. Despite suffering from periodic seizures, Sherdawn makes a conscious effort to lend kindness, comfort, and a listening ear to those around her on a daily basis. Three years ago, Sherdawn began attending The League’s Adult Medical Day Program. Since then, she has built countless meaningful relationships with staff members and peers. Her fellow Medical Day participant Samera, who has written and published her own book of poetry, is a great source of inspiration for her. Sherdawn comes to The League five days a week so that she may connect with others and create works of art. She is especially grateful for her friendships and the Art Therapy classes which have helped her overcome depression and isolation. For the staff and Adult Medical Day participants, Sherdawn is a warm presence and wonderful woman, always determined to put smiles on faces. She loves connecting with everybody and will gladly offer encouraging words to anyone in need because she knows that together, we are able.


art therapy sessions offered per year

Sherdawn is mindful of her health needs but aspires, one day, to be able to use The League’s pool for aqua therapy classes. In the meantime, she is happy to continue helping others, making art, and exploring new classes such as basic computer skills through The League’s upcoming programming.

Sherdawn poses in a selfdesigned hat for fancy hat day.


Michael & Barbara Hettleman drive through to pick up their 4th Annual Virtual #OMGFOOD event kit.


A MULTI-GENERATIONAL FAMILY CONTINUES TO SUPPORT THE LEAGUE For decades, The League for People with Disabilities has been woven into the Hettleman Family’s fabric of tradition, compassion, and philanthropy. In 1970, Barbara Hettleman’s Aunt Rena and Uncle Saul Hoffberger introduced Barbara’s father to The League’s work; the family’s subsequent generosity lead to a lifelong relationship with The League, interlacing three generations of familial support and advocacy with The League’s core values of accountability, independence, mutual respect, participant-focus, and quality. With encouragement from disability advocate Suzanne Levin-Lapides, Barbara and Michael joined The League’s volunteer leadership where Michael then served as Board Treasurer. Barbara’s desire to raise funds for The League motivated her and her cadre of volunteer friends to reinvigorate a beloved annual fundraiser. This led to sixteen years of support, with the Hettleman Family coordinating League staff and volunteers in the Annual Fur Sale Event, raising awareness, attracting long-term supporters, and amassing more than $250,000 in revenue for The League’s programs. The annual fundraiser was the family’s “happy time” and an excellent opportunity to introduce their friends to The League, showing them “the great work that is being done for the community.” In addition to being dedicated long-time donors and volunteers, Michael and Barbara have made a generous commitment to leave behind a legacy. By including The League in their estate planning, they have ensured that help will be available for those in need for years to come. Michael and Barbara also decided to establish the Hettleman/Golboro Endowment Fund in order to provide support to The League where it is needed most. Since


its inception, the fund has enabled the purchase of Thanksgiving groceries for families in need and holiday gifts for children with autism.

The annual fundraiser was the family’s “happy time” and an excellent opportunity to introduce their friends to The League, showing them “the great work that is being done for the community.” The Hettleman Family values tradition and it has certainly become a tradition that, as a family, they support The League year-round. As a third-generation Hettleman/ Golboro family member, Jim leads by example in carrying on his family’s legacy through volunteer leadership, activism, and personal contributions to The League. He serves as a treasured volunteer and asset on The League’s Board of Directors and continues to support The League’s mission and events as President of the family’s business, The Southern Galvanizing Company.

VOLUNTEERS MAKE IT HAPPEN Like The Hettleman Family, The League relies heavily on the support of volunteers to fund and fuel our mission. Events, campaigns, programs and special activities would not be successful without the support of volunteers. In 2021, it was a challenge hosting volunteers due to the state of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, volunteers continued to attend meetings and programs virtually, and come in person when restrictions were lifted. For more information on how you can volunteer at The League, please go to

The Hettleman Family’s connection to The League was reputable in the past, stands resolute in the present, and is projected to cultivate new opportunities in the future because together, we are able! Their familyhonored tradition of supporting The League for People with Disabilities strengthens the fibers of The League’s community and weaves a tapestry of hope, meaning, ability, and equity for future generations of participants and their families.

The League welcomed


volunteers virtually and in person to support our mission in 2021.





adults attended camp in summer


Ever since Laura was in middle school, she always knew she wanted to adopt children and have a very large family. Luckily, her high school sweetheart turned husband of thirty years was just as passionate about having a full house as she was. The pair have three biological children together and, after becoming licensed as foster parents through the Kennedy Krieger Institute, they decided to foster and adopt three children with developmental disabilities, Dreama, Diego and Bryan. Although Laura jokes about the copious amount of wheelchairs on her front porch, she also cannot believe the happiness that she and her husband share in their lives.

During the early ’90s, Laura minored in Special Education while she was receiving her degree in Elementary Education, and fell in love with the children she worked with that had significant developmental disabilities; for her, the concrete accomplishments these students were making motivated her to leave her comfort zone and be more receptive to people with disabilities. When she and her husband adopted three-month-old Dreama, they fell in love instantly, and are now thrilled to see her ready to graduate high school in the spring.

Designed for all ages, Laura takes comfort in knowing that her children will thrive for many years to come with the continuity and consistency that Camp Greentop and Camp Round Meadow provide. All three children are working towards becoming more independent members of the community and are gaining more confidence venturing into town to run errands and buy treats. Laura and her husband see The League’s Camping & Recreation Program as a resource and opportunity for their children to experience life outside of their home, build lifelong relationships, socialize with peers, ask for help and develop independent living skills to eventually feel confident in moving into community living or an apartment. Camp is fun for the kids but also gives Laura and her husband a weekend to relax, renew their energy and replenish their emotional reservoirs. Because they are designed for all ages, Laura takes comfort in knowing that her children will thrive for many years to come with the continuity and consistency that Camp Greentop and the weekend respite programs provide. Together, we are able to achieve concrete accomplishments on our own timelines.

CAMPERSHIPS OFFER A WEALTH OF OPPORTUNITIES While 2021 looked different, we are excited to share that The League was able to offer four Camp Greentop scholarships, due to the generosity of donors. These donors made it possible for campers to enjoy this unique experience and to offer families some piece of mind while their loved one was away at camp. Greg was so thankful for receiving his campership that he took the time to send a hand-written thank you note to the Hoffberger Foundation who generously supported the Camp Greentop Scholarship program in 2021.

The Hutton Family smiles for a family portrait on a beautiful summer day.

Camp Greentop participant Greg’s thank you note.



PERSONAL SUPPORTS With an impressive professional career in social work and developmental disabilities spanning more than a quarter of a century, Ivin finds that his work with The League for People with Disabilities in Personal Support Services is meant to be; his only wish is that he would have discovered The League ten years ago. For the past three years, Ivin has been working with the League’s Personal Support Services participant Justin*. Though Justin initially expressed concerns that he felt his disability would limit him, he set his objective of independent living and Ivin has been there every step of the way to support him in achieving this goal. For Ivin and Justin, the greatest triumphs are found in the “little, everyday things.” The excitement on Justin’s face when he orders food from a restaurant and pays correctly motivates the pair to keep working towards other goals like scheduling mobility transportation and mastering household skills. Ivin has integrated Justin into the community by involving him in fundraisers for local churches, as well as community COVID and hunger relief initiatives. The two of them regularly go to local restaurants and the laundromat to build Justin’s confidence, and practice appropriate public behaviors. Justin even provides navigation from the passenger seat as he learns to read a map and programs addresses in the GPS. Determined to support Justin in his goal of independent living, Ivin is combatting the isolation of quarantine with compassion and consistency. During the first wave of the pandemic, Ivin and Justin had constant communication through Zoom calls, phone calls and text messages; Ivin would even pick Justin up and lend a listening ear as they talked and ate McDonald’s burgers together in the parking lot. Ivin has assured Justin that even after he reaches his goal of independent living, they will maintain their closeness; he plans to work exclusively with The League as it has been such a positive experience for him. Ivin will continue to look forward to Justin’s text messages celebrating small milestone achievements whether it’ll be the successful placement of an order or a warm load of laundry fresh from the dryer. The “little, everyday things” bring meaning to Ivin and Justin as they continue to support each other because together, we are able. The League is very fortunate to have both of them as part of its community. *The name of the participant has been changed for confidentiality.



With your support for The League Fund, we can continue to:


The League’s Annual #OMGFOOD Event is a wonderful way to show your support and become involved in the organization. At the 4th Annual #OMGFOOD virtual event, The League was thrilled to share updates on how we adapted during the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic to continue supporting participants in our care. We are so grateful for the sponsors, donors, volunteers, and partners who came together for this great event to raise essential funds for The League’s work.

• ​Be an Employer of Choice: The League is committed to recruiting and retaining a highly trained team capable of providing quality services and producing positive outcomes for all of our participants. • Maintain and Improve The League’s Campus: The League is committed to creating an encouraging and welcoming environment through its multi-use campus- home to several of our programs and participants. • Offer Engaging Virtual Services: The League is also committed to meeting the growing need for virtual and hybrid programming. We are developing an engaging curriculum and providing the tools and training to enable our participants to thrive in the world’s evolving environment. Thanks to The League Fund G.E.M Club and their generous monthly donations, The League can deliver the many programs and services that our participants and their families rely upon. You too can be the driving force of inspirational change as a member of The League Fund G.E.M Club- our incredible community of monthly donors. These special supporters of The League, along with our staff of Direct Support Professionals, caregivers, and the community, can ensure that individuals with disabilities have a place to connect, re-engage in the community, and receive education, training, and support for their loved ones.


Making a plan to include The League in your estate planning is a wonderful way to ensure that your support for The League will continue for years to come. Please consider your commitment to The League’s Legacy Society.


The League gratefully welcomes volunteers since their dedicated support is essential to the important work we do. We invite you to connect with us to discuss the variety of opportunities that suit your unique skills and the amount of time you can dedicate to our cause.

For more ways to support, please contact The League’s Vice President of Development & Marketing, Lauren Yankolonis by phone at 410-323-0500 x308 or email at or visit



Mr. & Mrs. Brad Fowler

Mr. David Hall


Ms. Mindy Geppi

Mr. Dixon Harvey

Mrs. Helen Davis

Mrs. Donna Lee Goldstein

Ms. Pat Johnson

Dr. & Mrs. Barry Gordon

Mrs. Anna E. Greenberg

Mrs. Ann H. Kahan

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Hettleman

Dr. George Halpin and Dr. Patricia Hartz

Mr. & Mrs. Kristopher Krausz

Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Hartnett

Ms. Rebecca Mayer

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Hecht


Mrs. Diane McCluskey

Mr. & Mrs. Jack Hennegan

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce P. Mehlman

Mr. & Mrs. Herbert S. Kasoff

Mr. & Mrs. Adam Miller

($5,000.00 to $9,999.00)

Dr. and Mrs. Richard M. Katz

Mr. Tom Nuttle Jr.

Mr. James Hettleman

Mr. Andrew Kossin

Mr. & Mrs. Ira Oring

Ms. Mary Jane Hodgdon

Mrs. Suzanne Levin-Lapides

Mrs. Sharon Rochlin

Mr. Jason Perlow

Ms. Brenda Martin

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Rosenwald

Mr. & Mrs. Greg Rochlin

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur S. Mehlman

Mr. Richard Sauter

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Snyder

Mr. & Mrs. Ross Nochumowitz

Ms. Terri Seitz Parrish

Mr. Wayne Bradley & Mrs. Nicole Urquhart-Bradley

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Perlow

Ms. Tracey Seymour

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Rossman

Mr. & Mrs. Sanford Shapiro

Mr. & Mrs. Rodney Sensibaugh

Ms. Donna Shear

Mr. & Mrs. Earl Ihle Jr. Mrs. Cathy Jurist

ABILITIES CIRCLE ($2,500.00 to $4,999.00)

Ms. Laura Duklewski Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Dodson Mr. & Mrs. David Greenberg Mr. & Mrs. Ethan Nochumowitz Mr. & Mrs. Richard Palmer Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Slutkin

ACCESS CIRCLE ($1,000.00 to $2,499.00)

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Bailey Ms. Sarah Cusack Mr. Robert M Evans Jr.


Mr. & Mrs. Tom Stoner Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Zerwitz

CHAMPIONS CIRCLE ($500.00 to $999.00)

Mr. Edward Benzing Mr. & Mrs. Bruce W. Brooks Mr. Mark Carliner Mr. Robert Clark Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Richard Doran Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Dunn Epsilon Xi Epsilon Mr. & Mrs. Gothelf

Mr. Andrew Levy

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Sterlock Mr. Brad Stoddard Drs. Harold and Robin Tucker Mr. & Mrs. George Veise Ms. Betsy Walser Mr. & Mrs. John Wensell Mr. & Mrs. Eric Yankolonis



Margaret O. Cromwell Family Fund

Estate of Evelyn Schwartz

Baltimore Rotary Foundation

Lily E. Davis Charitable Remainder Unitrust

Bath Saver, Inc.

Marilyn R. & Robert C. Levin Philanthropic Fund

($25,000.00 to $9,999,999,999.00)

Maryland Transit Administration Governor State of Maryland US Against MS, Inc.

EMPOWERMENT CIRCLE ($10,000.00 to $24,999.00)

Baltimore County Baltimore Gas & Electric Company

($5,000.00 to $9,999.00)

Dorothy Wagner Wallis Charitable Trust Simiosys, LLC The Emmert Hobbs Foundation The Leroy M. Merritt Charitable Trust Tito’s Handmade Vodka

ACHIEVEMENT CIRCLE ($1,000.00 to $4,999.00)

O’Neil Family Foundation

Advance Business Systems

The Southern Galvanizing Company

Apprise by Walker & Dunlop

The Israel & Mollie Myers Foundation, Inc

Fay Blyler Willey Charitable Fund

The Reginald F. Lewis Foundation, Inc.

Greenbaum Family Foundation

Treetops Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Home Improvement Finance Partners

Certified Title Corporation

Homebridge Financial Services, Inc. Lapidus Oring Foundation, Inc. M. John & Kris A. Meyer Giving Fund

Staff, participants, and student interns collaborate for occupational therapy via arts integration.

Meltzer Family Philanthropic Fund Mutual of America The Harvey M. Meyerhoff Fund, Inc. PNC Financial Services Group RCM&D Foundation SIG, an Alera Group Company SOS Technology Group The Jane & Morton Silberman Charitable Fund The Law Office of Jane P. Sopher Truist

FULFILLMENT CIRCLE ($500.00 to $999.00)

Anonymous Epiphany Church Baltimore Men to Men Fellowship Walker & Dunlop, LLC

For a complete list of The League’s generous 2021 donors, please visit The above donor list reflects The League’s records to the best of our knowledge. If you notice an error in the donor list, please contact Lauren Yankolonis, VP, Development & Marketing at 410-323-0500x308.



Cash........................................................................................ 5,445,018 Accounts Receivable.................................................................. 881,511 Investments............................................................................. 8,453,889 Prepaid expenses......................................................................... 90,179 Fixed Assets............................................................................ 5,947,346 Total Assets.................................................................... 20,817,943


Accounts Pay and Accrued Exp................................................. 489,480 Deferred Rev........................................................................... 1,875,881 Notes Payable......................................................................... 2,203,197 Total Liabilities.................................................................. 4,568,558


Without Donor restrictions...................................................... 9,741,650 With Donor Restrictions.......................................................... 6,507,735 Temp Restricted....................................................................................... Perm Restricted........................................................................................ Total Net Assets............................................................. 16,249,385

Total Liabilities & Net Assets................................. 20,817,943



Program Service Fees

Program Expenses

Other Investment Income

Contributions & Grant


Management & General

PROGRAMS & SERVICES The League is proud to offer the following programs and services in the community to 2,000 individuals each year.









For more information on The League’s Programs & Services, please visit

Meaningful Day participants savor their culinary creations in the outdoor courtyard space.


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