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Basic Education and Literacy

Pakistan Literacy Mission

Literacy in Pakistan

Promote Literacy, make a difference Let us invite Rotary’s partners in service. Let us involve them in our Literacy Programme. Every Rotary club has sponsored at least one each of a Rotary Community Corps, Rotaract club and Interact club. The need of the hour is to involve members of these groups and encourage them to undertake literacy projects of their own in a small way. Basic Education and Literacy Month is an opportunity for every club to promote its own project and spread literacy awareness in general. Clubs can take a lead and present awards to literacy volunteers on that day as a means of promoting awareness and publicising the programmes/projects done in the local print/visual media. By involving and contributing to local communities Rotary helps make a difference! Rotary International President Ian Riseley and his wife Juliet visited Education Center in Guatemala. They both were received by GLP Rotarians from Guatemala and North America, as well as staff and board members of Cooperative for Education (CoEd). Riseleys concluded with a speech to all present who could not have been more honored by the President’s words: “The GLP is very well regarded in Rotary far beyond the borders of this one country. You have involved the parents and teachers in your project, worked with an exemplary organization in CoEd, and negotiated with all levels of government, which is often very hard. If you want to look for a project that meets the characteristics of Rotary, the GLP is the gold standard.”

A partnership between Rotary Clubs and CoEd to promote literacy in Guatemala The Guatemala Literacy Project (GLP) is a network of individual Rotarians, Rotary clubs and districts, and the nonprofit organization Cooperative for Education (CoEd) with a common interest in improving education for underserved students in Guatemala. It is one of the largest grassroots, multi-club, multi-district projects in Rotary, with over 500 participating clubs throughout its 20-year history. The GLP works collaboratively by securing global grants from The Rotary Foundation and serving as ambassadors to promote and support projects and activities that enhance education in Guatemala. The GLP enables clubs, large and small, to have their funds multiplied up to 3.5 times on a global grant. 100% of GLP donations go directly to supporting the project and 0% to administration or fundraising. The most innovative aspect of these projects is that they are financially selfsufficient. Rental programs are set up in each school in which students pay the school a small fee to use a set of textbooks and/or the computer centers. This creates a fund for replacing the books and computers as they wear out. - Empowers local people to help themselves. It's not a “giveaway.” - Is self-sustaining after initial investment. - Improves grades by up to 30% and the overall quality of education by 70%. - Matches Cooperative for Education (CoEd)’s 20 years of experience in the region with the international fundraising potential of Rotary clubs. - Benefits a rural, indigenous population, historically the target of discrimination and marginalization. - Enjoys strong relationships with Rotary clubs in Guatemala that oversee the projects. - Not a cent of the money raised goes toward administration or fundraising. - Gives “Guatemala Literacy Fellow” credit.

Our Program: Cooperative for Education provides holistic and sustainable support to the communities we serve through separate, but complementary, programs: Textbooks: Provides vital books (in the core areas of math, science, social studies, and Spanish) to middle schools in rural Guatemala in order to improve the quality of teaching and learning. Computer Centers: Gives middle school students in rural Guatemala the opportunity to use technology to solve real-world problems faced by their local communities, while developing the computer skills needed to secure better jobs after graduation. Culture of Reading Program: Helps Guatemalan elementary school students become competent and enthusiastic readers by providing books, materials, and training for their teachers in engaging teaching methods. Scholarship & Youth Development Program: Removes economic barriers to education by giving talented Guatemalan youths academic scholarships; provides them with leadership, professional, and life skills training, and involves them in improving their community through organized service projects. All of these programs are also the part of the Guatemala Literacy Project Bridges: Connects people in the U.S. with Guatemalan communities that benefit from their support and builds partnerships with other organizations committed to improving the lives of Guatemalans.

| Governor’s Monthly Letter | September 2017

RI President Ian Riseley & First Lady Julliet visit Rosewood Primary School A project of Rotary Club Waterfront, Cape Town, District 9350

District Governor’s Message Dear Rotarians and Friends, September is Rotary’s Literacy Month. Basic Education and Literacy is one of the major focus areas of Rotary and for us it is the need of the hour. If we want our future generations to progress and stand proud in the comity of nations, we will have to take our Literacy mission on war footings. As Nelson Mandela said “No nation can progress, unless their future generations are educated.” Without basic education and literacy, people will no doubt be disadvantaged in future opportunities for success and support of their families. Education and literacy skills are the basic tools that can change a life, and, with each life changed, families and ultimately societies are positively impacted.

RI President Ian and wife Juliet with two young Rosewood learners.

Rotary affords each of us the rich opportunity to help provide basic education and literacy skills to those in need in our communities. In our District the Rotary Pakistan Literacy Mission (RPLM) has chalked out a comprehensive strategy under the TEACH program to improve and uplift the standard of education in our government schools, by intervening in the areas of: Teachers Training eLearning Adult Literacy Child Development Happy Schools

... and who can resist a well told story?

District Governor Ovais Ahmed Kohari visit SOS Village A project of Rotary Club Karachi Midcity

I would urge all Rotarians and Rotary Clubs to join hands and take up this noble mission of promoting literacy and basic education in their communities. Whatever initiative that you take, please ensure that your efforts have a positive impact. For this to happen - First, we need to understand what different clubs in our district are doing to address basic education and literacy needs so that we share best practices, learn from one another, and perhaps even partner on future projects. Secondly, we need to evaluate the impact of our current programs so that we are using funds and volunteerism in the most effective ways possible. During our Literacy Month, I would urge you to initiate adopting schools, setting up libraries and computer labs, assisting in arranging Teachers Training programs, having Reading Sessions, and spreading awareness of the importance of Education and Learning among the parents in particular and society in general. As it is said “Education is the shortest route to progress”.

DG, President Sohail Agha and PP Asif Azeem with children of SOS Village.

So let us work together for educating our youth and also adults, and start Making a Difference. With warm regards, Your teammate,

Children engaged in story telling session. Building reading and study habits is the basis for a strong education foundation.

Ovais Ahmed Kohari District Governor

Rotary is a miniature model of a world at peace, one which might advantageously be studied by nations. ~ Paul Harris

June 23-27 2018

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It is not enough to say that we have arrived until we answer the question ‘Where and to what purpose’. ~ Arthur H Sapp

Editorial September is the Literacy Month in Rotary calendar. Literacy is universal requirement and therefore it should be a priority program. Acquisition of reading and writing skills is the right of every child and should be imparted in the simplest and most effective manner. Our District has adopted Rotary’s Total Literacy Mission. The Rotary Pakistan Literacy Mission aims to achieve the literacy goal through implementing TEACH program. The project aims to make a significant impact in the schools adopted and more important in the lives of the students. The project envisages significant contributions from Rotarians in terms of time, commitment, professional expertise and finances, thereby enhancing the quality of education in adopted schools. We would welcome volunteers in contributing towards taking this project forward and help Pakistan in achieving Total Literacy. For, as someone once said, “School is a building that has four walls with tomorrow inside.”

Kishwar Tariq Allawala Editor

Literacy Map of Pakistan Gilgit-baltistan

Azad Jammu & Kashmir

Supporting basic education and literacy in your community According to the United Nations, 57 million children worldwide are not in school and 757 million people over the age of 15 - two-thirds of whom are women - are illiterate. In honor of Rotary Basic Education and Literacy Month celebrated each September, take action by starting or supporting a literacy project in your community. Here are a few ways you can get involved: - Volunteer in a classroom or afterschool program. - Promote student enrollment and prevent absences, especially for girls, by providing safe drinking water, gender segregated toilets, handwashing stations, and training on hygiene and menstrual hygiene management for students and teachers. - Work with a partner to provide training to school librarians on performing reading assessments and utilizing methodologies to work with students who have special learning needs. - Develop an adult literacy program. - Start a mentorship program for students in your community.


ROTARY SERVICE CONNECTIONS Connect, partner, and serve through Rotary

- Find a project to support on Rotary Ideas. - Enhance your efforts Every community has different needs and different opportunities to serve. The Basic Education and Literacy Project Strategies Guide can help you ask the right questions, identify real needs, and make the greatest possible impact with the time, energy, and resources you have at your disposal. Rotary Service and Engagement staff

| Governor’s Monthly Letter | September 2017


Rotaract Model United Nation 2017 The Legacy Continues . . . Rotary Club Mid City for the second time hosted the ROTMUN 2017 in Pearl Continental Hotel, Karachi, from 14th September to 17th September 2017. The Rotaract Club of Dow University Karachi organized this program. 275 students from major schools, colleges and universities participated in this event. Chief Guest of the opening session was Mr. Horace Hui, CEO KICT, along with DG Ovais Ahmed Kohari. Chief Guest in the closing session was Professor Dr. Saeed Qureshi, Vice Chancellor Dow University, along with DGE Irfan Qureshi. The Chief Guest and present and future leadership of Rotary District shared their valuable experiences with the students as a guideline for their future endeavor. A “ROT- MUN” Model United Nations (MUN) is a simulation of different UN organs for high school or university students. Students assume the role of representatives of different countries. The aim of MUN differs from conference to conference, but generally it is for education of participants about the workings of an international organization, developing their oratory skills and broadens the knowledge on the world affairs of the UN. Just for history, The MUN phenomenon started in the United States where simulations were being held even before the birth of the United Nations. Records indicate that simulations were held prior to 1920 by the League of Nations, a predecessor to the United Nations. The oldest modern simulation of the UN was held in 1951 at Harvard University “Harvard Model United Nations”. Since then, it is being held around the world by the educational institutions as well as Rotaract Clubs every year. This ROTMUN-2017 was eventful by all standards. The quality of the debating, standard of arguments by the students and their active participation will help in enhancing their vision and exposure on international issues. It will also help in the long run in carving their leadership qualities. DG Ovais Ahmed Kohari guided the Rotaract Club of Dow University in organizing the event. Shields and certificates were also distributed to the best participants & institutions in the closing session. RCK Mid City is proud to have hosted the ROTMUN 2017, being a major district event and would like to continue this legacy in future.

We must fight against three great enemies: impatience, excessive belief in immediate achievements and our sense of aristocracy. ~ PRIP Joaquin Cybils

| Governor’s Monthly Letter | September 2017

T-E-A-C-H Rotary Pakistan Literacy Mission As part of Rotary South Asia Literacy Mission the T-E-A-C-H program was initiated in July 2014 and formally launched Rotary Pakistan Literacy Mission in Pakistan in March 2015 with the prime objective to work for Total Literacy & quality education in Pakistan. We plan to achieve total literacy by reaching the grass root level and have worked out a comprehensive program for same. Our focus will be to provide quality education to all and to work out a program whereby we can reach each and every individual either to support our mission or to receive benefit from the mission. There are many efforts seen in developing education and literacy in Pakistan both at Government as well as non-governmental levels. While embarking on our program there were many ideas debated across. Some thought we should be focusing on establishing Rotary schools while some thought we should be supporting the efforts of many NGOs working in the field but then the general agreement was that if we need to work for Total Literacy as a mission then there can be no way we can ignore the grass root level children and adults. Also the only way of supporting the grass root level would be to make appropriate interventions helping Government schools and institutions. We need to bring qualitative improvement with the target to bring out of school children back to school and provide equal opportunity to all for affordable as well as quality education in these schools benefiting the masses. There are many government schools in Pakistan having reasonable infra-structure base but need to be properly mobilized and with some effort we can bring in them substantial qualitative change. We are working out a comprehensive program at the National Level which is being implemented in these schools through Rotarians and volunteers.



Teacher Support eLearning Adult Literacy Child Development Happy Schools

Thus, the T-E-A-C-H program includes five projects, each with specific focus but inter-linked with the others in objective and content so as to contribute to the program goal of Total Literacy accompanied with Quality Education, i.e., improvement in learning outcome of primary/elementary education and spread of adult literacy in the country. Recognizing the enormity of the task of implementing T-E-A-C-H, we have decided to adopt a strategy of meaningful cooperation with all actors in the field, by forging strong partnerships with the government, corporate, national, state-specific as well as international non-governmental organizations working in various segments of this country-wide endeavor. T - Teacher Support This project aims to assist the National and Provincial Governments to improve the professional abilities and performance of teachers in selected primary schools through better training and use of modern teaching aids so as to enhance the learning outcomes of students. E - eLearning This project aims to improve the quality of elementary education through expanded availability and extensive use of high quality local language and curriculumbased e-learning modules and thus enhance knowledge absorption - retention and critical thinking abilities of children in the selected schools.

Rotary Pakistan Literacy Mission Launches the T-E-A-C-H program We have planned to achieve the literacy goal through the T-E-A-C-H program, specifically developed by the Rotarians of the region. The greatest resource which a nation can have is the resource of peace; it counts for more than arable lands, more than mines of untold riches. ~ Paul Harris

| Governor’s Monthly Letter | September 2017

A - Adult Literacy


This project seeks to educate adult non-literates in urban and rural areas, provide opportunities for continuing education to such neo-literates and impart skill development training to adult neo-literates leveraging available government assistance.

That each student gets to see, hear, read and use high class learning material that helps her/him understand, question and find answers;


That each deprived child gets the same opportunity of education as her/his affluent friend;


That each adult acquires literacy, joins the formal stream and earns her/his living with honour;


That each child or adult we help gets the confidence to make her/his own future and Pakistans future too!


Numeous efforts have been initiated all over Pakistan.

C - Child Development This project aims to promote all-round development of differently-abled or otherwise disadvantaged or underprivileged children through equitable access to quality education appropriate to their ability levels and special needs. H - Happy Schools This project (consisting of one scheme) aims to select elementar y schools and provide/upgrade infrastructural and/or co-scholastic facilities there to make them secure, attractive and happy learning teaching places for students and teachers. Goal is Total Literacy and Quality Education. -

We have set out our goal, with our program T-E-A-C-H, to help ensure:


That every child in Pakistan goes to school;


That each school is a Happy School ;


That each school teacher is well trained and her/his skills are continuously upgraded using modern technology;

In District 3271 a MOU to adopt 88 Government Schools signed between Education Department Government of Sindh, Directorate of Education Karachi, Sindh Education Foundation and Rotary Pakistan Literacy Mission has been signed. The Rotary Clubs and the Rotarians who have adopted some schools have started intervention and the adopted school development plans are under progress. Meanwhile RPLM has developed one model school as per T-E-A-C-H program priorities and ensuring better quality education for the Hawksbay and adjacent community. Clubs outside Karachi are also urged to partner with government in schools and institutions. Invite fellow Rotarians and friends to joinn and contribute. Please remember our mission to have Total Literacy and Quality Education is possible with the support of all!

Today’s world needs heroes, not celebrities. ~ PRIP Bill Boyd

| Governor’s Monthly Letter | September 2017

David’s Expressions ..... “Very friendly, smiling people who wave when I walk on the road. Pakistan is quite a great country to visit”. This was the impression of David Tong, Rotary International Zone 6-B Coordinator from Singapore, who was the Guest of Honour at the Membership Development Seminars held in Karachi and in Islamabad in August 2017. It was indeed a pleasure interacting with him during his visit and exchanging viewpoints over breakfast during his stay in Karachi. Would you tell us a little about yourself? Currently I enjoy a retired life, having retired in 2007 after selling my shares of my company, Pannell Kerr Forster (PKF) to my Pakistani partner. I am a tax and accounting professional having a diverse experience of over 45 years in major fields including taxation, auditing and transaction and advisory services. Prior to PKF International I worked with Deliotte Touche and Arthur Anderson & Co. A few words on your personal life? My grandfather named me David Tong. I am a church-goer and received an English medium schooling whilst my wife is Chinese educated; however, we share the same dialect. Six months after marriage, I joined Rotary District 3310. I have a son and a daughter and a chinchuawa, Momo, which is now 11 years old. The children have left home and we moved from our house where I used to enjoy gardening on the land we had; we now have an apartment with a fantastic top level view of a reservoir. We enjoy cycling in the apartment community and my favorite is the garden by the bay. What are your impressions of Pakistan?

David Tong How Heng Rotary Coordinator Zone 6B District Governor 2003-04 RC Singapore East - RI District 3310

Before arriving in Pakistan, I was warned about security issues. Friends said why Pakistan? It is unsafe. But I felt that if I have friends like Ovais Kohari, Saleem Rao, Faiz Kidwai, Aziz Memon and a few others who are living there, they would have told me not to come. There was an exchange of emails and here I am. I arrived and my intuition was confirmed that it’s a regular country which sometimes has incidents, similar to others - recently as the Barcelona (Spain) attack, and the one in Paris (France); I am not surprised that the security will not be an issue here. I have travelled the country, and there has been no instance of insecurity. The roads are dense and other than Karachi, where roads are under construction, there are highways in the northern part of Pakistan which are smooth and clean of litter. It is amazing that 60 per cent of the economy is in Karachi. What does Rotary mean to you? Rotary has been fantastic! We Touch Lives; we help the poor, the sick, working within the six areas of focus.

If we want to see another century of Rotary, we must make Rotary attractive to young people. ~ PRIP Robert Barth

| Governor’s Monthly Letter | September 2017

We give 1000 Singaporean Dollars and don’t expect a thank you, we just make sure it goes to the right people... Over the years, I have seen and met all kinds of people. They do great projects that are one-off but do not look at sustainability. However, there has been a shift - Rotarians are now doing great work with an eye to sustainability, and bearing this in mind for future projects. Rotary has RCC which I feel has not opened its doors for businesses and businessmen. They need to be involved. What do you think of Rotary? There is lots of opportunity for growth. Singapore has a lot of NGOs and the growth rate is very good. Key strength of Rotary is sharing, if you know someone who can benefit, we believe in helping others, sharing what we have. What is your message for membership growth? Reach out to the rural / remote areas. Why? They should be given an opportunity to join Rotary and help the people in their community. How? Through Satellite Clubs and RCC. We believe in induction of members into Rotary. We remember the Rotarian who introduced us to Rotary, don’t we? My message is “Grow membership by each member introducing one member, the district membership will double”. Your Message to Rotarians? Family and Job First, Then Rotary. Contributed by Rtn Sadia Zaidi

Membership Development & Retention Seminar The District Seminar on Membership Development & Retention was held on 30th August. After invocation and National Anthem, the host club President Amjad Hasan Siddiqui from RCK Gateway highlighted the importance of Membership Development for our district and emphasized the role of the 4 Way Test for Rotarians. Co Chairof the Membership Development Committee PP Farooq Dadi said that as on 1st July 2016 there were 942 members in our district but in July 2017 the number was raised to almost 1500. PDG Iqbal Qureshi stressed that for retention members should be encouraged and engaged in Rotary activities. PDG Faiz Kidwai and DG Ovais Ahmed Kohari elaborated on the subject of the seminar. PDG David Tong of Zone 6B from Singapore compared existing members of Zone 6B with other districts and that of D 3271, showing great potential for membership development. The seminar was attended by about 300 members and it was highly successful. New members received pins from the chief guest and dignitaries. This was followed by awarding of shields and hi tea. Contributed by Rtn Dr Aftab Imam

Single most important thing you can do to ensure Rotary’s second century is to found new members wherever the soil is fertile. ~ PRIP Wilf Wilkinson

| Governor’s Monthly Letter | September 2017

Rotary Thar Mela Fellowship Event: September 08-10, 2017 Rotary International District 3271 organised a mega three-day fellowship event, Thar Mela, from September 08-10, 2017. This was organized by Rotary Club Nawabshah in coordination with the Rotary Clubs of Hyderabad, Mirpurkhas, Umerkot (Umrano) & Mithi. The organisers mapped out a very scenic route for those traveling from Karachi, taking a route of KarachiHyderabad-Mirpurkhas-Umerkot-Thar-NagarparkarIslamkot-Mithi-Karachi. Rotarians from Nawabshah, Hyderabad, Umerkot and adjoining cities joined the delegation which gathered in Tharparkar Desert on September 09 - this was marked as the largest fellowship event this district has seen in years, and that too a visit to the interior of Sindh province. As most Rotary Clubs are based in Karachi, most fellowship events tend to be in the city including the annual main events of Installation Ceremony, Membership Development Seminar, and The Rotary Foundation Seminar. Therefore for those in Karachi, this was an exciting adventure. Rotarians and spouses gathered at Frere Hall early September 8 and left in three buses and a few cars for an eventful journey. The total travel time was expected to be about nine hours with stopovers for lunch and tea breaks. The first stop was at Hyderabad where Rotarians had lunch at the Hyderabad Gymkhana, after which they departed for Mirpurkhas. Here they paused for tea break at Mansoor Cheema’s Farm House. As the delegation passed through Hyderabad and Mirpurkhas, Rotarians from nearby cities continuously added to the number. Arriving in Umerkot, the visitors saw the museum at the Umerkot Fort which has artifacts from King Akbar’s rule. Akbar the Great was born in Umerkot. The city itself is named after Amar whose name has over time changed to Umer in the stories recounted about Amar & Marvi. The Rotarians were then led by a group of flute & dhol players up the stairs for a fantastic view of the sunset; they spontaneously started dancing to the melody. A historic sundial occupies the center with canons intermittently placed along the circumference of the circular structure. Everyone who had travelled rested in several guesthouses and then got together for a function at Ghosia Guest House where the highlight was the story recounted about legends of Amar & Marvi. Dinner was served and there was a musical evening led by a famous female Thar singer, Mai Dhai.

Unity is the hallmark of the power of Rotary - unity of action, unity of administration, unity of purpose! ~ PRIP Paula Costa

| Governor’s Monthly Letter | September 2017

The following day, September 09, the delegation departed for Thar and visited the Thar coal mines, the historical Gorri Mandar, Marvi jo Khoh and Chorri Mandar before reaching the guest houses for a rest and then heading for the main fellowship event at Nangarparkar’s Dal House. Here Rotary dignitaries delivered speeches, dinner was served and a lovely mix of music, dances and snake dances were enjoyed. In his address to the audience gathered at the fellowship event, District Governor Ovais Ahmed Kohari emphasized that there was a need to work with clubs in the region to develop the livelihoods of the villagers by looking into service project opportunities in the areas of health, water and sanitation and economic development. The Rotary Club of Karachi Defence very generously presented 300 solar lights to the Tharparkar villagers as there is no electricity in the area. The villagers were excited as their names were called out; each household received one solar light. It was a feather in the cap of DG to arrange this much-needed commodity. A number of stalls with artefacts from the region, clothes and herbs were also on display, and for sale. On September 10, everyone left Nangarparkar for a visit of Karonjhar, Sadhro, Bhodesar mosque, Kasbo Goth, Dam & Container city at Islamkot. At Mithi, the final stop of the fellowship trip, a meeting was held at the Press Club where DG Ovais was welcomed; he emphasized the key role of Rotarians and other international organisations for eradicating Polio. Members from these organisations as well as the supporting Government bodies were present. Each delegate received a beautiful ajrak as a token of appreciation. Lunch followed, and comprised a menu of over 40 dishes! After that a Polio Walk was organized. After lunch and the Polio Walk, DG and a few members left to view the city of Mithi from the highest point and then returned to the Press Club to join the rest before heading back to the city of Karachi. The members of the delegation thoroughly enjoyed the trip and felt that this had been an excellent bonding and networking experience, and an eye opener for the immense work Rotarians could do. The District Governor Ovais highly commended the dedicated efforts of the team led by President Rafiq Ahmed Buller (Rotary Club Nawabshah), President Syed Wasif Ali Shah and Darshan Lal (Rotary Club Hyderabad), PP Mansoor Cheema (Rotary Club Mirpurkhas), President Dr Ali Nawaz Shahani and PP Ghansham Das (Rotary Club Umerkot), President Harish Sohni (Rotary Club Mithi) and Pir Syed Mansoor of Sarwari Jammat. Contributed by Rtn Sadia Zaidi

Rotary‘s true value lies in the work we do … without action, service above self is merely an idealistic phrase. ~ PRIP Luis Vincente Giay

| Governor’s Monthly Letter | September 2017

Democracy at work within the organization.


Random Reflections on Rotary

Attendance and fellowship bring results and contentment.

Reasons for Rotary’s poor image:

Give effective leadership which requires time, k nowledge and enthusiasm.

Not adopting proper procedure for selecting good members.

The 4 Way Test has become only symbolic for most Rotarians.

PDG Kassim Dada

Why is Rotary not as effective as it should be:

Reasons for Rotary’s worldwide acceptability:

Because of improper selection of members.

National interests always take precedence over Rotary. No involvement in politics in the name of Rotary. Exhortation to live by one’s personal religious beliefs. Tolerance for the beliefs of others. Helping the needy, being the primary reason for Rotary’s existence.

Not looking after new members. Club leaders not doing their job. Fellowship neglected or aimed at for the sake of just socializing.

Systematic approach to render service. Membership reserved for the serviceminded. Worldwide experience put to work by enthusiastic and willing volunteers with planning and executive ability, influence and wealth.

Familiarity with our own constitutional documents. Promote attendance and activate attendance rules.

Deviating from recommended personal conduct resulting in wrong impression about Rotary ideals, which in turn creates a misunderstanding with the media, religious bodies and the authorities.

Reasons for Rotary’s success:

Decide to take actions such as,

Changes in keeping with experience and community needs.

Poor leadership due to lack of Rotary knowledge or lack of enthusiasm. Lack of respect for Rotary rules and procedures.

1919 - 2001

And what are these basics:

Committees not properly formed and not meeting regularly. Attendance rules ignored. The result is that the members are mainly interested in promoting their own business or profession through Rotary contacts. How do we begin to improve ourselves: Get back to basics and adhere to them.

Let each member have a copy of filled and unfilled classifications. Let each have a copy of club bylaws and constitution. Take greater care when selecting new members. Take great care of new members for the next few weeks. Put them on committee of their choice and keep them involved. Select projects with care. Not all projects need money. Improve fellowship. Make Rotary less expensive. Tell all members what the board and committees are doing. Invite non board members, on rotation, to board meetings. Choose topics for weekly meeting and then find the best speakers for them. Try to have topics which have some relationship with the Four Avenues of Service. Make use of past club officers. Invite suggestions from members what the club should do to improve its effectiveness. Follow the 4 Way Test. Ideally, all members of a club should be service minded, willing and able to give time for club activities. They should be aware of their responsibilities and commitment and should be an asset not only to club but to the community.

The future of Rotary depends entirely upon the character and standing of its individual members. ~ PRIP Russell Greiner

| Governor’s Monthly Letter | September 2017

Rotary Club Mirpurkhas PP Jawaid Babar visited Madrasa Faizan e Madina regarding Polio NIDs where he distributed Polio social mobilisation items among students. Awaz TV was media partner.

RC Mirpurkhas participated in a Walk in collaboration with Police Department, Mirpurkhas, on 4th August. The solidarity walk was led by DIG Mirpurkhas Mr. Javed Alam Odho from Mirpurkhas Press Club to Yadgar e Shuda to pay tribute to Police Martyrs. Flower wreath was also laid at Yadgar e Shuda. The ceremony was attended by Rotarians and guests.

RC Mirpurkhas paid an interactive visit of Dialysis Unit Mirpurkhas on 2nd August and donated two wheel chairs. The event was coordinated by IPP Mansoor Ahmed Cheema. President Mir Naeem Tallpur PHF, PE Moin Qaiser and Secretary Prem Kumar participated in the event and polio caps were handed to the staff.

As part of RPLM, on the eve of World Teachers day on 5th October, Secretary Prem Kumar, RC Mirpurkhas, Rtn Samiullah Khan, RC Satelite Town, Abdul Salam Aryan, Chairman Pakistan National Reforms, and Abdul Shakoor Daudpota visited various government schools of Mirpurkhas to highlight dignity of teaching profession. The event was coordinated by Secretary RC Mirpurkhas.

Rotary Club Khipro Sunder

Rotary Club Mirpurkhas Satellite Town

Service Above Self project of hand pump under name of project “Pani Zindagi Hay”.

The Club arranged an activity in Govt. Railway School for Rotary Pakistan Literacy Mission where students were appreciated and praised by RCM team, because on the walls of the classrooms educational paintings were designed.A team committed to adopt this school and maintenance of classes, remaining walls and roof of two rooms. President Noman Halipota donated 50 chairs for school. Secretary Jabir Majeed and AG Furqan Ali Sheikh contributed for roof of two classrooms and walls of two classrooms. PP Zeshan Hashmi organised the visit and planning for this program.

One hand pump installed in taluka sanghar, away from home around 56 km and second installedin taluka khipro around 38 km away from home location.

Polio Day at Primary School: Polio Day was observed with school children and in temple. End polio now stickers were distributed.

Rotary will do well if it continues to tell people how to live. ~ PRIP John Nelson

| Governor’s Monthly Letter | September 2017

Rotary Club Hyderabad Qasimabad First Abdul Sattar Edhi Charitable Wheel Chair Cricket Match was organized at Afzal Shah Ground, Latifabad, Hyderabad, for Awareness of Polio Eradication. On the occasion the ground was decorated with the banners of the club & End Polio Now. Two teams (Hyderabad Heroes & Mirpurkhas Tigers) participated to rock the event and sports t-shirts were distributed with name and logo of the Club among all team players and all members.

During the inauguration ceremony students of Hayat School, Hyderabad, performed tableaus and sang National Anthem with the band in attendance.

President Amir Shah, Sec Qazi Fida Muhiuddin, PPs M. Imran Khan & Isaac Shafiq and Rotarians Zubair & Mursalin Ghori also helped organize the event.

Closing ceremony was attended by Chief Guest Khadim Hussain Rind, DIG Police, Hyderabad. The winning trophy was handed over to the winning team "Hyderabad Heroes" and certificates were distributed among all team players. Event partners were Ihelp Hyderabad and Association for the Welfare of Handicapped Persons. The match was sponsored by Abdullah Group.

Rotary Club Karachi Kehkashan Defence Society Residents Association (DSRA) Health & Welfare Trust in collaboration with RCK Kehkashan organized a seminar on Chikungunya. The object of the seminar was to create awareness on Chikungunya among the people living around Pak Jamhuria Colony, Near Kala Pul. The seminar was attended by Irfan Qureshi, District Governor-Elect, Mr. Sharfuddin Memon, President DSRA, President DSRA, Engr. Anwar-ul-Haq Siddiqui, President, DSRA, besides members of RCK Kehkashan. Local residents including women and children also attended the program.

Rotary will come on evil days if it attempts to tell people how to vote. ~ PRIP John Nelson

| Governor’s Monthly Letter | September 2017

Rotary Club Karachi Sharqi RCK Sharqi is 31 years old, but a relatively small club. At present the membership count is 20 members. During the past couple of years the club has been revived under immediate past and present leaderships. Besides enrolling new members, the club also started helping the deprived and needy poor people. Presently the club is working on three projects, two related to health and the other one for primary education. The members of Rotary Club Karachi Sharqi are striving to put in their due share following the Rotary spirit. Maseeha the Charitable Dispensary: The club identified a rural area in Karachi’s outskirts (Haji Mahmood Goth, Near Surjani Town) where no health care facility is available in the surrounding 4-5 kms area and has constructed a purpose built building on a piece of land (240 sq. yards) donated by a member of the club. Architectural services were provided free of charge by another member of the club. The dispensary was inaugurated by the then District Governor Iqbal Qureshi during the month of May 2012. An experienced MBBS doctor and support

Rotary Club Karachi Sunset Millennium Rotary Club Karachi Sunset Millennium under Rotary's "Water and Sanitation" area of focus

staff works 6 days a week. Average number of patients per day is 40. Small surgical procedures, injectable medicines, drips and skin care ointments besides other medicines including antibiotics are provided absolutely free of charge to all the patients who belong to the poorest and most deprived segment of the society. Average expense is Rs. 60,000 to 65,000 per month at present. In the coming months, the club plans to start OPD for female patients. Funds for construction of the room for female OPD have been arranged. A lady MBBS doctor and female support staff will be hired as soon as the construction is complete. Al-Hamd School: The school is situated in another rural area - Safoora Goth. A retired banker is running the school and imparting free education to 150 children mostly from the poorest of the poor rag pickers’ families. The Club has adopted the school and hosted the prize distribution ceremony of annual results of 2012-2016. Presents were given to top 3 students from each class. The club also provides teacher’s salaries.

Rotary Club Karachi Midcity The club is working on a number of projects to serve the humanity since 2003. They have undertaken various landmark projects during this journey. MidCity has planned a number of projects/events related to health, education and vocational training in the year 2017-18. Members celebrated the second day of Eid ul Adha with the Children of the SOS Village. The DG was also invited to spend time & dine with the children and plant a tree at the SOS Village. DG Ovais Kohari, Charter President Asif Azim, Agha Sohail Asif, President RCK MidCity, Amir Aziz, District Chair ROTMUN and Capt. Muhammad Aslam interacted with the children and had lunch with them. Two trees were planted in the ground of SOS Village along with children of the village, as a drive for tree plantation - mark of safe environment.

Club has participated in Polio related activities during the last four years.

and its continuous support for Rotary Pakistan Literacy Mission, installed two water-coolers, with two water filter units, a stabiliser, an overhead plastic tank and an electric water-pump, at The Government School Bizerta Lines on Sept 23, 2017.

Growth in quantity - with no loss of quality - remains one of our primary goals. ~ PRIP Paula Costa

| Governor’s Monthly Letter | September 2017

Rotary Club Karachi Pearl RCK Pearl inaugural meeting was held at the National Sailing Centre which was attended by DG Ovais Ahmed Kohari, PDG Iqbal Qureshi, DGE Irfan Qureshi, District Secretary Ali Hafeez Azmat, Advisor to the Governor Kishwar Allawala, District Trainer Atiqua Vally, District Coordinator Aftab Imam, District Joint Secretary Sadia Zaidi and District eRotary Chair Shehzad Ghori among other Rotarians. The meeting was hosted by Charter Club Secretary & District Joint Secretary, Syed Kashif Rafi. Charter President & Additional District Secretary Waqar Ahmed Shaikh welcomed the members and guests and outlined the club goals and future projects. DG Ovais welcomed the new members to the Rotary fraternity and emphasized on the importance of playing their role in community service through sustainable projects. PDG Iqbal Qureshi outlined the Rotary history and the good work it has done in its 111 years of service to humanity.

DGE Irfan Qureshi discussed the future of Rotary and prospective of community service. District Trainer and Governor’s Special Representative RCK Pearl, Atiqua Vally, spoke about the importance of membership development and club goals. President Elect Syed Mujahid Rasool proposed a vote of thanks. The meeting was followed by dinner and fellowship discussions.

Rotaract Club Karachi Pearl BUMDC (Bahria University Medical & Dental College) The club visited the Binte Fatima Old Home on 25th of August as part of an initial low budget project. The members were given a tour of the house and introduced to the 45 ladies living there. Snacks were taken for the inmates. On reaching there, members were welcomed with warm hugs and smiles of the old, but young at heart ladies. Then songs were sung with them about love and patriotism. A few didn't hesitate to shake a leg in the melody that filled up the air in Mrs Farzana's haven, Binte Fatima. The endless selfies and laughs continued downstairs as some followed Mr Asad upstairs where he lived along with his mother. Apart from the two rooms that the family owned the other three rooms were filled with yet more old women, some even beyond the age of 100. The visit was an excellent caring and learning experience for all because bringing smiles on someone's face doesn't really need a big budget and funding, it’s the little things that count more.

The greatness of a leader is to anticipate the future. ~ PRIP Carlo Ravizza

| Governor’s Monthly Letter | September 2017

Rotary Club of Karachi Karsaz RCK Karsaz was honoured to receive RI Director Elect Rafael Garcia, from Philippines, at its meeting on July 12. Rafael Garcia emphasized on the need to eradicate polio and the importance of membership development and retention. He then had an informal discussion with members, throwing light on various Rotary issues. A joint meeting was held with Dr Atta ur Rehman as the Guest Speaker. RCK Universal, East and Defence very kindly joined in. A number of members from various clubs also attended the meeting. Dr Atta ur Rehman spoke on "Our World- Today and Tomorrow.� It was one of the finest presentations on Scientific Research and Technology and amazing advancement made in the field of Biotechnology, Gene Editing, Quantum Computing, Crime Genes, IBM's Watson on Artificial Intelligence.

President Asif Siddiqui presenting the club flag to RIDE Rafael Garcia.

Further, Dr Rehman suggested that every University in Pakistan should have a Research Centre. He mentioned that he has set up International Center for Chemical and Biological Sciences at Karachi University where 500 students are doing their PhD. Dr Atta ur Rehman is a recipient of several awards. He has to his credit over 700 research publications and over 200 books. President Asif Siddiqui was requested to arrange a visit to Dr Atta ur Rehman FRS Research Centre.

Diplomats in Pakistan His Excellency Wang Yu CG of China in Karachi said that DG Ovais Kohari is fulfilling the criteria to serve the general public especially in polio & literacy which is depicting in his GML. He was talking to PP Jawaid Babar in a diplomatic reception at Karachi.

Her excellency Grace Shelton, Consul General of USA in Karachi, said Rotarians of D 3271 under the dynamic leadership of DG Ovais Ahmed Kohari are doing outclass job for the people of Sindh and Balochistan. This is the first time in history of Pakistan that a PDRR is serving as a DG. She was talking to PP Jawaid Babar at a diplomatic reception. She also appreciated the GML team.

Rotary will do well if it continues to tell people how to live. ~ PRIP John Nelson

| Governor’s Monthly Letter | September 2017

Rotary Club Karachi Sports

Hunar Foundation

A Rotary Cycling Fellowship Event was organized by Rotary Club of Karachi Sports on Sunday, September 17 at Seaview Beach, Karachi. Rotarians and family and friends gathered at Salt n Pepper Restaurant, Seaview, at 6 am to start cycling, a 25 km ride, at 6:30 am. Fellowship Chair Humayun Qureshi, who is an adventurer led the cycling expedition on Route 8 - a ride down Seaview Avenue. Those who participated had a thrilling experience and even beginners enjoyed this fellowship event by the early morning sea.

District Governor Ovais Ahmed Kohari visited Hunar Foudation to explore possibility of vocational training partnership with Rotary International District 3271.

Rotary Club Karachi Indus Valley Introductory meeting of Rotary Club of Karachi Indus Valley (provisional) was held on 25 Aug at Sunset Club. Prospective members met under Dr.Heeralal Lohano, Abdul Majeed Abdani

and Sabeen Memon - designated President, Secretary and Tresurer respectively. District Governor Ovais Ahmed Kohari alongwith District Team 2017-18 highlighted Rotary services for the benefit of the community.

There has never been a strike- breaker to compare with service - service by the employer, service by the employee. ~ Paul Harris

| Governor’s Monthly Letter | September 2017

Rotary Basics

16. Who formulated the Four Way Test?

1. What is RI?

17. How many Rotary Clubs are there worldwide?

30. Toronto, 1924

2. Rotary International is an association 18. What is the current number of of clubs in how many countries? Rotarians in this global network of business and professional leaders? 3. What is SAS?

29. 1911 28. 3 27. $1.2 billion 26. 1989

4. Rotary was started in which US city?

19. Can a non Rotarian help out with a service project?

5. Who was the founder of Rotary?

20. Is it important for incoming club presidents and secretaries to attend the 6. How many people formed the Rotary’s District Assembly? founding group with Paul Harris? 7. When was Rotary’s first meeting held? 8. What is the name of the first Rotary Club formed?

21. Who is the current RI President? 22. What is the legislative body of RI? 23. How often does the Council meet?

9. Where were the early meetings of the 24. Is it necessary for each club to have Rotary Club of Chicago held? its own constitution? 10. What was the profession of Paul Harris?

25. 1989 24. Yes 23. Once in 3 years 22. Council of Legislation 21. Ian Riseley 20. Yes 19. Yes 18. 1.2 million 17. 35,000 16. Herbert Taylor 15. 1928 14. Yes, by providing attendance certificate 13. Once a week or once every fortnight, depending on provision in club bylaws. 12. By invitation

11.Who was the club membership restricted to?

25. In which year Council on Legislation opened Rotary membership to women worldwide? 26. In which year was the International Polio Plus Committee created?

12. How can Rotary Club’s membership be obtained? 27. How much fund has been committed by RI towards Polio Eradication? 13. How often should a club meeting be held? 28. How many countries have yet to become polio free? 14. Are the members allowed to make up their attendance by attending 29. In which year was the famous motto meeting of another club? of Service Above Self evolved? 15. When was the Four Way Test formulated?

30. In which year and in which city was the first Rotary convention held?

11. Men only of different professions 10. Lawyer 9. Offices of members 8. Rotary Club of Chicago 7. 23rd February 1905 6. Four including Paul Harris 5. Paul Harris 4. Chicago 3. Service Above Self 2. Throughout the world 1. Rotary International


We must fight against three great enemies: impatience, excessive belief in immediate achievements and our sense of aristocracy. ~ PRIP Joaquin Cybils

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Governors Monthly Letter September 2017 - RI District 3271

GML September 2017  

Governors Monthly Letter September 2017 - RI District 3271