The League's 2023 Annual Report

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Dear Friends of The League,

With your support, this past year has been filled with shining moments of notable progress and success. Our programs have been expanding to accommodate more in-person services and our presence in the community has nearly tripled with the creation of new partnerships and educational forums for the youth and adults at The League.

Since 1927, The League for People with Disabilities has built a foundation for individuals with physical, cognitive, and developmental disabilities to change their lives for the better. We have continued to build on the groundwork set forth by our founders, championing people-first, person-centered values and emulating their compassionate commitment to improving the lives of those we serve.

League Industries

Meaningful Day Programs

Adult Medical Day Program

Youth Autism Services Program

Each day, adults in the Adult Medical Day Program explore passions with their friends in a variety of classes and electives that challenge and celebrate their abilities. Adults in the Meaningful Day Programs develop real-world skills to be autonomous and successful in their personal and professional goals. Employees of League Industries complete voluminous mailing contracts for the State of Maryland and earn wages to help support themselves financially. Children in the Youth Autism Services Program foster relationships with their peers and support counselors that encourage healthy and appropriate social skills

Camping & Recreation Program

Campers in The League’s Camping & Recreation Progra enjoy year-round respites and international adventures as they explore exciting destinations within a group setting. Club1111 guests get down to the hottest music in Baltimore on the dancefloor and make lasting connections every second Saturday of every month.


Through the support of our dynamic staff members, selfless volunteers, innovative partners, and dedicated donors like you, we are able to provide transformational experiences to men, women, and children of all abilities that empower them to be independent, self-sufficient, and thriving individuals. Today, more than 96 years later, our mission remains unchanged – to help people strive toward independence and self-actualization. to and .

Together,weareable growthrive

2,000+ individuals served annually


adults in Employment Services are being compensated at or higher than the minimum wage in the competitive labor market.


Adult Medical Day participants are reaching their health and recreational goals through electives and activities.



An average of adults with disabilities attend CLUB1111 on the second Saturday of every month to dance, socialize, snack, sip mocktails, get their nails done, and take fun photos.


young adults in the Youth Autism Services Program graduated from high school and have participated in additional programming such as Camping & Recreation, CLUB1111, Personal Supports, and Day Habilitation.

For community education and outreach, SCALE Aphasia members presented a Stroke Smart Education course to Senior Centers and Stroke Support Groups.




of adults in The League's Meaningful Day Program are meeting their employment and engagement goals.

40 8

League Industries moved into a larger space to accommodate additional growth and new equipment to better service its active accounts and courier routes for the State of Maryland.


The members of the Multiple Sclerosis Day Program, in collaboration with the National MS Adult Day Program Alliance, presented an in-service to the Sinai Hospital Inpatient and Outpatient Therapy Department, and supported the training of Occupational Therapy and Speech-Language Pathology students from Towson University.




Sixteen years ago, Tyrone interviewed for a position with League Industries, The League’s print, mail, and courier shop located in Towson. Since his hire date, Tyrone has been trained, mentored, and supported in a job where he has successfully delivered hundreds of thousands of pieces of mail all over Maryland. As a social enterprise of The League, League Industries employs individuals with disabilities and completes several major mailing contracts for the government.

Tyrone clocks in every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday morning with a smile and a positive attitude. He familiarizes himself with his delivery route and loads his League vehicle with the day’s mail. Some days his deliveries take him into the city, and other days he gets to drive scenic routes over the Bay Bridge and back. Regardless of where the road takes him, Tyrone drives carefully and delivers his mail with an exemplary level of customer service to ensure the satisfaction of League Industries’ many long-standing clients. Once he finishes his delivery assignments, Tyrone checks in with his supervisor to make sure there are no other tasks for him to complete, especially during the busy end-of-year holiday season where everyone typically puts in some extra effort.

One of the best things about employment with League Industries for Tyrone is the work-life balance that he is able to enjoy. In working three days out of the week, he can earn valuable wages and allot time for recreation and fitness in addition to attending the quarterly appreciation events hosted by The League’s Employee Culture Committee. As an accomplished bowler, Tyrone participates in two bowling leagues in Ellicott City and Gaithersburg where he has earned several medals with the Special Olympics. He attributes his success to practice and consistent core workouts at the gym.

When Tyrone is not navigating the bustling streets of Baltimore, eating pulled pork at the Employee Luau, or bowling a perfect game, he spends his free time shopping, sampling local cultural festivals, watching classic game shows on TV, and dancing with pretty ladies at CLUB1111 on the second Saturday of every month. At 49 years young, Tyrone is pleased with the amount of responsibility entrusted to him by Bill Pilkerton, Director of League Industries. He has worked hard to become a competent and confident driver and looks forward to continuing his career. Together, we are ablto grow professionally and thrive within our communities of fellow athletes, friends, and co-workers.

Together,we are able


As a 2021 recipient of the James W. Rouse Excellence in Diversity Award from the Chesapeake Human Resources Association and a 2022 & 2023 Baltimore Sun Top Workplace, The League is proud to serve Baltimore as an that values collaboration, diversity, and advancement. With a commitment to open and fair communication, The League values the expertise, backgrounds, and opinions of our employees by providing ample opportunities for constructive feedback and professional growth. In addition to a competitive salary, benefits, and access to The League’s Wellness Center, staff members are shown appreciation from the Employee Culture Committee with quarterly events and fun activities sprinkled throughout the year.


After the pandemic, it was extremely important to me and my fellow Employee Culture Committee members to create engaging opportunities for our staff to connect, let loose, and feel appreciated. The staff at The League work hard each day to make an impact on the participants. I am proud to be a part of spoiling the staff for their efforts!

I like spending time with the people that work as hard as I do at fun events.
-Tyrone, League Industries Driver


Having worked together for a little over a year, Martha and Zachary share a bond strengthened by communication and trust. Although Zach is extremely limited in his verbal communication, they have both become observant, attentive, and empathetic partners during their daily adventures at The League. Martha’s approach to connecting with Zach has always been to meet him where he is, to stimulate responses and to build upon the excellent foundation of support provided by his parents and beloved staff members. Martha pays close attention to Zach’s body language, demeanor, facial expressions, and sounds so that she may identify obstacles and guide him to a happy, healthy experience using a Communication Board of “I want” and “I feel” choices.

Every day, the pair will prepare for a busy schedule of activities with their peers in the community. Often, they will read together to boost Zach’s confidence with vocabulary and pronunciation. Because Zach enjoys swimming, Martha will budget time one morning of the week for him to get some laps in at the Malcolm Hecht Therapeutic Pool before they head out with their group to volunteer with organizations such as Meals on Wheels, Moveable Feast, or Helping Up Mission. One thing that Martha knows about Zach is that he does very well with routine and if he has done something several times, he requires very little prompting.

Together, we are able

The repetition and modeling of positive, appropriate behaviors is helping Zach become an enthusiastic and interactive version of himself that no one at The League has seen before. His progress is a testament to Martha’s patience and determination to aid Zach in discovering his voice, regardless of her being told that he was nonverbal.Together, we are ableto overcome barriers and thrive, one small step at a time.

An excerpt from Martha’s journal on Zachary’s progress.



In 1997, Kat’s life changed in a major way. She was working as a Unit Secretary for Good Samaritan Hospital and anticipating the arrival of her grandson. Sharp pains in her ears, vanishing eyesight, and a strange heat in her left leg collectively sent her to the hospital as a patient for nearly a month. At 40 years old, Kat received her diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis and has since dealt with loss, but also experienced significant gains.

Despite challenges with vision, hearing, and mobility, she was determined to keep moving and quite literally “step over the pity” that threatened her entire outlook on life. Kat’s sisters urged her to join an MS support group and she is so grateful that after 2 years, she finally did.

Kat is very fortunate to have the love and support of her mother, 3 sisters, brother, 2 daughters, and 6 grandsons. They are all extremely helpful with her vision and hearing impairments, but she knows that they can never fully understand the complexity of living with MS - that’s where Kat’s second family comes in. For more than 20 years, Kat has built relationships with people with MS in various support groups, learning from them, growing with them, and inspiring them with her resiliency and positivity.

As long as I can get around, I will be a part of the program! It picked me up and I kept moving!

During the pandemic, virtual group sessions were difficult because of Kat’s limited vision. She focused a lot on her family but is now thrilled to enjoy in-person connection again with her friends in the MS Day Program. Every Wednesday, Kat joins the men and women at Orchard Tree Lane for classes including conversation, art, and cognitive strategies. Kat is an inspiration to everyone dealing with MS. Hanging proudly in the hall is her “MS - THIS MEANS WAR” masterpiece to remind her and the other members of the program that they can battle the pain in unison. Together, we are abl to grow from the encouragement received by others and thrive with the outreach of people in similar situations.

Together, we are able



Phil Wetzler has been committed to The League since he was eight years old. The decades he has spent volunteering with The League are filled with an immeasurable sense of joy and pride knowing that he has made a difference in the lives of children and adults with disabilities. He was first introduced to the organization by his parents and grandparents who instilled a sense of acceptance and compassion in Phil that he and his late wife Marni passed down to their two sons and seven grandsons. Of great significance to Phil are the good health of his family, the safety of this country, and the success of The League for People with Disabilities under the outstanding leadership of President & CEO, David A. Greenberg.

After graduating from Duke University in 1959 with his Bachelor of Arts degree in Education and History, Phil enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps where he learned many valuable life lessons. His life has always been influenced and impacted in a positive way by aquatics. For eight years, Phil was the Head Coach for the Baltimore Special Olympics Swim Team. In 2007, he served as a coach for the Special Olympics Swim Team USA at the World Games in China and again in 2011 in Greece.

Phil’s admirable passion for helping others was a natural fit at The League’s heated Malcolm Hecht Therapeutic Pool where he taught swimming, water safety, and aqua aerobics for fifteen years alongside Judy Maberry. Working strictly on a volunteer basis, Phil has helped countless men, women, and children learn to swim and improve their health at The League; he served on the Board of Directors for ten years and has built many meaningful, long-term relationships with the employees and participants. Phil continues to support The League through annual giving and by attending various fundraising events.ther, we to able to help others thrive when we share our time, talents, commitments, and resources.


800+ Wellness Center members Together, we are
I am so thankful for the opportunities that I have had volunteering for The League. I’ve learned so much! So many challenges; so many smiles! Such an inspiration!
2023 ANNUAL REPORT | 7 800+


On April 26th, 15 volunteers from BGE joined Adult Medical Day participants in some fun and “dirty” Earth Day activities to beautify the building and outdoor garden space. Through the leadership of current Board of Directors Member, Carol Dodson, the volunteers helped adults with disabilities create tissue paper globes, plant colorful annuals in recyclable containers, and prepare a chocolatey afternoon snack!

Participants spent the morning chatting with the volunteers and connecting over similar interests. As they modge-podged Earth-like spheres and dug their hands into potting soil, they bonded over topics of music, art, food, and general hobbies. Laughter, meaningful conversation, and creativity filled the Multi-Purpose Room, even spilling out into the courtyard as freshly planted flowers were placed on tree branches.

For over two centuries, BGE has served the community with a commitment to safety, excellence, innovation, integrity, diversity, and inclusion. Because of BGE’s philanthropy and volunteerism, The League has been able to thrive and serve our participants and neighbors with a network of support and opportunity. BGE’s continuous sponsorship of The League’s annual event and participation in past Art Days have helped lift up the populations that need the most support. The League is grateful for the relationship with such a longstanding pillar of the Baltimore community. to grow and build an inclusive, sustainable environment wherein everyone will thrive.

Together,we are able


BGE was honored as our Community Partner at on March 25, 2023.


If you, your company, or your organization are interested in volunteering at The League, there are several opportunities to get involved! Consider joining us for a few hours and making an impact by:

Serving snacks and refreshments or painting nails at on the second Saturday of every month

Encouraging creative discovery in our guided Adult Medical Day Art Therapy sessions on Fridays at The League

Wrapping gifts during our yearly Holiday Drive

Accompanying the Meaningful Day staff and participants into the community as they deliver meals to the homebound residents of Baltimore

For more information on how you, your company, or organization can support and volunteer with The League, please email



We hosted Tastes, Toasts, & Triumphs, an evening to benefit The League on Saturday, March 25, 2023 at the Hyatt Regency Baltimore Inner Harbor!


More than enjoyed unique food and beverage samplings, delectable desserts, crafted cocktails, and more presented by our Tasting Partners.


generous individuals and local businesses made donations to , helping individuals gain independence and increase their self-sufficiency in order to improve their overall quality of life through our diverse array of programs and services.

online items sold to benefit The League, thanks to in-kind donors.


80 125 participated on the committee and supported on the night of the event.

We hosted the first Active Together Challenge from May 17 to June 7, 2023.

47 Challengers



was raised in support of League programs and services!

joined in pop-up events made possible with the generosity of our local health partners! There was lunch-time virtual chair yoga, a hike on the Patapsco River, Adaptive CrossFit, cornhole, healthy recipes, meal-prepping, sleep improvement tips, and engaging own-your-own challenges!

55 Fundraisers

advocated for the importance of health and wellness for individuals of all abilities by recruiting donors and donations. 108113

Thank you to all of our Challengers and donors for helping us reach our goal!



Distinguished Fund-the-Mission Donors

Wayne Bradley & Nicole Urquhart-Bradley

Consolidated Medical Services

Glenn & Carol Dodson

Exeter Street Capital

Jim Hettleman

Michael & Barbara Hettleman

Mike Hinkey & Kathy Benson

Carmina Hughes

Jeff & Harriet Legum

M&T Bank

Thomas and Pamela O’Neil

Jim & Laura Rossman

Schoenfeld Insurance Associates

Robin Smith

Keith & Jane Sopher

David Watts & Ashley Ingraham Watts

Jay Weinstein

Top Fundraisers


Meghan Doherty

2. Breanna Durst

Victoria Edmonds


Largest Team

Kris Meyer

Andy and Cherie Snyder were honored as at

in March of 2023. The League is grateful for the time, talents, and treasures of The Snyder Family through their decades of engagement with the organization.

2023 ANNUAL REPORT | 11 .

Thank you to the following individual donors.


($10,000 and Above)

Melissa Berge

Dr. Barry & Mrs. Renee Gordon

Mr. James Hettleman

Michael & Barbara Hettleman

Mr. & Mrs. Earl Ihle Jr.



Mr. Wayne Bradley & Mrs. Nicole


Mrs. Marilyn Levin

Mr. John & Mrs. Kris Meyer

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Snyder

Mr. David Watts & Mrs. Ashley

Ingraham Watts



Mr. John C. Davison

Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Dodson

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Fox

Ms. Mindy Geppi

Mr. & Mrs. David A. Greenberg

Mr. Mike Hinkey & Mrs. Kathryn


Mr. Jared Kilberg & Mrs. Sarah

Cusack Kilberg

Mr. Ethan Nochumowitz & Mrs.

Jessica Oring

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Nochumowitz

Mr. Richard & Mrs. Susan Palmer

Mr. Jason Perlow

Mr. & Mrs. Greg Rochlin

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Slutkin

Mr. & Mrs. Keith Sopher

Mr. Eric & Mrs. Lauren Yankolonis



Mr. Mark Bailey

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Brooks

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Carroll

Mr. Scott & Mrs. Robyn Dammers

Gregory & Renée Dash

Steven Deutsch & Joyce


Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Dunn

Mr. Bradley Fowler

Mrs. Anna E. Greenberg

Mr. & Mrs. David Hodgson

Mr. Larry Hogan

Dr. & Mrs. Richard M. Katz

Mrs. Debra Koman

Mr. Andrew Kossin

Mrs. Suzanne Levin-Lapides

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur S. Mehlman

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce P. Mehlman

Mr. Alvin S. Meltzer &

Ms. Catherine Rakoff

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Moffa

Drs. Jeffrey Palmer

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Penza

Mr. Ralph Rigger

Mr. Jim & Mrs. Laura Rossman

Ms. Robin Smith

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Sterlock

Dr. & Mrs. Brad Stoddard

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Torr

Drs. Harold Tucker

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Ward

Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Weinberg II

Mr. & Mrs. Jay Weinstein

Mr. Harvey Young


Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Belgrad

Mr. & Mrs. Steve Bonnin

Ms. Mary Catherine Bunting

Mr. & Mrs. Flynn Burch

Mr. & Mrs. Brett Cohen

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Davis

Miss Breanna Durst

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Feinberg

Dr. & Mrs. George B. Field

Ms. Breanna Geppi

Michael Gioia

Leslie Brass Glickman

Ms. Amy Harlan

Mr. & Mrs. Bob Hemler

Ms. Jessica Hutchison

Mr. Fred Johnsen & Ms. Karen

Mr. & Mrs. Herb S. Kasoff

Dr. Phil & Mrs. Winnie Levinson

Mr. & Mrs. Greg Marsh

Ms. Brenda Martin

Mr. Jon McCarthy

Mr. & Mrs. Mike Medinger

Mrs. Barbara Miller

Mr. & Mrs. Merritt Miller

Mr. Stephen Millstein

Mr. & Mrs. Gary Olschansky

Dr. Oyebukola A. Oyediran

Mr. Jim Pannebecker

Ms. Terri Parrish

Ms. Leah Penza

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Renbaum

Mr. Tom Ripp

Mrs. Sharon Rochlin

Mr. Richard Sauter

Mr. Allan Shapiro

Mr. Brian Swain & Ms. Kristen

Brinkmann Moisey

Mr. & Mrs. George Veise


Ms. Betsy Walser

Mr. Philip Wetzler

Mr. Samuel Wilkins

Ms. Kim Winkler

Mrs. Dawn Witherspoon

Mr. Chris Zegal

Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Zerwitz


Ms. Leslie Abelson

Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Allen

Dr. & Mrs. Richard Anderson

Mr. & Mrs. James Arnold

Nancee Baysinger

Ms. Sharon Bender

Ms. Barbara Bernstein

Ray Berry, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Chris Biondino

Geneva Blackstone

Gemai Bledsoe

Dr. & Mrs. Barry Blum

Mr. James David Blum

Mr. & Mrs. Marc Paul Blum

Mr. Jeffrey Blumenthal

Ms. Carol Bodnar

Mr. John Bradshaw

Ms. Helen Brocato

Mr. Lowry M. Brooks, Sr.

Dr. & Mrs. Stuart Brown

Katelin Buchanan

Mr. & Mrs. Tony Callaway

Ms. Andrea Carter

Mr. Paul Cerino

Mr. & Mrs. Atul Chojar

Mr. & Mrs. Brian Clark

Mr. Clint Clifford

Mrs. Jane Cohen

Peggy Cohen

Mr. & Mrs. Craig Coller

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Cornell

Mr. & Mrs. Steve Crane

Jason Crosse

Martha S. Cukor

Mr. & Mrs. David Dafner

Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Davis

Mr. Ron Decker

Mr. William DeLauder

Dr. Elizabeth Dicembre

Mr. & Mrs. Brian Doherty

Eoghan Doherty

John Doherty

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Doran

Mr. & Mrs. Steve Dorsey

Mr. Benjamin J. Dubin

Mr. Marvin Dunmeyer

Taylor Echard

Ms. Patricia Edmonds

Mr. & Mrs. Victoria Edmonds

Ms. Yvonne Edmonds

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Ehudin

Mr. & Mrs. John F. Fader II

Mr. & Mrs. Brian Finkelstein

Ms. Mindie Flamholz

Joe Forcina

Catherine Fowler

Mrs. Carol Freeman

Mr. Stephen R. Freeman

Stacy Fruhling

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Gajewski

Ms. Rebecca Galli

Mr. Harvey & Dr. Alice Galper

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Gleason

Mr. & Mrs. Jerome and Sonya

Ms. Donna Gotsch

Ms. Kari Grimes

Mr. Peter Guattery

Ms. Susan Hall

Dr. George Halpin & Dr. Patricia Hartz

Stevie Harlan

Ms. Mary Hathaway

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Heinrich

Ms. John Hennegan

Mr. Todd Henry

Ms. Patricia Herold

Mr. & Mrs. George B. Hess, Jr.

Jeffrey Hirsch

Mr. & Mrs. Marc Hirschbein

Ms. Julia Horowitz

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Housten

Mr. & Mrs. Frederick M. Hudson

Mr. Jack Huskin

Ms. Janice Jackson

Maureen Jeffreys

Maria Joesten

Ms. Elizabeth F. Johnson

Mr. & Mrs. Mary Johnson

Michelle Johnson

Mrs. Ann H. Kahan

Mr. & Mrs. David Kalvar

Jimmy Katz

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Kaufman

Casey Keck

Alyssa Keegan

Mr. & Mrs. Hal Kilberg

Mr. & Mrs. John F. Kiley III

Mr. & Mrs. David Kim

Mr. Carlton & Mrs. Gabriella King

Mr. Jonathan W. Kolker

Athena Komninos

Ms. Margaret Kostopoulos

Mr. Brian Kovens

Ms. Lauren Kronthal

Ms. Barbara Lamb

Mr. Robert Lara

Ms. Sonia Lawson

Elizabeth Lenrow

Mr. & Mrs. Jay Lenrow

Mr. & Mrs. Adam Levin

Mr. & Mrs. Maury Levin

Mr. & Mrs. Ira Levinson

Ira Libowitz

Ms. Amy Macht & Mr. George Grose II

Mr. & Mrs. Bryan Mager

Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Mailman Esquire

Mr. & Mrs. Howard & Sheila Maleson

Mrs. Carolyn Marion

Ekaterini Mavrophilipos

Ms. Hrisoula Mavrophilipos

Mr. & Mrs. Glenn F. McAvoy

Mandy Mcclung

Mr. Michael & Mrs. Carolyn McNamara

Henry Melchor

Mr. & Mrs. Matt Melnick

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Messer

Ms. Sharon Metzger

Ms. Diane Mick

Mr. & Mrs. John Miller

Miss Nicole Miller

Addie Moray

Mr. Marc Muher

Mr. & Mrs. Victor Mullan

Mrs. Audrey Neely

John Nolan


Mr. Lewis & Mrs. Barbara Allan

Mr. Pacy Oletsky

Dr. William C. O'Meally &

Mrs. Christine Thomas-O'Meally

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Pachino

Patrick Panzini

Mr. Russell L. Patterson

Mr. & Mrs. William Pearce

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas L. Peddy

Ms. Carla Pifer

Mr. Larry Plant

Deanna Probst

Ms. Olivia Pullara

Mr. Paul Rahm

Catherine Reuben

Mr. Salvador Rizzo

Mr. Eric Robinson

Jackie Robinson-Melchor

Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Rothstein

Mr. & Mrs. Theron Russell

Mrs. Margy Ryan

Sara F. Saylor

Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Schaftel

Mr. & Mrs. Gary Schenker Epstein

Mr. & Mrs. C. William Schneidereith, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Doug Schreiber

Mrs. Janet Schutzman

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Shaner

Mr. & Mrs. David Shapiro

Mr. & Mrs. Donna Shear

Ms. Ruthie Shipps

Mr. & Mrs. Karl Silex

Susan Sliwak

Pamela Smith

Mr. & Mrs. Stanton Smullens

Mr. & Mrs. James Snyder

Mr. & Mrs. Sam Snyder

Ms. Martha Socolar

Dr. & Mrs. Barry Solomon

Christina Stone

Richard Stoneroad

Mr. & Mrs. George Strunge

Ms. Rorena Suell

Mr. & Mrs. Pat Sylvester

Mr. Phil Symonds & Mrs. Leslie Sporn-

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Taubman

Noonberg Thank you to our additional Inclusion Club donors! Scan this QR code to view a complete listing of our 2023 donors of all levels.

Mr. Russell Taylor

Ms. Janet E. Terry

Ms. Patricia J. Thomas

Mr. & Mrs. Philip Toohey

Ms. Rebecca A. Tucker

Mr. & Mrs. Harel Turkel

Ms. Eileen Vining

Ms. Michele Walsh

Ms. Johanna Walters

Karen M Watson

Dr. Michael Weinrich

Ms. Sallye Williams

Susan Williams

Mr. Alfred A. Windesheim

Tricia Wittekind

Mrs. Judy Wright

Ms. Jia Yan

Linda Yankolonis

Jennifer Tahan Symonds OUR DONORS (CNTD.)


(JULY 2022 - JUNE 2023)

Thank you to the following businesses and organizations.


($25,000 and Above)

Bath Fitter

The O'Neil Family Foundation



BGE, An Exelon Company

The Conrad N. Hilton Foundation MS

Achievement Center

The Emmert Hobbs Foundation, Inc.

MileOne Cares Foundation

NDC/Grow America Fund

T. Rowe Price Foundation

The Chapin Davis Foundation

The Herbert Bearman Foundation,

The Southern Galvanizing Company

Tito's Handmade Vodka

Walker & Dunlop, LLC


altimore Rotary Foundation

Alvin and Fanny Blaustein Thalheimer

Emergent BioSolutions

The Hackerman Foundation

Lapidus Oring Foundation, Inc.

Mary Jane and Joseph P. Platt Jr.

amily Foundation

The Reginald F. Lewis Foundation



Advance Business Systems

Baltimore Magazine

Breakthru Beverage

Brocato & Shattuck

CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield

Consolidated Medical Service, Inc.

Ellene Brit Fund

Epsilon Xi Epsilon

Exeter Street Capital Partners, LLC

The First Presbyterian Church of



Bacchus Importers, LLC

Baltimore Community Foundation


LifeBridge Health

The Kingston Fund of the Baltimore

Community Foundation

The Lilac Fund

The Whole Self Center


The Jane & Morton Silberman

Charitable Fund

The Joseph and Harvey Meyerhoff

Family Charitable Funds

The Joseph Mullan Company

Kaiser Permanente

The Legum Foundation


M&T Bank

Margaret O. Cromwell Family Fund

Mutual of America

Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc.

PSA Financial

Schoenfeld Insurance Associates

SOS Technology

Specialty Networks

Terence E. and Sarah J. Byrne


Howard County Foundation

(Up to $499)

Acme Paper & Supply

AmazonSmile Foundation

Chesapeake Tile & Marble

Coca-Cola Consolidated - Baltimore


Cousins Properties, Incorporated

Greenwood Family, LLC

Number Ten Foundation

The Park School of Baltimore

Signature Hardwood Floors

The donor list reflects The League's records to the best of our knowledge. If you notice an error, please contact Lauren Yankolonis, VP, Development & Marketing, at 410-323-0500 x308.





Year 2023, July 1, 2022 – June 30, 2023
Receivable.................................................. Investments...............................................................
Expenses......................................................... Fixed Assets.............................................................. Total Assets........................................................... 2,420,331 2,822,264 9,295,440 104,537 7,711,238 22,353,810 LIABILITIES & NET ASSETS
Payable & Accrued Expenses...................... Deferred Revenue...................................................... Notes Payable.............................................................. Lease Liability.............................................................. Total Liabilities........................................................ 862,959 1,863,701 432,352 976,935 4,135,947
ASSETS Without Donor Restrictions...................................... With Donor Restrictions............................................. Total Net Assets..................................................... 12,477,505 5,740,358 18,217,863 Total Liabilities & Net Assets......................... 22,353,810 Program Service Fees Program Expenses




Mindy Geppi, Barry Gordon, M.D., Ph.D., Ethan Nochumowitz, Jason Perlow,

Chair Vice Chair Treasurer Secretary

Make a Gift to

Donations to The League Fund support The League’s greatest area of need, enable The League to be an Employer of Choice, maintain campus and transportation needs, and offer inclusive community engagement opportunities. Donations can be made in honor or memory of a loved one.

Carol Dodson

James Hettleman

Ashley Ingraham Watts

Janice Jackson

Kris Meyer

Oyebukola Oyediran, M.D.

Terri Seitz Parrish

Andrew Slutkin

Chandra Smith

Donate Monthly with

Join the G.E.M. (Give Every Month) Club to provide continuous, high-quality care to people with disabilities. For as little as $10 a month, you can support the needs of adults with disabilities who are seeking to join the workforce in our Employment Services Program.

For more information on how you can support The League, please contact The League’s Development Office at 410-323-0500x308 or

Adult Medical Day

Camping & Recreation


Andrew Snyder

Nicole Urquhart-Bradley

Christian Zegal


David A. Greenberg

President & CEO

Renée Dash

VP, Medical Programs & CNO

Jessica Holman

VP, Community Programs

Michelle Johnson

VP, Youth & Recreation Programs

Rhonda Johnson

VP, Facility Operations

Margy Ryan

VP, Finance & CFO

Dawn Witherspoon

VP, Human Resources & Compliance

Lauren Yankolonis

VP, Development & Marketing


Community Development Services

Behavior Supports Services

Day Habilitation

Employment Services

League Industries

Multiple Sclerosis Day

Personal Supports SCALE Aphasia Program

The Wellness Center

Youth Autism Services

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