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The Latino Trendsetter Award recipients proudly represent 51 million plus US Hispanics. They have each developed the mindset and characteristics of a leader. They are influential heads of households and play a major role influencing what their children and parents purchase. They maintain high standards in actions and deeds. They are accomplished people on the move. They are Trendsetters who never stop! As acculturated Latinos, they are influencing three generations; themselves, their children and their parents. They are influencing mainstream society while inspiring our youth, who will become tomorrow’s trendsetters. This is a blessed evening, because anytime you have likeminded forwardthinking people in a room, great things happen. You may not see it right at this moment, but it’s there. The seed has been planted; it could have been from that conversation while you were sipping your Absolut cocktail or that handshake by the Heineken lounge. Maybe the energetic red combined with soothing green color in the Laboratorio Buena Salud logo you saw on the red carpet will play a significant role in reminding you the importance of knowing when to push forward and when to relax. A well-defined balance for both is essential to good health. Laboratorio Buena Salud is the first laboratory with a full focus on the US Latino community. That is not only breaking news. It is good news! Because good health is what allows us to be complete, move forward and achieve. Victor Hugo stated, “He who opens a school door, closes a prison.” Perhaps seeing the CUNY presence in this event and hearing some of the award and scholarship winners will remind us to continue our quest for higher education at all levels. CUNY has been a top contributor to closing the prison doors in our minds and avoiding prison doors in society. Yellow symbolizes wisdom. It means joy and happiness. People of high intellect favor yellow. Inca Kola’s logo is yellow. There is something about the word “refreshing” that stimulates our thoughts and inspires us to want to feel refreshed. Take a sip of Inca Kola and you will feel “refreshed.” The brand is marketed and distributed by Continental Food & Beverage Inc., a family-run business started in 1980 by Luis Jardines and his wife Lourdes. Mr. Jardines’ daughter is currently the company President and her husband is its Chief Operating Officer. They also happen to be former Trendsetter Award winners. Joy and familia, a great combination! “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” is a well-known phrase in the United States Declaration of Independence. The wonderful freedom we enjoy in America today is made possible by the great men and women of the US military, who serve our country day in and day out. Our future is secured in part by the US Army ROTC, which is an important part of that security and the freedom we all enjoy in America.

The changing of time touches everyone and everything. From an individual to his or her community, to a business within the community - changes come naturally as time progresses. As the world becomes predominantly globalized through the development of technology, education, and business opportunities, fixtures that are familiar to a particular community become somewhat different when they expand in order to incorporate and appeal to the global community. Banco Popular, now known as the rebranded Popular Community Bank, is an example of how a corporation, which appealed to a smaller community changed in time to appeal to the whole community rather than one segment. The bank has been at the forefront in the community since coming to the States in 1961 and opening the first bank catering to Bronx Latinos. Today, Popular Community Bank currently operates in five states with over 90 branches in New York, New Jersey, California, Florida, and Illinois. Banco Popular soon became a household name outside the Latino community. With its success in Puerto Rico, the United States, and a growing enterprise that provides financial services in multiple countries, it continues to succeed while caring and understanding the community. As the saying goes you don’t know how much you miss something, until you lose it. For many of us during and after Hurricane Sandy that were fortunate to lose only power or internet connection (some lost much more), it was a burden to get to work or get work done. The ability to unwind and watch our favorite shows, whether Telemundo’s hit novela Pablo Escobar, Showtime’s Dexter or NBC’s Stars Earn Stripes became impossible. We lost connectivity and by not having it, strongly reminded us just how precious it is! Time Warner Cable provides that connectivity that we all need and are use to having. Speaking of connectivity, at the end of the day, IT IS about connecting with people. It’s how people progress and move forward. I hope you all networked, connected at the reception, during this Gala and into the future, because it is all about human capital. We need each other. We are the most valuable to each other when we work with each other. We humans are the most valuable resource on planet earth and it’s the connectivity with each other and our world that fuels innovation and everything else for that matter. Every time you a see Time Warner Cable van around the city and boroughs think Connectivity and thank God for it! Felicidades a todos! Sincerely, Juan Guillen Founder & CEO


Santana has reported from New York for CNN en Español on national events such as the Occupy Wall Street protests, and the UN General Assembly.

Juan Guillen

Production Manager

Before joining the network, Santana was a reporter for Miami’s Mega TV, a Spanish Broadcasting Systems Network, and as producer and editor for Telemundo WNJU in New York where she started her journalism career. She reported on the 2008 election of President Barack Obama, the confirmation hearings of Sonia Sotomayor, the 2009 collapse of Wall Street, the US’s war on terrorism and the reaction to the death of Michael Jackson. Moreover, Santana covers local cultural events in the metro area, which highlight the best of the Latin culture. Her unique coverage of New York’s National Puerto Rican Day Parade as well as her feature on the hit Broadway musical “In the Heights” have earned her praises from the public.

Cesar Camacho

Administrative Assistant Hope Lawrence

Graphic Designer Luisa Grajales

Copy Editor John Rodriguez Becky Rumayor


New York correspondent for CNN en Español.

Joel Rodriguez María Santana is a New York correspondent for CNN en Español.

Interns Tevin David Barnes The Latino Trendsetter Award is presented by LatinTRENDS 60 West 39th Street, Suite 2W New York, NY 10018 Tel. (212) 851 - 6164 Toll Free. 1-800-313 - 1869

Santana reports from New York for all of the network programs, including Café CNN, CNN Dinero, Directo USA, NotiMujer and Panorama Mundial.


Juan Guillen, Founder & CEO

In 2008, Llamas became the first and only TV journalist ever embedded with the Coast Guard during a human smuggling interdiction at sea. The Emmy Award winning story documented how Cuban refugees are smuggled into the US via “Go-Fast” boats and the Coast Guard’s mission to intercept these vessels.

Dinner Presentation of Awards


pop culture with a latin twist

A Native of the Dominican Republic, she is a graduate of Wesleyan University with a major in Psychology.

the weekday newscast since 2005. His focus was on breaking news, and investigative reports. While in Miami, he covered Pope Benedict XVI’s trip to Washington, the Virginia Tech massacre from Blacksburg, Virginia and was live in Biloxi when Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast. He has covered a dozen tropical storms and hurricanes.


Ernesto Quiñonez (Author) The Honorable Nelson Diaz (Law) Dr. Amarilis Lugo (Medicine) Jacqueline Rosa (Finance) T47 Media Award (Media) Allan Wernick (Special Award / Community) President Felix Matos Rodriguez, PHD (Education) Antonio Ruiz Gimenez (Entrepenuer) Imani DuBois (Scholarship winner) Krystal Perez (Scholarship winner) John Moreno-Escobar (Scholarship winner) Michael Cruz (Scholarship winner) Dr. Sixto Caro (Health) Dr. Myrka Gonzalez & David Ochoa (Philanthropy) J.W. Cortes (Entertainment) David Zayas (Entertainment) El Pacha (Entertainment) Alex Guzman (Business) Eder Holguin (Technology) Dr. Rosa M. Gil (Community Service)

When it comes to Latino celebrities, María Santana has interviewed such musical heavyweights as Juanes, Thalia, Alejandro Sanz, Calle 13 and Aventura; actors Gael Garcia Bernal, Diego Luna, Javier Bardem and Francisco Gattorno, as well as Miss Universe winners Denise Quiñones and Dayana Mendoza.

Co-anchors weekday newscasts and is contributing Correspondent to NBC News reporting Award-winning journalist Tom Llamas coanchors the 12N and 5P weekday newscasts and is contributing Correspondent to NBC News reporting for the Today Show, MSNBC, and NBC’s Nightly News. Llamas joined NBC 4 New York from NBC owned WTVJ/NBC6 in Miami as a General Assignment Reporter in January 2009. Since coming to New York, Llamas has covered several major stories for NBC including the Ten Year Anniversary of 9/11, the Miracle on the Hudson plane crash on the Hudson River, the Times Square Bomb Scare, the Earthquake in Haiti and Hurricanes Isaac and Irene. Llamas joined WNBC from NBC owned WTVJ/ NBC6 in Miami where he reported for the

Prior to joining WTVJ, Llamas worked for MSNBC as a political campaign reporter. Over the course of two years, Llamas traveled to over 40 states covering the Presidential campaigns of Senator John Kerry and the Reverend Al Sharpton, and the Vice Presidential campaign of Senator John Edwards. He shot, wrote, edited and reported live daily on the Democratic candidates for MSNBC, and contributed print reports and a daily blog for Llamas began his career in broadcasting in New York with the NBC News Specials Unit during the 2000 presidential election and then moved to MSNBC. In his first two years at MSNBC, he worked on coverage of the September 11th attacks and the war with Afghanistan. Llamas was born and raised in Miami after his parents fled from Cuba during the 1960’s. He graduated from Loyola University in New Orleans with Bachelor of Arts Degrees in both Communications and Drama and Speech. Llamas also participated in a program at the University of Miami’s Institute for Cuban and Cuban-American Studies which focused on Raul Castro and Cuban-American Voters.

Novelist, Best Selling Author & Associate Professor of Cornell University

Ernesto Quiñonez is from Spanish Harlem in New York City. Before his first publication, he was heralded by the Village Voice as a “Writer On the Verge”. His debut novel Bodega Dreams was chosen as a Los Angeles Times and a New York Times Notable Book of the year. Bodega Dreams has become a landmark in contemporary literature. In fact, it is required reading in many high schools and colleges around the country. Moreover, the New York Times claimed the novel as a “New Immigrant Classic.” He is a Sundance Writer’s Lab fellow. Currently, he teaches at Cornell University as an Associate Professor in the Master of Fine Arts program.

A partner at Dilworth Paxon LLP., first Hispanic Judge in the State of Pennsylvania

The Honorable Nelson Diaz concentrates his practice in the areas of litigation, dispute resolution, public housing issues and government relations as a Partner at Dilworth Paxson LLP as of 2011. He has represented public entities, corporations, hospitals, banks, and nonprofit organizations in both state and federal Courts. He served as a judge for the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas from 1981 through 1993. He was the youngest judge elected to the Court and first Latino judge in Pennsylvania. He also served as city solicitor of Philadelphia and was appointed by President Clinton as general counsel for U.S. Department of HUD, where he reformed public housing. He was also a White House Fellow assisting VP Mondale from 1977-1978. He graduated from Temple University Law School in 1972 and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from St. John’s University in 1969. Furthermore, he has served on several boards such as Exelon, PNC and Temple University. He chaired the DNC’s Hispanic Caucus. He has been awarded honorary doctorates from Temple University, La Salle University, Albright College and Lincoln University. He was honored by the ABA in 2001 and by HUD frequently. He was recognized as one of the 100 most influential Hispanic Americans by Hispanic Business in 2011.


EMPOWER. SUPPORT. CELEBRATE. We salute LatinTrends and this year's honorees. Popular Community Bank is honored to play a role in this event. We are committed to supporting endeavors that allow our communities to have healthy and fulfilling lives. To learn more about Popular Community Bank, call 1-800-377-0800 or visit our website:

Š2012 Banco Popular North America. Member FDIC.

Congratulations. Exelon salutes Judge Nelson A. Diaz for his remarkable career. We are grateful for his many contributions to advancing diversity and inclusion in business, and his continuing service on the Exelon board of directors. ŠExelon Generation Company, 2012

Assistant Professor of Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital

Dr. Luz Amarilis Lugo is an Assistant Professor of Medicine and Infectious Disease Specialist for The Mount Sinai Hospital HIV Clinic in Chelsea, NYC. She ensured a smooth transition of the facility and the patients during Mount Sinai’s takeover of St. Vincent’s Hospital in 2010. She has worked for Mount Sinai since 2003. She works tirelessly to communicate preventive information to Latinos, who continue to be plagued by HIV/AIDS. Consequently, she was recognized as one of “2011 Mujeres Destacadas” (Women of Distinction), by El Diario La Prensa, the leading Spanish-language newspaper in NY. A native of Puerto Rico, she graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Puerto Rico with a Bachelor’s in Science. She then graduated from the Ponce School of Medicine in 1996. She has certifications in both Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases. She has been an Instructor in Clinical Medicine at the Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons and was also the Medical Director, Infectious Disease Clinic at Harlem Hospital/Columbia University. She is currently an Assistant Professor at New York Medical College. She has worked on various clinical trials and research. She was published in the Internet Journal of Asthma, Allergy and Immunology. Her abstracts were presented in 2008 at the XVII International Aids Conference in Mexico City. She is a sought after speaker on HIV/AIDS; her “HIV 101 – Basic Concepts on HIV Management” sponsored by AID for AIDS was presented in DR, Panama, Colombia and Peru. She also volunteers at the Vera Institute of Justice and the New York LINK Project.

Executive Director of Corporate Supplier Diversity for JPMorgan Chase

Jacqueline L. Rosa is Executive Director of Corporate Supplier Diversity at JPMorgan Chase. Previously, she spent 12 years at Morgan Stanley, first as head of their Supplier Diversity Program and later expanding her responsibilities to include Global Diversity and Work-Life initiatives.

Before 1999, she was a marketing

manager for Creative Games International (CGI), an affiliate of GTECH – a global gaming company. During her eight years at CGI, she negotiated gaming contracts for governments internationally and traveled the world, living in a number of countries, including Mexico, Japan and Russia. A native of Spanish Harlem and the Bronx, she was a recipient of A Better Chance scholarship. She attended The Taft Preparatory School in Watertown, Connecticut and Fordham University in New York City, majoring in Communications and Journalism.


The Mount Sinai Hospital congratulates all of today’s nominees and our own Latino Trendsetter, Dr. Luz Amarilis Lugo.

Empowering Latinos for a Healthier Tomorrow

In the business of supporting yours For over 15 years, JPMorgan Chase & Co. has proven its dedication to diverse suppliers by providing them with contracting opportunities, financial services and strategic insights. Because in the end, supporting these firms is not only the right thing to do, it’s also really great for business. Theirs. And ours.

Š2012 JPMorgan Chase & Co. All rights reserved.

Special Awards

Telemundo 47 NY will receive the Media Company of the Year Award for being the first Spanish language TV station in the tri-state and second largest in the nation. They are celebrating their 47th anniversary.

Professor at Baruch College

Professor Allan Wernick, is receiving a special award given to a person of non-Hispanic descent that has positively impacted the community. Allan Wernick is a professor at Baruch College, City University New York (CUNY), and the Director of CUNY Citizenship Now! His “Immigration” column appears twice weekly in the New York Daily News. Also, his column “Immigration and Citizenship” is syndicated by King Features Syndicate. Professor Wernick has taught immigration and policy at UCLA and at California State University at Dominguez Hills. Professor Wernick has been Chair of the Immigration Committee of the New York City Bar Association, served on the National Board of Directors of the American Immigration Lawyers’ Association (AILA) and as President of AILA’s New York Chapter.


President of Hostos Community College Félix V. Matos Rodríguez became the 6th President of Hostos Community College of CUNY in 2009. Trained as a social scientist, he has held key positions in foundations, universities, policy centers and branches of government combining his scholarship with social policy and advocacy. In 2008, he ended his service as Secretary of the Department of the Family for the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico managing an annual budget of $2.2 billion. He is a graduate of Colegio San Ignacio High School in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He studied at Yale University, where he graduated cum laude in Latin American Studies. He received his Ph.D. in history from Columbia University. While at Hostos, he is on leave from his tenured position as Professor of Black and Puerto Rican/Latino Studies at Hunter College (CUNY). He has also served as director of the Center for Puerto Rican Studies at Hunter, which is one of the largest and most important Latino research centers in the US. Additionally, he is part of the History Department at CUNY’s Graduate Center. He has served on many boards including ACE and Bronx Chamber of Commerce currently and ASPIRA in the past. He has also received community service awards for excellence in education from the NY State Senate and Assembly’s Puerto Rican/ Latino Caucus in 2002, selected as “Man of the Year” by the NYC League of Puerto Rican Women in 2009, “Educator of the Year” in 2009 by the National Dominican Roundtable, Effective Leadership Award by the Latino Center on Aging in 2011 and the National Hispanic Chamber of Commerce on Health in 2011.

President of Innovators Fund Antonio Ruiz-Gimenez is an entrepreneur with a record of launching progressive, dynamic companies across multiple industries from finance to fashion to social media. Most recently, he embarked on reshaping several industries through Infrastructure Media Group Holdings – IMGH and Innovators Fund; two enterprises he co-founded in 2012. IMGH is a holding company focused on global infrastructure, energy, commodities and public/private partnerships. Innovators Fund is a collaborative-based seeding platform focused on investing in novel, disruptive technologies across disciplines globally. Prior to his current ventures, he co-founded healthcare hedge fund YYC Capital in 2009 and oversaw the fund through early 2012. During this time, his fund’s portfolio manager was recognized in Fortune’s 40 under 40. His earlier ventures include Cabool Australia, a surf clothing line he founded in 2003. It grew from a mere concept to a brand with international presence in over 250 stores spanning four continents. Prior to Cabool, in 2000, he pioneered one of the original European social media networking sites, altering the way we communicate far in advance of today’s platforms. He holds a law degree from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. He focuses his free time and resources to PVBLIC Foundation, repurposing media for social impact.




and •

Dr. Felix Matos Rodriguez

President, Hostos Community College, CUNY Education Award

Allan Wernick

Professor of Law, Baruch College, CUNY Director of CUNY Citizenship Now! Special Award and all Distinguished Honorees on the occasion of the

Eleventh Annual Latino Trendsetter Awards and Scholarship Gala 2012 November 27, 2012 BENNO SCHMIDT





Scholarship winners

Krystal Perez CUNY Lehman College

Krystal Joy Perez was born and raised in the Bronx, New York. Her parents are both second generation Puerto Ricans who were children of parents who emigrated from Puerto Rico. She is currently a senior in Lehman College majoring in Social Work. She is an intern for 100 Hispanic Women, Inc. and Northside Center for Child Development. Aside from attending college fulltime and interning, she also volunteers at her local church. She is on the youth committee and assists with various youth activities.

Imani DuBois CUNY Lehman College

Imani graduated Taravella High Krystal DuBois Joy Perez was bornfrom and J.P. raised in the Bronx, School, where she played varsity volleyball while New York. Her parents are both second generation taking advanced placement She Puerto honors Ricansand who were children of courses. parents who maintained high grades and completed over 400 hours emigrated from Puerto Rico. She is currently a senior of community service. Currently, sheWork. is a She freshman in Lehman College majoring in Social is an at CUNY Lehman College. She plans to obtain an intern for 100 Hispanic Women, Inc. and Northside advanced degree in professional mental health. She Center for Child Development. Aside from attending hopes work with adolescents a hospital or at in college to full-time and interning, sheinalso volunteers private practice. She aspires to become a Psychiatric her local church. She is on the youth committee and Nurse assistsPractitioner. with various youth activities. In order to pursue in herspring goals,2013, she has committed Upon graduation she plans to herself attend o being a dedicated student. She knows a high graduate school and pursue a master’s that degree in grade is degrees, key to achieving success Social point Work.average With her and once she isand an becoming professional. Receiving a scholarship will LMSW, shea plans to continue her education and career help her continue taking college courses full-time and path by doing what she loves. She hopes to serve as obtain will help her a voiceher for undergraduate people who feeldegree. they doTh notishave one and begin a professional career. She is determined to be a need a helping hand in life. In the future, she plans professional serving those who are less fortunate. She to open a home for homeless youth as well as taking will set an example to empower other young Latinas. missionary trips to other countries.


Upon graduation in spring 2013, she plans to attend graduate school and pursue a master’s degree in Social Work. With her degrees, and once she is an LMSW, she plans to continue her education and career path by doing what she loves. She hopes to serve as a voice for people who feel they do not have one and need a helping hand in life. In the future, she plans to open a home for homeless youth as well as taking missionary trips to other countries.

The Division of Institutional Advancement & The Division of Continuing Education and Workforce Development Congratulate President FĂŠlix V. Matos RodrĂ­guez, Ph. D. and all Distinguished Honorees on the occasion of the 11th Latino Trendsetter Awards & Scholarship Gala Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Scholarship winners

Krystal Perez CUNY City College Lehman College

Imani DuBois

CUNY Baruch College - School of Public Affairs

CUNY Lehman College

As the Northeast Partnership Manager for New Futuro, Krystal Joy Perez was is born and raised in the Bronx, John Moreno-Escobar, dedicated to building crossNew York. Her parents are both second generation sector collaboratives between schools, communityPuerto Ricans who were children of parents who based organizations, higher education institutions, emigrated from Puerto Rico. She is currently a senior and government associations to increase Latino in Lehman College majoring in Social an college attainment. John’s efforts go Work. beyondShe hisisrole intern for 100 Hispanic Women, Inc. and Northside at New Futuro. He is originally from Bogota, Colombia Center for Child toDevelopment. Aside 9from attending and immigrated the United States years ago to college full-time and interning, she also volunteers at further his studies. John struggled working multiple her local church. She is on the youth committee and jobs throughout college until he became a successful assists with various youth activities. leader. A talented social entrepreneur and community and natural leader, John founded his own non-profit Upon graduation inYouth spring plans to attend organization, Latino for2013, Highershe Education Program graduate school and pursue a master’s degree in (LYHEP) in 2009, with the help of other Latino college Social Work. With her degrees, and once she is an students. LYHEP was founded in an effort to educate LMSW, sheimmigrant plans to continue her education and career and assist Latino students and families with path by doing what she loves. She hopes to serve as the process of applying, preparing and paying for higher a voice for people who feel they do not have one and education in the United States. John is also a graduate need helping hand -inSchool life. Inof the future, she plans of the aBaruch College Public Affairs (CUNY) to open a home for homeless youth as well as taking Program and is currently pursuing a Masters in Public missionary tripsatto other countries. Administration the same institution.


Michael Cruz was born in Manhattan to Puerto Rican parents. He Perez was primarily in parochial Krystal Joy was bornenrolled and raised in the schools and worked hard to be a good student, despite Bronx, New York. Her parents are both second travelling so much with his family and on his own. generation Puerto Ricans who were children He of initially to attend Hostos Community parentsdecided who emigrated from Puerto Rico. College She because of his brother.inMichael chosenmajoring to spend is currently a senior Lehmanhas College time out of the classroom in activities allowing him to in Social Work. She is an intern for 100 Hispanic pursue his career in Political Science and Immigration Women, Inc. and Northside Center for Child Law. He graduated from Hostos Community College Development. Aside from attending college fullthis past June. He currently attends City College time and interning, she also volunteers at herof New where pursuing a bachelor’s degree local York, church. Sheheisison the youth committee and in Political Science and International Studies. He assists with various youth activities. currently has a 3.7 GPA. Upon graduation in spring 2013, she plans to Michael also received the 2010-2011 attend graduate school and pursueCity a University master’s of New York Student Leadership Award. He and was degree in Social Work. With her degrees, elected by the student body to serve in the Hostos once she is an LMSW, she plans to continue Student Government Association as doing Senator her education and career path by whatin 2011. He also has served since 2011 as a student she loves. She hopes to serve as a voice for representative the Steering people who feelon they do Middle not haveStates one and need Committee. He studied abroad in Brazil in the a helping hand in life. In the future, she plans summer 2011. for He homeless was the first of two student to open of a home youth as well as representatives from Hostos to serve in the Ernesto taking missionary trips to other countries. Malave CUNY Leadership Academy’s Campus Leadership and Student Services Program in 2011.

CONGRATULATIONS to two members of the Baruch College community

honored at the

11th Annual Latino Trendsetter Awards and Scholarship Gala

Professor Allan Wernick, recipient of a special Trendsetter award for his positive impact on the community

John Moreno-Escobar ‘10, student scholarship recipient

From your friends and colleagues at Baruch College.

We salute Dr. Sixto R. Caro, the 2012 Latino Trendsetter Award recipients and Scholarship Winners


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Together we make good things happen. Goya congratulates the 2012 Latino Trendsetter Award recipients.

If it’s

ÂŽ has to be good

Congratulations to 2012 latino trendsetter award winners

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President Ricardo R. Fernández and the Students, Faculty, and Staff of


LatinTRENDS Magazine on the


Eleventh Annual Latino Trendsetter Awards and congratulate this year’s honorees Telemundo 47 NY Media Company of the Year Award

Dr. Rosa M. Gil President and CEO, Comunilife

David Ochoa Managing Director, Development Initiative Vaughn College Philanthropy in Education Award

Antonio Ruiz-Gimenez President, Innovators Fund

Dr. Myrka Gonzalez, Esq. Trustee, Dowling College Philanthrophy in Education Award Dr. Felix Matos Rodriguez President, Hostos Community College Eder Holguin Chief Revenue Officer Virtual Fan Networks Hon. Nelson Diaz Partner, Dilworth Paxon LLP Allan Wernick Professor, Baruch College

Ernesto Quiñonez Novelist and Associate Professor, Cornell University Dr. Amarilis Lugo, MD Assistant Professor of Medicine Mount Sinai Hospital

Frederick Martinez Radio and TV Personality Univision Dr. Sixto R. Caro, MD Attending Physician NYU School of Medicine NYU Langone Medical Center SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENTS John Moreno-Escobar Baruch College

Alex Guzman Owner, Compare Foods

Michael A. Cruz City College

JW Cortés Actor, Filmmaker

Krystal Joy Perez Lehman College

David Zayas Actor

Imani DuBois Lehman College

Jacqueline L. Rosa Managing Director, Corporate Supplier Diversity JP Morgan Chase

Phone: 1-877-LEHMAN-1


Attending Physician, Department of Medicine, NYU School of Medicine, NYU Langone Medical Center

Doctor Sixto R. Caro was born in Dajabon, Dominican Republic and lives in Manhattan. For over the past 30 years, he has worked in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (Los Sures) where most of his patients are Hispanic. He has also been a Faculty member in the NYU School of Medicine since 2007. After finishing high school in the Colegio De La Salle in the Dominican Republic in 1963, he studied in the University of Puerto Rico, Rio PIedras, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Science. In 1967, he pursued Licentiate Studies at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Barcelona, Spain. In 1975, he began his post graduate residency in Internal Medicine at a Yale-Affiliated Hospital in Danbury, Connecticut and completed it at Cabrini Medical Center, NYC. He is one of past presidents of the Spanish American Medical Dental Society of New York and has been a member of NYC Board of Health Department of Health and Mental Hygiene since 2002. He is also a member of the Dominican Medico-Dental Society of New York. He is an assiduous collaborator of Fundación Pro Ayuda Comunal (FUPAC), together with other medical doctors and dentists, who assist the needy in DR. His personal interests are many and include the arts. The building where his medical group Medspan Associates is housed is full of contemporary art works, from Latin and European American artists. In music, besides playing the piano, he is currently part of the “House Doctors” at the Metropolitan Opera in New York. He is grateful to the Hispanic community in New York for allowing him to participate in the pursuit of the wellness and health of Latino and all New Yorkers.

Esq. Trustee, Dowling College and Development Initiative Managing Director, Vaughn College

2010, she received an honorary Doctorate in Civil Law from Dowling College. David Ochoa was the first in his family to attend college. He attended Whitter College and then obtained a Doctorate in Jurisprudence from UCLA. Dr. Gonzalez, Esq. has practiced law for 30 years. She has also been an educator for the last 15. She has taught at California’s Imperial Valley College and Suffolk County Community College. Currently, she is a freelance writer. She has lectured at Bordeaux France before the World Association for Case Method Research & Application (WACRA); in Hilton Head, South Carolina for the Eastern Education Research Association (EERA), and for the School Administrators’ Association of NY. LI Educational Review, Newsday, Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education, LatinTRENDS, Noticia and Latin Long Island Magazine has published her. She has received numerous awards in Nassau and Suffolk County including Nassau County Girl Scouts’ Juliet Low Award in 2003. Presently, she is on the Executive Board of Trustees for Dowling College and chairs the Academic Committee.

In 2003, Dr. Myrka Gonzalez Esq. and her husband, David Ochoa created and endowed scholarships for Latino students at Dowling College and at Hofstra University School of Law. Over 25 students have benefitted from those scholarships. Myrka Gonzalez, who is Cuban, migrated to the US with her family in 1962. David Ochoa was born in California of Mexican descent. While Myrka Gonzalez’s parents were both college educated, Myrka was the first in her family to attend college in the US and then attend graduate schools, where she obtained a Doctorate in Jurisprudence at Hofstra University School of Law and then her Doctorate in Education at Dowling College. In 24

Dr. David Ochoa, Esq. is currently Vaughn College’s Development Initiative Managing Director. He is an entrepreneur and educator. His diverse background includes senior leadership in telecommunications, film, television and higher education. He is co-founder and former CEO of L.A.’s Buena Vision Cable Company, which was the nation’s second largest minority-owned Telecommunications Company. The winner of two Emmy Awards, he previously served as Executive Producer for Programming at WNBC-TV, NY. He was also co-founder and Senior Executive of Bilingual Children’s Television. He is a recognized leader in higher education, with nearly two decades of service at Dowling College, Alaska Pacific University and Imperial Valley College in California. He was a Commissioner to the New York State Asset Maximization Commission. He has also served on various corporate and community boards. In 2008, he was elected as an Obama delegate to the NDC. Hispanic Business Magazine included David Ochoa in its list of 100 Most Influential Hispanics in America twice. Mr. Ochoa was a regular panelist on PBS Station WLIW’s current affairs program 21 Forum. He and his wife Myrka were honored as The Philanthropist of the Year by the Association of Fundraising Professionals.

Salutes the Latino Trendsetter 2012 Honorees David Ochoa

Dr. Myrka Gonzalez, Esq.

Director, Development Initiative Vaughn College

Trustee at Dowling College

Amarilis Lugo, MD

Owner of Compare Foods, Member of the Board of Directors of the National Supermarket Association

Assistant Professor of Medicine Mount Sinai Hospital

Dr. Felix V. Matos Rodriguez President of Hostos Community College CUNY

Eder Holguin

Alex Guzman

Dr. Rosa M. Gil President & CEO, Comunilife

JW Cortés

Chief Revenue Officer, Virtual Fan Network

Actor, Filmmaker, NY Police Officer and Star of NBC’s Reality Show, Stars Earn Stripes

Allan Wernick

Jacqueline L. Rosa

Professor at Baruch College

The Hon. Nelson Diaz Partner at Dilworth Paxon LLP., First Hispanic Judge in the State of Pennsylvania

Ernesto Quiñonez Novelist, Best Selling Author & Associate Professor of Cornell University

David Zayas Former NYC Police Officer, Actor & Co-star of Showtime’s Hit Series, Dexter

Managing Director of Corporate Supplier Diversity, JPMorgan Chase

Frederick Martínez ¨El Pacha¨ Radio and TV Personality Univision

Sixto R. Caro, MD Attending Physician, Department of Medicine, NYU School of Medicine, NYU Langone Medical Center

Antonio Ruiz-Gimenez Co-Founder, Innovators Fund

86-01 23rd Avenue, Flushing, NY 11369 | 1.866.6VAUGHN |

JW Cortes, Actor, Filmmaker, NY Police Officer and Star on NBC’s Reality Show, Stars Earn Stripes J.W. Cortes is an actor featured on NBC’s TV action reality show Stars Earn Stripes bringing together the best of both worlds for him combining his acting experience with his 13 year career in the U.S. Marines Corps. He rose to the level of Gunnery Sergeant, is an Iraq war veteran, having served in the beginning phase of the war in 2003. He currently serves as an officer with the New York MTA Police Department. After the Marine Corps, he traded in his weapons to pursue his childhood dream of acting, only to find out later that his military background would serve him well. Besides Stars Earn Stripes, he has also played a cop in the 2010 film As Good as Dead (with Andie McDowell), acted in the 2009 indie film A Kiss Of Chaos with Adam Rodriquez (Magic Mike, CSI: Miami) and is in the upcoming Blue Caprice (with Isaiah Washington), a narrative feature film inspired by the Beltway sniper attacks. Additionally, he stars in, wrote and directed the acclaimed short film Conscientious Objector, inspired by his 2003 tour of duty in Iraq. He also continues to push his artistic boundaries with plans for writing and producing films based on his unusual upbringing on the colorful Brooklyn, New York street called “Little Vietnam.” He also starred and sang in the New York Off-Broadway show Soldier’s Son. He said “art imitates life” in this project since the Brooklyn born Puerto Rican actor had led a similar life to that of his character “Jose.”

Former NYC Police Officer, Actor & Co-star of Showtime’s Hit Series Dexter

David Zayas is starring as “Angel Batista” on Showtime’s Dexter, the 2011 Golden Globes nominee for Best Television Series – Drama. A former NYPD officer, he began his acting career when he joined the Labyrinth Theater Company. Since then, he has starred in over 30 plays. While performing in New York plays, he began to book roles on hit TV shows such as New York Undercover, Law & Order and NYPD Blue, all while still working for NYPD. He then landed a leading role on UPN’s crime drama The Beat. Soon after, Tom Fontana (writer of The Beat) created a character, “Enrique Morales,” fierce leader of the Latino prisoners on HBO’s Oz, especially for Zayas. His feature film credits include Bringing Out the Dead, The Yards, Undefeated, Wit, Angel and The Interpreter. He recently starred in the feature film Michael Clayton opposite George Clooney; The Savages with Philip Seymour Hoffman; Sixteen Blocks opposite Bruce Willis and in the ABC mini-series The Path To 9/11. He also starred on Broadway in Pulitzer Prize-winning Anna in the Tropics. Most recently, he starred in sci-fi thriller Skyline. He also recently co-starred in The Expendables, portraying the villainous “General Garza,” with Hollywood stars like Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mickey Rourke. Next, he will co-star in 13 with Jason Statham, Mickey Rourke and 50 Cent.


Time Warner Cable

congratulates this year’s Latino Trendsetter Award winners.

Radio & TV Personality Univison

One of the most dynamic personalities in Spanish media, Frederick “El Pachá” Martinez . Thanks to his electric personality and screen presence, he has captured a loyal following of the New York Caribbean community through his Spanishlanguage TV appearances and as MC for various Hispanic concerts and events. Just a few years ago, El Pachá had a very successful and impressive television career in the Dominican Republic as presenter and host of various entertainment and variety programs. He was also seen on popular and high-rated shows such as Sábados de Corporán, Santo Domingo Invita, and Merengue y Más. With these shows, El Pachá gained tremendous popularity in the East Coast as well. Most recently, Pachá has been a frequent television guest and/or host on such high profile Univision shows like Sabado Gigante, Don Francisco Presenta, Despierta America, and Escandalo TV. Plus, we can simultaneously see and hear him every morning on his TV/Radio segment “Que Dicen con El Pacha” on Univision 41 Al Despertar and WADO 1280 Informando. In addition, he’s been recognized on several occasions with prestigious awards such as the Casandra Award, the ACE Award, and the Globo Award.

Board Member of NSA and Partner at Compare Foods

Alex Guzman is U.S. born of Dominican descent. His parents immigrated here in the 1970’s to realize the American dream. At the age of six, and only on weekends, Alex spent time with his father by accompanying him to his bodega in Queens. As a result, this precious time shaped Alex’s life since he developed a passion for the grocery business. In 1993, Alex’s dad opened his first supermarket, which grew with family support into the Guzman Group. In 2012, Alex and his brothers began running two Compare supermarkets in Long Island. This was a milestone for a thriving business with stores in Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island. Also this year, Alex joined National Supermarket Association’s board. The NSA represents independent supermarket owners. NSA has a scholarship foundation that has granted almost $2,000,000 in scholarships to students from local neighborhoods served by NSA members’ stores. Since his family has been involved in NSA for years, he aspired to be on the board. As Trade Show Committee Chair, he led this year’s NSA International Trade & Sales Show at CitiField with huge success via vendor participation, sales and attendance. He also supports DR’s Benito Mendoza Baseball Little League and his local high school’s search for scholarship candidates. 28

Tech Entrepreneur & Chief Revenue Officer at Virtual Fan Networks

As a tech-savvy, out-of-the-box player in the dynamic online marketing industry for nearly a decade, Eder Holguin has an in-depth background in operations, sales and marketing. His clients have included brand name Fortune 500 companies, as well as innovative startups. He is active in the online industry’s speaker’s circuit. He serves as executive advisor to several privately-held companies. He is a venture-capital stakeholder in firms developing online business applications. He also invests in allied real estate projects. He has over 12 years of experience managing sales, marketing, operations, personnel and online media. He is Chief Revenue Officer at Virtual Fan Network, a Digital Sports Marketing Platform connecting athletes, fans and brands via social media, display and mobile. His leadership is shaping the company’s future. Previously, he founded OnDemand Research, later part of XL Marketing, where he served as VP of Interactive Marketing. He also co-founded Iron Traffic, an online lead generation and advertising network that started with three employees in 2003 and was listed in Inc 500 as one of the fastest growing private US companies in 2009. With the significant growth of the nation’s Spanish-speaking population, according to the 2010 census, he maintains a special interest in this emerging market.

President/CEO of Comunilife

Dr. Rosa M. Gil is the founder, President and CEO of Comunilife, Inc., a health and human services agency improving quality of life since 1989 for all individuals living with HIV/AIDS or mental or other illness. Comunilife facilitates self-sufficiency via affordable housing, behavioral health and social services. It was recognized for developing Community-Defined Best Practices for Latinos. She has had a brilliant career in health, social services and higher education. She served as Mayor Giuliani’s Health Policy Advisor and NYC’s Health Administrator. She chaired the NYC Health and Hospital Corporation (HHC). She was Executive Director of Woodhull Medical Center and Metropolitan Hospital; SVP of Generation and Northern Manhattan Health Network; SVP of Mental Hygiene Services at the NYCHHC; Executive Deputy Commissioner for NYC HRA’s Families and Children Services. She was University Dean for Health Sciences at CUNY. Her achievements include wellness initiatives; expansion of primary care; placing Medicaid managed care and more affordable housing and health insurance in NYC; first Medical Respite Program in NYC; nationally recognized program for suicide prevention among young Latinas and development of the Multicultural Relational Approach for Diverse Populations™. She chairs Community Advisory Board of NYU Clinical and Translational Science Institute and leads the Mayor’s Women’s Issues Commission. She is on EmblemHealth’s Board. She is one of the founders of NYC’s Urban Institute for Behavioral Health, Latino Commission on AIDS, Association of Hispanic Mental Health Professionals and 100 Hispanic Women. She has published articles on mental health, ethnicity, child welfare and gender. She co-authored “Maria Paradox.”


Laboratorio Buena Salud, JUNTO CON Latin Trends, orgullosamente presenta el PREMIO “Médico del Año” en los undécimos Premios de Trendsetter

LABORATORIO BUENA SALUD es el primer laboratorio diagnóstico en los Estados Unidos dedicado a servir la población hispana en todo el país.

Comprometidos al Bienestar de la Comunidad Hispana

Latino Trendsetter Award 2012  

Latino Trendsetter Award 2012