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Welcome Schools are under the spotlight like never before Local authorities are reducing their levels of support, money is tight and the inspection regime and parental expectations are getting tougher.

Ÿ With ICT skills paramount for learners, schools should be leading in their use of the many new media and publishing options now available. The good news is that a lot of communications media are now cheaper than ever before. Many are even free.

In these circumstances good communications with a school’s many audiences are important. Communication may not feature in Ofsted inspection criteria, but:

My unique experience includes marketing and communications roles in FE, HE, Ofsted, QCDA and Teacher Support Network.

Ÿ Parental engagement is an Ofsted requirement

The communications role does not need to be difficult or expensive. If you need help, please contact me and I will show you how.

Ÿ DFE has set legal requirements about what schools must publish on their websites

Kind regards

Ÿ Communication will happen anyway, through social media or sites like Mumsnet. It’s important to be part of that engagement

Leigh Horton BA(Hons) DEMM DipM ACIM DipDM MIDM

Ÿ Differentiated communications are important for effectiveness and to meet accessibility requirements


he good news is that a lot of communications media are now cheaper than ever before. Many are even free”

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Diverse audiences need differentiated communications Your students have different learning styles and you know how important it is to differentiate learning materials both for learning and accessibility.

External audiences

Similarly it’s important to consider your different audiences and create communications materials and use communications channels that best suit individual needs.


Typically your audiences might look like this:

Politicians/activists, social services, health, police, business — and never underestimate estate agents!

Internal audiences


Governors and prospective governors, staff and prospective staff, unions.

Local press, local blogs/hyperlocal media, social media, education blogs and forums and sites like Mumsnet.

Direct stakeholders DFE, Ofsted, the Local Authority/Academy Trust.

Current parents and learners and prospective parents and learners.


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My experience


offer all round marketing, communications, events and business support to schools, colleges, training providers, HR staff, childcare providers and others.

Wide ranging experience I have worked in marketing, communications and event management roles throughout my career. These have included very hands-on roles with tiny budgets, to very high profile campaigns in the national media, and successful turn-round roles and strategic positions up to Director level.

My aim is to offer practical, cost-effective solutions that Well qualified save you money — but As well as postgraduate level responsibly”

qualifications in marketing I also have a languages degree, CELTA and PTLLS teaching qualifications, and Certificates in Administrative Management and Business Planning.

Unique education experience My education roles cover:

Whether you’re at the ideas stage, need some strategic help, or have a specific task or project you just want to get moving with, contact me to discuss.

Ÿ Central Office of Information (COI) working on projects for DFE As a freelancer I can offer very costand The Welsh Office effective solutions and every project will start with an agreed specification Ÿ South Thames College/ and quotation so there are no Wandsworth Adult College surprises later. Ÿ UNL/London Metropolitan University during its merger and rebranding Ÿ Southgate College, while in special measures Ÿ St George’s, University of London Ÿ Ofsted Ÿ QCDA Ÿ Teacher Support Network group of charities.

Contact me now to discuss your project, ideas or problem.

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How I can help you — From ideas to solutions


can help you from reviewing your current communications and needs, generating new ideas through to delivering specific communications materials”

Communications review or audit Particularly if you are anticipating an inspection soon, or have just had one with an unexpected result, a good starting point is to undertake a review of how you communicate with each of your stakeholder groups and identify potential areas for improvement. Alternatively you may have a discrete area that you would like reviewed, such as your website content, prospectus or staff communications.

Supporting your communications and recruitment work Many schools, especially primary schools, do not have specialist communications and marketing staff or functions. That can mean staff struggling without the support of professional expertise and perhaps not working as efficiently as possible as non-specialist

staff may not be aware of external resources available or the most cost-effective approaches. I can help you by: Ÿ Creating the infrastructure for a school communications/ marketing function Ÿ Providing training to non-specialist staff Ÿ Providing on-site or remote support

Project management I am also available on a daily/interim basis to manage marketing, communications and events projects.

Other services For other services I provide, please see the next page.

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Services — Delivering practical solutions

Practical solutions I have a wide range of practical and creative skills to deliver your project. See my website for more samples of work: Even if you only need a very discrete small project please do not hesitate to contact me for a quotation.


-brochures are easier to use than standard pdfs on touchscreens and work like a small offline website — so you have no concerns about security or connection speeds. They’re ideal for prospectuses, handbooks, policy documents, reports, careers booklets, teaching materials and can be converted into presentations”

Services offered Ÿ Communications strategy and planning Ÿ Blogs and project websites Ÿ E-brochures Ÿ Writing, editorial and proofreading Ÿ Presentations Ÿ Screenshows Ÿ Microsoft Office templates Ÿ Graphics and photo-editing Ÿ PR and comms support Ÿ Event support Ÿ Business support Ÿ Training and support

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How can I help you? Let’s talk …

Contact me Contact details E: (Email is the easiest way to contact me)

LDH Marketing on social media Facebook page LDH Marketing Google+ Page

T: 020 8989 1368 Skype: LDHMarketing

YouTube LDHMarketing LinkedIn: ● Ldhorton

Cost-effective communications

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I offer all round communications and marketing support to schools, colleges, training advisers, HR practitioners, childcare providers a...

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