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It was a delight to see and speak with so many of you at last month’s Back-to-School Night and Parent Meeting on January 9. Thank you for being present with us for a few hours as we continue to strengthen our communication around academic expectations and performance. I also want to thank the parents of our seniors for joining me at last month’s meeting. Mrs. Jenné Hakanen (Senior Class Moderator) was able to cover all of the important information regarding the rapidly approaching graduation activities for the Class of 2014. Later this semester I will be sending a follow-up letter to all parents of seniors that will include updates and forms regarding the various graduation events we spoke about at the January senior parent meeting. I am very privileged to have an experienced group of faculty and staff who will coordinate the ceremonies and help prepare our seniors for these events.

Semester Grades

In our Back-to-School Night Parent Meeting, I shared with you some of the

statistics of our Fall Semester grades. Eighty-two percent of all semester grades were A’s and B’s. It should come as no surprise then that 430 students (63.6%) have appropriately earned a placed on our Honor Roll. Their outstanding achievement in their academic work is truly commendable.

Students on the Internet On the evening of January 14, the Parent’s Association welcomed Special Agent Jeffrey Yesensky of the FBI who spoke on the topic of students’ use of the Internet. His presentation was both captivating and informative. I have begun some discussions among my fellow administrators on how we might be able to bring his message to our students in a meaningful way.

The Flu is Here As I am writing this article, Mr. Birr just informed me that we are experiencing our version of the flu. It has arrived on our campus. Yes, it is now here! Since the flu season is far from over, I would ask you to keep your son/daughter at home if they are exhibiting any symptoms associated Continued on page 2

The words of St. John Baptist de La Salle to the first Brothers “Your faith will enable you to touch the hearts of your students and to inspire them with the Christian Spirit. This is the greatest miracle you can perform.” Saint John Baptist de La Salle Patron Saint of Teachers, c.1703 Meditations for Sundays and Feasts




Principal Ideas Continued from page 1


with the flu: fever (usually high); severe aches and pains in the joints and muscles and around the eyes; generalized weakness; ill appearance with warm, flushed skin and red, watery eyes; headache; vomiting; dry cough, and or; sore throat and watery discharge from your nose. Some of our students (patients) have required I.V.’s because of severe dehydration. The best place to battle the flu is in the privacy of your home and not on a school campus with 680 other young folks plus adults. Additionally, we will be most grateful that they will not contaminate the rest of us. Here’s to good health!

Keeping up to Date

Catholic Schools Week As a Catholic school, we are just concluding National Catholic Schools Week which is the annual celebration of Catholic education in the United States. It starts the last Sunday in January and runs all week. Through various events, schools focus on the value Catholic education provides to young people and its contributions to our church, our communities and our nation. During this week at La Salle, our students (by class level) are given various choices and opportunities to serve others. In collaboration with seven different service sites, we strive to educate our young men and women in the importance and duty of helping others. As we often see and hear, Enter to Learn and Leave to Serve!

With the Second Semester underway, it is appropriate to remind you to please notify With the month of February upon us, our Registrar, Mrs. Kathy Medlock, if you have may you always have a favorite valentine memory a change in home address, home or emergency phone number or email address. You can contact and the good fortune to be able to share your love her at 626.696.4309 or with many. In particular, it appears that email addresses are often changed without notification being given to us. As you know, one of the ways we communicate with you is through our automated (SchoolReach) Brother Christopher Brady, FSC phone and email communication system. For this Principal important system to function efficiently, we must have your accurate and updated information.

Useful Internet Sites On the evening of January 14, at our monthly La Salle Parent Association meeting, a presentation was made on the topic of Understanding the “Down Side” of your student's access to the Internet. Presenter, Jeffrey Yesensky, Special Agent for the FBI recommended four websites for further information. Report online solicitation. Publications from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Online safety information for parents and teens. Teen guide for internet safety which includes social networking tips for teens. Online safety tools and links for filtering software.

Parent Association Monthly Meeting Topics February - Mission Effectiveness Committee Presentation March - College Counselors Year-End Report April - Thank You Celebration PAGE 2



From the Parent Association

"You are Amazing and Impressive" Wow, it is hard to believe that we are already halfway through the school year. For freshmen parents, the transition to high school life is all but complete with the days of parent orientation nothing more than a distant memory. Sophomore and junior parents are entrenched in life at La Salle and, understandably, we senior parents now have an eye on May 23rd when we will join the ranks of other alumni parents as our sons and daughters graduate. Even though our focus has now changed from the one we held at our first Back-to-School Night, the perspective that we share on our role as parents remains the same. To do the best we can to provide wonderful learning opportunities and experiences for our children. Impressed! The parent turnout at our monthly Parent Association meetings each month continues to amaze me. To consistently see so many parents making time at the end of their busy days says a lot about the quality of our La Salle family. The old adage “actions speak louder than words” rings true, especially with teenagers. They may not listen to what we say, but they do notice what we do. When parents make time to participate, to get involved and show up…we are showing and saying to our children, “you are worth it”. “You, your education and La Salle are worth my time.” In return, we may not hear the words directly, but know that our children DO appreciate the effort, time and talent we share on their behalf. They too are quietly impressed.

Association meeting, we will be featuring members from La Salle’s Mission Support Committee. In their presentation, parents in attendance will learn more about the Committee and its annual Mission Effectiveness Workshop. Key mission objectives will be discussed and parents will have the opportunity to provide valuable input regarding a number of topical issues that the Committee will be addressing at the workshop. Needless to say, this meeting is an outstanding opportunity for parents to share their views of life at La NEXT Salle. Do not forget, parents, you are each Parent Association given credit of one service hour for every Meeting: Tuesday meeting attended!

February 11, 2014 6:30pm Blakeslee Library

As friends, the La Salle Parent Association is not simply about driving volunteer hours, disseminating information or raising money. It’s also about building relationships…not only fostering those between a parent and child or with the faculty and staff of the school, but it’s also about building relationships with other parents. It’s about a sense of community and caring for those around you; it’s a sense of sharing and belonging. It’s the kind of friendship and camaraderie among parents that we believe the La Salle Parent Association is all about and how it is such a part of what we call the “La Salle Difference.” Thank you, you truly are amazing and impressive. Looking forward to a wonderful spring semester with interesting meetings, exciting events and fun times.

FBI Special Agent Jeff Yesensky was the guest speaker at our January meeting. He had a great Wholeheartedly, presentation video and hopefully answered some of your questions in the short time we had. We will suggest that he be invited back to La Salle in the future and perhaps even have a “chat” with students. Tess Crabtree P’12, '14 President

For our February 2014 general Parent Parent Association PAGE 3



La Salle Matters


I suppose it’s fair to say that, on Saturday, January 18th, very few households in America knew who Richard Sherman was or what he did for a living; but, on Sunday, the next day, it took exactly 34 seconds for Seahawk Cornerback Richard Sherman to become a household name (at least in households with ESPN). Having tipped a touchdown pass out of the hands of 49ers rival, Michael Crabtree in the final moments of the game that would determine which team would advance to the Super Bowl, Sherman was asked by Fox Reporter Erin Andrews one of those innocuous “game over” questions that poses for breaking news in the NFL. Only Sherman did not respond with one of those innocuous answers which distribute praise to those on and off the field. Rather he did what any one of us would do when overcome by the stress and pressure of high expectations, an undoubtedly over-the-top endorphin rush and, I suppose, more than a little exhaustion - he threw a tantrum. Only when any one of us throws a tantrum, it is highly unlikely that there will be a camera and a microphone to record the scene for endless views on YouTube. Within the NFL, Richard Sherman is viewed as, perhaps, the up-and-coming young Cornerback. He is also known as the NFL’s bad boy du jour - or more precisely - as the League’s resident “trash talker.” He is, of course, the most recent in a long line of trash talking NFL players. What makes this particular incident noteworthy is not what Sherman said in those 34 seconds, but what was said (or more precisely, posted and/or tweeted) about what he said…and it was not pretty. Within a mere 24 hours, the Internet was pulsating with anti-Sherman remarks; some so vile and degrading that it felt as if the Nation had been transported back in time to the ante-bellum South. One particularly troubling Tweet that was picked up by the news aggregators asserted: Someone needs to introduce Richard Sherman to George Zimmerman. From my perspective, there can be no sugar-coating the dark intent of this message - which not only conflates two unrelated, if equally race-laden, situations with the author’s obvious implication that Zimmerman had done society a favor. Richard Sherman’s response to these on-line raceinflected taunts was haunting in its simplicity: “I thought society had moved past that.” How ironic, then, that the tantrum and its race-infused backlash occurred over the course of the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday weekend. The irony, however, is not limited to these two overlapping events; but to the holiday itself. Only students of history will necessarily remember that it took over 15 years, nine million signatures on two different petitions and a House defeat (by 5 votes) in 1979, before Congress finally passed a Bill authorizing a Federal holiday honoring Dr. King. At the time, only 27 states and the District of Columbia implemented the holiday and it was not until 1992 that Arizona adopted it. The last state to adopt the holiday - South Carolina - did so in 2000, the same year it permanently lowered the Confederate flag from its statehouse dome. February is Black History Month. Since 1976, every US President has issued a proclamation acknowledging its significance. Many schools devote whole weeks to the study of race relations and African-American issues. So, when I asked my Mentor Class whether we still needed a Black History


ParentNewsletter Month, I took note of their lack of concern (interest?) in the topic - this took place before Sherman’s MLK tantrum and backlash. In that conversation, I came to realize that, for today’s young people, Black History Month is exactly that - history; not something that necessarily touches their present situation - as opposed to those of us past a certain age who remember the marches, lunch counter sit-ins and Birmingham Sheriff Bull Connor’s water cannons blasting away at protesting men, women and children. Our society may have moved past the physical violence prevalent in the South during the Civil Rights era (and in the North during court-mandated school desegregation plans in the 1970’s); but this year’s Martin Luther King weekend will be remembered for the intellectual violence that spewed veiled and not-so veiled racial vitriol across the Internet in response to a testosterone-fueled tantrum by a young African-American athlete. Boston Globe Columnist, Christopher Gasper, got it right, I think, when he wrote: The real loud and clear statement made by Sherman’s post game comments is that stereotyping African-American males is still an American pastime. The events of January 19/20, when Richard Sherman became a household name in ways that proved to be unbelievably unattractive, suggest that society has not gotten past its fixation on race. Our young people still need to care about the polarizing effects of racial animosity. I think it will be quite awhile before the imperative behind Black History Month will no longer be necessary.


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Gifts from the Heart Sunday, February 9 You are invited to a special gift gathering party celebrating Gifts from the Heart. Join us on Sunday, February 9, 2014 from 5:00 to 8:00 in the evening at the home of Hope and Dino Clarizio ’75, P’06. Come and enjoy the entertainment and delicious culinary treats. This party is a wonderful opportunity for members of the La Salle Family to come together for a lovely afternoon and enjoy the many wonderful gifts that the school has to offer while giving you an opportunity to give a gift from the heart.


Over the years, these Gifts from the Heart have benefited the San Miguel Scholarship Fund. By supporting the San Miguel Scholarship Program, the School can ensure that deserving families and their students receive the financial support necessary to attend La Salle. Every year, the School offers full tuition scholarships to entering low income students of academic promise. The scholarship is for four years, providing the students maintain an acceptable level of academic achievement, contributes in appropriate ways to the School community, and is able to demonstrate financial need. Currently, there are 27 students at La Salle High School who benefit from this full tuition scholarship program. Thank you for helping the School make a La Salle education possible for these students. We look forward to seeing you at the Gifts from the Heart gift gathering party. RSVP by February 5, 2014 to Irene Santucci at 626.696.4312. Please remember that at this gift gathering party we are asking for monetary gifts only.

From the Blakeslee Library

Library Volunteer Opportunities

The Blakeslee Library is in need of after-school monitor volunteers each school day afternoon from 3:00-5:00pm. This is a good way to fulfill your Parent Volunteer Hours obligation. Also, donations of snacks and drinks are appreciated for the Café Bibliothèque events in the library. The dates for events are: February 13, March 20, and April 10, 2014. Please call Delia Swanner at 626.696.4313 or Janet Hagen at 626.696.4332 to sign up PAGE 6



Please see the Attached flyer for more information, including how to buy your tickets!

The Lancer Luau

March 7 from 7-10pm Come to La Salle’s First Family Dance! A night of dancing, activities and fun for La Salle students and their families Spend March 7 with us learning how to dance the hula, playing games with your kids and having a great time! There will be dessert, prizes and lots of fun! Ticket Prices: $30 for a couple (a mother-son pair, a father-daughter pair, etc.) $40 for a family of 3 or more Half the proceeds go to our Twinning School in Mont La Salle, Kenya! PAGE 7




15th Annual Crystal Ball Friday, May 2, 2014 On behalf of the Crystal Ball Committee, I would like to thank all the parents, alumni, grandparents and friends who have already generously supported this year’s event. a

With the Crystal Ball fast approaching, we would like to share our sponsorship opportunities with you which will guarantee that “A Black & White Affair” will be a fabulous success! d

Please review the following opportunities and see if you are able to be one of our supporters this year. a

The Crystal Ball benefits all the students and faculty at La Salle. If you have any questions regarding these sponsorships or the Crystal Ball, please call Liz Kwong at 626.826.1411. d




2014 Crystal Ball Sponsorship Opportunities That Old Black Magic $20,000 Two dinner tables (20 guests), premier seating, $50 Opportunity Drawing tickets, premium full page ad plus recognition in the Crystal Ball Program, membership in the President’s Cabinet, and special recognition at the Crystal Ball. Some Enchanted Evening $15,000 Two dinner tables (16-20 guests), premier seating, $50 Opportunity Drawing tickets, full page ad plus recognition in the program, membership in the President’s Cabinet, and special recognition at the Crystal Ball. Night and Day $10,000 Two dinner tables (16 guests), premier seating, $50 Opportunity Drawing tickets, full page ad plus recognition in the program, membership in the President’s Council, and special recognition at the Crystal Ball.


Tuxedo Junction $5,000 One dinner table (10 guests), premier seating, $50 Opportunity Drawing tickets, full page ad plus recognition in the Program, membership in the President’s Circle, and special recognition at the Crystal Ball. Moonlight Cocktail $2,500 Four Crystal Ball tickets, $50 Opportunity Drawing tickets, ½ page ad plus recognition in the Program, membership in the Crystal Circle. When You Wish Upon a Star $1,500 Two Crystal Ball tickets, $50 Opportunity Drawing tickets, business card ad plus recognition in the Program, membership in the Crystal Circle.




From the Athletic Boosters

Lancers Heat up the Winter



The winter schedule for league play is in full swing and all of the teams are working hard. We have two new coaches for our varsity basketball program: Ernest Baskerville for Boys and Nelson Wong for Girls. Our coaches are getting accustomed to our league and the competition and working hard with our athletes. We welcome them and wish them the best. Our fall sports program finished strong with four of six teams advancing to playoffs. Overall we had one State qualifying team, one Stare quarter finalist team, one CIF championship, two league championships, six All-CIF selections, six All-Area selections, one Maxpreps All-American team selection and one CIF player of the year; all from a school of nearly 700 students. I think this shows the dedication our children and coaches have made to the fall sports programs. Our winter season teams worked through the Christmas Holidays, so, while many people were enjoying time away from school, vacationing or just hanging out, a lot of dedicated athletes and coaches were working hard to be able to compete at a high level in the winter sports season. There are so many variables that go into winning, so the main thing we should always focus on first are our studentathletes. We must always support them, regardless of their record. The time a student-athlete dedicates to his or her sport is tremendous and they deserve credit for keeping their academic progress up with their athletic progress. This success needs to be acknowledged. The best way to let these kids and coaches know they are appreciated is by going out and watching them compete. I encourage you to take an afternoon or an evening and check out the teams. I know they would love to see their fellow students and parents in the stands. Visit the La Salle website for the most upto-date league standings for basketball, soccer and girls water polo. Just click on the Athletics website at

Our Lancers Cheer team is continuing the high standards it has achieved over the last couple of years and again has qualified for the 2014 Nationals. More on that as information becomes available. Parents, I know we are all very busy, but please take a moment to give your children a hug to just let them know you love them. It does not cost anything and the payback is tremendous I hope to see you the second Tuesday of each month in the Band Room at 7:30pm for Athletic Boosters meetings. Feel free to contact me at if you want to get involved in La Salle Athletic Boosters. So until then, be safe and Go Lancers!

John D. Cina P'13, '14 Athletic Boosters President



New Genetics Cancer Treatments Reviewed in Biotech Class Last November, the Genetics and Biotechnology Class was honored to have Dr. Tim Synold P'14,'17, as a guest speaker. Dr. Synold is a doctor of pharmacology at the City of Hope and is currently researching the treatment of brain tumors by using stem cells to enhance the delivery of chemotherapeutic agents to the target cancer cells. The presentation of his current work is a perfect complement to the lessons and laboratory investigations covered in the Biotech course. The protocols for these labs were developed by Amgen Biotech Experience, an outreach program designed to introduce students to the techniques of gel electrophoresis, DNA digestion, bacterial transformation, and protein purification. In his lecture, Dr. Synold impressed upon his young audience the importance of these techniques and how the applications of genetics and molecular biology is revolutionizing the science of medicine, especially in the area of cancer research.

La Salle families, please use the eScrip Online Mall for your gift or regular shopping. Earn money for La Salle at no cost to you! 1. Enroll with 2. Click on the online Mall logo at:

4. Download AutoEARN to earn contributions every time you shop without having to visit the

3. Shop at your favorite brand name stores and automatically donate to La SaIIe.




From Guidance and Counseling

Value Their Presence in Your Life Edited by Susan E. Keens, Ph.D. Clinical and School Psychologist, Department of Guidance and Counseling


This month, we will celebrate Valentine’s Day. It is a day that reminds us that it is important to tell the people we care about that they are important to us and enrich our lives. In the fast pace of our everyday lives, it is important to remember to tell the people we love and who are part of the fabric of our lives that we are grateful for how their presence enriches our lives. Thinking about how you value a person’s presence in your life is the first step. Telling them is the more important second step. Happy Valentine’s Day!  

The Crystal Ball Opportunity Drawing Opportunity Drawing tickets are on sale now! The prizes are: • A Pleasant Holidays Vacation for 2 to Maui* 8 days, 7 nights at the Royal Lahania Resort including round trip airfare $500 credit to selected resort restaurants • Family 4-pack of Disney Park Hopper Passes • Apple iPad *Maui Vacation is made possible by a grant from the William H. Hannon Foundation Opportunity Drawing tickets will be sold at the Parents Association meetings. Also on the Crystal Ball link: and on La Salle's home page under "News." PAGE 12

See the flyer attached to this electronic newsletter







From the Arts Boosters

Students to Produce Play February promises to be an interesting month for the Visual and Performing Arts at La Salle. A student-driven production is being prepared for performance at the Porticos Theatre Space on Washington in late February. The piece will be entirely conceived, written, scored, and acted by La Salle students, and represents the most ambitious such effort to date. This will be followed by the more traditional spring musical, to be performed in late March and early April. This year’s band trip to New York will take place over the Easter break. Thirty-six students and six adults will be taking part, with partial funding provided by the Arts Boosters.


Despite strong showings at last year’s Student Television Network conference, LTV will not be attending this year’s event in Florida, citing the prohibitive costs associated with such a trip. Next year’s conference is scheduled to take place in Texas, which may be more accessible. It is a stated goal of the Arts Boosters that each student should have the opportunity to attend at least one STN conference during their four years at La Salle. On the subject of funding, planning for an exciting new Arts Boosters fundraiser over the summer is in full swing. Look for a formal announcement in the coming months.

Lancer Band Off to New York This Spring, a number of multi-talented and musically inclined students will embark upon a most ambitious and exciting trip to New York City. The five-day tour includes performances at Madison Avenue Atrium, the USS Intrepid and many other music-related stops along the way. The trip is open to members of Advanced Band, Jazz Ensemble and String Ensemble and truly represents the chance of a lifetime for these young musicians. Our students will not only perform but will also work with professional musicians in a masterclass format. A series of fundraisers will have been held throughout the year to help defray the estimated $1900 per student cost. Parents considering accompanying the group should contact the director, Megan Foley or check out the Spring Trip page on the Visual and Performing Arts web page:




Important Message From Academic Boosters: Are you interested in fulfilling your Parent Hours in an easy and fun way? Please consider volunteering to be part of the Academic Boosters Board. We are in need of a couple more helping hands on the Hospitality Team for next school year. The members of the Hospitality Team take turns setting up refreshments at the various Booster events. If you are interested, please contact Shaya Akobian or Jesse Marez Co-Presidents, Academic Boosters DATE




Entrance Exams & Interviews

7:30 AM

1/25/14 3/15/14 4/9/14

5/21/14 5/27/14 6/4/14



Entrance Exams & Interviews

Registration & Freshman Pledge College Forum

7:30 AM 7:30 AM

6:00 PM

Senior Uniform Buyback

11:30 AM

Used Uniform Buyback

9:00 AM

Academic Awards Night

Used Uniform Sale Set-Up

Used Uniform Sale


5:30 PM TBA

11:00 AM

*Start time and number of service hours is approximate. Volunteers will be advised of exact start time prior to the event. Credit will be based on actual hours served.

5 5


5 3 3


3 8

Go to the La Salle Website. Click on “Parents” at the top of the screen. Click on “PA volunteer website” on the left side of the screen. Click on “member log in.” Enter your user name, this is your firstname_lastname (lower case). Your password is your last name (lower case). Once you are in the La Salle Parent website, click "calendar" at the top of the screen. Now you can look through the calendar year and click on the events that you are interested in volunteering for. Volunteer Coordinators: Ellen Hoffman Diane Taylor PAGE 15



From the College Counseling Center

College Center News By M. Teresa Baldonado and Owen Hou ’90 College Counselors

Seniors – Class of 2014 Transcripts with first semester senior grades were submitted to colleges on the Common Application at the end of January. Other colleges may contact students requesting their 1st semester senior grades. If so, please contact your college counselor or our registrar, Mrs. Medlock and we will send your transcripts as requested. Students: Please update Naviance – My Colleges with your application decisions. Parents: For those of you who will be applying for financial aid, you must send in the FAFSA as soon as possible. FAFSA worksheets are available in the College Center or you can download it at www.fafsa. Also, many of you have had questions regarding filling out the GPA verification form for the Cal Grants and the Middle Class Scholarship (MCS) program. The GPA Verification form is submitted electronically from La Salle for the entire senior class. Therefore, you will not be required to send in the individual form. Please disregard the GPA Verification form. To be eligible for the Cal Grant, students MUST submit the FAFSA.


If you and your student are interested in applying for private scholarships, this is the time to do so. Numerous private organizations (Elks, Kiwanis, Rotary, etc.) and companies (Target, Wal-Mart, JCPenney, Edison, Best Buy, etc.) offer scholarships. Some send applications to the college counseling office. Information on scholarships can be found on Naviance under ‘Scholarship List.’ Many more can be found at and other scholarship websites. Check out the ‘Money for College’ link on Naviance. Please note that there are plenty of scholarship scams out there. Beware of having to pay any money to qualify for a scholarship.

Summer Programs While there are still quite a few months until summer, it will be here before you know it. Now is the time to start thinking about possible summer programs because some have application deadlines. Many college representatives speak about the importance of attending a summer program where a student can learn more about an area of interest or learn more about a major for college. A student who attends a summer program stands out to an admissions officer as one who has foresight and one who is committed to their education. The Westridge School Summer Opportunities Fair (Saturday, 2/8) and www.enrichmentalley. com are two good places to start your research. Please check Naviance – ‘Summer & Gap Year’ link for additional details to the Summer Opportunities Fair and other summer program presentations.

Juniors - Class of 2015 We would like to thank all the students and parents for coming out to the Junior Student & Parent Planning for College Information Night last month. Your feedback is valuable, please let us know what we can do to improve this event for next year. PAGE 16



Many Junior students have completed their Planning for College Survey (for Juniors) on Naviance and have scheduled an appointment to meet with their College Counselor. Those who have not, please take a few moments to complete the Junior Survey as soon as possible. Mr. Hou and Ms. Baldonado want to make sure we meet with all Juniors before Spring Break. Juniors will be given an “Initial College Planning Meeting” form at the end of their individual meeting. Students are asked to share the form with their parents as it will have notes regarding the college admissions process. The College Counselor will then post colleges on the student’s Naviance account to research. Students should research the list of colleges using the web (check out Naviance ‘Resources’ for a list of websites), college guide books (i.e. Fiske Guide to Colleges and many others available at all bookstores and libraries) and most importantly, visit colleges in person. Student holidays in February and March are great times to make plans to visit colleges or travel to colleges over spring break (4/17-4/27). You can find local college tour information in the junior packet.


College Tours Our one-day College Tours will take place on February 14 and March 17. This is a great opportunity for sophomores and juniors to see a variety of campuses as they begin their research and build their college list. The cost for each tour is $95 per student and the registration deadline is listed below. Itinerary and registration forms for each tour can be found on the online School Calendar. Friday, February 14, we will visit UCLA, Cal State Long Beach and Loyola Marymount University. (Registration is open until spaces are filled)


Friday, March 17, we will visit UC San Diego, San Diego State, and University of San Diego. (Registration deadline is Monday, February 17) Meanwhile, all junior families should have received information for the East Coast College Tour, to be held over Easter Break (April 21-26, 2014). Please contact Mr. Hou if you are interested but have not registered.

SAT Test Preparation SAT Fundamental Course, February 1 to March 5 (Course ID: 156787 (3:00 to 6:00pm) and 156768 (6:00 to 9:00pm). This 24-hour course prepares students for the March 8 SAT. There are eight class sessions and four practice tests. Class will meet on Mondays and Wednesdays, with three of the four practice tests on Saturdays.


This course teaches students knowledge, content, and test-taking strategies for the SAT. In this class, students will review specific math, grammar, reading concepts tested on the test. Students will also learn how to write an essay specifically for the SAT. In addition, every student will have access to Princeton Review’s Online Student Center. This Online Student Center is its own course that is used to supplement the live instruction with drills, vocabulary, and additional content. College Counseling

Continued on page 18 PAGE 17



College Counseling Continued from page 17

The class size will be no more than 25 Students per instructor and the course tuition will be discounted for La Salle students at $499 per student with promo code “LASALLE2014MAR”. This includes all materials, instruction and refresher courses. The best way to enroll is via Select the test you want to prepare for (SAT) and enter your zip code. The La Salle course should then pop up.


Juniors and their parents should review the PSAT and PLAN (from last year) results to decide if a prep course is necessary. La Salle High School does not specifically recommend test prep courses or endorse specific test preparation companies, but we try to make the information and services available for those who want to utilize them. Test preparation courses can help alleviate test anxiety and can help students learn test-taking techniques. They cannot replace the learning, the homework or the instruction that should have taken place during the past twelve years of formal schooling. You may learn more about Princeton Review at Reminder: assigned school homework will not decrease during the Princeton Review course schedule. Homework will continue to be the student’s first priority. Other options for test prep: test prep is available online for the ACT – and for the SAT –; test prep books are available at your local bookstore.

February 8 ACT for all Juniors Reminder: All Juniors are required and registered to take the ACT on Saturday, February 8 at La Salle. All juniors MUST bring the following: 1. Bring Registration Ticket and a picture ID to the February 8 ACT. (Your student’s registration ticket was mailed via postal service to your home directly from ACT.) 2. #2 pencils 3. calculator 4. snack (almonds are considered brain food!) Remind your student to have plenty of sleep prior to the test and eat breakfast the morning of the test to give them energy for the 4-hour exam.

College Forum (9-11th grade parents and students) Save the date to attend our College Forum on Thursday, April 10, at 6:00pm. (Revised from Wed4/9 on the School Planner). College admission representatives from many colleges will present important information to our families (see tentative sessions below). The College Forum is a great opportunity for students to learn about the College admission process and learn how to research and identify the right college for them. So highlight the College Forum on your calendar. Tentative Presentations: Words of Advice from Veteran Parents How to Pay for College Tips for Admission to Highly Selective Colleges The Visual Arts: The Application Process and Portfolios PAGE 18



Navigating Naviance: Family Connection, Admission Stats, and More The NCAA, the Student Athlete & Admission Studying the Sciences and Engineering Searching for the Best Opportunity: Parents’ Advice to Out-of-State Colleges Understand Need and Merit Based Discounting Studying Business Studying Nursing and the Health Sciences Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) program and other scholarships

Mock SAT Mock SAT – Saturday, 2/22 at 9:00am The La Salle parent boosters will be offering a practice SAT exam with SAT Strategy Session. This is a good opportunity for sophomores and juniors to become more familiar with the standardized test. The price for the Mock SAT test is $25. The fee includes a follow-up SAT Strategy Session workshop offered to both parents and students to review the test and answer any test-related questions. The workshop will be held Wednesday, February 26 at 6:00pm, Blakeslee Library.

To register, please submit a check to the College Center, made payable to La Salle High School.

Sophomores – Class of 2016

We are planning two Career Days later this semester. The current plan is to bring in seven to nine speakers each day during Mentor Period on March 13, and 18. We are actively looking for strong presenters. Please contact Ms. Baldonado if you have any suggestions for topics or speakers.


Alumni Association College Scholarship Class of 2015 Application & Information All members of the Class of 2015 are invited to apply for the Alumni College Scholarship sponsored by the La Salle High School Alumni Association.

Application deadline is Thursday, February 13. Questions about the Alumni Scholarship should be directed to Kristen Schultz ’98, Director of Alumni Relations, in Office 348 at 626.696.4362 or PAGE 19


The Obsequious Observer By John Blackstock, The Editor

Names in the News Kenney Giles and Jared Akins, La Salle seniors, were named to the All Area Football First Team, Defense. Giles, a linebacker, was the anchor for the Lancers defense with 53 tackles, seven for a loss. Akins had 39 tackles and two interceptions as a defensive back, but he was also the Lancers most prodigious receiver with 25 catches for 586 yards. Kicking specialist, junior, Chris Rabine was named to the second team offense and senior running back Milan Acquaah, sophomore quarterback Will Pyburn and senior running back Bryce Harvey received honorable mention.


Senior, Marisol Dakan, the Lancer's Water Polo goalie,was recently accepted to Brown University on an academic scholarship. She was recruited last summer and is slated to be the starting water polo goalie at Brown next year. Jonathan Eshom ’16 won the most improved driver of the year award at the Los Angeles Kart Club end of the year banquet. He mentioned La Salle in his acceptance speech as all good Lancers should.

Robotics Report Our young robotics team competed with three robots at Mt. Sac in early January. Two of our three robots reached the playoff rounds in this 32 team event. One robot reached as far as the quarter finals and another robot competed, yet again, in the final match. We came up short, losing to the eventual tournament champions from a high school in Nipomo, which is 15 minutes south of San Luis Obispo. The final round match score was 2-1. The team continues to learn and gain experience. Starting on March 4th, our robotics team and those in the robotics class will be hosting our 4th annual Robotics Outreach program for seventh and eighth graders. Our guests will come from Holy Angels, Sierra Madre Middle School, Barnhart School and St. Felicitas and Perpetua School. This program runs for seven weeks on Wednesday afternoons from 4:30 to 6:00pm in room 304. Our outreach program culminates with a "tournament" during the seventh week. Team Moderator Roy Chang invites you to drop by anytime that we are working with the students and watch some robotics in action. PAGE 20



Roses Support Our Troops SAVE THE DATE!

La Salle’s 2014 Grandparents Day will be held on April 16th. Volunteers are needed for April 15th and April 16th. Taylor Brennan, President and Founder of Support Our Troops Club at La Salle is shown above placing an order with Mike Duran, owner of Duran’s Flowers in Pasadena. Duran generously donated 200 roses needed for the club's Valentine’s Day fundraiser. Once again the Lancers are coming together to support our nation’s men and women in armed forces, military families and veterans. As a freshman in 2011, Taylor created the club with the idea stemming from Mrs. Obama and Dr. Biden’s “Joining Forces” initiative. Today, the club is over 130 members strong and approaching its fourth year.

Admissions Calendar

ENTRANCE EXAMS (STS/HSPT) AND ADMISSIONS INTERVIEWS Saturday, February 1, 2014 8:00 - 11:00 am - Exam 10:30am -12:30pm - Interviews for students who did not interview during their school visit DEADLINE FOR TRANSCRIPTS, TEST SCORES, AND RECOMMENDATIONS Friday, February 7, 2014 NOTIFICATION LETTERS MAILED Friday, March 7, 2014 REGISTRATION CLASS OF 2018 Saturday, March 15, 2014


Sign up on the volunteer website: http://lasallepa.

Kwong Selected California State Youth Ambassador A distinguished group of California high school students representing 20 school districts and communities from San Diego to San Jose have been selected by a Board of Governors to serve as California State Youth Ambassadors for the 2013-2014 school year. Selections were recently announced by Young Center President, William A. Young, including senior, Jamie Kwong. Young praised the Ambassadors as among our nation’s finest future leaders Youth Ambassadors are selected based on their demonstrated leadership abilities, academic achievement, character, and letters of recommendations from teachers, counselors, and program staff. Youth Ambassadors will represent their communities as youth education liaisons to local and state government agencies. PAGE 21




Check your School calendar for event times and dates FEBRUARY 2014

February Highlights January 27-31 Catholic Schools Week




January 31 Special Schedule Dress up Day Catholic Schools Week Liturgy 9:15am Dining Hall February 1 Saturday Entrance Exam 8:00am Prospective Student Interviews 10:30am - Noon February 5 Returning Students Financial Aid Applications Due to PSAS/LSHS National Letters of Intent Signing Day Noon Duffy Lewis Gymnasium Spring Sports Parents Meeting 6:00-7:30pm Dining Hall February 6 Short Schedule Noon Dismissal Parent-Teacher Conferences 12:45 to 2:30pm* and 4:30 to 6:00pm February 8 Saturday ACT for Juniors 8:00am Campus

February 8, 9 Weekend Shantytown Campus February 9 Sunday San Miguel Gift Gathering Party: Gifts from the Heart 5:00 - 8:00pm Arcadia February 11 Parent Association Meeting 6:30pm Blakeslee Library Parent Boosters Meetings 7:30pm Campus Locations February 13 Café Bibliothèque 2:30pm Blakeslee Library February 14 St. Valentine's Day Student Holiday Faculty/Staff In-Service Greater LA College Tour Day February 17 School Holiday Presidents’ Day February 24 -26 Senior Retreat March 5 Liturgy Schedule Dress up Day Ash Wednesday Liturgy

Financial Aid Applications for the 2014 - 2015 school year are available in the Finance Office. The applications are due to PSAS on February 5, 2014 FOR RETURNING STUDENTS. PAGE 22

February 2014 Parent Newsletter  

February 2014 Parent Newsletter