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10th Annual

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I Got Mad, & Did Something About It... I By: Juan Guillen, Founder & CEO Good evening, ladies & gentlemen -- I hope you enjoy tonight’s 10th Annual Latino Trendsetter Awards & Scholarship Gala. As the founder of LatinTRENDS, New York’s only bilingual & bicultural Latino magazine, I would like to share my experience as New York raised Hispanic. I migrated, with my parents, to New York from Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic, at seven years old. One of my proudest moments was also a weird one at first: it was the day I became an “American Citizen.” I felt an immense pride in becoming an American Citizen, yet I also felt a pride in, and an appreciation of, my roots. There seemed to be an inner voice within me that said, “make up your mind Juan, you need to choose one, you can’t love both!” So there I was, swearing in to becoming a citizen, when POW! It hit me. My other “inner voice” (and this one had bass) it said: Here I can embrace my newfound home, while embracing my roots; not only is this ok, it’s encouraged. Diversity is the fabric that makes up this city and gives New York a competitive advantage over other cities and America to the world. America’s most valuable asset is found in its people: every one of us here today, including those that came before us, make America work, like a clock that never stops moving forward. Here, we can become anything we dream of, and be all that we wish to be -- whatever that is -because so long as it’s positive and productive, America will help us get it. If we work for America, America will work for us. People have migrated here from all from all walks of life, and “We The People” are the reason why America is at the global forefront of leadership and innovation. All of us came here, at some point in time, from somewhere else: if it wasn’t you, it was your parents, grandparents or great-grandparents. Accompany me while we take a short journey together, as I share some of my experience of over two decades as entrepreneur in various neighborhoods within New York boroughs; and what these combined experiences have taught me about New York’s multicultural neighborhoods, its people and consumers. It has been a rich overall experience that has allowed me the opportunity to interact with many people at many levels. These combined experiences have also allowed me to see and appreciate the challenges, dreams and realties of many of my fellow New Yorkers at the community level. What I basically discovered is simple: “we all want the same thing.” No matter where we come from or where we have been, we as humans want the same thing: the freedom to pursue our happiness, to be appreciated and treated with respect, while exercising our right to live how we want to live and enjoy good health, friends, family and prosperity. So, why not build communication around that? They are really basic human needs, but in our daily life of hustle and bustle, we forget this, or worse yet, lose sight of it completely. It was this very experience and interaction with people in general, and my community in particular, that inspired me to launch Dominican Times back in 2001 and later rebrand as LatinTRENDS in June of 2010. You see, I just got fed up (and angry) with the media and Hollywood portraying Latinos in mostly a negative way and I wanted to change that! Fast forward to today...and all of you are sitting here, seeing and hearing the inspirational stories of tonight’s Trendsetters. For this, I’m grateful. On top of all the negative stories or the lack of inspirational content available for Latinos, I also saw that no one was really paying attention to, much less connecting with, people like me: bicultural Latinos! I saw a need to tell our stories, backed by reality! I am happy to say today that LatinTRENDS’s is growing and our mission (purpose)remains, to produce cutting edge, lifestyle content that highlights impactful people and

innovations that inform, entertain and inspire the forward thinking Latino in America, & to be the number one source for Latinos seeking “Pop Culture with a Latin Twist” in the United States. All along, since our inception, the Latino Trendsetter Awards have acknowledged talent, success, and the inspiration that the awardees bring us all, especially to our youth, who in today’s world can benefit from seeing and knowing that there are people within their reach and visibility that have and are opening the doors of creativity, possibility and prosperity, not just financially, but of the mind, body and spirit as well. Most importantly, they are influencing trends and decisions in their respective industries. This is why they are trendsetters…in the game of life, they’re called game influencers. The influence begins with the power of choice. Many of today’s U.S. born or raised Latinos are choosing to stay connected to the essence of their culture: they embrace their Hispanic heritage, while embracing their bicultural upbringing. This market has been labeled as a Spanish market by the trade (media). The challenge is, some marketers don’t or don’t want to embrace this cultural change -- the ones that don’t will give up market share to the ones that do (the competition). The upside for brands & companies is the ability to gain market share with Latinos, so long as they take the time to study these changes and understand this Hispanic bicultural consumer (which is not the Hispanic consumer of yesterday). The latest Pew study indicates that 92% of Latinos eighteen and under in America are U.S.-born, and there are 51 million Latinos in the United States. Today, with over $1 trillion dollars of purchasing power, these are powerful numbers. Many times, companies overlook and underestimate the Hispanic consumer because they place too much emphasis on the Spanish language as the way to reach them. In fact, more focus needs to be placed on their cultural upbringing, especially for U.S. born or raised Hispanics; for many today, this goes beyond language and into the essence of who they are. This essence comes from where, and how, they have lived. I want to thank this year’s co-sponsors -LatinTRENDS, Ford Motor Company and Time Warner Cable -- and our associate sponsors -- Delta and Coors Light -- not only for their sponsorship, but for their leadership and commitment to the Hispanic community, and lastly to thank them again, for their support, which was necessary to make this event tonight possible. It’s a good time to be Hispanic in the U.S. in 2012 and beyond, but even more important to not lose sight of is the fact that we are all brothers and sisters beneath the sun. In closing, I wish you many more sunny days than rainy ones, but take the rainy ones in good stride; we literally cannot live without them. It is why Latinos assimilate and interact very smoothly with all cultures…and in today’s world, it’s not only a beautiful thing, it’s a powerful asset.

Event Hosts Most recently, Nilda was nominated in 2009 for an Emmy Award by the New York Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS). The same year, she was honored as an outstanding media professional by El Diario/La Prensa Newspaper, and by the Association of Critics in Entertainment (ACE).

Pop culture with a latin twist

Founder and CEO Juan Guillen

In 2008, the Office of the Mayor of Union City (NJ) also honored Nilda with a media award. Save Latin America, Inc. also recognized her in 2008 for her excellent work in media.

Event Producer Cecar Camacho

Nilda joined WXTV Univision 41 in 2003 as a traffic reporter for the morning news show “Noticias Univision 41 al Despertar” (Univision 41 News at Dawn). In 2004, while working as a traffic reporter for the morning news show, she joined “Noticias Univision 41 Fin de Semana” (Univision 41 Weekend News) as weather forecaster.

Administrative Assistant Hope Lawrence Associate Editor Bernadette Giacomazzo Nilda Rosario

Interns Angel Gomez Michael Guillen Farhana Haque Zuleyka Indarte The Latino Trendsetter Awards is presented by LatinTRENDS 60 West 39th Street, Suite 2W New York, NY 10018 Tel. (212) 851-6164 Toll Free.1-800-313-1869

Nilda L. Rosario is the weather forecaster for “Noticias Univision 41 a las 6 y a las 11” (Univision 41 News at 6 and 11). A native of Puerto Rico, Nilda was raised in Manatí, Puerto Rico, by her parents Nilda and Erio David Rosario, along with her siblings Erio David, Yaritza and Solmarys. Nilda was part of the launch of the Spanish radio station “Caliente 105.9 FM”, known today as “La Kalle”. She served as the producer for two local radio programs, “Danny y Lilliana en la Mañana” (Danny and Lilliana in the Morning) and “Coco y Celines de 6 a 10” (Coco and Celines at 6 and 10). While working as a morning show producer, Nilda served as traffic reporter in the evenings for radio stations “WADO 1280 AM” and “Latino Mix 105.9 FM”.

Nilda is active with the community appearing at multiple cultural parades and festivals, including the Cuban Parade of New Jersey, the National Puerto Rican Day Parade, and the Hispanic Parades of New Jersey and New York, among others.

Ramos has also hosted numerous special news programs for WNJU, “Crímenes Sin Resolver”, including the station's coverage of the Puerto Rican, Cuban, Dominican and Hispanic Day parades of New York and New Jersey, and he has been honored as the International Godfather and Honorary Guest for many of those parades throughout the years.

PROGRAM Welcome Juan Guillen, founder & CEO Dinner Presentation of Awards Kimberly Quijano (Scholarship winner) Griselle Rosales (Scholarship winner) Henry Rubio (Education) Paloma Izquierdo-Hernandez (Health) Rosa Ramos-Kwok (Finance/technology) Sergio Fernandez de Cordova (Entrepreneur) Jorge Luis Cacheiro (Arts) Dr. Luz Adriana Matiz (Health) Ada Rodriguez (Health/Marketing) April Lee Hernandez (Entertainment) Alejandra Castillo, Esq.(Government) Cesar Beltrán (Technology) Monique Manso (Media) Liliana Gil (Media/Marketing) Tom Llamas (News/Media) Paula Ortero (Marketing/Business) Javier Farfan (Marketing/Business) David Corona (Business) Joe Torres (News/Media) Ivette Fernandez (Community)

In 2006, Nilda joined the prime-time newscast “Noticias Univision 41 a las 6 y a las 11” (Univision 41 News at 6 and 11) as weather forecaster.

Ramos joined WNJU in 1980 and was one of the founding members of the station’s news operation. After his arrival he held several positions of increasing responsibility within the newsroom, culminating with his promotion to the 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. anchor role 1981.

Jorge Ramos Multi Emmy award-winning anchor and correspondent Jorge Ramos is the co-anchor of WNJU’s “Noticiero 47 at 6 p.m. and 11 p.m.” In addition to anchoring, Ramos delivers high-profile reports on numerous topics for “Noticiero 47,”

Live Performance by:

Ramos supports numerous community projects and hosts many charitable events. He has also lectured at several educational institutions around the country including New York University and City University of New York. Most recently, he served as master of ceremonies for the HOLA Awards (Hispanic Association of Latin Actors). Among his many awards are four New York Emmys and five ACE (Asociación de Cronistas de Entretenimiento) Awards for “Best Male Anchor.”

Jose Alberto el Canario y su orquesta

The 2011 Scholarship Winners Senior at Brooklyn College. My name is Kimberly Quijano, and I am currently a senior at Brooklyn College. I am studying to become a Music teacher grades Kindergarten through twelfth grade and Special Education. I have been very involved in music and arts for many years of my life. I decided that the best way to share my love and passion for music to others is to become a music teacher to give back that same passion to my students one day. Just like music brought meaning to my life, I hope to give my students that same awe-inspiring gift music gave to me.                I have been involved in many extracurricular activities in school as well. I have been apart of the Brooklyn College Chorale for three years and have just recently joined the higher level, Chamber Choir, this past year.               Outside of school I am the Director of Music at The First Church of the Brethren. I have been singing in church choirs for many years however for the past three years, I have been in charge of the music program. It has been a joy and blessing to be apart of that particular music program because it has been a way for me to nurture the Latin community that surrounds the church and create a safe environment for the neighborhood children to come and do positive things for their community.               Just this past summer, I received several opportunities to sing the National Anthem for the Brooklyn Cyclones at their stadium in Coney Island, Brooklyn.                 My parents and my sister have been a major part of who I am today and who I would like to become in the future. They have guided me and opened up endless opportunities for me to become the best person I can be. I hope to one day be a music teacher, teaching children to sing, play, create and experience music in new and exciting ways, and to be an inspiration for young Latina women everywhere.

Kimberly Quijano

Junior at CUNY Lehman College. Griselle Rosales (born July 16,1991) is a junior at CUNY, Lehman College. Miss Rosales was born to Elvira Delarosa and Pablo Rosales. Her mother is half Mexican and half Columbian and her father is Puerto Rican. A true native New Yorker, Griselle was born and raised in Manhattan, New York as the oldest of four children including brother Jonathan Rosales; sisters Jacqueline and Vanesa Rosales. Academic achievement and personal growth has always been a priority for Rosales since early childhood; during elementary school she learned the true meaning of “ being proud of your Hispanic heritage.” In her Manhattan elementary middle school, she was the only Hispanic female, making it a difficult transition on her to make friends and adjust to the constant indifference from others but that did not stop her from achieving excellent academic performance. Rosales continued to strive for excellence once enrolled in Explorations Academy High School, in her four years of high school, she was committed to helping others by volunteering time after school at The Children’s Aid Society in South Bronx, she interned at ADL – Anti-Defamation League, and as a student aid in her school. She served as President of the Social Services club, where she developed an atmosphere for students to gain interpersonal skills and acquire an understanding of the importance of helping those in need. During her high school years, she demonstrated a willingness of helping others in her community by participating in kitchen soups in church, influencing her peers to volunteer at ODD Fellow; in reading to the elderly during the weekends; and during the holidays helping feed the homeless. In June 2009, Rosales was given the honored of being valedictorian of her graduating class and gave her senior speech. After much hard work and having to sacrifice the opportunity of attending college outside of the Bronx, she made the commitment to stay and help her mother fight her battle against cancer. Her most proud accomplishment is being a first-generation college student.

Griselle Rosales

As a current student at Lehman College, Griselle is part of some clubs such as: the Social Work Club, The Meridian Club, and the S.E.E.K Helping Hands Club. She is a social work student at Lehman College, maintaining an above average GPA, while working two jobs to help out her family. She plans to continue on her successful path after graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Social Work, as her overall goal is to enter graduate school. Rosales, credits much of her school success to her family’s support, her hard work and dedication to better herself but most importantly her faith in God.

congratulates LatinTRENDS for honoring Latinos in broadcasting, publishing, technology, education, finance, health, business, art and law on the occasion of the

10th Annual Latino Trendsetter Awards & Scholarship Gala November 29, 2011






2011 TRENDSETTERS Principal A. Philip Randolph Campus High School New York City Department of Education Henry Rubio was born, raised, and educated in New York City. He has worked with New York City high school students since 1997, and started his pedagogical career as a Bilingual Social Studies teacher in Queens, New York. As a committed and passionate leader, he has led his students to academic excellence, mentored new teachers and administrators. As Assistant Principal Administration for High School for Medical Science and Mary E. Walker Medical Science Academy, he played an instrumental role in the academic and organizational development of two new schools that have demonstrated their academic excellence in a 6th to 12th grade setting. He is currently serving as principal of A. Philip Randolph Campus High School. With just five years under his leadership, the Board of Regents and NYSED recognized A. Philip Randolph Campus High School as a “High Performing/Gap Closing School” for rapidly improving the school’s annual yearly progress. His vision to prepare every student to attend the college of their choice has raised student scholarship awards from less the $500, 000 to $12 million last year. Since 2006, the school’s performance statistics have improved by 20% to include a graduation rate of over 80%. He has also established several key community partnerships to accelerate student growth. His commitment to professional development is evidenced by the instructional technology and support he continues to offer teachers and administrators alike. He came to the field of education with a background in business and an undergraduate degree from Fordham University at Lincoln Center. He later earned a graduate degree from Queens College and certification from the College of Saint Rose.

Henry Rubio

Outside of the school day, he continues to make significant contributions to the educational community. As a Vice-President for the Council of School Supervisors and Administrators (CSA), he helps support and represent school administrator across New York City. The Association of Dominican American Supervisors and Administrators has also elected him as an executive board member for three consecutive terms and is currently serving as Second Vice-President. College For Every Student (CFES), a nonprofit organization committed to raising the academic aspirations and performance of underserved youth so that they can prepare and succeed in college, recently appointed him to their National Task Force. He holds New York State Certifications as a teacher, School Administrator and Supervisor, and School District Administrator. He is married to a very supportive and talented educator who inspires him everyday, and has four wonderful children.

President and CEO Urban Health Plan, Inc. Urban Health Plan is a network of community health centers located in the South Bronx and Queens. Led by her efforts, Urban Health Plan has grown from a one site facility to a network of federally qualified community health centers that includes four sites, five WIC program and multiple other grant-funded programs. Urban Health Plan is fully accredited by the Joint Commission. Ms. Izquierdo-Hernandez is committed to reducing the health disparities in the communities server by her organization. Last year, Urban Health Plan served more than 31, 00 individuals. It’s asthma management program received the National Exemplary Award by the United States Environmental Protection Agency in 2007 for the work it had done in reducing asthma-related hospitalization rates in the South Bronx. In July of 2009, urban Health Plan was named one of the top 20 community health centers in the country by the Human Resources and Services Administration. Ms. Izquierdo-Hernandez is a true example of the consistent and outstanding leadership that exists in the community-based organizations. She received her undergraduate degree from Boston College and holds masters’ degrees from Teachers College, Columbia University and the Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University.

Paloma Izquierdo-Hernandez

Recently, Ms. Izquierdo-Hernandez was elected to a two-year term as president of the board of the Community Health Care Association of New York State (CHCANYS).She currently serves on multiple professional and community boards and organizations, including the NYC Primary Care Development Corporation, the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Advisory Council, the Community Health Care Association of NYS, The Joint Commission Ambulatory Care Advisory Council and Affinity Plan. She served as a member to the NYC Commission for Economic Opportunity, and appointed task force led by the Bloomberg administration that developed innovative anti-poverty approaches in New York City.


November 29, 2011

Dear Friends: It is a great pleasure to welcome everyone as LatinTRENDS celebrates its 10th Annual “Latino Trendsetter” Awards Gala. New York thrives as an international capital of Latin business, art, and culture. More than two million of our residents are of Hispanic or Latino descent, and their communities are on the rise, not just in numbers but in their influence on our city’s economy, culture, and politics. As we work with the private sector to create jobs and keep New York a place of possibility for people of all backgrounds, we are proud to join LatinTRENDS in applauding the pioneers in a wide range of fields whom you honor tonight. Together, we look forward to seeing even more Latino New Yorkers thrive here, and to this year’s scholarship recipients becoming our next generation of entrepreneurs, advocates, and civic leaders. On behalf of our great City, congratulations to tonight’s honorees, and best wishes for a wonderful evening and continued success.


Michael R. Bloomberg Mayor

Managing Director/Chair Managing Director at Morgan Stanley and is also the Chair of the Morgan Stanley Latino Employee Network.

Rosa Ramos-Kwok is a Managing Director at Morgan Stanley and is also the Chair of the Morgan Stanley Latino Employee Network. Rosa joined Morgan Stanley as an Information Technology Trainee and in her twenty plus year career has held roles in Application Development, Technology Infrastructure Management, and Technology Risk Management. Rosa has also played an instrumental role in developing the Diversity and Inclusion effort at Morgan Stanley. Rosa is currently the Global Head of Enterprise Production Management. This organization is responsible for the management of the production environment for the Institutional Division including End User Services, Infrastructure support and monitoring services, Institutional Branches Service Management, Enterprise Command Center, Service Quality Management, Production Management Technology, Technology Training and Disaster Recovery. The Enterprise Production Management organization comprises over 900 technology professionals globally (including vendor based resources). Rosa was born in the Dominican Republic and raised in the Washington Heights section of Manhattan, NYC. Rosa has a Bachelor of Arts degree from New York University, has been featured in Latina Style Magazine, Diversity/Careers in Engineering and Information Technology Magazine, was recognized as a Great Minds in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (HENAAC) Luminary, and is also a member of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) organization. Rosa resides in New Jersey with her husband, Perry, and two children, Corey and Maya.

Rosa Ramos-Kwok

Founder & Co-Founder Co-founded de Cordova Goldman Capital Management, Founder of Fuel Outdoor Started in 2003, Fuel Outdoor has grown into a Multi-Million Dollar company with six offices in nine cities nationwide and is now a portfolio company of Och-Ziff,a global institutional asset management firm with over $31 billion in capital.Fuel currently has more than 4,000 outdoor advertising locations, a growing portfolio of clients, and a very active philanthropic program.Sergio is more than a dedicated, focused businessman; he’s a young entrepreneur with an incredible ability to turn opportunity to success seemingly overnight. Sergio co-founded de Cordova Goldman Capital Management, a holding company with long-term investments worldwide. Sergio is also an active investor or advisor in over 10 media related companies, such as Hyper Local Ventures, BNG, Cross Commerce Media, NLM,, Vlassified, and Availor Group. Sergio has had the honor to speak at; The European Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs Annual Summit, speaking to European Commission members in Brussels, Speaking about entrepreneurship in emerging countries at the Economic Forum of the Americas; Forum for Global Cities in Toronto, in Senegal, Africa at the 36th World Congress Event, speaking about Private Public Partnerships to Delegates and Country leaders from the continent of Africa, KeyNote at the Womensphere Emerging Leaders Global Summit and most recently was a Keynote Speaker at the Australian Consulate in New York about Global Leadership to a group of Ambassadors from the New York Young Leaders Program. Finally, In his Non-Profit endeavors Sergio is the Chairman of Political Affairs for ‘Entrepreneurs Organization’ “EO” and is also Chairman of ‘New York Entrepreneur Week’.

Sergio Fernandez de Cordova

Internationally, Sergio is Co-Chairman of the Young Global Leaders Board for the Global Center for Development and Democracy [CGDD] alongside former Presidents of Latin America, and he is a founding board member of the UN Foundations new Global Entrepreneurs Council, an honor only given to ten accomplished young global leaders and he is also an Official Delegate for the US Department of State’s Global Entrepreneurship Program (GEP) and recently worked with the G-20Y as a Member of the Business Assembly of the G-20Y Summit IOC, as well as with the young G8 2009 in Italy and young G20 2010 in Toronto.

Chairman Chair of Performing Arts, Pace University) Jorge Luis Cacheiro orge (Chair of Performing Arts, Pace University) has been a leading university theater innovator for almost two decades. During this time he has headed MFA Professional Director Training Programs at Ohio University in Athens, the University of Southern California in Los Angeles and the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. He has also taught Master Acting and Directing classes at UCLA, Cal Arts, Princeton and the University of Iowa. Today many of Mr. Cacheiro’s students appear on prime time television, feature films, national commercials and theater productions around the country. Most recently, Mr. Cacheiro founded and was the first director of the New Works Initiative (NWI) at Montclair State University. NWI is dedicated to developing new work for the American theater and dance world. Artists chosen by NWI include director Rachel Chavkin, writers Molly Rice and Jason Grote, composers Stephanie Johnstone and Marisa Michelson and choreographer Chase Brock. For the past ten years Mr. Cacheiro has also focused on creating cultural bridges between the United States and his native Cuba. The work includes pursuing academic agreements between Cuba’s Institute of Superior Arts and American universities, bringing Cuban theater artists to the US, and most recently directing in Havana, Cuba. In 2010, with the Latin American premiere of Jorge Cortinas’ Canto del Pozo Ciego, Mr. Cacheiro became the first American director invited to lead a Cuban company. TCG and the Andrew Mellon Foundation generously supported this production. He returns to direct again in Havana in 2013.

Jorge Luis Cacheiro

As a director, Mr. Cacheiro has a long history of working on new plays. He has directed world, US and west coast premieres of plays by such prominent playwrights as Harry Kondoleon, David Lindsay-Abaire, Eduardo Machado and Luis Santeiro, in theaters ranging from New York Theater Workshop, Circle Repertory, INTAR in New York, Echo Theater in Los Angeles and the Magic Theater in San Francisco. He has also been a guest director at the O’Neil Theater Conference and the Ojai Playwrights Conferences. His original projects have been funded by the National Endowment for the Arts, TCG the New York State Arts Council, the Andrew Mellon Foundation, Goethe House and the Spanish Embassy among others. Mr. Cacheiro is a former Circle Rep Lab member and Princess Grace Award winner. He is a graduate of the Yale School of Drama.

Assistant Professor Dr. Adriana Matiz is an Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics at Columbia Univerisity. She is also the Medical Director of the Washington Heights Family Health Center, a multi-specialty group practice in Washington Heights affiliated with NewYork Presbyterian where she practices General Pediatrics.Dr Matiz also serves as the medical director of WIN for Asthma, a nationally recognized program to strengthen community-wide asthma management for children in Northern Manhattan. In this role, she has developed and directed the program since it began in 2005. Her primary areas of focus include the development of a care coordination program for children with the poorest controlled asthma through the use of community health workers. She is working to expand to program to serve all patients with chronic illnesses including adults with type 2 diabetes in the inner-city. Her passion is to decrease health disparities and to expand the delivery of culturally competent care. Dr Matiz is a native of Colombia, raised in New York City, and a graduate of New York University School of Medicine. She completed her pediatric training and subsequent Chief Residency at Montefiore Medical Center/Albert Einstein College of Medicine and resides with her family in the Bronx.

Luz Adriana Matiz

Pace University salutes the 2011 Latino Trendsetters including Jorge Luis Cachiero, Chair of Dyson College of Arts and Science’s Performing Arts Department.

Training the next generation of leaders in the performing arts.

Chief Marketing Officer Health Plus Ada Rodriguez is Chief Marketing Officer for Health Plus, one of the largest providers of government-sponsored health insurance plans in New York City and State. Born in Puerto Rico and raised in New York City, Ada is a true example of the American Dream. In a short period of time, the hard-working mother of three went from stay-athome mom to being named one of the 50 most-distinguished Latinas for 2004 by El Diario/La Prensa. Her rise through the corporate ranks began in 1995, when she joined Health Plus as a Member Services Representative.Two years later, she went on to become the Marketing Manager for Staten Island, and shortly after, added South Brooklyn to her responsibilities. In December of 2000, Mrs. Rodriguez was promoted to Director of Marketing, where she developed the industry’s strongest marketing team. While managing a staff of over 200, she witnessed the number of members more than triple under her supervision - from 70,000 in 2000 to the more than 320,000 members the company boasts today. Now, as Chief Marketing Officer for the managed care provider, she supervises all Marketing, Communications, Special Events, Community Relations, and Recertification Departments, as well as the company’s Call Center Operations.

Ada Rodriguez

In October of 2009 Ada was recognized by Hispanics Business, a quarterly publication, when they named her as one of their 100 most influential people in New York State.Ms. Rodriguez has also received numerous professional and civic accolades, including the Civic Award for The Staten Island Women’s Conference. She has been recognized for her accomplishments and her contributions to communities on several occasions and has been honored by many community organizations, including ASPIRA of New York, The Cross Island YMCA, Haitian Americans United for Progress, Our Heritage Society, and The Arab American Association of New York. Mrs. Rodriguez is a member of the steering committee for the Latino Civic Association. She serves as a Board Member for the Chinatown YMCA. Additionally, she is an active member of the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, Manhattan Chamber Commerce, and the Brooklyn Arts Council.

Actress & Activist Breathtaking beauty, elegance and determination packaged all in one! This Puerto Rican Bronx, New York native personifies a sense of dignity and pride whenever she appears on screen. With a stunningly beautiful smile and infectious personality, Hernandez lights up any room she walks into, quickly becoming a staple from her first day on the set. This spirited comedic performer first proved her skills, a few years ago as a stand-up comedian at the world’s premier comedy nightclub Caroline’s on Broadway in New York City. With a thirst for the television, Hernandez received her first commercial break starring as the “Yo/Yoa Girl” alongside NBA All-Star Houston Rockets Center, Yao Ming in the 2004 Olympics Visa Check Card commercial. Her performance quickly secured her roles within various leading TV series which include ER, Law & Order and 30 Rock, among others. With an eye on the silver screen this versatile actress was able to land a dramatic and compelling role as Eva alongside Academy Award winning actress Hillary Swank in the 2007 drama Freedom Writers. Alluring audiences with her emotionally tinged performances, Hernandez has garnered roles in awarding winner director’s TV drama as a rookie cop in Blue Blood; as Beth in Lifetime TV series “Nurse Jackie” alongside Emmy Awarding winning actress Edie Falco; and her S.A.G. nominated role as Cira in the two time Golden Globe winning Showtime drama series “Dexter”, alongside Lauren Velez, Jennifer Carpenter and Golden Globe winner Michael C. Hall.

April Lee Hernandez

When she’s not working in TV and Film, Hernandez can be found serving as a community leader and motivational speaker empowering students within “at risk” and ivy league settings alike. In 2009, she teamed up with domestic violence survivor Nancy Genova and director Obie Award Winning Director Frank Perez, to loan her celebrity to the off-Broadway production of “The Death of a Dream,” which offered an intimate look inside the lives of three victims of domestic violence. The show offered insight into the lives of couples where co-dependency, passion and obsession overlapped. It was during this project where Hernandez not only revealed her personal experiences surrounding Domestic Violence, but gave birth to the annual L.O.V.E. Walk (Love Overcomes Violence Eternally), an annual day dedicated to solidarity and raising awareness about this global epidemic that reaches every racial, ethnic and social economic community throughout the world. Hernandez’ longevity and career choices has certainly provided growth and has carved out a place for her as one of today’s hardest working actresses in Hollywood. In a crowded field of players, she has earned the respect and is emerging as one of the industries most premiere Latino actors.

t National Deputy Director Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA). Ms. Alejandra Castillo has recently been appointed to serve as National Deputy Director of the Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA). In this role, Ms. Castillo serves as the principal advisor to the MBDA National Director and manages the day-to-day activities of the Agency’s five Regional Offices and 48 Minority Business Centers. As National Deputy Director, Ms. Castillo is also responsible for executing the As mission to help Minority Business Enterprises grow and succeed through access to capital, access to contract and access to business opportunities both domestically and abroad. Prior to her appointment with MBDA, Ms. Castillo served as Special Advisor to the Under Secretary for the U.S. Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration (ITA). Ms. Castillo was responsible for business outreach and development of policy initiatives focused on trade promotion and enforcement of U.S. trade laws. Ms. Castillo’s experience is valuable to MBDA, as she plays an integral role in developing and implementing MBDA’s Global Export Initiative for the minority business community as part of President Obama’s National Export Initiative. A practicing attorney for several years, Ms. Castillo has worked in the private, government and nonprofit sector. Prior to joining the Obama Administration, Ms. Castillo served as the Interim Executive Director of the Hispanic National Bar Association (HNBA) headquartered in Washington D.C. During her tenure at HNBA, she was instrumental in working with the White House, as well as other non-profit organizations, such as the Latinos for a Fair Judiciary, in support of the nomination and confirmation process for Supreme Court of Justice Sonia Sotomayor.

Alejandra Castillo, Esq

Ms. Castillo served in President Clinton’s Administration as a Senior Policy Analyst to the Deputy Director at the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP). She was responsible for developing and analyzing White House initiatives on anti-drug traffic and interdiction, anti money laundering policies, as well as drug prevention and treatment programs. A native of New York, Ms. Castillo holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics and political science from the State University of New York at Stony Brook. Ms. Castillo holds a Master’s degree in Public Policy from the Lyndon Baines Johnson School of Public Affairs, University of Texas at Austin and has a Juris Doctorate degree from American University (AU)–Washington College of Law.

Vice President of IT Time Warner Cable Cesar A. Beltran is the Vice President of Information Technology, East Region at Time Warner Cable. Beltran oversees and supports the information technology needs for both residential and commercial operations, business intelligence, the technology program management office and web facing tools. He also ensures systems and applications are utilized effectively to support the customer experience improvement tactics and overall growth goals. Beltran has 25 years of cable and information technology experience and has been instrumental in the deployment and ongoing support of new technologies such as High-Speed Data, Digital TV, Video-On-Demand, and coordinated the first implementation of Time Warner Cable WiFi in New York City. He is an influential player in the execution of Technology Centers powered by Time Warner Cable in the New York City footprint where the state-ofthe-art facilities serve as vital resources to communities, and provides access to the latest Internet technologies and specialized e-learning programs. He has spearheaded a host of technology advances, including the first concept of an intelligent graphical user interface and developed the concept of automated workforce field management system. He also pioneered a Windows Thin Client system for the cable industry which now serves as a standard in other industries.

Cesar Beltrán

Beltran has been the recipient of several prestigious Cable and Telecommunications industry awards including the 2007 and 2010 Hispanic Information Technology Council – Top 100 Technologists in the country, 2009 Cable Fax award – Most Influential Minorities in Cable, and 2009 and 2010 Engineering Magazine – Top Hispanic Engineers in Cable and Telecommunications. Beltran has been closely associated with the American Institute of Cancer Research, Christian Children’s Fund, Smile Train and St. Jude Hospital. He is an active member of the Hispanic Information Technology Council and served in the Accenture Business Leadership Council as an advocate for minorities in technology for three years.

Publisher PEOPLE en Español,

Monique Manso was named publisher of PEOPLE en Español, the largest selling Hispanic magazine in the U.S., in May 2011. She is charged with overseeing all advertising and marketing operations for the magazine and its website, PeopleEnEspanol. com. Prior to joining PEOPLE en Español, Manso was Vice President of Time Inc.Corporate Sales where she was responsible for Time Inc’s largest advertising contracts. Managing a team of corporate sales directors and working closely with the company’s world-class brands, she developed large-scale integrated corporate advertising programs and fostered new sales and marketing relationships.Under her management, the number of clients working with Corporate Sales & Marketing more than doubled, and she helped increase Time Inc.’s print market share significantly. Prior to joining Time Inc., Manso was an account director at Condé Nast’s Bon Appétit where she managed a range of retail, consumer electronics, and fashion accounts. She also held several senior positions at the Condé Nast Corporate Media Group, including Executive Corporate Business Director where she oversaw a team of ten media planning and buying professionals, and Corporate Sales Director, spearheading dozens of accounts in the food, liquor and home categories. Before entering the publishing world, Manso managed the IBM business at Ogilvy & Mather where she negotiated and maintained all global corporate contracts that included print, broadcast, online, custom publishing, research, and conference components. She was also responsible for the successful transition of the agency’s Latin America media department from Miami to New York. Manso began her career at Ammirati Puris Lintas Worldwide, where she worked on the Sara Lee Corp., Elizabeth Arden, Unilever, MasterCard and Wrangler business.

Monique Manso

Co-founder & Managing Partner XL Alliance Gil was recently selected by the World Economic Forum and one of only 190 Young Global Leaders after an extensive search across 65 countries championed by a committee chaired by Queen Rania of Jordan, global heads of state and CEO’s. Following a 15-year corporate career, at companies like Johnson & Johnson, where she became the youngest female executive, cofounder of the Latino Employee Resource Group “HOLA” and Hispanic marketing corporate strategy pioneer, Gil launched a consulting and marketing agency in 2009: XL Alliance and digital division Acento Group. With offices in New York, Denver, Los Angeles and Colombia, she consults and guides top executives and brands to penetrate the multicultural and Hispanic market; some of her clients include Diageo, Johnnie Walker, Post Foods, Valeant Pharmaceuticals and Kroger Co. She also has collaborated with celebrities like Serena Williams and Laila Ali in the launch of their beauty and personal care lines into the Hispanic and Direct Response (Home Shopping Network) channels. Gil is also a Spanish/ English media contributor known for her approach to presenting business news and economic trends with relevancy. She hosts the online show Moments2CultuRise ( and is a news contributor to Fox News/ Fox News Latino and the Huffington Post. She has also conducted special TV reports of the Latin GRAMMY Awards and is the host of the Miss Dominican Republic U.S. pageant. Other of her appearances include Univision, Telemundo, Television Dominicana, Telemicro Internacional, Caracol Television, NTN24 Noticias, among others.

Lilian Gil

She has been the recipient of the Business Woman of the Year Award by Latin Pride Awards, Latina Leadership Award by LULAC, selected Top 20 Under 40 by PODER Magazine and featured by publications like VANIDADES and Hispanic Executive. She is also the co- chair of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Gala por la Vida NY and board member for the Global Diversity and Inclusion Foundation. Gil holds a degree in Business from Southwestern Adventist University and an MBA from the University of Colorado, completed foreign studies at Deakin University in Australia and post-graduate studies at the Crummer Business School at Rollins College. She is married to Chris Valletta, who is a former NFL player for New Orleans, Tennessee and Tampa and business entrepreneur.










Anchor/Reporter WNBC 4 NEW YORK Co-anchor of the 5pm news/General Assignment Reporter in January 2009. Emmy award-winning journalist Tom Llamas is co-anchor of the 5pm news which airs weekday evenings. Llamas joined NBC 4 New York as a General Assignment Reporter in January 2009. Llamas came to WNBC from NBC owned WTVJ/NBC6 in Miami where he reported for the 6PM, 7PM, 10PM and 11PM weekday newscasts since 2005. His focus was on breaking news stories, investigative reports and special projects. Additionally, he contributed to NBC’s Today Show, MSNBC, and NBC’s affiliate service Newschannel. Llamas was also the fill-in anchor for WTVJ’s weekend evening newscasts. Llamas’ assignments at WTVJ took him all over the country and to the Caribbean. He covered Pope Benedict XVI’s trip to Washington, the Virginia Tech massacre from Blacksburg, the death of Anna Nicole Smith in Nassau, and was in Biloxi when Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast. He also reported from Montego Bay, Jamaica on the Princess Cruise Ship fire, and has covered 8 hurricanes. In 2008 Llamas became the first and only TV journalist ever embedded with the Coast Guard during a human smuggling interdiction at sea.The Emmy Award winning story documented how Cuban refugees are smuggled into the US via “Go-Fast” boats and the Coast Guard’s mission to intercept these vessels. 

Tom Llamas

Prior to joining WTVJ, Llamas worked for MSNBC as a political campaign reporter. Over the course of two years, Llamas traveled to over 40 states covering the Presidential campaigns of Senator John Kerry and the Reverend Al Sharpton, and the Vice Presidential campaign of Senator John Edwards. He shot, wrote, edited and reported live daily on the Democratic candidates for MSNBC, and contributed print reports and a daily blog for

Brand Manager Amway North America

Paula is an accomplished marketing executive who has focused her 15-year career on the U.S. Hispanic market. In addition, for more than two decades, Paula has been actively involved at the grass roots level with Latino community organizations. In 2006, Paula joined Amway North America, in Ada, Michigan, and quickly made her mark, breaking new ground by orchestrating the company’s first-ever marketing effort targeting U.S. Hispanics. Today, Paula heads up all multicultural efforts for the company. She brings her considerable marketing expertise to her role as a leader of professional organizations, including serving on the Direct Selling Association Marketing Council and being among the distinguished presenters during the DSA’s 100th year Anniversary Conference. Paula has been committed to supporting issues that are important to Latinas, bringing her passion and energy to the creation and execution of programs that support underserved women.

Paula Otero

Her involvement with organizations such as Women in Community Service, Women’s Leadership Organization and the March of Dimes, among other, has earned her the respect of local community leaders and peers alike. Paula also gives voice to women’s issues through weekly columns and articles which have appeared online and in national and local publications. Paula lives in the Mid West.

Director of Cultural Branding PepsiCo

Javier Farfan, Director of Cultural Branding at PepsiCo, joined PBA in June 2010 to oversee PBA’s efforts to build brands and drive volume with key cultural groups (including Hispanic, African-American, and Asian-American consumers and influencers). Javier is responsible for leading the strategy, program development, communications for these groups, working closely with brand teams across Pepsi. Before joining PepsiCo, Farfan served as Product Marketing Group Manager at Microsoft and was responsible for marketing and communications efforts specifically within the U.S. Hispanic market. Farfan also served as the Director of Marketing for MTV Networks where he helped launch a Hispanic cable network, MTV Tr3s. At MTV Tr3s, he spearheaded consumer marketing and strategic partnership initiatives to drive brand awareness, programming launches and key Hispanic marketing efforts. Prior to joining MTV Networks, Farfan spent his career in the finance and consulting industry at JP Morgan Chase and Accenture Consulting, respectively. Farfan, a New York City native, holds a Master of Arts from Columbia University and a Master of Business Administration from New York University, Stern School of Business.  

Javier Farfan

President National Supermket Association David Corona is the first American born president of the National Supermket Association; he was elected in 2010 for his leadership and commitment to bringing the association to a higher level. Founded in 1989, the NSA is a trade association that represents the interest of independent supermarket owners in New York and other urban cities throughout the East coast, Mid-Atlantic region and Florida. The membership of the association stands at approximately 400 supermarkets, members are mostly of Hispanic descent and their stores are predominantly located in minority neighborhoods. In the last decade, the NSA Scholarship Foundation has granted more than a million dollars in educational scholarships to deserving underprivileged students from local neighborhoods served by our members’ supermarkets. The son of immigrant parents from the Dominican Republic who came to this country searching for the American dream and opened the Corona Hardware store in Corona, Queens in the 1960s. David learned the retail business from his father while working at the hardware store and attending St. John University’s College of Business Administration. He began his career in the supermarket business in the mid 80s as a partner by opening a store in the Bronx. In the early 90s, he partnered with his uncle to open a Pioneer also in the Bronx, and in 2006 he became the sole proprietor of that store.

David Corona

In the year 2000, David was awarded “Supermarket Store Owner of the Year” at the 12th Annual Hispanic Achievement Awards, during an on-field ceremony in Yankees Stadium, where he presented a memento to Jorge Posada, in 2005 White Rose named him “Retailer of the Year”, and in 2011 he received El Diario’s EL Award. He has been involved with the local community by creating family events and gatherings to keep the kids off the streets; his store supports NYPD’s 46th Precinct block parties every year.He resides in Long Island with his wife Yasmine, and their two children.

Anchor/Reporter WABC-TV

Joe Torres reports and anchors the weekend evening news on WABC-TV. Joe is a full-fledged, purebred New Yorker. He was born in Brooklyn. He attended P.S. 198 until the sixth grade when his family moved to Northern Westchester County. He is a graduate of John Jay High School in Cross River. After high school, Joe continued his education at SUNY Brockport, where he earned a B.S. in Communications. Along with his wife Fran and their two boys, Joe still lives in the town where he grew up. Joe joined the Eyewitness News team as a general assignment reporter in 1997. Throughout the last nine years he has established himself as one of the premier street reporters here in the nation's #1 television market. Versatility is his strength. Crime, politics, education, transportation, business, whatever the subject, Joe has covered it all with an engaging and energetic style that fellow New Yorkers have come to know and love. Perhaps most memorable for viewers has been Joe's extensive coverage of the late Pope John Paul II. Before the Holy Father's death, Joe followed the globe-trotting Pontiff on his trips to Cuba, Mexico, and the Holy Land, providing New Yorkers with local angles to worldly events. Joe was at the Vatican for the Pope's Silver Anniversary and for his death, when millions flocked to Rome to say goodbye to the spiritual leader. And lastly, Joe was at St. Peter's Square when the white smoke from the Sistine Chapel informed the world of the historic election of Pope Benedict the XVI. Two days a week Joe sets aside his reporter's pad and heads to the anchor desk. Each Saturday and Sunday Joe serves as the Co-Anchor of Eyewitness News This Weekend. Joe's distinctive storytelling ability garnered him a Peabody Award and the Edward R. Murrow Award for his reports on the world-changing events of September 11th. Joe also earned an Emmy Award for his coverage of the Greenpoint Gas Tank Implosions in 2001.

Joe Torres

Joe started his television career in 1987 as an NBC Page in New York. He first reporting job was at WSAVTV in Savannah, Georgia where he served as a general assignment reporter and beat reporter covering county government. Joe then moved to the ABC affiliate WNEP-TV in Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania to work as a Consumer Reporter, general assignment reporter and Weekend Anchor. In 1992 Joe landed a job as the Jersey Shore correspondent for Disney/ABC-owned WPVI-TV in Philadelphia.

Director News Corporation

Ivette Fernandez

Ivette Fernandez is a native Alaskan with a long history of public affairs experience, including positions in The White House, U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Senate. She currently serves as the Director of Community Affairs in Corporate Diversity at News Corporation. She is responsible for managing News Corp’s External Corporate Diversity Council and developing and maintaining partnerships with a wide range of other strategic external advocacy, community and industry stakeholders to promote education initiatives and expand workforce, program and supplier diversity. Additionally, she works closely with News Corp’s Internal Business Diversity Council members and other executives across News Corp’s various business units on community reinvestment programs and the value proposition of diversity-related issues.   Ivette has been recognized for her contributions to the Hispanic community by numerous organizations and publications, including LATINO Magazine; U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce; University of Alaska Fairbanks; and Comunlife.  She was the feature of LATINA Style Magazine’s summer 2008 article “Inspirational Latina, Ivette Fernandez,” and was 1 of 15 nationwide recipients in 2006 selected as a young Hispanic American leader by the Government of Spain’s “Young Hispanic Leaders Program,” where she was honored by HRH Crown Prince Felipe of Spain.   Ivette participated in a cultural study abroad to Argentina in college and was selected to be a Rotary Foreign Exchange Student to Sweden in high school.  She has traveled to over 30 countries and 30 states in the U.S. and speaks three languages. In 2000, she won the title of Miss Alaska USA and Miss Congeniality and competed in the 2001 Miss USA Pageant.   Ivette is a Board Member of the Congressional Hispanic Leadership Institute, Friends of the National Museum of the American Latino and Comunilife Corporate Advisory Council; Chair of the United Way of New York City’s Young Leaders Council Executive Committee; and Member of New York Junior League. She received her Bachelor’s degree in International Affairs from The George Washington University and her Master’s degree in International Affairs from Georgetown University.

BUILDING A BETTER AIRLINE, NOT JUST A BIGGER ONE. MORE PLANES. MORE PLACES. MORE WORK TO BE DONE. Delta is proud to support the Latino Trendsetters Awards and congratulates all of the award recipients.


Alina Seyler, CEO, Carpet Fashions; Michael E. Smith, President and CEO, The Griffin Security Agency; Booker Favors, President, Favors & Company

Con Edison Is ON ITâ&#x20AC;&#x201C; And Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve Got Company. In fact, more than 300 companies in and around New York do business with Con Edison through our Supplier Diversity Program. Entrepreneurs like these who partner with Con Edison become the economic engines that keep New York on the move. You could be one of them. Con Edison. ON IT.

Visit or call Joy Crichlow, Director, Con Edison Supplier Diversity Program at 212-460-3076.

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THE NEW YORK MARRIOTT MARQUIS IS PROUD TO HOST THE 10TH ANNUAL LATINO TRENDSETTER AWARDS. The lights on Broadway brightened this year, as the New York Marriott Marquis unveiled a multi-million dollar renovation of our flagship hotel in Times Square.

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The ultimate Times Square experience. Now even better.

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New York, NY

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Phone: 212-398-1900

Celebrating the differences that make us stronger. Aetna is proud to support the 10th Annual Latino Trendsetter Awards Gala. Congratulations to tonightâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s honorees!

Š2011 Aetna Inc. 2011014

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Their tomorrow depends on your words today.

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President Ricardo R. Fernández and the Students, Faculty, and Staff of


LatinTrends on their

10th Annual Trendsetter Awards and Scholarship Gala and congratulate this year’s trendsetters Joe Torres News Anchor WABC-TV, Channel 7 Host, “Tiempo” Ivette Fernandez Director of Community Affairs News Corporation Javier Farfan Director of Cultural Branding Pepsi-Cola Sergio Fernandez de Cordova Executive Vice President Fuel Outdoor Dr. Luz Adriana Matiz Assistant Professor of Pediatrics Columbia University April Lee Hernandez Actress & Activist

Henry Rubio Principal A. Philip Randolph High School

David Corona President National Supermarket Association

Paloma Izquierdo-Hernandez President/CEO Urban Health Plan, Inc.

Alejandra Castillo, Esq. National Deputy Director Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA)

Jorge Luis Cachiero Chairman, Dyson College of Arts & Sciences Performing Arts Department Pace University Cesar Beltran Vice President of IT, East Region Time Warner Cable Tom Llamas News Anchor WNBC-TV Channel 4 Ada Rodriguez &KLHI0DUNHWLQJ2IÞFHU Health Plus

Monique Manso Publisher, People En Español Rosa Ramos Kwok Managing Director Morgan Stanley Paula Otero Brand Manager Amway North America Liliana Gil Co-founder & Managing Partner XL Alliance

Phone: 1-877-LEHMAN-1

â&#x20AC;&#x153;To go beyond what is known to be possible, you must strive to attain what is thought to be impossibleâ&#x20AC;? ~ Anthoy Lynn Nichols ~

10th Annual Latino Trendsetter Journal  

Latino Trendsetter awards role models in Latin America. College student Scholarship winners, actors, professors, and radio personalities ge...