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Principal Ideas Learn•Serve•Lead

Hello. As unbelievable as it seems to me and may seem to you as well, we have made it to the last full month of the 2017-2018 school year. Where has the time gone?! Because of Easter Break, there were only three weeks of school in April, but we still managed to fit in a lot of activity. The first day back from break began our annual elections week. Sophomore and junior students had the opportunity to run for one of five elected offices on Student Life and 14 students were brave enough to put themselves out there in front of the entire student body to make their case for why they were the best for the job. As someone who participated in student leadership all four years in high school, I know how much the students who take part in Student Life learn from the experience and was very proud of all the students who took a chance and decided to run for office. Congratulations to all of our elected officers, especially our new Student Body President Joshua Ng ’19. Student life is an important part of our La Salle community as they organize many events

throughout the school year to help create spirit and pride among the students. One such event is the Variety Show, which took place April 20. This talent show gave students the opportunity to perform acts that they conceived of and prepared for on their own. Students sang, danced, and played instruments in solo acts and groups, and it was wonderful to see the creativity of all of the participants. Student Life also organized a blood drive on April 24 and many students, staff, and faculty participated and donated blood to Huntington Hospital.

Arts & Media Events As we finish April and begin May, we look forward to many opportunities to celebrate the wonderful work of the students in our Arts & Media department. On April 28 we will have the AP Art show, as well as the Band, Choir and Strings concert. The highlight of the concert will be two original pieces composed and conducted by Samuel Christopher: "Forgiven," a piece for violin, cello, and piano, and "Reflections," a piece for orchestra and choir that celebrates Principal Ideas Continued on page 2

In the Words of Saint John Baptist de La Salle


"Your faith must be your constant light and guide as well as a beacon for your students. You must be a model for them so that they will see Christ in you" Saint John Baptist de La Salle Patron Saint of Teachers, c1705 Meditations for Sundays


MAY 2018

Principal Ideas Continued from page 1

Sam’s experiences with the music program here over the last four years. (Sam will be studying music composition next year at Yale University.) The following weekend we will have our final dance concerts of the year on May 5 and May 6 and will end the year with a jazz band concert on May 12. MAY IS A VERY BUSY MONTH

AP Exams May also brings AP exams. The first exam takes place on Monday, May 7 and exams will continue until May 18. These college level exams determine whether or not the individual student is eligible to receive college credit, so I wish all of our students the best as they go into this culminating event. We will continue our practice of allowing students who have taken a morning AP exam to leave for the day after they have completed the exam. Should a student choose to leave for the day after an exam, they are still responsible for the classroom work they miss.

Showdown V and More Many end-of-the-year events and activities will occur in the next few weeks, including our annual Showdown. Showdown is an incredibly fun and spirited event. If your student has not participated in Showdown before, encourage them to do so. I would also like to encourage any interested parents to come for the competitive portion that takes place in the gym at approximately 7:00pm. If you do come, be ready for lots of noise! The level of energy and spirit at the event is enormous and terrifically loud. Although May 11 will be the final event and determine the winner of the Showdown, the competition has already begun. Prior to Easter Break our students raised money for our twinned school, Mont La Salle College in Naka, Nigeria, a junior high and high school serving boys and girls. Our Freshman class won the event and our school raised a total of $7,411.77.


on the afternoon of Friday, May 18 and they conclude on Wednesday, May 23. These tests do affect their final grade and transcript. We all hope they continue to do their academic best until the very end. After their last exam, on May 23, seniors will be able to go home and get ready for the Baccalaureate Mass. On May 24, we will be celebrating their successful completion of studies at La Salle High School with the senior breakfast and then the senior presentation, during which all of our underclassmen can honor their achievements and wish them well. The next day will be the Graduation at PazNaz, where the families of all of our seniors can celebrate their accomplishments. Tickets are available at Each student's is allotted 10 tickets. Please contact Elizabeth Serhan at 626.696.416 if you have questions or would like to request more. Tickets will be available for pick-up the week of April 30 in Room 305. Students do not make it to graduation without the help and support of many people, most notably their parents. Our Graduation ceremony, therefore, is also a testament to our parents who have sacrificed and been a steady influence in the life of their son or daughter. Every student at La Salle completes their journey at this school because of the care and support parents provide on a daily basis. So thank you to the parents of our graduating seniors for your evident commitment and love in the raising of your soon-to-be college bound children. On Friday, June 1 all of our underclassmen will begin their final examinations for the Spring Semester. The process of testing will conclude on June 6. In preparation for finals we will be having extended Academic Support times. Please encourage your student to take advantage of these times to prepare for the exams and make sure they end the semester well. Please look for notification of these extended times in the email that goes out to parents every Friday afternoon. I hope you all have a wonderful May!

Commencement And of course, the most exciting event of all in May is commencement. Seniors begin their final high school semester examinations

Mrs. Courtney R. Kassakhian Principal


MAY 2018

Academic Boosters

USED UNIFORM BUY BACK Tuesday, May 8th 4:00 - 6:30pm Wednesday, May 9th 4:00 - 6:30pm Thursday, May 10th 4:00 - 6:30pm Dining Hall Atrium We will buy back:

La Salle Polos (New LS logo ONLY) La Salle Outerwear (jackets and sweatshirts) La Salle Vests and Cardigan Sweaters


CKW Khaki Shorts and Pants CKW Khaki Skirts CKW Red Plaid Skirts La Salle Ties La Salle Dress White Button Down Shirts La Salle PE Shorts and Shirts La Salle Nike Sports Clothing

Buy back clothing MUST be in GOOD CONDITION NO stained, ripped, or torn clothing will be bought back



MAY 2018

La Salle Matters There is a fascinating building in Singapore called the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. It is billed as the most expensive stand-alone casino resort property in the world. Built to address Singapore’s anticipated growth in tourism, the hotel faces the city-state’s central business district to the north and the Singapore Strait to the south. What makes the resort remarkable is a 340 metre-long “Skypark,” shaped in the form of an enormous boat (to echo the city-state’s role as a major Southeast Asia shipping hub) which sits atop of and links together the three hotel towers. The Skypark contains gardens, jogging paths and an infinity pool which support the activities of nearly 4,000 visitors (think: a small town suspended more than 600 feet in the air). The Marina Bay Sands Hotel was my last view of Singapore as we departed the city-state for Los Angeles. “We” refers to a team of five La Salle colleagues who joined me on a week-long trip to Hong Kong and Singapore. These two cities have a sizeable Lasallian “footprint” with sixteen schools between them. We were particularly interested in visiting three schools: La Salle College in Hong Kong and Saint Joseph’s Institution and Saint Joseph’s International School in Singapore. These three schools are highly-regarded for their superb college-preparatory programs and it was my idea that they and we might benefit from establishing some form of networking relationship which could include students and teachers from each institution. LASALLIAN VALUES PRACTICED WORLDWIDE


Our hosts were truly gracious, generous with the time they shared with us and clearly proud of the work they do on behalf of the students entrusted to their care. Their sense of hospitality mirrored what I know visitors experience when they come to La Salle here in Pasadena. There was definitely a “Lasallian feel” to the schools we visited – surrounding their students with historical images of De La Salle and other Christian Brother saints. In fact, I suspect they do a more consistent job in this regard than we do here in Pasadena! What makes this effort truly impressive is the fact that all three schools serve a significant number of non-Christian (Buddhist and Muslim) students. And, given the fact that two of the three schools are 100 and 166 years old, one should assume that the Christian Brothers have always served a significant non-Christian student population. I was struck by this commitment to sustaining a Lasallian identity in a part of the world where Catholics are clearly in a minority. Saint Joseph’s Institution, for example, proudly displays their Lasallian Core Values (Faith-Service-Community) throughout the campus, making this visitor feel like he could be at any school sponsored by the Christian Brothers here in California. La Salle College, Hong Kong, decisively proclaims this Lasallian principle:

(The College) seeks to empower all students to realize their potential through academic study, sport, and the arts Reminds me of the “three-legged” stool (academics, arts, athletics) I like to use as a metaphor to describe the La Salle Difference here in Pasadena.


The opportunity to visit successful Lasallian schools in a part of the world that is non-Western and, largely, non-Christian was transformative for me. I came away from the experience more convinced than ever that Lasallian – and Catholic – values can be meaningful to students of all – and no – faiths. Even more powerful is the recognition that what we do here in Pasadena is echoed in Lasallian schools a half a world away. While I have been aware of the fact that Lasallian schools operate in over 70 countries, it hasn’t really occurred to me to appreciate how deeply connected we are, united in passing on a nearly 400 year old educational tradition bequeathed by a genius of an educational innovator – Saint John Baptist de La Salle. As I departed Singapore and thought about the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, I realized that my final memory of my first trip to Asia was a structure containing three separate elements united by a boat-shaped “bridge.” What an appropriate visual metaphor for my experience of our shared Lasallian world that bridges oceans and continents for the simple purpose of delivering a high quality “Human and Christian education to the young, especially the poor.”1

MAY 2018



© 2018 Richard Gray, Ph.D. President 1

Rule of the Brothers of the Christian Schools

Christian Brothers Vocations The National Religious Vocation Conference (NRVC) has announced that the second annual Religious Brothers Day will be celebrated on May 1, 2018, the Feast of Saint Joseph the Worker. Begun in 2017, Religious Brothers Day is a recognition and celebration of the gift of the vocation of religious brotherhood. Members of the Church are invited to, in the words of the Vatican document, Identity and Mission of the Religious Brother in the Church, “shed light on the identity of the Religious Brother and the value and necessity of this vocation.” For the Lasallian family, it is a chance to give thanks specifically for the De La Salle Christian Brothers, as well as to inspire and invite young men to consider a vocation to the Brothers’ life.


Transforming Lives Since 1680


EVEN ParentNewsletter

MAY 2018

Jake Ajamian Wins Best Short Documentary "Corazón Cubano," (Cuban Heart) is a short film by La Salle High School sophomore Jake Ajamian. Recently, during the Beverly Hills Film Festival, "Corazón Cubano," won first place in the short documentary catagory. The film features Jake’s grandfather, Eddy Armando Blanco, and documents his journey back to Cuba after almost 40 years to reunite with his terminally ill brother. The 31-minute film was directed and edited by Ajamian, with original music by his grandfather. It chronicles the heart-wrenching decision faced by Eddy Armando, a Cuban American exile in Los Angeles, after learning that his brother, a world away in Cuba, was dying.


In 1962, Eddy Armando fled the Communist regime in Cuba, leaving everyone and everything he loved behind. He swore never to set foot in Cuba again until his beloved country was free. When he received the news of his brother’s illness in 2000, the chasm separating the two brothers – both physically and politically – seemed insurmountable. Despite laws against his return and strong criticism from some in the Cuban American community, Eddy chose family unity, and made the journey to see his brother one last time. Charlie Guillen, film instructor, said of "Corazón Cubano," “This film needs to be shared with the world. It is the kind of story that makes people reconnect to what really matters in life: family, relationships, love and life decisions.” Cuban American journalist (daughter of Cuban immigrant exiles), author and TV personality Myrka Dellanos noted after viewing an early release of the film, “I cried from the first images set to music. I have never been to Cuba but Eddy Armando, and the family portrayed, just felt like home to me. For anyone that has ever been ripped apart from family members, or just values family, this film is for you!”


The first public screening of "Corazón Cubano" took place during the Beverly Hills Fim Festival at the TCL Chinese 6 Theatres in Hollywood on Saturday, April 7.


The Environmental Science class, whose motto is, "One Step, One School, Big Impact," encouraged the entire La Salle community to celebrate Earth Day and reflect on humankind’s impact on the environment and our responsibility in creating a sustainable world. Their hope was that our students, faculty and staff were inspired to think about ways that they can personally take tangible steps to reach the Earth Day goal. The class passed out small, people-shaped paper cut-outs and asked students and faculty to inscribe the specific changes they plan to implement in their lives. (See below). Earth Day was April 22, 2018, with the theme: End Plastic Pollution. Follows is a link for the student produced Earth Day mentor lesson. Go to:

MAY 2018


From poisoning and injuring marine life to disrupting human hormones, from littering our beaches and landscapes to clogging our waste streams and landfills, the exponential growth of plastics is now threatening the survival of our planet. Earth Day 2018 is dedicated to providing the information and inspiration needed to fundamentally change human attitude and behavior about plastics.



MAY 2018

Top Student Acts Headline Lancer's Variety Show Singers, dancers, musicians and comedians entertain the student body. There was even a Promposal! Patricia Photo '18, Deena Martin' 19, Izabella Martin '19

Anthony Kyriakakis '18

Kaiya Wilson '20

Miles Whitington '18


ParentNewsletter Fernando Jiange '20 with "Just Dance" club.

MAY 2018

Lilly Sayenga '21

Makana asks Brianna to the prom with a little help from their friends

Sam Southard '18

Brianna Antillon '19

Kevin Kioumejyan '21

Kevin Kioumejyan '21

Makanna Herrera '19



MAY 2018

MAY 2018

Dr. Michael Gomez '08 Wants to Save Your Snickers By John Blackstock, The Editor


Michael Gomez, Ph.D., is a microbiologist currently working on eradicating a disease that is threatening to kill a majority of the cacao trees in West Africa - and everyone knows how cranky we get if we don't have our Snickers bars! Although our love affair with chocolate began over 5,000 years ago in the Pre-Columbian societies of Central America, today, Africa supplies most of the world's chocolate powder in this 131 billion dollar market, and Dr. Gomez is here to help. Saving our chocolate bars was just part of Dr. Gomez's presentation regarding GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) and using CRISPR, (Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats) as a means of inserting snippets of DNA into other DNA sequences to produce modified proteins/seeds/foods. This is one of the ways the cacao tree may be altered to protect itself

Distressed Cacao tree and pod. Each pod averages about 40 cocoa beans, that can make up to 2.5 ounces of 70% dark chocolate, also known as "Food of the Gods."


against disease. The CRISPR acronym is used in discussions of cloning and GMOs within the science community. The public must be brought into these discussions with scientists, botanists, ento-

mologists, farmers, politicians and business men and women. We live in a world of science where CRISPR can make a difference in everyone's life,

but there are consequences that must be discussed, weighed and valued. Dr. Gomez received a Ph.D. in microbiology from the University of California, Berkeley and his BS from UCLA. Michael is involved in educational science outreach through UC Berkeley and of course, La Salle was on his itinerary. Michael also is a director for The CLEAR Project, Communications, Literacy and Education for Agricultural Research. Following his April 13 presentation, Dr. Gomez stated that he hoped our students walked away open-minded and discerning of how CRISPR may be used. He is also developing a CRISPR video and mobile phone game to teach students about the origin and mechanism of CRISPR. At La Salle, Michael was involved with Venaver service trips, the Astronomy Club and was on the varsity water polo, soccer and tennis teams. He is a graduate of the class of 2008. A 16 minute video on CRISPR is available at:


MAY 2018

The Crystal Ball

Opportunity Drawing Opportunity Drawing tickets are on sale now! Here are our great prizes:


A Pleasant Holidays Vacation for 2 to Maui* 8 days, 7 nights at the Royal Lahaina Resort Includes round-trip airfare from LAX $300 food and beverage credit at select resort restaurants Plus two complimentary Luau ticket tickets

• Disneyland Park-Hopper Family 4-Pack

Apple iPad Opportunity Drawing takes place on May 4, 2018 during the Crystal Ball

• Contact Cheryl Allen for more information at



MAY 2018

MAY 2018

From the College Counseling Center

College Center News By Tina Bonacci '94, Owen Hou ’90, P'21 and Marcia Yu P'21 College Counselors

Advanced Placement (AP) Exams The AP exams will take place from May 7 to May 18 at the Sierra Madre United Methodist Church. Students should plan to arrive at the exam site by 7:45am for morning exams and at 11:45am for afternoon exams check-in. Exams are scheduled to start promptly at 8:00am and at noon.


Students are encouraged but not required to attend school on the day of their exam(s). Those who choose to attend school may wear the school uniform, or they may wear non-uniform attire, but still must abide by the dress code. An attendance roster will be published for the School prior to and after an exam. Please contact Mrs. Yu if you have questions about the AP exams.

Seniors At this point, all seniors should have deposited with the colleges that they plan to attend and have notified the colleges they will not be attending. We are now in the process of collecting application results and scholarship award information for our graduation program and our ad in the Star News. Please ask your senior to complete the “Senior Graduation” and the “Senior Involvement” surveys on Naviance (under the “About Me” tab), if he or she has not already done so. We wish the class of 2018 all the best in their college endeavors!



We have met with almost all of the juniors about their college plans. If we have not met with your student, chances are your student has not completed his or her College Planning Survey (for juniors). All juniors who have turned in their survey will be seen before the last day of the school year. Once your junior has met with his/her college counselor, parents are welcome to make appointments with us.

All juniors took the ACT in February. They may have taken or have registered for the SAT and possibly for the SAT Subject Tests this spring. The June SAT and ACT are extremely popular and they usually fill up well before the late registration deadlines. After the June tests, the next SAT will be in late August and the next ACT will be in early September. Most colleges will accept test scores through December of the student’s senior year so for those planning on re-taking the test after the spring, here are the upcoming dates:

SAT Reasoning AND Subject Tests Dates June 2 (registration by May 3) August 25 (registration by July 27) October 6 (registration by September 7) November 3 (registration by October 4) December 1 (registration by November 1)

ACT Dates June 9 (registration by May 4) September 8 (registration by August 3) October 27 (registration by September 21) December 8 (registration by November 2) We encourage you to register early as some of these dates are highly popular, especially the June ones. Juniors should also strive to keep their grades up. The cumulative GPA reported in their college applications will include their second semester of junior year. Some colleges will look at senior year grades, too. Besides, the cumulative GPA (sophomore and junior years) are reported to Cal Grants for financial aid eligibility consideration.

Class of 2019 College Planning Survey The Class of 2019 will receive the next steps to plan for college by email in the summer, which will include an announcement to access and


MAY 2018

Martinez Earns Eagle Award Senior Diego Martinez began his scout career in first grade when he became a Cub Scout, and 12 years later he is an Eagle Scout. "It has been a long haul, and many times I wanted to quit," he says, but his Eagle Project has brought him so much fulfillment and pride, it made the long road well worth the journey. Living in the community of Sierra Madre with mountain trails accessible from his home, Diego decided to try to make a difference for his community and local hikers alike. That was shortly after a Sierra Madre community member was lost at Jones Peak and Bailey Canyon. Despite multiple days of tireless effort from the Search and Rescue team, the search was hampered because no one knew exctly where the hiker started and where his last known location was. Out of frustration, Diego developed his idea to design and install stainless steel hiker sign-in stations at the base of Bailey Canyon and Mt. Wilson Trail. This would allow hikers and visitors to sign in and let people know that they are on the trails and what time they started. Diego meet with the city council of Sierra Madre to pitch his idea and recieved approval. He then raised approximately $2,000 for the estimated cost of fabrication and installation. He installed the Sign-in Stations with the help of his troop, family, and friends. He said, "this was a most rewarding and sustainable project. Well worth the effort, I think." Diego became an Eagle Scout in October 2017 and was officially recognized at his Court of Honor on March 10th. complete the Senior College Planning Survey on Naviance. Rising seniors will have time to think about the questions and their answers over summer break and submit their survey electronically by the first week of school.

College Night for Seniors (Class of 2019) The next college information meeting for parents and students will take place early fall of 2018. Attendance at this meeting is mandatory. In addition to handing out transcripts needed for college applications we will be reviewing with you very relevant information necessary for the college applications.

Standardized Testing for Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors Standardized testing for the 2018-2019 school year will take place on Wednesday, October 10, 2018. Freshman and sophomore students will take the Pre-ACT, and junior students will take the PSAT. This is a great day for seniors to visit some local colleges as there is no school for them that day.You will get more information about testing in future ParentNewsletters.



MAY 2018

Welcome New Parents

A reception for our new parents was held on April 19, at the Altadena Town &

Country Club. La Salle administrators, teachers, staff and coaches welcomed our new families into the Lasallian Community.

New Lasallian Parents enjoy the view from the ballroom at the Altadena Town & Country Club.



MAY 2018




MAY 2018

From Institutional Advancement

Leaving a Legacy for La Salle High School The end of the academic year is drawing near, and the proud members of the class of 2018 will soon be commencing a new chapter in their lives. This group of exceptional young men and women are about to move on to the next chapter of their lives backed by a strong Lasallian education. What will our School be like in the future as the class of 2018 and other alums revisit our campus? How will our School keep pace in the academic, spiritual, athletic and theater and performing arts ventures and programs? How will the advancements in the STEAM program enhance the Lasallian experience? The recently adopted Speech & Debate program has made great strides, and it will continue to affect many facets of the experience of our students. Our campus will look different in a few years as the Master Plan begins to take hold. Will students in the future have available to them the same quality of or better resources that current and past students have experienced? A GREAT WAY TO SUPPORT LA SALLE

One of the most enduring strengths of our School is that it, its administrators and educators do not sit by idly accepting kudos for a job well done. These groups of remarkable professionals are driven to keep moving forward to provide an even better experience for students in the near and long-term future. The history of our School and that of the Christian Brothers show that we have continually maintained the high level of quality in the areas of importance for the students entrusted to our care. A significant component in achieving these resources and opportunities at our School is the financial support provided through our School’s Planned Giving program. Planned Giving is a method of support of La Salle High School that enables both a donor and our School to establish and maintain a program to achieve certain financial goals that are beneficial to both the donor and La Salle High School. A planned gift is a major gift that can be made during the lifetime of the donor or at death as part of the donor’s overall estate and/or financial plan. Conversely, annual gifts are typically made from the donor’s discretionary income and are a part of one’s annual budget. One of the pillars of sound long term financial support of our School is Planned Giving. Generic strategies of a planned gift include:



A planned gift can utilize appreciated assets (stocks, other securities, real estate) instead of cash; this strategy enables a donor to pass on such assets held at least one year without having to pay capital gains tax on the appreciation. In a stock market that has shown tremendous growth, this is an opportune time to consider such a donation to you School.


A planned gift can provide benefits to the donor such as a stream of income during one’s lifetime, a reduction in taxes that might be due on appreciated assets at sale, a reduction in estate taxes, or a reduction in one’s annual income tax liability


A planned gift of including La Salle High School as a beneficiary of one’s retirement account and/or life insurance policy can be an effective estate tax planning strategy while providing considerable to support to our School. Such a gift does not require the expenditure of funds.


MAY 2018

All Seniors and their families are invited to purchase a

Lavendar Dendrobium Lei for the Graduation Ceremony Sponsored by La Salle Junior Class


Leis are only $20 each Seniors will be given their leis by La Salle staff while standing in line just before they walk into the Church for the graduation ceremony

Please see the eOrder Form in the Flyers file attached to this newsletter


Last day to purchase is May 17, 2018 at 3:00pm! As we congratulate the class of 2018 and send them off with our best wishes, let us be very proud of what we have at our School. We should bear in mind the importance of maintaining, nurturing and advancing the foundation of our School and providing an environment to enhance it for the students of the future. Consideration of a Planned Gift is a great way to be a part of this worthy effort. Please review the Planned Giving articles in future publications of both the Parent Newsletter and Lancer Magazine for ongoing updates in the Planned Giving Program.

In Summary La Salle High School can provide more information, both generically and specifically, regarding the benefits available through Planned Giving. For more information, please contact Jon Keates, the Director of Institutional Advancement at 626.696.4344.



MAY 2018

Julia Macabuhay Receives John Wooden Award The John R. Wooden High School Player of the Year Award is presented to the most valuable basketball player in each of the five California Interscholastic Federation Southern Section divisions. Senior Julia Macabuhay was named as one of the recipients of the John R. Wooden High School Player of the Year Award. Twelve outstanding high school boys’ and girls’ basketball athletes were honored on April 6, 2018, at the Novo by Microsoft at L.A. Live.– Julia received the award for the CIF Southern Section, Division III. “It was a huge honor to receive such an incredible award. I knew there were so many other great athletes in our division, so to be chosen was very humbling,” stated Macabuhay. The John R. Wooden Award is the most prestigious honor in college basketball, given to the nation’s best basketball player at an NCAA Division I university. High school awardees are also considered to be the elite of the country. Since 1994, high school athletes have been selected to be honored alongside the men's and women’s Wooden All American teams and the Legends of Coaching honoree. Previous local athletes to be awarded the High School Player of the Year Award include, Lonzo Ball, Andre Miller, Alexis Lowden, and Ghelsey Gipson.


Julia has earned an athletic scholarship to the University of California San Diego and will play basketball for the Tritons in the fall.


MAY 2018 MAY 2018

See you at the 19th Annual

Crystal Ball

Friday, May 4, 2018 Noor, Pasadena

Contact Cheryl Allen for more information at

For reservations go to the Crystal Ball Link:


If you are an employee of a matching gift company, we would love to work with you. This is an easy way to raise funds for La Salle. If you are not sure if your company participates, you can ask your employer or contact Tara Morales at: or call 626.696.4381.


ParentNewsletter MAY 2018

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May Highlights April 27 12:30pm Dismissal Senior Holiday





Junior Senior Prom OUE Skyspace, US Bank Building, Los Angeles 6:00pm Departures 1:00am Returns April 28 AP Art Show 4:00 - 6:00pm 4:00pm Reception Sloane Estate, Altadena Band, Choir & Springs Concert 7:00 -9:00pm Dining Hall April 30 School Holiday World Scholars Regional Meet May 3 Seniors College Sweatshirt Day Class Photo 9:40am Amphitheatre Confirmandi Luncheon 11:15am -12:30pm Blakeslee Library May 4 Crystal Ball 6:00 - 10:00pm Noor, Pasadena May 5 Saturday Dance Concert 7:00pm Porticos Art Space*


MAY 2018

May 6 Sunday Dance Concert 4:00 and 7:00pm Porticos Art Space*

May 7-11 AP Exams Begin Seniors: Non-uniform Dress Begins

Baccalaureate Mass 6:30 - 7:30pm Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church

May 8, 9,10 Used Uniform Buy Back 4:00 to 6:30pm Dining Hall / Atrium

May 24 Dress Uniforms Special Schedule Senior Breakfast 8:00am Dining Hall Senior Presentation and Alumni Association Induction 9:30am Duffy Lewis Gymnasium

May 11 Founder's Day Showdown V 5:00pm Lancer Field 7:00pm Gymnasium May 12 Jazz Band Concert 7:00 - 8:30pm Grinstead Theatre May 13 Sunday Mother's Day May 14 Arts Hall of Fame 6:00pm Dining Hall May 15 Dress Uniforms Founder's Day Liturgy 9:15am Dining Hall May 16 Athletic Awards Reception 6:30pm Dining Hall May 21 Blakeslee Library Closed for Inventory and Renovation May 23 Alumni Legacy Reception 5:00pm Blakeslee Library

*Porticos Art Space, 2033 East Washington Boulevard, Pasadena, CA 91104.

Alumni Golden Diploma Class of 1968 Presentation and Luncheon 9:00am - 12:00pm Blakeslee Library GradNite at Magic Mountain Busses Depart 7:30pm Return Friday 6:30am May 25 School Holiday 59th Commencement Exercises 6:30pm Pasadena Church of the Nazarene May 28 School Holiday Memorial Day Observed May 29 Underclassmen Academic Awards 7:00pm Dining Hall June 1 - 5 Semester Exams Dismissal 11:20am

May 2018 Parent Newsletter  
May 2018 Parent Newsletter