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Summer Shape-Up!

Es Tiempo Para Terminar La Relación? Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands

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“Deputy Bronx Borough President Aurelia Greene (c) helped Grandmaster Mele Mel (l) and BronxNet Executive Director Michael Max Knobbe (r) launch Grandmaster Fitness & Bronx Strong Initiative during Bronx Week”

It’s summertime! Coats are off and you want to stay fit…not just to look good…but to feel good as well. Recently, Hip-Hop pioneer Grandmaster Mele Mel and BronxNet began production on a health and fitness show – Grandmaster Fitness, as part of the Bronx Strong campaign. BronxNet spoke to Mele Mel and asked if he would share some summertime fitness tips with you. Here’s what he had to say: • It’s a great time to take your workout outdoors. However, the sun can zap your energy so make sure to do everything in moderation. • Your basic workout is about you being fit, not overexertion. Moderation means you’re more likely to stay with your routine for the long run. • Working out, outside in the early morning or later in the afternoon keeps you out of the high noon sun. • It’s best to build yourself up year-round to your workout and nutrition levels. This way, you can cruise through your routines in the summer. • Stay hydrated. Drink clear liquids especially water. • Wear light colored clothes to stay cooler. Use natural fabrics that breathe and have a comfortable fit. • Take a nice walk and make sure you’re not carrying anything heavy so your arms are free to swing. • A light jog or swimming are also good, if you’re able. • If you’re able to go to another level, consider push-ups, pull-ups and dips. • If you want to exercise to music, consider slow music which lets you relax while your fitness routine is energized. BronxNet Executive Director Michael Max Knobbe who is also a fitness advocate recommends: “You can also go without the headphones and evoke your own music, from your memory and imagination. This will help you channel your own rhythm and build your hip-hop-ability, while allowing you to stay aware of your surroundings.” Log on to regularly to find out when the Grandmaster Fitness series will air on our channels – BronxNet. 2 JULY/AUGUST 2011


CONTENTS LT 7/8.2011 Juan Guillén Publisher Bernadette Giacomazzo Associate Editor Dominika Bajuk Graphic Designer Hope Lawrence Administrative Assistant Javier Castano Translator / Writer


Lolita D’Souza, Ray M. Figueroa, Carl Lamarre, LeAura Luciano, Eddie Olmo, Zayda Rivera, Giselle Rodriguez, Gina Santi, Hedwin Salmen-Navarro


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Get In Shape for Summer! EPA Takes Action Recipes

Esai Morales: Actor-Vist.


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On the Cover: Esai Morales 4 JULY/AUGUST 2011


Publisher’s Column


...from the desk of Juan Guillen



Ya Es Tiempo! Whenever we think of “culture,” we think of all the things -- both tangible and intangible -- that define it, rather than the culture itself. That is to say, we think of the music, the food, the traditions, and even the language, but we never really stop to think what culture, as a whole, means to us as Latinos. In our culture, we are influenced by our upbringing -- our past does not equal our future, but it sure influences it. Many of us grew up with challenges -- though it’s common to refer to them as opportunities, now -- and it is our reaction to them that shapes who we are today. Still, we are left with the almost-unanswerable question: what is our cultura? So, in an attempt to explore and answer that question, we dedicate this double issue to exploring culture. To that end, we explore some of Hispanic cultures that are most prevalent in the New York Tri-State area. We feature profiles on notable people from diverse subgroups of Hispanic heritage (such as Andrea Farfan, a Colombian on page 8). We explore the Galapagos Islands, the Ecuadorian Eco-Paradise, in our Metropolis section on page 28. We even give you recipes from each unique region on page 44. And check out Felipe Luicano’s article on the Puerto Rican diaspora on page 36.

Juan Guillén Publisher

Our cover feature on self-proclaimed “actor-vist” Esai Morales really explores the issue of culture through the eyes of one of its most beloved Puerto Ricans. From his breakout role as Ritchie Valens’ brother in La Bamba, to his current

role in the sci-fi cult favorite Caprica, this co-founder of the National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts (to which Time Warner, via Alcanza La Fama, donated $30,000 in 2010) works every day to bring the greater glory to his heritage. Rather than default to the standard, stereotypical roles of “Latino thug” or “bumbling immigrant,” Morales is passionate about the furtherance of the Latino culture in the mainstream culture... in a positive way. In addition, Morales is also interested in environmental issues and was a founding board member of E.C.O. (Earth Communications Office). You can read our exclusive, and enlightening, interview with him on page 22 This issue marks the one-year anniversary of our transition from DTM to LatinTRENDS, bringing you cutting-edge stories with a Latin twist. Like our culture, we are constantly growing and evolving. Let us not forget that we have and are growing by leaps and bounds in the US. However, we as a community have a responsibility to work and support one another and embrace our similarities (which are many) and not our differences (which are few). The end game is “comunidad” -- so get involved in yours & stand up for your beliefs. America is a blessed country, because it offers all: “ life liberty and the pursuit of happiness” and there is nothing more happy than a happy community…and it’s powerful too.


-------------------------------Ya era hora Siempre que pensamos en “cultura” nos acordamos de las cosas tangibles e intangibles que la definen, en lugar de acordarnos de la cultura en sí misma. Pensamos en música, comida, tradiciones y lenguaje, pero nunca nos detenemos a pensar en cultura como un todo, lo que representa para nosotros los latinos. En nuestra cultura estamos influenciados por nuestra crianza, nuestro pasado no es igual al futuro, aunque nos influye. Muchos crecimos con desafíos, aunque comúnmente los llamamos oportunidades y es la manera como reaccionamos lo que nos caracteriza hoy día. Todavía no respondemos la pregunta ¿qué es cultura? Así que en un intento por explorar y contestar esa pregunta, dedicamos esta doble edición a explorar este concepto de cultura. Nos adentraremos a algunas culturas hispanas que predominan en el área triestatal. Reseñamos personas de diversos subgrupos latinos, como la colombiana Andrea Farfán en la página 8. Examinamos las Islas Galápagos, el paraíso ecológico ecuatoriano en página 28. También les brindamos recetas de cada región en la página 44. Nuestra portada destaca a Esai Morales quien se autoproclama “actoractivista” y explora la cultura por intermedio de uno de los más queridos puertorriqueños. Desde su primer rol como el hermano de Ritchie Valens en La Bamba, hasta su papel actual en la obra de ciencia ficción Caprica, este creador de la Fundación Nacional Hispana para las Artes trabaja todos 6 JULY/AUGUST 2011

los días para llevar la mayor de las glorias a su herencia. En lugar de actuar en roles estereotípicos como el “malo” o el “inepto inmigrante”, a Morales le apasiona la importancia de la cultura latina en la cultura general… de manera positiva. Además, a Morales también le interesan los asuntos de medio ambiente y estuvo en la junta que creó E.C.O. (Oficina de Comunicaciones de la Tierra). Usted puede leer nuestra entrevista exclusiva e inspiradora con este hombre en la página 22. Esta edición marca un año desde que nos transformamos de DTM a LatinTRENDS, brindando historias innovadoras con un toque latino. Como nuestra cultura, también mantenemos el crecimiento y la evolución. No olvidemos lo que tenemos y que estamos creciendo por nuestros vínculos con los Estados Unidos. Sin embargo, como comunidad tenemos responsabilidades para trabajar y apoyarnos mutuamente y acogernos a nuestras similitudes (que son muchas) y no a las diferencias (que son pocas). Lo más importante es la “comunidad”, así que participe y defienda sus creencias. Esta es una nación bendecida porque ofrece de todo: “vida libertad y la búsqueda de la felicidad”, y no hay nada más dichoso que una comunidad alegre... y eso también es poder”.


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Entertainment fashion, movies, books, music, y mas


by: Eddie Olmo

Andrea Farfan, a Colombian born musician, is entering a market that’s predominately ruled by non-Latinos. Choosing the Tenor Sax as her instrument, she has decided to tackle the genre that we know as “World Music.” Having released two albums almost simultaneously (Perfume, an instrumental CD ; and Oppa , a Spanish pop album)m Andrea is ready to introduce the Latino community to a new sound and music.

Andrea Farfan: World Music Ambassador

LT: When did you begin playing the saxophone? AF: I began playing when I was 8 years old. I began playing classical clarinet, then I discovered the saxophone. Even though I play all the different types of saxophones, I especially love the tenor sax.

ye mi canto!

LT: What kind of music do you like? AF: I like classical, romantic, and smooth jazz. I like to explore different types of world music. I also prefer instrumentals over any other music. LT: Who is your inspiration? AF: I love Yanni, the Greek pianist. I’m very traditional when it comes to music. I prefer artists from the past like Andrea Bocelli, Paquito D’Rivera (who was my mentor when I began playing the sax), and Arturo Sandoval -- even though he’s plays trumpet I enjoy his music a lot. LT: Do you think it’s harder for you, being a woman, to enter this type of music? AF: Yes, I think it is hard because people think of the saxophone as a male instrument. LT: What would you like to accomplish with your music? AF: I would love to be able to reach the people’s hearts! LT: What would you like to say to anyone who is seriously thinking about music as a career? AF: I think they should be original and don’t copy any other artists.




4th Annual Latino Fashion Week by: Alina Patris

LeAura Luciano

Summer Fashion: Swim Secrets From Colombia

With warm weather here and vacations creeping up, women need a swim suit that will make them want to rip off their cover up and feel comfortable while lying in the sun. Enter the Colombian brand, Leonisa’s 2011 swimwear collection available at www. For a classic bikini option check out the Push Up Underwire Top and Hiphugger Bottom Bikini. This style will make anyone feel sexy with an underwire to enhance the bust and a bikini bottom that highlights a woman’s natural shape. Check out the Leonisa Firm Tummy Control One Piece Bathing Suit for a body-contouring suit that controls the belly so you can stop worrying about bulges.   TV: Culture Clash Weddings are a special event in the life of a couple: a day where not only two people join in matrimony, but also a day when two families unite. Now imagine these two families being from completely different cultural backgrounds: different taste, traditions, religion and sometimes even different languages. “Quiero Mi Boda” takes an inside look at cross-cultural weddings and the hustle and bustle surrounding them.



This season, Miami couple Rosanna (Dominican) and Jean (Canadian) will fight to make sure they both bring as much from their culture as they can to their wedding, from reciting vows in their own languages to bringing sand from each other’s home land - they want it all! But jitters take over as the couple - both from divorced parents- realize that marriage is not forever if not right. Will a therapist cure their cold feet? We’ll be tuning in to find out when the 4th season of “Quiero Mi Boda” premiers in July on Tr3s.   Mobile: 3D On The Go The latest in tech trends is the 3D experience. In the mobile category, the HTC EVO 3D from Sprint is a 4G smartphone with a 4.3 inch 3D HD display that allows users to capture, record and playback in 3D – without having to wear 3D glasses. The dual 5 megapixel cameras capture video in HD quality, 2D at 1080p and 3D at 720p. Bottom line: the HTC EVO 3D is ideal for users who want to both stream video and generate their own video experience, view them in 3D and share them easily. For more info visit

Mercedes-Benz of Chicago hosted the Passport to Design fashion ball which was part of the 4th Annual Latino fashion Week. The 80,000 square foot dealership, located on North Avenue, was transformed into one of the hottest fashion runway shows. The event started off with a cocktail reception and a meet and greet with the press. Nationally acclaimed designers displayed some of the best work in this years’ Latino Fashion Week. The designs of Lazaro Perez, Carlos Campos and Hector Monarez were featured in the runway show and throughout the evening. The event featured gourmet food from different restaurants in Chicago, wines and tequila samples, press from all over including New York and Puerto Rico along with a live performance by salsa artist Brian Michaels. On the showroom floor were some of Mercedes-Benz signature vehicles which included the 2011 SL63 AMG, 2011 G55 AMG and the 2011 ML350. A portion of the proceeds benefited the Chicago based youth organization, Urban Initiatives. A special thanks to the designers, sponsors and media outlets for making Passport to Design fashion Ball a smash hit!


Shakira, UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, To Participate In The Israeli Presidential Conference

International recording artist, global education advocate and Barefoot Foundation Founder Shakira is coming to Israel to participate in the Israeli Presidential Conference “Facing Tomorrow 2011”. The Israeli Presidential Conference will open June 21 for three days, at the Jerusalem International Convention Center. More than 3500 participants from across the world will participate, including leaders and experts from the scientific, cultural, economic, political, educational and philanthropic fields. Shakira will be featured at the Conference’s opening plenary session at 17:00 - 18:30, speaking about the importance of education for all children as a path to peace and her philanthropic work being undertaken around the world. Other participants in the plenary session entitled “My Recipe for a Better Tomorrow” include comedian Sarah Silverman, Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales, marketing genius Sir Martin Sorrell and professor of psychology and author, Dan Ariely. Adv. Israel Maimon, chairman of the Israeli Presidential Conference Steering Committee said that this year, the Conference has welcomed among others, artists of the highest caliber who are advancing social agendas: “The Israeli Presidential Conference is the most diverse conference in terms of its worlds of content. This year we were able to enlist prominent artists who use their artistry and their high media profiles in order to change the world and impact upon tomorrow.” Shakira founded “The Barefoot Foundation” whose mission is to make education universally available to every child. The Foundation’s supporting bodies include the Clinton Foundation, Howard G. Buffett, Nestle, Seat. Fundacion Telefonica, FC Barcelona and the Hard Rock Cafe chain. The Foundation is currently operating educational projects all around the world in countries such as Colombia, South Africa and Haiti. In 2010, the Foundation, in conjunction with the World 12 JULY/AUGUST 2011

Oye Debbie! Mira lo que Don Omar said about Salsa Music

Esta bien. Pero; you know me! …I’m going straight for the relationship section, con dear Judy

Bank and led by Shakira, launched a groundbreaking $US 300 million joint initiative aimed at expanding development programs for young children in Latin America and the Caribbean. Under the auspices of President Shimon Peres, the greatest minds from Israel and the world are convening in Jerusalem for the third time, in order to look towards tomorrow’s challenges. Senior figures of the global and Israeli economies will come to Jerusalem next week to discuss the economic challenges which stand before us. Participants include: Governor of the European Bank Jean-Claude Trichet, Governor of the Bank of Israel Stanley Fischer, former World Bank head James Wolfensohn, Professor Larry Summers who until recently was the Director of the White House National Economic Council in the Obama Administration, Nobel Prize Laureate Erik S. Maskin, Goldman Sachs’ economist and analyst Abby Joseph-Cohen, IMAX CEO Richard Gelfond, Vice President, Advertising and Global Operations of Facebook David Fischer, CEO of HP Leo Apotheker, TIVO CEO Tom Rogers, CEO of Deutsche Telekom AG Rene Oberman, Chairman and CEO of Verizon Ivan Seidenberg and others.

The # 1 brand in New York and beyond for progressive men & women who enjoy Latin culture, cuisine and entertainment

The Israeli Presidential Conference is the largest global conference focusing on tomorrow; bringing to Israel the world’s greatest minds in order to discuss how we can make the global, Jewish and Israeli tomorrow better. Adv. Israel Maimon is chairman of the Conference’s steering committee. The Barefoot Foundation is a US-based non-profit whose mission is to make education universally available to every child. Barefoot supports sustainable and innovative education programs while working to educate policy-makers about the vital importance of education. www.

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tilettos Fire Dragon S Kobi Levi describes his footwear as wearable art. Yes, his whimsical artistic shoe designs are an expression of art and they can be functional if you dare to wear them. Kobi Levi’s current collection of footwear features the Contemporary Chinese 2011 shoe, which features fire dragons, chop-stick stiletto heels and a whimsical twist of east meets west. The sculptural details of these amazing shoes features alluring curves, flame-defining cutouts, embossed leather uppers, and golden, metallic chop-stick heels.


Residences Framed Window Portraits Designed by Damilano Studio Architects, the Casa D house is located in Cuneo, Italy. Although it embraces a completely contemporary aesthetic, this low-rise home does have a classic appeal that speaks to past generations. Open and spacious, Casa D also seems to focus on communal spaces, which really speaks to the Italian love for family. Overall, the Casa D house is bright, airy and inviting. Cool and warm at the same time, it really is the perfect family home.

Trendspotting trends from around the world!


Arm-Wringing Ads

The Gatorade Replenish Re-Punish ad campaign really captures the way an athlete can feel midway through a game; exhausted, thirsty and dripping wet from sweat. Sometimes athletes really do wish they could just wring their limbs dry and then refresh themselves with some cool, replenishing liquids. But -- really -- did it have to be THIS way?! WTF?!

Spreads Facial Thread We’ve never seen anything quite like this amazing Dazed and Confused embroidery spread dubbed “It Came From The Sky.” Creative graphic artists Richard Burbridge, Robbie Spencer and Maurizio Anzeri were commissioned to complete this immensely imaginative spread. They sought to create images that would be remarkable and memorable—and it’s safe to say that they succeed.

Intricate Sci-Fi Portraits Daniel Newman’s artwork series ‘Quakerwars’ is a unique twist on Star Wars fan art. The series focuses on the main, inhuman characters of the franchise. Done in a Mexican Folk Art style, the series is truly creative in its execution. Daniel Newman’s understanding of the intricate details of the character’s faces as well as use of color shading make the ‘Quakerwars’ series a true gem in sci-fi fan art.

ia Fast Food Maf

The form of a chair can be as simple or as complicated as the designer desires, and the Projeto Atomic seats undoubtedly lie within the criteria of the latter. The pair of chairs comprise of a swing and a bucket seat, and each of them plays with the idea of electron orbits. .

e 3D Smartphon Accessories Andrew Shirey is an illustrator who goes by the name silentsketcher on his DeviantArt profile. His latest piece, called Fast Food Mafia, is sure to grab him some attention. In this illustrative piece, Shirey turns famous American fast food mascots into scary-looking mob bosses. This poster piece is both highly creative and humorous. It is amazing to see Ronald McDonald as a don who wacks thugs instead of handing out Happy Meals to kids. We’re hoping Andrew Shirey takes up some cereal mascots next—we’re pretty sure Tony the Tiger has a darker side.

Jack-O’-Lantern Concept Cruisers The PumpkinCar is designed by Macedonian artist Dejan Hristov and it perfectly recreates the jack-o’-lantern in vehicular form. The vehicle comes in a visually stunning orange color, features triangular door handles, has a stem on its rooftop, and has jack-o’-lantern rims. If you’re a Halloween fanatic and want to show the world your affinity towards the October holiday, then you better hope an automotive company picks up this PumpkinCar design and puts it into production.


olecular Translucent M Seating

The Sthreeam 3D camera, designed by Engineea, attaches to the bottom of your iPhone and lets you take 3D pictures or videos. The camera has been designed for both the iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 4, with each camera having a picture quality of 3.2 and 5 megapixels. While the images are viewable on a regular screen, you must use red/cyan glasses to see them.

gonfly Endearing Dra Branding

OVNI’S Queralt Antú Serrano designed these adorable boxes which fit 18 and 32 individual desserts. A simple folded box becomes so much more when the very buzzing insect that inspired the name of the treat brand is represented in full form. The flaps that seal the sweets away outline antennae and a bulbous body, outfitted with fasteners as two sets of polystyrene wings. The bases of the delectable parcels are imprinted with delightful patterns, and the logo found on the Borinot pastry packaging illustrates another visual reference to the delightful little bug. LatinTRENDS.COM 15


2 6 3 7


reel to real -------------



1. Wilmer Valderrama walks the red carpet in Las Vegas without his longtime girlfriend, Demi Lovato. 2. Mexican-American pop star Miguel performs live at Webster Hall in NYC. Photo by: B. Giacomazzo. 3. Selena Gomez performs in Hollywood for the first time since getting sick on The Tonight Show’s set. 4. Christina Aguilera is on the cover of W

Magazine this month. Uhm...okay. 5. Speaking of Demi Lovato, here she is arriving to the American Music Awards. 6. Britney Spears is back on stage in Sacramento, CA. Ay, hijo divino. 7. Inca Kola president Elizabeth Chalas Berman receives an award from the Boy Scouts Of America for her dedication and service to the community.

8. Mildred Baena -- Arnold Schwartzenegger’s side-piece -- poses for a photo shoot for Hello! Magazine with Arnold’s newly-discovered son, Joseph. 9. Wendy Williams hams it up with Mario Lopez on the set of Extra! in Los Angeles. 10. Carlos Santana brings the sexy for the viejos at the Moscow Walk of Fame Ceremony in Russia.

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LatinTRENDS July-August 2011 Preview  
LatinTRENDS July-August 2011 Preview  

A preview of the July-August 2011 issue of LatinTRENDS Magazine.