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BronxNet’s Bronx Flavor Host Baron Ambrosia is a proud winner of a 2012 NY Emmy Award in the category “OnCamera Talent: Performer/Narrator.” The win comes after Bronx Flavor’s 2011 Emmy Award nomination for best musical composition.

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Bronx Flavor, a culinary tourism program features Baron Ambrosia, a culinary ambassador who has traveled the world on food tasting adventures. The program presents dramatic and comical skits that showcase a wide variety of unique eating establishments in the Bronx. “We’re very proud of Baron Ambrosia of BronxNet and Bronx Flavor on a NY Emmy Win for Outstanding OnAir Talent. The people of the Bronx are amazing, creative and resourceful and we can be proud to have a friend and neighbor, part of the BronxNet team, who is not afraid to dream big – such as Baron Ambrosia. BronxNet presents opportunities for you to share your ideas and Baron Ambrosia, star of Bronx Flavor is the perfect example of what you can do through community media and your channels, BronxNet. Congratulations Baron Ambrosia and thank you for inspiring us to unleash the baron within each of us,” said BronxNet Executive Director Michael Max Knobbe.

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Baron Ambrosia expressed his gratitude saying: “BronxNet has provided me with the perfect platform to bring my creative vision to the people without compromise. It is really exciting to win an Emmy against more mainstream media personalities.” BronxNet has a long tradition of nurturing talented people who get recognized by the industry via prestigious awards and honors and by the public via a huge and growing audience.

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pop culture with a latin twist

Juan Guillen Founder & Publisher Bernadette Giacomazzo Associate Editor Lapacazo M. Sandoval Entertainment Editor Luisa Grajales Graphic Designer Hope Lawrence Administrative Assistant Javier Castano Translator


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Cover story Victoria Justice: ALL GROWN UP



Venezuela Has It All



WRITERS Alan Bin-Naim, Lulaine Compere, Ray M. Figueroa, Jesse Schmidt-Gomez, Autumn Kelly, Andrea Krepelka, Ken Hunt, LeAura Luciano, Maria Luna, Edward Munoz, Bruno Navarro, Eddie Olmo, Jessica Ordenana, Lamont Jack Pearley, Maria Morales Prieto, Giselle Rodriguez, Lapacazo Sandoval, Gina Santi, Chia Schonberg PHOTOGRAPHERS Patsy Castillo, Scott Church, Alan Davis, Catherine Fonseca, Travis Levius, Smart Alix, Cathrine Westergaard Interns: Joel Rodriguez, Randall Rosario, Ayala Solomon

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iconomy Fox News Latino: Alberto Vourvoulias Francisco Cortes Mentiras!

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Venezuela Has It All

health & beauty

How to Take Care of Your Largest Organ The Unheard Voice of Infertility Project CREED LA Cupila de Cristal Salud con los Drs. Pimentel Recipes

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Love & Relationships Eye Candy Sweet Treat: Summer Crosley Hispanic Family Values Ask Judy

4 May 2012

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CORRECTION: In our January/February 2012 issue of LatinTRENDS, the beauty/fashion section should be credited to Janice Torres. LatinTRENDS regrets the omission.

On the Cover: Victoria Justice

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Publisher’s Column ........................................................................................

Woman In the beginning , God created Man, and then He created Woman…and thank God he did! Can you imagine a world full of men? I can’t & I won’t…Gracias a Dios!, then, for creating our mothers, sisters, Dahgthers, girlfriends and wives. In saying that, I want to share this poem I recently found online: Mother Teresa wrote this poem – Do It Anyway People are often unreasonable, illogical and selfcentered; Forgive them anyway. If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish ulterior motives; Be kind anyway. If you are successful, you will win some false friends and true enemies; Succeed anyway. If you are honest and frank, people may cheat you; Be honest anyway. What you spend years building, someone could destroy overnight; Build anyway. If you find serenity and happiness, they may be jealous; Be happy anyway. The good you do today, people will often forget tomorrow; Do good anyway. Give the world the best you have, and it may never be enough; Give the world the best you’ve got anyway. You see, in the final analysis, it is between you and God; It was never between you and them anyway. In that spirit, we dedicate this issue to celebrating the fun, fearless Latina woman. Whether she’s our abuela, our madre, our hija, or our nieta, she deserves to be honored in the highest way possible! First up is our fashion shoot with the fun & fearless Evette Rios (and her equally vivacious mother, Nilsa). With her gig on ABC’s daytime hit The Chew, Evette is

English the only Latina on a national daytime talk show. Her photo essay begins on page 10. Next, check out our Q&A with LatinTRENDS featured up & coming artist Katherine Glen, better known as La Reina del Mariachi. This unique songstress is a mariachi singer...from New York...a Colombian woman who speaks English, yet sings the Mexican-based mariachi as though she was born there…only in Neuva York!! Read about this pretty & gifted young lady and the artist in her on page 8. Of course, we can’t forget to mention our exclusive interview with Victoria Justice. It should come as no surprise that the Victorious star -- and triple-threat performer -- is a responsible, grounded young lady, poised to take the world by storm as she transitions from a “teen star” to an adult star. But did you know that she also does charity work? Her remarkable story -- and journey -- begins on page 28. There are many misconceptions & miscommunications about the Hispanic woman. But no less of an authority than Cameron Diaz has said, “my Latin roots are very strong. All my life, because I`m blonde and blue-eyed, people who aren`t Hispanic can`t believe I am. And people who are Hispanic always think I`m not, because I don`t look like them. But being Latin is part of who I am and I bring that part to every role.” And that, perhaps, best sums up the essence of the Latin woman.




Al comienzo, Dios creó al Hombre y después creó a la Mujer… y gracias a Dios que así lo hizo. ¿Se imagina un mundo de solo hombres? No puedo ni lo haré… Gracias a Dios por la creación de nuestras madres, hermanas, hijas, novia y esposas. Quiero ahora compartir este poema que hallé recientemente en el Internet:

Primero con nuestras fotos de moda de la alegre y arriesgada Evette Ríos (y su madre Nilsa). Con su trabajo en NBC en la exitosa serie The Chew, Evette es la única latina en un programa de comentarios en el horario del día. Su despliegue de fotos comienza en la página 10.

La mujer no quiere una mirada, quiere una sonrisa. Ella no quiere compañía, quiere presencia. La mujer no quiere llanto, ella quiere lágrimas. La mujer quiere, lo que es más sencillo otorgar. La mujer no busca una mano, busca tacto. No busca momentos, espera acontecimientos. La mujer no busca tu risa, espera tu alegría. Ofrece lo que siempre has podido dar. La mujer no desea un cuerpo, desea un abrazo. No desea halagos, desea palabras. La mujer no desea unos labios, desea un beso. No desea ser persona, desea ser mujer. La mujer no espera tu tiempo, espera tiempo contigo. La mujer no espera pasión, espera romance. No espera sexo, espera amor. La mujer no espera belleza, espera que la hagan sentir bella. La mujer es mujer, no la trates como a un hombre. La mujer es mujer: no es física, es sentimental. La mujer no es cuerpo, es corazón. La mujer no eres tú, no la trates como esperas que te traten. La mujer no es para poseer, es para admirar. La mujer no es para convencer, es para amar. La mujer no es para conocer, es para entender. No es lo que tú crees, ella es mucho más. La mujer no es un rostro, es un todo. La mujer no es difícil, es misteriosa. La mujer no es tacto, es caricia. Ella no es la espina, es la rosa.

Luego observe la sección de Q&A de LatinTRENDS con la artista Katherine Glen, más conocida como La Reina del Mariachi. Esta diosa de la música es una cantante mariachi… de Nueva York… una mujer colombiana que habla inglés y canta la música mexicana de mariachi como si hubiera nacido allá… Esto solo sucede en Nueva York. Lea sobre esta agraciada & hermosa joven mujer, además de artista, en la página 8.

Sin ustedes simplemente no seríamos nada... Con este espíritu le dedicamos esta edición a la juguetona y arriesgada latina. Así sea abuela, madre, hija o nieta, la mujer merece ser honrada de la mejor forma posible.

6 May 2012


The new 390,000 sq. ft. Fiterman Hall at Borough of Manhattan Community College replaces the one lost on 9/11, with new classrooms, instructional and computer labs, an art gallery and café.


Tampoco podemos dejar de mencionar nuestra entrevista exclusiva con Victoria Justice. No es una sorpresa que la estrella de Victorious y triple artista, responsable y con los pies en la tierra, está dispuesta a tomar el toro por los cuernos al mismo tiempo que cambia de “estrella juvenil” al estrellato adulto. ¿Sabes que también se dedica a obras caritativas? Su gran historia y trayecto comienza en la página 28. Hay muchas distorsiones y preconcepciones sobre al mujer latina. Pero nada menos que la autoridad de Cameron Díaz cuando dijo que “mis raíces latinas son muy profundas. Tota mi vida, porque tengo cabello rubio y ojos azules, la gente que no es latina no me cree. Y los latinos siempre piensan que tampoco lo soy porque no luzco como ellos. Pero ser latina es parte de lo que soy y siempre lo tengo en cuenta en mi trabajo diario”. Y esto, quizás, es lo que más representa la esencia de la mujer latina.

Founder and Publisher


Bronx Community College’s, 98,000 sq. ft. North Instructional Building and Library, provides classrooms, a library, a café, a two-story commons, study rooms and lounges.


CUNY Law School moves to 2 Court Square, an environmentally green building in Long Island City with 260,000 sq. ft. of classrooms, library, law clinic, moot court, an auditorium and offices.

ESIGNED TO INSPIRE INQUIRY AND INNOVATION, five new, state-of-the-art education hubs — part of The City University of New York’s capital program to upgrade and build facilities to meet record

enrollments and 21st-century needs — open their doors this fall. CUNY’s construction program is a job-creating economic engine for New York, responsible for nearly 20 percent of all construction in New York City. — Matthew Goldstein, Chancellor


The New Community College at CUNY, an exciting new college opens in the center of midtown Manhattan at 50 West 40th Street, overlooking Bryant Park. The first entering class will be 300 students.


Lehman College’s 69,000 sq. ft. New Science Facility, Phase I, showcases its strength in plant science teaching and research with high-tech sustainable laboratories, science learning centers and offices.

Visit for more info.

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............................................................................................ music, fashion, movies, books, y mas

By: Lapacazo Sandoval

She’s a Colombian woman...who sings mariachi music. She’s a New Yorker who speaks perfect English...yet identifies closely with her Hispanic roots. Katherine Glen is the very definition of “pop culture with a Latin twist,” yet identifies so closely with her heritage. “Being Hispanic means so much more than how I look, how I dress, & how I act,” she said. “To me, being Hispanic is the pride that I have in my culture. When I look into the mirror, I see all those that have came before me, and I also see all those that will come long after I pass. “I also feel that I have instilled in myself the desire and dedication to givoe back to my people. We, as Hispanics, need to give back to our comunities and help others to succeed. We owe it to ourselves to help our people rise up.” Glen, who admits that she can’t have soup without avocado (“it’s the Colombian in me,” she said), views

8 May 2012

herself as a trendsetter (and we here at LatinTRENDS tend to agree). “I love being unique, original, & creative,” she said. “I design my own outfits, and I have my mom make them for me. It’s something that I love doing. I love to be different, and to be a role model.” Glen first discovered that she had a “gift” when she was in the 1st grade. “I passed by the school auditorium,” she said, “and it was empty, but there was a mic on stage. I turned on the mic and started to sing. As I thought to myself, “wow, this thing sounds cool!,” I realized that the teachers & the students were starting to come in, and they all cheered!” She said that if she weren’t a singer, she’d be an actress, and her favorite mariachi songs to perform are “La Cigarra,” “Los Laureles,” and “El Herradero.” For more information on Katherine Glen, visit her Youtube page at

trabajando para ti lunes a viernes 6 y 11pm



‘Chew’ Crew Leader, Innovator... and Blushing Bride! Evette Ríos is a lifestyle expert, writer, television host and native New Yorker of Puerto Rican extraction. She currently appears as a correspondent on ABC’s The Chew. There, she serves as a roving reporter bringing viewers the latest news from around the country -- from covering events, and dishing on new and exciting food trends, to sharing new ways of using ordinary household items.

10 May 2012

Fashion ............................................................... ....................................................................


Creative Director: Lapacazo Sandoval. Hair: T. Cooper. Makeup: Stephen Royster. Public Relations Coordinator: Yesenia de Avila for Reyes Entertainment. Venue: Lyon Restaurant -- 118 Greenwich Avenue, NYC. Photographer: Luis Lockhart for LatinTRENDS Magazine. For styling credit: T. Cooper for Major Face. For hair credit: T. Cooper using Mixed Chicks . Facebook: Twitter: @TCoopMUA. Evette’s dress is by: Cenia Paredes. Evette’s coat is by: Paola Hernandez. Evette’s shoes are by: J. Qosette. Evette’s earrings are by: A’Mari Jewels & Accessories. Evette’s necklace: the Stylist’s own. Mrs. Rios’ outfit was provided by: Mielle Boutique Mrs. Rios’ shoes are by: J. Qosette. Mrs. Rios’ earrings: Stylist’s own

12 May 2012

Television ..............................................................................

Reel to Real

1. Behold, Paz de la Huerta’s recent photoshoot with creep-master Terry Richardson. We can’t with this, though...we really can’t. 2. Jennifer Lopez looks pretty in pink -and green -- during her appearance on a Brazilian TV show.

3. Christina Aguilera & Christina Milian sit courtside at the Los Angeles Lakers game.

5. NY Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz poses with LatinTRENDS publisher Juan Guillen...and his LatinTRENDS cover! Photo by B. Giacomazzo. 6. Lala Vazquez attends the “Think Like a Man” premiere in NYC. Photo by: B. Giacomazzo 7. Erica Mena parties with Natalie Nunn in Atlanta.

8. Evelyn Lozada leaves the strip club... on Easter Eve. *throws holy water*

The 2012 New York Emmy® Awards were held on Sunday, April 1, 2012. The

The numerical breakdown of winners, as compiled by the independent accountancy

black-tie gala began with an exciting reception where nominees enjoyed cocktails

firm of Lutz and Carr, LLP, is as follows:

9. Former LatinTRENDS cover girl Rocsi Diaz parties with R&B superstar Estelle at Estelle’s birthday bash!

prestigious GOVERNORS’ AWARD for his outstanding contributions to advance

10. Teen sensation Joe Jonas -- of The Jonas Brothers -- is now dating a sexy Latina, supermodel Jessica Pott (from Brazil)!

and conversation. Mayor Bloomberg, received a special Emmy® known as our television in New York City. Charlie Rose, Emmy® Award-winning journalist and co-anchor of CBS This Morning, presented the Award. The 55th Annual New York Emmy® Award nominations took place at the studios of CUNY-TV. Hosting the announcement was Jacqueline Gonzalez, Executive Director, NY NATAS. Presenting the nominees were Emmy® Award-winner N.J. Burkett, Correspondent, WABC-TV and President of NY NATAS; Emmy® Awardwinner Marvin Scott, Senior Correspondent, PIX 11 News at 10, and Anchor, PIX

4. Sammy Sosa, looking like Eddie Munster, in New York City.

11 News Closeup, WPIX-TV; Emmy® Award-winner Elizabeth Hashagen, Anchor,

for more pics go to



News 12 Long Island; Emmy® Award-winner Virginia Huie, Reporter, News 12 Long Island. MSG was the big winner tonight at the 55th Annual New York Emmy® Awards which took place at the Marriott Marquis’ Broadway Ballroom. Following MSG with 14 Awards was WNBC-TV, which won 11 New York Emmy® Awards. WNJU Telemundo 47’s Tormenta de Nieve 2011 took home the Emmy® for best “Evening Newscast (Under 35 Minutes)” for its January 7, 2011 broadcast. WCBS-TV took home the Emmy® for best “Evening Newscast (Over 35 minutes)” for its Irene Aftermath. The Governors’ Award, the New York Chapter’s highest honor, was presented to Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg for his outstanding contributions to advance and promote television and production in New York City

Total Number of Winning MSG — 14 WNBC-TV — 11 News 12 Connecticut — 7 WPIX-TV — 6 MSG Varsity — 5 WNJU Telemundo 47 — 5 WXTV Univision 41 — 5 News 12 Long Island — 4 News 12 New Jersey — 4 WABC-TV — 4 CUNY-TV — 3 NYC Life — 3 Plum Hamptons — 3 WCBS-TV — 3 WNYW Fox 5 — 3 MSG Plus — 2 News 12 Westchester — 2 Newsday — 2 SNY — 2 WGRZ-TV — 2 Bard Entertainment — 1 YES Network — 5/(MLB Productions for YES Network – 1) Thirteen/WNET — 4/(Thirteen/WNET & – 1)

and the successful “Made in NY” program.

12 April 2012


Powered Up Cable! Time Warner Cable announced the addition of 26 local channels to the robust programming lineup of the TWC TV™ app for iPad®, iPhone® and Video customers in New York City now have a broader selection of channels to watch live from anywhere within the home including three popular Spanish language networks: Univision, Telefutura and Telemundo. With the app, customers can also tune their set-top boxes and manage their DVRs from their iOS device or computer. The app is available at no additional cost to Time Warner Cable video customers at the Standard (Expanded Basic) level or higher.

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Let Me Put Some #ush Up

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Wars Apartment Ultimate Star This apartment is for a true Star Wars fan! These images are from the home of Cho Woong, a man who could be said to like Star Wars. It’s just a hunch, really: a few tell-tale signs littered around his flat barely perceptible to the untrained eye, but being fans ourselves, you tend to notice them.

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