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Marketing Strategy FOR SELLING YOUR HOME

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Powerful Results. Real People Lauer Realty Group is a full-service residential brokerage, specializing in home sales in the most desirable neighborhoods in Madison, Dane County and beyond. It takes more than a computer and MLS access to move you when and where you want to go. The best real estate transactions happen with a great realtor at your side, and gives you the edge in the process. We bring our clients the latest information, technology, and our mastery of the industry. In using our expertise, you’re tapping into the top performing 1% of realtors in Dane County for over a decade. At your side and on your side. Our Madison real estate agents live, work, and play right here in the Madison area and are deeply tied to the communities where you’re looking to sell your home. We know the perks and quirks of each neighborhood, and we’ll work hard to honor the unique hopes and dreams you bring to the table when pricing a value on your home. At Lauer Realty Group we believe that being the best isn’t something you say, it’s something you are. We believe the most important thing is that we listen to our clients’ wants, needs, and expectations and deliver on them every single time. Thank you for your interest in our firm and we look forward to delivering a superior real estate experience that exceeds your every expectation. Cheers, Liz Lauer


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Price Evaluation THE COMPARABLE MARKET ANALYSIS How will I determine the value of your home? My price evaluation uses many of the same variables which an appraiser utilizes - the correlations between location, style, size and condition of homes. Please understand that a Comparable Market Analysis is based on the current market conditions and is not to be construed as indicative of future market values. I will review the properties in your area which are currently on the market, pending sale, or recently sold. Although these properties may differ from your home, they do provide a basis for comparison in determining what the current market is willing to pay and the fair market value. I use this information, combined with a tour of your property to determine the current marketing price that is appropriate for your home. My Marketing Plan and Guaranteed Performance Agreement highlight the actions that will bring the best response to your property when it is placed on the market. The advertising and outreach that target potential buyers boosts initial interest and helps to bring in the best possible offer.



Homes Sold

101% 17

Average Sale Price to List Price *The market average is 97%, meaning overall sellers who list with Lauer Realty Group are earning 4% more than sellers utilizing other firms.

Average Days on the Market


Average Sale Price vs. Market


Firm Ranking (Volume Sold)

*Our firm’s average sale price is 26% higher than the rest of our market.

*Firms with higher rankings are brokerages with 100s of active agents. Our boutique firm has only 9 agents and yet we still rank in the top 1%. *Data is from the South Central Wisconsin Multiple Listing Service (MLS)



Property Overview


Determine Value & Seller Needs

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The first step is to always conduct a thorough assessment of the property and its history, improvements, and features. These are important factors in pricing your home.

A comprehensive analysis of comparable properties, neighborhood inventory and price per square foot will determine optimal list price. Our goal is to match your needs when it comes to selling your home, and it is important to discuss expectations and the timeline for the sale.

Exclusive Listing Contract

Once price has been determined and agreed upon, an exlusive listing contract is signed with the RealtorÂŽ.

Preparing the Property for Showings

We offer advice and recommendations or steps you can take to have your place show its best through appropriate enhancements and staging to prepare it for professional photography and showings.


Targeted Advertising and Market Strategy


Showings & Open Houses


Adjustments Based Upon Feedback


Negotiate Offers


Accepted Offer & Applicable Contigencies

10 11

From the MLS, to syndicated websites and social media, your home is marketed thoroughly online as well as in print, including home brochures and ads in neighborhood newsletters.

You can expect showings to be requested right away after your home goes on the market. Through our showing line program, you will be able to approve these and keep track of all activity that occurs. An Open House will also typically be scheduled within the first weeks to market.

As feedback is received from showings and the open house, we will discuss if anything needs to be done to make the property more attractive for potential buyers while still meeting your goals.

We have a proven track record as expert negotiators and know how to navigate this process. Whether dealing with multiple offers, or a single buyer, we will use our market knowledge and expertise so you receive the best price. Once negotations are finalized, we reach an accepted offer. This means your property is under contract and we start working towards closing. Our office will stay on top of all tasks and deadlines from the contingencies that were included in the offer.

Provide Necessary Information

It’s important that as we move forward to close that any an all necessary information is given to parties involved such as the Closing Officer, and any lenders or attorneys.

Remove Contingencies and Close

Once all contingencies have been removed by both buyer and seller, and all necessary documentation has been provided to the title company, it’s time to meet at the closing table. This is your final step in the process where the paperwork is completed, the buyer takes ownership of the home, and you receive the proceeds from the sale!


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Photograph Your Home a. Publish images in advertisements, on website, and MLS b. Virtual Tour will also used to showcase your home c. Home Brochures containing photos and features created for showings and Open Houses

Advertise to Prospective Buyers a. Multiple Listing Service b. Social Media c. Home placed on & Syndicated Services (ie & d. Featured on on a rotated basis e. Featured in neighborhood newsletters on a rotated basis f. Featured in the Willy St Reader on a rotated basis g. Open House advertised on websites h. Guaranteed Performance Agreement

Showcase Home to Area Brokers a. Promote your property by connecting with other Realtors who do business in your area to inform them of your property

Commitment to Service a. We provide you timeline and informative feedback on all showings b. We work with you to promote your home and to strategize throughout the transaction c. Closing consultation and coordination

Guaranteed Performance Agreement This Guaranteed Performance Agreement is part of our Exclusive Marketing System. It includes the following terms and conditions:


FOR SALE SIGN-A Lauer Realty Group “For Sale� sign will be installed on


PRINT ADVERTISING-Your home will be rotated through local and


INTERNET-Your home will be presented on numerous websites including but


WEBLINE-Information and a virtual tour of your property is available 24


MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE-Your home will be placed on the South



your property soon after the listing begins. This sign is the single most effective marketing tool in selling your home. neighborhood newsletter.

not limited to: a. - Your home is immediately presented on our web site including photos, details, and commentary. This means your home can be seen by anyone who is looking at any of our listings, or using our web site for resources we provide. b. - Public access to the Multiple Listing Service - this site generates interest in your home with photos and a wealth of information, from comprehenseive home searching to an exhaustive real estate gloassary. c. / - These websites are nationally promoted and are utilized by local and out of town home seekers. Your property will be promated as a showcase listing and will receive additional exposure with Lauer Realty group. d. - Your home will be advertised on a rotated basis on the Isthmus website.

hours a day on the internet. This is a dynamic way for interested buyers to obtain information on your home at any time. Additionally, they can contact us directly from our website to ask questions or to set up a showing. Central Wisconsin Multiple Listing Service (MLS) network. This network advertises your home and invites any cooperating Brokers to sell it to their buyers. The MLS is available to the public through work with national referral networks to make information on your home available to many out of town buyers. This network also means that Brokers across the country put me in touch with individuals and families that are relocating to our area. In addition, we work with an extensive number of area corporations, industries, and employers to meet their employee relocation needs.


BROKER MARKET ANALYSIS-We will do a complete and thorough


HOME BOOKS AND CARDS-I will prepare a home book/brochure that


PHOTOGRAPHS OF YOUR HOME-To present your home as its very best




HOME WARRANTY PROGRAM-A home warranty program is available


ADVERTISING/MARKETING TIMELINE-I will advertise your property

analysis of your home and the current real estate market. With this knowledge, I can work with you to determine the price range and marketing strategy which will result in the timely sale of your home at the best possible price.

points out the special features and highlights of your home and these will be distributed to potential buyers and other Brokers to keep after seeing your home. This book not only showcases your home’s features, it helps interested Buyers remember your home more than others they have seen. The home book will provide a positive answer to many of the Buyer’s questions that often come up during and after the showing. It includes (as appropriate): recent updates and renovations, energy costs, and school district information. With your approval, cards will be placed in your home to highlight its special features.

to potential buyers, we photograph your home inside and out. These photographs will be used on the MLS, websites, and in all of our print marketing. We do our best to photograph on a sunny day and we always take our time to capture and edit the best photos of your property. A picture is worth a thousand words.

of current interest rates and various financial programs available, we can prequalify potential buyers when possible, and suggest alternative mortgage financing that is availale in the community.

for you to purchase in order to provide protection for you throughout the listing contract and to provide the Buyer coverage for one year after closing. I can provide a brochure that explains the program and the cost. This can be a strong tool for marketing your home to buyers who may be concerned with the potential for mechanical problems that can occur in an older or existing home.

until there is an accepted offer to purchase. The advertising shall resume in the event the offer to purchase contract does not result in a closing. The Broker does reserve the right to substitute the advertising, home warranties, trade names, marketing methods, and referral networks covered in this agreement.




COMMUNICATION/AVAILABILITY-I will constantly monitor conditions


GUARANTEED PERFORMANCE-The Broker shall carry out the terms of


CANCELLATION POLICY-You may request a cancellation of the listing


NOTICES-Any required notice must be addressed to Lauer Realty Group, Liz

the title company to coordinate the preparation of the closing statement and other documents necessary to close your transaction. I will also coordinate schedules with attorneys, lenders and others to complete the sale of your home.

and communicate with other agents who show your property. I will contact you at regular intervals in person, by phone, mail or email to inform you of the reactions or comments buyers had about your home, and advise you as to any changes in the market. If you have additional questions or would like more information, I will be ready and available to assist you. Should I be out of town, you will be made aware and will have one of my associates working with you during that time.

this agreement at the Broker’s discretion during the term of the listing contract. The Seller understands and agrees that while the Broker will substantially adhere to the above outline of services, there may be deviations due to seller request, holidays or other.

contract at any time after 30 days from when the listing contract is signed and if we breach this agreement by failing to comply with its material continuing requirements. In order to receive a cancellation agreement, you must first mail us a written statement setting forth the reason for the cancellation request. If we do not remedy the breach within 10 days after receipt of said notice, this contract shall be canceled at midnight of the 10th day. Should such cancellation take place, there will be no penalty to you; however, if a sale is consummated to someone introduced to your property during the period of the Listing Contract, Lauer Realty Group shall receive the commission in accordance with the Listing Contract.

Lauer, 2229 Atwood Ave, Madison, WI 53704. Any notice to you shall be addressed to your address in the Listing Contract.

Seller Checklist A buyer’s overall impression of your home begins when they pull up to the curb. Here are some tips to help you prepare to show your home:

- Deep Clean - Set thermostat to a comfortable temperature - Clean up after any pets - Bring in the most natural light - Ensure all light bulbs work - Toilet seats are down - Lawn should be maintained and clear of random toys or tools - Keep sidewalks and driveway shoveled and clear of ice - Elimate odors - Eliminate clutter where possible - Leave front porch light on for showings after dark

When your home is ready for showings How would you like to confirm appointments for showing requests on your home? 1. Go & Show - for listings where no appointment is required and the showing request can be immediately confirmed. 2. Courtesy Call - an appointment is automatically approved, but a call is made to notify the seller. (This notification can be by call, text, or email.) 3. Appointment Required - a confimation must be obtained from the seller, tenant, or listing agent before the showing may occur. * We submit a Showing Feeback Survey to all agents that show your home. When they complete the survey you will be able to view this feeback after. *Sellers find their personalized “Activity and Showing Feedback Report” convenient and simple. It’s availble to view online anytime after your first showing.. This is an example of the Activity and Feedback Report. Upon your first showing, you will receive a link that allows you to view each showing and their feedback of your property.

Our showing appointment line is open 7 days a week 7am-10pm Showing Line: 1-800-746-SHOWING (1-800-746-9464)

Our Marketing STRATEGY

Our comprehensive approach to marketing your home ensures that it will be seen by as many potential buyers as possible. Always forwardthinking, our customized marketing approach will make your property stand out!


Print Marketing

Professional Photography

A “For Sale” sign will be installed once a listing contract is signed to maximize exposure. Contact information will be on the panel to ensure that potential buyers are reaching out to us directly to get the most accurate information.

Custom property brochures are created and placed in the home. This allows buyers who visit your home an opportunity to remember your home best after their home tours are complete.

A buyer’s first impression of your home are the photographs they see online. That is why we will hire a professional photographer to take the images of your home and make it stand above the competition.

Web Presence

Social Media

Your home will be placed on the MLS, which is then syndicated out to many websites including Zillow and We also create a landing page dedicated solely to your property on our own website,

We have a strong social media presence in our area and launch campaigns on them when posting your home. This ensures it will be highly visible on these networks, as well as allows us to target optimal demographics.

Smart Gallery/3D Tour We provide 3D virtual tours from professional photographers that allow buyers to see a “doll house” model of your home. This interactive experience allows interest buyers and to tour the home 24/7 and sets realistic expectations.


As experts in our field, we have a keen eye for what you can and should do to present your home in the best way for the greatest, positive impact. Styling and staging your home places a crucial role in allowing buyers to imagine themselves living in the home and for it to be seen in the best light. We offer an added value to our Seller’s by providing the necessary resources to ensure your home out paces the competition, including staging professional connections as well as our Lauer Realty Group Home Styling program. What is Lauer Realty Group Home Styling? Lauer Realty Group works with a professional home stylist who will visit your home and work with you to provide advice on decluttering, rearranging, and decorating. This initial consultation is provided at no cost to you. If additional home styling is needed, including accents pieces and decor, the stylist will discuss additional package options that will best be suited for your home. 40% of Buyer Agents said home staging an effect on most Buyer’s view of the home. 83% of Buyer Agents said staging a home made it easier for for the Buyer to visualize the home as a future property.

22% of Listing Agents reported an increase of 1-5% dollar value offered by buyers in comparison to similar homes when the home was staged.

Source: 2019 Home Staging Profile-National Association of REALTORS Midcentury Modern home in Madison that was professionaly staged from top to bottom


We partner with experienced professional photographers for our photography and virtual/digital imaging. We use Step Inside Media , who will capture your home with cutting edge technology that best showcases your home. They provides HDR (high dynamic range) images, an interactive Smart Gallery, a Single Page Website Listing, a 3D Matterport Tour, and Floor Plans. These can all be seamlessly accessed across all platforms, from you cell phone to your laptop.


The Smart Gallery Media Player contains all of the property photos along with the home’s floor plan. This allows buyers to see where a photo is on the floor plan, and to better understand and experience the photo tour. The 3D virtual tour, powered by Matterport, allows prospective buyers the opportunity to virtually walk through your home. They can explore by either clicking or tapping location points on any device. Buyers can expand the 3D tour to get a dollhouse view of the home as well.


Lauer Realty Group advertises our listings on a rotated basis in many neighborhood newsletters as well as area magazines and newspapers. These advertistments provide additional exposure, drive website traffic, and interest more prospective buyers. Our firm also creates custom brochures tailored to your home to highlight your home’s important features to interested buyers. These brochures are placed in a prominant location within the home, allowing buyers to take and keep, ensuring they remember your home after their showing has ended.

Where You Can Find Our Print Ads -Dudgeon Monroe -Eastside News -Madison Magazine -Monona East Side Business Alliance -Northside News -Our Lives -Regent Neighborhood -Sunset Village -Tenney/Lapham -Westmorland -Willy St Co-Op

SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook, Instagram, & More EXPOSURE We utilize many social media platforms to promote and feature your home. Our marketing efforts on social media include advertising our new listings and our Open House events. All new listings are posted with just a few teaser photos that entice a potential buyer to click through to our website to learn and see more about your property. To ensure your home is visible and reaches maximum exposure, we create boosted and sponsored ads. This allows us to target specific audiences and locations to make sure your home is seen within the right market.

WEB PRESENCE Online Syndication LOCAL & NATIONALLY At Lauer Realty Group, we understand that a strong online presence is critical to ensure the visibility of your home. Your home will always be listed on the Lauer Realty Group website, www.LauerRealtyGroup. com and your property will be placed on all of the most trafficked real estate websites in the nation such as Zillow, Trulia, and This allows us to maximize every opportunity to find a qualified buyer for your home at the optimal price, and in the shortest amount of time possible.

87% of buyers See websites as the most useful information source

50% of buyers

28% of buyers

22% of buyers

Find their home online

Find their home by working with a dedicated buyer’s agent

Find their home via signage, networking, print ads, or other methods

Source: National Associations of Realtors, 2018

Community Outreach #atLRGinthecommunity We believe in and are committed to staying connected and involved with our local community. We love to give back and throughout the year we participate, contribute, sponsor, and donate time and resources to many wonderful organizations and causes. You’ll be sure to find us volunteering in neighborhood festivals, walking in a community parade, and supporting local artists. Whether it’s fundraising with the Goodman Center for the Annual Thanksgiving Drive, or working with GSAFE to ensure LGBTQ+ youth and families thrive, we are dedicated and passionate about the community we live in.

About Liz Liz Lauer

Real Estate Broker Specializing as a Listing Agent Founder and Owner of Lauer Realty Group

My story is a classic Madison tale. I grew up in St. Paul, MN where my father was a scientist at the U of M and my mother was a Realtor®. I came to the UW for college and quickly grew roots in this community, falling in love with the city and its people. I knew this city was home from the very beginning of my time here. How could I not when I enjoyed all it had to offer? Winter and summer recreation, intelligent and hard working people, and cultural activities and entertainment. In college I worked for a developer who owned and managed downtown Madison rental properties. Upon graduation, I started purchasing, rehabbing and managing income properties in the downtown and near east side of Madison. In 1998 I got my real estate license and this quickly grew beyond the personal and into a service career, where I was able to work with people to achieve their real estate goals. It was never just about getting a home sold or a buyer into a new home, it was so much more than that. My mission was to help people understand their own needs and desires in a home and neighborhood, to identify a property’s full potential, and to help my clients crunch numbers and budgets to make an informed financial decision. This committment to my clients is what has made me a top Realtor® in Madison since 1998. Every day in the field I use my years of diverse experiences and knowledge to help clients realize their dreams. In 2001 I started Liz Lauer & Associates, a collective within a larger real real estate firm. This become the brokerage of Lauer Realty Group® in 2015, giving our agents the freedom to practice real estate in a small, tight-knit community of professionals. Our mission is to maintain a supreme level of service while providing masterful marketing and helping our “nation” or Madison neighborhoods flourish. I am truly proud of the agents in our collective and know your experience with Lauer Realty Group will be powerful results from these real people. Within this collective, my focus is as a Listing Agent and being able to use my extensive experience and knowledge for you. This includes everything from understanding current market conditions and preparing your home, to powerful negotiating and a detailed, specific marketing plan which are all designed to get you the best possible sale terms.

Real Estate Resume New constuction home and condominium projects Historic Renovation of The Loraine Condominium building Lot purchasing and contracting for new builds Working in Madison’s established neighborhoods with strong identities.


OUR TEAM Our team of agents and support staff work cohesively together to ensure your real estate experience is smooth and enjoyable.

Liz Lauer BROKER

Founder/Owner Realtor® Listing Specialist

Mark Gladue BROKER

Realtor® Listing Specialist Buyer Specialist Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR)

Tobi Silgman

Asher Masino



Rachel Whaley

Lindsey Cooper



Ben Anton

Alejandra Torres



Andrea Davitt

Tina Rogers-Frisch



Ryan Esser

Tiffany Bekx



Jackie Brown

Colin McMullen




TESTIMONIALS “Liz has helped me buy two houses and sell one, and I’ve referred several people to her. A coworker I referred to Liz was very grateful for the reference and spoke very highly of Liz’s work. No doubt that referral put me in great standing with this work peer. I found Liz’s professionalism to be outstanding and bar-setting for her field. She has great integrity and tact, is always punctual and flexible, and has always been tenacious in working for my best interests. If I ever leave the area, I’ll likely have to seaerch long and hard to find a better agent. Liz is truly an asset to the community and a personal resource beyond the requirements as a Buyer Agent.” -Chris M “Liz is the best! I really enjoyed working with her. She knew what we were looking for and hit the jackpot on the 6th or 7th house we looked at. She made the enire process extremely easy. From finding the right house, to the negotiation process, to the closing. She is very trustworthy and honest, a calming presence in a stressful situation, as well as an expert on real estate and all it entails. Plus she is a great listener. I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone.” -Rebecca R “Liz was great every step of the way. My house was older, with as many quirks and cracks as charming features. Liz helped me figure out what to paint and tweak to stage it, what to move out, how to change a bedroom quickly into an office -while not spending too much. We communicated well setting a price we were both comfortable with. She guided me through a long back and forth with the buyer who did, eventually, buy the house. She always had good advice and perspective. But I never felt pressured into making any decision or doing anything I didn’t want to do. There are so many aspects to selling a house, and Liz is knowledgeable about all of them. Maybe the best way to sum it up is to say she has all the expertise of a neurosurgeon, but the bedside manner of a family doctor. Another great thing with Liz are the “associates.” They are all pros, and they provided good support throughout.” -Jonathan Z “Liz was there for me in every way and is the most knowledgeable realtor I’ve come across. She found contractors when I needed them and provided expert opinions to help me get through the stressful process of selling a home. Thank’s Liz!” -Andrew W


I have had the pleasure of working with Liz Lauer to sell a house and purchase another. I have also referred several friends to her and everyone has been as delighted as I. For the first time ever I have someone I think of as “my Realtor.” Liz really knows what she’s doing. I’ve bought and sold about 10 houses over the years and Liz Lauer has been by far! - the best realtor I’ve worked with. She knows the market, timing, and what to expect. Liz was able to sort through a lot of information and focus on our needs and preferences very quickly. Liz is a professional, but there’s so much more going on with her that makes her stand out from other realtors. Her instincts are spot on and she’s a great advocate. You’ll never wonder if Liz is following up or if you’re on her radar. She’s in touch, very organized and I’ve always felt like a priority for her. Her focus is amazing! She makes it seem easy, even though, of course, she was working with several other people a the same time. Liz makes it look seamless and relaxed and that you have every bit of her attention and concern. On top of that, she’s smart, funny, and wonderfully connected with the people and the community. Liz clearly loves her work and it’s infectious. Buying and selling houses can be stressful. Do it with Liz Lauer and the entire process of looking, offers, counter offers, inspections, paperwork, and closing will go like a dream.


Karen H



608.444.5725 2229 Atwood Ave Madison, WI 53704 Let’s get your home listed and sold!

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Lauer Realty Group Marketing Guide