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Spring/Summer 2011

Lancers Charge into a New Era

Picture Yourself in La Salle’s Future Your gift to La Salle High School ensures the continued quality of education that has become the hallmark of one of the finest schools in the San Gabriel Valley. Every gift, no matter the size, is significant to the students at La Salle. Think what it would mean to future students at the School if everyone supported La Salle in their own way. There are many opportunities to express your commitment to our future:

La Salle Family of Funds Academic Merit Scholarship Fund Annie Johnston Memorial Endowed Faculty Professional Development Fund Annie Johnston Memorial Endowed Student Scholarship Fund Annual Financial Assistance Fund Annual Scholarship Fund Bob Thomas Scholarship Fund for Math & Science Brother Celestine, FSC Endowed Scholarship Fund Brother T. Mel Anderson, FSC Endowed Scholarship Fund Class of 1960 Endowed Scholarship Fund Class of 1961 Scholarship Fund

Class of 1997 Financial Aid Fund David Contreras ’98 Memorial Fund Dr. Phillip J. “Duffy” Lewis Interscholastic Athletic Fund Excellence in Coaching Fund Faculty/Staff Professional Development Fund Gloria Delaney Memorial Scholarship Fund Grant Glausser ’75 Scholarship Fund Honor A Lasallian Educator Fund John Matheus Honorary Alumnus Fund Joseph Antonisamy Music Scholarship Fund Linda M. Grinstead Fine & Performing Arts Fund LTV Television Production Fund

Mareina Chapel Fund Margaret Roman Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund Michael Rossini ’81 Scholarship Endowment Fund Pat Bonacci, AFSC Endowed Scholarship Fund Robert Alcorn Scholarship Fund for the Humanities San Miguel Scholarship Fund Student Life Fund Sylvia Bernstein Memorial Golf Fund Tim Gripp Memorial Theatre Scholarship Fund Women’s Scholarship Fund

In addition to the La Salle family of funds, gifts of all kinds are greatly appreciated.

Planned gifts; gift annuities, life insurance, charitable remainder trusts, lead trusts and bequests are examples of planned giving. Gifts of appreciated securities may be deducted at fair market value on the date of transfer to the school. Your memorial gift to La Salle can help to perpetuate the values that guided a loved one’s life. Gifts may honor a person during his or her lifetime. Gifts of real estate can be given to the school outright, transferred to the School in a bargain sale, or can be used to fund a gift annuity or unitrust. In some cases it may be possible to arrange a sizable tax deduction by deeding property to the school now, while continuing to occupy the property during your lifetime.

A gift-in-kind of capital assets (art objects, jewelry, antiques, cars, computers) can be given for La Salle’s immediate benefit, as well as your year-end tax advantage. Please remember many businesses and corporations match personal gifts to educational institutions made by employees, retirees and their family members. Your company’s personnel office will be happy to provide you with information about its matching gift program. To obtain more information about how planned giving can work for you, call the Institutional Advancement office: 626.696.4344 or e-mail Jon Keates at

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Carolyn Neuhausen ’04 Thomas Stafford ’99 Mike Sullivan ’70 Andrew Vogelbach ’01

Administration: Richard Gray, Ph.D., President Patrick Bonacci, AFSC, Principal John Ring, Associate Principal for Student Services Frank Laurenzello, Associate Principal for Curriculum and Instruction Robert Packard, Chief Financial Officer Jon Keates, Director of Institutional Advancement Brother De Sales Benning, FSC Christian Brothers Representative

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Mysteries Behind The Great Wall................................................................. 5 Crystal Ball honors Karen and John McAlister P’08, ’11, ’14 New Athletic Director Takes Helm............................................................... 8 Anthony Harris talks about the exciting future of La Salle athletics Lancer Charges into Athletics..................................................................... 10 A more dynamic and animated Lancer created for the Athletic Department

Spring Sports Recap...................................................................................... 12 Baseball, tennis and track highlight spring sports Lancer Robotics Advances to the Nationals............................................. 16 Robo-Lancers design new robots after airlines loses shipment The Class of 2011 Graduates with Honors................................................ 18 Senior Presentation, Baccalaureate Mass and college destinations revealed Student Life President is Man of the Auer............................................... 22 Johnny Auer reviews the year and introduces his outstanding classmates Powder Puff Football for Charity................................................................. 28 Juniors and Seniors battle in third annual charity game

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Reunion Reviews............................. 34 Page 26 SPRING/SUMMER 2011




La Salle I

have spent the better part of the summer working on two job descriptions – one – Vice President for Mission is brand new; the other - Principal – is a revision of a previous document. Readers of this space and the ParentNewsletter will know the reason for this exercise. After 15 years as Principal, Pat Bonacci, AFSC would like to turn his attention to a less overwhelming set of responsibilities. When Pat informed me of his desire two years ago, and, that he wanted to continue in some capacity here at La Salle, without batting an eyelash, I told him I knew exactly what I wanted him to do next – and that job – Vice President for Mission - did not exist! So, at the end of the 2011-2012 academic year, Pat will transition into a new role at La Salle and a new principal will take on the challenge of filling Pat’s enormous foot print. Folks who are familiar with La Salle know that we take enormous pride in the 300 year old heritage we hold in trust for the Christian Brothers. Our Lasallian traditions are evident across the campus, from the way we start and end our daily prayers to the posters and framed images of Saint John Baptist de La Salle and his confreres; even a stranger to La Salle would be able to tell that the School is part of a much larger network of educational institutions. Still, given the School’s commitment to its Lasallian heritage, one could validly ask why, in tight economic times, create a new position tailored to address those components of La Salle’s culture that appear to be operating successfully on their own? The first, but not the only, answer is quite simple: we have a wonderful repository of Lasallian values in the person of Pat Bonacci, AFSC. It is a logical next step for a man who has spent nearly 25 years laboring in the vineyard we call La Salle High School. It is senseless not to take advantage of his years of experience, devotion to the students entrusted to his care and deep commitment to Lasallian values. What better way to cap an exemplary educational career than to become responsible for passing on the heritage of the Christian Brothers to students, teachers, parents and alumni? But there are even more powerful arguments for the creation of this position at this time in the School’s history. At a time when the presence of priests, nuns and brothers in Catholic institutions is steadily diminishing, it is all the more necessary to ensure that their religious heritage, values and traditions are preserved and passed on to the next generation of school children. Our society is being buffeted by the winds of change, challenges to the existing social order and an increasing disdain for shared social values. Schools like La Salle exist, in part: to pass on a consistent heritage that supports the role authority plays in social interactions and to reinforce the importance of shared social values. The School is successful in large measure because the heritage, vision and values of the Christian Brothers inform our efforts to educate the children entrusted to our care. With only Brother De Sales to provide a link to that marvelous heritage, however, it is up to us - the Brothers’ Lay Partners - to ensure that the incoming Class of 2015 and its successors receive more than a rigorous college preparatory education; they must also become exposed to the values that are paraphrased in the School’s motto: Learn • Serve • Lead which reflects the Mission of Saint John Baptist de La Salle to: provide a Human and Christian education to the young, especially the poor. So, what will the Vice President for Mission do?



Students and Faculty are more familiar with the rich array of programs provided by the Christian Brothers which are intended to pass on their heritage than, perhaps, are parents and alumni. Our Student Life Leadership Team, for example, just returned from a week-long leadership camp sponsored by the Christian Brothers and held at Saint Mary’s College in Moraga. One of our teachers, Monique Gougeon ’03 just completed the Buttimer Institute of Lasallian Studies, a three-year summer program at Saint Mary’s College designed to equip Lay Partners with the theology, spirituality and pedagogy of Saint John Baptist de La Salle. By the time you read this issue of Lancer Magazine, Jim Canney ’65 and Tamara Flowers will have returned from Napa where they attended a three-day workshop for new trustees sponsored by the Christian Brothers. In short, the Christian Brothers are committed to the process of passing on their values to students, teachers and board members. La Salle needs someone of Pat Bonacci’s caliber to coordinate these efforts as well as to provide resources for parents, students and teachers that will deepen their commitment to Lasallian values. With his background, years of experience and commitment to Lasallian values, I can not think of a better person to take on this responsibility than Pat Bonacci, AFSC. Many of you may note the significance of the letters “AFSC” after Pat’s name. They reference a rare and significant honor that was bestowed upon Pat when we celebrated his 20th year at La Salle: the Christian Brothers conferred upon Pat their highest honor: Affiliation. In effect, Pat is an honorary member of the Christian Brothers. In one sense, we have come full circle with Pat’s new role; in another sense, nothing - really - has changed.

Oh, by the way, something tells me you will still see Pat at football games and theater performances!

Dr. Richard Gray President





Principal I

want to begin my article by acknowledging and congratulating the most recent La Salle High School graduates – the members of the Class of ’11. I have come to appreciate that each graduating class is in many ways very similar to the ones that preceded them; but at the same time, so unique. The Class of ’11 is certainly no exception to this their substantial academic record, and their overall demeanor and character were much like that of preceding classes – which is a very good thing. One of their unique characteristics was in the area of leadership and role modeling for the younger classes. I first saw this in action back in August of 2010 during New Student Orientation Day. There was a huge number of seniors who literally gave up their last day of summer break to participate in the Orientation Day. As a class, they did an exceptional job and they extended themselves in welcoming our new students and in easing them into our community. The members of the class continued to provide positive leadership in the best sense of a Lasallian student, throughout the year. Well done and thank you to the Class of 2011 – our prayers and hopes go with you as you now enter into a new life-phase. I point out to you the photo on page 32. It shows a number of Christian Brothers who were on our site in June. It was amazing to visit with nearly 100 Brothers who graced us with their presence. These Brothers were from our own San Francisco District of Christian Brothers and from the New Orleans-Santa Fe District. The two districts came together to participate in a week-long spiritual retreat at the Mater Dolorosa Retreat Center in Sierra Madre. During one of the evenings, they came down the hill to our campus for a liturgy and a most pleasant reception. Many of our talented musicians and singers entertained the Brothers, as well as led the singing during the liturgy. Students also acted as campus hosts and tour guides. I can tell you without hesitation that our students shined and represented themselves and the school in the best possible way. Given the fact that new vocations to the various ministries in the Church is low, it was fascinating to see so many Brothers together in the same place. It was truly awe inspiring for me to spend time with these vibrant and dedicated teachers, many of whom I have know for long years and many that I had never met before. I urge us all to pray for vocations to the various ministries of the Church – I often fear that we will not soon see the like of these dedicated disciples of Christ again. With great personal sadness I share with you the news of the death of Maureen Mellor. Maureen was a member of our Lasallian Community from 1971 to 1995. As you will read in another section of the magazine, Maureen was a valued teacher, administrator and friend to many of us for decades. We miss her warmth and her life long dedication as an inspiring Catholic Educator. As you know from past articles in this magazine, the 2011-2012 school year will be my last one as principal. I anticipate that this year will be a constant reminder that this or that event is my last one as principal. The fact that I will still be at La Salle High School in a new role assisting Dr. Gray will be a huge consolation for me – it will certainly ease the withdrawal pains tremendously. Dr Gray has begun the process for selecting my replacement and I know that he will be most successful in attracting a principal who is worthy of our students. I urge you to add your prayers to mine that this process will move effectively and smoothly throughout this semester. Live Jesus in Your Hearts!

Patrick Bonacci, AFSC Principal



behind the great wall

Honors Karen and John McAlister

La Salle Principal, Patrick Bonacci, AFSC and La Salle President, Dr. Richard Gray flank the 2011 Lasallian Volunteer of the Year Award recipients, Karen and John McAlister. SPRING/SUMMER 2011


The three McAlister childre

n, Lauren ’08, Robert ’14

President Richard Gray, Chair, Liz Kwong P’12,’14, Co-Chairs Tess Crabtree P’12,’14, and Kelle Maroe P’13.

and Kelsey’11.

Super Silent Auction decorations.

Steve Madison P’14,’15 and Annalylia Sanchez.

From left, Gene and Joan Bock, Pat and 6


Claire Bonacci P’94,’97, Principal.


a Salle held its 12th Annual Crystal Ball titled “Behind the Great Wall: A Night of Mystery and Wonder,” on April 15 at the Langham Huntington Hotel and Spa in Pasadena. The 2011 honorees and recipients of the Lasallian Volunteer of the Year Award were Mr. and Mrs. John McAlister P’08,’11,’14. The silent auction was held in the theme-decorated Langham Ballroom foyer followed by the exciting live auction, award presentations and dinner in the beautifully decorated ballroom. Crystal Ball Chair, Liz Kwong P’12,’14, chose the theme for a magical night in China to share good fortune and delicious Asian delicacies. It was a celebration that provided an opportunity for our community to come together and enjoy the company of friends in an exotic setting, as well as support the programs and activities La Salle High School provides for its students. As you know, the Crystal Ball is La Salle’s largest fundraiser of the year. Proceeds from the evening support our academic, athletic, student life, arts and financial aid programs. These funds most significantly support the San Miguel Scholarship Program as we enroll 5% of each entering freshman class into a need-based, tuition-free program for low-income families. Generosity is a universal quality that brings blessings to all, including the giver. As a Chinese Proverb says, “If you always give, you will always have.”

From left, Mark Deneen P’11, Linda Jahnke P’04,’08 Steve Jahnke P’04,’08 Wendy McMonigle P’05,’07,’12,’12 David McM onigle P’05,’07,’12,’12 Wendy Deneen P’11.

Heiner and Jana Vogelbach P’01.

Connie Holguin P’14,15 and Pam Marceca P’15. Jay and Tess Crabtree P’ 12, ‘14, left, with Mia and Justin Dean P’13.

Mrs. Patty Wright P’68.’73, GP ’07,’12 with Brother William Carriere, FSC.

“A Night of Mystery and

Wonder” table décor.

Save the date The 2012 Crystal Ball will take place on April 27 at the Langham Pasadena Hotel. SPRING/SUMMER 2011


Named New

Athletic Director at La Salle High School

By John Blackstock ’67


a Salle High School has named Anthony Harris its next Director of Athletics. He replaced John Matheus on July 1, 2011. (See sidebar page 9). Harris was formerly the Athletic Director at Campbell Hall High School in North Hollywood, and has been the Special Assistant to the President for Planning at La Salle since January 2011. “With his experience and leadership skills, Anthony Harris is the best choice to lead La Salle Athletics into the future. He is exactly who we need as Athletic Director, working to ensure that every Lancer team succeeds on the field and in the classroom, as well as making sure our programs operate with respect and integrity,” said La Salle President, Richard Gray. 8


ileged to v i r p d n a d e t xci “I am very e letic program that has ath be part of an onships, 15 CIF Finalist pi . 12 CIF cham 7 league championships 15 banners and re, in just the last few What’s mo athletes 7 1 t n e s s a h lle years, La Sa rsities on athletic to D1 unive t’s impressive to . Tha scholarships is size.” h t l o o h c s a me for arris - Anthony H

Harris was chosen from an elite group of six candidates that the La Salle selection committee created from over 250 applicants. “After an intensive and inclusive interview process, Mr. Harris emerged as an outstanding candidate and we are certainly pleased to have him join our community,” said Principal Patrick Bonacci, AFSC. In his ten years as Director of Athletics at Campbell Hall, the athletic programs transformed from participation-based programs to a strong athletic program claiming numerous league titles, six CIF titles and two state championships. “All of these accomplishments were achieved while pursuing victory with honor, integrity, and respect. I’ll bring a similar approach while creating excellence and expecting the best of an already very successful La Salle athletic program,” Harris said. A native of Pasadena and an outstanding football and track athlete at John Muir High School, Harris was an All-American track athlete, and also All-Conference football player at California State University, Northridge. Harris earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational Leadership and a Master of Physical Education from Azusa Pacific University. Before moving to administration, Harris was the head football coach at Campbell Hall and Chaminade College Preparatory in West Hills. He was a defensive assistant football coach at Pasadena City College last season. In addition to his Athletic Director duties, Harris is coordinator of the Lancers’ offense for the football team this season. “Although many of La Salle’s athletic programs are first-rate, we hope to elevate all our athletic programs to a sustainable level of excellence that is worthy of this school, its students, faculty and parents. Already well-known for its outstanding academics, arts and music programs, we intend to focus on the athletic program’s quest for long-term success,” Harris continued. “My desire to strive for perfection and passion to make a significant and positive impact will serve as my personal motivation for success at La Salle. I see this opportunity as an avenue to utilize my unique leadership abilities to pursue excellence by mentoring, motivating, and creating a strong sense of team within the department,” Harris said. “I am very excited and privileged to be part of an athletic program that has 12 CIF championships, 15 CIF Finalist banners and 157 league championships. What’s more, in just the last few years, La Salle has sent 17 athletes to Division 1 universities on athletic scholarships. That’s impressive to me for a school this size,” he said.

Selected as New Principal at


“Bell-Jeff ”

By John Blackstock ’67

he Archdiocese of Los Angeles announced on June 2, 2011 that Mr. John Matheus has been selected and has accepted the position of Principal of Bellarmine-Jefferson High School in Burbank. John Matheus is a graduate of Bellarmine-Jefferson High School. He holds his bachelor’s degree in Political Science from California State University, Northridge and his master’s degree in Educational Leadership from California State University, Los Angeles. He has a single subject credential in social science and a professional administrative services credential. Matheus has served on the faculty of La Salle High School in Pasadena since 1979. He has held a variety of positions including basketball coach, department chair, Dean of Students, Athletic Director and Vice Principal since 1994. At the recent end-of-year faculty and staff meeting John thanked all present and past members of the Lasallian community for their help and support over the past 31 years. Matheus began his tenure at Bellarmine-Jefferson on July 1, 2011. He succeeds Sr. Cheryl Milner, SNJM, who has served as principal at Bellarmine-Jefferson for 14 years. Bellarmine-Jefferson Catholic High School is an Archdiocesan coed high school located in Burbank, California. Founded in 1944, “Bell-Jeff” was a parish high school until 1980 and sits adjacent to St. Robert Bellarmine Church and across the street from St. Robert Bellarmine School. The current enrollment is is approximately 275 students. SPRING/SUMMER 2011


La Salle Athletics Unveils New Identity Program


new era has begun for the athletics program at La Salle High School. La Salle announced in July the appointment of Mr. Anthony Harris as its new athletic director. (See article on page 8.) The former athletic director at Campbell Hall High School in North Hollywood, Harris led the Vikings to seven CIF Southern Section championships in four sports, captured 50 league titles, and sent over 40 athletes to play college sports, including Jrue Holiday (UCLA, Philadelphia 76ers) and Anthony Kim (Okla-



homa, PGA Tour). And now Harris has a new plan and new look for La Salle. “I’m excited the school understands that athletics is a great marketing tool; it serves as a constant community presence. There’s a lot of competition out there. My goal is to make La Salle a household name in the San Gabriel Valley and in Southern California and our new Lancer logo will help,” he said. One of Harris’ first moves is the introduction of a comprehensive and robust athletic identity system. “I noticed when I got

With input from many stakeholders, the consensus was that the new Lancer should be more intimidating, bold, aggressive. The logo needed to be adaptable to many different uses (jerseys, hats, apparel, digital media, etc.). Blackstock showed Stafford some ideas based on the Service Academy mascots for style and Stafford took it from here we were an athletics program that visually lacked punch and there. Stafford created the new Lancer, a new athletics “LS” and consistency,” he concluded. “Think of the iconic athletics programs typeface to be used by all La Salle teams. The new Lancer mascot on the next level – Notre Dame and Michigan with the gold and logo, athletics “LS” that will now be on the football helmets and winged helmets, Texas and the Longhorns, USC and the Trojans, baseball caps along with the team designation typeface in La Salle and UCLA’s blue and gold. My point is; how we perform on and colors will help to create the collegiate-like athletics atmosphere off the field will be most important. But, it’s also important how we and branding for La Salle. To help introduce the new mascot logo and create an easier present ourselves. Our athletic identity is a source of pride that con- way to explore Lancer Athletics, La Salle created the Lancer Athnects the entire La Salle community, from the first alumni in 1960 to the next generation and the generation after that. We want to cre- letics website This new site is part of the ongoing revisions to the La ate a college prep athletic Salle school site. It’s a great environment that matches new place to check out all our college prep academic the Lancer teams and of environment.” course, see the new full Prior to Harris takcolor mascot. ing the lead, multiple col Throughout the projors, fonts and styles were ect, to create the new logo, used to brand La Salle and equal attention was given its student-athletes, most to maintaining an apprecianotably on team uniforms. - Athletic Director Anthony Harris tion for the traditions of the But Harris was pleased to past, as well as positioning find out that a group within the La Salle community was already researching and working La Salle’s athletic program for the future. The original Napoleonic on the same vision, and had been doing so for roughly two years Lancer remains as a mark that can be used with student Life, aca– La Salle Director of Communications John Blackstock ’67, Tom- demics and the arts. It remains the mark for most alumni apparel my Stafford ’99 (a graphic designer, items. Dr. Richard Gray, President of La Salle, is proud of the imalumnus, and currently Orange Lu- theran High School Director of Com- provement and how it reflects the school’s spirited community munications, and Director of Alumni from current students and staff, to alumni, parents and fans. “Our Relations Kristen Schultz ’98. Black- updated logo design is more angular and aggressive, depicting stock created the original Napoleonic speed and a competitive edge. The new Lancer logo and word Lancer in 1969. “We wanted to differ- marks are clearly representative of La Salle’s continued quest for entiate ourselves from our archrival excellence,” he said. at the time – St. Francis – because we were using very similar mascots. Our Lancer looked a lot like their Knight,” he exTommy Stafford ’99 claimed. “I did a rough sketch and silhouette of an 18th century Lancer based on the Prussian and Polish armies. A few years later, the Christian Brothers began using my Lancer sketch as basic artwork for Lancer icons on campus, in the yearbook and on School apparel. That’s the simple story of how La Salle’s Napoleonic Lancer was born,” Blackstock said.

“We are all La Salle Lancers, and with this new identity system, everyone is going to know it.”



Johnny Auer

Lancer Baseball T

he 2011 Lancer Baseball program hit new heights by finishing in second place in the difficult Del Rey League earning the team a trip to the CIF playoffs where the Lancers fought a hard battle against last year’s champions in the second round losing by only one run. The Pasadena Star-News polls also announced the Lancers as one of the area’s top two baseball teams. Beginning in Fall 2010, the program showed its resilience and dedication by earning the bid to play for the title in the championship game of the Eastside Fall League. Rained out weekends cut that short and the game was not played; however the team’s thirst for winning was not lessened. Lancers can be proud to say that every effort on the field was generated by a “One Team - One Effort” mentality. The Lancer’s first game of the 2011 season being recorded in the win column set the tone of what was to be a stellar year with stars that included Chris Williams, John Auer, and Bowdien Derby. Chris Williams is no stranger to playing third base. Known as the “Hot Corner,” Chris’ second year as Del Rey 1st Team All-League third baseman is no mistake. Making dazzling plays on defense while pounding a team leading six home runs and 31 runs batted-in made Chris a valuable asset to the team’s success. Chris’ three-run homer was key to the Lancer’s advance to the second round in CIF playoffs. Having the experience of playing varsity baseball all four years of your high school career is extremely valuable to a resume and to the program. John Auer earned his Captain stripes his senior year with his experience and passion of the game. A shoulder injury requiring surgery his junior year only gave Johnny extra drive to excel as the 2011 Captain, with his position as second baseman earning him the Del Rey First Team honors. Johnny’s offense was just what the team needed with 25 runs batted in, 4 doubles, a triple and 2 home runs. Standout Bowdien Derby finished the season on the mound with a 10-1 record, striking out 101 batters, pitching 5 shut-outs, and recording the elusive “no-hitter” which helped him earn the Del Rey League’s “Pitcher of the Year” honors. Bowdien’s offense was no slouch either. Batting a team leading .435, 40 hits, 12 doubles, 2 triples, and an on base percentage of .490 set the standard for 2011 Lancer Baseball. Bowdien was also invited to the 2011 Seattle Mariners Scout Team fall tryouts. Coach Harry Agajanian is proud to say he was part of the 2011 Lancer Baseball Program, not only for the perseverance the players showed on the field as there were five “come from behind” victories, but also for the students’ dedication off the field as Lancer Baseball graduated six seniors and each senior has enrolled in a highly regarded university ranging from Lehigh to USC. Coach Aggie is pleased to announce that the 2012 Lancer Baseball Program will be of championship caliber, again both on and off the field. 12


Bowdien Derby Commits to San Diego State La Salle standout opens up about the “fierce” recruiting process and his plans for the future.

By Miguel Melendez Excerpts courtesy of the Pasadena Star-News


he recruiting circus was just that, a circus. So with that in mind, La Salle’s Bowdien Derby decided to put an end to the fierce recruiting circuit and committed to San Diego State in August. The senior-to-be Derby said he made up his mind to attend San Diego State because it had every component he was looking for in a school: academics, team, coaches, weather, proximity. Derby, a two-time Star-News All-Area selection, was nothing short of spectacular his junior season, particularly in the season finale against Palm Desert in the second round of the CIF Southern Section Division IV playoffs, clocking at 91 mph in front of pro and college scouts. But he was impressive all season long, going 10-1 in 15 appearances with seven complete games, five shutouts and 101 strikeouts and a 0.94 ERA. That Derby prefers to play shortstop is a testament to his talent. He batted .435 with three home runs, 19 RBIs and 12 doubles. He also earned first-team All-CIF honors in Division IV. He said he would prefer to play shortstop at San Diego State because he feels he “can contribute more that way” but the Aztecs are recruiting him at both positions.

“This year I showed a lot of strength on the mound. I’ll just work my butt off working both positions and wherever they see me fit is where I’ll go.” Derby had initial offers from Loyola Marymount, Arizona, UC Santa Barbara and San Diego State, but the landscape opened more so after the Arizona recruiter left for Oregon, which then went after Derby. “All these schools I was talking to for a while,” Derby said. “People were telling me to wait and see what else comes up and if there would be any other offers. I was like, in my mind there are not any other schools that would really change my mind. But I knew I wanted to be close to home. I’m a family man and want to be close to home as much as possible. For me, a two-hour drive is nothing compared to Arizona which was an eight-hour drive.” Nevertheless, other schools got in the mix: Hawaii, Fresno State, Dartmouth and Azusa Pacific. Derby said he was flattered that a Pac-12 school like Arizona, and now Oregon, were interested at all, but proximity, coupled with said requirements, would play a big role. That schools put intense pressure on Derby also was a factor in making an early decision. SPRING/SUMMER 2011



Earn CIF Academic Banner for Tennis

The Boys Tennis team earned a CIF Academic Championship in their enrollment division (-1500 students) with an average GPA of 3.783 for the 2010-2011. Our team and School received recognition and a CIF banner to commemorate this at a pre-game ceremony on May 9 at Angel Stadium prior to the game between the Anaheim Angels and Chicago White Sox. You may recall, our Boys Tennis team achieved this same award for the 2007-2008 school year. Garrett Mak, Austin Fitzgerald and Jordan Adams were selected to the Pasadena Star-News AllArea Boys Tennis Team. La Salle finished second in the Del Rey League and drew top seed and eventual CIF-SS Division 5 champion Arlington in the first round. The playoffs were a short run for the team, but the Lancers had slightly better runs in the CIF-SS individual tournaments. Mak, a freshman, went into the sectional tournament at Corona del Mar High as the Del Rey League champion and reached the second round.

19th Annual

Lancer Golf Tournament & Banquet Friday, October 14, 2011

Industry Hills Golf Club, City of Industry The Eisenhower Course Four-Person Scramble • Calloway Scoring System 11:00am Shotgun Start Player Package Includes:

Green Fee and Cart, Hot Lunch On Course, Banquet Dinner, Lancer Golf Gift, Complimentary Beverages on Course (Beer, Soda, Water), Range Balls, Bag Tag, $25,000 Hole In One, Longest Drive, Straight Drive, Sports Competition Hole, Awards, Foursome Picture and Putting Contest Additional Activities:

$1,000,000 Shoot out, $5,000 Putt, Team Skins, Betting Holes, 7 Card Stud Split the Pot SILENT AUCTION and RAFFLE PRIZES! ALL LEVELS WELCOME Special Young Alumni (’97-’11) Discount Proceeds to benefit La Salle’s Academic, Arts, Athletic, Student Life and Financial Aid Programs For more information, please contact:

Irene Santucci at 626.696.4312 or 14



to State Meet,

Itohan “Itos” Aikhionbare ’11

was the 2011 CIF Champion in the shot put with a throw of 41’1.5”. She also qualified for the Masters in the shot put and discus. Her 4th place finish in shot put in the Masters qualified her for the State Meet on June 3rd and 4th in Clovis, California. Itos has been the league champion in the discus for the last three years. She was the CIF division IV discus champion her junior year and qualified for the Masters meet in which she finished 12th in the Southern Section out of all divisions. She was named field event MVP in the San Gabriel Valley Championships in which she had the second farthest throw all time in that meets history and second to the farthest throw in SGV history held by La Salle’s own Shelby McCray. Itos won the CIF Division IV shot put with a toss of 41’1.5” (Second all-time in La Salle High school history). This throw ensured that Itos would have a spot at the Master’s meet. At the Masters meet Itos improved her all time best with another personal lifetime best throw of 41’4” giving her 4th place overall and a berth to the State Track and Field meet. Only the top 5 from the Southern Section (over 550 high schools) are guaranteed spots to the State meet. She is only the fifth individual athlete to qualify for the California State meet. She is the second individual female to qualify for the meet from La Salle High School. She is the third thrower from La Salle to make the state meet. Itos finished a disappointing 20th place throwing in the prelims late in the evening. By the end of the season Itos had 21 farthest throws in the state this year in discus with a best throw of 132’9” and the 17 farthest throw in shot put with a best throw of 41’4”. There are close to 1300 high schools in the State of California. Itos is also the 2010-2011 Hall of Fame inductee for Girls Basketball and she received the Brother Celestine All-Around Athlete Award at graduation. She will continue her throwing career at the University of Irvine where she plans to study science and medicine and eventually become a Doctor of Obstetrics.



Michelle Johnson ’11 is attending MIT and will be competing

on their track team. MIT sent her a letter of interest regarding track at the beginning of this school year. Michelle was accepted to MIT last spring and she met with the track coaches and athletes during a welcome trip to the school in April when the scholarship was offered. Her personal bests for the year were 6-3.5’ in the long jump and 34-8.75’ in triple jump, both in the CIF SS top ten. Michelle was a member of Pi Alpha Chi, the Cultural Awareness club and is a California Scholarship Federation member. Michele received the John Stygles Scholar Athlete Award and the Woman’s Scholar Athlete Scholarship at graduation this year.

During the course of the past year, La Salle athletes had the opportunity to benefit from the insights and wisdom of three well-known professional athletes. Through the efforts of Football Head Coach Antoine Peterson and Baseball Head Coach Harry Agajanian, football greats Marcus Allen and Dwight Hicks and baseball standout and broadcast personality Jay Johnstone spoke to the Lancers.

By John Blackstock ’67

Pros Enlighten lancers

Jay Johnstone Talks Baseball

On Tuesday April 19, Lancer Baseball Head Coach Harry Agajanian invited former Dodger great Jay Johnstone (pictured above) to speak to our baseball players about the game and opportunities offered for future athletes. Johnstone’s baseball career stretched from 1966 to 1985. During that time, he played for the Angels, White Sox, Athletics, Phillies, Yankees, Padres, Cubs and Dodgers. Jay shared some great stories with the team and coaches as well as giving important training and preparation insight to our athletes. Johnstone was a versatile outfielder with a good sense of humor, known for keeping clubhouses loose with occasional pranks and gimmicks.

His career highlights include the day as an Angel, he preserved Clyde Wright’s no-hitter against the Athletics in the seventh inning by catching a Reggie Jackson fly ball 400 feet in straightaway center field, just a few feet from the wall on July 3, 1970. As a Dodger, he hit a pinch two-run homerun in Game Four of the 1981 World Series against the New York Yankees. The homerun rallied the Dodgers from a 6-3 deficit to win 8-7. The victory also enabled the Dodgers to tie the Series at two games each; they won the next two games to win it all! Jay later served as a radio color commentator for the Yankees (1989–1990) and Phillies (1992-1993). He presently works for the Angels.

Marcus Allen Talks Football

Adding a new perspective to what teamwork and playing together is all about, College and Pro Football Hall of Famer Marcus Allen spoke to La Salle’s varsity football team at a special team meeting in September, organized by Head Coach Antoine Peterson. At the closed meeting, Allen, the first pro football player ever to gain more than 10,000 rushing yards and 5,000 receiving yards during his 15-year career with the Los Angeles Raiders and Kansas City Chiefs, shared his views on what it takes to create a winning attitude and successful season. In addition to a grueling physical conditioning and training schedule that everyone must undergo, Allen emphasized that players must also focus on working together as a team, look out for and encourage one another to succeed and think positively that no obstacle is too great for them to overcome. With that recipe for success, everyone is a winner!

Dwight Hicks Talks Perseverance

Two-time Super Bowl champion Dwight Hicks spoke to the Lancer football team about leadership and the advantages of never giving up. Until the San Francisco 49ers called and offered him a provisional spot on their roster, Hicks tells his story of stocking shelves after failing to make a pro team following college. Hicks then joined the 49ers and became a four-time Pro Bowl selection from 1981 to 1984 as a safety and cornerback, and was a key player on the 49ers dynasty in the 1980s, assisting his team to NFL Championship wins in Super Bowl XVI and XIX. Hicks currently assists Coach Peterson with the Lancer defense. SPRING/SUMMER 2011


By Arthur Richards


hen someone says, “Robot,” perhaps a Hollywood image from a far-off time pops into the mind: R2D2, the Terminator or some other fictional character. The down-to-earth, right-now field of robotics, however, is thought by many to be the key to the future in engineering. Crucial for the development of robotics is the formation of minds that will conceive and execute the “tools” that will handle tasks in the future. Educational opportunities that take students from conceptualization to hands-on construction and implementation are very important. That is what the VEX Robotics competition is all about: developing minds that look at specific problems or tasks and think, create and build robots that are amazing in what they can do – right now! For several years, the Lancers have been in the thick of this field. About fourand-a-half years ago, imagination joined with the amalgamation of software, hardware and programming to give birth to the robotics program at La Salle High School. For the last year-and-ahalf, La Salle teams and robots have entered into competition with other teams, most recently

at the VEX World Championships in Orlando, Florida, last April 14, 15 and 16. All the way back in August of 2010, the “RoboLancers” (officially designated Team 8888) began the process of conceiving, designing and building robots to take part in a competitive game named “Round-Up.” The task for the robot is one that most parents will readily recognize as the child’s game in which a doughnut must be placed over a vertical post. Generations of toddlers have learned coordination and motor skills by completing that task. Hard as it may be for a child, imagine designing, building and “teaching” a machine to complete the same task. VEX provides robotic components and student teams from around the world design and build robots to complete the competitive tasks set for a given year. Building a machine that can do a task is one thing, but building one that can reliably perform under the pressures of competition with other robots is quite another. The Lancer teams showed they were ready for that challenge … and more. “It was a work in progress,” said Roy Chang, the Robo-Lancer’s moderator. As the robots developed, each regional competition showed some bug or defect that would be recognized and have to be addressed and corrected. “The competition takes place on a 12’ by 12’ field, two robots versus two robots. Each robot has 20 seconds to complete this year’s task autonomously, without human guidance or assistance. Then, there is a two minute period with user control at the same competitive task.” The designing and redesigning, building and rebuilding were successful, with the Lancers qualifying two teams and two robots to go to the VEX World Championships. So, the two Lancer teams set off to fly to Orlando with robots in tow … or more correctly, carefully boxed and labeled to make the journey safely. After all the months of work and all that pressure, the Lancers were given a

Team 8888 The Future Is Now 16


demoralizing blow when it turned out that the airline lost both robots. Many people would have given up right then, complaining about how unfair it was and how dumb that unnamed airline was. In contrast, refusing to give up, the Lancers got together and planned. “The decision was made to build a new robot, program it, debug it and get it ready in time for competition,” said Chang. VEX Robotics gave an assist with key components that otherwise would not have been available. But … that meant it all had to be done in one night. The three main builders, initially limited to work only until midnight, won a reprieve from their moderator and worked until the robot was finished. Darius Salehipour ‘11 and Kenny Ma ‘12, prepare for battle as Lancer Robotics moderator and computer education instructor, Roy Chang looks on. In about ten hours (not the ten months it had taken to develop the previous robots), the Robo-Lancers had built and programmed a new robot and the main driver and the final competition. As 13th and 16th, the Lancers stood in a secondary programmers took over for the competition. good strategic position to become part of alliances. It was not to be, Word then came that the original robots had been located however, since regional and national loyalties prevailed over strateand the team president and a chaperone went to retrieve them. In gic alliances. According to Chang, “Had the robots not been lost,

Think Create, Create Build, Build Amaze! Think, short, with about 30 minutes to spare, the team prepared to enter the kids easily could have had that additional win and would have competition with two robots, neither of which had been sufficiently been choosing alliances instead of waiting to be chosen,” tested, not to mention the team having had no practice time. The “The kids were dignified, proud and ready to master next competition on the first day did not go well, but the losses were year’s challenge. One of my most proud moments as an educator,” caused by glitches that could have been addressed if the teams had Chang said. The coming competition, by the way, is called “Gatehad sufficient time to prepare. way.” Balls and drums must be placed into designated goals in The next day was different. Each team had five matches. At order to score points. Gates divide the playing area but are opened the end of the day, Team A had four wins and one tie, Team C had at some point during competition. The 2011-2012 VEX Robotfive wins. The following day, each team faced two more qualifying ics Championships will be at the Anaheim Convention Center and rounds and won all of them. there is little question that the Overall, both Robo-Lancer Robo-Lancers will be there. Teams went undefeated in Mr. Chang added, that part of the competition. “Everybody came together to Despite all the setbacks, face the challenges – not only despite competing the first the students, but also our The VEX Robotics Design System offers students an exciting day with robots that were rechaperones: James Pearman, platform for learning about areas rich with career opportunities ally not prepared, the RoboSteve Lucas and Stephanie spanning science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Lancers finished with Team Dominguez. The administraThese are just a few of the many fields students can explore C ranked 13th and Team A tion also gave us great supby creating with VEX Robotics technology. Beyond science and ranked 16th out of some 420 engineering principles, a VEX Robotics project encourages teamport. Thank you to all.” work, leadership and problem solving among groups. It also alteams. Amazing! A banner across the lows educators to easily customize projects to meet the level Next came the Allitop of the VEX Robotics website of students’ abilities. The affordable VEX platform is expanding ance part of the championsays, THINK, CREATE, BUILD, rapidly and is now found in middle schools, high schools and ships, in which the top eight AMAZE. The Rob Lancers ceruniversity labs around the globe. Robotics hobbyists also appreteams make “alliances of tainly fit that bill! ciate the advanced capabilities of the VEX System. three” with other teams for

What is VEX?



188 Lancers Graduate A




at 52nd Commencement


a Salle High School graduated 188 seniors at its 52nd Commencement on Friday evening, May 27. Commencement Exercises took place at the Church of the Nazarene, next door to the School. Steven R. Petrovich, Aurora C. Doreza and Melinda H. Lewis received the La Salle High School General Excellence Award. In the fall, Steven, Aurora and Melinda will attend the University of Southern California, the University of California at Berkeley and Pepperdine University, respectively. Casey T. Nguyen and Tara N. Roberson received the Archdiocese of Los Angeles Christian Service Award. John P. Auer was selected by his senior class peers to receive the Pro

Deo et Patria Award. John was also Student Life President at La Salle. Andrew B. Barmann and Itohan F. Aikhionbare received the Brother Celestine All-Around Athlete Award. Senior Chloe S. Cross was chosen by the Faculty Commencement Committee for the honor of delivering the Commencement Address, while senior Kelsey L. McAlister was selected to deliver the Welcome Address. 100% of La Salle’s graduating class will attend college next year, and 93% of the class will matriculate to four-year institutions.


E 18


Received the De La Salle Medal




A. Casey Nguyen, Andrew Nguyen, Darryl Oliver. B. Sophia Ratkovich reviews her diploma. C. Henry Smither with Steven Petrovich. D. Chloe S. Cross delivers the Commencement Address. E. Left to right, Andrew Giarg, Felix Perez, Josip Vinski, Carlton Shun,

Stuart Woolner, Matthew Kim, Anthony Soliman, Rainer Mendoza and Alex Gewecke.


Roque Valiente

G. Amalea Sidewropoulos H. Christopher Griffin, Michelle Johnson, Philip Griffin and Alex Jazyk. I.

Kelsey McAlister delivers the Welcome Address.


Ishani Patel, Sophia Robles, Kelli Matsumoto and Samantha Whitehead.

By Richard Gray

uring the Commencement Exercises on May 27, MyTrang DaSilva P’03,’06,’10, received the De La Salle Medal. This medal is La Salle High School’s highest honor. It is given to an individual or individuals who daily demonstrate the values and ideals of Saint John Baptist de La Salle, the Founder of the Brothers of the Christian Schools. The awardees’ service to La Salle should exemplify the admonition given by the Saint in his Meditation on the Feast of Saint Paul: Look upon yourselves as ministers of God, and acquit yourselves of your duties with the greatest possible zeal… Since 1999, when her eldest daughter, Nikki started at La Salle, MyTrang has been deeply involved with the Athletic Boosters and Parent Association, beginning with a helping hand at the Used Book sales. When second child, Erin went out for track, MyTrang was there, helping to organize team trips to Reno, serving as volunteer coordinator for Coach Fred Riley during the Pasadena Games and staffing the first of many athletic awards banquets. Daughters, Nikki, Erin and son Jeremy were soccer players - which inevitably drew MyTrang to serve as the team parent for that program and to staff, literally, years of Athletic Hall of Fame banquets. In 2006 her AYSO partner in crime, Brad Wright ’73 asked MyTrang to serve as Volunteer Coordinator for Football even though she did not have a child in the program. This request came in addition to her five-year run staffing the Hospitality Closet for the Academic Boosters. Responding to a request for help in 2008, MyTrang also served as parent coordinator for both Boys and Girls Basketball - again without a child on the team. In addition, MyTrang agreed to Co-Chair the Athletic Boosters in 2010 even though she now no longer had a child in the School. Throughout the years, MyTrang could be happily seen hawking Athletic Booster Discount Cards, Season Passes and more than one tour at the snack bar. The Lasallian virtue of ZEAL can be consistently observed in the energy and enthusiasm MyTrang has brought to her involvement with her children’s high school. She is a true Lasallian in the tradition of the Founder of the Brothers of the Christian Schools. SPRING/SUMMER 2011




16 1 3



89 1 14

La Salle seniors were accepted at 194 universities in the United States and 7 in Canada and the United Kingdom.

Academy of Art University Arizona State University Azusa Pacific University Boston University Bucknell University California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo California State Polytechnic University, Pomona California State University, Channel Islands California State University, Chico California State University, Dominguez Hills California State University, Fullerton California State University, Long Beach California State University, Los Angeles California State University, Northridge California State University, San Bernardino Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design Chapman University Citrus College Claremont McKenna College Emerson College Evergreen State College Fort Lewis College 20


Gonzaga University Hamilton College Hampton University Harvey Mudd College Lehigh University Lewis & Clark College Loyola Marymount University Loyola University New Orleans Marist College Massachusetts Institute of Technology Miami University of Ohio Mount St. Mary’s College Northeastern University Oregon State University Pasadena City College Pepperdine University Pitzer College Pratt Institute Princeton University Regis University Rollins College Saint Joseph’s University Saint Louis University Saint Mary’s College of California San Diego State University San Francisco State University San Jose State University Santa Clara University School of the Art Institute of Chicago Seattle University

Sonoma State University Southern Methodist University St. John’s University Texas Christian University University of Alabama University of Arizona University of British Columbia University of California at Berkeley University of California at Davis University of California at Irvine University of California at Los Angeles University of California at Riverside University of California at San Diego University of California at Santa Barbara

Far West Northwest N. California S. California Midwest

1 14 42 89 3

University of California at Santa Cruz University of Colorado at Boulder University of Denver University of Hawaii at Manoa University of La Verne University of Nevada, Las Vegas University of Oregon University of Redlands University of San Diego University of San Francisco University of Southern California University of Texas, El Paso University of the Pacific Villanova University Western Washington University Wheaton College (MA) Whittier College Woodbury University

Southwest Southeast Northeast Canada United Kingdom

14 5 16 3 1

52 GRADUATION Awards nd

Invocation: Melinda Hope Lewis Welcome Address: Kelsey L. McAlister Commencement Address: Chloe S. Cross

Senior Presentation on May 26, 2011.

General Excellence Award Steven R. Petrovich Aurora C. Doreza Melinda H. Lewis Math & Science Scholar Arthur Chi Liberal Arts Scholar Lauren P. Bruer Visual & Performing Arts Scholar Brendan A. Buchanan Archdiocese of Los Angeles Christian Service Award Casey T. Nguyen Tara N. Roberson Excellence Award Religious Studies Tara N. Roberson Merit Award - Religious Studies Sofia R. Robles Excellence Award - English Nadia S. Barulich Merit Award - English Taylor Lopez-Valdez Excellence Award Computer Education Mason N. Sedlik Merit Award - Computer Education James V. Lapsys

Excellence Award - Mathematics Steven R. Petrovich Merit Award - Mathematics Henry C. Smither Excellence Award - Social Studies Steven R. Petrovich Merit Award - Social Studies Alec L. Shumate Excellence Award - Science Previn Ganesan Merit Award - Science Erin Lopez-Valdez Excellence Award - Spanish Jacqueline E. Lara Merit Award - Spanish Alexander Serrano Excellence Award - French Melinda H. Lewis Merit Award - French Hannah C. Zimmerman Excellence Award Visual and Performing Arts Anthony R. P. Wake Merit Award Visual and Performing Arts Philip T. Griffin

Joseph Antonisamy Award for Musical Arts Lauren P. Bruer Thomas Werntz Award for Art & Design Nichole E. Fitch Excellence Award lance Journalism Leila S. Laurila Excellence Award Centurion Yearbook Jeffrey Jun-Long Wu De La Salle Service Award Mason N. Sedlik Pro Deo et Patria Award John P. Auer John Stygles Scholar-Athlete Henry C. Smither Michelle O. Johnson Brother Celestine All-Around Athlete Andrew B. Barmann Itohan F. Aikhionbare michael g. rossini Memorial Scholarship Henry C. Smither Women’s Scholar Athlete Scholarship Michelle O. Johnson SPRING/SUMMER 2011


T he S tudent L ife P resident R ecaps H is Y ear . By Jade Rogers ’01


ohnny Auer has run for Student Life President, he has run on the baseball field, he may even have run to class on occasion, but it was during his senior year that Johnny hit a “grand slam” for himself. Johnny was swinging at many pitches, and he hit them far and high every time: Student Life President, varsity baseball, classes, college applications, and at the same time learning how to play the role of “serious boss, especially when Johnny loves to have a good time. Johnny says, “The key to handling all of my commitments school, Student Life, and varsity baseball - was organization. I had to keep my priorities straight and work hard to maintain a high level in all three. As far as being president goes, the key for me was not to micro-manage…by doing that, I allowed myself to have more time to focus on my own individual work, such as baseball.” For Johnny, running for Student Life President was the culmination of all the growing that he had done throughout high school. Entering La Salle as a freshman, he labeled himself as the shy kid who was not the center of attention. Johnny says, “I felt safe in that role but La Salle allowed me to explore outside of my comfort zone… La Salle has a welcoming atmosphere. Since day one, I never felt like a stranger. At La Salle, I felt that everybody can find a place to feel comfortable and can easily branch out and grow from there.” When Johnny was able to explore outside of his comfort zone, he realized then that he was, in fact, a leader. He says, “Everybody students, teachers and coaches - create a very inclusive community where a student can experiment with new things and thrive.” Johnny first became a part of Student Life his junior year. He was an assistant to the Commissioner of Publicity, where he helped do behind the scenes work on rallies. Being on Student Life his junior year made Johnny feel more connected to La Salle and it influenced him to want to make more of a difference. Then, when thinking about running for Student Life President for his senior year, he knew he should at least give it a shot. He says, “I realized that if I didn’t at least try then I would always live with that regret.” As president, Johnny says he was really proud of all the things Student Life accomplished. He realizes there are always disappointing and hard moments. Especially moments in which certain things need to be done but end up falling through the cracks or having the hard job of being around close friends and peers while having to maintain the leadership role of president. However, there are also great and exciting moments being a part of Student Life and being the president. Johnny says, “At the end of the year, we all sat down and discussed our favorite events. It really put into perspective all the things we did; Catholic Schools week, the rallies, community service projects. The best part of being president is when I get to hear all the compliments from students and teachers after a successful event. I took pride in what we did, but I would give all of the credit to the teams that put on the events. I was



really proud of all the things we were able to accomplish. That is the key to being a good leader: stepping in where you are needed and staying out of the way when you are not.” Johnny will be attending the University of Southern California in the fall. He would like to study architecture and hopefully be a part of the golf or baseball team. After college, Johnny would like to open his own design firm and business. He says, “I would like to definitely give back to La Salle, because it has been a great place for me to grow as a person and to be successful.”

Seniors reminisce about their experiences and favorite memories

By Jade Rogers ’01

Arthur Chi

Lauren Kisich

Henry Smither

Sophia Ratkovich

Daniel Beringer

My best memory of La Salle was simply hanging out with my friends and it is the people at La Salle that made the school great. Everyone at La Salle was warm and welcoming. This was also the same feeling when I was on the Tennis team. Being a part of the tennis team was my favorite activity because we were a really tightknit group, supporting each other after losses and celebrating after victories. The boys tennis team was loud, gregarious, and best of all, jocular. Another part of La Salle that I’ll remember was the support from the administration because they were incredibly helpful. The La Sallian difference relies heavily on the faculty and staff and my most remarkable experience was with the college counselors. They helped me choose and apply for colleges, find scholarships, apply for financial aid, get job offers, and much more.

The overall community at La Salle was very accepting and welcoming. When I arrived as a freshman, it was great to already be comfortable with the new learning environment. As part of the student body, I didn’t feel left out on different activities, and I wasn’t pressured to be a part of a certain group. Along with being accepted, I was also recognized for my talents. Virtually everyone in and out of my class knew about my art whenever they saw me doodling in a sketchbook at lunch or after school. One of my favorite clubs to be a part of was the Anime Club. It was amazing to focus on the unique styles of animation. It was fantastic to be a part of a wonderful group of students who shared the same passion for cartoons, animating, and drawing in general. It also helped me to make connections not only with great friends, but also with professional artists and animators at events such as anime festivals and conventions. And by following the arts track for my four years, I was able to showcase my work at school art shows.

La Salle gave me the opportunity to challenge myself as much as I wanted to be challenged and it gave me the opportunity to do almost everything. I loved knowing everyone at the school including the faculty because it allowed for our relationships to be that much closer and made the classroom environments much more fun. I found this same closeness on the field playing soccer. I spent so much time with my teammates over the years and improved every year. I was a teammate on the varsity soccer team all four years and was a captain the last two years. It was my responsibility to lead our team, and I am going to miss playing soccer with Coach Sheridan and the rest of my teammates. Our team could have competed against anyone out there and we weren’t afraid to get physical no matter what team it was. One of my favorite memories was showing this same spirit and closeness to the girls volleyball team’s playoff run. My friends and I went to every playoff game and scream our heads off.

The best parts of La Salle were the people. The students and teachers came from so many different backgrounds but it was so easy for all of us to come together and get along with each other and enjoyed each other’s company. This was definitely noticeable during La Salle’s rallies. The rallies are a favorite memory of mine. You got to see the entire school come together, so excited, energetic, and full of spirit. We celebrated each other by supporting our teams and classmates during the rallies. La Salle also provided me with many opportunities in clubs, sports, and student activities. I transferred into La Salle my sophomore year and wanted to try a few different new sports which included Water Polo and the Swim team. I didn’t realize how much I loved the water until I was welcomed by all of the veteran team members and the coaches. They helped me to play to my fullest potential and work hard while loving the game.

The sense of community at La Salle is something truly unique and my time spent on the volleyball team was easily one of my favorite activities during my time at La Salle. The kids around you were so much more than just teammates but we were a family. The best part was walking onto the court and the incredible rush from making big plays in front of the crowds. But when the big plays come around that is when it’s truly special. Hearing the crowd roar, coming together with your team, your friends yelling your name, looking up and seeing your parents clapping, there’s literally nothing better. The various CIF playoff games I was lucky enough to play in were hands down some of the most incredible unique experiences of my life.



Chelsea Kennedy I have my top ten favorite memories while being a student at La Salle and all of them were memories on the court playing volleyball with my team members. I was on the varsity Volleyball team for four years and it really was my favorite time. The best memory was this year for our first CIF game against South Hills High School. We had lost the first two games but won the third game. I was so happy we won that I cried. Overall, I really enjoyed the environment La Salle provided for me as a student. All the teachers really enjoyed their jobs and loved their students.


Jeffrey Wu

I am a transfer student to La Salle.I came in midway and I feel it gives me a unique perspective. What can I say except that overall, it has been a GREAT two years. The transition into La Salle was definitely smoother than I expected. During my first year at La Salle, which was, for me, my junior year, my very first class was Chorus with Mrs. Lucas. Being in Chorus was a great way to meet new people as a new student and a great first step into joining my very first club at La Salle, which was the Chamber Choir. I found that singing was a great way to take that initial step outside of my comfort zone and to meet new people.


Lauren Bruer

I have a lot of good memories about La Salle, especially in my English classes with Mr. Laird, Ms. Osick, Mr. Soltis, and Mr. Williams. Each one of them was a remarkable teacher and very quotable. Mr. Williams always had me cracking up on a daily basis and I will always remember how Mr. Soltis said “stu-dents.” Another favorite moment was when I was a part of the Jazz Band, especially during my junior year. Being a member of the Jazz Band gave me experience as a soloist, to opportunity to arrange music, and more confidence in my musicianship. La Salle really felt like a second home to me and I made some awesome friends who made every day at La Salle more interesting.

Jade Jenkins

It may sound like a cliché, but what I liked most about being a student at La Salle was that feeling of walking down the halls and knowing there is a feeling of love and acceptance. That’s how it was while playing my favorite activity of tennis while being at La Salle. Playing tennis was simply a time to interact outside of the classroom with my peers that were not even in the same grade as me. My favorite memory of La Salle will always be graduation because I felt like a whole person. La Salle helped mold, shape, and prepare for the new life and challenges that may come in my future. Everyone at La Salle is a family and I don’t think there is another place like La Salle.

Previn Ganesan

What I liked most about being a student at La Salle was being in such a tightly knit community. I knew a great majority of the student body. Because nearly every student was a familiar face, it made the school a more homely place. I even became great friends while being a part of my favorite activity, Technical Theatre, for the plays. The moderators, Mr. Rynerson and Ms. Lucas were two of the coolest people I ever met who made working on the plays very fun. But the best memory I have of La Salle was the STN LTV trip during my junior and senior years. During both those years we spent one week away from home (Anaheim my junior year and Orlando my senior year) competing in film competitions.


merit scholars A w a r d

Philip Griffin La Salle really has some amazing teachers that students are privileged to interact with. The insight I received each year surpassed just the academic subjects.  I learned quite a bit about work ethics, responsibilities, accepting the consequences, being an individual, having fun, going the distance, living life, and more, which are just as important as standard education. The personal connections with teachers that allow for this type of discussion is really the best part about the community.  Continuing with what my brother Chris Griffin said about being a part of LTV, I will say that I will never cease to praise the LTV department. Mr. Rynerson and Ms. Lucas were the best advisers. To them, limits really weren’t in the course description. If we had an idea, we were pushed to go for it. No matter how impossible is may have seemed. This motivated me to reach new levels, and with skills I would have never expected from myself.  LTV has a permanent place in my heart.

Chris Griffin

My favorite activity at La Salle was participating in the Lancer Television broadcasts (LTV). I found myself more involved in LTV than any other activity or club on campus. Over the course of four years in the program many students and I became very zealous about creating films, and spent many late nights in the classroom doing what we loved. This is what I liked most about being a student at La Salle, which was finding students who shared my interests. Every La Salle student can find comfort in the fact that there are many peers who enjoy what they enjoy. And being a part of LTV was a great learning experience as a filmmaker because one of my best memories of La Salle was in 2009 when we participated in the Student Television Network (STN) for one week in Anaheim. We competed with other schools across the country in a variety of contests which included a contest to cast, film, score, and edit an entire film in 16 hours. We did pretty good too.

Darryl Oliver As a part of the basketball team there was a close bond and friendships being formed with my teammates, coaches, and even players from other schools. This is what I liked the most about being a part of the basketball team. One of my favorite memories is during my senior year when our team played and beat Paraclete during the playoffs. The game was exciting and we were the underdog, beating them seemed to bring energy and excitement to the whole school. As a student at La Salle I experienced an overall friendliness. Everyone was helpful and willing to get involved.

National Merit Scholars and Senior Senators Alex Jazyk, Previn Ganesan, and Arthur Chi, pose for a photo after the Senior presentation. Alex Jazyk will attending UCLA, Previn Ganesan will be attending UC Berkeley, and Arthur Chi will be attending Harvey Mudd College.

Members of the Senior Class Gift Committee, left to right,: Henry Smither ’11, Tara Roberson ’11, Jacqui Lara ’11, Steven Petrovich ’11, Johnny Auer ’11, Julia Frisina ’11. Not pictured: Morgan Paige Franco ’11, Kishon Sanders ’11, Casey Nguyen ’11, Daniel Beringer ’11.


Each year, the Alumni Office works with the senior class on their Senior Class Gift. It’s a way for the graduating class to leave a legacy at their Alma Mater. This year’s Senior Class Gift Committee decided to raise money for the College Counseling Department. Over 75% of the Class of 2011 participated in their Senior Class Gift raising over $2,000. This money will be used as a stipend for an intern in the College Counseling Office so that the College Counselors can spend more time working directly with students.




By Carolyn Neuhausen ’04

By Carolyn Neuhausen ’04

Pictured from left are the original founding partners of red white + bluezz, Bryan Gallyot, Russ Meek ’94, Andre Vener ’91, Executive Chef Gabe Contreras, and Sean Tange ’91.



Pasadena Restraurant provides milieu for funding causes.


hree La Salle alumni have opened a successful restaurant and donated five million dollars to charity, proving that good business and vigorous fundraising can go hand-in-hand. André Vener ‘91, Sean Tange ’91 and Russ Meek ‘94 are partners in the restaurant Red White + Bluezz which sits at the corner of Green Street and Raymond Avenue in bustling Old Town Pasadena. While Vener attended graduate school at Claremont’s Executive MBA program, he was required to create a business project as part of his graduate thesis. The result was Red White + Bluezz. The restaurant plays off of Vener’s French and American ancestry, since both countries’ flags are composed of those colors, but the idea for the restaurant really started as a place where people could enjoy good cuisine, red or white wine, and listen to some jazz music. The twist? Vener envisioned his restaurant could be a vehicle to raise money for various charities and organizations. “Instead of spending $2000 on a newspaper ad to promote our restaurant, we’d spend that money on a fundraiser, bring people in as clients, introduce them to the place, and help gain exposure for the charities,” said Vener. The three men have also donated at least 2500 seats to gourmet food and wine events and are always willing to donate restaurant and event seats in fundraising auctions and raffles. In April 2009, the restaurant and Vener’s event production company Pasadena Entertainment, donated $500,000 towards the Freedom Concert, which was held to celebrate the newly renovated Pasadena Convention Center. Only military service men and women, police, sheriff and firemen were invited to the event, and they were provided with a five-course meal, wine and champagne. By partnering with various non-profits, such as USC’s Radiology Department and Children Services, Huntington Memorial Hospital, California Philharmonic, Pasadena Jazz Institute, local schools and many more, Red White + Bluezz has helped raise at least five million dollars for these organizations. Opening a restaurant and event planning business comes second hand to Vener and Meek, as they were known for throwing parties while they were in high school.

“I was the guy at La Salle, where the party was always at my house since I was 15 years old. I was always hosting people and looking after the atmosphere and everyone’s well being,” said Meek. Although the three men were not close while they attended La Salle, Vener and Tange kept in touch and it was Tange, with experience in the restaurant industry, who told Vener what he needed in order to run a successful restaurant. “Sean said ‘find someone who knows how to run a restaurant and who knows about wine’,” said Vener. Meek brought his knowledge of the restaurant industry to Red White + Bluezz after working at Arroyo Chophouse and Parkway Grill. He is also one of the sommeliers and directs the wine programs at Red White + Bluezz. As to the business acumen, Vener has over a decade of experience fundraising for non-profits; he has worked with the Pasadena Pops and was CEO and President of the California Philharmonic, led by his father, Victor Vener. André Vener credits his family’s values and La Salle’s teachings for instilling in him a sense of duty in giving back to others. Vener and Tange were Eagle Scouts in high school, where they regularly performed community service as part of their involvement in the Boy Scouts. Vener’s uncle also started a non-profit for handicapped boy scouts, and served as a role model in Vener’s life. Russ Meek also credits La Salle in teaching him the importance of giving back. “We learned about giving back by watching people at La Salle raise money for the school and set an example, instilling values in the education,” said Meek.




By John Blackstock ’67


he third annual Junior vs. Senior Charity Powder Puff Football game was held on Kohorst Field in May. A festive and raucous atmosphere pervaded the field with the juniors ready to avenge last year’s loss. Class cheerleaders, the drum line, great barbeque and the Mister La Salle contest added to the excitement. In the end, the juniors won this hard fought duel on the final play of the game with a 20-yard last-second pass into the end zone for a 12-6 victory over the seniors. With donations from the game combined with a donation from the Cultural Awareness Club, the La Salle students sent a check for $1000 to the Christian Brothers High School in Japan that was impacted by the March 11 earthquake and tsunami in the northern part of that country. In the last two years, the Lancers have raised money for Cystic Fibrosis and Juvenile Diabetes research. With a 6 - 6 tie in its inaugural year the Powder Puff Charity series is all tied up at 1-1-1. Juniors Gian Ryan, Kristie Simone, Shay Baluyot, Genia Albrecht and Brianna Cabot. 28



Juniors Lauren Glass, Dillon McMonigle and Alexandria Cannata.

Seniors stop Juniors.

See more photos on the La Salle website at

Senior quarterback Leila Laurila.

Junior halfback Jenny Torres.

Juniors quarterback Colleen McWilliams. SPRING/SUMMER 2011


LANCERS Deneen and Van der Linde 30

Sign to Play Water Polo



enior and two-time La Salle Hall of Fame inductee Ricky Deneen recently signed and accepted admittance to Whittier College receiving at the same time the John Greenleaf Whittier Merit Scholarship to play water polo for Whittier College. Ricky has earned eight Varsity Letters at La Salle - four years on both the water polo and swim teams. Twice he has earned Most Valuable Player and First Team All-League honors. Seven years of club experience with Rose Bowl and numerous playing opportunities in the annual USA Water Polo Association’s Junior Olympics, along with wonderful guidance from La Salle’s Coach Jeff Chase, has enabled him to develop into a Division 1 swimmer.However, his intent to be an immediate impact player to a program and being able to complete his undergraduate major in four years made it much more realistic to play for Whittier than to pursue a Division 1 school. Ricky stated that Coach Chase really helped him keep his focus on the future, using abilities and leadership in the pool to help him in the next stage of his life. After entertaining interest from a number of colleges, it was Whittier’s Coach Justin Pudwill’s “persistent pursuit of me” that became the driving reason for choosing his team and school over the other Division 3 schools. Coming up one goal short of winning their division last year, “Coach Pudwill hopes my strong outside shot will really help win a championship for Whittier next season.” Adding to the desire to continue playing water polo at the collegiate level is the brand new swim facility being built on campus. Plus Whittier’s level of play has kept them at the top of their division. Ricky intends to major in business at Whittier and looks forward to taking his talent to the next level. Senior Kyle Van der Linde has signed to attend and play water polo at Pitzer College in the fall, where he will join the Pomona-Pitzer water polo team. Kyle transferred to La Salle as a junior, and immediately became a vital part of the varsity water polo team. He was awarded Most Inspirational Player in his junior year and was given the Coach’s Award as a senior. He has lettered in both water polo and swimming at La Salle, where he benefitted from the enthusiastic and professional coaching of Coaches Jeff Chase and Nicki Maichrowicz. He is also a member of the Rose Bowl Water Polo Club team, where his team took first place in the US Club Championships, the Gold Medal in the South Florida International Tournament, first place in the John Hale Tournament, and third place in California Cup, among other highlights. He credits Rose Bowl Coaches Dan Leyson and Jason Falitz with teaching him a great work ethic, and the sport of water polo for teaching him how to attain success both in and out of the pool. Kyle is very happy to be able to combine the love of his sport with a college the caliber of Pitzer, where he will also attend classes at Pomona, Harvey-Mudd, Scripps and Claremont-McKenna. He presently plans to major in Business and Ethical Green Technology, with a minor in engineering. He is grateful to La Salle for preparing him so well for that endeavor, and to Coach Chase for his unfailing support of his college plans.



FSC Day at La Salle O

ver 100 Christian Brothers were on the La Salle campus in June. These Brothers were from the San Francisco District of Christian Brothers and from the New Orleans-Santa Fe District. The two districts gathered to participate in a week-long

spiritual retreat at the Mater Dolorosa Retreat Center in Sierra Madre. One evening during the retreat, the Brothers came to our campus for a liturgy and a reception. The student choir participated and entertained during the liturgy.

Above are the Christian Brothers at the retreat who taught at La Salle in the past are shown with student choir members. From left, Brother Casimir Reichlin, FSC, Brother Ronald Gallagher, FSC, Brother Daniel Morgan, FSC, Brother Warren Stewart, FSC, Brother Lawrence Haley, FSC, Brother Christopher Brady, FSC, Brother De Sales Benning, FSC, Brother La Salle Bossong, FSC, Carina Henry ’14, Patrick Bonacci, AFSC, Brother William Carriere, FSC, Tesia Meza ’13, Katrina Dela Cruz ’12, Brother Mel Anderson, FSC, Allison Buluran ’13, Brother Stanislaus Campbell, FSC, Monica Duong ’12, Jordan Adams ’12, Andrew Ting ’14, Brother James Joost, FSC, Erin Cristi ’14, David Priore ’12, Brother Christopher Donnelly, FSC, and Brother Martin Ash, FSC.

R oberson & Nguyen Receive Christian Service Medal By Jade Rogers ’01


eniors Tara Roberson and Casey Nguyen received the Archdiocese of Los Angeles Christian Service Medal from His Excellency Archbishop Jose Gomez during a mass held at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels. Tara and Casey were presented the award, along with other students from various high schools in recognition of their community and parish service during their high school careers. Tara has participated in leadership and service activities both inside and outside of La Salle. Tara was a three year class council member, which included planning monthly fundraising events as well as preparing school dances and the junior class Leadership Ceremony. Tara was also one of six students during her junior year as a member of the WCEA/WASC accreditation team where she helped assist in the preparation of La Salle’s Self-Study. During her senior year Tara was a Student Ambassador and member of the Service 32


Team on Student Life where she helped raise awareness and money for events such as Pennies for Peace, Adopt-A-Family, and Catholic Schools Week. Also, during her senior year, Tara went on the Vena-Ver Immersion trip, which took place in San Diego. While there, she helped work with migrant workers and the homeless. Outside of La Salle, Tara volunteered at the Huntington Hospital in Pasadena for three years in Cardiothoracic Station 32 and the Maternity Ward. Tara hopes to be admitted to the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University to pursue a degree in Business Administration. Casey Nguyen has participated in Student Life during her junior and senior years. She also was an assistant Commissioner of Service her junior year. Aside from receiving the Archdiocese of Los Angeles Christian Service Award, Casey has also received the Pasadena Kiwanis Scholarship. And for Casey, “Learn, Serve, Lead,” showed her the importance of giving back to the community. Casey will be attending Whittier College in the fall. The motto at La Salle is, “Learn, Serve, Lead,” and for Tara who always had a love for learning is very appreciative for the teachers who helped enhance this desire immensely through their passion for teaching. This made Tara want to give back to the School that gave her so much.


A special congratulation to the Class of 2011 Legacies including, left to right,: Ed McFaul ’75 and his daughter Katherine ’11, David Beringer ’75 and his son Daniel ’11, Brian Doerning ’81 and his son Tony Messina-Doenring ’11, Mike Griffin ’67 and his son Philip ’11, Peter Thompson ’71 and his daughter Lucy ’11. Not pictured: Christopher Griffin ’11, son of Mike Griffin ’67.

Incoming Class of 2015 Legacies include:

Alumni Events

Tyler Artis, son of Greg ’89 Alexis Bustamante, daughter of Gabby Guzman ’95 Jessica Cabot, daughter of Brian ’82 Claire Faber, daughter of Steven ’86 Ricky Jurado, son of Rick ’95

Cosmo and Ryan Konrad, sons of Adam ’87 Makenzie LaPorte, daughter of Sam ’82 Matthew MacDonald, son of Kirk ’85 Joey Messina-Doerning, son of Brian Doerning ’81 Jesse Toribio, son of Jesse ’93

Oct 7-8, 2011

Decade of the 90s Reunion Weekend

Jan 4-10, 2012 Take A Lancer To Lunch Week

Oct 14, 2011

19th Annual Lancer Golf Tournament

Jan 21, 2012

San Diego Alumni Gathering

Oct 28, 2011

Homecoming Football Game

Feb 11, 2012

Alumni Baseball Game

Nov 6, 2011

Alumni Fall Show Matinee

Mar 3, 2012

Bay Area Alumni Gathering

Nov 9, 2011

Orange County Alumni Gathering

Mar 4, 2012

Seattle Alumni Gathering

Nov 23, 2011

Class of 2006 Five Year Reunion

Mar 24, 2012

Taste of La Salle

Nov 24, 2011

Alumni Flag Football Tournament

Apr 22, 2012

Alumni Spring Show Matinee

Nov 25, 2011

Alumnae Softball Game

Apr 27, 2012

13th Annual Crystal Ball

Nov 26, 2011

Alumni Soccer Tournament, Alumni Water Polo Game and Alumni Basketball Game

May 5, 2012

Alumni Donor Appreciation at the Art Show and Jazz Concert

Dec 3, 2011

Adopt-A-Family Gift Wrapping Party and Santa Visit

May 12, 2012

Alumni National Day of Service

May 24, 2012

Class of 1962 Golden Diploma Presentation SPRING/SUMMER 2011



CLASS OF 1961 golden



he Class of 1961 celebrated their Fifty Year Reunion on May 26th. The 17 members of the class who attended the daytime events were present at the Class of 2011 Senior Presentation which was followed by their Golden Anniversary Luncheon and featured an update on La Salle by Dr. Richard Gray, President and a panel of student speakers who shared what life at La Salle is like. Campus tours followed the luncheon and everyone had a great time reconnecting and swapping stories.

Class of 1961 Top Row: Ed Ferguson, Patrick Lauder, Chris Braun, Fred Hughes, Bob Granieri, Ted Francisco, Bob Frank, Jim Fielding, Richard Julio, Gary Byrd. Bottom Row: Bob Burke, Phil Cannon, Ed Mehren, Joe Smith, Dave Reidy, George Marinelli, Jim Crowley.

In the evening, Bob Frank ’61 and his wife Jeanne Adams opened up their home to the Class of ’61 for a dinner reception where the reminiscing and catching up continued. The Class of 1961 has already achieved their Reunion Gift goal to initially raise $14,000 for one year of tuition for a current student on financial aid. Money in excess of that has established the Class of 1961 Financial Aid Fund so that future generations of Lancers will be able to take advantage of a La Salle education. To contribute to the Class of 1961 Financial Aid Fund call the Alumni Office at 626.696.4362 or you can make a gift online at

Class of 1961 Top Row: Bob Frank, Ed Ferguson, Bob Burke, Ed Mehren, Jim Fielding. Middle Row: Jim Cheney, Phil Cannon, Jim Crowley, Dick Granieri, Joe Smith. Bottom Row: George Marinelli, Mel Edwards, Dave Reidy. 34


CLASS OF 1971 F orty

Y ear

R eunion


he Class of 1971 celebrated their Forty Year Reunion on May 21, 2011 at the home of Bob Kohorst ’71 and Shelley Allen in Pasadena. Twenty-seven members of the class attended the reunion and had a great time catching up and reminiscing over cocktails and a buffet dinner.  The reunion committee made up of Alan Hiti, Chip McNamara, Ken Stachler and Mark Walton handed out reunion awards to three classmates who have gone above and beyond with their commitment to their Alma Mater: Bob Kohorst, Bob Mizia and Bob Nuccio.  The Class of 1971 is working on a Reunion Class Gift to support the Broadcast & Digital Media program at La Salle. Their goal is to raise $7,100 which will allow for the purchase of animation and motion graphics software, studio upgrades, specialty equipment and field equipment like additional microphones and cameras. All of these additions will not only enhance La Salle’s dynamic hands-on program but also make it possible for more students to get involved. To make a gift to the Class of 1971 Reunion Gift contact the Alumni Office at 626.696.4362 or you can make a gift online at

Class of 1971 Top Row: Ken Kincheloe, Mike Kennedy, Bob Nuccio, David Mazza, Ken Rausch, Justin Blackstock, Matt McInerney, Rich Collins, Steve Herring, Phil Capobianco, Raul Espinoza, Paschal Sabatella, Mark Walton, Michael Beringer, Ken Stachler, George Junak, James Wright. Bottom Row: Ron Schwab , Bob Kohorst, Tom Waldschmidt, Dan Hyke, Geoff Rue, Alan Hiti, Peter Thompson, John Dolan, Bob Mizia, Jim Pike.

n your Don’t miss out o d! Reunion Weeken

1 October 7-8, 201

At the Decade of the ‘90s Reunion you will get to see friends, teammates, cast mates, and even your old high school crush from the classes above and below you. Favorite faculty members will also be in attendance and they look forward to seeing you.

Schedule of Events Friday, October 7th - Lancer Varsity Football Game at La Salle Come and cheer on your Lancers on Kohorst Field under the Friday Night Lights! There will be a reserved alumni area in the upper parking lot and discounted game tickets for alums. A family friendly event. At half-time Coach Lew Stueck and the first football team will be honored as well as the 1996 State Championship Baseball team with Coach Brian Miller ’79.

Saturday, October 8th - Reunion Party The official Reunion Party is on Saturday night at La Salle. The evening will include a welcome reception, dinner buffet, campus tours, reunion pictures, entertainment and plenty of time to reminisce and reconnect with your old friends, classmates and favorite teachers.

Buy your ticket online at: or contact the Alumni Office at 626.696.4362 or SPRING/SUMMER 2011


Alumni News, Weddings & Births




Phil Cannon works in sales for the Xerox Corporation. He has two daughters and he and his wife Cheryl live in Sierra Madre.

Michael Singleton has recently moved to Southeast Alaska. He is currently the Executive Officer stationed on the Coast Guard Cutter Anthony Petit (WLM 558), a 175 foot buoy tender that services aid and navigation for the entire southeast panhandle of Alaska.

George Marinelli and his wife Patsy have been married for 45 years and have lived in Aptos, CA for the last 35. They have three children (two sons and one daughter) and two granddaughters. George is retired from sales management and is enjoying his time with family, playing golf, racquetball and traveling.



John Shima is a primary care internist with his own private practice in a small western Washington town. He has been a member of the Lion’s Club for 27 years where he has served as President and on the Board of Directors. He has also sat on the Board of Directors for the Forks Abuse Program, a domestic violence and sexual assault advocacy program. John and his wife Margaret have four children and one grandson and live in Forks, Washington.

Mark Walton spent 25 years in broadcasting and hosted PM Magazine, a nationally syndicated tv show from 1979-1984. He is now a Vice President and financial advisor with Morgan Stanley in La Jolla. Mark and his wife Lynette have two children. Son Luke is a sophomore at USC and daughter Shayne is a freshman at La Costa Canyon High School. They make their home in Carlsbad. John Dolan is a high school teacher with the Los Angeles Unified School District. He and his wife Terry have two children, Melanie and John ’13. John and his family live in Temple City. Steven Herring is the Vice-President of Research and Development for the Los Angeles division of Grifols Biologicals, Inc., an international biopharmaceutical company. He and his wife Jane live in San Dimas.


Tom Fung traveled to China over the summer to visit the city of Xian, where they buried an army of terracotta warriors around 250 BC (Xian was the capital of China for 1,000 years, about 930 miles west of Shanghai), and he also made it to the 1,600-meter elevation at Mount Hua (one of 5 scenic peaks). Since his retirement at Campbell Soup Company after close to 30 years of service, Tom is doing consulting work at Rutgers Food Innovation Center, 36


Education and a Single Subject Teaching Credential in English from Azusa Pacific University and is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Educational Leadership at St. Mary’s University of Minnesota. Previously, Tina was the Director of Formation and Accompaniment for the Midwest Province of the Brothers of the Christian Schools where she oversaw student and faculty/staff Mission-Effectiveness programming for 37 ministries in nine states. She has been a consultant, presenter and council member on both regional and international programs for the Brothers of the Christian Schools.

and teaching at Philadelphia University (supply chain management). He will be leading a team of students to China again next spring break where he has been engaging in research on US China organizational dynamics for a couple of years. You can read more about Tom on his portal: published.


Barry Brock is a CPA with an office in San Dimas.


Paul Comi is the principal owner of San Marino Printing Solutions. Paul is also a professional finished carpenter with an expertise in crown moulding, wainscot, built-ins and custom fireplace mantels. He and his wife have two sons who currently attend St. Philip’s and live in San Gabriel.


Carlos Mora is a civil engineer by day but his true passion is being a writer and director of short films and hopefully a feature film. Carlos lives in San Francisco.


Richard Mabry is a Senior Project Manager for Jaguar Consulting Inc. in Pasadena. He and his wife Stacy have three children, Kristen-11, Kevin-10, and Carson-7, and live in Placentia.


Tina Bonacci has recently accepted the position of Principal at Ramona Convent Secondary School in Alhambra effective July 1, 2011. Tina holds a Bachelor’s in English Education from Cal Poly Pomona, a Master’s in

Eugene Flock is an information systems programmer for Direct Computer Solutions, a software engineering company, in Temple City. He and his wife Chiaki Imanaka and their daughter returned from Japan last year after he worked as the IT Director for the Osaka YMCA for two and a half years. Eugene and his family have settled in Glendora.


Virgil Hidalgo Master of Science with a focus in Engineering Management from USC on May 13, 2011 and was initiated into two Honor societies including Phi Kappa Phi and Alpha Pi Mu. Virgil works as a senior engineer at Raytheon.

received his


Nicole Murph completed her Master of Arts in History at Cal State Northridge in December 2010 and is now working as an associate curator at the Norton Simon Museum on a Goya Conservation Survey project.


Christopher Mangahas graduated from UCLA in 2005 and went on to attend the College of Medicine of the University of the East Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center where he graduated in 2010. Christopher is now in his internal medicine residency at Roger Williams Medical Center in Providence, Rhode Island.

Danyelle Proaño earned a Master in Education from LMU in 2008 and is now working on her Master in Social Work at USC. Emily (Holl) Keezer has her MA in Education and her Multiple Subject Teaching Credential from Azusa Pacific University and works as a

kindergarten teacher at Gooden School in Sierra Madre, where she and her husband Nick also live. Tiffany (Scott) Muscarella earned both her BA and her Master of Science in Child Life from the University of La Verne. She and her husband Fred married in May 2009 and they had their son Carter in July 2010. Tiffany and her family live in Mission Viejo. Devin Grant earned his BA from Cal State Los Angeles and is currently working for the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena. Jill Kuhlberg is working on her PhD in Social Work and Public Health at Washington University in St. Louis. She and her husband Juan Carlos Penagos Zuluaga live in St. Louis, Missouri.

through the City Year program, a year of service in the inter-city with Americorp. After that, he hopes to spend some time as a teacher and eventually get into education reform. Ellie Mendez recently graduated from University of California, Riverside with a BA in Psychology. For the past two years, Ellie has worked in Dr. Nancy Guerra’s research lab for preventing adolescent delinquency and assessing at-risk youth. She has applied for a reserve deputy probation officer position and has aspirations to go to grad school in pursuit of a PsyD. in Criminal and Forensic Psychology. Max O’Neill is studying with a well known encaustic artist, a method of painting with hot beeswax mixed with powdered paint pigment. He showed some of his work over the summer at Intelligentsia Café in Pasadena.


Lindsey Jahnke had one of her paintings selected by the Dean of Fine Arts at USC for the end of the year visual art show which was displayed on campus. Over the summer, Lindsey interned with the Disney Company in the Digital Media Marketing Department where she was in charge of designing and creating online advertising for Disney’s two big summer releases: Cars 2 and Winne the Pooh.


Jose Alfonso Simbol graduated from Long Beach City College in May with an Associate of Science in Biological Sciences. He is transferring to UC San Diego in the fall to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in physiology and neuroscience as a pre-med student.

Matt Henderson is in his final year of his MBA program at George Washington University.


Mark Dondanville graduated from the University of San Diego in the spring of 2008 majoring in Political Science. After receiving his undergraduate degree, he accepted the position of Assistant Director of Operations, and moved to Bakersfield to re-open the iconic Padre Hotel; a boutique, one-hundred and twelve room hotel featuring five restaurants and conference spaces. The Padre Hotel has since been turned into one of California’s most modern business and leisure destinations. Mark has since been accepted into the University of San Francisco and will receive his MBA in 2013.

Ashley Aloi will graduate in December 2011 with her Registered Nurse degree. She is hoping to combine her Bachelor’s degree and RN licensure to obtain a Master in Nursing and become a nurse practitioner or nurse administrator.


Jesse Ander graduated from Boston College Law School on May 27, 2011.


Scott White graduated from the United States Naval Academy on May 27, 2011 and was commissioned into the Marine Corps as a 2nd Lieutenant on that same day. In July, he began a six month training evolution in Quantico, Virginia. Porter Byers graduated in May from Southern Methodist University with degrees in Political Science and International Studies with a minor in history. He spent the summer traveling in Europe and is now pursuing a career in Washington D.C.

Blake Shaw graduated from Harvey Mudd College on May 7, 2011 with a Bachelor of Science in Classics and a minor in physics. In the fall he will be working with junior high or elementary students as a tutor, role model and mentor

Arroyo’s New Principal,

Joe Blackman Competes in World Masters Joe Blackman ‘89, Lancer track & field jumps coach, met with Mike Powell the world record holder in the long jump (29’4.5”) at CIF Prelims May 14. Joe coached Michael Perry ‘10 (23’ 2.5”) to a third place finish in the long jump at the 2010 state meet. Michael now jumps for UCLA. Joe also coached 2006 CIF long jump champ Roger Harrison ’06 (22’1”) and 2002 CIF triple jump champ Natalie Calderon ’03 (37’9.25”). Natalie went on to Redlands University where she was NCAA champ in both jumps. Top jumper Michelle Johnson ’11 will compete next season for MIT. Joe wore the Team USA uniform in July at the World Masters Athletics Championships in Sacramento where he competed in his age group in the jumps and sprints.

Joe finished 7th in his age group in the triple jump, 14th in the long jump, 27th in the 100 meter, 31st in the 200 meter, and 31st in the 400 meter. Joe has been an educator for 17 years and taught Social Studies at La Salle from 1994 to 2001. He has recently been appointed Principal of Arroyo Pacific Academy in Arcadia. In addition to his many duties, he will oversee the opening of Arroyo Pacific’s second high school campus in Altadena. The campus is scheduled to open in 2012.



Engagements Jessica Gordon ’05 is happy to announce her engagement to Daniel Miller which took place in Huntington Beach in April 2011. The couple has set their wedding date for July 7, 2012.

Weddings Rick Reed ’00 and Jessica Berry ’00 were married at the Still Waters Vineyard in Paso Robles on April 30, 2011. The wedding party included Ron Berry ’70, Katherine Patterson ’00, Mike Reed ’03, Michael Berry ’04, and Tim Reed ’10. Many other La Salle alums were in attendance. Anthony Gioia ’04 married Bridgette Maestri on

ly!) weighing 3lbs., 15oz., measuring 17in. long. Michael and Stacey were married on October 24, 2009, and currently live in the Kansas City area, where Michael is the Vice President of Mission Integration at Carondelet Health. Grant Myers ’98 and Elizabeth (Aquino) Myers ’98 are proud to announce the birth of their son Parker Aquino Myers. Parker was born on March 12, 2011, weighing 7lbs., 8oz. and 19.5 in. long. Ray Pearl ’99 and Mary (Magluyan) Pearl ’99 are pleased to announce the arrival of their second child Ray Vincent Pearl III. Ray Vincent was born on May 1, 2011 weighing 8lbs., 2.5 oz. and 20.5 in. long.

Lindsey (Licher) Guest ’00 and her husband David are happy to announce the birth of their son, Brayden Michael, who was born on March 8, 2011 weighing 7lbs., 7oz. and was 20 inches long. Jennifer (Ballantyne) Freeman ’00 and her husband Doug are happy to announce the arrival of their second child, Alivia Nizha Freeman, who was born on October 29, 2010 weighing in at 7lbs., 14oz, 21.5inches. Alivia was born at Huntington Hospital in Pasadena and Lynn Wheeler ‘00 was with Jennifer in the delivery room as her coach and helped with the delivery. Angela Valenzuela ’02 and Ryan Burch ’04 are incredibly happy with the new addition to their family. Ashton Caiden Burch was born on March 11, 2011 at 12:17am weighing 7lbs., 7oz. and at 21.5 in. long.

Class of 2006 F i v e

July 8, 2011, at Wayfarers Chapel overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Rancho Palos Verdes. A reception followed at Embassy Suites in Arcadia. Members of the bridal party included bridesmaids Gianna Gioia ’05 and Stephanie Gioia ’08 and groomsman Matt Real ’04. La Salle alumni in attendance included Frank Gioia ’69, Nick and Danielle (Gallagher) Forillo ’03, Jaime Bell ’04, Andrew Sato ’04, Kim Derby ’05, Matt Jones ’05, Kirsten Real ’06, and Bowdien Derby ’12. Anthony continues to work for Hewlett-Packard and Bridgette works for Apple, in New York City. The newlyweds live in New Jersey.

Births & Adoptions Michael Sanderl, EdD, ’92 and his wife, Stacey, joyfully announce the birth of their son, William Joseph Sanderl. Liam was born April 26, 2011 (7 weeks ear38


Y e a r

R e u ni o n

Thanksgiving Eve Everyone will be there so you do not want to miss out! Wednesday, November 23rd 7:30pm - 10:00pm Café Santorini’s Rococo Room in Old Town Pasadena

Many thanks to the Class of 2006 Reunion Committee:

Melissa Barrero ’06, Jamie Bennison ’06 & Alex Plumb ’06 Invitations will be mailed in late October so make sure your contact information is up to date with the Alumni Office. For more information contact Kristen Schultz ’98, Director of Alumni Relations, 626.696.4362 or

r e x i M a e Bay Ar The first ever Bay Area Alumni Chapter event hosted by the Bay Area Alumni Chapter Reps Jenny Gosselin ’02 and Erin Wiley ’03 at Thirsty Bear Brewing Company in downtown San Francisco was a hit!   The Chapter is making plans for future events in the city by the Bay.  If you have ideas for an alumni chapter near you contact the Alumni Office at 626.696.4362 or


Back Row: Ben Levine (Guest), Darryl Paxson ’82, Adam Richey ’99. Middle Row: Carlos Mora ’83, Erin Driscoll ’02, Kendall Grant ’98, Julieta Santana ’96, Erin Wiley ’03, Madison Miller ’03, Mandi Stephen ’03. Bottom Row: Jenny Gosselin ’02, Francine De Marco ’98. Not pictured: Adam Shapiro ’03.

October 28, 2011

save the date March 24, 2012 for the first ever

“Taste of La Salle”

7:00pm on Kohorst Field Alumni are invited to check-in at the alumni tent in the upper parking lot for discounted tickets and giveaways. 2011 Tenth Battalion Alumni Athletic Award Honorees Neil Kalra ’00 and Natalie Calderon ’03 will be recognized at half-time.

Featuring alumni and parent-owned restaurants, food vendors and beverage companies. A one stop shop for all of your taste buds. If you are a vendor interested in participating please contact Kristen Schultz ’98, Director of Alumni Relations at 626.696.4362 or SPRING/SUMMER 2011


The purpose of the La Salle High School Alumni Association is to support the School’s Mission by connecting with and engaging alumni through communications, programs and events. Currently, eight alums sit on the Alumni Board and work with the Alumni Office to create an exciting events calendar, effective communications and to offer insights and feedback from the alumni they represent. The goal of the Alumni Board is to effectively meet the needs of our alumni throughout the years and create a connection between the La Salle of today and the La Salle of yester-year. For more information on how you get involved contact Kristen Schultz ’98, Director of Alumni Relations, at 626.696.4362 or There is a way for every alum to give back and participate- no matter where they live or how much (or how little) free time they have.

Current Board Membership: Jeff Weigand ’67, Chair Mike Sullivan ’70 Bill Hardy ’84 Marissa Lluch ’95

Thomas Stafford ’99 Andrew Vogelbach ’01 Angie Gilliam ’02 Brandon Birr ’03

Jeff WEIGAND ’67

Jeff Weigand, ’67, is a self described “local boy.” Born and raised in the San Gabriel Valley, Jeff graduated from San Diego State, Cal State Long Beach and USC, and when it came time for he and his wife Debbie to start a family they agreed there was no other place but Pasadena to do so. Jeff always had a strong interest in La Salle athletics and as his children grew he enjoyed reading about the success of the Lancer Athletics Program and the growth of the school when it went co-ed in 1991. It was a natural progression for Jeff’s three children to go to La Salle. Ryan ’02, Brett ’05 and Alexa ’08 were all talented athletes at La Salle and all three earned athletic scholarships for college. Now President of the Alumni Board, Jeff has served as a board member for the last four years, helping the school reconnect with graduates of earlier classes. He is especially interested in growing the Career Mentor Program as he feels that is a great way for alums, especially those from the ’60s and ’70s, to reconnect with their Alma Mater and younger generations of Lancers. Jeff has worked in hospital administration since the age of 27 and currently works as a hospital administrator at Huntington Memorial Hospital. He is also very involved with the Pasadena Tournament of Roses and the colleges that his children have attended.

Reflections from Patrick Bonacci:


or many of you reading this magazine, Maureen’s name is well known and I am sure that you all share my sadness. Maureen Mellor was a distinguished and dedicated member of our Lasallian Community from 1971 to 1995. During these years, Maureen did it all – she was an exceptional math and science teacher, a thoughtful and innovative administrator and the proud and most deserving recipient of our La Salle Educator of the Year Award in 1992. For most of her latter years with us, Maureen designed and managed our student scheduling process almost singlehandedly. In her role as Dean of Studies, she met with and advised virtually every student in the school regarding their course selections. On a personal note, when I joined La Salle High School in 1985, Maureen immediately became my professional mentor and my dearest friend. She ultimately also became a mentor and friend for both of my daughters as they joined the La Salle student body. I encourage you to pray for the happy repose of Maureen’s soul and for the consolation of her friends and family members.

mike sullivan ’70

In 2005, Mike Sullivan, ’70, was walking through Knott’s Berry Farm amusement park with his son when he heard, “Mike, Mike Sullivan?” A classmate of Mike’s recognized him from a photograph that was taken at their 35th Class Reunion and mailed to fellow alumni. The two men reconnected and now talk frequently, something that Mike says is very important to him and one of the main reasons he has been active with the Alumni Board since 2002. Mike played soccer at La Salle and thoroughly enjoyed his time on the team. He continued to follow La Salle athletics, specifically soccer, for many years. When it came time for his children to begin their high school careers, Mike and his wife Melinda agreed that they wanted a coed Catholic environment and based on his own positive experience, they chose to enroll them at La Salle. Both Megan ’08 and Patrick ’13 played (and Patrick continues to play) on the soccer teams and have been active in the Student Life program. A real estate agent, Mike loves helping people buy their first homes and make wise investments, and enjoys spending time with his family. 40


La Salle was voted School of Choice in the San Gabriel Valley by over 40,000 readers of the Los Angeles Times.

Congratulations Lancers!

Let La Salle pay you for a change...

Find out how. Establishing a Charitable Gift Annuity is a wonderful way for you to secure steady income for yourself while providing benefits for La Salle High School. Along with the promise of lifetime income, Charitable Gift Annuities can offer you several valuable tax benefits including a charitable tax deduction, avoidance of capital gains taxes and receipt of partially tax-free income. Invest in your future and La Salle’s with a Charitable Gift Annuity.


La Salle High School can provide more information, both generically and specifically, regarding the benefits available through a Charitable Gift Annuity. For more information, please contact the Office of Institutional Advancement at 626.696.4312. You can also get more information on our website at













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Anthony Bauer, below, son of Stefania (Bisharat) Bauer ’98, nephew of Nabil Bisharat ’02, Paola Bisharat ’09. Right, Brayden Kinder, son of Antionette (Santucci) Kinder ’95

Clockwise, from top left, Owen Hou ’90, Brian Miller ’79, Diego Lizarazu ’12 (son of Enrique ’78), Olivia Hoffman ’12 (daughter of John ’77), Kjersti Holyfield ’04.

Lancer Magazine Spring/Summer 2011  

The Spring/Summer 2011 issue of Lancer Magazine features the new look to Lancer Athletics, as well as the success of the 2011 Crystal Ball,...

Lancer Magazine Spring/Summer 2011  

The Spring/Summer 2011 issue of Lancer Magazine features the new look to Lancer Athletics, as well as the success of the 2011 Crystal Ball,...