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In-Person Learning Returns





The Alumni Association is hosting monthly Taste of La Salle Restaurant Weeks during the 2021-2022 school year to encourage the La Salle community to support the restaurants and businesses that have supported the Taste of La Salle over the years, especially after all they have faced during the pandemic. Follow the Alumni Association on Facebook and Instagram @LSHSalumni for details!

Lancer Magazine is published by the Office of Advancement at La Salle College Preparatory, for alumni, parents, and friends.


Dr. Stephanie Paggi, Chair Mr. Robert Nuccio ’71, P’00, ’02, ’04, Vice Chair Mr. Nabil Anthony Bisharat ’02 Mr. Robert (Bob) Carrejo Mr. Michael Harper P’93, ’95 Br. John Hoover, FSC Mr. Andrew Hubert P’13 Mr. Matthew Allen Kohorst ’07 Mr. Harry Olivar, Jr. P’12, ’21 Mr. Thomas (Tom) Palffy P’03, ’07, ’08, ’13, ’15 Mrs. Victoria Richards P’08 Mrs. Tamara (Wann) Wheeler ’97


Mr. Peter S. Griffith P’00, ’03 (Chair) Mr. Camilo Becerra, Esq. P’18 Mr. Doug Campbell Dr. Dino Clarizio ’75, P’06 Mr. Dennis Jebbia, Esq. Mr. John Moe II, Esq. ’68

Dr. Kris Mohandie ’80, P’21 Mrs. Leigh Olivar P’12, ’21 Mrs. Angelica Salas Mr. Brent Schoenbaum P’16, ’19, ’24 Mr. Thom Steinhoff P’21, ’22 Mr. Kevin Sweeney P’17 Mrs. Julie Williams P’04 Mrs. Gina Zhang P’21


Mr. Joe Alvarez ’83, P’20, ’22 Ms. Gianina Bautista ’08 Mr. Jay Crews ’86 Mr. Nico Garcia-Corona ’12 Mr. Bill Hall ’62 Mr. Erik Kachmarsky ’96, P’24, ’25 Mr. Paul Lees ’75 Mr. Luis Melendez ’15 Ms. Christina Mesesan ’99 Mr. Tony Messineo ’80 Mr. Rafael Mirasol ’80, P’17, ’18 Mr. Daniel Moberg ’06 Mrs. Jennifer (Sangkum) Orefice ’95, P’23 Mr. Chris Rettig ’84, P’19, P’25 Mrs. Amanda (Gonzalez) Richardson ’01 Mr. Rich Schmidt ’72 Ms. Riley Worley ’15


Mr. Robert Packard Corporate Director & Chief Financial Officer

Ms. Carolyn Neuhausen ’04 Ms. Kristen Schultz ’98 Mrs. Vanessa Strouse-Kenney ’97

Mr. Keenan Kurihara Director of Enrollment Management & Chief Communications Officer


Mr. Elias Tango P’15, ’19 Director of Facilities Management Mr. MJ Mao Director of Global Programs Ms. Tina Bonacci ’94 Vice Principal Mr. Brandon Lincoln Athletic Director Mr. Eddie Magluyan ’94, P’23, ’25 Dean of Academic Operations and Student Services Mrs. Kate Williams Associate Dean of Student Development & Accountability Mrs. Kjersti Holyfield ’04 Associate Dean of Student Development & Accountability

Mr. Perry Martin President, M.Ed.


Mr. Jamal Adams, M.Ed. Principal


Mrs. Vanessa Strouse-Kenney ’97

Ms. Elizabeth Kalmus ’04

Ms. Nicole Carlos ’12 Ms. Kristen Schultz ’98 Mr. Jamal Adams Mr. Brandon Lincoln


Inquiries and/or correspondence should be directed to: La Salle College Preparatory C/O Mrs. Vanessa Strouse-Kenney ’97 3880 East Sierra Madre Boulevard Pasadena, California 91107 A digital copy of the Lancer Magazine is available at lancermagazine

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Jamal Adams joins La Salle as students return to in-person learning.



La Salle’s students return to campus.


2020-2021 Financial Review








STAY CONNECTED La Salle College Preparatory


Brandon Lincoln brings experience and new ideas to the athletic program.

@lasallepas @LaSallePas WWW.LASALLEHS.ORG 1

BETTER TOGETHER Dear La Salle Community, Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year! The return of our students, faculty, staff, and families to campus has been the most exciting time of my tenure since joining our Lancer community as school president in June 2020. I’ve had the opportunity to meet countless members of our community that make La Salle so special and it’s been a privilege learning and understanding all that make this school a home for our current families, alumni, and employees. Being reunited as one family has been an honor and I am thrilled to be a part of this awesome time of growth at La Salle. The return of our students to campus has meant ushering in a new school year in ways that have never been done in all my years as an educator - wearing face coverings to ensure a healthy learning environment, frequent and regular COVID-19 testing, and the modifications to our daily



operations to maintain in-person learning and instruction, just to name a few. While COVID-19 has undoubtedly shifted the way we teach and engage with our students, I am encouraged and inspired by the tenacity and grit exemplified by both our teachers and students in adapting to these ever-changing protocols and rules. Their collective perseverance gives me hope for our future and I am forever grateful for their sacrifices in the name of delivering and receiving the quality education La Salle is so widely known for. Even with the changes and the pivoting we’ve had to undertake, the spirit of St. John Baptist de La Salle shines as bright as ever throughout our entire community. Our students continued to be instilled with his teachings, adapted to ensure their applicability in a modern, globally interconnected world. With the partnership


of our new principal, Mr. Jamal Adams, we continue to explore innovative means of ensuring our students graduate from La Salle College Preparatory ready to take on any challenges they may face. Our Five Core Principles continue to lead us into the future, with the development of a renewed Strategic Plan, designed to chart our path forward over the next five years. As you browse through our latest issue of the Lancer Magazine, I encourage you to also engage with La Salle in ways that you may not have in the past: Learn about the new innovative programs and opportunities afforded to our students and how you can help share the good news happening at La Salle. Serve alongside fellow alumni, parents, students, and friends of La Salle. Lead by example in giving your time, talent, and treasure as we chart a new path forward that elevates La Salle even further. I continue to pray for you and your families every day. You are forever in my heart just as Jesus and St. John Baptist de La Salle remain in our hearts now and always. We are one Lasallian family, reunited in person and in spirit, moving forward together. Thank you for your continued support of La Salle College Preparatory and your partnership in our school’s success.





BUILDING A HOPE-FILLED FUTURE Welcome to the latest issue of Lancer Magazine. I am honored to have the opportunity to address this vibrant community as we start our new school year. I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge how grateful I am for the warm welcome that I have received from every corner of La Salle as I have transitioned into my new role. I am honored to have the opportunity to partner with all of the various constituencies to help shepherd our school forward and continue to champion our young people to reach their true potential and make significant contributions to the communities that they will serve. On August 16th, we proudly welcomed our students, faculty, and staff back on campus for in-person instruction. It has been a blessing to witness the joy, excitement, and energy that has marked the first five weeks of our school year. It is encouraging to see the teaching and learning in our classes, the social exchanges in the hallways and during breaks and lunch, and to watch our student-athletes compete with courage, determination, and camaraderie. My favorite event of the young school year has been the Mass of the Holy Spirit, in which we were able to worship as one family and embody our charism by being in the Holy Presence of God. Additionally, I am excited that in this issue, you will get a chance to get to meet our new Athletic Director, Mr. Brandon Lincoln. Brandon brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the position joining us after serving as the Athletic Director and Head Boys Basketball Coach at Providence High School. As always, there is so much to celebrate within our La Salle community, so please enjoy learning about these developments through Lancer Magazine. We are grateful for your support which is critical to our ability to provide our Lasallian mission to our students and their families. Stay safe and healthy. God Bless,





Dear La Salle Community, Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year! I am thrilled and equally honored to have this special opportunity to serve La Salle as our school’s Director of Enrollment Management and Chief Communications Officer. In this role, I have the privilege of serving as La Salle’s storyteller, not only for future Lancers, but for our current community of students, parents, faculty, staff, alumni, and benefactors. Two questions I’m often asked are “what is enrollment management and why is it important?” My usual (and brief) response to this question is simple: Enrollment management is the strategic approach to school admissions, outreach, and storytelling, with all three aligning to ensure the long-term sustainability and success of our school. As a private, independent, Catholic, and Lasallian school, we rely on students and parents to embrace our mission, beliefs, and ideals. Without the trust of families, both future and current, we would not be able to deliver the quality education and holistic experience our founder, St. John Baptist de La Salle, envisioned when he founded the first Lasallian school over 300 years ago. As we embark on this new school year together and begin the process of seeking out the next class of La Salle Lancers, I ask that you please continue to serve as advocates for our tight-knit Lasallian community. We rely on our La Salle family current parents, students, alumni, parents of alumni, benefactors, board members, and friends - to speak to the true value of a Lasallian education. You are the ambassadors and storytellers of the tremendous opportunities, programs, and student services our school offers our students. With the admissions season in full swing, I encourage you to please share our upcoming events and visit opportunities with any prospective families, friends and neighbors who may be interested in learning more about La Salle. All the information about our admissions opportunities can be found by visiting our online admissions center at I am truly humbled and grateful to be a part of this special community and look forward to meeting more of you throughout the school year. Until that opportunity comes, please feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any questions or would like to chat more about how you can become even more involved in helping us earn the trust of future Lancer families! Thank you for your willingness to play a part in our school’s long-term sustainability and for being a part of La Salle’s collective story! Sincerely,



JAMAL ADAMS BRINGS POSITIVE COACHING MENTALITY TO PRINCIPAL’S OFFICE By: Carolyn Neuhausen ’04 The 2020-2021 school year will forever be remembered as the year the COVID-19 pandemic forced schools to close and students and teachers had to shift to remote learning. In a year where it felt like the hits kept coming, a bit of good news was just what the Lasallian community needed. This past summer, the community received news La Salle College Preparatory was hiring Jamal Adams as its new principal. A native of Los Angeles, Adams grew up on the west side and attended Loyola High School and played basketball. After high school, Adams studied at Columbia University in New York City. While in college Adams says, “I learned to grow my capacity to work hard, to see the power of belonging to something bigger than myself, and the beauty of building relationships with people who come from a variety of backgrounds, interesting perspectives, and have a different lived experience than myself.”


Adams missed basketball and decided to take an assistant coaching job at his Alma Mater, Loyola, while he was working full-time at UBS. Then tragedy struck. Adams’ brother, who he describes as his best friend, was diagnosed with brain cancer at 26 and passed away at 31. It was this devastating loss that caused Adams to reevaluate his path. “My brother’s battle with cancer helped me realize I wanted to live a purposedriven life. So I chose to walk away from finance and become a teacher at Loyola which felt more in-line with my passion.” Adams spent 16 years at Loyola as a Director of Faculty, Director of Equity and Inclusion, basketball coach and taught Economics and African American history. His move from Loyola to La Salle comes at a challenging time for the School and the community. He notes that in addition to settling into a new role, keeping the community engaged in normal high school activities while also keeping everyone safe is a constant in his mind.

After graduating from college, he briefly considered playing professional basketball abroad, but instead began working at Merrill Lynch as a stock broker and finance professional. While he enjoyed his job, he felt there was more he could be doing for his community, “I was doing well financially but had a hollow feeling and felt I could be making more of a difference in the world.”

What Adams loves most about working in education is seeing how kids grow and change in their high school years, as they transition between childhood and adulthood. “I’m thrilled to be a part of the ‘ah-ha’ moments, that unbelievable sense of when someone gets something and lights up,” he says.

Adams’ career brought him back to California where he began working at UBS. Around this time, he married his high school sweetheart, Pamela and they had daughter Jaylen (25) and son Jared (24). Adams and Pamela have been married for 26 years.

As a first year Principal at a new school, Adams is leaning on the advice of the Principal’s Council, Lasallian traditions and his own observations running the School’s day to day business. “I think it’s instructive to not be prescriptive this year, but to learn and watch and observe. Where I can offer


an idea that can move things forward, I will, but I only do that once I’ve heard different perspectives. This year will be about listening, discerning and being open-minded,” he says. Adams hit the ground running and has identified areas he would like to see La Salle grow. First, in its influence and reputation within the broader Pasadena community as the premiere Catholic school in the region. Second, he’d like to see additional classes and programs that expose kids to vocational training, so students better understand where their interests and skills lie before they transition to higher education. With years of experience in teaching, administration, and coaching, Adams’ philosophy is to facilitate partnerships with community members. He is a recipient of the National Double Coaches Award from the Positive Coaching Alliance, and strives to emphasize the skills and strengths of those around him. His coaching and teaching philosophy centers on lifting people up. “Really believe in belonging to something bigger than yourself,” he says. Adams hopes students view his role as Principal as someone they can talk to about what’s happening in their lives. While he does have an important job, he also understands the importance of balance. He’s firm when need be but also considers himself easy going with a sense of humor, “Even with the title of Principal, I’m just a cog in the wheel of the community that makes this place go,” he says.

Adams with his wife Pamela

Adams and his family at Dodger Stadium

Adams with Congressman John Lewis


What is your favorite food? I love to eat. My favorite cuisine would be Mexican, but my favorite thing to eat is dessert. I’m a sucker for sweet potato pie and banana pudding.

• What is your favorite band/music? I’m a hip hop fan. It’s the soundtrack of my life 80s and 90s hip hop was the sweet spot. • What is your favorite city? Los Angeles. But New York is a close second. • Favorite movie? Do The Right Thing. I love the conversations it creates.

• Favorite TV Show? Ted Lasso but historically The Sopranos. • Favorite travel destination? Belize, but Turks & Caicos is a close second. • Favorite drink? Banana milkshake. • Favorite L.A. spot? I’m a cyclist so I love riding the beach path at Playa Del Rey and Palos Verdes. 7

TOGETHER AGAIN! The 2021-2022 school year kicked off on August 16th with 613 students returning to campus for full-day instruction. Students, teachers, and faculty were thrilled to see each other, many for the first time, since the pandemic closed the school over a year ago. The students spent the day getting reacquainted with each other and the campus. They were able to meet La Salle’s new Principal Jamal Adams, who helped lead the Mass of the Holy Spirit. The incoming freshman class consists of 157 students coming from over 35 local schools.





In early 1955, the Archdiocese of Los Angeles began construction of a new high school at the corner of East Sierra Madre Boulevard and Michillinda Avenue. Concurrently, the Cardinal Archbishop of Los Angeles, invited the Christian Brothers to administrate the new school and consequently the name La Salle High School was adopted. It was to be a Roman Catholic college preparatory school enriched by the tradition of Lasallian education developed by St. John Baptist de La Salle, founder of the Christian Brothers, whose reputation for innovative excellence in education extends back to 1680. In November 1955, construction began on the School’s main building. The building would include eight classrooms, science laboratories, mechanical drawing and typing rooms, library, bookstore, audio-visual room, cafeteria, locker room, and offices. The Brothers’ residence and chapel would be built before the opening of the School. La Salle High School opened its doors in September 1956 with Brother Celestine Cormier, FSC, as the first principal. 10


That first semester, 117 freshman boys from fourteen nearby communities entered the original school building that would eventually accommodate nearly 450 students in 1964 with a teaching faculty of 11 Christian Brothers and six lay teachers. In 1965, construction of the Michillinda wing was completed and included a library, biology lab, five additional classrooms, an assembly hall, student bookstore, seminar room, and faculty offices. In 1986, the first formal discussion occurred regarding the possibility of coeducation at La Salle High School. The Fall of 1991 was a significant time for La Salle High School. Most importantly, co-education became a reality as young women were officially admitted to the School. Additionally, on September 14, 1991, La Salle fielded its first football team ever. The first game was played against Temescal Canyon at La Canada High School.


In 1996, in an effort to meet the growing needs of La Salle students, a campus expansion project was undertaken that included: the relocation of the school library, a new dining hall, a 200-seat amphitheater, expanded weight room, and a three-story wing that would extend down Michillinda and include four state of the art science labs, general classrooms, student life office, chapel, dance studio, faculty center and administrative offices. All of these improvements would allow the school to properly accommodate an enrollment of 750 students. In 2012, the new track and football/soccer field was installed on Kohorst Field and in 2014, La Salle unveiled its redesigned men and women’s locker room. In 2018, La Salle High School embarked on a self-study to help further align our mission and work. This study resulted in a refreshed brand identity and a name, La Salle College Preparatory, which reflects the work of our entire faculty and staff, preparing students for college and beyond.

Our school exists at the intersection of exploration and discovery, inspired by the teachings of Saint John Baptist de La Salle. Together across a worldwide network, our community of millions of Lasallians is proud to shepard his spirit of love, care, service, and excellence into the 21st Century. Each day, we nurture the talents of our curious and capable students by offering them challenging opportunities that encourage growth and development. Building on 300 years of education and innovation, La Salle is committed to inspiring the next generation of lifelong learners to find their unique paths to excellence. La Salle College Preparatory has seen a tremendous evolution over the past 65 years but a few things remain constant, our commitment to serve our students, alumni, and parents and the dedication to uphold our motto of Learn, Serve, Lead.


2020 - 2021


Dear La Salle Community, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your commitment, love, and support of La Salle College Preparatory. Since March 2020, we’ve been through unprecedented times and an ever-changing landscape of rules, policies, and protocols for the sake of health and safety. What has not changed in the last year and a half is the support our beloved school has received from our generous donors, friends, and benefactors that helped La Salle weather these challenging times.

back to the place that has provided you with the means to go out in the world to Learn, Serve, and Lead in the communities you belong to. Your success is the result of those that came before you and we cannot be more proud of the legacy you continue to leave for the next generation of Lancers. I am grateful for your continued love of La Salle and am hopeful for even more alumni to engage with us and to learn more about how you can support our school together.

Our Annual Impact Report provides us with the opportunity to express our thanks and gratitude to all those that give their time, talent, and treasure in service of our school and most especially the students we serve. Our mission and Five Core Principles are uplifted with every gift we receive. Your generosity provides a lasting impact that is felt in every corner of our school and beyond, from our quality academics and robust student services to our outstanding co-curricular programs and athletic opportunities.

The future of La Salle College Preparatory is bright and vibrant, as we look to enhance and improve the foundation left for us after decades of growth and innovation. Thank you again for being a part of the fabric that makes La Salle such a special place to learn and work.

To our alumni, we’d especially like to thank you for giving



While La Salle makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information presented, there may be errors in gift information listed. Please email the Institutional Advancement office with any errors you encounter. FY 2021 includes July 1, 2020 - June 30, 2021. 12


ANNUAL REPORT LA SALLE COLLEGE PREPARATORY OF PASADENA Statements of Financial Position - June 30, 2021 and 2020 ASSETS Cash Investments Receivables, Net Unconditional Promises to Give, Net

Property and Equipment Building and Improvements Furniture and Equipment Construction in Progress Vehicles

Less Accumulated Depreciation

Land Net Property and Equipment Total Assets




$ 5,849,854 3,423,221 601,834

$ 5,491,157 2,729,046 560,285



14,068,862 2,171,575 364,345

13,458,747 2,171,575 261,031 364,345


















Accounts Payable and Accrued Expenses Paycheck Protection Protection Loan Accrued Payroll Deferred Revenue - Tuition and Registration Total Liabilities



$ 7 1 ,1 1 5 701,514 3,717,828

$ 116,115 1,611,000 774,430 3,553,956





4,513,050 2,317,772

3,069,913 2,024,917















Total Net Assets Total Liabilities and Net Assets

TOTA L RA I S E D BY U S E : $ 1 ,1 7 9,1 37




LA SALLE COLLEGE PREPARATORY OF PASADENA Statements of Activities and Changes in Net Assets For the Years Ended June 30, 2021 and 2020 CHANGES IN NET ASSETS WITHOUT RESTRICTION SUPPORT AND REVENUE Net Tuition and Fees Contributions Unrealized Gain on Investments Other Revenue Net Assets Released From Restrictions Released From Time Restrictions Released From Program Restrictions

EXPENSES: Program Services Administration Fundraising Total Expense (Decrease) Increase in Net Assets Without Restriction




$ 11,060,969 279,425 662,745 90,938

$ 11,388,696 387,036 3,829 105,130



590,745 244,194

420,844 511,350





8,523,701 2,677,003 1,008,115

9,324,392 2,459,319 1,028,807





635,644 31,430 (834,937)

1,243,022 (932,194)



PERPETUAL RESTRICTIONS Contributions (Decrease) Increase in Net Assets From Operations Gain on Extinguishment of Debt (Decrease) Increase in Net Assets Net Assets at Beginning of Year Net Assets at End of Year


TOTA L RA I S E D BY S O U RC E : $1 ,1 7 9,1 37






CHANGES IN NET ASSETS WITH RESTRICTIONS TIME AND USE RESTRICTIONS Contributions Unrealized Gain on Investments Net Assets Released from Restrictions




845,076 1,611,000

324,759 0





$ 15,544,623

$ 13,088,547








“Bene Merenti” is Latin for “Well-deserving.” Donors whose lifetime cumulative contributions have exceeded $100,000 are truly well-deserving of our gratitude for their commitment to the School’s Mission. Anonymous (2) Ahmanson Foundation Archdiocese Of Los Angeles Mr. and Mrs. Tom Beck Bill Hannon Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Blakeslee ’80 Mr. Titus Brenninkmeijer California Wellness Foundation Carrie Estelle Doheny Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Dino Clarizio ’75 Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Crowell De La Salle Institute (Christian Brothers) Mr. John Delaney Francis Bacon Foundation, Inc. Fritz B. Burns Foundation George H. Mayr Foundation Mr. Peter S. Griffith

Ms. Erica Hahn Mr. and Mrs. Scott Hood Dennis A. Jebbia, Esq. Mr. and Mrs. Russell Kasper Kohorst Allen Family Foundation Mr. Bob Kohorst ’71 and Ms. Shelley Allen Mr. and Mrs. David Lam Mr. and Mrs. John Lewis Mr. Zili “Eric” Li and Ms. Yang “Angela” Liu Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lumarda Marshall Charitable Trust Mr. John F. Marshall ’85 Mediverse International, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Mark Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Nuccio ’71 Mr. and Mrs. Harry Olivar Mrs. Catherine Pankow

Pasadena Community Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Tom Radle Mr. Joel Robinson and Dr. Ricki Robinson Rose Hills Foundation Dr. Ed Rounds and Dr. Callae Walcott-Rounds Mr. and Mrs. Mark Shuster The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation The Georgina-Fredrick Children Foundation The Kenneth T. and Eileen L. Norris Foundation The Lluella Morey Murphey Foundation Mr. Scott Twomey and Mrs. Karen Skinner-Twomey Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Walsh Webb Foundation William H. Hannon Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Walt Williams


Donors whose lifetime cumulative contributions are between $50,000 and $99,999 join the Buttimer Society; named after the first American Superior General of the Christian Brothers – Brother Charles Henry Buttimer, FSC. Like Brother Charles Henry, who governed the Institute during the turbulent decade of the Sixties, these donors ensure the financial stability of La Salle. Mr. Roland Aldridge Bank of America Foundation MG Program Mr. and Mrs. Peter K. Barker ’66 Peter K. Barker Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Camilo Becerra Brad and Nancy Berger Mr. and Mrs. Dennis P. Burke ’60 Mr. Douglas Campbell Campbell Family Foundation Gregory Dickson, Ph.D. Blaine and Lynda Fetter Mr. and Mrs. Peter Godfrey Richard Gray, Ph.D. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lo Guercio Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Hancock Mr. and Mrs. Bret Hardy Mr. and Mrs. Michael Healy Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Hoffman ’68 Mr. and Mrs. Steve Holland Mr. Fred Hughes ’61 Ms. Nancy L. Iredale

Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Jameson Mrs. Kathryn Keele Mr. Larry Keele Mr. William Kinney and Ms. Lily Chen Kinney and Company Mr. and Mrs. Adam Konrad ’87 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Koskovich, C.P.A. ’73 Mrs. Linda Lui Mr. Steve Madison Monique and Edward Malicdem ’88 Mr. and Mrs. Shyam S. Manwani Jane and Jerry Marks John A. Moe II ’68 Dr. Kris Mohandie ’80 Mr. and Mrs. Don J. Olender ’70 Mr. Russell J. Osterman Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Palffy Dr. and Mrs. Jerome R. Porath Dr. and Mrs. John T. Quigley Mark and Victoria Richards Mr. Marshall Rose

Mr. and Mrs. Brent Schoenbaum Mr. and Mrs. Steve Seidner Mr. and Mrs. Craig Silvers Craig and D’Arcy Sloane Southern California Edison Company Ms. Jie Zhen Su Valley Processing Mr. and Mrs. Greg Vanni ’71 The Honorable Janet M. Frangie and Dennis P. Voltattorni Dr. John K. Waken Weingart Foundation Wells Fargo Educational Foundation MG Center Western Asset Management Company Mr. and Mrs. Gerald M. Whitehead E.L. Wiegand Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Wright Mr. James Ding and Mrs. Janet Xu Heather and Jason Young Mr. Tony Gao and Mrs. Gina Zhang


La Salle recognizes those donors who have restricted their contributions of $1,000.00+ to the School’s Endowment Funds or included La Salle in their estate planning through one of a number of Planned Giving instruments including gift annuities, life insurance, charitable remainder trusts, lead trusts and bequests. These donors are honored as members of the Saint Benilde Society. Similar to the visionary actions of Brother Celestine, the founding principal of La Salle College Preparatory, the support of these individuals will help secure the perpetuity of the Mission and Philosophy of La Salle College Preparatory for generations. Anonymous (3) Mr. and Mrs. Kamran Aghili ’88 Ahmanson Foundation Mr. and Mrs. James R. Alden The Harrison R. Baker, Jr. Family Mr. and Mrs. Peter K. Barker ’66 Dr. and Mrs. Peter Barry ’62 David and Patricia Barulich Mr. and Mrs. Zoran K. Basich Tom and Jeri Beck Mr. and Mrs. Ned R. Bennett ’65 Brad and Nancy Berger 14


Mr. Monty Bernstein Mr. and Mrs. Robin Bieker Mr. and Mrs. James Blackstock ’65 Mr. and Mrs. David Bolstad ’60 Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Bonacci, AFSC Ms. Tina D. Bonacci ’94 Mr. H. Thomas Boyle and Ms. Wendy Lees The Brenninkmeijer Family Mr. and Mrs. R. Keith Brown ’62 Dr. and Mrs. Steven T. Buccola ’62 Mr. and Mrs. Dennis P. Burke ’60 Mr. and Mrs. William F. Burke ’60

The Carey Family Charles Pankow Foundation Mr. and Mrs. James H. Cheney ’61 Mr. and Mrs. James Crawford Mrs. Mary Danenhauer Mr. Sid D. Danenhauer, Jr. ’60 De La Salle Institute (Christian Brothers) Mr. John Delaney Mr. Michael P. Delaney ’60 Jim Dirmann ’60 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Doda Mr. and Mrs. Mike Dooling ’63

ANNUAL REPORT Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Drasco ’60 Mr. and Mrs. Ray Elam III Blaine and Lynda Fetter Mr. Lawrence E. Fetters ’60 Francis Bacon Foundation, Inc. Dr. Robert G. Frank, Jr. ’61 and Ms. Jeanne Adams George H. Mayr Foundation Mrs. Alice Godfrey Mr. and Mrs. Peter Godfrey Mark and Bettina Graf Richard Gray, Ph.D. Greater Kansas City Community Foundation Mr. Peter S. Griffith The Gripp Family Mr. and Mrs. Michael Harper Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Hoffman ’68 Ms. Carolyn L. Imrie Ms. Nancy L. Iredale Dennis A. Jebbia, Esq. Mr. Edwin Jenkins ’62 Mr. Michael R. Johnson ’62 Mr. Tim Q. Johnson ’60 Mr. Louis Johnston K.B. Construction Company Mr. and Mrs. Mark Karahadian Mr. David L. Kennelly ’65 Bob Kohorst ’71 and Shelley Allen Dr. Julie Bonacci Kolb ’97 Mr. Gregory M. Kunert and Ms. Carol A. Watson La Salle College Preparatory Academic Boosters

Mr. and Mrs. David Lam Mr. and Mrs. John Lewis Lucas, Horsfall, Murphy & Pindroh, LLP Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Lumas ’60 Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence O. Mackel Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Maurin ’65 Mediverse International, Inc. Dr. Kris Mohandie ’80 Mr. Michael Molino Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mueller Ms. Katherine I. Murray ’16 Ms. Kathleen B. Murray Dr. and Mrs. Henry E. Nino ’62 Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Nuccio ’71 Nursing Home Solutions, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Stan D. Oliai ’88 Capt and Mrs. Wayne J. Osborne ’62 Mr. and Mrs. Chip Ossman III Mr. Russell J. Osterman Pasadena Community Foundation Peter K. Barker Foundation Mr. and Mrs. James H. Pike ’71 Mr. and Mrs. Victor V. Polek ’74 Dr. and Mrs. Jerome R. Porath Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Quandt, Jr. ’64 Dr. and Mrs. John T. Quigley The Estate of Steve F. Ready ’65 Mark and Victoria Richards Mr. Joel Robinson and Dr. Ricki Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Roman, Jr. ’73 Mr. and Mrs. James P. Roosevelt, Jr. ’63 Mr. Robert M. Rossini

Mr. Thomas Ryan Mr. and Mrs. Ted T. Saraf ’60 Schwab Charitable Fund Mr. Barry J. Schweiger ’60 Mr. and Mrs. Steve Seidner Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Shortell ’62 Mr. David J. Skibinski, MBA Mr. Louis P. Smaldino ’60 The Estate of Marge Smith Mr. and Mrs. David C. Soltis ’90 The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation The Hastings Foundation The Lluella Morey Murphey Foundation The Schow Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Perry C. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Thompson ’71 Ms. Dolores Tukich The Twomey Family Mr. and Mrs. Victor E. Vert ’62 The Honorable Janet M. Frangie and Dennis P. Voltattorni Wellpoint Foundation WFB Ohio-Foundation (MN) Mr. and Mrs. Jack P. Wiegand ’60 Peter and Serena Williams Walt and Julie Williams Mr. Donald Wood Kristen Schultz Wray ’98 Carol and Bradford Wright ’73 Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Wright


Each year La Salle College Preparatory recognizes the generosity of individuals and organizations whose tax-deductible cash contributions and new pledges during the year total $1,000 or more. These donors play a critical role in strengthening the current programs for our students and helping La Salle plan for the future. Founded in 1989, there were 11 individuals, couples, and organizations as members in its initial year. For 2020-2021, 321 individuals, couples, and organizations comprise the membership of its most prestigious order of donors. PRESIDENT’S CABINET $10,000+ Anonymous (2) Mr. and Mrs. Camilo Becerra P’18 Mr. Shawn Blakeslee ’80 Mr. and Mrs. William F. Burke ’60 California Community Foundation California Wellness Foundation Campbell Family Foundation Mr. Douglas Campbell Dr. and Mrs. Dino Clarizio ’75 Mr. John Delaney Carrie Estelle Doheny Foundation Mr. Peter S. Griffith Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Grigg William H. Hannon Foundation Mr. Ernest Hollady Dennis A. Jebbia, Esq. Dennis A. Jebbia, Esq. Mr. and Mrs. Russell Kasper Matt Kohorst ’07 The Lumarda Family Moorpark Investment LLC Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Nuccio ’71 Mr. and Mrs. Harry Olivar Rose Hills Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Brent Schoenbaum Mark and Daina Shuster Walt and Julie Williams Mr. Tony Gao and Mrs. Gina Zhang

PRESIDENT’S COUNCIL $5,000-$9,999 Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Beadles Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Beltre Bubalo Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Juan Cardenas Mr. and Ms. Paul Chu Mr. and Mrs. Scott Coolidge Mr. and Mrs. Mike Dooling ’63 Mr. and Mrs. Mark Gamble Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Koskovich, C.P.A. ’73 Mr. Wei Liu and Ms. Chunyan Gu Mr. and Ms. Donald Mcgill John A. Moe II ’68 Dr. Kris Mohandie ’80 Mr. and Mrs. David Mysza Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan A. Naguit Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Palffy Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Steinhoff Mr. and Mrs. Frode Teigen Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Thomas Mr. and Mrs. John G. Thorne Carol and Bradford Wright ’73 Heather and Jason Young Mr. and Mrs. YunYing Zhang PRESIDENT’S CIRCLE $2,500-$4,999 Mrs. Erin Fullinwider Alex ’00 Mr. and Mrs. Peter K. Barker ’66

Peter K. Barker Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Steven Basile Brad and Nancy Berger Mr. and Mrs. David Burgess Mr. and Mrs. Michael Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Binglang Chen Mr. and Mrs. Steven Chin Mr. and Mrs. Thane Christopher Citizens Business Bank Clear Foundation Mr. Giovani Dacumos and Ms. Carina Caparas Mr. Sid D. Danenhauer, Jr. ’60 Dr. and Mrs. Dennis C. De Mesa ’94 Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Delaney ’89 Dr. John Desjarlais and Dr. Christine Brown Mr. Raymond Ealy and Mrs. L. Charmayne Ealy Mr. and Mrs. Jon Fullinwider Ms. Lidia Gamez Mr. Montano Geronimo and Mrs. Elaine Mercado Geronimo Ms. Juliet Goff Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gowen Mr. Qing Guo and Mrs. Yanli (Catherine) Wang Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Hall Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hart Mr. and Mrs. Robert Helbing Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Hubert Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Hurrell Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Kirland 15

ANNUAL REPORT Mr. and Mrs. Shant Koumriqian The George and Mary Ann Leal Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Gary Lee Mr. and Mrs. David Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Kaitong Liu Ms. Ye Liu Ms. Li Liu Mr. Chen Lu and Ms. Sharon Liang Mrs. Linda Lui Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan R. Ma Mr. and Mrs. Harish Manwani Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Mouton Mr. and Mrs. Todd Nevell Pasadena Community Foundation Mark and Victoria Richards Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Sanchez Mr. and Mrs. James Schaefle Mr. and Mrs. Rasmus Schionning Mr. and Mrs. Mark Sedlacek Mr. and Mrs. Javed Sheikh Mr. William P. Skipper and Ms. Jennifer Hammond Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Sweeney Mr. and Mrs. Hirotada Takada Mr. and Mrs. David Toth Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Van Buren Ms. Sharon Verani The Honorable Janet M. Frangie and Dennis P. Voltattorni Dr. John K. Waken Ms. Liping Wang Mr. and Mrs. Jack P. Wiegand ’60 Ms. Jin Ling Wu Ms. Xiaohhui Wu Mr. Terry Xia and Ms. Jing Liu Mr. and Mrs. Frank Xue Mr. and Mrs. Brian Yates Mr. and Mrs. Henry Yu Jr. CRYSTAL CIRCLE $1,000-$2,499 Drs. Bruce and Lara Abbott Mr. and Mrs. Brad Ableson Mr. and Mrs. Sergio Alfaro Mr. and Mrs. Mark Alvarado Mr. and Mrs. Joe Alvarez ’83 Mr. and Mrs. Gerardo Alvarez Mr. and Mrs. Troy Antig Mr. James Asperger and Ms. Chrsitine Adams Dr. and Ms. Bruce Atkinson The Emanuel Bachmann Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Peter Baghdassarian Mr. Gary P. Barrera ’91 Ms. Jennifer Barrera ’98 Mr. and Mrs. Adrien Beard Mr. and Ms. Hamid Behdad Mr. Andrew Beilfuss Mr. David Beringer ’75 Mr. and Ms. Ravinder Bhatia Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Bigley ’80 Ms. Kristen Blazek Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Boecking Ms. Kathleen Brennan de Jesus Mr. and Mrs. Paul Breton Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Brogan Mr. and Mrs. R. Keith Brown ’62 Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Byers Mr. and Mrs. James H. Cahill Jr. Mr. and Ms. Odilon Camara Mr. Michael Campbell ’97 Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Candelaria Mr. and Mrs. Matt Cargal 16


Mr. Robert Carrejo Mr. and Ms. Maurice Chan Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Nanzhi Chen Mr. and Ms. Lawrence Chiu Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Choi Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Choi Dr. and Mrs. Christakis Christodoulou Ms. Michele Conn Mr. and Mrs. Gerald P. Cotter ’65 Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Crespo Mr. and Mrs. Michael Culver Mr. and Mrs. Robert Curtiss Mr. and Ms. Doug Cwiak Mr. and Mrs. Victor De Silva Mr. and Mrs. Raphael Domingo Mr. and Ms. Hwan Dong Ms. Michelle Drabik Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Drasco ’60 Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Durandette ’77 Ms. Kelly Etter Beilfuss Mr. and Mrs. Chris Fosselman Fosselman’s Ice Cream Co. Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel Frias Mr. and Ms. Gautam Ganguly Mr. and Mrs. William Gardner Mr. Richard Gladstein Ms. Christine Godwin Ms. Iraiz Gomez Mr. and Mrs. Ola Grenner Ms. Veronica Hahni Mr. and Mrs. Tirta Halim Mr. William R. Hall ’62 Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Hall Mr. and Mrs. Michael Harper Mr. and Mrs. Sean Hedman Thomas and Denise Heidenberg GP’22 Ms. Maria Hernandez Mr. and Mrs. Sonny Ho Mr. and Ms. Richard Hofer Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Hsieh Drs. James and Pamela Hu Mr. and Ms. David Hughes Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Hussain Mr. and Mrs. Hossein Jadvar Dr. Irina Jasper and Mr. Dimitry Barkovsky Mr. Aaron Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Ruben Joseph Mr. and Ms. Nicholas D. Juarez Dr. Morton R. Kahn and Dr. Lisa Kahn-Yee Mr. and Ms. Tony Kao Ms. Lesley Kliger Gloeckle Mr. and Mrs. Kc Kong Mr. and Mrs. Vartan Kouladjian Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Krouse ’70 Mr. and Mrs. Jason Kruckeberg Mr. and Mrs. Warren Lam Lasallian Christian Brothers Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lee Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Lee Mr. Kenneth Leong and Ms. Judy Chan Mr. Stephen Leung and Ms. Yui Wa Dr. and Mrs. William Lewczuk Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Lewin Mr. and Mrs. Bin Li Mr. and Mrs. William Lieberg Mr. and Mrs. Vu Lieu Mr. and Mrs. Philip Lindholm Ms. Nancy Lingao Mr. and Mrs. Zhihao Liu Ms. Anny Liu Ms. Louise Liu Mr. Yao Ming Liu and Ms. Kelly Liang

Mr. and Mrs. Danny Lo Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Lopez Ms. Irma Luna Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Lynch Dr. and Dr. Michael Mackanic Mr. and Mrs. Rudyard Magallanes Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Maldonado Ms. Jocelyn Marino Mr. and Mrs. Perry Martin Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Martinez ’88 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Masci Mr. and Mrs. Augustine May Mr. Joseph L. McKay ’75 Mr. Joe McKenna ’67 Mr. and Mrs. John McMahon Dr. Michael P. Miller and Dr. Catherine L. Louden Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Miller Mr. and Mrs. Tony Moschella Ms. Hong Li (Iris) Mou Mr. and Mrs. John Nahas Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Nahra Mr. and Mrs. Toan Nguyen Dr. and Mrs. Henry E. Nino ’62 Dr. Heriberto Nunez Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Olgin Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Ortiz-Luis Mr. and Mrs. Rick Ouwerkerk Mr. and Mrs. Robert Packard Dr. Stephanie Paggi Pasadena Tournament of Roses Mr. and Mrs. Manny Pavon Mr. Mayron Payes and Ms. Angelica Salas Mr. and Mrs. David Pejsa Dr. Claudia Pfeil and Mr. Martin Truitt Mr. and Mrs. Victor V. Polek ’74 Mr. and Mrs. John B. Pollara ’66 Mr. and Mrs. Miguel A. Posada Mr. and Mrs. James R. Quandt ’67 Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Quandt, Jr. ’64 Mr. and Mrs. John R. Queen III ’83 Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Quinn Mr. Miguel Ramos Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus Rangan Mr. Jun Rao and Ms. Donglai Wang Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Reeves Ms. Janet M. Reilly Mr. and Mrs. Refugio Reynoso Mr. and Mrs. David Rodriguez ’89 Jenny and Michael Rue ’69 Mr. and Mrs. Rigoberto Ruiz Mr. and Mrs. Oleksandr Rytov Mr. and Mrs. George Sakellariou Mr. and Ms. Jorge Salazar Ms. Jogelin R. Santos Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Sasaki Mr. and Mrs. David B. Shaw Mr. and Ms. Jeff Simon Mr. and Mrs. Craig Sindici Mr. and Mrs. Brian Smatko Mr. Ray Sosa and Ms. Leticia Sanchez Mr. and Mrs. Marc St. Louis Ms. Junfei Su Mr. and Mrs. Tony Tang Mr. Wei Tang and Ms. Yue Mu Dr. James Tatoian Mr. and Mrs. Kent Tesoro Mrs. Shirlie Thomas Mr. William R. Thomas Mr. Kien C. Tiet Top Education Institute, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Hieu Tran

ANNUAL REPORT Mr. and Ms. Dung Tran Mr. Mario C. Tromba ’81 Ms. Lisa Tromba Mr. and Mrs. Hunt Turner Mr. and Mrs. Joey B. Ventigan Mr. and Mrs. Dar J. Vigil Mr. and Mrs. Adam Waggoner Mr. Weizhong Wang and Mrs. Nancy Wu Mr. Yujun Wang and Ms. Junhong Ma Mrs. Jenny Wei Mr. and Mrs. Mark C. Weigel ’65 Westside Home Health, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Gerald M. Whitehead Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Wong Mr. and Mrs. Howard Wood

Ms. Jennifer Y. K. Wu Dr. and Dr. Bin Xie Mr. and Mrs. Rey Yang Mr. and Mrs. Andy Yuan Dr. and Mrs. Ebrahim Zandi Mrs. Lori Zanteson Ms. Yue Zhang Mr. and Ms. Kai Zhang Mr. and Ms. Tan Zhang Mr. Sean Zhang and Ms. Elaine Hsu Mr. Juan Zheng Mr. and Mrs. Yu Zhu Mr. and Mrs. Gerald M. Whitehead Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Wong Mr. and Mrs. Howard Wood

Ms. Jennifer Y. K. Wu Dr. and Dr. Bin Xie Mr. and Mrs. Rey Yang Mr. and Mrs. Andy Yuan Dr. and Mrs. Ebrahim Zandi Mrs. Lori Zanteson Ms. Yue Zhang Mr. and Ms. Kai Zhang Mr. and Ms. Tan Zhang Mr. Sean Zhang and Ms. Elaine Hsu Mr. Juan Zheng Mr. and Mrs. Yu Zhu


In the spirit of the School’s motto, “Indivisa Manent” (We Stand Undivided), the following listing of donors includes individuals and organizations that support the everyday operations of La Salle College Preparatory. The following giving programs are included in this generous and supportive group: Parent Giving Program, Crystal Ball, Alumni, Scholarship and Financial Aid, Endowment, Capital, Technology and all Annual Fund Donations. Thank you for supporting the students at La Salle College Preparatory. ORGANIZATION / FOUNDATIONS AT&T Blue Shield of California Casa del Rey Mexican Restaurant CocaCola F. Gaviña & Sons Inc. Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund La Salle College Preparatoryl Athletic Boosters La Salle College Preparatory Senior Class Microsoft Giving Campaign Mijares Mexican Restaurant Pie ’N Burger Piper Sandler Companies Richard Nixon Library & Birthplace Foundation Santa Anita Golf Club Santa Anita Park Sasaki Advanced Aesthetic Medical Center Southern California Edison Company Spirit Cruises SS Felicitas & Perpetua Church Talianko Design Group, LLC Tommy’s World Famous Hamburgers Travelers Two Dragon Martial Arts Wells Fargo Educational Foundation MG Center INDIVIDUALS Anonymous (3) Ms. Joni Regina Ablay ’03 Ms. Emma E. Adams ’21 Mr. and Mrs. Guy Adams Mrs. and Mr. Kim Adams Michael and Elaine Agran Mrs. Robin Quintanilla Aksu ’03 Dr. Lawrence Albinski ’80 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Quinn H. Alexander ’10 Ms. Michelle M. Algiers ’21 Mr. and Mrs. Peter Algiers Mr. and Mrs. Essam Alkhadra

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Allaire ’69 Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey J. Allen ’84 Ms. Sophia Almaraz ’21 Ms. Rosalina M. Alvarez ’10 Mr. Lance M. L. Alviso ’16 Mr. and Mrs. Chann An Mr. and Mrs. Leo Anaya ’89 Mr. and Mrs. Rogelio Ancheta The Honorable Clifford R. Anderson III ’70 and Mrs. Karen Anderson Mrs. Christyann M. Stanislawski Andrianopoulos ’95 Mr. and Mrs. Gregory S. Anicich ’74 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Anthony ’67 Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Archambault ’75 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Armstrong Mr. Andrew Arthur ’06 Dr. and Mrs. Rick M. Arthur Mrs. Deborah A. Mendoza Ashby ’93 Mr. and Ms. Michael Ashenfelter Michael and Millicent Augustine P’06 Mr. and Mrs. Peter G. Badzey ’84 Mr. and Mrs. Alexis Bahou Ms. Natalie M. Bahou ’21 Mr. and Mrs. David C. Balak ’62 Mrs. and Mrs. Enrico Balcos Mr. and Mrs. Duke Banks III ’64 Mrs. Erika Banos-Soria ’02 Mr. and Mrs. Philip Barbaro III ’02 Mrs. Jill Trousdale Barr ’01 Mr. Jose Barrera Ms. Julia M. Barrero ’10 Ms. Laura A. Barrero ’10 Mr. Nicholas S. Basile ’21 Mrs. Stefania M. Bisharat Bauer ’98 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Baum ’63 Ms. Jane Baumer Woodman Mr. Richard E. Baumer ’63 Dr. and Mrs. Ramil Bautista Ms. Susan Beazley Mr. and Mrs. Bert Becker ’65 Ms. Katelyn Beckham ’21

Ms. Briana C. Beddawi ’20 Mr. and Mrs. Marc Beddawi Ms. Jennifer Belak ’04 Mr. and Mrs. Jack W. Belcher ’67 Ms. Ines Y. Bello Mr. and Mrs. Ned R. Bennett ’65 Mr. and Mrs. Todd G. Bennett ’98 Ms. Jamie Bennison ’06 Mr. Dave Bent ’75 Mr. and Mrs. David Bernstein Mr. and Mrs. Michael Betancourt Mr. John A. Bettencourt IV ’87 and Dr. Karen Miller Mr. and Mrs. Mark H. Bevan ’70 Dr. and Mrs. John M. Bigley ’75 Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Bigley ’77 Mr. Arik C. Billings ’21 Mr. and Mrs. Jon Billington Mr. Andrew Binns Mr. and Mrs. Gary Bislamyan Mr. and Mrs. Dominic P. Bitonti ’95 Mr. and Mrs. Alan W. Blackman Mr. and Mrs. John C. Blackstock ’67 Mr. Richard A. Bleuze ’95 Mr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Boggs ’66 Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Bogue ’88 Ms. Annika M. Bohanec ’18 Mr. Gabriel Bohanec ’20 Mr. Vincent Bohanec Mr. and Mrs. David Bolstad ’60 Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Bonacci, AFSC Ms. Tina D. Bonacci ’94 Mr. and Mrs. John L. Bottala ’08 Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Bottala ’10 Mr. Jeffrey T. Briegel ’12 Mr. and Mrs. William Briegel Mr. and Mrs. Patrick M. Brink ’86 Ms. Chloe M. Britton Naime ’21 Ms. Katrina Britton Brent J. Broadhead Mr. and Mrs. Barry E. Brock, C.P.A. ’73 Mr. and Mrs. James Brown 17

ANNUAL REPORT Mr. Scott Brown ’75 Mr. and Mrs. Warren Brown Mr. Kyle T. Brumm ’12 Ms. Tamara Bryant ’02 Ms. Chanel M. Buccola ’07 Dr. and Mrs. Steven T. Buccola ’62 Mr. and Mrs. David Buennagel ’04 Mrs. Sonia Buenrostro Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Bukovensky-Szabo ’95 Mr. and Mrs. Running Bear Bunch ’94 Mr. and Mrs. Dennis P. Burke ’60 Mr. John R. Burke ’77 Mr. Moises Bustos ’21 Mr. Giovanni A. M. Butteri ’21 Dr. and Ms. Matthew Butteri Mr. and Mrs. Gary Byrd ’61 Larry R. Byrd, Ph.D. ’63 Mr. Christopher Cadd and Ms. Rosario Sabillo Mr. Kevin A. Cahill ’76 Ms. Lauren C. Calvario ’21 Mr. and Mrs. Renato Calvario Beverly Campbell Mr. Hector A. Campos, Jr. ’00 Dr. and Mrs. Phillip Capobianco III ’71 Ms. Susan E. Capoccia ’08 Mr. Ryan R. Cargal ’21 Ms. Nicole M. Carlos ’12 Mr. Eric Carlos ’06 Mr. and Ms. Edwin Carrillo Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel J. Castillo ’96 Mr. Roy Chang Mr. and Ms. Sako Charkhedian Mr. and Mrs. Jason Charvat ’97 Mr. Franklin M. Cheng ’21 Mr. Kyle Cheng ’07 Dr. and Mrs. Robert Cheng Mr. and Mrs. Steven Cheung Mr. Suresh Chilukuri Ms. Abigail H. Christopher ’21 Mr. and Mrs. Philip Chu Mr. and Mrs. Herme Chua Ms. Samantha L. Ciccone ’21 Mr. and Mrs. Stanislaw Ciszewski Mr. Rob Clarke ’66 and Ms. Jeanne Labozetta Mrs. Jessica L. Charles Coffin ’01 Mr. and Mrs. Todmund Cole Mrs. Samantha Whitehead Collar ’11 Ms. Francesca Colombo Ms. Brooke L. Colton ’21 Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Colton Mr. Gabriel Compton and Mrs. Cristina Claisse Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Conde Mr. and Mrs. Philip A. Coombes ’75 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Copeland Mrs. Jennifer Pittman Corcoran ’99 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Core Ms. Evelyn Cortes Mr. and Ms. Steven Corvelo Ms. Shea M. Corwin ’16 Mr. Daniel Costello ’18 Mr. Michael L. Cotter ’68 and Ms. Elaine Huang Mrs. Stephanie Smith Courain ’06 Mrs. Christina Miller Cousart ’03 18


Mr. and Mrs. Ken W. Crawford, Jr. ’69 Mr. Richard K. Crawford ’75 Ms. Christine Crawfurd Ms. Isabella N. Crespo ’21 Mr. Jay Crews ’86 Ms. Chloe S. Cross ’11 Mr. and Mrs. James M. Crowley ’61 Mr. Robert Cruz Jr. ’75 Ms. Courtney G. Cucchissi ’11 Mr. James A. Curtiss ’21 Ms. Justyne P. Dagdagan ’21 Mrs. Tara Bitonti Daines ’97 Mr. and Mrs. Joel Damir Mr. and Mrs. Wayne J. Damore ’75 Mr. and Mrs. Gregory E. Danenhauer ’70 Mr. and Mrs. Bill Darlas Mr. J.R. Darling ’99 and Mrs. Nina Darling ’99 Ms. Lara M. Davini ’95 Ms. Chrissie Davis ’99 and Mr. Sebastian Grillo Mr. Scott P. Davis Mr. and Mrs. William E. Daws ’60 Mr. and Mrs. Brian Day Mr. Matthew B. Day ’21 Mr. Robert De La Pena ’07 Mr. Caleb A. De Mesa ’21 Mr. and Mrs. Michael DeCanio ’80 Mr. and Mrs. John Defoe Ms. Francine T. DeMarco ’98 Mr. and Mrs. Dustin DeMesa ’96 Mrs. Eileen Devore Mr. and Mrs. Mark M. Dewald ’75 Mr. and Mrs. Jesus Diaz Ms. Veronica Diaz Dr. David C. DiLettera ’75 Mr. Jason Dineros ’05 Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Anthony Dionisio III Ms. Katryna Isabelle D. Dionisio ’21 Jim Dirmann ’60 Dr. Brian J. Doerning ’81 and Mrs. Maryann Messina-Doerning Ms. Sheila Dooley Mr. Jordan G. Dorenfeld ’05 Ms. Brenna R. Drabik ’21 Ms. Nidia Duarte Ms. Lauren L. Duckworth ’10 Mr. Frank Lawrence Duerst ’67 Mr. and Ms. Sean Duffy Dr. Mosey Nuccio Dunn ’02 Ms. Jean-Jacques Dupre Ms. Susan E. Ehring ’97 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Eiben ’63 Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Elia Mr. James F. Elko ’67 Mr. Christopher S. Ellis ’93 Mrs. Teresa M. Ring Elmslie-Britt ’03 Mr. Sergio Escalante ’75 Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Escamilla ’81 Mr. and Mrs. Steve Escovar Ms. Kriztina Espinosa ’18 Mr. and Mrs. Martin Espinoza Mr. and Mrs. Max R. Esquivel ’83 Mr. and Mrs. David Ettinger Ms. Amanda C. Evans ’05 Ms. Kimberley T. Evans ’07

Mr. Jae Evers ’75 Mr. and Mrs. Everett M. Evleth ’87 Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Exposito ’74 1Lt Anthony D. Exposito, USA ’08 Mr. and Mrs. Randy Fall Mr. and Mrs. Edmund B. Ferguson ’61 Mrs. Rochelle L. Rodriguez Ferrari ’97 and Mr. David Ferrari Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ferrer Ms. Giselle Figueroa ’07 Mr. and Mrs. William Filice Mr. and Mrs. James S. Fischella ’73 Mr. and Mrs. Mark Fischer Mr. and Mrs. Eric D. Fisher ’71 Janet Fishman Mr. and Mrs. Eugene C. Flock ’97 Mr. and Mrs. Al Flores Mr. Ryan T. Flynn ’13 Ms. Arielle L. Fong ’17 Mr. and Mrs. John Fong Mr. and Mrs. Ken Fong Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Ford ’60 Mr. and Mrs. Emmanuel Franco Ms. Monet Paz D. Franco ’21 Mr. and Mrs. Edmund French, Jr. ’75 Mr. and Mrs. Patrick A. Frey ’70 Ms. Giana M. Froio ’20 Mr. Steven V. Froio ’17 Mr. Mark Fry ’75 Mr. and Mrs. Gonzalo Fuster Mr. and Mrs. Gianni Galati ’86 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Galindo ’71 Ms. Lizette Gallegos ’17 Ms. Anna Gao ’21 Ms. Susan M. Gaon Mr. Ruben Garcia and Mrs. Sonia Barajas-Garcia Mr. Nico Garcia-Corona ’12 Mrs. Nicole Paradis Garthwait ’03 Dr. Robert P. Gendron ’68 Dr. and Mrs. Michael A. Genovese ’68 Ms. Sabrina M. Geronimo ’21 Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Gettinger ’64 Mr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Gettinger ’66 Mr. and Mrs. Roger Giacopuzzi ’75 Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Gibbs Mr. and Mrs. James Gibbs ’03 Ms. Tracey E. Gibbs ’21 Mr. and Mrs. James Gilb Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Gioia ’04 Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Gioia Dr. and Mrs. Frank R. Gioia ’69 Ms. Stephanie R. Gioia ’08 Ms. Dulce M. D. S. Godina ’21 Mr. and Mrs. Jose Godina Mr. and Mrs. Jess Godoy Mrs. Patty Godshall Ms. Sara G. Godshall ’21 Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Goei Mr. and Mrs. Engin Gokgoz Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Gomez Mr. and Ms. Eric Gomez Mr. and Mrs. Sean D. Gomez ’09 Mr. and Mrs. Sergio Gomez Mr. and Mrs. Jorge A. Gonzalez ’96 Mr. William S. Gonzalez ’21

ANNUAL REPORT Mr. Paul J. Gormican, Jr. ’79 Ms. Jennifer Gosselin ’02 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gowen Mrs. Kirsten Real Granger ’06 Mr. and Mrs. Christopher R. Gray ’75 Mr. John X. Gray ’62 Mr. and Mrs. Dean C. Griffith ’00 Marlene and Frank Griffith ’62 Ms. Melody J. Griffith ’18 The Gripp Family Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel Guerrero Mr. Gabriel Guerrero ’21 Mr. and Mrs. Charlie D. Guillen ’94 Ms. Margaret A. Guillen Mr. Carlos G. Gutierrez and Ms. Linda M. Tunstad Mr. and Mrs. Javier R. Guzman ’89 Ms. Jesstine Guzman ’98 Mr. and Mrs. John Guzman Mr. and Mrs. Raffy Hajjar Mr. Noah A. Halim ’21 Mr. and Mrs. Terry A. Hall ’62 Mr. and Mrs. Donn K. Hallman Mr. and Mrs. Raffi Hamparian Mrs. Claudia Vazquez Hampton ’13 Mr. and Mrs. David Hansen Mr. Jacob R. Hansen ’21 Mr. Robert M. Hansen ’13 Mr. and Mrs. Stefan M. Hanson ’66 Mr. and Mrs. Bret Hardy Ms. Samantha J. Hardy ’16 Mr. and Mrs. Bill Hardy ’84 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Harold, Jr. ’65 Ms. Ava F. Hart ’21 Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Hart Mr. Michael Hartfield, C.P.A. ’67 Mr. and Mrs. Chria Hazlitt ’93 Mr. Luke He ’21 Mr. and Mrs. Brendan Heffernan Mr. John J. Helbing ’21 Mr. and Mrs. David Heltsley Mr. M. Patrick Henry Ms. Megan Herek ’04 Ms. Madeline N. Herlache ’09 Mr. and Mrs. Matthew W. Herman ’97 Ms. Marina D. Hernandez Faraj Mr. and Mrs. Hector Hernandez ’85 Mr. Leonardo J. Hernandez ’21 Mr. Leonardo R. Hernandez and Mrs. Sonia M. Jerez Mrs. Margaret Pett Herrera ’98 Dr. and Mrs. Steven W. Herring ’71 Ms. Miya M. Hidalgo ’21 Mr. Michael A. Hinojos ’60 Dr. and Mrs. Alan L. Hiti ’71 Mr. Brian Hoffman ’02 Drs. Kurt and Melissa Hoffman Mr. Mitchell J. Hoffman ’13 Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Hoffman ’68 Dr. Taryn Hoffman ’06 SSG Timothy P. Hoffman ’09 Ms. Christine E. Holguin ’21 Mr. and Ms. Dominic Holguin Ms. Anna Holguin ’01 and Mr. Angel Salas Ofelia O. Holguin Grandmother of Julia Salas ’24

Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Hollis ’04 Mr. Michael Hollis Ms. Leyna Hong ’19 Ms. Elizabeth Hooker Mr. and Mrs. Owen Hou ’90 Mr. Thurman Y. Hou ’21 Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Housman ’09 Mr. and Mrs. Stephen S. Huber ’80 Mr. Ryan R. A. Hubert ’13 Ms. Rhyen A. Hunt ’21 Mr. Darey L. Huo and Mrs. Penny Low-Huo Ms. Zarah Y. P. Huo ’21 Mr. Thomas M. Hurrell ’21 Mr. Alexander D. Ibbotson ’21 Mr. and Mrs. Mark Ibbotson Mr. Eduardo Iniguez ’75 Dr. and Mrs. Eloy A. Ituarte ’67 Hector Ituarte ’78 Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Jahnke ’04 Ms. Clotilde Jang Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Jeffery Ms. Leilani A. Jeffery ’20 Mr. Alex Jimenez ’07 Mr. and Mrs. James Jimenez Mr. Stephen P. Johnson ’63 Mrs. Lauren Ortega Johnston ’99 Mr. Michael R. Johnston ’21 Mr. Gary Jones ’80 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Jones ’80 Mr. and Mrs. Matthew S. Jones ’05 Ms. Virginia S. Jones Ms. Emily C. Jordan ’21 Mr. and Mrs. Henry K. Jordan ’74 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Jordan Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin J. Joseph, Jr. ’80 Ms. Bianca A. Joseph ’21 Mr. John A. Joseph ’84 Mr. and Mrs. James B. Jouvenat ’75 Ms. Kristin A. Juelson ’99 Mr. and Mrs. Erik Kachmarsky ’96 Ms. Rikki Kahn-Yee ’21 Ms. Amelia M. Kahr ’10 Ms. Sherry Kalra ’96 Mr. and Mrs. Tony F. Kane ’60 Mr. Douglas J. Karnowski ’68 Mr. and Mrs. John M. Karnowski ’63 Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Kasper ’85 Ms. Lisa M. Keeler ’00 Mrs. Emily D. Holl Keezer ’01 Mr. and Mrs. William Keith ’62 Mr. Terence M. Kelly ’75 and Ms. Alison Nichols Mr. and Mrs. Steven Kennedy ’75 Mr. and Ms. John Khalaf Mr. and Mrs. Sunder Khemani Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy F. “Buzz” Kiley ’62 Mrs. Antionette Santucci Kinder ’95 Mr. and Mrs. Tom Kitchens ’68 Ms. Cathryn E. Knipschild ’21 Ms. Carol Ko Dr. Julie Bonacci Kolb ’97 Mr. and Mrs. Adam Konrad ’87 Mrs. Allison M. Hannegan Kooiman ’95 Ms. Chaghig Koulajian Simsek Michael and Catherine Krings P’17 Mr. Phillip M. Krings ’17

Ms. Veronnica L. Krizek ’08 Mr. Dwight Kroll ’75 Mr. Martin A. Kunz ’82 and Ms. Maria McCord Mr. Eric Kurzweil ’80 and Mrs. Stephanie Granger-Kurzweil Mr. Sean La Pointe Mr. Morry Lai ’21 Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Lamberti ’76 Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Lampton Ms. Julia B. Lapid ’21 Ms. Maria Lapid Mrs. Gina Bottala LaPorte ’99 Ms. Sarah L. Holl LaReau ’98 Mr. Peter B. Larr ’07 Mr. and Mrs. William R. LaRue ’69 Ms. Daniella C. Laset ’10 Dr. and Mrs. C. Patrick Lauder ’61 Mr. and Mrs. James L. Le Berthon ’75 Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel Ledesma Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Lees ’75 Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Leming ’92 Mrs. Danica M. Doolittle Lemison ’00 Ms. Megan M. LeNoue ’09 Ms. Nancy Lesky Mr. James LeVeque ’80 Mr. Adam B. Lewczuk ’21 Dr. and Mrs. David Lewis Mr. and Mrs. David S. Lewis ’89 Mr. and Mrs. Mica R. Lewis Mr. Michael D. Lewis Mr. Naeem Lewis ’21 Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Leyland Mr. and Mrs. Hua Li Mr. and Mrs. John Lidis Ms. Kimberly C. Muljono Liem ’98 Ms. Jeslyn V. Lieu ’21 Dr. Timothy C. Lim and Dr. Atsuko Sato Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. H. Lindley ’69 Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Lingenfelser Mr. and Mrs. Justin S. Link, P.E. ’00 Mr. and Mrs. Mark Liska ’71 Ms. Mariel Lo Guercio ’15 Mr. and Ms. Manuel Loayza Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Lofy ’80 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lomas Mr. and Mrs. Jose Lopez Mr. and Mrs. Sergio Lopreiato Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Lossada Helen Louden Ms. Rebecca M. Loya ’98 Ms. Jane Lucero Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Luiten ’67 Mr. and Mrs. Alfonso Luna Mr. Jack Tseng and Ms. Yen Ly Ms. Jenny Lynch Mr. Mike Lynch Katie and John Macdonald ’75 Ms. Allison Madden ’08 Mr. and Mrs. Jay Madden Mr. John J. Maffei ’66 Mr. and Mrs. Edward I. Magluyan ’94 Ms. Samantha A. Malisos ’02 Mr. Jesse Marez Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Marilo ’84 Mr. Michael J. Marlatt ’75 Mr. and Mrs. Lazaro Marrero 19

ANNUAL REPORT Mr. Steve Marsden ’75 Ms. Corey Marshall ’06 John F. Marshall ’85 Mr. Dennis Martin Ms. Jeannette Martin Mr. and Ms. JC Matsuura Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Maurin ’65 Mr. and Mrs. Bruce L. Mayclin ’62 Mrs. Kathleen McCarthy Mrs. Kathleen McCauley Ms. Shannon G. McCauley ’12 Mr. and Mrs. Edward McFaul ’75 Mr. and Mrs. Matthew McInerney ’71 Ms. Elena K. McLaren ’13 Dr. and Mrs. Steven McLaren Ms. Carol A. McMullin Ms. Colleen J. McPhillips ’21 Mr. and Mrs. Eric J. Medina ’90 Ms. Brittney Medrano ’03 Mr. and Mrs. Juan Mejia Mr. Luis E. Melendez ’15 Ms. Shelby A. Melin ’21 Mr. and Mrs. Victor Mena Ms. Christina Mesesan ’99 Mr. Anthony Messineo ’80 Mr. and Mrs. Claude Meyers Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Miller Mr. Christopher P. Miller ’21 Dr. and Mrs. Edward I. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Frank Miller ’68 Mr. and Mrs. John R. Miller ’68 Mr. Arnaldo P. Mirasol ’83 Mr. and Mrs. Rafael Mirasol ’80 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel E. Mitchell, P.E. ’92 Ms. Julie E. Miyata Mr. Robert L. Mizia ’71 Mr. Kashmir L. Mohandie ’21 Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Montesa Mr. and Mrs. Juan R. Montoya ’79 Mr. Isaac E. Mora ’21 Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Moran ’70 Mr. and Mrs. Martin Moreno Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Morgan ’75 William V. Morris, Ph.D. ’75 Faith and Jim Morrow Mr. and Mrs. Stephen G. Mueller ’70 Mr. Butch Mulcahey Mr. Steven M. Mullen ’96 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mullins Mr. and Mrs. Peter Muro Ms. Nicole L. Murph ’00 Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Murphy ’69 Mr. Jon Nalick and Ms. Kathleen Roberts Mrs. Jodi Nathan-Chugg and Mrs. Tamara Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Peter Newell Mr. and Mrs. Walter Nicholls Mr. and Mrs. Eric J. Nobriga, Sr. ’80 Mr. Lawrence A. Nordstrom ’64 Ms. Anna M. Nuzzi ’21 Ms. Suzanne M. Nuzzi Mr. and Mrs. Richard Oberreiter ’80 Mr. and Mrs. Ramon Ocampo Mr. Joseph A. Occhipinti ’14 Mr. Sean M. O’Connor ’00 Mr. Jake Olague ’98 20


Ms. Adedeji Olajide Mr. and Mrs. Don J. Olender ’70 Mr. Joseph M. Olender ’08 Mr. Harry A. Olivar ’21 Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore M. Orefice III ’95 Mr. and Mrs. Rene Orellana Ms. Regina P. Orona ’03 Mr. and Mrs. Trent Osaki ’02 Mr. Kirk Osborne ’75 Capt and Mrs. Wayne J. Osborne ’62 Mr. Fernando Pacheco II ’75 Mr. Jared K. Padiernos ’12 Mr. and Mrs. Federico Padlan Mr. and Mrs. Alonso Palencia Mr. Brian Pallasch Mr. Evan J. Paniagua ’06 Emily ’02 and Evan ’06 Paniagua Mr. Eric W. Pannell ’21 Dr. Luann N. P. Pannell Steven Paradis Mr. and Mrs. Anuj Parikh Mr. Brandon Y. Paris ’01 Mr. and Mrs. Mark Passarini ’72 Ms. Nairi Patatanyan ’21 Ms. Amanda T. Paulak ’21 Mr. Robert Paulak and Ms. Trangdai Ngo Mr. Michael A. Paulsen ’66 Mr. and Mrs. Anton Pavel Mr. and Mrs. Mauricio Pavon Ms. Mia C. Pavon ’21 Mrs. Ashley Adams Payne ’06 Dr. and Mrs. Christopher A. Pearl ’94 Mr. and Mrs. Ray Pearl, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Ray V. Pearl, Jr. ’99 Mr. and Mrs. James Pearson Joan Pearson Ms. Theresa L. Peebles Mr. and Mrs. Romeo Pelongco Ms. Celeste A. Perez ’21 Mr. and Mrs. Luis Perez Mr. and Mrs. Ruben Perez Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Petermann ’70 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Peters ’76 Mr. Nam N. Phan ’05 Mr. Daniel E. Piesik ’21 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Piesik Mr. and Mrs. James H. Pike ’71 Mr. Benjamin D. Pirih ’96 Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Pisa, Jr. Ms. Natalie D. Plasencia ’10 Ms. Evelyn Plata Mr. Nathan C. Po ’21 Mr. and Mrs. William Po Dr. Wayne V. Polek ’72 Ms. Olivia C. Pope ’15 Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Pope Ms. Tori C. Pope ’12 Mr. and Mrs. Scott Potter ’97 Mr. and Mrs. Kedric Powe Mr. Marcus V. Powe ’21 Mrs. Mary Jo L. Boyd Prince ’96 Ms. Patricia Pullara Mr. Anthony Pullara-Padilla ’21 William Pung Mr. and Mrs. Rick Purvis The Pyle Family

Mr. Bryan Quach ’17 Ms. Dawn Quinn Mr. Ian S. Quinn ’13 Mr. Martin Quintero and Ms. Claudia Melendez Mr. and Mrs. Hector Quitzon Mr. and Mrs. Armando Ramirez ’93 Ms. Diana Ramos Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Ramsey Ms. Brianna Randolph Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Randolph ’65 Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Rath ’69 Ms. Ashley M. Ravelo ’09 Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Ray ’88 Ms. Lucy V. Redoglia ’02 Mr. and Mrs. Mikie Reed ’03 Mr. and Mrs. Martin Regalado Mr. and Mrs. Fred Reid Ms. Michelle M. Reilly ’21 Mr. John Reiter Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Rettig ’84 Mr. and Mrs. Mark Rettig ’77 Mr. Angel F. Reynoso ’21 Dr. Christopher M. Richards ’08 Mrs. Amanda Gonzalez Richardson ’01 Ms. Janet Richman Mr. Stuart Richman Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Riley ’75 Ms. Christine Rivera Ms. Gabriela L. Rivera ’21 Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Roa Mrs. Katlynn McCauley Roberts ’04 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Robidoux Ms. Julia E. Robidoux ’21 Mr. Michael Robison ’02 Mr. Michael D. Robles ’73 Mrs. Alicia Mino Rocha ’02 Mr. and Mrs. Tom Rochester ’90 Ms. Ricardo Rodarte Mrs. Emily S. Cairns Roffe-Silvester ’05 Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey J. Rogers ’92 Mrs. Camille Clark Roistacher ’06 Mr. and Mrs. Alfonso Romero Rivas Mr. and Mrs. David Romero ’94 Mr. Gabriel Romo Mr. and Mrs. Michael Roosevelt ’65 Mr. William W. Rosas-Liu ’21 Mr. and Mrs. Nicholai Roska Mrs. Melissa Barrero Ross ’06 Ms. Gladeline A. Rufo ’21 Mr. and Mrs. Rodel O. Rufo Mr. Thomas M. Ruggles ’75 Ms. Lisa M. Russo ’03 Mr. and Mrs. James B. Ryan ’86 Mr. Michael Sachs ’06 Mr. and Mrs. Miguel Salas, Jr. ’75 Mr. and Mrs. James Sale Mr. Steve Salinas Ms. Reggie Salvaleon Mr. Alex J. Samartin ’21 Mr. and Mrs. Juan Samartin Ms. Ahren Samuel ’06 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sanchez Mr. Armando Sandoval and Mrs. Kirsten Tallmon Ms. Hilary B. Santos ’21

ANNUAL REPORT Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Santos Mrs. Kari Umland Sapir ’02 Mr. Milo O. Sariol ’21 Mr. Andrew K. Satoh ’04 Ms. Ailani Sato-Lim ’21 Ms. Lilly B. Sayenga ’21 Mr. and Mrs. Steve Scandore Mr. Michael D. Schainfeld ’01 Mr. Michael Schaller Mr. Jeremy Schellhardt Mrs. Karen Schellhardt Ms. Lauren T. Schenker ’10 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Schmidt ’72 Mr. and Mrs. Jim Schnieders Ms. Gwyneth J. Schoenbaum ’19 Mr. Spencer T. Schoenbaum ’16 Mr. and Mrs. Brian Schwartz Mr. Cameron J. Scott ’09 and Ms. Kathryn D. Olender ’09 Mr. and Mrs. Steven Scott Mr. Marshall Searcy Ms. Tricia Searcy Mr. Stephen E. Seastrom ’70 Ms. Masaro Seo Siu Ms. Joanna Serrano ’06 Mr. Jose Serrano and Mrs. Mayra Arias-Serrano Mr. and Mrs. Jack Seymour ’62 Ms. Lia Shaw ’21 Mr. James Shifflett IV ’02 Mrs. Michelle Toyoshima Shigemasa ’03 Ms. Noelle M. Shimazu ’18 Mr. and Mrs. Peter H. Shutan Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Siegmeth ’60 Mr. and Mrs. Alan B. Sielen ’67 Mr. and Mrs. John Sigoloff Mr. Bernard Simon ’74 Mr. and Ms. Eric Simonson Mr. and Mrs. Robert Singer ’75 Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Singer ’70 Mr. David J. Skibinski, MBA Mr. John L. Skipper ’21 Mr. and Mrs. John B. Slavin ’65 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Smith Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Snyder ’75 Mr. Lakin W. Soldate ’98 Dr. and Mrs. Oliver Solomon Mr. and Mrs. David C. Soltis ’90 Mr. Manny S. Soriano ’12 Mr. and Mrs. Jim Sparks Mr. James Specht ’68 Mr. Thomas Stafford ’99 Mr. Evan J. Steinhoff ’21 Mr. William Stifel ’02 Mr. and Mrs. Bob Strasser ’75 Mrs. Renate Stroup Mr. Vincent M. Stroup ’21 Mr. and Mrs. Chung Suh ’80 Mr. and Mrs. Mike Sullivan ’70 Mr. and Mrs. William L. Sullivan ’75 Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Sumner ’93 Mr. and Mrs. Oswin Suyapto Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Sweeney ’77 Dr. Benjamin Tam and Dr. Irene Ho Ms. Stephanie Tang Dr. and Mrs. Armand R. Tanguay, Jr. ’67

Mrs. Kelly Harper Tapert ’95 Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Tarne ’97 Mr. and Mrs. Brian Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Ted J. Tekippe ’95 Mr. Donald Tellez ’75 Ms. Angela Terrazas Mr. and Mrs. Virat Thantrakul ’68 Mr. John Thompson The Honorable and Mrs. Nicholas S. Thompson ’75 Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Thompson ’71 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Thoresen Mr. Jakapan Thunpithayakul ’94 Mr. and Ms. Charles Tian Mr. and Mrs. Jim Tom Mr. Michael L. Tom ’99 Ms. Audrey S. Tomlinson Mr. and Mrs. Brad Toothman ’91 Mr. and Mrs. Celso Torres Mr. and Mrs. Kevin C. Towner ’96 Ms. Alyssa T. Trac ’21 Mr. Jack Tseng Ms. Gracie M. Turner ’21 Mr. Leo T. W. Turner ’21 Mr. Mark Turner and Mrs. Claire E. Wavell Mr. Shane A. Uriarte ’21 Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan R. Valdivia ’01 Mrs. Emily Paniagua Valentino ’02 Mr. and Mrs. William Van Amburg Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Van Leeuwen ’01 Mr. and Mrs. Sandeep K. Varma ’99 Ms. Angela Vazquez Hidalgo Mr. and Mrs. Eduardo Velandia Mr. Phil Velasco ’07 Mr. Cody T. Ventigan ’21 Mr. and Mrs. Christopher S. Victor ’05 Morris and Esther Victor Mr. and Mrs. Jaime Villasenor Octavio R. Villasenor Mr. Ryan Villaverde Mrs. Francisca M. Gonzalez Virtue ’94 Peeranut Visetsuth Mr. and Mrs. Christopher T. Voors ’75 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Voss ’82 Mr. Drew E. Waggoner ’21 Mr. and Mrs. James C. Walshe III ’63 Ms. Kayla M. Walters ’21 Ms. Linda L. Walters Mr. and Mrs. Mark Walton ’71 Ms. Tianmei (Amy) Wang ’21 Ms. Yanru (Vicky) Wang ’21 Mr. and Mrs. Alan Wann Mr. and Mrs. Roger S. Warburton Mr. and Mrs. Brandon D. Ward ’99 Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Ward Mr. and Mrs. Fred R. Weideman ’05 Mr. Timothy J. Weir ’75 Mr. and Mrs. James Weisenberg ’69 Ms. Jill Werden Mrs. Christa Arthur Wheat ’07 Mrs. Tamara Wann Wheeler ’97 Mr. and Mrs. John White ’74 Mr. Kenneth F. White, M.P.A. ’82 Mr. and Mrs. Troy Whitehead ’07 Ms. Rebecca L. Whitehead ’17 Ms. Cheryl E. Whittemore

Mr. and Mrs. John Wickersham ’67 Mr. and Mrs. Ferdinand Widjaja Dr. and Mrs. Robert P. Wiedenfeld ’67 Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas J. Wiegand ’97 Mr. and Mrs. James C. Wilcox IV Mr. Roger Wilcox ’69 Mr. and Mrs. Stan M. Wilcox, Jr. ’80 Mr. and Mrs. David Williams Mr. and Mrs. Donald Williams Ms. Erika N. Williams ’98 Stewart Willis Ms. Anita M. Wills Mr. and Mrs. Glenn G. Willumson ’67 Ms. Ashley Wilson Mr. Ian Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Jason Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wilson Mr. Jordan J. Wingate ’09 Mr. and Mrs. John Winther Mr. and Mrs. Radoslav Wojcik Ms. Sofie L. Z. Wolfe ’21 Ms. Alison J. Wong ’21 Mr. and Mrs. Anthony K. Wong Dr. and Ms. Brett J. Wong ’94 Mr. and Mrs. Rick Wong Ms. Lillian K. Woo Mr. and Mrs. Jack Woods Mr. and Mrs. Mark Woodsmall Dr. and Mrs. Peter T. Wooler Ms. Riley M. Worley ’15 Kristen Schultz Wray ’98 Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Wright Mr. Ben J. X. Wu ’15 Mr. Samuel Wu ’15 Ms. Camilla Xia ’21 Mr. and Mrs. Jose Yan Ms. Sandra Yanez Mr. and Mrs. Nicolas Ybarra Ms. Sara E. Ybarra ’21 Mrs. Carol York Mr. Jake Young ’21 Mr. and Mrs. Marlon Young Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Young ’62 Ms. Kirsten G. Yu ’21 Mr. and Mrs. P. Michael Yurchak Ms. Brianna H. Yuzefpolsky ’21 Mr. and Mrs. Vadim Yuzefpolsky Mr. and Mrs. Suren Zakaryan Ms. Verma Zamora Mr. Justin P. Zandi ’21 Mr. Bradley M. Zanteson ’21 Dr. Stephan Zeeman ’69 Mr. and Mrs. Sheng Qian Zhang Ms. Zhenni Zhu ’12 Mr. Gregory Ziomek and Mrs. Aracely Rodriguez-Ziomek Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D. Zoccoli ’86 Mr. and Mrs. Micheal Zoumas Mr. John T. Zuerlein ’63 Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Zwart III ’67 Mr. and Mrs. John C. Zwart ’75 Dr. and Mrs. John Zweizig 21


La Salle College Preparatory would like to give special recognition and thanks to all the alumni donors who supported the School community throughout the 2020-2021 fiscal year. All donations benefited the numerous programs for our students, faculty, staff, and coaches. Because of these individuals, total alumni tax-deductible giving exceeded $240,684. CLASS OF 1960 - 20.34% Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr.

David Bolstad ’60 Dennis P. Burke ’60, P’85 William F. Burke ’60 Sid D. Danenhauer, Jr. ’60 William E. Daws ’60 James R. Dirmann ’60 Mitchell Drasco, J.D. ’60 Michael D. Ford ’60 Michael A. Hinojos ’60 Anthony F. Kane ’60, P’82, ’84 Thomas E. Siegmeth ’60 Jack P. Wiegand ’60

CLASS OF 1961 - 11.36%

Mr. Gary Byrd ’61 Mr. James M. Crowley ’61 Mr. John Daws ’61 Mr. Edmund B. Ferguson ’61 Dr. C. Patrick Lauder ’61

CLASS OF 1962 - 18.42% Mr. David C. Balak ’62 Mr. R. Keith Brown ’62 Dr. Steven T. Buccola ’62 Mr. John X. Gray ’62 Mr. Frank J. Griffith ’62 Mr. Terence A. Hall ’62 Mr. William R. Hall ’62 Mr. William Keith ’62 Mr. Kennedy F. Kiley ’62 Mr. Bruce L. Mayclin ’62 Dr. Henry E. Nino ’62 Capt Wayne J. Osborne ’62 Mr. John R. Seymour ’62 Thomas L. Young, J.D. ’62

CLASS OF 1963 - 15%

Mr. Michael Baum ’63 Mr. Richard E. Baumer ’63, P’94 Larry R. Byrd, Ph.D. ’63 Mr. Michael Dooling ’63 Mr. Joseph P. Eiben ’63 Mr. Stephen P. Johnson ’63 Mr. John M. Karnowski ’63 Mr. James C. Walshe III ’63 Mr. John T. Zuerlein ’63

CLASS OF 1964 - 5.19% Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr.

Duke Banks III ’64 Peter J. Gettinger ’64 Lawrence A. Nordstrom ’64 Robert R. Quandt, Jr. ’64

CLASS OF 1965 - 9.18%

Mr. Lambertus Becker ’65 Mr. Edward R. Bennett ’65 Mr. Gerald P. Cotter ’65 Mr. Robert Harold, Jr. ’65 Mr. Paul F. Maurin ’65 Mr. Donald C. Randolph ’65 Michael A. Roosevelt, Esq. ’65 Mr. John B. Slavin ’65 Mr. Mark C. Weigel ’65 22


CLASS OF 1966 - 8.64% Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr.

Peter K. Barker ’66 Stephen E. Boggs ’66 Robert A. Clarke ’66 Stephen H. Gettinger ’66 Stefan M. Hanson ’66 John J. Maffei ’66 Michael A. Paulsen ’66 John B. Pollara ’66

CLASS OF 1967 - 17.98%

Mr. Thomas R. Anthony ’67 Mr. Jack W. Belcher ’67 Mr. John C. Blackstock ’67 Mr. Frank Lawrence Duerst ’67 Mr. James F. Elko ’67 Mr. Michael Hartfield, C.P.A. ’67 Dr. Eloy A. Ituarte ’67 Mr. Peter A. Luiten ’67 Mr. Joseph A. McKenna ’67 Mr. James R. Quandt ’67 Mr. Alan B. Sielen ’67 Dr. Armand R. Tanguay, Jr. ’67 Mr. John Wickersham ’67 Dr. Robert P. Wiedenfeld ’67 Mr. Glenn G. Willumson ’67 Mr. Frank M. Zwart III ’67

CLASS OF 1968 - 11.34%

Mr. Michael L. Cotter ’68 Dr. Robert P. Gendron ’68 Dr. Michael A. Genovese ’68 Mr. Peter C. Hoffman ’68, P’02, ’04 Mr. Douglas J. Karnowski ’68 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Kitchens ’68 Mr. Francis R. Miller ’68 Mr. John R. Miller ’68 Mr. John A. Moe II ’68 Mr. James Specht ’68 Mr. Virat Thantrakul ’68

CLASS OF 1969 - 15.07%

Mr. Christopher J. Allaire ’69 Mr. Kenneth W. Crawford, Jr. ’69 Dr. Frank R. Gioia ’69 Mr. William R. LaRue ’69 Mr. Peter D. H. Lindley ’69 Mr. Christopher J. Murphy ’69, P’99, ’02 Mr. Michael J. Rath ’69 Mr. Michael M. Rue ’69 Mr. James Weisenberg ’69 Mr. Roger Wilcox ’69 Dr. Stephan Zeeman ’69

CLASS OF 1970 - 12.24%

The Honorable Clifford R. Anderson III ’70 Mr. Mark H. Bevan ’70 Mr. Gregory E. Danenhauer ’70 Mr. Patrick A. Frey ’70 Mr. Mark R. Krouse ’70 Mr. Michael J. Moran ’70 Mr. Stephen G. Mueller ’70 Mr. Don J. Olender ’70, P’08, ’09 Mr. Michael A. Petermann ’70

TOP TEN CLASSES BY PARTICIPATION FY: 2020-2021 Help get your class in the Top Ten! Make a gift online at Class of 2021


Class of 1975


Class of 1980


Class of 1960


Class of 1962


Class of 1967


Class of 1969


Class of 1963


Class of 1971


Class of 1970


Mr. Stephen E. Seastrom ’70 Mr. Stephen M. Singer ’70 Mr. Michael Sullivan ’70, P’08, ’13

CLASS OF 1971 - 12.77%

Dr. Phillip Capobianco III ’71 Mr. Eric D. Fisher ’71 Mr. Thomas J. Galindo ’71 Dr. Steven W. Herring ’71 Dr. Alan L. Hiti ’71 Mr. Mark Liska ’71 Mr. Matthew McInerney ’71 Mr. Robert L. Mizia ’71 Mr. Robert M. Nuccio ’71, P’00, ’04, ’02 Mr. James H. Pike ’71, P’99, ’03 Mr. Peter C. Thompson ’71, P’11, ’14 Mr. Mark Walton ’71

CLASS OF 1972 - 4.17% Mr. Mark Passarini ’72 Dr. Wayne V. Polek ’72 Mr. Richard Schmidt ’72

CLASS OF 1973 - 6.85% Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr.

Barry E. Brock, C.P.A. ’73 James S. Fischella ’73 Daniel Koskovich, C.P.A. ’73 Michael D. Robles ’73 Bradford W. Wright ’73, P’07, ’12

ANNUAL REPORT CLASS OF 1974 - 8.33% Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr.

Gregory S. Anicich ’74 Anthony Exposito ’74, P’08 Henry K. Jordan ’74 Victor V. Polek ’74 Bernard Simon ’74 John White ’74

CLASS OF 1975 - 52.81%

Mr. Paul J. Archambault ’75 Mr. David Bent ’75 Mr. David Beringer ’75, P’11, ’14, ’18 Dr. John M. Bigley ’75 Mr. Scott Brown ’75 Dr. Dino Clarizio ’75, P’06 Mr. Philip A. Coombes ’75 Mr. Richard K. Crawford ’75 Mr. Robert Cruz Jr. ’75 Mr. Wayne J. Damore ’75 Mr. Mark M. Dewald ’75 Dr. David C. DiLettera ’75 Mr. Sergio Escalante ’75 Mr. Jae Evers ’75 Mr. Edmund French, Jr. ’75, P’20 Mr. Mark Fry ’75 Mr. Roger Giacopuzzi ’75 Mr. Christopher R. Gray ’75 Dr. Paul Hartfield ’75 Mr. Eduardo Iniguez ’75 Mr. James B. Jouvenat ’75 Mr. Terence M. Kelly ’75 Mr. Steven Kennedy ’75 Mr. Dwight Kroll ’75 Mr. James L. Le Berthon ’75 Mr. Paul J. Lees ’75 Mr. Gary Macdonald ’75, P’01, ’04 Mr. Michael J. Marlatt ’75 Mr. Steve Marsden ’75 Mr. Edward McFaul ’75, P’06, ’10, ’11, ’16 Mr. Joseph L. McKay ’75 Mr. Robert A. Morgan ’75 William V. Morris, Ph.D. ’75 Mr. Kirk Osborne ’75 Mr. Fernando Pacheco II ’75 Mr. Patrick Riley ’75 Mr. Thomas M. Ruggles ’75 Mr. Miguel Salas, Jr. ’75, P’06, ’07 Mr. Robert Singer ’75 Mr. Richard A. Snyder ’75 Mr. Robert A. Strasser ’75 Mr. William L. Sullivan ’75, P’07, ’07, ’10 Mr. Donald Tellez ’75 The Honorable Nicholas S. Thompson ’75 Mr. Christopher T. Voors ’75 Mr. Timothy J. Weir ’75 Mr. John C. Zwart ’75, P’09

CLASS OF 1979 - 2.53%

Mr. Paul J. Gormican, Jr. ’79 Mr. Juan R. Montoya ’79, P’23, ’25

CLASS OF 1980 - 24.32%

Dr. Lawrence Albinski ’80 Dr. Thomas Bigley ’80, P’09 Mr. David S. Blakeslee ’80, P’24, ’24 Mr. W. M. DeCanio ’80 Mr. Stephen S. Huber ’80 Mr. Gerald E. Jones ’80 Mr. Joseph Jones ’80 Mr. Benjamin J. Joseph, Jr. ’80 Mr. Eric Kurzweil ’80, P’05 Mr. James LeVeque ’80 Mr. Michael E. Lofy ’80 Mr. Anthony Messineo ’80 Mr. Rafael Mirasol ’80, P’17, ’18 Dr. Krishnan R. Mohandie ’80, P’21 Mr. Eric J. Nobriga, Sr. ’80 Mr. Richard Oberreiter ’80 Mr. Chung Suh ’80 Mr. Stan M. Wilcox, Jr. ’80

CLASS OF 1981 - 3.37%

Dr. Brian J. Doerning ’81, P’11, ’15 Mr. Ronald Escamilla ’81, P’20, ’23 Mr. Mario C. Tromba ’81, P’22

CLASS OF 1982 - 3.66%

Mr. Martin A. Kunz ’82 Mr. Michael Voss ’82 Mr. Kenneth F. White, M.P.A. ’82

CLASS OF 1983 - 5.06% Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr.

Jose Alvarez ’83, P’20, ’22 Max R. Esquivel ’83, P’17, ’20 Arnaldo P. Mirasol ’83 John R. Queen III ’83

CLASS OF 1984 - 10.17% Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr.

Jeffrey J. Allen ’84, P’20 Peter G. Badzey ’84 William D. Hardy ’84 John A. Joseph ’84, P’13, ’16 Joseph S. Marilo ’84 Christopher Rettig ’84, P’19, ’25

CLASS OF 1985 - 3.33% Mr. Hector Hernandez ’85 Mr. Robert R. Kasper ’85 Mr. John F. Marshall ’85

CLASS OF 1986 - 6.94%

Kevin A. Cahill, Esq. ’76 Mr. Michael J. Lamberti ’76 Mr. Joseph D. Peters ’76

Mr. Patrick M. Brink ’86 Mr. Joseph Crews ’86 Mr. Gianni Galati ’86 James B. Ryan, Esq. ’86 Mr. Stephen D. Zoccoli ’86

CLASS OF 1977 - 6.76%

CLASS OF 1987 - 3.85%

CLASS OF 1976 - 4.62%

Mr. Paul A. Bigley ’77, P’05, ’07 Mr. John R. Burke ’77 Lawrence D. Durandette, Esq. ’77 Mr. Mark Rettig ’77, P’07 Mr. Stephen R. Sweeney ’77

CLASS OF 1978 - 1.39% Hector Ituarte ’78

Mr. John A. Bettencourt IV ’87, P’23 Mr. Everett M. Evleth ’87 Mr. Adam Konrad ’87, P’15, ’15

CLASS OF 1988 - 4.23%

Mr. Patrick Bogue ’88 Michael C. Martinez, Esq. ’88, P’23 Mr. Robert A. Ray, RN ’88

CLASS OF 1989 - 7.58% Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr.

Leo Anaya ’89, P’20 Kevin J. Delaney ’89 Javier R. Guzman ’89 David S. Lewis ’89 David Rodriguez ’89, P’21

CLASS OF 1990 - 5.71% Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr.

Owen Hou ’90, P’21 Eric Medina ’90 Thomas J. Rochester ’90 David C. Soltis ’90

CLASS OF 1991 - 3.70%

Mr. Gary P. Barrera ’91 Mr. Bradley R. Toothman ’91

CLASS OF 1992 - 5.88%

Mr. Jeffrey A. Leming ’92 Mr. Daniel E. Mitchell, P.E. ’92 Mr. Jeffrey J. Rogers ’92

CLASS OF 1993 - 5.49%

Mrs. Deborah A. Mendoza Ashby ’93 Mr. Christopher S. Ellis ’93 Mr. Christopher C. Hazlitt ’93 Mr. Armando Ramirez ’93, P’14, ’20 Mr. Kenneth J. Sumner ’93

CLASS OF 1994 - 9.52%

Ms. Tina D. Bonacci ’94 Mr. Running Bear Bunch ’94 Dr. Dennis C. De Mesa ’94, P’21, ’24 Mr. Carlos D. Guillen ’94, P’22 Mr. Edward I. Magluyan ’94, P’23, ’25 Dr. Christopher A. Pearl ’94 Mr. David Romero ’94 Mr. Jakapan Thunpithayakul ’94 Mrs. Francisca M. Gonzalez Virtue ’94 Dr. Brett J. Wong ’94

CLASS OF 1995 - 8.39%

Mrs. Christyann M. Stanislawski Andrianopoulos ’95 Mr. Dominic P. Bitonti ’95, P’22, ’24 Mr. Richard A. Bleuze ’95 Mr. Thomas J. Bukovensky-Szabo ’95 Ms. Lara M. Davini ’95 Mrs. Antionette Santucci Kinder ’95 Mrs. Allison M. Hannegan Kooiman ’95 Mr. Salvatore M. Orefice III ’95, P’23 Mrs. Jennifer N. Sangkum Orefice ’95 Mrs. Nicole L. Dimkich Szabo ’95 Mrs. Kelly Harper Tapert ’95 Mr. Ted J. Tekippe ’95

CLASS OF 1996 - 6.90%

Mr. Gabriel J. Castillo ’96 Mrs. Krista M. Lindsay Charvat ’96 Mr. Dustin DeMesa ’96, P’17 Mr. Jorge A. Gonzalez ’96 Mr. Erik Kachmarsky ’96, P’24, ’25 Ms. Sherry Kalra ’96 Mr. Steven M. Mullen ’96 Mr. Benjamin D. Pirih ’96 Mrs. Mary Jo L. Boyd Prince ’96 Mr. Kevin C. Towner ’96

CLASS OF 1997 - 9.56%

Mrs. Maria Romero Bitonti ’97, P’24, ’22 23

ANNUAL REPORT Mr. Michael Campbell ’97 Mr. Jason Charvat ’97 Mrs. Tara Daines ’97 Ms. Susan E. Ehring ’97 Mrs. Rochelle L. Rodriguez Ferrari ’97, P’24 Mr. Eugene C. Flock ’97 Mr. Matthew W. Herman ’97 Dr. Julie Bonacci Kolb ’97 Mr. Scott Potter ’97 Mr. Anthony Tarne ’97 Mrs. Tamara Wann Wheeler ’97 Mr. Nicholas J. Wiegand ’97

CLASS OF 1998 - 10.14%

Ms. Jennifer Barrera ’98, P’22 Mrs. Stefania M. Bisharat Bauer ’98 Mr. Todd G. Bennett ’98 Mrs. Suzanne Saenz Bogue ’98 Ms. Francine T. DeMarco ’98 Ms. Jesstine Guzman ’98 Mrs. Margaret Pett Herrera ’98 Ms. Sarah Holl LaReau ’98 Ms. Kimberly C. Muljono Liem ’98 Ms. Rebecca M. Loya ’98 Mr. Jake Olague ’98 Mr. Lakin W. Soldate ’98 Mrs. Brooke R. Zaffina Tarne ’98 Ms. Erika N. Williams ’98 Mrs. Kristen M. Schultz Wray ’98

CLASS OF 1999 - 9.20%

Mrs. Jennifer Pittman Corcoran ’99 Mr. Mark W. Darling ’99 Mrs. Nina Siggins Darling ’99 Ms. Christina L. Davis ’99 Mrs. Janel Moncada Gonzalez ’99 Mrs. Lauren Ortega Johnston ’99 Ms. Kristin A. Juelson ’99 Mrs. Gina Bottala LaPorte ’99 Ms. Christina Mesesan ’99 Mrs. Mary Magluyan Pearl ’99 Mr. Ray V. Pearl, Jr. ’99 Mr. Thomas Stafford ’99 Mr. Michael L. Tom ’99 Mr. Sandeep K. Varma ’99 Brandon D. Ward, Esq. ’99

CLASS OF 2000 - 4.97%

Mrs. Erin Fullinwider Alex ’00 Mr. Hector A. Campos, Jr. ’00 Mr. Dean C. Griffith ’00 Ms. Lisa M. Keeler ’00 Mrs. Danica M. Lemison ’00 Mr. Justin S. Link, P.E. ’00 Ms. Nicole L. Murph ’00 Mr. Sean M. O’Connor ’00

CLASS OF 2001 - 5.52%

Mrs. Jill Trousdale Barr ’01 Mrs. Jessica L. Charles Coffin ’01 Ms. Marianna Holguin ’01, P’24 Mrs. Emily Diane Holl Keezer ’01 Mr. Brandon Y. Paris ’01 Mrs. Amanda Gonzalez Richardson ’01 Mr. Michael D. Schainfeld ’01 Mr. Jonathan R. Valdivia ’01 Mr. Steven A. Van Leeuwen ’01

CLASS OF 2002 - 9.30% Mrs. Erika Banos-Soria ’02 24


Mr. Philip Barbaro III ’02 Ms. Tamara Bryant ’02 Dr. Mosey Nuccio Dunn ’02 Ms. Jennifer Gosselin ’02 Mrs. Kathryn Canzoneri Griffith ’02 Mr. Brian Hoffman ’02 Ms. Samantha A. Malisos ’02 Mr. Trent Osaki ’02 Ms. Lucy V. Redoglia ’02 Mr. Michael Robison ’02 Mrs. Alicia Mino Rocha ’02 Mrs. Kari Umland Sapir ’02 Mr. James Shifflett IV ’02 Mr. William Stifel ’02 Mrs. Emily Paniagua Valentino ’02

CLASS OF 2003 - 6.75%

Ms. Joni Regina Ablay ’03 Mrs. Robin Quintanilla Aksu ’03 Mrs. Christina Miller Cousart ’03 Mrs. Teresa M. Ring Elmslie-Britt ’03 Mrs. Nicole Paradis Garthwait ’03 Mr. James Gibbs ’03 Ms. Brittney Medrano ’03 Ms. Regina P. Orona ’03 Mr. Michael Reed ’03 Ms. Lisa M. Russo ’03 Mrs. Michelle Toyoshima Shigemasa ’03

CLASS OF 2004 - 5.73%

Ms. Jennifer Belak ’04 Mrs. Lynn Nuccio Buennagel ’04 Mr. David Buennagel ’04 Mr. Anthony Gioia ’04 Ms. Megan Herek ’04 Mr. Jacob Hollis ’04 Mr. Jeffrey S. Jahnke ’04 Mrs. Katlynn M. Roberts ’04 Mr. Andrew K. Satoh ’04

CLASS OF 2005 - 4.79%

Mr. Jason Dineros ’05 Mr. Jordan G. Dorenfeld ’05 Ms. Amanda C. Evans ’05 Mr. Matthew S. Jones ’05 Mr. Nam N. Phan ’05 Mrs. Emily Cairns Roffe-Silvester ’05 Mr. Christopher S. Victor ’05 Mr. Fred R. Weideman ’05

CLASS OF 2006 - 8.64%

Mr. Andrew Arthur ’06 Ms. Jamie Bennison ’06 Mr. Eric Carlos ’06 Mrs. Stephanie Smith Courain ’06 Mrs. Kirsten Real Granger ’06 Dr. Taryn Hoffman ’06 Ms. Corey Marshall ’06 Mr. Evan J. Paniagua ’06 Mrs. Ashley Adams Payne ’06 Mrs. Camille Clark Roistacher ’06 Mrs. Melissa Barrero Ross ’06 Mr. Michael Sachs ’06 Ms. Ahren Samuel ’06 Ms. Joanna Serrano ’06

CLASS OF 2007 - 6.04% Ms. Chanel M. Buccola ’07 Mr. Kyle Cheng ’07 Mr. Robert De La Pena ’07

Ms. Kimberley T. Evans ’07 Ms. Giselle Figueroa ’07 Mr. Alexandro Jimenez ’07 Mr. Matthew Kohorst ’07 Mr. Peter B. Larr ’07 Mr. Phillip R. Velasco ’07 Mrs. Christa Arthur Wheat ’07 Mr. Gerald Whitehead ’07

CLASS OF 2008 - 5.39%

Mr. John L. Bottala ’08 Ms. Susan E. Capoccia ’08 1Lt Anthony D. Exposito, USA ’08 Ms. Stephanie R. Gioia ’08 Ms. Veronnica L. Krizek ’08 Ms. Allison T. Madden ’08 Mr. Joseph M. Olender ’08 Dr. Christopher M. Richards ’08 Ms. Kathryn M. Rose ’08

CLASS OF 2009 - 6.36%

Mr. Sean D. Gomez ’09 Mrs. Marie Piette Gomez ’09 Ms. Madeline N. Herlache ’09 SSG Timothy P. Hoffman ’09 Mr. Matthew Housman ’09 Mrs. Ashley Thomas Housman ’09 Ms. Megan M. LeNoue ’09 Ms. Kathryn D. Olender ’09 Ms. Ashley M. Ravelo ’09 Mr. Cameron J. Scott ’09 Mr. Jordan J. Wingate ’09

CLASS OF 2010 - 6.06%

Mr. Michael Quinn H. Alexander ’10 Ms. Rosalina M. Alvarez ’10 Ms. Julia M. Barrero ’10 Ms. Laura A. Barrero ’10 Mr. Michael J. Bottala ’10 Ms. Lauren L. Duckworth ’10 Ms. Amelia M. Kahr ’10 Ms. Daniella C. Laset ’10 Ms. Natalie D. Plasencia ’10 Ms. Lauren T. Schenker ’10

CLASS OF 2011 - 2.20%

Mrs. Erin Lopez-Valdez Alexander ’11 Mrs. Samantha Whitehead Collar ’11 Ms. Chloe S. Cross ’11 Ms. Courtney G. Cucchissi ’11

CLASS OF 2012 - 4.76%

Mr. Jeffrey T. Briegel ’12 Mr. Kyle T. Brumm ’12 Ms. Nicole M. Carlos ’12 Mr. Nicolas C. Garcia-Corona ’12 Ms. Shannon G. McCauley ’12 Mr. Jared K. Padiernos ’12 Ms. Victoria C. Pope ’12 Mr. Manuel Martin S. Soriano ’12 Ms. Zhenni Zhu ’12

CLASS OF 2013 - 4.02%

Mr. Ryan T. Flynn ’13 Mrs. Claudia Vazquez Hampton ’13 Mr. Robert M. Hansen ’13 Mr. Mitchell J. Hoffman ’13 Mr. Ryan R. A. Hubert ’13

ANNUAL REPORT Ms. Elena K. McLaren ’13 Mr. Ian S. Quinn ’13

CLASS OF 2014 - 0.60%

Mr. Joseph A. Occhipinti ’14

CLASS OF 2015 - 3.55% Ms. Mariel Lo Guercio ’15 Mr. Luis E. Melendez ’15 Ms. Olivia C. Pope ’15 Ms. Riley M. Worley ’15 Mr. Benjamin J. X. Wu ’15 Mr. Samuel Wu ’15

CLASS OF 2016 - 2.45%

Mr. Lance M. L. Alviso ’16 Ms. Shea M. Corwin ’16 Ms. Samantha J. Hardy ’16 Mr. Spencer T. Schoenbaum ’16

CLASS OF 2017 - 3.85%

Ms. Arielle L. Fong ’17 Mr. Steven V. Froio ’17 Ms. Lizette Gallegos ’17 Mr. Phillip M. Krings ’17 Mr. Bryan Quach ’17 Ms. Rebecca L. Whitehead ’17

CLASS OF 2018 - 3.47% Ms. Annika Bohanec ’18 Mr. Daniel Costello ’18 Ms. Kriztina Espinosa ’18 Ms. Melody Griffith ’18 Ms. Noelle Shimazu ’18

CLASS OF 2019 - 1.25%

Ms. Leyna Hong ’19 Ms. Gwyneth Schoenbaum ’19

CLASS OF 2020 - 2.37% Ms. Briana Beddawi ’20 Mr. Gabriel Bohanec ’20 Ms. Giana Froio ’20 Ms. Leilani Jeffery ’20

CLASS OF 2021 - 69.59% Ms. Emma Adams ’21 Ms. Michelle Algiers ’21 Ms. Sophia Almaraz ’21 Ms. Natalie Bahou ’21 Mr. Nicholas Basile ’21

Ms. Katelyn Beckham ’21 Mr. Arik Billings ’21 Ms. Chloe Britton Naime ’21 Mr. Moises Bustos ’21 Mr. Giovanni Butteri ’21 Ms. Lauren Calvario ’21 Mr. Ryan Cargal ’21 Mr. Franklin Cheng ’21 Ms. Abigail Christopher ’21 Ms. Samantha Ciccone ’21 Ms. Brooke Colton ’21 Ms. Isabella Crespo ’21 Mr. James Curtiss ’21 Ms. Justyne Dagdagan ’21 Mr. Matthew Day ’21 Mr. Caleb De Mesa ’21 Ms. Katryna Isabelle Dionisio ’21 Ms. Brenna Drabik ’21 Ms. Monet Paz Franco ’21 Ms. Anna Gao ’21 Ms. Sabrina Geronimo ’21 Ms. Tracey Gibbs ’21 Ms. Dulce Godina ’21 Ms. Sara Godshall ’21 Mr. William Gonzalez ’21 Mr. Gabriel Guerrero ’21 Mr. Noah Halim ’21 Mr. Jacob Hansen ’21 Ms. Ava Hart ’21 Mr. Luke He ’21 Mr. John Helbing ’21 Mr. Leonardo Hernandez ’21 Ms. Miya Hidalgo ’21 Ms. Christine Holguin ’21 Mr. Thurman Hou ’21 Ms. Rhyen Hunt ’21 Ms. Zarah Huo ’21 Mr. Thomas Hurrell ’21 Mr. Alexander Ibbotson ’21 Mr. Michael Johnston ’21 Ms. Emily Jordan ’21 Ms. Bianca Joseph ’21 Ms. Rikki Kahn-Yee ’21 Ms. Cathryn Knipschild ’21 Mr. Xiaohui (Morry) Lai ’21 Ms. Julia Lapid ’21 Mr. Adam Lewczuk ’21 Mr. Naeem Lewis ’21 Ms. Jeslyn Lieu ’21

Ms. Colleen McPhillips ’21 Ms. Shelby Melin ’21 Mr. Christopher Miller ’21 Mr. Kashmir Mohandie ’21 Mr. Isaac Mora ’21 Ms. Anna Nuzzi ’21 Mr. Harry Olivar ’21 Mr. Eric Pannell ’21 Ms. Nairi Patatanyan ’21 Ms. Amanda Paulak ’21 Ms. Mia Pavon ’21 Ms. Celeste Perez ’21 Mr. Daniel Piesik ’21 Mr. Nathan Po ’21 Mr. Marcus Powe ’21 Mr. Anthony Pullara-Padilla ’21 Ms. Michelle Reilly ’21 Mr. Angel Reynoso ’21 Ms. Gabriela Rivera ’21 Ms. Julia Robidoux ’21 Mr. William Rosas-Liu ’21 Ms. Gladeline Rufo ’21 Mr. Alex Samartin ’21 Ms. Hilary Santos ’21 Mr. Milo Sariol ’21 Ms. Ailani Sato-Lim ’21 Ms. Lilly Sayenga ’21 Ms. Lia Shaw ’21 Mr. John Skipper ’21 Mr. Evan Steinhoff ’21 Mr. Vincent Stroup ’21 Ms. Alyssa Trac ’21 Ms. Gracie Turner ’21 Mr. Leo Turner ’21 Mr. Shane Uriarte ’21 Mr. Cody Ventigan ’21 Mr. Drew Waggoner ’21 Ms. Kayla Walters ’21 Ms. Tianmei (Amy) Wang ’21 Ms. Yanru (Vicky) Wang ’21 Ms. Sofie Wolfe ’21 Ms. Alison Wong ’21 Ms. Camilla Xia ’21 Ms. Sara Ybarra ’21 Mr. Jake Young ’21 Ms. Kirsten Yu ’21 Ms. Brianna Yuzefpolsky ’21 Mr. Justin Zandi ’21 Mr. Bradley Zanteson ’21


The following donors have given gifts “In Memory Of” individuals listed below. In Memory of Mr. Warren Burkhart Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Beadles Ms. Susan Beazley Mr. and Mrs. Mark Fischer Ms. Susan M. Gaon Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Grigg Mr. and Mrs. Donn K. Hallman Ms. Clotilde Jang Mr. and Mrs. John Lidis Ms. Jane Lucero

Ms. Julie E. Miyata Mr. Butch Mulcahey Mr. Brian Pallasch Ms. Theresa L. Peebles Mr. and Mrs. Rick Purvis Ms. Dawn Quinn Mr. Steve Salinas Ms. Audrey S. Tomlinson Mr. and Mrs. William Van Amburg Ms. Linda L. Walters

Mr. and Mrs. Roger S. Warburton Mr. and Mrs. James Weisenberg ’69 Ms. Cheryl E. Whittemore Stewart Willis Ms. Anita M. Wills In Memory of Joe Cici ’60 Mr. and Mrs. William E. Daws ’60


ANNUAL REPORT In Memory of Brother DeSales Benning, FSC Mr. Sean D. Gomez ’09 Mrs. Marie Piette Gomez ’09

In Memory of Brother Donald Mansir, FSC Mr. and Mrs. Mark Rettig ’77

In Memory of Brother Bede C. Van Duren, FSC Mr. and Mrs. Mark Rettig ’77

In Memory of Maureen Mellor Mr. and Mrs. Chung Suh ’80

In Memory of John Gougeon Mr. M. Patrick Henry In Memory of Linda M. Grinstead Stefania Bisharat Bauer ’98

In Memory of Brother James Riordan, FSC Mr. and Mrs. Mark Rettig ’77

In Memory of William Hayes Mr. Joe McKenna ’67

In Memory of Dorothy Schumacher Hector Ituarte ’78

In Memory of Mrs. Esther Victor The Honorable Janet M. Frangie and Dennis P. Voltattorni In Memory of Dolores Warrne-Olender Mr. and Mrs. Don J. Olender ’70


La Salle’s website has a new look! Our redesign launched this year and features more content and information than ever. The streamlined site features news and events, admissions information, giving opportunities and Lancer Magazine.




Visit our new site at: 26


Paving the Way as La Salle’s New Athletic Director By Elizabeth Kalmus ’04

As the newly hired athletic director at La Salle College

degree in Educational Leadership from the University of

Preparatory, Brandon Lincoln looks forward to his future


with excitement about taking the sports programs to a whole new level. “I want to take the time to learn how La Salle has

Initially working in collegiate sports in Oregon, Montana,

been performing athletically. I want to immerse myself in

and Ohio, Lincoln transitioned to high school sports to help

the history of La Salle to inform where I

those aspiring athletes get the right start to

can help direct the athletic programs to

their college careers. “For so many years, I

succeed even further.” Serving as athletic

didn’t know if I was progressing in my career.

director, Lincoln will be responsible for

I decided to move into high school sports,

overseeing over 100 coaches, 24 athletic

and it’s been a great experience.”

teams and programs, and over 350 wellrounded student-athletes that excel

Lincoln joins La Salle after serving as athletic

both in and out of the classroom.

director and head boys basketball coach for Providence High School in Burbank.

Lincoln grew up in Portland, Oregon

While at Providence, Lincoln and Principal



Adams, who was at Loyola at the time,

where his wife Teiosha was born and




became friends and enjoyed a competitive

raised. The two settled down in Santa

coaching rivalry over the years. “As soon as

Clarita where they are raising their

I heard about the position and that it would

two children, Kendall (8) and Bastian

also give me the chance to work with my

(one month). He earned both his Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science and Master of Science

friend, I applied. I can’t wait to get moving and

shaking, working with Principal Adams, the athletics 27

department, and the student-athletes. I know they will help me learn about the Lasallian community and identify opportunities where we can develop a more progressive program for our teams,” said Lincoln.



Principal Adams knows Lincoln is the right fit for the School and the athletic director role. “In selecting Brandon to be our next athletic

Favorite Sport: Basketball

director, we are adding a member to our leadership team with an extensive background in athletics, which includes his experience as a player, coach, and administrator,” said Adams. “He is a great addition

Favorite Sports Team: Portland Trailblazers

to our school and administrative team because of his professionalism, poise, and innovative spirit,” he added. Lincoln has a plan for how he’ll tackle this new role. He wants to

Favorite Athlete: Bo Jackson

get to know the student-athletes and how they perform, in hopes of identifying areas of opportunity to strengthen their development

Favorite Movie: The Avengers series

and program offerings to help them succeed and win. La Salle is a leader in the Los Angeles metropolitan area for many of its unique programs in the arts and academics and its exclusive

Favorite Band: The Internet

class offerings. Lincoln wants to build on that reputation to make La Salle an enviable location for student-atheletes as well. “Pasadena and its surrounding areas are great locations to find exceptional athletes. La Salle should be an attractive destination for those young

Favorite Food: Cheeseburgers

athletes and their families. I want to position La Salle as a top school

where students have opportunities to play on the next level while also receiving a phenomenal education.” Initially, Lincoln plans to observe and aid where needed without disrupting the current programs. He plans to support the teams, their coaches, and pour in as many resources as possible to help the programs excel. He’s even considering introducing new sports that students and parents may want to see. Lincoln says he likes to take time to evaluate the landscape before making decisions. “I learn by what I observe and I am quick to listen. You’ll see me around, talking with the studentathletes and the coaches. The goal is to use that information to reimagine the athletics program here at La Salle. I’m really excited to become a part of the Lasallian community and honored to be in this role. I am looking forward to making educated decisions for the betterment of La Salle’s athletes and sports teams.”

* For more information about La Salle’s Athletic Programs, visit





GIRLS TENNIS WINS During an unprecedented season, made more challenging by the pandemic, the girls tennis team proved they have what it takes to bring home the title. In their final win of the season, the Lancers knocked off Patriot 12-6 to take home the CIF Southern Section’s Division 5 championship. This is the first section title for the team.

6-4, 6-0, 6-0. La Salle (17-0) and Patriot (19-1) each scored three points after the first rotation, but La Salle dominated the second rotation and surged to an 8-4 lead. Sasaki picked up the ninth point in the final rotation, and Gibbs and Turner got the Lancers to the magic number of 10.

Tracey Gibbs ’21 and Audrey Turner ’23 extended their perfect season by sweeping their doubles sets 6-2, 6-1, 6-4. Sydney Sasaki ’23 swept at No. 1 singles, posting scores of 6-0, 6-0, 6-1. Cayenne Lee ’24 gave the Lancers a third sweep, this one at No. 2 singles, winning her sets

“The girls took care of business out there,” said La Salle coach Piya Moranon. Congratulations to the girls tennis team on their huge win! 29





John Pianta is retired from the computer industry. He and his wife Linda have been married for 51+ years, have three grown children, five grandkids and live in Laguna Hills.

wife, Laura, of 46 years; spending as much time as possible with their three grandchildren; playing racquetball; and woodworking as well as serving on a board of directors for a nonprofit foundation associated with the CDC in Atlanta.


Tom Reger ’85 and Steve Mokler ’85 met up in Tom’s home state of Colorado in May 2021. Tom is currently the locksmith for St. Vrain Valley School District and Steve is a chef in Pasadena.

Steve Lester retired in December 2020 after working in the nutritional & pharmaceutical industries. He and his wife Linda have been married for 45 years, have four children and now reside in Lake Forest.


Rob Clarke worked in disability management for a number of businesses including Mercer, Chevron, Bank of America, HP and Stanford before retiring in 2015. He and his wife Jeanne have one grown son, one grandson and live in San Jose.


David Mazza is a podiatrist with Chula Vista Podiatry Group. He and his wife Karen have four grown children, five grandchildren so far and reside in Jamul.


Joel Bonifacio and his team from Creative Productions, LLC, won two Telly Awards at the 42nd annual awards ceremony in May 2021 for their work on the Fernando Pullum Community Arts Center Virtual Gala 2020. The Telly Awards honor excellence in television programming, digital video and non-broadcast video. Joel serves as the President/CEO of Creative Productions, LLC.


Steve Herring is the former Vice President of Research and Development for Grifols Biologicals and retired after 39 years. He and his wife Jane have two grown children, five grandchildren and live in Trabuco Canyon. Ken Stachler had a 46 year successful career in finance and treasury and retired in May 2020. He is now enjoying time with his 30


jump, and 4x800 meter relay, winning his tenth national champion event title, and eighth team national championship as a member of So Cal Track Club. Joe is entering his 28th year coaching at La Salle.


Gabriel Pedraza is a senior consultant with Entisys360, a computer engineering company. He earned his master’s in Telecommunications and Finance in 2018. Gabriel and his wife Jennifer have three daughters and reside in Temple City.


Abel Jimenez has been promoted to Lieutenant with the LA County Sheriff’s Department. Abel has worked in the jails, as a patrol deputy, special assignment deputy, fugitive task force, Detective, Patrol Sargent, and Detective Sargent.

1997 Joe Blackman participated in the USA Track & Field Masters Outdoor Championships in July 2021, in the long jump, triple

Emily Cole was elected as judge for Los Angeles Superior Court in 2020. She took the

Bench in January 2021 and is handling a felony criminal court. She was previously a deputy district attorney for Los Angeles County for 14 years where she prosecuted child and adult sex crimes. Emily is married to her husband of 14 years. They live in Simi Valley with their two children.


Christina Mesesan is the new Justice Deputy for LA County Supervisor Kathryn Barger.


AnneMarie (Mendez) Mecca is a customer service agent for Alaska Airlines and lives in El Segundo. Kim Havens is the Head of Brand Creative for Discovery - Magnolia Network and currently resides in Waco, TX. Hung Bach has worked as a Deputy District Attorney for the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office since 2011 and is currently the Board Secretary for the National Asian Pacific Islanders Prosecutor Association, San Diego Chapter.


Heidi Jutsum McAnnally-Linz has been appointed deputy director at the Whitney and Betty MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies at Yale. She will help guide the Center’s overall strategy and oversee its academic programs, grant programs, fellowship and visiting scholar programs, and communications. Prior to this, Heidi spent 10 years at Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA), where over the past decade she has had positions of increasing responsibility and success, most recently as the director of policy and external relations.


Kevin Tan has been given the opportunity to join Walt Disney Animation Studios as a layout animator, which has been a huge dream of his since he was a kid. Kevin spent eight years in architectural animation and four years in live action film animation. Michael “Mikie” Reed received a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from CSU M o n t e r ey Bay in May 2021. All while working full-time & raising a family with the support of his wife, Megan. He is now pursuing a master’s degree at Stanford.


Bill Loskota is a Managing Director, Real Estate Product Specialist at Blackstone, one of the world’s leading investment firms.


Christopher Richards graduated and earned his Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.) degree from William Carey University College of Osteopathic Medicine in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. He has entered residency training in Emergency Medicine at Sunrise Health GME Consortium in Las Vegas, Nevada. Veronnica Krizek is working as a licensing associate for consumer products at Disney Parks, Experiences and Products.


Kevin Mattice is working as a consultant for Sendero Consulting. He earned his MBA from SMU in 2019.

2013 Tracy



Ashley (Catano) Rodriguez was accepted into the University of La Verne’s Educational Doctorate Program in Organizational Leadership and started this fall. law student.

Chris Clarizio ’06 and Dale Santos ’07 met up at Joint Base Pearl Harbor and Hickam over the summer. Chris was on vacation in Oahu and Dale is currently stationed at the base with the United States Navy.

graduated from Gonzaga University School of Law on May 8, 2021, earning her J.D. with Platinum Pro Bono Distinction for at least 300 hours of pro bono work as a

Erin Hill has started working as a graphic designer for the Oklahoma City Thunder fulfilling her dream of working in professional sports. Erin graduated as valedictorian, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Graphic Design with a Designmatters Minor in Social Innovation from Art Center College of Design in 2020. 31


Reilly Milton graduated from Sonoma State in May 2021 with a degree in Theatre Arts. She was asked to write a segment in “Undergraduate Research in Theatre: A Guide for Students” which was published in July 2021.



Stephen Boyer worked as an editor on the film The Boy Behind the Door for two years. The film played at Fantastic Fest and AFI Fest before being picked up by AMC’s Shudder Streaming Service for distribution. It was a privilege for Stephen to be able to edit an entire feature film.

Kimberly Mejia was named a recipient of Goodwin’s 1L Diversity Fellowship which provides first-year law students from underrepresented backgrounds with a $10,000 award to cover expenses while working in a public interest law position at a nonprofit or government organization during the summer after their first year of law school. Recipients also receive mentorship and guidance throughout the summer and beyond. Kimberly spent the summer as a judicial extern in the U.S. District Court, Central District of California and has started her second year of law school at UC Berkeley.


George Siberell graduated from UCLA in June 2020 with a degree in geography and is working as a carrier sales executive for Schneider in Dallas, TX. Zachary Damir is in his first year of law school at Notre Dame. Noel

Rozario graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering from Cal Poly Pomona in May 2021. Noel is working as a full-time engineer with the Department of Defense.

Bettina Lee is working as a legal team project assistant at States United Democracy Center, a nonpartisan organization advancing free, fair, and secure elections. 32


graduated from UC Irvine with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance Performance and a Minor in Biology in 2020. She joined San Jose Dance Theatre in 2020 as a trainee performing in Sleeping Beauty and additional original works. She was recently promoted to the Company and is excited to return to San Jose Dance Theatre for the 2021-2022 season. Holmes

Emily O’Connor is a math intervention teacher at Allen Avenue Elementary School in La Verne.


Kayla Quintero spent the summer with The Walt Disney Company interning for the KGO-TV (ABC7) 7 On Your Side Internship. Jennifer Payne graduated in May 2021 from the University of Portland with a BA in Psychology and is now working as a behavior technician. Jacob Rose graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a minor in accounting from the University of Redlands on April 30, 2021. Kinsley Washington graduated from UCLA in May with a degree in psychology and a minor in cognitive science. She is currently earning

her Master’s degree at UCLA with aspirations of a career in the medical field as a Physician’s Assistant. On the softball field, Kinsley will return to the UCLA starting line-up for the 5th consecutive year as a middleinfielder with hopes of bringing home another National Championship title for UCLA. Abby Siracusa will graduate from Methodist University in North Carolina on December 11, 2021 with two Bachelor’s Degrees: Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Studies and a Bachelor of Science in Cyber Forensics. She will also receive a certificate and minor in Pre-Law. Gina Puccinelli graduated from NYU in May 2021 with a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Special Education. Gabriella Navarro graduated from UCLA’s School of Nursing on June 11, 2021 with her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She is taking the NCLEX (the boards for nurses) and plans on becoming a certified oncology nurse working with cancer patients. Michael Sweeney graduated from Southern Utah University’s Dixie L. Leavitt School of Business on April 30, 2021 with a Bachelor of Science in Management. Alec Berberian graduated from Cal State Fullerton on June 14, 2021 with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. He is in the process of applying to graduate school to become a physical therapist.

Jonathan Clarizio graduated from the University of San Diego with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Business Administration and a minor in Supply Chain Management. Phillip Krings graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from UCLA on June 13, 2021. Phillip will be continuing his studies at UCLA to pursue an MS in Mechanical Engineering, with a specialization in systems and control. Alyssa Martinez graduated from the University of Nevada-Reno with a BS in Public Health on May 13, 2021. Grant Fosselman graduated from the University of San Diego with a Bachelor of Accountancy in Accounting and Finance and a minor in Supply Chain Management. He is now working for Ernst & Young in Los Angeles in the Assurance practice. Dylan Thai graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a BA in Business Management and Economics and is currently working on being a financial advisor for Modern Woodmen. Steven Froio graduated on May 6, 2021 from the University of Colorado- Boulder with a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities with an emphasis in Philosophy and Music and a double minor in Business Management & Entrepreneurship and Philosophy.

Justin De Mesa earned the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in marketing and a minor in film studies from Loyola Marymount University on May 8, 2021. Dustin Pavon has joined Flexport as a supply chain operation specialist. Flexport is building the platform for global logistics— empowering buyers, sellers and their logistics partners with the technology and services to grow and innovate. Dustin earned his Bachelor of Business Administration with a minor in mathematics from the University of Redlands. Justin Zuniga graduated from Cal State Los Angeles on May 21, 2021 on the Dean’s List with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. Justin is continuing his education in fire science. Lauren Helgeson graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a BS in Business Administration, Real Estate Finance concentration on June 12, 2021. She is working as a research analyst at Valbridge Property Advisors in San Luis Obispo.


Daniel Cina has been accepted into Willamette’s MBA program. He has one class left to earn his BA and then will start his master’s. Daniel is also the starting left guard for the Willamette football team. Jeff Daley spent the summer interning with Gordon Law Group, PLC in Nashville, TN.

Sanjay Khemani is a rising senior at Whittier College majoring in Business Administration with concentrations in International Business and Business Management, and minoring in Economics. Sanjay spent the summer interning for Lowe’s Companies Inc. as a regional distribution center operations intern. Ethan Patrick spent the summer interning at Convoy Capital, a commercial mortgage brokerage. Ethan is a senior at LMU where he is majoring in communications.


Emma Dillion is studying Economics with a minor in real estate studies at Texas Christian University. She currently holds a Texas Real Estate License as a sales agent and is looking to expand her contacts and potential clients. She is available for in-person clients in the Dallas/ Fort-Worth area, to offer remote assistance, or make referrals to licensed agents in other cities and states. If interested now or possibly in the future, contact her at (626) 543-5473 or CORRECTION FROM LAST ISSUE:


Marites Yao worked within the entertainment industry including serving as a research assistant at ABC News and CNN before she pivoted to work on political campaigns. She got her start on Eric Garcetti’s first mayoral campaign and worked on several other winning political campaigns within the Los Angeles area. Eventually she decided on a career in healthcare and recently assisted with implementing testing procedures and leading a team who helped diagnose and treat high acuity patients at the start of the pandemic at Keck Medicine of USC. Marites is excited to announce that she has been accepted into USC’s Physician Assistant Program (Class of 2024). Additionally as an avid cyclist, she has started a sustainable and inclusive cycling brand called Adventurish. Check out for more info. 33


Dominick Gokgoz ’12 and Rebecca Fahey ’12 were engaged on March 27, 2021 at the Huntington Library and Gardens.

Phil Krizek Camperi ’12 and his girlfriend Alex Niebling got engaged on July 2, 2021. The two met during their undergrad at Saint Mary’s College in 2015 and have been living in San Diego since 2017.

Laura Borquez ’14 and her fiancé Nick Pizzuti got engaged on April 4, 2021. The two met at the University of Redlands and currently live in Alameda. Laura is a speechlanguage pathologist and Nick is a financial analyst. They are planning a September 2022 wedding in Southern California with many of their lifelong friends from La Salle included in the event.

Emily Mukai ’13 and Kentaro Lunn were engaged on June 6, 2021 in front of the engineering building at Cal Poly Pomona. They are planning on getting married in two years after they both finish their Master’s degrees. Emily works for Meggitt Defense Systems as a mechanical engineer and is pursuing a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. Kentaro works for Toyota Racing Development as a design and calculation engineer and is working on his Master’s degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Materials Engineering.

Timothy Brian Reed ’10 married Kelsey Cooper on January 22, 2021 in Temecula. Tim & Kelsey met on Bumble in 2017.

Nicole Allison ’04 married Jonathan Weiss in Santa Barbara in October 2020. Nicole was recently promoted to Vice President at Murphy O’Brien, a PR agency headquartered in Los Angeles. 34


Felisa Hervey ’01 gave birth to daughter Alma Isabel Van Hervey at home at 8:48pm on January 27, 2021 with her mom as the attending midwife. Felisa suffered a massive stroke in Afghanistan in 2015, which resulted in aphasia (loss of language, not intellect), but the past year has been especially meaningful for her as she married Nick Van Kleeck and now they welcome their daughter, Alma, into their lives!

Gianna (Henke) Friedling ’05 and her husband Easton are proud to announce the birth of their beautiful baby girl, Olivia Marie Friedling. She stomped and twisted into the world on June 19, 2021 at 7:41am weighing 8lbs., 8oz. and measured 21.75in.

Bradford Steele ’05 and his wife Taylor welcomed their son Oliver Benedict Steele on August 13, 2021 weighing 7lbs., 13oz. and 21in.

Matthew Maulit ’06 and his wife Viviana are thrilled to announce the arrival of their daughter Ophelia Janine Maulit. Born happy and healthy on April 14, 2021, at 7lbs., 13oz., and 19.5in. Matthew is happy to claim his daughter as a Lancer to the dismay of mom, a Mater Dei alumnus. Let’s go Lancers!

Anne (Datingaling) Hettiger ’16 and her husband Drew welcomed their daughter, Aria Jene Hettiger, on July 21, 2021 at 12:09pm weighing 6lbs., 7oz. and 18 3/4in. long.

FOR ALUMNI UPDATES FOLLOW US ON: La Salle High School Alumni Association @lshsalumni @LSLancersAlumni




Christina (Russo) Granado ’00 has worked on the lighting crew at Mystere at Treasure Island in Las Vegas for 15 years, operating a spotlight and maintaining the show’s smoke machines.

unessential, and Las Vegas theaters were among the first businesses to be closed as as a result of COVID-19. Mystere’s final shows of 2020 took place on March 14th.

Christina’s interest in the theater world began during her sophomore year at La Salle. It continued into college where she chose Technical Theater as her major at Cal Poly Pomona. There she made friends and connections that eventually brought her to Las Vegas and Cirque du Soleil in 2005. What Christina enjoys most is the sound of a live audience reacting to and enjoying the show!

As time went on, it was decided that some Las Vegas shows wouldn’t be returning. Luckily, Mystere did survive. On April 26, 2021 Christina returned to the theater for the first time in over a year. For two months, she helped maintain equipment and participated in rehearsals to get the show ready to reopen. Cirque du Soleil’s return campaign was led by the phrase “Intermission Is Over”, and intermission was over for Mystere on June 28, 2021 which welcomed a sold out house. Mystere was the first Cirque du Soleil show to return, and it continues to be sold out ever since reopening.

It goes without saying that 2020 was a unique year for all industries, especially live entertainment. As desired as live entertainment is, it is also 36


The La Salle Alumni Association has expanded its offerings to alumni in the professional world. The Lancer Lawyers Alumni Network (LLAN) offers legal alums the chance to connect, network, refer business, ask for advice, and find mentoring opportunities. This Network is open to all alums who have a JD, even if they are not practicing, and those who are currently attending law school.


• Provide referral service

• Mentorship for fellow attorneys

• Out of state network

• Networking and education events

• Career mentoring for current students and young alumni

• Resource for La Salle’s Mock Trial team

It is free to join and a broad range of networking and educational opportunities are being offered. Sign up online at If you have an idea for an affinity alumni group, please email the Alumni Office at


LLAN ADVISORY COMMITTEE NICK SONNENBURG ’12 is a 3L at LMU Loyola Law School, where he serves as a senior editor on the school’s flagship law review, and in January, he will begin a judicial externship at the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. Previously, he was a summer associate at Greines, Martin, Stein & Richland LLP—one of the state’s leading appellate boutiques—and an extern to the Hon. R. Gary Klausner, of the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California. Before law school, Nick studied political science at Santa Clara University and spent three years as a reporter for the Los Angeles Daily Journal, California’s largest legal news provider.

NABIL BISHARAT ’02 is the Managing Partner of Orsus Gate LLP, a boutique civil litigation firm with offices in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Nabil received his BA from UC San Diego and his JD from UC Davis. After graduating from law school, he went to work in the Los Angeles office of Reed Smith LLP, one of the largest international law firms in the world. He spent nine years as a member of Reed Smith’s product liability team, representing medical device, pharmaceutical, industrial, and consumer products manufacturers in high-stakes litigation. He also maintained a solid pro bono practice, representing clients in adoption hearings, guardianship matters, and immigration claims. Nabil joined Orsus Gate in 2018, a firm focused on representing start-ups, small businesses, and mediumsized companies throughout the state in all types of civil litigation matters in state and federal courts throughout California. The firm’s LA office is located in Old Town Pasadena and serves clients across a broad range of industries in resolving their disputes. In addition, Nabil is a member of the Los Angeles County Bar Association (LACBA) where he sits on the Litigation Section’s Executive Committee. He also spent several years as a lecturer with LACBA’s Small Claims Clinic and Workshop.

KEVIN CAHILL ’76 specializes in technology development, licensing, strategic alliances, research collaborations, mergers and acquisitions of technology companies and management of worldwide intellectual property portfolios for domestic and international clients in the telecommunications, software, electronics, pharmaceutical and life science industries. Kevin chaired the Technology Groups at several prominent San Diego law firms for 22 years, including San Diego’s oldest firm, Luce Forward. He thereafter served as General Counsel of The Scripps Research Institute for 10 years, and then as General Counsel of Point Loma Nazarene University for 3 years. 38


JASMINE HORTON ’03 is a Senior Associate at GBG LLP, a boutique employment defense law firm, where she represents employers in the retail, hospitality, technology, and health care industries. She also handles internal investigations and workplace training for businesses in a wide range of industries. Before joining GBG, Jasmine was an associate with the international law firms of Reed Smith and Littler Mendelson. She also served more than two years as Associate General Counsel of MVP Sports Group, a leading sports agency representing players of Major League Baseball. Additionally, Jasmine is actively involved on the Board of Officers for the Black Women Lawyers Association of Los Angeles and currently serves as PresidentElect for the 2021 -2022 board year. Jasmine received her BA in Political Science from USC and her JD from UC Hastings.

MITCHELL (MITCH) DRASCO ’60 practices law in San Diego (www. His practice-focus is corporate counsel for emerging and mid-level technology firms. Mitch relocated to San Diego from Orange County where he was corporate counsel for a NASDAQ medical computer services corporation. Earlier he was with both Computer Sciences Corporation and Hughes Aircraft Corporation. He has been practicing law in California since 1982, obtaining his Juris Doctor (Law) from Western State University College of Law while working full-time and raising three children. The practice of law is Mitch’s second career. His undergraduate work was at California State Polytechnic College, Pomona where he earned both a BS Mechanical Engineering and a BS Mathematics. Mitch has represented his clients in international transactions in Great Britain, Canada, France, Israel, China, and Mexico. He has lectured at UCLA on the difference in U.S. Government and commercial contracts and written books on contracts administration. Mitch volunteers his time with the San Diego MIT Enterprise Forum which spotlights a new business each month in a public forum. Mitch is a long-time member of Rotary International. He held the position of President of the Rotary Club of Alhambra for 2008-2009, and is a Paul Harris fellow. He has taken a lead role in many international charitable projects such as fresh water well drilling in Kenya, building housing for the very poor in Mexico and raising the health standards for children after the 2008 Sichuan earthquake from which 68,000 people perished. Recognizing the unique needs of non-profit charities, Mitch donates his legal expertise to Birthline of San Diego, a pregnancy and family support center dedicated to “everything life affirming,” transforming the lives of families in need. Since 2003, Mitch has taught business law at MiraCosta College. 39




AMELIA DIEDRICH ’05 knows better than most that justice in the legal system isn’t always served the way it should be. As Deputy District Attorney in the Gang Unit for Northern California’s San Mateo County, she’s seen some cases go sideways where they shouldn’t have. In these cases, Diedrich draws strength from the main focus of her work – providing support and advocating on behalf of victims and witnesses, no matter the outcome. “In an adversarial system, it’s easy to get caught up in the superficial, but to help these people, is a really important thing to keep in mind. Helping doesn’t always mean winning, but it can mean providing justice in other ways,” she says. Diedrich graduated from La Salle knowing she wanted to go to law school and work on behalf of the public. She’s been a deputy district attorney for nine years and looks back at the mission of La Salle as one of the principles that has guided her throughout her career. “Through an extracurricular program at La Salle, I began tutoring at under-privileged schools. Service to others was integrated in so many aspects of La Salle, not just service to check a box, but as a part of everyday life,” she reflects. The School’s core theme of service and compassion for others permeated the studies and work Diedrich has accomplished, eventually leading her to the work she does in the justice system. 40


Aside from not being able to prosecute every case as she might wish, she recounts the challenges of working in good faith within a legal system that has also shown itself to be fraught with systemic and inherent injustices. “The other difficulty is the understandable backlash against law enforcement and people who are not familiar with the justice system who make assumptions about me and my colleagues. I really understand the frustration with racial discrimination and as a society, it’s a conversation that must continue. But I must also keep focused on the good we’re doing and the victims we’re helping,” she explains. Diedrich remains determined to advocate for what’s right within the system even when it might be uncomfortable or difficult. She trains with the gang intel unit and receives implicit and explicit bias training. “One of the biggest challenges is trying to change the problems from the inside, the institutionalized violence and racism and sexism that is a part of the system, but we are doing all we can to eliminate that, it’s the driving factor in what we do,” she explains. When she looks back on her time at La Salle, she mentions how much her English classes and teachers impacted her. Not only did she enjoy Ms. Annie Johnston, Mr. David Soltis ’90 and Ms. Jane Osick as teachers, she

Senior Prom: Amelia, Molly Fluet FSHA ’05, Rachel (Wogensen) Yaeger ’05, Christa Pozzi ’05

Amelia, Alyssa (Stefek) Casey ’05, Patrice (Cardamone) Venya ’05

Molly Diedrich ’10, Amelia, Hannah Diedrich ’12

felt they integrated service and empathy for one another into their classes in a graceful and seamless way. Diedrich’s love for English led her to manage the student newspaper as a senior, where she learned triaging and prioritization skills she still leans on today. If there’s one piece of advice she’d give to current students, it is: “trust your own instincts.” While she learned a lot from her experience managing the student newspaper, the experience taught her she didn’t want to continue on a journalism path in college, although other people in her life kept insisting she should. “There are so many times you want to defer to their authority but you really do know what you want,” she finishes.

Husband Ryan Lescure and dog Luna


AMELIA DIEDRICH ’05 Favorite Food: Spaghetti Favorite Band/Music: Phoebe Bridgers Favorite City: Los Angeles Favorite Movie: The Royal Tenenbaums

Favorite TV Show: Schitt’s Creek Favorite Travel Destination: Edinburgh Favorite L.A. Spot: Griffith Observatory






La Salle ended fiscal year 2021 with an alumni giving participation rate of . Our goal is to reach 10% by June 30, 2022 and to see which graduating class comes out on top. Amount doesn’t matter, just that you give and give annually.


A giving competition that challenges each class to increase the number of donors who contribute to La Salle over the fiscal year (July 1, 2021-June 30, 2022).


Every gift matters. No gift is too small to count for your class. The competition is based on the number of alums from each class who give, not the dollar amount. *All tax-deductible gifts made to La Salle will impact your class participation score.


There are several ways to make a gift and boost your class’ standing: 1. Give online at 2. Mail your gift. Checks made payable to “La Salle College Preparatory.” 3. Call 626.696.4362 to make your gift over the phone.



FY 2020-2021

Class of 1975

47 Donors

Class of 1980

18 Donors

Class of 1967 & 2002

16 Donors

Class of 1998 & 1999

15 Donors



The Class with the highest number of donors at fiscal year-end (June 30th) will receive: • Placement on the Lancer Challenge Championship Banner in the Gym • Recognition in Lancer Magazine • Bragging rights (and they are priceless!)

Class standings are updated regularly online at


to the CLASS OF 1975 for winning the 2020-2021 LANCER CHALLENGE AGAIN with 47 DONORS!

Lancer Challenge

ALUMNI GIVING FY’18 2007 FY’19 1975 FY’20 1975 FY’21 1975

* Physical banner hangs in the Duffy Lewis Gymnasium and is updated annually. 43



We are very saddened to share that former La Salle College Preparatory President, Dr. Richard Gray, passed away on Saturday, October 9, 2021. Dr. Gray served La Salle for over 20 years, laying a strong foundation for academic and co-curricular success, and spearheading invaluable development opportunities that provided greater access to a quality Lasallian education for students across the San Gabriel Valley region. The legacy he leaves behind is one that I am honored to build upon and one that I know continues to have a lasting impact on our entire community. Dr. Gray was selected as the third president of La Salle College Preparatory and began his tenure leading the school in March 1999. During his leadership of La Salle, he worked to ensure our Lasallian Five Core Principles guided his decision making. Dr. Gray led countless student-centered initiatives in all areas of the school. The San Miguel Scholarship Program was a key priority he helped launch as a means to make a Lasallian education possible for low-income families. During his tenure, over 130 San Miguel Scholars graduated from La Salle and went on to colleges and universities across the country. As well, Dr. Gray oversaw the planning and construction of Kohorst Field and the Blakeslee Learning Commons. His passion to bring cultural diversity to the school resulted in the Global Program. To support the mission of the school, he developed the Board of Regents, which in turn created both the Speech and Debate and Merit Scholar Programs. He also led several other fundraising initiatives that propelled La Salle’s reputation in the community as the school of choice in the San Gabriel Valley. 44


We ask for your continued prayers for Dr. Gray and his loved ones. His presence among our school community will be dearly missed and we will be forever grateful for the sacrifices and love he provided our students, parents, alumni, faculty and staff.

All school leaders pour their lives into the mission of their schools. Dr. Gray’s efforts made La Salle College Preparatory the best it could be. St. John Baptist de La Salle once said, “To be entrusted with the teaching of the young is a great gift and grace of God”. La Salle College Preparatory was entrusted in Dr. Gray’s care for over two decades, and his service, love, and leadership of La Salle were indeed great gifts and the grace of God. We pray that eternal rest be granted to Dr. Gray during this time of mourning and sorrow.


MELANIE GARRION, Mother of Jessica Legaspi ’13

HERMINE LEES, Mother of Paul ’75, Michael ’77 and Peter ’80

TERRY ANDREWS, Father of Mia ’03

LINDSAY (VAN LEEUWEN) GORDON ’04, Sister of Steve ’01, Wife of Michael ’00

FRANCES MARY MULLEN, Mother of Elizabeth (Employee)

DR. RICHARD GRAY, Former Employee

MINKWAN “MIN” PAK, Brother of Minyong Pak ’87

ROBERT “BOB” BLAKESLEY ’71, Brother of John ’74 NANCY CALDWELL, Mother of Ethan ’86 and Trevor ’91



PAUL HANSON, Father of Patricia ’98

ROY CHANG, Employee GERALD “CLANCY” DIGNAM ’70, Brother of Duffy ’68 REMEDIOS ESPINO, Mother of Jodie ’82, Gary ’83, Glenn ’86 ROSEMARY FISCHELLA, Mother of Phil ’69 and Jim ’73 RICHARD J. FORCIONE ’77

GLENN POMPEY, Father of Tamara ’02

ADELA HERNANDEZ, Mother of Dan ’77 and Daryl ’82 JOANNE KLOTZ, Mother of Brian ’88 and Phil ’91

MARCELINO RAMOS, Father of Hector ’83 OSCAR RUIZ ’91 PHILIP SCALZO, Father of Victor ’18


MARY MANZO STROUSE, Grandmother to Vanessa Strouse-Kenney ’97, Whitney ’07 and Jefferson ’09

MICHAEL KUNZ ’84, Brother of Martin ’82 and Monika ’98, Son of Maria Elena (Former Employee)

JUDY ANN WONG, Mother of Jeremy Jung ’04

ROY CHANG REMEMBERED It is with a heavy heart and deep sadness that we share the news that technology and engineering teacher, Mr. Roy Chang, passed away on August 9, 2021. Mr. Chang was a long-time faculty member, serving our school for the last 16 years. During his tenure, Mr. Chang served in our science department, technology and engineering department, as coach of our robotics team and was always very gracious to help students and faculty with their technology needs. Mr. Chang touched the hearts of countless students and the hearts of all those he encountered. We will cherish and honor his legacy and the miracles of learning and inspiration he performed during his time with us.

BROTHER MEL REMEMBERED Please pray for the repose of the soul of Brother T. Mel Anderson, FSC, who died peacefully on May 22, 2021 at Mont La Salle, Napa, CA. Born in 1928, Brother Mel attended Saint Mary’s College High School in Berkeley before entering the novitiate in 1947. After graduating with a BA from Saint Mary’s College in 1952, he received his final vows on June 26, 1953. Brother Mel served at La Salle as a teacher and substitute director for seven years between 1956-1962. He served as Saint Mary’s College of California president for 28 years (1969–1997). After leaving that position, he taught at SMC until his retirement 2019.

La Salle



Parents of Alumni: If your son or daughter no longer maintains a permanent address at your home, please notify the Alumni Office of their new mailing address at 626.696.4362 or

The Richard Gray San Miguel Scholarship Fund The Richard Gray San Miguel Scholarship Fund has been established to recognize the work and remarkable achievements of La Salle College Preparatory’s third school president, Dr. Richard Gray. The San Miguel Scholarship Program is a full tuition scholarship offered to students of academic promise whose family income puts them at or below the federal poverty line. This four-year scholarship includes waivers of textbooks, fees, and other costs, and serves at least 5% of La Salle’s student population. Gifts and donations raised through The Richard Gray San Miguel Scholarship Fund will be used to establish an endowed fund to assure the permanence of this hallmark program at La Salle College Preparatory. If you’d like to make a gift to the Richard Gray San Miguel Scholarship Fund today, please visit the Giving page on our school website. Contact our office at (626) 696-4312 or email if you have any questions.